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No. 146204

Size chart for the underwear at Hollister(Gilly Hicks). My waist is 28 inches but my hips are 33. What size do I fucking get, the XXS or the medium?

No. 146207


I’d probably go with the XXS, but consider the cut of the underwear. Most undies these days are very low rise and will sit well below the waist, so you want it to fit most snugly around your butt.

If it is high rise underwear then I wouldn’t get anything from them because their sizing doesn’t seem suitable for your body type.

No. 146208

It's this: https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/p/lace-trim-cotton-boyshort-40266823?categoryId=6943192&seq=06&faceout=prod1
Actually I remember I bought underwear from here a while ago, it was a size S and was somehow very small, I could barely get it on and it rode up horribly. Which doesn't make sense because you said XXS would be best for me(and it was kind of low cut).

I guess this is underwear general now? it's hard trying to find underwear that fits and looks cute and isn't horribly expensive.

No. 146215

It's got 7% elastaine in it so it should stretch plenty.

No. 146258

Hrm sorry then anon, seems their sizing is kinda weird and unreliable overall. You could definitely give the medium a shot then.

Have you ever tried Aerie underwear? I can’t say they have the most consistent sizing either, but they’re pretty cute overall and the stuff I’ve got from them holds up well enough. I’d wait until one of their 10 for $25 sales because I think they’re overpriced otherwise.

No. 146328

Thanks, I've been looking at them too. There's actually a 10 for 35 sale rn… so close yet so far. How often do they do 10 for 25 sales?

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