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No. 147911

I want to fill out a dating profile that'll attract the kind of misogynists that frequent /lit/ (I fucked my prof once and developed a fetish). Any tips?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147915

> misogynists that frequent /lit/
get help for your daddy issues

No. 147925

Just have hipster tastes and post in the dating threads on /soc/. You'll have a pseudointellectual soliciting you for free porn in no time.

No. 147933

love yourself girl, those guys don't even know shit about literature

No. 147934

>Any tips?
Look cute on your pictures

+ love yourself please

No. 147945

a fetish for people who hate you for being a woman? and you're trying to establish a long-term relationship with someone like that? this isn't cute or kinky, this is self-sabotage and degrading and you sound like a total pickme.

I have also fucked someone who used to be my literature prof. he's a phD student and still lives with his parents. this is not a cool fact and I am not proud of it, even though he's attractive. I know I wasn't the only student he's been involved with.

ask yourself: why not pursue a respectful and loving relationship? do you think you're not good enough for that?

No. 147958

If this isn't a troll thread… maybe you could determine what positive traits you like about guys like this without the bad? I.e. someone intelligent, self assured, maybe a little quirky or with niche interests, minus the misogyny?

No. 147959

This is obvious bait

No. 148034

lmao I wouldn't recommend you do this because ffs why torture yourself like that, but:
>say you major in philosophy
>namedrop james joyce and dostoyevsky as your fav authors with a third super obscure one thrown in
>your fav philosopher should be a woman hating one like nietzche or a meme one like stirner
>at least one pic in a turtleneck preferably while holding a cigarette
>do not ever show any form of humour, the only way you ever 'joke' is by being sarcastic and condescending
enjoy your mediocre, conceited, self-loving dick

No. 148150

the accuracy of this is astounding and it's funny that in the end this much effort could instead be put into self-improvement. also, these types of men view women as incapable of comprehending philosophical ideas anyways so he'll likely end up gatekeeping no matter how much you try to prove that you like Nietzsche or some shit

No. 148224

this unironically describes me

No. 148225


fucking thank you anon, you da real MVP

I'll report back soon, here's hoping I get my heart crushed and daddy issues furthered

No. 148229

anon if you fucked your prof… tell me how to I’ve always been interested in that kind of thing

No. 148236


I kinda misrepresented the story

We met and started dating when he was my TA. It was easy because we had crazy chemistry since day one. He was always calling on me during conference, like he'd single me out and ask me what I thought of this and that. He'd strike up convos with me before class or if he saw me around on campus. While I was taking the midterm he actually came up to me and asked me how I'm doing which my stupid ass thought was so romantic at the time lmfao

My friends from class were really encouraging and all omg he's crushing on you so it was easy to work up my courage and start seeing him during office hours under the guise of being so interested in the subject and wanting to explore it in depth (related to his PHD). So we just sort of started dating organically.

We had an on/off relationship because he was dating some other woman and let's be real, he was probably fucking other students, too. About a year after that he was finally teaching his own class on top of TAing, I was in my second year and still had electives I could take so ofc I signed up for his class. I knew he'd make it super interesting and also I thought it would be really hot.

I tried fucking other profs after him but the furthest I got was them just sort of staring at me and like smiling a lot? No one else was as forward as him and I chickened out so I think the #1 thing is finding enough of a sleazebag lol

Plus, he was only 10 years older while the other profs I very pathetically tried to date could've been my grandpa and it's like what does a 20 something year old talk about with a 60 year old anyway?

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