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File: 1596928842612.png (104.54 KB, 500x457, CAB9196F-BDB3-4832-ABBC-71E263…)

No. 146927

We all have them, so share your notably ridiculous experiences with low iq or weird scrotes

No. 146928

yay, another thread to talk about men in

No. 146933

I had a main incel orbiter in high school and a few years after, and he would do the most puzzling shit. He made several sock puppet Facebook accounts using random models from deviantart and would have them flirt with him on his posts and dm me.
I knew they belonged to him because I googled the images and the url of the profiles had his name in them, indicating they were originally his accounts. I played dumb and messaged him saying “I think you’re being catfished” and linked the profile of the real girls to him. The fake profiles blocked me instantly.

I always had a bf but he would hang around and force unwarranted advice on me about my relationships. At one point I was having an argument with my bf and I called him to give me a ride home, big mistake as he took my moment of vulnerability to force him lips on me and feel my thigh. I told my boyfriend and he was furious, but upon confrontation the guy started lying himself into a huge hole.
He went into manic damage control and randomly he asked this autistic girl who had a crush on him out of the blue, after he had told me how much he didn’t like her. I messaged her about him asking her out, and she told me that the relationship was just a guise to get this girl off his back who was ‘stalking him’. I asked who and she liked me the profile to one of his fake profiles from before. I was so floored by how insane this fool would allow his web of lies to get before telling the truth but I still revealed to the girl and everyone that he was still lying and provided receipts.
He completely imploded, suicide baited on Facebook and reddit, I dropped the whole situation and never spoke to him again.
Also he would lie on reddit while suicide baiting about the situation, completely rewriting the story so I looked like a horrible bitch who turned all his friends against him. It’s so odd how someone can do that and feel comfort receiving online support about a situation that they’re knowingly lying about.
Anyway, he convinced his autistic gf of his lies somehow and they were in a several years long and seemingly (from what their reddit accounts state) miserable relationship based on lies.
So long story short, scrotes are fucking insane, never trust a redditor.

No. 146936

This was like 7-8 years ago now but I once turned down a guy for sex and he blurted out, "please, c'mon, I know you're on birth control so what does it even matter?" So pathetic and entitled.

No. 146946

I once asked a guy to coffee but he stood me up. When I later contacted him, he didn't have much of an excuse and instead asked "you wanna be fwb anyway though?"

We later shared a class and he smiled at me, but idk what he expected me to do. We were both kind of retarded but him more so for just having no respect. Imagine standing someone up but asking to fuck…

No. 146948

When I was bartending at a pool hall, there was this enormous 18 year old obese tard that hung out there and fell in love with me. As a new hire, I just thought he was a semi special needs kid that meant no harm so when he asked to take a selfie with me, I didn’t think much of it. Later I find out he’s been showing people and claiming I’m his girlfriend to people. He had it as his screensaver for months, ignoring my pleas to have him remove it until I finally got my manager to yell at him.
He’d also play shit like “pour some sugar on me” on the jukebox and dedicate it to me. Eugh

No. 146958

God I have too many to even count. I'm permanently wary of men and don't trust them. I get really distressed if I can sense that they're trying to find an "in" into my life.

One of the more amusing ones… I had a guy take creep shot of my feet and he uploaded it to a blog and wrote a poem about it.

My experiences range from amusing to horrific and disgusting.

No. 146960

File: 1596951679529.jpeg (837.41 KB, 1263x3066, 4DD118E9-CE72-401B-BF88-6F25FA…)

found a stolen piece of art on tumblr which had racked up 1,000s more notes than the artist’s original post. I left a reply on the stolen version directing people to the artist’s tumblr and didn’t think anything of it.

A day later I wake up to find a guy in my DMs messaging me death threats and accusing me of actual crimes. Dude is telling me how he will murder me and put my body in a ditch among other incoherent ramblings. At the time tumblr had a bad bot problem and you would occasionally get DMs from bots just saying random nonsense, so at first I engaged just to see what the “bot” would do, but soon it became clear this was a real dude. Initially I couldn’t figure out wtf was going on but then, sandwiched in his paragraphs of word salad, I spotted a string of letters that I recognized as the artist’s username, and it clicked. This guy was homicidally angry that I caught him stealing a piece of hatsune miku fan art.

I checked out this freak’s blog and found it was filled with hentai and pic related was his blog description. for those unfamiliar with the site, blog descriptions on tumblr are usually three lines maximum. His was so long that it bugged the theme’s format.

No. 146961

>lawful evil

No. 146964

Oh god that bonafide organic schizo rambling, its so weird to find crazies on the internet.

No. 146971

>homestuck email
of couse

No. 146991

File: 1596980023526.jpeg (31.14 KB, 480x360, 404964B8-9719-40BA-A56F-A4AF0D…)

>lawfully evil

Ahhh yes the mentally unhinged scrotes above 30 on tumblr. They could unionize at this point, there’s so many of them.

No. 147000

File: 1596987836559.jpg (39.75 KB, 384x512, derrrrrrr.jpg)

I matched with a guy on hinge who had multiple pictures with horses and was clearly an equestrian. He started off the conversation with a completely uninspired, low-effort "hey" and I replied jokingly with "hey is for horses! I used to ride, I really miss it"

the imbecile responds with "that would be hay, miss… lol"

as if I don't fucking know that lmao I have an English degree and was trying to be cute

No. 147001

what a dipshit

No. 147002

so many men try to seem smart while they just miss a joke or pun lmao, it's ridiculous.

No. 147011

Someone tell me what's going on in her thought bubble.

No. 147019

coworker asked me out, i used the "i don't date coworkers" excuse, he quit and asked me out again, i said no again, haven't heard from him since

No. 147028

He’s probably gearing up to come massacre you and your place of work judging by how scrotes usually handle rejection when they feel like they “sacrificed” things for you (in this case, job). “Jokes” aside, be careful and aware of your surroundings.

No. 147029

1. Friend "A" confessed his love to me through a text message. Told Friend "B" about it and how I hated the way he did it, and I wouldn't accept feelings of someone confessing to me in a text because I find that childish and cowardly. Friend "B" agreed wholeheartedly. A month later, Friend "B" confessed to me, yes, in a text message.
2. Refused to dance with a guy. He kept literally begging me and then started to offer me money and bid more and more, acting hysteric. Fortunately we managed to lose him in the club's crowd
3. Guy I kept (and then lost) some internet contact with would described his dreams about me in detail, at least once every two weeks, for like a year. Another year of no talking, out of nowhere he started emailing me essays about his life with very private stuff. After a while I responded because I felt sad for him like the stupid bitch I sometimes am, he said he needs to take time or whatever and never talked to me again lol. Probably didn't expect me to actually read those and panicked
4. Talked with a guy. Seemed like we were hitting it off. We talked about passions and he said the sport I'm doing is boring. As a banter, I made fun of soccer, which he playes. He never talked to me again

No. 147030

I was thinking the same thing, cut communication but keep your eye on that guy. There’s nothing scarier than what a rejected scrote is capable of.

No. 147036

I’ve told this one before I think, but I had a 18 yr old employee from another store try to ask me out about five days after he and his girlfriend broke up (and right after he texted me about advice like my lonely ass had anything new for him). Turned him down because a)he was 4 years younger than me, b) I didn’t think it right to be a rebound when I’d just met him not even a month prior, and c) he was related to my best friend. It’s been about five years exact since then, and he still tries to ask me out from time to time (last time was amazingly this past April).

No. 147098

When I was on vacation there was this guy I talked to on tinder, and ended up meeting randomly the next night, who acted weirdly jealous/possessive? from the get go. Or he was making fun off me the whole time, who knows.

We had a ”date” ( sat on the beach, got more drunk and made out).

He asked to see my Tinder messages from other guys which I actually let him do bc why not. Then insisted on knowing if I had slept with someone else while there already. Apparently, this and me having to clean up his vomit from the hotel room sink was not enough to deter me, so we spent the night together.

Agreed to meet the next night too, bc I’m just too physically attracted to him not do that. While I was waiting for him and his friends at the bar some other guy comes and talks to me. Then my date texts me something like ”that guy is so ugly why are you talking to him?” (to be fair he was kinda right). One of his friends comes to get me to go sit with them. My date keeps pestering me about whether I like him or not, bc I clearly have options. Also if I thought he was good in bed and if I think his best friend, who was literally a model, is good looking to me or not. At one point he pulls his friends shirt up to show me his abs?

We also did end up having sex again that night, which did cause me to get interrogated by his friends about if I think his cock is big enough etc, and his best friend to constantly hit on me and talk about how hot he thinks I am. I did end up sleeping in their shared hotel room for the night though, which lead to other ”funny” stuff like the guy I liked so much picking a used condom out of my hair in the morning.

This would just be a slightly amusing experience, if for whatever reason I did not get absolutely obsessed with this guy and keep texting him every once in a while..

I might be the bigger retard in this whole story actually.

No. 147101

I feel like this thread would had belonged on /XX/ or /OT/ better

No. 147102

idk, seems proper /g/ to me

No. 147109

I went out with a coworker about 3 years ago. I liked him enough at first, but after a bit, it was clear he was not emotionally available. He'd been seeing another woman for a few years, she wasn't his girlfriend, they did regular couple things, etc, all the warning signs of someone who's two-timing and won't commit. He kept trying to convince me otherwise, saying he doesn't like her like that, but she has mental issues and she'll kill herself if he breaks it off (why do they all say this? kek). All obvious dumb excuses. I told him he needs to figure out his own life and that I want an actual relationship, not someone who's seeing someone else and can't commit.

He starts ignoring me at work, but we did projects together so this made everything awkward. Any time I asked him for something work-related, he wouldn't look at me. Started obviously sulking around me to the point other people asked what his problem was.

Eventually starts being nice again, trying to rekindle the relationship (that we never had) out of nowhere. I said the same thing as last time, he started sulking, and this cycle of sulking-being nice would continue until I got another job.

After I left, he started texting me random "how's your morning" shit and I blocked him. He got a new number recently and started texting me the SAME dumb generic messages after not speaking to me for 2-3 years.

I don't even know what my takeaway here is. I wasn't giving mixed signals, I told him the whole thing with his not-girlfriend was weird from the start and I didn't want to be involved with that. Don't date people from work I guess.

No. 147158

Thankfully I am a shut-in, met my husband on the internet, always stayed away from social circles' drama and I have never been bothered by a male in my life.
Feels good tbh.

No. 147159

I didn’t understand how hard men went for pussy until a dude really didn’t mind that I would get shitfaced drunk to sleep with him. (I consented prior, he purchased the alcohol and the drunk food for me kek). I hated it, glad I gave up that shit. I was just lonely for touch.

No. 147171

Kid in high school sent me hentai in a pathetic attempt at flirting. Added me to some horny boy's club dm where a bunch of cumbrains constantly talked about hentai and sent their traced anime tits. I have no fucking clue how he expected this to woo me. My friends and I just made fun of him and all of the people involved

No. 147173

Some scrote on facebook posted about seeing a woman recieve a dickpic in public and how funny it was because she got so shocked she threw her phone on the ground. And a woman commented something like 'oh yeah unwanted dicpics suck, it can be so gross' and he replied 'how do you know it was unwanted?' Like, you tell me retard. He was a total coomer so that explains it.

No. 147177

>'how do you know it was unwanted?'
it was a dick pic

No. 147178

Never gotten any unsolicited dick pics in my life but ,I've always wondered, have there been any woman who've uploaded the guy's dick picks online or to the guy's family? Men do this sorta psychopathic shit all the time after breakups, so there must be women out there that have done the same

No. 147179

A few years ago i had this friend, we had the same interests and we had a pretty good friendship, im taken and he knew i was. But he was being very creepy and weird sending me hentai and also doing "shota" voices in voice chat, and even calling me "onee-san".

I did get along with him, but all that weirdness and creepyness he had with him made me block him later and just ending the friendship.

rn i have better guy friends who do know boundaries and respect my relationship.

wish more guys were like that instead of creeping on a woman and being weird af.

No. 147186

I'm sure on Byefelipe there were some women who forwarded messages onto the guys female family members that they found through Facebook. I can't find them now but I think it was mostly situations where men sent unprompted degrading messages to them but some dick pics were mixed in.

No. 147195

They wanted a threesome or cucking experience, anon.

No. 147234

I very highly doubt that, literally could have just asked me. Also I think most men who are cuck stuff that are probably ugly kek, and they were both incredibly good looking.

No. 147237

File: 1597183934938.jpg (68.77 KB, 720x738, 56848139_543282416197220_69871…)

Dude tried to convince me to break up with my boyfriend at the time because we were both divorcees and he had a boat. He even found my instagram and would only comment on the photos where I was on a date. "Wish I was there" type of literal pick me behavior. It's sad he wasn't the last guy who tried to connect over both of us being divorced.

No. 147238

File: 1597184162434.png (528.86 KB, 432x724, ew.png)

So im having this issue right now, I made an amazing best friend in college, a sweet shy gay movie buff, and he was kind enough to introduce me to his friends because he really wants me in his friend group.

They are all nice.

Except one.

His childhood best friend who nowadays is a flamboyannt qweer enby, basically giant ass 6'1 man with a full beard that swears wearing lipstick and a skirt makes him uwu feminine and twans, obviously he's a fucking creep, romanticizes lolita, oh yeah the book, has a gross daddy kink, doesn't respect other people's boundaries, gets obsessively clingy really quick, and by my cursed luck he latched on to me.

Highlight include, showing me all his gross daddy kink correspondence with his girlfried (dear lord help her soul) UNPROMPTED, having really fucked up views on gender roles and women, he went on a whole bizarre spiel about loving gendered things and that cis women should wear "women's clothing" aka skirts, having gnarly self harm scars and sending people fresh cut photos, general suicide baiting, and being a NEET supported by rich mommy and daddy.

Im not keen with this bullshit and tend to stand up for myself, and then he fucking acts like me being blunt, calling his behavior creepy, cringe or whatever the fuck is just playful banter and we are such best buddies!! She's just blunt like that you know! Anon has such a strong personality!

I go to baby boy baby cinephile and vent about how this is making me uncomfortable and i basically can feel his relief through text messages, we both bond over having to deal with this creepy fuck but he says he feels too guilty to dump him because they've known eachother for 10 years and he's afraid he might off himself or something, also we are both doormats who don't want to cause "drama" in the friend group, we are both at a loss but its easier for me than him, i have my own friend group completely underrated and currently im having to get alot of dental work done so i can copt ou of anything creep McLipstick invites us too.

No. 147243

File: 1597191035038.jpg (59.8 KB, 720x652, 683665.jpg)


Same person, that shit is from reddit.

No. 147249

i appreciate your concern but this was about a year ago and i don't even work there anymore, if he's planning something he's taking his sweet ass time lmao

No. 147277

Some guy messaged me once on russian alternative of facebook, he complimented me and we started talking. Now, I guess, I wouldn't find him interesting or something, but back then I was omnivorous in terms of interaction. He seemed witty to me at the time, and encouraged my playfulness (I noticed that some men don't get it, they take everything you say seriously either because they're dumb or think that women can't joke, which is also dumb). So it was pretty entertaining. He found me attractive and didn't hide that he wanted to have sex with me. I wasn't really attracted to him, I just thought he was okay. I didn't take any of that seriously. Also I was a 19 year old virgin (he was seven years older), and I was a bit curious. I told him I was a virgin and he boasted about his big experience.

So we eventually met and went to his flat (it wasn't really his, he lived with a grannie). I knew I didn't want to have sex with him right after waking up, but I was bored and wanted to see what would happen. And, well, it was pretty weird. He started to show me some videos on his computer (scenes from some obscure comedic show that weren't that funny), and I saw porn pics in his folders. His breath smelled sour because of tea. And he got this stupid idea: I had to stand up, and he would hold my hair in a fist, and then we would walk in a circle with him behind my back. We were fully clothed, he didn't try to grip my hair or something, it was just in his hand. Not that I wanted him to, I just didn't understand the point, it wasn't sexy, it was kind of lacklustre. So I started laughing because it was ridiculous and awkward, and he reacted with bewilderment. Probably was expecting me to get wet from this, lol, idk. Then we sat down and talked awkwardly, I was a bit uncomfortable. He mentioned political events in Egypt - I just heard about them but didn't follow closely, so I inquired about certain things, and he reacted like it was something on the need-to-know basis, but then he would just say "well, you're a girl, so it's okay, you don't have to know about that". I started to get really annoyed with this guy, but didn't say anything, just got even more distant. He tried to lick my neck, but it was really meh, like he didn't even know what he was doing, and, well, I just didn't want him. And it was time to go, because I had classes later that day.

In the evening he asked me about my impressions from the "date" and I said that it probably wasn't something we both expected. I didn't want to hurt his feelings or something, so I chose to give an answer this vague. Then he got really frustrated for a guy with "big experience". He asked "so you didn't like me?" and pestered me with questions "what EXACTLY you didn't like??". Then he would write to me something like "but don't you want to want me to lick your pussy" and "don't you want to want to suck my dick?". He asked me if I wanted to see his dick pics, and at that moment I was hanging out with my cousin and we were cracking up at this story, so I said "yes". The pics were typically really bad even though his dick was decent - surely I said nothing about it. Then he sent me a photo of his ex sucking his dick in the woods, and got upset that I was unresponsive. I don't remember how it ended, he just probably gave up (after a week or so). But not for long.

He wrote to me in a few months asking if I wanted to fuck, I said no. Then he wrote in three YEARS with the same question, adding that now he got his own flat (as if this were a problem). And then he wrote after two more years, asking the same question and wondering if I were still a virgin. I answered that he was too obtrusive, and he reacted with perplexity, like I was weird. Wrote nothing since then, it's been two years. So maybe he eventually got it that I wasn't really interested. Took him long though.

No. 147341

Look up "grey rock." It's a technique to minimize the drama narcs inflict on your life when ghosting isn't an option. The goal is for him to avoid YOU because you are so boring that he gives up trying to rile you up with his attention-seeking behavior. I know it's hard to cut off someone in this situation, but I hope you find a way. He sounds completely insufferable. Good luck.

No. 147642

my ex bf who i had been dating for like… a week at the time read my diary without my permission and proceeded to guilt trip me for having crushes in the past

he'd keep saying things like "i guess i'm not the kind of guy you'd write diary entries about abloobloobloo" and he didn't understand why i got mad at him

No. 147665

What a dweeb. "Wow u had feelings for other people before u even knew I existed wtf"

No. 148684

God I had the same thing happen. Plus, this guy went thru my phone and deleted all the pictures of me and guy friends or male cosplayers I took pictures with at cons from my instagram.

No. 177328

Had this freshman continually pursue me as a senior in HS, we had one class together and he even went the extra mile to get into both extracurriculars I'd chosen to do that year (it was a new HS for me, I went with Amnesty International and helped my painting teacher with decorations for stage and dances). It escalated to him trying to kiss me as we were leaving our shared class (geology) for winter break, I had to deflect him with my textbook and duck out from between his arms and leave the class. It didn't help that I wasn't a very assertive person at the time, but damn, take a hint when someone ritually rejects your offers to date.

No. 177487

I have male friends. Only male friends and I think it's taking a toll on my mental health. They're great but I'd just really like to have friends that are girls. I talked about my insecurities to them one time regarding feelings of inferiority. Men being stronger,faster and just literally getting to be better at most physical activities biologically got me feeling really down. I was telling them about how it feels like men get to have it all,even socially and that was frustrating to me because I'm try really hard to get into different hobbies other than just Animating and I'm sick of guys saying stuff like "Ah you shouldn't you won't be good at it cause WoMan" or some dumb shit like that. So I was telling all of this to my male friends and instead of responding with just normal "yeah that sucks" or something they started making jokes like "Atleast women are good at household tasks" and stuff "if men had time for household tasks women wouldn't have that either" just really annoying things like that. I laughed it off and pretended not to be bothered by it but it bothered me a lot. I'm sick of feeling like I was born to play second fiddle to the existence of men or some shit. I haven't talked to them for like 2 days now because of that experience. They make me not wanna try at anything because it feels pointless. Everytime I look up "what's something women are better at" fucking empathy comes up. Empathy. Wow great. I'm pissed off and I know it's goofy but I can't help but be mad and I can't vent about this anywhere else I feel like if you say any of this to a man it makes them have a weird ego boost or something.

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