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File: 1597407929678.jpeg (257.22 KB, 1125x1117, B2A732AF-C761-4720-8D85-EE5A66…)

No. 147547

A collection of before and after pictures for inspiration and motivation – post your best finds! Feel free to post your own success story as well.

No. 147548

File: 1597408043949.jpeg (296.83 KB, 1125x1116, E32C1937-B1E5-437B-B7FB-AE6675…)

No. 147549

File: 1597408214825.jpeg (234.79 KB, 1125x1115, 7CCA105E-C8CC-44AE-B924-6277A9…)

No. 147554

File: 1597410808853.jpeg (826.79 KB, 2048x2048, 36914C15-25A5-4DF5-8365-2134CE…)

No. 147555

File: 1597410865191.jpeg (27.17 KB, 236x236, 2694750B-4731-4686-BBDF-FA8989…)

No. 147557

File: 1597411848909.jpg (39.85 KB, 400x300, 399258_433477390018747_3072676…)

No. 147558

oh I love this one! she has an extremely similar body type to me when my weight fluctuates, and she looks so healthy and athletic in the last. queen shit ♥

No. 147561

so ..hamplanet -> normal only or we allowed to post lower BMI as well ?

No. 147562

Obese to normal, overweight to normal, higher range normal BMI to higher range underweight BMI but no ana shit (skinny to skeleton).

No. 147566

File: 1597415899268.jpeg (343.41 KB, 1105x1113, 754F57A9-7AA2-4EF4-A364-F33DC0…)

No. 147572

holy shit she must have had some procedure for the loose stomach skin right? if not amazing how the body can go back to normal like that

No. 147575

I went from around 250 to 130 in 8 months. I'm at about 140 now though. I did extreme keto, only ate sandwich meat, a handful of nuts and black coffee every day and would walk for 4 hours. I ended up fucking my kidneys a bit. Don't suggest doing what I did.

Does anyone have advice about loose skin? Mine's not too bad but I've yet to be able to take my clothes off in front of my bf and we've been together for 2 years. Surgery is too expensive lol

No. 147582

Wish I took before photos of my own weight loss, it kinda looks like this pic >>147554
I was skinnyfat or kinda chubby before and still have a long way to get ‘fit’ but it feels amazing to be healthier and now I’m way less self conscious about my body even if it’s not perfect. Thanks for the inspirational thread
Don’t have any loose skin advice but congrats on your weight loss anon, that’s an really big accomplishment although I hope you can find a more sustainable diet

No. 147585

Holy shit. Did you ever get a medical explanation for why it fucked your kidneys? Is that what rapid weight loss just does or did it have to do more with your restrictive diet ie the salty sandwich meat and coffee keto???

No. 147587

It was a little of both. Mostly the diet. It was the perfect combo for kidney stones which started my kidney problems.

I'm also slightly anemic now? My vitamin B and D are crazy low so I take shots along with supplement creams, prescription vitamins and otc.

Overall I'm happy to lose the weight, I just wish I did it in a healthier fashion. I was just desperate to see results.

No. 147591

Damn. But I'm happy the end result was what you wanted. Going from 250 to 130 within a year is absolutely incredible.
Can I ask you more questions?
Like are you being serious that you only had a few slices of deli meat and nuts every day? What were your meals like? Was this a part of intermittent fasting? Did you walk 4 hours religiously every day or was this more like 4-5 times a week? Did you ever slip up?

This is fascinating.

No. 147607

I don't mind answering!

Yea, I seriously only ate that. I love gyros though so I'd get one once a month and cut it into thirds and that's all I'd eat instead of meat and nuts for three days. Lots of water too. At least 4 bottles a day. I chose deli meat because it's cheap, it's protein, and I love meat. The nuts were mostly cashews and I'd measure out 1/8th cup and that was a meal.

I tried intermittent fasting but it made things more difficult.

At first I didn't have to walk at all since the diet change did so much. Around 180-170 the weight took too long to shed to make me satisfied so I started exercising. It was 8:00 pm- 12:00 am. I lived on a tiny stretch of road with one neighbor so I wasn't afraid of being kidnapped lol. It was pretty easy, just walked back and forth and listened to music. Eventually I'd jog one way and walk the other as I needed to up the amount of exercise. I also tried standing all day. From the moment I woke up to bed, I'd try to sit as little as possible. Even when playing video games haha.

I slipped from time to time but nothing huge. Like I'd eat the gyro in one sitting or didn't feel like walking. It was only a day here and there and was easy to get back on track

No. 147611

File: 1597434339447.png (Spoiler Image,4.4 MB, 2295x2400, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-rs5B…)

samefag, I don't have many old pics of me except polaroids. Best before and after I could get

No. 147612

Even with the censored face I can tell you're a cutie, good for you anon

No. 147613

File: 1597435192484.jpeg (253.15 KB, 1125x1115, FAC53561-913A-46DD-96EB-D05313…)

This is pretty much my weight right now and what I want to achieve. I lost 10 kg in 2017/2018 but wasn’t able to keep them off.

No. 147614

File: 1597435365017.jpeg (395.68 KB, 1125x942, 607F0453-9D22-4308-B9D8-9C9711…)

Samefag. I’ve been trying this whole year and have only gained more weight. I’ve gone from 65 to 68 last year and from 68 to 72 kg since the corona pandemic started.

No. 147616

The after pics look really shooped though don't they. Like the waist and the hair looks literally pasted on. Or am I going crazy. I believe in you though anon, just don't be as extreme as the above anon

No. 147628

Anon please know that these pics you've attatched have been featured in a ton of photoshop-vs-reality photosets. The pic on the right has been heavily and ridiculously altered.

No. 147630

This is some cool shit anon. Thanks for posting and answering the questions. This is actually pretty inspiring.

No. 147633

How many calories eaten and how many calories expended from exercise do you think you averaged a day? Sounds like you were consuming very little calories and expending a lot through exercise. No judgment passed, just curious. Hope you’re happy and healthy now, anon!

No. 147634

Not her but a few pieces of deli meat and some nuts isn't a lot of calories. Going from 250 to the 180 range w/o exercise means she had a pretty good deficit going until she plateaued due to needing to readjust the calorie budget at the new weight, and needed the exercise for that last stretch.

No. 147635

I was eating I think around 400 calories max. I 100% don't recommend that of course. After my kidney problems started though, I stopped the old diet and went on to eating better things.

I tried eliminating salt, no more coffee. Broccoli is cheap and low calorie. Tasty too imo. I'd eat like unsalted chicken pieces. Also eggs. Hard boiled eggs are super high in protein and low calorie. I think around then I allowed 600 a day. Still too low to recommend but better.

The calories burned walking varied on my weight, a bit above or below 1,000 a day. A pound is around 3,500 calories so I'd hope to lose 3 lbs a week.

No. 147637

Unfortunately, barring surgery, the only advice I've heard to reduce loose skin slowly is by putting your body through the process of autophagy over a year+. AKA fasting to kickstart your body into a sort of 'repairing' state. banking my hopes on this method also after losing a huge amount of weight

No. 147649

i love your hair , softly curly!

No. 147650

Can anons not post photos that have been photoshoped. It's a bad choice for comparison

No. 147652

>fasting for a year+
Do you mean intermittent fasting? If so that's great news for me. I've decided to do OMAD/22-hour fasts for the rest of my life (also to drop the final 10 lbs) and it would be a cool bonus if it tightened my arms and legs a bit.

No. 147655

File: 1597453301192.png (1.43 MB, 1136x640, A59955D8-FB9A-4401-B4F9-765232…)

220 lb -> 130 lb (5’1”)

No. 147662

File: 1597466034514.jpeg (26.41 KB, 280x280, 1584106741413.jpeg)

Thank you to everyone for the support! Good luck to anyone trying to lose weight, you can do it! Be safe!

No. 147666

File: 1597470592200.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21.53 KB, 384x383, 7562358D-DF63-4725-8E24-2D9DD0…)

No. 147667

File: 1597470677199.jpeg (60.38 KB, 500x324, DDB4B37B-8785-44FD-B361-6BE122…)

Didn’t mean to spoiler, my bad

No. 147677

File: 1597483655532.jpeg (313.44 KB, 1110x1119, 7EC3D975-C026-4704-83D2-84BBBA…)

No. 147678

File: 1597483779618.jpeg (335.93 KB, 1125x1120, 052118C5-5A93-45A1-AC12-87FA01…)

No. 147683

File: 1597488034761.jpeg (377.12 KB, 1125x1117, 4859EBA3-034A-48D6-A6DF-5D4CA6…)

Anyone here who has lost weight healthily and can share some advice and tips? For example last time I lost 10 kg, I drank about 3 litres of water every day.

No. 147685


I find the left photo way more attractive. It's all about health. Health health health. That's the advice I'd give.

No. 147686


No. Just depends on how elastic your skin is at the time, really. It's really fucked with the aspect ratio of that tattoo >_<

No. 147688

I think she's cute and looks sweet in the left photo, like a girl I'd love to be friends with, but she looks healthier and more physically attractive in the second one. I'm overweight but not over 200lbs and I already feel like my weight is… uh, yeah, weighing me down. I feel sweaty, clothes don't fit and are uncomfortable, I don't feel as free in my movements, etc. Being slim really has its perks.

No. 147689

she just looks like a sweet nerd in the first pic. but yes, being skinny isn't worth jeopardizing your health.

for the anon: it's more important to create healthier habits rather than get "quick fixes" like laxatives, or chugging water, or getting your calorie intake down to 500. you can't live like that and no one wants to eat apples all day long and nothing else. but eating a smaller amount of rice/noodles, making sure you use the absolute minimum amount of butter/oil when cooking, cutting out soda and excessive snacking, and working out twice a week are some of the best things you can do for your body.

reconsidering your entire relationship to food is not easy, especially since everyone thinks they eat the "normal way", but doing things right is never easy.

No. 147690

I was never fat, but what really helped me get fit and lean were camping/hiking trips. You burn a fuckload of calories ascending mountains and you stop snacking since you don't stuff your face idling in front of the screen. Just get out of the house and you'll automatically eat less shit and exercise more.

No. 147692

File: 1597493263489.png (1.58 MB, 1212x1214, weightloss_cow.png)

That's great advice!

No. 147693

RIP to all the anons in countries that enforce quarantine tho.

But hiking or just any outdoor activity is pretty good for you in general, not just for losing weight but it helps a bit with mental health issues or if you're just feeling tired and down.

No. 147696

The amount of girls selling weight gain content on Onlyfans is increasing right now due to the quarantine period

No. 147761

This thread kind of shows how warped most peoples views on weight are. Most farmers would call 140/150lbs fat, yet girls that weight (despite not even being tall) already look super good. That's the same weight they estimate fat cows to be at when in reality it's stacies.

I get what you mean, same for her >>147548 it doesn't really looks like their weight loss did much for them in terms of happiness, they might be all dolled up but they still don't really look comfortable/content.

She's my fav so far, she looked so miserable on the left, totally empty and on the right she looks so healthy, happy, somebody everybody would want to befriend/date.

Does anybody else also not have any pics of them at their highest weight? For me that was just a way too sad time to take (or keep) any.

No. 147763

all of those pictures are staged though. anyone can fake laugh for an instagram picture, or look "uncomfortable" because they're simply trying to look like a baddie. i don't think you can infer happiness from pictures. have you never taken a dozen pictures where you're smiling on most of them but the only one that came out good is the one where you're not smiling?

No. 147765

File: 1597575085838.jpeg (334.98 KB, 1125x1115, 0FA333F3-9E01-4EE0-82DD-201AF6…)

It’s pretty hard to find before and after pics that aren’t shooped nowadays.

No. 147766

File: 1597575234495.jpeg (293.94 KB, 1110x1115, B7836A35-E3F5-423B-B28E-534143…)

Apparently, first pic is 2010 and second is 2020. I can’t even try to guess her age? She looks 10 years younger in the second pic.

No. 147769

140-150 pounds would be considered very close to overweight at least in America (average height is 5’3) . Most “stacies” bmi’s are around 17-21 as well. There was a study that showed the most attractive BMI to hover around 19 too. So no, definitely don’t think anons views are warped to think 140-150 isn’t great
Doesn’t seem she got any procedures done. Looks more like she tucked her loose skin into her bottoms since you can’t see her belly button anymore.

No. 147770

I’m 140 lbs and 5’2 but I do pilates, eat well and have good genetics so I may be considered “overweight” by bmi and I no means think I’m perfect (i’m a size 6) but I think it’s about how you carry your weight vs the actual number which i think the first anon was trying to get at.

No. 147773

This anon >>147611 seems to be rather short and nevertheless looks very slim at 140, >>147666 and >>147667 are literally perfect (definitely stacy tier) and >>147677 >>147765 are also still far from fat, not sure what's your point? Do you disagree that they look good because some study claims so?

No. 147787

nta but yes, american fatties are delusional because everyone around them is obese.

no one looks normal and healthy at 5’3 and 140.

No. 147791

There is a lot you're not taking into consideration here. Muscle for one, breast size, even loose skin weighs a lot but is only skin.

This is a thread about weight loss inspiration, you're missing the point.

No. 147802

So in your opinion those women still look fat in the "after" pics…?

No. 147803

nta, but to me they look average to thick in the 140-150 range, not fat but not amazing. basically if your goal is to be a normal weight and look normal, then there's no problem, but >>147765 does not look stacy tier. >>147683 looks more stacy

No. 147806

Well, I didn't call her but those two >>147666 >>147667 stacy tier. If that's thick to you, then what is slim?

No. 147807

i mean i'm 5'3" and 105 lbs, and i dont look like an Auchwitz survivor. like that anon said, around bmi 19 is slim. let's not delude ourselves into thinking average women have enough muscle mass to be in the overweight or obese area of the BMI scale without being at least chubby. and boobs weigh like 1-5 lb each lol

No. 147808

Your standards for women are insane, you don't need to be an american landwhale to see that this is just brutal and unneccessary. I hope none of the girls posted here have to see that other women still call them fat after all the effort they made already.

No. 147810

how is it insane to say that a woman of an average weight is average looking? lmao die mad

No. 147812

File: 1597605439554.jpg (45.04 KB, 500x500, cff85e549f4b1d3867e8d5fa50b6a3…)

No. 147813

File: 1597605484585.jpg (243.39 KB, 950x910, Before_After_4.jpg)

No. 147814

File: 1597605544786.jpg (29.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 147816

File: 1597605819388.jpg (71.97 KB, 504x504, before-after-transformation-ra…)

No. 147817

File: 1597605867686.png (263.27 KB, 466x400, 1.png)

No. 147822

If you want to die on whatever hill about what weight you believe is ideal then go ahead, I just don't see the point of coming to a thread about promoting weight loss and sperging about how it's not to your standards.

No. 147827

No one is saying average weight (140-150) is fat. It’s just not Stacy status like you’ve been parroting throughout the thread. Of course muscle mass and height is a factor, but it should be known that for the average person that would not be An extremely attractive girl’s weight (unless she’s taller than average or has some muscle mass behind her)

No. 147830

why did she do this.. she was cutr before. she looks sickly now

No. 147839

it's not about personal standards, it's about being objective

yea she looks awful in the after. protruding chest bones are scary

No. 147841

What‘s with all the Stacy talk? Should everyone‘s goal really be to be considered a Stacy? Is that what weight loss is all about?

No. 147842

File: 1597623731150.jpeg (231.88 KB, 1125x1087, 7E9E1C85-5381-42FD-824E-0D9C0C…)

No. 147843

RIP to the before version tbh

No. 147844

From this anon sperging about how average weight is considered Stacy status

All the weight she lost really shows in her face, wonderful results tbh.

No. 147847

before looks better on her

No. 147848

File: 1597625912693.jpeg (181.48 KB, 1280x1280, 7FD1E48A-09F8-4818-AA75-CB5ED1…)

No. 147850

so frustrating, I float around 125-128 and feel like I look more like the left picture.

this is some ana shit, yikes.

No. 147851

Please let us not make this into an Ana thread, thanks.

No. 147857

What is your autistic obsession with “stacy status” throughout this thread? You sound retarded parroting the same thing five times over.

No. 147861

File: 1597640641397.jpeg (55.33 KB, 640x642, CCC14A45-6347-423F-98C4-F41471…)

She bounced back so well for such a large weight loss.

No. 147862

Not that anon but , this anon explains why >>147844
Pretty cut and clear that it’s just them responding to the other anon

No. 147875

Yeah but what does “stacy status” numbers have to do with any of these women’s weight loss? This is a before and after thread, not a “how can I become stacy tier” thread.

No. 147876

File: 1597654721332.jpeg (308.33 KB, 1125x1125, BA9E1625-7785-4B47-AD32-7005AC…)

No. 147891

File: 1597668239312.jpg (289.1 KB, 1680x760, 2.jpg)

Ruka Tensho

No. 147894

Who is this?

No. 147896

she's just not a very pretty or sexy girl but she keeps trying to claw her way into gravure (and porn?) success. her only true appeal is fat fetish content.

No. 147899

File: 1597672919404.png (1.15 MB, 942x944, simoneanderson_before_after.pn…)

No. 147900

I'm guessing she's had extensive surgery to remove her excess skin?

No. 147901

File: 1597673174886.png (1.34 MB, 944x946, sa_ba.png)

Her Instagram caption:

"Reflecting on the past (nearly 6 years) is always a few surreal feeling. The girl in the left used to struggle to walk up her own driveway, a 20 minute walk ruined her. Fast food was the base of her diet and most 99% of meals where heavily processed. Fast forward to today, I have lost a total of 92kg and train daily. I eat balanced and fresh meals and enjoy watching how strong and fit I become every single day. I have always felt beautiful, I have always been confident the difference now is that I know I am going to live a long and healthy life. My weight never defined me as a person, I was still the same bubbly, outgoing, driven and organised Simone but it definitely limited the life I could live. Gastric sleeve surgery saved my life, I don’t believe I would be alive today without this life changing surgery. It gave me the tools to reinvent my eating and take a good hard look at my exercise habits. It certainly doesn’t do the hard work for you, that is long term changes you have to make but it gives you the fresh slate to feel able to tackle these changes. My surgery was done at Auckland Weight Loss surgery with Richard Babor for those that will ask, and skin removal with @drrepta_plasticsurgery
Togs @nzbananahammock"

No. 147903

File: 1597673473991.jpg (43.91 KB, 564x564, 14e7b8ef06e4f6981d29475efd4435…)

No. 147904

Would people here recommend the bypass/gastric sleeve surgery?
My mother always tells me not to do it even though I'm a hsmplsnet because I might die or get ill or my liver/kidneys will permanently be damaged.

No. 147905

File: 1597674051141.jpg (79.68 KB, 564x564, insane.jpg)

No. 147909

Yes, but at the same time, no.

My mother got the bypass surgery, I call it the StopEatingShitYouFatFuck surgery because it will make you not only eat like an anachan, it will make you lose hair as well and it will make you stop being able to eat certain foods like: Rice, oatmeal, really fatty meats, milk, coffee, chocolates and the sorts.
I think it does its job, it makes you stop being able to handle the food that you shouldn’t be eating. But if you don’t have any sort of self-control, you can lose the surgery and gain the weight you lost.

I think it’s better to just stick to a nice diet, maybe use the money you would spend on the surgery to get yourself a nice nutritionist and a gym membership or some sort of kickstarter for an activity you want to do like dancing or hiking.

No. 147914

File: 1597678690521.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1554, 638D002B-3BAD-4CFC-86E7-7671DE…)

No. 147927

I had a lap band put in. It's different than getting gastric bypass or the sleeve because it didn't fuck up any part of my organs. It gives you the ability to get full on an anachan diet, but you always gotta chew food well and in very small quantities or you will find yourself regurgitating food, or feeling "tight" in the chest. You can't eat anything fast, and the sensation is weird.
It was successful for me when I had a reasonable fill.
Unfortunately, I had a sadistic surgeon and he overfilled my band against my will during one visit when he decided that my leveled off weight loss of half a pound a week wasn't good enough. Shortly after he overfilled it, I got kicked off my parent's insurance. I couldn't even hold down water without throwing it up. It was embarrassing to eat at restaurants cause even a quarter of child portions would cause me to excuse myself to throw up in the bathroom at least twice. People thought I was bulimic. I was so hungry but I literally couldn't eat. If I ate several hours before bed, I knew old bits and stomach acid that didn't 'pass' through my band would seep up out of me if I dared sleep on my side or stomach which forced me to prop myself up with pillows. It ruined my back molars. It was like having painful heart burn, sometimes I'd throw up pure stomach acid cause even the acid wouldn't pass. I lived on a diet of whole milk and acid reducers. I was miserable and no doctor would see me without insurance. I went into a spiral of trying to keep down food before purging it for 3 years because no doctor would see me. I finally paid out the ass to have the fill completely removed, but I made up for the deprivation by binging and gained all my weight back and then some.
I could go have a fill put in again but maybe when an employer finally gives me insurance so I won't be financially raped again. It really did work though. The lap band works if you're a strong advocate for yourself and don't let dumbshit doctors perform fucked up experiments on you.

I wouldn't recommend bypass or the sleeve though. Women from my old job who got the sleeve wound up re-stretching their stomachs and look relatively the same after an okay-ish amount of loss. It didn't seem worth it, especially when the lap band is reversible and less invasive.
Bypasses however can ruin your life, you will never be able to eat the same again. People I know with bypasses look incredibly ill even though they're thin. They hate it, you can see the misery in their eyes.

Btw, with any extreme weight loss you can expect kidney stones and gallstones. I didn't get any with my lapband but it pretty much comes with the territory if you lose more than 100 pounds rapidly.

No. 147980

I'm very obese (250lbs.) in the process of losing weight. Has anyone had loose skin coming down from this weight? Does it ever go away? Does it bother you if it hasn't?

No. 147984

You will absolutely get loose skin at such a high weight. The loose skin won’t go away unless you get surgery either. That’s if you are planning to lose anything more than 50 pounds. Don’t buy into any creams either it’s all snake oil

No. 147992

idk,maybe ask the anon sho originally brought it up if you're so curious?

building muscle will help a lot

No. 148003

The after picture is my ideal tbh. I know not everyone likes this because it's not "strong", but I really like it a lot.

No. 148005

File: 1597738267053.jpg (56.63 KB, 640x640, weightlosschannel.jpg)

No. 148007

File: 1597738396463.jpg (56.22 KB, 592x469, Weight-Loss-Before-And-After-P…)

No. 148008

File: 1597738851156.jpeg (230.67 KB, 1125x1125, 64190351-547E-486C-BA5E-5299E6…)

Left picture is pretty much what I look like right now. Maybe I‘m just a tiny bit slimmer (feels wrong to even use that word), but it’s pretty much the same body type.
(Trying to lose weight again right now. Just lost 2 lbs, went from 156 to 154 lbs, at just 5’2, sad emoticon.)
Wish me luck…

No. 148010

File: 1597740194692.jpeg (825.63 KB, 1242x1205, 29B2512E-ACD1-4C77-AC70-6CFEDF…)

I was surprised about her increase in cup size but then I realized she probably rewarded herself with implants for her weight loss

No. 148011

She's pretty hot in the before pic tho. I wish my body looked like that.

No. 148012

ana territory

No. 148013


Peep that anorexia hairloss

No. 148015

File: 1597743890962.png (1.59 MB, 940x946, jacintamayora_weightloss.png)

Disclaimer: This thread was meant to inspire people to a healthy/sensible weightloss, like going from almost overweight, overweight or obese to slim, not from medium or slim to emaciated. Js.

No. 148016

I'm basically that before picture but without the boobs, succccks

No. 148018

Still cute

No. 148022

She looks healthy in the first pic, and not so great in the second

No. 148026

Do you think this girl got anything done for her skin?
My weight is disgustingly high but I'm very tall and lucky enough to not really have a gut because my fat is distributed somewhat evenly all over my body, so I'd hope that I won't look too bad when I reach my goal weight… That would really suck, finally being skinny but looking like a saggy mess.
I read that many vs models recommend dry brushing for your skin after pregnancy, has anybody experience with that or is it just bullshit? Other than that I drink a ton of water, take supplements and moisturize minimum twice per day, hope this at least helps a bit.

No. 148029

It's really interesting to see the differences in how people change after losing weight. Some women lose a lot of their curves after losing weight while others retain their wide hips. For some of these people their face changes so much too.
Unfortunately for me, losing weight seems to mostly take fat off my chest and hips. I always have to take care to not lose too much (even while staying in a healthy range) because at some point it starts to make me look worse instead of better.

No. 148031

I mean what kind of hips you have depends a lot from your skeleton so of course a woman with actually wide hips and not just fat will keep her figure

No. 148035

Yep. I store a ton of fat on my hips but my actual hip bones aren't that wide. I barely store any fat on my shoulders but my shoulder bones are actually wide. So if I get too thin I turn into a reverse triangle shape almost.

No. 148038

File: 1597756065511.png (570.29 KB, 842x622, 1.png)

Still ugly tho

No. 148039

I don’t think so but I don’t know. When I last lost weight, I had about her thickness and there was no loose skin whatsoever (just saggy boobs).

No. 148040

>>148038 Ugly??? Who hurt you and who hurt your eyesight?

No. 148042

She’s pretty cute to me.

No. 148043

Kek sure anon
She's adorable after

No. 148046

I feel like she's just smiling too hard in the first pic, looks pretty cute in the other one

No. 148056

Eh this is one of those cases where she's really no different either way. Although I'm sure she appreciate having more of a neck now.

No. 148059

File: 1597769037175.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x2237, 084A5806-35F0-4C85-B2AC-70E614…)

No. 148080

i know lots of people think she's too skinny but it's such a cute and youthful look. imo she went from looking 25 to 17-18.

No. 148082

She’s definitely not too skinny. it’s not like she’s underweight or anything. I think her after looks great. Definitely inspires me as someone who looks like her before and have similar big upper arms.

No. 148084

do you have any idea what her stats are? my before looked kinda similar to hers

No. 148085

I think her BMI is probably in the underweight range in the second picture though.

No. 148089

Who let the fat fetishists in?

No. 148090

File: 1597777375225.jpeg (45.76 KB, 540x540, EE607E30-D158-4930-87D5-9483D7…)

Fat fetishist? What are you even going on about anon?
I don’t know I found it on Pinterest, she looks around 5’7-5’9

No. 148096

I should’ve put “no ana sperging” in the OP. This is supposed to be a motivational thread, not a nitpicking thread.

No. 148097

File: 1597779343872.jpeg (270.09 KB, 1125x1118, ABC2B798-794C-405A-B7DD-44B208…)

No. 148098

File: 1597779512674.jpeg (287.44 KB, 1125x1125, FEADCD05-6FF6-4EDA-88FD-2E3B1D…)

No. 148099

File: 1597779660641.jpeg (541.6 KB, 1125x1118, 46910B92-6D3C-4A20-A97C-223BD4…)

(All I could find about this one is that she weighs 240 lbs in the first pic.)

No. 148100

I have a body like hers. >>148098
Hopefully my after photo will look as good.

No. 148101

File: 1597779758898.jpeg (756.42 KB, 1242x828, 177F4DAD-1A61-4A35-9851-891301…)

No. 148102

File: 1597779869102.jpeg (774.02 KB, 1242x811, 59C06079-E122-434E-A332-EF5A33…)

No. 148103

File: 1597779995014.jpeg (422.17 KB, 1125x1125, A907CA79-A99F-423F-9049-6F46B4…)

No. 148118

File: 1597788158619.jpeg (480.25 KB, 1242x1163, 23CE77DB-25F6-4137-8E69-7BDE81…)

No. 148133

If anyone has any I would love some face gains inspo. My double chin is my biggest insecurity ughhhhh

No. 148169

File: 1597823417800.jpeg (389.9 KB, 1800x1800, ZVykN34.jpeg)

No. 148176

File: 1597829331940.jpeg (315.35 KB, 1060x1060, 4F62CF83-C0B7-438E-9801-C33383…)

No. 148177

File: 1597829354648.jpeg (345.29 KB, 1094x1094, 6FCA003F-827A-4AC7-BB93-A77FDD…)

No. 148179

File: 1597829577933.jpeg (373.81 KB, 1125x1125, 72D1F560-AF86-4277-B5D1-B02784…)

No. 148180

File: 1597829609448.jpeg (406.82 KB, 1117x1117, 53B7729B-AD50-416F-B641-E59975…)

No. 148181

File: 1597829663873.jpeg (366.99 KB, 1106x1106, E836DCA7-1342-4ADE-9C41-24BF2E…)

No. 148195

I found this blog and I thought of this thread, this lady lost 120 lbs and got plastic surgery for her loose skin, which she writes about in her posts and makes videos. https://screwedonstraight.net/category/surgery/plastics/
Sorry, I didn't find before and after photos but you can see it in her videos.

No. 148202


I think I've read a story about her. She said that one day she was making her food which was just steamed edamame(?) then got fed up one day and ate a whole pack of almonds. Iirc she was an insta model or something. The picture on the left is her currently, I think.

No. 148219

What a cutie <3

No. 148243

File: 1597861042145.jpeg (34.98 KB, 400x371, C695127B-2B02-4FC9-9C42-0CFF16…)

Nicole richie weight loss

No. 148523

File: 1598112872496.jpeg (645.62 KB, 828x926, F0844CB3-4DA2-4D8A-BDD6-0C2FC6…)

No. 148525

Thanks for posting a super short girl! Its crazy how when you're below 5' 1" the weight can just reallly pack on and looks so much worse even when you're slightly overweight! I have the exact same height/shape/weight as her and this is incredibly motivational. we've got this ladies

No. 148526

File: 1598115838442.png (312.55 KB, 1074x1370, 8.png)

No. 148537

My body is pretty similar body to hers, didn’t look half as good as her after photo even at my lowest weight though

No. 148538

File: 1598126319333.jpeg (564.13 KB, 3196x1200, 6C758CB2-2795-47B8-BA70-849869…)

This girl was in a buzzfeed video and her transformation inspires me since I’m skinny fat

No. 148539

were you strategically posing for the camera though? her body really doesn't look like that all the time.

No. 148540

wow she looks amazing. Do you know what she did to get these results? I'm trying to get rid of my skinny fat look too.

No. 148541

I should have posted the video lol. I don’t think they go through her specific plan but they basically ate a clean diet and did strength training with some cardio I believe

No. 148547

How much in shoe size have y’all shrinked

Btw perfect thread

No. 148548

Your shoe size changes?

No. 148553

Some people's feet do shrink. I'm hoping mine do because they are so wide, it's hard to get cute shoes that don't hurt.

No. 148561

Unrelated to weight loss since it's just coincidence, but my feet definitely grew a size as I lost 50 lbs kek.

Though I have also heard of people's heads shrinking a bit. Did anyone experience that? Mine is still massive.

No. 148588

I went down 1-2 sizes kek. When it happened I was pretty baffled, I didn't know weight loss could lead to smaller feet.

No. 148596

How much weight did you lose when that happened?

No. 148598

this was the best thing, the whole time i thought i just have wide ass feet. it was just 1-0.5 size down tho. the downside is those heels i bought and only wore once now fall off my feet.

No. 148599

The OP pic looks fake. The fact that she's covering her face on the right seems suspicious to me. You can't go from hamplanet to tiny like that without having loose skin.

No. 148600

File: 1598182588704.jpeg (428.03 KB, 1125x2057, 2382290E-19F4-46AE-A489-52121D…)

This is her.

No. 148601

Maybe she got the surgery? Duh

No. 148624

I don't know if that pic is fake or not fut it's a fact you can get surgery for loose skin

No. 148704

I recently got diagnosed with PCOS and I'll be put on birth control and metformin soon to regulate my hormones and combat the insulin resistance I have. My gyno said it'd help me lose weight and I'm so excited. I've really felt out of control for the past 5 years… I hope this helps me take my life back.

No. 148710

File: 1598241462825.jpg (79.38 KB, 500x500, 3.jpg)

No. 148714

Steadily going down from a high of 194

I have stretchmarks all over and sometimes wonder what the point of it all is if theyre still going to be there and ill have a fucking mom bod

I'm so pissed about that

No. 148721

As a hambeast, I'm just looking forward to getting down to "skinnyfat" but it's obvious gonna be a while.

No. 148732


I'm not too sure about my exact starting weight, but around 15lbs I'd say.

No. 148740

Best wishes and good luck with your health and weight loss, anon!

No. 148741

Her body in the first pic looks a bit like mine. I really hope my after pictures will look as good. Does anyone know who this is and what she did to achieve this?

No. 148742

File: 1598266521309.png (1.86 MB, 946x946, down.png)

No. 148754

File: 1598270539521.png (1.17 MB, 944x942, 30.png)

No. 148757

this could also be mother and daughter… she looks much older on the post weight loss picture.

No. 148760

File: 1598278404125.png (1.18 MB, 956x792, gr.png)

No. 148768

File: 1598284558140.png (1.19 MB, 991x643, 4.png)

No. 148780

Losing weight makes your face look older, anon.

No. 148786

I don't agree, she just looks less bloated.

No. 148841

Now this is inspiring. Do you have any other inspo with short women?

No. 149154

File: 1598518107892.jpg (70.3 KB, 736x736, 3907001861cd593892a11a2d5d6833…)

No. 149172

The middle one looks the best to me.

No. 149427

Only worthy transformation

No. 149479


damn she looks amazing

No. 149660

God I wish that were me

No. 149740

File: 1598949370283.png (1.68 MB, 946x946, keto.png)

No. 149741

File: 1598949520866.png (1.45 MB, 944x946, sk.png)

There's a skinny person inside all of you, anons.

No. 149742

A lot of women posted here being top-heavy but reaching even proportions after losing weight, gives me hope.

No. 149748

Ugh queen I love the fit transformations more than just thin. Gimme her shoulders

No. 149751

She looks so happy and adorable and has a lovely smile, I'm happy for her.

No. 149840

File: 1599023207376.jpg (58.14 KB, 640x772, u4wptu6x5kk51.jpg)

Does anyone have more examples of someone becoming more toned in addition to weight loss vs. purely losing weight?
>pic related is the same height and weight as me

what an absolute queen

No. 151272

I am currently around the left photo weight and I want to start getting to a goal of 200 lbs by next year May

No. 151351

File: 1600089604237.jpeg (533.42 KB, 1125x1122, B492B76F-61D0-4AC6-AB1C-50339D…)

No. 151352

File: 1600089649860.jpeg (338.12 KB, 1125x1115, F7E58C12-4BA3-4582-9FBC-B2FA4E…)

No. 151353

File: 1600089719122.jpeg (297.6 KB, 1125x1123, 5B770457-59D4-4F44-8F41-1D120E…)

No. 151484

the lines in the background are so wonky kek

I don't see any real inspirational before and after transformations because most after pics are heavily shooped but whatever makes you happy I guess

No. 151536

This one is, but go through the thread and you'll see that there are others that aren't shooped.

No. 152045

She had bariatric surgery though.

No. 152256

File: 1600777546944.jpeg (313.06 KB, 1125x1110, 9EA9DC9F-C229-4769-9AA5-E13C62…)

No. 157888

File: 1604332047189.jpeg (195.09 KB, 828x844, 6C3329D7-0A82-46D9-AC7D-CB2D05…)

No. 186875

I need you wh°res to know that I jerked it to every one of these pics. Specially the self posts in reverse(attentionwhore scrote)

No. 186891

thats pretty pathetic bro, do you have a humiliation fetish or something? Because normal people would feel pretty humiliated about sharing that lol

No. 186903

Ok, so now what?

No. 187480

File: 1621933714661.jpg (101.04 KB, 960x960, bqemjqtrwr071.jpg)

No. 187487

File: 1621935070242.jpg (109.07 KB, 960x960, w9j95iyhbt071.jpg)

No. 187578

>from hank hill ass to a nice booty
my faith is restored

No. 187939

I hate to say it, anon, but that's only because of the shorts/panties she's wearing. If she wore shorts that were higher-waisted on the right like she is wearing on the left, she'd still have a Hank hill-esque ass. It wouldn't be as extreme as before, but I can tell it'd still have that appearance. It's because her back is still fundamentally wider than her ass.

No. 187945

nta but I'm confused, the pic on the right is the before pic and the hank hill ass, she looks much better on the left. She's still not naturally curvy and that's just genetics but she looks better for sure.

No. 187959

I think anon is trying to say she didn't really change the shape of her ass, just added a bit of mass, and found more flattering shorts. What's making it look extreme is the fact she lost a lot from her back and waist, so of course her ass will look better when her general proportions are better.

No. 187961

She's not ugly at all

No. 209186


As a shorter girl this is a really inspiring thread for me, also >>147611 congrats, I love your sweater and your hair is so pretty!

I'm not completely overweight, but in the first lockdown I got really trim and started to get muscles. When gyms closed and winter depression hit hard I gained weight again so I'm looking to work it back off and I'm finding the progress pictures really inspiring.

No. 209267

Did that anon really think the right was the after? Kek

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