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No. 150869

We have an ideal boyfriend thread, but not an ideal girlfriend thread. So why not?

No. 150870

My ideal girlfriend would be
>slightly shorter than me ideal for spoiling
>energic, not necessarily sporty
>book/comic nerd
>good fork, would enjoy cooking with me and baking sweets
>would let be spoiled by me
>would be straightforward about her feelings
>would help me with fashion stuff

No. 150873

Anon, can I be your girlfriend?

No. 150878

Someone who doesn't judge and likes doing fun, stupid things for a good laugh. And loves trying new things, experiences with me. Like going to a new restaurents, trying new hobbies etc. Is very physically affectionate. Funny. Gives me attention.
Appearence wise, not too fat and not too skinny. Good eyebrows.

No. 150887

I just want a butch tbh, dominate me in a teasing way

No. 150888

You’re straightforward so yes
Now marry me and let me spoil you

No. 150889

>Shorter than me (<5'8)
>Submissive in bed
>Likes partying
>Enjoys debates
>Doesn't mind me being overly touchy-feely and affectionate

No. 150895

>sexually submissive
>taller than me (5'4)
>anything from butch to soft femme, don't mind bald, don't mind fat or thin within reason
>likes anime and watching sci fi movies, as well as going outside and exploring
>likes music of any sort (my ex didn't listen to any music at all which was weird)
>is okay with me being a workaholic, has some sort of drive in their life, doesn't necessarily need to be successful but have some passion

No. 150904

My #1 trait in a partner is finding someone I can be comfortable with.
Physically someone similar in size to me so we could share clothing and dress up together. An appreciation of the arts and crafting would be nice, so we could share some hobbies together. I'm super introverted, so someone who could stay home with me but not be clingy. Like we are so close that we can sit across the room from each other doing our own things but still feel like we have each other. And taking care of animals/a garden, I know its a dumb cottagecore meme but having a humble tiny home in the country and raising/growing our own food is a wholesome fantasy of mine, even if it isn't realistic where I am now.

No. 150912

>shorter than me (<5'6") and healthy weight or just a bit chubby
>introverted and mild
>enjoys childish things like cartoons and toys
>draws or creates in some way
>kind and understanding, even if it takes some effort she tries her best to be nice
>isn't super sporty and appreciates my strength
I also find myself most attracted to women who are the same or similar race to me, despite being insecure about my ~Ethnic~ traits.

I guess I just want to date myself but smaller? Lmao

No. 150955

>sporty, is a soccer player or something
>easygoing and is funny without meaning to be
>kind of an airhead but in an endearing way
>a little taller than me
>dark, chin-length hair, dark eyes
>does random fun projects with me
>has a slightly raspy voice, maybe even is a good singer
>doesn't wear makeup
>is someone who laughs a lot

tfw a girl like this would never like me

No. 150968

Loves me

No. 150974

It's hard to think of the ideal when real people are never gonna check every box. I'll indulge though.

>taller than me (5'3")

>switch or sub
>intelligent but modest
>emotionally available, does not play mind games
>honest and realistic
>not anxious or avoidant
>university educated
>enjoys spending money on experiences
>cares about decorating the home
>likes being in nature
>raspy voice
>femme or butch, but definitely not a weeb. never a weeb.
>firm body, could be quite muscular but definitely not extra soft
>likes cinema and literature
>has in-depth knowledge of topics that are foreign to me, so we can teach each other neat shit
>in STEM but doesn't put art down, respects the craft
>not hourglass, not pale with dark hair and brown eyes (aka doesn't look like me)
>cares about the way she styles herself, whatever her style may be

No. 150980

File: 1599778305185.png (744.79 KB, 686x625, Screenshot_2020-09-11 crying d…)

mfw i started listing all her traits and realised i just want a golden retriever gf

No. 150982

ps not the anon whos been avatarfagging all over the place, just had pepe on hand

No. 151028

>good fork


No. 151046

>cute lol
>chill, probably rare to find but someone who doesnt take life too seriously (I had a crush on a friend like this)
>either that or can be on the nervous side, I feel good in the position to protect her
>I think preferably with darker hair? its just a pattern I noticed for me regardless of race
>natural face mostly. No offense to those who like makeup but it turns me off really fast just visually idk. natural so cute and attractive instantly even if shes ""plain."" I guess since I dont wear makeup it feels more like a match
>Probably smaller than me or equal size (5'8)
>Will talk about anything, our interests or philosophical shit or random bs around, I just like to talk about anything. Some people dont actually do that they bs you
>on the quiet side
>I prefer someone down to earth if it isnt already clear, if half the time shes just in shorts and a t-shirt I'll swoon but its not required. people r different
>patient including during secks lol I never had a gf before ik….. not sure if bc it was a male but when i did try it was scary… so prefersbly someone else inexperienced/first gf

Yeah . surely future crushes could change these

No. 151060

I find all women so wonderful but I have a crush in mind that I think I'd be happy to see traits in any partner

>similar height or not too much taller than (5ft) me so 5'5" max ideal

>natural beauty/cuteness
>curly hair, medium length
>hipster-butch style with feminine touches
>blackwork tattoos
>swagger and confidence and cool exterior but very sweet and loving

idk i just want a girl to like me as much as i like them and for us to take cute pics of each other and subtly imply that we are soulmates in every small and tender interaction

No. 152067

>Taller than me (I'm 5' so not too hard lol)
>Butch af
>Short hair, undercut is A++
>Small boobs
>Not a picky eater
>Likes weeb shit
>Doesn't drink or smoke
>Somewhat active (willing to go on long walks to nowhere, maybe some bouldering and camping too)
>Mostly calm and quiet, but can also return my very excited energy at times
>Patient (because I'm dumb and slow)

I feel like I'm just describing my ex but she was basically my perfect girl in everyway except for the fact that she wasn't big on affection lol. I've met girls similar to her, but I've never felt comfortable to really show my true self around any of them because they're the sort of cool and intimidating type and I'm just really silly and am scared of being judged lol.

No. 160266

>chubby/soft body type
>shorter than me (5’8)
>loves giving, either dominate or like a service top that can follow orders.
>happy to be little spoon and lets me spoil her with affection.
>butch or androgynous
>doesn’t shave
>likes weed and psychedelics
>chill, not super ambitious or glamorous or career oriented.
>likes nature and camping
>idea of a romantic weekend is hanging out at the cabin and getting stoned and watching movies and making out under the stars

No. 160268

>6'+ Amazonian queen she can carry me everywhere and anywhere and in return i'll let her rest her arm on top of my head.
>really nice thighs and butt
>gorgeous face
>long flowing hair
>strong, confident and athletic asf
>can outlift the pathetic scrotes in the gym
>trained in combat, guns, knives, swords, martial arts etc
>very sportsy - plays volleyball or something…
>secretly a nerd/dork
>really protective of me

No. 160276

>Taller than me
>Wants a housewife that will make her lunchboxes
>voice not nasally or high pitched
>will always kiss me
>not into social media as much
>smart, funny and well spoken

Kinda like Megan thee Stallion but just subtract her activeness on social media.

No. 160288

File: 1605696158616.jpg (93.48 KB, 1125x1416, EnDdcCEXcAIP6L0.jpg)

professional basketball player from russia

No. 160295

>the same height or slightly shorter than me (5'6)
>dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair and green eyes or blonde hair and green eyes
>warm or olive skin tone
>slender or gym bunny weightlifter
>similar sense of humour
>doesn't mind me bitching and complaining and/or will join in
>honest with me and not afraid to call me out
>won't try and dominate me but not a pushover either
>loves cats
>enjoys nature and being outdoors
>will go for runs/hikes with me
>creative and artistic
>enjoys visiting museums and art galleries
>well-read and intellectually curious
>similar taste in music, likes post punk, alt rock, alt hip hop, blues, metal or experimental but also not ashamed of me blasting t.a.t.u. and britney spears
>also has different interests that she can introduce me to
>looks after her appearance
>bonus points for gothy or brandy melville (yes ik) style
>low body count/has not been in and ended too many relationships because I don't want to just be another temporary lover to her.
>doesn't have to be as political as I am but should lean left and not fall for twitter idpol and troon rhetoric
yeah I'm gonna die alone

No. 160302

>shorter than me or around my height (5’6”)
>body type doesn’t really matter but maybe bigger boobs than me although I don’t care that much
>hair, skin, eye color doesn’t really matter but I do like darker features
>alternative, maybe in the punk scene
>likes reading books
>cool music taste
>little shy/submissive <33

No. 160303

This might be me lol

No. 160304

File: 1605709730305.gif (6.51 MB, 410x382, hunting mode activate.gif)

No. 160308

Lol same except I'm really short

No. 160313

File: 1605716506925.png (381.96 KB, 560x397, c0c60bd9-8b7e-4e1d-9883-6241e7…)

>hard butch or stud
>muscular but with no abs because they look gross tbh
>likes to hike and enjoy nature
>doesn't smoke, not even weed I hate how it smells
>very dominant and protective of me
>doesn't drink alcohol too often
>love horror movies and creepy shit
>wants to have kids
>older than me
>won't mind if I decorate our bedroom in cutsey crap

No. 161339

File: 1606437407461.jpg (53.53 KB, 563x532, 97e2cc1fb56b66b2f178c8e488e4cd…)

>no physical preference, I find most women cute kek
>accepting that I'm really introverted, even better if she is also like that
>share my cottagecore dreams and wants to live a peaceful life close to nature
>will go on hikes and walk with me
>loves or at least respect all animals
>educated and intelligent
>honest and straight forward
>likes to travel (but who doesn't though ?)
>doesn't want children
>not too materialistic
>would be perfect if she likes cinema or art in general but we can talk about science too
>leftist but not "sjw"
I'm waiting for her…

No. 161349

Bitch let's fall in love then

No. 161351

File: 1606445408783.jpg (78.75 KB, 564x499, f7d2a6efa2cf3653f39048a4243ea1…)

stop getting my hopes up anon, I'm desperate enough to ask how old you are and if you are single kek ?
( more seriously it's actually nice to know that someone out there fit my type )

No. 161352

26 and very single, I am not an uni graduate but know too much about everything, love movies, art and crafting kek

No. 161355

Nice! What are some of your favorite movies anon?

No. 161382

Moon, death becomes her, what we do in the shadows, i go to local film festivals and love the artsy and weird movies yet i've mostly been watching sharknados lately kek

No. 161407

File: 1606507336930.gif (1.37 MB, 500x281, 8cdba853aecbe591e19200e172b43d…)

>Enjoys comfortable silences
>Also wants to live in a cottage close to nature
>Likes windy weather (weirdly specific but a lot of people don't like wind)
>It'd be nice if she enjoyed baked goods because I love baking, especially bread
>Nerdy and she likes sometimes watching anime and playing videogames
>Likes reading but she's not a snob about it
>Loves visiting museums and cultural trips
>Enjoys physical exercise
>Loves animals

Honestly I'm pretty tired of dating and being friends with people that need to be built up constantly and/or have some mental illness that they refuse to get treatment for.

No. 161423

>Wants kids and long-lasting relationship
>No real physical preference besides preferring someone who is physically able, but that doesn’t preclude anyone who matches well in other ways
>Believes in the scientific method
>values education
>Accepting that I am still learning social rules
>is able to talk quite a bit since I can’t

No. 161893

File: 1606886821558.jpg (572.29 KB, 2000x2400, sigh.jpg)

decided to let my imagination go wild and get very specific
>curvy, soft body type
>dark curly hair
>shares my interest in vintage fashion and media
>loves dancing
>likes horror movies and the macabre
>interested in ancient greek lit, theatre arts, critical theory, history
>good conversationalist, sensitive and perceptive, rational and responsible
>plays an instrument
>speaks more than one language
>motivated, but knows how to take it easy
>down to have a family and uproot our lives to travel the world together

picrel is an example of my type. i want to be two femmes in love and ready to take on the world together.

No. 161977

>taller than me(5'8) but it's not a priority - just a nice bonus
>quite sporty
>very athletic and buff women look very attractive to me but i don't think that i, a massive fucking couch potato, would be compatible with them
>a little bit more extroverted than me
>drinks alcohol very rarely, doesn't smoke
>is good at cooking(she doesn't have to be a master at it and cook lobsters or some shit like that but i like ppl who can bake and make edible meals)
> isn't a [butch] or ~☆♡femme♡☆~… she's just a normal woman or a "chapstick lesbian" or whatever kids call them these days
>very affectionate, isn't ashamed of giving me compliments
>doesn't have any severe or untreated mental illnesses
>isn't a career-driven person
>but definitely isn't a NEET
>doesn't work in the same field as i do
>shares at least 2 hobbies or interests with me
>has her own close-knit group of friends
>self-sustainable - i don't really want to baby her
>i like women who are slightly older than me but a big age gap(more than 5 years) is a no-no

No. 161981

File: 1606952753059.jpg (186.54 KB, 1280x800, AC.jpg)

top tier taste, at least appearance-wise
Angel Coulby matches that description and she is my eternal waifu

No. 162005

File: 1606982103368.jpg (125.99 KB, 750x856, da6dc001a7abb6943c19e5bd9a819b…)

>outdoorsy hiker girl that will tell scary stories when we go camping
>can chow tf down
>can dress tomboyish or femme depending on her mood. unafraid to go out without makeup in basketball shorts
>toned and slim. we'll motivate each other to workout
>small boobie
>short/medium shaggy dark hair
>spontaneous, maybe even mildly crazy
>the type to get shitfaced but want to respectfully puke into a bag instead of the sidewalk
>honest and non judgmental despite being blunt
>can carry in games and shit talk scrotes over voice
>open to smoking weed or doing psychedelics even though that isnt my thing I find it cute idk

bonus memes:
>Japanese citizen so I can gay marry her and get citizenship ez (I know it's not legal but let me dream)

No. 162006

File: 1606983921685.jpeg (190.59 KB, 1024x1200, 8FA7913B-2234-43D0-8908-438223…)

>short curly hair
>less pale than I am
>taller or similar height (5’7) to me
>dominant but not particularly in a kink way, just someone who’s assertive enough to override my naturally sexually dormant tendencies
>into swimming/yoga/hiking or similarly chill exercise, we can do stuff together but she isn’t trying to be my personal trainer
>chill relationship with food/diet, isn’t restrictive and fun to cook with
>into clubbing
>independent and capable of spending time apart
>smart - idc about level/area of education, but can think for herself, be critical about things, researches interests past the wikipedia/podcast level
>thick-skinned and dry sense of humour - someone who can dish it out but also take it
>leftist but not insane tankie
>stable 9-5 so we can actually spend time together
>has car
>astrologyfag but strong Leo, Gemini or Capricorn traits overall
picrel is the dream

No. 162016

No. 162025

>shorter or taller than me (5'5)
>healthy weight, not too overweight or too underweight
>would like to go on hikes with me
>willing to eat my bakes
>willing to 'top' me (I'm butch/masc so usually I'm expected to and idk I don't always want to be dominant)
>likes music genres besides pop
>likes cats
>no untreated bpd
>has hobbies besides drinking, partying and going to raves (I'm really not into that scene)
>wants to watch horror movies with me
>wants to go to museums with me
>has an existent libido
>willing to actually communicate
>not a NEET
>some sort of ambition or passion in their life
>would like to do stuff like taking salsa dance classes or cooking classes together

No. 162032

>taller than me (like between 5'6 - 6'0)
>lithe, soft skin
>smarter than me
>sharp wit
>blunt and wears her heart on her sleeve
>preferably bi/multilingual
>dark sense of humor, cynical but not to a fault
>appreciate the "finer things" in life - good/exotic foods, art, and culture
>more extroverted than me
>is a curious person and loves learning
>understands fashion but still likes hanging out at home with just a big tshirt
>shares at least some of my interests
>isn't too different on political ideas, might be nice if they are a litte further right than me
>doesn't mess much with makeup or hair products
>has a highly developed sense of empathy

I actually knew a girl like this but she got away and now I'm too chickenshit to reach out to her.

No. 162034

>preferably bi/multilingual
wtf have these got to do with ea-
>I actually knew a girl like this but she got away and now I'm too chickenshit to reach out to her.
oh oneitis, makes sense

No. 162045

Nta but I'm pretty sure she meant bi as in bilingual and not bisexual lmao.

No. 167857

>likes vintage and lolita fashion
>is willing to cook and clean most of the time
>good at drawing
>I want to be the main breadwinner in the relationship

No. 167861

>feminine with a unique/alt style
>cuddly and affectionate
>short and soft
>high libido, switch
>likes nature and quiet, wants to live in a small town
>weird/autistic interests she can tell me about
>smokes pot
>doesn't want a super strict butch/femme dynamic but does want the cute butch/femme aesthetic things
>doesn't have or want kids ever no exceptions
>good sense of humor

No. 167978

>Curvy/average body
>feminine to androgynous
>doesn't wear makeup or shave
>Barely uses social media if at all
>Plays an instrument
>Optimistic, not a downer
>Doesn't do drugs, weed is okay
>Loves animals
>has niche hobbies and interests that she can talk about for hours
>Likes to get out of the house rather than stay in constantly. Like talking long walks, window shopping, going to cafes, etc.
>More energetic and peppy than I am lmao, but not in a fake way
>Doesn't want kids
>Artistic and open minded
>Polite and kind to people, easy going

No. 167980

File: 1611092600198.jpg (217.11 KB, 2000x2000, swvv5awmir811.jpg)

>Butch or andro, if femme then alt femme with shorter hair
>Normal weight or a little bit of chub. Glasses is a huge plus
>Goofy, kind of socially awkward
>Cute laugh
>Complete nerd, into DnD, roleplaying, fanfics etc
>Reads my writing and gives feedback
>Likes to shit-talk movies/books/anime with me
>Submissive in bed and shy about it
>Likes cooking, bonus if plans to become stay at home wife
>Interested in my hobbies, likes cats
>Lame jokes and puns and dad jokes
>Kinder than me, keeps me grounded

Super bonus: We write/draw a webcomic together

I know all of this sounds super weird and cringe. tfw no gf

No. 168018

>shredded, thin body structure
>messy/short/shaved hair
>tiny boobs
>soft spoken/quiet
>big eyes
>thin lips
>creative type
>kind without being a kissass
>honest, to the point
>husky voice
>smart - educated isn’t a must but smart is
>explains things to me when I don’t understand without making me feel stupid
>asks questions about my hobbies
>likes my family
>sticks up for me
>tells me what she needs when she’s sad or upset
>big bright smile
>loves hugs
>holds my hand while we drive
>confident without being arrogant
>likes animals

Shane from The L Word made me this way and now I’m a bisexual mess afraid of women

No. 168023


I match everything (plus my closet is 40% Brandy clothes) and I know tons of girls like me so hope is not lost anon!

No. 168050

File: 1611152189781.jpeg (253.79 KB, 1920x1000, 186A1108-A712-4EDD-97DD-423D98…)

>older than me
>more confident and mature than me but willing to be silly sometimes
>kind and warmheated
>wants kids one day
>no tranny koolaid
>sympathetic to my extensive mental issues
>wants to grow old together with cats in the lake district or somewhere equally beautiful

No. 168253

The fact that you specifically mention having cats in the Lake District made my heart squeeze. Anon you’re cute.

No. 168557

File: 1611465756319.jpg (91.03 KB, 750x750, solid_bob_with_black_and_turqu…)

> femme, traditionally attractive
> short blunt bob haircut with bangs is my fave but i like bob cuts in general and short hair
> Good jawline definition (aka my throne)
> Hates men
> Pink pilled or open to the pill
> Likes gross stuff like guro, surgery videos, david firth, horror etc.
> Cute nose ( i like long bent noses too)
> Based fujoshi or yurijoshi
>My heightish (5'10 take or leave a few) ideally not shorter than 5'6
> Would get plastic surgery with me
> Intellectual who I can talk theory and meta with
> body is Thin/healthy with feminine curves
> Nice feet and legs bc my fetish
> kinda mean especially to men
> Would wear hoe outfits to appease me LOL
> Probably Japanese or at least fluent if we are talking ideal. If not then other asian or eastern european descent girl.
> If japanese speaks kansai ben I think its so hot to hear the rolled R's and slightly vulgar tones.
> wears crop tops and other kind of revealing things because i want to look…
> Lets me spank her
> I can send her the good memes aka the ones that would potentially make people mad
> If she has tattoos they are GOOD ones.
> Strong women are hot. Someone who doesn't NEED me but wants me. Unf.
> I want someone who has her own hobbies she can teach me about
> Likes my pets, obviously
> Likes my art, obviously
> Dependable

this made me horny and lonely

No. 168559

File: 1611466436290.jpg (45.39 KB, 500x600, multi-tone-bob-cut.jpg)

Samefag but forgot

> No kids

> Lets me protect
> I also like muscular girls. Anyone who looks feminine but behaves non-feminiely is hot as fuck to me.
> Indoorsy
> Ideally cooks and cleans because I hate that…
> Terf

No. 168598

>naturally dark hair and not pasty
>either skinny or curvy femme with or without slight muscle or skinny tomboy
>neither too preppy nor too frumpy when it comes to fashion
>sexually switch/vers
>bisexual, i am bisexual too, it's just that we can probably relate to each other better because of that too
>cultured and i don't mean having travelled a lot or anything that requires money, just reading about different subjects and open to broadening her horizons
>not full-on radfem but still anti sex industry and trans critical
>not a stan of any celebrity
>weeb tendencies but not excessive, also not completely anti-fujo even if not fujo herself
>gamer but not too much into online multiplayers
>mean girl vibe but very nice to her friends
>not a NEET

No. 168600

>loves cats

No. 168641

tfw almost literally me

No. 168647

what are you missing, queen?

No. 168659

febfemme, pasty, top

No. 168660

samefag but why hate on multiplayers? Just curious.

No. 168664

febfem counts as bisexual last time i checked, also the multiplayer game thing is a nitpick of mine, most people, both men or women who were hardcore into them (esp. mmorpgs) were really annoying about them

you don't sound bad anon, hope you find a nice gf!

No. 168681

Sage for gaming sperg On god thats true af about mmorpgs… I play Runescape but I don't interact with others because besides idle talking while skilling. WoW tends to be insufferable in my experience.

Thank you anon for your blessing.

No. 169854

>Dark eyes and long dark hair
>Younger than me
>Shorter than me (5'5")
>Not into identity politics
>Not a vegan
>Doesn't smoke and is not an alcoholic or druggie
>No tattoos or septum piercings
>Good with money

No. 169862

File: 1612228166022.jpg (89.69 KB, 800x600, 404859hjjnnp821i.jpg)

>biological female
>australian or canadian
>cute and smol
>either really feminine or tomboy
>likes vidya (not necessary)
>likes cats

No. 169863

Forgot to add, i like someone around the same height as me (5'5)

No. 169867

File: 1612229628567.jpg (57.32 KB, 720x687, FB_IMG_1612211466237.jpg)

>Taller than me(5'5+)
>Slim to average, no fatties or anachans
>Not a bpdfag
>Small-average bust
>Tan skin, bonus if she has freckles
>Curly/wavey brown hair + green/dark eyes
>Likes vidya game and horror movies
>Likes going sight seeing and long walks/hikes
>I would say im very affectionate so someone who likes constant hugs and doesnt get annoyed by it kek
>Stable income
>Lets me cook for her/lets me be a sub
>Likes to go clubbing on weekends with me and friends,then snuggles and watches movies with me hungover next day
>Regular sex is nice but not a requirement

No. 169946

File: 1612285633957.jpg (103.08 KB, 480x718, 21433478-723319851188668-58459…)

>tanner than me
>Similar size to me (5'4)
>introverted, but sometimes pushes me out of shell to do things
>shaved head
>doesn't smoke (cigarettes)
>has a hobby we can share together
(Painting, sewing, embroidery, etc.)
>Likes to cook more than me
>We both have a stable jobs/income and split the cost of living
>Can be kind of nerdy, but doesn't overcollect weeb shit
>Cool with reptiles and other odd 'exotic' pets I'm allergic to cats that makes me worried bc a lot of lesbians seem to like cats lol
>doesn't want kids until maybe wayyy later into the relationship
>Can have good conversations but also sit in silence with each other and just enjoy our presence

Pic rel is where we'll live </3

No. 169951

>shorter than me (I'm 176 cm)
>nice thick hair, not very short/shaved
>can be feminine or tomboy, but doesnt wear make-up, fake nails or lashes, shave body hair
>bi because I am, easier to relate to
>honest and can talk about feelings
>likes literature, music/gigs, sciences, weird dark humour, deep or "deep" conversations
>wants to do stuff with me sometimes but also likes just spending time together at home
>wants lots of sex
>not on their smartphone/using social media 24/7
>not a sjw
>can cook (because I am shit at it lmao but I could do cleaning)
>okay with occasional drugs but not a junkie, doesnt smoke everyday

No. 169955

>significantly taller than me (i'm short average) thick but not fat and proportionately smallish boobs
>dark hair and big brown eyes, thick eyebrows and doesn't shave. rarely wears makeup
>soft beautiful voice around me but yells at men
>comfortable with smoking/tripping but not a complete pothead
>curious, likes to hike and camp and feel connected to nature
>seems slightly shy until you get to know her better
>mostly sexually dominant but a little submissive. i have guilt about being dominant towards women but she understands this
>inexperienced with other women
>lefty nicefem praxis but secretely hates trannies. maybe ex-genderspecial
>very critical of social media
>kinsey 5/febfem. Must have non-retarded taste in men if so
>similar sense of humor and just a splash of assburgers that manifests as weird interests
>honest but sweet, comes at life with a problem solving attitude
>hippie but still attached to reality
>likes pagan witch shit, horror, true crime
>not identity-obsessed
>will have intelligent conversations/debates with me without getting offended or taking them personally
>won't make fun of my white girl boho stoner mandala tapestries
>truly and genuinely wants me in her life
>moderate sex drive. reciprocates teasing and foreplay
>likes star trek ???

most important things are that she loves me, isn't a tranni bootlicker and respects my interests. body type doesn't matter too much though most of my female crushes have been big and strong enough to crush me

No. 169963

I’d let you introduce me to Star Trek if you’d be tolerant with me tolerating trannies, Anon.

No. 170059

>older than me
>height doesn't matter
>can be a tomboy but not too butch
>mature. not childish in her reactions
>similar sense of humor to mine
>fluent in english (I want someone to share memes and tiktoks with)
>preferibly a weeb so that I won't feel bad for being a kboo
>likes video games
>has a job but isn't obsessed with it
>likes dogs and isn't jealous of the love I give to mine
>likes food, eats meat
>has strong passions

I feel like my bar is very low kek

No. 229093

>not obese or very muscular
>can tan
>at most 3 years age difference, either older or younger
>tomboy or slightly femme-leaning, not too butch or high femme
>fellow STEM nerd
>not US American or Canadian
>chill, friendly and reliable, healthy self-esteem
>not afraid to speak her mind
>neither stone nor pillow princess, can do both dominant and submissive
>knows at least two languages
>doesn't use social media regularly
>no piercings except for ears
>not too political
>not into astrology or pagan witch shit
>likes video games but more than just online multiplayers or "girly" games
>diverse music taste
>not overly invested in celebrity culture
>can talk about movies/shows/games she likes without mentioning waifus/husbandos/ships
>not afraid to shit on men, trannies and queers but also does not let them live rent-free in her head
>likes children but does not want any of her own
>cat lover
>has or is looking for a job but not too career-driven either
>not into game of thrones, star wars or capeshit
>no smoking, not even weed
>only drinks occasionally, doesn't get drunk
Am I being too specific?

No. 229114

File: 1644184555307.jpg (254 KB, 850x1488, __ump9_girls_frontline_drawn_b…)

>cute tomboy
>same age as me
>not shorter than 160cm
>healthy BMI
>preferably blonde (no fake redheads tho)
>loves skateboarding
>has a stable job
>Healthy family relationship if possible
>not a scrotette
>mid to high sex drive
>doesn't mind/likes me being physically affectionate
>enjoys nature but would rather live in the city
>is okay with me having plants inside the house
>has similar interests as me (Movies, art, music)
>occasional drinking/smoking is fine
>tattoos or piercings are fine
>likes to go on dates but doesn't party anymore (we gotta be in bed by 11pm)
>no dogs or cats allowed cause I'm allergic
>good hygiene
>doesn't use sexually violent language (aka btch or cnt)
>monogamous/ %100 faithful
I'm crying cause I'll never find someone like this in my town.

No. 229115

>I want an UwU tomboy who looks like this anime girl here
This entire thread stinks of ball-sweat.

No. 229117

>doesn't mind me being physically affectionate
What. That's literally the basis of a relationship lmfao. And yeah, this thread is full of males. The anon who necro'd it should die.

No. 229118

I just like the drawing anon pls don't be mad

No. 229119

>everyone i dont like is a moid

No. 229137

File: 1644191440361.jpg (341.73 KB, 1000x1000, jhbvh.jpg)

>doesn't matter in any aspect what she looks like, just not extremely muscular
>affectionate verbally and physically
>is clingy but not in a BPD way, just wants to spend a lot of time with me
>understanding and patient with my ADHD and autism
>willing to listen to me sperg from time to time about my interests, and does the same if she wants
>has at least one creative passion
>rad-aligned and a manhater
>preferably lesbian or at least febfem
>husbandofag or fujo
>will let me buy her a lot of gifts
>doesn't smoke or do drugs

No. 229141


How does that work?

No. 229143

Fictional men aren't real men, anon. They're drawings. JPEGs even.

No. 229144

if you're attracted to a conceptual man…

No. 229160

jpegs with visible dicks

No. 229161

If she looks at PNGs of her husbando she's OUT

No. 229184

Scrote hands typed this.

No. 229187

I love day dreaming about my imaginary athletic, soft butch punky gf
>slim, small chest, but muscular and soft
>an edgy haircut, with shaved parts
>has a casual, boyish style and feminine face
>lots of ear piercings, maybe gauges, and a single lip and tongue piercing (it’s fine if she’s taken most of them out, the holes are cute too)
>loves being active; surfing/skating, crossfit, running, lifting, etc
>chill, seems aloof but will open up around friends
>acts cocky when she flirts
>gets super gooey and lovey-dovey when we smoke
>is dominant, but turns to mush when the roles are reversed
>will sing punk and classic rock with me on long road trips
>is good with kids
>is a terf kek

I have a whole fantasy about how we meet and flirt with each other and how she teases me for being a good vibes only yoga bitch, but I was so embarrassed after writing it out that I had to delete

No. 229206

Either this thread is full of men or maybe trannies aren't as bad at pretending to be lesbians as I thought.

No. 229254

We could have had a romance nonny, except:
>I'm 165cm
>Hates classic rock
everything else checks out

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