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No. 145271

Did you use to wear Jfashion but don't do it anymore? Did you try to look like your favorite celeb/idol but then changed your style completely? Did you use to look like an alternative girl but now look like a normie? This is the thread for you!

Discuss how your style changed, how you dress nowadays, if you still like certain elements or incorporate some into your wardrove, what made you want to change, did you keep your friendships etc.

No. 145272

Personally, what made me want to change is just trying to feel comfier in my skin and I think I just matured and let it go.

No. 145275

File: 1595874225178.jpg (92.08 KB, 736x736, 0b2776a5c1c62f29fc856499eaac3a…)

Used to be a hardcore nu goth back in the day (2013-2016), i swear to god one day i opened my closet and was like "i don't fucking want to wear black anymore" and decided to change my style, also had a sadbbygirl nicole dollanganger phase briefly, i fucking loathe the goth community where i live so i guess that also made my transition easier, still enjoy goth music and the witch house/crystal castles esque stuff that the nu goth crowd on tumblr paraded around.

My style currently is………. weeb inspired, i take alot of notes from old shoujo and josei manga and dead-and-dying japanese fashions, but in a very subtle way that most people don't catch where im coming from.

Tbh I think I will never dress normie, i've arrived on a middle term where my style is out there enough that it feels like a way to express myself and a creative outlet but not obnoxious enough to put off people, alot of my normie colleagues ask where i got certain pieces and compliment my style.

No. 145279

>i take alot of notes from old shoujo and josei manga and dead-and-dying japanese fashions
can you post some pics of what you mean? i'm intrigued.

No. 145313

seconding this

No. 145380

I used to be punk rock in high school— I was in a punk band, shaved my head, spent hours studding and painting my leather jacket (I’ll never be able to let it go even though I haven’t worn it in over a year), and always had 2 inches of eyeliner on. Now I have elbow-length hair that’s all one length and my natural color, wear Birkenstock’s more days than not, and regularly shop at banana republic. If my high school self could see me now she’d be so confused and think I’m a sell out normie, but I think I’d also be proud of my glo-up. I still like to wear some old band T-shirt’s, pairing a gg allin shirt with a miniskirt and birks is one of my go-to casual outfits. A lot of my friends are still extremely punk/goth & lean into the egirl aesthetic now, so its pretty funny going to the mall with them and them dragging me into hot topic/me dragging them into Free people. I’m glad my friends have had the same aesthetic for 5+ years cause it proves its not always a phase mom, it just was for me lol.

No. 145408

Also interested, sounds neat.

I used to dress goth but basically, grew up. Now I'm only goth on the inside.

No. 145414

File: 1595960633259.jpeg (36.74 KB, 452x678, 4D1AE5BC-9AA2-4E85-8282-3ECBFF…)


Wow didn’t expect you guys to be so interested, im gonna draw some outfits i wear alot for yall later! i have a dry socket and can’t get out of bed atm

I try to basically think what a cute shoujo protagonist would wear that day, but more real life presentable, a silhoutte like pic related is exactly i tend to go for, but in a more normie color scheme, for example my coat and pumps are black and my dress is a dark teal, i feel like wearing jewel tones instead of pastels make me look less jaring, my ankle socks are sparkly lurex and I would be wearing a red purse tho still an extra bitch

No. 145533

File: 1596042797269.jpg (146.87 KB, 827x1099, IMG_20200729_191039.jpg)

Awww I love the photo and description you wrote! I don't dress quite this cute myself but still extra considering the country I live in (and even more since I only work with scrotes on a daily basis).

Apparantly this illustration has been making the rounds on Twitter. I honestly like both styles but apparantly it sparked a debate over modern day styles not being feminine enough…

No. 145536

Is that how trendy japanese girls dress like these days? Cool that they are so sporty and androgynous.

No. 145541

I like both styles. Sooner or later the ultra feminine style will come back in fashion.

No. 145593

Yeah pretty much.


Looking at a site like wear.jp will show you what’s trending in Japan outside of uggu jfashion looks. Androgyny and sporty like you said, lots of neutrals and beiges and oversized pieces.

No. 145594

File: 1596065694849.jpeg (70.06 KB, 500x667, 238E7C06-A559-45CF-9780-233DB3…)

This is basically like >>145533 but with pants.

No. 145608

>This service is not available
in your region.

aw man

No. 145821

When I entered high school, with the limited resources available to me, I was wearing tight black clothing, heavy winged eyeliner, and gave myself a choppy emo haircut. I transitioned into a normie phase shortly after largely because of the influence of school friends.

Towards the end of high school I regained an interest in weirding out, shaved off some of my hair, experimented with men's shirts and trousers paired with '80s punk style makeup and flamboyant piercing jewelry. I started going to a lot of punk shows at this time and incorporated some staples into my wardrobe like a studded collar, patchwork jacket and combat boots.

As I developed a more active lifestyle I became more comfortable with early '90s streetwear styles. A couple of years into the '90s revivalism I was getting quite bored with my wardrobe and leaning into normie trends until I started collecting vintage clothing. Its been a few years now and I dress almost exclusively in vintage clothing from the 1930s-70s. It makes me happy, I have never had a wardrobe so diverse in colours, prints, fabrics and silhouettes. I love feminine, flamboyant, one of a kind pieces and the quality of vintage clothing. Kind of annoying niche thing to be into, but whatever. It's what I feel confident wearing.

No. 145829

I had a brief emo phase when I was 13-14, emo was already on its death bed back then but it was still fairly present. My fashion sense was horrible though and I hated makeup so it probably didn't read much like emo to others.
When I was 14-15 I had a phase where I all I would wear was cargo pants that I got from the army surplus shop with tank tops (I wanted to be a video game action girl I guess, despite being as unathletic as they come).
After that came the ultra feminine vintage flowy dress phase where I'd look for purples and pastels and lots of lace detailing. This phase kind of transitioned into an interest in classic lolita.

Fast forward to now and I 90% of what I wear is black, be it gothic lolita or other styles of goth.

No. 145872

I worked in the restaurant industry for a decade wearing whatever I wanted, and often would dye my hair a crazy color, shave off half either undershaving or on the side. I have recently gotten into a conservative career field, where during the interview process I had to quickly do my natural hair color and start accumulating 'normal' clothes. I basically tried to dress like Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU.
My boyfriend is trying to get me to 'mature' my look on my off days too. I tend to dress in t-shirts and jeans on my days off, and at work I have to wear a polo and office pants. I don't really care about maturing my outside of work look though, I'm pretty out of shape and my off days are the only days I feel like myself. So I guess I'm not really NOT alternative anymore…just part time, I guess.

No. 145907

Ot but you sound fucking delightful anon

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