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No. 145243

This is a thread for girls who don't like wearing makeup or wear very little of it. Share your experience, tricks and tips, routines, and whatever else that might come to mind.

What is allowed
>Bare faces with literally no makeup
>Almost bare faces with just a little touch of lipstick, eyeliner or mascara
>Non-invasive makeup looks
>Natural looks that focus on being as minimal as possible, or employ the bare minimum of steps
>The use of skincare products with a bit of pigment instead of primer+concealer+foundation+powder
>Natural or homemade alternatives

What is not allowed
>"No makeup" makeup looks that are fake and still use more than the bare minimum
>Bake & Cake style of makeup that cover your face, even if the result looks natural
>Literally any other makeup look

Conversation starters
>When did you start going bare faced and why?
>Do you embrace your natural features?
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
>What are your favorite products?

No. 145244

Never used make up in my daily life outside of specific, limited occasions (going to a wedding party and the like).
I just wash my face with soap, period.
I don't have any big skin issue that needs coverage, some solitary pimple from time to time, but with aging they stopped coming.
I am now coping with first wrinkles, but to be honest I am not going to start using make up at this age because of that. Having a "baby face" helped so far, laziness did the rest.

No. 145246

Cries in cystic acne and heavy discoloration, i look like a corpse with plague without make up.

Maybe one day I will join you make up free anons, for now i just bump the thread because it seems like it would be a good one.

No. 145248

Years ago I was dealing with cystic acne and was advised not to wear make up and let my skin 'breathe', so most of the time I would go without foundation but still use black liquid eyeliner a lot. But at some point I stopped bothering with that as well. I also feel a full face of makeup was never comfortable for me in the first place, and I also had a hard time learning how to apply makeup to suit my particular features. It's just easier and more comfortable to go out with bb cream, some lipstick and a touch of concealer. Although I have some acne scarring that bothers me from time to time I try to remind myself that it's just me who notices it most of the time

No. 145250

I went from doing a full face of makeup every day in high school and college to wearing not a drop at work or in general 97% of the time. I still know how to do a full face and will for fun, but it is MUCH more freeing, comfortable, and beautiful to love my face the way it is, honestly. Rejecting conventional beauty standards in favor of loving myself has been incredible. Hope this is the right board to express this.

No. 145252

I used to put on makeup quite often and my routine was kinda heavy too. It usually took me around 1 hour to finish my makeup and probably another 15 min for fix-up but the weird thing is, the more I put on make up the less I feel better or physically more attractive than I tend to feel.
My make up skill had improved quite a bit since then but it seems like I was never satisfied with it, one day when I was trying out a new makeup look, it didn't suit me at all like I thought it would. After I remove my makeup, I don't know why but I feel cuter without any kind of makeup all over my face.
I always thought that with makeup I could understand myself more, I did lmao but not in the way people would think. I feel like with the influx of beauty gurus and k-drama, makeup has become an important part in our lives and we judge each other a lot through makeup too. Wear make up the way you want ladies, embrace your features and learn to love yourself more. Don't let makeup dictate your life because society is already materialistic enough.

No. 145253

Anyone else just kind of fucking hate how they look in any makeup? I feel like even the lightest mascara makes my eyes look tiny, and any lipstick other than a nude shade makes my lips look annoyingly small and puckered. Huge reason why I stopped wearing makeup. Bare-faced, I know I'm plain and unremarkable, but it beats being overly conscious about how my makeup makes me look.

No. 145254

Yes, anons! I feel cute enough with makeup, but not like myself anymore, where it used to be the opposite, that I only felt like myself with a red lip and winged liner. I feel cuter without, and I know I won't get looks or compliments the same way I do when I wear makeup, but that's okay. I've also noticed that I find other bare-faced women SO much more beautiful at all ages, and it makes me feel pretty and better about my own choices as well. Like, if I feel that in awe of others, maybe someone feels that way about me too, and even if they don't, I feel good about myself in spite of what society and booty gurus push and push down our throats. It's nice. Enjoy your freedom, gals.

No. 145256

>After I remove my makeup, I don't know why but I feel cuter without any kind of makeup all over my face.
>Anyone else just kind of fucking hate how they look in any makeup?

Anons, same… I'm just tired of makeup, tired of pretending I must sploosh that gunk shot of runny and slimey face paint all over my face to be considered presentable. It just doesn't work for me, I'm not into it, doesn't make me feel good, and doesn't make me feel any pretier, it just makes me feel like I have shit on my face that I musn't smudge or ruin or else it will look like shit. I hate that unless you put like super stay on liquids on your face, if you lay down your face anywhere the makeup will transfer. It's just annoying. You can't even hug people. I wish society stopped pushing this fake lashes and perfect flawless techniques onto every girl, I'm just too dumb to apply eyeshadow in a dramatic way.

I have somewhat deep dark circles under my eyes but at this point nothing makes me feel uglier than trying to cover them up. I was born with them, I was made like this for a reason. I don't give an f anymore, I feel cuter when my natural freckles shine through after a sunny day instead of putting more stuff on top and then having to redraw them.

Otherwise, I do like wearing other stuff, like natural eyeshadow, a bit of eyeliner, and a natural sheer lipbalm.

No. 145263

My routine currently consists of mascara, eyebrow pencil (I'm light blonde so this is a must not to look like a naked molerat), liquid blush and a bit of concealer on spots if needed.

I've been foundation free since late march (yay corona) for the first time since I was 13 or 14 or so! I've even gone back to my summerjob wearing no foundation, which is something I couldn't even imagine at the beginning of this year!

No. 145267

File: 1595871880664.jpg (17.35 KB, 480x449, DbzlOM1WkAAP6RW.jpg)

I used to try to wear as much makeup as possible because I thought I could transform my face like the youtubers do and look like an instagram hot girl. Instead I just looked like pic related. My facial features aren't traditionally "Western", I have a tall, straight nose and prominent eyes, my face looks like someone took random features from completely different looking people and crammed it onto my head. Eventually I just kind of gave up.

I still wear concealer under my eyes and around my nose (I need it) as well as eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, but not much else.

No. 145274

I had moderate acne when i was a teenager and always wore full coverage foundation. Now i only get hormonal acne, which still sucks, but i rarely wear make up now. If your skin condition is good, you really don't need to beat your face imo.

No. 145280

my routine is exactly the same anon. I love the way liquid/gel blush looks on my bare skin, you can still see the natural skin beneath so it looks almost like a sunburn. really the only makeup I "play" with anymore is different colors of blush lol.

No. 145282

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
Since I was a teen. I did have a phase where I would do my makeup (albeit shittily) at home and take pictures. I grew out of it and stopped doing it. Now I only wear makeup if I go to formal events but I don't go to many anyway.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
It's not that I embrace my features; rather, there's an element of some mild self-hatred of my face and knowing that others see something different than what I do. I hate my face and think it's ugly, but a pig with makeup is still a pig, yeah? Most people think I'm at least decent looking without makeup. No point in doing makeup if others think I look fine.
>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I prefer to go barefaced, not because I think I'm goodlooking without makeup, but because it is what I'm used to.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
I just let them be. Makeup is expensive and I'm afraid it could aggrevate my skin. Thankfully covid hit so I can hide my acne with masks!
>What are your favorite products?
I love raw, organic shea butter, TO AHA, their retinoid, Aztec clay mask. It helps to make my skin look decent enough.

No. 145285

I get acne breakouts when I attempt to wear makeup so I avoid it all together. I have thick eyebrows, biggish lips, and long eyelashes so I feel weird trying to enhance those features.
The most I've done to my face at once was during Halloween. In junior high school, I went crazy with the eyeliner to look like Orochimaru from Naruto and would put on some blemish concealer here and there. Even then, that went on looking crackly, and I have a big enough mole on my eyelid it looks off, I was sparse.

No. 145288

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
only since lockdown here in the UK. I was always jealous of girls with the confidence to not wear makeup, i got so used to eyeliner etc that my natural face would freak me out in the morning, but not having to wear it every day got me more used to it and my boyfriend said he thought i looked great. my skin cleared up and i don't see myself going back to a full face anytime soon.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
i'm pretty blessed with long eyelashes and don't have the thin white people lips, like i got surprisingly full lips for a white person.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
If i'm meeting up with people or going to a job interview i like to enhance a little sure, just to look presentable and feel like my best self.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
not a full routine but there are stages. usually i'll wash my face or use a cleanser, put on some sun screen mixed with a brightening balm/antiaging cream. I then mix in a tiny bit of foundation and apply that evenly. i'll use a minimal amount of translucent powder and blush, sometimes a tiny bit of highlight. then just some neutral eyeshadow, brown liner and little liquid eyeliner wings and mascara. compared to my old routine it's much more natural.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
just a little concealer, but wearing less make up and drinking more water has greatly reduced any skin issues i had.
>What are your favorite products?
Superdrug brightening balm, Nyx liner pen. both affordable and vegan!

No. 145293

I’d like to get the sparse spots on my eyebrows microbladed and get my lips blushed. I already do lash lifts and tints on myself and I think it looks better than mascara. With the other two things done I’d wake up looking damn fresh. Not sure if it counts as ‘no makeup’ though.

No. 145297

I want to get my eyebrows microbladed so badly but I‘m prone to get keloids so I guess I can‘t…

No. 145306

Does it count if I use Glossier skin tint and stretch concealer? They're very light coverage.

>When did you start going bare faced and why?

I've never really worn a lot of makeup. I tend to look bad with heavier makeup on.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
Yes, I have reasonably high-contrast features and I take good care of my skin. My lips are naturally full when I am hydrated properly and my eyes have some pigment around them that looks like eyeshadow.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I can do either. If I'm just heading out for some errands I put some tinted lip balm on my lips + cheeks.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
I don't own any makeup brushes/sponges. I apply everything with my hands.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
Honestly, I don't really have any. I take very good care of my skin and am also very lucky to have nice skin naturally.
>What are your favorite products?
>> CosRX BHA and AHA
>> The Face Shop rice ceramide emulsion (discontinued, unfortunately – I'll have to find a dupe)
>> Vichy micellar water
>> CeraVe hydrating cleanser
>> Thayers witch hazel, unscented
>> CeraVe PM
>> Biore UV Aqua Rich sunscreen
>> Blistex conditioning lip serum (this stuff is incredible, I put it on right before bed and my lips are super plump in the morning
>> Lush lip scrubs, they have peppermint oil in them so they help to irritate/swell your lips a bit naturally

>> Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in red dahlia
>> Glossier Lash Slick mascara
>> Glossier perfecting skin tint
>> Glossier stretch concealer
>> Glossier cloud paint in dusk
>> Clinique black honey
>> Marcelle eyeliner in this dark plum color

No. 145307

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
I never started wearing makeup in the first place. I've never owned any kind of concealer or foundation. My mom didn't wear makeup, I never picked up an interest. I was fine with the way my face looked, and I guess I didn't want to be caught a day without makeup and everyone thinking I look bad or tired.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
I don't mind them. My shape plus lack of makeup makes me look like a potato in some angles, other than that I can't complain about what I have.
>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I don't own or know how to do makeup so most of the time I don't have a choice. If I'm at a really special occasion, like a bridesmaid in a wedding, I think it's fun to get a face full of makeup. If I'm going out on a weekend I'll put on some mascara. Since I have long lashes and no one sees me in makeup it makes a difference.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
I brush my teeth and my hair.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
Hope they go away sooner. I'll break out a little bit during my time of the month but other than staying hydrated there's nothing I can do about it to help them heal faster, so I don't worry about it. I also like thinking I don't think any differently of a person if they're breaking out, so fuck them if they think differently of me.

No. 145320

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
When I decided to bike to work to save money, it makes me sweat and makeup just melt of my face.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
Tbh I'm surprised by how cute I find myself bare faced. I'll look at myself at lot through the day because we have a ton of mirror were I work and 99% of the time I feel I look very nice.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I'm embracing the completely natural look.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
I'll clean and moisturize my face.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
Nothing, I'll acknowledge and wait for them to heal.

No. 145326

I stopped wearing foundation a few years ago and I'm never ever going back to that crap, don't care if you can see any hyperpigmentation or small red spots. I'm done with that shit. On a daily basis I just do my morning skincare routine, some undereye concealer and my brows. If I feel fancy I'll do eyeshadows and mascara.

Since I stopped wearing so much makeup I've been feeling a lot better about myself and my face. Never thought I'd be someone to go out without makeup, like I used to put on eyeliner and foundation to go to the store that's across the street to get some milk lol

However, I really want to get all of these things anon mentioned >>145293, but it's so expensive go get and maintain where I live so I'll have to still use makeup unless I get rich or something

No. 145336

>When did you start going bare faced and why?

No amount of makeup makes my haggard ass face look good. Also effort. Also feminism.

>Do you embrace your natural features?

I embrace being fug.

>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

Natural all the way.

>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

I have to sort out my hair before I go so gel, mouse, hairspray etc. I have a dyke haircut.
I put on sun-cream most days too.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

Tea-tree oil for spots. That's it.

>What are your favorite products?

Tea-tree oil, sun-cream. I use an eyelash curler if I'm going out somewhere nice

No. 145356

I only wear masacara, lipstick/tinted lip balm and eyeliner if I have any. It really just boils down to I'm broke as fuck to buy a whole makeup routine. I've grown to like the natural look though, I feel like I don't need to buy $50 makeup from sephora to feel pretty and put together.

No. 145366

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
Never got into makeup- my mom passed away when I was young and my dad was always a bit protective so I never asked about it
>Do you embrace your natural features?
For the most part. I got my eyebrows microbladed and still fill them sometimes when going to nicer places because they're very sparse but embrace everything else!
>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
Natural! I never got my eyebrows retouched because they were too perfect and felt weird to have a "bare" makeup free face with perfect eyebrows.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
Skin care routine and I pay a little more attention to my hair.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
For blemishes: pot treatment, pimple patches, or pop them; for imperfections (wrinkles): skincare

No. 145381

anon you sound like my type of girl

No. 145430

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
I started working from home all the time since covid began so I had no reason to be slathering make up on. As a result, I've got used to seeing my bare skin and it's no where near as splotchy as my initial impression of it was. My skin is pretty good and I think has looked better and better over time so either it's improved from the lack of makeup or I've gotten used to seeing my face without it.

>Do you embrace your natural features?

Yes, I think I have nice features and like other anons have said, I have one of those faces that doesn't suit heavy makeup - I've never worn heavy makeup anyway besides experimenting with youtube tutorials and thinking I look like a drag queen.

>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

I've been trying to embrace my natural appearance including my hair being curly.

>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

I will wash my face, put on moisturiser and sunscreen and then I'm ready. I will occasionally wear a bit of makeup like some tinted lipbalm, mascara, or this really light weight foundation I have to even things out that looks really natural.

I've also drastically reduced my skincare routine during covid and realise I don't need a zillion different things for my skin to look good. I don't enjoy the process of doing myself up or applying different lotions and potions in the evening. I don't need it either.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

I don't really get blemishes anymore since I went on a low dose of accutane last year. I'm better off leaving those things alone because I scar and get pigmentation easily.

>What are your favourite products?

Kate Sommerville exfoliating cleanser, Sunday Riley Good Genes, moisturisers, paw paw ointment.

No. 145431

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
I never got the habit of doing makeup, most of the time I'm just lazy, but feel confident enough to not wear it. Also I kinda forget to put on makeup before going out, as I'm accustomed to go natural.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
I think so, when I wear makeup I like to highlight my features or do some kind of gothic look but is rare for me to do so. I don't own many products nor like most of the trendy techniques (highlighter, contour, etc)
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
When I feel like dressing nicely, I do like to put some makeup to feel put together and cohesive, but in general, makeup makes my face feel dirty or unconfortable thinking I'm almost always smearing it, so I prefer feeling fresh. When I'm not all dressed up, I don't use makeup at all. I also have very little occasions to do a full face.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
Haha as if I would grab a brush having curly hair. I end up only putting sunscreen when I remember to (yeah should put everyday).
But when I feel like putting some makeup: concealer, filling in eyebrows, powder, mascara, blush, lip balm/lip tint and occasionally, eyeliner. Although I almost never do all of these at once, it's just what I like to do.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
Got the bad habit of popping pimples, but I put concealer over them and over my very dark circles if I feel insecure over them. I have very good skin most of the time so I don't care much.

No. 145435

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
I never managed to get into makeup, my mother tried during my teens but I really had no interest in it. I was a bit of a NLOG and didn't want to mimick the classmates I hated, and it stuck.

>Do you embrace your natural features?

I honestly don't really care about my face, since I don't see it most of the time (but I still think I look nice, otherwise I wouldn't be carefree). I do like some of my features though, like my strong jawline and my eyes.

>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

Most of the time I go all natural, especially for my wage slave job that doesn't require any special makeup. I don't even wear makeup for dates. The only times I ever wear makeup are for formal meetings like interviews, and for concerts, since I mostly go to extreme metal gigs I like to experiment with darker makeup. I used to like to wear mascara from time to time because it widens my gaze, but it's empty now and I haven't bothered with buying a new one.

>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

I just brush my hair, I never wanted to learn how to use blush and foundation as it looked too much of a hassle to me. I really shoud get into skincare routine though, the most I do is moisturize after showering and exfoliation when I remember.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

I'm lucky enough to have a healthy skin that only get pimples around my periods on the chin, so nothing really. I still have this terrible habit of popping them, and I can't stop myself from doing it. The one good thing about mandatory face masks is that I can hide my acne completely now.

No. 145437

>When did you start going bare faced and why?

About two years ago after I got in an accident and suddenly wasn't going out, I did do a full face of makeup once in a while to cheer myself up but it just depressed me even more haHA
>Do you embrace your natural features?
Yes, someone might think I look fug but I do have nice full lips, decent skin, full eyebrows. I do get insecure about my pores though, but that's dumb.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

I do wear lipstick, mostly clear eyebrow gel, sometimes eyeshadow, always some form of blush, highlighter, sometimes mascara and powder to keep my spf from getting shiny. I'd say natural, but it does also seem pretty polished. A good clean bold lip usually looks pretty polished every once in a while.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

I don't wear concealer nor foundation, so I just use a brush to apply powder or the occasional eyeshadow. I mostly do the same stuff, I do enjoy my bare face but I like it when my lips be poppin.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

Tea tree oil, I used to have painful case of cystic acne I took medication for as well had to do those awful skin burning peel gel things. After years of looking at the scars, treating them and covering them up, I rarely get any pimples or freak out about tiny blemishes or scars. I am doing good now.

>What are your favorite products?

Colourpop's highlighters, the soft ones are so easy to blend in with fingers and they can go from natural to blinding so easily. I went from doing a full face on the reg to just doing this so I feel like I have nothing, I do enjoy me some maybelline lip products, very affordable. I feel so basic these days but so much more comfortable.

The only thing I would like to try is a lash lift, I have such straigh yet long lashes, no matter how much I curl or use mascara, them shits won't appear for a long time.

No. 145438

I need to add that holy sHIT my face always looked so greasy and somehow white, as if my foundation oxidized to a whiter color after I got home from school. I literally looked so much worse with foundation no matter what I did, I tried everything I could, just thought my skin was shit. There's also the great pro of not wearing any foundation or colored powder, you won't get it on others while hugging or shit like that. Can't wait to snog someone with minimal makeup, miss rona please leave.

No. 145439

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
2015. even before that i would wear make up just once in a while, with a natural look. i stopped completely because i hate the feel of having make up on. also i don't really like how i look with make up. i see no reason to wear make up if i don't like it.

>Do you embrace your natural features?

not really. i'd say i just stopped caring. it's how i look. i was born like this. and it's okay.

>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

natural, always

>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

i clean my skin and that's it. i want to apply sunscreen too but i haven't bought it yet.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?


>What are your favorite products?

i have no favorites, i'm still trying to find a cleaner i like.

No. 145488

Has anyone found any success with natural remedies said to help grow thicker eyebrows, like castor oil or coconut oil? I'm well aware that they don't actually hasten growth, mostly they just lock in moisture and protect your brows from the damage that might make them prematurely shed. Still, I've heard they're a good help.

No. 145502

My friend used castor oil for two months on her lashes and she swears they actually grew. I used it for a few days on both eyebrows and lashes and they did felt nicer, mostly just because they were moisturized, as you said. Stopped because it was too uncomfortable but I'm thinking about trying it again

No. 145513

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
When I was a teen. I never really learned to do good make up, I just put lots of eyeliner to look edgy lmao. When I started going to school in a different city where I lived in it just wasnt worth it waking up early.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
I kinda like them yes.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I like to look natural and a bit masculine. In parties I wear a pantsuit, I think no make up goes nicely with it.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
Not even a brush
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
I put lotion on dry spots
>What are your favorite products?
Blistex medplus lip cream kek

No. 145522

>When did you start going bare faced and why?

This year mostly, I am lazy most of the time I can't be bothered to dampen my beauty blender lol or wash my brushes all the time so I ended up just going without any foundation or makeup!

>Do you embrace your natural features?

Somewhat, I used experiment with contouring now I don't contour as much and leave my features as they are naturally.

>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

Polished somewhat

>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

I usually moisturize and then moisturize again if my face is feeling dry! I also put sunscreen on.
After watching Robert Welsh I learnt a lot on applying makeup better since we both have oily combination skin. Makeup can be a disaster for me since my eyes tend to cease now and I look like an oil pit but somehow cakey/dry occasionally. Since upping my skincare, I don't look as cakey anymore thankfully if I choose to wear makeup. I sometimes wear CC cream or just concealer and then do my eyebrows either filling them in or gel.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

Cover them with concealer or let them heal without putting makeup on.

>What are your favorite products?

Aveeno Dermexa daily emollient cream and Biore Milk sunscreen.

No. 145530

Thanks for the input! I don't have any castor oil at home at the moment but I do have a jar of coconut oil that I'll try on my brows for a bit, just to see if I like it.

No. 145970

File: 1596279101101.png (340.01 KB, 600x399, 04a57197fd25ada81a1e069973faa6…)

anon you have good taste! that's how I feel about blush aswell! What blushes do you use? I'm esp interested in that gel blush.

I use Daniel Sandler Water Colour blush and it's just beautiful and natural! (pic not mine)

No. 146040

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
when I was in my early 20s. I got into wearing foundation at around 17 and got tired of spending money on it, finding the right shade, looking for a formula that wouldn't sit in my fine lines. now I don't give a shit, I go out with no makeup even when I have acne. some days I worry people think I should cover my blemishes but it's so normal for me now not to have anything on
>Do you embrace your natural features?
yeah I guess I do. I love my thick brows and now and then give em a brush and wear some clear gel on em. my nose is big but the idea of contouring it makes me feel like I'm not being true to myself. I've tried it in the past and I felt shitty.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I love natural on myself but I do appreciate a polished look on other people
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go? basically all I wear at the minute now I turned thirty and am worried about wrinkles is a lightly tinted suncream from paula's choice. I'll put on a tiny bit of tinted lipbalm too.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
I leave them tbh, luckily my glasses cover my dark circles but if I didn't wear them I'd probably use a concealer

No. 146042

>My mom didn't wear makeup

I wonder how much of this plays a part in how much makeup girls end up wearing. I have no sisters and my mum only wore makeup once on her wedding day. my interest in makeup has always been limited, never had that moment some girls talk about raiding their mum's lipsticks.

No. 146060

File: 1596337662076.jpg (61.48 KB, 500x625, pizza chaaaans.jpg)

How many of my fellow pizza-chans go bare face?
I got hit by bad acne at 22 and, due to a past of no-makeup, let the zits hang out for several months before caving. It gave me some odd confidence for a time…until it didn't. Then I wore foundation for the first time in my life and hated it (it somehow shocked and angered me that I had to touch it up), but luckily cleared myself up.
After that debacle I just conceal active zits, but leave the scars out for all to see as well as other "flaws" like dark circles.
My skincare, however, is fleshed out. Modest compared to some, but gets the job done:
>Vanicream gentle facial cleanser
>De La Cruz sulfur ointment
>CosRx BHA
>acne.org benzoyl peroxide
>La Roche-Posay toleriane sensitive fluide
>Sebamed clear face gel
>good ol' vaseline for lips
>Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Milk SPF50 PA ++++
My routine is cleanse, apply sunscreen, use both moisturizers, then treat acne in the evenings. Wearing the treatments for a couple hours then washing off works best for me since irritation ALSO breaks me out. Then I wash, moisturize again, and sleep. I try to do sulfur "masks" weekly, benzoyl peroxide on my nose blackheads twice weekly, then BHA for spot treatment and mild exfoliation.

On the other hand, it's wild to see anons here with no regimen…god I wish that were me.

No. 146213

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
I didn't wear makeup except for special occasions until I started getting bad acne in my early 20s after I stopped taking the pill. I wore a full face (nothing like, instagram worthy but foundation/blush/eyeshadow/lipstick and more) nearly every day for a year or two. I then started working at an outdoor job where makeup was not practical. My acne mostly cleared up pretty quickly after I stopped clogging my pores with all the makeup.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
Mostly, yeah. I have genetic dark circles and don't even try to conceal them.
>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I guess I'd prefer to look polished but I prefer my snooze button more?
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
Nah I just shove whatever shit I feel like onto my face, which is often nothing, and go.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
If it's a really bad one I slap some concealer on it, otherwise nothing. IDGAF.

I don't think I've worn foundation/base stuff besides concealer, blush/cheek stuff, or lipstick/gloss (gloss + mask seems like a horrible idea) once since March due to quarantine and then masks. One thing I've been enjoying lately is a bit more eye makeup then usual since that's what will be visible. I'm terrible at eyeshadow so I just use one color all over my lid, sometimes eyeliner and/or mascara, maybe brow gel.

No. 146227

I go completely bare. I started having mild acne and really bad under eye circles at around 15 so I briefly used makeup to try and cover it up. But tbh it just made the acne a lot worse, I got eye infections from the mascara even though it was brand new, and the makeup around my eyes would get smeared weirdly every time I smiled so I gave up after a couple of months. It was also ruining my self esteem to wash the makeup off at the end of the day and see my actual face while during the day I had gotten used to looking at my makeup covered face. Idgaf about how ugly I look anymore though lol.

I do have a skin care regimen though, even though it’s pretty basic
>was face w/ cerave moisturising cleanser
>apply thin layer of eucerin Dermopure soothing cream to acne prone areas
>moisturise using eucerin ph5 lotion on dry areas
>Vaseline on lips and a thin layer around the eyes
>acne treatment paste from dermophil once a week
>30+ or 50+ sun cream during the day, depending on the weather (usually bioderma)

No. 146234

I love that I never got used to wearing makeup in the first place. I go bareface every day, if it's a special occasion and I'm wearing a fancy dress I'll put on some eyeliner and mascara but never any foundation or stuff like that. Basically I'm too lazy to put on makeup a lot and most of all I'm too frugal to justify spending money on it.
I do worry about others thinking it's weird sometimes. Especially on special occasions where I'll have a bit of eyeliner on but still walk around without covering up any zits or blemishes on my face. Sometimes my friend will show me her new blush or whatever when I'm over by putting it on my face and she'll be like 'whoa it looks so nice you should do that more'. Which I'm fine with but basically I hope it doesn't look super off to anyone who isn't me?

No. 146236

hormonal acne here
i stopped taking birth control a year ago, and it all came back.

i wear a full face maybe once a year, on the other days i just cover actual pimples. (i have a minimum of 3 at any given time)
i don't have any discolored scars because they're over 10 years old, you just see skin colored bumps. i hope i won't get any new scars, i take much more care of my acne than when i was a teen. i'm looking to get back on birth control and/or acne medication soon.

i also wear mascara and fill in my eyebrows everytime i go out. i've been looking into getting a lash and eyebrow dying kit so i can skip those steps. and i do love a good blush on occasion.

No. 146324

Finally a thread for girls like me! For some reason I find that any colourful makeup on me makes me look like some sort of pubescent street-walker so I barely wear anything. Sometimes I'll wear some concealer, even rarer mascara and lipstick.
I have mild acne which is slowly getting better thanks to Differin treatment but I've always cringed to imagine anyone covering up their acne with makeup. It's just kinda gross to me and I think makes it a lot worse.
The only thing I'm insecure about is that my eyebrows are thin, wiry, and curly, and because the eyebrow shape itself is thin I am too scared to use pencil. Does anyone have experience with brow gel? I've been looking at Glossier's 'boy brow' lately.

No. 148266

File: 1597876152201.jpg (44.16 KB, 404x512, devon.jpg)

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
never been a big fan of heavy makeup looks, i have always been more of a skincare type of girl.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
yes! i have always hated wearing a lot of makeup because it makes me look different and i don't like that lol.
>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
natural but try to look glowy and healthy.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
i have a long ass skincare routine, but when it comes to makeup i use concealer (my dark under eye circles are absolutely terrible. one time i went to work without covering them up and my coworkers got really worried for me and assumed i was sick) and mascara (i have thin lashes that point downwards). sometimes eyeliner to make my lashes appear thicker and a tiny amount of blush to give myself some color.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
rarely get them. my only blemishes are my dark circles.
>What are your favorite products?
nars creamy concealer, kiss me heroine lengthening mascara & shiseido eyelash curler.

i have freckles and am inspired by devon aoki's natural looks.

No. 148286

This thread depresses me so much because I hate wearing makeup, but I know that I need to.

No. 148290

Why? Is it like a policy at your job or something?

No. 148292

Any anons here used / familiar with retino-A? I might buy some cream and start using it, but I've heard that the initial few weeks are rough af.

No. 148298

It baffles me that foundation is something widespread. I don't think it's the case in my country (West Europe) but I have no doubt it's getting more popular due to American influence. It makes absolutely no sense to me, even when I wear heavy makeup (primer, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, blush, some bronzer, and lipstick) I've never painted over my entire face and neck. I don't understand how a person could do that and still feel like a human. I'm happy for everyone ITT who used to do it and stopped!

Regarding makeup in general I've mostly pared it down to thin eye liner that compliments my eye shape, a bit of mascara only at the very end of top lashes, brow pencil and some blush and lipstick if I'm not gonna wear a mask. I'd like to try sheer and glossy lipstick but I've gotten used to how comfortable liquid lipstick feels to me. Also I like to use my eyebrow pencil to go over my beauty marks (cookie face here) and enhance them.

No. 148340

im new to this game - started wearing black liner and shadow when i was 13, and wore makeup on and off until now (23)

>When did you start going bare faced and why?

literally just started this month. i've decided i want to save time and money and not be insecure about my looks anymore - if men don't need to do it, then why am i spending so much time and money?
>Do you embrace your natural features?
guess so. never been good enough at makeup to change my features dramatically and im content being around average level of attractiveness. but still quite insecure about my mild acne and bad acne scares from cystic acne
>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
i prefer a natural look, looking """polished""" sounds like some kind of sexist beauty industry myth - if you are clean and well dressed that should be enough.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
currently rebuilding my routine since i plan to ditch all makeup except around the eyes
>wash face
>spray toner
>AM - sunscreen (currently mix a tiny bit of foundation to kill the white case but i really wanna get a different one
> PM - shea butter
> aztec clay + vinegar mask 1-2x a week
> eyeshadow, curl lashes, mascara, lip balm
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
currently just trying to leave them alone. i have a bad skin picking habit
>What are your favorite products?
aztec clay, st ives gentle chamomile cleanser, burts bees tinted balm in rose, wet n wild eyeshadow, nyx epic ink liner, any waterproof cheap mascara
the real boon to my appearance has been eating healthy, getting exercise outdoors and not being depressed

based, clay masks are so underrated, they're a really nice way to exfoliate gently. scrubs turn my face bright red and acid toners were too strong for my skin

No. 148373

Not Retin-A but I have used another retinol. Yeah when your skin purges at the beginning it can be pretty rough. I recommend applying it every other day or every three days at first and build up to everyday. It won't be as bad that way

No. 148374

can you give more details on the beginning? was it just visually bad or was your skin really itchy or uncomfortable?

No. 148377

How people use foundation is like how people use toothpaste: waaaay too much, much more than they need. Especially YouTubers. If I use any I mix it with some face cream and focus on the red areas only.

No. 148415

the first month is where the most obvious flakiness happens. After that it reduces and your skin looks good. Bare. For 4-6 months my skin only looked good when it was bare and it looked fucking awful with makeup it revealed all the microflakes. So I redid how I wore my makeup, only using spot concealer and blush on my face. And then one day my skin was just … smooth. Super smooth. And foundation looked nice again! By that point my skin had cleared up so much and my hyperpigmentation had completely faded so I didn't benefit from foundation anymore. I don't apply foundation still years later. The start is so rough but I absolutely don't regret it.

No. 148416

My acne was the worst it has every been. My face felt so sore but then it started to clear up and my skin looked so much better and I only got small spots which would heal very quickly

No. 148419

thanks anon, spotty pigmentation is the worst thing about my face and is what's preventing me from giving up foundation altogether. I think I'll buy some and just go for it. I'll post my results for anyone curious when I do.

No. 148443

Right? People slough it on like cake icing. The entire concept of baking is mind-boggling to me. I remember when Michelle Phan was the only makeup guru on youtube and the most she ever did was double up foundation to use as concealer.

No. 148549

>On the other hand, it's wild to see anons here with no regimen…god I wish that were me.
I do the caveman skin regimen (no product), which was what resolved my acne.

I had my first zits starting from 10 and tried using skin care products since then to get rid of them. Being a teenager at the time, I kept asking for actual antibiotics, but my mom just kept giving me skincare products and home remedies. About every day I'd wash my face, despite not looking like it, and it just got worse.

The only time things got better was when I "gave up" and decided to just wash my face with plain water. Found out there's such thing as overwashing and the skin having to re-adjust oil production to a natural balance. The same goes for hair.

At this point I think skincare products are a scam. Still pissed about the time I wasted trying to treat my acne.

No. 148562

it's just nice being able to look in the mirror when barefaced and to not be shocked or dissapointed by what i see. when i used to wear makeup everyday my reflection when not wearing makeup would startle me lmao, now it's the opposite. i like others and myself knowing my barefaced self as the default, whereas wearing makeup is a special occasion in which i get compliments.

No. 148590

Never wore makeup. I don't like how it looks on people. In my generation there are plenty of us who never wear it, and even those who do, just use a product or two to emphasize/fix certain features. A full face of makeup was something only whores did in my time.

I am shocked to see how many products young generations are using as part of their regular makeup routine. They put like 5 different base coats of foundation/corrector/primer before they even start putting on some colour. The beauty industry's marketing tricks have turned young women into literal clowns.

No. 148608

Okay Boomerina

No. 148609

What's your problem? Hurr durr an older person posted, must react with stupid maymay

No. 148633

This morning I looked in the mirror and was in awe of how dewy my skin looked. All I use is Physiogel cream twice a day and Retin-A in the evening. And I used to have terrible acne. I recommend both of these to anons with sensitive, very dry skin.

I know this is a little old but I did use a retin-A ointment after being prescribed it. The other anon is pretty much spot on; the first couple of weeks can sting a little. But my cheeks have thanked me PROFUSELY every day after that.

No. 148634

Shut up, she has a point.

No. 148639

My only reason not wearing makeup is because you can't polish a turd. I'm not very good at it, so I often end up looking worse then when I started with.

No. 148640

i'm sorry that the jeffree star palette sold out before you could snag one, anon

No. 148650

anyone else have sunken in skin right below the eyes? it seems genetic for me and no cream helps at all.

No. 148659

That usually has to do with the fat underneath your eyes and how thin your skin there is. Tear throughs are usually the only thing that actually does anything substantial.

No. 148682

I'm so interested in this. I'm way too scared to stop using anything and I want help with anti-aging skincare too. Since I'm too scared to stop skincare completely, I've been trying to use natural one ingredient products instead. I really love jojoba oil. But I also have curology going for the prescription tretinoin and it helps for acne and aging.
I'm also on BC and spironolactone since my acne is so hormonal. I keep wanting to go bare faced but then I get another break out and I still have some scars from when I quit BC.
Right now for makeup I've only been using the bare mineral powder for my face, and do my eyebrows and curl my eyelashes (for work, and wear a mask). Pre pandemic if I was going out/care I'll put winged eyeliner and mascara on and some blush.
I do like the bare minerals powder because it makes me feel "cleaner" and not like I'm putting random ingredients on my face.

But these anons gave me a good idea I could maybe pass with just blush sometimes since my problem areas are my cheeks

Same and I got injections there a year and a half ago, and honestly it's still holding up and looks better than before I got it done. They went down but I used to have literal rings under my eyes and now I don't. Hoping they never come back. It was another thing I wanted to cover up with heavy makeup.

No. 148687

My friend has horrible skin, but she loves skin care and says she's doing everything she can to keep her skin healthy.
I told her she should try using no products for a while, but she's too scared to. I would bet money her skin is so bad because of all the crap she puts on it.

Do any anons not moisturize? Am I asking for horrible winkles by not doing it?

No. 148756

I have 0 skincare routine besides maybe washing my face with water and who knows, I might be setting myself up for premature wrinkling. My skin is pretty damn good though, apart from a little zit or two when my period is coming up.
In the end, I think how good your skin is is mostly determined by:
>genetics (how big are your pores, how acne-prone are you)
>hydration (drink enough water and your skin won't be too dry or wrinkly)
>basic ass hygiene (do you wash your face in the shower regularly, how often to you change your pillow covers, do you touch your face with grimy hands a lot)

No. 148761

May I ask about the injections? Did they hurt? Did they bruise? What filler did they use? I am planning to get my undereyes done as well because I look like I haven't gotten sleep in months and people keep commenting on it

No. 148771

I would add hormones as a factor although I guess that’s partly genetic

No. 148790

The thing I used daily to try and get rid of excess oil and clean my zitty face was some soapy facial wash. My face got better after I stopped using it. If there definitely is such a thing as a natural acid layer that protects the skin against microbes, it makes sense that it was being disturbed.

The other thing I stopped using was pore strips, which everyone says will damage pores. This was before I found out that my "blackheads" were sebaceaous filaments which are natural. I kept using salicylic acid for it, and now I don't since it's a waste at this point.

So I'm left with using virtually no products and this entire boogaloo with teenage acne could've been resolve much quicker with less time and money wasted, if I didn't bother with skincare products to begin with.

The pore shit is really only noticeable when you're staring up close at yourself and looking for stuff to pop.

>I might be setting myself up for premature wrinkling.

>setting yourself up for premature wrinkling by using products that don't exist naturally

lmao. You set yourself up for premature wrinkling if you go out in the sun too much. For sure, you should use still sunscreen at the beach.

No. 148791

The good old fucky pore strip, been there too. I hate how at a low point during preteenhood I washed my face with actual fucking body wash because at the hotel I was, had nothing else I could rub my emo shit off. The pain, the dryness. Soap is an ingredient we all should avoid like the plague.

No. 148839

Anons you really need to discover the wonder that is rosehip oil. I went water only/no makeup a couple years ago and it has made my skin so much better, i recently decided to use some type of oil to moisturize bc im always outside wearing sunscreen so i rinse it off with hot water and my skin would get dry. Rosehip oil is great, cheap, not greasy, and my face is always so smooth and nice

No. 148840

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
Probably a few months after starting high school. Too much acne, makeup just made my face feel even more greasier. I think the last thing to go was using eyeliner.
>Do you embrace your natural features?
I do. I used to be insecure of my bushy eyebrows, buggy almond eyes, and big lips, but I'm used to it now. I always thought makeup made my skin look dry and my eyes look smaller. I've used a lip plumper as recommended by my mom and I thought I looked horrible.
>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?
I like going natural. It reminds me I have confidence a lot of people cannot obtain in years.
>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?
I have zero routine. I barely wash my face, all I do is use Ivory liquid soap on an exfoliating towel and that's it lol.
>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?
I leave them alone and let them run their course, rarely will I wash my face to "hurry the healing process". Sometimes I pick at my acne, but that's out of boredom.
>What are your favorite products?
Ivory liquid body wash, or a Dove bar if you're fancy enough. That's literally it. And water.

No. 148854

> flattering tinted balm
Which tinted balm? I might use it too for special occasions.
Thanks for the rec! I heard a lot of good things about rosehip oil. I'll definitely incorporate it into my soon to be skincare routine.
I pretty much have the same routine or the lack of it as you do. My skin is perfect and never had problems with it. The thing is I'm wondering whether I should up my skincare routine. I don't have any wrinkles now but I'm looking into retinoids and HA etc. but I'm afraid it's going to fuck up my skin.

No. 148868

File: 1598378268572.jpeg (514.14 KB, 1242x1132, C57898FC-B830-4CD4-8ADB-6D6A18…)

Took me forever to let go of foundation because redness and hyperpigmentation from acne, but I started using this instead and maybe a dab of concealer if I have a bad spot. My face doesn’t look perfect but that’s what I needed. I also brush a tiny bit of blush or bronzer depending on the season, some gel to keep my eyebrows tame and tinted lipbalm. I’m thinking about tinting my eyebrows and eyelashes though.

I still own makeup for a special occasion once or twice a month but that’s still just brown mascara, brown eyeshadow and honey love nude lipstick.

No. 148918

Rosehip never absorbed into my face? I was really disappointed. I used it for weeks and it only sat on top of my skin and didn’t do anything

No. 148971

Two years ago I tried to develop a skincare routine with 2 Japanese products but my skin became sensitive to some of the ingredients after about two months and it also started affecting my mood. Went back to just the body soap and my skin cleared up lol. I was convinced the Japanese product I had would help because I had some little breakouts that calmed down overnight when I first used it.

No. 149202

what were the products?

No. 149210

Ayrt I use Burts Bees tinted balm in rose. Its just enough color to look nice but not overdone. Also feels very nice and moisturizing.

No. 149231

You might be using too much. You literally only need one drop for your entire face.

No. 150252

File: 1599297239618.jpg (1.13 MB, 1932x2576, makeup.jpg)

I'm 25 and I've just recently started to take better care of my skin. I also want to stop using makeup as much (I used to wear foundation every day), but would still like some minimal makeup for work.
Are there any chill YouTubers who you guys can recommend? I really know nothing about minimal makeup and I feel like a lot of my products, like the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, don't really work on bare skin with no foundation.
(Pic is just random.)

No. 150588

File: 1599554662338.jpeg (88.49 KB, 800x138, 1599553723537.jpeg)

I need some help! Pic related is my eyebrows.
I‘ve been plucking them since I was 11 and now they won‘t grow back properly. (I haven’t been plucking them for about two months now.)
The growth on the right eyebrow is far from perfect but it‘s okay, the left one is extremely patchy though. It looks even worse irl than in the picture.
I don‘t want to use make-up every day, but I look so unkempt because of this.
What would you anons do? Should I just go back to plucking them? Or is there any way to revive those busted follicles? Any other treatments or other options that you can recommend? (Except microblading, I’m afraid of getting hypertrophic scar tissue.)

No. 150591

try massaging them with vaseline or castor oil and sleeping with it on, it looks like it has the potential to grow back more. i'd recommend going to a professional eyebrow threader to get them shaped evenly and maintaining them yourself from there

No. 150610

File: 1599573594603.jpeg (84.56 KB, 800x138, 1733ABCD-F9C5-4297-92C4-FE7C63…)

Comb Jamaican black castor oil or camellia oil in an upward motion with a spooly until your brows look groomed in a shape you prefer. Flatten a small cut section of saran wrap over each brow until it’s smoothed against your skin. Doing this a few times a week for as long as you can tolerate in your off time will help them be flat and smooth rather than wild, it’s good with concealing sparse areas as long as you comb them with the oil in the right direction.

You can tweeze the areas under the yellow line and it won’t hurt anything. I know you said you avoid makeup but if you get a fine-tip retractable brow pencil and lightly go over the red marks in light strokes and then blend out with the spooly, it only takes literally like 20 seconds and it will make a huge difference to how they look. I like to use ABH brow wiz just because I like the color match personally, but a much cheaper alternative is the Nyx microbrow pencil.

No. 150625

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
I probably started going barefaced in college, although I never really enjoyed makeup. Foundation feels awful on my skin and really never made it look that much better. I started partly out of laziness but mostly because I felt that I looked like what I looked like and other people just had to deal with it kek

>Do you embrace your natural features?

Yes! Like some other anons mentioned, I think makeup actually makes my face look worse. I'm much cuter without makeup imo.

>Do you preffer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

The one product I do consistently wear is eyebrow pencil. My natural brows are sparse so I fill them in.

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

Just leave them and hope for the best!

>What are your favorite products?

Cetaphil bar soap is by far the best product I've ever used on my face. Anything else breaks me out. I also use cetaphil face cream or sometimes cerave if I'm feeling fancy.

No. 150626

Thanks for the solid advice, I’ll get some castor oil and saran wrap and try this method aaaand tweeze the areas you highlighted. I already use ABH, but I think I need to get a new pencil, it’s pretty old. I will probably get them threaded (is that the right word?) at some point, but I want to wait for as long as possible, now that I’m ahead…
Thanks again, anons, I’m feeling a bit more hopeful now!

No. 150634

fellow stan of burts bees rose lip balm !
i noticed it's a very warm red so for cooler skin the pink blossom shade might be better

No. 150637

Be careful if you go get them threaded, a lot of places won’t listen to you and will thread them the way they want them to look based on their tastes, they might overthread and ruin your progress

No. 150697

>When did you start going bare faced and why?
Quarantine kinda pushed me into not wearing makeup because who's gonna see me. Never wore a lot, just concealer for under eyes and mascara. Sometimes some eyeliner for dates.

>Do you embrace your natural features?

Sometimes I guess. I have cute beauty marks that make my face unique but I HATE my eyes since they look so damn small without the extra umph but oh well plus my face is round as heck

>Do you prefer looking polished or do you go natural all the way?

It depends. I like to look polished if it's for a job interview but if I'm feeling kinda lazy then I stick to all natural which is now my 24/7

>Do you have a routine or just grab a brush and go?

No routine. Cleanse with face wash or just splash some water on my face. I don't have any makeup with me so i'm just bare facing it which isn't great cause I need sunscreen

>What do you do about blemishes or imperfections?

Pop them, although I try not to cause I have issues with hyperpigmentation. Usually I'll put some pimple cream if I have any.

>What are your favorite products?

Don't have any tbh but sunscreen is probably the major one and any anti wrinkle cream cause the years are creeping up

No. 150885

I used to cake my face in makeup but, stopped after realizing I looked like a troon/asherbee
Nowadays I just walk outta the house lookin' like a mongaloid with carmax, but I'm fine with that.

No. 150886

I like watching Elisa Eldridge. She's a professional MUA so a majority of her products are high end but, I really dig how minimalist/natural her looks can be. I also dig Wayne Goss too (he's pretty based imo) but, he's another professional MUA too.

No. 150906

This looks really nice on her

No. 150909

File: 1599750064188.jpeg (12.17 KB, 225x225, 754B9EE2-6724-4192-A542-2C8061…)

she’s pretty but I can’t helping likening her head shape to that of a kidney bean

No. 150910

so you don't use it on your whole face?

No. 150914

Her eyeshadow is nice, but Jesus Christ that chin is unfortunate. Poor thing.

No. 152150

I also used to wear a VERY heavy full face every single day. Thick concealer, thick foundation, contour, multiple powders, highlights, blush, winged eyeliner,
brows, mascara and heavily lined lips with matte lipstick. I look 'objectively' more attractive with makeup on, I always got the shocked reactions if I rolled into work one day a year without makeup.

Eventually I got a bit physically sick and was so unwell it made no sense to cake it on every day, and I resigned myself to looking my worst all day every day. I hated it, for months. Eventually something flipped and it was absolutely fine. My bare face is fine. It may be round as hell even when I'm thin but I'm not about to waste 90 mins of my morning slapping on products to make me more ogle-able to other people, ever again. When you cut out the heavy makeup you don't get the "wow" reactions but you also don't create the mess of making people recoil when they see you bare faced and don't recognise your features without them being cartooned on.

If I'm doing a full face now, I'll do brow gel, mascara, lip tint and powder foundation to take away the shine. Otherwise I wear nothing. I rub my eyes all I want, I can splash my face with cold water if I want, I don't give a fuck if people think I'm up to their standards of hot. And now, I don't think a full drag tier face suits anyone. I don't think there's one person who looks better in full makeup than they do with a naked face, even if they have acne or whatever. I'm that bitch now.

No. 153211

I never wear makeup because I sweat + wear a mask at work and there's no nightlife to speak of right now. But when I do wear makeup I just need a redness corrector cream, nude lipstick, and a touch of brown eyeliner above my lash line.

I'm lucky to have extremely plump, full lips and clear skin. Sucks I'm so red, though. And since I'm 26 the dark circles are creeping in.

I live in a hippie town where natural is the norm, I wear huge glasses, and I'm a low-effort low-femme lesbian. So general girliness, perfect eyeliner, contouring, foundation and powder and all that has never been a thing in my life lol. It looks good on some people, terrible on others. Like most things.

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