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File: 1596773779217.jpg (396.8 KB, 2000x3000, hbz-70s-fashion-1970-gettyimag…)

No. 146601

A thread for everything vintage fashion related

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?

>How did you get into collecting vintage?
>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?
>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

And of course, questions from novices are welcome as well

No. 146603

File: 1596775480895.jpg (40.78 KB, 794x583, il_794xN.2402998374_4xxp.jpg)

It's summer where I live and I've been feeling this style of 1930s day/shirt dresses. They're easy to dress down for a casual look, like going to the park or running errands. Can be easily styled into a modern look. I love the cheeky prints from this era too.

No. 146621

Anons how do you feel about wearing very old pieces? I came across a pretty victorian (!) jacket in "wearable condition", but I am worried I would ruin it. For example what to do if I got spots on it?

No. 146631

Nice find anon. Maybe have a look for any areas where the fabric or stitching looks like it's disintegrating and have a reliable tailor reinforce them? What kind of jacket is it?

No. 146638

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
19teens, 1920s, 1930s (suits me the best) and some 1940s
>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?
It's hard to find vintage here in my homecountry, also my feet are to big for shoes, my head is to big for hats and my 28"/29" waist is too fat for most vintage dresses… so I sew most things myself or buy them from Emmy, Memery, House of Foxy and so on.
>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look? nah, I prefer looking at old catalogues and take inspiration from there

No. 146646

If you have money, you could get a seamstress to replicate it for you and/or even tailor it to your measurements

No. 146648

rekki.fi is good if you want extra places to look but their website is broken beyond repair, also check out British online vintage/thrift stores

No. 146653

Thanks, I'm uncertain if I will buy it but I will have it reinforced if I do.

Oh God that would be so great.
I wish I could sew so I could copy pieces myself.

Does anyone here sew their clothes?

No. 146654

I'm not finnish, but thank you. I don't really like online shops, but once its safe to travel again, i plan visit the UK and/or France and go thrifting!

Me! If anon needs help to get into vintage sewing/historical costuming, I'm happy to help.

No. 146660

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?

1970's, 1980's and 1990's fashions are typically my favorite, just not 90's "y2k" styles, which I personally find really tacky and have no idea why they came back into trend.

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

Usually vintage inspired, I'll pull bits and pieces of what I like from the era and put it into a cute outfit, seeing I love some but not everything. I do have a couple of dresses and skirts from the 80's that I love, though, and they're so easy to pair with anything in my wardrobe.

>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

I wouldn't say there are any specific style icons I look to, but I do take a lot of inspiration from pictures I find online. I like to imagine a cute girl sitting in a coffee shop during autumn, and that's my ideal theme.

No. 146667

If someone with limited sewing experience wanted to get into sewing and do vintage projects in the future, what would you recommend them to start out with?

No. 146675

File: 1596809033125.jpg (83.22 KB, 800x745, sophiajayne.jpg)

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
Usually I'm into the whole fetish/pin up-look of 50s and 60s (I use fetish art as an inspiration) and the housewife-y vibe but don't shy away from the other stuff either.

>How did you get into collecting vintage?

I was a big fan of Dita Von Teese so I started with a pair of seamed stockings and then bought the vintage inspired dresses that were in vogue around the 2010s and got gifted vintage stuff from my grandmother.

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

Both! I sometimes feel bad for using authentic vintage though since it is a part of history.

>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

I have so many! But I guess I'm most into the bombshells like Marilyn Monroe (so basic, kek), Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren, at the moment.

No. 147024

File: 1597003816735.jpg (45.7 KB, 996x1280, 5078__48522__91559.1443725552.…)

I recently bought a pair of vintage mid-calf harness boots (pic related). I think they're really cool and they fit like a dream but I'm not sure how to style them. I was thinking a short skirt or dress of some kind, and leaning into either a 60s/70s biker vibe with a leather jacket, or a late 70s/early 80s punk look. I'm fairly certain I don't want to wear them with pants tucked into the boot shaft because it's just not for me. I searched high and low for inspo pics but couldn't find much, so I'm interested to hear what you ladies might recommend

No. 147031

id wear them with black tights. Maybe a denim skirt and graphic tee loosely tucked in and leather jacket.
Or a black form fitting dress and denim jacket

No. 147032

Oh gosh this is so versatile for sure— id pair it with a plaid miniskirt and a black tank top for an 80s look, a suede or denim skirt and a band T-shirt for 60s/70s biker vibes, honestly I can picture this looking cute with almost any skirt/top combination. I really love the biker look so if you ever did pair it with pants, skinny jeans and an oversized vintage Harley denim jacket with a tank top would be so cute!

No. 147073

File: 1597035506813.jpg (252.57 KB, 600x488, 0D1UQz.jpg)

These suggestions are right on the money, I appreciate it. I was a little worried I would end up looking like Spinelli from Recess (not pictured lol)

No. 147080

i recommend checking out the vintage and historic costuming community on youtube, they provide a lot of content for beginners. TheClosetHistorian is a good one to start with.

No. 147380

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
My favorite eras are the 1960s and fashion from the mid 1930s and earlier. In practice, I actually wear mostly 50s and early 60s pieces because they're easily available and really flattering on me.
>How did you get into collecting vintage?
I was into twee back when it was a thing and I started buying vintage to go with that look.
>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?
I usually go for authentic vintage or sew things myself. I'm really picky about fabric and trimmings, so new clothing that lives up to my standards is usually more expensive than authentic vintage is. I also wear lolita, so sometimes I do buy new blouses or coats from lolita brands to wear with my vintage pieces.
>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?
I'm mostly inspired by old magazines (I collect them) and films. There are some instagrammers and youtubers whose styles I like too, but I don't try to replicate their outfits or anything.

I don't wear anything more than 75 years old. It's just too stressful, I spend the whole time worrying about if I'm going to ruin it.
As for cleaning the jacket, you have to figure out what fiber it's made of and clean it accordingly. A jacket would probably be wool, so cold water, wool-safe detergent, and rubbing alchohol for stains should work.

It's not vintage, but start out with a facemask so you can get the hang of sewing in straight lines. After that, basic skirts are probably the next easiest thing.

No. 147396

I brows ebay for vintage stuff. I do this because I like weird/ unique items, and I’ve found vintage is the only way to find that. The problem is I go for items from any decade because I can’t choose just one and hardly any of them go together. What am I supposed to do with a ski jacket from the 80s, cargo pants from the 90s, and knitwear from the 60s? Fml

No. 147428

Maybe this is a stupid question, but when is something vintage? Like what's the exact definition or from what decade on is a piece of clothing or style considered vintage?

No. 147460

File: 1597344138817.jpg (73.86 KB, 900x754, shocked-woman-c1950s-debrockec…)

When something is 30+ years old.
>tfw I realize I'm vintage

No. 147462

Btw, I've also seen some define it as 15-20+ years old items. But it ends at 100+ years old, then it becomes antique.

No. 147545

What have been your latest vintage finds?

I'm waiting for a blue rhinestone necklace and bracelet that I found on etsy, I bought it for my wedding but because of corona it arrived at the customs just now.

No. 147552

that's why you're so good

No. 147568

Aww, wholesome.

No. 150507

This sounds really nice, I'm imagining 1940s or 50s evening jewelery.

I recently bought a pair of cowboy boots, they're in great vintage condition. I'd love to hear your ideas what go pair them with

No. 205938

File: 1631891946986.jpeg (85.96 KB, 500x1000, A1056FE3-89AD-4864-9D11-8887AE…)

Resurrecting this thread to show you those shoes!! I’m a little offended at the name kek

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?

Mostly Victorian and Edwardian era

>How did you get into collecting vintage?

I don’t collect the fashion. I only own a vee original victorian photographs heh

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

I want to! I own a few pieces like bags but I’m not sure how to make outfits effortless but victorian. I guess a long skirt could help but what about the corset…

>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

Old photographs

No. 205945

File: 1631893205742.jpg (49.87 KB, 447x640, bca9cd1e9fcafe0a8510275ff2de3d…)

Ooh I really love looking at late 1800s and early 1900s fashion too. It would be difficult to dress in effortless Victorian style though because of the dramatically different silhouette and undergarments needed compared to today's fashion.

No. 222615

File: 1641786027882.jpeg (39.08 KB, 420x589, tumblr_c06d721460096aa9ed7be43…)

Resurrecting this thread once more

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
I started off as a young teen being obsessively into the early 80s 'trad-goth' subculture. I loved gothic rock, so it seemed logical that I'd take on the fashion too, as a way to signal to other fans that we liked the same music, without having to deal with small talk. To this day, I love the music, the theatric makeup and the cobweb hair, but I just don't have the time for it and wouldn't like the attention.

As my music interests developed, so did my sense of style, and for a few years now I've worn late 60s/early 70s fashion. For me, it's a perfect balance between the old and the new, between respectable and rebellious. I can wear casual looks that don't look too out of place today, or more dressed-up, glam rock looks - which might get me a few stares - all whilst keeping to the same era. My favourite look of the era is the 70s-does-20s brand Biba. Every piece they made was gorgeous and their glorious art-deco-style shop captured every fashion-conscious youth of early 70s London. I've looked online for dresses and such, but as expected they go for a high price (£150-£300) and are usually 1 size too small. I'm not willing to starve to a 23" waist just to wear it once or twice kek. I'd rather spend the money on clothes I can wear.

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

I much prefer authentic vintage. One vintage piece makes my outfit overall feel more authentic, despite no one else knowing the difference. Although for basic staples, like a white t-shirt, or things that I'd like to try on before buying, like trousers and jeans, I'm not at all opposed to buying vintage-inspired.

No. 222620

Necro but
>granny boots
Come on, back then, the women who wore those boots were considered the coolest girls on the block.

No. 222627

File: 1641793522273.jpg (59.26 KB, 540x777, 6663dec44535fcce7f08623e790e73…)

glad you resurrected it nonnie! I find my style is often reflected in my music taste too, which I think is pretty common when you look at how music has heavily influenced fashion over the decades. The pic you posted is very cool.

As for myself:
>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
A lot. I loved the "vintage" aesthetic that went around tumblr in the early 2010s, and sprinkled it in my outfits up until I watched madmen for the first time and fell in love with early 60's fashion. This then sent me on a deep dive to mostly 40's fashion actually. I loved how high femme it all was, and had quite long, thick hair at the time which was prime for roller setting. I loved the length of the skirts, the hourglass silhouettes, the comfy short heels. Nowadays my style has shifted to a more 70s look with flared pants, blown out hair and block colours with blues and yellows.

>How did you get into collecting vintage?

Mostly answered in the last question but I moved to a city where vintage boutiques and op shops were huge, it was really easy to find pieces from decades ago still in good condition.

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

When I dressed 40s, it was very authentic. If I had the appropriate undergarments it would've been spot on. but i did wear garters with pantyhose, collected real vintage pieces, and matched my silhouette. I hate the tackyness of "pin up" styles and so I'd avoid any bright patterns or the dreaded giant holes in the middle of victory rolls. That's actually one of my biggest pet peeves, it looks like a barrel on your head. Now that I moreso float through decades, I like to pick and choose pieces to mash it up and look "vaguely vintage" but not stick to a specific decade. Though, it'll range between 40s-80s.

>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

Lol, I have a few pinterest folders that would send a very confused answer to this question. One MAJOR thing that drew me to vintage fashion was the iconic women throughout the decades, mainly European beauties like Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, Edwige Fenech, Jane Birkin, Virna Lisi, Catherine Deneuve. Right now I'm loving the casual, liberated style of Birkin, but that could also be because I don't like wearing bras.

No. 222644

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
Late 60s and 70s

>How did you get into collecting vintage?

My mum was a teen/early 20s adult in the 1970s and still has a lot of clothes from that era. Our country was very prosperous back then and is a turbo shithole now so it's also a bit of a nostalgia factor for both of us, we started bonding over it and it's been my obsession ever since. I like it because it doesn't look too young or too matronly for a person my age.

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

Vintage inspired mostly, where I live now you can't wear full on 70s clothing without looking like a clown, but I incorporate actual vintage (my mum's hand me downs) into my outfits sometimes. It's difficult though, the cuts were very different then so it can look weird if not styled well.

>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

My mum and Biba catalogues.

No. 222722

ot but where are you from?

No. 288255

File: 1663215141336.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x2148, 1E196088-E17A-4602-8F30-7F7436…)

So recently on my ig recs I keep seeing pages with girls who dress in Victorian style clothing and devote their lifestyle to that aesthetic. It’s kind of nice. However it’s not my fave era aesthetically.

I was wondering if anyone here knows any igs with girls who dress mostly in 60s/70s type outfits and whose pages generally revolve around that aesthetic? I know that the toned down 60s aesthetic is very popular among influencers like Alexa Chung, but I’d really love to find more pages with women who try to make it look more authentic. I just love it.

No. 288259

I hope these accounts fit what you were asking for!!

No. 288357

Aw thank you so much!

No. 316010

File: 1678340734606.jpeg (136.88 KB, 602x852, main-qimg-662a599d3c80ef2da077…)

I miss dresses like this like you wouldn't believe.

No. 316012

File: 1678341101579.jpg (79.31 KB, 500x741, 86867d0884c9b63bfca247f52f2321…)

The 1950's and 1960's were the golden age of casual dresses.

No. 316014

File: 1678344483906.png (1.99 MB, 1140x1575, il_1140xN.270071147_f09z.png)

Funny way of saying 1940s

No. 316019

File: 1678350866342.jpg (30.35 KB, 460x800, d553d93c6442d1ce6654d4ede5bf18…)

>basically wearing a corset
couldn't be me

No. 316020

What are these types of dresses called? I have one with a similar silhouette and it's my favourite clothing item ever, idk what to input to search for them though.

No. 316022

1940's shirtdress.

No. 316039

File: 1678362688004.jpg (190.94 KB, 640x436, cats-in-clothes-3.jpg)

Those clothes look so comfortable and cute!!! Would wear.

No. 316248

Memery and American Duchess make such boots. I own a pair of American Duchess ones and I love them. Worth splurging on.

No. 316256

I'm interested in buying a pair of boots from them, they're gorgeous. Are they comfortable for walking longer distances and how slippery is the sole?

No. 316331

File: 1678494353949.png (227.37 KB, 720x688, IMG_20230311_012427.png)

Does anyone know if there are backpacks similar to pic? I really love the clutch part, but can't find anything similar.

No. 316403

File: 1678540394570.jpeg (127.89 KB, 733x1000, sears 43 7.jpeg)

Based ! 40's fashion will forever be peak for me, I love how it is a direct reflection of women's place changing in society because of the war. The strong shoulders, the military inspired cut, the shortening lengh of the skirts because of the rationing of fabric. It's simple, flattering and confortable!

I like 20's and 60's fashion exactly for the same reason. 50's fashion feels so sad and reductive next to it. I hate how people only think of the 50's when they think of vintage fashion.

No. 316443

File: 1678554870085.jpg (1.63 MB, 3024x4032, FG96m5_XMAIfSVf.jpg)

I wish I could dress like I was living in the late 60's. I don't wear dresses but I'd love a blouse or shirt in the same vein. With a high collar, sharp cuffs, nice angular lines, but really trippy patterns.

No. 316607

There are a lot of vintage patterns online for free if you sew. I've seen people use vintage scarves with crazy patterns and make clothes out of them. You can quite easily find clothes from the 60s/70s in wearable condition, but be prepared to spend some time washing and reinforcing it.

No. 348163

File: 1694395582764.jpeg (620.41 KB, 1497x2419, BkVKbg5CEAAnOnp.jpeg)

I want to go back

No. 348190

File: 1694412062093.jpeg (10.63 KB, 225x225, images (7).jpeg)

I have a soft spot for "ugly" American naturey sweaters from the 1950-2000s. My and my husband like to gift each other little sweaters like this typically with nature landscapes or other things relating to our travels. I brought him this really cute one with a bear holding a fish in the woods it was a knitted sweater with embroidery but it got lost in our move. Low key wish I can find it again

No. 348207

this is like a pastel roadway path and i love it so much

No. 373761

File: 1705377463803.jpeg (150.05 KB, 900x900, GD2SQRcXIAA0nSe.jpeg)

No. 373762

I want to dress like this so bad!!!!

No. 373778

i want to buy so many ugly sweaters like this when i get a job. i used to have a cute (ugly) halloween sweater but i can't find it anymore

No. 373782

The world is so boring now. Bring shit like this back.

No. 373887

It's not like this is that cute on a woman who isn't stunning like that model

No. 378034

File: 1707359304637.jpg (362.77 KB, 1080x1298, funky.jpg)

I want a funky disco brotha bf.

No. 378042

I respect it. If I wasn’t a pear shaped short woman I would dress like him too.

No. 378049

Blogpost but there used to be a 70’s vintage clothing store in my city called Kojak’s, lol. They specialized in disco wear for women, platform shoes and funky Bootsy Collins type clothing and one piece leather suits for men. Everything was foiled, lycra or covered in sequins and the whole store smelled of incense. I used to wander in there all the time as a kid and just stare in awe of everything. I miss that store so much, your pic just reminded me of it.

No. 378051

File: 1707364788986.jpeg (29.03 KB, 236x361, 414CB025-F22C-4540-AA85-9479D9…)

Same nona. And John Shaft.

No. 378058

File: 1707368068500.png (999.95 KB, 700x845, Screenshot-2023-06-15-at-11.47…)

they hit different. i love afros so much

No. 381882

File: 1709010359114.jpg (434.64 KB, 1020x1356, IMG_20240226_183819.jpg)

No. 381883

File: 1709010428425.jpg (663.38 KB, 1019x1330, IMG_20240226_201306.jpg)

Facebook boomers post the best retro fashion images, I swear.

No. 383020

File: 1709567944144.jpeg (129.35 KB, 564x772, 6945E7FD-BF92-4C95-B7DC-A72312…)

I actually like 80s business women fashion

No. 383050

File: 1709576133871.jpg (77.94 KB, 736x1094, Yuppie Fashion.jpg)

As a broad-shouldered beanpole, I concur. The shapeless polyester blazers we have now just aren't the same.

No. 383063

I love these suits and have been wearing them out since 2017 lol. I bet the tiktok zoomies are going to ruin this too.

No. 383091

Me too, I think it looks hot. I like the shoulder pads and all. I hate that the blazers and “suits” for women I see everywhere now are just big baggy messes with wide pants dragging on the floor, it doesn’t look cute on most people, just sloppy

No. 383812

File: 1709923676311.jpeg (120.92 KB, 718x658, 86FF68C3-5516-4703-A9B1-0A2AED…)

I really like vintage fashion, specifically 60s mod fashion, and I’d like to build a whole wardrobe around that theme, but I currently only have one knit top and that’s it. This is because the only place I can find vintage stuff is online, but I’m hesitant to buy online because I can never be sure the piece will fit me correctly unless I try it on— I’ve gotten stuck with stuff I can’t wear when I took gambles online. So I have to stick to non-button-down tops only, because those are the only articles of clothing I can be confident will fit me. Dresses and skirts would probably be similarly doable, and there are a shit ton of those from the 60s since that’s mostly what women wore, but I’m not interested in dresses or skirts… I’m starting to think maybe I should just start wearing them regardless of my personal taste, because I look good in dresses/skirts and not very good in pants… I’ve got short legs and a feminine figure. I also have trouble with button-down shirts because tucking them exaggerates my short legs unless I find high waisted pants, which have gone out of style now so I can’t find them in stores anymore (and I can’t buy pants without trying them on, since they rarely fit). Wtf do I even do. Give up? Hope to win the lottery?

No. 386368

File: 1710926053793.jpg (372.78 KB, 1080x1315, IMG_20240320_015755.jpg)

It's so weird how some aesthetics just die. No one has looked like this in decades.

No. 386379

File: 1710931548676.jpg (39.62 KB, 472x535, 1000005807.jpg)

Miami Vice is peak

No. 389584

File: 1712463751467.jpg (57.03 KB, 700x886, tumblr_1feee7ae5ff39a6c7877a80…)

I want this thread to LIVE omg….but this is all I have to give

No. 389585

File: 1712463866973.jpg (76.01 KB, 563x751, tumblr_aaa9d27f258b7dea49bcf93…)

This isn't an image made to sell fashion, but still.

No. 389591

This is late but if you have any idea the stretch of some fabrics and your own measurements and how you fit into clothing sizes, ask seller's the measurement of the clothes, (also keep in mind vintage sizes are typically smaller but….just ask seller's the measurement if they're not listed), you will be able to tell how an item of clothing fits you. It's pretty simple once you get into it.

No. 395572

File: 1714888575410.jpg (99.37 KB, 735x667, c10cd5f280ecf9b721502faf0a5b53…)

Gonna dump some pictures here since the discussion in the fashion thread and the butch thread are awakening in me an interest in vintage pants

No. 395573

File: 1714888655856.jpg (115.57 KB, 1251x1028, 1940s-Fashion-Men-lose-their-P…)

No. 395574

File: 1714888760319.jpg (251.05 KB, 597x1024, joan2Bbennet.jpg)

Love this particular outfit with the necklace

No. 395582

File: 1714893018184.jpg (372.61 KB, 1232x1920, tumblr_70718a3da1f155f736410a4…)

Idk if vintage but I've been obsessed with Y2K lately

No. 395586

Early 2000s fashion is technically vintage but let's be real this thread wasn't made to discuss zoomer y2k revival fashion. You can take this to the regular fashion thread since it's trendy anyway.

No. 395597

File: 1714905947771.jpg (25.99 KB, 275x249, 1714761131910.jpg)

>mfw this is vintage now

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