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No. 148712

>tfw i can't stop thinking about how much I hate men
>tfw my internal monologue consists only of the phrase "I hate men"
>tfw I can't read or think or concentrate on anything else but my hatred for men
what's wrong with me? why is my brain so fucked up? do I have OCD?

No. 148713

No. 148715

wtf? i'm not joking though. i think i either have OCD or this is somehow related to anxiety. what do i do?

No. 148735

This can be symptomatic of an anxiety disorder. Look into something called ‘intrusive thoughts’, I think this is what you are describing. Even if you don’t want to think about something it’s hard to stop yourself and your brain can be fixated on things you don’t even believe or like. Many people will respond well to CBT and you might actually find relief from doing CBT workbooks.

No. 148773

It's natural for human beings to hate what they most desire or feel the most helpless against. You're hate comes from pure animalistic desire. Eventually you're going to have to choose that you're hatred is your on self-hatred for what you want handed to you.

No. 148775

Are you afraid of grammar?

No. 148779

Not OP but no shit, who doesn't feel helpless around them?

No. 148803

File: 1598308474611.jpg (30.96 KB, 976x350, EfF18CZU4AE5ikq.jpg)

me too OP, me too. I've been watching the milana vayntrub stuff go down and seeing men continue to harass her as she was trying to reason with them made me seethe. Men are fucking psychopaths that get off to women's pain. They don't do that shit to other men because they know they could get their asses beat

No. 148982

whats with the massive generalization and then when its about us we've got the radfems, pinkpills the handmaidens and the pickmes etc…

You sound like reverse /r9k/

No. 148983

Oh fuck off, you posted this in /ot faggot

No. 148985

her being hornymad is less likely than her having anxiety issues

No. 148995

Seek medical help.

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