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uh…you first?

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Shit thread, why did you even spoiler the thread pic?

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My boyfriends have all been too aggressive and made me cry. Anyone else experienced this?

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This time two years ago I was just out of a domestic violence shelter. Life is generally good, I'm enjoying my freedom again, I have a peaceful home and no longer have constant knots in my stomach.

But I'm aware that he moved on pretty quick (with a woman I loosely knew through FB weirdly enough) She has four young kids. She stopped her daily FB posting 6 months ago and the profile still lists them as being together. Stopping posts after many years of daily activity… worries me. I don't know why I even check because I'm too nervous of him to reach out to her. I just really hope she's ok. The timing coincides with quarantine and I know DV gets worse at times like that or when men lose their jobs, which he did.

I don't know if other domestic abuse victims experience this? a weird guilt around the fact that I'm deathly afraid of this man but I wish I could've warned her

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