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No. 151754

The goth gf is a popular niche right now, but what other niches are there? I don't have a style but would like one, I'm trying to minmax my appearance. I'm short, pear shaped slightly fatty, white, with kind of a dumpy face.

No. 151757

lose weight till your bmi is normal that adds more beauty than clothes/makeup can

No. 151758

Why would you make a thread for this

No. 151759

No. 151760

isn't this more of a media thing? you could've made a thread like girlspiration or some shit

No. 151761

Are you underage?
>goth gf is a popular niche
>popular niche
Mallgoths been a thing for over 20 years. What's niche is not attempting to simulate a "gf" aesthetic dummy.

No. 151762

can this be a general style makeover thread? who doesn't love a good makeover.
would goth gf suit your interests and personality?

No. 151764

Women are treated like products no matter what, might as well have good wrapping. I don't really care about being myself, I tried it and it didn't work.
I want a niche aesthetic to attract people.

No. 151768


No. 151771

File: 1600383331278.jpeg (113.13 KB, 750x750, 60857BFC-2F62-430F-8DC4-5E11A0…)

Uh, anon, what the fuck are you even talking about? If you really want to be a product, just get yourself an only fans or become a youtuber, abs since you don’t have a personality, great! You’re set up for mediocrity.

No. 151772

File: 1600383475371.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, Ea5FkV5q.jpg)

First of all, retarded thread.

Second being a goth girl won't bring you the positive attention and simps you are obviously craving, I was a goth for years because i genuinely enjoyed the music and look, it was fucking hellish.

Real life is not the internet.

You won't be able to get dates unless its pervs who fetishize you, metalhead fuckboys, or ugly goth men.

You get treat like garbage, infantilized, and people are generally rude to you.

I get 4000x more male attention, treated better, and more dates as a normie than I ever did as goth.

No. 151774

Product as in appearance matters first before anything else. When I'm bubbly I'm labelled annoying, but if a pretty girl is bubby she's sociable. People are more open to you if they like your look first. >>151772
I don't want simps I want to attract people to me and be noticed, right now I'm very boring looking and invisible. It's more about friends/socializing, not men.

No. 151776

Try marketing yourself as the DUFF

No. 151777

You are completely wrong about how people treat alternative girls tho, they won't treat you better and be more friendly, is the complete opposite.

No. 151779

Just don't be fat and have good hygiene
>It's more about friends/socializing, not men
>I don't really care about being myself
Lol you're gonna fail at any type of relationships even if you did manage to draw initial reaction with superficial interest in any subculture. Don't expect quality company if you insist on staying vapid and fake ON TOP of looking average.

No. 151780

Seems you're all purposefully misinterpreting my post. Be myself… As in be my boring dressing self. Context, read.

No. 151781


Right now I'm pretending you're the girl in the thread pic and you still seem annoying and boring. I don't think a niche gf makeover is going to help you make friends.

No. 151782


If you have no interest in being alternative for the "right" reasons you're still going to be boring no matter what you wear, on top of being an annoying attention whore.

No. 151785

i don't think you know what niche means

No. 151787

File: 1600388508502.jpeg (21.51 KB, 326x280, 414EA813-EA76-43FE-AF43-4E3FA8…)

>she thinks being pretty is all she needs to have friends
Nah, anon, you’re just being retarded, are you 12?

No. 151789

Let me guess none of you ever experienced being an ugly woman. No amount of making my personality better did shit, when people's eyes glaze over as soon as they see me. Beauty isn't every yeah, but at a certain point you need to be a certain amount of beautiful to have any chance in the world. Fuck me I should just be more confident right? All those times I tried being confident and people reacting like I was a fly weren't real I guess. I came here for candid advice not to be belittled.

No. 151794

If you really want to base your personality around an aesthetic just pick any of the trendy aesthetics on tiktok. They don't really require any substance other than the look, so people won't call you out for being a poser unlike in other subcultures.

Though other anons are right. If you want people to notice you and think you're attractive, dressing alternatively isn't the way to go. From personal experience, dressing ""niche"" attracts the worst men because normal well-adjusted guys usually get scared off if you don't look like them. Obviously correlation doesn't equal causation, but I get approached by the most creeps and unstable guys out of my friend group, while my more normal-dressed friends meet guys who are way more decent. Also dressing in subculture can make you seem unapproachable, so it applies to friends as well as men.

I won't tell you to "be confident," since you don't seem to agree with it. But let me tell you that there isn't anything more unattractive than someone who doesn't have any self-esteem- that shit radiates negativity and it brings people down. Hopefully as you work on your appearance you can gain some self-esteem, because otherwise you'll just be fighting a losing battle.

No. 151799

develop true confidence and self worth. people can tell when confidence is put on, it comes across and overbearing and compensation

No. 151801

Pls tell me where that confidence is supposed to come from? JUsT bE cOnFiDeNt BrO. Lol not like confidence is like a tree that's grown by the water of positive reinforcement and attention growing up. Working on skills and hobbies doesn't change my confidence in my physical appearance, either.

No. 151802

File: 1600396459392.jpeg (34.06 KB, 499x333, E4E52071-63D6-4EA5-A668-7E45B0…)

Anon, where do you think you are? The fucking cheerleading Facebook group of your high school? Barely anyone here considers themselves pretty or even average unless they’re anonymous. So here is some advice for you:
First off, stop thinking about how miserable you feel about being under your own skin, sure, being ugly sucks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed, genius.
Second, after you get over your woe is me phase and figure out what is it that you think is “wrong” with you, figure out whether it can be fixed or you should just make a way to accept that part of yourself.
So, if you’re fat, workout and eat healthish food. If you feel like your body type is just weird for your own standards, learn how to appreciate the good things of your body type and stop giving a fuck about whatever some retarded scrote says about your body type, because the moment you get that loving yourself is more important than some fucking retard -male or female or genderspecial- you will feel lighter.
If you feel like you’re asymmetrical or something, learn how to style your hair to make your face look symmetrical, looking pretty isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you have to work for, just because someone has nice genes, doesn’t mean they will automatically look great, and just because someone has shit genes, doesn’t mean they have to look like shit.
Dress accordingly to your fucking body type and the weather, don’t try to wear shorts on winter and turtleneck sweaters during summer unless you can handle it.
You can use an “a e s t e t h i c” as a guide, but also wear regular clothes, wearing jeans and a t-shirt isn’t a sin, just wear the right size and the cut that suits you better and makes you feel comfortable, hell, wear shit that makes you feel like a princess/goddess/boss lady/non-abused pornstar/whatever makes you feel powerful, that shit matters more than you think, mind over matter.
So there, that’s how I got over being a fucking retard, say ahhh and catch the plane.
If this helps, cool, if it doesn’t, get a therapist.

No. 151804

stop caring so much about looks. just be happy that you look about average, get to a 19 bmi and dress well, be clean, have a decent hair cut and that's all people should expect from you.
as for confidence you need to develop positive relationships with yourself and others. that's what counts. plus hobbies that genuinely bring joy

No. 151812


Neither confidence not clothes will make you less boring and annoying, anon. Build some other interesting things about yourself besides aesthetic and interact with people instead of being an uwu bby wallflower who needs people to approach them, nobody likes that shit. Take some agency in your life and stop being a loser.

No. 151829

Anon, please see a mental health professional and talk to them about the possibility of you having BPD.

No. 151831

>a niche aesthetic to attract people.
You'd attract more people as an attractive normie. A niche remains a niche after all, especially offline.

Lose some weight, get in shape, learn how to your do your make-up and hair, build a warderobe with clothes that look good on you.

Why do you want your style to be niche specifically?

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