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File: 1601287016397.png (120.57 KB, 259x194, 6230400B-85BE-4561-8B77-2DC54A…)

No. 152993

Post your favorite examples of men who have aged like milk. Discuss the “men age like wine, women age like milk” cope meme, common amongst undesired men

No. 152994

File: 1601287091047.jpeg (94.23 KB, 750x500, 4D0F1AC7-548F-430A-A277-734B76…)

No. 152996

File: 1601287141671.jpeg (25.5 KB, 284x177, 9E958ABB-AA3F-4556-9829-794A2B…)

No. 152997

File: 1601287167468.jpeg (72.3 KB, 636x474, 71E9675A-8DEF-46D8-A136-859A3C…)

No. 152999

shit, this hurts. he was kinda cute.

No. 153000

To be fair, after the first star wars movie Mark had a car accident that fucked up his face and he wasn't as attractive as before. It's a miracle they managed to reconstruct his nose

No. 153001

John Travolta was such a hottie as a young guy, can’t believe how badly he aged. Such a pity. Younger men almost always look better than their crusty, balding older versions. Young women who prefer older men are either a. Suffering from mental health/daddy issues or b. Seeking money & security

What’s really depressing about younger women who are blind to this, is that they give themselves to men who are so much more likely to abandon them in pursuit of even younger women by the time the girl is in her 30s

No. 153004

File: 1601289212576.jpeg (81.47 KB, 640x427, 04834A8E-A068-442C-8014-3D2E4F…)

If Phantom of the Opera was updated, mask-less phantom would just be current day Gerard Butler.

No. 153005

seeing john now makes me really sad. I know that's so vain of me but he just looks… bad.

No. 153006

File: 1601289836708.jpeg (9.04 KB, 273x184, matt.jpeg)


No. 153012

File: 1601293263602.jpg (42.53 KB, 750x500, Johnny-Depp.jpg)

No. 153013

File: 1601293393827.jpg (51.6 KB, 1024x610, jim-carrey-featured.jpg)

No. 153014

He was gorgeous in his younger days. Now his looks match his awful personality, I guess

No. 153015

File: 1601293714720.jpeg (108.09 KB, 728x450, EBE78096-1162-470B-B978-AE35F9…)

I take pleasure in how poorly Leo is aging with the knowledge that he refuses to date anyone older than 25. Hoping he’ll continue down this path and die alone, kek

No. 153016

File: 1601293997568.jpeg (114.67 KB, 1024x682, 72B10BB5-FEAC-4DBF-AA6E-A5A279…)

Really makes you wonder wtf Camila Morrone (23) is going through to be willing to subject herself to that

No. 153017

File: 1601294025160.jpeg (77.22 KB, 1024x828, 6E265413-4AE6-4D76-BC20-BC7080…)

No. 153018


>Discuss the “men age like wine, women age like milk” cope meme, common amongst undesired men

okee douk'

I think it has some basis in reality. That is women have less dramatic facial features (neoteny, which is a factor on it's own when it comes to associations), thinner skin and more subdermal fat so they're affected by skin ageing more. Somewhat averted by more skin care, but not completely. Furthermore by association men already start out more craggy in the face on account of more extreme features can get away with major furrows being visible than on women. It becomes like the hairy-hairless dichotomy where one becomes overly associated with masculine and the other with feminine because there's a real basis for it in sexual dimorphism, only culture amplifies it more because of how mass entertainment works, pushing everything to extremes to catch attention. You can kind of see by most of the examples ITT what kills looks is the sag around the jaw and neck, not furrows.

tl;dr its not that unreasonable of an idea, it just got so chewed on by simpletons online it became a if-then mental loop.

Kinda ot but I wonder by what % older women in aggregate screwed themselves with sudden aggressive tanning every summer. Snobbiest practice ever.

No. 153019

Okeee doke. Scrote detected, or scrote apologist.

tl;dr go back to 4chan and post your nudes there, quick, before you shrivel up and the hot old men don’t want you! Kek

No. 153020

File: 1601294945693.gif (2.23 MB, 498x498, the return of the king.gif)


I don't understand, weren't we supposed to discuss the meme, anon?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 153021

Was waiting for him to be posted, I don't know if staying slim (and just shaving) could've helped him out a little but.. he couldn't even do that

No. 153023

Kek definite scrote confirmed

No. 153024

File: 1601295479326.jpeg (50.46 KB, 600x379, 3C161272-449D-4004-99DC-913216…)

No. 153026

Imo women and men age like milk on an equal scale - it’s all about genetics, sun damage, skincare or lack thereof, and lifestyle

Males have a significant disadvantage in that they have to deal with male pattern balding

No. 153028

Scrote or not, it's sad how men can get away with being ugly and not caring so much about their looks.
I'd rather have societal expectations placed upon me in regards to improving my skills and being the bread earner than being scrutinized for every flaw in my appearance, especially when it comes to things that you can't stop like aging.
It's not as if today most women in the world aren't expected to work and provide for their family and look their best on top of that.
I can understand men pushing the wall meme but why are women so keen on doing the same? Like I constantly see women shitting on another woman for having extra chub but men are perfectly fine even with a beer belly.
Frankly, I don't care about my "value" on the sexual market but I do care how it impacts me in the workplace. I fear that when my looks fade away, I'll be even less visible or important in my field of work.

No. 153029

File: 1601295691925.jpeg (106.76 KB, 1000x600, 7F32FE2F-36C0-4D17-973A-C39A9D…)

No. 153031


Feel free to point out anything disingenuous in the reasoning itself. Anytime, anon.

No. 153032

> it’s all about genetics
Pretty much this. Every now and then I'll meet a woman and think she's twenty when she's actually 30 and meant to have 'hit that wall already' Women do more to preserve their skin but basically it's genetics. That and not tanning/smoking/drugging and then thinking it'll just never catch up with you.

Fat faces age differently too, my family on one side all have this plump faced look and it's interesting to compare the two sides of the family and see the differences in aging

No. 153033

Jesus you’re pathetic. I’m not going to argue with you about the fact that every person has different features, men included, that vary - such as subdermal fat, skin thickness, genetics and so forth. This is not specific to women. Men and women can both age well, or age like milk, depending on those factors. There are plenty of men with thin skin and excess subdermal fat that look like shit as they get older.

Men age just as badly as women do, if not worse in some scenarios due to the inevitability of balding

Cope harder, and go back to 4Chan where your fellow 3/10 incels can give you asspats

No. 153034

>Frankly, I don't care about my "value" on the sexual market
Same, it's weird when people try to scare you with that and like…I've never been a very sexual person and I've never been someone to mind being single either. I'm not looking for those things but people assume life revolves around sex and dates?

No. 153040



I think its pretty obv to anyone reading you have nothing lol

Sexual hormones affect all of these variables that I mentioned. T thickens skin, improves collagen structures, E accumulates more subdermal fat etc.

To be clear I'm not maintaining my position is iron clad, its just that you're too much of a antibiology brainlet to engage it at all. You deserve some prodding for that feeble OP

No. 153042

Ignore the autism anons. The more you reply, the more sperging you'll get back

No. 153043

No worries he’s reported

No. 153044

An ex from a few years ago got in touch with me lately and it was basically this

No. 153045

File: 1601297501062.jpg (4.22 MB, 5000x5000, y0MNPOP.jpg)

the decline was a steep one, he still looked cute up until like 2015

No. 153046

File: 1601297694016.jpeg (123.35 KB, 966x558, 6C50D17C-689A-4E10-B226-AB52F9…)

No. 153047

File: 1601297725572.jpeg (74.25 KB, 600x390, 3BC8BB44-9B42-4B61-9CDE-AC064C…)

No. 153049

>mysterious stain on hoodie
That's just sad. What happened to him?

He was never hot imo

No. 153050

I love how men talk about some women putting on weight as they age, as if they don’t have the potential to do exactly the same. It’s all about lifestyle and caring for your health. Men act like they can do whatever they want as if there’s some magical threshold in middle age that’ll suddenly make them hot and desirable. It’s such a sad cope. Rather than accepting their appearance or making an effort to improve their health and lifestyles, they bank on old age being a magic pass for pussy. Lol

No. 153052

idk what you're on about men allegedly thinking they'll all become silver foxes but it's that men think only women gain weight as they age. men eat 4 packs of doritos and 2 large pizzas every day throughout their 20's then their metabolism slows down and they think they can still down fats and carbs like it's nothing.

No. 153054

File: 1601298556323.jpeg (77.38 KB, 629x433, D23AC6A4-1EF7-4DB1-A625-777455…)

No. 153055

File: 1601298582600.jpeg (209.63 KB, 1200x600, F505C502-A268-47C6-ADB4-886C44…)

No. 153056

subject herself to a man worth 200 million dollars? she seems like the winner in this scenario

No. 153057

Subject herself to a predatory man worth 200mil that will gladly leave her in 2 years when she’s 25? Yeah right anon. She’s not winning. I’m assuming you’re the same scrote. Waiting for mods to ban you

No. 153059

you sound bitter and old

No. 153060

Yeah… you sound like an incel. I’m the same age as his gf

No. 153061

File: 1601299350346.png (118.52 KB, 240x210, AC355935-0571-4393-9015-2F7CC4…)

No. 153062

File: 1601299362726.gif (463.63 KB, 220x256, 32F96DD0-1867-4EAA-8FC9-F6F6C7…)

No. 153063

File: 1601299376454.png (119.82 KB, 223x226, 7CB69A66-2887-47EC-8633-D305BA…)

No. 153064

Why are you here? You realize this is a girls only board, right? Mods are going to kick you off. Also, sperging about an anon’s age to feel like you’re winning is an incel cope. Go back to 4Chan, this board isn’t for you

No. 153066

File: 1601299776224.jpeg (96.97 KB, 600x394, 3135BAFE-1454-4067-B9CC-7B0928…)

No. 153067

Tits out not giving a fuck lol

No. 153068

File: 1601300158426.jpeg (71.21 KB, 575x457, 937EC3C6-765D-435D-9501-4CCC32…)

No. 153071

I kek’d

I feel like something more than just "aging" happened to him. He looks like he had a stroke or something.

No. 153073

File: 1601300397354.jpeg (80.42 KB, 730x411, 5C530BDB-A612-4BD9-A491-5ABF81…)

No. 153074

The main thing I'm fascinated with is all the double chins, I honestly thought much more weight gain was required to lose all that definition

No. 153075

It’s really common for men to lose fat in their chin area, as well as muscle mass around the jaw as they age, which leads to the double chinned, saggy look. Tbh I notice this happening to men a lot, starting at as young as 30. Interestingly, while male jawlines tend to be stronger, it’s like their jawbone starts to dissolve with age kek

No. 153076

he may not have aged that gracefully but man, he looks chill as fuck.

No. 153077

File: 1601301048726.png (1.22 MB, 1096x732, furlong.png)

No. 153078

True. It's just so sad.

No. 153079


Things went downhill towards the end of his solo music career. He looked good when his first album dropped but towards the end of touring you could see him sort of stop giving a fuck, now he just does his Umbrella Academy and comic stuff. MCR fans are fucking crazy though so I wonder if the new look is low key a deterrent to those crazy horny teen girls cos putting up with that shit for 15 years must get old. I remember a fan supposedly posted him incestual fanfiction of him and his toddler-aged daughter which lead to him moving. I dont blame him.

No. 153082

File: 1601301973419.png (286.45 KB, 454x418, d3c.png)


probably something to do with the $900,000 a year alimony/child support he paid out to his ex wife. Sigh. The original himbo.

No. 153085

The ex wife probably deserves that money

No. 153090

nah she's a bitch with no job who denied brendan's requests to lower his alimony payments after he's lost movie roles and had to deal with the death of his mom and his health issues. why brendan of all people when there's tons of ugly shitty men in hollywood who deserve this

No. 153093

when you see how overweight he was in high school this becomes less surprising…but not less sad

No. 153097

babyfaced men will almost always turn out ugly and bloated. What made them youthful and petite turns into fat greasy manlet real quick.

Tbh most of the men posted here just refused to do the bare minimum and refused to go to the gym. It's stupid easy to maintain a decent level of muscle and decent fat % as a man. You have to be a complete pig to gain so much fat.

No. 153098

File: 1601308011812.png (362.57 KB, 587x372, macdemarco.png)

these were taken only 10 years apart, jeez.

No. 153100

mac got hardcore into drugs and he smokes more than a pack a day which is why he looks so bad. it’s like people don’t understand that shit ages you.

No. 153101

File: 1601309391571.jpeg (79.92 KB, 640x560, D28EA8D4-B280-49C8-98A7-895083…)

not always true. it’s just a matter of taking care of yourself, which most of these men don’t

No. 153105

same can be said for other men in this thread. they look bloated because they binge drink

No. 153108

Why don't scrotes just shave their head when it gets to this tragic point? Have a little dignity.
God, his body is depressing. Imagine having that on top of you.

No. 153116

If you ever needed proof that beards are a mistake. Groom yourselves men, jesus

No. 153119

File: 1601317646830.png (172.9 KB, 559x166, davefoley.png)

Time was not kind to this man

No. 153120

File: 1601317646830.jpg (983.47 KB, 2898x1630, PicsArt_09-28-07.24.54.jpg)

Wasn't Leon Kennedy's design based off of him?

No. 153121

File: 1601317812176.jpg (27.15 KB, 333x468, 1356328_1.jpg)

Sage for samefag.

No. 153124

Tbh I often can't even visualize how they could have aged differently? Like apart from being fat or balding.
Tells you a lot about men don't give a shit

No. 153126

drugs, smoking, and alcohol consumption can really fuck up a persons aging process, give you wrinkles, cause bloating, etc

a lot of these men were druggies, alcoholics, and heavy smokers at sometime during their career. or they still are

No. 153129

Lol the presence of scrote replies in this thread is just proof he's seething. ignore such wretches girls

No. 153136

They showed up within an hour of the thread being started.. Wanting to have a debate while the rest of us just wanted to laugh/cringe at some pics

No. 153137

Jesus he looks terrifying…it's like he's wearing a mask

No. 153142

In both Jack Nicolson's and Clint Eastwood's defense, they're both in their 80s at this point. There's not really much you can do when you're that old, especially regarding your body. I actually think Clint has aged pretty well for the most part. Jack not so much (he's kinda been looking like shit since the 80s) although he's definitely not the worse example in this thread.

No. 153145

For real, leave Clint alone lol. He's old but at least his face still generally reflects who he used to be despite the wrinkles.

No. 153149


>Why don't scrotes just shave their head when it gets to this tragic point? Have a little dignity.

This is an actor that was effectively forced into debt slavery, he most likely literally can't shave his head because he'll lose a gig. Also most of the balding looks mostly stress-related so a lot of it can (and did?) get reversed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 153150

Oh puhlease
I get the alimony is the worst thing that a man can expect as opposed to women fearing they'll get murdered in marriage but despite the alimony being crazy high, his net worth is still in millions and he's doing just fine now. No need to shed tears for the rich.

No. 153158

File: 1601329209642.jpg (40.98 KB, 600x678, 65e.jpg)

I-is this real? Because it looks like to rubber skin masks that those gross fetish people wear jesus

No. 153161

it's a wax figure but it's not that far off

No. 153163

File: 1601330718034.jpg (25.6 KB, 494x373, 022d8fe3c10794d288522be9f5a362…)

No. 153166

File: 1601331789274.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200928_232210705.j…)

When I was little I had such a big crush on the artful dodger from oliver, googled him and cried when I saw what happened to him. I do feel bad posting him here because his appearance isn't all down to aging (alcoholism, drugs, cancer) but I'm a horrible person I guess. Rip jack wild

No. 153167

Did he not have an eating disorder at some point or was that just some weird emo fanfiction I read kek?

No. 153168

I mean he got fat but otherwise he’s still really cute

No. 153169

Oh my god I freaking loved the artful dodger. Jack Wild had such a sad life due to being a child star. He was an alcoholic by 21 and to have his voice box and tongue removed because he got mouth cancer in the years before his death, I believe. Very tragic and sad.

No. 153170

He was already an alcoholic when he was filming Oliver then after the movie he got really really famous and adult celebs would take him out to do drugs with him because he was young and they thought it was funny to corrupt a 16 year old especially as he looked so so young, must've looked like a 10 year old alcoholic to them. I remember reading his autobiography and he talked about people buying him cocaine and being totally shitfaced all the time- 3 cardiac arrests before 21. Spent all his money from oliver and another tv show he was the star in on alcohol and yeah, only got worse. It's so sad, I hope hollywood protects their young stars a lot more than they did back then.

No. 153173

i never heard that, i always assumed it was drugs, tho he was still pretty chubby up until the black parade.

No. 153174

File: 1601334678565.jpg (178.53 KB, 1372x1372, cbi2jmko2oa21.jpg)

Imagine being so ugly people think you're a wax figure KEK.

No. 153177

File: 1601337360909.jpg (257.65 KB, 719x993, Screenshot_2020-09-29-00-57-10…)

No. 153180

I was amazed when I found out his age, he definitely looks a lot younger in both the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai.

And I think Gerard still has the baby face and decent skin, he just gained weight, grew a beard and stopped trying. It's a sure way to ruin a guy's looks even if his face has aged okay.

No. 153181

File: 1601339425122.png (1.82 MB, 956x1090, botched.png)

j-rock stars from the early 2000s are especially prone to this phenomenon. Tragic

No. 153193

File: 1601351794696.jpg (40.73 KB, 369x500, 2730876_GerardWay.jpg)

Tbh i think he did the classic cycle of BED > Restricting > BED again, he and his brother used to be straight up obese as kids.

No. 153197

the guy in top right pic has the same hair as the third ex in scott pilgrim after he gets hit with the deveganising ray and it’s absolutely mesmerising

No. 153198

omg hyde(?) in the before pic looks like a sim I have. Good thing I disabled auto-aging

No. 153200

I barely know these guys but this picture had me laughing for about a minute straight

No. 153202

I'd argue he's too young on the left to be called a baby faced man. He's a child in that photo, no?

No. 153203

File: 1601360368027.jpeg (130.03 KB, 650x532, F46F6866-B172-4B16-8CE7-92CE6F…)

No offense to this monkey but it kinda looks like gackt

No. 153204

File: 1601360679229.jpeg (40.95 KB, 365x486, 19B627FD-C53D-4D16-8E93-48CCF1…)

he was 22 in the left pic. 21 here

No. 153205

They both look like they tried some sort of plastic surgery or injections that went south

No. 153206

oh for sure. I wish these guys would just let themselves age into cute old men instead of trying to attain eternal youth through botched fillers (top) and excessive plastic surgery (bottom). Bottom guy definitely had the bone structure to look decent even in middle/old age but he ruined it. Seems like he’s on a trajectory to be the asian Michael Jackson

No. 153417

mickey rourke is severely mentally ill, he’s like the dude version of amanda bynes. it’s hard to look at him. the picture of him younger upthread is already after he started plastic surgery which was insane to begin with. he was also molested as a kid. those wigs are so awful, like you have some money, buy a decent rug.

it’s more a combination of drink/drugs/smoking and shitty plastic surgery trends.

like dave foley, he was adorable but now is just a depressive heavy alcoholic, most of the people pictured in this thread are just damaged and/or old.

clint eastwood looked great well into old age, using a picture of an almost ninety year old man is kind of goofy.

No. 153445

Damn why’d the incel/4chan hate thread get deleted? Is the mod a scrote?

No. 153448

He got married, had a kid and stopped giving a fuck about being an emo twink, that's all.

No. 153449

>It's so sad, I hope hollywood protects their young stars a lot more than they did back then.

No, they just hide it better now.

No. 153462

I think so. It's fucking insane how much this site is getting censored. Free speech my ass. We need a new imageboard that's not censored like this or constantly overrun by scrotes like crystal café.

No. 153484

Holy shit, this. Reading 4 and 5 year old threads is fucking wild compared to the tepid, half-curdled "milk" that gets posted now, amd everyone gets a temp ban for every little thing. Every thread is about a celebrity or an ethot and you have to watch what you say and how you say it. It's getting stale and repetitive, and hardly any posts are interesting or funny anymore. sage for whinging

No. 153488

he had his kid b4 danger days & thats when he was at his slimmest.
also >>153177 when you google this you'll find it just comes from some tabloid with no actual evidence or statements from gerard himself about ED

No. 153496

By "stopped giving a fuck" I mean went away from music and fashion and started focusing on himself, his family and his hobbies.

He grew up, gained weight and now he's happy. So what if he isn't the scrawny twink he used to be, or people don't find him attractive now, he's married anyway.

No. 153677

Young Johny Depp looks like a tiktok eboy, with the exact earrings and hair.

No. 153713

It's a shame. Even his personality aged like milk. He was actually really smart around the time of that first picture. And guess what.. He was like 30 at that point. He fucked his face up with PS and now he makes weird videos.

No. 153722

Wow that is nuts.

No. 153729

protect him.

No. 153730

I puke every time I see this giant toad.

No. 153732

i hope the acid erodes your throat.

No. 153733


I feel like everything started to fall apart when he divorced Vanessa. The moment he got together with Amber, shit started to go downhill from him and now he is nothing but a joke and is looking fugly. Can't believe that I used to religiously watch all his movies but nah, not anymore.

No. 153754

back to reddit

No. 153767

I watched his The Affair interview and now I’m sorry I said that.

No. 153786

it's okay to hide the thread if you don't like seeing somebody posted here you know

and it's also ok to accept hes trash and still like the trash somehow. all men are trash, after all

No. 153807

typical dumb bitch response.

No. 153871

top kek at the above left image. it never gets old. rourke's friend unironically cosplaying derek zoolander.

No. 153912

File: 1601844877273.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x3264, jackwild3.jpg)

I feel like an asshole posting this cause he was an alcoholic by the age of 20 and was probably exploited like fuck, but he was so beautiful before

No. 153921

Anon he's like a century old

No. 153930

Holy fuck anon I thought I that was Derek Zoolander

No. 153937

Masculine features inherently look older. There's a reason why every 20something twinkhon, even if she has excellent skin and passes well, ends up most closely resembling a 45+ year old cis woman. The default 20something FTM outcome is a person who looks like a barely pubescent boy, even if he has wrinkles. That's why they tend to go overboard and make themselves as ugly as possible - it's the only way they can pass as men.

Feminized features are inherently more neotenic, so women always look objectively younger. Women are also objectively more beautiful than men, because men have been bypassing female selection for looks and good genes since civilization enabled widespread resource coercion. A good looking couple is significantly more likely to give birth to daughters, because beauty = female.

It's uncertain why it's this way, but males in most species are designed for disposability and shorter lifespans. They will always age and die faster, even if you control for lifestyle factors and LOLSKINCARE.

No. 154013

File: 1601930868837.jpg (8.8 KB, 143x351, images.jpg)

Yeah men with good jawlines don't need beards but they are very rare. The majority of men need beards because it gives the illusion of a somewhat decent jawline or otherwise they look like literal penis-heads

No. 154102

anon, i meant to say the abovementioned men look less aged without beards. if anything the majority of men look younger and better without one, once they reach middle age beards tend to look like shit no matter what their jawline is

No. 154423

Looks like someone drew a face on a thumb

No. 154723

File: 1602369561234.jpg (72.92 KB, 699x396, dont do drugs.jpg)

I know now that he's done a bunch of horrible shit to women, but I did like his music growing up. Up until his divorce with Dita, he looked quite striking. Now he hides his chin(s) 99% of the time

No. 154726


He just was thinner and wore better make-up, he's always been hideous without it

No. 154988

He and Adam Driver have similar bone structure. Long face but no jawline, they absolutely need to stay thin or they look like blobs.

No. 155485

File: 1602898711413.png (868.93 KB, 953x509, edward furlong.png)

No. 155500

agree. he was always ugly, just uglier now. girls only fuck him because he's a rockstar.

No. 155506


qq bitch got her money stay mad. a judge denied his request, not her you useless scrote.

No. 156595

The reason why low quality men cling to this falcity is because they can't handle the cold hard reality that they are already at their peak and it's all downhill from there. They're not going to become the successful pussy magnets at 38 that they desperately delude themselves into thinking they will in their late-20's. To accept such a reality would be unbearable.

No. 161540

File: 1606612346474.png (462.01 KB, 500x543, 4701b69619b63afe56e94ec8658ffe…)

Every time I look up leading men in older period dramas, it's always a disappointment. Today's specimen: Matthew Macfayden from 2005's Pride and Prejudice. He was so cute in it, but male hairline aging is a bitch.

No. 161541

File: 1606612518838.jpg (366.55 KB, 1361x2050, MatthewMacfadyen-2015.jpg)

No. 161567

I saw him in Succession before I realized he was in Pride and Prejudice and I was just ASTOUNDED that he was ever a romantic lead, let alone such an iconic one.

No. 161797

actually compared to the other guys in this thread he didnt age that poorly

No. 168706

omfg yes. ozzy was so cute when he was younger :(

No. 168709

File: 1611534973207.jpg (105.32 KB, 712x960, pretty2.jpg)

samefag but

No. 176557

File: 1616699186109.jpg (305.5 KB, 800x1199, kek.jpg)

Have to bring this thread back for the transformation of Pete Doherty, picrel. Love how the Sun article says "The singer, 42, looked rosy-cheeked and healthy".

No. 176560

this literally makes me want to kms haha, he was never good looking (the pictures of him next to kate moss make me laugh every time) but this is so fucking depressing

No. 176562

>rosy-cheeked and healthy
lmaoo what are those journalists on

No. 176563

File: 1616701837449.jpg (276.07 KB, 1958x1383, 25412990.jpg)

Haley Joel Osment

No. 176564

>>eating a baguette in the ocean
Kek say what you want but the man knows how to fucking live. IMO he has never been attractive but he makes me laff.

No. 176565

File: 1616702696444.jpeg (135.51 KB, 800x1052, 8599E3FA-65E6-47D7-855D-BCBDA4…)

Tbh he’s always been kind of ugly. Being a charming musician and his fashion sense helped him tremendously. He does not have a strong jaw and drank heavily so he always looked like a frog.

No. 176567

My God, is he another argument against getting clean? Were drugs the only thing that made him skinny? Horrifying.

No. 176568

tbh I agree it's mostly the hairline

No. 176569

so an ugly guy (but skinny and young) turned into an ugly guy (but not skinny)
wow who wouda thunk!

No. 176572

File: 1616705607235.jpeg (151.08 KB, 827x1036, Eo1DpqBXIAICM-9.jpeg)

Freddie from iCarly at 28

No. 176574

I'm honestly impressed that he is still alive at this point

No. 176576

holy fuck it's the "feel old yet?" meme come to life. what the fuck happened to him he was so cute before

No. 176579

of course the sun described this as healthy. he looks like the majority of their readers and said troglodytes who enjoy their rag would probably start seething if they called him out on being a fat fuck kek

No. 176613

File: 1616732614151.png (380.6 KB, 400x243, normal_DiarioCorreo__25-10-201…)

the before pic of bill kinda sucks in this but you get the deal

No. 176638

File: 1616759531458.jpg (48.09 KB, 319x337, 3140178_53229491_jpeg7dc41eabc…)


No. 176640

I honestly thought he was sort of cute before

No. 176644

I've seen a lot of bad surgery but that hairline is so much like a bad plastic cosplay wig it's the most terrifying thing in this thread, he's worse than the Bogdanoffs.

No. 176648

File: 1616762051584.jpg (268.56 KB, 1632x1632, bogs.jpg)

Not sure if this qualifies as aging or to what extent they count as celebs, but the Bogdanoffs looked decent as up and coming young scientists, why they went full Mickey Rourke and then some is a mystery.

No. 176659

File: 1616768794586.jpg (33.2 KB, 1024x576, 84561316_476803606334778_97334…)

Macaulay looks so weird nowadays. Must be the drugs

No. 176660

File: 1616768990516.jpg (107.52 KB, 1182x786, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Joe Rogan had one of the most tragic transformations ever

No. 176685

what the fuck. why are his nipples hard

No. 176695


he did pretty good considering he's on hgh all the time, most people will look like ogres after a while. He also got some airway surgery and thinks it widened his nose (though I think it is just the hgh).

No. 176704


No. 176718

the actor who plays spencer is seemingly ageless by comparison

it's sad to see that freddie looks like he went the greasy justin bieber route, what is it with all these young men looking like methheads so early on

No. 176750


No. 176925

Sorry for replying to an old post, but I watched a video on Hyde lately and all of the comments were talking about how he aged great but he looks like an old granny to me? He aged bad.

No. 177916

File: 1617612335688.jpg (31.44 KB, 500x566, bobby.jpg)

>n-no femanon you need t-t-to marry an older s-s-successful man to be happy

No. 177917

Literally why would they do that to their faces. Why

No. 177965

>looked rosy-cheeked and healthy
meanwhile if this was a female, those trash media outlets would have been roasting her for aging poorly.

Ive noticed that many men have this weird potato face syndrome where the more they age the smaller their features get and the bigger their head gets, just like this pic.

he looks way worse than the after photo when i see him on video.

No. 177970

some men get gaunt and some get chubby face

No. 183251

File: 1620015447818.jpg (56.29 KB, 474x852, f6ce3895143d8be85dd9ae76fbd429…)

James Spader from the 80s and 90s legit the hottest man ive ever seen. He used to look like this

No. 183255

File: 1620015529771.jpg (1.2 MB, 1319x1984, James_Spader_by_Gage_Skidmore.…)

And now he looks like this

No. 183257

haha, that's interesting bc I only know him as an older man and always thought he had a weirdly pretty face, but the hair situation distracts from it. I feel like guys who start balding this much should just shave it all off, it looks better than clinging onto the bits they have left. God nerfed women on pretty much everything but at least men got nerfed on hair.

No. 183272

File: 1620023339368.jpeg (45.51 KB, 638x425, B5DE5011-270D-411A-A646-5B8403…)

Balding is so fucking tragic. I wish my teen crush had gotten a little chunky or a few wrinkles instead of aging well in the face with no goddamn hair. Unless you’re the Rock or some other beefster, going bald is the ultimate vag dryer.

I can’t bear to look at my girlhood boo now, have a Billy Zane instead.

No. 183273

File: 1620023953075.gif (1.1 MB, 350x202, 2C7t.gif)

This is the saddest transformation of all

No. 183274

File: 1620024797237.gif (1.65 MB, 455x250, tumblr_5b1c39cdbcec0fec718d241…)

I know ;___;

No. 183275

He's got such a sexy voice which is a huge bonus as it's sexiness doesn't wane with age. A sexy voice is one of man's best assets imo.

No. 183296

Honestly Patrick Swayze didn’t look too bad and aged pretty normal until cancer got to him. His chemo aged him 20 years instantly, he was only 57 when he died.

No. 183322

File: 1620050148600.png (118.28 KB, 250x250, quote.png)

These are the most tragic imo

why did you post this, it's fine

he was always a uggo and young women have had shit standards since the world wars

I have schadenfreude for normo men who age like milk despite acting superior to women, however, I don't feel the same about a lot of celebs. Ok some of them are pretty garbage personalities, but I'd rather think of the ones in this thread as examples. But then again, why aren't the rich men making better use of their financial resources? Lmao get better meds, personal trainers, food, skincare etc. and ffs fix your goddamn teeth.

I'd also like to point out how young men who rag on women for aging are usually also the same ones who'll cry about needing plastic surgery and drastic changes to their fucked jawline or whatever while at the same time they don't even know how to wash their ass, put on sunscreen, keep teeth a lighter shade than even their eye luggage or trim their squiggly hair properly. Despite the advantage of having thicker skin and more sturdy hair, they still manage to fuck it up because of sheer stupidity. Unkempt rancid fools.

Sage for sperg.

No. 183339

>Ok some of them are pretty garbage personalities

No. 183353

I think he’s attractive at this age honestly. And like another anon said- sexy voice. Which is probably why I think he’s kind of hot kek. His younger self vs his older self is a bit sad since he was a top tier cutie.

No. 183354

Yeah cancer and chemo is no joke. Chemo will fuck you up. Like you literally have to almost kill your body to (hopefully) live it’s crazy.

No. 183515

100% agreed, anon. Some people say it's worse than cancer and I've seen enough to believe it could be true. No one should be faulted for how they come out looking, especially if they're lucky enough to survive.

No. 184849

File: 1620696576579.jpg (315.42 KB, 711x734, 1620692502640.jpg)

I always thought leo was ugly but oh no no no

No. 184852

I don't understand how his forehead just keeps getting wider and wider

No. 184853

it's like someone keeps on placing his head under a hydraulic press

No. 184854

Could it be due to hair loss?

No. 184855

God, men are so unfortunate. Even the handsome ones end up incredibly ugly at some point. Tell me why so many women have a thing for men who are older

No. 184863

Money and daddy issues. Wanting to be the “young hot girlfriend”. Inability to get with men their own age.

No. 184868

Lana del Rey really sold us a shitty concept when she was singing about hot old guys huh

No. 184882

File: 1620715319997.png (500.05 KB, 799x441, rip.png)

The sad thing is that Ewan's actually aged a little better than most guys his age, but yikes. He's one of the few aging men who actually looks a little better with a beard. He was so fucking cute in Velvet Goldmine and Trainspotting, anons.
He's still a good actor, at least. I liked his performance in Doctor Sleep.

No. 184883

He cheated on his wife with Mary Elizabeth Winstead so he sucks forever sorry anon

No. 184885

Also, base af.

No. 184887

At this point he should just buy Pearl Izumi cycling gear and a bike. It'd explain the shitty tan and lack of eyebrows.

No. 184888

Yes, very base

No. 184889

Kek sry stupid auto correct and I haven’t finished my coffee yet. I’m sry I’m am a retard.

No. 184890

File: 1620716294686.png (244.63 KB, 526x291, yikes.png)

No one ages as badly as hair metal guys. The aesthetic of the 80s worked well for baby-faced, androgynous, skinny guys, but the amount of drugs and alcohol these guys did just annihilated their looks (if it didn't kill them.) They also have the same Peter-Pan issue aging gay men often have, where they insist on dressing the exact same way they did when they were 20.

In addition to being generally cute, Tom Keifer had some insane DSLs when he was young. Nowadays he looks like a homeless Native American guy or something. And Keifer is far from being the worst! Axl Rose looks absolutely horrendous now.

He actually looks pretty okay, aside from the fact that he looks kind of like Pitbull kek.

No. 184898

almost tempted to share pictures of pete burns here, but I guess he wouldnt really apply because he destroyed his looks himself with surgeries etc. I always wonder how he would have aged naturally though. I guess we'll never know. he was gorgeous though

No. 184901

File: 1620721158893.jpg (111.29 KB, 586x800, 75c47bb263b7eac05d31a13bed43de…)

pete had surgery before he started becoming famous in DoA though.I can't really tell since the make up and hair really covers his features,but in his post-punk era he looked kinda ugly(it's obvious his teeth were kinda fucked).he was truly beautiful during his early DoA days though it's a shame he became so surgery addicted it consumed his life and he died

No. 185147

Not surprised he hit the wall. Was reading about him and he mentioned being misdiagnosed and rediagnosed every time he got a second opinion/third/etc… as bipolar, BPD, schizophrenic, schizoaffective, DiD, until his psychiatrist settled on C-PTSD. Woof.

No. 185188

wow, I didn't know that about him. all I knew is he has OCD. he does seem pretty eccentric though I guess.

No. 185196

File: 1620810500950.jpg (55.43 KB, 578x595, tumblr_osb9i69BwM1vbrhpqo1_640…)

Jonathan Davis. Now he looks like this freaking baby

No. 185197

File: 1620810563359.jpg (394.28 KB, 627x952, 20180602_Nürnberg_Rock_im_Park…)

No. 185254

I cannot believe this motherfucker still has those fucking eyebrow piercings in after all this time.

No. 185378

I can’t be mad though. He had a hard life and trauma to deal with

No. 185396

Damn, I had no idea. Now I feel bad

No. 185602

Tons of female musicians have dealt with the same traumas as him and you don't see them turning into obese meth heads.

Also, he named his son "Pirate." Meth: not even once.

No. 187110

they grew in

No. 189849

File: 1622823429612.jpg (65.35 KB, 770x880, 740e5c88058042bfb3f40780308498…)

I feel bad because I like Brian, but… it was dramatic.

No. 189852

File: 1622823491759.jpg (33.65 KB, 328x499, Brian-May.jpg)

To this…

No. 189853

File: 1622823628212.jpg (57.81 KB, 450x340, brian-may-pic-splash-343584835…)

…to this!

No. 189881

File: 1622830109507.jpg (33.21 KB, 590x350, BRIAN-MAY-ROGER-TAYLOR-1154626…)

Funny how Roger Taylor aged way better, and he's only 2 years younger.

No. 191936

File: 1623614754581.png (824.87 KB, 1000x1000, so sorry king.png)

Surprised there's never been any discussion of mozza on this website, he's pretty milky. Pic on the right is unfortunate, he looked ok until 2018-ish. He almost exclusively eats toast so might be why

No. 191938

well when everything else he does is so controversial nowadays, ppl don't focus as much on his looks

No. 191955

I think he would have aged pretty well if it wasn't for the boxing and the botched plastic surgeries. What a shame

No. 191994

File: 1623632012932.jpeg (188.83 KB, 1200x630, wm.jpeg)

i love moz and think he looks great for his early 60s

No. 191998

He's in his early 60s? He looks 75.

No. 192007

File: 1623637732519.jpg (114.62 KB, 470x892, clarkson young.jpg)


No. 192008

File: 1623637793280.jpg (136.42 KB, 907x1227, ascites intensifies intensely.…)

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

No. 192009

Jesus, his liver is trying so hard to escape his abdomen.

No. 192011

Christ Jezza, when are you due?

No. 192017

I love the boys but he looks worse than my 90 year old papa.

No. 192062

If he shaved the godawful stache and got a good haircut he'd look good. A moustache destroys men and I wish the trend would go away.

No. 192084

I’m not sure I understand how you can appear normal everywhere apart from one place. That is such a weird body shape

No. 192108

210% british genes and also five decades of alcoholism and chain smoking

No. 192115

File: 1623694350430.png (1.09 MB, 688x1214, Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 19.13…)

From this…

No. 192116

File: 1623694387158.png (1.51 MB, 838x1084, Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 19.12…)

to this. Omg.

No. 192117

Is he sick or something? In the before pic he has a little tan, but in this one he looks paper white. Serena doesn't deserve this.

No. 192121

nah she does, she's a huge bitch unfortunately. There was tea spilled on her by sepianmoon on lsa. I can't remember which thread.

No. 192125

I didn't even know he had looked this cute. Serena fans trash him so hard it's sometimes funny

No. 192166

both very unfortunate looking

No. 192167

File: 1623708385803.gif (788.71 KB, 500x375, 55410F31-04E7-418F-A566-AE4C01…)

spent my childhood sneaking in to the kitchen after everyone went to sleep to watch mtv for this dumbass

No. 192168

File: 1623708411729.jpeg (35.06 KB, 700x400, A65A189B-98C1-4EA8-BBB9-C9EC9E…)

on dr phil LMAO

No. 192183

File: 1623714347308.jpg (51.53 KB, 398x702, earthrocking.jpg)


No. 192201

I had the biggest crush on him too, anon.

He looks awful now.

No. 192319

File: 1623774646759.jpg (36.81 KB, 375x669, qeffzqqtsao11.jpg)

No. 192327

Lmao shitty genetics at its absolute peak in that burzum shirt. You cant make this shit up.

No. 192354

File: 1623790341230.jpg (93.37 KB, 1280x720, f1280x720-10256_141931_5050.jp…)

It's more PS than aging but still.

No. 192356

I still don't believe he's straight

I only just realized this was Bam and YIKES. I don't think he hit the wall; the wall hit him.

No. 192358

He looks like Kanye in that weird Roblox suit

No. 192359

I thought that was Slavoj Zizek

No. 192374

does he botox?

No. 192379

File: 1623795773200.jpg (61.45 KB, 560x765, 747157967.jpg)


No. 192380

File: 1623795795803.jpg (80.74 KB, 683x1024, jude-law-guckt-etwas-muerrisch…)

After. He isn't even 50 yet…

No. 192383

noooooo wtf

No. 192384

wtf happened to him? This is ridiculous!

No. 192385

Omg why did this happen

No. 192386

stop fucking lying

No. 192388

oh my fucking god… don't do drugs kids! I remember his daughter Iris being intoxicated by MDMA she found when she was 2 years old

No. 192394

I have hope for him! Yes he was beautiful younger but he has obviously gotten plastic surgery and it can take months for swelling to reduce, many aren’t fully healed till a year after. He looks terrible now but when the swelling has finally gone down he might look good.

No. 192400

this gave me depression

No. 192406

Why did this get more replies than the other guys

No. 192418

anons haven't seen what he looked like recently?

No. 192458

File: 1623835984964.png (799.76 KB, 732x696, Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 10.29…)

He looks older than 48 but doesn't look hideous or anything. I've always liked the way he dresses. My pic is from 2021, too.

wth? I didn't know that. Just looked her up, she's stunning.

No. 192463

File: 1623840141011.png (795.65 KB, 789x555, 5465.PNG)

dane cook before and after (now 49 y/o with his 19 y/o gf lmao)

No. 192586

File: 1623888440247.jpeg (318.1 KB, 660x1024, 08B2F8C9-199B-4A50-95FB-740DAD…)

I started watching his farming show on Amazon and got confused when he referred to the woman helping him as him girlfriend because she looks far too pretty for him.

No. 192610

Even in his prime I didn't find him that hot, probably because his hairline was always messed up

No. 192611

I'm surprised he lived until 80

No. 192767

The contrast between him and his gf makes him look even worse. If only these men would date women in their own age range instead of literal teenagers. This kind of shit just reeks of pathetic midlife crisis and trying desperately to recapture lost youth by dating a girl young enough to be his daughter.

No. 192768

He looks better here than in that other candid pic for sure but still, that hairline…yikes. male pattern baldness is tragic

No. 193369

File: 1624184058751.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2999x3999, sad.JPEG)

hes 26. twenty. six.

No. 193371

Jesus fucking Christ what the hell kek he was never my type but at least he used to look his age. He looks like a bloated 40-something alcoholic now.

No. 193407

Who is this?

No. 193421

Imo he was always stale looking and not special. Very commercial and boring

No. 193470

From 5sos, he looks like Ed Sheeran now. What a shame.

No. 193475

File: 1624226061957.png (897.87 KB, 838x639, 3.png)

they all kind of aged terribly, i cant believe they were pushed as attractive lol, standards for men are so low

No. 193490

I thought that was Harry Styles for a sec ngl

No. 193491

File: 1624236059066.jpg (304.02 KB, 1080x1094, IMG_20210621_023836.jpg)

Who also looks like shit

No. 193506

File: 1624243116532.jpeg (81.04 KB, 640x800, 155557107_442485027062952_8986…)

How do these ugly ass untalented scrotes still pull in over 500k likes a post?? The standards are below Hell at this point.

No. 193510

I never understood why people found 5sos attractive. they were so meh. I got back on tumblr again recently and one of the people I follow still reblogs pics of them and none of them have aged well.

No. 193530

Not tryna blog but we had a family friend who was friends with him on AOL back in the early days of the internet. No joke. And then she met him IRL after that. Blew my mind when I learned that.

No. 193581

File: 1624284675029.jpg (1.32 MB, 1800x1200, harry-styles-tour-postponed.jp…)

i wanted to post him as well, you can already see he is going to age badly

No. 194608

File: 1624845296439.jpeg (957.45 KB, 1080x1350, danhowell.jpeg)

He hit the wall tbh, it's sad because he was cute before. Phil hasn't aged that badly though.

No. 194615

It's unbelievable how badly he aged and he's still only young, how tf does someone deteriorate that fast? Unpopular opinion on lolcow but he was incredibly cute like ten years ago, it sucks.

No. 194616

Hard partying and drugs. Dude has always had a weird froggy face but the rapid aging wrecked him

No. 194625

File: 1624856716679.jpg (45.34 KB, 531x411, nm_karn_080710_ssh[2].jpg)

the look he's trying to pull off now reminds me of Richard Karn playing Al in Home Improvement. However, Karn himself has aged like he was frozen for all these years.

No. 194632

That's ridiculous. He's got those magical genes.

No. 194639

phil has just always been ugly lol

No. 194641

File: 1624866658470.jpg (1.57 MB, 2000x1857, 1078940375034.jpg)

I was a kid when he was in his prime and I've always had a weakness for ripped bodies and deep voices. He was a great himbo at the time. In 2015 this was fucking depressing. When men let themselves go they really do tend to transition into the full pregnant beer gut. He's actually fit again now to play Hannibal (Barca), so that's something, but shame about his face. He used to have more defined features and no matter how much he slims down his neck and cheeks stay bloated. Giving me Joe Rogan vibes these days. Ugh.

No. 194674

File: 1624894041253.jpg (57.97 KB, 642x713, bc6afce16cc4bf09c70d1993aca6ab…)

No. 194675

File: 1624894111764.jpg (55.04 KB, 883x1208, MV5BZWUzNTY0YjktMGI4My00YzU4LT…)

his poor hair

No. 194685

he was ugly to begin with tbh. the makeup and hair is like frosting on an cake that's already moldy

No. 194689

File: 1624902726864.jpg (44.56 KB, 409x612, gettyimages-88428271-612x612.j…)

nta, but I think he looked cute

No. 194693

>he was ugly to begin with tbh.

No. 194717

File: 1624911185338.png (1.75 MB, 1172x1170, anwar hadid.png)

He's still young but I can already imagine how bad he will age

No. 194719

Did he get a ton of ps like his sisters?

No. 194746

File: 1624922954124.jpg (45.68 KB, 639x929, Co9jF9gWYAAEJxK.jpg)

Ugly? Nah. More like a Walmart Ben Affleck. So still kinda cute imo

No. 194750

hes not ugly at all, he was a qt3.14

No. 194782

OK, this photo is pretty good. He just looks wacky with the unkept hair. I think the worst part about him being older is the bloat and for some god damn reason he's lining his waterline with a white liner? I'd like to see him with no makeup on.

No. 196523

Does anyone know a DILF irl? My dad is extremely extroverted and I've met hundreds of old scrotes from his college, high school, former workplaces. Only ONE, yes ONE, would be considered a DILF. Tbh he may be even hotter than his son who's around my age. But the only reason he's a DILF is because he's a fitness freak with a weird diet on top of being naturally attractive. He's still got hair but he's tanned to hell so I anticipate him becoming leathery soon enough. He looks incredible for his age though, he's a genuinely hot man and it makes me kind of uncomfortable kek.
The rest of my dad's acquaintances are rocking dadcore wardrobes with beer guts and are balding and/or have leather-y skin. Keep in mind my dad is extremely sociable and there's only one dude I can name who is still attractive. Sadly as a woman in my early 20s I've found that moids are already sporting the ugly slobby dad look by their 20s. I'm legit starting to think that smegmoids are projecting when they say that women peak at 18 because I know so many women who got hotter in their 20s but no men.

No. 197661

File: 1626198232003.jpeg (126.44 KB, 960x960, original.jpeg)

low quality post but

No. 197662

File: 1626198281136.jpeg (188.23 KB, 1200x1200, Johnny-Depp-attends-the-Maltin…)

No. 197785

Such a damn shame

No. 198613

File: 1626764412829.jpg (401.83 KB, 2048x1585, E6bdJAlWQAQhgPA.jpg)

No. 198621

File: 1626769774969.jpg (122.13 KB, 900x1200, EBLUMdnUwAA_tJr.jpg)

he just looks like chad to me lol and plenty of people wanna fuck that guy

No. 198636

i said it once and ill say it again, seek professional mental health

No. 198644

File: 1626793294530.png (2.64 MB, 2000x2000, takuyakimura.png)

No. 198646

File: 1626795039540.jpeg (44.27 KB, 660x371, EF9E61D4-637F-458C-876E-731B60…)

Not the worst example, he just looks like a Funko Pop collector now.

No. 198664

A lot of his features are still in better condition than most badly aged men maybe because he didn't have enough money to do as much drugs as them. It would be interesting to see how he looked if he did an intense Hollywood without regime, fake tanned and either shaved his head or got a wig

No. 198672

Anon, I posted in the horny thread, but this Chadanon is a different anon.
I see you fellow Chadanon.

No. 198784

Left is absolutely beautiful holy shit wtf happened

No. 198897

File: 1626924778246.jpg (582.1 KB, 2880x2880, 01.jpg)

Bruh. I found him attractive until 2015.

No. 198907

File: 1626929121292.png (8.01 MB, 4500x6500, 1626928802430.png)

Willem Dafoe.
Man was such a babe!
He is a great actor and I really enjoyed his look in Mississippi Burning he isnt even that young looking in that movie but just looked so sophisticated and those types of men are my weakness. But alas he is a male afterall.

No. 198986

Oh my god what, that's the same person???

No. 199155

File: 1627102448319.jpeg (298.65 KB, 1125x1095, A97D15AE-DEBA-45BB-924A-B0544F…)

saw this on twitter. holy shit 15 years and i don’t even think he was attractive in the first place

No. 199161

At least old Willem Dafoe looks kinda distinct and cool. Something that doesn’t apply to most men posted in this thread.

No. 199175

I love Willem so much as an actor, I don't even care that he's weird looking. I also don't think he changed that much, he looks particularly good in that still at the top but if you look at the rest of the video that's from, his face isn't too far off from his current face. Just has more baby fat and tight skin. Unlike the severely bloated, deformed men in this thread, Willem aged okay imo, he's always been a bit harsh looking.

No. 200141

File: 1627681445025.png (366.87 KB, 622x586, 840932784093274023.png)

>silver fox
HAHAHAHA. Media still going hard to shill for fat wrinkled scrotes attempting to be edgy with their greyed, greasy hair styled into the oh so fashionable "I just ran some cum through this" manner

Agreed. Willem has always had unusual features, he's never been mainstream attractive but that's fine. He's distinctive and an amazing actor and seemingly not as pig-headed as most.

No. 200166

File: 1627695838769.jpg (850.92 KB, 2048x1627, gettyimages-98832583-2048x2048…)

John was a chain smoker and spent much of the mid-70's binging heroin. The effects are obvious.

No. 200181

File: 1627712728413.jpeg (62.6 KB, 534x800, 43B3FC44-2B7F-4F82-B150-BAD47D…)

yep. it amazes me how much he aged in a short amount of time, heroin kills your looks. he had great bone structure though

also men just looked older back then, i was literally shocked out of my mind learning captain beefheart wasn’t even 30 when trout mask replica was released

No. 200182

File: 1627714724911.jpg (11.61 KB, 256x197, psaddition.jpg)

i don't understand what compels a game developer to transform himself into such an abomination

No. 200185

I didn't know foxes could be obese

No. 200191

failed himbofication

No. 200200

Ed Sheeran unironically looks better than this dude.

No. 200201

This just makes me sad. Brendan had a hard life

No. 200202

File: 1627749087704.jpeg (102.26 KB, 960x640, C7AFDD2D-97B1-433D-BA7C-4FC8BE…)

>66 years old
Jawline intact, good head of hair, playing interesting roles he’s actually suited for? Willem, babe, you’re killing it

No. 200210

He described his own sisters as "the horniest little girls". He was expelled from school for making a pornographic film. When his marriage ended he, in his own words, "impulsively" married a woman 20 years younger than himself… he's a scrote.

No. 200300

That's not nearly as bad as Gackt.

No. 200344

Ew wtf. I know scrotes are scrotes but EW. Who the fuck says that about their young sisters other than predators??

No. 200830

In the past he's actually said he was pregnant in response to an ugly photo of himself. He's ugly as hell but I respect him for owning it.

No. 201085

I fucking knew it.

No. 201254

>Ive noticed that many men have this weird potato face syndrome where the more they age the smaller their features get and the bigger their head gets, just like this pic.

This is an effect of testosterone, especially during "second puberty" (your thirties).

You can see this effect a lot more starkly in other mammals. Male cats who get fixed vs males who keep their nards getting giant fuck-you bull heads.

No. 201262


No. 201265

looks like he leaned into his strength of being a gentle lumberjack, good for him.

No. 201404

Literally Harry Styles in under 10 years

No. 201406

The last time Haley Osment wasn’t ugly was when he was a child. Man literally hit the wall at puberty.

No. 201487

File: 1628666403446.png (393.61 KB, 400x600, 1628625447029.png)

This Mexican actress is 68 and her boyfriend is only 29 and aged like milk

No. 201491

he also looks homosexual asf (nothing wrong with that just why did you choose this woman)

they deserve each other

No. 201493

File: 1628668349446.jpg (308.36 KB, 1200x1200, gettyimages-1189389361.jpg)


No. 201495

File: 1628668537594.jpg (274.12 KB, 1200x1200, b33c05a7e69449f5a21d3c80f204d6…)

In retrospect, I feel like Eddie looked more Indonesian when he was older than when he was young. I've literally seen him live and I didn't even know he was a hapa until after his death, when a bunch of news outlets called him a POC.


No. 201516

Do you really think this is ageing like milk? To me he looked fine, he was in his sixties and battling cancer

No. 201589

He does look older than 29 but Lyn May is a botched filler freak. I can't believe you're suggesting she's aged well…

No. 201590

File: 1628721725628.jpg (158.59 KB, 1200x800, merlin_1085036.7.jpg)

He doesn't look too old there. There's worse pics. He's always been fuggo anyway.

No. 201591

File: 1628721791915.jpg (124.41 KB, 667x1000, imago0105366005w.jpg)

No. 201687

File: 1628788474207.jpeg (263.53 KB, 1400x1400, Jonah-Hills-New-Tattoo-Is-Ulti…)

jonah hill was never a looker but wtf happened. his skin texture is seriously alarming. hes only 37

No. 201689

File: 1628790335917.jpeg (94.87 KB, 1000x1200, 231684234_1030176731070180_826…)

ignore the faggy meme

No. 201691

File: 1628791010418.jpeg (638.15 KB, 3000x2000, perry-split-2.jpeg)

i love how this is the first photo that comes up when u search for 'matthew perry' male genes + addiction hit hard

No. 201702

Rapid weight loss and lack of skincare

No. 201857

File: 1628912312874.jpg (35.35 KB, 404x602, 360c51b4b0f3f3aa020dc9f95feba9…)

why did he hit the wall so hard? aren't drugs supposed to keep you skinny?

No. 201860

He also smokes non-stop now to curb his appetite.

No. 201862

What the fuck he looks awful, and that's really saying something.

No. 201865

He was a severe alcoholic for years , and like every other chronic drunk it inevitably caught up with him and destroyed his looks and overall physical health. ( alcohol was his main drug of choice irrc, as wing to that was lsd and other hallucinogens)

No. 201968

I think he looked cute in the 80s, but the smoking and alcohol really damaged his skin and hair. I think he might have been going through cancer treatment at the time >>201590 was taken.

No. 201982

File: 1629005279044.jpeg (Spoiler Image,250.5 KB, 815x536, 73E3BC55-991F-4B0A-819F-98A70F…)

HOW IS HE ONLY 27!!!!!!!!

No. 201984

File: 1629008005288.jpeg (53.7 KB, 764x401, F4F0D85B-BA23-432F-B942-50505C…)

Varg Vikernes only 48 yr old
Has his own thread on snow

No. 201985

he's slowly morphing into chad kroger

No. 201989

Not a Varg fan so I had no idea how old he was, but I'm shocked he's 48 years old. Why does he look twice that? Is it against his neo-nazi ethos to dye his hair something that isn't snow white and shave his santa beard?

No. 202179

File: 1629149348611.jpeg (43.57 KB, 826x455, https___s3-images.ladbible.com…)

I had such a crush on him when I was a young teen but he's just turned into his dad. If you listen to him in interviews he can hardly speak now.

No. 202182

he has the voice of the serial rapist alcoholic that the owner of the bar refuses to ban even after he's attacked all your friends.

and he actually looks worse than his dad. phil is a fat senior citizen but seems like a nice guy and looks like he showers

No. 202183

he should have stopped the weight loss when he got to "hollywood fat." fat men who go past their natural healthy size age themselves horribly.

No. 202187

>tfw i caught my chubby chaser friend with ridiculously low standards simping for this man today on fb

No. 202190

Oddly specific but I see it.

I cant help but feel sorry for him. The majority of the Jackass crew were successful in other ventures. Even Stevo-O sorted himself out and got a popular YouTube channel, yet Bam is a total fuck up.

No. 202198

don't. he's a horrible narcissist. just watch that video where he shits his pants and has a tantrum over the boys throwing a snake at him, like he's the victim after all he's done to his parents on camera. he can dish it out but not take it. and his kid clearly has FAS so his wife's obviously a cow too

No. 202237

Someone hasn't heard the call for the WASTED AND WOUNDED

No. 202310

File: 1629229149773.jpg (29.02 KB, 500x373, d709dbced945c84cc0525bb2da781d…)

same anon. it's sad. i loved the ville/bam duo too kek

No. 202313

File: 1629229516225.jpg (11.67 KB, 400x225, 400x225_cmsv2_9b7b9feb-51f9-58…)

Don't you think Ville resembles Greta Thunberg?

No. 202530

yeah maybe if his cheekbones dropped to his jaw

No. 202582

god fucking dammit I thought he was one of the better ones! why dafoe why

No. 202630

Eh read the actual article where he said all this… nonita took the first two out of context.

No. 202631

could you link the article for research purposes?

No. 202640

It's like someone pasted a teenager girl face on to a man's head

No. 202863

I feel like it's gonna be like this with Bill Skarsgard in a few years

No. 203686

Omg I don't really get his appeal at all. Like he looks good in some angles but otherwise he looks like a night creature.

No. 203702

God, Edward Furlong was so pretty. I remember watching Pet Sematary 2 and was like holy shit who is this gorgeous man he must be so hot now and googling him and I was SHOCKED. Then I read about his fucked up childhood ( being groomed and then molested by his own agent or makeup artist or whatever that nasty Ho was and I wonder if the way he is now is because of that.

No. 203707

File: 1630422110386.jpg (68.49 KB, 800x445, deanANDERSON.jpg)

what the fresh hell happened here? i know he's like 70 or something now but still

No. 203708

But I love his smile

No. 203712

Oh fuck, I didn't know he's 48. He looks 65.

No. 203734

Face honestly looks pretty good for a 70-something, not many wrinkles. Just fat.

No. 203911


he still looks fine, what the hell are you talking about?

He has always dressed like that though, it's unfortunate

No. 203924

Except this was referring to the time they abused him. He was 6 when these sisters "taught" him about sex.

>It was a sexual education, because my sisters were the horniest little girls. They would tell me stuff that, when I was small, I didn't want to hear. I remember one of my sisters talking about fellatio and cunnilingus when I was 6 years old. I said, "Only dirty people do that, right?" She just laughed. When I told my friends what I knew about the birds and bees, they beat me up because they found it so disgusting.

The way some of you take the context out of people's words is honestly terrifying.

No. 204356

File: 1630873917325.jpg (597.36 KB, 2189x2950, a7237736707ec09c961b166e4d2b27…)

2012, looked pretty decent

No. 204357

File: 1630873949873.jpeg (97.39 KB, 415x550, 02EC1C37-7301-4865-81C7-CB64B7…)

No. 204358

Jesus fucking Christ

No. 204379

Ugh I found him really cute back in the day.

No. 204467

To be fair, he lost his sister and mother unexpectedly within like 3 years. That's bound to age you.

No. 204470

Holy shit he looks like an alcoholic homeless

No. 204471

he looks like he smells completely like piss and liquor

No. 204479

File: 1630954196010.jpeg (50.65 KB, 663x442, 57E371D5-6ABB-47A7-8D6E-35CB94…)

This is so heartbreaking.

No. 204481

I can't stop laughing even his hat says fugly

No. 204482

i saw this from the front page and i thought it was an older butch lesbian woman

No. 204483

Should have stayed away from the drugs and alcohol.

No. 204484

Oh my god. From one of the most beautiful men to washed up white trash. He doesn't just look ugly either, he looks emaciated and unhealthy. I hope they don't find him dead in a hotel room before his time

No. 204486

File: 1630957176811.jpeg (98.83 KB, 1024x683, 8533345B-7691-4014-89D6-2872CF…)

Luckily that picture is from 2018. This is him last year

No. 204487

File: 1630957241151.jpeg (839.99 KB, 2000x3000, EBA634B9-62B4-4B1D-9259-CCDE58…)

2018 was pretty bad for him tho.

No. 204497

if youve got structured face bones, drug induced facial wasting is bound to hollow it.

did anyone watch Lorry Hill's video on him? I think he's gotten more done than she's saying, otherwise his face would be melting off by now. but I do want to see her do more videos on male celebs work

No. 204498

That is a very…yonic looking scarf.

No. 204516

FUCKING KEK the fugly hat combined with the stay humbled or be humbled shirt is killing me

No. 204518

one could say he is self aware

No. 204530

ugh, he used to be so hot back in the 90s

No. 206054

File: 1631986413230.png (829.42 KB, 1032x600, alex jones.png)

dear god

No. 206055

File: 1631986722598.png (247.76 KB, 636x324, watch out globalists.png)

jones used to be fucking ripped.

No. 206056

Still would

No. 206065

goddamn, I thought he only looked that bad because he was one of those flabby old guys who roided to get fit

No. 206103

Late but what did you expect from this board? Its like the anons clearly not attracted to men storm these threads to tell others their opinions.

No. 206119

File: 1632030518768.png (220.05 KB, 390x270, joe rogan then and now.png)

I can't believe he used to be hot

No. 206120

File: 1632030590492.png (34.07 KB, 600x400, joe rogan then and now2.png)

samefag, here's another

No. 206122

jesus christ that is so sad

No. 206129

didn't he take steroids? those will fuck you up

No. 206130

Maybe if he got a nosejob he'd look hot again? Thoughts?

No. 206144

I'm almost certain he took/is still taking steroids. I used to box and knew a lot of older guys who took steroids and got that same cartoonishly big jaw grow out of nowhere after taking them.

No. 206176

His face is really wide now, it's the old man bloat that he can't reverse. Nose job would help but he's never gonna be that good looking again because of the fat face.

No. 206203

Why do men's faces get bigger and bigger as they age? It's so weird. They get a fat face, coarse features and then the jaw suddenly shrivels up, random hair sprouts. Disgustang.

No. 206226

doesn't it depend on the construction of the face? for a lot of them it's probably just gravity though. if you do roids like joe or have bad fillers your face is gonna look a thousand times more stretched out. but some moids end up looking more gaunt as they get older, so I don't know

No. 206238

He's been on steroids for a long time. Plus the male wall is very real

No. 206587

File: 1632311940963.png (1.15 MB, 1312x488, fine wine.png)

There's probably better pictural evidence but I thought this transformation was notable. Clemens Rehbein from Milky Chance.

No. 206590

File: 1632313368514.png (268.37 KB, 305x394, 3.png)

No. 206595

File: 1632319648882.png (1 MB, 952x602, 1632303002432.png)

Oh this is a hoot.

No. 206597

From prince to literal crackhead kek. Needs hair plugs, nosejob, tan, dye hair black, sides of jaw filler, and serious Botox.

No. 206599

Sexist twonk so tis thoroughly deserved.

No. 206613

this is devastating his before looked like my alpha cc sims

No. 206625

He went from the rapist dropping tablets in your drink in a high end nightclub to the rapist lurking in the dumpster behind Denny's

No. 206635

idk what the age difference between the left and the right is but he's honestly not that bad, the left looks heavily shooped in the first place. he doesn't even look human there

No. 206652

kek anon

No. 206669

Anon, what the fuck are you doing?!

No. 207638

No idea who this guy is but at least he still looks like himself, unlike most guys in this thread.

No. 207881

File: 1633292558860.png (635.55 KB, 709x622, nick.png)

Nick Fuentes just turned 23 and is already looking haggard

No. 207886

Nick Fuentes is younger than me? Holy shit I thought he was in his thirties. That’s what holding on to hatred for everyone not exactly like you will do.

No. 207889

TIL he's younger than me too holy shit

No. 208165

File: 1633467266045.png (1.09 MB, 1409x600, gandyfixed.png)

That image on the left is shopped quite a lot. Here's the real one

No. 208166

thank you, this one was bothering me. nice to see he actually has skin texture. it's really not that stark a difference between the two photos, I don't know why anons are acting like the shooped version was somehow more attractive, motherfucker looks more like a 2d caricature than a human. also note the change in facial posturing and all that

some of you are clearly brainwashed into believing humans don't have lines and wrinkles and dimples and texture to your skin by social media filtering and it fucking shows

No. 208177

Men with deep crow's feet young is so jarring and creepy

No. 208179

human men are disgusting

No. 208185

go back to your 2d containment zone then you mentally inept weeaboo

No. 208215

File: 1633491568856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,553.49 KB, 828x925, FC82A989-DC01-4132-8E81-33266A…)

More than lines , the obvious is his volume loss and his nose increasing in size bu at least 2 folds

No. 208220

nta but people say that shit literally all the time about women, even on lolcow (the waifu thread says "no 3D disgusting pigs allowed" in the OP) go whiteknight for crusty washed up scrotoids somewehere else.

No. 208223

if you hate 3d men so much then why are you sperging in a thread about 3d men retard

No. 208227

this whole thread is about how poorly men age and that anon came to WK for them when there's 50 other threads to do that. are you literally retarded?

No. 208234

i'm not wk'ing because I said you're being retarded, when you are clearly being retarded.

No. 208235

you're the one who clearly didn't read the OP and thought this was another simping thread and that's why you got triggered that anon prefers 2D men, but sure, I'm the retard here

No. 208284

Not that much of a difference between the photos honestly but the unshooped one looks better. Photo on the left is kinda uncanny. He looks good in the after pic too imo, just needs to groom his beard and comb his hair.

No. 208393

The one on the far left kind of looks like it could be venti's long lost brother/cousin

No. 209628

File: 1634355049669.jpeg (440.94 KB, 1996x1101, 7EC5C1B2-4B05-4547-A036-1CED2E…)

nigga turned into Elliot Page

No. 209632

File: 1634358785955.jpg (73.53 KB, 816x530, danzig lol.jpg)

No. 209633

yeah imagine how a famous woman his age with that kind of skin would be treated

No. 209634

Dude is 66 and has looked like DANZIG since he started DANZIG in 1987 except with a bit of a gut on him.

No. 209635

the gaunt ones are non-alcoholics, the giant head guys drink and eat like they're 21 all their lives

No. 209713

It's also gaining weight. Gaining weight makes your face bigger, otherwise it sinks from facial fat loss.

No. 209792

this is literally so depressing, what the fuck

No. 209986

the transition from misfits to a solo act turned him from a cute twink to a big lump

No. 210149

he's very vocal about using HGH which makes your head bigger (alongside everything else)
also he does stand up so he probably spends every night drinking
I can't imagine how fucked his liver and kidneys must be at this point having to process all the shit he keeps pumping into himself he's rich enough to buy new ones so doesn't care

No. 210188

Now I know why he shouts all the time

No. 210192

Holy shit this thread. I have a theory about male ageing especially in pretty boys: they got a lot of attention in their youth, and as they got older the attention dried up, and they got depressed and let themselves go big time, obsessing over the glory days while actually being the cause of their own downfall. Men do suffer from ageism as women do, but I think cope with the loss of attention far worse (women are usually delighted to be finally left alone) since men thrive on approval and admiration. Plus drink and drugs obvs, but the first thing is the major cause.

No. 210193

I love how I literally wouldn't recognize so many of these celebs if I walked past them. I'd probably recognize his voice though.

No. 210194

Agreed, he aged very well imo. Also he gets muscular for his live shows and has a nice dadbod, unlike many in this thread.

No. 210195

Holy crap, it's like someone overfilled a balloon, testosterone: not even once

No. 211470

I'm only 22 but when I stalk the instagrams of my former high school classmates, a lot of the boys I thought were cute look like shit now. Wtf happened to them in just 5 years.

No. 211473

File: 1635582189773.jpg (342.39 KB, 1920x1920, JAJ2KO2OBNIYZDYKRCTIGIO5VA.jpg)


No. 211475

*oops, 53.

Mine too, they all have little pot bellies coming on and a general sickly look to the skin. Unacceptable.

No. 211476

Craig has always had super weird face lines, even when he started portraying bond in his 30s. There's always been harshness to his facial structure that made it look kind of old so this isn't surprising

No. 211578

File: 1635641214544.jpg (209.88 KB, 1330x1331, making me want fried chicken.j…)

He looks like a chimp, has an overall weird face, big flappy dumbo ears and has been balding since his early career. I never got the appeal. I think it's just that he has a deep voice and an English accent, which automatically makes him attractive to a lot of women.

Speaking of 007, I made the mistake of watching a MGTOW youtube video (I know, judge me, I deserve it) and he called Pierce Brosnan in his current form a "silver fox". He looks like Colonel Sanders.

No. 211590

File: 1635642324799.jpeg (167.2 KB, 875x1000, jesse-plemons-final-episodes-o…)

i know he won't be everyones (probs most of yall) cup of tea, but i quite fancied jesse plemons, he had a really quirky face which saw an unfortunate and rapid degradation due to weight gain and aging. still managed to bag the lovely kirsten durst tho, weirdo

No. 211591

File: 1635642345996.jpeg (64.18 KB, 800x511, Kirsten-Dunst-Jesse-Plemons-Th…)


No. 211593

Damn, life really hit him with that DiCaprio frog bloat. Swear some dudes faces just expand at 40, my theory is it's alcoholism.

No. 211859

it seems like lighter haired men age differently, maybe it's them typically having lighter skin pigmentation but what it is about ginger or more blonde men aging worse than dark haired men

No. 212639

File: 1636361576005.jpg (209.37 KB, 2134x1203, julian-casablancas.jpg)

He might've been brought up before but I can't get over it, he was so pretty…

No. 212645

It's because their eyebrows disappear, >>211591 would look 30% less heinous with eyebrows

No. 212693

oh no i used to be the biggest strokes fan i didn't know he looks like this now

No. 212716

I can't stand this shit mullet he has going on

No. 212728

I'm sorry you had to find out this way nonnie
Me too, it really just accentuates his bad aging. I think if he lost some weight and went back to his earlier haircut it'd suit him more, but the melting face thing would probably still be obvious.

No. 212809

File: 1636482109103.jpeg (269.07 KB, 750x393, A2FF764F-635D-4DE3-8734-CF0F96…)


No. 212825

omg and he's engaged to rooney mara

No. 212835

I mean is there really much of a difference in the before and after

No. 212838

No just the hair. Anon should have used an actual young pic of him.

No. 212839

This is probably just for a role.

No. 212877

File: 1636546013364.jpg (37.44 KB, 480x721, gettyimages-635761807-15719403…)

No. 212893

handsome. could have benefited from some lip fillers though

No. 212916

I forgot how pretty he used to be

No. 213056

A retro fb page I follow just posted this John Goodman Footlocker ad from 1981. I never knew he used to be skinny. He just looks like the type of guy who’s been fat since the day he landed. He also would have aged so much better if he hadn’t gained and lost all that weight. What a shame.

No. 213057

File: 1636700068873.jpeg (34.99 KB, 359x359, B97CA067-C7B4-4811-86C4-03050E…)

Picrel for anons who can’t be bothered watching.

No. 213143

File: 1636775147991.png (810.03 KB, 698x733, zane leo.png)

Zane was always bald. Wore a wig in Titanic.

No. 213162

considering how skinny he was in joker it seems weird he'd be this fat now unless it was first a role

No. 213175

He's so British looking

No. 213286

File: 1636926333520.png (311.49 KB, 572x363, CSwvOoXWsAAXKxw.png)

DC's face is too comical. He looks like a busted Norman Wisdom.

No. 213695

looks like HGH/steroids made his nose and ears bigger

No. 213917

File: 1637336275459.jpg (143.97 KB, 1280x720, rf.jpg)

Ralph Fiennes 1/2

No. 213918

File: 1637336346789.jpg (31.82 KB, 594x409, gettyimages-1159446417-594x594…)

2/2 I don't care about the baldness of the head but at least cut your hair, shave your beard and draw some eyebrows.

No. 214006

Gross. I thought he looked great as a nazi (I'm not some alt right psycho he just rocked the stylish/fitted uniform) but the hair really is unfortunate. Once it reaches that point men just needs to shave it all. In clinging to their remaining scraps of hair they lose all dignity

No. 214017

Also late but shut the fuck up

No. 214629

File: 1637816174170.jpeg (24.35 KB, 695x441, 579D61AC-F114-434E-95CF-BBFE86…)

Time has not been kind to my middle school husbando.

No. 214633

File: 1637820732542.jpg (158.38 KB, 818x556, Untitled.jpg)

my dear sweet panda bear, i love you but please moisturize

No. 214649

Men peak at 19

No. 214670

I agree.

No. 214681


No. 214691

I love him. But I agree though but I think his hair and beard make him look older

No. 214799

That's when my boyfriend looked his best so I agree.

No. 216526

honestly i've never found him attractive either way, but this is just unfair. aging like milk to me means someone who looks great at 20 and like total shit at just 25-30, prince philip being a perfect example. but taking a picture of someone with a 40 year gap in between is literally pointless. of course people look better at 20 than they do at 60…

No. 216538

I think Pierce aged very gracefully if you consider that he's literally 68 years old.

No. 216609

lmao old but dude morphing into ice poseidon

No. 216875

not as hot as reba mcentire, gtfo pierce

No. 216876

moids just never learn to take care of themselves. i know several light skinned blond men who didn't get fat and look much younger than they are (40s-50s). maybe it just seems more prevalent in the very fair ones because they are more likely to come from countries with a lot of drinking and drugs? like england, scotland, america

No. 216931


You can't age like milk if you weren't even cute to begin with, he was a 3/10 man to start out… y'all gotta raise your standards of males

No. 216932


moids really just immediately give up whenever they think they've locked down a woman with a ring and a child huh

No. 221892

File: 1641510747167.jpeg (173.49 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpeg)

> he's cute, hmm, i wonder what he looks like now

No. 221893

File: 1641510771087.jpg (116.17 KB, 1096x1612, MV5BZDliZjU1NTctNTc0YS00NGVhLW…)

> ewwww

No. 221895

Cute is a strong word. And Jfc, I just looked it up. I didn't know he fucking DIED.

Now this mf is rich as shit. Looks are important because he's an actor. He could afford any skincare,any treatment and he won't even put on sunscreen. Every summer this bitch is red, brown and burned. Disgrace.

No. 221925

bro he ded

No. 221931

Who is this

No. 221934

Billy Ray Cyrus

No. 221945

Trevor Moore

No. 222332

File: 1641688929476.png (1.43 MB, 1266x896, sterling knight.png)

Sterling Knight from Disney (Sonny with a Chance, Starstruck) used to be one of my childhood crushes and now he looks like this at 32. Tragic.

No. 222336

he looked like a turbogay before, almost equally repulsive tbh, though obviously less wrecked. he looks like a trucker now. sad. their skin always looks so bad.

No. 222340

File: 1641690808057.png (1.11 MB, 1244x658, nate.png)

Still a beautiful man but he totally lost his appeal. The whole men reach their peak in their 30s is bullshit.

No. 222342

I think part of it is his disgusting beard and lazy haircut

No. 222355

I think he’s still pretty cute. His haircut is awful though/

No. 222356

File: 1641696544456.jpg (5.6 KB, 194x259, images (4).jpg)

he always looked gay. i think he's more cut now which lends to him looking older for sure. typical het styling always ages men though. if they want to look young they should keep their hair long for as long as they can

No. 222360

plus they need to shave

No. 222361

definitely. a little facial hair can be cute but regular shaving needs to be a thing

No. 225593

File: 1642893329018.png (174.69 KB, 553x233, Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 3.14…)

These two images being next to each other on google reminded me this thread existed lol

No. 225597

holy shit he looks 63. he's only 45!

No. 227560

File: 1643628574323.jpeg (118.46 KB, 1080x1080, ohdear.jpeg)

No. 227577

No. 227585

I juse learned that he was sexually assaulted and started binge eating, and now I feel bad.

No. 227617

i will never forgive my friend for thirsting over current brendan fraser. ive heard about the bad shit he went thru but it wont stop me from calling a spade a spade and this spade is physically repulsive

No. 227734

File: 1643687176485.png (1.81 MB, 1442x740, quinn.png)

Fucking tragic.

No. 227735

Did he start smoking crack irl?

No. 227736

guys need to be on mandatory lifelong prophylactic propecia the minute they turn 18

No. 227755

they usually end up getting new hair in the form of "hair plugs"

No. 227791

File: 1643722371816.jpeg (78.76 KB, 339x600, 29158594-8382913-image-a-63_15…)

Ashton Kutcher

No. 228603

File: 1643971292331.png (443.8 KB, 483x353, twilight.png)

i'm sorry to do this to you all, but one of the wolf pack guys from twilight that an anon just posted. he's 28 in recent picrel. it is most definitely him as he posted acting pics from twilight and other acting gigs on this instagram account.

No. 228604

hes hot wtf

No. 228605

presently you think he's hot? on the left?

No. 228613

I can't believe this is the same person. This is truly tragic.

No. 228614

>he's 28 in recent picrel.
This can't be right. I refuse to believe that he looks like that when he is still in his 20s.

No. 228615

File: 1643978287746.png (260.09 KB, 411x503, twiligh.PNG)

this is him now at 30

No. 228617

Well there you have it he's a smoker. Smokers don't look after themselves, they actively ruin themselves

No. 228618

yes … i truly think some of you pedos/hebephilia whatever the fuck scrotes say to excuse being attracted to younger girls because half of these men look normal and attractive. aging is attractive. this man looks fine. get help.

No. 228628

most women prefer men near their own age and receding hair, leather faces, pot bellies, and looking unhealthy in general are never attractive kek. also half the other men ITT are literally middle aged, being attracted to that as a 20-something is not normal.

No. 228632

this twilight guy certainly doesnt fit any of those traits though…. also you will age too… kek /g/ really is a cesspool of girls afraid of hitting the wall. you will mock me and call me old too and i'm only 23 i'm just sick of the age shaming on here in general….

No. 228633

>this twilight guy certainly doesnt fit any of those traits though…
does >>228615 not look unhealthy to you? and all the 'age shaming' is directed towards men (who often don't take care of themselves), idk how you get "afraid of hitting the wall" out of that. most anons agree that older women look better.

No. 228647

He got into boxing and ruined his face on purpose. Look it up.

No. 228748

>aging is attractive.
Moid who fell for the meme that hes gonna get hotter by each year while women somehow rot, realizes no sane young woman is attracted to 50 yo rusty men.

No. 229004

I've only just got here and the cope is unbelievable. Thinking either men or women age better is retarded, everyone looks different once they're older. Some look worse, some look better. It's not gender specific, if you think otherwise you're just insanely insecure and likely way too obsessed about your appearance.

No. 229261

File: 1644272298202.jpeg (127.96 KB, 1208x796, 36A62626-0948-4A4E-89EA-12A864…)

I used to be a pewdiepie fan when I was like 13 and all he did was let’s plays, hadn’t watched any of his stuff in like eight years, felt nostalgic and wanted to see what he was up to. I don’t know if my tastes/standards have changed over the past 10 years but he looks awful, worse than I remember and way worse than I expected him to at this point. Rip to my middle school crush I guess. The wall is real ladies, but not for us.

No. 229270

Idk anon. He looks good still I think? The screenshot you posted just has shitty lighting.

No. 229276

I've never seen a man look better as he got older, they only get worse.

No. 229280

Dave grohl?

No. 229282

idk who that is but he looks homeless

No. 229285

Drummer for nirvana and goo fighters frontman, plus a couple other projects like stone temple pilots. He wildly improved from his youth tho.

No. 229305

the only men who resemble their young selves in any capacity during middle age are plastic surgery creaturos like jared leto and blessed mutants like keanu reeves. apart from these two, all men age like shit - it's science


No. 229307

t. moid coping by trying to sound "reasonable" after his fine wine delusions are shattered

No. 229308

File: 1644296154356.jpg (31.24 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-924825090-612x612.…)

the incessant shilling of the "rugged bearded muh skuline alpha male ham goblin" look is just males poorly coping with aging akin to "fine wine" meme, change my mind

like tf else can you even be when you're old, bald and fat? it's not like you could become a himbo twunk prince again if you wanted to kek

No. 229314

Can you tl;dr or copy-paste the relevant section because this thing is long and it starts out by saying although women live longer we're frailer and have worse health at the end of life

No. 229326

I'm laughing so fucking hard at the descriptions nona please

>plastic surgery creaturos

i want to see what all the drugs will do to letos face in the next decade and if whatever surgeries he's getting will hold up his face, his work is still less uncanny than most, but his rotten soul deserves to age badly in the next twenty years

>blessed mutants

even keanu gets fillers and it's especially apparent without the beard that he sometimes has botox face. as a guy with a skinny defined facial structure he was still destined to age better regardless

I'm just appreciative whenever I see an older male actor who looks like he doesn't fill his entire face with filler, tom cruise's cheeks look like a stretched shar pei. it helps if someone's face isn't entirely a shapeless lump to begin with and they have good bone structure, otherwise they end up with leo d's pufferfish face. cant say what johnny depp's excuse is other than karma and drugs, his cheekbones couldn't even save him

No. 229361

kek you read the sad cope conclusion from the author

women and girls have lower biological ages than men and boys by every available metric (telomeres, methylation etc etc) even when matched for lifestyle and healthcare quality. the exception is end of life frailty (which isn't really a metric of age) because women are physically weaker and aren't encouraged to do strength exercise kek. tl;dr men are biologically older than women but have more brute strength in old age (like they do at any age)

No. 229362

just scroll down, there's a table comparing everything.

basically it's just a paper that confirms everything we know already - an organism that's designed for a shorter lifespan can't possibly be aging better. the fact that moids have a universal uncanny instinctive need to scream unprompted about how well (and BETTER THAN WAMMINS OK) they age just shows how viscerally aware they are of it and how much it's eating them inside kek

No. 229394

I disagree, like out of all the men you gonna post you decided on him? He still is attractive to me and is a good example of how men can age well if they take care of themselves.

No. 229399

a guy told me last night that women age badly so therefore older men can't be expected to date older women. And that older men still look great but older women look like hags. He's in his late 30s and doesn't date older than 23. He went on and on how women older than 23 are gross looking. I'm going to send him this thread. lol

No. 229421

Please don't. We don't need any more scrotes here spamming gore and cp.

No. 229425

so what you're saying is, he's balding and fighting abdominal obesity

No. 229436

>Old men still look good!

It's hilarious to me how deluded old scrotes selectively filter out the obvious - the fact that the sole cultural appeal of old men is they're physically past their prime and are therefore perceived as more likely to "settle down with a family". The one fact they readily acknowledge when peddling old balls to disgusted pretty young women.

It's further proven by the fact that the only young women who are receptive to the idea of dating a sperm lich for free will also be either extremely unattractive or BPD, which (understandably) may steer them towards something they perceive as no longer able to shop around and "abandon" them.

There are nice ways of putting it, as women always do (old men are more mature!), but it's really all there is to it.

No. 229457

>sperm lich

No. 229490

File: 1644378209214.jpeg (77.14 KB, 634x914, jonah hill.jpeg)

Jonah Hill at 38 years old

No. 229492

He's built like an ancient Greek philosopher kek

No. 229511

>associating with a 40 year old man who only goes for barely legal girls.
Girl dont do it. He's only telling you that shit to neg you and ruin your self esteem as if he doesn't hurt the poor young girls with his rotten body enough! I was 19 and had 40-50 year old men tell me I should settle down or I'd die alone, that's the exact shit he's trying to do to you. Just tell him you get constant attention from younger men, he will know its true because men do actually feel attracted to older women far more often than women do so to older men. He'll seethe way harder than he would if he came here.

No. 229621

lmaoooooo nonner

No. 229627

File: 1644432728382.jpg (916.8 KB, 967x1337, Screenshot_20220209.jpg)

Lmfao this.
Most men who have hangups about women's age are coping, decrepit old hogs, and most older women could bang them on the regular if only they let go of their own guilt. Expressing downward age preference also means guaranteed assblasted scrotes no matter where you go. Just look at the attractive men thread and the chimpouts from grandpas who want you to simp for some bloated revenant on human growth hormone and androgel, with nonas bleating "I-I'm not a pedo, I'm 19 myself" like they committed some cardinal sin by daring to enjoy males in their prime. Insanity.

Blog, but this reminds me - one of my neighbors, an old immigrant moid in his 50s, used to be like that. Had a 2/10 mid 20s eastern euro gf whom he brainwashed and nagged incessantly and publicly. He would always volunteer to help me with minor errands like car stuff, but always try to casually drop something about how his gf is about to reach expiration date in my presence. So I started casually mentioning how much I love young twinks and pointing out that every moid above 30 is old and bald.

Tl;dr the hog was so butthurt he (and his retarded gf!) actually brought me his old fucking passport with a B&W pic of him in his early 20s. She was like "See? This is him!" Apparently he used to be a bitchy looking (and not entirely ugly, as much as I hate to admit) long haired twink who dated older women. Really wish I had his before/after on my hand so I could post it here kek (pic unrelated)

No. 229629

>So I started casually mentioning how much I love young twinks and pointing out that every moid above 30 is old and bald.
Based, everyone should do this when old scrotes get uppity.

No. 229644

Kek the gentle reminder that any 7/10 old milf could snatch a twink (who's hotter than the old scrote was 25 years ago) within 5 minutes of joining Tinder usually triggers the most seethe, that's when "buh but can you start a family with him??? REEEEE" cope rolls in, followed by some variation of "fucking roasties are always the ones with options even post wall, suicide fuel"

No. 229647

Kek at men thinking getting married to and being stuck with and old uggo should be what women strive for instead of dating a young and attractive man.

No. 229652

Kek at men thinking this transparent shilling is even half as effective without financial extortion, or (if the moid's IQ is below 100) genuinely believing that they'll be the ones with a plethora of plates to spin when they hit their "prime" of 55.

Reminds me of concave brain scrotes who ask for an open relationship.

No. 229683

Men and women both think they will never age and will never lose AT LEAST some of their good and decent features
Both genders are wrong

No. 229723

Women tend to age better tho

No. 229870

The super hot guys we met in high school are aging the worst.
They get girls easily and put absolute zero effort in maintaining good appearance. They also smoke and drink a lot, eat shitty food.
It takes them only some very few years to age dreadfully and look horrible at 20 while thinking they still look their best.

No. 229909

File: 1644529515453.jpg (67.84 KB, 1024x510, buffy-star-nicholas-brendon-ar…)

I loved Buffy and looked up out of curiosity what became of Xander….holy fuck

No. 229910

File: 1644530266877.jpg (80.97 KB, 1200x667, Christian-Bale-1200by667.jpg)

No. 229913

Same anon! I thought his character was cute and funny until season 4. It gets worse but if you didn't know, irl he beat his ex wife or gf and is a trainwreck. He got caught with more drugs while travelling a couple months ago

No. 229914

Bale has looked 40 since he was 25. Kinda like how larry david has looked like a 70 year old man his whole adult life

No. 229932

File: 1644536109314.png (854.79 KB, 1245x460, F95D1AF8-180C-4220-ABC8-A9C779…)


No. 229933

I mean it’s to be expected considering how he is always fucking with his body for roles, that can’t be healthy in the long term. But personally I never really found him to be super attractive, something about his face is just so off.
Holy shit

No. 229944

He's got the same weird sociopathic void eyes as Colin Farrel.

No. 229953

I think bale aged better than I thought he would given his tendency to push his body's limits for roles, actually

No. 229975

File: 1644553763234.png (401.44 KB, 608x669, shittalkerfromhannahmontana.pn…)

dude is only 25 on the right.

No. 229977

If the podcast is any indication, it’s a lifelong eating disorder, veganism and occasional smoking habit
Funny those two photos are only a few years apart, a literal wall-hitting instead of a slow and early degeneration

No. 229994

I'm a 20 yo bi woman. I find most 30-50 year old women attractive and beautiful but I've never found any man between those ages even a little attractive, most women agree with me. Nice cope though, don't forget to take your viagra, nothing more fun than dying from heart attack during sex cause you can't get it up!

No. 229995

I have the opposite experience where the ugly dudes already knew they were fucked so didn't pay attention to their looks while attractive ones took care of themselves, started working out more, dressing up better etc., especially in college. I guess it doesn't help that most ugly men are genetically fucked facially, have very weird body proportions, shitty skin and bald younger.

No. 230012

was he really going anywhere?

No. 230018

Anon, you are lucky.
I live in southern europe and I had to watch all my high school crushes turn horrible while getting more arrogant.
I also love long hair (clean) and most of the guys (have presure to?) cut it really short for increasing chances to get hired.

No. 230126

File: 1644617048275.jpg (312.63 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1342045493-1024x10…)

He's going to grow a melonhead and age like Leo, isn't he? What a fucking waste.

Speaking of moids becoming melonheaded with age, did you nonas know that one of the hypotheses for the cause of male pattern baldness is age related skull expansion? You might be onto something.

No. 230128

i'm dating a much younger guy right now and i love his full hair and soft skin. moids tend to get rough, dry skin over the years and when they lose their hair it's basically over for them. instantly unattractive. i tell everybody i always liked younger men and feel no shame whatsoever. it's hilarious that some women wouldn't even date a guy one year younger than them, as if it was a crime.

No. 230130

File: 1644619246712.jpg (111.73 KB, 1280x949, 6NUTK3WQJRD2BOKKL7EURWUH7I.jpg)

sheeran may not be the most attractive, but he managed to not age like milk although he's ginger. i wonder why

No. 230132

he's always been ugly so there's not much of a difference

No. 230139

Oh yeah the guys did change their styles and most became basic asf normies so if you're attracted to alternative styles, then they might've gottwn uglier for you.

No. 230152

He's only 30 right now though, let's see how he aged at 45

No. 230162

File: 1644632074192.jpeg (164.43 KB, 2000x1270, 251F93B1-1E7B-4609-9D91-155875…)

Ed should unironically stick with the vampire / goth / alt-boy look
He’ll never be handsome but the Bad Habits look was kind of …“cute goblin boy” and not as much “salamander with Down’s syndrome”

No. 230167

He lost weight and shaved, it wasn't a lot of difference but noticeable in the face especially.

But >>230162 has a point as much as I hate to admit it…

No. 230183

No soul to weigh his skin down with

No. 230234

I get this is your opinion and I am late to reply but I just had to as this post is so retarded and clearly out of place in this thread. He is obviously attractive still anon. I actually think he is even more attractive now than when he was younger.

No. 230236

not OP but strong disagree

No. 232804

File: 1644979237607.jpeg (469.25 KB, 2048x2048, 8FCFDE8C-7E26-4DFC-83AD-5FCCEF…)

Checking in on Tom Welling

No. 232882

No. 232913

This is sad

No. 232971

they went a little too far with his makeup in the first picture imo

No. 232996

Is it the hair or the weight gain that makes him look so awful? His skin doesn’t look too bad. I’m thinking it’s cause he’s a fat ass.

No. 233656

File: 1645038154112.gif (1.64 MB, 450x253, giphy.gif)

No. 237319

File: 1645207049824.jpg (14.94 KB, 500x250, ylfxw16kq8700k1.jpg)

He was so cute in Amadeus.

No. 237320

File: 1645207092437.jpg (23.33 KB, 360x360, Tom_Hulce.jpg)

Twink death comes for all men.

No. 237335

Prison grandpa

No. 238009

his titties are so saggy

No. 238137

He was never a twink to begin with

No. 248612

File: 1646864101848.jpeg (84.47 KB, 840x460, image.jpeg)

Taylor Kitsch turned 40 and body slammed the wall overnight

No. 248626

File: 1646869172545.jpeg (573.73 KB, 2048x1366, F899799C-571F-4207-A455-E4225F…)

I saw an article about Pamela Anderson going out to dinner. Thought the guy with her was a boyfriend or manager or something. Was shocked when the article said it was her 25 year old son Brandon Thomas Lee

No. 248684

This is so depressing. Taylor Kitsch was one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen around the Friday Night Lights era.

No. 248701

I know. He's got that old man wonky eye thing going on now. He held out for awhile though, I'll give him that.

No. 248704

File: 1646905489298.jpeg (520.42 KB, 1337x2048, gettyimages-1370278141-2048x20…)

>old man wonky eye
Speaking of which… Skeet Ulrich has it too. Wonder what is behind this phenomenon lol

No. 248714

her son looks like a massive douche but having watched their show her son seems decent and kind of nice, probably was scarred by the oversexualization of his mom. he seems to hate his gross dad too. too bad he already is aging kinda crappy

No. 248718

He appeared on the re-make or whatever of The Hills and just seemed so lost. He definitely hates his dad and has gotten slack for it but can one blame him? Hope he doesn't an-hero.

No. 248767

he now looks like one of those fan-art chalk painting of himself

No. 248769

didn't he break his asshole?

No. 248796

File: 1646948206708.png (28.41 KB, 756x119, Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 1.36…)


No. 248811

>The actor said the incident happened after slipping on some ice in a freak accident.
Does anyone really believe this?

No. 248887

From ice? No but it's not hard to believe a crackhead fucked themselves up like that somehow lol

No. 250203

File: 1647473764347.jpg (108.07 KB, 750x1043, chrisevans.JPG)

No. 250205

File: 1647474348244.webm (1.3 MB, 288x512, tiktok.webm)

Couples from 2014 yearbook vs in 2022

No. 250218

File: 1647476409676.png (291.85 KB, 534x288, uygvguvuv.png)

holy shit

No. 250219

epic glowdown lmaooo

No. 250231

both the women look soooooo much better as they aged KEK truly male cope for so many to insist the opposite

No. 250246

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed this hugely. Makes me question my shameful attraction to bald guys with beards.

No. 250309

File: 1647497414771.jpeg (729.96 KB, 3464x1735, 2FB38D26-E2F2-4C43-87F2-FEE984…)

John Travoldog

No. 250383

File: 1647533070315.jpeg (100.06 KB, 640x424, EE66F97A-76D1-4E01-B8DF-A2453D…)

At least he had the balls to shave his head and didn’t try and cope by leaving on the remaining tufts he had lookin like one of those illustrated Chinese babies

No. 250384

Honestly he looks fine, weight gain and graying yeah but he’s got the tough Texan DILF that would take you boating at the lake aesthetic

No. 250459

Lmao my dad

No. 250660

File: 1647664795164.jpeg (58.7 KB, 750x400, 7ED231EE-C3F8-465B-8B19-A9F342…)

I know someone posted him already but ralph fiennes looks old as hell in the kings man movie

No. 252015

File: 1648334667287.jpg (12.38 KB, 240x312, shot.jpg)

Sterling Knight before

No. 252016

File: 1648334689184.jpg (13.46 KB, 360x480, chaser.jpg)

and after

No. 252021

He wouldn't look quite as terrible if he shaved that nasty beard

No. 252045

twink death is real

No. 252072

lordt forgive me for being attracted to him during schindler's list

please say sike

No. 252628

File: 1648638162350.jpg (131.86 KB, 634x951, 55963525-10664863-image-a-8_16…)

No. 252629

File: 1648638330821.jpg (97.42 KB, 1200x1600, HP6-PHOTOSHOOT.jpg)

Can you believe he is only 34?

No. 252657

File: 1648650886193.png (6.83 MB, 2480x3508, dancy.png)

I felt really bad doing this but the truth must be told. Although, because of this research, I now know that him and Claire Danes seem to form a very cute couple that keeps on complimenting each other during interview, so he still have that going on for him kek

No. 252659

hurts to watch this happen ngl

No. 252677

He looks like a granpa now. I didn't recognize him at first.

No. 252679

i hate to bring out the britsperg but i seriously think brit men age so, so poorly. i thought this was legitimately sean penn.

No. 252681

Not a single drop of moisturizer has ever touched that skin

No. 253581

The fucking hair. Who the fuck thought that hair "style" was a good idea?

No. 253783

I hate when I watch interviews with bands that happen a few decades after their success. The scrote members of the band usually become fat and ugly, compared to how hot they looked in their music videos and promotional materials in their heyday. Meanwhile if there were female members in the band they usually still look cool and maintain a good personal style.

No. 253807

He was so cute when he was young. Nobody can help being cursed with the premature balding genes but he also plays a lot of golf in America, so he's probably spending hours out in the sun and doesn't bother putting suncream on his massive balding head. Brits/Irelanders are extremely lax with sun protection

No. 255137

This and the “marriage is a trap for men” are the two most ridiculous bald-faced lies of our culture. It’s so obviously a cope that I can’t even. Men don’t know how to wash their faces or cook healthy meals. Of course they age like garbage and women just keep getting hotter and hotter. Please.

No. 255140

Related to both of these, it's men who really let themselves go after marriage and stop taking care of themselves while not even having the excuse of bearing children. And women are still expected to look flawless even after having just given birth, even after multiple back to back pregnancies.

No. 255141

Men age much worse. More of them are smokers and consume more alcohol. They wash their face, hair and ass with the same 12-in-1 body wash. They don't wear sunscreen or moistruize because "that's gay". Also beauty standards are harder on women. And most men have ABYSMAL grooming and hygiene habits.

Most of them have no hair left at 30, thr skin looking like a shriveled prune and a beer gut. I've never seen many attractive men older than 30, after 50 they are basically shriveled little bald goblins. Compared to them, most women are beautiful regardless of age and look after themselves. Look at Selma Hayek and Gwen Stefani

No. 255179

Marriage is a trap for woman. Mediocre and even shitty men get to have their personal bangmaids and get to pass their shitgenes only because of marriage.

No. 255204

you can saddle a woman with children without marrying her, and plenty of guys do. tbh i think the reason they push the "single motherhood ruins kids!" meme so hard is because they know that without that argument in the barrel, there's literally no reason to choose them over the sperm clinic

No. 255208


Men lie when they donate sperm too. You are better off being alone, weed out those who are below your standards. Afterwards you can pick who will be your Knight

No. 255606

I only watched Smallville for him. This is depressing

No. 255628

File: 1649622832116.jpeg (320.45 KB, 1170x1919, 232DA766-75BA-49EF-A556-D1C676…)

Jake Gyllenhaal on SNL, I didn’t even recognize him at first

No. 255634

File: 1649624576298.jpeg (89.19 KB, 640x960, 1E411635-D981-4404-8425-AFF0EF…)

starting to remind me of bradley cooper where he looks like a wax version of himself

No. 255635

Who is that tiny lady? This pic looks so weird

No. 255671

That's his mom kek

No. 255688

How does someone look so old and so young at the same time???

No. 255700

I think he looks good…

No. 255703

for 41 and a moid, he looks ok.

No. 255779

Christ is he an alcoholic or something?

No. 257473

nah, just british kek

No. 257579

File: 1650439207580.jpeg (69.04 KB, 750x141, 19D76F1B-8543-456E-9607-FEBFDA…)

No. 257675

he needs hair

No. 264720

Fuck fuck fuck
Please no Hannibal season 4, I can’t bear to see it.

No. 264750

Fuck this one is actually sad. From soft romantic heartthrob to goblin

No. 265041

Just watched the new Downton Abbey movie with him in it last night, and maybe I’m biased cause I was tipsy and ovulating, but he honestly he didn’t look that bad. He’s ain’t no pretty boy anymore, but he’s not ugly. Most of the dudes posted on here a bald and fat with severe alcohol / drug side effects, maybe some weird ass PS too, but he’s one of the better looking examples, he literally just looks OLDER.

No. 265078

Agreed, he looks like he's just developed more lines on his face and could use some more hair, but he doesn't look terrible by any stretch compared to some other mid-late forties actors. Maybe just needs hair plugs

No. 265106

File: 1653003784668.png (703 KB, 550x654, 84903294543809.png)

Thank you nonny, maybe those were just especially unflattering photos of him. The (lack of) hair was shocking but I went and looked at his Met Gala photos and if I hide the top of his head, the rest of his face does still look pretty good.

No. 265110

crying and throwing up on the floor rn

No. 265389

File: 1653104123404.png (1.22 MB, 1180x875, F.png)

Eric Stoltz used to be so cute. Honestly, he's aged sorta okay compared to most of the men in this thread, but still not great. Men seriously need to get over their aversion to skincare and start wearing some goddamn sunscreen. Wrinkles aren't even the problem, it's discoloration from sun damage (although sunscreen and moisturizer does help reduce/prevent wrinkles.)

I've found that women can be sexy well into their forties and fifties with the right fashion choices, but my attraction to most guys pretty much dies as soon as they stop being twinky.

No. 265518

File: 1653190162646.jpeg (67.7 KB, 750x500, FEA3A48D-3D8E-4424-BCE5-0D07DA…)

Steven seagull

No. 265681

File: 1653276872276.png (2.25 MB, 1820x776, 73089120932740.png)

Have you guys seen Hayden Christensen lately? I would not have recognized him if it wasn't for an article telling me it was the same person. He looks like a shrivelled up 60-something bank teller now.

No. 265692

I don't think he looks bad. This is just normal aging, and I think he aged well. He still seems to have hair, but he does need a better haircut. He's also not bloated like the others in this thread.

No. 265694

File: 1653281719989.jpeg (235.58 KB, 1908x1146, D38D5B76-93CB-4EDA-98E6-688EA8…)

he needs longer hair pronto

No. 265702

It's true he doesn't have the puffy look but he's just too gaunt now imo. Losing all that baby fat is making him look sickly

No. 265726

Honestly, he's still salvageable. If he cut out caffeine and started moisturizing, he could bounce back, or at least age a little better from here on out.

No. 265727

he just needs a little fat muah eat some food muah

No. 265766

I think his parents put him on hormone blockers.

No. 265825

File: 1653335353910.jpeg (12.77 KB, 223x226, 10E3F2F5-8570-4C8F-A5C7-19BC8F…)

He was always kinda funny looking but as a literal child he was a cute kid. Which reminds me of >>265518 who was a cute kid but then became sort of weird looking as a teenager/young adult only to become an ugly ass brown man.
All kids are cute I guess even the ones who will eventually become ugly as hell

No. 265832

Grown not brown

No. 265844

His eyes are literally going two different directions he looks like he's inbred and having an allergic reaction how can it get any worse

No. 265849

File: 1653339265093.jpeg (157.82 KB, 866x1390, 5C70948B-C206-468F-95B5-98141E…)

No. 265855

File: 1653340925724.jpeg (49.86 KB, 634x312, C64FF7C7-14A1-4B59-B63B-09F63D…)

I promise you it’s the same guy

No. 265856

File: 1653340951444.jpeg (49.81 KB, 760x507, FF0BF840-A4AB-45E7-963C-F88448…)

No. 266006

He's becoming the Gman

No. 266423

File: 1653607102799.jpg (239.64 KB, 1042x766, lucky.jpg)

Lucky Blue Smith looks like shit. He's only 23.

No. 266424

That's what he gets for having 3 kids too young

No. 266439

Gross. He's fuckable in the left pic and just looks like junk on the right. He looks mid 30s. Tragic

No. 266448

The unflattering haircut and moobs are the only problems. If he grew his hair and began working out, he could bounce back.

No. 266453

Twink death and botched lips

No. 266467

File: 1653639074518.png (1.63 MB, 2898x1630, sands of time.png)


No. 266468

File: 1653641454247.jpg (56.17 KB, 640x480, stjMUq5.jpg)

You take that back nonnatella

No. 266469

yeah fr frank is aging like wine

No. 266488

Especially considering his drug abuse, constant touring and health issues.

No. 266497

(Im not gonna lie hes popped up in several dreams and i wake up horny)

No. 266510

ayrt okay fine hes cute here. i will never understand the ray toro hype though that's one i'm holding my ground on.

No. 266542

Hm, I think Ray is hot in a dorky, dilf way. He's definitely aged the best out of them. Plus his hair is amazing.

No. 266550

His face is still cute but he got really fat

No. 268413

File: 1654477939046.png (510.08 KB, 491x506, 1he3rbfsivbfjsd1f.png)

I watched Sleepaway Camp 3 recently and thought this guy was cute, so I look up the actor because I was curious. It's sad how much worse men age. I guess everyone ages, but this is such a stark contrast. Women actors still look great for decades.

No. 268417

He was already ugly, all that changed was the hair kek.

No. 268433

File: 1654492582586.jpg (94.65 KB, 776x574, 94b2b1f77a3e7efd84d16be5e4c0ff…)

might get hate for this but this was when I had the biggest crush in my childhood at 2004 (17 y/o Felton)

No. 268434

File: 1654492623552.png (423.62 KB, 746x507, tom felton.png)

and now he looks like this (34 y/o)

No. 268439

He looks exactly the same but with different hair

No. 268449

The stress of being malfoy everywhere he went for the rest of his life was enough to push his hair back an extra six inches alone

No. 268450

Cranial expansion nonas we’re right…

No. 268524

ayrt and I think he could have saved himself a bit more by taking care of his skin, but then he's a brit so I expected less

I heard him bleaching the absolute shit out of his hair during the whole filming process made it worse, I've def permadamaged my hair follicles and I only did it for 3 years so ig it's a miracle they held on for so long.

call me an autist but I'm so obsessed with men's hairline being good I've turned down pretty ok men solely due to bad hairline. In my region men continuously expose their head to harsh sun with no protection and wonder why they bald at 22, it's tragic

No. 268599

I thought hydrochephaly was fatal

No. 268882

File: 1654651469236.png (139.72 KB, 646x358, dps.png)

another one b/c I rewatched dead poets society. Ethan Hawke at 17/18 (1989)

No. 268883

File: 1654651573425.png (752.85 KB, 844x712, 2022 cannes.png)

And now he looks like this at 2022 Cannes. Absolutely tragic. I was shocked to find that he's only 51. Do men really not believe in basic self care? Especially skincare? Sage for skincaresperging

No. 268913

I bought a book written by him. I thought it was merely a coincidence but he really wrote a book. It's moidy as hell too. Rules for a Knight

No. 270255

File: 1655194126512.jpg (225.8 KB, 1000x1000, mattandtrey.jpg)

No. 270268

Eh, this one I can give a pass since they’ve spent the last 20+ years working almost non-stop on South Park. The stress would age anyone poorly.

No. 270274

File: 1655203464559.jpeg (740.08 KB, 1600x899, FC728D91-0E63-494F-AF0F-3F943A…)

Finn Wolfhard was never going to be an attractive adult but after watching this last season of stranger things…. wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be another Timothy Charcoochie. What the fuck happened ?

No. 270283

Imagine how badly they would look if any given South Park episode was actually well written

No. 270297

How? When he was a kid, it seemed obvious he will be a really handsome man… What went wrong?

No. 270320

File: 1655237422112.jpeg (142.43 KB, 1080x1350, 8C706AA5-C72D-4B3B-A5DE-777FA8…)

He desperately needs to gain weight. It was fine when he was 14 and scrawny but at 20? He needs the weight to balance out some of his features.

No. 270328

Wouldnt be surprised if he had to stay scrawny like this to pass as an awkward teenager in Stranger Things, and now that there's a timeskip or something planned for future seasons he will bulk up. We shall see!

No. 270329

he actually looks kind of better here compared to the other photo

No. 270332

He looks like Richard Ramirez

No. 270341

I can't understand how men talk about women hitting the wall when not even the worst of them looks like this. An ugly woman will always be easier on the eyes than this right here, which is what a large portion of moids look like. Encountering guys like this irl plants a nagging buzz in my skull until he's out of sight. Imagine leaving your house like that. Sadly every other moid does it daily. They need to learn shame.

No. 270373

File: 1655266935757.png (688.68 KB, 1161x495, 8B0F3B9F-0B85-4EC1-8296-B78C2F…)

This is very low hanging fruit because he’s always been a disgusting degenerate but Hunter Biden had potential. Now he is literally the coomer meme; bald spot and all.

No. 270376

Non-ironically recommending Hunter to do some semen retention because fucking hell dude

No. 270381

I never noticed his unusual eyes, he actually looks okay in the left pic.

No. 271036

He was always ugly.

No. 271185

god damn he turned into an old man literally overnight

No. 272060

File: 1656185988763.jpg (75.52 KB, 500x595, tumblr_3e82fc9e317f5ba25bda2a8…)


No. 272062

File: 1656186043769.jpg (376.35 KB, 640x870, tumblr_42307c88f387e5a9832a772…)

>>272060 funeral parlour

No. 275968

File: 1658087414080.jpg (61.77 KB, 590x681, young.jpg)

This is what he looked like before. Now, before you look at the 'after' pic, guess who this person is first

No. 275969

File: 1658087449498.png (559.58 KB, 500x661, 80ff8f52faa392200667a8cbcca301…)

another 'before'

No. 275970

File: 1658087495220.jpg (535.48 KB, 2037x2048, 1657912981612.jpg)

another 'before' just to hammer it in

No. 275971

File: 1658087526661.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.42 KB, 1957x1468, R (7).jpg)

the 'after'

No. 276099

kek I thought this was Gary Numan, I guess all britfags age the same

No. 276109

honestly for a british man this is good. but yeah he looked like a cuter bowie when he was younger, it's still not a "fine wine" situation by any means

No. 276284

This thread is so depressing to browse through. I'm going full transhumanist here, aging is a curse we have to get rid of. We have to.

No. 276399

File: 1658194178042.png (4.61 MB, 2172x3862, BED752F2-9B52-4EA4-B7D2-442D3D…)

The baldness gene must be eliminated

No. 276403

Oh my god. Tragic

No. 276407

How does a man get to point B and never does it once strike him that he’d look 1000x less worse if he just shaved the rest?
> The baldness gene must be eliminated
They’d just find something else to be dummies about, I’m sure.

No. 276409

KEK idk why this made me cackle but thanks nona

No. 276410

He mustve gotten blind with age too, to post something like this publicly and ask

No. 276482

This is the future for a lot of Twitter gay stans.

No. 276526

Late but who is this cutie

No. 276892

Late as hell but “salamander with Down syndrome” is too spot on. Top kek.

No. 277472

File: 1658608669627.jpeg (578.13 KB, 2048x2048, DFF3A67E-6E2A-47B9-8818-E6F3F1…)

12 year old me is deeply disappointed in Orlando Bloom’s consistent glowdown since LOTR.

No. 277473

File: 1658608833281.jpeg (279.95 KB, 1119x1524, 0EB532E7-238F-4D28-8DE5-5E1258…)

He looks like his tits are gonna burst but that’s a buff physique apparently.

No. 282121

He does nofap tho so Katy perry is lucky

No. 282126

He was only ever hot as Legolas, the man is nothing without long blonde hair and pointy ears.

No. 282130

NOOOOOOOOOO. Why are every men I find attractive becoming buff? What is wrong with the world and my taste??!! I'm going to cry.

No. 282145

it's not us, anon. it's them and this dumb world

No. 282167

The bar is truly in hell

No. 282233

he looks like he got traumatized somehow and copes with the bottle

No. 282234

but did he ever learn to act

No. 284309

Lol I've been thinking this forever. I can't believe his peak was at like 17 or something. He looks like a skelly 30s now.

I need to vet my men properly so I don't marry one and he ages like this while I maintain my youth and beauty.

No. 284311

File: 1661794365978.png (3.69 MB, 1590x1602, st.png)

Meanwhile, the girl he had a kid with who is 31.

No. 284394

Jaw implants.

No. 284398

What confuses me is when they become less masculine and more uncanny valley. He looks much more like a dorky gerbil now. He was always soft but now he just looks really weird. I imagined he'd grow up differently back then.
Wow, he looks scary now.

Kek, I hate being mean anyway though even if it's deserved so that's it for me.

No. 284405

blonde men age like the biggest shit, no surprise there

No. 284486

File: 1661891040178.jpeg (186.47 KB, 1600x1208, 2E764DED-F57B-43BD-88E3-275DD9…)

cracks me up that even the photographer knew he hit the wall so hard they retook the same photos again

No. 284487

Where is the blond men is this photo

No. 284488

god damn the only clue that's the same man is the nose, I thought they were two different men at first glance.

No. 284490

nta but oh god don't start this ~is it dark blonde or light brown~ discussion again. People perceive the same colour differently okay?

No. 284495

File: 1661892634853.jpeg (87.28 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-d6d328d544421572564c…)

I agree that this guy aged poorly but bear in mind this guy was dying of cancer towards the end of his life

No. 284496

File: 1661892699610.jpeg (43.56 KB, 500x612, EF00FE4D-0412-4C98-A577-A47A93…)

it’s funny when anons thirst over elon when steve was the most attractive tech guy ever from the period of late 70s to early 90s. after that it was over

No. 284498

he started aging rapidly from mid 90s onward. the right picture was photographed before he really started decaying from cancer

No. 284554

pretty much no one finds elon attractive except for like one anon kek

No. 285728

and that anon is Grimes herself

No. 299328

File: 1668468003446.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1321x902, 2C411282-1AC4-4E5C-8BB3-C8D811…)

how can this happen IN SEVEN YEARS?!
the second pic is from last year when he was only 27.

can it really be genetics? or is this meth? i need answers

No. 299669

File: 1668612300422.jpg (256.33 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20221116_162134.jpg)

The whole cast has aged badly, except the women of course
Slideshow here:

No. 299689

I know a redhead dude who is bald and I went through his old Facebook pictures and he looked like the top back then. What a shame, he's got the prettiest eyes, slanted and blue but he looks way less beautiful cause he's bald.

No. 299740

I thought he had a really bad accident that made him have to get surgery, that's why it looks like PS because he kind of did but also wasn't really his choice he shattered his jaw.

No. 299810

File: 1668674291872.png (Spoiler Image,3.71 MB, 2558x1242, 070028A1-193A-4C7F-97FB-F69627…)

sex pests have such an unchecked and outdated sense of ego

No. 299874

he did, but some anons think it is a conspiracy. just like with Selena having lupus

No. 299875

3 months late kek, but I think that photo is candid and unflattering like he is dressed down and stuff, but if he dressed up he would still look fine. His face looks the same imo

No. 299880

nah, hes lying through his teeth, he looked normal for almost 10 years after his accident and surgery to correct it, also jaw surgery post accident doesn't give one lip fillers.

No. 299927

No. 299937

ryan haywood

No. 299987

Thats not even him in the before??

No. 300086

No wait WHAT… It doesn't even feel like very long ago that he was so cute… I watched Blood And Chocolate with my mom only a couple months ago but it turns out that was made in 2007. Where the fuck does the time go…

No. 300187

File: 1668898360467.jpeg (22.41 KB, 226x223, 51B2C9F8-5A66-4DB9-ACD1-0011EE…)

at what age did he hit the wall?

No. 300470

File: 1669076886561.jpg (326.96 KB, 1280x540, MV5BZTY3MWVmN2UtOWNjZC00Y2JjLT…)

I saw some clips from Christine and thought the guy was cute so I decided to look up his actor Keith Gordon…

No. 300471

File: 1669076926458.jpg (773.08 KB, 1600x1600, K20ZsLeTFAt3xmIuspisGToJT1sy0C…)

And oh my god what the hell happened

No. 300473

File: 1669078026711.jpg (49.61 KB, 660x400, keithgordon.jpg)

I posted him in the nerd thread once because he was really cute in Dressed to Kill. Tragic that he got so gross.

No. 300481

File: 1669078875496.gif (7 MB, 500x340, tumblr_acdd0ce4918c237218b4559…)

He was such a cute nerd. It's so sad.

No. 300505

What you are seeing here is more environmental than genetic. Aging can't be stopped with science yet but we can certainly go on with dignity and class

No. 300731

Nah, he still looks handsome. He could still be playing like… idk, rich ceo's in romance movies for women. older and handsome.

No. 300834

My mom mentioned a "cute" guy she saw around my apartment complex. Apparently he looks perfect for me.

I asked his age and she said early 30s. I'm 25. My entire being is filled with dread when I think about getting with a 30 year old man. They're just so awful. I'm not attracted to men over 26. I think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life dating 20-26 year old men and I don't even feel bad about it.

I don't understand women who like older men. Wrinkles and gray hair is not attractive.

No. 300870

Why would she humiliate her own daughter like that… even the idea is chilling. God I fucking hate old hogs so much it’s unreal. I wish boys would toughen up and kill their dads when they start graying.

No. 300873

Got a bit too into old school goth and Youtube's algorithm led me to a cool Yugoslav band with a charmingly vampiric vocalist. I sure wonder what he looks like now!

No. 300874

File: 1669331288112.png (396.28 KB, 487x636, Milorad_Milinković.png)

Like fine wine, of course

No. 300875

God hates men.

No. 300876

Is that… Ethan klein?

No. 300878

He might be ugly there but that video was recorded on a potato.

No. 300879

That's all they had in Yugoslavia in the 80s anon

No. 300880

Eh she just mentioned she saw him, not that she spoke to him or anything more. I’m just angry they’re now trying to match me with elderly moids. If I were a moid they wouldn’t tell me a 30+ woman is perfect for me, they’d try to hook me up with an early 20s girl. But I guess I gotta accept old dick now

No. 300883

Do men actually start graying in their 30s now?

No. 300925

yes? and their hair falls out at like 23. age is not kind to men.

No. 300936

Testosterone is really war on moe twinks

No. 300949

Only the lucky ones. The others start balding before a single grey hair.

No. 300985

I have a coworker who looks 10 years older his age, he's 35 and completely gray with wrinkles. At least he has a full head of hair still though, a lot of men are bald by this age.

No. 301047

File: 1669455143557.png (643.09 KB, 1210x326, dfsdfgh.png)

I know Floribama ended but I found it so hilarious how fucked up Gus got over just a few seasons. He looks fucking 40 and why does he always have scars on his face

No. 301050

kek most don't even have any hair left by that age nowadays

No. 301053

Going to tell my kids this was Aaron Carter

No. 301594

File: 1669762410734.jpg (54.77 KB, 640x786, 07yngoydsyu91.jpg)

Look how they massacred my boy.

No. 301602

File: 1669765309514.jpeg (369.89 KB, 1920x1280, 8057b010-514f-11ed-bff2-0e3e2b…)

Lmao REmake4 Leon is also ruined and he was half okay in Remake2

No. 301603

Yea James does not look very good at all.

No. 301605

File: 1669767112770.jpg (38.17 KB, 600x455, C5a3eHvWAAAdmuL.jpg)

Sadly, even video game men are not immune to this phenomenon. The more advanced the graphics become, the worse the men look.

No. 301609

The more they look like irl men the worse they get

No. 301624

Was the re7 chris even canon?

Re8 chris suffers from realism moid effect a bit but his aesthetic helps keep him nice looking

No. 301632

i remember being very disappointed in nathan drake in uncharted 4 bc he looked so good in 3

No. 301646

File: 1669807300750.jpeg (65.79 KB, 620x825, 5C985431-189A-4898-ACB0-82D9BD…)

i feel like i am going to puke from laughter at this image

No. 301779

File: 1669878026192.gif (Spoiler Image,739.05 KB, 220x220, it lives.gif)

>the thing on his chin

No. 301816

it's what the two-timing deadbeat fraggot whore deserves

No. 302727

File: 1670393365438.png (188.39 KB, 396x469, harlan ellison.png)

he may be dead but i can still mourn his pretty face

No. 302729

Either youre lying or you chose his worst angle kek

No. 302958

File: 1670473084647.jpeg (239.39 KB, 1427x946, 4367C208-D18C-4CC7-9EAE-7BA6F4…)

has anyone mentioned phil from phil of the future?

No. 302977

no omg I was obsessed with him for years when I was a kid, what the fuck is he doing now

No. 304770

File: 1671455835003.jpg (115.37 KB, 1200x788, PLACEBO Mads Perch 1.jpg)

Well at least he didn't troon.

No. 304804

File: 1671467977369.jpg (39.7 KB, 640x427, movies_x-men_gambit.jpg)

Nonono not Taylor plz not him… When he played Gambit I wanted to find him and marry him on the spot.

No. 305904

File: 1672512482042.jpg (377.43 KB, 986x538, if only you knew how bad thing…)

I'm not really into pretty boys but what happened to Peter Gabriel was kind of hilarious. 7/10 twink to balding fat moid.

No. 305928

How dare you say that about Brian Molko!? Shame on you!

No. 306896

File: 1673150789296.png (287.08 KB, 517x276, 23.png)

Political influencer, at 23 years old

No. 306898

File: 1673151506421.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x2015, A9631E54-84E6-4FB4-B82D-8F2F1B…)

I’m sorry to report that he is even worse now. This was just from NYE.

No. 306901

File: 1673152172973.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.4 KB, 750x550, E87A7195-1BC6-4EA0-A6B9-B710E8…)

Damn twink death is so strong that it even affects the men that only pretended to be twinky

No. 306915

Show this to someone who wants filler

No. 307244

No…. this can't be. What the fuck are men doing to themselves nonas…

No. 307245

Taylor Kitsch pretty much admitted to being a falling over drunk whore so that certainly didn't help him kek

No. 307255

File: 1673354887909.png (3.4 MB, 3560x1248, tito.png)

Josip Broz Tito, all the communists aged like milk

No. 307369

when was he ever attractive

No. 307644

File: 1673616755944.jpeg (156.88 KB, 1280x720, 1DFE1BD3-DA33-452C-A66F-B22DE4…)

Pete Doherty, pic rel.

Addict scrotes are my pet peeve. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing them become the fat hideous washed up wrecks with liver failure falling into the gutter and dying alone in hospital that they inevitably become and deserve to be.

A youth of coasting by on their shy timid forest creature junkie uwu looks and taking advantage of womens innate nurturing instinct. Spit.

No. 310497

I want to die, I used to find him so beautiful when I was watching Disney Channel as a kid. Like genuinely when I’ve thought about pretty males the first to come to mind has always been the Sterling Knight I grew up with.

I went on Google to find a pic rel but it was too depressing seeing how far he’s fallen. Fuck…

No. 311486

Jake looks good. I hooked up with a 34 year old moid last year who looks like him, not balding and he was southern french. I think anglo saxons with British heritage age horribly. They got the coomer gene too.

No. 311488

kek I remember he tried to kill himself when he turned 30 bc muh age. Fat ass lived another 12 years. Who woulda known. He's always been an ugly asshole, and was responsible for people dying at his shows. Brits age like expired whole milk.

No. 311546

File: 1675642523870.jpg (90.25 KB, 585x693, why.jpg)

Why God

No. 311547

Who is he

No. 311549

He looks like KingCobraJFS

No. 311551

This is so tragic, yet I'm laughing.

No. 311552

Petri Lindroos. It's a tragedy. He's really into those pedo glasses now too. Great.

No. 311557

Jake got the coomer gene too after what he did to that secretary a few years ago

No. 311565

File: 1675649103544.jpg (241.7 KB, 634x665, 20220505_190011.jpg)

Oh my fucking god i haven't seen a picture of him in years, kek. So many ladies on tumblr would cream themselves over him, i feel so bad for them. He looks like a homeless man on the street covered in piss mumbling to himself.

No. 311616

File: 1675666388350.png (553.42 KB, 1206x1269, F90B5DC4-0009-438C-A4B8-E9990C…)


No. 311658

The fate of all femboys

No. 311810

He should’ve used a gun.

No. 311811

What being literate and allowed to speak about politics does to a man. If only he accepted his fate in the mines

No. 311817

File: 1675817342368.jpeg (647.01 KB, 999x660, 951A8422-C157-4268-ABE1-4FFFF7…)

No. 313221

File: 1676680433374.jpg (301.18 KB, 1200x630, matt_mcgorry_.jpg)

i'm watching Orange is the new black and thought Benett was cute and went to see Matt McGorry's ig and my god he looks so haggard

No. 313222

File: 1676680511056.jpg (125.48 KB, 1022x524, orange-is-the-new-black-matt-m…)

No. 313223

File: 1676680548160.png (323.94 KB, 460x588, Capture d’écran 2023-02-18 à…)

maybe it's the uniform but he looks so ugly now

No. 313233

He looks like he got fat and he looks better without a beard.

No. 313237

beards ruin every man. and maybe it's just me but he looks super gay in the last pic idk why

No. 313238


jfc how is this the same person

No. 313245

File: 1676702302533.jpg (416.58 KB, 2338x1544, 2a4fad4e7b6f15dc74e00e990cc8b4…)


No. 313258

jesus fucking christ almighty god that's a bad one

No. 313259

Who is this?! He had a perfect face before smh

No. 313277

The guitarist from Blur

No. 313278

nbd but alex james was the bassist

No. 313282

A bass is a guitar.

No. 313287

Doesn't this brave transmasc know that cigarettes are bad for the baby

No. 313444

File: 1676833512936.jpg (49.25 KB, 773x332, ly.jpg)

Lauri Ylonen. I would have never guessed he would lose his cuteness so fast. Every year his fucking forehead gets bigger. I was being nice by not putting up a pic where he's styled more like he is on the left because it just accentuates the decline. You just give them a couple of years and they fall apart.

No. 313447

He was never cute to begin with, he was always a particularly ugly troll. A woman on par with his looks would've never ever ever made it in the music industry.

No. 313449

He was cute AS HELL to me and to many other girls. You don't have to find him attractive to see he's declined wildly in a short time. This thread is to show decline not to tell me who you in particular wanted to fuck way back when

No. 313454

You and many other girls were DUMB AS HELL.

No. 313455

Samefag but true you have every right to post him here because the decline is obvious. I still think he was never cute though.

No. 316699

File: 1678653810370.jpg (53.92 KB, 650x430, 8a8bd7dce49b4316880910462bf4a2…)

When your hair looks like your toupee has shifted…

No. 316701

I think he had a handsome face before but I can't remember him ever having much hair kek

No. 320420

File: 1680785710156.jpg (132.97 KB, 1119x1076, incel aging.jpg)

When your looks start matching your personality

No. 320421

By far the scariest comparison posted so far. Not because of the starting point, nothing special or even remotely charming about him, but his final form… it’s what nightmares are made of. How does that even happen?

No. 320424

what was ought to happen has always been obvious with him. He had a round face lacking in masculinity, and tried passing this off as feminine beauty. It wasn’t, all he has was baby fat spread generously over his moonface. The Neanderthal slit between his eyes marked him as ‘ugly’ from the beginning.

No. 320427

Are you telling me that he’s alive? That he hasn’t had somehow the need to kill himself? Because I would kill myself if I even resembled that thing.

No. 320430

Truly tragic. From kind of average to eliciting nothing but pure disgust at a glance

No. 320431

File: 1680790110951.jpg (108.01 KB, 661x1270, tomato.jpg)

Slavic aging is on a par with british aging

No. 320432

File: 1680790156377.jpg (66.65 KB, 402x1092, pumpkin.jpg)

No. 320459

No. 320629

Anons bemoaning the male hairline as if the dude could have avoided balding — by what, using sunblock as hair gel?? — are missing the point; it's not the lack of skin care that's the problem, it's that they are men.

They are doomed by the metabolites of the very testosterone of which they are so proud.

No. 320671

>>320629 balding is curable with today technology. the reason most men still go bald is because they don't think that matters

No. 320672

ntayrt, but as a balding woman, can you share the magic elixir? Or better yet, tell the scientists so I can start chugging it. Not even trying to wk moids but you have no clue what you're talking about, there's no magic bullet that cures balding for 100% of people.

No. 320690

Nta but you can try minoxidil.

No. 320694

Hair plugs, minoxidil.

No. 320718

>>320672 combine minoxidil with derma roller that way you will get lasting efects

No. 320775

Don’t get married, ladies. Even feminine qts expire

No. 320796

Not everyone has the enzymes to process minoxidil, which is why it only works for a certain percentage of people, based on genetics. You can orally take minoxidil which helps some non-responders see effects, but it is actually a heart medication so it can seriously fuck up your heart long term. It is not possible to stop balding for everyone, some people will go bald. So looking at a balding person and thinking they just don't care enough about their appearance to "fix" their balding is incredibly ignorant and misguided. And before someone comes at me, I'm not saying you aren't allowed think bald people are ugly, most people do, I'm just saying the argument that anyone can just choose to stop balding through miracle treatments is misinformed.

No. 320836

File: 1681057682365.jpg (43.16 KB, 700x500, pozner-v-molodosti-i-seychas.j…)

No. 320837

File: 1681057766180.jpg (59.23 KB, 750x410, Tom-Cruise.jpg)

No. 320841

If you wanna use it for balding, you use topical minoxidil which is used on bald spots, not the literal one that's used orally for systemical absorbation. It's not a heart medicine, it's a vasodilator which means it widens vessels and boosts bloodflow.
Anon should consult a derm if she wants to use it but your information isn't any better than the ones others gave.

No. 320844

um it's not like he birthed them wtf

No. 320857

looking like a beat up parent doesnt only happen to the mother because of the birthing process. it's dealing with children at all that stresses you out and ages you

No. 320884

I'm not gonna keep going on this retarded infight after this, but you're incorrect. Oral minoxidil is commonly prescribed off label for individuals who lack the processing enzyme. I've heard it's more common in australia, but even my burger derms have suggested it to me and if you enter any balding forum you will be able to verify that it's extremely common as a second option after failure of topical minoxidil. But again, it messes with your heart and causes excess hair growth on other parts of your body, even the face. many women who take it have to start dermaplaning and shaving their backs and shit.

No. 320962

File: 1681145282015.jpg (135.88 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20230216-221000_Ins…)

What three years, a pandemic, and boatloads of coke will do to a boy.

No. 320968

tbh he looks like shit in both versions. the last time he looked decent was when 1D was still together.

No. 320985

he was always ugly but it's amazing how haggard he looks now

No. 320986

He looks haggard in the first pic as well

No. 320987

looks like those human looking dogs

No. 320991

He's so fugly I barely even noticed a difference between the two pictures

No. 321006

kinda old but it's probably due to drug abuse. he used to be such a cute swedish f-boy :(

No. 321011

Why does he literally look 55? Drugs? Eeesh.

No. 321032

this one hurts, he used to be so qt

he's german, not slavic (riemelt)

No. 321035

Kek I was about to say "what are you talking about, from >>300473 to >>300470 there's not that much decline" before I saw this

No. 322349

File: 1681885933481.jpg (95.01 KB, 900x845, IMG_20230419_033229_663.jpg)

Dexter Holland from TheOffspring. He used to be such a cutie…

No. 322351

Oh no, fuck

No. 322352

like do men’s heads turn into beach balls when they get old. They get so W I D E

No. 322353

I'mma be controversial today. I think it's mostly the styling that's going wrong. If he took showers regularly, shaped his (sparse, lol) facial hair better, and never got those fugly shake'n'go tattoos, he would not look so bad today. The way his face has matured is not completely unsalvageable is what I'm sayin'.

No. 322354

File: 1681887246903.jpeg (478.38 KB, 2048x2048, 0B93A5E2-94B4-4642-991B-3EE07F…)

Christ almighty, everyone from Blur looks like shit. I always thought Damon Albarn was so fucking hot when he was young, too and he’s absolutely tragic

No. 322355

File: 1681887580923.jpeg (473.95 KB, 2048x2048, A19A8D1E-A723-49AB-B540-79B301…)


No. 322370

British teeth
British twink death

No. 322391

I think it’s decent, he is looking age appropriate, his face is not swollen wide
Anyway: https://www.natur.cuni.cz/eng/aktuality/archive-2017/popular-science-ageing-is-more-pronounced-in-male-face-than-in-women

No. 322420

File: 1681925758706.png (169.13 KB, 656x734, an empty hill.png)

nothing's ever gonna salvage this tho

No. 323860

File: 1682545299680.png (919.53 KB, 1116x582, damn.png)

23 vs 40
I want to prescribe him tretinoin…

No. 325487

File: 1683209846184.jpg (32.33 KB, 720x364, 20230504_111411.jpg)

Anons on Taylor Swift and some dude from a band called 1975 I never heard of I guess.

No. 325542

File: 1683223508506.jpg (28.56 KB, 586x240, DavidDuchovny-1.jpg)

His face melted

No. 325543

File: 1683223564834.gif (1.62 MB, 500x281, davidducho.gif)

No. 325544

I hate this but it is so true. He was so fucking hot in the XFiles and then Californication. But now? he looks like shit and his "singing career" is shit too. he can't sing at all

No. 325546

File: 1683223676214.jpg (89.16 KB, 1000x1000, duchovny-speedo-1648764822.jpg)

Man can't scape the beer gut
>singing career
Wtf I didn't know about that

No. 325569

Tbh his face was kind of already like that, the lower part of his face is awful.

No. 325760

Is there a reason why men tend to have more and deeper wrinkles than women? I notice they have deep wrinkles even in teens and early 20s, despite the stereotype that women age worse. I never see a woman in 20s or even 30s with deep wrinkles.

No. 325769

They literally don't drink water

No. 325779

my husband literally cultivates his 11 lines, he likes them and wants them to be deeper. he's probably an outlier though. I think it's mostly sun damage because they are unwilling to use sunblock lotion.

No. 325892

File: 1683319723412.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.9 KB, 670x853, moid.jpg)

Men have the weirdest shaped bodies

No. 326056

Holy shit, that looks like a birth deffect or something it's like the Norf fc meme. At least David Duchovny looked hot on the left picture.

No. 326072

lmfao actual irl One Piece character

No. 326186

Where did his jaw and chin go??

No. 326783

File: 1683594699265.jpg (40.25 KB, 846x267, Untitled.jpg)

he was never attractive, but holy SHIT that male pattern baldness

No. 326868

I don't understand why rich men let themselves go bald. Like, you have infinite money and access to every treatment available, can get as many hair transplants as you want… why would you do absolutely nothing?

No. 326870

Me either. A lot of male celebs have hair transplants and they look great and natural. The fucking prince of a country can’t get them? His brother has horrendous baldness too

No. 327606

File: 1683867695756.png (699.62 KB, 1024x474, travis fimmel.png)

I don't even think he aged as badly as some but my god travis fimmel needs to ditch the beard

No. 327642

I think he had to grow it for some of his roles but I don’t know for sure

No. 327649

File: 1683897604314.jpeg (167.73 KB, 1200x870, E31B3D87-6C35-448E-8CE2-4BC303…)

Absolutely the worst one ever for me, he was so fucking cute.

No. 327729

oh fuck he looks like that guy from 90 day fiance, what a tragedy

No. 333637

I started this thread and I’m really happy to see it’s still getting attention. It’s nice to reverse the criticisms and come back at incel moids for their “hitting the wall” rhetoric

No. 333638

I started this thread and I’m really happy to see it’s still getting attention. It’s nice to reverse the criticisms and come back at incel moids for their “hitting the wall” rhetoric

No. 333731

And you married that smh

No. 333765

File: 1686093073034.webm (807.79 KB, 576x1024, sander_jennings.webm)

Sander Jennings is spoiling like milk left in the hot Florida sun.
Sander posted this to his own twitter meaning for it to be positive. Season 1 of I Am Jazz aired July 2015. Season 8 aired January of 2023. He turned 25 in March. He looks so fucking bad for his age.

No. 333896

CELEBRITY men aging like milk is always so stupid. Literally have access to everything they could ever want and choose to look like shriveled scrote sacks.

No. 333899

the most painful one

No. 333901

i'd love to fuck that old witch anyway

No. 333911

File: 1686151762004.jpg (68.66 KB, 1426x300, judelaw.jpg)

He's only 25? Holy crap I thought he was much older, not that anything was lost here, all Jennings males are uggos. Here's 2004 Jude Law in his middle 30s vs recent Jude Law who is only 50 this year. And I do not think that brits age any worse than other men, almost all men age like shit regardless of ancestry.

No. 333914

Samefag but I'm just having a schitzo moment looking at Jude's ears, is that the same person?

No. 334790

File: 1686511683457.jpg (123.52 KB, 1200x798, si202112150042.jpg)

No. 334791

File: 1686511793628.jpg (60.23 KB, 564x882, e9018327e2376c1eb5b430266d418a…)

No. 335236

File: 1686674394659.png (289.22 KB, 1094x604, K Got Fed Too Well, Stop Buyin…)

Karma and God are real, ladies

No. 339670

File: 1689010786816.png (1.48 MB, 1304x824, christophernolan.png)

No. 339696

i think he looks great

No. 339703

I'm with nonna >>339696 but I have a thing for Dutch/British looking guys with big heads and older than 45, kek.

No. 339736

He was always doomed with that hairline.

No. 347946

File: 1694240212058.jpeg (252.27 KB, 924x1882, 4A0ADC3C-7FBB-4636-9E91-1B96AB…)

European Moids age so bad with their roscea and high rate of balding
Why do they think so highly of themselves? Is it height?

No. 348068

a moid im friends with, late 20s, showed me a picture of himself in his early 20s. i was taken aback by how good he looked. he's not ugly, but in that picture, he looked like a hot chad. what a shame. he kinda looks like ziobro now.

No. 348080

File: 1694357548978.png (9.09 MB, 3264x3264, fugly.png)

I know he's already been posted multiple times in this thread but this picture is taking me out right now so I had to share it with the class

No. 348085

youre telling me thats not chris chan

No. 348100

i didnt see which thread this was so for a sec i was really confused why there is a side to side comparison of depp and some old lady

No. 348211

my ex showed me some pictures of himself at 19. he had a chad jawline and was in good shape. now he has a puffy face and a chubby body and he's only 23

No. 348212

he really thought he looked fresh and rested in this selfie. moids be ugly and delusional

No. 348737

File: 1694756855281.jpg (108.32 KB, 936x552, mancarryingthing.jpg)

I haven't watched him in a while so it was pretty shocking to see how he looks now. why would he do this

No. 348772

Old but the only pics I saw from him were those from like 2010, so I never understood why he was regarded as an iconic ikemen until I watched some older dramas he starred in. Truly tragic lmao.

No. 348961

File: 1694907297369.png (687.63 KB, 876x454, kurtisconner.png)

this is more of a hairstyle/grooming thing than aging but one thing i dislike more than premature balding are average looking guys who as soon as they age a little get ratty ass hairstyles and terrible facial hair that makes them look like someone's creepy uncle

No. 348963

he looks like a man, he used to look like a tif

No. 348979

>not having an ugly mullet and pedostache is looking like a tif
This is why men stay ugly

No. 348990

He used to look somewhat clean before. His mustache is so fucking gross I can't. Not every man can pull it off.

No. 351211

This ugly ass scrote deserves to be posted multiple times. He's like the best example out there! Ugly inside and out.

No. 357543

File: 1699438880919.png (676.4 KB, 984x580, twinkdeath.png)

The "That Chapter" guy from youtube posted a video without the 200% smoothing filter, I hope this wakes up some of the obsessed fans in the comments.

No. 357563

His "quirky","sassy" personality he interjects into his videos about murder is so annoying, I don't know how any woman could be sexually attracted to this faggot.

No. 358378

he looks like a hon

No. 358673

File: 1699930177301.jpeg (499.82 KB, 1019x639, IMG_1266.jpeg)

At least he is still skinny

No. 358675

File: 1699931490675.gif (8.94 MB, 500x400, cillian murphy 1.gif)

I was just looking at pictures of him today and it's a shame what happened. Though I actually think he'd look better if he gained some weight, he got emaciated for Oppenheimer and it made him look worse. Just posting this as a eulogy to how beautiful he was.

No. 358679

my banana peels after i take them out of the dehydrator

No. 358681

This guy is so fucking freaky. I love blue eyes but hate his

No. 358684

File: 1699937974676.jpeg (49.24 KB, 451x402, IMG_0996.jpeg)

that’s funny because his fans always post extreme closeups of his eyes. It scares me every time and I would recognize them anywhere now
I think he was the most attractive actor of all time but the wall destroyed him pretty harshly

No. 358686


No. 358690

File: 1699938604103.jpeg (18 KB, 320x480, IMG_7811.jpeg)

Did he get an eye lift or something? I was baffled at how different he looks and I couldn’t figure out what it was besides his weight loss. But it’s the eyes! His eyes look so tight and weird and creepy now, he doesn’t look like the same guy I used to have a crush on back in the day

No. 358692


No. 358693

No. 358696

File: 1699940675026.gif (3.66 MB, 540x350, BB6F37A5-74F0-4950-9B11-30F135…)

I’ve been trying to figure that out too, I think it’s a weird combination of things like filler, an eye lift or mini face lift, and the starvation for Oppenheimer. He looks so different now from even peaky blinders and that wasn’t that long ago

No. 358697

File: 1699940737674.jpeg (23.11 KB, 419x289, IMG_1309.jpeg)

He also looked very different when he was like 20 so maybe he had work done earlier in his career and it looks bad now

No. 358701

Wow he actually looks like a human here

No. 358733

Yeah he has a Joe Biden level eyelift. He looks AWAKE, it's a bit much.

No. 358737

File: 1699981272038.jpg (89.84 KB, 500x622, cillian murphy peaky.jpg)

But he looked normal, if aged, in Peaky Blinders and even in his earliest pictures his features are the same, I don't think he had work done. He still looks like himself, imo, he's just aging incredibly badly, has spent decades smoking and starving himself for Oppenheimer exacerbated it.

No. 358764

File: 1699991240767.gif (3.54 MB, 500x271, tumblr_288ade676ebaa1df4e67a8b…)

he was SO hot in peaky blinders I don't even care

No. 358771

As a Britbong he just looks like a generic chav to me. See literally dozens of these boys on the tube everyday.

No. 358773

I disagree that he’s had any work done tbh. He always had puffy Jolie lips since his youth, always have quite a snatched plastic looking face just naturally. Hes got lots of wrinkles around his eyes and they’re still hollow, so no botox or fillers there. He’s just lost fat in his eye pads which makes his eyes look even more sunken and buggy. And he’s got a classic drug user face. Gay men who’ve booty bumped meth a lot in their youth have that exact same look, it’s a loss of the fat pads in their face. I don’t think it’s meth in his case, probably just cocaine since most actors take it. All the middle aged British moids at my work do cocaine too.

No. 358777

File: 1699994909415.jpeg (530.59 KB, 1620x624, 97D60B43-0F35-4351-9754-B0DA1F…)

He reminds me a bit of Johnny Rzeznik (my childhood crush) people always accuse him of getting surgery but the truth is he always had a weird kinda chubby plastic looking overfilled looking face and simply aged strangely. Add that to the fact they both have blondish/light brown hair, very pale skin, light eyes and can’t grow facial hair well, and were prettyboys who attained twink death, and yeah no wonder they look like old lesbians.

No. 358778

Rzeznik is Slav, Murphy is Irish. Irish and Slavic men are known for extreme twink death and ageing poorly.

And they also drink a lot (Cillian was spotted drinking at a pub for 5 hours a couple months ago) they both look like my alcoholic father kek.

No. 358780

File: 1699995404595.jpeg (637.59 KB, 3428x1286, 68053DAA-B26B-447A-BC40-362AE4…)

Sad that blond men age the worst and go bald earliest. They get that ‘aged gay pornstar’ look.

No. 358781

Jesus Christ that’s tragic. Slavic moids, not even once.

No. 358789

File: 1699999270744.jpg (103.8 KB, 1280x1600, cillian murphy beard.jpg)

I hate that I know this but Murphy can grow facial hair well. I agree with you though, it's just bad aging and massive weight loss that aged him even faster. He might look better if he gained some weight back.

And while I know old British men love their coke I thought meth ended up literally deforming people.

I thought drinking caused a puffy, fatter face like Rzeznik. Granted he's emaciated now but Murphy's face looks overly thin, not puffy and he doesn't have the Irish nose that usually goes with drinking.

No. 358791

That’s a pretty patchy beard tbh and probably took him like a month to grow

No. 358853

File: 1700020193103.jpeg (51.19 KB, 500x524, IMG_1379.jpeg)

I think he looks better with a beard, it makes him look less uncanny. On that note I think the reason he looked so good in peaky blinders is because he had a more masculine style and mannerisms than he has in real life, his features are pretty feminine and it looks odd if it isn’t balanced with a more masculine hairstyle and facial hair

No. 358905


Exactly. And it is about time moids feel as bad for their looks as we are made to do. They deserve to be taken down a peg or two.

I'm doing my part by leaving mean comments on moids' appearances on photos and videos with fake profiles. Especially friends, relatives and acquaintances whose insecurities I know, but complete strangers I come across too. I also use their email addresses and phone numbers to sign them up to websites or newsletters that will remind them of how they're hitting the wall (treatments for baldness and erectile dysfunction) or how inadequate they are (my favorite is to sign them up for ball wash discounts, and if he's under 6'/180cm I sign him up to support groups for people with dwarfism)

No. 359047

File: 1700107810688.png (1.36 MB, 1124x796, fielder.png)

How was Nathan For You season 1 only in 2013? The change in 10 years is surprising to me. He has a new show out and his age was distracting to me. Though the picture on the right is actually from another 2022 show The Rehearsal which I haven't seen.

No. 359073

The Rehearsal was great, I suddenly found myself attracted to him during that show, kek. Also his age went from 30 to 40 during that time span so the gray hair seems about right. from my observations Jewish guys tend to look rough after age 35

No. 359116

File: 1700149713160.jpg (59.91 KB, 497x750, d7ba0f12bcac1801960f52c310b06d…)

I laughed so hard at this thread here's my contribution, I know Steve Howe was never a looker, but I know some nonas here found him cute

No. 359117

File: 1700149786893.jpg (173.78 KB, 1024x661, stevehowe-1024x661.jpg)

anyways here's him now… someone on last.fm compared him to the crypt keeper kek and it's all I can see when I look at recent pictures of him

No. 359118

aw I was so excited I thought Steve Howe nonna was back. He’s ugly as sin but she made me laugh

No. 359235

He was always ugly but now he looks like a creepy old rabbi

No. 363581

File: 1702044014550.jpg (1.47 MB, 3000x3000, MixCollage-08-Dec-2023-03-00-P…)

The guy from Iceage. And he's only like 30 kek

No. 363584

Could be worse, looks like a slightly inbred version of Sam from Death Stranding, give me an update when he loses all his hair and grows an ugly beard

No. 363586

I'm still traumatized over this and i didn't even know who he was

No. 363615

File: 1702056918729.png (619.58 KB, 1294x549, goering.png)

My personal vex was always with Hermann Goering. I can't believe that being a druggy nazi pig results in you actually looking like a pig.. Ughh. Aged male ugliness is deeply upsetting and permeating every corner of history. They can't even be decorative properly.

No. 363622

I mean… i don't want to defend moids and let alone nazi moids but i think it's a bit unfair to compare younger and after war type of photos kek
The left pictures make him look like he's paranoid that someone would check his browsing history tbh

No. 365652

File: 1702677956065.jpg (58.02 KB, 1200x800, 1000005962.jpg)

I watched The Killer recently and Fassbender was looking rough. He was never exactly fresh-faced but now he looks like he belongs in the pro-ana thread kek. Someone get him a toob

No. 365655

File: 1702678666383.jpeg (233.92 KB, 828x608, IMG_1658.jpeg)

Good. Karma is finally catching up with this wifebeater

No. 365656

old al pacino breaks my heart. 70s pacino was such a little angel ugh

No. 365676

He’s so vile and looks like a wrinkly ginger testicle, no idea how he never got cancelled. He’s also a weirdo with a fetish for abusing black women.

No. 368869

File: 1703532453831.jpg (1.29 MB, 3000x3000, MixCollage-25-Dec-2023-08-23-P…)

This is so tragic to me. The first pic was only 6 years ago and i disagree with the comments calling him a silver fox

No. 368896

This thread scares and depresses me so much, like is this >>348080 all we can get after like age 20???

No. 368924

I'm still in my twenties but when I'm older I'm going to exclusively date younger men. Middle aged men are nearly always plain/ugly and bitter plus there's also a high probability I'll have to play stepmommy and might even have to deal with a mad ex wife. I don't care if people think I'm cradlesnatching, it's worth it to be with men who are still attractive, are willing to spend money on me because it's not all going on their kids, and don't hate women due to suffering their first major heartbreak yet

No. 368932

Honestly , if he lost a tiny bit of weight in his face and grew his hair out , he'd look better. Maybe change his facial hair as well.

No. 369119

LOL nonnie, that’s great. keep it up

No. 369768

EWWW, I thought he was her father. What the hell is wrong with his T-zone? She got babytrapped.

No. 370522

File: 1704194232534.jpg (346.94 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20231230_130741.jpg)

No. 370531

Agree but he looks incredibly gay to me which is throwing everything off. Not saying he is, just that he clearly took too many style tips from gay men in the industry so he looks all wrong

No. 370682

File: 1704258408344.jpeg (123.25 KB, 1200x1200, image0.jpeg)

I've seen less wrinkles and furrows on fucking 60 year olds kek

No. 370729

File: 1704288194411.png (628.9 KB, 1009x578, 442.png)

Even in the 5 years between him making Prometheus and then the next installment of it (in 2017) he'd aged rapidly. I thought oh they've purposefully aged him with make up? til I saw him in interviews

No. 370789

same nona, I don't know if I laugh or cry kek

No. 370798

Why would an adroid look this haggard

No. 370839

Kek right. How come moids get Alita Battle Angel and we get this ugly old haggard woman beater?

No. 370848

File: 1704320576888.jpg (508.64 KB, 1163x1962, IMG_20240103_154550.jpg)

Not the worst example ig but he's only 34 and his wrinkles are already so deep around the eyes and cheeks and forehead. This feels like the early warning signs that he's going to age really badly and it's making me so sad, sis needs to stop sucking the life out of him.

No. 370851

Based succubus cougar she sucked his vital energy out of him

No. 370873

File: 1704330061963.png (322.43 KB, 447x603, paul mescal.png)

Paul mescal used to look cute in normal people now he's aging badly. he's not even 30 and his hairline is already receding.

No. 370875

He was ugly from the start

No. 370890

No. 371044

File: 1704402361132.jpg (42.5 KB, 800x450, 9922280c3f73bc9cd07af7a365aa42…)

I have to agree

No. 372810

File: 1705029648542.jpeg (65.52 KB, 500x500, BD96FFB2-C814-458C-A9C6-F78089…)

Haven’t seen Ghostmane since like 2016, just get a load of this. People in the comments were saying he had a baby but they act like HE CARRIED IT lol

No. 372811

File: 1705029682841.jpeg (62.3 KB, 1280x720, 22CAB1C4-79D4-48DC-8717-D08889…)

No. 372812

File: 1705029780487.jpeg (18.88 KB, 168x300, 7FA3C242-5E34-449C-8F66-D100DD…)

No. 372814

File: 1705029872591.jpeg (117.28 KB, 640x639, 771D658B-E204-487C-87F7-559B58…)

He’s so ugly ahhahahah

No. 372815

if you look at the image she does appear to be aging in reverse… really makes you think.

No. 373774

File: 1705382437815.jpeg (173.95 KB, 1736x784, tragic.jpeg)

He's not the worst but what happened here? He was okay longer than most men but keeps getting worse and worse. He's not even 50!

No. 373839

I keep seeing "you're being unfair, he's still pretty good looking, he just aged" ITT when I feel like it's the other way around for a lot of them. A lot of them were never good looking, they were just young and the way they look rancid old was predictable and not shocking.

No. 373854

I feel like he still looks somewhat passable compared to some of the other moids itt, maybe if he trimmed and groomed the pube beard and got some hair plugs he'd be good looking again

No. 374019

File: 1705477805059.jpeg (343.67 KB, 815x576, IMG_4213.jpeg)

Fail male

No. 374039

He looks like he has had work done ew