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File: 1595486797088.png (1.75 MB, 1552x873, gfdshgfd.png)

No. 144816

Here we discuss our experiences with tarot or any other form of divination, be on the giving or recieving end.

If you are a divination reader or learning how to do divination, you can also offer some readings here, just mention what your requirements are and how many spots you offer.

No. 144817

File: 1595487037375.png (200.95 KB, 680x454, 7f6a13588d1fd867154521bdab1589…)

Example of how to offer readings:
>Hi! I'm giving out 10 readings for anons today. My requirements are your age, sign, sex, and your query.
>I'm offering 5 readings, all I need is for you to tell me a color and your initials.

Remember to disclose what method of divination or what deck you're using. If there's certain questions you won't awnser (death and sickness related for example) be sure to disclose it as well.

No. 144818

I took this idea from 4chan's /x/ board, if anyone needs more help or an idea on how to offer readings, you can check out the div general there. Otherwise just talking about tarot stories feels like a fun thing to do

No. 144820

I'll offer 5 tarot reads to kickstart the thread. I just need your gender and your query. Anything is fine to ask!

No. 144827

I want to try!
Gender: female (obv)
Query: Am I on the right path in my life right now or does it require some change?

No. 144829

I need to unpack my stuff, my tarot deck is at the bottom of a box. I'm not a great reader but I like to draw a daily card.

I'll bite too!
Female. Will living in this city give me energy or drain me?

No. 144831

>The lovers, six of cups, three of wands, hierophant
Basically, yes you are on your right path! I feel like you've been recently studying or attaining new knowledge, and you seem to be having good relationships with people and empathy towards others. This path is a good one. It even has a hint of a new beginning for you!

>King of pentacles, four of cups, knight of wands, temperance
This is a so-so situation. It's more like you're thinking too much about the what ifs and have your head on the clouds. You want to go head on into action but life is telling you to slow down and take your time to do things. You will likely be successful in this town, but it will take the time that it needs.

No. 144834

Oh boy, this is gud.
Gender: female
Query: does he love me?

No. 144835

>Devil, six of wands, the world, seven of swords
Not really, he feels like he has a compromise/is bound to you at the moment. You signify something in his life for sure, but I would be careful with him.

No. 144836


No. 144837

Answer me too, tarot-sama!
Gender: female
Query: Am I making the right decision for my future by choosing this college?

No. 144838

>five of swords, queen of pentacles, five of wands, empress
If you chose this college, just take in account that things might be difficult between you and some people, with some kind of conflict in between because of this choice. It feels like you're scared to dream beyond something, you have good intentions are you are trying to stay grounded but this might not be the best for you emotionally, because it feels like you're pleasing someone else. Still, if you go through it, you'll have financial abundance

No. 144845

Query: will I meet new people soon and change for the better?

No. 144846

Thank you for the reading!

No. 144849

>ace of cups, hermit, page of swords, king of cups
Doesn't seem like you'll be meeting anyone soon, but you are already taking the steps to emotionally heal, which is a good sign. Page of swords is oddly the card of the gossipers or hypervigilation, so there's something going on with that.
>card about gossip on a gossip imageboard
I mean it fits lol

No. 144851

I know you've already done your 5, but I'll leave this here for the next person to come along!!!

female, wondering if I've made the right recision uprooting my life and moving halfway around the world

No. 144853

Thank you so much! And lol at the gossip card

No. 144855

I can do yours as a last one!
>the moon, seven of pentacles, ace of swords, justice
Perhaps you are a little naive about the plan, but things will turn out good in the end. You have to be smart and fight for what you want though. What you pull in will be what you recieve.

No. 144860

Bless you, tarot-anon! That was very nice of you.:)

No. 144869

anons how did you get into tarot? like where did you start?

No. 144870

File: 1595525418931.jpg (17.11 KB, 720x648, 79646791_1028535604151330_2678…)

Can any tarot anon do mine?
Gender: Female
Query: Will my art career take off?
Thank u in advance!!!

No. 144873

tarotchan I want to know mine too :')

gender: female
query: will i finally get to meet him?

No. 144876

Since there seems to be no other readers available I'll answer some more queries!
>two of pentacles, five of pentacles, ace of cups
I'm sad to say no anon, you won't be having much riches from this path… but you'll be super happy. So take it as you will!
>five of swords, nine of pentacles, three of wands
Hmm, not really anon. Right now you're on your own journey, learning to be whole by your own. Some people have put you down/made you suffer in your past, so that comes first

No. 144877

File: 1595536590908.jpeg (431.46 KB, 814x931, FA9E789D-A203-4996-B47D-DB27C1…)

dear tarot anons, I hope I’m not being too demanding, but I have a request.
Gender: female
Age: 22
Sign: Taurus
Query: would it be wise to get into tarot card reading, investing time into horoscopes or finding wether I’m an empath?

Second query: I’m hesitant to read into and discover Buddhism, am I ready for it?

These topics have been intriguing me but I’m not sure if it’s right for me. I’m not sure how to explain what I mean.

No. 144878

I used to think I was an empath until I found out empaths are just a meme. But you could try it out, I mean you don't lose anything.
About tarot, for me it is a fun hobby, for others it is more of an spiritual thing. It depends on your view of it, but I think it is worth trying for fun.
The way I learnt was by giving free readings while memorizing the card meanings.

No. 144879

If its okay for tarot-chans…

Gender: Female
Query: Will his sister ever like me (befriend me)?

No. 144880

>the sun, strength, 3 of cups
Yes you will! Just hang in there and be patient

No. 144881

File: 1595538660891.jpg (40.41 KB, 900x900, IMG_20200723_103240.jpg)

Thanks a lot. I will!! Have a nice day / evening, anon.

No. 144884

File: 1595541494754.jpeg (20.74 KB, 599x397, FF317311-D849-42C3-9F36-CCC3E5…)

thank you so much lovely tarot anon!!

i'm a little sad but i should be focusing on myself, and i will try to

No. 144888

Anon, you are an MVP. Thanks!
I am female.

> what will my love life look like during this year?

No. 144890

I'm assuming the rest of the year, so…
>queen of pentacles, seven of wands, king of swords
A mayor theme of being on the defensive side, you need to let go of your worries in order to feel more in tune with what you need. Be careful with coming across as manipulative.

No. 144893

thank you so much!!!! will remember this

No. 144897

Ty anon, much bisous to you! This

No. 144900

If you have any spare time to include mine tarotchan
Gender: Female
Sign: Leo
Query: Is moving away to focus on my career/studies the right thing to do?

No. 144902

If there are any other anons who are still doing readings, is it okay if you do mine?

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sign: Pisces

Query: How will my love life look for the rest of the year?

Second Query: What about me attracts new parters to me?

Additionally but not a query, is it worth getting into tarot for yourself? Or is it better off just getting readings instead?

No. 144921

>Page of swords, queen of cups, the chariot
Yes! This will be a journey that will lead to you feeling better and more mature. Just be sure to focus on your goals, try not to get distracted on the way.

First query
>temperance, wheel of fortune, six of pentacles
It starts slow, then it takes a very unexpected turn, it gives me the idea that it has something to do with money/gifts, so it turns out good in the end.
Second query
>Hermit, eight of wands, four of pentacles
You're someone who is more on the introverted side. This would be usually something seen as bad, but it isn't, there's plenty of people who preffer someone shy or mellow. When you finally let people in, you move quickly and can be passionate. You also like financial stability and like saving money so that's something people like too.

Now for your question, I got into tarot for myself because I really wanted to know what the cards meant whenever I got a read so it just came to be in a very natural way, I think it is worthy of checking out if you feel an affinity for it!

No. 144923

Also for anyone interested, I often go on a watching spree of tarot channels, they're oddly really accurate and very fun to watch

No. 144924

this channel is good too

No. 144928

Tarot-chans… Just moved to a new country.

Sign: Virgo
Query: Will I find IRL friends this year?

No. 144929

File: 1595586133328.jpg (34.36 KB, 500x375, 1587590041141.jpg)

Thank you so much for the reading anon! I will have a further look into tarot as well since I do seek it out a lot!

No. 144931

>queen of cups, ten of cups, three of swords
Yess!! Very nice friends! Just be careful because something on the side is giving you/will give you depression/heartbreak

No. 144932

Art career anon here, thank u for your reading. Even though the path might look rough but im not giving up!!!!

No. 144934


Thank you so much! I was worried about moving away from familiar people but I can't let that stop me

No. 144935

File: 1595588595042.jpg (1.21 MB, 1500x1500, m6eqqehy.jpg)

wish I could help out with readings but not there yet. Cheers tarot-sama for the splendid work!

No. 144936

or to multiple readers that is

No. 144937

oof that deck is something else right? amazing photography

No. 144961

If anyone would be willing to do a reading for me, I'd appreciate it..

Gender: female
Sign: sun/moon leo
Query: General love life reading

I'll follow up with more details if you require any more. thanks!

No. 144978

I'll drop a question

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sign: sun leo, moon cap, asc libra, mars cancer, venus libra, mercury virgo, ok im tired of typing these
Query: Is my relationship coming to an end?

No. 145035

>the hierophant, two of cups, death
You are someone who likes conventional love stories, as in you would rather live a romance leading to marriage than a one night stand. You're really wishing for a good partner right now, and it seems like eventually you will get a good soulmate in your life. But before that, a major change needs to happen, as in, the beginning of your own journey.

Five of cups… yes anon, I'm sorry.

No. 145049

I don’t want to seem demanding but I need some encouragement.
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sign: Cancer
Query: Would it be better if I broke up with my boyfriend?
Second query: Do I need to spend many years alone?

No. 145076

Sorry for the long query tarotanons. Feel free to answer or not!

Gender: Female
Sign: Taurus sun/Virgo moon
Query: I turned 22 a few months ago and it seems like my early 20s have taught me that giving up on finding love and resigning myself to being alone has been the best for my mental health. Some of my friends think it’s unhealthy for me to give up like that, but I’m a little bitch and would rather be content existing on my own than be constantly disappointed by every man I meet. At this point, I can’t picture a future with a partner, but I’m also afraid that as I get older I might become lonely or feel like I’m missing out. Should I continue with this mindset of building a solitary femcel life or are my friends right?

No. 145100

For whoever is kind enough!!


Q: Will I be able to dig myself out of this addictive cycle im in with my ED any time soon?

No. 145107

>ace of swords, six of swords, king of swords
Things are very complicated between you two at the moment and both of you have your walls up. The middle card is telling me it is time to bail out and break up with him.
>eight of pentacles, two of pentacles, page of swords
It doesn't tell me a certain quantity of years, it more reffers to this: you need time to learn, work on yourself, your life, your career. You need to learn to put your priorities first and straight and have things in balance. It's telling you to be clever about it.

without cards: You're setting yourself up to hurt yourself even more through loneliness gurl. I think you're still very young. I come and go from this mentality from time to time. 22 is like, not very mature yet and you do need time to let go and mature and live your life. Don't completely close off like an incel lol, just take your time.
>Three of swords, tower, high priestess
Ouch, the cards are in favor of the femcel life lol
Basically, you're really suffering from a broken heart here. This is telling you to really really take your time until you emotionally heal. It's gonna take a while but won't be forever. But you need your time alone for the time being.

>two of swords, king of cups, seven of cups
You're living inside the delusion that things will magically change if you just wish for them and turning a blind eye on the bigger problem. You need calm, clarity and control over your emotions. Until you achieve this (and I'm thinking this has to do with getting help), you'll keep being wishy washy and not doing any progress.

No. 145108

File: 1595742762388.gif (484.53 KB, 540x293, original.gif)

I'm so far the only anon in this thread reading tarot queries but I think I wanna practice something else besides tarot, is anyone up for tasseomancy (tea leaves reading)?

No. 145112

Yes please, will you listen to my query?

No. 145115


Such a cool thread, tarot-anons! If anyone have any time for my queries (:

Age: 30
Sign: Taurus

1st Query: I'm finally making the move to go from full time to part time in my career. Will this career move be a huge mistake?

2nd Query: Will I ever be happy with myself?

No. 145116

File: 1595749460397.gif (2.89 MB, 500x277, q9fl5g9c.gif)

anon really be out here running this thread single-handedly

No. 145118

File: 1595750989015.gif (29.09 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

thank you!! I vibe with this

No. 145119

This is such a cool thread!
Gender: female
First query: will I end up expanding my friend circle or will it decrease this year

Second query(this is just for funsies) : what kinda partner am I gonna end up with in my next relationship?

Also anyone got good resources to get into tarot? I tried learning but i always got so overwhelmed lol

No. 145135

File: 1595762335402.jpg (26.33 KB, 570x511, de03864938a7d9fd1b12f4c104b764…)

If anyone is interested in a tea leaf reading, basically you have to make tea with leaves floating in the water (it can be you opening the tea package on top of the hot water). Think of your query that you want to ask while you drink it, then post a picture once you drank it all, like pic related
I'll read the shape relating to your query!

No. 145136

>the moon, queen of pentacles, ace of swords
Right now the cards seem to indicate that it is not the right moment to change it, because you're having a lot of wishful thinking about this. You need to take care about other things first and you need to remain calm if things don't go your way. After your vision clears out, you'll start planning out and going along a better plan.
>Page of pentacles, 4 of wands, the emperor
Yes! You are on a path of finding wisdom and being happy, so yes you will. This reading is for some reason giving you the advice of looking for the assistance of a wise male figure in your life (could be your dad, grandfather, etc)

First query, I'll assume it is fort the rest of the year
>temperance, queen of pentacles, six of cups
You won't decrease neither increase, but you will likely reconnect with a figure from your past, it can be an old time friend, a childhood friend, or a sibling/cousin/family member, seems nice to me!
>ace of cups, four of cups, ten of pentacles
Someone very in tune with his/her emotions, very emotionally available, or just very sweet and caring. This person is kinda oblivious, inexperienced or awkward though, but they have so much more to give and it will feel amazing to be with them.

No. 145137

File: 1595763775979.jpg (297.94 KB, 1209x1704, 81W qwsISgL.jpg)

This is my personal experience, but I think to get into tarot you should ignore those guides that just push the idea of it being "a magical tool of the gods" waaay too much, it's just annoying and silly
Just grab a Rider Waite deck and start with that, don't get into any other very stylized decks because you need to learn the core meaning of each card first
After getting more familiar with the illustrations, try to look at each one of them and get the general idea of what they could mean, some of them are more obvious in their meaning than others, so take a wild guess
Then just google "meaning of x tarot card" and just compare the meaning that a bunch of websites give you, and get the general vibe going on
After that then you can dig even deeper and deeper into what each card means
And something that really helped me was giving readings for free, so you can try that with friends

No. 145146

Thanks! I personally think tarot doesn’t possess any ~spiritual power and makes you in tune with the gods~ but I believe it’s a great tool for self reflection. Gonna have to pick up a deck soon!

No. 145206

File: 1595807861800.jpg (530.57 KB, 1728x1463, IMG_20200726_164914.jpg)


So, I wanted to give this a try.
My query is "Is there genuine happiness in this? Is it worth my effort or is better for me to just quit while I'm ahead?"

Is that info enough, or should I add something more?
Thanks, anon.

No. 145251

Thanks for the reading anon! I'm >>145076. I appreciate the genuine advice you gave me as well :) I'll try not to become a complete femcel, but take my time to heal and figure my shit out.

No. 145266

If anyone would like to read mine that would be awesome as I keep asking myself a question which has kind of become rhetorical!
Gender: female
Age: 32
Sign: Scorpio
Query: Am I doing the right thing?
Bonus query: will I recover?
Thank you in advance!

No. 145398

File: 1595956006271.jpg (348.36 KB, 1280x1246, 81bI296jQ0L__56574.1540246974.…)

Hey, I'll be offering 5 readings with the Santa Muerte deck. Just give me an open-ended question or theme!

No. 145399

Age 26
Asking about my art career

No. 145400

If you need my sign that’s Capricorn!

No. 145405

Post above yours anon thanks!

No. 145406

Gender: Female
Sign: Virgo

Query: Will i manage to get a job this year? Quarantine seems to be messing things up.

No. 145410

Female, 28, african american
Will I ever get a qt bf?

No. 145416

Hiii I got three questions if that's okay
1.Will I ever marry? Or chose my career instead?
2.Who will I marry? Will it be a girl or a guy?
3.Will I marry L or not?
Sign is Scorpio and I'm a bi girl

No. 145418

Sorry anon I took some time to answer
Alright, without futher ado, I think there's genuine happiness in your ordeal, you're just a bit shy or insecure. A lot of external forces are driving you to want to quit because they seem stronger and make you afraid with whatever they're saying to you. But you have to protect this thing that is precious to you, and keep it alive. You'll be happy in the end.

I saw a tadpole and some beasts.

No. 145426

Thanks, anon, you’re awesome!

No. 145457

Why do I feel so worthless? thanks anon

No. 145517

Oh btw we can also trade readings if anyone is interested in that, forgot to put that in the OP
The way it works is just put the query you wanna trade and then another anon comes and gives you your reading and the query they want to trade, so you also need to give them a reading
This is mostly for fun and to see other anon's reading styles!

>Trading! My query is if my lover is cheating on me.
>I'll trade your question anon! mine is if I'm going to get a good grade.
>then you give the reading

No. 145545

File: 1596048135383.jpg (42.01 KB, 300x568, knight of pents.jpg)

I'd be happy to do some readings with the super cute Bowring Heart tarot.

Only open-ended questions please, I don't like yes/no because I feel they're unhelpful. (I.e. "How can I improve my job prospects?" is fine, "Will I get the job at X Company?" is not.)

No. 145549

Will you listen to my query tarot anon?
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Query: What will my future look like in 10 years? Am I doing the things that I love?
Thank u in advance!!!

No. 145552

I guess I'll get into it too
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Query: What will the future with my husband look like in the next 5 years? Specifically related to his health and our financial success/independence

No. 145570

I'll biteeee
24 scorpio
How can I become a calmer person?

No. 145571

Joining in as well
Female, 25 years old, Scorpio
Query: How can I gather the strength to break up with my current partner? What kind of consequences could occur if I stay with them?

No. 145577

File: 1596060192867.png (664.43 KB, 570x742, 145549.png)

Hey anon, here is your spread! It’s a future-specific one, so hopefully it will break down some key areas for you.

Far left – Challenges – 5 of Wands (reversed)
It looks like you’ll be doing a good amount of self reflection to define yourself, which is pretty common at your age. Since this is in the “challenges” position, it suggests you may find it hard to nail down what you want and that you have a tendency to avoid people or things that cause conflict. It’s important not to hide from things that cause discomfort because they’re often the experiences that help us grow the most, so it’s recommended you work on sitting with your feelings to work through them rather than pushing them aside.

2nd from left – Home/Love Life – 4 of Swords
The 4 of Swords is akin to the, “Focus on yourself and the right person will come” motto. It suggests you may have experienced some sort of trauma in your past, or you may just have a tendency to overwork yourself due to juggling a bunch of different responsibilities, and that can get in the way of a happy relationship. Try to work on being comfortable on your own and understanding your limitations. When you know and love yourself, you’ll radiate the energy needed to draw/hold the right person to you.

Upper card on bottom – Physical Health – Ace of Cups
This card reflects an outpouring of love and positivity. Your health will be great, and if you’re at all interested in having kids, it suggests a happy pregnancy down the road. You’re probably a fairly physical person, and it would be beneficial if you either found or maintained activities that allow you to express your inner self through your body—dance, sports, hiking, yoga, sex, whatever calls to you. When your body feels full and satisfied, you likely feel the same, and that energy will bring happiness to loved ones in your life as well.

Lower card on bottom – Mental Health – Knight of Cups
This guy is the epitome of the knight in shining armor with a pure white steed. A true romantic that seeks beauty, truth and artistry. If you stay in touch with your emotions and creativity, people will be drawn to you. You are someone that really has the potential to inspire others and while it can be scary, the more you’re willing to be open with your feelings and opinions, the more benefits you’ll draw into your life. Whatever dream you have, so long as you’re pursuing it, you’ll be on the right path. Your passions are what will keep you flourishing.

Uppermost card – Self – 8 of Swords (reversed)
This seems to tie back into your 5 of Wands. The 8 of Swords is about self-limiting beliefs, restrictive circumstances and a harsh inner critique. The rest of your spread really shows that you need to express yourself to live a happy life, but here it’s saying you have a tendency to be your own worst enemy. You likely have low self esteem, but you can work through this. Work on examining yourself clearly, without bias or hate, and you’ll find more pride in who you are. Don’t let misconceptions restrict your potential.

Left-hand card on right - Finances & Career – Temperance
Very positive card in this position. Temperance is an angel, one who symbolizes finding balance in all things. You have a bunch of emotive cups in your personal life, but of course it’s important to stay grounded, and the good news is that Temperance shows you striking the perfect measure of both. Your career is something that will fulfill you and reflect your values. It will give added meaning to your life and help you find inner calm. You have a clear idea of what you want, and mixing your unique strengths will help set you apart in your field.

Right-hand card on right – Outcome – Page of Pentacles
You will manifest your goals in the future, particularly when it comes to translating things that are currently just ideas in your head into physical and financial abundance. You have the drive and energy to achieve these things, but there is a slight risk that you may get caught up in research rather than actually putting things into action, so just be sure that you’re following through on your plans and making continual progress. Never stop learning and investing in yourself.

No. 145578

If you please, kind anon!
>female, 26, cancer
>how does he feel about me? how will I gain or lose by telling him I like him?

No. 145579

anon what a cute deck!! i wish for a read too please
Query: dont feel attached to any job prospect, sometimes i like my degree in cs, other times i wanna do more coding stuff, other i wanna get into reflexology and massage therapy, so my question is, just some advice from the cards please

No. 145580

Samefag, I meant what*

No. 145581

Thank u anon, ive just read this and some of the things youve said was quite spot on with the things im dealing with rn. I wish you the best anon, this really make me tear up somehow…

No. 145584

Damn that's one of the prettiest decks I've seen. Hope you have time to respond kek.
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Query: How can I stop my unhealthy obsessesion with people and events that are far off in the past and have affected me negatively?

No. 145586

It's my pleasure, anon! Makes me happy to know it might give you some helpful things to think about.

To everyone else who replied, thanks for your interest and I'll get to your readings asap. I'll probably get a couple others done tonight then pop back in tomorrow when I have more time and opportunity to be in a clear state of mind.

No. 145587

anon you did some outstanding work… you're amazing, thank you for your contribution

No. 145592

File: 1596065003190.png (552.7 KB, 463x738, 145552.png)

That's so kind of you to say, thank you! Glad to join in.


Top – Overview – The Moon
The Moon is a reflection of your inner self, both your natural intuition and the desires you may have repressed. It’s also a card of illusions. I wonder if there are certain topics you and your husband have spoken about but haven’t dealt with in an entirely honest way. This isn’t necessarily malicious, it’s more akin to someone asking your opinion and responding with, “Yeah, I don’t mind at all” to keep the peace despite the fact your subconscious is struggling. This card suggests you may need to revisit some aspects of your lives you thought were settled, but are actually still undefined. Be honest about the things you want no matter how impractical they seem, and discover your path to those goals day by day.

Upper left – Your role and feelings – 10 of Pentacles
This card shows you achieving wealth and overall financial stability. You will have all the material things you need to be content, and you'll likely end up being the biggest monetary provider between you and your husband. You will offer stability and reassurance to those around you and create a happy home life. You’re someone others feel they can rely on and you enjoy taking care of those around you. Potentially, you could end up feeling like you are the sole “rock” in your family life and that you have to stand alone, but it’s important to seek support for yourself in addition to offering it to others.

Upper right – Partner’s role and feelings – Death (reversed)
Death is actually one of the more positive cards in tarot; it often signifies a “rebirth” as often as an end. With it reversed, this suggests your husband will undergo an important event or transformation that he may resist. To use a cliché, sometimes one door closing means another, better path opens up. He needs to remember that life is what we make it. It will be difficult, but he should work past both the physical and mental blocks he’s built over time. If he takes more of a “radical acceptance” approach, he will become wiser and more attuned to the world than ever before.

Center - Obstacles and blocks – Page of Wands
This page is one full of ideas and excitement, but she sometimes has her head in the clouds and forgets to put anything into action. You can talk about results all day, but you’ll end up stagnating if you don’t take that first step. Those discussions that stem from the Moon may lead to a lot of energy and eagerness for new opportunities, but it’s equally important that you develop an explicit and detailed plan on how to achieve them. Take whatever steps are needed to ensure your momentum is consistent.

Lower left - Best approach for success – The Chariot
This directly addresses the Page of Wands above. The Chariot is about determination, willpower, strength and action. You’ll achieve the things you want with a mixture of drive and old-fashioned hard work. There may be a period in your life where you feel utterly spent, that everything is pulling you in different directions and nothing is turning out how you want. There will be distractions. But you have to remember the reasons you wanted those things and establish strong boundaries. Let your values guide you. In a literal sense, travel and a change of location in your futures may be beneficial.

Lower right - Potential future - 2 of Pentacles
There are several things you’ll need to carefully balance in your lives. You’ve probably lost sight of the big picture in the midst of how busy you can be, but sometimes you’ll get more done by slowing down and taking time to reflect. This reading probably sounds divided: “You need to be active and get things done, but you also need to look inwardly and take it slow!” But it seems like that’s just the path you’ve chosen for yourself. There’s a lot of duality. In the Moon, the domestic dog and the wild wolf. In the Chariot, the sphinxes which face opposite directions. The rewards are worth it though, and you’ll have to choose what to prioritize based on your current circumstances. Take the time to seek help and find ways to lighten your load instead of dealing with it all alone.

No. 145596

Hey anon, can I get a reading too?
I have a crush on a guy, I'm female.
Could you please tell me how this friendship with him may go in the future and if it may become something else? Thanks! I hope I worded this correctly for you

No. 145599

Hi anon..
I know you probably have a lot of requests, but could I get a reading too? I’m wondering if I should change my career path, or stay on this one. I’m so conflicted over this and am looking for a sign or an answer anywhere

No. 145600

File: 1596069088596.png (642.69 KB, 497x742, 145570.png)


Bottom - How self talks affects you – 9 of Pentacles (reversed)
I would ask that you take a look at what other people expect from you and how that’s influenced your outlook. What are the general tenets you’ve lived by up until this point, and why have you been following them? Do you feel like you’re “enough” or that you only deserve good things when you’re busting your ass for them? You might feel like you’re doing all the right things on paper but for some reason they’re not actually satisfying you. You likely need to assess all that you’re doing and pull a Marie Kondo: Is this sparking joy? Or am I just hustling because I tell myself that’s what I’m “supposed” to do? You may be doing everything in your power to live up to other people’s expectations and working hard, but you’re not taking enough time to actually enjoy life and lavish love on yourself.

Middle - What are you hiding from yourself out of shame/fear? – The World
The World is typically a very positive card, so pulling it in this position has me wondering if you don’t give yourself enough credit. It’s important to know that you are enough. The things you’ve accomplished matter, and you should be celebrating them. But for some reason, you may feel guilty about doing that. Might it have something to do with the 9 of Pents? That is, the path you’ve taken and what you actually want for yourself aren't quite aligned, so you feel badly about being "selfish" (taking care of your needs)? You’ll only truly feel at peace when your external and inner life are in harmony. Even when you do take part in the things you want, if you feel like you don’t deserve to enjoy them, you won’t. The World also suggests that finding your own “tribe” can go a long way toward feeling more comfortable in enjoying your successes. Don’t associate with those that drag you down.

Left - What is a healing aspect/influence you can access to overcome this? - 9 of Swords
This is, ironically, representative of all the fears, worries, trauma and stresses you’re facing. So the 9 of Swords implies you need to address those things directly. Pick them apart and see them for what they truly are. Often the things we’re most afraid of become distorted and more frightful than they really are when we’ve been struggling with them for a long time. You need to look at what’s causing them, how holding onto those fears may have “served” you in the past and then realize you can go on without them. You don’t have to do it alone; reach out to those you trust, a therapist, engage in activities that are soothing, look at books or materials that can provide support. Use all your resources rather than just hoping they will disperse, because you’re dealing with a lot right now.

Top - What do you need to let go of? – 10 of Pentacles
It seems like you’re concerned with external, material things right now. Money, success in your career, a house, family, “making a mark,” keeping others happy. While having these things to some extent is obviously a necessity to survive, it seems you may be overly focused on “having it all” and attending to everything the world says we need to be successful. Your definition of success, the thing that makes you feel content and happy, may be different. And that’s okay.

Right - What do I need to embrace and nurture? – The High Priestess
Haha, and so here we have the exact opposite of the 10 of Pents, the spiritual queen of the subconscious, the mystical advisor, the sacred feminine. The High Priestess wants you to reconcile your external world and your mind’s eye. She wants you to let go of all those tangible measurements of success and look inwards. What puts you in a spiritual mindset and connects you to your personal truth? What connects you to a larger purpose, in the grand scheme of the wide universe? Focus on those things. She also says it’s okay to connect with your womanly energies: kindness, collaboration, trust, empathy, gentleness, creativity. Let go of some of that fiery, “I can do everything” attitude and just breathe, and be willing to revel in the things that you’ve been told aren’t worthwhile because they don’t directly result in some sort of material, physical/financial gain. You'll feel far better when you do.

No. 145601


I've got you anon!

I'm going to close off requests beyond this one so I can catch up on the others for now. Don't worry, I'll come back and bust out another deck eventually and there are other lovely readers here.

No. 145604

File: 1596073544135.png (674.58 KB, 514x743, 145571.png)


I'm sorry for the position you're in, anon. Even when things aren't going well, break ups hurt. But I'm sure you'll come out stronger and happier in time.

Lower left - What are the energies like in your relationship right now? – Queen of Swords
There’s a big emotional disconnect. Your partner feels cold and isn't receptive to your needs, they may be critical and hold things against you that aren’t all that important. Like they’re just looking for an excuse to argue. There may also be an aspect of superiority—an “I know what’s best, I don’t need your input” sort of thing. You likely feel an aspect of self judgment about how you reached this point, like you should have known better or could have done more to improve the situation.

Middle bottom - Where are things headed if you do nothing? – 7 of Pentacles
Big sunk cost fallacy going on here. You feel like you’ve put so much work and effort into this relationship that it’s a waste to throw it away. You’re emotionally exhausted but feel like you should be able to salvage something after all you’ve done to try and make this work. If you stay, you’re only going to get more frustrated over the fact that you’re putting in all this toil but the results have fallen far short of your expectations. You’ll be disappointed. You can still grow and learn something from the time you’ve spent trying to help your partner; you’ve come to understand yourself better and can look for more in the future.

Lower right - Why did this happen? – Knight of Swords (reversed)
There was a lack of focus in this relationship, like you went into it with high expectations but just weren’t able to make things work because one or both of you didn’t actually know what they wanted. There were likely certain warning signs or circumstantial issues that occurred early on but you figured you could work through them. In truth, it was a bit reckless to just brush past those things without a plan, and your partner wasn’t disciplined enough to follow through on the things they promised. Although they can be immature, it likely wasn’t anyone’s fault that things started going south. They didn’t properly prioritize the relationship and didn’t realize they weren't ready for this.

Middle left - What approach should I take to minimize stress? - Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pents has her shit together, to put it simply. It’s time to get your ducks in a row to make this process as stress-free as possible. You need your space and independence and me time. Establish a place of your own, talk to nurturing figures in your life (relatives, friends, teachers, therapist) and create a space both mentally and physically where you can decompress and feel at home. When you talk to your partner, this suggests a nurturing and practical approach would be best. “There have been these good things in our relationship, and I hope we’ve both grown because of that, but it’s not working out because of these reasons. I wish things were different, but we’ll both be okay and do better in the future.” Going into that conversation with the mindset that you’ve already moved on will help you both start healing. You’re more “over it” now than you realize, and the sooner you accept that, the more free you’ll feel.

Middle right - What should I take from this experience? - 8 of Pentacles
This is a card of apprenticeship, learning and refinement. You will be committed to a clarity of purpose in the future. All that chaotic uncertainty brought on by the Knight of Swords will lead you to hone in on what it is that you really want and ensure your future partner understands and respects what you’re seeking. 8 of Pents is patient and humble. You know from your struggles that you’re capable of great amounts of concentration and dedication, and those energies can now be put toward your own improvement and self care. Day by day you’ll feel more fulfilled, especially if you try to explore the things that really bring you peace of mind.

Top - Where do I go from here? - Ace of Cups
A beautiful card to draw in this position. It represents overflowing (positive) emotions and self awareness, compassion towards others and growth through creativity. Once you’ve rid yourself of these dead leaves, you’ll be in an incredible position to bloom. There will be emotional pain, but that will transform into loving acceptance toward yourself and even your former partner. You’ll understand we are all human, we are all capable of great love and harm. And you’ll choose to be better. Be willing to embrace new opportunities. Don’t let the past make you fearful and close yourself off to all the world has to offer, because things will only get better from here.

No. 145605

Hey tarot anon, big thanks to you for doing this! My request is a little different, my friend has a tarot deck and I did a general 6 card reading for myself but I realized I have no idea what any of the cards even mean. I tried looking it up and I got a general meaning but I feel like getting insight from someone who knows the cards much better would be beneficial. Here's the cards I got in the order they appeared;
The magician, the hanged man, the sun, the empress, death, and the lovers.
My question was concerning my relationship with my boyfriend and if things will turn out okay. The lovers card seems pretty telling.

No. 145614

Thank you for your reading anon
Last night before I fell asleep, I had a strong feeling you were going to pull reverse death in regards to my husband
He is currently undergoing cancer treatment and we are reaching the final stages
Next week he has a scan which determines if the tumor is completely gone or if additional treatment is needed
His previous scans showed his tumor shrinking from chemo and he has admitted to me that he is anxious about possibly not having to do chemo anymore because he got so used to the routine
Maybe this is the big event you were speaking about that will 'transform' him?
I must admit you were also right about me being a rock these past few months and doing everything in my power to care for him as we had to move to an entirely new country for his treatment
I dont speak the language but I am doing my best to get by and get things done for us
The cards also showing me having so many ambitions and dreams but no action yet needing to slow down also makes sense
I'm just so excited for us to really start our lives together after this treatment is done but I also have to acknowledge the fact we need a break when this is over because the emotional onslaught we received over the course of treatment has been unbearable at times
I'm a highly competitive person so I get the feeling I have to play catch up with everyone else my age but I have to also admit that my situation is unique and difficult
Can reverse death also mean that his health will turn for the better? Just curious as to how it works

No. 145681

Anon all of this resonates a lot, I'm beyond grateful for this. I'm so happy, thank you. I wish I could return the favor

No. 145702

Thank you so much, anon! I feel less anxious about my situation, and more confident on how to end things now. I really appreciated the reading.

No. 145737

File: 1596136291213.png (882.48 KB, 1053x1530, knightofwands.png)


Wow anon, you are an amazing person. I’m sorry for all the stress you’ve dealt/are dealing with, but I kept getting the sense that you were incredibly strong as I was pulling your cards. I’ve been reading for a while but it still shocks me a bit how relevant tarot can be sometimes.

Going through chemo is absolutely a giant, transformative event and reversed Death could pertain to your husband starting a new chapter of his life without the shadow of cancer over it. It caught my attention when you said he’s worried how he’ll feel without it… going through something like that changes a person, and he shouldn’t force himself to be the same/do the exact same things as before. How that plays out exactly I don’t know, but reversed Death does imply some resistance to letting go of the past, so it’s important he be open to a new way of things.

I drew an additional card for clarification asking, “What will he need to release?” and got the Knight of Wands. This knight is a go-getter, a man of action who makes things happen and doesn’t waste time. But he can also be impulsive and impatient. I would guess that he may need to slow down, to not beat himself up over the fact he’s not going to be 100% immediately after the treatments stop. It’s okay if he feels different, and he needs to allow himself additional time to recover mentally in addition to what his body has been through.

I guess that Chariot played into a move that already happened! You have all the willpower and strength needed to follow through on your ambitions, and it’s important you make time for yourself after all the support you’ve given your husband. But you’re right that you don’t always have to be moving to make progress. We’re all on our own journeys, and just because someone else may seem “ahead,” their life has no bearing on yours and they’re dealing with their own struggles you may not see. So long as you’re heading towards the place you want to be, you’re doing it right, but don’t forget to try and enjoy the present as well.

Reversed Death could imply an improvement in your husband's health, and it definitely seems like the most pertinent reading in your situation. I’m of the same mind as >>145146 where I don’t believe that tarot connects us to some spiritual entity that knows the future, but I do believe it connects us to a higher sense of self which allows us to intuit things that may seem magical or very forward-thinking in the moment. I think the most important thing to get out of a reading is a better understanding of yourself, how you see your circumstances and what would best support you moving forward.

No. 145738

It’s my pleasure! Knowing the reading may help you is plenty of repayment. Best of luck to you in overcoming this.

That’s great to hear, anon. I hope the process goes as smoothly for you as possible. Wishing you all the best going forward.

No. 145756

Query: I just want to know if I'll be able to immigrate to America to be with my bf.

No. 145793

Query:Should I take this time to relax or to pursue my goals?

No. 145860

anons I will get to your queries later today, hang on please!

No. 145884

Query: What should I do with my life to finally reach any goals and feel satisfied?

No. 145887

I feel bad for reposting but I’m really intrigued by what your reading(s) may be! I have reworded my query because I think that’s ultimately what I meant by it.
Gender: female
Age: 32
Sign: Scorpio
Query: what do I need to do to be happy?

No. 145892

Query: What to do to improve my mental health?

No. 145908

It's okay to reword your question if you meant something else entirely but asking the same query again and again is not good for you as you might get extremely different replies and confuse you even more
That said, the star, four of cups, page of pentacles
Yes, but you need to be more realistic and stop romanticizing the past too much, you're very scatterbrained and think of the future too much without working on the present

Nine of cups, hanged man, nine of swords
Feel proud of yourself and what you do, see the world in a more positive way, and work on your anxiety.

Knight of wands, lovers, four of wands
Try to rely on others a bit more, ask people for help, and tackle problems right-on. People who love you are the key in this.

The tower, ten of swords, empress.
Whatever you are going through, it is very heavy shit. I would recommend to relax and work on your inner self.

Queen of cups, eight of wands, temperance
You will need his help mostly. This reading didn't give me a yes or no, only that first things will go very fast and then very slow. Try to search the queen of cups meaning, maybe that will help you out.

No. 145919

what do i need to do in order to find true love, and will it come soon?
(maybe that's silly..)

No. 145947

Age: 27
Sex: F
Sign: Virgo
Query: will i ever make something of my life and make the people around me proud…

Throwing in the random suggestions of
Color: purple
Initials: RP

No. 145958

Thank you so much, anon!!

No. 145993

Thank you anon, that’s really helpful. I have literally been doing exactly that, stuck in a past-future thinking loop without any thought of what’s right in front of me.

No. 146013

File: 1596304609895.png (508.39 KB, 450x450, 6ZAblop.png)

I could help too :)
got these cards

No. 146015

Lenormand! Amazing!
Do you wanna trade a reading?

No. 146016

sure :)

No. 146044

File: 1596324998078.jpeg (848.18 KB, 1074x738, 0B0991AE-E783-4C21-923E-275761…)

For anons who want to learn tarot on their own and do their own readings, I adore the Golden Thread app ( https://goldenthreadtarot.com/ ). Makes it super easy and fun to do quick readings and get a feel for the cards. The creator also made an app for specifically learning the cards called, Labyrinthos Academy app. It has more deck options as well as lenormand reading (like tarot but with more symbol/archetype cards? I’m not well-versed in this practice). Best part is both apps are completely free with no ads. I ended up buying the physical golden thread deck to support her.

I am also looking for a reading trade, if anyone’s interested.
Query: What should I presently be focusing on to improve my career/find my ideal career?

No. 146127

File: 1596393288357.png (1.65 MB, 1112x726, 145578.png)

Thank you for your patience anons! I apologize for the delay, the last few days were a bit more chaotic than anticipated.


Left - How does he feel/see you? - The Empress
He sees you as an attractive, feminine woman who has a nurturing nature and seeks to take care of her friends. You come across as poised, in control and graceful to him. He may be attracted to a sensuality in you while simultaneously seeing you as something of a mother figure. Not necessarily that he equates you to his mother, just that your giving/caring side often makes you the person people turn to when they want advice, support, etc.

2nd from left - What are his thoughts regarding romance with the querent? - 4 of Swords
It may not be the right time for him. This suggests that there’s something holding him back from a relationship: either he has a very busy schedule and is tied up with work, there may be troubles in his family life, or he may have gone through a difficult/draining relationship in the past that he’s still healing from. It seems he definitely sees you in a positive light, but because of these other stresses he’s dealing with, the thought of romance may not yet be on his mind.

3rd from left - What would the querent gain by sharing her feelings? - 7 of Cups
This is an interesting one. 7 of Cups represents new opportunities and could imply the beginning of something fresh and fun, but it also represents illusions and self deceit. Is there a reason pursuing a relationship with this man may be unrealistic right now? Perhaps because of the stresses in his life (4 of Swords), his role or your own feelings? How well do you really know him? It’s entirely possible you’re idealizing him and glossing over the fact that he may not be a great match for you. You may even be using him as a sort of scapegoat for your own troubles, daydreaming about a relationship for the sake of avoiding an issue you need to face directly.

Right – Where would the querent be if she kept her feelings to herself? - King of Cups
This king is a master of his own emotions and understands both conscious and unconscious desires. He is mature, calm and balanced. Especially taken in perspective with the rest of the cards, this would imply a rational reason for not telling your crush how you feel, one that stems from greater understanding of yourself. Perhaps you’d realize that you don’t actually want him, but what he represents. That he may not be in the right place at this time. That you need to focus on other areas of your life. Whatever it is, you would come to feel content with those reasons and wouldn’t feel cheated of a relationship.

Overall anon, I’m not saying don’t go for it, but I would look closely at your reasons for wanting this man and try to determine if they’re actually healthy, realistic and beneficial at this time, or whether you may not be seeing the situation for what it is.

No. 146136

File: 1596396497959.png (1.28 MB, 1077x718, 145579.png)


Left - What can the querent do to best determine which career path she should follow? – 3 of Cups
The 3 of Cups suggests you turn to your closest friends, mentors and peers to share ideas, concerns and goals. They may be able to provide valuable advice that makes your path clearer, especially if they’ve been in the same position before. This is also a card of creative collaboration. If there are people in any of these fields that inspire you or peers you enjoy working with, you may want to propose a personal project and see if that experience makes you feel fulfilled or guides you toward a more specific focus. There may be pre-existing opportunities for this as well: clubs, group competitions, casual meet-ups and so on that could provide an avenue for this.

2nd from left - Is there anything the querent can do on her own to determine a career path? – 4 of Swords
This is basically saying you should take action by doing fewer actions. You need a break, to step away from your usual schedule to relax and re-center yourself. If you can take a vacation or even a weekend away at some point, that could be very beneficial in allowing you to have an honest conversation with yourself. You’re feeling very overwhelmed and need to get away from all the stress and overstimulation you’re dealing with currently. Allow yourself to let go for a moment and just focus on the things that make you happy, with no attachments.

3rd from left - What sort of path/activities will give the querent the most joy in a career? – 3 of Wands
You’re the type of person who wants a career that is fulfilling on some deeper level. Not the “I only work to live” type, but ideally, “My job is an extension of me and my contribution to the world.” It’s a tall order, but you should seek something that offers you the chance to grow in your skills, professional outlook and who you are as a person, even though that may not mean you take the easiest path. On a literal level you may want to look at something that requires travel or takes you overseas, or broaden your horizons through additional learning and opportunities that take you outside your comfort zone. Think big and consider any ideas you may have dismissed as too “crazy” in the past. It’s a good time to consider what steps you’d need to take to actually make them a reality.

Right - What is the querent’s greatest strength that she should seek to use in her career? – 9 of Swords
You have great mental strength and fortitude. It’s likely you’ve overcome a lot in life and are able to get to the heart of a matter where others struggle or let their own negative biases cloud their judgment. You are fair, forthright and capable of real self transformation. I think your adaptability and willingness to explore the tough issues where others may fear to tread is a real benefit. You have the ability to be a great leader because of this, either directing a group of people or striking out on your own thanks to your self sufficiency.

No. 146140

File: 1596399327430.png (644.58 KB, 427x732, 145584.png)


Top - Asked your exact query - The Emperor
You are a logical person; rules, systems and deep analysis appeal to you. This is also playing into your tendency to overanalyze the things that have happened. The Emperor believes you can use this to your advantage. You should seek an organized approach to address these negative thoughts and stick to it. Take a look at different avenues for dealing with trauma (perhaps meditation, traditional therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy) and determine which you feel is the most beneficial. Then do the hard work of breaking down these damaging thoughts about yourself to learn where they stem from and why they are untruthful. You will also regain a stronger self of sense by seeking opportunities to provide for others and act in a position of leadership and influence. By seeing how others can benefit from your knowledge and life experience, you will recognize your self worth in turn.

Left - What is the primary area the querent needs to focus on to feel better about herself? – 2 of Swords
It seems like you blame yourself for a lot of the things that happened to you, perhaps consciously, perhaps not. You feel you were indecisive and should’ve known better. However, this is unfair and damaging to your self esteem. We all need to go through certain experiences to learn from them, and you didn’t have the perspective you possess now back when these hurts occurred. You need to absolve yourself of guilt and be kinder to yourself. As the Emperor suggests, focusing on your strengths now and realizing that you have a lot to offer will be important in overcoming the past. Don’t let who you were then stop you from growing as an individual now.

Right - While the querent is working to improve her self image, how can she minimize her suffering? – The Hermit
Haha, I first drew this and thought, “Really, deck? Hermit really wanna show up right now and tell this poor woman to go BACK in her head when she’s already stuck in a negative spiral?” But it makes sense. While these changes to your mindset will not happen overnight, this spread and your own words indicate that you have been caught in a pattern of defining yourself by the people around you or the things that have happened to you. You think about yourself a lot, but you’re focused on everything but your own feelings. It’s time to look inward and get reacquainted with the person there. She’s not weak—she is a safe haven for others. She is powerful. She is a ruler. When you’re quiet, when the intrusive thoughts aren’t hassling you—what knowledge has been patiently waiting for you to accept it? What connects you to a sense of inner truth and spirituality? If you’re unsure, it’s time to explore that, to set aside a place (physical and/or mental) where you can just exist and connect with your personal values once again.

No. 146142

this deck is beautiful anon, can i get a reading desu?
question: how can i maximize my chances of success in my field? am i doomed to stay single and terrible with romance in the future?

i love you <3

No. 146145


Gender: female
Age: 24
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Are my new friends good for me? Am I actually happy with my partner?

Thank you anon

No. 146147

File: 1596401967542.png (971.99 KB, 629x735, 145596.png)


Left - What is the state of the querent’s friendship with her crush/How does he feel about her? – 4 of Cups
He’s in a state of indecision and is mostly focused on himself right now. He isn’t necessarily against the thought of a relationship, but he doesn’t feel he has all the facts right now. Perhaps you two haven’t known each other long, or he’s distracted by other areas of his life. He may also be in a state of self preservation because of getting burned before, so he’s currently unwilling to accept fresh opportunities. He likely needs time.

2nd from left - Why does he feel this way about her? – 3 of Wands
It looks like your crush is focused on new opportunities and looking toward the future. Has he gotten an opportunity to travel somewhere new? Or some exciting prospect to broaden his horizons? It seems his attention is mostly devoted to this chance for personal development and he’s really committed to making his goals a reality. He feels hesitant to make any commitments right now because of that.

Top - What would the querent gain if she tried to take things further? – Queen of Cups
You would grow in your ability to show love, support and compassion. You would be placed in a position of great vulnerability that would result in understanding your emotions better. Aspects of it would feel emotionally overwhelming, both good and bad. However, you'd likely prioritize the other person’s interests above your own. There’s a sense of melancholy, and while you’d be happy providing for your partner, your own needs may often be left unaddressed. In accordance with the prior cards, it seems like this man would not be wholly “there” in a relationship and you’d be the one doing the lion’s share of the emotional labor.

Bottom - Would taking things further be healthy/positive for her? - The Tower
I can’t say that going into this relationship would necessarily be a “fun” experience throughout, but the process would be very meaningful and result in a major change to your perspective. This change may be shocking, confusing and even painful as it’s occurring, but afterwards it would lead to great personal growth and you would become more resilient and self aware. Depending on how in touch you are with your personal values and feelings, this change might be a big revelation you’ve been waiting for, or it could be a period of great struggle that only feels worthwhile once you’ve made it out the other side.

No. 146154

If anyone has the time, if not, it's okay!!

Where can I find happiness?

No. 146156

File: 1596406216141.png (1.28 MB, 829x739, 145599.png)


Left - What should the querent seek in a career to be happiest/most fulfilled? – Death
Wow, you don’t ask for much, huh anon? (I kid!) It seems like you really want a career that speaks to you personally and provides an opportunity for huge transformation and growth as an individual. You’re also looking for something that will shake up the status quo and give you a new perspective/lease on life. It would be nice if your job allowed you a measure of self determination and control rather than being at the whim of someone else.

Left top - What is the good the querent will find on her current career path? – Temperance
It seems like your current career would provide you with a lot of stability and balance. You would grow in your ability for perseverance, patience and bringing together a variety of your talents for a specific purpose. This is likely something you’ve been focusing on/committed to for a while, and you would feel at peace if you focused your efforts on it.

Left bottom - What might the querent struggle with on her current career path? - Page of Pentacles
You think it might be difficult to manifest your personal goals and achieve financial stability through this path. The potential is there, but it seems like there’s a lot to surmount and that your ideas might appear too lofty when it comes to actually putting them into action. You can do this. The path isn’t necessarily easy or straightforward, but if you focus on tangible steps you can take, you can bring them to fruition.

Right top - What would be positive about the querent seeking other career options? - 8 of Swords
You might feel trapped in your current circumstances because you’ve already invested a lot of effort into your present career path. Considering other options would help free your mind and overcome limiting beliefs. You would realize you are not a victim of circumstance and still have the ability to change directions if you so desire. You would also get a new perspective on what you want from life.

Right bottom - What might the querent struggle with if she sought other career options? - 7 of Pentacles
You’re scared of committing a large amount of time/energy into yet another path that may not result in any tangible rewards. You’re tired of this situation, and you feel that throwing more options into the mix is only going to distract your focus and set you back further. You know nothing is guaranteed and if you spend too much time looking at the “wrong” option then you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

Right - What should the querent think about the make the healthiest decision? – 3 of Pentacles (reversed)
Taking this in conjunction with the Page, I think you’re feeling a lack of clarity about your current career and would be served well by nailing down a more concrete plan about how you can achieve your goals. You’re also feeling like there’s not much room for personal growth and advancement, which is highly important to you based on Death’s input. It’s likely that may be opportunities related to your line of work that you haven’t considered before or where you’d be better utilized. Trying to find a more positive group of peers/mentors to discuss this could be really helpful, because it seems like you either lack a support network right now or thought you could manage it all on your own. Don’t be afraid to reach out for guidance.

Overall I’m getting that your current path could be a great one for you, but you may need to explore different opportunities within it, and create a plan that will allow you to feel a greater sense of accomplishment and personal worth.

No. 146158

File: 1596406667373.jpg (166.35 KB, 1080x1350, 356808799a63d8d1.jpg)

I’d love to do a single trade with someone. My query is: How can I strike the right balance between caring for myself and finding opportunities for growth while also tending to my partner’s needs/struggles?


Hi anons, I closed off requests a while back to finish up those I still had. Aside from the potential trade above I’m going to take a break for a while, probably a week or so? If you want a quicker reading please feel free to ask in this thread generally, otherwise I’d be happy to respond later on.

I was also going to change up my deck, so if you want to wait, please let me know if you’d like to stick with the Bowring Tarot (I don’t mind for these two requests) or would be okay with something else.

No. 146164


will I be able to escape my difficult situation, my abusive family, and find happiness this year?

No. 146165

File: 1596410939973.jpeg (83.43 KB, 750x837, 1595037583073.jpeg)

Ooh anon, thank you so much for this detailed reading. I keep reading it and try to think about the situation. Yeah. It's a tricky one… whatever I decide with thought will be the right choice. Thank you!

No. 146168

What will my love life look like? Will I meet my soulmate?

No. 146169

Different anon but I also have the same question.

No. 146170

aquarius here and sorry, totally didnt see the post! i figured you probably wouldn't get to me but appreciate the response <3. the bowring tarot is very beautiful, but i have no preference for deck style. im not too into tarot from a spiritual angle, but as an artist ive always appreciated the wealth of art styles that tarot can have. what other decks do you have?

No. 146176

Actually, same question.

No. 146178


Of course anon! I hope it helps, you seem like a genuinely caring person based on your reading so I hope you prioritize your well being. Thank you for that adorable shiba as well, haha.

No worries at all, I just didn’t want you waiting and thinking I didn’t care/forgot about your question! I agree and think the type of deck affects how the querent personally views the cards. Imagery can help spur certain thoughts and help you consider what a card might represent just as much as the traditional meaning.

I was considering the Children of Litha (https://www.xiahunt.com/pages/the-children-of-litha-tarot) or Ethereal Visions (https://www.etsy.com/listing/720365407/ethereal-visions-tarot-deck) decks next, so if either of those speak to you let me know!

No. 146196

Same question

No. 146226

Hi kind anon, I'm sorry I didn't see the post either! I'd be more than happy to wait. I don't have any deck preferences, although I do like the bowring one a lot. I'd be happy with whichever one you choose!

No. 146231

Hey Aries :)
I've looked what you love life will be this year. And you are going to have a date with someone you met online. He will be someone with a strong personality and likes to take charge in life and relationships

No. 146246

File: 1596468467225.jpg (194.36 KB, 1200x1200, b7c64715160c1c8a04a55773ef8c10…)

Doing 10 queries today since there seems to be a lot of anons with unsolved questions here. Just reply to this post with your query, age and sign and I'll respond.

No. 146247

Hey anon, sorry for getting back to you late, what would your query be? I'm not sure if I can write a big cool response, but I might be able to help you if you're still interested

No. 146261

File: 1596472718127.gif (832.24 KB, 275x154, 1592841730511.gif)

I had a feeling The Hermit would show up, which always reminds me that despite all I've been through, I'm still me. I just have to put in the work to let go of the past. Thank you so much anon, this was very affirming. You're very gifted and appreciated.

No. 146270


I would appreciate a reading!
Age: 21
Sign: Aries

Is my current partner good for me or should I look for happiness elsewhere?

No. 146272

Age: 26
Sign: Capricorn
Should I pursue an art career? Will I have enough character to do such?

No. 146273

anon thank you so much,i wish i could repay you somehow! a lot of what you said are thing that other ppl/tarotist or the like have told me before,its so odd to me that i keep getting the idea of a rest or to take things lightly when i haven't done much, perhaps its the honest conversation part that i haven't done at all.

perhaps being a chiropractor/masseur at day and coder at night isnt a bad idea at all…

No. 146275

Not a tarot reader though but as an aspiring artist too, I think you should go for it. Characters will develop when you least expected, in the meantime, practice fundies and grind a following online. I saw you ask this question a few post earlier, hope this will provide you with the motivation you need. In the meantime, don't give up and don't sweat it because you're older, your achievements happened in your adulthood doesn't mean they are less important anon. Wish you the best in your art journey, from an aspiring artist anon to another.

No. 146302

Does anyone have any good web resources for how to get better at tarot? at the moment i'm doing a spread and looking between the Rider Waite app (the deck i have) and the golden thread app for interpretations. it's slow and not very intuitive and i feel like i'm missing a lot of the message. how can i get to a point where i know what all the cards are saying together, not just individually?

No. 146303

File: 1596487346070.jpeg (2.24 MB, 3023x3509, B8B2FD7C-CCB1-4083-806B-648AC2…)

Hi, I’m >>146044 (ugh re-reading it makes me sound like a total ad but whatev) and went ahead and did a celtic cross reading for you (you don’t have to reciprocate if you’re too busy!).

> I’d love to do a single trade with someone. My query is: How can I strike the right balance between caring for myself and finding opportunities for growth while also tending to my partner’s needs/struggles?

>Heart of the issue: V of Pentacles, reversed

Looks like you (or your relationship) are coming out of a rough patch and are starting the recovery/healing period. This card also suggests isolation (as a way of self-healing or fostering self-growth)

>Challenge: King of Cups

I see this as either you or your partner are holding you to a very high ideal of how you should be behaving: with utmost compassion with appropriately controlled and balanced emotions. This is not attainable - we are all human and living in a fucking pandemic. We cannot be perfect archetypal saintly beings 24/7.

>Unconscious: VIII of Pentacles, reversed

This card shows a lack of focus or no ambition or motivation. Maybe deep down you want focus on yourself right now rather than having to take care of both yourself and another grown adult. Or you could just be exhausted and need to rest. Either way, your Unconscious doesn't seem to want to focus on relationship issues right now.

>Past: The Sun, reversed

Paired with the heart of the matter/v of Pentacles, this suggests you (or your partner) are coming out of a period of depression, sadness, and general negativity.

>Conscious: King of Swords, reversed

Are you being overly cruel and self-critical to yourself? This with the challenge/king of Cups feels like you are being way too harsh on yourself for not being the perfect supportive partner when again, you are prob being adequately supportive and you/your partner have unrealistic expectations of what an ideal supportive partner should be.

>Future: III of Cups

Thankfully, there is some friendship, community, and general social happiness coming your way. Definitely talk this shit out w your friends and have some fun.

>Querent: Ace of Wands, reversed

Unsurprisingly, you are suffering from a lack of energy and passion, bored and worn down from daily grind. If your attentions are split between your and your partner's well-being, I can see that being both exhausting and nonproductive.

>Environment: IX of Wands

Exhaustion, fatigue, reaching burn out - yeah, it definitely looks like you have been working crazy hard for a while and you really need to rest, pace yoursef, and focus on your health/needs.

>Hopes and fears: VI of Cups

This card makes me a little sad - you are hoping for a return of the happy "good times" of the relationship. Nothing wrong with that, but rose-colored nostalgia goggles can be deceptive and distract you from the current reality.

>Outcome: VI of Pentacles, reversed

This is just a likely outcome with all the current forces in play (if you keep doing what you're doing without change). Basically, it may lead to selfishness, debt, stinginess, or giving for the wrong reasons. I see the last option as most fitting: are you giving attention and care for the right reasons (e.g. you partner genuinely needs your care/attention right now) or are you being guilted/being disparaged into taking time away from your own wellbeing to focus on your partner?

Takeaway: Please stop putting on yourself these high expectations of needing to care for your partner. You need to take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

This is my first time doing a reading for a stranger, so apologies if my reading is just wrong or overly judgmental. Wishing you all the best!

(Sorry, fucked up text last time)

No. 146312


Damn anon, it shouldn't come as a surprise but this is spot-on. Thank you so much.

I'm the King of Cups here, I'm an idealistic romantic who wants this relationship to be perfect and it stresses me so much when it isn't. I know we all have shortcomings but I take my partner's mistakes very personally. Things used to be rough between us and it's hard for me to believe it might be okay now. Any wrong step from him and I feel like we're back at square one.

I did just get out of a period of depression due to this and I feel like I can't relax/focus on myself because otherwise my partner won't pull his emotional weight. So I'm the one who needs to do all the research, have the tough conversations, check in with him, etc. I need to drop these burdens and give him a chance (because he has been stepping up) so I can focus on taking care of myself without resenting the situation.

I have been having trouble adjusting my mindset to figure out what it is I even want right now. I have 1 or 2 outlets that let me breathe occasionally. I do have an idea of what the 3 of Cups could represent though, and I'm really hoping it's the collaboration I have in mind, so I'll take a chance and reach out.

I'd be happy to do a reading for your query. Might take me a couple days but stay tuned. Thank you once again. (And I thought your initial post was sweet and helpful!)

No. 146314


It's all good, glad to do a reading for you eventually and I'll use the Bowring cuties!


Thank you for the kind words anon, I'm so glad to hear it was helpful. Anyone actively seeking to overcome a difficult/traumatic past has my admiration, and it seems like you have some powerful attributes working in your favor. I love a woman with that self sufficient, intellectual energy. I know you'll get where you want to be. <3


Always interesting to hear when multiple readings align. I don't know if it may help you, but for me, sometimes it's tough to make breaks/vacations actually feel rejuvenating. Like I'll do all the things a break is "supposed" to include: laze around, play games, do some light reading, explore a new place… but I don't end up feeling any better afterwards.

I think like you said, it can be helpful to be a bit more conscientious about what truly "refreshes" you. If nothing feels that way currently, then give something new a shot. Sign up for a class, go on a retreat, prep for a backpacking trip, something that's going to shake you out of your routine. I know that can be difficult in the COVID times, but it's easy to stagnate and miss the fact that certain "relaxing" activities may actually feel as uninspired as your regular grind. And yes, if both of those callings are worthwhile to you, maybe your future should include both!

Unfortunately I don't have any specific resources to share, but I would recommend looking at other people's readings/interpretations to see how they contextualize various cards. I think spreads actually become easier to comprehend versus single card draws because each new piece adds clarity. If someone said, "She wore black because it matched the mood," you might think a story was going in a negative direction, but draw another card and it may become, "She wore black because it matched the mood, but her mind was full of dreams."

Consider individual card placement. Typically in a spread each position represents a specific category or portion of the query, so you become like a detective fitting puzzle pieces together and seeing how each plays off the other.

No. 146315

It's me again…someone….please

No. 146318

Thank you for clarifying the reading! Yeah, when I was interpreting it, I was just feeling/getting so much pressure to be perfect and the fatigue from keeping up, but I wasn't sure if I was projecting. Good to know that the pressure is self-inflicted and hopefully will be alleviated, and not from an abusive partner. No worries on my question, if you get to it, you get to it - I appreciate you either way.

Yikes on the file size I uploaded too, sorry anons

No. 146319

File: 1596507118711.jpg (6.96 KB, 275x274, 65453165465.jpg)

because of this thread I went from having no interest in tarot and thinking it was nonsense to buying a deck and doing daily readings. i feel like I've already developed a weird bond to my cards which is fun even if it means I take the readings too personally
>ask for advice to be less lonely
>pulls three of cups upright
>"lol just make friends"
fuck u too you dumb paper son of a bitch

No. 146321

File: 1596507864376.jpeg (336 KB, 750x1040, 108C3AC0-490B-433C-AD74-A2DB79…)

> Query: will i ever make something of my life and make the people around me proud…

okay I got you. I forgot that the labyrinthos app lets you share your digital spread - this is the reading I did for you:

My interpretation
> Heart of the Matter - Justice Reversed
It looks likes the issue is you’re stuck in a situation that is unfair and unjust, which is holding you back. Alternatively, you believe you must act in an immoral way to get out of the situation you’re in (this is what I’m leaning toward looking at the other cards).

> Challenge - Knight of Pentacles

To overcome the issue (whether it is a shitty system or not), you need to work hard and be responsible - like having an efficient daily grind to your goal. Acting out in an extreme or chaotic way won’t help.

> Unconscious - King of Wands

Your unconscious seems to have a good idea and sense of what you want to achieve and how to achieve it, so I feel like you already know in your hearts of hearts that acting unjustly isn’t the way to do it.

> Past - III of Swords

You’ve been through a lot so I get why you’re not really willing to put your nose down and do the work - maybe others achieved by fucking you over, I don’t know, but you should take your past as lessons learned and wisdom gained. Don’t fall to their level.

> Conscious - Knight of Cups

Your view is idealistic and romanticized, which suggests to me that you’re not clearly thinking about the reality of the situation - maybe that’s why you’re leaning towards acting immoral vs hard (maybe tedious) work

> Future - IV of Swords

You are going to be able to have time to rest and contemplate, so I wouldn’t rush into any bad decisions yet. Take this time to really work things through and take care of yourself. It’s not a sprint race, it’s a long ass marathon that lasts your entire life - take your time.

> Querent - VII of Swords

You’re coming in this with a mindset of deception and trickery. Maybe your shitty past has made you untrusting and constantly trying to find the quickest and easiest way out, damn the consequences, but this kind of thinking isn’t going to work if you want to reach your goals

> Environment - The Emperor Reversed

Your environment isn’t great either - sorry you’re dealing with strict nonsensical rules. I can see why you would think acting immorally would be a better way than hard work, when others around don’t seem to follow the rules or use rules that don’t make sense/take advantage.

> Hopes and Fears - V of Swords

It looks like you want this at all costs - don’t let it cost your soul, anon. Especially since the next card suggests that if you do…

> Outcome - Temperance Reversed

If you keep with this mindset, it’s just going to lead to a more extreme shitty version of the current situation.

Hope this helps and sorry if it’s off!

No. 146323

Maybe I can ask for a reading, if you tarot años have time. If not, that's okay!

Age: 29
Sign: Leo
Query: Should I pursue this? Is what I'm seeing real?

No. 146327

File: 1596514409932.jpeg (473.86 KB, 750x996, 4FA987EA-57D8-4E6B-8974-B6FAEA…)

> Where can I find happiness?

My interpretation
> Heart of the Matter - Ace of Cups
You can find happiness in new friends and relationships (a new social circle?).

> Challenge - VIII of Cups

This cards means unconditional love and unity with others so I feel like you need to work on opening up your heart again and learning to trust others - developing that feeling of trust and allowing vulnerability is what you need to work on. Alternatively, you may be too trusting and need to work on reading others better.

> Unconscious - IX of Cups

This suggests you may still be grieving over past ended relationships (platonic or otherwise), which is why you are having difficulty trusting again. Regardless, you’re lonely.

> Past - Judgement

An awakening or sudden clarity of types happened in your past - with the other cards, I’m guessing someone(s) you trusted broke that trust and you found out or some other revelation that made you re-evaluate your past relationships/how you interact with others.

> Conscious - IV of Swords

You’re being very conscientious and careful now with trusting others/forming new relations, which makes sense considering the other cards, but this may hinder you so be aware

> Future - The Empress

Looks like you’re going to have a wonderful flow of creative energy coming your way which would be a great time to relax and enjoy yourself and the company of others

> Querent - VI of Cups

It seems like you are coming at the situation as an extrovert, which is great - you already know the value of good friendships and that happiness can be found there

> Environment - X of Cups

This suggests to me that while you may have been grieving those past ended relationships, you’re coming to terms with it now and are ready to move forward and meet new people.

> Hopes and Fears - The Wheel of Fortune

This plus the above definitely signals to me that you are ready to move on. The past is the past and now it’s time to move forward to a new cycle of friendship, happiness, and love. There is a fear that this cycle will end in the same way as your past cycle so think about what ended those past relationships and don’t make the same mistakes - you can break into new ground.

> Outcome - Knight of Wands

This made me smile: looks like you’re going to become more adventurous and outgoing with your new friends (or maybe in pursuit of your new friends?). Either way, it looks like a lot of fun - just be mindful of those past mistakes and don’t be reckless.

If anyone else wants to know the app I using, it’s https://app.labyrinthos.co/
I feel a bit silly typing out my interpretation since it is literally just based on the info in the spread link, so lemme know if it’s dumb.

No. 146330

It's not dumb at all! I loved it <3
Thank you very much for taking the time to write this out for me. I have no friends in my new town so I'll definitely change that

No. 146357

File: 1596557273707.jpg (243.43 KB, 1500x1500, EV3Rx3FUwAU2nWF.jpg)


Compiling unread queries

Queries adressed to me

If anyone else wants to hop in please reply to this post, I have some spots left
I'll get back to y'all soon

No. 146358

I'll respond to queries not directly adressed at me with a simple reading, I hope that's okay (I just don't like leaving people hanging)

Queen of wands, four of wands, four of swords
First you gotta adress your anxiety issues and try to work on being more level headed. Then you'll have to directly take action, be confident and pacefully dominate the situation. I see you getting away from your family pretty soon.
The world, queen of wands, four of cups
Love is something always in your mind, and this read indicates me that you'll indeed have a good and fulfilling love life, you just need to work on yourself, get some inner peace and manifestate.
Nine of swords, six of wands, eight of cups.
You care way too much about what people say about you, and this gives you clear anxiety. Until you work on this, your relationships will fail.
Knight of wands, empress, nine of pentacles
You're a bit pushy or overly excited about love, but I'm guessing this comes with how young you actually are. This reading is indicating me yes you will find someone who will be the love of your life, this will come once you've grown into a woman in tune with your emotions and able to fend for yourself.
Five of pentacles, ten of pentacles, queen of cups
"Making people proud" shouldn't be your first priority, quite the contrary. You must make YOURSELF feel proud first, become smart and know what you truly want. Your success comes from this.
Eight of wands, eight of pentacles, queen of cups
Whatever you have in mind, the cards are saying yes, you need to start working now, immediately on this. This will make you very happy.
The hanged man, eight of wands, ten of cups
You need to stop over analyzing everything and obsessing over minor details. Take it easy, chill, and take action quick, don't overthink and miss your chance. That way you'll find happiness.

No. 146360

Is your current partner good?
Three of wands, judgement, eight of swords.
No, he isn't, he's out of sync with you and seems like is not being completely honest. Seems like an scumbag to me. If you break up with him, it will have a taste of "serves him right". The three of wands heavily implies it's time to let him go and a new relationship will come to you.
The magician, the tower, queen of swords
He thinks he's a smart guy who can fool you, but there's some bullshit brewing in the cauldron already. It's better to leave him. You feel kinda defensive around him, like you need to be on your tip toes.He might even be a bit malicious. Be more clever than him, a fierce individual woman: the queen of swords.
The sun, the world, the devil
Once you leave this dirtbag, your whole world will light up, things will feel better, happier, optimistic for you. You feel very bound to this person, like in a cage. Get away from this asshole lol

No. 146361

Five of cups, nine of swords, lovers
Thing is, you keep going and going on with your doubts, your sadness, and your grief about this. You are so anxious about not being able to be or do enough. This is wearing you out so much, all these rumminating thoughts are doing you no good.
Thing is, art WILL make you super happy, super fulfilled, it feels like destiny to you. It feels good. But your thoughts are holding you back super hard.
Three of swords, six of swords, nine of swords again
I encourage you to reflect if this worry is justified. It's like you're really depressed and heartbroken, this is just sad to see. You're so adamant about not listening to your heart that in the end, since you're scared nervious and anxious, you walk away from something that otherwise would be good for you.
Seven of pentacles, the fool, five of wands
Some of this thoughts comes from some opposing external forces though. I'm curious, is it your parents? What people say? Siblings? Lolcow? Who is it? In this case, the cards are telling you to play fool. Ignore them. Follow the bliss that art gives you. Work on your art more. This is what will give you what you want. The end lol

No. 146363

File: 1596561360314.jpeg (267.74 KB, 774x738, 52A89FD1-494F-4D40-96D1-95B249…)

Awesome anon! I think it really makes sense, thank you!

No. 146368

File: 1596564660888.png (173.62 KB, 347x348, akko.png)


This killed me anon. I love Thurston and it’s great to hear you’ve gotten into tarot. Glad you’re having fun with it!

I feel a strong connection to my first/favorite deck as well, and there are definitely times when I feel like “it” is being a sarcastic asshole towards me, but sometimes I need to hear it lol.

I once asked it what my significator was (a personal, representative card) and didn’t agree with the answer on first draw, so I drew twice more and got the same thing both times. It was pretty surreal/freaky because I was using a full deck, not just the majors, and I fully shuffled between each draw. At that point I was like, “Okay okay, I believe you!”

On the plus side I have since developed quite a fondness for that card, and the way it’s represented in that deck definitely adds personal significance to me. I’m one of the “I don’t think tarot is woo-woo magic” types but it’s still kind of crazy I draw it regularly when doing readings for myself.

No. 146392

File: 1596589325477.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2900x2900, 1595984408518.jpeg)

I'm trading a query!

No. 146395


Thank you anon.

No. 146436

capricorn anon into art I hope you saw my read

No. 146483

File: 1596666727992.jpeg (39.59 KB, 900x354, 9DC95FAE-DD4C-4C96-A691-C5DA8A…)

Thanks for being so kind, anon! Your reading really had me feeling that a lot of fun is coming your way so I’m excited for you to find new wonderful friends.

Asked my cards for my significator due to your post and got a card that really resonated with me. I haven’t tried my luck in trying to pull it again though.

I’m also the same way with not being a “true” believer in the crazy woo woo shit - I think of tarot as a conversation with myself or a way to better analyze/trigger my unconscious intuition, if that makes sense. I still read for others and also read up on astrology/occult for fun and with a sort of what if feeling, so maybe I'm just trying to deny my inner crazy hag.

Kek reminds me of the pic attached

No. 146489

File: 1596667961401.jpg (228.51 KB, 1135x1300, c30bb9c622c5fedba.jpg)

That's exactly how I feel! I think reading tarot helps people get in touch with their higher intuition and subconscious thoughts. Which, while not supernatural, can seem very insightful and "magical."

That's really cool to hear you got a significator that resonates. I had my boyfriend do a draw for himself for the first time and right away he pulled the exact card he's always been drawn to. I can't make this shit up.

I actually never try to "test" the cards these days like I did back when I was being a stubborn git. Part of me feels like it's disrespectful not to trust what my deck says the first time, and another part of me is afraid I'm going to jinx them somehow, like they'll lose their special abilities. Which I realize sounds insane in the context of my original, logical explanation. But as in the case of my repeated significator and my boyfriend's draw, some things I just can't explain and feel special. So I allow myself some crazy hag thoughts!

No. 146496

File: 1596671866211.png (1.14 MB, 850x736, 146044.png)


Thanks for your patience anon.

What can you do to improve your satisfaction on your current career path? – 10 of Wands
Put in extra work and take on additional responsibilities as they arise. If you do this your career will demand most of your resources for a time, but you’re not too far from a payoff that would make the extra effort worthwhile. You’ve likely been building to this moment and if you continue the course, you will soon see results.

What positives will you derive on your current path? – Queen of Swords
You will derive a lot of intellectual stimulation from this career and should be able to achieve a position of relative autonomy and power. You call the shots and will enjoy a good amount of self determination and strength. There won’t be much bureaucracy preventing you from being an efficient and fair provider.

What motivates you to perform your best in a career? – Death
You like being a transformative force and affecting big change in the world. It’s important to you that others see you as someone they can trust completely without pretense. You also think it would be nice to have a legacy of sorts, not necessarily something tied to your name and ego, but just to have left a mark on the world that affects people’s lives for the better and maybe makes them see things differently.

What should you explore to investigate additional career options? – 10 of Cups
At home, spending more time with family and loved ones may open up new insights and allow you to consider the things that matter most to you. In a broader sense, it may benefit you to look at things related to your larger community such as social work or anything that helps strengthen relationships/families/societies. It seems like there’s a good amount of more detached thinking and logic required in your current career, so you would likely benefit from getting back in touch with what your heart feels as well.

What would motivate a career change? – Four of Swords
It seems that doing what the 10 of Cups suggests by spending time with loved ones, resting and getting in touch with your emotional values may indeed spark a new outlook on your career path. It may not be that you need to change what you’re doing entirely, but you could reevaluate what resonates with you most so you can prioritize the activities that motivate you (Death’s transformative ability). This contradicts the 10 of Wands, so I would be sure to try and set aside some quiet time for yourself before getting wrapped up in the whole “nose to the grindstone” approach.

What might be the benefits of changing your career path? – The Sun
Very positive outcome. You would greatly benefit from changing things up. This would result in more success, joy and abundance in your life. You’d feel enthusiastic and aligned with your inner values, and this would lead to success not only for yourself but those you interact with. You would be a guiding light for others and also feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself.

What will be the outcome if you continue following your current path? – 7 of Pentacles
Certainly, your current career will provide a long-term payoff and lead to financial rewards. You’ve worked hard to reach your position and the fruits of your labor will soon arrive. But between this and the 10 of Wands, I wonder if this path is really draining and exhausting you. Are the rewards worth it? If the Sun is any indicator, I think there’s something more emotional and personal that you may currently be neglecting, but it’s important that you take another look at where you’re headed so both your work and personal life are in alignment. It seems like you could be much happier if you honestly reassessed where you want to be.

No. 146498

This is so telling and informative, thank you so much, anon! I think I can explain the 10 of wands and 4 of swords discrepancy: I’m not working right now as I’m waiting to get certified (passed the test, just need paperwork to clear). I was volunteering prior to corona, but stopped when shit went down. So definitely can put more work into researching jobs and applying, but I also have time to rework my criteria for the kind of jobs I’m looking for. I definitely feel the death card, especially - I just want to do good work and help people, which I can do in my current path but I just don’t feel like it’s enough and/or aligned with my heart. This has give me a lot of food for thought.

Thank you again, anon! And I adore the art nouveau/mucha deck you used as well.

No. 146521

Of course! And thanks for sharing, the mix of heavy action and inaction between the two cards makes more sense now. It sounds like you’ve done a lot to set yourself up for success already. (Congratulations on passing your certification, by the way.) COVID has had the weird effect of throwing a lot of us into limbo, but on the plus side I’m glad it will give you more time to hone in on the right position(s). There were a lot of references to your efforts paying off, and with some additional reflection added to the mix, I’m excited for you to reach those “sunny” days.

No. 146539

thank you so much. im >>145919
made me cry. it's true. thank you.
i don't trust myself to even do my own tarot readings because i catastrophize them and panic. anyway, god bless you. really.

No. 146546

File: 1596720606699.jpg (24.29 KB, 666x693, CgAkmcHUUAAGNxH.jpg)

Aww babyyyyy don't cry!!! Have a hug…
If you need anything else please tell me okay?

No. 146557

Would someone be so kind as to help me interpret a little two card draw I did? I asked if someone I know will continue lying to me and why. I drew the World and Hierophant.

Both of these cards are positive, so my inclination is to say they won’t. I’m not sure why though. The World implies change and progress, going through a lot and learning from your mistakes, while the Hierophant signifies commitment and living by your values in a structured way. I hope this is all because it sounds like they’re going to improve, but is there anything I might be leaving out?

No. 146561

first query:how will my love life look for the rest of the year?
second query:will pursuing a career as a musician (bassist) pay off or should i just do it casually?

thanks in advance tarot anons :)

No. 146727

File: 1596831486031.png (1.48 MB, 911x740, 146142.png)

Hi anon, thank you for waiting. You didn’t mention if you had a preference between the other decks so I went with the Children of Litha because I adore the imagery and style but haven’t had much opportunity to work with it yet. It’s based around “humans, beasts and the divine.”

Left side is for your query regarding career.
Top – What is your current outlook towards your career? – The Fool
You’re right at the beginning of your career path and draw from a deep well of hope and optimism towards the future. You’re enthusiastic and hold a lot of potential. You are willing to try new things and are open to opportunities for learning from all sources. This is a great mindset to have, although you may sometimes lack a concrete plan and struggle with treating your passions as a business. Further experience and proper delegation of tasks can help with this.

Right – Where should you focus your energies to succeed in your work? – 3 of Cups
Friendship, collaboration and community. If you’re in a more solitary field it would be beneficial to look for groups centered around your industry so you can learn from your peers and draw on the communal commitment you all have for your work. Try to push yourself to work on new projects with people you admire and enjoy, celebrate other people’s accomplishments and let them provide you with a larger platform as well. You will feel more encouraged and find it easier to stick to your plans when you have others supporting your progress.

Bottom – Are there untapped resources you could use to find success? – The Emperor
Yes, there is likely someone in a leadership position you could use as a mentor to guide you and provide structure to your path. Their real world experience will help you harness some of that dreamy excitement into actionable steps. There may also be some sort of established organization or governing body that has a lot of resources which will make it easier for you to develop a system that will lead to success. Study those who have already walked the path you’re following now.

Right side is regarding love life.
Top – What are the current energies you’re giving off to potential partners? – Temperance
You have a very pleasant and soothing energy to be around. Even if you don’t feel it personally, you come across as someone who has their life together. You are patient with others, a natural peacemaker, good at communication and are able to hold romance in balance with other important areas of your life. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to find someone, because you value harmony and need to ensure your future partner will seamlessly blend into your world rather than throw things out of balance.

Right – What should you focus on to find your ideal partner? – King of Swords
The peacock king here says you need to look at potential partners from a balanced, intellectual perspective. Let your logic lead the way—if someone seems like they have blatant differences in values, goals and interests which could cause conflict, then leave it at that and realize they’re not the right fit for you. That being said, you have really great intuition so if you ever feel good vibes from a particular person, even if they’re not initially what you would’ve imagined for yourself, it’s worth following up and getting to know them better. Don’t be afraid to be the one to make the first move or take charge. Be upfront about what you’re looking for. I get the feeling you don’t like to play games and your eventual partner will similarly be someone who appreciates honesty, candor and loyalty.

Bottom – What should you look for in an ideal partner? – Strength
Your partner will be someone with incredible determination, fortitude and clarity of mind. They’ll be reliable, compassionate and someone you can truly rely on in times of both happiness and hardship. Keep an eye out for people who emanate a quiet strength. Not the loud ones directing everyone around, showing off their accomplishments with a cutthroat ambition. You want the one who might not say much, but everyone stops and listens when they talk. They’ve likely been through a lot of difficult times, but they are very humble and don’t feel the need to brag about their successes even though a lot of people admire them. This is the type of person with a purity of spirit who kids and animals are drawn to.

No. 146816

File: 1596849019337.png (10.53 KB, 602x497, tumblr_e398abe546dd0b4ee8e5e0b…)

anon i cannot tell you how helpful this reading was and still is, im am eternally grateful for your perspective and wisdom!! <3 the parts about the career path were particularly eye opening, and the advice given is something i certainly needed to hear and put into effect. i just kept reading and nodding along like a maniac lol. im also very pleased with the love reading, your words have assured me to be patient in regards to romance. such a lovely deck as well! thank you sooooo much anon i love youuuuuuu

No. 146840

I'd love to get a reading if anyone would be so kind.

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Sign: Libra sun/Pisces rising
Query: What will the rest of 2020 look like for me (meeting goals, my relationship with my boyfriend, etc.)?

Hopefully that's not too broad. Thank you!!

No. 146904

gender: Female
age: 22
sign: Scorpio
first query: How do I finally get a girlfriend?

No. 146917

File: 1596919746576.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2048x1536, 0DC65AF7-4D51-4A27-A031-653666…)

I use the Wild Unknown card deck.

Past: Temperance - renewal, healing

Present: Ten of cups - radiating energy

Future: The Sun - vitality, enlightenment

All cards are exceedingly positive and have something to do with healing and good energies anon. It seems you need to accept happiness and positivity on the emotional level. Open yourself up for good changes and go out of your comfort zone when necessary. The cards also make me wonder whether you realize how happy you are on your own? Maybe you don’t need a gf.

No. 149124


I'm >>145947 and if you would be so kind as to give me a more in depth reading i would greatly appreciate it…but since you responded the way you did, let me modify my question a bit..how can I find success or happiness in myself when I feel I have no value or purpose as a person unless that value or purpose is only there to please others or their desires/wishes?

No. 150699

File: 1599614631854.png (1.06 MB, 830x667, 146145.png)


Anon, I’m so sorry for the wait. I had some unexpected personal things come up and then had to leave for a trip. I don’t know if you still want this reading, but in case you do, here it is—

Top Left - What are your friends contributing to your life? - 3 of Swords
It seems like nothing good, at least at the moment. 3 of Swords would imply that someone said or did something that really hurt you. You feel betrayed and alone. You may have had a bad argument or disagreement with a friend. If there’s any positive here, it’s the knowledge that this hurt is temporary and all the involved parties can have a chance at reconciliation if you try to see each other’s perspectives and approach with kindness.

Lefthand Left - What sort of benefits will the querent receive if she continues interacting with these people? - The World
This is in complete contrast with the 3 of Swords. The World is a card of fulfillment, achievement and resolution. I think if you want to salvage whatever happened recently, you should definitely try to be the bigger person and open a dialogue. It seems like there may have been a bad misunderstanding, but at their core, your friends do want the best for you and hold the potential to help you on your path toward happiness. Even if it was primarily them in the wrong, try to reflect on the preconceptions you carried into the conflict and how that affected things. You may need to look internally for a while to come to terms with everything before moving forward with them.

Lefthand Right - What can the querent do to get the most out of these relationships? 10 of Pentacles
10 of Pentacles implies you need to have balance in all the major areas of your life and understand where you came from (both literally and figuratively). Your recent friend issues likely stemmed from a difference in opinion due to everyone's varied backgrounds. It would be helpful to look at your beliefs and the preexisting ideas you brought to the table, and then do the same when it comes to your friends. You may not see eye to eye on everything, but it’s possible you can compromise and find a way to keep everyone happy.

Top Right - What is the querent’s current partner contributing to her life? - Page of Wands
Your partner is a playful, “go with the flow” sort of person and is excited by the idea of newness. They are likely high energy, spontaneous and introduce you to a bunch of cool activities and subjects you never really considered before. They find beauty even in the simplest things and are able to make just about everything fun. On the flipside, they may seem flighty at times and be all over the place. Making concrete plans can be difficult and they don’t always think things through.

Lefthand Right - What should the querent do to get the most benefits out of her relationship? - Strength (rev)
It seems like you’re not feeling very confident right now. You may be spreading yourself too thin, feeling depressed and lacking belief in your own abilities. This in turn makes you feel grouchy and on edge, which may have resulted in lashing out at others. You have a bit of a codependent relationship with your partner, which needs to be addressed in some manner. Take time to develop your own hobbies and interests outside of them. Don’t feel like your life needs to revolve around them or that they should take priority in the relationship. There has to be give and take.

Righthand Right - How should the querent decide whether to stay or leave? - Knight of Swords
Some sort of change needs to happen, and it will likely require bravery on your part. Calmly and logically look at the things you want in this relationship, and take action. You need to be thoughtful about this, but once you know what needs to occur, don’t wait around overanalyzing it or doubting yourself. This may be difficult since you’re dealing with a lack of confidence right now, but try to recall the things you’ve achieved in the past and use those to bolster yourself forward. You will likely get a good outcome if you can advocate for yourself and make room for your own dreams within the relationship.

No. 150725

I'm nervous to try this, but it looks fun. So why not?
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sign: Sagittarius
Query: Will my marriage last?

No. 150791

File: 1599679234047.png (1.13 MB, 1069x595, 149124.png)

I'm going to do a reading for this you since you've been waiting as well. If the original tarot anon wants to jump back in that's awesome, but didn't want to leave you hanging.

Left - Why does the querent have difficulty finding value in herself? - 6 of Pents
The 6 of Pentacles is precisely about generosity, selflessly giving to others and sharing abundance. In this position, I would guess that you genuinely enjoy providing for people and it makes you feel like a better person. This is a positive part of your core personality. But as you say yourself, it seems like you’ve let it become the only thing that defines you. It’s rare that there’s a negative aspect to the 6 of Pents, but be aware that part of your giving nature may come from a sense of obligation. Perhaps you received something good in your life from others, so now you feel a sense of duty to give back and fulfill that “debt.” Know that you can give far more to people when you yourself are in a healthy place, otherwise there’s a risk of overextending yourself.

2nd from Left - What can she do to find more strength and fulfillment in herself? - 4 of Wands
Because of your giving nature you have affected a lot of people in your life positively. 4 of Wands suggests that you should take time to celebrate this with them, and let them bolster you for a change. This isn’t to say you should derive all your confidence from other people’s opinions, but because you may not have reflected on your own strengths before, it can help to listen to other people’s thoughts. Spend time with friends and family who have stood by you for a long time, and take a moment to spruce up your home environment so you’re surrounded by things you enjoy. Maybe invite people over for dinner and don’t be afraid to ask them for emotional support. There are people who love you and would be happy to share what they find beautiful about you.

2nd from Right - What does she need to face to overcome this struggle? - The Tower
Something big happened that resulted in a huge change in your life. It toppled everything you’d built internally and left you feeling lost and shaken. Giving to others was the seed you chose to nourish to get back on your feet, but even though you now have a beautiful garden surrounding you, it looks like you never took the time to rebuild the foundations of your (mental) home. This event needs to be addressed. Even if it was painful, every difficult thing that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. You’re far stronger than you think you are. It’s time to consider what this change meant to you, personally, and how you want to move forward. You’re scared that if you rebuild, your life runs the risk of toppling over again… and it does. But the beauty in this is that we are strong enough to start over again, and again, and every time we’re hurt we can become stronger rather than continuing to wander without anchor.

Right - What is the querent's hidden strength that will serve her in this task? - 9 of Pentacles
You have the ability to create a life of true abundance and success. This is not only about sharing that with others, but indulging in it yourself. Don’t be reluctant to engage with the things you love and really dive into self care. You likely feel that this is selfish right now, but you’ll be far more capable of sharing your gifts with others when you yourself are “living your best life.” The difficulties you faced can be overcome and you can find security in self sufficiency. Be grateful for the things you have, because you worked hard to get them. That deserves to be celebrated. Listen to yourself for a change, and think about the life you want to build. That vision is something you should feel proud of, because real value is derived internally and not based on other people and factors that are constantly in flux. What you do always have is yourself, and by protecting your own values and interests, your vibrancy will inspire others wherever you go.

No. 150797

Anon, thank you so much. This is so accurate I'm actually shook - I argued with a friend two weeks ago, and I haven't argued with any of my friends for years. I even ended up opening the dialogue!

Everything else is really eye-opening as well, I am so grateful. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, I cannot tell you how much it means to me.

No. 150798

Of course, thank you again for being so patient! It sounds like you're taking all the steps you need to find equilibrium, which is great. I hope you and your friend can work things out soon. <3

Oops, please excuse the typo and subtract *you out of that first sentence.

No. 150833

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sign: Taurus
Query: Will I make any friends this year?

Lovely tarot-anons, please give me guidance. Context is I just moved by myself to a new city where I don't know anyone and I wonder if COVID is going to fuck up my chances of making any friends while I'm here.

No. 151016

File: 1599794819680.png (1.2 MB, 1040x668, 150725.png)

Hi anon, please keep in mind this isn't a blunt yes/no answer as life is rarely so straightforward and you're the one in control of your choices. Hopefully this will give you a few things to ponder, though. I'm reading from left to right.

What are the energies in this querent's relationship like right now? - 8 of Pentacles (reversed)
One or both of you may not be dedicating enough time to the relationship. Relationships are like gardens and flourish with consistent, gentle care, but they start to wilt when neglected. You can't give your partner a big show of affection and then ignore them for a month. It seems like either you or your husband may be trying to take a shortcut when it comes to love, but those little, everyday shows of affection are just as important as extravagant displays. One of you may need a lot of care and attention from the other right now, but you don't want to neglect your own needs either. I also wonder if you might have a perfectionist view of love. Real life is messy and it's important to remember that just because your partner may be momentarily distracted, it doesn't mean you don't matter to them anymore.

How is the querent feeling about the relationship? - 4 of Cups
You're focusing on your own feelings and very closed off to the outside world, including your partner, right now. This might be a good thing in that you need to evaluate your desires, but it's important you make your husband aware of your needs. I feel like you're dissatisfied right now, maybe because of distrust from a previous hurt or because you have trouble advocating for yourself. Whatever the reason, you can't let your relationship stagnate because you're too reluctant to express yourself. You really need to take action regarding whatever is bothering you (perhaps the inconsistency and neediness from reversed 8 of Pents)?

How does the querent's partner feel about her? - The All
This is a unique card that isn't included in standard tarot decks; it was a bonus oracle-style addition to this one. It's as the name implies - your husband adores you and sees you as the primary focus of his life. Everything he does is with you in mind even when he's not conscious of it. This is pretty much the ideal card to get when it comes to your partner's perspective. It is possible that your husband is a little too focused on you and needs to release some of your influence on his life so that you don't feel too much pressure to constantly be there for him, but overall it's a card that implies you bring balance, satisfaction and true fulfillment to his life.

What is something that needs to be a focus in the relationship right now? - 5 of Pentacles
You're focusing on what your relationship is lacking right now rather than the good things you possess. This might be something very tangible like one of you losing a job, financial difficulty, uncertain homestead (all not surprising in COVID times). You are feeling alone despite being in a partnership. You might be a bit depressed. Linking this in with your 4 of Cups, it is very important you reach out right now rather than continuing to isolate yourself. This card plays into itself. If you believe you lack the things necessary to be happy, then you will never find them. If you instead choose to take action and reconnect with your partner, you can recover.

How can the querent and her husband best move forward? - 3 of Cups
I know isolation is a problem for all of us right now, but it would be beneficial if you and your husband can reconnect socially with friends and family. It's possible that you've gotten frustrated with one another due to forced closeness, stagnation, routine. Remind yourselves that your partner isn't the entire crux of your life, that you are still your own individuals with connections outside of one another. This will also help remind you of why you chose your partner and what they mean to you. There's a preoccupation with yourselves and each other right now. Remember that the rest of the world still exists and that you two are part of something bigger than what you can see before you.

No. 151037

File: 1599809010497.png (279.89 KB, 340x397, Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 00.2…)

Thank you, anon. The tarot reading hit so close to home, and helped put some things in perspective I hadn't considered before. The reversed 8 of Pentacles and 4 of Cups made me cry because of how true it all is, especially the having trouble advocating for yourself in 4.

Thank you for this reading again, anon. It really opened my eyes to how I've been feeling with this stuff. Your deck is beyond gorgeous. The All is breathtaking.

No. 151052

Hello tarot anons. I would like to give this a try, as something that was told to me by a divination anon from years ago came true recently.
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Sign: Scorpio
Query: how do the next 2 years look like for me?
Thank you!

No. 151064

Anon what's that deck? Looks beautiful

No. 151073

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Query: How should I go about finding my place in life?

Context: I'm stuck with a job that's ruining my health and I have no savings. I finally want to feel like what I do has a worth and that I deserve to be valued. I also really want to have my own place someday but I don't feel good enough to become someone worthy of such a life.

No. 151081

File: 1599850829704.png (540.15 KB, 511x426, 984023758467893.png)

You're welcome anon, thank you for letting me read for you! I'm sorry you're having a tough time right now, but I'm happy to see that your husband is really in your corner. I hope you can build up your self confidence and find happiness again soon.

It's the Children of Litha Tarot from Xia Hunt! https://www.xiahunt.com/products/black-edition-children-of-litha-tarot-card-deck

It is one of my favorites, very beautiful colors and concept with a mix of animals and mythology.

No. 151124

File: 1599871228352.png (305.32 KB, 561x277, 150833.png)


>Two of Pentacles

You have a lot going on right now and feel torn between various responsibilities. You don't have to give up any of the things you want, but you likely need to step back and work on proper time management and prioritization. If you need to, try and outright schedule time for socialization and work out how you can fit new opportunities into your life. Be adaptable and don't worry if everything isn't always in perfect balance, so long as your personal, financial and social needs are being met on a semi-consistent basis.

>Eight of Swords

You're feeling stuck with limited options right now, but this is a self-imposed prison. You're focusing too much on the negative. There's a pandemic going on, but that doesn't mean the world has stopped functioning entirely. Try to adopt a more positive mindset and seek opportunities and you'll feel less restricted. There are exciting new paths out there. Don't stay trapped in a victim mentality.

>Ten of Pentacles

There are many good things and resources in your life that you're taking for granted. Take a close look at all the means available to you. Look at local events, internet meet-ups/classes, locations that have re-opened, social media and so on. You also likely have existing resources you can put to work for you. Are you part of any groups (online, social, work-related) that might be able to connect you to others? Is there some talent or interest you have that might be a good basis for a small get together? It might be up to you to be the one to organize something, and that's good because you have a lot of positive qualities to share. If you want more then don't accept the status quo, even if it's comfortable.

No. 151125

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Query: How do the next 3 years of my life look like?

No. 151127

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sign: Cancer
Query: Will i ever be able to live comfortably?

I'd be really thankful for a reading, it feels like living a good life is impossible to me. I need to move countries but make very little, college is taking up all my time, family issues, trauma issues… it seems like i won't ever make enough money to even start adressing all this and i feel like giving up.

No. 151167

Age: 31
Gender: Female
Sign: Sag
Query: Got what suddenly dropped by Taurus/M - was what happened on me here?
Followup: Should I expect him to try and crawl back whenever whatever he left for fails?

No. 151202

File: 1599940770100.jpg (19.82 KB, 564x564, mouse.jpg)

Thanks anon, I really needed to hear this, especially the victim mentality part. Sometimes I do get trapped in that rut thinking that nobody would want to be friends with me and that I shouldn't try. I'm gonna try my best to put myself out there when I have the chance and whatever happens will happen!

No. 151299

File: 1600026849945.gif (1.18 MB, 498x401, 580439760497.gif)

Sure thing anon, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Every person you meet may not end up being a BFF, but I have no doubts that you have a ton of great qualities that the right people will appreciate. At the least, whatever you do to meet people now will be unique and interesting experiences you can look back on. Have fun with it!

No. 151300

Gender:Female (ofc)
Sign: Taurus, Leo rising, Aries moon

Query: What does the next year look like for me?

Not sure if context hurts or helps, but I've broken up with my partner and have some weeks to move out. Either finding a job in this country (I hope) or back to my home country to live with my parents. Super unstable times and very uncertain of even my immediate future!

Thanks to the anons that do this. I'd try out tarot myself if I had the time/money.

No. 151310

gender: female

age: 19

sign: pisces sun, scorpio rising, gemini moon

query: did i choose the right career path? what should i expect from the relationship i have with a guy im romantically involved with?

thanks in advance to whoever chooses to do a reading on me! u guys are so cool!

No. 152101

Age: 32
Gender: f
Sign: Scorpio
Query: will I ever make friends of my own?

No. 155113


>Knight of Wands reversed

You are someone with a lot of energy, excitement, and passion to put into your relationships, but that can turn easily into anger when you run into disagreements. You might be quick to say something you don't mean or act impulsively in the heat of the moment, or you might shut off entirely and stop putting effort into a relationship that you aren't satisfied with. Try to slow down and think about how much energy/passion, too much or not enough, you're putting in the relationship and if that's in balance with what you're getting out of it.

>Page of Wands

Your partner is cheerful and excited about the relationship, perhaps it's their first one? They are able to match your enthusiasm but it may be misplaced or a little naive at times. They might not be thinking too hard about the ins and outs of your relationship and miss subtle hints.


The two of you can form a strong, united and balanced partnership that brings out the best in each other when you're on the same page. You both have different attitudes but a lot of energy so you may fight a lot at first, but that's how you learn to understand and balance one another. (And maybe your partner is a leo?)

No. 155218

sex- female
age- 18
sign- Aquarius
query- is there any hope for me to have a romantic life with anyone??

No. 155223


Hi anon! I drew a few cards for you from my smith-waite deck. I’m not very experienced in reading, but I thought the message was very strong and wanted to share.

>The love you want: Six of Wands, reversed

This card jumped out of my hands and is telling me that you’re feeling a lot of doubt about love in general. You might have an idea of the sort of relationship you want, but it is very clouded by insecurity and low confidence about whether you’re worthy of it or not.

>What love has taught you: Ace of Cups

Since this card symbolizes new beginnings, you might not have a lot of prior experience to draw from when it comes to relationships, but it’s a very hopeful card that I was glad to see! The opportunity to forge new connections might present itself soon, and I think this card in this position is encouraging you to approach it with a clean slate/open-mind that isn’t held back by self-doubt.

>What holds you back: Strength reversed

Again, self doubt and insecurity is being brought up. Beyond holding you back from finding and entering a relationship, your current state of mind can make you a very codependent, jealous partner. Recognize your vulnerable areas and accept them for how they make you who you are - you don’t have to be ashamed!
You are a full, complex individual regardless of your relationship status, and learning to celebrate that will only make you a better potential partner.

>Is your heart ready: Two of Cups

Two becoming one, another excellent card for new love! Again, the opportunity for connection and attraction may present itself, and you want to be ready to get the most out of it.
Your heart is yearning to be loved and the first step to being fully present with others is to understand and love yourself — and you have the ability to do so.

>Is your mind ready: The Moon, reversed

Your logical mind might struggle with the idea of “love yourself before you can love someone else.” You know it in your heart, but you can’t help but to feel some confusion, trepidation, fear. The self-doubt that you feel - is it really justified, or have you been convincing yourself of it? Your conscious mind might not have be seeing the whole picture, and it could be good to rely on your instincts and intuition instead.

>Is your spirit ready: The Magician, reversed

The other cards have encouraged you to shed your self-doubt and be open to the opportunities that come your way, but this one warns you to be careful with your heart because things aren’t always what they seem. Just like you should get to truly know and accept yourself, make sure that the romantic situations you enter are real and honest. Also, your mind may have grown comfortable with being insecure, but your spirit sees through the trickery and knows the truth: that you certainly are worthy of love. You could continue to doubt yourself, or jump into a relationship that isn't right for you just for the sake of being in one, but it will hurt your spirit in the long run.

No. 155236

File: 1602743433847.jpg (47.96 KB, 720x492, FB_IMG_1594082193763.jpg)

Woman, 27 years old, Aquarius sun, Leo rising, Scorpio moon

I am just kinda lost right now. I don't even now what to ask, I would just like some little guidance, especially carrier-studies wise, I guess.

Thank you in advance, you're amazing anon(s)

No. 155296

File: 1602779107413.jpg (54.76 KB, 492x344, r4345dfg.jpg)

offering readings, all I need is

Think of a random object (could be a flower,pen, pencil,ring, etc)
Zodiac sign (chinese zodiac is fine too)
a postive trait you posses
a negative trait you posses
your query (please try to be specific and if its a romantic query give me their sign)

No. 155297

Thanks for doing this, anon.
Should we say the random object? I thought of a blue, ballpoint pen.
Zodiac: Taurus
Positive trait: polite
Negative trait: pessimistic
Query: what can i expect from going into this college and in this field i've chosen?

No. 155299

no problem!
lets see…

Ace of cups
three of swords
6 of swords
10 of cups
8 of pentacles

are you passionate about this? it kinda seems like you have a bit of uncertainty and you will struggle I wont lie about that but you will be able to move past those struggles but its gonna take a lot from you, basically sweat and tears. But you will be able to move on but its gonna require a lot of passion and a lot of will to finish this, because there will be hardships and there will be a point where you will question if this is the right path for you, but the 10 of cups assures you that you are making the right desicion but the 8 of pentacles tells you that you have to work hard for this if you want to succeed in this field, also look for a mentor or a course that will prepare you better before you enter, do some research on this field, it will help you ease your path a bit. Also do not trust anyone with your work, make sure you turn everything on your own if someone wants to say "let me turn in that for you" decline and do it yourself, because that three of swords could also be a sign of sabotage or betrayal from others, so be on your toes, always

tldr; lots of hardships at first, but things will be okay if youre persistent, passionate and willing to continue and also trust no bitch.

No. 155300

File: 1602781719031.png (413.39 KB, 772x704, Capture.PNG)

This is interesting anon, thank you!

Object: I thought of something like pic related
Zodiac: Libra
Positive trait: Empathetic
Negative trait: Very inwardly focused due to anxiety
Query: How will 2021 look for me? Mainly curious how my love life will go (bf is a cancer) and if I will meet my goals.

No. 155302

snail shell
positive trait: sociable
Negative trait: poor body image
Will I get over 65% in my upcoming test?

No. 155304

it's all good!
imma shuffle my cards… lets see

10 of pentacles
the moon
the sun
the star
2 of cups
2 of wands

Wow! you got a lot of major arcana, you seem like you are a kind person, I could say generous and that generosity will pay off. People see you as kind and willing to help if needed, but in the back of your mind there is sadness maybe insecurities, but its all in the back of your mind because your future in 2021 although a bit uncertain looks bright, the star indicates that there is so many things you want to acomplish this year, but its best if you leave them for next year as it will be a good one for you you got the sun and the star besides eachother so its a good sign, hang in there and dont let your sadness and despair consume you, things will be okay anon that 10 of pentacles indicate a good financial and stable future for you.

as for your significant other, things look good, you two make a great team, as long as you two work togehter things wont fail, also if you ever have plans for the future make sure to think of him too, 2 of cups and 2 of wands signify a happy future full of plans and love together but for this to turn out this way, you two need to always be honest with eachother and let eachother your wants, your needs, what worries you and what not, remember a relationship is a team its a thing that requires two people for it to work, whatever insecuries you may have let him know, if he has insecurities himself ask him, but things look good just comunicate with eachother more.

tldr; good financial future, good relationship just comunicate more with eachother.

Hope this helps!

No. 155307

oh anon I really dont like yes or no questions, they are iffy but I will pull a card for you and see what it says.

5 of swords
not so sure about that exact score but you will get a passing grade although it wont be the best grade but you will pass at least but not in the best way.

good luck!

No. 155342

Thank you so so much anon, this really makes a lot of sense as i do have some qualms and some indecisive-ness but i'll keep your words in mind as i go forward. Thank you so much!!

No. 155356

>a random object

A mason jar

>Zodiac sign (chinese zodiac is fine too)

Scorpio; snake

>a postive trait you posses


>a negative trait you posses

Fucking crybaby

>your query

Will I ever be able to make music my career if I give it my all? Or should I leave it as a hobby and focus on getting a stable office job? And will I ever be able to afford the lifestyle I've dreamed of?

No. 155357

Thank you anon! This was very nice to hear and gave me some hope for the upcoming year, I appreciate it

No. 155359

File: 1602802867046.gif (9.92 KB, 74x40, img3.gif)

thank you anon!! it means so much to me and a few things make so much sense now! i hope you have an amazing day

No. 155361

>random object
Pearl drop earrings
Cancer sun, dog (Chinese zodiac)
>positive trait
Hm. I love my friends and I want to be there for them in any way I can.
>negative trait
I'm ok with shutting people out completely if I feel that I've been wronged (trying to change this)
How will my life in 2021 look like, romantically and jobwise? There's been someone who I've liked for a bit, but I've been unsure whether to pusue it or not. We are pretty good friends, if not close. His signs are Taurus and horse. With jobs, Im feeling nervous because I have something pretty good salarywise but I'm so bored.

Thank you!

No. 155362

>>155361 was supposed to reply to >>155296, sorry…

No. 155375

If you are still doing readings:
Random Object: A amethyst
Star sign: Pisces ; Snake
Positive trait: Creativity
Negative trait: abrupt and rude
Query: Would me and this guy ever work out seriously? He is a Leo

No. 155378

anon that gif is so fucking goddamn cute fuck

No. 155388

>random object
>zodiac sign
>postive trait you possess
I'm funny
>negative trait you possess
>your query
will mine and my bfs relationship be long lasting and fulfilling? he's a leo

thank u in advance anon

No. 155402

File: 1602844204994.jpg (734.3 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_0784_1600x.jpg)

Anyone interested in oracle readings? I have the picrel deck and while it may look dark it's been very kind to me and to people I've been doing readings for.
The reading is a 6 card format (present-obstacle-goal-next step-outside influence/help-conclusion) and all I need is a query. I have no limit for the readings but I may take some time for answering.

No. 155404

Sure, if you wouldn't mind.
My query is will I be moving in with my boyfriend within the next few months? Things have been seeming a bit uncertain in regards to housing situations. Thank you kind anon.

No. 155446

Sorry for the delay, here I go


Hades, Lord of Riches. Keywords: equanimity, wisdom, inevitability.
It seems you're really focused on this task, you know what you want and you're determined to get it no matter what.


The Thinker, the Father of Knowledge. Keywords: knowledge, instruction, reinvention.
Right now you have an information overload. The state of the current events, the housing issue, even other people's issues you take upon yourself. Learning is good but all that information is causing you headaches.


Lilith, Thief of Life. Keywords: hunger, animalism, instinct.
A bit sour, this card is asking you if that is what you really want, if it's your true desire. Follow your instinct and think about yourself first.

>Next step

Charon, The Ferryman. Keywords: necessity, focus, transition.
The best you can do is whatever your choice is, make it as soon as possible and don't let anyone influence your thoughts. You know what you want and need, you just need to move in that direction.

>Outside aid/influence

The Leper King, Sword of Law. Keywords: bravery, self-discipline, faith.
You can get the help of someone you have faith in, someone with strong ideals. If you know or encounter someone like this you can follow their advice - but still remember, your instinct comes first.


Osiris, God-King of Duat. Keywords: commitment, acquisition, responsibility.
Short answer yes, you're going to make it happen as long as you're not afraid to take the right step and commit to your goals. You have the power and the will to do it, and you'll be proud of yourself.

No. 155475

>random object
>zodiac sign
>positive trait you possess
>negative trait you possess
>your query
how successful am I going to be in my education, work, and hobbies in the remainder of 2020?

No. 155477

If you're still doing it, please: will the risk i'm taking professionally pay off?

I'll switch to freelancing in a few weeks and am nervous, thank you

No. 155510

If you’re still doing readings, I’d like a go. My question is, will I be able to make a better life for myself in the city?

No. 155642

Mother of Dawn, The Emissary. Keywords: beauty, agency, comprassion.
You really want that power to choose, you feel trapped working for others because you feel like you had no choice.


Set, Prince of Avarice. Keywords: short-sightedness, ambition, narcissism.
This is a clear warning. Don't take more than you can just for the sake of doing it. Plan throughly, and don't let the ambition burn you.


Danu, Mother of Creation. Keywords: motherhood, ferocity, creation.
Your choice is a double sword. On one hand you will protect and care for yourself and your project, on the onther hand you will be able to hurt anyone who dares to hurt your creation. Be careful.

>Next step

Hathor, Mistress of Harmony. Keywords: mediation, communication, culture.
Give yourself a treat from now to then. A meeting, a party, anything that involves seeing people and relaxing. Enjoy yourself.

>Outside aid/influence

Lady of Masks, The Shaper. Keywords: reclamation, vanity, surface appearances
I don't know if you intend on working alone or with someone, but if it's the second one beware this person, she could be wearing a mask and eventually you'll see her true self and something is telling me you're not gonna like it.


Donn, The Red Shepherd. Keywords: just reward, evaluation, respite.
I'm not gonna lie, this reading is telling me you're going to have a hard time at least at the beginning. You're going to be judged or you'll judge yourself by your results, no one is going to hand anything to you. Luck has nothing to do here. But if you work hard and take some time so you won't burn yourself, it will be worth it.

No. 155650

The Traveler, Keeper of the Crossroads. Keywords: restlessness, independence, appraisal.
Not gonna lie, I expected this card to appear in your reading but not so soon. What it's telling me is that right now, wherever you are, you feel like you don't belong. That's why you're trying to look for a place.


Lilith, Thief of Life. Keywords: hunger, animalism, instinct.
You think life in the city is going to be all fun and parties. Be careful, your own desires may be your ruin.


Osiris, God-King of Duat. Keywords: commitment, acquision, responsibility.
If you already decided to move this reading is not going to change your mind. You are commited to your obligations, and whatever that is you're going to stand your ground. This is good because right now that is the way to succeed.

>Next step

Charon, The Ferryman. Keywords: necessity, focus, transition.
In this reading Charon only reinforces the Goal card. Stand your ground, you know what your choice is, don't listen to anyone. You know better.

>Outside aid/influence

Martyr, Matron of the Blind. Keywords: honesty, shame, restitution.
This is telling me you're going to fall a bit, but someone will help you through. This person will guide you and help you get rid of any regrets. You will recognize this person because she is someone rather spiritual, who believes in higher powers.


El'Shaddai, The Radiant Lord. Keywords: wisdom, paternalism, kindness.
As long as you are commited to your goals and don't fall prey to the human instincts, someone will always watch over you and take care of you out of kindness alone. My advice is to go for it, you'll never be alone.

No. 155674

if you're still in it:
will things continue with the guy i've been talking to?

he's in law school and while i get it's difficult, can't tell if it's covering the true reason for distance.

No. 155677

Omg thank you so much, you got everything REALLY right. I really am not giving myself breaks, i guess this is sign to change this!

About the outside influence… i plan to work alone. But i am worried about that one, could it refer to friends, family or even a therapist? Or since my query was only about work, it's bound to only work related people?

No. 155739

File: 1603126431877.jpg (27.54 KB, 300x371, 30a03ec32b708518a502243f7af697…)

Greetings ladies, I am here once again to offer more readings Im >>155296 ill guarantee to do 4 readings the rest is uncertain,

do you guys still want your readings?

all I need is

Think of a random object (could be a flower,pen, pencil,ring, etc)
Zodiac sign (chinese zodiac is fine too)
a postive trait you posses
a negative trait you posses
your query (please try to be specific and if its a romantic query give me their sign)

No. 155742

Yes please, anon! I'm >>155361. I'm very grateful!

No. 155747



The Exile, Forsaken soldier. Keywords: strategy, failure, trauma.
Right now it doesn't depend on you. The answer is not in something you are or aren't doing. That doesn't mean you failed, it means you feel uncertain because you can't control the situation.


Donn, The Red Shepherd. Keywords: just reward, evaluation, respite.
I think the guy is way more focused on his career right now. He feels like he has to work hard and he's not going to allow himself any rest until he feels he succeeded.


The Maestro, Master of Inspiration. Keywords: understanding, community, ingenuity.
Your goal should not be this guy, but what you can learn from this experience. This may be for both of you, but in his case it's telling him to focus on his career. In your case, try to communicate your worries and learn from him and the world that surrounds you.

>Next step

The Morrigan, Weaver of Fate. Keywords: antipathy, instrospection, opposition.
While this card may represent the unchanging fate, it's also a challenge. Accept yourself and accept him for what you both are. No one is perfect, everyone has several sides and if you want to keep seeing him you'll need to accept he's gonna be away for some time. If after that time you both feel the same, it's fate who joined you.

>Outside aid/influence

The Leper King, Sword of Law. Keywords: bravery, self-discipline, faith.
I don't think he's hiding things from you. He is focused on his studies, he is facing everything the best he can and he seems like a pretty disciplined person. Also, the name of the card is telling me he made the right career choice.


The Ageless, The Light in the Darkness. Keywords: healing, graciousness, acceptance.
Like I said, it's not up to you. I understand distance hurts, both physical and emotional distance but if you feel hurt even for a second please think you'll find healing. Communicate more, find out what his intentions are, and if he asks you for time give it to him. Right now your paths are going separate ways but they may rejoin in a close future, and whatever happens it was meant to be that way.

It should be only work related, so maybe a future customer or associate? It's a mask worn for surface appearences only, they don't intend to harm you or take advantage of you, it's just someone who cares a little too much about their image.

No. 155755


Yes please sweet anon!

No. 155758

yes please, I'm >>155475

to specify my question, am I going to be successful in my academic pursuits, and should I pursue my interests in writing and music? I really want to make noteworthy contributions to my community but I'm afraid that I just don't have the talent to achieve my goals

No. 155762

alright ill get to it!

working on it!

coming right up!

No. 155764


ace of cups
the fool
the hermit rx
the high priestess
10 of wands

Romantically its going to be a rollercoaster, too many highs and lows, I can see potential romances but they will be like shooting stars, going too fast and ending too quick, thus leaving you empty, my advice here is that whatever romance appears your way, take your time dont try to take things to fast, because as fast as they happen, that fast will end as well (sorry for my english) but yes theres a chance just take things slow with this person, be patient and dont try to make things happen fast, a relationship is like a fruit in a tree you try and take it out before its ripe, it wont work and all your effort will go to waste.

Job wise you have limitless oportunities but the thing is that you need to be constant with your job, the 10 of wands speaks of strugles but all this hard work will pay off for you, you just need to be constent with it, what does that mean for you? that you need to stay in this job and continue and start becoming more assertive dont let people walk all over you.

tldr; pursue the guy but take your time, you might be tempted to take things fast but if you do they will end before they even begin, job wise stay in your job but try to be more assertive and dont let people step on you.

the moon
4 of cups
4 of swords
8 of cups
5 of wands

its a doggy dog world the one you want to pursue anon, should you decide to pursue this path it will be a constant struggle for you specially financially, also I can see your mental health going downwards, the 4 of cups is encouraging you to think about if this is what you really want to do? it also speaks of you procrastinating should you take this path, you need to do something else if this fails, A secure office job is a good idea, not saying you give this up but do take it as a hobby instead. If you try to do it full time at this time its not ending well for you, there will be a lot of struggles leaving you empty and dissapointed thus affecting your mental health and economy.

TLDR; Pursue it as a hobby for the time being while having a safety blanket like an office job, dont try to pursue music full time right now its not the best time.

No. 155767

the tower
knight of cups
page of cups
five of pentacles rx

you are about to enter a different stage in your life, are you graduating soon? because I can see a very big change in your life, I can also see this affecting either your family or relationship, which will have you making a choice, but this choice will be the end of a financial struggle you have been going through, right now this 2020 is gonna be a battle for you, so you need to stay on your toes but luckly the 5 of pentacles is reversed which means its the end of a very harsh financial period you may be going through but judment tells you to stay firm and do what its right for you and your life, because the decions you make this year will affect this outcome.

tldr; might be going through difficult times, but you are about to enter a new stage in your life that could affect either family relationships or romantic relationships, but you should choose what is best for you and your future.

wishing you the best of luck anon, hang in there!

for everyone else, I am still here if yall want a read, I might take time to reply but I will get to you.

No. 155771


tysm anon.

he's mentioned any time he's not been able to make plans how much he needs to double down to succeed. i find that really attractive about him, to be honest. he moved a very long distance to come here specifically for school.

it's absolutely self-sabo for me to feel this needy or that he's untruthful, but that's my own burden going into this and punishing him unfairly with my own past experiences.

No. 155772

Thank you for the read anon! I will definitely heed this advice. Financial stability is super important to me and I do struggle with procrastinating so this seems really accurate.

No. 155780

I can also tell you the third card, the Goal, can be read as "The realm that has the answer to your problem". This deck is divided in 6 underworld realms and The Maestro belongs to Pandemonium, the least godly realm and more…down to earth in a sense? Which means again that both of you need to focus on material things first, love comes afterwards.
I'm really sorry, it wasn't a kind reading but there is still hope as I see it.

No. 155781


no no!

it makes quite a bunch of sense and i somehow took it as realistically optimistic (if that makes sense). i've been considering a move myself but am financially blocked, and i have a sneaking suspicion that he's here on loans to give himself more time to study.

No. 155797


If you are still around anon

>Think of a random object



>Zodiac sign (chinese zodiac is fine too)

>a postive trait you posses


>a negative trait you posses


>your query

will I reach my financial goals in 2020-2021; mainly progressing toward buying my first home?

No. 155798

Hmmm, interesting read anon, thanks. I do have a habit of diving too deep in past relationships and they never were healthy. I've been single for two years to work on being happy with myself, so yeah. Good advice, anon, thanks. The only thing is I don't know how to pursue it, since I haven't dated in a while nor tried developing a friendship to a romantic relationship.

As for the job, hm, ok, I see. It's not so much that I let people walk over me at my work, but rather that I don't care about my job. Do the cards say how long I should stay for? Because to be honest, I haven't learned anything new and my boss is shitty and I don't trust him. I will look for new jobs casually, but I'll still work more too.

Thank you, anon! I loved your analogies with the shooting stars and ripening fruit. Very excellent read.

No. 155803

please give a me read.


>Zodiac sing
>a postive trait you posses
i like help people
>a negative trait you posses
>your query
Will my family's financial situation improve?

No. 155809

Financial goals got it!

8 of pentacles
The chariot
4 of Wands
5 of cups rx
The empress

Seems like your empathy is what open an opportunity for you, you should try to pursue a career in counseling, nursing or a profession that requires you to care for someone that's where your future relies on but also stop trying to sabotage yourself it seems that there were chances but your self doubt is what made you miss them, the 4 of Wands does speak of a better future for you a celebration maybe a triumph over something or perhaps celebrating an important step in your life, the empress is a generous woman that gives and protects, so yes your financial success relies in that sort of field so please do consider it. But everything looks very positive for you anon specially with the empress and that 4 of Wands. I wish you the best of luck

Here's two cards
8 of pentacles
6 of swords

Interesting… As for your reading there is something to learn at that place I can't pin point what it is but there is something you must learn there before you move on, it might serve as a stepping stone in your future, I wish you the best!

No. 155814

Ace of Wands
7 of swords
10 of swords
4 of pentacles
Ace of pentacles

Its gonna be a wild ride anon so be prepared, at first things won't look like they are improving, either you or someone from your family is doing needless spending behind the scenes and in a way is affecting all the family, you will probably reach a point where you want to run away from it all but if you find the source of the problem and you start seeking financial advice you could start getting up again but right now the word is frugality, your situation will change and it will change for the better you just need to ride out this storm and try not to make any needless spending for now.

I wish you the best or luck anon don't let go of your dreams but for now just have it as a side gig until you are able to fly.

No. 155815

Thank you, work and savings.

No. 155817

I was >>155375
Of coure I would still like a reading!

No. 155843

Could you do a reading for me, kind anon?
>random object

>Zodiac sign

Capricorn (I was born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp), Goat in Chinese Zodiac

>a positive trait you posses

very curious, love learning new things

>a negative trait you posses


>your query

There's two things, is that okay? I want to know if I my financial status will improve and if I can finally find a relationship. Thank you!

No. 155844

yes please if it isn't too late, I'm >>155388

No. 155859

Thanks for answering my followup question (cancer dog anon). I'll keep my eye peeled at work!!

No. 155868


working out?

three of swords
the fool rx
the devil
2 of cups
3 of pentacles

There is a small chance that things could work out but I see this more as a carnal thing between the two of you but one of you seems to be really in to the idea of a relationship while the other just wants to have a good time and nothing too serious, someone's heart is going to get broken if you dont state what each of you expect of this, but if you two compromise there is a chance of things working out but its really going to take a lot of effort from both sides to have this work out.

sorry for the delay ill pull two cards for each

financial status
08 of wands
ace of pentacles

yes things will improve but you have to be fast, you cant just stand there and do nothing if you want your situation to change, take the bull by the horns. There is a chance for you to change things around but it will require effort and facing things instead of runing from them.

4 of swords
the hermit

for now your life needs other things first, seems like right now you have a lot on your plate at the moment to focus on relationships, right now its not the best time for you specially with that 4 of swords there.

its no problem! you can do it anon!

No. 155876

Thank you!! This is actually quite eery, whenever I have tarot readings I always get the hermit card…

No. 155881

you're welcome! thats usually a sign that you need to grow and do some soul searching before you jump in to anything, at the moment you need to do some self discovery and sometimes a relationship hinders that. It's def a sign.

No. 155906

so what it means if i constantly get the high priestess card in readings? is it something about emotional growth and trusting my intuition? also how much can you trust online spreads that are done by computer?

No. 155908

Anon thank you so much!

No. 155961

It depends on your situation it's not just the cards meaning itself and not to be rude but the future isn't 100 set in stone, the cards show you a most likely outcome in regards of your situation. I actually have my tarot deck next to me which is what I use to give these readings. I also ask a series of questions to connect to the person asking.

You're welcome, wishing you the best anon

No. 155998

Oh my god, i am so sorry for my late reply, but i just wanted to say thank you!!! everything you have said is incredibly accurate! thank you so much again!!!!!

No. 157648

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sign: Sun: Cancer, Moon: Scorpio, Rising: Taurus, Venus: Taurus, Mars: Sagittarius, Mercury: Gemini
Query: What should I expect from a guy I'm talking to that I met through Facebook Dating? (Sun: Virgo, Rising: Cancer, Moon: Pisces, Venus: Leo, Mars; Sagittarius, Mercury: Libra)
Thank you!

No. 157684

Cancer dog anon again, just wanted to report that the guy I mentioned above has been dating someone for a month. No chance now which is ok! I lost interest too.

No. 157702

I need a reading please ;;


the vase i'm drinking tea on
>good quality
I'm intuitive and pay attention to detail, i'm also kind to animals and most people
>Bad quality
I'm uncreative and have a very haré time making friends, also i hold grudges
Is the person known as Taylor a real human,somekind or LARP between a group of people or an alter? I want to know if they exist

No. 157777

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sign: Sun: Cancer, Moon: Scorpio, Rising: Taurus, Venus: Taurus, Mars: Sagittarius, Mercury: Gemini

Query: Can I please have a general reading about my life right now and how it would develop in the near future? I am not sure if I can ask about such thing. Please let me know if not.

Thanks to the person who decides to answer. I really appreciate it

No. 158297

I've been having some trouble developing a regular tarot practice. I have my cards out and play with them a lot (just shuffle or have them in my hand), and I've been learning what the cards mean with Labyrinthos, but I haven't been doing any spreads. I feel like I can't think of any appropriate questions to ask (nothing really that i need guidance with) and I might be scared of the answers I do get. Anyone have any insight into growing as a reader?

No. 158309

Signs:sun: sagittarius moon: pisces
Mercury:capricorn mars:capricorn venus:capricorn rising:virgo
Query: I'm in a difficult break up situation where I feel a relationship has been toxic mainly on my end. What is the projected outcome and is it likely this person is open to amending/me atoning for what happened in either the distant or recent future? All I can remember is his sun (libra)

No. 158361

You don't have to do spreads or even ask questions. Just play with the cards, shuffle them until one flies out, or until you feel that you want to turn it over and look at it, and then read lots of different interpretations of that card and see how it applies to you and your life. Just spitball, anon. Have fun with it.

No. 158411

That's so cool. Before I checked the thread again I was shuffling and split the deck at an upright wheel of fortune. I was trying so hard not to look at the cards but this one just insisted. I'll meditate on this. Thanks anon

No. 158428

File: 1604547642757.gif (1.26 MB, 745x1055, wof.gif)

Ooh, that's such a fun, interesting card! I hope you find your own way with reading, anon. Best of luck to you.

No. 158986

File: 1604909918067.jpg (52.33 KB, 800x800, c0427586ac9594c685d810610f915a…)

I'm offering a trade, unless some good anon wants to read my query

scorpio, fem, 24
Should I move cities in the future in order for my career to take off?

No. 159844

started with tarot recently, can anyone recommend some good beginner spreads to try out?

No. 159900


figured i'd give an update and say we spent time together yesterday; it was kind of like nothing had changed at all in spite of how flighty and distance he seemed with comms.

i let him know i'd felt as he'd not been communicative and wasn't into me anymore, and he seemed very very taken aback.

bonus: this is a sag/sag pairing. fuckkin' a.

No. 159902

File: 1605460309337.png (29.17 KB, 500x650, tumblr_0435d564260657827ec37f8…)

Start with 1 card, and learn the message, then move onto 3 cards, stay in 3 cards for a while, until you feel confident that you can truly understand the message that is given. Then move onto more complicated spreads, like a cross. A tip I could give is to search on google or pinterest for spreads that already have the meaning on them. For example I googled "tarot spread tumblr" and got this one. Hopefully this helps!!

No. 164421

Hey lovelies, happy holidays. I'd like to do some readings and will take the next 2 requests that respond to me. Please ask open-ended questions about things you'd like guidance on (no yes/no questions). I'll get them done in the next few hours if there's interest.

No. 164428

Will I have a good opportunity on starting something new (in field)?

I am hoping I would have some experinece in a new job-related field, or at the very least a hobby. Life felt really monotone lately, and I bursted out of my bubble recently just to try applying for various things.

My apologies if the question is too boring.
Female, Virgo.

No. 164430

What can I expect in my career and relationships throughout the next cycle? Should I continue with the paths I had in mind or should I finally go the serious route? Do I need to change myself or have changes in myself to look forward to (or be fearful of?) What should I avoid and what should I embrace to get what I want?

No. 164431

Female Leo

No. 164442

Got you two! Will respond this evening.

No. 164461

File: 1608856629261.png (2.06 MB, 863x950, 43270754307603.png)


I asked how you might go about finding an opportunity in a new field or hobby.

>Center: IV of Wands – Your hopes

You want to feel the satisfaction of committing to a goal and then reaping the fruits of your labor. You’re not someone who wants things handed to them on a platter; you really do appreciate the value of hard work. From those efforts, you want the opportunity to appreciate the nicer things in life, have a cozy and stable home, and share this with people close to you. This card has connotations towards a pleasant family life and/or friend group, so it seems cultivating this sort of social network is meaningful to you.

>Center Top: IV of Swords - Why do you want this opportunity?

This touches on the monotonous period you described, but it implies that your lack of action had a purpose. It seems you went through something difficult? IV of Swords says you needed to take that break, you needed to rest and just “be” to regain perspective and reflect on what was meaningful to you. There was something stressful or traumatic that made you retreat inwards for a while in order to heal from the pain, but now you’re coming out of that transitional phase stronger and with a clear vision.

>Top Left: II of Wands - What would you like to become?

Reflects what you expressed, that you want to be someone who explores new territory and can come up with long-term goals that give you more fulfillment. This card touches on the value of creating a grounded plan to achieve your aims, so it would be worthwhile to get clear about the type of opportunities you’re looking for and do research to see how you might get your foot in the door.

>Center Left: Strength – What can you offer to others?

You’re very kind and grounded. You have a powerful inner self and you’ve been through some hard times, but you haven’t let them beat you down. You’ve taken those struggles and become a more resilient and driven person. If you make yourself available, people will feel comforted simply being around you. You are patient, offer great support and your general presence makes others feel at ease. Stay on your current path and apply for the things that catch your eye, because you have the capacity to actually pull off a bold move like this.

>Left Bottom: The Chariot - What makes what you offer special?

This is a nice pairing with Strength, because while Strength reflects inner power, the Chariot is about outer power and actually manifesting it. You are very disciplined and see things through to the end. People know they can rely on you. You have the unique ability to “cut through the fat.” Where some get distracted or overwhelmed, you have incredible focus. For this reason you may want to look into jobs or hobbies that would be seen as complex in some way? Touching back on the IV of Wands, you’re not looking for an easy path but something that will provide you a challenge, and your capacity to break down difficult goals into manageable parts will be useful.

>Middle Bottom: VI of Pentacles - Who would most benefit from your abilities?

Those who are very obviously in need or at risk. You can essentially take the role of the “rich benefactor” and either financially or emotionally support others who have fallen on hard times. You might enjoy working with charities, fundraising opportunities or simply something that improves the overall quality of people’s lives. It is important to note that you shouldn't seek something that requires utter selflessness: Don’t give and give until you burn out. Whatever job or hobby you engage in should also allow resources to flow the other way back to you.

>Right Bottom: The Devil - How can you reach and serve others through your work?

Addiction, dependency, oppression. This would definitely point toward you best serving those in some sort of vulnerable state. Perhaps you have already been through a challenge that they’re currently struggling with and use your own experiences as a means to support others (IV of Swords, Strength and Chariot all pointing to this)?

>Right Center: Queen of Wands – How can you start achieving this?

Queen of Wands is all about taking action. It seems like you’re already on the right path, she just wants you to maintain that confidence and determination. Reach out to make connections with people who could help you find opportunities wherever you can, whether that’s through friends/family, staffing companies or better still, the people directly involved in the things you want to be doing. They will appreciate your energy and help you get where you need to be going.

>Right Top: Temperance – How can you prepare?

Maintain patience, perseverance and purpose. Everything is falling into place for you now, and so long as you maintain a clear vision of what you want, you will be able to make it happen. There may be some stresses that present themselves on your path, but keep your perspective and you’ll be able to overcome them just as you have in the past.

No. 164463

Thank you, anon. I really appreciate it!

Your tarot skills are amazing. Have a lovely evening.

No. 164468

thank you! Also in case I can ask more, what do people look for from me? What do I do/can I do that attracts others to me? How can I make other signs more attracted to me? And what can I expect between my relationship with male gemini S.? This is the female leo

No. 164471

Aesthetic tarot-anon, if you’re still out there, I want to let you know that I found an amazing job at an organization I love that actually has me helping people. I am also officially certified! Thanks so much for your reading, it was so kind and insightful, and it really gave me that extra boost to wholeheartedly pursue my ideal career path. I hope you are doing well and are having a happy and safe holiday season! If you ever want a reading, just ask!!

No. 164490

File: 1608890233614.png (2.16 MB, 1011x928, 29075428976502654.png)


It seems you're curious about both your career and relationships, so I split this into separate parts. I didn’t specifically focus on the person you mentioned but hopefully some of the queries might provide guidance on him based on what you know. (Sorry the image is kind of dark, it's late now and my lighting isn't the strongest!) Left side first—

>Top: What do you want from a career? - 8 of Cups

This card represents disappointment in your present situation and that you’ve invested yourself in a path that hasn’t paid off (either financially or in regard to personal fulfillment). I don’t think you’ve necessarily been focusing on the “wrong” thing, it might have been a useful learning experience, but it seems like it hasn’t provided you with the things you wanted anyway. You’re missing the emotional satisfaction you crave, so it may be time to look at opportunities that offer a better chance for that. Don’t ignore your problems; it’s all right to be dissatisfied, but you have to take the necessary steps to get yourself in a better position.

>Left: How can you achieve this? - 9 of Pentacles

Very clear here: Do something that will give you financial independence. This isn’t a greedy card, it’s about creating abundance so you can enjoy the life you want to live and pamper yourself now and then. You deserve it. You may have shortchanged yourself up until now, undervaluing your skills or assuming you’re not good enough to achieve the lifestyle you want. Try to reflect on your self worth and invest in yourself, do whatever you need to do to set yourself up for real success. You’ll feel so much lighter once you have space to appreciate yourself.

>Right: What should you focus on to decide your path? – Judgment

Whatever you choose moving forward is going to have a lasting effect on your life, so really think about what you want for yourself. Outside of everyone else’s expectations: Where do you want to be several years down the line? Use both your head and your heart. If you know someone who had to make a similar choice, or can talk to people in any fields you’re considering, don’t feel hesitant to reach out to them for more insight. Maybe you can blend several of the qualities you want in a career, but there’s some sort of transition you need to make in order to reach your next level of growth.

Now for the right side—

>Top: What are you looking for in a relationship? - The World

Oh not much, huh? Haha. The World does symbolize that you want a relationship that provides fulfillment, but it also shows that you want to be confident and satisfied in who you are without a partner first. This is a really healthy outlook and one you should maintain. Get to that stage where you’re self sufficient and owning it in your personal life, and you’ll attract people who similarly have their shit together. You want a partner who provides a sense of belonging and appreciation for who you truly are.

>Left: What should you cultivate to attract this? - Ace of Cups

Be open to creative expression and loving connection. If there’s a new relationship in your life (friendship or romantic), it’s okay to let your passion shine through and buoy up the other person. This card represents effortless love, both giving and receiving it. Be open to new experiences, don’t be afraid to be you. The people that get you will love your energy and you’ll be vibing with yourself too much to care about the people who don’t. Basically, be genuine and generous in a way that makes you happy and the right relationships will come.

>Right: What should you avoid? - 7 of Pentacles

Do not overinvest in relationships. It’s okay to give of yourself, but this card says don’t let people take and take until you’re burned out. It should be easy. Don’t get so caught up in the emotion of everything that you lose sight of your goals. Whether that’s regarding what you want in your career or a relationship, do not compromise. If anything suddenly feels like it’s affecting that glowing, happy energy you’re trying to build, kick it out of your life and get back on track. You have the necessary drive to do this.

>Bottom: What does your interpersonal happiness look like? - 6 of Cups

You want to recapture feelings from your past, maybe a childlike innocence and happiness. You want relationships that are pure and simple, friends and a partner who do nice things for you because that’s just what you do for those you love, and you want to provide the same in return. Playfulness and free expression are important to you, and the Ace of Cups is saying that’s what you should be focused on regardless. Look for others who have a natural sense of curiosity, wonder and openness towards the world. People who are positive and willing to share themselves just like you.

No. 164491

Good morning, anon!
I am a bit worried on

>Right Bottom: The Devil - How can you reach and serve others through your work?

Addiction, dependency, oppression. This would definitely point toward you best serving those in some sort of vulnerable state. Perhaps you have already been through a challenge that they’re currently struggling with and use your own experiences as a means to support others (IV of Swords, Strength and Chariot all pointing to this)?

This part, so if that's okay, is there any way to get more explanation on it?
It's okay if not, thank you for your good work. 

No. 164492

Thank you, I hope it provides some helpful thoughts. Have a great evening as well!

Oh wow, that was me! I felt like I was starting to collect too many decks so I passed that one on to a friend, haha. I really appreciate you following up, hearing about everything you accomplished makes me feel so happy and inspired. That's amazing you were able to cultivate that big transformative Death energy. Congratulations on accomplishing your goals and getting your certification. I'm making some changes myself right now so I hope I can follow in your footsteps. Hope you have an awesome season too and thank you for the offer!

No. 164497

The way I took this anon was that you may have been through difficult times yourself in the past, but those challenges ended up making you stronger and more able to relate with people who are struggling with the things you already faced. Like a former alcoholic becoming a sponsor at Alcoholics Anonymous for someone going through recovery. It might not be that on the nose, but it indicates you have a unique perspective and drive that can help others who are struggling. How you go about reaching them is up to you, but I think you have the ability to speak to people in a meaningful way.

No. 164508

File: 1608899672611.gif (1.84 MB, 245x200, 6AF4C407-4F13-4988-9CB8-C4AE09…)

Thank you so much for this lovely reading anon! The cards you presented reassured me and had me think a lot about the answers. I’ve been wanting to start working abroad for a while since the opportunity first presented itself, but declined. Since then it’s lingered in my mind, as well as if I’m on the right career path at all. But I think moving forward I can feel reassured in remembering that I can still “blend” in qualities and aspects of fields I enjoy, of the passions that are also fulfilling, into my work. As for relationships I’ve felt this shift from seeking complete devotion to simple loyalty. Putting too much of myself in did often lead to burnout, so investing less into the relationship itself and more into myself and the way engaging with others makes me happy is great advice that I will gladly follow.

No. 166333

where should i get tarot cards to ensure they're real? i feel like some are probably better than others but maybe i'm wrong. my natal chart says i hold the potential for psychic abilities and i want to study tarot.

No. 166335

Can I ask for a reading from any of you tarot-chans? I want to know if I'm going to be able to switch careers, if I'm going to feel fulfilled in it and if I can finally find a boyfriend this year. I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius (my birthday is actually in 10 days heh)

No. 166338

Hi, does anyone do readings?

Query: I'd like to know if my plans will work out or if it's going to be a waste of time (and if not, where I should focus instead).

Sign: Leo

No. 166372

Anon, from what I got, the answer is that on one hand, if you don't switch careers, you risk stagnation and losing touch with your ambition, but if you do, you may be in over your head for a while, putting all your energy into it, risking your emotional needs not being met for a while. So if you want to make it, you need to go for it, but keep your priorities in check. Think about what is most important to you and make sure that you don't put these things in conflict. From what I see, you're at risk for sacrificing both your professional and personal fulfillment, depending on which aspect of your question you will choose to focus on more heavily. However, if you manage to balance it out well, you're in for a treat in both these aspects of your life. Happy early birthday, hope this was at least a little relevant to you!
(Death reversed, Nine of Pentacles - Gain, Eight of Cups - Indolence)

No. 166404

Ah thank you so much!!

No. 166530

File: 1610396974188.jpeg (31.33 KB, 347x364, EADACF96-202A-407A-A68F-DBD5D1…)

I got a tower and a queen of pentacles (both upright) when I asked about the future of my relationship.

What does that mean?

No. 166539

I dont believe there is such a thing as "fake/unreal" tarot cards.
Its kind of a you get what you put into it deal.
If you work with your cards and familiarize yourself with its imagery and actively put energy into your deck it will treat you well and give you clear readings.
If you are you are worried you will not end up with the rider-waite interpretation in imagery, then buy the rider-waite deck… its the easiest to find.
Or if you needed a tarot deck with full major and minor arcana, just avoid buying an oracle deck. (Not held to the arcana structure, more loose for interpretations)
Its quite easy once you start looking into buying your first deck. And dont let any elitist tell you "you have to be gifted or inherit your first tarot deck"

No. 166541

& if you are worried about quality in your deck then dont cheap out. My decks cost me $85 and $60.

No. 166582

Tower is a card of deep and often chaotic change. Tough to say whether this will be an event directly born out of your relationship or something external that happens to both of you. Either way, it is an opportunity for enlightenment and growth. The Queen of Pents says you'll need to focus on self care and independence after this occurs. She is someone who creates a stable and secure home life, balancing her desire to support those she loves and herself. Make sure you're not only being generous towards others but creating a calm space where you can prioritize yourself and the things that make you happy.

No. 168016


I got the empress and reversed devil, I’m meant to go see him in his town for a week.

Things have been cooling down. Is this a sign?

No. 168017

Query: i am pretty sure my trauma has ruined both my sexual/romantic life forever. Is this to be?

No. 168024

Query: Will moving across the nation be the best choice for me?

No. 168027

When you say "cooling down" do you feel like things are stale or does it just seem like the honeymoon stage is over and you two are progressing into a more stable, comfortable relationship? Empress is the "ultimate woman" and represents all the positive aspects of stereotypical femininity in addition to self determination. Either he still sees you as an alluring, warm, supportive partner or perhaps those are qualities you need to foster towards yourself, for yourself. Act like a queen who knows she deserves respect. She also represents fertility so uh, use protection if you're not planning for kids yet. Reversed Devil is typically good because it subverts the usual meaning of obsession, addiction and shadow self, instead calling the querent to let go of unhealthy attachments and look at what positive changes they can bring into their lives. It can also indicate you'll be going to a dark place mentally where you need to confront your fears to overcome them.

I can't predict the future, but I would say if you're feeling weird about things then you need to be direct. Is this guy really someone you want? Are you happy? Are you taking care of yourself in the midst of this relationship? Is he taking care of you? Look at things critically, don't feel overly attached to this relationship or anything in life. Be your own best friend, think about the "kingdom" you want to create and if he deserves to be a part of it. I don't want to make you anxious but you've gotten two cards strongly about fostering independence and self abundance and two cards about deep, dramatic change and overcoming challenges. Clearly something is about to go down. Whether you do it together or alone please listen to yourself anon. You're the creator of your own story.

No. 168030

File: 1611131365827.jpeg (253.64 KB, 1827x867, C2CB017E-1168-40E4-9ACB-65591E…)

Sorry anon I’m not with my physical deck but here is a digital reading. Things look good and there is certainly the potential for healing but you can’t rush this process and you can’t wait around hoping to experience sudden enlightenment. The things to focus on right now are socialization and acceptance of circumstances outside your control, but without feeling you’re stuck playing a passive role in your own life. It’s understandable that you feel like a victim of circumstance because you were, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for the things that happened. However it’s in your past now and if you don’t want it to dictate your future then you can’t be overly reclusive or submit to the damaging belief that your opportunities for romance are forever ruined. You have the ability to defeat this but you have to give yourself the chance to socialize and make new connections. Maybe that’s not potential partners right away, maybe it is. Maybe it’s a therapist, friendships, support groups, mentors. Figure out what type of relationships you’d feel comfortable going after and push for that. What are your goals in life outside of having a relationship? Are you working toward those too? If not, develop a plan and try to draw your focus towards self improvement/abundance instead of thinking about the things you don’t have. When you’re “winning” in other areas of your life this will help you feel more confident about relationships and be able to set boundaries so you feel more comfortable. If you do these things then you will overcome the challenges you’re facing and people will notice that and admire you. Worthier individuals will respect you and be attracted to you. From there you will have the self assurance needed to explore romance in a safe and healthy way if you desire.

No. 168160

Query: Will I find a career that will make me happy? Am I following the right path?

Ty in advance <3

No. 168202

Query: Will I be able to recover from my trauma and be able to love life again? Will I be able to have genuine connections with people again?

No. 168242

I’m new to tarot, what can I read to learn about how to give readings?

No. 168244


Do single card or simple 3-card readings to start. Look up the meanings and think about how it relates to your question(s), how the cards may influence one another, what they could personally mean to you. As you get comfortable you can look up more spreads or create your own based on the areas you're interested in. Biddy Tarot, Labyrinthos and Edelwyn are all good sites to learn/study card meanings and interpretations.

No. 168245


Query: Will I be able to make friends? Will the person who stalked me for a year and caused last week's incident get served their just desserts? And the people who aided them?

Thank you so much, anon.

No. 168249

Tysm anon, you’re a star <3

No. 168313

Query: I graduate from college in a few months..
unsure of where I stand as a person with
regards to certain people, 'who i am' and my own life
path.. afraid of being stagnant, stuck.. what will my next few post college years look like? will i travel? what should i focus on, and what should i let go of? should i allow myself to take life as it comes, or set about a plan?

No. 171717

File: 1613358876342.jpg (87.62 KB, 467x700, descargar.jpg)

Anyone want a read? Leave me your queries, will come back in 2 days to respond to all of them

No. 171718

Is the path I'm currently on going to make me happy in the long run or will I be filled with regrets in the following years?

No. 171719

File: 1613364409924.png (1.1 MB, 550x733, 1576308975477.png)

Here's a query: how fucked is my life?
jk, just tell me how 2021 is going to fare for me. Ty!

No. 171720

File: 1613365646044.jpg (68.68 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1613330163331.jpg)

Yes, please, if possible!
How will 2021 treat me?
Professionally, mostly. I already have a love life but I am jobless.
I'm not sure if this is of any help, but I am an aquarius sun, scorpio moon and Leo rising.

No. 171739

Love that your post number 171717 is like, the bastion of optimism and good luck.
Anyhow, does the summer of 2021 look good for me? There is a direction in which I desperately want to take my life, but I feel nervous, inadequate, and unsure that I'll be able to pull it off.

Best wishes, anon. I hope your next few days go well.

No. 171744

Can I get a general romance reading? I wonder what our life will be like together and if I’m in a twin flames situation

No. 171745


wew anon.

two quick things:
moving from the east coast to the southwest. is this looking like the right decision or have i fucked my life more?

also, talking to a guy who actually seems to have his shit together. general romance outlook?

No. 171749

Query: Do I have a chance to get my shit together in this life or am I doomed?

No. 171751

yes please anon! here is my post from before >>168202

No. 171880

File: 1613498087419.jpg (7.47 MB, 4544x2717, 1611336371463306582.jpg)

leo, fem, 24
Will I be good in my future job and will it satisfy me?
Also I'd like to ask you for a general romance reading for a forever single lady xD
Thanks in advance and I hope it's not too much.

No. 171881


pisces. female. 19

query: is it possible for me to get over my comphet and how can I do it? also, a general romance outlook for 2021 would be appreciated

No. 171924

What skills should I develop in order to reach my highest potential? What is something I should never stop believing in?
thanks anon!

No. 171964

female 27 scorpio

Will I ever get over my pain? Like will my life get better? or am I just doomed to feel depressed and hurting from here on out?

No. 172005

File: 1613584340590.jpg (189.86 KB, 794x1059, il_794xN.2403925827_dt4k.jpg)

Aight I'm back. My style of reading is short and to the point but I always give clarification if needed, so if you need anything or want to add something, please ask away!

Seven of wands, ten of wands, five of cups
A lot of regrets anon. A lot of grief. You will continue to carry so much weight on your back, stuff that will keep haunting you if you go down this route. You're very afraid of being judged, so you changed your initial plan (something you were really passionate about) for this other thing that seems more "secure" or "normal" in the eyes of other people.
I feel like what you need is discipline and courage to do what you truly want to do.
What is what you truly want and what are your options?

Sun, knight of swords, tower
Look, it is not exactly fucked but it's… I dunno, there's some weird balance here. There's a lot of positivity on your part! LIke something good is about to happen. But, I want you to remain positive, because there will be a MAYOR change this year for you, and you'll think your world is crumbling down, but listen, it isn't. Your enviorment might be unstable but this is not a bad signal, this is quite the opposite. This will bring such a good opportunity for you, something that is life changing. You're the champion of your on story, just remember this.

Knight of wands, devil, eight of wands
It will be an hectic year for you, a lot of movement, a lot of energy, a lot of things to do. Try to be more assertive this year. Be someone people go for advice for, don't be hasty, harsh or overbearing with them. You'll have a good job, although somewhat difficult/restrictive/maybe not 100% what you're looking for. I know you have the hang on this.

Five of wands, seven of pentacles, page of wands
You have a lot of internal conflict and think you would struggle a lot, but you actually are very knowledgeable and and this direction will bring you the stability you're looking for. Have some faith, plan things out, and keep having the same enthusiasm for this as always, because things will pan out.

Wheel of fortune, hierophant, four of cups
Yep, this is an union that was meant to happen. If you believe in twin flames, this spread is telling me it has to do with that. I don't personally believe much in twin flames, but that's your awnser. There's some kind of spiritual awakening incoming.
Page of wands, hermit, eight of pentacles
Life together would be full of new things to learn, new knowledge and new skills.

King of swords, king of pentacles, seven of wands
It is a veeery bold choice for sure. What you need right now is a clear structure and to think your next steps logically. You will be succesful and stable as long as you do that. There will be some challenges ahead, and seven of wands is telling you to stop being indecisive or that will cause you to fail. Be bold and stand your ground.

Will come back in a bit to respond to the rest!

No. 172019

Thanks so much anon! I'm >>171744 and it's really funny but the major arcana cards there has showed up in both our personal tarot cards readings. Isn't the four of cups representative of lost opportunities? I wish the two of cups came out since that's the best card in a romance reading (or the lovers). It's also funny too that the hermit should come out because we both want to be hermits together. And the eight of pentacles to come out is a good sign! We're always discussing the types of new hobbies we want to explore together. Thanks so much for the reading! I always try not to do my own so I really appreciate it! It's just another confirmation for what I've been feeling.

No. 172020

Whenever I read cards, I always apply them to the context itself, in this case 4 of cups means "contemplation" and "spirituality", hope that helps!

No. 172043

File: 1613591848351.jpg (47.45 KB, 424x571, FB_IMG_1613370757256.jpg)

>You'll have a good job, although somewhat difficult/restrictive/maybe not 100% what you're looking for. I know you have the hang on this.

Thank you, kind anon. I'll try to keep that in mind. I am happy already that there'll be something for me to do, even if it's not ideal.
Thanks again for the reading!

No. 172053

Female, 22, cancer
Will my life ever get better or I'm destined to suffer forever?

No. 172061

File: 1613595594878.png (103.08 KB, 200x372, d9e32d8118f2ce4c6ac2f0c9fee5f5…)

The sun, six of swords, three of cups
The answer is an absolute yes. But here's the thing, you need to let go of whatever is holding you back. You have everything that you need to move on, and I want you to do it. Renew your life, move foward. Move out, travel. Your family or friends are also a key in this, the people who love you will help you out if you ask them to help you, and you have to.

My god this is a wonderful spread
The sun, devil, two of cups.
Yes, yes, absolutely yes. I have complete faith that you will be loved again and learn to trust people again. You have such a lovely future ahead. I know you've passed through toxic, even abusive relationships and you don't trust anymore. You feel trapped. But this is not true, you're more than that. Remain positive because you'll be loved again.

Eight of swords, the fool, queen of wands
For some reason I wasn't really connecting your query with my cards. Either way
Before making any decision, be it love or job related, you need to put yourself in the right mental spot. There's something you're ignoring and being indecisive about. It's like you're being too blind, innocent or idealistic. I think the cards are telling you to become more like the queen of wands, you should look up this card, it's the card of a self-assured, confident, smart woman that takes charge of her own life. I hope this helps?

The tower, seven of cups, hierophant
Thing is you're putting yourself in a bad situation by continuing to make everything seem like a bigger disaster than what it actually is. You have an ideal, something you like or aspire to, and then you ruin things by overthinking and putting things or people on a pedestal. You need to commit yourself to what you really want. Forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty.

Knight of wands, six of wands, strenght
Very nice cards
Basically, never stop believing in your own talent or merits. Start believing more in yourself and be confident. Be resilient. Finish what you start and you'll be succesful, these cards are saying that you'll be really, really good with whatever you pursuit.

The devil, ten of pentacles, chariot
Your blockage is because of the enviorment you live in. Is your family very strict or toxic? Move out. You will start feeling better if you do.

What's up with these doomer queries? you're the third anon that asks this. It's weird. Anyways I'm not reading anymore, but have three cards. Three of swords, knight of pentacles, five of pentacles. Not with that attitude: I understand you're heartbroken and have many financial loses but you're making yourself miserable with the bad choices you're making. Be more responsible and have patience.

That's all, no more reads. If anyone needs clarification I'll give it.

No. 172086


clarification to >>171745 - this apply to dude that has his shit (seemingly) together as well? cheers!

No. 172103

Oh anon, I don't understand your query, could you please give me context and tell me your query again? I'll do it asap!

No. 172153

Hello thank you for doing this! I would like to know… how does J really feel about me? should I continue talking to them or am I just wasting my time?

No. 172159

no worries! thanks again anon.

i've been talking to a guy that seemingly has his shit together in my destination. romance outlook seem good here?

No. 172239

File: 1613708664977.png (478.53 KB, 692x577, acceptbtfo.png)

On sick leave, so I tried the Golden Thread Tarot app.
>Card of the Day
>What should I do during my sick leave?

No. 172347

The star, six of wands, eight of swords, ten of pentacles
Basically: pretty good. He values traditions and family values. He sees that in you. However this connection feels kinda new, like he doesn't know you super deep yet.

four of wands, four of pentacles, seven of pentacles.
I mean, he's happy with you, and likes your friendship or company. He's just more focused on money matters right now

No. 172370

File: 1613797224262.jpeg (219.12 KB, 502x810, DB970227-20A1-4459-873B-C0400F…)

That’s funny, anon!
If it makes you feel any better, I’ve seen the Hermit interpreted as very positive. Taking the time you need for yourself to grind and level up, no outside distractions, to pave the road ahead to an awesome future. (Hence the lantern being held out in front!)

No. 172699

How do y'all feel about doing a solo reading for yourself but reading for other people's emotions?

ex: how does X feel about Y?

I've seen a lot of debate about this, saying it's intruding on other people's thoughts and emotions. but i am very nosy and would like to know

No. 172700

I'm not necessarily against it but I think you have to be careful of your intentions. Not for them, but yourself. The cards aren't going to give you the intimate specifics of anyone's thoughts, just general impressions, so I don't see it as particularly invasive. But it can be easy to spiral and start obsessing over what someone is/isn't thinking. Don't let it become a replacement for real communication and assume things. In the end the cards are only as accurate as our own interpretations and especially when it comes to someone else's headspace, it can be easy to misread things due to personal bias.

No. 172705

File: 1614026771706.png (1.29 MB, 1004x692, Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.46…)

does anyone know what deck this is?

No. 172731

have you tried reverse google image search or saucenao? I tried googling "sailor moon tarot deck" but couldn't find it

No. 172745

it's from a twitch stream but i found it. it's moon crystal tarot

No. 175572

File: 1615963290797.jpg (259.65 KB, 1024x1023, 1615924470012.jpg)

Reading for people again, please leave your queries here, I'll respond in 3 days. Please don't ask me old questions, make a new post if you have a query!

No. 175574

I've never done that before so I don't know if that's how you're supposed to do or if you need some more info but here it goes:
"Am I on the right track to succeed in my field, and am I putting enough efforts towards it?
Thanks anon!

No. 175575

Thank you anon <3
(F, 28, Taurus)
Query: I've been questioning every major decision i've made since 2021 started, and there's been a few of those. Have I made a mistake?

(Alternatively, if that's a weird/unreadable question: How much longer before my cashflow stabilizes?)

No. 175612


I'm female, my question is: will my music bring financial rewards in the future?

(Thank you for doing readings anon!)

No. 175613

Hello anon! My question is: Are there any aspects of myself that I should work on changing or should I work on accepting myself for the way I am instead? (f, 22, Taurus)

Thank you!

No. 175616

Ty in advance anon!
Query: I’m currently at a point in my life where anything could happen and I just want to know if I will be able to embrace and adjust to my newfound independence. Also will I sort out my complicated feelings of guilt and will the relationship I’m pursuing go as well as I hope it will.

No. 175629

My query: Is starting a YouTube channel about teaching art really worthwhile, if so how??
Also ty in advance!!

No. 175959

(F, 22, Scorpio)
Is he gonna come back? I never argued with him, but it's like there's some sort of conflict or issue he has around me, and I'm not sure how to fix it or if it's really even me.
I had one past reading say he'd be around long-term, but recent ones say he's likely to fuck off despite nothing changing. Mostly I'm just kind of sad because I like(d) him.

No. 175961

Query: Will my sacrifices help in my efforts to escape my current situation?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 175962

How can I better support my partner? Am I doing enough? I want to be useful.

No. 176000


Should I try searching for a romantic partner or be content with platonic friendships? Am I ready for a relationship yet?

No. 176015

Thanks anon!


Should I continue my current well paying, stable job or try to seriously pursue my passion of writing and creating stories? Should I just keep my writing a personal hobby or is it worth start trying to monetise it and share it with the public?

No. 176381

anoooon come back we need u

No. 176751

nta but your question caught my eye so i thought i'd try out my tarot skills on you

card 1 - wheel of fortune. you'll never know what you'll get if you don't put yourself out there in the dating scene. this card is telling you to give it a shot and try to see if love will find you. it might find you when you least expect it. you may be limiting yourself by avoiding situations that might let you meet new people (and a potential romantic partner).
card 2 - the hermit. your problem with finding love and romance is that you seclude yourself away and have a ton of self-doubt about ever getting into a relationship. do you make a lot of excuses like "i'm not ready for love yet"? that you should get your affairs in order? that you have to improve yourself before you feel worthy of others loving you? the hermit card reveals obstacles in your way from finding love. so isolation, seclusion, and too much speculation and feeling down about yourself prevents you from pursuing romantic interests.
card 3 - the page of swords. to help you find a romantic partner, the page of swords suggests you should be more communicative and become less guarded in your emotions. to let love find you, or for yourself to find love, you should be more emotional and communicative, and less anxious about what the other person thinks of you. this will let you be less frigid and more relaxed around potential romantic partners. this card is telling you to be less avoidant and face your emotional intimacy fears.
card 4 - page of cups. to allow love into your life, you should allow your inner child out. allow yourself to be more emotional and vulnerable around others. let yourself reconnect with your imaginative and dreamy side, allow yourself to look at romance and love with a fresh perspective. if you have any harmful memories in the past, this card is letting you know its okay to move on, heal from it, and try to form an emotional connection and bond with potential dating partners.
card 5 - two of swords. this card is telling you that it's okay to open your heart and be less guarded. that it's okay to let go and be vulnerable around other people. open your eyes and look around or else you might be blinded to your own romantic opportunities. this card also suggests that you have so many possibilities to choose from because you're single, and that you're unsure of what type of romantic partner will be good for you. this might inhibit you from finding someone.
card 6 - the king of swords. card 6 represents whether or not you know if you're ready to enter a relationship. it's saying that you may have too high standards for love, some control issues, and might be a little too guarded to be ready for love, but getting around these issues might let you find someone in the future!

No. 178718

sage because of non-contribution

Has anyone access to a discord server sbout witchcraft? I swear the only ones I find are people that claim to do shadow work to clean their rooms and are genderspecial they/him/lesbians.
I just want an all female witch space.

No. 179605

I'm in dire need of trading a query, if someone else reads please respond and I'll also read for you

No. 179662

File: 1618510978495.jpg (114.04 KB, 564x507, EWjy8S_UcAAXqGT2.jpg)

I'm just seeing this but thank you so much, anon. It's kind of spooky how this echoes exactly what my therapist has been telling me when you virtually know nothing about me and are just a stranger on an imageboard. I seriously appreciate this so much and it reaffirms for me that my attempts to open up and learn to trust others again aren't in vain. I appreciate the kind words and lovely reading!

No. 179689

I'd like to start doing tarot readings for myself, do I need anything else than tarot cards? Idk, some power charging them in the moonlight or whatever? Or do I just buy a deck, learn the rules and roll with it.
Sorry for a dumb question. If anyone has a recommendation for some good starting resources I'd be very thankful.

No. 179748

Should I enter a relationship with the person I'm thinking of? Will it last?

No. 180146

whats ur query anon?

No. 180293


No. 180376

np anon! happy to help! also your post made me happy because i'm new to tarot and i'm always so delighted when one of my readings resonates with the querent!
the most popular deck is the rider-waite deck. you could charge them in the moonlight, wrap them in silk, cleanse them with sage, or place varying crystals and their associated emotions on your deck to attract desired energies. do any of those between readings to attract help clarify the type of inquiry (i.e. rose quarts is associated with love so you put that on top of deck before doing a love reading). there are different spreads for different readings online you can look up!
nta but can i do yours? i need the practice and like to do love readings

No. 180392

File: 1618874672891.jpg (72.02 KB, 720x870, 28e5c36f30710ffddb10924e215fec…)

If she doesn't want it, you can definitely practice on me, if that's okay.

28 - Aquarius
I just want to know if any of my current ideas will lead me somewhere, like if I will be able to make a career out of it and meet people, or even a specific person.

Sorry if that was vague, I can elaborate if needed.

No. 180407

Sure you can, that'd be nice

No. 180408

card 1 - 5 of cups. How you feel about the current situation. You're at a loss - something discouraging has happened recently. Are you unhappy with where you are in your career right now? Even if you're feeling discouraged, there are opportunities that are right around the corner. This card is saying to fuel your inspirations and ideas! It will lead to happiness and get you out of your slump.
card 2: queen of cups reversed. to make things possible and set them in motion, you should turn inwards and become more introspective. you should listen to your intuition and follow your gut instinct. the relationships around you right now have been very one-sided too - people use you for your emotional labor without giving any support or advice back. the current path you are in now has made you feel drained and has made you feel a little withdrawn.
card 3 - two of pentacles. you will make a career out of it! with good time management and dedication to your skills, you'll successfully juggle and balance all that is thrown at you. however, make sure the workload doesn't drown you.
card 4 - knight of pentacles. you might meet someone if you pursue this path. this person will help you grow and is a very stable, committed, dedicated person and hard-worker. your own ambitions and dedication will draw this person towards you.
card 5: two of cups - your passions and devotion to your ideas will create abundance and celebration! you'll gain lots of success and will also find love! two of cups is a soulmate card, so if you believe in that, you will definitely find a specific person if you follow the career path and ideas that you're thinking!

No. 180410

card 1: the moon. the current situation. both of you are uncertain of each other's feelings and are mysterious to one another. you both also have a lot of anxieties, fears, self-doubt and insecurities over this connection and where it's heading.
card 2: 7 of cups. your feelings right now. you have many options in front of you. indecisiveness, fantasy, daydreaming, caution over entering a relationship. it seems like this person is quite dreamy and someone you should consider!
card 3: page of cups - their feelings. this person has feelings for you! they wonder about you a lot and have you at the back of their mind. they're also considering you as a romantic partner.
card 4: the hierophant. an obstacle block might involve one of your families. or they have different traditions and values from you. maybe both of you come from two different cultures or have completely different backgrounds and upbringings?
card 5: five of swords. if you were to get into a relationship with this person, you should be communicative and talk things out with them to ensure each other's happiness. be honest, truthful, and share your feelings with one another, and respect each other's opinions. otherwise, there will be debates, arguments and misunderstandings. try not to play too many dating games on this person as honesty will bring you together.
card 6: ten of cups and 8 of pentacles (two cards fell out). this is the outcome! you should definitely get into a relationship with this person! ten of cups signifies the end of a cycle, and it's a joyous celebration - a happy ending! no matter what you're feeling, there will be a rainbow at the end of the storm. you'll achieve both your dreams and support each other. the eight of pentacles also indicates improving your skills, learning new things, growing together.

No. 180411

Oh my god, you nailed it. Even the part about our backgrounds, as we live in different countries… Thank you so much for this, I will listen to your advice!

No. 180416

File: 1618895282669.jpg (52.12 KB, 736x981, 8664020cc3d7387af3dd15c01b8a59…)

Thank you so so much for the reading, kind anon. It definitely gave me some insight. I am actually currently unemployed and was making the first steps to start something own my own, this is certainly very encouraging and appreciated.

Do you take follow up question to clear some uncertainties I got about the reading? I totally understand if you don't.

It's just that I am already in a relationship - the specific person I talked about was more someone I look up to professionally.
Does the soulmate and love thing means solely romantic love? Can it be platonic?

Once again, thank you. Please accept this cute cat as a gratitude gift

No. 180417

I'll probably do some readings for you guys this weekend if im free enough. Stay tuned hehe.
Im still pretty much a novice reader so please be patient.

No. 180496

Thanks for the starting advice nona!

No. 180517

File: 1618947956373.jpg (211.34 KB, 609x900, 1PMgS1rn0oofo1_640.jpg)

27/F/Aries. I'm lonely. I live by myself. I haven't been in a serious relationship in five years. I don't really have any close friends anymore. I'm still in school. This past semester was almost entirely online because of the pandemic. In September, I'll begin my final year. Hopefully it will be in-person for the most part.

I would be so thankful for a reading. Will I be able to connect with people on a deeper level this upcoming year? Am I even capable of forming meaningful and long-lasting relationships after so much isolation?

No. 180547

oops sorry!
well now that i know you're already in a relationship, it looks like the person you're with already will back you up and support you with the knight of pentacles. your relationship will definitely receive prosperity if you follow the plans you have with the two of cups.
the knight of pentacles also indicates you might start a new relationship (for your career) with someone who's very stable and goal-oriented in their profession. whoever this mentor is that you're hoping to meet, will fulfill all expectations you have as the two of cups is a card about fitting perfectly together in whatever relationship it is you want with that person (so if it's a mentor, or a co-worker, or a boss - this person will get along well with you).
can i get a general love reading please?

No. 180560

File: 1618976562263.jpg (54.34 KB, 720x895, FB_IMG_1618107492727.jpg)

No, no need to apologize at all!
I actually should be the one apologizing cause I should've been more specific in the first place haha I think I just kept it kinda vague cause that specific person is famous and I didn't want to out myself
I must admit I kinda have this silly parasocial crush on them but I do love my bf very much, he's my life
They do work in a very similar area to my own, so the possibility of having them as a mentor or even just getting to know them for a while and ask stuff would be amazing.
Even if it's not with that specific person, your reading left me very optimistic for work relationships!

But honestly, just knowing that I might get somewhere with my silly ideas is enough for me.
Now I just need to pick one to follow first because I have too many lol

Once again, thank you so much for the follow up and for making it even clearer! and sorry again for my initial vagueness

No. 180647

File: 1619026382029.png (35.09 KB, 624x781, descargar.png)

I'm back. Sorry everyone for the delay. I got banned at some point and forgot to come back lol.

I want everyone today to have the card "strenght" in your mind. I think it's what we most need on these god forbbiden times. Let's face our fears, with everything we've got.

My reading style is very short and to the point however I offer you each two extra clarification spreads if you have questions. I hope I am of help.

Seven of wands, nine of swords, six of cups
You're doing exactly the all the effort you need to put into this in order to succeed. It feels like it. It's very difficult for you though, you have some issues against you that leave you all worried and sleepless, but the cards are telling you to rely on your friends and loved ones to help you out.

Three of pents, six of pents, six of wands
I feel like your cashflow will stabilize soon-ish. You started this year with very little money because you were entering a new phase in your life. Entering new phases always feels like you're a newborn and need to learn everything over again. This is exactly what happened: you didn't make a mistake, but you learnt something mayor from life (or are in the process of). Don't worry too much because things will look up, it's a good and nice spread.

Knight of pentacles, high priestess, queen of swords
In order for you to get financial stability you need to be consistent, commit to music if that's trully what you want to do. Because it feels like your mind is wandering places and you're like "what if? what if it doesn't work? I have to leave it!" and no, that isn't true. This spread didn't tell me you have to quit, but to keep going and actually do it. It also tells me to be smarter in your choices, don't be too emotional and just work.

Hanged man, five of wands, seven of pentacles
Cards are highkey telling you to work on yourself, because otherwise if you let things loose you'll just end up hurting yourself and others in the worst way possible. Hang in there, we all need to change at some point for the better. Do it and be responsable of yourself.

seven of wands, hanged man, star
With this independence there comes a lot of newfound problems too. Spread is telling you to have some courage, things will work out in the end. You need to accept your responsabilities and not get frustrated. Don't run. You have such a wonderful life and dreams to make true ahead.

the sun, knight of pentacles, the fool
It will be a fery fun thing to do, it will make you happy, but you have to be super patient about it. Very good! I would take the opportunity.

king of pentacles, three of swords, three of cups
If he comes back, he will do it in a friends way, he's focused on other endeavors not having to do with love right now. This is heartbreaking.

I'm gonna skip this one because you didn't put gender/age/sign. Please forgive me.

Your question was awnsered in big detail, so I'm also skipping, but I wish you well!

temperance, ace of wands, king of pentacles
Spread is telling you to wait now. Wait and keep your stable income. It is adviced that you can do both at the same time if you manage your time. So yeah.

your query was also awnsered by now, I wish you the best!

No. 180648

File: 1619026693587.jpg (42.87 KB, 202x304, descargar (1).jpg)

Hello! I would like to know if keeping this man "L" as a friend would be wise.
I would also like to know if he'll come back, and if he comes back, what will be the overall mood of it? what will happen between the both of us?
Will we get to be a couple again? Will he come to visit me? Will we have intercourse or will it be just in a friend way? (he lives in another country different to mine).

I know it is many questions but I can offer to trade and awnser yours too.
I'm female, 25 scorpio.

No. 180654

Welcome back to the farms! I'm >>175962 and I'm sorry I didn't include more info. I wasn't sure of the proper etiquette. If you don't mind, I'll repeat my query.

How can I better support my partner? Am I doing enough? I want to be useful.

No. 180656

Welcome back anon! Thanks for doing all of these readings for us- better late than never! I'm >>175613 and honestly your reading came at the perfect time. I was just thinking of trying therapy, but I was really hesitant to do so and have been talking myself out of it. Maybe your reading was the encouragement I needed to bite the bullet and reach out to work on myself.

No. 180703

> you didn't put gender
men literally aren't allowed to post here. it's rule 4. also the "g" in /g/ stands for girl talk. pretty safe to assume we're all women kek

No. 180743

Nope. Look here.

No. 180751

yeah he got banned what's your point? all I'm saying is that it's redundant to say that you're a woman in the girl talk thread of a site where no men are allowed

No. 180794

It's to weed out the males and it's a thing that readers do, just respect it or go

No. 180799

Hello anon, if you’ve got time for any more readings I’d like one please!

I am struggling to gain self confidence no matter how hard I try and want to ask where might I be going wrong? What can I do differently?

No. 180810

maybe you're a male and you want everyone to assume you are female so you pin it on the readers fault

No. 180825

>king of pentacles, three of swords, three of cups
>If he comes back, he will do it in a friends way, he's focused on other endeavors not having to do with love right now. This is heartbreaking.

Thanks anon! He did come back, but I realised I’m not really serious about him (just bored and need a distraction), so being friends would be for the best. Not heartbreaking ♥

No. 180847

F | 26 | Aries
Is it worth looking for love? Will I ever find a decent man who loves me? I have been single for 4 years. I have not made a lot of effort due to rejection sensitivity.

No. 181000

anon, i'm >>175575
thank you! i think i read this at the exact time i needed it the most. i'm gonna keep my chin up and barrel through, thank you for the reading again!

No. 181284

File: 1619287505493.jpg (124.69 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.1962997313_4ik2.jpg)

six of swords, six of pentacles, ace of cups, hermit
You are doing more than good enough. You're moving alongside her, and keeping her company when she needs it, when she feels bad. There's support and unity. She needs you the most when she's depressed and lonely, so please, keep her company in those times.
I honestly wished I had a partner like that haha

ace of swords, lovers, king of wands
You go to extremes of great self love and great self hate. You neglect yourself a lot.
the world, judgement, ace of swords
You need to end this cicle of self hating. You need to learn that you reap what you sow. Love yourself more.

Seven of cups, page of pentacles, five of swords
You need to put your ideas into actions, stop putting people in a pedestal, and start going out and date. I know people will still reject you, but you need to try and be realistic about it. It is worth it.

No. 181286

File: 1619287644717.jpg (52.99 KB, 600x600, descargar (1).jpg)

thank you for trusting me!

No. 181301

File: 1619291857087.jpg (6.08 KB, 213x218, whatelseisnew.jpg)

No. 181346

This deck is one of the cutest things I've ever seen and it doesn't do boring minors, I must have it

No. 181400

Ask again nicely, nonny, I've been ignored in the past too lol

No. 181404

Thank you for taking the time to do that for me! I will obey you ms high priestess of lolcow

No. 181405

It takes some time to do a tarot reading. She will get round to you.

No. 181407

Can I please have a reading?

Will things get better? Last year was rough, the guys I met were insane, my dreams got crushed, gained 45lbs and I got diagnosed with a chronic illness. I'm in this weird limbo now while working on improving myself and my situation.

No. 181509

File: 1619389366739.jpg (93.13 KB, 640x640, f240abbd1a19cf53c5751de44f9e72…)

Sorry for skipping you, next time quote me directly if you want a read from me lol
plus there's multiple readers in this thread, just be patient and they'll come around to you! or ask it again, no worries

It's this tarot deck! picrel

awww no worries, you're too nice!

Seven of wands, justice, seven of swords, the moon
There's no clear answer. Instead, this spread is asking you: what are you willing to do to make meaningful connections?
You are always very defensive, you think everyone is going to hurt you and betray you. It's like you're wishing for friends so badly, but you don't do anything to get them. Cards are telling you that the effort you put in is what you get. If you keep not trusting people enough, waiting for the moment they hurt you, they will, you will attract it because it's on your mind.
Ten of pentacles: put more effort into it, talk to people, socialize, and you'll have better luck. Do it on good faith.

Eight of swords, nine of wands, six of pents, magician
Alright, thing is, you're keeping yourself in this mental cage, inside this self imposed prision. Things aren't as bad as you think they are, but you swear that they've gone super wrong. You need to start believing a bit more on yourself and not impose things on your life even if circumstances are dire. Chin up girl. Life is asking you to be resilient because things will look up once you figure out you're strong enough to bear this. Don't hold back, do what you need to do. Have some compassion on yourself, and actually ask for help from others if you need it.

No. 181510

File: 1619390159666.jpg (144.07 KB, 794x1060, LOT4.jpg)

Alright doing more queries. Please leave your questions here and I'll do them this afternoon! ask as many as you want

No. 181513

Will I be a disappointment to him?

No. 181514

The person I'm thinking of is a romantic relation for context

No. 181515

What are the biggest activities/goals I should be focusing on for my personal well being right now? F/30/Sagittarius. Thank you anon(s).

No. 181521

File: 1619391703672.jpg (121.68 KB, 1024x852, ac9ebb7a3c7c40d9dbe8bcc1c000ff…)


Will I be able to be successful with either my art or my writing? What are my best chances for being able to do it?
Will I ever be able to leave my country?
Will I ever be able to meet my celeb crush? kek jk

sorry for this many questions and TIA!!

No. 181525

What deck is this? It's so cute

No. 181530

File: 1619393462388.gif (2.41 MB, 330x480, UYljVuR.gif)

>ask if I'll ever lose these god-forsaken tits on my chest and be free (body dysmorphia)
>get the “Empress" card (fertility, motherhood, nature)
>card itself looks like Satan grasping his own chest
Tarot cards are fucking sassy.

No. 181535

it's called "the lovely omens tarot deck"
here's a link

No. 181541


Will my all nighter pay off?
I just want to pass with this essay

Will I be able to stay disciplined in regards to my uni work this semester?

Also: This is the cutest deck I've seen in a long time
It's so beautiful~!
11/10 taste Anon!

No. 181544

Alright, look, if I sit down and do this illustration and actually try to physically send it to the person I'm gifting it to, will it actually make it to them, and how will they react? (They're sort of a celeb, hence why it may seem impossible.)

No. 181552

File: 1619402586055.jpg (33.38 KB, 646x363, 0939de02115de7220d3c37f1534478…)

I’m >>180517 thank you and bless you, nonnianna. Sorry for getting salty earlier. I hope it’s okay if I give some feedback.

> you think everyone is going to hurt you and betray you

This is accurate. I do have trust issues. Most of my friendships are only surface-level and situational. I think you're right that part of that is because I shy away from vulnerability due to being burned so many times previously.

> you’re wishing for friends so badly, but you don’t do anything to get them

This is less accurate. It’s true that I’ve found it more difficult to reach out to my classmates since the pandemic hit because almost everything’s been online. But prior to the pandemic, I was putting myself out there and socializing and going to every event that I could. I made a sincere effort for a long time to like people that I simply cannot relate to and just don’t vibe with.

I think my biggest problem is that I just don’t like or connect with most people beyond surface-level stuff. But you’ve given me a lot to think about, and I will try to befriend people that I have more in common with next year. It’s very interesting that you pulled the Justice card for me because I’m going into my final year of law school!

27/F/Aries. I'm wondering about my job prospects after graduation. I'll be applying for positions over this summer for next year. Will I have to move to a different city? Can I get a job in my desired field or will I have to settle for something less than ideal?

No. 181636

File: 1619425440855.jpg (161.03 KB, 1024x1024, wheel-year-poster-wiccan-calen…)

queen of pentacles, king of cups, four of cups
He sounds supportive and loyal. The cards are telling you to please, instead of blaming yourself, don't lose your temper and do not succumb to your emotions. First, put yourself together and don't overreact. Understand your feelings. And don't put him on a pedestal either, you're imagining this conflict without it even happening yet.

The fool, three of cups, death
Literally? the cards are telling you to have fun. Make friends or if you have some friends already, hang out with them. You need to keep things happy and lighthearted for now, because soon enough you'll be going through a mayor change. But for now, be happy because you can be happy. Everything will be okay. Ask this query later and tell me if something has changed in your life.

1.ten of pentacles, ace of wands, seven of wands- Yes. You will be succesful in material gains, but first, there will be some obstacles to that. Ace of wands is telling you to take control of your life.
2.Ace of wands, death, judgement- simply commit to it, put the effort and things will change into your favor in time
3.King of wands, page of pentacles, page of swords- you need money/a settled business for this. Be practical, save up money, and make it a priority, and surely you will. Sometimes it feels like you aren't commited enough to this idea, so there's a lot of scattered thoughts and not enough energy.
4. is it adam driver? kek

1.three of cups, yes, it will bring joy
2.death, nine of pentacles, page of pentacles- you have so much scattered thoughts, and you need more discipline. You need to work to achieve this, it is possible if you truly commit.

seven of swords, four of pentacles, high priestess
Huh, this isn't a very good spread, it probably means they won't care and just say thanks, even if you put all your heart into it, cause they are quite private or closed and doesn't like casual talk

1.three of wands, seven of swords, the moon
you can try to move out but it will short lived, it's more of the joy and thrill of moving out than actually having to do with the job, don't put all your trust into it
2.two of swords, the world, seven of wands
The thing is you're scared of not making the right choice and want to feel safe. But all you need is to actually trust and do it. That's what the cards say, just do it and don't simply comform, take your own choice into your hands

No. 181637

samefagging but it's funny how everyone is so insecure about their future lol just do it go for it, if the cards were negative I would surely say "No don't do it!" but all you need is just to believe a bit more in yourselves.

No. 181639


Anonymous 41 seconds ago No. 181638

Gemini anon here finishing up my paper as I write this!

First of all thank you so much and the accuracy… especially with the second one. As someone with ADHD I mean… yeah.

But not gonna lie that was actually super encouraging ~! Thank you so much for the reading once again

No. 181640

Can I have a reading too? I feel lost, what should I focus on in my life right now? F/29/Capricorn-Aquarius cusp

No. 181763

File: 1619456591672.gif (3.9 MB, 480x270, a68163bd7fb803020c19131ae9c11b…)

Thank you so much, kind anon!

>Sometimes it feels like you aren't commited enough to this idea, so there's a lot of scattered thoughts and not enough energy.

I felt this is my fucking bones, it is so true. I am basically a big scatter brain with anything I want, I really need to give my self a slap in the face and get my shit together, get objective, stop doubting, stop giving everything up in the middle of things.

Also picrel regarding what you wrote me but also to your question kek I am either too obvious or you're a damn good claircognizant

No. 181772

File: 1619458989073.jpg (97.1 KB, 350x600, 10c.jpg)

the hermit, three of swords, devil, ten of cups
Have you been through a breakup recently? from a toxic or manipulative relationship? You're hurting super bad. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be from a friend or family member. You feel very sad and hurt, cards are telling you to forget about this person and all the problems for now, focus on yourself. Life isn't over, there's a big light for you coming, and I see another person coming to make you happy, soon-ish, but first you need to experience this time alone. I hope you feel better soon!

nice nonna I love AD too kek
I hope everything goes well for you, sometimes thoughts bother us a lot but in the end we know what we need to focus our energy on, hoping you can do it!

No. 181775

File: 1619459435585.jpg (215.03 KB, 1000x1000, cards.jpg)

I'm still reading more today if someone needs a read, again ask multiple queries if you want to! All I'm asking for in exchange is a genuine prayer for my happiness and wellbeing.
(sidenote but I feel at so much ease reading here than in 4chan- I sometimes read there anonymously and the insane scrote energy is so strong and heavy.)

No. 181778

so sweet of you to be doing this anon! may i ask what should i focus on to improve myself? Also I'm a pisces if that helps

No. 181779

Wow, that is spot on! My best friend recently ended our friendship and I just now realized how unhealthy our dynamic was…She actually admitted that one of the reasons she befriended me in the first place was that she could feel superior to me (because I have less life experience compared to her)…thank you for the reading!!

No. 181786

Hi anon, thanks for doing this. Here's my queries

1) Am I on the right path in my career change, can I expect to see some results soon?

2) Is it worth reaching out to someone from my past or should I just move on?


No. 181787

Thank you nonny! I'm >>181515 and drew 3 of Cups in a personal reading recently as well. Guess it's time to bite the bullet and come out of my shell a bit. Having just gotten through some traumatic events, I've wanted nothing more than to isolate and be left alone, but maybe I'm being too selfish with my energy. Happy to see both the Fool and Death on my side, I really need that transformative energy. I will be moving overseas soon so I'm definitely hoping to shed my baggage first, literally and emotionally.

No. 181788

I don't have a query, but would you happen to know what cards those are in pic?

No. 181790

File: 1619464190749.jpg (37.87 KB, 400x408, 23697163645ddfcdeb230e8e2e9620…)

Thank you, my fellow chauffeurfriend <3

I don't think I have anything else to ask for now, but I hope you can feel the positive energy I am sending your way, nonnie!

No. 181791

Nta but it's the Bad Girl Tarot: http://www.katieskellycomics.com/tarot

No. 181792

Thank you!

No. 181793

I used to be a part of the divination community on /x/. Shit was toxic trash and the readers there nowadays always do the bare minimum. There used to be much more talented people there before the community imploded, but lot's of insane shit happened. I never noticed there was a divination thread on LC and I think I'ma just come here so I never have an excuse to go back to 4chodes again.

How does the letter I wrote J make him feel?
I know you said you only needed prayers, but if you would like a reading lmk because I can trade.

No. 181801

Thanks so much nonny. I’m wondering if you’re able to help me decipher my personal tarot cards? They’re hard to understand. Or anyone else for that matter, you just seem very knowledgeable in tarot and very insightful and helpful

No. 181803

181544 here. LAME. But ty fren lol

No. 181805

Share what you've pulled anon, I'd be happy to help interpret. Also if you have any initial thoughts please let us know, that can help to spur further insights.

No. 181808

Could I get a reading about my future love life? F/26/Libra. Thank you so much.

No. 181812

I’ve been going through a lot this year with my mental health, family and love life and I don’t know if it’s heading upwards or downwards. I guess I just wanted to ask how the events of this year are going to influence me and if he will ever come back to me properly again. Thanks anon, you’re great ♥

No. 181831

Hi anon! Sending good vibes, and prayed for you.
My queries:
1. Am I going to get my way if I keep reaching out to these people?
2. Did I fuck myself over with the action/request I just made?
3. Will I be okay? Can be about the above two or just in general
Really anxious about things

No. 181835

please give me a read

No. 181836

idk what to do but everyone else is doing is so 18/F/leo

No. 181850

File: 1619478463976.png (962.88 KB, 1054x1010, personaltarotcards.png)

Why are there so many duplicates?

No. 181852

My initial thoughts:
Power cards: card strengths that I was born with. All I know is that the Empress is a nurturing figure. The Chariot card means I give good advice and guidance to others maybe?
Desire & Growth Cards: hidden desires in my lifetime. The magician might mean I want to gain control of my life. The wheel of fortune might mean I want something bigger in my life, something like fate. It's funny that those two cards show up in my growth cards. To grow as a person, it looks as if I need to be ambitious. The wheel of fortune is a tricky card that I don't really understand lol (as well as the Chariot tbh)
Lucky Cards: I don't really understand what a lucky card is, but I guess these are cards that bring me good fortune and blessings. I guess I should continue being my naive sheltered self as being hopeful and optimistic are good qualities I possess. Strength to me has always been inner resilience.
Core Cards: Strength shows up again. I believe I have always been a person with great strength and resistance and have always pushed through with difficult things in life to carry on. The Star card means I have feminine energy maybe? Or maybe a strong intuitive side, someone who can look within and grow, someone who's idealistic and mysterious and desires to heal and become the best person that they can be.

No. 181862

>Why are there so many duplicates?
It looks like you chose a spread generator that only pulls from the major arcana cards. If more than one shows up in a spread, my first instinct is to say that the energy of that particular card is amplified or very important.
>Desire & Growth Cards: hidden desires in my lifetime. The magician might mean I want to gain control of my life. The wheel of fortune might mean I want something bigger in my life, something like fate. It's funny that those two cards show up in my growth cards. To grow as a person, it looks as if I need to be ambitious. The wheel of fortune is a tricky card that I don't really understand lol (as well as the Chariot tbh)
My opinion is that you could be excellent at manifesting your desires if you learn how to work in tune with the rhythm of the universe. In fact it's not even an option for you, the wheel is turning in your favor and you WILL eventually learn how to get what you want out of life.

Also NTA who offered to help you interpret, but I had to put in my two cents.

No. 181863

What is your question? you need to provide one

No. 181868

this wouldn't happen if you used a real deck

No. 182154

File: 1619566483472.jpg (196.51 KB, 1250x892, descargar.jpg)

Page of cups, nine of wands, devil
You are still quite emotional immature or in dire need of learning how to cope with emotions. It also feels like you are someone with intrusive thoughts and someone who procastinates a lot. Hm, this emotional immaturity might perhaps happen to be about your goals- you keep daydreaming expecting things to happen, but you don't put the work in it. Are you afraid of rejection? Or do you feel somehow trapped between doing what you want to do and what you need to do? It also says that you are often cruel with yoursef.
Three of cups- I interpret this advice as "see yourself through the eyes of others". You aren't a bad person, quite the contrary. Everyone believes in you, stop being so hard on yourself. Focus more on your personal goals too.

I also used to be part of it. The schizoposting was real bad lol
If you ever need a read just say it sis!
King of pentacles, queen of pentacles, ten of wands
He feels some kind of obligation towards you. He wants to surely support you in your endeavors (and it could also have to do with money), he wants to make sure you can rely on him. He really does care about you and wants to be loyal and commited.
I do have a trade that I want, but first tell me if your reading resonates okay?

The fool, four of pentacles, nine of pentacles
The advice here is that you need to start taking risks and putting yourself out there, don't rely on "the one" just suddenly appearing. Value yourself, cause you're attractive and you could find a good partner if you try.

How your year will go:
Tower, temperance, nine of swords, it doesn't look good honestly. There's yet more hardships to expect. More anxiety and sleepless nights. Hang in there.
the fool, queen of cups, ace of cups
It sounds silly, but the cards are kind of hinting towards some kind of therapy: you need to learn that you can indeed control your emotions and be a happier person if you really wanted to. Try CBT therapy. No matter the hardships things can be better if you put your mind into it.
About him: nine of wands, doesn't seem much likely, I'm sorry.

1.seven of wands, the moon, seven of swords
You can be victorious, but it's likely that it will be short term and it will end in disillusionment
2.six of wands, page of pentacles, five of wands: intially, everything will be okay, joyful, and you'll achieve what you want, but in the future it might cause conflicts.
3.the sun, yes, maintain yourself positive.

No. 182164

File: 1619568664344.jpg (232.34 KB, 1000x997, 08B08017-6AA7-4684-A303-429232…)

If anyone else still needs a read, reply to this post with the query you have, will get around it soon-ish in a couple days

No. 182170

And your reading feels super accurate lol. Being timid/having shit self esteem and not going after what I want has always been my biggest problem. Thank you!

No. 182171

23/taurus/f—am i on the correct career path? have i made the right choice in giving up an interesting yet stressful career choice for one that makes less money but (on the positive side) is less stressful?

No. 182183

Hi anon, I think you missed me (>>181786)
in your last reading, could you read for my two questions? Please and thank you

No. 182184

File: 1619572149285.jpg (24.13 KB, 880x622, i give you this in exchange.jp…)

What will my love life look like this year?

I feel a bit silly doing this but it looks like a lot of fun!

No. 182186

sorry for missing you, will do it later!

No. 182187


1) Am I on the right path in my career change, can I expect to see some results soon?

2) Is it worth reaching out to someone from my past or should I just move on?


No. 182188

No probs, appreciate it

No. 182192

File: 1619574162722.jpg (516.19 KB, 1400x1815, Lucretia.jpg)

Will the love of my life want me back?

No. 182224

I'm >>181793 I sent him a hate letter and it could very well be that he feels guilty and feels like he has a responsibility to make things right with me, but personally I doubt it would be out of genuine care for my wellbeing. He's just two-faced and likes to think of himself as a good person. I made it clear that I've been furious at him all these years and even then I held back on saying a lot of mean words. Unless he ever grows a spine and decides to face up to me I won't actually know where his head is at, and I'm not interested in accepting any apologies. If I was him I would be scared of me too.

Despite all of that, I don't think your reading is all that off the mark if I interpret it that way. Thanks. What's your query?

No. 182272


I feel I don't have a personality/identity anymore, how do I rebuild it?

No. 182281

Can I kill myself yet?
If not when do I finally get to leave?


No. 182285

Readers do not like being asked these types of questions, anon. It's fucking awkward and no one wants to feel responsible for potentially enabling some stranger's suicide.

No. 182289

Mkay, my bad. Sorry reading anons.

No. 182317

Thanks anon, really appreciate this

Will I find success if I quit my current job to pursue my passion for writing (game/comic/book)?

Bonus if you're up for it: When would be a good time for me to find love?

Thank you again!

No. 182321

Oh I was using this https://www.serenapowers.com/readings/personalCards/index.html
Thank you very much for the input. How does one manifest desires and make use of the Wheel of Fortune?

No. 182328

Oh, I had a feeling that these were your birth cards and it wasn't a normal reading, but I didn't mention it. You can find more information about birth card combinations if you look it up.

>The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician together, combined as a pair of Tarot birth cards are two very good cards to have around you. The wheel of Fortune is an exceptionally good card, as is the Magician. However whereas the Wheel of Fortune signifies success when it is combined with the hidden knowledge of the Magician; not only is earned success indicated but learned success as well. The conditions are there for fortune and success and with the guiding hand of the Magician great foresight should be apparent as well.


No. 182342

Aaah, no wonder it was so hard to read. I tried with multiple spreads and I knew it was some kind of emotional letter but the cards always came out weird, and king of pents always came out. I see now, he feels responsible.

Alright, I have a problem with L/male/libra, I would like to know if I work on myself, will he come back to me? I'm female/scorpio.

No. 182440

today I'll read the queries so if anyone still has questions this is your chance

No. 182481

F 24 Leo
I have two queries if possible please
1. How will the relationship between me and my sister be like in the future?
2. General love life reading


No. 182483

(Samefag, if you'd like to do only one, please do the first)

No. 182501

Will I have any sort of relationship with him again in the future? If yes, what will it look like? If no, why not? (F/28/Sag)

No. 182504

is marriage on the horizon? (F, Taurus, 26)

No. 182511

>The World. Three of Cups reversed. Eight of Pentacles reversed. Three of Swords. Seven of Chalices. Ace of Pentacles reversed.
No. You'll find success and open new doors for yourself, but not with this person. If you keep focusing on him it could make it harder for you to take good opportunities and make the right choices for your life because you'll be thinking about how it would affect your chances with him. Also I have the feeling that he's already interested in a third party, or will be soon. I think all you could do from this point on is heal and move on. The situation seems pretty over with.

That might not be the answer you were hoping for but I hope it resonates.

No. 182516

It does resonate. Thank you.

No. 182522

F/24/Virgo - Should I consider pursuing a romantic relationship with this guy? Or put romance on hold until after my life situation changes this year?

No. 182544

hey you guys i don't know where else to write this and i feel like if there was a thread where anons believe in uncanny stuff and manifestation or whatever this would be it.

Anyways I'll keep it short but a few days ago i was thinking about my csa, which i usually do without getting in my feelings, i can think of my perpetrator and not feel any sort of anger (maybe because i don't like to dwell on it too much), but that particular day was out of the ordinary and a lot of hatred washed over me, so i did something i had never done before nor felt an urge to do and wrote a very short scene of me causing an injury on him. It was a way of venting, i didn't do anything fancy schmancy because i didn't do it expecting anything other than feeling better. I would never actually harm him too. Anywho i wrote literally just one line or so, I don't remember anymore, basically stating matter of factly that i was holding a ladder for him steady as he was climbing it and then purposely shook it and he fell and suffered a hip fracture. This never actually happened, i just wrote that for whatever reason. Which is also weird because you'd think if i was venting i'd write something more along the lines of "i wish i could hold a ladder steady for him as he was climbing it and then cause him to lose balance and fall and break his pelvis" I have no idea why i wrote in past tense.

I stg the NEXT morning my mom tells me about how he's at the hospital because he broke his hip. My initial reaction was laugh and say she was lying, but nope she was serious. He apparently got up in the middle of the previous night and it was dark and he somehow tripped over himself and the fall caused a fracture. He was home alone, couldn't get up and was yelling and crying so the neighbors could hear him, and they didn't until early morning. So he basically spent the entire night in agonizing pain. I don't feel good about it, it might just have been a HUGE coincedence. But it does make me think what are the odds? I mean, SAME day and SAME body part/injury as the one i wrote about? I'm a normie when it comes to this stuff, heck i didn't even read my horoscope before nor know anything beyond my sun sign until very recently.

I'm F, 21, Virgo. Asc and mercury also Virgo. Scorpio moon, Leo venus, Sag mars.

No. 182547

There's a manifestation thread on /ot/

No. 182554

many thanks nonny, done

No. 182564

You know, I think you have a lot of manifestation power, I see it. I'm happy that dude fell and broke his hip lol. You deserve the world nonna

No. 182576

You're a better person than me I'd be cackling all day

No. 182584

Kek just want to say that I think this is great anon. I know you're a bigger person but I hope he suffers eternally and never fully recovers. I haven't really experienced manifesting myself, but I have had strong emotions/thoughts suddenly arise out of nowhere and then something regarding whatever person I was thinking about happens. I guess like divinatory feelings? "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy" and all that. I do think some people have a sixth sense and it's cool you had such a specific vision, maybe even influencing it. Don't blame yourself though, I think the only role you may have played was your existence creating a sort of karmic response, and ultimately the universe made it happen.

No. 182590

> strong emotions/thoughts suddenly arise out of nowhere and then something regarding whatever person I was thinking about happens

this has been happening to me a lot lately. my dreams are somewhat prophetic as well. once, years ago, I paid for a psychic reading and she told me that I'm just as psychic as she is, but that I've been stifling my abilities because they scare me and I don't know how to deal with them. I know this sounds farfetched but when I was very young, like 2-5 years old, apparently I saw and communicated with dead people. this is something my mom told me about when I got older. I don't have any memories of it.

to get back on topic, this thread has gotten me back into tarot readings which I used to do occasionally for myself. I was looking back on my records of old readings and I realized that one of them predicted the death of my best friend. the reading took place exactly one month before I found out she had passed away. it was a celtic cross reading. here are some highlights:

> current situation = reversed eight of wands (the kind of situation that does not reach a satisfactory conclusion)

> subconscious influences = reversed knight of swords (disruptive change, making rash decisions and dragging others down as a result)
> past events or issues = reversed hermit (do not underestimate the value of staying connected with others, but accept and understand that life does not remain the same)
> attitude = reversed the page of swords (be careful of saying things that you later regret)
> revelation = reversed king of cups (a strong desire to be involved intimately with others, but also a fear of the danger wrapped up in such involvement… someone in your life who is toxic, moody, and withdrawn from others may fall into addiction to deal with emotional problems)
> final outcome = the hanged man (letting go, acceptance, surrender… assess your life for areas in which you are giving up too much to others at the expense of your own mental and spiritual well-being)

my best friend died of an overdose. I'm still not sure if it was intentional or accidental, but she had been suicidal for years. I hadn't talked to her in a long time because of a catastrophic argument in which we both said awful things to each other. it gave me such an eerie feeling to reflect back on this particular reading. it definitely bolsters my belief in the spiritual realm.

No. 182688

Hey ladies, I will be reading for 5 anons using my rider-Waite deck. Keep in mind that I am still a novice so sometimes my reading/phrasing is a little wonky and inexperienced so I hope you will forgive me. I don't do finance/ money problems, you can also give me some basic information abt yourself so the reading is more accurate~
I used to read on 4chan too like >>181775 but like they said the scrote energy is too strong and the men there really don't know how to behave so i stay away as much as possible.
Feedback is appreciated
Thank you in advance!

No. 182694

F/23/cancer, will my relationship last when I move cities? And what should I work on as I start on a new, more bureaucratic/scientific career path?

No. 182696

Thanks anon!

24/Pisces/F - How and when should I start looking for a new relationship?

No. 182710

I'm sorry to hear about your friend anon. It's always extremely difficult to lose people important to you, and even more so when they're taken before their time. Even though you say things ended on bad terms, at one point you were one of the bright points in her life, so I hope you hold onto that.

Not on the same level, but I've had tarot predict things with almost eerie accuracy before as well. From a promotion (including the reasons they were giving it to me) to a painful break up (including why it would happen and how we both would respond). Hanged Man, Death, Tower and Wheel of Fortune all give me a bit of a sinking feeling when I draw them as they always seem to denote massive change and personal growth. Those changes have usually been for the best, but sometimes getting to that point is painful and trying. Have you ever done a draw for your significator? With your natural connection to the "spirit realm" for lack of better term, I wonder if you'd get the High Priestess.

No. 182711

I wanna try reading tarot for myself but I'm not really sure if I want to spend 20 euros on a deck yet (nor can I financially really justify it rn). Are digital decks any good for temporary/learning purposes? It's basically a computercode drawing the cards for you right, so I'm not sure if it even makes any sense to use them. Thoughts?

No. 182714

Having a physical deck is great in terms of enjoying the tactile aspect of the cards, being able to center yourself and detach from tech, and developing a unique relationship with a deck (often imagery for certain cards comes to mean something unique to you in addition to/separate from its typical meaning). But all that being said, I am a proponent of digital readings and believe they can be just as useful and meaningful. Plus they're super convenient for readings when you're traveling or simply don't feel like pulling out physical cards. I have several decks but use digital readings more often in the day to day, reserving normal readings for when I have more time or a really detailed query. Ultimately I believe the "magic" of tarot comes from the reader's intent and personal ability to interpret/reflect on the cards, so the vehicle for readings doesn't matter so much as the person using it. Luckily there are a lot of really meaty tarot apps out there for free, like the one from Labyrinthos which not only provides meanings but lets you save readings and add journal entries to go along with them. It's pretty convenient and I think it's totally fine to make use of it and other apps or sites.

No. 182736

I never read for myself, but I have never even tried it.

No. 182737

> at one point you were one of the bright points in her life
thank you, sweet nonna, that's so kind of you to say. it does help sometimes to think of all the good times and adventures we shared.

the last time I drew a significator it was the page of wands (lol). but from what I've read, this card could indicate that a spiritual journey is calling me, and I am curious to see where this journey will take me!

No. 182785

File: 1619838643578.jpg (128.62 KB, 1024x761, descargar.jpg)

Alright this is the last time I'll be reading tarot here, dunno if forever or just in a while (I already quitted 4chins), because tarot is just destroying my life and my confidence lol. Kinda want to just try manifesting and believing in myself from now on. I'm tired of falling prey to tarot reads and probably destroying my chance in things. However I'm still pretty good at it so lemme read for you!

eight of pentacles, the lovers, justice, nine of cups
This spread is telling me that you should go for what makes you absolutely the happiest. Because chosing a career is kind of marrying someone, it will be forever. This is also telling me to chose the one where you can earnestly work because that's where you will be succesful. Six of wands, two of wands- this isn't giving me a concrete answer, but it is telling me that you need to venture with confidence into something that truly makes you feel comfortable, something that will give you a win-win. Six of cups, this also has to do with familiarity. I wish you luck, maybe ask again to another reader.

Queen of wands, two of cups, six of swords
You'll be more passionate and corageous, which will result in an union between you and another person (feels like a new one if you aren't in a relationship), but this feels like a small and fleeting love. It will end before the year ends.
Nothing is set in stone though, just remember that.

1.Seven of wands, five of pentacles, emperor
It honestly feels like you're going through a rough patch full of obstacles, and money doesn't feel like coming near you anytime soon. The emperor is telling you to stick to your plans and don't try to do too many things at the same time.
2.Ace of pentacles, ten of cups, chariot
This person feels like a lost opportunity, but this spread is telling me that if you want to quickly mend things as in saying "I'm sorry" and then moving on, you should try to. Be as open and transparent as you can be.

Ten of wands, tower, magician, sun
You aren't quite ready to find the love of your life, there's some more struggle and things to learn for you in the future. You sometimes catrastophize things too much and have too much ambition when it comes to a lover. You need to go through some loss to then find real happiness. Like, it's so funny how you both got the tower and the sun, two completely different energies in a card. So yeah you will be loved but there's still stuff to learn, and it will be hard, hang in there.

Nine of wands, king of swords, sun
I was writing your reading, but honestly, this spread just screams "get therapy", and I'm not kidding here.
Nine of wands- could be intrepreted as needing more resilence
king of swords- could be interpreted as staying neutral and resolving problems in the less judgamental way possible
sun- stay as positive as possible, and find true happiness

sorry but I don't like suicidal queries, get some help.

1.The empress, the fool, strenght
It will definetely make you happier, even if the path is something you will be having to put all your might into. But I see it being succesful. Just hang in there!
2.Queen of swords, hierophant, the star
When you finally feel that you are secure, fierce, like your life is put together, you'll have a lot of power to manifest true love.

two of pentacles, queen of wands, three of swords, nine of wands
Wishy wasshy, sometimes nice, sometimes very hurtful, sometimes you'll be able to rely on her, sometimes you won't. One of you is more dominant than the other.
2.Six of pentacles, ace of swords, the world, the chariot
Set firmer boundaries, commnunicate better, remember you have many possibilities when it comes to love and don't stay somewhere you feel hurt for too much, just make amends and let go.

Eight of pentacles, ace of pentacles, temperance, fool
It seems pausible, but you'll have to pull up with some stuff and work together. Like, be really, really patient and really work on the issues together without being overwhelmingly sour. Keep things happy, relaxed, lighthearted.

The world- yes, it's possible it is near.

No. 182786

also anyone else who needs a read, here's an anon offering for right now

No. 182808

Thank you for the readings! I hope you are/will be allright and best of luck for you <3

No. 182812

I'm >>182501 and ha… yeah, this dynamic pretty much defined the relationship we had before too. Lots of hard work and endurance. Especially from me for him when it wasn't necessarily deserved. If he can actually meet me halfway next time, I think things might be all right. But I need to develop a lot of that Temperance first. I'm way too bitter and busy with my own life to put in that amount of effort for him again right now. I am glad there's potential for a new beginning though.

I'm sorry to hear you're burned out and that tarot has taken a negative turn for you. Thank you for doing a spread for me and others, I really appreciate it. Hope you can find your own balance and peace.

No. 182830

File: 1619862343103.jpg (636.38 KB, 680x1970, 6414326b1007001ed109635cb73d26…)

Not to sound like an ad but I thought you guys might like this. The lolita brand Haenuli made a kickstarter for a beautiful tarot deck picrel

No. 182831

Haha in the lovers card the skeleton puts its jaw on the woman's head like a crown I lovee iitttt

No. 182834

Thank you for your readings! I'm >>182317 and I just wanna say even if you feel tarot is doing bad for you, you brought a lot of happiness and insight for me. I hope you feel better and more confident in the future!

No. 182874

What will my next relationship be like?

No. 182886

>Justice, page of pentacles, 10 of swords, strength, five of swords.
Hmm, in order for you to start looking for a relationship there are certain aspects about yourself that needed to change for a relationship to start anon.
Based on my cards, I can see you as a very in-control person, or maybe you work in the law/ justice field IRL. I felt like there were a lot of bad relationships and commitments which are not good or beneficial in your life and it really brings you down anon.
Even though you are older but I sense that you lack the maturity for your age, unlike your peers. This focuses on your finances like reckless spending, debt, or lack of money in general and it will influence your love life if you don't handle it soon.
You have been through some shit huh anon…I just hope you are ok and in a better place rn because you need to work on yourself and heal from past traumas. If you don't, no relationship is going to work out because of the emotional baggage that you carry.
Anon, you need to stand up for yourself more, you need to have strength in your life either physically or mentally. Don't settle for less, think of yourself first sometimes that way you can have the balance and bloom. I believe in you anon.
I don't know why but I sense there are a lot of enemies in your life anon, both hidden and in plain sight so be careful wherever you are.
You need to learn how to deal with loss, change and avoid picking fights with other people and useless arguments. That way you can allow love into your life once more.

No. 182900

Will my relationship last when I move cities?
>Queen of cups, the world, and knight of pentacles
I have a very mixed signal with this one but eventually, the answer is yes, because of the distance you guys will trust each other more and your relationship will be stronger and stronger. Btw, if you can sense sth sus, just run girl.

What should I work on as I start on a new, more bureaucratic/scientific career path?
>Strength, queen of swords, 8 of swords
You need to work on your strength, mentally and physically in your life, it's a harsh world out there anon. Don't forget to learn how to be direct with people and more independent, most likely there will be a period of time that you really don't have anyone to rely on. Consider your choice again anon, because in the future this path will bring you bad news, slander, abuse, and leave you questioning your existence.


Is my friend okay? He hasn’t responded to any of my messages and it worries me
>6 of pentacles, 9 of pentacles, and 5 of cups
I think he's fine anon, I can see that he might be doing some volunteer work or making more money. Be careful with him, I can see that he is dealing with some stuff rn and if you are not careful this could signify the end of your relationship.

What will my next relationship be like?
>Wheel of fortune, the hanged man, 9 of wands
You and this person is fated to be with each other anon, they are worth waiting for but i see that this relationship requires a lot of sacrifice and self-improvement for it to work out.

No. 182919

File: 1619897680818.png (1.08 MB, 778x665, 5743875043280385346.png)

It's nice, I wish more people would share decks in this thread because I love seeing all the different artwork. This is really pretty, with the focus on death and skeletons it reminds me a bit of the Marigold Tarot (picrel).

Yeah that one is cute! I like that she's just cuddling the skeleton in The Sun as well.

No. 182921

Thank you for the reading, anon! I'm >>182184 and what you're saying sounds pretty accurate, idk if I'd be capable of a LTR at the moment. Fingers crossed you're right about being more courageous tho haha

I believe in you nonna and wish you the best! ♥

No. 182926

File: 1619898470296.jpg (193.71 KB, 794x993, il_794xN.2633565790_cxkz.jpg)

I see your skeleton decks anons, let me present to you. THIS!!!
I love this way to much but its always out of stock.

No. 182949

Nonna guess what! I'm >>182516
and there's something you were slightly off on!

I was the one who started to get interested into a third party, not him, he's a fucking asshole. A friend of mine, a girlie, who has always had a crush on me, called me yesterday and now we're having plans to rekindle after all these years! she told me she will give me a kiss lol. So I am happy. Thanks for the read.

No. 182951

thank you! I am >>182504 and this gives me so much hope! I am over the moon! Excited and ecstatic!
It was wonderful having you do our readings. Thank you so much for your time. Good luck in your future endeavours! ♥

No. 182991

>>182785 thanks for your read anon, what you said was accurate and quite applicable to my situation

All the best wishes!

No. 183024

Thanks nonnie! I personally never had any bad relationships, but my mother has and it definitely soured my take on men and relationships. I do have some trauma related to that, it makes sense to seek help to not see men as time ticking abusers if I want to date one.

That enemies part is sort of unnerving, I'll keep that in mind. The finances part may not apply 100% though. Thanks again anon!

No. 183027

Hi, I'm >>182272 and I'm working on getting therapy, but it's nice to know that divination cards can actually perceive that as well. Thanks for the insight.

No. 183149

Thanks anon! I am >>181778 and honestly this reading made me cry, its what i needed to hear

No. 183361

File: 1620062650640.jpg (1.15 MB, 1087x862, 42390472384673287523.jpg)

I recently received the Blood Moon Tarot after backing it on Kickstarter and I'm obsessed with the artist's style. I love decks that use unconventional imagery and these are so rich and complex, perfect for contemplating symbolism and personal meaning. Kind of reminds me of the dark, mystical feel of Clive Barker's work. I like the suit of Dreams/Swords the most, very primal and powerful. These are some of my favorites so far. I can tell this will be a deck I reach for when I'm looking to dive into more serious queries.

No. 183432

Thanks anon (last one).
In the end, I didn't get what I wanted, but I'm ready to move on finally. I'm glad the pain is over.

No. 183500

Thank you anon.

No. 184521

all right I'm bored. give me your questions and I'll answer them tomorrow.

No. 184523

Should I chose Karina as my partner?

No. 184524

What will happen after I have sex with L?
Will it even happen/will both of us enjoy it?

No. 184527

Why have I been finding it really difficult to get along with my best friend lately and is there anything that I should do about it?

No. 184529


good connection with 33/m/Scorpio.

looking ok for more?


No. 184550

I (22/F/Cancer) had a romantic relationship (26/M/Cancer) end due to circumstantial challenges, rather than “falling out of love” or a loss of feelings. Will our circumstances ever become favorable enough to try this relationship again?

No. 184597

hey anons! I've just finished learning tarot basics so I'm looking for some questions to practice with. I can only do major arcana, so send me your questions if you're ok with that :)

No. 184598

Thanks for doing this, anon!

How will the rest of my 2021 go, career wise? aquarius/f

No. 184607

the world (reversed), the empress (reveresed), justice (reversed)

It seems that you had unfinished goals or some sort of unsatisfying end to projects in your past and currently your work is unfulfilling to you - Perhaps you don't feel supported by your team/management, or that you don't support their decisions. Unfortunately this may perpetuate into the near future, there may be decisions that you feel will be made unfairly (against you or just in general) and work may become more stressful as well. You should keep eye on your work life balance and have early conversations with people if you think you're not thriving.

This could also have a flipped meaning - that you're not satisfied with your current work and may make unfair judgements against them in the future.

No. 184618

Should I consider going for a potential romantic relationship, even if it will probably be short-lived? (moving soon)

No. 184621

Am I in love or is it only lust?

No. 184622

Death reversed, hermit reversed, the moon

There was something hold you back from allowing this relationship to end naturally. I'm getting the vibe that you're feeling alone and that may be contributing to you wanting to hold onto this potential relationship out of that fear. This sort of uncertainty I think is a good thing, the person you want to be with may not be all they seem and the relationship itself would be cloaked in insecurity. If I had to give any advice, it'll be to trust your intuition and stay sharp

No. 184624

temperance reversed, the lovers reversed

It's looking like lust to me…like I think you're really horny anon lol. You seem to be really eager for this person and it seems that sexually the compatibility may be there but the two of you may have conflicting goals and values in life for there to be a deep connection.

No. 184629


Will I build a bond with my partners siblings and will they like me? I am really anxious, because his sister dislikes me. She troubled me for a whole year.

No. 184690

File: 1620671455967.jpg (239.49 KB, 813x1000, 1589651509010.jpg)

fyi I am not tarot anon obviously. I'm a newbie.

the wheel of fortune, seven of swords, judgement, three of swords, knight of swords and the tower. I don't think you should choose Karina as your partner, anon. There is a lot of conflict, loss, heartbreak and a tumultuous hot and cold relationship to be had if you pursue her. The judgement card is telling you that you should look within, trust your intuition, judge Karina and weigh the pros and cons of your situation with her. The wheel of fortune tells me that you might get great fortune and run into someone compatible with you if it doesn't work out.
>What will happen after I have sex with L?
The tower, king of pentacles, three of swords, two of pentacles, nine of pentacles. The tower card tells me it will be life changing. L truly loves you and wants a committed relationship with the king of pentacles. Both of you are mutually in love with each other and have a great balance (with the two of pentacles). When one of you does something nice to the other one, you always try to reciprocate everything. L sees you as wifey material and puts you on a pedestal at the highest regard with the nine of pentacles. How sweet! Your bonds will be closer. With the three of swords, L longs for it to happen.
>Will it even happen/will both of us enjoy it?
Ace of rods, judgement, queen of cups, five of rods, seven of rods.
Ace of rods is a sexually charged card that is full of passion. With judgement, you will both have to figure out what you want in a sexual relationship to be satisfied. The queen of cups is saying that both of you are very much in love with each other that you will enjoy it regardless because of your deep feelings. Five of rods and seven of rods indicates it will be very steamy and passionate. Good luck!
>Why have I been finding it really difficult to get along with my best friend lately and is there anything that I should do about it?
ten of pentacles reversed, justice reversed, six of cups, four of cups, judgement reversed. You are too hard on yourself with the judgement card reversed. Or maybe she is too hard on herself. The six of cups tells me that you have a very deep bond - something that goes back to childhood? Or that you feel very close to her like you are childhood friends. Try to bring up nostalgic topics or do something together that you've enjoyed previously. With the ten of pentacles reversed and the four of cups, it looks like she is having financial problems or a difficult home life that makes her depressed and very withdrawn. If you were in a recent fight, the justice reversed card tells me that you should owe up to it and apologize to her.
queen of swords reversed, knight of cups, king of rods reversed, the world reversed, the high priestess. well, you got two major arcana cards so that's a good sign! and you have a lot of court cards too! so it is a strong connection. the queen of swords means that you yourself are hesitant in the relationship. you are rather reticent about something and are holding back on communicating. try to be more transparent and honest with him! the knight of cards means he has deep feelings for you! the reversed king of rods means that it isn't really a passionate or sexual connection, but one built on emotions for each other. is this a long distance relationship? the world indicates travel. and since it is in reverse, you need to tell him about something for closure. I think that would be a good idea, given the reversed queen of swords up top. With the High Priestess, you are slowly becoming closer to each other by revealing each other's inner thoughts, feelings, and desires - as well as fears. You are each other's confidantes!

Oh this post is getting really long so I will make the other post soon. Stay tuned!

No. 184699

File: 1620672840226.jpg (311.3 KB, 1024x768, 1590314290416.jpg)

>I (22/F/Cancer) had a romantic relationship (26/M/Cancer) end due to circumstantial challenges, rather than “falling out of love” or a loss of feelings. Will our circumstances ever become favorable enough to try this relationship again?
nine of cups, five of cups, temperance, the star reversed, eight of rods reversed, five of rods reversed.
You really fantasize a possible future with this person with the nine of cups and have grown content in your dream world thinking about them. The five of cups says that fantasizing about that situation might stop you from pursuing other possibilities that are close by to you. However, you do have the patience, love and devotion to make it work with this person. You are really in despair and have lost faith in fate with the reversed star card. If you do try to make it work with him even if the circumstances disagree with you, the eight of rods reversed says that it will stagnate you. Try not to be too forceful in pursuing them. Try to have your situations align naturally. With the five of rods reversed, you should try to get closure with this person. You should find peace if it doesn't happen and gain closure with him. Definitely don't wait around too long because you might miss other opportunities near you.
>Will I build a bond with my partners siblings and will they like me?
four of swords, five of swords reversed, two of rods, ten of swords, four of rods, wheel of fortune
aww, you think long and hard about building bonds with his siblings with the four of swords! you really want to befriend them. the five of swords reversed means that you will make amends with whatever bad blood you had between her and you. the two of rods also indicates some travel and that you are thinking deeply about how to go about befriending them all. unfortunately with the 10 of swords, they will talk about you behind your back in a negative light and when that news comes to light, you will feel backstabbed. it looks like that no matter what, you will be bonded to them. the four of rods means that there will be a celebration of some sort, and that you will eventually bond together in a wonderful way. the wheel of fortune reversed will break the cycle of their negativity. good luck!

No. 184703

What's the source of the pic? It's beautiful

No. 184719

thank you anon! very beautiful reading

No. 184832


here. thanks, anon.

yeah, i'm always a bit hesitant as i've been very badly burned before - i don't want to text or try and reach out to him too much because i don't want to seem clingy or needy.

i just moved here from across the country.

No. 184870

Can someone in here tell me more about “daemon tarot”? and should I be wary of someone who might use them to try and summon energies?

No. 184894

I looked it up and it’s just an oracle deck based on the demons from The Lesser Key of Solomon. Oracle decks are somewhat similar to tarot in that you use them for guidance and self reflection but they have their own definitions (i.e. every tarot deck will have The Magician but oracle decks all have unique cards meaning different things). Tools like these are only given weight and value based on our own interpretations and personal insights, anyone who is attempting to “summon energies” because their cards have an edgy new paint job is either a total loony or simply gullible and more a danger to themselves than you. I say this as a long-term reader with several decks. As much as I love tarot and have been impressed by unexpected insights, in the end the knowledge I’m drawing from “them” was already within me. The cards just make it more accessible by helping me consider fresh perspectives.

No. 184920

File: 1620733727668.gif (384.98 KB, 370x300, thankyouverymuch.gif)

Thank you, anon.

> aww, you think long and hard about building bonds with his siblings with the four of swords!

Yeah! I keep being really anxious about it, after all, I am all alone here and I miss my little siblings. I especially want to try spending time with his younger brother.

> the five of swords reversed means that you will make amends with whatever bad blood you had between her and you.

I am already on my road to peace with that. She is a really difficult woman coming from a spoiled family, and I do not want to have any petty drama.

> the two of rods also indicates some travel and that you are thinking deeply about how to go about befriending them all.

Travel? Does that mean I will be the one to travel somewhere, or would that be someone else? I planned on flying to my family this summer if the COVID would go down.

> unfortunately with the 10 of swords, they will talk about you behind your back in a negative light and when that news comes to light, you will feel backstabbed.

It breaks my heart, but i am not surprised. After all, I am more than sure that she's been talking bad stuff about me to their brother, making it easier to manipulate this kid. Same goes with partner and her mutual friends.
My problem with it is that it's one of the reasons why I am too anxious to even try doing anything about them, it always makes me take a step back, because I was deeply hurt by people before. I used to be a caregiver of everyone, doing things without anything in return, helping people, just in the end to find out and realise that a lot of them were doing nothing but using my kindness, that invloving some talking bad things about me, laughing at my life problems, etc. It gave me big trust issues for a long time now.

> the four of rods means that there will be a celebration of some sort, and that you will eventually bond together in a wonderful way.

Eh, I hope the celebration will be a good thing…! Nothing that I am too anxious of.
> the wheel of fortune reversed will break the cycle of their negativity.
Thank you.

I really appreciate it, anon. Thank you for spending your time on a reading.
The part with 'backstabbing' will most likely affect me a lot in the long run, but I am also that kind of a silly person who forgives quickly, but never forgets.

I just really hope that I will not let myself be fooled by people again, especially being wary about partner's sister, because deep down I know that she is up to no good, and never was.

No. 184954

File: 1620743484805.gif (471.21 KB, 245x138, crying icecream eating.gif)

Dang tarot anon, it's been a rough pandemic, u didn't need to read me so hard! lol Seriously tho, thank you for the reading! You're right that there's probably a reason things haven't happened already so no need to force it

No. 185086

File: 1620763801598.jpg (71.18 KB, 752x752, alex-vangandr-majorarcanaprevi…)

Would be cool and I'd be really grateful if someone did a reading for me! like a comparison or "two paths" thing if it's possible: first one would be getting back together with ex and the second is staying in my current relationship. If not that, then just ex's current feelings/thoughts about me.

No. 185097

Can I get general reading about how my life is going? I've had a hard time with mental illness, mood swings, anxiety and shitty relationships with people, I'm trying to recover, but am I on the right path? Will I actually be able to function normally? (i'm ok with hard truth)

No. 185103

your present situation: ace of pentacles
> white lilies symbolize the spirit, red roses symbolize passion
> a path separates the two
> at the end of the path is an open arch, symbolizing freedom
> you are facing an opportunity for a new beginning, but you are unsure of whether you should leave the comfort of the garden that you have grown accustomed to
> you are ready to invest the energy and drive required to start over again
> there is a real desire to put in essential hard work to realize your goals
> whatever choice you make, you will need to put in quite a bit of effort to bring your desires to fruition
> the choice that lies ahead is not an easy one
option one (getting back together with ex): two of cups
> the theme of this card is friendship
> a black snake symbolizes healing, and a white snake symbolizes wisdom
> a winged lion represents spiritual and sexual love
> a couple exchanges cups
> you are friends with your ex, despite any hurt that may have occurred in the past
> underneath the friendship lies sexual tension and desire
> the exchanging of cups represents a reciprocity of love and commitment to each other
> this card suggests reconciliation between warring parties and solutions to disputes
> a fresh start
> this card is commonly associated with love affairs but may equally refer to long-lasting friendship
> your ex most likely still has feelings for you
long-term outcome of option one: nine of pentacles
> success and enjoyment is the theme of this card
> intellectual harmony, material stability and security
> a period of calm in which you can fully appreciate the positive in your life
> the figure in the card is alone, but this does not mean that you will not keep your ex in your life if you choose this option
> the lone figure signifies independence and peace and self-realization
> a castle in the background of the card indicates domesticity, perhaps living together, but still maintaining individuality and healthy boundaries
option two (staying in current relationship): reversed eight of wands
> delay, frustration, resisting change, a downward trajectory or decline
> investing time in trivial matters
> you are hesitant to leave your current relationship because it is familiar and comfortable to you, but at the same time, you are feeling stuck
> sunk-cost fallacy
> multiple obstacles in your way
> instability and unpredictability
long-term outcome of option two: reversed three of swords
> this card is literally a heart pierced by swords
> the reversal is interesting though because upright would indicate clear heartbreak, emotional pain, sorrow, grief, and hurt
> reversal, on the other hand, indicates negative self-talk, releasing pain and tension, feelings of optimism and hope and forgiveness
> seems to suggest that your current partner has self-esteem/jealousy/hypersensitivity issues that have the potential to create problems in your relationship, especially if your ex continues to play a significant role in your life
> if you are experiencing problems in your relationship, this card reminds you to be the peacemaker
> always think carefully before you speak or act so that you will not regret what is said or done
> don't be afraid to say you're sorry

No. 185111

where you are now: reversed ace of cups
> an emotionally turbulent time
> your feelings are overflowing and difficult to manage right now
> but this is the card of self-love and intuition
> you're doing what you know you need to do in order to feel better
> you are connected with your subconscious mind and exploring this part of yourself privately
> you are reluctant to open up to or rely on other people about what you're going through
> you have your reasons for feeling closed off
> you might feel embarrassed or afraid of what might happen if you express yourself and show vulnerability
> it's okay if you're not ready to do so
> you can find ways to release your emotions privately, like journalling, moving your body, singing, or other creative pursuits
next steps: three of wands
> your project of recovery is well on its way
> you're a fire sign and the element of this card is also fire, signifying that you have the imagination, wisdom, and motivation to foster confidence in yourself
> the element of fire responds positively to inspiration
> know that your vision will be realized
> although you have achieved a lot already, you're still in the early phases of your journey
> nothing is totally fixed and your opportunities have not yet been realized
> celebrate the progress that you've made; it might not seem like much but you've already come a long way
> you have set out to achieve something and you have your mind fixed on a set goal or destination, but sometimes the point that you consider to be the end result is only the beginning
> it's the journey that counts, not the destination
obstacle: reversed hierophant
> personal beliefs, the status quo
> you have strong convictions about what life should be like for you and you compare yourself to others too much
> you need follow your own path rather than abiding by traditional or conventional ways of life
> you have internalized beliefs about yourself and about the world that are causing you harm
> try to form more helpful and positive belief systems and ways of adapting to the challenges that life throws at you
> you don't need external approval to succeed
> you are ready to go it alone and do things your own way
> give yourself permission and trust yourself to do what's best for you
> don't be afraid to challenge the status quo and question the ideas that were presented to you as the truth
strengths and resources: the magician
> you have infinite potential
> you are talented, resourceful, and capable of creating new opportunities for yourself
> you have all the tools that you need to manifest your intentions into being
> the skills, knowledge, and talents that you have gathered along your life path have led you to where you are now, even if you can't see it right now
> you must establish a clear vision of what you desire before you act
> bring your Higher Self in alignment with your day-to-day activities to create the future that you want most
> focus on one thing at a time; you don't need to do everything all at once
outcome: the emperor
> this card symbolizes the power of the mind and the social world
> influence, discipline, authority
> taking command and control over your own life
> finding a sense of direction, passion, and energy for life
> a figure sits on a throne, wearing a crown, holding a sceptre, with a shield by his side
> you can protect yourself from external threats and build the resilience that you need to deal with your problems
> someday you may occupy a role of leadership where others rely on you for guidance or advice and will treat you with loyalty and respect
> throughout the course of your life, you have gained valuable wisdom and life experience, and you can pass that along to others–whether that's as a teacher, coach, boss, or even just a good friend
> you're definitely on the right track and your future looks very bright even though things are rough right now

No. 185120

File: 1620773876620.gif (985.74 KB, 280x210, ob_9ce1c6_crystal-ball-gazing-…)

Anon, thank you so much! You are awesome!!

No. 185132

Whoa anon, I'm shocked at how detailed is this reading! I am REALLY thankful you spend your time to do a reading for some random anon.
I'm also really happy how positive this reading has turned out to be. It made me happy and calmed me down.

No. 185534

File: 1620938499735.gif (744.27 KB, 300x297, open.gif)

happy to help, nonitas. I could use more practice and feedback so if anyone else has any questions, ask away!

No. 185544

What will my future husband be like? What will our lives together look like? Will we have a happy healthy family together?

No. 185549


Hello taro anon, 32/f/Libra here. Looking for some guidance. Recently the universe answered my prayers and blessed me immensely. I feel like I'm ready to pay it forward, but I'm a bit lost as to how to go about it. Would taro be able to help me find my way?

No. 185555

Is K just going to break my heart again if I stay with him?

No. 185571

seven of wands reversed
> the figure on the card is fighting alone
> exhaustion, giving up, feeling overwhelmed
> external pressure is weighing you down
> you are drawn to the idea of marriage because you have an idealized image of it in your mind, perhaps imposed by others
> do not compromise or negotiate
> look at the big picture of life and don't get too caught up with the idea of marriage
> build your self-esteem and confidence before seeking a serious relationship
> you may have a tendency to avoid conflict wherever possible and to back down from your point of view too easily or too often
> this tells me that you are prone to getting stuck in an abusive relationship
> consider whether it is really more important to be accepted and loved by others than it is to accept and love yourself
> I get the sense that you're rather young or inexperienced (it would've helped the accuracy of this reading if you had included your age and sign)
> you need to be stable and secure on your own before you can fully commit to someone else
three of cups reversed
> independence, alone time
> take the time to build a solid relationship with yourself
> this card can indicate that you are feeling pressure to conform
> you may be feeling that you are judged for being single or not having much experience
> when it comes to relationship readings, the reversed three of cups can appear when a third person is involved
> could be a sign of infidelity in future partners if you aren't vetting them properly and trusting them too soon
the fool
> new beginnings, innocence, impulsiveness
> this card depicts a young, carefree man staring up into the sky as he is about to walk off a cliff
> you are confident that you will get married someday, but this appears to be just an assumption based on social and cultural norms
> the fool is naive and hopeful, but he is about to make a perilous misstep by not watching where he's going
> don't get married just for the sake of it, and don't settle for less than you deserve
> you need to meet the right person and get to know them for a long time before you can even begin to think about making a lifetime commitment
> be patient! you're only just beginning your journey
> this is a time of great potential and opportunity for you
> the world is your oyster and anything could happen
> relax, play, and have fun
> don't take things too seriously at this stage in your life
> it is too soon to be planning on having a family
> you can't be happy and healthy in marriage without having the ability to be happy and healthy on your own first

No. 185573

five of wands
> represents conflict and change
> the card shows a group of men fighting, one of whom is not wearing shoes which symbolizes vulnerability
> it may seem like whenever you take one step forward, you also take two steps back
> making progress isn't easy, and communication may prove to be tricky and confusing during this time
> however, this phase will not last forever, and it is often the case that frustrations force us into new and sometimes more constructive ways of doing things
> you may find yourself in the midst of tension or competition with others that is affecting your ability to move forward with your goals
> rise above the chaos and disorder
> take a moment to listen to what others have to say, even if you agree to disagree
> this card also encourages diversity and difference of opinion
> you may deal with people from differences of opinion, different cultures or backgrounds
> know that each person has something unique to bring to the table and will benefit by learning more about them
> take an enthusiastic approach to change
> transformation is coming whether you like it or not
nine of wands
> inner strength, resilience, courage, persistence
> the figure has a bandaged head, symbolizing that the seat of ideas is wounded, yet he refuses to surrender
> no matter how difficult a situation may seem, it is always worth trying to fight the good fight
> you have accumulated resources, along with strength and courage, that you can draw upon in critical times
> you are being called upon to use your integrity and wisdom gained through personal experience to help others
> this card assures you that you will eventually succeed in this goal if you maintain your position
> others may oppose your plans, make things difficult, or even attack you for what you are putting out into the world
> they may be jealous of your success or might be projecting their own insecurities and fears onto you
> but you are a change-maker, and you have a vital message to share in this world
> even if others oppose you, there are many more people who support your cause and are willing to help you
> establish strong boundaries and don't let others deplete your energy or stand in your way
> get clear on what you need in this situation and communicate those needs to others
the emperor
> authority, ambition, material stability
> the human spirit is encased in the material world
> the emperor's throne is angled to the right, the side of action
> he holds an orb in his left hand, the side of creativity, as a symbol of understanding the laws of the material world
> the emperor is a figure of power and influence, whose function is to organize the world for both himself and others
> the emperor is the father figure of the tarot deck, suggesting that you might provide for others and assume a protective role for those who rely on your stability and security
> you possess the energy and ability to make definite changes or bring ideas into concrete reality
> you will find a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and you will be able to manifest your goal
> listen to the advice of others, but know that you have the final say
> create calm out of chaos by breaking down any problem into its parts and then mapping out the actions that you need to take to resolve it
> be systematic, strategic, and highly organized, and you can accomplish a lot of good things
> this card implores you to use the power of your logical mind to solve problems and address issues, but the other two cards are in the suit of wands, which indicates that you need imagination and creativity as well in order to make the best decisions on how to pay it forward

No. 185577

is that you, shayna? just kidding
seven of pentacles
> the theme of this card is the need to decide
> the figure cannot choose between the more established, familiar option or the pursuit of a new direction
> the expression on his face is fatigued, a little "over it" from having put in so much effort
> there are likely advantages and disadvantages to either choice, and it is up to you weigh up the pros and cons to act accordingly
> take a long-term view and consider whether staying with K is sustainable
> take a step back from the day-to-day operations and look at the big picture
> are you on track for the life that you want for yourself? are you focused on the right goals?
> you do not want to keep putting your heart and soul into something if you won't reap any rewards for your work
> you have undoubtedly seen already that K has sapped a lot of your energy
> it may be unreasonable to expect any more from him than what he has already shown himself to be
two of wands reversed
> personal goals, fear of the unknown, lack of planning
> draw your attention inwards and focus on your personal goals
> consider what is important to you and what makes you truly happy
> you may have headed in one direction, only to realize that it wasn't in alignment with your deeper values and purpose in life
> reconnect with your dreams and ambitions, then make necessary adjustments to achieve them
> being with K might seem great in theory, but there is no clear strategy to make it work in reality (this could indicate that he has no intention of putting in effort to make things work and to avoid hurting you again)
> you may have been opting for the easy path when it is in fact the more difficult path that gives us the best opportunity for growth
> you are reluctant to step into unknown territory despite the enormous potential, because you would prefer to stick with what you know
> reconnect with your vision and why you are here, and know that you will need to explore new fields to reach your highest level
two of pentacles
> change, versatility, action, movement, prioritization
> the image is of a juggler keeping two balls in the air, signifying the need to pay attention to several things at once
> you have a lot going on in your life other than K, or if you don't now, then you will someday soon
> don't let him take priority over everything else
> you need to manage your time, energy, and resources carefully so that you do not lose your balance
> again, this card reminds you that you are getting caught up in the day-to-day and might be losing sight of the bigger picture
> ask yourself: what kind of life do I want? is being with K contributing to that life, or detracting from it?
> sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do

No. 185616

I'm in a great loving relationship but I'm terrified after being burnt so hard in the past. Is this one truly a goodie?

No. 185644

Am I making the right decision to reconcilliate with this former friend

No. 185680

death reversed
> transformation, new beginnings, letting go of the past
> you are on the verge of meaningful change but you are resisting it out of fear
> you carry harmful viewpoints from the past that may interfere with your new life
> as you release the past and surrender to the present, the future becomes even brighter
> remind yourself to embrace change; you might wish to even repeat this affirmation
> a subtle shift in energy allows new doors to open in ways you may never have imagined possible
> release what no longer serves you
seven of cups
> this card shows a figure relaxing by a pool of water, gazing at his own reflection
> images of a dragon, snake, castle, dove, laurel wreath, jewel, and a mysterious cloaked figure float above his head
> this card tells me that you are thinking a lot about "what-if" situations that are not likely to materialize
> you may be thinking subconsciously that you do not deserve the happiness that you are experiencing
> you are looking at your past experiences as reflections of what will happen in the future
> the cloaked figure is especially interesting; his back is turned and you cannot see his face
> you are worried about not being able to fully trust your partner or know who he is
> just know that this is all in your head
> in reality, there is no indication that he is not worth trusting
> remember that you are worthy of this love
ten of cups
> the theme of this card is contentment and a happy home life
> this card shows a mother and father looking proudly upon their children
> ten is the number of completion, indicating longevity and long-term stability and emotional fulfilment
> a permanent sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of ordinary pleasures
> there is deep gratification from sharing your feelings, but don't forget that constant effort is required to maintain this state
> the benefits that this card shows are earned and not magically bestowed
anon, it's very fortuitous that two cards of the cups suit appeared for you because the element of this suit is water which aligns perfectly with your astrological sign. cups also signify emotions and feelings, and they both appeared upright for you. I'm getting nothing but harmonious vibes from this reading which bodes really well for your relationship. looks like you found a keeper. I'm so happy for you!

No. 185684

the hanged man reversed
> delays, resistance, stalling, indecision
> this card indicates that you know you need to hit the pause button, but you are resisting it
> make space for your inner doubts and listen to your intuition
> you may be feeling frustrated that things have been left unresolved
> surrender to "what is" and let go of "what could be"
> this card urges you to be in flow with life and loosen your grip
> you have been content to wait around, to an extent, but you cannot wait forever as there must come a time for you to decide
> this card can signal that you are stalling a decision or action until you feel 100% ready
> it may be the case that you will not end up feeling good about either option, but one may be better for you in the long run than the other
eight of cups
> disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, avoidance
> a figure climbs a mountain, with his back turned to the past
> the mountain is barren, giving no clue of what lies ahead
> the moon is waning, indicating that something is ending
> you have invested a lot of time, care, and energy in your friendship, but sometimes that's not enough
> just because you try does not mean that you will succeed
> this card suggests that the friendship has run its course and that it would be best to move on, even if it brings you sadness
> deep down, you know that this friendship is not serving your Highest Good and it will leave you feeling unfulfilled
> think about whether you are yearning to be friends with this specific person, or whether you are actually yearning for a deep connection in general
three of pentacles reversed
> disharmony, misalignment, working alone
> this card shows a workman leaving behind an unfinished building
> again, I'm getting the sense that you've put a lot of energy into this friendship but it is not worth your effort
> some progress has been made but there is still a long way to go
> I get the impression that you have worked on yourself and done a lot of introspection, but I sense that your friend has not done the same for themselves
> they are stagnating and stuck in their ways
> you're just not on the same page anymore and I don't think it's a good idea to invest anymore time and energy in your friend
> you can find other friends who will respect you and value what you have to offer

No. 185727

Thank you tarot anon! It's true I've been dwelling on this decision for the last little while and I just can't seem to commit to a decision. But all the signs point to me taking my own road instead of falling back to something familiar but likely destructive. I really appreciate such a long, well thought reading. Sending love and happiness your way xx

No. 185729

What's the outlook for my upcoming job search?

No. 185738

Hi nonnie, I'm 21/F/Virgo, I want to know if I'm on the right career path and if things will finally be smooth from here on out? also want to know if this much needed break from eachother will help strengthen my s/o and mine's bond once we heal and grow or if it isn't strong enough to withstand time apart? many thanks in advance

No. 185747


Nonny thank you so so much! You have no idea how much it means to me. All hail sweet tarot anons.

No. 185769

Thank you so much anon! It’s true I should work on myself first. I have confidence and self esteem issues. I wouldn’t want to drag anyone down with my problems, so I should work on that first. Thanks for doing this despite the lack of information. I know what to do to make my relationship stronger!

No. 185812


Thank you so much Taro anon, this resonates with me well!! I now think I know how to pay this blessing forward, but will remember to listen when the universe whispers in my ear. Many positive vibes and thanks again!!

No. 185836

this reading felt a little off for me, so take it with a grain of salt. for future inquiries, it would be best to include your age and astrological sign to give me something to anchor on to for greater accuracy
king of cups
> the king holds the cup in the right hand, the hand of action
> behind his throne, a fish leaps out of the water in the distance, representing the power of creativity and imagination, but the king seems unaware of it
> this card symbolizes one who wishes to be involved but is nevertheless cautious about fully immersing oneself
> the crab crawling out of the water represents ambivalence
> you long for something, maybe a specific type of job, but you also fear it, perhaps doubting yourself and whether you can handle it
five of pentacles reversed
> recovery from financial loss or difficulties
> an end to difficult times, particularly if you have recently suffered a major financial hit or job loss
> you may find new sources of income or a new job
> you may begin to feel as if life is worth living again and regaining your self-confidence
> if you find your fixation on material things is causing harm to your mindset, it's time to stop worrying too much about it
> even if you only have a few cents to your name, you still have things to be grateful for: perhaps a loving family, supportive friends or good health
> things may suck right now but if you hear this poverty/lack mindset coming through in your thoughts, trust that the Universe is here to support you financially, especially when you are following your calling and purpose in life
> when you truly want something, you'll make it happen
six of pentacles
> the castle in the background is a symbol of wealth and security; the stone arch is a symbol of stability and permanence
> a well-dressed man offers alms to the poor
> six is the number of balance and equality
> give when you can and take when you must
> in life, no one will ever always be in the offering role, nor in the receiving
> we all have opportunities to give and take
> the man holds a set of scales, indicating that he is measuring out exactly what is needed: no more and no less
> you will find yourself receiving what you need, which may not be the same as what you want

No. 185844

I drew two cards for each question since you asked more than one. for the career question:
king of pentacles
> pentacles is the suit of money and potential, and its element is earth which aligns with your astrological sign
> the king represents power, authority, ambition, discipline, and abundance
> this card symbolizes someone who has worked hard for success and is pleased with the achievement
> you are well aware of the effort it takes to achieve your goals
> you are not afraid of hard work and you will reap what you have sown
> you desire status and respect, which will motivate you in your journey
> you have the capacity for confidence and success in your career
> you will translate your vision into something tangible, practical, and often very lucrative
> you have experimented in the past with what works best and have landed on methods and practices that you know will continue to work for you in the future
> continue down this path rather than taking risks or trying new things when it comes to your career
> rest assured, you will prosper, and there will come a time when you no longer struggle to achieve what you desire
> it looks like you are indeed on the right track for your career
the sun reversed
> this card calls your inner child to come out and play
> as adults, we get so lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to have fun
> this card is giving you permission to leave behind your work and responsibilities, even for just a moment
> you're young and you have a long path ahead of you; don't be afraid to let loose once in a while
> this card may also indicate that you struggle sometimes to see the bright side of life
> you may have experienced setbacks that damage your enthusiasm and perhaps led you to question whether you can achieve what you set out to do
> you may be feeling depressed or left out and are no longer enjoying what you do
> your direction and path ahead may appear clouded and distorted
> nevertheless, the sun is never a negative card, even when reversed, so this state that you are in is only temporary
> the obstacles in your way can easily be removed if you set your mind to it, but it might take you more effort than usual
for the relationship question:
the chariot reversed
> opposition, lack of direction
> if something is not moving forward as you planned, re-evaluate the situation and check to see if it's a sign that you need to change course
> ask yourself: is there a deeper reason that things have become more challenging? what lessons can I learn from this break?
> it might feel sometimes like you're banging your head against a brick wall, trying to push forward and make things work, when really you should back off or change direction
> or you may have lost your motivation and no longer feel as committed anymore
> this card indicates that you have been focusing your energy and attention on internal processes such as self-discipline, inner determination, and personal commitment
> these internal actions are essential so that when the time comes to act or make a decision, you will be ready
> the key is to look at what you control and what you cannot
> do not worry about what is out of your grasp as you cannot change it now
> loosen your grip and let things run their course
three of cups
> this card shows three ladies dancing in a circle, lifting their glasses in what appears to be a toast
> in the foreground is a fountain with a fish, a symbol of outpouring emotion
> now is a good time to lean into friendships with women or family members
> maybe there is an event in the present or near future where you have an opportunity to celebrate with others, whether it's an engagement, a wedding, a birthday, graduation, a new job, something along those lines
> this card is about sharing good times with loved ones
> together, you give and receive the love, support, and compassion that each of you needs from one another
> the three of cups ties in with the reversed sun card, urging you to let go and enjoy yourself in good company

No. 185850

Thank you nonnie your reading makes me very hopeful! Sorry about my lack of info, I will be sure to include it next time.

Can I ask how you get started reading tarot? Did you teach yourself and how long have you been doing it?

No. 185860

you're welcome, nonita, I'm glad to hear that I gave you some hope! I started going to psychic expos and getting readings done when I was a young adolescent. I've had my cards for over a decade now. they came with a book of interpretations and basic instructions. I also look up interpretations on the biddy tarot website, particularly for reversed cards because my book doesn't take upright/reversed into consideration. so I sort of taught myself, but I started off learning from readings that were done for me. I still haven't memorized the meanings of each card so I tend to rely on external tools quite a bit. I hadn't touched my cards for a very long time until recently. this thread inspired me get back into it and I enjoy it a lot. I also have way too much time on my hands lately lol

No. 185861

23/female/gemini: I have a really important job interview on Monday; am I on the right path to prepare and should I remain hopeful?

No. 185887


does the person i'm still feeling hung up about genuinely want the best for me?

No. 185908

eight of wands reversed
> the card depicts a figure shooting several arrows from a quiver all at once
> suggests the need to slow down and consider your steps before continuing
> during the interview, take a moment to pause and gather all of your thoughts before answering
> there's no need to rush into an answer
> if you pause for 10 seconds or so, nobody's going to think you're slow, instead you'll come across as more thoughtful and composed
> remember that it's perfectly normal to feel anxious; don't try to resist or stop the feelings of nervousness, just notice the physical sensations, take a deep breath, and move forward
> this card can indicate delays so make sure you show up early to the interview
> however, this card also indicates that you're aligning your resources so that you can actively pursue your goal
> you'll be adequately prepared on the day of, and you'll be in an excellent position to move forward with your plans
seven of pentacles reversed
> your approach to preparation seems a bit scattered and you are questioning whether you are investing time in the right areas
> prioritize your activities carefully
> make sure you look after yourself in the days leading up to the interview
> eat healthy food, exercise, and get a good sleep the night before
> all your preparation will be for nothing if you go into the interview feeling tired and malnourished
> this card also indicates that there is a point of diminishing returns, and there is such a thing as too much preparation
> there will come a point when preparing will no longer deliver any value because you've done all that you can
> this might suggest that you should take it easy on the day of the interview and don't try to do too much or you could wear yourself out
eight of swords reversed
> self-limiting beliefs, loud inner critic, release your negative thoughts, remain open to new perspectives and possibilities
> the woman on the card is blindfolded, tied up, and surrounded by swords that are stuck in the ground, seemingly trapping her in place
> but her legs are not bound; she has more power than she realizes and she is free to escape her limitations
> don't lose hope before you've even had the chance to interview
> like of course I'm not going to tell you to stop feeling hopeful kek… even the way your question is phrased sounds somewhat self-defeating
> you need to go into it feeling confident about yourself and your capabilities
> let go of your limiting beliefs and establish a more empowered mindset
> catch yourself when you lapse into negative, overly critical thought patterns and break the cycle
> keep reminding yourself that you deserve this job and you would be good at it
> if you don't believe in yourself, you won't be able to persuade others to believe in you either
> while it's good to be prepared, like I said, it is possible to overprepare and overthink things
> it's important on the day of the interview that you try to go into it feeling as relaxed and happy as you can
> do things that make you feel good beforehand, whether that's watching funny videos or looking at photos of cute animals or whatever you like
> you are capable of creating a more positive reality for yourself
> think of it this way: no matter the outcome of the interview, you'll walk out of it having gained something (experience, new insights, new connections, etc.)
> you're on your way to getting through a difficult time; trust that there is light at the end of the tunnel
wishing you good luck nonna, you've got this!

No. 185914

this question is rather vague. for all I know, you could be talking about an estranged family member, a friend, an ex-lover, or just a crush. more context would have been helpful but I'll do my best to answer anyway:
page of cups
> new beginnings on a feeling level
> all pages are represented by youth because they represent something in its infancy
> the feelings and ideas indicated by pages are still unformed; the ideas they offer have not reached maturity
> when pages appear, they could point to a variety of different meanings such as a change of heart about an emotional matter
> however, pages could also represent a wealth of potential and possibility
> the page holds a gold cup with both hands as though he wishes to grasp all it may offer him
> the fish in the cup is an image of the potential for deep understanding of the world
> like a fish, insight can easily elude us, darting and flashing through deep waters of the emotions, so that only glimpses may be seen at a time
> this card often appears when you are being called to trust your intuition
page of swords
> new beginnings in mental activity, new perspectives or ideas or knowledge
> the page is holding a sword up in the air with both hands, alert and ready to defend himself against an attack
> several birds fly above the page, symbolizing the mind's ability to soar high above mundane reality and hold many different thoughts together at once
> the page of swords has a reputation for being at best mischievous and at worst malicious
> represents a person who tends toward gossip and idle chat rather than verbal exchanges that are profitable and truly informative
> swords often express a level of conflict or tension, and this bundle of energy may sometimes prove too much to handle
> this card could represent that either you or this person you refer to is exploring their ability to communicate, share ideas, and gather information
> it might be a good idea to give yourself a break from this person and return with fresh eyes
nine of cups reversed
> this card is giving me sexual vibes but the reversal indicates that something's gone wrong here
> it's difficult for me to say exactly what's wrong because I don't have many details
> it could be that you've expected a relationship to reach a certain point and it didn't, it could be that you were abused or mistreated by someone but you still have affectionate feelings for them, I'm really not sure
> something is missing or lacking
> maybe the person you're thinking of is incapable of feeling empathy or lacks the ability to be intimate with others (whether that's emotionally or physically)
> at any rate, this card tells me that you're looking outside of yourself for happiness when you should really look within
> ask yourself: why are you still hung up on this person? why does it matter so much whether they genuinely want the best for you?
> your expectations may be unrealistic, and you may have chosen goals that are not attainable; if so, it's best to let them fall to the wayside
> this card also carries a connotation of overindulgence at the expense of health or wellbeing
> it could be that you or the person you're referring to has a problem with alcohol, drugs, partying, food, sex, or spending
I'm not getting good feelings from this person you're hung up on. the pages could indicate that they have a juvenile, immature mindset or maybe that's you (no offence, it's just hard for me to tell based on the very sparse information you've provided). regardless, the most important message I'm getting from this reading is that you should want the best for yourself, and I'm getting the sense that you haven't quite figured out what exactly that is.

No. 185916

i literally have no idea how in the fuck to get a tarot anon to do a reading for me but let me reply to shoot my shot


what is holding me back in my life? what direction should I take?

No. 185917

Wow anon! most of that is frighteningly spot on. Sorry for not providing context, person is an ex-lover. I broke up with them because my gut feeling told me they weren't trust-worthy, they never opened up emotionally to me which is why I couldn't tell whether they were or weren't and I didn't want to have that sort of relationship. That was when they FIINALLY opened up and were emotionally vulnerable with me, and it made me have a change of heart, for better or for worse. They were vague at the time and I didn't want to push to get more info out of them, since that's what i'd spent the whole relationship doing and i was tired by then, but they talked very lowly of themselves. I also sometimes don't get good feelings when I think back at it, because it seems as if they were trying to manipulate me. They didn't abuse me physically and I may be dramatic but it did feel and still does feel emotionally cruel how distant emotionally they were with me. We would spend and enjoy a lot of time together yet they didn't want to open up. And yeah I still love them, I just wish they weren't so emotionally stunted. I definitely was neglecting myself during the relationship trying to get them to reciprocate my expressiveness until i gave up, i probably would've still neglected myself afterwards if they hadn't told me that i deserved better and spoken kindly of me,, because i care so much about them so it coming from them means so much, but then it also often feels to me like they were overwhelmed with guilt at them time and only said that to make themselves feel better, never really meaning it. I think about what they told me every day because it propels me to stay focused and become a better person, i even got into therapy and stuff. There's a constant inner battle within me that tells me they didn't mean it so there's no point in trying to become healthier. I may or may not have a spending problem and he may have an alcohol and especially drugs problem.

No. 185922

Could I get a reading if you're still doing them? 26/Libra, looking for some guidance on a huge life change that just happened.

No. 185936

tarot anon here. thank you so much for leaving detailed feedback! I'm glad the reading resonated with you, and I'm happy to hear you've been working on yourself and getting therapy to sort these issues out. a couple things jump out for me:
> I also sometimes don't get good feelings when I think back at it, because it seems as if they were trying to manipulate me
> it also often feels to me like they were overwhelmed with guilt at the time and only said that to make themselves feel better, never really meaning it
the page of cups called on you to trust your intuition, but the page of swords also reminded you that the mind can hold many different thoughts together at the same time. I think there was some level of manipulation coming from this person. clearly they were withholding emotional intimacy and vulnerability from you, even though you tried to get them to reciprocate when you were still together. however, that doesn't mean that what they said wasn't true. the way I see it is that they finally gave you what you wanted by being honest with you, but it was on their own terms, at a time when they chose to do so, seemingly in an attempt to regain some semblance of control. I think it is quite likely that this person was being both manipulative and truthful at the same time. also:
> a constant inner battle within me that tells me they didn't mean it so there's no point in trying to become healthier
I don't think you're being dramatic when you say that it was cruel of them to be so emotionally distant. it's a form of neglect. your needs weren't met and it sounds like it hurt your sense of self-worth. but anon, it is most definitely worth it to try to become healthier, regardless of what this person said or didn't say to you. you don't need anyone's kindness, you only need to show kindness to yourself. you matter. don't let your sense of self rest entirely on someone else's perception of you. the way that you see yourself is way more important. it's very apparent that you have the capacity to care deeply for others. that's something to be proud of, and it means that you can care just as deeply for yourself too.

No. 185937

before I even touch the cards, let me just say that you're only 18! nobody has their shit together at that age. your brain won't even finish developing for several more years. I'm not saying this to be harsh or patronizing. what I'm saying is that you should go easy on yourself and give yourself time to grow and develop into the person you're becoming. okay, now on to the reading:
knight of cups
> the theme of this card is the lover
> literally the personification of a knight in shining armour
> when this card appears in a reading, it may be time for you to pursue your dreams
> it may also indicate that the spirit of romance will enter your life, which may manifest itself as a person who matches the description of "lover" or as an upsurge of romantic or artistic emotions within yourself
> be open to exploring your passions and big ideas
> you may find yourself drawn to a particular hobby, project, or study
> or maybe you just don't know what life has in store for you yet! that's okay too
> the cards in this reading are all exceptionally positive, so I think you'll end up surprising yourself with what you can achieve
the sun
> this card shows an image of a child riding a white horse; the sun shines brightly overhead and sunflowers and orange trees bloom in the background
> joy, optimism, youthful energy, success, radiance, abundance
> the sun rules the day, bringing a clarity of vision
> when dawn breaks the night, suddenly what seemed impossible at the darkest hour seems possible again
> you may be feeling stuck right now, as though frozen in the dead of night, but know that this is a temporary phase
> you can always count on the sun to rise again… things will get a lot better!
> this card emphasizes positive thought, action, and indicates a time of strength, good health, and general good cheer are on the horizon
> you will discover who you are and why you are here
> rest assured that everything will work out for you as long as you express yourself authentically and remain fully present in the world around you
> you are being asked to radiate your energy and gifts out into the world
two of wands
> this card emphasizes what I was referring to about having your whole life ahead of you
> a figure looks out over the harbour walls into the open sea, clutching two wands
> the right-hand wand signifies action, and the left-hand wand signifies passivity, while the figure is a balance between the two
> the cloak and boots that the figure is wearing symbolizes a journey that has not yet begun
> the ocean is a sign of uncharted waters that lie ahead at the beginning of any new venture
> the essential message of this card is that you have potential that is yet to be fulfilled
> you will be faced with plenty of opportunities for the future but the outcome is still far from clear
> you are open to growth and exploring new territories, but you might not feel ready just yet to step outside of your comfort zone
> it takes courage to set forth on your journey, but this card gives you the confidence of self-knowledge
> let your intuition and passion guide you
> you have already come so far, and now you feel ready for a change: this time with your long-term future in mind
> maybe overseas travel or further education
> with careful planning and a moderate approach, there's no doubt that you will set yourself up for success
> the world has something bigger or more meaningful to offer you, but you must leave familiar ground to capitalize on the opportunities that await
> one day you will be ready to step out and explore all of your options, but for now just know that there are so many available to you! dream big

No. 185941

hmm, I'm not sure how accurate this one is. I may be depleted from having done so many readings today, but I hope this helps.
ace of wands
> the theme of this card is an outburst of creativity
> a hand reaches out from the clouds, holding a single wand which represents a gift from spirit
> the space between the wand and the castle in the background signifies the gap between the idea and its fulfilment
> the castle symbolizes promises and potential
> aces signify a new start
> this new beginning is full of energy and initiative
> it is time for a new endeavour, maybe artistic or in the business world
> the essential ingredient to get this new project underway is a spark of inspiration
> any new idea needs careful nurturing if is to come to fruition
> you will encounter an upswing of energy with regard to some new undertaking
king of pentacles reversed
> financial ineptitude, an obsession with wealth and status
> there is a need to draw upon self-discipline and control so that you can save for your future while still enjoying the fruits of your labour
> conversely, you may be putting money before everything else which negatively impacts relationships and your own wellbeing
> you may be a workaholic, over-investing in your career and neglecting loved ones as a result
> at times, the king of pentacles represents someone who is very stubborn and rigid in their approach
> you may be feeling stuck in a rut
> being grounded is a good thing, but give yourself permission every now and then to break free and do something different
ace of swords reversed
> inner clarity, rethinking an idea, clouded judgment
> again, a hand reaches out from the clouds, this time holding a sword with a laurel on its tip
> the road ahead will be challenging and you will need mental resilience to navigate this path
> a new idea or breakthrough may be emerging from within you, but it is not fully formed just yet
> it is important to give yourself time and space to meditate and clear your mind so you can bring this idea into fruition in the most effective way
> sometimes this card can indicate that it's time to go back to the drawing board
> you may still be pursuing an idea that no longer has any meaning for you, or you may have too many ideas on the go and cannot commit to one course of action
> set goals for yourself that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound
> you need to get clear on what you are working towards
> focus on the basics and plan ahead
> with regards to mental clarity, you may be missing relevant information or evidence that will help you decide
> invest your time and energy in seeking out the truth rather than just taking things at face value

No. 186012

thank you so much tarot anon, I feel very optimistic!!

No. 186027

Psychic expo sound like a good time, I'd love to go to one once lockdown ends. So would you say you have psychic abilities? I know you mentioned you learn from your readings and the book of interpretation but is there a 'feeling' that tells you to interpret the cards in a certain way? How does the age and astrological sign play into the reading itself?

I've dabbled in natal chart readings and enjoyed it alot, thinking of branching out into tarot cards so I'm really interested in your experience.

No. 186038

wow I thought my cards would be really bad. although I’m very skeptical because tarot cards always give positive readings but I don’t know this slightly put an optimistic dent in my day where I was just crying in the bathroom, thanks!

No. 186072

age and astrological sign tell me a bit about the inquirer and give me something concrete to latch on to. with in-person readings, you get a sense of someone's energy and identity, but anonymous online readings can be more challenging for the reader because there is so little information to go off of. every suit has an element that corresponds with astrological elements (cups = water, swords = air, wands = fire, pentacles = earth). if you get multiple cards in a reading that correspond with the inquirer's sign, it can signify a harmonious and accurate reading. also, certain cards correspond directly to each sign. for instance, aries corresponds with the king of wands and the emperor, so if you pull one of these cards in a reading for an aries, it's validation that you're on the right track. age and astrological sign informs me about what point in life the inquirer is at and what characteristics they may possess.

I believe that I do have some level of psychic ability. you can read more about that here, this is me >>182590. weird things have happened to me that I cannot explain. for example, I'll find myself thinking of an acquaintance, for no apparent reason, who I haven't thought of in months or years, only to have them send me a friend request or message within an hour or so. last summer, I had a dream that I got into a freak accident and suffered third-degree burns to my face. the pain was so visceral and vivid that it haunted me for days. I could smell the burning flesh and felt my skin blistering as I screamed in agony. that same week, someone whom I had known since childhood experienced the same accident and sustained the exact same injuries. ever since I got sober and started meditating regularly, I've been noticing an upswing in this type of phenomena. so to answer your question, yes, I do get certain feelings about the interpretation of cards. moreover, when I'm shuffling, sometimes certain cards jump out at me. either they literally fly out of the deck or stick out in an odd way, almost as if to say "pick me!" other times, I close my eyes and let my sense of touch guide me to what "feels" like the right card for the reading.

if you're thinking of getting into tarot, I would recommend the rider-waite deck because it's the most popular and it's good for beginners. the imagery is varied and user-friendly. something like these >>183361 >>182919 wouldn't work for me personally because all the cards kind of look the same and it's too unconventional for my liking. the nice thing about rider-waite is there's plenty of information available online about interpretations, and even though there can be slight differences between rider-waite decks, they all have the same essential meanings. I would also recommend that you start out doing readings just for yourself at first before attempting readings for others. even just pulling a single card each day can be very informative!

No. 186096

tarot anon ily!!! you made me cry like a baby lol thank you, I really needed to read that.

No. 186188

if you're still there, could you please help me? >>182171
i already asked my query to another reader >>182785 but she told me to ask again. also i am 24 now - my birthday was a few weeks ago!

No. 186206

Hi, would anyone be okay with third party reading?

The situation: I am worried about my partners sister, she started dating some discord guy who (by the looks of his twitter) looks really red-flaggy. She keeps hiding him from our family for over a year now, and then I remember that she is the person to be easily abused and manipulated into out of desperation (her last relationship was heavily abusive, and the current "guy" talks shit about her friends who she knows for over 10 years.

What is going on with them and what is their future?


No. 186271

of course. happy belated birthday!
present situation: the moon reversed
> inner confusion, fluctuation, darkness, uncertainty, illusion, anxiety
> this card shows a full moon in the night's sky, positioned between two towers
> two mountains are in the background, and a path separates them
> a white dog and a black wolf are in the foreground, barking/howling at the moon
> there is a very strong aspect of duality in this card, representing your two options and the difficulty of choosing between them
> the pool of water symbolizes your subconscious mind
> just as the moon fluctuates, you find yourself oscillating between one choice and the other
> the moon also rules volatile feelings, so unstable moods could be expected during this time
> situations seem more serious in the dead of night
> when the moon appears in a reading, nothing can be taken for granted, nor should firm decisions be hurried
> it might be wise to let events take their natural course rather than forcing the situation anytime soon
> the strategy that you have chosen may work in the short-term, but eventually, you will need to deal with it head-on
> this card may also suggest that you are receiving intuitive messages but are struggling to understand what they mean for you
> when the moon is reversed, you are being called to listen to your inner voice, not the voice of someone else
> trust that the answers you need are already within you
> pay attention to your dreams because this is how many of your subconscious messages will be relayed to you
> you may wish to keep a dream journal or look up the meanings of certain dreams to find out what the imagery represents
option one (interesting yet stressful career): knight of wands reversed
> passion project, haste, scattered energy, delays, frustration
> this card confirms that you are more passionate about this option
> it genuinely lights you up inside
> you are experiencing a considerable build-up of energy but are unsure about how to channel it effectively
> you may be feeling restless, knowing you are destined for something big, but you feel restricted from taking action right now
> perhaps there are frustrating delays, insurmountable obstacles, or people standing in your way
> the tension within is palpable and you desperately yearn to release this creative energy
> you may need to adjust your path somewhat while staying true to your original idea
> again, this card suggests that the short-term strategy you have chosen may be fine for now, but it won't serve you in the long-term
> you are at risk of acting impulsively
> you want everything to be fixed right away, but you might not be allowing yourself the time to strategize and think through what is the best plan for you
> be careful not to react instantly to everything that happens
> give your circumstances some time before you take action
> you may also find yourself feeling frustrated that factors beyond your control are impacting your situation
> remind yourself that there are things you can control and change; focus on these things for now
long-term outcome of option one: knight of cups reversed
> overactive imagination, unrealistic, moody
> unlike the knight of wands, the horse in the knight of cups is not charging forward but instead moves slowly and gracefully, giving an air of calmness and peace
> the horse represents power, energy, and drive
> when considered alongside the previous card, the reversed knight of cups suggests to me that you will be able to handle the stress of this option one day, but maybe not in the immediate future
> a project is emerging but you are not ready to act on it just yet
> you might be spending much of your time dreaming up what is possible or wondering when it will come to fruition
> try to ground your ideas in the practical side of reality
> at times, this card can indicate moodiness and jealousy
> this card seems to be telling me that you're prone to a "grass is always greener on the other side" mindset
> if you do end up pursuing this option someday, you might end up yearning for the low-stress aspect of what you're doing now
> I'm not saying this option isn't worth pursuing, but rather, it's a reminder to consciously make an effort to appreciate the positive elements of whatever situation you find yourself in at any given point in time
option two (less money, less stress): four of pentacles reversed
> you're in self-protection mode
> you've settled for this option for a reason, and that reason seems to be that you don't feel quite ready for the stress of the first option
> this card tends to appear in a reading when you are re-evaluating what's important to you, especially when it comes to money
> you have a strong desire for security, stability, and certainty in everything that you do (which is highly relatable and understandable during a pandemic!)
> you are doing whatever you can to create a stable environment for yourself
> even when your outer world seems chaotic and in a constant state of change, you can create more certainty for yourself by controlling your inner environment
long-term outcome of option two: the tower
> theme: demolishing the old to make way for the new, fearing change
> the tower is the only card in the entire deck that uses a human-made object for its central theme
> it represents the external constriction of internal development
> it is a tall, imprisoning building that restricts expansion and personal growth
> the tower itself is solid, but it has been built on shaky foundations, which means that only one bolt of lightning can take it down
> represents ambitions and goals made on false premises
> the lightning that strikes the tower represents divine enlightenment, striking so that the self will not be suffocated
> there is a constant need for redefinition of values, and courage will be necessary to change these values when they are no longer serving you
> enlightenment is likely to come from within when you find you cannot bear to continue with your present way of life
> the more in tune you are with your inner world, the less traumatic the effect of disruption will be
> in fact, the disruption can represent a welcome release, shattering illusion and highlighting values that no longer mean anything to you
> explore your subconscious honestly and with a gentle curiosity, sifting through what you have been taught and the rules by which you live in order to discover if they are still valid
> reversed tower indicates that you will instigate change and call into question fundamental belief systems: your sense of purpose and meaning
this reading tells me that you won't stay on this current path forever. unlike what >>182785 claims, careers aren't anything like marrying someone (no offence to that reader). in this day and age, dramatic career shifts are very common, especially for young people. I think you've made the choice that's right for you at this time, but one day you will find that you need a change. in the meantime, stick with it for now in order to build connections with people who can serve as good references for you in the future. you'll gain experience, learn transferable skills, and it will reflect well on your resume that you committed to one position for some time instead of jumping ship too early.

No. 186278

I'm so sorry, but I personally don’t think it’s a good idea for me to do third-party readings. don’t get me wrong, it’s great that you value your relationship with your partner’s sister and are concerned for what’s going on in her life. the problem is that I suspect your energy and feelings about the situation will come through most prominently, since you are the one asking the question. this could potentially distort the truth. especially since it’s online, third-party readings add yet another layer of separation, and I have serious doubts that the reading would accurately represent the situation.

however, I will say that the information you provided concerns me as well! I think you’re in a better position than I am to ascertain what’s going on. it might be a good idea to gently voice your concern to her. maybe you and your partner could present a united front and talk to her together, explaining why you are seeing red flags from discord guy. there’s no need to use ultimatums or anything that comes on too strong. avoid phrases like “you should” or “you must” or “you have to”. she likely won’t respond well to commands. it sounds like she could use a reminder that you and your partner are there to listen and support her without any judgment. I’m wishing you and her all the best!

No. 186288

I understand what you mean. The reason why I asked tarot readings is because I know that I am not going to throw myself in any drama or do much about it, just wanted to know for a peace of mind. I do not talk to this family member either, keeping a safe distance because I prefer it that way. I do worry about her but there's nothing too deep about it; I am just finding it extremely odd compared to her previous relationships and again, the way her bf acts online.

Sadly she is the kind of person who would eyeroll and brush anyone's concerned off, thinking she is the one in the right and people are jealous, but that's how some people are and I can't blame them, rather focusing on myself, so there's nothing we can do, really. It's a situation that would remind you of teenagehood; a person wouldn't listen, going 'its not a phase' mode.

No. 186503

I’m the anon that asked about her friend, I just wanted to say thank you anon! He is indeed okay. I don’t know about his financial situation, but you’re right that he’s going through it.
Sorry for the late response, I’ve been in some shit myself lmao

No. 186508

File: 1621393475733.gif (11.69 KB, 220x220, happycat.gif)

Thanks for the tips! I just bought my first rider waite deck and I'm so excited to get started. I also bought a book (the pictoral key to the tarot) and will check out that tarot biddy site you mentioned.

That's crazy hearing about your prophetic dreams though, it's good you were able to harness the ability to something positive. Is there anything you do to hone your psychic abilities? I think I may have some but don't know how to practice it. You mentioned meditating and being sober, I assume that means abstaining from any and all mind altering substances.

Also, how do you vet a "good psychic"? I have always wanted to visit one but am afraid of getting scammed.

No. 186527

File: 1621408015692.gif (103.5 KB, 498x280, sendingloveandlight.gif)

yay!! I'm excited for you too. vetting a psychic can be hit or miss. in my experience, most of the psychics at the expos I go to are pretty legit. the psychic who told me about my abilities was able to tell what I had for breakfast that day. she started off the reading by talking about my issues with food, and she said "for some reason, I'm seeing leafy greens, yellow fruit, and seeds" meanwhile I'm sitting there with a kale/mango/hempseed smoothie in my belly! however, I have had a couple readings where I could tell pretty early on that they were just bullshitting their way through. "cold reading" is a technique that scammers use to draw information out of you by saying really vague things that could apply to anyone. if you find yourself in a reading and it's way off the mark, don't be afraid to let them know. some will even give you your money back. in terms of vetting ahead of time, look at the person, whether it's a photo or in-person at an expo, and notice the feelings that come up when you look into their eyes. don't be drawn in by the aesthetic alone. read some reviews that other clients have written about them and pay attention to the level of detail that the reviews disclose.

sobriety has brought me a lot of mental clarity. if you don't have a problem with substances like I did, it may not be necessary to abstain completely. but I used to be in a place where I was overindulging and clouding my mind as often as I could. I still occasionally drink coffee though which is technically a mind-altering substance, but it doesn't affect me as much as alcohol and other drugs.

I found some videos that you might find useful. the first is about enhancing psychic abilities and the second is sort of a beginner's guide to tarot. I'm not sure if I buy everything that she says, especially about the pineal gland and fluoride, but most of what she says rings true for me (and I even learned some new things from her too!)


No. 186552

File: 1621429353213.jpg (280.41 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20210519_140224.jpg)

I found this woman's set of resources really helpful for practicing tarot. I'm still not feeling fluid with it but I'm getting there thanks to this.
She also has stuff in this link for shadow work that I'm interested in too (basically just working with parts of yourself you don't like, for personal growth).

No. 186756

File: 1621522884196.jpeg (72.68 KB, 800x565, FFDC863C-55D7-4BE3-BA15-E3224F…)

any lurking tarot-chans I have a question

are birth cards legit? i did mine through a website (yes I know not very accurate) but these two cards popped up and i searched that if these two cards are together it means a disaster is waiting to happen

No. 186784

I prefer doing a single card draw or multiple readings to find a significator so your card is personally chosen rather than determined by something so arbitrary as birthdate (plus while they are longer lasting I think significators can potentially change as people grow over time). Anyway, this is the danger of solely relying on the internet/other people’s interpretations of cards. Standard meanings are guides and starting points, what matters is your interpretation of what the cards could represent in your life. Tower is not an evil spooky card except for people who are very stuck in their ways and scared of change. Both of these cards deal with control. Chariot is about self discipline and channeled determination, Tower is about having mental constructs blown apart to reach greater understanding, kind of like the concept of radical acceptance. In an extreme case think of someone who escapes a cult and they realize their worldview was completely tainted and limited. This is shocking at first, but it ultimately leads to a healthier and freer outlook. To me, these two cards together would represent an iconoclast, someone unbound by shallow and commonly accepted doctrines and capable of seeing to the truth of things. With this insight they’d then have the fortitude and drive from Chariot to pursue these truths and their subsequent goals unwaveringly.

No. 186800

Oh my god thank you so much anon, I understand now.

No. 186827

File: 1621555307795.gif (78.93 KB, 1920x1080, hidden-meaning-tarot.gif)

green text tarot anon here. anyone interested in a detailed reading? ask me anything!

No. 186831

File: 1621556401676.jpeg (731.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1620626211448.jpeg)

Is a cat pic for a nice detailed reading a fair trade?
Thanks for doing this, anon. I'll keep it to two questions.

>How will my career/job look like in the next year or so? I feel like I'm stuck in my job (for now anyway) and everyday is a chore for me. I'm currently studying up things in my field to make a lateral career move but it feels slow.

>How can I flourish in life and bring the childlike wonder that I once had? I feel like getting older and dealing with bullshit and seeing the world crumble has made me jaded and tired, but I don't want it to defeat me.

No. 186839


hi anon!

i just got a text back from someone dear to me who i haven't heard back from in months. they'd lived near me, moved far off because of covid, and just moved back. the thing here is i've subsequently moved. should i pursue them?

No. 186840

Have I found the one that I will marry or am I close to finding him?

No. 186860

will I ever get out of the rut that I’m in? is there any sliver or chance of luck and hope in my future? is there just anything positive basically lol
idk if you need this info as well but I’m the samefag 18/leo/f

No. 186861

Hi anon!
I’m really bored with this guy I’ve been chatting with online, and I kind of want to try to get closer to him, just to see what would happen. I want to know, will it go badly for me? Other reads told me he really needs some sort of warmth and kindness now, but I’m not entirely sure now is the right time or even what he really thinks of me. I don’t want to overwhelm him and just end up driving him away or anything.

No. 186862

kitty pics are always appreciated. very cute! I'll start with the career question:
the world reversed
> indicates frustrating delays and your desire for a shortcut
> can signify that you want to fulfil a big goal but you may not have taken all the steps necessary to get there at this point in time
> in the past, you may have opted for the easiest or quickest path to what you thought you wanted, but it hasn't led to the greater outcome that is most important to you
> the trials and tribulations that you face in your path will help you learn and grow
> when you do finally reach your goal, you will enjoy an amazing sense of achievement
> don't be afraid to set stretch goals for yourself, that is, goals that appear unattainable or far away given your current situation
> enduring hardships or challenges along the way will make victory taste even sweeter
> the world reversed can also indicate a time when you may be close to finishing a project or goal but for whatever reason, you may be having trouble maintaining focus
> seems to indicate that you have only a short way to go, so don't give up now
> re-energize and remind yourself how wonderful life will be when you attain the career you've wanted for awhile now
> you may need to get more creative to figure out how to best achieve what you want
the star reversed
> you may be feeling despair or a lack of faith or hope
> you may be feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges right now and questioning why you are being put through this
> you may be desperately calling out to the universe to give you some relief, but you struggle right now to see how the divine is on your side
> look harder, and you will see it; the divine is always present
> often, the reversed star is a test of faith
> you will learn how to trust the universe and trust yourself
> you are a vessel for the divine, and when you have faith and confidence in yourself, you allow the divine to shine through
> this card also reflects the fact that you are feeling disengaged and uninspired with your job
> you are fed up with the mundane reality of your current day-to-day routines
> this card is especially relevant for career readings when you feel disconnected from the work you do and wonder if it's time to move on or make a change (I couldn't have selected a more appropriate card for this question!)
> reconnect with what is truly important to you and your purpose for this lifetime
> if you align your daily life with this purpose, you will find new sources of inspiration
> the star reversed also urges you to take time out for self-care and nourishment on a deeply personal and spiritual level
> your energy may be depleted at times, so rather than pushing yourself even further, make time just for you
> being near water will help to nourish you on a deeper level (whether that's a lake, the ocean, a river, or even just a warm bath)
seven of wands
> challenge, competition, perseverance
> a figure, armed with a wand, is fighting off six more wands, apparently defending his territory and his successes
> he is the only one around, which seems to suggest an inner conflict or struggle
> the image is powerful and active, but does not symbolize any real threat or fears
> the suit of wands indicates passion, drive, and motivation
> seven is the number of wisdom and depth
> you will face stiff competition for this job that you want
> but the figure in the card is facing towards the reversed star, which indicates to me that the competition isn't the real issue; instead, it's the inner battle against your despair and sense of hopelessness that is the more difficult struggle
> however, when this card appears in a reading, it can indicate a change in profession (I swear I'm not making this up, this is exactly what my book of interpretations is telling me!)
> the change in career paths will call for increased strength and determination
> remember that you are fighting yourself more than any external forces
> you are your own worst critic
> nobody is judging you as harshly as you judge yourself
> keep your eyes on the prize and don't let yourself get bogged down in the details
> it's not going to be easy, but based on these three cards, I think that it is quite likely that you will accomplish your career switch within the next year or so
> in the meantime, you're on the right track, so be patient and go easy on yourself
now onto the question about flourishing and reviving your childlike wonder:
two of wands reversed
> fear of the unknown
> when the weight of the world weighs you down, draw your attention inwards and stay focused on your goals
> understand and accept that you can't control much of what goes on or what other people do, but you can control your own actions and beliefs
> consider what is truly important to you and what lights you up
> you have headed in one direction only to find it wasn't in full alignment with your deeper values and purpose
> go back to the drawing board, reconnect with your dreams and ambitions, and then make necessary adjustments
> at times, this card can indicate that you have a fruitful idea, but lack a clear strategy to move it forward
> you are not reaching your desired destination as quickly as you like
> set a clear plan to manifest your goals
> let your energy and enthusiasm guide you
> you may be reluctant to step out into unknown territories and instead you prefer to stick with what you know
> you have may have developed a "lack mindset" without realizing it, settling into automatic negative thought patterns and an unhelpful way of perceiving the world around you
> know that you will need to explore new fields to reach your highest level of happiness, and these fields are within your reach
eight of swords reversed
> self-limiting beliefs, inner critic
> represents the need to let go of negative thoughts
> remain open to new perspectives and opportunities and possibilities
> the woman pictured on this card is blindfolded, tied up, and surrounded by swords that are stuck in the ground
> there is a castle off in the distance, representing prosperity and success
> the ties that bind her are only around her arms; her legs are unbound and she is free to walk away, despite not being able to see the way just yet
> strive to establish a more empowered mindset
> it's true that there are circumstances holding you back right now, but they are only temporary
> the beliefs that you hold about yourself and the state of the world are preventing you from moving forward
> catch yourself when you are in a negative thought pattern and "talk back" to these thoughts by challenging their veracity
> you might have a tendency to think in black-and-white or all-or-nothing cognitive distortions
> something that has occurred to me about your question specifically is that, while children do tend to have a sense of wonder, they also tend to be emotionally immature and prone to cognitive distortions
> you may be longing for the past and idealizing it, without considering how things today might actually be better than they once were, at least in some ways
> this card indicates that you may already be in the process of releasing negative patterns and belief systems
> you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can create a more positive reality for yourself by letting go of the beliefs that do not serve you
> try not to ruminate on the bad stuff, you may be especially prone to dwelling on the negative or doomscrolling through social media or the news
> notice when you get stuck in a cycle of thoughts or behaviours that do not help you, and redirect your attention without judgment
> mindfulness meditation can help you with this
ten of swords reversed
> recovery and regeneration
> your dissatisfaction with the world is a reflection of your inner struggle to accept things as they are, and it's also connected to your relationship with yourself
> the more you resist change, the more it will hurt you
> you may be living with open emotional wounds from situations that were left unresolved or unaddressed
> you may have buried this pain so deeply that you do not realize that it still causes you harm and you may not have moved past it completely
> instead of dwelling on the past or bad parts of the present, turn your focus towards things that make you happy and the type of future that you want to create for yourself
> you are free to reshape your life and head in a new direction
> you are quite capable of creating a new sense of self
> the weary sense of jadedness that you have been feeling will not always feel this intense, and in fact, I see you lifting out of this state in the near future
> you will move forward with a sense of renewal, hope, and healing

No. 186869

before I even draw cards, I want to acknowledge that it sounds like this person may have ghosted you to some extent when they moved far away. you said that you haven't "heard back from them" in months, which seems to indicate that you did not get a response when you reached out a while back. this is raising a red flag for me right off the bat because it kind of sounds like they're only interested in communicating with you or maintaining the relationship when they think you're nearby and available to spend time with. feel free to disregard this preface if it doesn't ring true for you. it's only my first impression and I could be mistaken. okay, let's move onto the reading:
the hermit
> this card is telling me that you're only entertaining the thought of pursuing this person because you're lonely (kek sorry to be so blunt)
> maybe you don't know many people in your area now that you've moved, or you're missing this person because they're familiar
> the card depicts a hooded figure, holding out a lantern
> a snake slithers at their feet
> you are well aware of potential difficulties that lie ahead if you choose to pursue this person
> you have learned caution and vigilance from personal experience
> this card strongly suggests that you should take time to withdraw and turn inwards
> it is a time for meditation and inner understanding
> this card also suggests a deep acceptance and understanding that things will never be like they once were
> things have changed a lot, perhaps too much for you to have a good relationship with this person
> when you allow yourself to tune into your inner guiding light, you will hear the answers you need and grow wise beyond your years
three of wands reversed
> lack of foresight, unexpected delays
> there is disappointment, frustration, and a general feeling that you've wasted your time or that you might be wasting your time if you welcome this person back into your life
> even if you do pursue this person, your plans may come to a grinding halt due to frustrating obstacles
> conduct a risk assessment to understand what difficulties you might face and create strategies to avoid or minimize these risks
king of pentacles reversed
> associated with all the negative aspects of the sign of taurus
> financially inept, obsessed with wealth and status, stubborn
> represents someone who is very rigid in his approach and puts his work before everything else
> might be so preoccupied with social status that he panders to people whom he perceives as "above" him, and dismisses anyone whom he perceives as "below" him
> might be someone who tries to prove himself by bragging or name-dropping
> this card could be symbolizing the qualities about the person you're referring to, or it could indicate that you yourself are stuck in a rut
> maybe life has become so predictable and routine that it is completely dull and lifeless, which is why you're attracted to the idea of the pursuit
the hanged man
> pause, surrender, let go, adopt new perspectives
> release old mental models and behavioural patterns that no longer serve you
> if you're in touch with your intuition, you'll start to get a sense of when it's time to hit the brakes and put things on hold before it gets out of hand
> if you're out of alignment and oblivious to intuitive signs, the universe will probably put things on hold for you in the form of continued obstacles
> when the hanged man appears upright, don't keep pushing forward, hoping that more force will drive you to where you want to go
> surrender to the opportunity to pause and view this as your chance to reassess and re-evaluate where you currently are on your path, where it is that you really want to go, and why
> this card asks: what is holding you in this "stuck" position? what is preventing you from moving forward?
sorry but I'm not getting good vibes at all from this person

No. 186871

> will I ever get out of the rut that I'm in? is there any sliver or chance of luck and hope in my future?
not with that attitude kek jk (kinda). your level of hope is always up to you. what do you mean by samefag? is this you?
because if so, your reading was exceptionally positive (and tarot cards don't always give positive readings, contrary to what you might think)

No. 186876

> lady justice sits in a throne, holding a sword that points upwards which expresses a firm and final decision
> the double-edged blade signifies that our actions always carry consequences
> marriage is a significant long-term commitment that you should not take lightly
> there are legal ramifications that statistically around 50% of people don't take seriously (because they end up divorced)
> if you act in alignment with your higher self and for the greater good of others, you have nothing to worry about
> but if you do not act according to such values, you will have to face the consequences of your actions and take responsibility for them
> beware of the impact that your decisions have on your well-being and the well-being of others
> at its core, this card is about the search for truth, which is not as clear cut as you might think
> be prepared to dip into murky waters and explore what truth means to you (in this case, what your definition of true love is… it's not all fairy tales and sunshine, it involves a lot of hard work and maturity)
> once a decision is made or an answer is given, it's final and you must accept it and live with it
two of swords
> avoidance, difficult decisions, weighing up options
> the woman on the card is blindfolded and holding two swords, crossed against her chest
> she sits with her back towards a body of water, and water indicates feelings (this paired with the blindfold suggests an inability to accept the truth, or a wilful blindness to reality)
> the woman can neither see the problem nor the solution clearly
> you are missing relevant information that would make her decision much clearer if you were to obtain it
> use both your head (intellect) and your heart (intuition and feelings) to weigh your options
> there are obstacles in your path currently
> remove the blindfold and see the situation for what it really is
> research your options more, seek outside opinions and feedback, and ask yourself what may be missing
> this card reflects indecision on an important matter
> many of life's decisions are difficult and do not come with clear-cut answers
> make your choices with the best intentions, fully aware of the possible consequences
two of cups reversed
> breakups, disharmony, mistrust, self-love
> when you come from a place of self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-love, you will have more fulfilling, loving relationships with others
> if you don't love yourself, you'll end up projecting that love onto others, becoming clingy and attached, attracting the wrong kind of relationships, or worse, ending up in harmful situations
> before you even think of getting married, you need to love yourself first
> this card sometimes signifies a breakup or serious conflict
> lack of trust, restricted or withheld communication, stifled energy flow
if you're in a relationship now, it really doesn't look good. honestly, you sound a lot like this anon:
assuming you're not the same person, my advice to her probably applies to you too

No. 186878

your situation is strongly reminiscent of the anon in the relationship advice thread from about a week ago that was asking about a guy from discord. everyone told her that he's just not that into her, online dating is a waste of time, and warned her against getting too attached. she refused to listen and insisted on being a relentless simp for this dude, despite all the obvious red flags. if you're worried about coming on too strong, you probably already are. if you're bored of him, why bother trying to "get closer to him" (whatever that means)? sounds like you're overly invested as it is

No. 186879

I’m not actually bored of him as a person, I think he’s interesting. I’m just bored of the way things currently are, and the way we talk to each other now. I guess I want to know more about him as a human.
I do get what you mean by being overly invested, though. I think I am in the sense that I overthink things, but I don’t go out of my way to talk to him daily or anything like that. I don’t even think I want a full on relationship (especially online), it’s more that I want to interact with someone like him and understand them on a closer level, idk.

No. 186883

File: 1621573654806.png (240.96 KB, 334x568, nude poses.png)

Anyone wants to trade a query? I'm a reader
I just want a life general, a love general, and an energy general
You can ask 3 questions to me as well

No. 186892

If I could get a reading, I would appreciate it. 22/F/Scorpio and ex is 23/F/Taurus. We were together multiple years, but broke up a few months ago due to her changing in many ways. There's still a part of me that wants to get back together. We still have feelings for each other and are close. Should we try again or move on? Is there a possibility of it working in the future? Sometimes I think that I need to move on, but I have a strong connection with her. There are some incompatibilities that have come up, that I am not sure if I should just work through or not, if we were meant to be in a relationship. She is also moving across the country soon so I am not sure if it is worth trying.

No. 186896

It’s nighttime for me so if you don’t mind waiting ~12 hrs I’m happy to come back to do your reading tomorrow nonny. I have a somewhat specific question if you wouldn’t mind doing a spread for it. Lately I’ve been doing all right getting my life back on track but I’ve been alternating between feeling restless and having brief spikes of anxiety, not really with any clear reasoning behind them. I need advice on how best to mentally reset because even when I’ve been doing healthy/soothing activities my head just hasn’t been in it. Pretty sure it’s something beyond the pandemic causing it and I’m curious what’s behind it/how to move forward again. Thank you.

No. 186995

Alright nonner I can wait!!! I'll be starting yours too!

No. 186998

three of cups reversed
> independence, alone time
> you are no longer clicking with your ex (confirms your thoughts about incompatibilities)
> you may be feeling isolated, excluded, and lonely
> this card can sometimes appear when a third person is involved
four of swords reversed
> exhaustion, burn-out, deep contemplation, stagnation
> you need to take time out to rest and recharge your energy
> withdraw and retreat within
> suggests that you need to take a break from this relationship
> there may have been situations that were frustrating to you or that you were unhappy with but you are choosing to hold out hope
> this choice has ramifications for you, especially given that your ex is moving across the country
seven of cups reversed
> ground yourself and reflect on what you really want for the long-term
> do you really want to be in a long-distance relationship with someone who you are incompatible with?
> your ex has a certain "magic" power over you right now, and you're at risk of losing focus on what's best for you
> take a step back and assess the options compared to your priorities to work out what will benefit you the most
> you are overwhelmed by choice and cannot move forward
> you don't need to search for the answer, you already know what you need to do

No. 187012

If anyone is around I'd love to get a reading regarding love and just general life. 32/f/sagg. To give some background I'm going through a divorce that was delayed quite a bit already. Currently single. Life feels a bit stagnant so wondering if any significant change is coming.

No. 187028

all of the cards I pulled for you are upright, and the figures are facing to the righthand side (looking to the future). to me, this indicates that although life feels stagnant for you now, you are making progress, and there are indeed better times ahead
six of swords
> transition, change, releasing baggage, moving away from strife
> a cloaked boatman rows two people across a lake to a hilly shore in the distance
> the water immediately below the boat is treacherous and murky, but the water in the distance ahead is calm
> you may be feeling sad to leave behind what was familiar and moving towards the unknown, but this move is essential for your growth and personal development
> the sadness over what was lost or released will soon be replaced by greater mental clarity and a renewed acceptance of change
> the difficulties that you face now are not so bad as the ones behind you
> remind yourself that you are already in a better place now, and you are becoming a better person
> you've had to make difficult decisions to get to where you are, but they were in your best interests
> six is the number of harmony and balance
> this card signifies that it is possible to find an agreeable solution to the problems that you are going through
> you may be feeling burdened with responsibilities at the moment, but there is calm after the storm on the other side of the water
> you haven't quite reached shore yet, but it is on the near horizon
> I'm picking up on some sort of adventure symbolized by the mountains in the distance (which also appear on the five of cups)
> let go of whatever holds you back, and you will evolve and shed what no longer serves you
> use this time as an opportunity to change your beliefs about yourself and move away from who you used to be and towards the person you want to be
> reflect on the emotional and mental baggage you may be carrying, whether that's memories, habits, behaviours, thought patterns or beliefs
> you can decide what you need to take with you and what you can leave behind
page of pentacles
> small beginnings, manifestation, skill development, financial opportunity
> a young boy wearing simple clothes stands in a ploughed field where the new sprouts of a fresh crop are peeping up through the earth
> nature unfolds in its own time and cannot be hurried
> the boy holds a single pentacle carefully in both hands, aware of its unique potential
> something significant and concrete will emerge out of a small beginning
> an opportunity for material success exists for you, which may start out on a small scale but which will eventually grow into something quite substantial
> it is necessary to lay firm foundations at the base of any new venture to allow it to grow into something important
> this card is associated with hard work and diligence
> it is unwise to sit back and wait for change to come to you
> you need to do what you can to make it happen for yourself when you feel ready to do so
> this card can indicate that a serious and thoughtful person will enter your life, who either helps you begin something new or perhaps sets a good example for making careful plans
> alternatively, this card could signify that the time is ripe for you to develop something in yourself, maybe a new hobby, business venture, or educational experience
> level up and learn something new in order to manifest your dreams
five of cups
> regret, sorrow, pessimism, wallowing in self-pity
> a cloaked figure stands with his back turned, wrapped in black: the colour of grief
> you may still be mourning the loss of your marriage, even though it's taken a while for the divorce to get underway
> three spilled cups lie before the figure, but two full cups remain standing behind him
> although you have suffered a loss, you still have plenty to be grateful for, and there are reasons for you to remain hopeful for the future
> the figure is so focused on the spilled cups that he does not notice the two full cups behind him
> there is a river in the background, representing unhappiness, but also a bridge, signifying the way to move past the sadness
> a castle on a mountainous range beyond the bridge symbolizes hope for the future, stability, and security
> the number five refers to change and difficulty, and the sign of cups refers to feelings and emotions
> you may be placing too much emphasis on what has been lost rather than on what might be available for you
> it's good to feel all the feels, but set yourself a time limit and then pull yourself together and move on
> you may be stuck in the past and reluctant to let go
> you might be blaming yourself or seeing yourself as a victim of life's circumstances
> these negative emotions are holding you back; release them so you can move on and create positive change for yourself
> forgiveness is vital with this card, both forgiveness of yourself and of others
> know that you did the best you could under the circumstances and have now learned from your mistakes
> remember also that hindsight is much clearer than foresight
> wisdom in the present comes from past mistakes
> even though things haven't gone your way, new opportunities and possibilities of love are waiting for you, but only when you're ready
> shift your mindset and focus on what can go right from this point onwards
> be open to the brighter side of life and know that many blessings are in disguise right now
> try to look at the glass as half full, rather than half empty, and you will be better positioned to attract the kind of person that you want to be with
nine of swords
> anxiety, worry, fear, depression, nightmares
> a woman sits up in bed, covering her head with her hands, as though weeping in fear or anguish
> nine swords are positioned above her, but do not touch her
> the suit of swords signify thoughts and mental processes
> your fears and nightmares and worries about the future are unfounded; they are not based in external reality
> your current situation is not as bad as you think
> perhaps you have grown so accustomed to conflict that the absence of this intensity feels dull and stagnant
> you must learn to be comfortable alone with your own thoughts; not because you will be forever alone, but because you need to have a healthy mindset in order to have a healthy relationship in the future
> if you obsess over what could go wrong in the future, you are more likely to manifest the worst-case scenario because you are inadvertently acting in ways that support your negative thoughts
> when you repeat negative thoughts over and over in your mind, you run the risk of manifesting them in your life
> this card asks you to break the cycle by replacing a negative thought with a positive thought each time you notice yourself getting stuck in a cycle of bad energy
> for example, instead of viewing life as stagnant right now, maybe you could try thinking of it as peaceful, unburdened, and free from interference
> it's okay to lean on others for support
> sometimes an objective third-party perspective can help you see things more clearly
> it will be safe for you to trust others again once you can trust yourself

No. 187041

File: 1621654738211.png (120.2 KB, 234x402, cards.png)

What is causing this anxiety?
>ten of cups, tower, king of pentacles, devil, three of wands, six of cups
You have an energy blockage, it has to do with creation, creativity and the self. Are you giving yourself enough time, space, self love and acceptance?
You need to start looking out more for yourself, what is what you truly want, what is what you truly desire? You tend to put others before you, and forget the most important person in your life is yourself. It's as if you really want ignore your own needs in order to please others.
You recently went through a big break through. It was very hard for you, and the changes are positive and king of pents is telling me you're doing an awesome and rich job, it will be long lasting and good for you, but you need to start listening to your intuition or what your mind and body asks you to do. Your actions have to connect with what your heart wishes for the most. Something I learnt myself is, when we finally resolve something that has been stuck inside ourselves and let go, we often change energies and our body's vibration. Even if you don't believe in energies and vibes, you might had started to notice how your attitude towards life is different and how much more confident in yourself you become. But this process might be painful at the start and induce a lot of anxiety. What I recommend doing is start doing some affirmations; you can do them as you drink water or a calming tea for a more intentioned moment. "I welcome these changes in my life, I no longer feel stuck, I let go of fear and I let go of the blockages, and I accept peace, calm, acceptance and self love into my life". The words can change, but that's an idea that comes to mind. If the anxiety persists, I recommend looking into natural solutions like taking herbs (I take something similar to this https://www.amazon.com/-/es/Natures-Bounty-Alivio-estrés-mejorador/dp/B07PWMXMZ6 ).
As for what each card means:
Ten of cups: Follow what is most important for you
Tower: Important changes in your life, they change your entire outlook
King of pentacles: Incorporate these new changes into your life, look out for yourself and what you want the most, stop thinking you aren't good enough
Devil: Feeling stuck, bound, might have to do with another party or with the self
Three of wands: You are ready to embark in a new journey
Six of cups: Heal your inner child, treat yourself with love

How to move foward again:
>Two of wands, six of wands, emperor, ace of wands, six of pentacles, page of swords
What I see here is that you are indeed ready to move on, in this exact moment. There's nothing else to be afraid of anymore, trust in yourself. Your progress already is amazing, and it will continue to be amazing, but you have to continue going. Stick to your plans, stick to what you truly want, energies are on your side and you need to start putting yourself and your dreams first. Find a source of inspiration within yourself and keep on going even when things seem hard and you have anxiety.
Card meanings:
Two of wands: Future planning, letting go of fears, moving foward
Four of wands: Progress and success
Emperor: Stick to your own plans, you have a lot of energy inside
Ace of wands: Inspiration, bright future, keep going even when you fall
Six of pentacles: Act now, present time, be generous towards yourself, support yourself
Page of swords: A lot of energy inside you, planning, new ideas, be patient with your progress

No. 187045

File: 1621659819291.jpg (68.64 KB, 1024x1024, everything-you-want-is-on-the-…)

Doing simple reads (pulling 3 cards for each spread), please state a simple query and I'll do it tomorrow

No. 187049

File: 1621663958155.jpg (669.99 KB, 1117x687, 543534656768543543543.jpg)

>>Current: 4 of Cups
Seems like you’re feeling a bit listless lately, or too caught up in daydreams to pursue the things you want. I usually find this card indicates you do need to consider where to direct your energy before acting; sometimes going with the flow all the time leads to burnout, after all. But it can also reach a stage where you’re so caught up in thinking and internalizing things that you’re no longer recognizing opportunities that are in front of you. It’s likely time to take the lessons you’ve learned and consider which option would be best to actually follow through on. You’ve also been feeling somewhat lonely and unfulfilled on a personal/spiritual level, so aside from simply looking at what would improve your life in a material way, it would be good to determine what could bring you a sense of inner contentedness.
>>Future Goal: 3 of Cups
The isolation of the 4 of Cups is reversed here and this card represents friendships, celebration and deepening bonds. There’s a lot of creative energy and socialization, and I believe this card reflects an engagement with things that are fun so you can let go of day-to-day stressors. There’s a sense of finding a community or group that connects with you, being part of something larger than yourself so you aren’t feeling like you always have to face things alone. You can take a class, join an organization/club/hobby group, take part in community projects and so on. This also indicates you have a lot of internal drive. You may already have projects that you’ve completed or are working on that you’re proud of, and if you can think of ways to share your work with others, that in itself can generate a broader social group. It will be rewarding for you to build conversation around your ideas. Don’t hesitate to try something new.
>>Consideration: 7 of Swords
I’m getting a mix of imposter syndrome and issues relating to trust. It seems like you’ve been let down by others before so it makes confiding in new people difficult. You also don’t have the best self esteem which makes you fear others will discover you’re not as great as you seem, or that you’re not worthy of friendship or admiration. This is a deceptive card in a lot of ways, and dealing with those self-defeating beliefs is important in addition to calmly vetting the people you let into your inner circle. You don’t have to maintain a constant, fearful watch against enemies, but you can choose to share pieces of your self bit by bit to see how others react and determine if they hold their energy back. Only allow those who treat you with generosity closer. You also might let fear of judgment stop you from putting yourself out there, but this can prevent you from meeting good people too. It’s easier said than done, but remember you have the power to decide who gets maintain a presence in your life and mind.

>>Current: 5 of Swords
Either in your past or a current relationship there’s been very bad blood and a falling out. I’m concerned you dealt with abuse or betrayal in some form. This is likely contributing to the difficulty opening up to others in 7 of Swords. You have an altruistic nature and this is something that can and has been taken advantage of by more selfish individuals. It’s led to defensive, kneejerk reactions when it comes to romance. You should definitely trust your intuition as it’s reliable, but rather than feeling you have to explain yourself and expend all that mental energy justifying boundaries to negative people, it’s better to disengage and move on so they don’t bring your energy down.
>>Future Goal: 6 of Pentacles
You want to be with someone who is not only worthy of accepting the love you have to give, but someone who won’t take advantage of your generosity and is capable of returning it tenfold. That’s a very healthy aim and this card cautions that you do have to be aware, again, of where you’re directing empathy and support. To find someone like this, remember that you have to be discerning and cultivate a sense of inner worthiness. You might feel shy when others go out of their way to be there for you, but with an abundance mindset, it will be much easier to sit back and enjoy someone’s attention rather than letting anxiety hold you back. This is sort of the anti-codependency card: a real partnership where two people lavish love on one another and inspire each other to be their best selves, without trying to do everything for them or becoming overly reliant on each other. Know your limits and know your worth.
>>Consideration: Hierophant
You have a more old-fashioned outlook when it comes to love, and not in a stuffy way. You don’t only want affection but a partner who has similar outlooks, aims and morals. You are a wise person who deserves someone that can complement your mental and spiritual strength. Hierophant would caution not to get swept away by thinking you need to diminish your ideals for the sake of meeting someone else’s standards. You know what you want and you don’t need to accommodate people who aren’t on your level. You may also want to get feedback from trusted friends, family or community members when it comes to confirming someone’s character. You already choose your confidantes carefully, so they can be trusted when it comes to looking out for your best interests and may have new perspectives to consider. It might seem like society has devalued more traditional views, but it’s okay to want a compassionate, trustworthy and simple (in the sense of not being melodramatic) relationship.

>>Current: Magician
Your mental outlook and external capabilities are in alignment right now. You have an abundance of energy and are definitely in the right place to move from the quiet pondering of 4 of Cups to putting things into action. You are intelligent and creative, and a lot of people will find whatever you’re pursuing inspiring. You don’t really need to spend more time cultivating skills or wondering if you’re ready… that’s not to say you can’t continue learning, but the Magician already knows the tricks of the trade and is fully capable of doing the work needed. Try not to second-guess yourself and simply let yourself dive deep into the process. Pursue goals that will bring passion to your life, enjoying the explorative stages and knowing you are capable of accomplishing them. I saw a good amount of self doubt in other cards, but you’re much stronger than you originally imagined and you’re starting to recognize this. Go ahead and step into your power!
>>Future Goal: 3 of Pentacles
Reinforcing a lot of the Magician energy here. 3 of Pents can speak to a mentor/mentee relationship and so I wonder if you might find teaching or leading people in some way fulfilling. You have good leadership skills and can contribute a strong vision to whatever you’re working on. This also mirrors the 3 of Cups energy to an extent, speaking to a broader group or community that will benefit many people and not just a few individuals. You find fulfillment in building up those around you and developing relationships with people that complement your abilities so you can grow in unison. This will not only bring material but spiritual rewards. Collaboration is important and can add lot of exciting new concepts to the mix.
>>Consideration: Empress
You are very much the sort of leader who is loved and respected rather than one that is feared and resented. You have the ability to create the abundant, beautiful and warm world you desire. Tons of creative potential here that’s dying to be let out. Engage in your sensual side, and by that I don’t necessarily mean sex, but the literal physical senses. Things that soothe and inspire you, whether that’s art, music, pampering, exercise, spending time in nature or something else. You really do find joy in comforting people and helping them reach their full potential, and you’re capable of doing that best when you care for yourself and maintain your standards. There’s also something primal and intuitive within you. You have a lot of channeled energy right now, but remember to take moments to slow down and reconnect with nature, your body and where you find personal meaning.

No. 187050

File: 1621664698134.jpg (34.44 KB, 358x551, 74038274032864323.jpg)

Thank you so much for this wonderful reading nonny, you did a beautiful job. I also appreciate the practical advice and I'll look into herbs and practice more grounding exercises like using affirmations, mindfulness and slowly drinking water/tea. I know exactly what and who Tower/Devil are referring to and I'm relieved to see a good amount of cups and wands energy allowing me to move beyond this. Emperor tends to show up for me a lot when I'm getting overwhelmed, so he's a good reminder not to get caught up in tumultuous emotions and petty conflict. Instead just continue plodding away at creating the reality I want. What you said about changing my outlook and becoming a more confident person is very true: It's simultaneously empowering and bewildering. In some ways I don't even recognize myself right now and I have no clue where this is leading on a personal level. But I know it's all for the best and so I'm hoping in time, I can settle in and enjoy this new journey. Thank you again! Much love to you.

No. 187051

Consequences if I let longterm online friend M visit me in real life next month?

No. 187056

File: 1621666141189.gif (105.5 KB, 412x475, tenor (5).gif)

Whoooaaaa, you REALLY hit the spot! I'm so thankful nonna. Thank you so much, seriously. Much love, we can do this!

No. 187059

Hi nonette. What should I do for a living? I have a lot of interests pulling me in different directions but I'm not sure which I should commit to.

No. 187095

File: 1621706750453.jpg (35.83 KB, 735x734, HE! Hello fellow user.jpg)

if anyone else needs a simple quick read I'll be doing them later today!

noted, be patient pls

No. 187098

Hey anon, i’d really appreciate it if you could give me a quick read!
18/F/Scorpio- are the doubts i’m having about my relationship justified or does he really care? He’s been flaky and noncommittal and I don’t know if I should just leave- I’m at a critical junction in my life and I’m having trouble knowing what the right decision is.

No. 187118

King of pentacles, the moon, the star
Eh, it will be kind of mediocre. On one hand M will be happy to see you, but trust your intuition around M, they seem to be untrustworthy and jealous.

Death, page of pents, emperor
This doesn't give me a definitive answer, it's just telling me that you're on a quest to realize what suits you the best, and soon will enter a new beginning. The emperor says trust your heart and do what you love the most.

Nine of swords, star, empress
Leave him, he will make you anxious and you're staying for absolutely no reason. You are a beautiful woman who could get better prospects out there.

No. 187131

i should be more specific then

why do I feel so lost in life? is that a better question

No. 187152

File: 1621742448735.jpeg (45.3 KB, 680x419, 1620621124789.jpeg)

I'm trading a query

No. 187155

File: 1621747492637.png (1.74 MB, 1256x1304, 1613169977119.png)

Hey anon, I'm the cat anon and sorry for the late thank you response, but thank you!!! Big serious, grateful thank yous. You were pretty on the mark with the things you said, like taking shortcuts, thinking black and white, and having negative flashbacks from emotional/unresolved situations. Like 100% on the mark. I also appreciate how you commented on my wording of "sense of childlike wonder", because that subconsciois choice of words didn't ring to me until you mentioned it. Your reading was like a good dose of reality, but also a hopeful one. Thank you thank you thank you!!

No. 187169

Maybe I'm too late but what's your query?

No. 187183

If you're still doing readings, I'd really appreciate a (cliche) generic relationship reading.
How is my love life going to be, am I going to find someone soon or should I focus my energy into something else now? Will I fall in love again after being heartbroken?

No. 187192

File: 1621784858488.jpg (99.5 KB, 450x299, 85521936.jpg)

thank you so much for your response, sweet anon. it makes me so happy that you found the reading helpful!

No. 187243

If you're still offering these I'd really appreciate one! I'm really struggling with my career path, I hate where I am and want to do something I'll like, but I don't know what that is. 27/F/Aries. Thank you anon!

No. 187264

File: 1621817855368.jpg (118.63 KB, 566x642, 1619863468273.jpg)


I have two potential love options
K, a girl
and L, a guy
Could you please check out their pros and cons for me? What's your query? I can do longer responses, I'm >>187041 so just ask as much as you need

No. 187265

File: 1621817979490.jpg (15.99 KB, 500x500, Bobsmade (@Bobsmade) _ Twitter…)

If anyone needs a simple query answered I can reply to you in a few hours

what is your question? or do you want general advice?

No. 187319

File: 1621842012556.png (199.22 KB, 441x609, 1621841799541.png)

>You/Her: Death, Ace of Pentacles
>Compatibility: 7 of Swords
>Pros/Cons: 9 of Cups, 9 of Wands
>Advice: 7 of Cups
While I think you would have a very pleasurable, almost intoxicating, connection with K it will turn sour when you realize that things aren't always what they seem. You may be going through a lot of fundamental changes at this stage of your life, and on the surface she may seem like the perfect partner who can offer you a new beginning, but she could be hiding some skeletons in the closet or has a tendency to be unfaithful. I can see you trying to change her by putting in a lot of effort to please her but it's never going to be "enough" for her because the problem isn't you. Sooner or later you'll have to make the choice to cut her off or stay trapped in this toxic cycle. Advice says to consider your other options and don't get caught up in your fantasies of her or who she pretends to be. Proceed with caution.


>You/Him: 6 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands
>Compatibility: 3 of Pentacles
>Pros/Cons: The Magician, Knight of Pentacles
>Advice: Page of Pentacles
I think this relationship would be overall very beneficial for you, but I'm not seeing a strong romantic connection especially from your side of things. He may end up having stronger feelings for you than you do for him, and want to take things too serious too fast for your liking. The bright side is that he has the finances, connections, or knowledge to help your reach your goals, whether that be for work, school, or whatever projects you're working on. Advice says that you should let him help you. However, you're going to have to really think about what kind of life you envision for yourself in the future, and whether or not you're ready to take things where he wants them to go.

I hope that resonates for you. I would really like a general reading for the rest of the year and some advice on what I can do to improve my overall circumstances.

No. 187339

general advice, or something like "how do I figure out what to do with my life" (lol) please. thanks anon!

No. 187368

Guess this is the best thread to ask in. Angel numbers.. I've never known whether I believe in much of anything but for years now I've noticed repeated number patterns. I thought it could be an ocd thing but I've had times where numbers popped up in such a way that it was hard not to think it was strange, too perfect or too coincidental. On googling it I found out about angel numbers.

Lately I've had an increase in them. I'm stressed so it's a comfort. But then when I google the specific meaning of say 444 I see that different sites often list very different meanings behind them. Anyone else experience this? Or anyone know why meanings vary so much depending on who you ask? I consistantly see 11:11 but lastnight and today I got 333s and 444s

No. 187370

Do those dreams where I dream of her have any significance?

What's on outlook on my social/making new friends situation in to upcoming year?

No. 187376

File: 1621873836452.png (256.35 KB, 320x554, d2bde8df6f9111ad741ac8b803957b…)

If you're still doing any readings, I'd really like to know what my summer job is going to be like? Will I make friends? Will I also manage to change my behaviours and lifestyle in the summer?

No. 187410

it's worth noting that all the minor arcana cards for this reading are in the suit of swords. this could indicate that you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, or it could potentially indicate the astrological sign of a new friend.
page of swords
> theme: new beginnings in mental activity
> can signify the first stages of a relationship, beginning in mundane chatter but developing into something more meaningful over time
> curiosity, new ideas, new ways of communicating, energy, passion, enthusiasm
> you are entering an exploratory phase in your life
queen of swords reversed
> sometimes you might allow your emotions to get the better of you
> emotional involvement may distort your perception
> you might have a tendency to let others dominate you and negatively affect your ability to make decisions
> you need to be more confident and assertive to be successful
> this card could indicate that you will meet someone through your job that comes across as cold and bitchy (for lack of a better word)
> or it could represent some aspect of you, maybe that you seem aloof or uncaring to others who don't know you when really you might be shy or anxious
> take time for self-care and self-improvement in order to put your best foot forward
four of swords reversed
> you might be working long hours, giving your time and energy to others in need, or getting involved in highly stressful and demanding situations
> make sure you rest up between shifts
> sometimes you might have to force yourself to take it easy so that you don't run yourself into the ground
> it's good to be busy but don't push yourself so far that you end up depleting your health and well-being
> even just a quick nap or meditation will help you tremendously
> this card could also indicate that you are feeling frustrated with the lack of progress and change right now
> maybe you have been too passive previously
> there may have been situations that felt frustrating to you or that you felt unhappy with but you chose to wait it out in hopes that it would eventually change
> there will be times over this summer when you might need to take charge or make the first move
> don't be afraid to put yourself out there and don't hold yourself back from getting to know others
the empress
> like the page of swords, the empress indicates the possibility of new relationships
> the empress signifies a strong connection with femininity
> also suggests the potential for a new love interest
> represents a period of growth, fulfilment, abundance, stability, security, contentment
> you will gain satisfaction from bringing something to fruition

No. 187451

File: 1621913361588.jpg (6.99 KB, 250x250, Orange_clouds.jpg)

I think your readings were reversed. Could you please check it out?

General reading for the rest of the year:
Eight of cups, knight of swords, queen of cups
A loss will happen for you this summer, it will be something that makes you feel a lot of anger. This anger will however be something positive in the end, you will move on fairly quick, regain confidence, and become more active and self loving. You will need to nurture yourself a lot during this season.
Seven of swords, eight of swords, king of cups
Whatever made you uneasy in summer might return to haunt you. Some bad news will come with it. You will have some arguments and problems with trusting people. Trust in yourself foremost, become the immovable mover. Try to stay wise and do not act on impulse.
Ace of pentacles, seven of wands, chariot
Winter will bring finally bring some peace and happiness for you. It will be a new beginning for you, one that will actually make you feel at ease. A new sense of courage will come from deep within. You will move away from the negativity that you had earlier this year.
Tell me if any of this resonates.

What can you do to improve?
Two of pentacles, page of pentacles, strenght
You will have to be strong, exceptionally resilient, and pick the best options at your own hand. Have some intuition. Do not fight, do not get into arguments, try to not listen to the people who are aggraviating you. Instead, be smarter than them and focus your energies in the things that actually matter in your life.
Hoping this helps?

No. 187455

File: 1621914416767.jpg (6.14 KB, 307x303, Copycat Stationary Suite.jpg)

Page of swords, king of pentacles, two of pentacles
Definetely don't focus on a romantic relationship right now. The cards are telling you to not be wishy washy with what you want, focus on your goals and focus on monetary gain.
Nine of cups, ace of wands, two of cups
The advice of the cards is to look for what you get the most satisfaction from, what gives you the most success, and what makes you happy. Then it is telling you to find something that truly inspires you, something where you feel passionate and you know you could get some fullfilment from. It is telling you to find what makes you feel like you're in love with what you do.
First one: Seven of swords, death, nine of wands
Not really, they're memories from your past trying to deceive you. Do not pay attention, focus on the now.
Second: Queen of swords, two of cups, ten of cups
Yes, you will find many new friends, perhaps a some of them will become close friends, and you will have many new opportunities to go out and get social.

No. 187456

I think looking at numbers repeatedly is just your brain looking for a pattern. However I've been told that those numbers might actually mean something cool and all, but if you say there's different meanings to them in different websites then I am dubious.
Plus take in account that 444 is a bad number in Japan for example, but for people who believe in angel numbers it means that you are in an spiritual awakening, whatever that is. Idk I could talk more about this but to be honest, it's one of those things I don't truly believe in even if I know people who certainly do and have told me about it

No. 187459

Blessed cardflipper, just for a laugh, how's the troon at my work gonna react towards me in the coming months?

No. 187462

Nine of swords, they will seethe

No. 187490

I agree with this anon >>187456 numbers are not appearing in your life mysteriously to give you a message it's just that you notice them and if you notice them again you may think it's deliberate. But just for fun here's what it says in one of my mom's books:
There's nothing about 444 but 400 is long journeys and 44 is luck and prosperity.
There's nothing about 333 but 300 is love for wisdom and 33 is good luck.
11 is avoidance, disharmony, lack of integrity.
The meanings vary because they just assign them based on feeling. For example in this book on this page are written meanings of numbers, on another page there's a way to determine a number from your name, and on another a way to determine a number from your birthday, and on each page each number has a different meaning.

No. 187496

Thanks for the responses. Like I said I don't believe in anything spiritual or paranormal in general. It's just this one thing that started happening to me 15 years ago now and as much as I want to blame maybe ocd tendancies I've had some crazy coincidences over the years with long strings of the same number popping up in strange places.

I noticed a couple years ago that on social media the 11:11 'make a wish' thing started becoming common. I'm posting this at 11:11. omg lol

No. 187499

File: 1621938712046.jpg (123.3 KB, 640x640, IMG_0138.jpeg.jpg)

Thanks for the love reading, nonnie. Yeah, I feel like putting energy into my education and work will benefit me better anyways. I'm gonna be lonely but at least imma be rich.

No. 187581

>I'm gonna be lonely but at least imma be rich.
You can't be lonely, you will have yourself- and money! Honestly I am in the same page so don't worry.

No. 187583

>I've had some crazy coincidences over the years with long strings of the same number popping up in strange places.
Ohh, like what nonner? I'm curious

No. 187807

File: 1621976953170.jpg (57.62 KB, 794x539, descargar (1).jpg)

doing some more small, simple tarot reads, pulling out 3 cards for each, if anyone needs one

No. 187808

What does J truly think about the message I sent him?

No. 187809

File: 1621977196326.jpg (104.51 KB, 552x920, bcb0df5e540db1654b28aea5485513…)

If any kind nonnies are still doing some casual readings, I'd appreciate it very much!
I don't even know if the cards would be able to answer a query in this format, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Should I pursue a career in art/illustration, in writing, on both or on neither? I'm kinda lost. I don't know if this helps, but I'd be working on a desk job and have those on the side.

No. 187810

File: 1621977846085.jpg (137.28 KB, 736x981, RKJo2-1444751067-345-list_item…)

Excellent. Ty cardreader.

No. 187816

hey, can anyone give me a reading about what career path i should choose, or maybe just some life advice in general? i know this query is pretty vague but anything would help :^)

No. 187831

No, you smell like a newfag scrote.

No. 187840

File: 1622000930463.jpg (21.1 KB, 230x320, 7e535edf13db4c0d4f18963a25fdfa…)

apparently it's world tarot day, and it's also a full moon tonight. I've got my deck laid out on my windowsill, charging with amethyst and rose quartz in the light of la luna. sending love and light to you all.

No. 187843

Giv a read
can trade

No. 187930

the star, ten of cups, page of pentacles
He thinks it is something that can give him hope for a happier and better future. It's a new beginning and he took it as good news. But that is also a bit childish on his part.

Art/illustration: Three of cups, the lovers - Yes, you are very passionate and happy about this
Writing: Seven of swords, justice - It will be harder for you to live out of this, you will have to put a lot of effort for it to work

No. 187943

Thank you so much!

No. 188054

noona come back please

No. 188097

>I think your readings were reversed.
Tell me what you mean by this and then I'll see what I can do.

No. 188538

I think the reading you gave me for K fits L more and viceversa

No. 188592

File: 1622331372579.png (1.13 MB, 1100x1090, CD_Munou_01.png)

Doing 10 reads between today and tomorrow, ask as many questions as needed

No. 188601

This path is keep insisting on, is it the right one, or the one life just recently gave me?

No. 188602

>What area of my life should I focus on right now?
>What will my next romantic relationship be like?

No. 188603

What should I make of the recent uptick in super vivid dreams?

Is she still thinking about me?

No. 188612

File: 1622338475542.jpg (269.69 KB, 736x981, 282cf18ff8048d7ae05e5679442bf4…)

should I go on with my YouTube channel idea?
will I ammount to any money? what about fame? (small type, not Hollywood type lol)
will I get to know any of my favorite celebrities?
will I travel out of my country soon enough?
thanks nonnie!

No. 188615

Will I be able to sustain myself financially with my new endeavors?
Will my relationship with my partner grow stronger?

No. 188622

I'm in the midst of a pretty intense job recruit. I've done 4 interviews this past week and I have at least 4 more to go. Will I get an offer from my top choice? Will I get multiple offers? Will I have to make some tough decisions? What do I need to know to make the best decision? Thank you for doing this, kind anon!

No. 188766

What direction is my life going? Why is it so empty and predictable?

No. 188784


am i on the right path? what kind of friends will i be meeting in the future?

No. 188792

Hi, nonna! This is my first time doing this, so I'm a bit nervous…

Is my dream of being an author going to come to fruition? Is trying to get there the right path for me at the moment?

No. 188796

Thanks for this, Anon! Lately I feel something is missing from within myself despite successfully taking steps towards being a healthier person in body and mind. I've been in the deepest rut for far too long and it's starting to feel like there's no way out.

Should I be waiting for a specific epiphany or event to hit me before I see any relief from my current issues, or am I on the right track already and simply need to be patient?

No. 188813


hi anon, i know this is 11, so if you have time then it would be cool if you could do mine :) thank you

i'm graduating college soon. i don't really have a plan except that i want to travel and just vibe/have new experiences while working on my personal writing and art and perhaps working in art/design/film type places (nothing with a permanent plan). should i go ahead with this slightly open experimental plan where i see what happens, or should i be a little more invested in 'planning my future' like higher education and jobs? what should be my guiding force in these coming years?

there is someone in my life whom i harbour much resentment/hate/jealousy against (they really made me dislike myself and treated me quite horribly sometimes( and they infect a lot of my thoughts. i'm working on trying to let it go, not having the thoughts of them/their actions trigger me so much… they are a college friend. will this relationship completely dissolve post college? will they be a part of my future path? my slight solace right now is that after college, i can cut them off or at least avoid them (we are part of a friend group).

what kind of people are going to enter my life in the coming year?

finally,,, i long to live and work near nature. the beach, the mountains, anywhere… is travel and a life near these places in my cards?

thank you :)

No. 188951

File: 1622497424855.jpeg (578.2 KB, 750x748, 1613119895615.jpeg)

Noted!!! give me some time to reply please (a lot of queries to answer, might do half today half tomorrow)

No. 189007

No. 189008

it’s my first time on this thread so i’m sorry if i don’t do this right. my question needs a bit of context, i hope that’s okay

will i have my own space one day? i live with my mum who’s a nightmare to deal with 98% of the time, it’s miserable and stressful. i’m also struggling with finding support as a jobless, depressed and quite severe autist who needs help finding somewhere that would understand my issues, and sometimes i feel like i’ll never be in a place where i can have my own “home” that i can decorate and have all to myself. is there any hope for me in that regard? right now i feel like it will never work out for me for so many reasons but it’s something i desperately want

No. 189159

I'm >>188622, and I was hoping for an answer by June 3rd at 5pm EST because that's when offers will be released, and I'll need to make a decision that evening which will affect the trajectory of the rest of my life (not being dramatic, it's just the reality of my profession). I wouldn't have asked such a time-sensitive question if you hadn't said you were reading "today and tomorrow" 3 days ago lol so don't worry about my question if you can't get around to it in time!

No. 189160

Oh alright! sorry here is your read (I'm preparing all of them before posting, I got a lot of questions)
1.Yes, you will get an offer from your top choice, and it will make you incredibly happy but also the news will potentially make you emotionally unstable. It's a new beginning! lovers, tower, sun
2.Yes, you will get multiple offers, cards are telling you to be intuitive, practical, realistic and ability to develop yourself. high priestess, judgement, page of pentacles
3.Be firm, evaluate each choice with its pros and cons. But genuinely follow what you feel is best, don't guide yourself by what the past tells you but what you seek in the future. Six of cups, two of pentacles, queen of swords

No. 189174

File: 1622597958807.png (3.8 KB, 195x191, sunnydaysahead.png)

yay!!! thank you so much! it's very intriguing that all the cards pulled for question 1 are from the major arcana. I've read that when this happens in a reading, it indicates that life-changing events are about to take place. I'm so happy to see the sun card pop up for me! feeling very hopeful right now. I will report back in a few days to let you know how it goes. thanks again!

No. 189301

two of cups, the magician, three of pentacles, six of pentacles
This is definetely a path that you are meant to go through. There isn't anything about this being the definitive one, but it is a path that will make you come out stronger on the other end. You are passionate about this path You'll learn a lot about yourself, become wiser, stronger, and eventually teach others and help them in their passionate dreams. Overall your current situation is that of a transitional and positive period for you.

1. seven of swords, nine of swords, three of pentacles, seven of cups
Building trust within yourself, not caring about what others think of you, and not putting people on a pedestal. You have social anxiety issues.
2.Ten of wands, page of pentacles, chariot, king of wands
Someone who needs to mature very bad, but they're very fun to be around, probably has money, strucks me as someone with a business.

1.the hermit, the star, king of cups, the empress
You're feeling lonely and still longing of something else. The star here is telling you to pay close attention to what those dreams mean, since it is the card associated with dreams.
You need to keep a better control of your emotions, it feels like something quite recent is in your mind. Try to keep yourself calm and collected, learn to forgive yourself and others.
2.page of wands, king of swords, two of wands, justice
She has an impulse to communicate with you, but she knows it's for the best that she doesn't.

1.three of swords, the fool, queen of swords, king of pentacles
The cards say no, and that to find something that gives you sustainable money instead.
2.judgement, three of cups, ten of cups
This is telling you that you'll having as much money as you need to be happy. It doesn't say you'll own a fortune, but it also lets you know you won't be on the slums.
3.lovers, king of pentacles, page of cups
Yes, fame could happen for you. Very likely.
4.Eight of wands, three of swords, hierophant
A lukewarm no. Or, if you do, it will be heartbreaking. Asks you to go within to see what you actually lack.
5.seven of wands, four of pentacles, five of swords
Another no, sorry - four of pentacles is telling you to stop being a materialistic fool…

will continue the rest tomorrow

No. 189332

File: 1622613041019.jpg (111.94 KB, 600x800, 229107b0c52dc4e3902495b27972e6…)

Thanks, nonnie! sorry for the abundance of questions, btw.

>The cards say no, and that to find something that gives you sustainable money instead.

would it make any difference if I said I don't plan on doing yt as a job? I wanted a channel more as an extension of my hobbies; I would share the hobbies and how I personally do stuff. If it was to reach 500 views I'd be happy lol as for the real work, just a regular desk job.

>Yes, fame could happen for you. Very likely.

I actually asked this one because a while back I got a reading saying that it would happen, I also think they used "very likely" or "almost certain" and this got me so curious I had to get a second opinion. However, I have no idea what to do with this because I don't know where to focus. I thought it may be the yt thing but then the cards said no? I like writing, but I don't think I am good enough to be famous out of it. kinda lost ngl kek

>A lukewarm no. Or, if you do, it will be heartbreaking.

this is so common, too

>four of pentacles is telling you to stop being a materialistic fool…

cards, y u booly me lmao
I was mostly asking because I wanted to know if me or my fiancee would win these travel tickets giveaway, but i guess not crying emoticon

thanks again, anon! you're awesome

No. 189473

will do your query soon
do you want me to redo your query?

No. 189496

I'm >>189332 and it would be very appreciated if you could do it! Thanks for your consideration

No. 189533

Alright, about your hobbyist youtube channel…
>five of cups, eight of swords, queen of wands, judgement
The cards came negative again. I feel like the timing is off, maybe you're not supposed to do it at the moment. It says to stick to the plans that are actually important to you, to make serious plans that will bring you better things in life. I don't exactly know why the cards are being this negative, but my very personal advice is just to go and do it if you wish. But maybe this is just general advice to go and focus on whatever you truly want to do and to not procastinate, ya know?

About the tickets
>six of swords, page of pentacles, king of pentacles, three of pentacles
Now this is more promising, six of swords is a card of travel, and you got a bunch of pentacles (which signify money). Page of pentacles is telling you to not be so naive, and the rest are telling you that you'll get to travel but it has to come from your own money. I wish you luck regardless, sorry for having to redo your query.

No. 189543

File: 1622679064770.jpg (140.71 KB, 736x736, 110cd546ce99165564a3e400603a00…)

Thank you so much, anon!! This is actually really insightful.

>again. I feel like the timing is off, maybe you're not supposed to do it at the moment. It says to stick to the plans that are actually important to you, to make serious plans that will bring you better things in life.

>But maybe this is just general advice to go and focus on whatever you truly want to do and to not procastinate, ya know?
This kinda makes sense, I've been eyeing this desk job at one of my favorite museums and maybe I should try and focus to make my resume better to be admitted there (I've been ignored a few times)and then maybe do my channel. I was thinking maybe doing it in the meantime even as a form of distraction, but hey, my phone (which was the camera I was going to use to film) randomly broke so unless I can fix it for cheap, I'll need to focus on the regular job and I would actually be physically unable to start the channel lol i am also the queen of procrastination, so maybe as soon as the phone thing is fixed I should start it and stop second doubting myself in general.
thanks for your personal input as well!

>Page of pentacles is telling you to not be so naive, and the rest are telling you that you'll get to travel but it has to come from your own money.

Oh, I see. ngl, this also hit me hard because I was indeed kinda counting on my luck too much hehe

>I wish you luck regardless, sorry for having to redo your query.

no need to apologise at all, nona! I am the one that should apologise for being kinda vague to begin with (sometimes I fear being too specific and kinda "directing" the reading)
Thanks for taking your time in redoing my queries!

No. 189557

1.ten of cups, seven of pentacles, six of wands, queen of wands
Yes, and it will be just enough to share with those that you love. Your efforts will be rewarded greatly, not only in money but in how people see you. Queen of wands is giving you advice to stick to your plans, and do it.
2.tower, seven of wands, the world, the chariot, ten of swords
It's going to be a rough patch, I feel like this relationship is ending. Probably soon, and it will be really rapid and probably devastating. But you will move fast and your whole worldview on things will change.
1.queen of pentacles, judgement, queen of wands, ace of cups
More tranquility overall. Support from your peers or loved ones. A lot of peace.
2.the high priestess, two of pentacles, temperance, eight of pentacles
It isn't "empty", it is just tranquil. You have a lot of power, but you are very indecisive, and don't know what to do. Cards are telling you to work on yourself, to really search what you want in life, to try different things. Unless you do that, your life will keep being like the card temperance: lukewarm.

No. 189568

1.high priestess, queen of pentacles, five of pentacles, four of cups
Yes and no. Mentally you are on the right path and your sensibilities are on point. But you are short on money, and you are procastinating or daydreaming a lot about something that you need to start taking action for.
2.two of wands, king of cups, wheel of fortune, queen of pentacles
it seems like you will get very good friends. They're as curious as you are, and they're in to seek new thrills or experiences like you do. They're nice people, very supportive calm. They could be manipulative though, so I don't think it will be a deep connection.
1.seven of swords, ace of cups, fool
You're being very naive, you think things will happen if you just wish for them. You actually need to stop self this weird self-sabotage that you impose on yourself, be more compassionate on your own person and do things for fun. Until you learn this, you becoming an author is uncertain.
2.the world, ace of swords, seven of wands, ace of pentacles
You need to invest more time and resources on this dream if you want it to happen. It feels like you aren't commited enough in it. Make it your whole world, literally. It's going to be hard, but you need to have some courage.
king of swords, four of swords, two of pentacles, justice
No need to wait for an epiphany, but cards are telling me one of your biggest issues is not knowing what you want or how to proceed about things. Basically, get into action, sort things out, figure out a plan, a routine, a structure, and do it. Justice tells you that whatever you put into it right now you will get back later on. The moment is now.

No. 189569

What do I gotta do to better myself and succeed

No. 189580

File: 1622702857084.gif (983.08 KB, 500x250, tumblr_mzze6tIRQx1sktgg3o8_r1_…)

I am not sure where to ask anymore.

Context: My family is making me worry a lot, because they are still not doing well and I worry for their safety. I still cannot find a job. Everything makes me feel like how no matter what I do, something keeps creating obstacles around me, or trying to make sure that things are falling apart.

> Will this year be difficult for me? Will I achieve any (or multiple) long-term goal that I wanted this year?


No. 189584

File: 1622704662804.png (812.9 KB, 1080x1068, 1622329239456.png)

1.the high priestess, strenght, three of pentacles, the chariot
Before talking about being experimental or planning stuff, you have some learning to do. So don't worry about that at the moment, you have to gain a lot of knowledge and be in tune with yourself first. Chariot is advicing you to find something that motivates you and fills you with determination.
2.three of swords, four of wands, eight of wands, and got four of wands again
Learn to let go of anything that is very painful to you. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, cards are telling you to be mindful but don't let them consume you. You'll be happy and fulfilled, but you need something that keeps your soul full of hope, and don't try taking shortcuts. Keep on learning.
3.seven of wands, three of cups, the star, seven of pentacles
Sadly it seems that this college peer will keep on being on the background, but you can easily ignore them by hanging out with other people. It sucks a lot, but it also seems to be a test of learning how to deal with this type of people. You have to learn to persist.
Also, the star is a card both of wishes and jealously, keep that in mind.
4.the emperor, ten of pentacles, ace of pentacles, nine of cups
A mentor of some sort. Then, I see you getting closer to someone from your family, or someone who will feel like family will enter your life, but I don't "feel" a romantic connection. It feels like a job situation, someone you can count on for career or money advice. They will help you get what you want.
5.two of wands, four of wands, king of pentacles, justice
It says "probably yes", but you have to actively seek it and start saving up money for it. It won't come up from nowhere.
Six of swords, ace of wands, king of pentacles, high priestess. Yes you will have your own place, it seems that you have to first learn to let go and seek the happiness you want while living there though. Start planning.
Oddly enough the cards are kinda telling me that one of the most likely ways you'll get out is if you find "another family", maybe you'll make your own, or maybe you can find a place with people who make you feel like home. This doesn't have to be a romantic deal, this could be friends or other family members. You have a bright future ahead but if you aren't in peace with yourself you will keep on getting false starts.
I already did more than 10 anon's queries like I promised in that post but I'm okay with replying to you
The high priestess, hermit, five of cups, two of wands
Alright it seems like you're going through a lot of pain right now. You feel lonely, but this isn't a time to sulk in. High priestess tells you this hermit time is the perfect time to go within and fix all the troubled shit you've been carrying all this time. Let go of all your fears, seek opportunities out of your comfort zone. Soon enough you'll get out of this slump.
1.queen of cups, four of pentacles, hanged man, king of swords
You are very compassionate, and you love helping others (and I already can tell by the context you're giving me). This is a good quality you have, but you're going overboard. Four of pentacles is telling you to stop worrying so much about money, because that blockage is exactly what is ruinning things for you. This waiting game is keeping you captive, and instead of worrying so much about others you should start worrying about yourself. King of swords is literally telling you to stay neutral to problems and give your focus to yourself. This will actually help you resolve things.
2.seven of wands, five of swords, moon, queen of swords
Not with that attitude. You're not in the right path, you're blocking everything out. If you continue this, the things you want to achieve will be only dreams. Queen of swords is urging you to be more individualistic and fierce.

That's all the queries, sorry for taking my sweet time. I'm gonna stop reading for a while, this was tiring lol.

No. 189646

Thank you for your reading, this is author-anon. I will look deep into myself and try my best!

No. 189647


thank you so much for this! strangely enough my sister and i recently had a conversation about moving into a place together which would be my ideal living situation, even my mum said it would be great for us to get a mortgage on a house together.