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File: 1598536874494.jpg (6.81 KB, 236x236, b0dbc0603eb192d2cf31dc0b28988a…)

No. 149198

What makes your heart go doki doki? What are the things people do that are so cute you feel tightness in your chest?
My idea was for "romantic turn ons", but feel free to post platonic things too.

No. 149200

I'll start with some
>random kisses in the forehead/hair, like a person just couldn't contain themselves
>when someone listens to my playlists or bands I recommended
>when they notice I'm anxious or uneasy so they grab my hand/and make sure to include me (for example in a conversation)
>when I tell them something and they're angry or outraged for me
>when they cover me in sheets at night or better - they take less sheets so I'm all covered
>making effort to prepare something delicious or my favourite food
>in general making effort. Like planning a cool date, researching parks and places to visit, doing bigger grocery shopping for my visits

No. 149204

This is stupid but blonde women

No. 149206

When I was a teen, I was newly friends with this really cute girl. While talking, I mentioned how my parents were protective and wouldn't allow me to go out to the movies alone. She said "You can tell them you're going with me!" Anons… my heart fluttered so hard my ribcage was vibrating.

No. 149215

A few years ago I had my head on my best friend's lap, we were talking and she, out of nowhere, just said "You're so beautiful!", no one said something like that to me ever, it was so sweet
Also when someone shows me something and say it reminded them of me and when my friends say that when I laugh, it makes them laugh more

No. 149217

>when someone shows me something and say it reminded them of me
yes omg
it's so cute and for me a bit overwhelming, like for a moment there I'm surprised I'm being perceived and that people think about me. wild but it makes me happy

No. 149228

>that moment when holding hands for the first time with a cute guy
>same as above but the first kiss
>when cute guys are so doting with animals and do the cute voice with them
>when cute guys have cute curly hair
>when cute guys wrinkle their nose
>when cute guys maintain eye contact when conversing
>when people remember little details from old conversations I forgot myself
>when people blush and smile when I compliment them

My hetero heart is gonna burst

No. 149235

When a girl adjusts my hair or my clothes for me, I just want to kiss them.

No. 149248

I love when someone does something you wouldn't expect from their image. Related to the previous discussion one time my classmate, a tall muscular guy, sent me a video of a girl playing with littlest pet shop toys and said her voice reminded him of me. I was like why are you watching that video anyway?? I love when that happens, not romantically, it just makes me happy to see how interesting people are.

No. 149262

God this. When I had this me and my friend were just chilling in her room and she said I was beautiful

No. 149272

Omg yes, it feels very intimate for some reason?

No. 149328

>when cute guys wrinkle their nose

What is this? If I google "guy wrinkling nose" the results are hideous but I assume you mean something slightly different



No. 149333

when someone i like call me by my full first name instead of the short version

No. 149359

When someone does something for you without you asking them, like they know you so much they already know the answer if they asked you. So far only my step dad ever did something like that, he just makes me coffee/tea and buys me chocolate because he knows it helps me calm down.

No. 149360

Know you so well*
Also forgot to add.
>when you tell someone you like a show and they ask you to watch it together
>when they ask you about your hobbies and actually enjoy hearing you talk about it
So far haven't met someone like that, but i know i would die if i did.

No. 149367

When my partner is sleepy

No. 149375

For me it's a really specific thing, but the guy I like crinkles his nose in such a way that makes my heart flutter. Sorry anon, I don't have a better explanation

No. 149482

>When I'm sitting next to my best friend and I lean my head on her shoulder and she rests her head on top of mine
>When someone brings up a conversation you had a long time ago and you talk about it again and you're so happy they remember little pointless details like you lol
>Sending me a funny picture/video because they knew it was gonna make me laugh
>My ex always told me when something reminded her of me, it could be anything like flowers, parks, songs etc which I found so heart-achingly adorable. I wonder if certain things still make her think of me

Aww my dad does something similar, he makes me hot chocolate and brings some biscuits into my room, it's such a simple but sweet gesture because he didn't have to go out of his way to do it but he still did.

No. 149571

obviously hugging and such is amazing but the little touches like… leaning on you. arms touching slightly. drives me crazy idc if its a friend or someone im into romantically but if its someone im into romantically it makes me go insane
if you cant tell my love language is physical touch i just find it incredibly important and comforting

No. 149581

Don't watch The Handmaiden (if you do, dont read anything about it, don't watch any trailer)

No. 149596

I had a live drawing event today and have been sitting in front of model. With one last pose she had, we were pretty much facing each other. I have been doing this live drawing thing for months now, but it's second time this happens. I was getting too flustered when drawing her face, because she was looking straight at me due to pose.

No. 149599


No. 150393

I like it when people gently touch my waist and pull me closer to them lmao. Usually it's when we're walking on the sidewalk and they don't want me walking too close to the street or something. The combination of the thought process behind it ("I want you to be safe") and the physical touch just gets me.

No. 150394

No. 150409

Restraint in general. When someone can be completely silent and communicate with you still and show you affection through small gestures.

No. 150431

What's your name? What do you introduce yourself as?

No. 150440

We're on an anonymous imageboard

No. 150449

god ok its been a while since ive felt flutters but specifically

>random kisses on the back of my head or behind my neck

>getting peppered with kisses on my face
>face nuzzling into my neck
>partner resting their head on my head and then wrapping their arms around me and then they sway me to some imaginary music
>they smell good and get their scent all over my shit

idk why i have a thing for smell…

No. 150454

Someone trying to make me laugh. After getting out of a shit fest of a relationship this year I've noticed I get very bashful around people that actually try and make me happy. Extremely small things like someone giving me the tiniest bit of attention in a group setting and hoping to make me smile are my bread and butter these days. I'm slowly building up my self esteem and trust these days. I've had enough physicality for a good while, emotional connections make my heart flutter.

No. 150992

I looove smelling my partners lol. My ex-gf kinda smelled like… an old grandma’s house? In the most comforting way possible lol. I wasn’t really into how she smelled but soon it was my favorite smell. I loved cuddling up close to her and just taking in deep breathes.

I’ve read it might be an evolutionary thing- people smell the best to you if they are genetically different from you/will create the best offspring with you but idk how true it is lol. I don’t think I could ever date someone who’s smell I didn’t like.

No. 151138

This reminds me of when my ex used to lie down on my bed when we were chilling in my room, and then when she’d leave I’d feel so lonely and miss her and just bury my face in the pillows because her perfume got all over it lol. At night I’d wrap my arms around it pretending she was there with me. When she was close to me her scent would kinda be intoxicating in the best way, like dreamy and so loving. I feel slightly less weird about it now

No. 151140

My boyfriend would sometimes kiss my hand very casually. Like if we're sitting besides each other watching a video he'd be holding my hand, and then suddenly kiss my fingers and knuckles out of nowhere. It's just so intimate and natural and romantic. It makes me feel very treasured and special, I absolutely love it.

No. 151181

I like to cuddle up to my boyfriend and sniff the nape of his neck. He smells so good and sweet and I get kinda overwhelmed by how in love I am with his scent!

No. 151195

If a cute boy were to fall asleep on my shoulder….I’d die

No. 151196

Awww yes please, agree 100%

No. 151197

Sometimes my boyfriend just looks at me with this great big loving smile then goes "Baby!" and holds his arms out for a hug, it always makes me feel so loved

No. 151206

My and my partner were cuddling in bed but we wanted to get up and go out for food. We were bickering who gets up first and he was like, frustrated, okay!! I'm getting up and we're going!! He rolled around a bit, sat up, then laid back down with his head on my stomach. I didn't say anything and after a while he was like wait I was supposed to get up, what am I doing? While actually confused and embarrassed. It was so cute…

No. 151211

when a guy makes a sweet gesture to me, like being a gentleman, wanting to cuddle, giving kisses or just caring about me in general. It's honestly what i was missing in my past relationships.

No. 151214

whenever a woman compliments me tbh. with men i get irritated since they suck at flirting and you know they're just saying it to fuck you, but i like when a woman does it. it feels genuine and like it comes from a kinder place.

as far as romantically? idk i'm autistic and hated cuddling and romance til recently. i'm still learning what i like.

No. 151218

when someone plays with my hair unprompted

No. 151261

When you cuddle someone and they snuggle up into you. Also what >>151218 said. Having your hair played with is the best.

No. 152056

Snuggled up with a friend one morning and they were sleepily brushing their fingers through my hair and then stopped when they felt back asleep. It was such a soft touch because they were so sleepy, and feeling the weight of their hand on my hair… ugh, the best.

No. 211409

I'm so sad people make fun of hand kisses, they're so precious. My best friend sometimes randomly grabs my hand and kisses my finger tips and I can feel my heart melting each time.

No. 211428

When someone I care about tells me that they listened to a song that reminded them of me, or when they send me a random picture and they’re like “this is you” or “this makes me think of you” it’s sweet as hell.
Gifts also make my heart flutter, even though I usually tell people that I don’t like receiving gifts i hate feeling the compromise of having to gift something back I like it when someone I like gives me a gift, even if it’s something really small or simple like a random candy.
When guys smell nicely too, it’s so hard for me to find a guy with a smell I like, but when I find him, I just want to at least have a shirt to sniff it forever.
When people lay their heads on my lap, I love playing with people’s hair and giving massages too, so when they let me do so I’m really happy.
Also when someone sits on my lap, it’s cute and when they let me hug them it’s even better, i feel really connected to that person that way, I wish it was more common that cute guys sat on girls laps, I would appreciate it a lot.

No. 211458

>I wish it was more common that cute guys sat on girl laps
Hmm…probably not common because men are typically a lot larger than women. If my 6'4" ex sat on me he would've crushed me. Not cute.

No. 215365

I find it cute when a guy laughs really hard. Like a genuine, uncontrollable laugh where you have to catch your breath afterward- especially if it's from a more introverted person who doesn't laugh that easily or that often. Back when I used to be friends with men, there were a few times I remember when I told a joke or made a quip about something and I got them to laugh really hard and it would just come out of nowhere. It always caught me off guard and it would make me laugh too. It was really endearing and made my heart feel so warm to see them laughing like that- even with friends I wasn't attracted to. I guess in my experience a lot of men like to laugh at you and not with you, but there's something really intimate about you both finding something really funny and hearing them be vulnerable like that, making eye contact while you're both losing your shit.

No. 215376

Also lbr it's a little effeminate, quite cute but unsexy imo. The last time a dude sat on my lap I just assumed he was gay, later he hit on me for real but the damage was done.

No. 215389

This is way too cute anon. Laughing brings people together like nothing else.

No. 247052

File: 1646169488445.gif (914.62 KB, 220x211, bebi.gif)

We've been together for over two years, but my boyfriend still very often asks me if he can hug/kiss me instead of just doing it. I know some nonnies are going to be like ermagush way to ruin the mood, but I've always found it adorable lol.

No. 247062

I love when people in my life (romantically I guess) start using phrases that I use. I saw my boyfriend recently use a goofy thing I say elsewhere online and it made me feel fulfilled.
Also whenever anyone I know tells me that they were talking about me when I'm not there. Even with coworkers, it just makes me feel like a human being.
Teaching people things is also so nice. And when someone tells me about events in their life before anyone else. I guess I just like mothering people kek or feeling useful.

No. 247074

No. 247448

File: 1646430408629.jpg (44.9 KB, 604x453, 3d63630b318df6669017b1aca7d899…)

I really like people who are overly affectionate, and touchy-feely. It doesn't have to be romantic or platonic but any affection and kindness directed towards me is the only thing that can make turn to mush.

No. 247462

i fall to pieces over little gifts that show someone was thinking of you for no reason. like someone spontaneously getting you a coffee cause they remembered how you like yours made, or when my coworker brought me in some small plant cuttings from her larger plants at home just because we'd been talking about her plants a lot lately. very small things both times but knowing someone was thinking "she would really like this" when youre nowhere around is just the fullest my heart gets

No. 247577

i think its cute when a someone gets you random shit. keychain, a handkerchief or anything else because it reminded them of you. also seconding >>211428 this. I want a dude to sit on my lap and just nuzzle into my neck. I don't care how big he is. sit on my lap i love the pressure and weight of them anyway.

No. 247594

Getting called by sweet-sounding nickname versions of my name. I know it's something very simple but it always makes me somewhat melt. Even (or especially) if it's by someone who I thought just sees me as a positive acquaintance.

Also, compliments by other women who are complete strangers. It's not even about what the compliment is, but that this person decided to just try to cheer up a random person they don't even know is so sweet. Other random acts of kindness, too. It always makes my day and I still remember it even after years.

No. 281251

I think it's endearing when guys finish my food/drinks for me. Usually when I go out to eat I feel pressured to eat as much as I can of what I ordered because I don't want to waste it or if I do get it packed up I end up thinking about when I have to eat it before it goes bad or the logistics of carrying it around if I'm going to be out all day. It's nice when I can just eat as much as I feel comfortable without thinking and then the moid I'm eating with can just finish the rest of it off like a human garbage disposal lol. And then I don't worry about wasting food or packing it to go. I also think it's kind of cute when I see them staring at the rest of the food or whatever is left over because I guess they want to eat it but are either too polite to ask or don't realize how much they've been looking at it kek.

No. 281267

I like this too

No. 281282

I feel silly for liking it too kek but same! Sometimes the guys in my friend group will finish our plates when we go out to eat lol

No. 281326

File: 1660329240299.png (743.32 KB, 640x914, tumblr_ddb5879a19a500ed20b968f…)

I think sharing a meal is really cute, or if both people each want to try something on the menu and both get it and then give each other a little bit of the food. It's a sweet gesture to me whether its friends, family, or SO (I've even shared food with random classmates and made friends like this)

No. 281336

Uggnnnnh I've always wanted to be a human food disposal, I am so underfed… I'd beg for scraps at the lunch table, even just the crusts of pizza… I am not a guy though but please let me eat your food

No. 281362

kekk nonny, I'd probably find it endearing if a girl asked to finish my food for me too. Maybe we can go to dinner and then I'll eat like half of my portion and in the middle of conversation you can ask me if you can have the rest and then I'll slide my plate over to your side of the table and make heart eyes at you while you shovel it away. And then I will leave dinner with a light conscious that I didn't waste any food.

No. 282461

The look on my boyfriend's face whenever I sew up the hole(s) on his plushies/plush pillow.

No. 282462

Are you dating your own 5 year old son?

No. 282466

there are men who collect plushies?

No. 282489

Bitch what?

No. 282491

This is old, but honestly if a guy was watching those types of videos I'd mostly suspect he's a pedophile

No. 282520

This must be satire.. if not your boyfriend is a retard

No. 282522

>when we're shopping and the boy is very helpful and caring
Like, after hanging out with my friend I had to pick up some groceries and he went along; he carried my basket, looked for the veggies I needed, guided me to aisles since he knew the shop better, we laughed because we had such trouble finding our veggies and fruit on the scale… Made me look at him kinda different.

No. 282539

Aw that's nice nonnie! But be careful, he's still a moid.

No. 282542

kissing practice plots in kpop fanfictions

No. 282576

This is not the place for that, go back to twitter

No. 282580

Her smile, always in a happy mood even when I didn't want to be there

No. 282993

File: 1661138514473.jpeg (92.78 KB, 620x649, FF1B72FD-EA4C-4C18-9096-EC0CA3…)

My psudeo-boss when she looks in my eyes and asks me to do something above my paygrade, and I surprise her by saying yes without any back talking or questioning/hard time because I know she deserves a break too sometimes. My partners face when I bring home a surprise she really didn’t expect, from something big like a new gadget she’s been hinting at wanting or just a cup of ice to chew on from her favorite place. When one of my cats stretches and sprawls out when they’re napping on my lap. When I cook or bake something and share with someone, and they tell me what they liked about it. Not getting charged for extra sauce at the drive through when I’m patient with the visibly exhausted employees. Finding out someone I’m aquatinted with likes the same music or art as me and getting to talk about it without having to hide the enjoyment of the topic at hand, or trying to play it “cool”. When someone makes a joke about one of my habits or quirks, making me feel seen and noticed in a non invasive way. Being kind to people even if they aren’t any kinder to me in return, because I’ve been that same prickly entity in the past. Meeting new people and learning their stories and the contradictory natures of their own lives. Humans are so multifaceted and weird and I love them all so much, our head hair can grow longer than our bodies if we let it, we live so long like 80 years is such a long time to think about, we have helped each other for as long as we have documented ourselves. It really does make my heart flutter to think about the love humanity contains and continues to show for each other even with a greedy oligarchy of billionaires running the planet and its inhabitants into the ground. I’m slowly allowing myself to live in this body and I’m quite enjoying making myself at home in this person I’ve grown into, even if I still keep the anger I have for the way things are versus the way things could should or would be. I love the world around me so the world around me returns the love.

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