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File: 1598469633656.jpg (97.86 KB, 640x892, 8ea143fed01034699cf3838fb57125…)

No. 149079

I've wanted to add more piercings to my ears for a long time but can never decide which type. I think it can look very pretty when done right but I'm wary of looking trashy and overdone. Perhaps just a second lobe piercing and a helix. Post about earrings and piercings here I guess!

No. 149080

File: 1598469857060.jpg (33.21 KB, 480x600, 44ef1214c3cc8eb7ec18db662b40dc…)

I have two sets of lobe piercings and I've wanted more for the longest time but I just can't commit lol. I've been thinking about getting a third set of lobe piercings and a helix and/or tragus.

Does anyone have any experience with a tragus piercing? I mentioned wanting to get one to a friend recently and she said they're really uncomfortable when you have earbuds in. That true?

No. 149082

It shouldn't be uncomfortable if it has been pierced correctly and you're wearing the proper length jewellery to fit your anatomy. Go for it, just remember to get the jewellery downsized after it has finished swelling and you'll be fine.

No. 149131

File: 1598510977536.jpg (71.65 KB, 750x824, 118398107_170286787925427_6789…)

No. 149132

File: 1598511051620.jpg (87.05 KB, 750x750, 117599223_116662026609125_3303…)

No. 149133

File: 1598511076884.jpg (52.01 KB, 640x640, 109572246_168347638148262_2814…)

No. 149134

File: 1598511114979.jpg (60.2 KB, 640x800, 36816647_621064861597240_33172…)

Sorry, I wanted to dump some of my favorites.

No. 149135

Stupid question: do you see more than one piercing in the lobe as more "daring" than just one piercing in the lobe? I have a friend who is super shy and dresses very conventionally and she has two holes in her lobe. I made a little joke about it and she was confused and said that two piercings in the lobe was completely normal. Am I the idiot here?

No. 149136

wow that's beautiful

No. 149137

yeah, anything more than a single lobe piercing I automatically see as daring and associate it with an extrovert. don't know why.

a tragus would probably be the most extroverted

No. 149138

If you're an idiot I'm an idiot too. Where'd she get her piercings done?

No. 149142

Yes thank you! She was like if it's not in the cartilage it's not daring or rebellious. I guess she saw it as normal because her mother has two lobe-piercings too. It was a weird convo because I'm usually much more extraverted than her lmao

I think she got them at Claire's or something.

No. 149143

on a similar note, what other jewelry or fashion choices indicate "daring"?

No. 149147

File: 1598516626908.jpg (56.38 KB, 750x743, e1bfd1e5b782b661663f9649f7700c…)

do you typically keep the same amount of piercings on each ear? I just have the standard lobe piercing on each year but I'm wondering if I should get a second lobe piercing on both ears. I also want a helix but that should probably be on one ear only. Left or right?

Also considering the stud in the middle of the ear like pic related. Or tragus but I go between thinking it's pretty and trashy

No. 149148

File: 1598516672491.jpg (44.97 KB, 563x697, 2a20b0fbe1e552e3b042dfa9d049b7…)

Anon no… two earlobepiercings is just as normal and safe as one earlobepiercing. They're the piercing classics. Almost every girl and woman I know has one or two piercings in the earlobe.

Anything "beyond" two earlobepiercings and I'd kinda get where you would be coming from, but multiple piercings like pic related with dainty gold jewelry has been very trendy for a couple of years now, so even that is hardly daring or unconventional anymore.

No. 149149

how soon after a piercing can you go swimming? in the sea it's probably safe but what about in a pool?

No. 149150

Anyone had piercings done at Astrid & Miyu? They offer a consultation to find the best earring types/position for you which could be interesting

No. 149152

File: 1598517822289.png (1.57 MB, 944x1186, ester.png)

I'm obsessed with her, she's so pretty

No. 149157

Is this the same girl? Her expression here makes her look retarded

No. 149158

I didn't say it wasn't safe or pretty (it's both) but I've mostly seen one earlobe piercings only. You say beyond two would be understandable, but I honestly don't see more than two as very different than two. One is the traditional one, so anything more is automatically more """daring""" imo.

Maybe I am just too old fashioned mao. I got my earlobes pierced as a baby so it wasn't really linked to fashion, guess I don't keep up with the trends enough.

No. 149159

Piercings anywhere else on the body are pretty daring.

No. 149161

Yeah it is, Ester Exposito

No. 149162

Lol I agree with you. I got my ears pierced when I was 15 bc I didn’t want piercings for some reason before that (my dumbass excuse was “what if I’m running and it gets caught in a bush”)

Do anything more is more daring for me

No. 149165

I have a nickle allergy so I can't wear a lot of jewelry in my ears, any suggestions?

No. 149166

Anon you said you thought two earlobepiercings is daring which makes it not-safe by default lol. And I never said anything about pretty.

This might be a cultural difference then but where I'm from both 1 and 2 earlobepiercings are traditional and classic, anything beyond 2 (especially in the upper half of the ear) is not traditional.

Sterling silver jewelry? It's affordable, easy to get and will last a long time. Or medical grade stainless steel, but I don't know if stainless steel jewelry remains beautiful as long.

No. 149167

Most piercing jewellery doesn't even have nickle in it, what kind of suggestions are you looking for?

No. 149168

File: 1598522733241.jpg (92.11 KB, 1242x2208, xmxklbisixt01.jpg)

I have a tragus, I'm still in the healing phase and I'm starting to wear headphones again. I have a labret stud inside, so as long as the jewelry inside has a flat back and is sized properly, it shouldn't be uncomfortable.

Pic rel is the type of jewelry I have in my tragus rn (not my pic). As long as the flat end sits flushed with your skin, the earphones won't tug on it. I think that with a barbell or a hoop it might be a lot more uncomfortable, but I can't say.


Piercings are done with implant grade titanium, which is supposed to be hypoallergennic, have you tried looking into jewelry made out that?

No. 149177

2-4 weeks for the sea. 4+ weeks for a swimming pool. After you swim, rinse/soak with warm saline solution.

No. 149205

Thread making me miss my helix piercings. I had them in for almost 2 years and they never fully healed and I could never lay on that side (I had 2 in the left ear). I have lobe piercings that took a long time to heal but they eventually did, not sure what was up with the cartilage. They were small hoops and they looked so cool

No. 149218

I love helix piercings, had one but it would hurt so much in my sleep that I couldn't deal. Nearly everyone I've known with one has had to lose it within a year or so.

No. 149220

Used to have my ears like pic, but 7 in each ear. As much as I loved them I one day just got very fed up with the fact that they'd snag on things. I'd be towel drying my hair and they'd snag on the towel. Spent years adding to the piercings, healing them and collecting cute jewelery and I just took them all out that day and never put an earring in again.

I've never been quite so impulsive in giving up something but that was it, I abandoned 14 ear piercings and a couple of facial piercings all at once.

No. 149224

Are tragus piercings uncomfortable to sleep with?

No. 149225

I've had 5 helix piercings for 4 years and I've never had a problem, could be the jewelry shape/material

No. 149233

How long did it take for your lobe piercing to heal? I got my second pair a few years ago but I've never been completely happy with the placing. I kind of wanna let them heal and re-pierce it later.

No. 149240

I went to a good shop for all my percings and took their advice on what to wear but out of about 20 different piercings it was the single one that consistantly gave me trouble til I gave it up.

I remember knowing people with scaffold (or industrial) piercings and they were very temperamental

Do you think you just have a good ear shape for sleeping on piercings? Especially seeing as you've 5 that are doing fine. I can imagine never sleeping well again if I got mine back lol

No. 149257

Roughly a year

No. 149258

I actually have…14 ear piercings in total including my 5 helix ones. I have both a normal industrial and a vertical industrial on the other ear which was a bitch to heal and i did not sleep well during that.
I tend to sleep more on my temple rather than my ear and the jewelry lies flat against my ear. If you have hoops in the cartilage you kind of have to move them into the right position for sleeping. Huge pain in the ass but it's worth it imo

No. 149317

What ear do girls you have more earrings/upper ear piercings on? I know it doesn't matter but I'm just curious.

I haven't pierced more yet but I always put fake cuffs on my left ear for some reason.

No. 149322

I've retired my piercings now but back when I had a bunch I had more in my right ear.

No. 149348


Right ear for me too. I had to retire all my piercings though because I toss + turn a lot when I sleep and I was bashing them about too much

No. 149389

Right side has 3, left has 2.

No. 149433

File: 1598660247605.jpeg (2.63 MB, 4032x3024, 8339FC0D-1C50-4757-B408-3E7A50…)

I like daith piercings (the center ring one in this picture). When you look at someone straight on you can’t see them, but when you catch a glimpse from the side they are just this pretty sparkle that catches the light.

No. 149525

File: 1598733094191.jpg (74.94 KB, 564x736, 69b09a1b08d2a4c74148ca545a33e5…)

I love perfectly coordinated earpiercings so much

No. 149526

File: 1598733142429.jpg (70.87 KB, 564x846, 20b2d4f0d8d552929accf62b67e0ea…)

No. 149527

File: 1598733261615.jpg (60.39 KB, 564x846, 425caa70b5f2f6011910a6ec79745e…)

No. 149528

File: 1598733403133.jpg (44.66 KB, 564x564, 82340687bdcca7ebab75894475dabb…)

No. 149543

supposedly daith piercings can be good for headaches and migraines too

No. 149546

I have a daith and it unfortunately does not help with migraines. Ymmv.

No. 149552

Sorry, but it's untrue. It's just a piercing.

No. 149584

This sound like complete bs

No. 149673

Do extra ear piercings make you seem younger? My mom is really against it and says it's a dumb teenager thing, but I've been thinking of piercing my ears for over 5 years ow. I'm also 23 so it's my choice, but still.

No. 149676

I don't know if it makes you look younger but I feel like it makes any look you have seem more polished and like you put more effort in it, just as any jewelry. I've been delaying the idea of getting more piercing in my ears for few years too, finally did it and I just feel so much cooler now, and it gives me more motivation to accesorize.
Overall for me it's kinda the opposite to what your mom thinks, maybe the look is not doing anything to the age but it makes me feel more mature and put together.

No. 149679

File: 1598887480742.jpg (35.4 KB, 500x546, hp.jpg)

yeah my thoughts too… What piercing did you get? This convinced me, I'm doing it for my birthday.

No. 149683

Nice! You won't regret it for sure.
I have two lobe piercings and a helix in my right ear and one basic lobe in left, planning to add at least one more lobe on each side soon.

No. 149687

File: 1598891960699.jpeg (133.51 KB, 900x1012, 64E51753-8F9E-4F16-9C83-0553D4…)

My ears are stretched to 5/8” or 16mm & ever since hitting size 0 I’ve strictly worn tear shaped plugs. The wood & stone varieties are gorgeous, I love the way they make my lobes look & don’t want to go back to circle shaped plugs for a while now!

No. 149691

Gave mine up (only went up to 10mm and 12mm so lobes just look pierced now) but yeah I'd pick teardrop plugs over round ones any day, V cute

No. 149709

I always wanted to get an industrial but I don't have the right shape of ear for them, too flat and I've always been kind of scared of cartilage piercings, even though I have been heavily pierced elsewhere. Have any anons wanted to get ear piercings they couldn't and settled for somethung else?

No. 149728

>>149709 Me. I was unable to get an industrial too, so I just ended up getting cartilage piercings instead. They're really not ban anon.

No. 149747

I want to get my ears pierced more but every place requires a mask. I don't trust them to be able to see if it fits my face well when I'm wearing a mask. Should I still go for it?

No. 149753

Just wait if you want to be sure.

No. 149757

Maybe you could flash the mask down for a second if you’re concerned about it fitting your face, Ive had friends get septum piercings during this so obviously they had to take off their masks. I don’t really know what you mean by fit your face though— I don’t think I’ve ever had a piercer take in account my face when doing lobe/cartilage piercings

No. 149760

They offer a consultation and of course the piercing should be placed where best fits your ear… I assume seeing your face is much more effective

No. 150048

Anyone here prefer to just use fake ear cuffs? I can't commit to a piercing I might regret when fake jewelry looks the same

No. 150050

Ear cuffs are cute but I always lost mine after a few days. I wouldn't be able to commit to a piercing there though.

Anyone else think they look weird with earrings? I got mine pierced when I was 8 and wore them constantly as a kid. A few times as a teen and very rarely now. I tried wearing them for a wedding a while back but I thought I looked odd. I don't know how to explain it I feel like they aged me or something. I use to have tunnels only 1cm and I liked them, it looked cleaner the jewellery being inside the skin if that makes sense.

No. 150054

No, I've tried them before comitting and I kept losing them. I also think there's just something faux pas about fake piercings.

Maybe you were wearing earrings that didn't fit your faceshape/bonestructure? I used to wear very clean, classic studs until I realised they look off on me.

No. 150055

>I kept losing them

>I also think there's just something faux pas about fake piercings.

Also true. They're good for wearing for a bit to see if you'd like a piercing there. I also don't want to pierce my conch as it's so easy to just put a cuff there.

You mean just the normal lobe piercings? I agree it might just be the type of earrings.

Classic studs like >>150054 don't look the best on me. I need small hoops or something a bit more. My face and ears are small and cUtE so I either need to go completely no earrings or style up a lot.

Also maybe it's your ear shape. My friend has big ear lobes and has two studs side by side.

No. 150064

>>149747 don't, anon. wearing a mask with a fresh piercing hurts like hell - trust me.

No. 150092

but I don't even know when this mask shit will end. Don't know if I want to wait years

No. 150098

I'm going to get my helix pierced tomorrow, let's do it bro masks are never gonna be over.

No. 150100

Yeah I'll probably do it soon.

>masks are never gonna be over

depressing shit :(

No. 150124

Anons, maybe I'm just over thinking it…but where do I get regular ear piercings that isn't some dumb juvenile mall store? I had slightly uneven ear piercings due to getting them in infancy. I stopped wearing earrings for a few years and now they're closed. I'd like to start wearing earrings again but I don't want to go where preteens go and I also don't want to be pressured into some sort of thick gauge. Will I be ridiculed or pressured at a tattoo/piercing shop?

No. 150125

Go to a tattoo/piecering place that's has great reviews. Got my second lobes and septum done at one of these places. They were done by a woman I personally felt that made my experience better less judgy, y'know? Super comfortable and professional! Make sure they use needles and NOT a piercing gun.

No. 150189

>Will I be ridiculed or pressured at a tattoo/piercing shop?
Of course not. At "places where preteens go" they use piercing guns and any good professional piercer would much rather see you go to their shop where they pierce properly and safely. You're absolutely not going to be ridiculed for getting your earlobes pierced at a good piercing shop aka the smart choice instead of claire's or something.

Let us know how it goes! What jewelry are you going to wear in it when it's healed?

No. 150199

Yes, a piercer will absolutely force you to get a "gauge". Just go to a reputable piercing place, have them pierce your shit with a needle because a gun is nowhere to be seen in a place worthy enough. Don't overthink it, if everything else fails, go minimalistic.

No. 151559

File: 1600261545474.jpg (64.83 KB, 540x747, e61eacd5b41fafeeb96a14beb093a6…)

I never wanted a scaffold piercing until I saw this, it looks so fucking cool. Also does anyone recognize the brand(s) these piercings are from?

No. 151574

Just google 'heart body jewelry' and you should find things similar. Just a note too to say the placement of that scaffold piercing is awful. You can see the pressure bump/dent at the top and same for the bottom which indicate it has been pierced incorrectly for this girls anatomy. If you get it done, go to someone whose work you can see online (insta/fb) and ask to see healed pics. A good piercer will be happy to show you the quality of their work before they pierce you.

No. 151595

File: 1600285726640.jpg (48.57 KB, 540x720, 04806576e4a70718a6bc1009058d6d…)

This will probably get hate but if you just want a super tiny gauge you could always do it yourself. They used to sell these little self-piercing kits at Sally's, they were white and in the shape of a box that basically functioned like a hole punch, haha. I did a few of these in my teens without issue, they healed up fine and I eventually gauged them up to 16g. Everything else I have was done by professionals working out of a tattoo shop.

I haven't gotten any in years but I used to be a little addicted to cute new piercings! Just to catalog my setup for fun:

Left ear (from bottom to top)
- 5/8" stretched (usually wear silicone tunnels)
- 3x regular holes (16g single spiral/corkscrew jewelry runs through all 3)
- top cartilage (16g little hoop)

Right ear (bottom to top)
- 5/8" stretched (usually silicone tunnels)
- 2x regular holes (16g single spiral/corkscrew jewelry runs through both)
- 2g stretched (silicone tunnel, will sometimes put 16g hoop through it too)
- tragus (16g little hoop)
- rook (16g curved barbell)

- snake bites (16g holes still visible even though I haven't worn jewelry there since 2015-ish)
- eyebrow (some story as above)
- scrumper/smiley (my all time favorite piercing - 16g little hoop only visible when I smile big!)

Pic isn't mine but example of corkscrew jewelry mentioned above which I love to bits.

No. 151619

File: 1600303599208.jpg (285.92 KB, 1151x2048, EiD7BG_XYAEpuml.jpg)

sorry if this is blog but i haven't ever had the money to spend on extraneous beauty things like piercings until very recently (i'm in my 20s lol). i just got 3 lobe piercings in february - 2 in left ear, 1 in the right - & i love them! i think i might continue to pierce the cartilage in my left ear (i have rather small ears so the piercer said no more lobe piercings) until i have a full stack on one side. this is what i currently wear daily, anyone have any suggestions on what to add?

No. 151651

Stop telling people to pierce themselves. Piercing guns are dangerous in the wrong hands and do nothing but apply blunt force trauma to soft skin/brittle cartilage, which can cause undue excess damage to it. They can shatter cartilage in an instant. As an ex-piercer, the amount of times I had to direct people to A&E due to self piercing and self piercing with guns was unreal. Embedded jewellery, wonky positioning, masses of scarring from the blunt trauma of the gun, infections, haematomas - the lot. Just don't do it. Go to someone who knows what they're doing and save yourself a world of hurt.

However, I don't disagree with self-stretching on the premise that the person doing it fully understands what the process is and doesn't give themselves blow out, but going from a standard piercing post which is 18g/1mm to 16g/1.2mm is barely even a stretch. If you're going to stretch, use the appropriate sized taper, lube and preferably glass or titanium jewellery to wear in it after the stretch. Don't wear wood or any natural materials as it can contain and hold bacteria, and silicone can adhere to the skin and cause tearing if you try to remove it.

Just please remember that if you do decide to self pierce/stretch, any fuck ups are on you, and as much as piercers like helping people in need of piercing fuck ups and making sure people are safe, there is a bounty of information out there now regarding how to get one safely etc without ruining your body. So while I'm not giving you hate, anon, just remember that it's people like me who had to deal with inconsolable teens, some in hysterics, while I had to help dress severe hypertrophic scarring, use surgical tools to remove embedded/rusting jewellery from someone in a lot of pain and all that kind of stuff. It is pretty rough to see. What I will say is this, if you're going to pierce yourself, the results are on your shoulders and your shoulders alone. Make yourself aware of the risks of using guns - if you're going to do it, get single use, surgical grade piercing needles. Be smart about it and don't act surprised if something goes wrong. p.s anon your ear projects sound cool, can we see?

No. 160356

File: 1605746802343.jpeg (131.04 KB, 750x1046, FBB9A1F9-79A7-4F7C-A4A0-B8E443…)

Can I get suggestions on a piercing for the upper part of my ear? Pic is my ear currently. Can’t get an industrial bc my outer rim of my ear isn’t detached around the helix area (yeah it’s deformed ik).

No. 160420

my outer rim looks a lot like yours and i got an industrial just fine. i think it would work, i dont see how it wouldn't?
if you want something else though, a double helix would look cute.

No. 160613

File: 1605921197957.jpeg (19.1 KB, 197x275, 1605746802343.jpeg)

Thanks for the response anon. How does your industrial look? A lot of piercers are very picky about the ears that they'll do it on because the industrial piercing has a high rejection rate iirc. Piercers that I've talked to wouldn't even do an industrial on my other ear which doesn't have an outer rim deformity. Idk if you can tell that well but around this part (where I've circled) the outer rim is shut (or like…'glued' for lack of a better term) to the rest of my ear. For that reason I was thinking of doing a floating industrial (industrial where the helix piercing is a flat instead). But then again it's fine if it's not an industrial or faux industrial–I just want something that would look good with the current piercings I have and also look good w my ear anatomy (since it's a bit weird).

No. 160625

As an ex-piercer, I wouldn't want to put you through the agony of an industrial rejecting through this! As you (and the other piercers) have quite rightly said, it's not a good idea. The pressure of your outer ear rim's lack of groove would undoubtedly cause it to reject! I think you would look nice with some nice little pieces up on your flat (not the helix). I have done ears similar to yours, and have found they look great with either small decorative ends on a labret style stud (look up anatometal and BVLA, they have some stunning pieces to take inspiration from!). As well as a stud, you could wear larger diameter rings in them once they are properly healed. They look quite unique stacked from the inner part of the flat as opposed to along the helix. If you get them spaced away from each other too, you can wear them as an orbital too, so you put one ring through both holes. Good luck finding something that you want anon, just thought I would throw my ideas out there!

No. 160641

File: 1605959563135.png (100.9 KB, 950x667, 782332A3-1B22-4636-94B6-8B7476…)

How close together can you get cartilage piercings? Is it less a matter of distance vs how long you wait for them to heal (i.e. getting one, waiting a year, then getting the next)?

The top curve of my ears is pretty different on each side and I eventually want some small hoops to fill the ‘gap’ area on my right ear. Do any anons have experience doing something similar? Getting them both at once would be convenient, but I’m not really in a hurry to finish a set up I’m going to be wearing for decades to come either.

Picrel, I traced my ears/current jewelry to show what I meant better

No. 160644

You can technically get them both done at the same time if your piercer is okay with it but honestly I would wait the 10-12 week healing period. When they're close together it's hard to distinguish which one is giving you pain (if any) and your body has to heal them both at once. Plus you get to see how one looks healed before deciding the placement of your second.

I'd start with getting studs rather than hoops too, they heal quicker in my experience and the piercing hole looks neater and avoids the little lump you can get with the hoop's friction.

No. 160655

You can get them done at the same time, but getting both will put double the strain on your body to heal them, and cartilage is notorious for being bad for healing. They can develop bumps called hypertrophic scarring (not keloids - though keloids are possible), but that is usually caused by movement in the fistula due to wearing rings, the jewellery being too heavy etc. Get one done at a time, with a bar long enough to accommodate the swelling and get it downsized when it has settled. Cartilage can take up to 12 months to heal, so bear that in mind when you get them done. Don't clean it with anything but sterile saline and don't touch it unless it is to clean it, and when you do, do it with clean hands. Good luck!

No. 160667

Thanks you both for the advice! I’ve been looking into getting a few different length sets of nickel free titanium bars and some light weight studs to tide me over until I can swap to some gold hoops in the future.

No. 160684

As well as Titanium, you could wear PTFE/flexi jewellery with cute push-fit ends! They do a lot of fancy options for those.

No. 160700

Its literally just pierced right under that little fold you circled, I've had it for five years and it hasn't budged at all and healed perfectly. But if you're worried I'd listen to the other anon about this.

No. 160719

Thank you for the suggestions anon, this is amazing and I appreciate you sm!
With my luck it would just reject haha. I'm jealous of people with industrials–I'm sure yours looks awesome. Thanks for the advice, I think I'm not gonna push it and I'm gonna go for something safer like the other anon said.

No. 165170

File: 1609420208433.png (6.52 KB, 819x460, alt piercing.png)

What's the name of this piercing? I swear it doesn't exist in real life, I've only seen it in drawings on alt characters.

No. 165171

That's an ear cuff.

No. 165172

If I search for "ear cuff" nothing like it appears, especially on shops.

No. 165175

File: 1609422083084.jpg (893.37 KB, 1125x987, 0Zp3v7Z.jpg)

I just searched “ear cuff earring big”
The whole thing isn’t a piercing, in fact I don’t think this type usually pierces the ear at all. It’s a flexible metal that clamps around. Mercejewelry is the source of this image and they are the only shop I saw selling them on etsy in my quick search

No. 165177

No. 165242

File: 1609460247338.jpeg (358.55 KB, 580x790, F74CF6BC-8D66-4363-9822-B12CA2…)

If you want to get it pierced its called a helix.if you want multiple/cartilage taken out (don’t recommend this) it’s called a coin stack. If you just want the cosmetic appearance get an ear cuff.

No. 196060

File: 1625407800554.jpg (14.83 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2415962107_86vu.jpg)

Anyone know where I can get a set of 3 or 5 pairs of sterling silver hoops in different sizes at a reasonable price? I want to buy them as a set so they're all uniform, just different sizes but for some reason I can't really find what I'm looking for. I'm roughly looking to do something like pic rel

No. 196062

Body arts form, crazy factory?

No. 196063

I'm gonna check those out, thanks!

No. 196074

Samefag, I found some on crazy factory with various size and thickness options which is ideal, but they're surgical steel. I only wear sterling silver normally, how obvious is it that surgical steel isn't sterling silver? Like does it look very different or cheap irl?

No. 196088

How do y'all plan out piercings? Is there an app or should I just take a pic of my ear and draw ideas in until I'm happy with it? I'd love to get something unique to me. I've always hidden my ears with long front bangs but I think I be wanna embrace my large ears by decorating them.

No. 196089

Nta, Ime most people who have a fair few piercings wear surgical steel rather than silver. When you have that many holes to fill it makes sense to go for steel.

No. 196090

Surgical steel can slowly tarnish over time I think? That's the only difference I'd say, looks wise, they look the absolute same imo. But honestly get titanium if you can.

Both. There are apps in the playstore that allow you to put on fake piercings. It doesn't look too realistic and the apps are usually shit but they do the job. You can also get fake piercings and ball ends and glue them on kek

No. 196278

I would definitely get fake earrings, like those cuffs or magnetic earrings. So many of them on Etsy, and they look realistic. Better than editing an image

No. 196284

Plus, they don't leave ugly holes behind. Some people's piercing holes never really close up and just look like huge open pores around their mouth and nose.

No. 196334

File: 1625532463607.jpg (255.36 KB, 1326x1329, IMG_20210705_204051525_1.jpg)

Anyone know how to style a small ear? I have one piercing, want to get another lobe, and a few cartilage piercings. But not sure how to place them so it doesn't look wonky.

No. 201755

File: 1628830970117.jpeg (39.27 KB, 500x500, 8B5E27B3-DD75-4FE7-9E20-347930…)

Does anyone have a preferred online shop for earrings and body jewelry? The country I currently live in has an almost non-existent tattoo/piercing culture and physical shops only carry the tackiest edge lord jewelry with crazy marked up prices. Bodyartforms has been great for basics, but I was hoping to find some cute push fit or internally threaded ends for my lobes. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but it seems like everything bigger than 4mm ends up being $300+ 18k gold from Anatometal or BVLA. I realize that most people aren’t using this jewelry for the lower part of their lobes, but I popped in my helix jewelry randomly the other day and it’s just so much more comfortable than regular studs.

No. 201792

My favourite dermal tops are from Le Roi, I think they make everything out of titanium and to order, so it's not BVLA expensive but it's pricey. I found several cheap shops on Etsy like Iroocca and Juniqum. I haven't seen any close dupes like your pic, but I hope you find something you like.

No. 201858

I was looking at Etsy a bit before, but it looks like that’s probably going to be my best bet. Thanks for the recommendations!

No. 201870

Does anyone else have problems with your body being crazy good at healing? I have tried to get helixes twice now, tried to have a lip piercing, and had to repierce one standard lobe piercing because it kept on closing. And I went to a proper tattoo parlor for all of these…

It's maddening. Thank u body for being so on top of minor injuries (I guess), but even with proper care, the non-standard lobe piercings kept on being a nuisance and I just let them close.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks? I want to have pretty piercings so much, but is it impossible for some people?

No. 201872

how long did you wait between getting your helix pierced and removing the earring for the first time? for how long would you remove it? (and frankly - why?)

No. 201875

Some people can't take out their piercings without it closing within minutes.

No. 201876

File: 1628931116390.png (435.33 KB, 538x537, EarpartyLover_736x.png)

I can't decide whether to get a third set of earlobe piercings or not. I have the regular two in each lobe right now but I feel like a third set would look just a bit more exciting and finished. On the other hand, I worry it would be difficult to nicely match 3 any earrings without reverting back to basic hoops or gemstone studs or that it would get too busy because I also like to wear other jewelry. Thoughts? If any of you have two or three sets of piercings, why did you decide for this amount?

No. 201879

I have currently two but will try to get get a third (small lobe problems lol).

You could put in clear or skin colored jewellery in. Or just get really tiny studs, 3mm are the smaller I've ever seen

No. 201883

I removed it after it kept on building up discharge after… maybe 2-3 months? I can't remember the exact time period, but I would clean the helix piercing every day with this special antiseptic the piercer recommended (so not peroxide or alcohol), and still it wouldn't heal.

It was getting to be uncomfortable, and always felt a little inflamed (always slightly red and slightly aching), so I just gave up on it. No metal allergy though, I can wear what I want in my lobe.

Isn't it the case that sometimes a piercing constantly rejects, even with care?

No. 201884

Again OP. Forgot to mention, not a slob. I shower everyday, so it didn't reject because I'm unclean or anything.

No. 201887

No worries anon, no one thinks you're unclean, otherwise you'd be dead from some infection already maybe.
I have two helix piercings, from what I was told the healing time takes from 3 to 6 months, with 3-4 being the average, so it really seems like you hurried with removing them. In my case the aching lasted 3 months and then only got perfectly dry and clean in about 4, removed the labret put there by the piercer for the first time I think only after 5 months and even then putting it back still felt a little unpleasant. It's not the easiest spot on the body to heal so you need patience and keep up with cleaning it twice a day (or more if needed) for at least few weeks more than you did in the past, if you decide to re-do it, that is. Also even after longer time passes I wouldn't recommend not wearing any earring there for more than a day - you can have really subtle labrets that will be barely visible if at all if this is something you are concerned about.

No. 201903

Mine stay open for way longer than they're meant to, except when it comes to helix piercings. Though helix piercings have always given me trouble, painful bumps, hard to sleep on, then close up in no time if I try to take jewelery out to relive pressure on them. I just can't keep a helix but I know pretty pretty common.

No. 201918

Cartilage piercings can take up to a year to heal, yours was still very fresh

No. 202101

>>201876 i got my third set a couple days ago and i love them! i just have the basic studs in rn but ive been wearing simple hoops on the other two and i feel fancy af. go for it tbh if you hate it just take em out

No. 203482

Any tips on removing piercings? I really want to change some of my jewelry like my helix piercings and my rook but I can't for the life of me get those out! I've tried gloves so many times and all it does is hurt. i've even broken a nail once while trying to twist it off. Out of my cartilage piercings, the conch is the only one I've been able to remove successfully

No. 203515

Could you go back to your piercer and ask them to do it? The only thing is they might not put the new jewellery in unless it's the grade they usually use, in case it gives you irritation or something.

No. 227559

So I got the tops of my ears done on both sides and on my left I have finally developed the dreaded bump after about 2 months. I am just using the saline spray they gave me. Did any anons here successfully get rid of this bump without surgery?

No. 227566

File: 1643630825440.jpeg (1020.9 KB, 2593x1649, DISC.jpeg)

Try using one of those "no pull discs". Pretty sure you can get them off of Amazon and piercing shops/online stores. They've helped me tremendously and I have 14 ear piercings total. Depending on how big your bump is, it's recommended to wear them for about six weeks.

No. 258892

Ladies I got a second lobe piercing, left the bars in for 6 weeks instead of the 4 I was recommended, then swapped to some sterling silver studs. The piercings haven't fully healed though, I took out these studs as a test and they started bleeding behind the ear. I panicked, cleaned the lobes as best I could, then put back in the studs because I don't want the hole to close.

Is that right? Should I just leave these in for a while? How can I effectively clean them, if they're still bleeding when I remove the earring? I'm so worried I'm going to infect them.

No. 258903

I also got lobe piercings and my piercer(who was a basic ass pharmacist) told me I can change them after two weeks. The other girl told me to wait 2 weeks. It's been 2 weeks now, can i change them?

No. 258914

Both of you should downsize your jewelry that you were initially pierced with. Usually you get pierced with a long post to accommodate swelling but once the swelling goes down the post is too long, so it will move around and cause irritation which slows down the healing process. Go back to your piercer ideally (or another piercer if you can't) so they can fit you with a post that is not too long. People heal at different rates so don't panic if you aren't fully healed by the timeline your piercer gave you. Having well fitting jewelry for your healing time will help you heal faster and more comfortably. Then when it's all healed you can change it to something cuter.

No. 258934

Bigger stud so it’s not putting pressure. Q-tip with t-tree every day after it’s fully healed. Fixed my rook.

No. 259037

I don't think this is a thing in my country, I got it pierced in a basic pharmacy because piercing studios are apparently not clean in my country. Don't think they have q way to downsize the piercing. They just told me to changed it after two weeks to something I like, should I just do that?

No. 259057

That's really short, give it at least second that much time to heal better; my piercer always recommends 6 weeks for lobes

No. 259062

Thank you, anon. I'll wait 4 weeks then.

No. 259095

Downsizing means you buy jewlery that is smaller than the one you were pierced with, once the initial swelling goes away.

No. 259096

Sorry but I did? I'm now using my own studs, but they're bleeding when I remove them and if I leave them in, there's congealed blood I'm worried will lead to an infection. They don't hurt atm, but I don't know how to clean them. With a cotton bud? I've done a little but I'm sure there's still dry blood behind my earlob.

No. 259115

Where do I buy them? Can I change to an average basic earring? I'm sorry, in my country piercings aren't treated as seriously and you get it pierced, then change it two weeks later with something you like. The piercer didn't even tell me to clean it or anything.

No. 259126

I had my ears pierced YEARS ago at a Claire's (a gun piercing, which I know is bad but I can't do anything about that now) The scar is still there, and I can still put something halfway through the hole, should I go somewhere and re-open the hole? Or will that damage my ears further? While I had earrings, I only had studs never the dangly ones, I've always wanted some nice hoops

No. 259127

Jesus just google it.

No. 259146

Google deez nuts

No. 259324

I did and nothing came up because it's not popular in my country. God don't be so tense.
I had my ears pierced with a gun and got them repierced. I think it better to get them pierced the other way by an experienced piercer, though. Good luck anon.

No. 259343

You can buy backs online. Maybe even off Amazon if it’s a normal lobe and it’s healed than yes you should be able to use a normal earring. If it’s a cartilage meaning in your upper ear and where the ear isn’t soft you’re going to want a flat back earring which means an earring that the top screws on and has a flat back instead of an exposed pole so it doesn’t stab you in the head.
Go for surgical steal it’s will help prevent infection and it’s not super pricey. For the dried blood take a cup with some hot salt water and dip your ear in it and soak it. Then take a damp qtip from the same salt water mix and clean the crusty blood off. Try not to touch a healing piercing with your hands as much as possible.

No. 259364

Google it in english then.

No. 259395

anyone here w/ a daith piercing that's healed? i got mine done a month or two ago and it's still super sensitive, i can't wear earbuds or anything. usually i'm really good with piercings, i have a few and they've all healed super fast. just wondering if anyone has a fully healed one since i don't see many people talk about the daith.

No. 259397

Not me but I know a few people. They're a bitch to heal due to placement and it being cartilage, since it takes 1 year + to heal

No. 259408

Why are you trying so hard to drag this out? How will I find where to buy it if I Google it in English? No website in my country is in English. Do you have some intellectual disability?
Thank you nona.

No. 259409

Me i have both done. Had them done at the same time. Cold alcohol patches in the fridge feel amazing if it’s recent and swollen can fold nicely around the little fuck for a minute. Try to sleep on your back and not on your sides the pressure can increase inflammation and it took probably four to six months for ear buds not to kind of hurt. Some larger headphones would probably benefit you for a while. Cartilage takes a while to heal.

No. 259420

What country are you from?
In some cases you can ask a piercer to order stuff for you

No. 259423

Order it from an international shop? Do you live in a cabin on a mountain top in Nepal where no one delivers to? Why is this so hard for you to comprehend?

No. 259425

Same fag but to add, I'm not from an english speaking country either. When I first started getting piercings I got my information and jewelry online because reputable shops didn't really exist in my town. It's the only option when you live in a shit hole.

But that is besides the point, all you wanted to know is what downsizing means, and simply googling it in english would give you much quicker answer than posting here and waiting to be spoonfed basic information.

No. 259467

I did google it but I couldn't find how to get it done in NY country because I got my ears pierced in a pharmacy and they don't have that option afaik.
The economy is also very bad and ordering stuff from other countries is impossible because of that. Everything is 15-20 times more expensive and them shipping is also as expensive as the product so it's not possible for me right now.

No. 260300

File: 1651405762375.png (235.06 KB, 332x268, helix.PNG)

What is the coolest / nicest helix earring to wear in your opinion?

No. 260696

File: 1651504376730.jpg (297.06 KB, 1070x1290, Screenshot_20220502_170848.jpg)

Are big hoop earrings out of style? I want to pierce my ears and I always fantasized about wearing big hoops, I think they're sexy and feminine. But I literally never see women in real life with big hoops. I have short curly hair so it will be like picrel without the crazy filler lips is there something bad or trashy about this look I'm not seeing?

No. 260697

I have curly short hair too and wear them. Wear what makes you happy nonnie.

No. 260704

I think they're making a comeback

No. 260706

People used to the call them Hoochie Hoops when I was a teenager. The bigger the hoops the bigger the hoochie. I think they’re a little trashy but I likely think that from conditioning. I think they can be done well with the right size and style. I think the picture you posted is cute and I like it. Doesn’t seem trashy to me.

No. 260721

Something about this style is super sexy and glamorous to me, reminds me of 70s Pam Grier. I don’t think it would look trashy unless you’re wearing juicy sweatpants or something (kek). Wearing it with a more formal outfit would look beautiful imo.

No. 279478

File: 1659558891858.jpg (114.39 KB, 1080x1080, 2ba1d5c7483a5eb1c9870fa28e0d81…)

I don't see a thread specifically for piercings so I'll post here. I'm considering getting my philtrum done but I'm worried about the possible gum damage down the line. My other option is a vertical labret but I don't have full lips and I feel like it would be annoying to wipe lipstick off of it all the time. Could any nonnas share some insight, advice, anything?

No. 279491

I don't think hoops will ever go out of style. Imo, they're not trashy at all. Ot, but are her lips filler? They look normal to me

No. 279522

no, hoops are always a classic. big hoops are in for sure but hoops in general are always in

No. 279524

I loved my philtrum piercing! It heals easily and looks cute. I haven't had any gum damage and I had a piercing there for years, I had flexible bioplast jewelry in it. I had some gum damage from a tongue piercing and I always wore metal there, so I definitely recommend bioplast if you're concerned!

No. 300099

I got it done and love it!! Initial piercing was painful, like 6/10. My lip was swollen for 5 days and it felt awkward to eat and talk. Overall, healing has been okay. It was a lot simpler and easier than my other piercings. Everything was going great untill it got caught on my top this morning. Let me just say OUCH. Also my piercer said bioplast is a mystery plastic and properly fitted titanium jewelry is safer long term.

No. 300139

File: 1668878841458.png (Spoiler Image,2.48 MB, 1612x1687, 20221119_122432_0000.png)

I'll shoot my shot here I guess.
Anyone have recommendations for what do with stretched earlobes while I wait to have money to get them surgically fixed? I stretched them when I was really young to an inch and a quarter. I'm lucky because they have gotten much smaller, like probably a 0 or 00 but they look so ugly just hanging there. I'm also trying to go for a more adult look so I'd appreciate any suggestions! Picrel, one is much saggier with a larger hole than the other

No. 300149

there are these silicone plugs that are the same color as the skin and IIRC you could also put smaller studs into them as well


No. 300178

A family member of mine is in the same situation and likes using rose quartz crystal plugs. They're quite simple looking but are very pretty; not as harsh or 'edgy' as some others.


No. 300209

Thank you both! I think either would look better than my droopy basset hound lobes.
I once saw some plugs that look like big gaudy stud earrings (they cover up the whole lobe) but can't find them anymore. Your suggestions would work well too though.

No. 300427

what's the best way to rinse pierced ears?

No. 300428

With lukewarm water, a sea salt mixture or an antiseptic spray that you can get at your piercer's store. Depends if your piercing is fresh or not.

No. 300432

Lukewarm water and saline solution 0.9% twice a day. Dry with a hair dryer on cool.

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