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No. 153564

First Thread : >>112815

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Also, a reminder that we all have our ups and downs. You're human, allow yourself to fail. Just pick yourself up again and don't give up.

No ana, please.

No. 153575

File: 1601615596265.jpg (56.84 KB, 760x876, de1b23df16f4ca94d364e769a19195…)

Blogpost time to get the thread going
>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
Currently about 60kg at 172cm, started in July at ~66kg. GW is 55 at the bare minimum, it's almost underweight but I've been that weight before and still had fat legs so unfortunately I'm gonna have to reevaluate when I reach it and possibly lose more.
>-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
Eating about 1200-1300 cal on average, I try to eat under 1200 on weekdays so I can go out for bigger meals on the weekend. No special diet except trying to cut down on sugar and bread. Doing sport 1-3 times a week and going for hr long walks on other days, and I plan on joining a gym in the next few months, I just wanna make sure I'm 100% committed and not wasting my money.
>-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
Weighing every day for consistency in my data, measuring when I feel skinny/try on clothes.

It's going suspiciously well so far, my hunger levels are manageable, had no real binges or serious cravings throwing me off track. But I'm only cautiously optimistic, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and to start binging and eating crap because that's what happened with past attempts. But I think there are some key differences this time
>found some really good low cal foods that work for me, also strawberries are really cheap atm so I'm living on them and yoghurt
>weighing every day
>focusing on overall average intake rather than trying to get 1200 exactly every single day
>eating at set times so I never get too hungry and never have to make a choice whether to snack or not

My biggest struggle is accurately calorie counting, it's almost impossible at restaurants and when other people make me food. I always worry that I'm eating more than I realize and try to round all my calorie counts up to compensate.

No. 153598

Off topic but what's the source on that art? It's really cute.

No. 153609

File: 1601636748417.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.87 KB, 1532x950, 1.jpg)

>no ana, please
Careful there

No. 153611

No. 153612

Ana physique + gym = strong and healthy

No. 153614

go bone rattle somewhere else

No. 153642

File: 1601652390147.jpg (27.8 KB, 352x550, EWFAT.jpg)

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements; I'm currently hovering around 145-148 but I'm pretty short (5 ft) so it's really bad. I put weight on incredibly quickly. My goal is 95 lbs but my REASONABLE goal for now is 120.
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?); I'm eating better because I had a hard time mentally during Corona and put on around 25 lbs from depression and overeating. I'm eating smaller portions and doing intermittent fasting while going for runs/walks. I don't have a lot of time to go to a gym right now but when I do I want to do a lot of core excercises!
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings. I weigh myself every morning. I want to lose weight but I have very bad mental issues so I can't make it my whole life or else I'll spiral out of control but I am eating much better and drinking more water instead of alcohol.

No. 153660

Is this a good general diet (vegetarian and dairy free) for maintaining average muscle mass and low weight?
Breakfast: Banana, large cup of coffee with oat milk
Morning snack: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Noodles with chopped and pan fried veg (broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, chillis, pepper, eggplant)
Dinner: Small portion of white rice with black/kidney beans, chopped onion and tomatoes.

For something sweet or other snacks: strawberries, coconut based yogurt, almonds, rice cakes

I’m terrible with exercise but very good at maintaining a diet, my biggest concern is lack of protein. Any thoughts?

No. 153682

As you say, lack of protein is the key issue here. I had a similar problem. Do you like oats? Since having overnight oats with protein powder, I am getting 35g of protein in my breakfast which comes out to about 350 cals. I am 5'8" and 125lbs so aim for about 120-130g of protein a day. I know it's basic, but it has been a game changer. Try throwing some tofu in there. It's nice scrambled! I'd have like scrambled egg/tofu with some beans and sweet peppers. Maybe make an omelette with it? It is hard to say without knowing your build etc but maybe knock out a few of the sweet snacks in favour of higher protein foods. You will feel fuller for it and probably snack less.

No. 153726

File: 1601711601643.jpeg (34.1 KB, 648x473, images (32).jpeg)

How do I achieve this kind of physicque? She's been my goals ever since I saw that GIF of her on tumblr back then…Ive been doing some 15 minute cardio and then 20 to 25 minutes worth of strength training(or dumbbells) that I see on YT.

I'm around 5 feet tall and I weigh about 103lbs.

No. 153727

weight / strength training and power lifting.
/fit/'s sticky on 4chan has resources you might find helpful

No. 153728

Anon… you can literally see what she's doing to get that physique, and it's not 20 mins of lifting dumbbells lmao. Even normal weight lifters don't look that good, it's probably her entire life and career.

No. 153737

Thinking about maintaining muscle mass on a vegetarian diet is pretty silly, but at least up your egg intake

No. 153756

That's an ignorant take. Legumes, beans, tofu and eggs are all good protein sources and she can always take some protein powder

No. 153757

File: 1601735287237.jpg (52.16 KB, 584x335, diet.jpg)

>Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
Currently I'm 5'2 and weigh 134lbs. I'v already lost about 10lbs during quarantine, but recently fell off the wagon when I realized I had nowhere to show off my weight loss. I'm within healthy range and I'm down to 19.2% body fat. But still that means I have around 30lbs of fat and no thanks. Ideally, I'd like to be around 1150-120 because I know once I'll put on a few more lbs of muscle mass before I start to loose weight. Ideally I'd have 10lbs or less of bodyfat.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
I use FITINDEX as well as their smart scale but have been super lax about using it lately. I need back to daily morning weigh ins to hold myself accountable. I need to cut out some junk foods I've been eating and be more strict with 16:8 intermittent fasting. I also need to get back to running and weight lifting. I need to be doing cardio 6 days a week at least and weight lifting 3 days.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measuring.
Morning weigh ins every day, starting a tracking journal. I also want to put some money in a cute dress fund for when I get down under 125.

thanks for making this thread anon, made me realize I know exactly what I have to do now I just have to do it.

No. 153782

Don't forget nuts and seeds, they're packed with proteins. Many even have a higher protein content than meat.

No. 153834

What nuts have more protein than meat?

No. 153876

File: 1601815940623.jpg (127.41 KB, 1080x1350, 1.jpg)

No. 153877

Is this what Momokun thinks she looks like?

No. 153878

File: 1601817605613.png (Spoiler Image,936.48 KB, 1698x770, 2.png)

Lose weight, fatty

No. 153879


NAYRT, I don't care about this thread, just please, please learn to crop

No. 153883

File: 1601819618158.png (Spoiler Image,898.64 KB, 1128x400, cropped.png)

I cropped that

No. 153886

>>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;

im 53kg rn, at 165cm. Wanna stay around this weight but add more muscle mass and tone my body/stomach more.
>>-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);

Doing the couch to 5k, plus some weight training as i find intense weight train more fun than cardio

>>-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

my gym has challenges like train once a day for 1 week and you get a badge once you completed it, im aiming to get that 3 times/week badge.

No. 153887

I'm going on a slow bulk again and I don't waaaant to, but I really wanto to grow my arms, I'm tired of those noodles. Also quads, I want big quads damn.

Eating 2.2k+ calories will be a pain in the ass.

No. 153891

This is such a misinformed opinion. Maintaining muscle, especially for women, doesn’t take mountains of protein a day. You can EASILY met protein goals through a plant based diet, let alone if you do include dairy and eggs.

No. 153893

File: 1601832840544.jpg (64.19 KB, 690x862, 71ltfjzmrvg11.jpg)

I want back like this

No. 153902

I've been trying to at least walk daily and cut a lot of shit out of my life. Getting on my doctors ass to fix my scoliosis so it's easier to get out of the house so I can start doing Couch to 5k.

I'm still overweight but lost a few inches off my waist and my family says it's very noticable. Would go full ana to speed up the progress if I wasn't being monitored for it lol

No. 153904

Sorry I don't remember for that specific pic, but if you just search watercolour food illustrations there's lots of similar art on pinterest etc. kailenefalls on insta is one of my favs.

No. 153919

I've lost 10 kgs since April.
I'm 160 cm and 55 kgs now and my goal weight is 48 kgs. Maybe it's too low for my height but I have a chubby face and I won't stop losing weight until my face slims down a bit.
Maybe face fat will go away if I focus on body recomposition instead of just dieting

No. 153947

File: 1601887849949.jpg (246.58 KB, 927x935, 1.jpg)

That's a good start

No. 153954

What's the most effective way to train your abs and back muscles? I only have so much spare time so I don't want to waste it on ineffective exercises.

No. 153959

File: 1601904292191.jpg (71.48 KB, 679x1182, BRaoIFy.jpg)

There are people whose face just remains fat, no matter what. Pic related is Sophia Thiel. Killer body, moonface. (No hate tho, I think she's gorgeous, but those hamster cheeks and rock hard abs crack me up all the time)

No. 153960

What's the point of posting non-natty figures?
Of course anyone, no matter the age or sex, can go from fat to jacked with steroids or anabolic chems.

No. 154494

I'm torn about keto. I lost weight really quickly and my body looks good now, I didn't expect for it to work so well without exercising, counting calories etc. My hair and skin also look much better. I don't feel bloated anymore. And yet I'm thinking about dropping this diet because I constantly have nausea and I constantly need to drink water (it's also too expensive for me). I don't understand how can I look so well yet feel so sick. My diet consist of three kinds of fish, chicken breast, broccoli, eggs, avocado and tomatoes. Fuck my body craves fruits. A small amount of berries is not enough.

No. 154495

Just do general low carb and stay below 50 carbs a day. I lost quite a bit doing low carb and managed to keep it off. I think that I have a problem with some grains thoufg

No. 154497

You've lost weight and look good so don't you think it's better to transition to a more sustainable diet? You don't wanna be stuck doing any sort of restrictive diet for the rest of your life to maintain your weight, let alone one that actually makes you sick. You wanna be able to enjoy whatever food you like in moderation at some point, and limiting berries is fucking absurd tbh. They are nature's delicious, low cal miracles and have been a lifesaver for my diet personally.

No. 154515

You won't necessarily feel as bloated as before when you'll re-introduce carbs into your diet. Keto may have changed your gut flora and insuline sensitivity, this effect lasts longer than the diet itself. Like above anon said, keep it low to moderate carb, it's ideal to have carbs before or after working out/moving around.

No. 154689

my dumbass brain thought her shirt was saying 'high in figer' , with the word 'fiber' misspelled

No. 154696

sometimes moonface is a sign of anavar.
Misscarriejune gets shit for it all the time

Actually, im going to go ahead after some googling of sophia and say im pretty sure it is anavar for her too.

No. 154701

Lift HEAVY. Shes a powerlifter.
take anons advice. read the /fit/ sticky, and start doing Strong lifts 5x5 or Starting strenth. Focus on more weight and less reps.
Luckily you dont have to focus on your diet that much as people wanting to be skinny fitspo/have abs

No. 154714

has anyone ever used a waist trainer? I just got one to help with my posture and to cinch me in while I diet. it was so hard to put on but it is definitely helping me from slouching while I work at my computer

No. 154716

You go into ketosis daily when intermittent fasting as well. The metabolic benefits are better if you're fasting earlier in the day too (skipping dinner rather than breakfast). There's no right or wrong diet with IF.
I also cut out gluten (because of intolerance) which makes staying low carb pretty easy, and the carbs I do get are high quality whole food carbs. Honestly if you're really craving fruit, go for it. Make sure to reintroduce them slowly.

No. 154724

It will only help you short term if you don't exercise your core muscles. Given it "forces you" to sit correctly, at the same time your muscles don't have to do as much effort to keep your posture as it should be, which will lead to them becoming weaker, ultimately messing up your posture long term (as you will struggle even more than before to keep it with the waist trainer off) and cause back pains anytime core is engaged for too long.

No. 154725

One positive of 2020 for me: I lost around 16 lbs so far during the pandemic/lock down.

In the first few months I lost weight through pure exercise by biking 2-3 hours a day, 5+ days a week. I love biking so this wasn't hard for me but my dumbass still ate way too much food so the weight loss was slow. I went from around 165 to 154 (I'm 5'8) in 5 months.

After seeing real progress I didn't want to sabotage my efforts anymore by overeating. My biggest issue was snacking, especially late at night. All my snacking would basically add up to eating a second dinner. I cut all that out but I never starve myself. It's not realistic and sustainable. If I feel hungry, I eat- just a way smaller portion. I'm now down to 149, my lowest weight in a decade. I don't have the cravings or the huge appetite anymore. It's crazy how bodies adapt to change.

My biggest challenge will be over winter. I always eat a shit ton of food when it's cold and I'll have to switch to a boring indoor exercise bike. The number isn't super important to me but I'm hoping to maybe get and maintain around 145 lbs.

No. 154746

Doesn't seem like you are in ketosis, you are eating pretty little fat. Try upping your fat intake and see how you feel.

No. 154748

>eat an entire pizza last night along with lots of chips and chocolate
>weigh myself today, lost 100g
>had a really awesome, intense exercise session as a result of the extra energy from eating so much

Time to incorporate regular whole ass pizzas into my diet kek. The one I had was 1000 cal which is not that hard to fit into maintenance day.

No. 154778

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but does anyone know what Brittany Venti has been doing for weight loss? I'd really like to start doing it as we have similar body types, but idk if it's keto or weights or whatever. Again, sorry if wrong thread.

No. 154782

It's probably just coke

No. 154789


No. 154790

>be alcoholic
>really want to lose weight
>have been successfully restricting food intake for months
>eat very little, mostly healthy fats and proteins
>still don't want to quit drinking
>consume 750-1000 calories a day worth of alcohol
>as a result ruin all efforts
>have been at the same weight for nearly a year because of this
If it weren't for the booze I would have arrived at my goal weight months ago. I know I'm doing it to myself and only have myself to blame, but it still feels really bad. Just not bad enough to quit drinking, I guess.

No. 154799

>Post your goals, your current state
Goal: ~59-62kg depending on muscles/appearance
current state: 5'6 ~65kg (~143lbs)
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods
Get back to regularity/3x per week weight training and count calories until im back at 61kg.
Continue the 2km/25 min walks to and from work; cancelled public transit pass
I started at 72kg in 2018, dropped down to 59kg in 5/6 months via calorie counting and using random gym machines/minimal cardio. Then told myself i would slow bulk/maintain and lift for real using a suggested plan from /fit/. I still lift but i stopped calorie counting over a year ago and my gym going is irregular. 1-2x per week. Corona stress isnt helping. My gym is open atm so i dont have that much of an excuse but i now walk way more than i did

-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
Atm im doing 2-3x weekly weigh ins to get a general idea im staying on track. When im going my regular 3x per week ill cut it down to 1x per week weigh ins.
Also i can gage progress based on lifts and appearance is much more imporant to me than weight.

No. 154871

Has anyone here successfully fixed the bad habit of emotional eating/eating as a coping mechanism for stress? I need to develop better self control and not depend on food like this. Wondering what you guys do that helps instead.

I saw her post that she eats low carb, eats filling food like eggs, and drinks black coffee as an appetite suppressant.

My starting weight/height before I started exercising at all was similar to you (but completely skinnyfat). In about 6 months I am down to 135 lbs which isn't much progress since my diet is still pretty poor but have had a lot of body recomp/muscle building. Which /fit/ plan do you use? And congrats on your initial progress since 2018, you sound a lot healthier even if Corona threw things off track a little.

No. 154879

Anons… Please help me.

I literally can't stop eating. It's been like this my whole life.

Do I seriously need therapy or what?

No. 154886

I would advise you to first ask yourself why you seemingly can't stop eating. Seriously analyze your mental processes and emotions pertaining to food/eating. Are you eating because you are genuinely hungry and never feel full? Eating out of boredom? Eating to cope with emotional problems? Out of fear of going hungry?
Treatments for this sort of thing are really varied and knowing what's causing you to overeat can be beneficial in finding something that works for your specific case.
I believe in you anon!

No. 154908

File: 1602492860249.png (567.27 KB, 784x690, l.png)

No. 154909

I can't stress enough the importance of drinking water if you want to lose weight

No. 154911

~5 days out of the week I can eat when my body feels hungry, but the other few days I literally cannot stop feeling 'hunger'. It's not a rumble or empty feeling, it's more of a hollow feeling and it makes my brain think about food all the time. Idk how to ignore it. Even if I eat the same amm of food as the days before/same contents, the thoughts/feeling doesn't stop.

No. 154912

Nta but sometimes there's more to it than eating healthy, drinking water and excersise. There's a mental aspect to it when you can't stop eating, there's a reason why morbidly obese people eat themselves to literal death.

No. 154914

do you have diverse diet? There may be some nutrient missing and your body needs it, so you feel hungry despite eating normally.

No. 154920

Anons, I'm in dire need of guidance. In 2 months I'll be meeting my online bf for the first time and my inner thighs are visibly flabbier than women's who are twice my size (despite not being overweight). Could anyone point me towards the exercises that would make the most difference if done obsessively for 2 months? I know next to nothing about exercise and have no access to gym equipment, but I'm willing to buy accessories if they're not prohibitively expensive. Words can't describe my desperation.

No. 154925

I would recommend HIIT (high intensity interval training). It's tough if you're pushing yourself but short and effective. If you do it regularly you can likely recomp a good amount of fat into muscle over 2 months as a newbie. LovingFit has a ton of free, good routines. You can sort by lower body but honestly you need to focus on your body overall because you can't spot reduce (your body is likely just predisposed to store fat on the thighs) and you can overtrain by only focusing on one area anyway. Just do 2-3 lower body-centric routines a week and that should serve to tone plenty. https://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/workout-routines

No. 154931


I'm doing this exercise after my daily workout to work more on my thighs and after three weeks I like the results so far.

She has an entire plan for slim thighs, maybe it's something for you.

but as >>154925 said, you need to work your whole body in order to see results. Wish you good luck!

No. 154940

Weight loss is about what you eat, not how you work out. Working out helps I guess but since you can't target weight loss, you won't really be doing much but wasting time toning your muscles under fat.

If you want to tone, yes do the exercises that those anons have provided. But if you want to shrink in size, I recommend doing Whole30 diet. Or at least something REALLY close to it. Or another diet to shock your system and cause you to rapidly lose weight in a very short amount of time.

If you really wanna do whole30 without needing to set up, buy these staple ingredients:

- coconut milk
- fruit
- potatoes
- chicken, beef, pork (NONE of them should ever have any add-ins. Get them straight from the meat locker, do not get "special seasoning" meat)
- vegetables

Eat with these foods (if you wanna lose faster, scrap the potatoes), and you'll basically lose weight faster than CICO (water weight comes off quickly).

I'll reiterate: weight loss is about diet, not exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen.

No. 154955

I can't thank you enough anons, you've made me feel like maybe this isn't such an impossible task after all. The fact that the Chloe Ting workout can yield results after 3 weeks is extremely encouraging.

Regarding the need to target my entire body to see results: would it be okay to focus on lower body exercises and just do some simple arm workouts (eg. bicep curls) to tone my upper arms? Obviously in addition to a sensible diet that burns fat so the muscle can show.

No. 154960

What would you recommend for anons that shit their brains out with coconut products?

No. 154962

I don't wanna be a ketofag, but keto

No. 154963

General low carb to find out if there's a food intolerance would probably work well with less restrictions though. It requires a lot of willpower to stay at 20 and below carbs unless you're creative as fuck or don't care about what you're eating if it gets samesy.
I hate that oat milk is so carb heavy. I guess 12g of net carbs isn't the worst for 8 oz, especially if you halve it out and dilute it.

No. 154965


As anon above said, do HIIT in order to work your whole body, then you can always follow with specific routine for the parts you personally want to work on.

No. 154969

You don't necessarily need coconut milk unless you plan on making coconut curries or need a thick cream-like product (I used coconut cream to make coconut banana smoothies). Almond milk works, cashew milk too. UNSWEETENED. Just nothing with oats or dairy. No wheat, no grain, nothing. Stay away from that shit for 30 days.

I'm not the one that recommended you keto. I would never do keto, it fucking sucks not being able to eat fruit or potatoes (for the love of god potatos). When I did Whole30, I ate potatoes almost every day and lost weight. You don't HAVE to eat potatos though and you'll shed weight faster.

If you think any of that sounds hard… Just know that I'm a lard ass who ordered out 7 days a week for lunch AND dinner and then I went to making homemade dinners and eating leftovers for lunch. No sugar, no dairy, no grains. It's only 30 days too. With that being said, even if you don't want to do exactly whole30, just try and keep a simple diet. Don't order out, make all of your meats from scratch and season yourself (do not use pre-mixed seasoning like lawrys or ms. dash).

I can list all the recipes I used and everything I did if anyone needs more info for whole30.

No. 154999

I have lost ~30 pounds since March. How did I do it? Stopped drinking alcohol. Seriously, I feel like I've discovered the secret to loosing weight. The pounds just melted off with very little work at all. I'm kind of bitter that I wasted all my good years being fat and all I would have had to do was stop drinking. I tried so many diets and other methods over the years, I could never loose anything. But at least now I feel pretty good and actually am happy looking in a mirror for the first time in years. I'm still about ~20 pounds away from my goal though so hopefully I can keep this up.

Obviously not everyone is an alcoholic like me but I feel like identifying the 1 thing that you are doing a lot that is adding calories (whether its soda or chips or alcohol or whatever) and cutting it out completely really makes a difference.

No. 155010

Congrats, anon. People never realize just how many calories are in alcohol. I would drink a six pack and that's 600 calories right there. Plus vodka… So many calories.

Congratulations. But have a white claw once in a while.

No. 155014

Can anyone think of a reason why my stomach looks flatter than it did before, but I haven't had any significant lifestyle changes? I started working out in the midst of quarantine but stopped a while ago. When I got on the scale, it said I've gained weight but my stomach looks flatter than it used to. The only guess I could throw out there is that I eat less now, but even then, I still eat like shit.

No. 155017

Improved posture?

No. 155020

No. 155025

These work wonders:
Sorry for the shitty chinese links, these excersises used to be on YouTube but the BeFit channel took them down. I've never seen such a difference so quickly.

No. 155032

File: 1602590534138.png (97.42 KB, 500x394, glass-bones-and-was-born-with-…)

Does anyone have any excercise tips for someone who is an weakling with moderate-to-severe asthma?
I haven't excersised in basically a decade because it always left me on the floor wheezing but nowadays my body is so fucking shite i feel like i NEED to do something, people always say to go for swimming if you have ashtma but alas im also allergic to chlorine.

No. 155033

File: 1602592112077.jpg (94.76 KB, 634x793, 1.jpg)

How much cardio are you doing these days?

No. 155034

Walk every day

No. 155037

ot but damn she has an unfortunate body

No. 155038

Nah, she's just gotten a bit fat but her body type is nice imo. I only feel sad for her calves.

No. 155039

I'm walking every day. I want to start running and add some short hiit routines before my actual work out

No. 155040

File: 1602597140662.jpg (65.61 KB, 500x600, weebles4_g.jpg)

americans have such weird standards, she looks like picrel

No. 155041

What makes you think that I'm American? Weird cope

No. 155042

Saying that her body shape is nice

No. 155043

i dont care where you're from anon, what i was trying to say is that that billie is american and it shows in her weird body

No. 155044

English isn't even my first language but thanks. Note that I said that she's gotten fat but her body type is nice.

No. 155045

lmao right

No. 155057

ana-chan your BDD is showing

No. 155073

not ana at all, sorry you're huge lol

No. 155090

Sorry you're never gonna hit your GW skelly, go cry into a rice cake about it

No. 155094

wtf are you referencing?

No. 155098

Nah, that's not it. I've always had pretty good posture. My mother made a comment that it looks like I've lost weight too, but I think I just look more run down kek. I guess I won't question it too much.

No. 155128

File: 1602662709830.png (718.22 KB, 725x639, 2.png)

No. 155134

Try walking or cycling

No. 155137

She looks good in the second picture, ngl.

No. 155140

Is the right one the after? She looks so much cuter in the left picture. Maybe I'm biased because of the ugly make-up and pout but I really don't think she looks that good.

No. 155142

Really? All the weight gain went directly to her gut and she still has pancake tits. Nightmare fat distribution

No. 155150

File: 1602682875823.png (629.58 KB, 711x635, 1.png)

Seems like bad diet + instagram filters

No. 155153

Jesus fuck, that underwear is so fucking ugly

No. 155164

Never seen her body shape until this pic, didn't expect her to be top heavy with skinny little legs. I feel like I would look like this if I gained weight, I detest my calves.

No. 155177

my upper-body looks just like hers right now. the fucking arms it kills me

No. 155179

I'm 5'4 and 110 lbs. When I met my bf he thought I looked skelly at 95 (I thought I looked normal rip). At first I was indifferent to my weight but honestly gaining weight has done me a lot of favors in the face and butt department in my opinion. However I'm not a fan of the fat in my gut because I have small tits. I know you can't really spot treat but my concern is that it's taken years to increase my weight to this point. My food intake is so high because I eat several times a day and eat until I'm full and I'm worried how I'm gonna change my diet to something healthier and still be able to eat enough quantity to gain? Help me anons I'm retarded. Ideally I want to be 120 but I don't want my belly to be so round? What should I be eating/not eating to accomplish weight gain without a fat gut? I guess I need to be weight training? Is there a way that I can do that at home without a home gym because I don't have a car I can use atm.

No. 155180

Weight training and increasing your protein intake, protein shakes are your friend anon, they are usually pretty high calorie and will also aid your weight gain.

No. 155181


Bless you anon for helping my stupid ass

No. 155187

Embrace cardio and lift the irons

No. 155208

What food do you guys like to eat prior to exercising? Not necessarily for nutritional reasons but just for how it sits in your stomach. I really hate the feeling of being full or bloated when I work out but I don't want to lack energy either. On weekdays I can only exercise at night and by then I don't feel my best.

No. 155211


No. 155219

Cup of sour cream or a half stick of butter with the piece of steak. Fats(not oils) are more compressed source of energy than sugars and carbs. It also helps to recover quicker.

No. 155229

Damn, grapes anon here and I might have to start that.

No. 155240

I usually eat a banana or 1/2 a banana and some peanut butter. Maybe like 30m - an hour before working out.

No. 155282


>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;

Currently 57kg and 167cm, I started this year as 75kg. I aim for about 40-45kg
>-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
I fast quite a bit, I try and keep my calorie intake under 1.2k for weight loss and then I'll adjust it to be a bit higher when I reach my goal to maintain it.
I also exercise, keep it at something pretty basic like cardio. pro tip about fasting btw, don't get carried away. I once didn't eat for a whole week because of the fact I was scared of gaining the weight I lost while fasting.
>-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
I had an unhealthy habit of beating myself up when I went over my limit, but now I just tell myself to do better and move on.

I don't recommend fasting in all honesty, it does give good results but you feel like pure shit afterwards. Having to ease into eating full meals or just little things after not eating for 18-72 hours is nauseating.

No. 155306

Uhh 167cm and you want to be 40kg? That’s severely underweight?

No. 155323

yup! it's just country standards.

No. 155325

>BMI = 14.3 kg/m2
>country standards
north korea in the 90s?

No. 155327

well that could work too. but i don't intend on going that low really, 40 would be the minimum and 55 would be the maximum, i'm indecisive about what i actually want and what my country wants.

No. 155330

40 kg at this height is anorexia tier, you wouldn't have any fat left on your body, or not enough for normal endocrine function.

No. 155333

really? i'm not a super big health-nut, so i don't know shit about this types of stuff. thanks for telling me, i'll watch myself!

No. 155395

File: 1602832820142.gif (1.83 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

Alright here's my plan.
Right now I'm 185lbs. My goal is to be in the 130s.

For diet I'm not going to track calories but I'm going to focus on fixing my eating habits. Right now I eat like an animal and if I want to be thin and stay thin then I will need to change how I eat. I actually love healthy food but since moving in with my in-laws I've been eating fast and easy food (I don't wanna be in the kitchen with them kek), so I'm going to try to meal prep more plant based meals so I don't eat like ass. For eating habits, I'm going to focus on eating slower, chewing way more, only eating when I feel my stomach growling, and leaving my food when I feel satisfied. I'm also going to stop eating at work and avoid eating food other people make.

For exercise, I'm going to bike 30 minutes a night before bed. I'm also going to go to the gym 3 times a week on top of that, honestly just to incline walk because I love it.

I started a few weeks ago but I was doing more exercise and it was super overwhelming and hard to stick to. I hope I can stick to this, it should be easy as long as I stay focused.

No. 155399

>what my country wants
What the fuck kinda dictatorship are you from?

No. 155406

Where do you live?

No. 155415

i don't really wanna give that out… i didn't expect this to gain so much traction as it was merely just me stating my goals. it's just how it is.

No. 155418

> i didn't expect this to gain so much traction
I mean you said your country demands/expects you to be severely underweight. That's bizarre so of course that's going to pique our interest and curiousity.

I hope you're safe and healthy wherever you are. Hopefully it's some sort of misunderstanding.

No. 155420

ohhh, i see what you mean now. it's just prominent to have that sorts of stuff here since dieting culture from modeling is popular here. but i am going to try and stay safe, it doesn't really demand or expect us to but it is kind of the standards most guys have. thanks anon for your worries, i'm ok.

No. 155514

File: 1602927493293.png (844.38 KB, 979x489, 1.png)

Don't smoke weed.

No. 155515

Hi !

>My goal : 56-57kg

>Current state : 161cm 76kg

I've been rebalancing my eating habits for one month and I've lost 3kgs. Can't really go to the gym since it's closed for 6 weeks, but I plan to watch some videos to work out at home. I love cardio, but body building, not so much.

Is losing 3 kilos per month reasonnable? Kinda glad with my weight loss. I'm not restrictive with my diet, just eat a lot more vegetables with homemade seasonnings, stopped eating red meat (I don't eat it that much anyway), don't eat refined sweets, and just treat myself for my cheat meal day. (on wednesday-or thursday) I'm just scared of yo-yo-ing and see my efforts going to waste

No. 155527

File: 1602947343776.png (Spoiler Image,638.79 KB, 742x556, 1.png)

3 kg a month is the top but 2 kg a month is the most attainable with decent diet and exercise

No. 155571


That is trü tho I eat like a reasonable human being no problem when I drop smoking. Doing exactly that until Christmas to shift the last of my pandemic week pounds.

No. 155590

File: 1602995731992.jpeg (35.01 KB, 350x331, 1273893929.jpeg)

How to I curve me nighttime appetite? On most days I work from about noon to later in the evening, usually getting back at around 9-10 PM. I have a lunch break in the middle of the day, but by the time I get home I am super hungry from standing/walking/lifting things/just generally being on my feet all day. That usually means I get around to eating dinner at around 11 pm. I know its not good to be eating that late and I want to break the habit of eating so much before bed. I feel like it's already contributed to some extra weight on me but I don't know what else to do besides skipping dinner entirely.
What sucks even more is that the gym I would go to after work closes earlier now due to Covid hours so I cant go like I usually would after work.

No. 155593

Isn't "eating at certain times bad" a meme? So long as you're watching CICO and getting the right nutrients.
I eat once a day (not bc of OMAD science, I just love to consume many calories at once), and if it's late at night the only difference I've noticed is morning bloat. Bodies are different though so who knows.

No. 155600

Yeah, I doubt this person lost the weight healthily/safely. Someone with that must plastic surgery clearly has BDD. Not saying the goal you mentioned is unreasonable– just don't use BDDfags on Insta as your aesthetic ideal.

No. 155634

Eating times are a meme, you eat when you can. Yea it may fuck up with your sleep and that may fuck with your metabolism but that is not what the "no eating after 6pm" people think about when yelling about it.

No. 155690

Huh, I always heard it was bad to eat after certain hours. Maybe someone made that up so people would eat less? I want to try it to see if holds any merit.

No. 155694

File: 1603083866690.jpeg (168.83 KB, 942x770, E44A2380-8408-4465-80B5-A397D4…)

Can I trust these estimations? When I walk ten thousand steps myfitnesspal only says I burnt 43 cals but this chart says it would be much more

No. 155707

No because it all depends on you heart rate, age, weight etc etc. It might be slightly more accurate than mfp tho

No. 155724

Have you given up your alcohol yet?

No. 155725

It's a meme if it's just diet advice based on hearsay, like drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
Intermittent fasting/ time-restricted eating is legit science with benefits beyond being a weight-loss diet, although you can use it like that.

No. 155726

Yes. You have no idea how thankful my skin is for that. Alcohol really dehydrates it.

No. 155992

Any recommendations for pilates workouts? Maybe a youtube channel?

No. 155993

blogilates, the girl is kind of annoying but the workouts are fun

No. 156098

File: 1603356015886.jpg (85.68 KB, 747x921, 1.jpg)


No. 156119

how to lose weight while maintaining your boob size?

No. 156123

you can’t spot reduce, sorry anon

No. 156328

File: 1603475419643.jpg (1.02 MB, 2259x4519, kj.jpg)

I just want to be skinny as fuck. I go between skinny like Kendall Jenner and lean thin. I just want to be elegant. Elegance beats thicccc bullshit.

Unfortunately my thighs store all my fat so I have to diet down torturously unlike girls who store fat normally.

No. 156329

File: 1603475821902.jpg (156.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1455203605296.jpg)

>current state
5'5 108
98 lbs. I looked hot at that weight.
what I'm doing now. lifting and cardio, I just need to drop fat.
By Christmas. So… 5 lbs a month.

Also does hot weather seem to help anyone else drop weight? I don't change anything but spending some time in a scorching country makes me drop weight fast.

No. 156333

anon r u ok?
98 is pretty low for someone 5'5" and certainly too low to look like that pic

No. 156334

What fat do you have at 5'5 108 pounds? I'm shorter than you and was 110 pounds after wisdom teeth surgery and looked hella skelly. If you want to start lifting and gaining muscle to tone you will put on weight in the form of muscle.

Stop worrying about numbers and just be the weight you feel your best at.

No. 156336

Too chubby, I must store weight differently. I know it sounds low.

I already lift.

No. 156347

Nta but are you sure your weightscale isn't off? At 5'5 and 108 pounds you're (just barely) underweight.

No. 156357

Nah, I'm the same on every scale

No. 156359


No. 156360

take hormonal birth control so your tits stay swole from extra oestrogen

No. 156361

Big BDD energy.

No. 156369

What meals do you usually have in a day?

For me it's:
>Banana (with oatmeal once or twice a week)
>2 chicken thighs
>tea with 3 sugars (sometimes biscuits)

dinner is a bit of a wildcard since I vary my dinners quite a lot and put more effort into them than any other meal. I sometimes eat mutton with potatoes and curry, sometimes lentils and rice, sometimes fish, sometimes aloo gobi. I will admit I'm not the healthiest, but I'd like to hear about other anon's daily meals

No. 156373

The meals I have every day are
>oatmeal (135 cal sachet) with almond milk
>a fruit salad of whatever's in season (lately orange, kiwi, melon)
>100g greek (80 cal) or low fat yoghurt (40 cal) with berries
>2x coffee with sweetner and either almond or soy milk

Then I have a roster of options for lunch/dinner. A bunch are microwaveable packaged foods because I take them to work for convenience
>scrambled eggs (2-3 eggs with a splash of milk)
>ham (30 cal) or tuna (100-150 cal) on sandwich thins (100 cal)
>soup (200 cal)
>migoreng cup noodles (found a GF version for only 170 cal)
>mac n cheese (280 cal)
>various frozen meals (250-350 cal)

And I eat a lot of my mum's cooking. She's really into nutrition but also doesn't have to count calories so it's def healthy but a total gamble calorie-wise (and I'm not gonna make her count for me). Often we have
>veggie curry, usually with some variety of potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, sometimes lentils or tofu
>veggies with hokkien noodles
>zucchini or pumpkin soup
>usually cooks a tonne of sweet potato which I eat on it's own with garlic aioli

I can't be bothered counting calories for fruits, condiments, milk etc and can't count food I'm made so I need to keep my meal sizes pretty small to be safe.

No. 156381

My experience is that intermittent fasting saved my weight loss journey and mental health. Counting calories was so freaking draining, I felt depressed and hungry all the time. Now I just skip dinner and eat nutritious the rest of the day and forget about it. Has anyone else tried IF?

No. 156987

>>156381 I started IF recently and I love it. I feel like it really quick started my weight loss, more than counting calories. I highly recommend it to everyone.

No. 157395

Intermittent fasting has been really good for me - my ED left me with major insulin resistance, and good old CICO wasn't cutting it for weight loss for me anymore. IF seems to kick my insulin resistance in the taco, and it's a very manageable, no-fuss way of dieting for me.

No. 159012

File: 1604930799788.png (1.33 MB, 1352x625, 1.png)

Any progress?

No. 159253

File: 1605049488432.jpg (49.71 KB, 618x526, 85dbcb94032623f99f87fd8d385523…)

Sorry I need to vent for a second here.

>be really fit before the rona, go to the gym 3-4x a week

>still be motivated at the beginning of quarantine and exercise at home when gyms closed down
>time passes, motivation drops
>subjectively looking more doughy every week
>weigh yourself, still the same weight as before
>try on skirt today, too small, used to be too big on me

Anons, how do you pick up your motivation when it's gone? I feel disgusting and fat even though I'm technically still the same weight. Is it possible for fat to distribute this weirdly?
I'm 5'5 and approx. 123lb. Might not sound too bad, but most of my fat literally just goes straight to my thighs, which looks horrible on a short person like me.

No. 159255

File: 1605050598352.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.15 KB, 480x640, 0ef4bff244d2c7f14dfb24073caab8…)

I'm 5'1 and 125-127 lbs and I want to be around 115 or 110. I'm trying to strengthen my core and actually get an ass.
I've been trying to workout 3x a week (tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays)and I've been talking to my therapist about ways to gain self control since I've been absolute shit at it.
I don't know how to measure my progress, and I kinda want to look like the girl in the photo, I've always wanted a body similar to that, or something slightly chubbier, I hate looking obese in my clothes.

No. 159259

Maybe try measuring tape for hips/waist/etc. and progress photos? Definitely better than relying on a scale! As for the general figure I think it depends mostly on genetics.

No. 159261

I’m 5’1 and I’ve lost 10lbs (from 132 to 122) from switching daily afternoon ramen diet to celery and peanut butter, with 20 hour daily fasts. It’s kinda weird how simple the change was and I’m still eating my parents cooking for lunch. I would want to lose weight but I think I’ll try to count calories a bit more. I don’t really have a goal weight but it would be nice to go from a 26 inch waist to a 24 inch waist and lose some butt and chest fat. (I know spot reduction isn’t a thing, and I understand you have to lose weight cumulatively to see results)

No. 159262

oh yeah I went retard for a whole second and forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me!!

No. 159263

anon for me I usually look at pathetic fatties in lolcow or youtube and that scares me to get my ass off the couch. Or I just look in the mirror and that usually does the trick. Also try staying offline if it was distracting you.

No. 159274

File: 1605064634814.jpg (197.9 KB, 650x610, 1581882454240.jpg)

I'm so grateful I have a fast metabolism. Im pretty damn lazy so if I didn't have a fast metabolism Id be chunky. I still want to be toned so I'm going to try to consistently do yoga+body weight excersize. I'll find a weekly routine to target all of my muscles but mainly my abs. I've been doing some yoga and its pretty relaxing and enjoyable.

Whats your weekly routine anons?

No. 159275

Monday, wednesday and friday: Legs and butt
Tuesday, thursday and saturday: Abs and arms
My routines are 30 mins or 1 hour of cardio (if I went for a walk) and 40/50 mins of functional training, most of the exercises are based from pilates and classical dancing, then I stretch. Sundays I take off

No. 159302

Isn't fast and slow metabolism kind of a myth? From what I've heard the calorific difference between a fast and slow metabolism is expendable

No. 159317

it is a myth, some people just feel the need to eat less than others or maybe they move around more in their day to day lives. Because they've eaten to or maybe slightly past the point of satiation (for them, which is lower than average) they feel like they've eaten a lot even if they haven't and so think they must have a fast metabolism. Or because bigger people who believe in fast/slow metabolisms and genetics and such have told them that.
I'll usually eat a shit ton of food early on or late in the day but then my adhd brain will get distracted by something and I don't think about eating for hours so it evens out and I don't gain weight. Like op I kinda need to tone up but I'll never have the dedication needed to get abs though lol

No. 159401

Shit metabolism would require you to be diagnosed with a metabolic illness, I take meds for mine yet I still have to eat very little kek

No. 159541

oh geez I was sure this silly random wojak I made was gone forever

No. 160008

File: 1605514701848.jpg (4.67 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Goal weight: 50-55kg
Current weight: 59kg, 167cm

I started at 79kg last november and lost 20kg in a year with calorie counting. I am still unhappy with my figure cause i have pretty unfortunate fat distribution and very little muscle.
I am planning on working out but it's hard to start since i have no discipline in the lockdown. I try to drink a lot of water every day and completely cut out soda exept diet coke as an occasional treat.

I weigh myself every week and use the app LoseIt. Losing weight has been tricky cause i'm autistic about vegetables but calorie counting helps a lot with portion control.

No. 160009

Congrats, that's awesome!
Since a tracking app helped you discipline your diet, maybe a fitness app can help you discipline yourself for working out? Give them a try, at least. Good luck with getting in shape!

No. 160010


have you tried the workouts on youtube? I work out with them almost every day and I am quite satisfied with the results. I recommend lilly sabri. plus intermediate fasting.

love yourself girl, you're doing great so far!

No. 160014

>eat around 2000-3000 calories for 3 days in a week as well as a couple of 1500 days
>gain over 2kg
God, I know I ate too much but it wasn't 14000 calories extra!! Hopefully it's mainly water and comes off quickly, this is the worst fluctuation I've had since I started dieting and it's really demotivating.

No. 160257

File: 1605660943577.jpg (37.31 KB, 600x600, alkalising-greens-acai-raspber…)

Is there anything in particular about vegetables? I know the texture & smell can be a big issue for people.

Have you tried a greens/reds powder? You can get some that are berry or citrus tasting so they might work better for you while boosting your nutritional status

No. 160259

>target weight is 110lbs, reach this pretty easily with your standard 1200cal a day
>stop counting calories for any length of time longer than a week, now weigh 120-125lbs

ive done this dance…..too many times over the last few years. any advice? i really dont wanna be a calorie slave for the rest of my life

No. 160263

Learn what appropriate portions for you look like (calorie count until you really know it) and make that your normal. If your clothes get tight, eat less. If they get loose, eat more.

No. 160705

It's my dream to have a toned tummy, but I remain sad and flabby because I have an irrational fear of thickening my waist with ab workouts. My hips are narrow as is, so losing the little waist definition I have would complete my transformation towards looking like a literal ruler. What do, oh toned anons? Should I just combine crunches with booty-building exercises and pray to the ratio gods?

No. 160707

Well this may not be good advice but I was also pressed with wanting to have a narrow waist which I just don't have because my ribs are wide and waist is narrow but since I started exercising I just forgot all those dumb worries of wanting to change my body shape and I just feel happy seeing some muscles.

No. 160711

Honestly, that's probably exactly what I needed to hear.

No. 160713

Well I am glad I persuaded you. Oh also I think if you really want to minimize the growth of your waist just don't do exercises for muscles on the sides of the torso. You can just do exercises for the front and back muscles

No. 160722

Sorry for the dumb question, but what kind of exercise would engage only the front and back muscles? Sit-ups?

No. 160731

Has anyone done facial exercises? Do they work?

No. 160734

Side ab muscles engage when you twist or lean your torso left or right in relation to the lower body (or vice versa). So any exercise that doesn't do that, that just goes up/down or forward/back and your body remains aligned.

No. 160739

I've gone from 71kg to 68.3 in 2 weeks. I'm 154cm.
I did a 24hr fast, then 1 week of 1000cals and now I'm staying at 1200 but eating back my cals. fasting between 7pm and 1pm. ive also quit drinking after having half a bottle to a bottle of wine a night! I'm doing the stripped 5x5 lifting plan and walking at least an hour a day. I'm feeling amazing. this is the first time I've ever "dieted" with a healthy frame of mind, seeing at as a treat for myself instead of a punishment. my goal is 65kg by the end of the year and then 55-60 eventually, depending how muscly I get.
I'll try to update weekly

No. 160747

Congrats anon! Amazing progress, especially quitting drinking, I hope you're feeling really proud!

No. 160800

File: 1606068213616.png (677.97 KB, 834x464, 1.png)

No. 160861

File: 1606107479945.png (279.14 KB, 614x1100, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 11.5…)

>Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
Currently, i'm 166cm at 66kg, borderline on healthy and overweight.
>Chest: 35 inches, Waist: 27 inches, Hips: 39 inches.
I had previously weighed 78kg and lost all the weight by eating 1000 calories a day. I plan to do this again to get down to 58kg and then figure out maintaining.

>What you're going to do to change it and your methods

I like to do pure diet, i'm not that into exercise and get a good amount from my job where I'm almost constantly walking.

>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Weekly weighs and measures, as well as myfitnesspal logging.

No. 160869

thank you non. I am super proud! today was hard because I started my period so I just wanted to eat everything and do nothing. so i upped my allowance to 1500 and still went to the gym and I'm feeling much better for it

No. 160983

>current state
5'2, 135ish lbs (makes me feel less lonely to see fellow anons in my height/weight range!).
My main goal is to get a smaller waist. I've been lifting bodybuilding-style 3-5 days a week for 5 years so I am mostly happy with my physique but carry my extra weight solely in my stomach.

>what you're going to do to change it and methods

Calorie counting, cutting out soda (I know, I'm retarded), and switching my workouts to just pilates and the occasional resistance band workout to maintain some of my muscle mass. If I lift heavy and do HIIT I want to eat more, so I've learned I can't train in my favorite way if I wanna lose weight :/

Side note: I've been doing dumbbell and resistance band workouts all throughout quarantine and have actually put on more muscle than ever (fml), but for the anons out there who want to build muscle at home it's totally possible with just dumbbells and a resistance band!


I previously lost a bunch of weight by calorie counting, weighing myself once every two weeks and having one cheat day a week.

Good luck everyone!

No. 160984

I like Moving Mango, her workouts are creative even if she goes too fast for me sometimes. Blogilates annoys me too much, but her 30 minute long full-body videos are a good starting place

No. 160986

How do you get the organless look without photo editing?

No. 160991

Realise that half the people screaming about organs seem to think that they take up about twice as much space as they actually do. Having a liver does not mean it’s impossible to have a small waist.

No. 160996

Depends on how extreme you want or even can go but the easiest way is to just build muscle

No. 161012

Alright. I just have a hard time believing building muscle would flatten and reduce my waistline. It doesn't seem like the zoomer girls with these waists do that. Im at a 25 to 24 inch so its okay rn. Body weight excersize didn't have any effect on me so I gave that up.

No. 161015

they obviously photoshop, I don't really understand what you're asking. If you want to look like you have no organs, you will have to edit your pictures because human bodies..have organs..

No. 161173

anon, these zoomer girls you’re talking about are all editing their waistlines. a 24 inch waist is already trim & far below average. but reducing your overall bf% (by gaining muscle as the other anon suggested) is a good way to keep everything corseted in. try stomach vacuums and ballet beautiful (really improves your posture and gives you a lean physique).

No. 161178

>store fat normally
Gut fat is the way men store their fat. Fat storing in the thighs is the normal for healthy women. How the hell do you think a diabetes belly is more normal than thick thighs?

No. 161290

true, building muscle does not necessarily flatten the stomach. At least exercises like crunches etc won´t. I heard the vacuum pose might do something, you could try that, but obviously it won´t make you look organless lol. If it doesn´t flatten the stomach, it might still be good for core strength.

No. 161335

File: 1606431112156.png (599.84 KB, 851x1165, sa2.png)

During early lockdown I was able to go on for weeks without eating any processed, sugary food, but now I'm eating at least 1 processed sugary thing per day. Tea is my main weakness (since I only like it if it has 3 sugars). I'm trying to avoid anything sugary and processed and it's been alright for around 2 days and been eating bananas as a substitute

No. 161338

>processed sugary

No. 161340

table sugar isn't processed, it's refined. just get the natural cane sugar and get over it.

No. 161343

NTA but what's the difference between processed and refined?

No. 161353

I think planks are the best ab/core exercise, but to flatten the stomach you need to lose overall fat with a calorie deficit, always

No. 161354

She said she drinks her tea with sugar, keep up anon

No. 161362

Can't really afford those heavier weights and dumbbells and I'm thinking of just getting sacks of rice and fill it with whatever (sand? Rice? Idk) does this sound like a good idea?

No. 161365

My trapezius muscle often gets painfully stiff from computer work, can someone recommend me exercises that help loosening it?

No. 161367

1) Place your monitor higher than it is now. The centre of the monitor should be eye-level, so that you don't look downwards.
2) Place your mouse lower than it is now. Table level is too high. Put it on elbow level, so that you don't have to lift the elbow much when using it.

These are what's causing you pain, you should fix that. It's much better to prevent pain than have to deal with it, and you will avoid complications that are sure to come with age from having a bad sitting posture.

No. 161368

I'm a fan of this video as it also talks about what's causing the pain ( i.e is it muscle or nerve)


And I like this one for an easy stretch routine: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3-gKPNyrTA

No. 161462

Damn. I remember being able to do a plank for 3minutes easily. Now i can't even do it for 30 seconds.

No. 161504

After you got done eating that cheeserburger, like 38 minutes later, you're suffering

No. 161509

most of the time you see it online it's just editing. A very small % of people actually have that look tho (weirdly small waist) like I've had someone accuse me of shoop when it was just sucking in & angles + being an hourglass anachan so even then it wasn't 'natural'

No. 161542

>that hamfisted deodorant sponsorship in a video talking about ED
Sorry but that's so desperate.

No. 161680

Great idea anon, I used a 25 lb bag of rice to work out for most of quarantine and built muscle just fine

No. 161682

Granny smith apples scratch my sugary food itch, they taste just like candy

No. 161687

Really? But they're one of the most sour cultivars. They make me hungry so I eat them as appetizers before meals. If I want to have a sweet snack, Golden Delicious ftw.

No. 161701

me again. my scales broke because apparently you're not meant to keep them in the bathroom (??) so I'm not sure how much weight I've lost. I might start measuring myself tho because I'm definitely gaining muscle. I've stuck to my plan except one cheat day where I drank then felt awful so not doing that again. I'm downing a delicious tofu scramble with mushroom and kale on potato rosti as I type and feeling so happy. I love cooking and eating healthy food. I loooove working out. I never thought this would be me.

No. 161809

File: 1606806158990.jpg (228.63 KB, 582x1310, Eg2CYbCXYA.jpg)

I just bought a fitbit, I guess I'm gonna start holding myself to a step count. Do you guys do anything in particular to reach your steps if you can't fit it all in a walk and spend all day sitting at a computer? I have a feeling my regular walks aren't long enough to reach 10k. Plus it's summer here and on super hot days I'm probably not gonna leave the house.

Also have a random post I found interesting, some of it is pretty obvious but I like that it comes from research rather than just advice. It's one of the reasons I'm trying really hard to make exercise a consistent daily thing.

No. 161814

I want to work out but I have fused back. So I end up putting it off out of fear of hurting myself forever. I had mental in my back since I was 12. I really want abs , nice ass, and good muscle on legs and arms. It doesn't help I can't do any exercise that puts any pressure or force onto my back.

No. 161815

a 20ish minute walk gets me 3000ish steps, I reckon you'd be surprised. it's hot here too so I go as soon as I wake up and again after dinner. its a nice way to start and end the day and if I'm not near my count I just keep walking. I'd recommend having a podcast you only listen to while you walk, if you're into that. I also played ingress for a while lol that made me walk for an hour or more

No. 161816

So what's the consensus on soy? Is it as bad as everyone says it is? How often can/should one consume it? I eat tofu like once a week and sometimes put soymilk in my coffee if there is no other plant-derived alternative

No. 161819

it's not bad at all, you've read too many incel shitposts

No. 161820

But it does affect hormone levels, doesn't it?

No. 161823

Not in any significant amount if consumed moderately.
Some people have been eating soy and soy derivatives for years, and it has potential anticancer properties.
With that said, it really depends on where you live, because most (if not all at this point) US soy is genetically modified, soy crops are routinely treated with pesticides and herbicides, and soy is one of the major contributors to deforestation in the Americas. If you're comfortable consuming that I guess go ahead, but I personally wouldn't.
If you're European though, it's fine.

No. 161825

Oh that's not bad actually, though I wouldn't quite make 10k. I like going for walks and don't find them boring or anything, the only thing cutting them short is that I have a convenient loop around my neighbourhood that happens to be 50 mins.

No. 161827

Is 200ml a day considered moderate? I make porridge with it, in Europe BTW.

No. 161975

I have virtigo and it's because i eat too much chips. I looked it up and that's definitely it so I'm trying to find good everyday recipes that are healthy and low in salt/sodium.

No. 161993

File: 1606973728238.png (234.21 KB, 554x685, 41598_2019_48736_Fig1_HTML.png)

Time to get in the pool and start swimming or at least a decent yoga ball to support yourself on.

It's hard when you're afraid of hurting yourself accidently, my injuries are minor in comparison but I know that feeling of fear with trying new poses or plank positions.

I hope you can find something that works for you

No. 162033

I've lost 26 lbs since August. Started at 176, currently 150. My goal weight is 120. I've been skipping breakfast and lunch and just eating a more calorie dense dinner because otherwise I eat too many calories at all three meals of the day. I have also started walking a minimum of one hour a day, plus spending a lot of the rest of the day on my feet.

No. 162041

is there an ana thread (it’s been asked before 4 years ago) and if not, would anyone like to make one?
saged because everyone hates an anachan

i’d love to not be validated, but also not discouraged in my ED relapse, i’m sure many of you understand how hard it is feeling like you want to hold onto your eating disorder. I’m not quite ready to let go lol

No. 162067

girl in the photo has had a lot of surgery on her body. I support you anon, but I want to make sure you know that so your goals stay realistic

No. 162097

Is there a certain BMI at where you guys noticed the fat in your arms going away?
I'm at a 23 and the rest of my body looks normal/skinny but my arms are still huge, not sure if i should keep losing weight and risk losing what little thighs i have and still end up with fat arms.

No. 162099

Bmi doesn't have much to do with body fat %.

Guess the best thing would be to keep or build more muscle in your arms and/or eat more protein while losing weight?

No. 162104

I don't need any more bulk in my arms though, i want to slim them down and spot reducing doesn't seem to work

No. 162114

I'm at a 22, and my arms are still fat. Sorry anon

No. 162132

If you spend time to stretch your arms while you build muscle on them, your arms won't appear bulky. That's the key to 'toning' any body part.

Source: my own body. When my arms look chunky that's a clue that I haven't lifted much lately.

No. 162134

Why would you want scrawny ana-chan twig arms that someone could effortlessly snap in two anyway?

No. 162140

I just started babbys first high protein diet to build some lean muscle. I eat mostly greek yogurt, canned salmon and chickpeas, and for fruits/veg apples, carrots and potatoes. I'm trying to avoid sugar and empty carbs.
What else can I add to balance it out without sacrificing gains? The reason I ask is last night I felt a bit bloated and thought I was having digestion troubles so I ate a few bran biscuits then this morning 3 separate times I had horrible soft shits that burned on the way out and obviously I'd like to avoid this happening again.

No. 162144

I got down from BMI 23 to 20 and my arms finally got a bit smaller. my thighs are still fat though

No. 162145

NTA you sound like you're taking it personally that anon doesn't want arms like yours.

People have different aesthetic goals and some of us don't prioritize strength, who knew??

No. 162148

You might be eating too much fiber lol. Your bloatedness and toilet adventure hat sounds like the time when I ate too many fiber bars.

I'd add some healthy fat your diet, like avocado.

No. 162149

Cottage cheese, chicken, oats with chia seeds, nuts and skyr. Potatoes have a chunk of carbs and so do carrots or really any root veggies, but they're not refined at least.
>toilet adventure hat
That description is great. You sound like best friend material.

No. 162158

How many push ups should I be able to do? Half a year ago I could do exactly zero, now I’m able to do 10 but no more. The progress makes me really happy and I wonder what I should be aiming for.

Take it from a vegan, anon. Eating this much fibre is not harmful but you need to double or triple your water intake to make digestion possible. That’s all there is to it.

No. 162170

ok, thank you anons, I think I know what I need to do. I keep forgetting which foods have fiber in them.

No. 162188

Think i'll be the same… lost almost 10 kg already and my arms didn't change at all

Then i'll try and just tone them since it's possible to do it without bulking, thank you

No. 162189

Are many people who post their weights here anachans or am I just a fatty lol? I’m 170 cm/5’6 and 63 kg / 138 lbs. I gained weight from depression recovery fairly quickly but I’ve maintained this for 2 years now. My diet is really healthy and I don’t drink calories, I just eat huge portion sizes and calorie counting bums the fuck out lmao. I haven’t lost a single kilo since I started exercising but I have gotten stronger so I decided to accept my weight and body the way it is.

But after reading this thread… I really wonder if I’m just fooling myself

No. 162196

They must be anachans because you are not fat, that is the normal (dare I say ideal) weight for your height. Also don't worry about weight because weight doesn't tell you how much muscle vs fat you have. I think we are all made to be preoccupied with weight when it is not a very good measure of anything. I mean except if you are very overweight

No. 162282

How do I motivate myself to stay fit if I'm already at the weight I want? I feel like there is more motivation when you're not already at the goal.

No. 162291


for me it was climbing, I sucked big time, fell off at easy passages and I knew I needed more stamina and strength if I wanted to improve. Set yourself a sports goal, outside your comfort zone but reachable: climb an 8, bike 150km in one go, jog 10km, bike up a mountain, whatever
work towards your goal and picture yourself succeeding while exercising, this is my motivation, otherwise I'm a thin but lazy bum

No. 162292

File: 1607255238511.png (Spoiler Image,768.2 KB, 1016x848, 1.png)

Somewhat useful advice. (spoiler because of body picture)

No. 162297

has anyone here had success going completely cold turkey on sugar for like 2-4 weeks or so? i have a crippling sugar addiction and trying to drip feed it with some fruit and dark chocolate never works because it just triggers further sugar cravings. don’t need to lose weight, just need to get my macros in order.

No. 162300

I've cold turkey quit added sugar multiple times for weeks at a time. It gets really easy after the initial 2-3 days. Like you start saying no to sugary crap without giving it a second thought. Iirc it takes about 24 hrs for the sugar to get out of your system and to stop craving it. I didn't stop eating fruit sugars in moderation though.

I always end up caving in though eating shitty during an holiday or someone's birthday and then it's downhill from there.

No. 162311

kek yeah that’s exactly what my last bout of sugar craving has been, was kickstarted by my birthday and thanksgiving.

how much fruit do you eat per day? i’ve heard 2-3 servings recommended, i just find that even eating a small serving of blueberries will make me start craving something more decadent.

No. 162326

Does anyone know if I can get away with having honey if I cut out sugar? It's the only way I like my tea.

No. 162331

anon why are you sharing advice from a fat/bimbo fetish model?

No. 162342

vegan so i don’t eat honey but i think a little agave syrup wouldn’t be too bad, it’s low glycemic too

No. 162343

I typically aim to eat at least 2 servings of fruit, with allowance for a 3rd serving. How about eating something more substantial than blueberries? I don't shy away from eating a banana and it doesn't cause cravings for me although it's quite high in fruit sugar.

No. 162419

File: 1607344341634.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, 09C7A30B-E689-416F-A358-EBEF30…)

is anyone else here a fan of pamela reif’s workouts? i was doing chloe ting challenges and then ballet beautiful for awhile but switched to pam because i just find her schedules a lot more fun and motivating

No. 162430

For those lifters out there : what diet do you guys usually have? I really really want to build muscle but I'm stuck with a flabby body. I recently lost about 23lbs through IF.

For reference I'm 4'9" and weigh at 100 lbs and still losing some weight, although slow.

No. 162431

Did you see results from ballet beautiful? Last time I tried ballet beautiful I kept at it for 2 months daily but I didn't feel it did much. Like I became more flexible and the excersises became easy quickly, but I just didn't see a difference in my body. I wonder if I'm too chubby to see a difference.

No. 162433

What workouts would you recommend to someone who absolutely loathes working out at home? (I just want to go back to the gym, fuck corona.)

I am depressed and unmotivated but I could still manage going to the gym. Now that that's not possible anymore, I do fuck all. I've tried working out at home but I hate it so much that I've never been able to stick with it. I never had a real schedule to follow though, so I want to try one to stick with for two weeks or a month (hopefully I will keep doing it even after this period but I want to start small).

No. 162435

I've been following her workout plans all of quarantine and I love them. Actually, I have abs now and thanks to her.

Start by finding just one you really like. I have a YouTube playlist full of 'easy'/lazy workouts for days with no motivation that I know I can power through. Alternatively, have you tried just listening to good music and going on a walk? It's pretty fun, and you shouldn't have to suffer to get your excercise in.

No. 162436

Thanks for your reply, I will look for some easy/lazy workouts for days with no motivation. I love listening to music and going for walks but unfortunately, I live in an unsafe neighbourhood so I had to stop going for walks, now that it gets dark early around here. I do some freestyle dancing instead now and then but I want to do something that actually makes a difference because I'm cubby and really doughy.

No. 162450

File: 1607362541086.jpg (96.64 KB, 1300x1299, 113610548-cute-smiling-happy-s…)

I wanted to get myself some dumbbells for my workout at home but I'm puzzled about how heavy they should be. Any advice?

No. 162452

get a modular set (bars and disks) and work your way up, I started with 1kg, which got too light quickly, right now I'm at 5kg each

No. 162482

this week I've only lost .3kg but also 3cm on my waist and 4cm on my hips! definitely recommend measuring if you're weight lifting, I was starting to get discouraged but not now.

No. 162496

alright after stuffing myself with sweets today i’m officially challenging myself to go without added sugar until christmas

that’s awesome, congrats anon. would you mind talking about your routine a bit? what sort of movements do you?

honestly no, but i only did it for like 2 weeks kek. i think it’s not an ideal routine if you want to drop excess weight because it’s all strength and flexibility focused. i like mary helen bowers and definitely found it challenging but also repetitive/time-consuming and it left me too sore to do any cardio.

No. 162505

anyone else do weightlifting as their main exercise? i started a year ago just learning what to do from instagram/youtube and it's really helped my body so much and i really surprised myself with my much i can lift if i push myself. i struggle with upper body exercises because i have joint issues in my shoulders and wrists but i have fun doing lower body, i deadlifted 235 lbs before quarantine and i felt so accomplished! anyone else really like it/reach a goal recently?

No. 162520

That's a great DL! I got into olympic weightlifting since 'rona, and it's so much fun even though I'm terrible. Really makes me appreciate how insane it is that girls my size and smaller are throwing weights like that over their head. I think it's cool that mattie rogers and others are giving WL so much more exposure, I could watch her or kuo hsing chun for hours, really motivates me to keep going

No. 162527

Yes before I graduated uni. It's so much fun to progress and it's such a good way to get strong while firming up your body. I miss powerlifting so much. Everyone tells me to go do bodyweight exercises or cardip but fuck I hate both. I haven't exercised in a while because of that but thank god I haven't gained weight since covid lockdowns.

No. 162548

I do the stripped 5x5 it's extremely basic but I love that it's so easy to follow. I might change things up soon but honestly cbf right now
I also walk an hour most days or do 30 mins on the elliptical, and I rollerskate a few times a week

No. 162553

File: 1607420086121.png (205.04 KB, 1668x841, Menstrualcycle.png)

Define lifters? fitness model vs. powerlifters will vary greatly with carb/fat/protein intake.

It will also depend if you're pushing it in the gym and working out effectively with weights and not inadvertently taking stability short cuts (right form, right mechanism and muscle activation prior to lifting)

I do roughly twice my body weight in protein and aim for protein 60% - fat 20% - carb 20%. I change depending on recovery, shift work & menstruation cycle so sometimes the fat or carbs can be higher.

I aim for complex carbs but I love crusty sourdough and it's the same with my protein foods with more eggs & protein shakes than meat.

I've attached a info graphic that explains the role the menstruation cycle can have on the physical, emotional, recovery & muscle growth.

No. 162554

File: 1607420249296.jpg (74.14 KB, 1024x698, Planning-Training-around-your-…)

wrong pic previously

This one is what you want to read

No. 162555

I bought 35lbs weights and have started doing 40-50 squats with them three times a week and I honestly feel like I can finally see difference and tone in my legs and ass.

No. 162610

every tranny has just clicked 'save to desktop'

No. 162626

yes i love seeing girls do olympic lifts! I've never seen either of those girls before but i'm gonna look them up now because it's really motivating even if i can't do a lot of the lifts.
it's so annoying that girls are often encouraged to do bodyweight/only 5 lb exercises because people think lifting makes you look manly… maybe if you're on steriods but a normal girl generally just looks more firm and toned and if you aren't genetically gifted with a bigger butt but want one it's the best way aside from surgery. i also hate cardio too, i do a little bit of it just for heart health but i find it really unfun to do and I'm never motivated

No. 162830

Ah same anon here but i meant powerlifters! Sorry for the mix up and thank you for the charts. I'll do my best to try and understand them.

No. 162874

Weird ass comment. Call me autistic, but I can't see the point or where it comes from. Like, is this person implying all women know their biology so well that this chart completely disposable? Transgenders don't even have periods, cycles, hormones change with highs and lows like the menses. I don't get it. Because the people who's going to save this pic are women with normal cycles. Like, you're just getting off calling normal cis women trannies?

No. 162893

File: 1607648449699.jpg (81.34 KB, 700x698, same-weight-fitness-incredible…)

The charts are more to guide your training and if you have a rough week to not lose hope because women's bodies are complex.
This ted talk explains it a bit easier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfNXJt4_MoQ

These websites helped me with planning both a beginner training program, nutrition and recovery.



No. 162901

not that fitness can't help you look better but that picture is really obviously posed and styled in a way to make the right look much better.

No. 162906

Pants are always the most obvious sign of a misleading before/after pic, as if you can compare pants that have been yanked up to your stomach vs pants cutting into your hips and making the fat bulge out.

No. 162909

a lot of agps pretend they have cycles, so anon is saying they'd save the chart to make their lies/delusion more plausible

No. 162913

sorry for sperging but oh my fucking god this. I hate when they do that shit with the leggings like nah bith you're hiding something

No. 162938

File: 1607693116164.jpg (64.39 KB, 634x663, 21900496-7759129-image-a-31_15…)

the pants plus foot position = she can stick her ass outward and make her legs look skinnier.

No. 162946

>poor reaction times
>eliminate precision training
>simple tasks
this chart makes it sound like we couldn't avoid a truck if we saw it nearing from a kilometer away or function at our jobs wtf

No. 162952

kinda nice seeing my body type– no defined waist. It's a shame that posing a certain way became the norm.

No. 163006

File: 1607731864947.png (588.15 KB, 512x513, body goal.png)

Chart anon here, it was originally made for women actually training for competitions in their sports.

Hamilton D. The impact of monitoring strategies on a team sport through an Olympiad: physical development, taper & recovery. Paper presented at: UKSCA Annual Conference; September 2012; London.

This chart should only really apply to physical training and what you mentioned is important if you compete in competitive activities like fencing, boxing or anything that involves sparring so if you perform below your average there can be hormonal physiological reasons and you can regain momentum in your training easier whilst avoiding unnecessary injury.

It's important for the other anon if she gets more into power lifting as one wrong move with heavy ass weights can wreck your back, toes or shoulders easily (Especially if she's just starting out).

>tldr only applies to physical training for women training for competitions

No. 163134

File: 1607856632822.jpg (744.88 KB, 3740x1560, pic.jpg)

Here's a bodybuilder without poses and filters

No. 163153

help a noob out, fitness-anons! i wanna lose weight, but also build muscle. i am quite fit, but been plateauing for quite some time. i work out every evening before bed, when possible. I have been advised to drink a protein shake after working out.

my concern: is the protein counterproductive to me trying to lose weight? (also, the time when I work out is outside my intermediate fasting-window… Guess it's not advised drinking the protein shake at that time?)

No. 163167

Why would drinking protein be counterproductive? And you either need to lose weight (eat a deficit) or build muscle/bulk (eat a surplus). You could try and go for recomp, but that's such a long, boring and arduous road I wouldn't bother. Pick to either lose or gain. With loss you might lose a bit of muscle mass, but with gaining, you will build up a bit of fluff around the muscles you've built. Once you've decided what you're more comfortable with, put your details into a calorie/macro calculator and do as it suggests. If you see no change, alter it but lessening/adding calories as you see fit. Track everything that goes into your mouth, including any oils you cook with. With you having not given us any idea of your starting weight/height/age, I can't suggest anything more really, but those are the absolute basics. Have a light carb and protein before your workout, and a protein after. Enjoy.

No. 163177

I would lose weight first, then build muscle. It's an uphill battle if you do both at the same time (unless your end goal is just to be fit, not swole).

On protein shakes, ime, unless you're lifting serious weights and work out intensely or you struggle to put on weight, they're not really necessary. I found that once I stopped drinking them it was easier for me to stay fit.

No. 163179

Oh yeah, I would too, I just didn't want to suggest that if that anon was underweight or something, you know?

No. 163183

An adequate protein intake won't cause fat gain. It's excessive carbs that make you fat. If you haven't already, work out your TDEE and macros. If you want to loose weight while gaining muscle just adjust your macros to contain enough protein and cut back on carbs and some fat to stay within a calorie deficit. Cut carbs over fat because your body needs fat soluble vitamins to recover and build muscle after exercise. IF you doing IF don't worry about what you're eating before and after a workout. It's not as important for a beginner. When you become more advanced the general advice is carbs before a workout and protein afterwards.

No. 163184

Oh that was for OP, I replied to you by mistake lol, my bad

No. 163251

Where do you get you protein from that isn't protein powder, tuna, peanuts or chicken? I'm so tired of eating these four but can't find anything that is as cheap and readly available because I'm at work all day and can't meal prep anymore.

No. 163254


tofu, eggs, yogurt, curd cheese, lentils, chickpeas, hummus, feta cheese, almonds, …

No. 163576

so thats why she dresses like that…

No. 163750

File: 1608451697889.jpg (52 KB, 1000x563, best-fitbit-full-lineup-2020-q…)

Has anyone found success with fitness trackers? I'm thinking of buying one but I'm not sure which one yet

No. 163752

I got a cheap fitbit in the black friday sales and tbh I regret it. Mostly I just wanted to find out how many steps I do and what my heart rate is like during my regular exercise, but it's useless now that my curiosity is satisfied. It's not like I needed a reminder to work out more, I already have an exercise routine I stick to, so all I was left with is an annoying watch I kept forgetting to put on in the morning and hate wearing during exercise because it makes me sweaty.

If you need motivation and don't mind wearing a watch every day maybe it will work for you, I should have given it a bit more thought.

No. 163758

I've got a Garmin and I love it but I'm also a data nerd so there's that. If you want to be a bit more serious about fitness or just have a nice watch then I'd say it's worth it.

No. 163760

I have an apple watch and like >>163758 I just love tracking my workouts and I feel like I do move more. It's not that serious though, the watch's battery died halfway up a mountain, so don't expect a super detailed datasheet of your latest ascend, but it's ok for your 1-2h daily workouts. Also, some achievements are kinda cute and sometimes I work out just to get them

No. 163789

Anyone else experience insane hunger after exercise? I'm so hungry after working out in the morning specifically (even if I eat breakfast beforehand) that it's distracting… I can easily eat 1000 calories in a sitting afterwards.
Weirdly, going to the gym in the evening kills my hunger entirely, but my schedule changed lately.

No. 163796

It happens to me when I have to restart my routine, it should stop after a while of sticking to it, I think. Why? I don’t know, I just usually drink two glasses of water when I’m really hungry, sometimes I eat an apple, maybe some nuts or a yogurt, and wait for it to like settle or something. I also drink some tea without sugar so I can wait for my next meal.
I guess it takes some self control or something, maybe you could have a protein shake afterwards? Or a protein bar, whichever catches your fancy.

No. 163886

Yes if I do a big weight session but not if it's a cardio HIIT.

I used to get really hungry with the cardio but then I realized how much I was sweating and started using a hydration/electrolyte mix which helped out heaps.

No. 163887

that's quite normal tbh

No. 163940

what do you gals do for protein?

lost my butt after doing more cardio and no muscle training for a few months

No. 163943

No. 163945

oh my bad, should have specified I meant what protein powder or shakes are good

No. 163947

Depends where you live. In the UK we have MyProtein, and they do an amazing 'shake' called clear whey isolate protein. It basically mixes up into a clear fruit flavoured drink, like a juice. It is very nice, 90 cals per scoop and 20g of protein. Highly recommend it if you are able to get them to ship to you. Lots of flavours to come from and it's not chalky or milky either.

No. 163963

I’m in the us so I can definitely order some, what flavors do you like? Are there any you dislike? Peach mango sounds good

No. 163980

I’m lazy as fuck so I buy ready-made protein shakes. My favorite are the Premier Protein shakes (you can get them in bulk at Costco), and I like the Cafe Latte and Caramel flavors. (They do taste somewhat artificial though, just FYI if you’re sensitive to that.)

I’ve heard good things about myprotein too - does the clear whey powder mix into water easily by stirring or do you have to blend it?

No. 164011

I have only tried the Orange and Mango, and Peach Tea! Peach tea is so nice for a protein juice. I put mine in chilled water and it is so refreshing after a workout! The Orange and Mango isn't as nice but it's still good. I am dying to try to the Bitter Lemon and Ramune. I heard they are nice.

It mixes really well considering it is clear. I expected it to be a goopy mess but it was fine. Dump your powder into water, give it a good shake and let it settle for 10 mins (it foams up a bit but that settles pretty quickly) As I said to the other anon, it tastes so good when it has been chilled. Highly recommend it and the amount you get for the price is a steal imo. If you get some, come back to this thread and let me know what you thought.

No. 164566

I watched a bunch of youtube videos about fasting and now I want to try it. I was thinking of going 1 to 2 days a week without eating or consuming any calories. but I've heard that fasting can cause hair loss. I have thick hair and it's one of the only things I like about myself, I'm afraid to lose it.

No. 164568

I'm nowhere an expert on this topic, but the intermittent fasting diets I've seen usually do like a 16/8 or just keep days where they comsume very little (<600) calories, maybe that's less extreme on the body. From what I've looked at, IF can lead to increased hair shedding, but it's only temporary until your body gets used to the new diet.

No. 164569

Wouldn't you be able to prevent that by taking vitamins?

No. 164570

It does cause hair loss, because it's literally just socially acceptable starvation that would be called anorexia if it was promoted by young women instead of men.

No. 164574

No. 164579

I gained back all the weight I lost a year ago due to quarantine sadness and fear of leaving the house. Im going to try my best to lose it again, I'm planning to do 10,000 steps every day (like I used to) and start monitoring my food better and trying to get into cooking. I'm just posting this so the thoughts not in my own head and I feel more guilt if I don't follow through

No. 164582

Probably too late, but I have a similar body and I do 45 minutes of weight training + 40-60 minutes cardio 3-4 times a week. Took me about 2 months to get from skinny fat to well defined.

Don't think the cardio is necessary (might actually be counter productive), but 20 to 25 minutes of YT strength training won't do unless you do an upper/lower body split and do it every day.

Try rowing, chest & shoulder presses, lat pulldowns and raises, squats & (side) lunges. Don't do too many reps and don't forget to increase your weights. Eat enough, but not too much. I personally don't pay attention to my macros (protein/carbs/fat), but many people do, so you might want to look into that…


No. 164587

how fast and by how much do I increase the weight I'm lifting?

No. 164595

Dumb question: is it possible to gain weight in a day? I'm 5'4 and recently managed to go from around 123lbs to 113lbs, but I ate a lot more than I feel comfortable with today because it was Christmas. Am I doomed to ruin my progress?

No. 164609

Obviously you aren't going to gain 10lbs back in one day. You would need to overeat by 3500 to gain a lb (or so people say, it's not exact). But you will probably see a higher number on the scale the next day due to food and water weight even if you didn't eat enough to gain fat.

No. 164654

There’s no exact number. I know this sounds kind of esoteric, but you have to listen to your body.

To quantify a little bit: Pick a weight at which you can complete 8 reps but not more than 14 while maintaining good form(!) Whenever you feel like you could do more than 14 reps several times in a row it’s time to increase your weights. This can happen within 2 weeks, but it can also take 2 months. Depends on your body type/genetic disposition, previous experience and quality + quantity of training.

I even adjust my weights according to daily form, so I basically operate in a min/max weight range instead of an exact number per exercise.

Good form + knowing how your muscles feel right before complete exhaustion + enough rest time is key.

Also, stay focused, eg don't fuck around on your phone when you should be paying attention to your body. Sorry for sperging, but I had to watch people pull this shit in the gym way too often in pre-pandemic times.

>>Does 15 quick reps with poor form

>>Checks Twitter for 5 minutes
>>Does another hasty 15 reps
>>Complains about not making progress despite having spent 2 hours a day in the gym for the past 6 months

No. 164665

I started running recently, I just follow some 5k running app's schedule. But I have hardly any if any muscle pain afterwards, is that normal? I could run harder but then my shins would start hurting, my shins already feel uncomfortable while running. Right now I run at a pace where my heartrate goes up but I'm not exhausted or completely out of breath.

No. 164677

Moderate running on flat ground won't and shouldn't exhaust your muscles – unless you do it for 90 minutes, but that's still a different type of exhaustion than doing weighted squats and lunges. Why do you think they should hurt? Do you want to build strength?

Try interval training if you want your runs to feel more challenging(still won't make your muscles hurt tho).

Paying attention to how your bones and joints feel is smart. I'd recommend rowing or biking if you feel any discomfort at all tbh.

No. 164678

I used to have that shin pain when I was a teen and had to run or walk fast in cold weather. You shouldn't really push what's uncomfortable because that's just gonna make your workout associated with pain, but for me the pain subsided after I got more fit. Probably has to do something with circulation.

No. 164731

File: 1609074221509.png (624.98 KB, 604x535, 1.png)

Accurate measures are difficult to obtain, just the variation with water weight can be 5-10 lbs in a day

No. 164752

I guess I associated excersising with muscle pain so I was surprised when I didn't got any muscle pain. I don't really want to build strength, I'm just doing it for health reasons because it's unhealthy how idle I've been for a long time.

My shins don't downright hurt so I do want to push through it, it's not so uncomfortable that it keeps me from running. I'm doing additional excersises to strengthen and prevent shin splints.

Thanks for the replies!

No. 164808

Have any of you experienced mental exhaustion from calorie counting for prolong periods of time? I find myself having to take maintenance breaks because after a while, calorie restricting gives me a lot of anxiety and stress around meals. Any tips on how to combat this?

No. 164809

I eat the same meals all the time and I know that they're in a certain calorie range so I don't really have to think about counting them. Maybe try coming up with a few default meal options that you rotate between?

No. 164835

Switch from a daily to a weekly target so you have more flexibility. This also tends to jibe better with how our bodies work.

No. 165007

File: 1609287724051.jpg (85.9 KB, 736x1041, 02c7d9fb7908a50b17f74c288e05dd…)

Bless the darebee workouts, I love how versatile, simple yet effective they are. If you're starting to exercise, I def recommend looking them up and choosing the best ones for you, they seriously have done workouts for anything

No. 165271

Chips gave me love handles. I stopped eating chips for 3 days and now they're gone. Well, now I'm never going to eat chips again. Hopefully I won't go back even though I'm addicted.

No. 165558

How much weight do you think you would have to gain to stop fitting in your clothes?

Reason I'm asking is my diet has been shit for the past 6 months I know I've gained a fair bit of weight but I'm too scared to check the scale. My clothes still fit though so I'm hoping it wasn't that much? Some dresses that already ran a bit small on me are definitely a squeeze now but most other things like my jeans for example still fit just fine.

No. 165559

Depends on your body type. I am a pear, so pants get tighter faster than shirts.
I'd say around 7-10kg for pants, 15-20kg for shirts in my experience.

No. 165568

lol at so I’ve lost 35 pounds after gaining/being overweight because I had been In a serious depression for well over a year.

I have stopped over eating and no longer eat fast food/keep track of what I eat and it has helped a considerable amount however, I am the textbook definition of skinny-fat.
I was inactive for so long and have 0 muscle tone. I’ve been doing some cardio /walking but it hasn’t made much of a difference (obviously). I don’t know how to motivate myself when I’m so out of shape.
I’m not looking to lose any more weight I just don’t want to be flabby and tone up for both Heath and cosmetic reasons.

My glutes and arms are my biggest problem areas. My legs can use some work too but I’ve noticed that I’m prone to building muscle there and my glute muscles are lacking much more.
I know what exercises specifically target inactive/dormant glutes after doing some online research but it’s so difficult to push myself to do it and do them correctly so I target the correct muscles instead of my quads. with said online research I’ve found out that dormant glute muscles are probably the result of some lower back pain I experience(Clam shells, glute bridges and ‘leg kicks’ , I forget the name for the latter .. do seem to work but if any anons know any more please lmk)

As for my arms, they’re super flabby and I’m really insecure about them, if anons have rec on how to tone them up it’d be greatly appreciated. Also any advice on how much I of any exercise I should do on a given day , how many days a week and how to motivate myself lmk.

No. 165570

File: 1609715932841.jpeg (162.7 KB, 1000x1303, 5FDE71F6-2668-43BE-8C94-1464E7…)

No more takeout
No more sugar

I’m tired of being a fatty

No. 165594

i know this may sound silly but after two years of not losing weight and binging without being able to stop, i listened to stop binge eating subliminals every night and now i don't binge at all. i don't care if it's placebo, i just can't believe it worked. i lost 17 pounds and i hope to lose about 30 more.

No. 165599

For me, if I gain or lose ten pounds I notice that I need to change my size in clothing. Anything below ten I just notice that things may feel just a tiny bit more tight or loose around my waist area but nothing drastic.

No. 165602

glute bridges and donkey kicks
also for arms blogilates has some great workouts that don't require weights

No. 165660

if it works it works! you're making brilliant progress either way anon :)

No. 165829

Man this is driving me crazy. Most of my meals are homemade. I usually make most stuff from scratch and eyeball the measurements, which is awful for calorie counting. I’m using more measuring cups now but I still worry I’m under-counting.

No. 166331

hey thanks so much!
does anyone have any cardio workouts that don't feel like workouts? for example sometimes i use just dance the wii game to workout. i'm not the best at exercising for the sake of it.

No. 166449

File: 1610333676860.png (210.53 KB, 785x725, 50-snacks-100-calories-or-less…)


I use youtube for dance workouts and I tend to go by the music they play vs. what exercises their doing. Here are some channels I like: Afrifitness (Afrofunk), The fitness Marshall (Pop/K-pop), Dance with Deepti (Bollywood) & POPSUGAR Fitness (Pop & RnB)

No. 166611

I really liked this video! I hope it can help someone else.

No. 166625

Was looking into meal prepping just, thanks anon!

No. 166669

> Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements
Height: 5’4” SW: 150.1 lbs CW: 131.6 lbs GW: 100-103 lbs

Lost about 20 pounds since November 1. I really want to be under 130 by the time college starts up again (2 weeks) and I think it’s completely feasible now. I feel happy about this. I’ve been eating only fish, eggs, and plant based meals. No meat or dairy and small amounts of bread or bad carbs. I’ve been doing daily stretches and try to incorporate daily exercise and activity into my day. It’s hard for me to workout with a mask because of my breathing problems, but I will most likely be going to the gym ASAP to start with lifting and toning muscle, I don’t want to skinny fat like I was when I used to starve myself.

No. 166683

Gyms are closed here still, so it's not actual yet, but how gym-going anons - how did you get over nervousness? I'm a pretty socially anxious person, and I hate working out in front of others (when I run I avoid eye contact and try to retract my attention inside as much as possible). I don't want to annoy others or even them getting in my way, and I'm afraid to make a fool of myself. But I also know there's no way I can get nice arms and shoulders via home workout.

No. 166684

hi, i'm joining!
after having a baby five month ago i'm so done with looking like shit, so i'll focus on getting back to my pre pregnancy body until summer. i gained around 45lbs/20kg during pregnancy and already lost a lot but i still feel quite uncomfortable in my skin.

- GW: 130lbs/60kg (pre preggo weight)
- UGW: 120lbs/55kg (not gonna happen lol)
- CW: 145/66kg
- I'm 5.9"/175cm and honestly look my best with a lowish healthy bmi due to small bone structure. Never been ana-chan.

I lost 22lbs about two years ago and intermittent fasting did it for me. My diet is already quite healthy but I just eat a lot because I'm still breastfeeding and nights are exhausting atm. i'll try to fast again and focus on less calorie dense foods. i mainly eat plant based and no meat anyway. i'm also trying to get back into some kind of yoga/pilates routine.

i hope we'll all get where we want to be physically and mentally this year.
good luck ya'll!

No. 166780

oops, i saged this one for some reason.

No. 166793

You just have to go. Been going to the gym for 5 if not more years and I still get anxious before entering the workout area, but once I'm there I just focus on my workout and that's it.

Even if you mess something up, worst thing someone will laugh at the situation rather than you, most people remember what it was like starting out so they don't judge (out loud)

No. 166833

What are we supposed to do if gyms in our area haven't been open since the start of pandemic last year? Mine still aren't. What equipment is even worth investing in to use at home?

No. 166852

Honestly? Most people there are idiots, people doing 4 plate quarter squats, the leather-skin weirdos that walk around in groups and never seem to actually work out, the dudes that swing while doing bicep curls in the squat rack and the hoarder pieces of shit that refuse to share equipment and don't put things away when they're done. Don't be scared of being judged by that crowd, it's not worth it. The people that actually know what they're doing are usually very welcoming and kind, they won't judge you as the other anon said. In my experience they'll just come to your aid if you fail a rep and ask if you're fine or need help.

No. 166870

>gained 8 pounds
>start jogging in attempt to lose weight
>it makes me hungry
wat do other than stop jogging because otherwise i wasted money on a treadmill

No. 166929

Nta but gyms are extremely overrated. The most useful thing there is the squat rack and those are expensive but they’re not a necessity to build muscle. You don’t need machines to get a good workout and in fact many machines just help certain muscles compensate for others so you think you’re progressing and getting stronger when you’re just building up imbalances instead. You can make tons of progress with body weight alone but if you want some sort of equipment then the best investment would simply be some free weights. You can buy dumbbells with adjustable weights for like $120 that go up to ~80 lbs each and I would be amazed if you can do an OHP or split squat with that amount already so it will give you plenty to build towards.

No. 166934

What >>166929 said. Also if you can't afford free weights or don't have room for it, get resistance bands, they're pretty nice. You won't progress as fast as with weights but you can still get results, depending on your goals.

No. 166935

I think I'm too retarded to get this. Just… eat? People who work out eat, fat people losing weight too?

No. 167359

i bought an under-desk exercise bike and use it while on my daily lolcow binges. great way to get a little activity and be stunned by how much time i spend on this hellsite without notice

No. 167443

Can you actually get a workout from a device like that, like work up a sweat? Also where did you buy it

No. 167503

Unless it's got adjustable resistance, it's no use.
What determines if an exercise is good cardio or not is heart rate during the exercise, and your resting heart rate for general health.

No. 167505

No. 167556


mine is a cheapo version off amazon that doesn't have adjustable resistance. however, i only bought it just to keep my legs moving while i'm sitting at a computer. i didn't expect to or want to get a solid workout out of it (i follow YT HIIT/cardio vids for a real workout.) because it's not a hard workout, i forget i'm doing it and end up spending 45+ minutes on it. that being said, the are plenty of under desk bikes with adjustable resistances that are better for >>167503 's kind of goals.

No. 167634

Pandemic and medication made me gain roughly 30 pounds so I’m hoping to lose it over the next 6 months.
Wish me luck farmers, I’d like to think that’s an achievable goal!
It’s just hard because I’ve never had to diet or exercise before as I was just always skinnyfat.

No. 167639

If you've never dieted before and are only 30lb above skinnyfat, your goal might be a bit ambitious. Technically achievable for sure, but for a normal weight person 5lb per month is a best case scenario where you never mess up or have any set backs and chances are you will.

Just mentioning it so you don't get discouraged if it's slower than you plan, personally it took me 6 months to lose about 20lb. Good luck anon.

No. 167650

ot, but the thumbnail kek.

No. 167674

Down to 65kg/143lbs this morning, yey! I just started intermittent fasting again and four days in it’s already super easy and I literally can’t eat big portions anymore. It almost feels like my body remembers how good this thing used to work for me. Yesterday I met friends and tried to have a Donut outside of my fasting window and I could only eat half of it, because it made me feel sick. Only 5kg left to pre preggo weight!

No. 167740

That’s actually really helpful !! Thanks for letting me know, if you have any other tips feel free to send them my way

No. 167889

I'm hoping someone has had similar or knows how to help?
I have a roll of fat above my belly button even when I stand up, and even at my lowest weight it never disappeared. Any ideas?

No. 167892

a) it's normal to have rolls when sitting down
b) you can only try to lose more body fat but even that won't mean that the roll will go away
c) try to sit up tall so maybe it won't be as visible?

No. 167894

If you've got a stubborn area of subcutaneous fat on your abdomen it can be sign of potential health issues. Fat in that area can be a sign of high blood sugar. Try cutting down on carbs and taking regular exercise.

No. 168044

File: 1611143820778.jpg (24.89 KB, 479x452, 38458615_677048739360197_87138…)

Does anyone else struggle around their period?

Around two weeks before mine starts, I get so hungry no matter what I eat. My stomach feels like a bottomless pit. I've tried adjusting my protein, fat, and carbs but it doesn't seem to help.

No. 168056

Try having dandelion root tea or turmeric tea. They help with curbing appetite without making you despise food in general and become a skeleton.

No. 168112

does tea actually work or is it placebo?

No. 168226

NTA, but I drink plain green tea regularly and it does help with hunger. Tea is mostly water anyway so it’s bound to make you feel fuller, and most teas have very few calories.

A lot of the supposed benefits of tea seem exaggerated to me tbh, but it’s definitely low calorie and good for you, if just for the water consumption.

No. 168237

No. 168260

caffeine is an appetite suppressant, coffee's more effective since it contains more

No. 168382

Another documentary

No. 168385

Context: she's a bodybuilder who felt was extremely hungry while working out, so she changed her diet in order to go "all in"

No. 168388

talk about fridge body omg

No. 168424

Maybe it’s just because I’m gay but I find her body to be extremely hot.

I don’t even post itt and I stopped to check her out.

No. 168472

File: 1611413107779.png (1.03 MB, 1080x676, 1.png)

Is this what you would call a "fridge"? Some people just have a larger chest and waist so there is a barely visible V shape
(Zoie Burgher for reference)

No. 168489

If this is a fridge body I wouldn't mind having a frigde body.

No. 168494

IMO this is not a fridge body. She has curves and large breasts, whereas I think people w/ actual fridge bodies have a flatish chest and narrow hips, but are super bulky and big.

No. 168504

I started going to the gym but now that there's a more infectious strain out I'm scared so I want to go back to just home workouts and walking but..my gains…

No. 168506

What curves?
She has boobs, sure, but you can also put big magnets on the front of a fridge and it's still rectangular.

No. 168509

Her curves come from her breasts, thighs, and buttocks, but that's not all I'm saying. I just feel like this body type specifically doesn't equate to a fridge body (imo). Like I said, I feel like a fridge body would be kind of square in shape, and in spite of being large and bulky, would have a flat butt and flat breasts, with curveless hips (probably coming from a long and waistless torso), yet still having a big frame from a large weight. Kek I felt creepy typing this out.

No. 168518

I always thought “fridge body” was just someone who was mostly straight-bodied and lacked noticeable curves around their bust/waist/hips, like the opposite of an hourglass I guess.

No. 168588

File: 1611490361043.jpg (75.78 KB, 570x737, o-PINK-BIKINI-PHOTOS-570.jpg)

I always heard people shit on Pink, even though she's not all that crazy bulky or long, but pretty fit. She just has almost zero hip-to-waist ratio and broad shoulders.

No. 168596

ex-anachan here. this years new years resolution was to stop ballooning up and down every six months from overweight to underweight and completely wrecking my body. id like to tone up, not focusing on weight but fitness. this is the first time i would be focusing on my health and not just restricting to lose weight as fast as possible, and i think im going to struggle with being slow and consistent - im short as fuck so i can't just eat like all my friends because id continuously just gain weight. i want to know how i can learn to eat a normal amount for my body without spiralling into binging or restricting, and what kind of workouts i can do to tone up, and how frequently the average person works out without it being obsessive. every time i try and work out for fitness it somehow derails into restricting, which never lasts and i end up ballooning again. sorry for blogpost, but im just sick of being stuck in this cycle since i was a teen and just want a healthy lifestyle

No. 168607

I know this reply is really late, but yeah, you'll be hungrier when exercising. You're fine as long as you don't eat back all of the calories.

I just got back to the gym on top of walking a ton due to where I live, so I burn 600-700 calories through exercise daily and bumped my weight loss intake up to 1400ish, give or take.

No. 168612

I think Pink is gorgeous, regardless of whether she doesn't have curves. Her body is amazing.

No. 168616

I had a maths tutor that somehow met pink backstage at a concert with some of his friends. He said she was naked and he felt uncomfortable lol, he said she had a more manly body than him. Just to clarify I was mid 20s when I met this man, he wasn't telling a class of teenagers about meeting a naked popstar.

No. 168634

File: 1611510783358.jpg (41.28 KB, 563x1000, goal.jpg)

How are Brandy Melville girls so thin and how to achieve such a body approximately? This is what I have thought of thusfar:
- high metabolism (they're still young)
- enough sleep
- hormones balanced so no disproportionate weight gain
- vegan/vegetarian diet
- played a sport their entire life(i.e. tennis or dance)/go running daily (questionable though)

I am not becoming vegan because I want enough protein and value the unique nutrients animal products offer, but I do exercise daily and sleep enough. My exercise is also dance/running, so I think this helps for the body I find pretty. I am also working on constantly improving my diet to regulate hormones and not eat over my calorie limit. What would you add, farmers? Nothing about body structure pls, that's obvious and I know for myself that I have the correct structure. As a disclaimer, my primary goal is just to be healthy and disciplined, but I'd like to think about and discuss this as well. :)

No. 168639

Low carbs diet (they suck) or intermittent fasting

No. 168642

Stephanie Buttermore has some solutions for you on Youtube

No. 168644

I 100% recommend Mr and Mrs Muscle workouts. Super professional and all their routines are great. A lot of moves seem very innovative

No. 168646

I'm brandy melville girl size and I just have good genes and anorexia, lol. don't exercise more than running sometimes and ab workouts I'm not saying this is a good way to get this body type or whatever I'm just saying it's not particularly difficult

No. 168649

Having anorexia honestly does seem like a difficult way to live. I love my brain, hair, bones, nails, fertility and life too much. Those girls also tend to look too healthy to be anorexic, but I of course won't exclude the possibility.

I follow ancestral diet (rather, I'm developing it). It seems good for weight loss but for women also adds curves, I've heard and read. This isn't necessarily bad, but still it remains a fear in the back of my head lol.

No. 168651

It sounds like you're looking for some magic reason why're they're thin but they're literally just that thin because they don't eat more than they need to sustain that amount of bodyfat/weight and probably excersise some. If you want to be thin, you need to maintain a low bodyweight and you do that by not eating more than you need to sustain that weight. That body comes for 90% down to diet/amount of calories consumed.

Also "high metabolism" is not a thing, teen girls are just moving around more than the average adult that spends all day at the office and then the rest of the night on the couch.

No. 168654

Why is loosing weight after a baby the dark souls of loosing weight? I'm so frustrated of being fat after giving birth I could cry. Diet alone isn't helping to shift it either aside from a small amount of kg and my gyms are all closed here due to corona.

I just needed to vent. I'm just so close to just going whole hog and not eating because nothing I do seems to be working. It never felt this hard to loose weight before and I was thin before pregnancy too. I just feel awful.

No. 168655

Would walking about 2 hours a week be considered excersize? How do you make excersize fun? I like walking but doing body weight excersize is really boring and feels pointless.

No. 168669

I have the same issue of finding workout sets to be boring and repetitious. It might be my latent Paleolithic brain speaking, but walking to pick up groceries feels more rewarding than doing 30 minutes of cardio in my room.

No. 168670

Your hormones are still all over the place and that seriously affects weightloss, hang in there. Stick to healthy eating and doing whatever (light) exercise you can, the weight will come off sooner or later.
Some women experience post birth hypothyroidism afaik, and this is another shitty blow for weight loss.

No. 168678

Pick more challenging workouts? Honestly, all work out that is not sports/dances will bore your brain, but if you can finish a set you couldn't 2 weeks ago, that fires off your reward centre.
It's also more fun if you follow along to a youtube video/DVD because you have to stick to the pace.

No. 168680

Teens do tend to have high metabolisms though, any BMR calculator will show that metabolisms slow as you age and obviously someone who is still growing needs more energy than a fully grown adult.

ia in general that CICO is everything but the CO part is complex. Acknowledging that metabolisms differ =/= making excuses for fatties who think theirs is slow when it isn't.

No. 168879

I haven’t posted here yet, but I just wanted to add that I’m about halfway to my goal weight! I’ve struggled with binge eating for years, but moving in with my bf has helped curb that. I started at 76kg/168lb and now I’m 66kg/144lb. I want to get down to around 56kg/120lb (I’m 167cm/5’6). It took me 5 months to lose it, although I did fuck up and gain and lose 10lb around the holidays. I’m hoping to get down to my gw by June so I can look good for my uni graduation. Basically I’ve been keeping my calorie counts below 1200 80% of the time with some drinking/cheat days (never over 2000kcal though). I love to cook so pretty much everything I have is homemade with all ingredients meticulously weighed and measured. I also work out at least an hour everyday with yt videos, hikes, and a cheap stair stepper thing from Amazon. I’m still pretty chubby but I have way more muscle definition and can see a huge difference in my body. I’m cutting down the number of cheat days to just 2 a month for this final stretch. Anyway good luck all aspiring fitness anons, the results may take a while but they’re worth it!

No. 168932

Has anyone struggled with weight loss, but kept with it and hit their goal weight here? How did it feel? Was there any obvious positive/negative changes in your life? Have you kept the weight off?

No. 168958

Once I made the decision to do it I didn't exactly struggle, but it was far from easy and took concerted effort. I really set my mind to it and kept steadily dropping towards my goal. For the first time since I was a lot younger I got compliments on my appearance. I finally felt okay about my body and that was amazing. The real struggle was some family and friends trying to get me to give up and "relax". My mom flipped out when I hit my goal weight and wanted me institutionalized. Sure, I lost a lot of weight but wasn't dangerously thin. That was actually really stressful.

No. 168991

It works

No. 169004

File: 1611659452450.jpg (316.89 KB, 1000x1359, gallery_15069_4_277706.jpg)

- I used to be underweight but ate a lot in an attempt to gain weight and accidentally overate. currently weigh ~60kg/29in and hope to end up around 50kg with my initial waist measurements (used to be 40kg/22in)

- I'm currently going to the gym and working on machines for cardio and strength, but hope to move to weights when I'm thinner to build more muscle

- I try not to measure/weigh myself but just work out a lot more and eat less, I really just forget to calorie count but I want to do that more. I also exercise with my bf so he helps us keep a gym schedule, and we both love to cook so we're usually cooking healthy.

also, is there an alternative to black coffee as a hunger suppressant? I'm not a fan of coffee but love black and green tea, are these good alternatives?

No. 169006

Used to be underweight at various points too. I get obsessed with counting and measuring and weighing. I try to stay off the scale because once I start it's habitual. I love matcha and sencha tea. I have matcha daily. I can't do coffee. I get way too buzzed, I literally shake and it worsens my insomnia. I love the brand kettl in Brooklyn. I think they ship worldwide. Best tasting green tea for me personally but I think they might carry some black too.

No. 169047

I’ve started taking longish walks (2-3 hours) every day that are pretty low-intensity, more to just keep active than as part of a workout. It’s really nice to just be able to think and breathe. But yesterday after I finished, I sat down on my bed and felt totally exhausted. Even though it’s just walking, is this something I should push through? I became more sedentary in quarantine so it wouldn’t be surprising if my stamina just went down after not doing much exercise for months. But I don’t know if this kind of activity warrants a rest day either, and what that would look like? Because I feel like everyone is advised to walk a good amount every day, so having a day where I just lie around feels like it’d be counterintuitive?

No. 169048

No, walking a few hours a day does absolutely not warrant a rest day. Don't worry, you are in no danger of overexerting by walking 2-3 hrs every day. Push through it and regain your lost stamina.

No. 169051

Are you eating and sleeping enough? I used to do the same thing and realized I didn't even eat or sleep enough to replenish my energy. I don't necessarily agree with the other anon but ymmv. Listen to your body.

No. 169054

Thanks anons, I appreciate it. I think it’s probably that I’m just not sleeping enough because I work pretty long hours, so it’s more of the stress from that being projected on a newer routine. I’ll definitely keep going since I think the long walks are actually helping me deal with that in the long run, so I feel more motivated to continue now.

No. 169069

Other anon here, let me rephrase that:
>It is unhealthy for a homo sapiens NOT to walk at least a few hours every day
It's not a matter of opinion or body type. We've evolved for walking and a sedentary lifestyle brings heath issues. It's not normal to "rest" from walking a whole day, not walking a whole day does damage to your body.

Yes! Good luck, you'll be back in shape in no time, just keep going

No. 169077

Feels good to finally see my bone structure and buy clothes from anywhere without looking at the sizing, but it feels like shit to maintain a weight that requires me to eat less than I want to. I'd love to snack all day but I like clothes too much. It's a lot of patience and sacrifice to maintain major weight loss

No. 169111

dude, just get some stevia. I love sweetened tea and I use monk fruit/stevia substitutes to keep my addiction up

No. 169117

i don't like my body at 5'4 and 125 lbs. i don't have much muscle. i used to be 117 and gained 5 lbs after i went home for winter break. im trying to get down to 105-110 lbs because i believe that would be the best fit for my body and i hate how huge my calves are. right now my figure prevents me from wearing the clothes i want to wear. anybody got any workout routines or schedules for me? right now im starting a daily 15 minute yoga routine and i want to do an HIIT work out for 20-30 minutes on an elliptical 4 times a week but i'm looking for other ideas/routines for weight loss/toning that have worked for people. I'm also going back to low carb and 16/hr a day fasting. I'm scared my body can't get as skinny as i want it to be because last year i was tracking calories diligently and eating keto and doing multiple day fasts and my weight didn't drop below 118. it was literally horrible. but this time i'm going to try adding regular exercise and see if that helps. anybody with similar stats have any luck with this?

No. 169276

>last year i was tracking calories diligently and eating keto and doing multiple day fasts and my weight didn't drop below 118
Don’t have advice, but I hard relate. Even at my thinnest when I was exercising regularly and dieting, I couldn’t get below 118. Being short fucking blows, I need to be 105-110 to not look stumpy.

No. 169278

File: 1611810894966.jpeg (18.57 KB, 194x259, 14BD9CF6-1507-408A-B95A-84B263…)

Did you guys know that those blood pressure checker things at the grocery store can check your fat percentage now?!
I don’t have any idea how accurate they are but I think mine was probably correct.
You hold onto these handles and I think it send an extremely small electric pulse through your body to measure the fat percentage. They can weigh you too.

No. 169279

>buy clothes from anywhere without looking at the sizing
God I wish I could do this. Even if it’s the right size I have to see it flatters my weird shape. I’m still on the smaller size but buying clothes is too hard and expensive so I just say fuck it I’m not vain or rich enough to enjoy the fruits of dieting so I guess I’ll just eat

No. 169280

I’m a healthy 28 and have a low BMI and walking 2-3 hours in one day would make me feel pretty tired tbe next. ITo be fair I’m pretty sedentary. I would take a rest day after only one day of doing that
After doing it so long your body and anyone else’s would get used to it, but before you make a habit out of it your body needs time to adjust.
Honestly 2-3 hours a day really sounds like overkill anon. You’re gonna get shin splints

No. 169315


Sadly they're not that accurate because the signal will take the shortest path through your body, so you're only getting arm-chest-arm body fat % and unless your fat is perfectly evenly distributed throughout your body it won't be accurate.

The most accurate way is still to have someone knowledgeable take caliper measurements, but unless you're super into training it's pointless. For general health just keep an eye on your waist circumference.

No. 169340

File: 1611862614172.jpg (55.29 KB, 640x640, EploaiCXIAA_8e2.jpg)

I'm on day 2 of my 10 day water fast. I'm 5'4" and started at 129 lbs, down to 127 now, just water weight. My GW is 115. I have to lose at least 10lbs in 12 days for something important.

So far I feel a bit woozy. I'm trying to drink water and la croix, had a pinch of salt, as well as these keto pills that are supposed to suppress appetite and contain apple cider vinegar, MCT, potassium and sodium. Today and tomorrow will be the hardest, I want to cram food down my gullet SO bad but my hunger pangs should dissipate if I can just sleep and TV binge my way through the next day. Anyone who's water fasted and has tips on how to suppress cravings and not faint lmk.

No. 169384

>keep an eye on your waist circumference.
What is the telltale sign your body fat % is rising via waist circumference?

No. 169388

What an absolutely fucking stupid idea. Just diet properly and stop looking for a quick fix. As soon as you eat, you're going to put the weight back on.

No. 169390

File: 1611879124441.jpg (117.94 KB, 778x792, 1.jpg)

How come no one thinks about building some muscle mass AND walking 30 to 60 minutes each day, instead of fasting and starving yourself? Muscle mass is expensive for the body to maintain and therefore you're left with a more lenient calorie budget each day.
And drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
You can be dehydrated in the wintertime when it's twenty below zero just as you can be in the summertime when the temperature is in the eighties.

No. 169409

I walk 60 minutes each day and drink a lot of water. Also use dumbbells. Gained about 20 lbs during the pandemic and I've been struggling to lose it. I'm 5'5" 155 lbs.

No. 169412

Fasting has been done for ages and is a valid and healthy way to lose weight, so long as it’s done properly and not due to disordered thinking. Maintaining a good diet afterwards to not ruin results is what’s key, quarantine just hit some people hard. Tons of health experts recommend intermittent fasting or water fasts a few times a year. Maybe not 10 full days but around 3.

No. 169417

File: 1611897105361.jpg (28.75 KB, 534x509, h8a5g4i5cja61.jpg)

Did reddit tell you that? Fasting is just disordered eating shilled by men who think EDs are for women while fasting seems stoic and manly, despite them being straight up ana chans who talk about how clean and pure not eating makes them feel.

No. 169418


I wonder how this anon is doing. Hope winter went okay for her

No. 169420

>arm-chest-arm measuremeant

Oh man how is it ever going to give me an accurate measuremeant when I’ve got these big fat mommy millkers

No. 169426

Well said anon.

No. 169432

Dae get painfully gassy when eating garlic or onions or leeks? Is there a way to not get this?

No. 169440

Because people want a silver bullet and it sounds too much like hard work. I was the same, until I realised jumping through these ridiculous hoops was a waste of time. Eat at a slight deficit if you're particularly large, work out with bodyweight or actual weights 3 times a week, walk a bit more and up your water and you will be fine. If that's too hard, then I don't know what to tell these people tbh.

A fast is fine. Want to fast one day a week? Go for it, but I just wouldn't bother. We are designed to eat and process food. It fuels everything in our body, and doing something as retarded as a 'water fast' for 10 whole days is nothing short of lunacy. I just don't know why you would skip trying to get to grips with a healthier relationship with your body and food, and jump straight into starving yourself and then being disappointed a few weeks later because you've eaten all that weight back on.

No. 169441

2-3 hours of walking is fine, it's not like you need to march like a soldier. Our bodies were made for walking, I don't know how anons think a few hours of walking is overextersion for a normal adult. Your body would only be exhausted in the first few days, it adjusts really fast to regular movement, and you'll actually feel more energetic.

No. 169445

Sounds like mild IBS to me. Those are some of the worst trigger foods for it. I get around it by making sure everything is cooked very thoroughly, e.g. in a soup or stew. Check out the FODMAP diet and see if any more of the trigger foods listed resonate with you.

No. 169446

New ITT!
HW: 268
CW: 170
GW: 140-150ish

I'm not going to say that psychiatric medication made me gain weight because at the end of the day I ate the food, but Jesus antipsychotics and SNRIs can be a bitch.
I lost 70 of those pounds between August and now. I was scared my skin wouldn't bounce back but we're in surprisingly good shape. My tits are kinda flat but not saggy as expected (actually they've stayed a D cup when I was only a B cup when I was last at this weight). My stomach was my biggest worry, I had the very beginnings of a fat apron but I was thrilled to see it's just all shrinking back into my body. The stretchmarks from gaining weight are quite rough now that they're all closer together, but it doesn't actually bother me. I think with enough time and fake tan the appearance of the skin will improve.
I love being a size that isn't restricted to fat mature lady clothes! I lost 9 inches off my hips, 7 off my waist and 4 off my bust. I'm an inch away from being a UK size 12 which for my height is my ideal ♥ I have a big frame so anything below that has made me look a little poorly, iirc from my ana days.
Feeling happy and rarely have cheat days. Medication has been changed to tablets that don't turn me into the cookie monster. I took up running and was running 6-7km before I got a bad back injury. I'm hoping to get back to that soon and would like to try weightlifting, though I'm stuck with yoga and physio at the moment.
I'm looking forward to coming out of quarantine looking like a fashionable young woman (i.e. not a matron) and surprising everyone!

No. 169451

I'll look this up, thank you

No. 169501

how do i fix it holy god, i'm so tired of this
I know shorter people than me who look so thin and something i've noticed is that they work out a lot, like lifting weights or running, so this time i'm going to exercise more and get to my goal weight

No. 169502

sis i feel this, i was on antidepressants that literally fucked up my body sooo badly, it was terrible

No. 169530

File: 1611982836555.gif (40.38 KB, 351x251, angry rattlin.gif)

I would disagree with the fasting part. While we are designed to process food for nutrition, the quality and quantity that the vast majority of the population eat now is definitely NOT what our bodies are designed for.
Fasting does work if you do it correctly, because its not supposed to be a one stop "don't eat for X amount of time and you'll lose all the weight you wanted."
Ive been using this really great app called Fastic which allows you to fast daily, but do so in a healthy way. It also allows you to eat anything during the off-fast hours, but I have found it helps more to research into types of food you should be eating and not just chowing McDonalds every time.
I started at 280lbs a few months ago, but have already dropped down to 255 per my weighing yesterday.
Also the best thing to do while fasting is drink water every time you get hungry within the fasting hours, then eat mostly fresh green veggies and a bit of protein. Avoid carbs/sugar and vegetable oils while cooking. And don't eat things like rice/potatoes/ heavy starches.. It sounds like a lot, but once you do it a few days it gets really easy. For me it was mostly psychological where I was worried about things like "do I eat this or that, or substitute that for this?", but fasting is easy cause its just "don't eat outside of the allotted time". Past that, its all on your personal responsibility to eat the right foods that are actually good for you instead of cheap unfilling crap.

No. 169539

As I said, fasting is fine - knock yourself out with it. But faddy efforts like the water fast, juice fast and the rest are just stupid. Also, nice skele gif. They're cute.

No. 169686

It's because of their bone structure: narrow waist, narrow shoulders
It's impossible to start as Andressa Venancio or Andressa Soares and become a Brandy Melville girl even if you hit the gym 3 hours each day. It's about bone structure first.

No. 169711

Lol monks are anachans now? You do realise fasting has been part of various religions for centuries now, right? There is more to it than just being a quick fix to an overweight body, which I condemn as well. But fasting is part of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. It has sensible significance in these beliefs, which you can apply to your own life as well, whether you agree with them as a whole or not.

No. 169748

No. 169825

it's a combination of an active lifesyle and eating just enough to be borderline underweight, on top of a narrow bone structure.
i can't tell how tall these girls are, but i'm assuming around 5'6"-5'9", and the waists on the BM clothes i own aren't too too small, probably around 24"-25". they're probably not doing anything crazy to look like that most likely, and the taller you are the easier it is to be in a caloric deficit. the lack of breaks and long limbs give off an ultra skinny look as well, i hve similar proportions and people have always told me i'm very skinny but i'm bmi 19. if their bone structures were wide or stocky they wouldn't have the same look

No. 169826

lack of breasts* sorry im retarded

No. 169883

I think you're pretty spot on with most of that, but I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say 24-25" aren't particularly small, I'm pretty sure most adult women wouldn't be able to get down to that without doing something drastic. We seem to be at the same waist and bmi, and I'm in the height range you gave, and people usually describe me as very skinny, so I don't think it's as normal as you think. I also would definitely be bigger if I wasn't sick all the time, so there's that

No. 170007

No. 170030

Which vitamin/mineral supplements do you use anons? Are there any particularly good brands?

No. 170053

What do you need them for? if in general, just take the Once-a-day for women ones, any brand would do imo.

I run so besides those I take a magnesium calcium supplement.

No. 170068

well i think if you're tall and just naturally wide then yeah it would be unrealistic to expect to look like that. but i'm pretty sure a 24" waist was common before the current fatty epidemic. see vintage clothes sizing, a size 0 would be a size 00 today. i think our expectations of what's realistic are skewed by the "average" population

No. 170069

a size 8 would be a 00. im so fried sorry

No. 170078

Vitamin D (I don't get much sun, especially in the winter), biotin (I have naturally thin hair), and vitamin C (I'm weak so my immune system needs all the help it can get). I used to be a vitamin junkie but tbh it's not as good as real food so only get the supplements that you really need. I used to also take zinc but I've been getting enough in my diet so I stopped.

No. 170080

I take hair, skin, & nails vitamins since they have pretty much everything I need. Didn’t expect much, but they actually made my weak ass nails so much less brittle.

No. 170087

Did the biotin help your hair? I also have thin hair

No. 170091

For me it didn't thicken my hair but it increased growth. My part lines are so much less obvious now.

No. 170099

The downside is it promotes hair growth everywhere. Might be paranoia but I felt like it made my body hair more noticeable.

No. 170132

This is so true, I have to pluck my eyebrows very often now.

No. 170140

watch out with biotin, it can cause acne

No. 170141

Yeah that's my experience with it. Apparantly you can avoid it by drinking more water because it's a watersolluable vitamin but I got increased acne anyway.

No. 170147

I just lowered my dose. No need for 500% daily intake via two chewables. I take just one every other day.

No. 170166

Yeah, just for general health.
I actually bought magnesium/calcium tablets yesterday because I noticed that my daily multivitamins don't have 100% of the daily recommendation of those minerals, but reading the comments I realize I'm overdoing it.

No. 170275

magnesium because I get muscle cramps easily and Vitamin D because I get depressed in the winter

No. 170279

That's a good point actually, I should've thought about that. It's been a couple of years so I don't exactly remember, but I was taking quite a high dosage of biotin because I was desperate. I might try it again.

For those who are taking biotin right now, how much mcg do you take a day?

No. 170311

File: 1612458777457.gif (450.74 KB, 500x320, 2021.gif)

Ladies, what is the proper way to do a push-up? Has your upper body gotten stronger by doing them regularly? I want jacked arms and shoulders in 2021.

No. 170324

Fallen back into the gross habit of chewing and spitting out food to avoid taking in calories. Idk why I can't just diet like a normal fucking person.

No. 170349

I take 1250mcg every other day, so ~4100% of daily intake.. I didn't realize this until I looked at the bottle just now lol. My acne did calm down after I switched to every other day but it explains the persistence.
From google:
>Anyone aged 10 or older should get between 30 and 100 mcg per day.
So I'd just get the lowest dose available, which is 500mcg iirc.

I think it's to look forward (not facing the ground) and to sink lower than your elbows.

Do you think gum might help??

No. 170359

For a standard push up the most common issue I see is that people flare their elbows too much. You want your biceps tight to the sides of your chest, no more than a 45 degree angle. You will feel it a lot more in your triceps this way and it's harder than a wide posture which is what you want. Most people think push ups = arm exercise but they're primarily for your chest, shoulders and back with some recruitment from abs and triceps. Go down all the way until your chin is just above the floor. Other than that, keep your butt and core squeezed so your back is flat and not either slumping or arching. It's an excellent exercise that hits a lot of muscle groups and will definitely make your upper body stronger, but if you want to hit biceps specifically then you can add in curls as well.

No. 170439


If there's cheeseburger flavored gum then yes otherwise probably not.

I figure what I do is much less harmful to my body than binge/purge though so I'm not that worried from a health perspective. It's just pretty nasty and also wasteful.

No. 170444

Keto-wise anons, how long did it take to see weight loss? I'm on day 5 and my weight is actually a pound above normal. I'm mad because reddit says the first few weeks are honeymoon phase when weight drops quickly. I even felt a little skinnier in the morning that's why I decided to weigh, but now I think it was all in my head.

Is "starvation mode" a thing on keto? I've been tracking my food and most days not hitting the calorie goal and landing on 800—1000 a day (I'm short and sedentary, goal is 1150). I don't feel hungry or bad, I just stop eating when I hit my protein goal because I'm full as hell, don't want to eat pure fat and eating nuts would tip my carbs over.

Is under 20g carbs enough for short female to go into ketosis? I can't imagine going lower without literally giving up all vegetables and I'm worried about fibre/micronutrients/sanity if I give them up. (I get the science of keto but my inner grandma scoffs at refusing veg to be healthy)

I'll keep going because I feel good on the diet, my blood sugar is way more stable and I've even been sleeping better. I'm just a little disappointed bc I want to be a skinny legend

No. 170551

Ketos a sham, and you only go into starvation mode if you're spoopy. High chances are you're just holding on to fluids, give it a few more days.

No. 170578

What makes you think it's a sham? There are numerous studies that show it helps lose weight safely and control conditions like epilepsy and PCOS. happy to read decent lit debunking it though, but most of the "keto bad" takes out there come from people either shilling a different diet or who just failed on keto because they couldn't be strict, and it backfires when you half-ass it

No. 170579

Nta, but it's really unnecessary to make your diet hugely disbalanced just in order to lose weight. Much better to just learn portion control and eat healthy lean things. Acquire healthy habits instead of shocking your body into starvation.
I understand it's helpful for certain conditions, but for a healthy person looking to lose weight it sounds like just another attempt at a quick fix, and those don't work.

No. 170597


that's a very fair point, the biggest downside in the lit is how restrictive and unsustainable it is. Personally I chose it as kind of a mental jump start, I've been ridiculously addicted to candy since lockdown and I just felt I needed something very structured that could help me quit sugar, and drop a few lbs quickly because I'm a very impatient person lol.

My plan was to do it for at least a month but up to two or three if I was psychologically fine with it. Just to to shift some fat, quit candy and start looking like myself again. Then I could transition to something more like Mediterranean diet for the longer term.

No. 170620

There's always been one thing I've wondered about keto: If you eat a deficit of # calories on keto, are you going to lose weight faster than when you eat have that same deficit on a regular diet? That's not possible right? Because calories in calories out is still a thing. So why is keto considered great for weightloss then when you can just count your calories?

No. 170633

The tl;dr is you burn fat more efficiently when you’re not eating carbs, so you can potentially lose weight faster. Low carb diets have been around for a while, but imo the problem is they’re not very sustainable for most people. Like >>170579 said, I think it’s better to aim for a healthier diet/lifestyle in general than doing things like keto.

No. 170642

I see, thanks!

No. 170741

Started at 140lb in the summer, lost to 130 by the end of it, then I spent the past half a year yoyo-ing nonstop between 128-132 due to struggling with stress eating and sugar addiction again.

I'm back down to 129 and aiming to be 125 by the end of the month, so here's my accountability post! (A bit over 5'7 btw)

No. 170742

Am 160 cm, weight is around 57 kilo.
I want to go below 50. I'm very flat chested so I really would prefer not having any belly fat overpowering my non-existent chest. The moobs have been fun but I can live without them!

I opened up myfitnesspal for the first time in a while, and since I recently began using a kitchen weight for baking I also began weighing my meals, and ingredients.
I can't stop thinking that it's ana behaviour to weigh everything, but it is so interesting.

My only real eating problem is loving baked goods and anything with heavy cream.
I made like dozens of almond tarts around new years, as well as many seasonal bakes prior and paid the price by mostly wearing sweatpants for 2021 so far. Trying to stop baking and serving desserts for as long as I can. So far it's going well, for about three weeks I've successfully put time on any hobby activity I can think of every time I want cake. I made a beautiful skirt. I wish I would work out properly, but I can barely manage a bike ride and some squats daily which is just embarrassing.. For now I've logged my calories for a week, excited to beat my six week record this time.

No. 170754

update: 63kg / 138lbs today and very pleased. could have been more but I was sick for a week so I didn't stick to my fasting routine these days. IF really is the solution for people like me that just eat whenever they're bored or stressed. only 4.5lbs/2kg and I'm back to pre pregnancy weight. hoping to get down to 57kg/125lbs this time.

I hope everyone else is going strong as well!

No. 170756

"starvation mode"? funny that people still believe in that bs.

No. 170757

File: 1612709744055.png (1.92 MB, 1046x1170, 1612672359328.png)

If you're in a lower BMI range but your arms look like pic rel, what can be done to make them more toned?

No. 170758


No. 170765

i lost 3kgs in the last couple of weeks just by tweaking my habits a little bit, i think i have solved my crash dieting issue yay! i want to lose another 7 so hopefully that will be more sustainable and easier now.

No. 170771

Any farmers here who got hypothyroidism?
Jfc this shit is horrible. Went from 52 kg to 60 in 2 years without changing my diet and exercise routines, if anything i'd be even more careful.
I feel like shit all the time and even if everything is fine on paper (lab tests) in real life it's really not.
I really don't like feeling heavy and tired all the time, what the fuck.

No. 170784

Did you get your thyroid checked and are you on medication? They may have to tweak how much synthroid you’re on to help you shake the lethargy. Make sure you get your blood checked routinely and if they haven’t already checked for it make sure that your hypothyroidism isn’t hashimotos. Also get checked for pcos because the two can often coincide.

No. 170786

Just saw you mention your lab results are coming back fine, are you in your early 20s/late teens? Get them to check for hashimotos because left unchecked its going to get worse. Look into what blood tests they should run (I can’t remember off the top of my head but I think it was T4).

No. 170801

I'm in the EU and on Euthyrox, obviously when I got diagnosed 2 years ago I was put on it and yes, the dose is correct but it doesn't make any change irl regarding weight loss/fatigue etc, just on paper.
I can't lose weight and I'm tired. I don't have hashi, antibodies were checked, PCOS also, and no , didn't have it.
I am very knowledgeable about hypo since I have doctors in my family, it's just super frustrating that I'll never be fit again (and I miss my hair), I was a fitness comp participant , so I know everything about fitness and nutrition.
T4 is the medication you take (levothyroxine), T3 (liothyronine) is the more metabolic active hormone, you also test TSH, free of T3 / T4 and antibodies ofc.

No. 170825

I have had hypothyroidism since I can remember and I have always eaten right, exercised and all that yet I have always been overweight. Also have pcos but I just wanna tell ya that, shit just sucks sometimes.

No. 170833

I think i'm addicted to oats anons I have them every single day sometimes twice a day with oat milk. They're basically all I think about when it comes to food, maybe it's the 'tism but i'm still losing weight and have a big butt so.

No. 170840

I like peanut butter in my oats

No. 170848

I fucking love oats and I eat them every day. I can have a sachet with almond milk for <150 calories or a big bowl with soy milk for <350, so it always fits in my diet.

Actually I had a really bad binging problem at one point when I would just eat bowl after bowl of it. I'm not quite as addicted now thankfully.

No. 170864

I used to eat so much muesli, the sport type with lots of nuts, I was "addicted" to the crunch. I haven't had it in ages now and have no desire for it, somehow suddenly I got completely fed up.

No. 170870

oats are iconic and always will be, they've been so comforting for me during bad depressive episodes and are always great when i'm too busy or lazy to cook bc they're quick and filling. i've been having it for breakfast a few times a week lately with fruit, pb and greek yogurt

also i occasionally (more often since lockdown tho) go through these phases of finding one delicious, easy to make, healthy-enough meal and making it a staple and having it at least once a day for weeks on end. last few weeks i don't think i've gone more than a few days without an open-faced egg sandwich with avocado and seasoning, sometimes i'll add like spinach or a veggie sausage. the month before it was making enormous green protein smoothies, giving some to my bf and then just slowly finishing mine throughout the day as i worked on stuff

No. 170886

For some reason, packets of dry oats used to be my #1 binge food. I have no fucking clue why I love them so much.

No. 170969

I wish I could be you, anons.
>t. mini doughnut addict

No. 171078

posting this as a vocal commitment to lose 10 pounds over the next 3 months. Shouldn't be hard as long as I keep mindful of my snacking and get moving more frequently. Will try to check in at the end of the month.

No. 171144

anon, I'm in! starting frequent exercise and less/better quality snacking today!

No. 171158

File: 1612961224322.jpg (30.57 KB, 641x653, 1582229566002.jpg)

i've finally re-settled into an exercise routine of stationary biking 5km as well as doing 1500 reps? pulls? on a rowing machine daily of the last couple months. already intermittent fasting, would be great to add even twenty minutes of light (<5kg) weights, up my rowing reps to two thousand and double the length of my usual ride but the hunger afterwards gets me too good. i know the answer lies in meal prep, it's just so hard when you live in a big household with a fridge that never has any real estate cause of that! regardless this is an accountability post, i'll implement at least one of those over the next few weeks.

ultimately i'd love to be able to do something more high impact (in particular pick up running) but it's just not feasible on an old leg injury. a friend has really been getting into rock climbing and keeps offering to take me but the thought of trying in front of everyone else at the center makes me muy uncomfortable. i get the assurances that the spectators are always nice and encouraging but i'm just not into it

No. 171366

Felt a bit bad about "half-assing" my diet, by eating relatively large meals - even if they are low calorie, I kept feeling that I was just indulgent and easily could half my meal size.
But after comparing what a similar size pasta dish would be calorie wise, it had like 1100 additional calories!? I will never feel bad for indulging in low calorie items again.

No. 171376

There's nothing wrong with eating a lot of healthy foods as long as your calorie intake is controlled and still inside your goal for the day, it can be really helpful so you don't fall into snacking on unhealthy filling foods due to hunger or boredom

No. 171379

glad to have you along with me anon, I'll be checking up on you at the end of the month too <3

No. 171405

File: 1613085509597.png (303.81 KB, 651x373, 1.png)

Are you going to be ready for July 4th?

No. 171419

didnt she get shit for basically making her weightloss into one big ad then tried to deny it?

No. 171425

not to be a cynical gal, but i couldn't help but think that she exaggerated and dramatized her breakdowns. props to her for actually having the will and grit to lose the excess weight!

No. 171440

who is this?

No. 171446

File: 1613126514663.png (1.19 MB, 1206x742, 1.png)

Alivia d'Andrea
She's doing a series of videos where she discusses mindset and willpower and depression related to weight loss, weight gain, support from friends and family and the rest

No. 171494

anons, is it a symptom of disordered eating to jot down a "food diary" of what i eat in a day? i feel chubby lately + recently got some blood tests done recently and my cholesterol+some other values were a bit high for my age, so i want to keep track of what i'm eating and what to avoid.

No. 171501

I don’t think it’s inherently disordered, it’s just a way of tracking your intake. Like I’m currently tracking my cals for my diet - if I don’t hold myself accountable by writing down everything I have eaten, I naturally overeat. I can see how it can become unhealthy if you’re overly obsessive about it though (aka you start panicking over going 5 calories over, never allowing yourself any “bad” food ever, keep on lowering your daily calorie limit etc…)
Just try to keep a nice balance, don’t let it control your life and you should get on fine.

No. 171536

God, I have absolutely ballooned up back to my highest weight (83-85kg)
I'm intending to get down to 60kg by the end of the year. I'm only 5'4" so this is… disgusting.
I tried to get dressed for my grandmother's funeral yesterday and none of my clothes would fit.

I'm going to cut down on sugar and processed food/carbs.
I had a lot of luck with eating a small sweet potato and 2 eggs every morning, and a chicken salad for dinner 2 years ago.
Before then, low carb helped me drop 30lbs.

I'm intending to weigh daily so I can keep track of how my body reacts to the things I'm eating, get back up to 2L of water a day instead of 6 coffees.

No. 171537

Good luck, I don't think you have to weigh yourself every day, because a change in weight is not always a change in your body composition

No. 171545

It's more important to add muscle mass through weight lifting and doing regular cardio every week.
More muscle mass means more energy expenditure and makes it easier to even burn calories when you eat a little more than you should.
Check out the "all in" series by Stephanie Buttermore.

No. 171552

I always feel conflicted on the weighing. I've done it daily because it helps me keep a routine and makes me feel more accountable for what I'm eating, but others say it's not really for the best.

I'd love to get back into weightlifting, it was incredibly fun for me. But Covid took my lungs and depression too my waistline.

For right now I know I'm eating way, way too much of shitty food to cope and it's awful. I think if I can drop some weight from diet alone (can't outrun a bad diet etc etc) I'll be able to get into cardio slowly as I recover.

No. 171556

Your weight changes consistently throughout the day, due to things like water weight. Its basically worthless to weigh yourself every day. Just do it once every week.

No. 171561

I'd advise against daily weight-ins because it might mess with motivation. You might get depressed when you suddenly weight more one morning even though it's nothing more than more water retention because of your menstrual cycle and feel like you need to restrict/work out more, even though you did nothing wrong.

No. 171562

fellow rock climber who was scared shitless to do it for the first time in front of others, just do it anon, please, it is such a great exercise and engages your whole body as well as your mind. it has become my number one sports and helped me get so fit. please try it, nobody is going to think anything, really. if anythin, everybody will just be happy there is somebody new enjoying this great hobby! it will always be someones first time, you wouldn't think anything stupid about a beginner, would you? so why would others think bad about you? please try it.
(damn I can't wait for the weather to get better and get my fat ass up a rock)

No. 171575

File: 1613241348716.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.46 KB, 1908x1146, 1.jpg)

It is quite hard but possible to do recompositioning (meaning replacing fat mass with muscle mass). It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to do like pic related, most people can't do this to that level
(Spoiler because of possible triggers)

Even better: focus more on what you see while looking at the mirror. When you like what you're seeing it means you're going the right way with the right workouts and eating style.

Water weight alone is about 5 to even 10 lbs in a day and contributes to a bloated appearance due to water retention caused by salts (mostly sodium chloride found in food).
Reducing your salt intake helps reduce water retention.

No. 171583

Can anyone recommend good quality gym leggings that won't bust a seam after 5 washes? I don't mind shelling out if I know they're tough. UK centric preferred.
At the moment I'm just running outside but I lift a lot when gyms are open.

No. 171594

If you weight yourself daily, you'll get used to those fluctuations very quickly and start to understand how random and meaningless they can be.

On the other hand, if you weigh infrequently, your weigh-in day may just happen to fall on a day when you're fluctuating really high. Then you really will lose motivation because you lack the tracking data to prove it's just a blip and not your actual progress.

No. 171601

Ok so how about try weighing yourself every day and then calculate the expected value and standard deviation and you could also if you are feeling ambitious make a plot of dependence of weight on time and calculate the speed of weightloss by least squares method because that would be really cool.
Ok I am kidding on the second part but it would be good to measure as much and then take a mean value for a couple of days, but if you want you could give me the data of weight by day and I could make a plot for you… if you wanna… I like plots

No. 171642

I weight biweekly/once a month, and I really don't know how your high fluctuation could be that high if you're actually working towards losing weight. Like even if it's relatively high, it's usually lower than my last weight-in. Unless you're following some kind of diet/workout where you're supposed to lose 10kgs in 10 years.

No. 171712

Has anyone here done Keto after recovering from an eating disorder? I want to lose weight without going down that path again, and it's basically the opposite of how I was eating during my ED. It also puts my main source of temptation entirely off limits so might be easier to stick to? IDK. I just want to get back to a weight I feel comfortable with my body without completely going off the rails again.

No. 171714

I completely failed my diet today, I was kind of anticipating it (valentines and all..) but I think I went over 2000 cals. I’m writing this to keep me accountable to lose at least 5-10lbs by easter (cw 140lbs!)

On another note, is anyone doing Chloe Tings 2021 hourglass challenge from tomorrow? I do light exercise daily, but I think a challenge might give me a boost of initial weight loss that will inspire me to keep on with it.

No. 171716

I'm no nutritionist nor therapist, but even I can clearly see how much of a bad idea it is for you.
>it's basically the opposite of how I was eating during my ED
So basically just the other side of the same coin. Very bad idea. Don't fall into the mirror image of the same trap.

No. 171727


Echoing what >>171716 said, if you are at all prone to EDs I don't know if I'd recommend stuff like keto that you can end up obsessing over. Something like intermittent fasting (the midday-8pm one, not the alternate day ones!) might be nice, it's simple enough to stick to that you can make it your permanent routine quite easily.


It's a fun hobby and in my experience everyone who does it is really nice to everyone regardless of skill level, maybe in part because everyone's kept humble by the fact there's guaranteed to be at least a few climbs at their gym they can't do (and that others can). If you're still nervous, you can just go bouldering the first few times, basically audience and a much much shorter climb so you don't need to worry about freezing up.

No. 171738

>>171712 I'm keto anon from upthread and I'm telling you definitely don't do it. It's just another flavor of the same poison. Unless you have a medical need for it like PCOS, it's just restriction for restrictions sake.

Besides, women lose way less weight on it than men so I didn't even get good results. I get the urge to cut out the things that tempt you, but seriously 20g carbs a day is like a cup of spinach salad. The rest is meat, meat, meat. I didn't shit for a week lol.

I know it sucks but I have to keep reminding myself my body is not the problem. If you eat carbs emotionally then the problem isn't the carbs, it's the emotion. Restricting your diet isn't going to fix the emotions. If you're like me there's something else in your life spinning out of control right now and you just want to diet to distract yourself. Face the thing, anon. Your body will thank you.

No. 171810

It's so unfair. I hate being a woman. Men have it so easy because our society is catered towards their needs, including their caloric needs. Restaurants, packaged food, standard serving sizes all catered to men's energy needs so women get used to overeating at a young age and it's so hard to unlearn. I just feel hunger all the time and it's a feeling I hate.

No. 171818

How do I deal with being hungry, nonnie? I'm trying to start losing weight but am extremely worried about the fact that I'll inevitably be hungry at times.
I can almost make myself hungry if I think about it. Should I just start drinking a ton of mineral water? Will the gasses help? What do you tell yourself when you're hungry?

No. 171821

Just occupy yourself with something for a while - remember that hunger comes and goes in waves. It will subside by itself temporarily even if you don't eat.

No. 171822

>The rest is meat, meat, meat. I didn't shit for a week lol.
Kek. Anyone else have trouble staying regular on a normal calorie deficit diet? I’m eating a lot less than I was, eliminated unhealthy snacks, eating more fruit/veggies, etc. and still going like once a week. I’m tracking with MyFitnessPal so I can see I’m getting more than enough fiber/water. Is it just because I’m eating way less? sorry for gross question

No. 171827

Just stay at a calorie deficit that doesn't leave you ravenously hungry all the time. Unless you have some kind of hunger feedback problem that makes you overeat, it's better to lose the same weight in 6 months, but feel normal than to lose is fast but feel hungry half the day. I eat around 1200-1400 calories a day while working out almost daily, and I almost never feel hunger (only right before my normal mealtime).

No. 171842

More advice.

No. 171859

Same I think. I've had two occasions of constipation in my life, it was not fun, so I worry a lot about that now that I'm eating minimum amounts, and never seem to have movements anymore. Family dinner (at or slightly above amount of calories needed to maintain my weight) once a week has so far kept my worries at bay. I'm not familiar with the details and inner workings, but surely, my gut still works.

No. 171895

Glad someone else is going through this lol. I used to just eat extra apples or a bowl of fiber-heavy cereal when I was feeling constipated, but now at 1k calories a day there is basically no room for extra snacks (besides the planned ones). Adding a fiber supplement hasn’t helped either.

No. 171904

1k is really low, I ate 1k during my ED and ended up hospitalized. 1200 is the bare minimum unless under a doctor's supervision. Sorry to bother you if you are, just felt like I needed to mention it considering my experience…

No. 171911

I lost ~10 pounds of muscle mass and intentionally gained weight and now I’m underweight but I literally feel fatter than ever because now my thighs just spread out when I sit and my body has no definition. I miss my fit body but I just have no motivation to workout. I feel like I’m incapable of making my gains back because idk how to change my diet to eat more. It was easy when I was only working part time.

No. 171951

I'm >>171859 sorry if I'm also being presumptuous, I'm sure you know what you are doing. Ignore if redundant.
Even if you are currently going all out restricting calories, other than seeing to your daily minerals/vitamins, please make sure you eat at least one grand and varied meal a week without worrying too much about the amount of calories and content, you will easily make up for the calories taken in over the span of a week. Just to make sure your gut is still doing it's job fully, as well as to force yourself to remember and deal with that calorie intake can not be taken seriously every single day and it's not inherently bad to go off track a day - it happens, take it into account and only a small number of calories reduced over the span of a week will make up for it. It is helpful and important to consult with a health professional when going under a certain point of calories/week. Stay safe and keep yourself from obsessing about foods too much. Obsessively restricting sweets/soda/beer/etc is great, but general food items should never cause worries if you want to stay healthy for life.

No. 171971

1K is acceptable if you're below 5'4".

For the shitting thing, I suggest drinking lots of coffee

No. 171972

Drinking black coffee and tea and water will help. You can also start to recognize your hunger and distract yourself with something. There's also a pretty well known rule that if you don't want to eat something healthy, then you're not really hungry.

No. 171976

Try to find some motivation by doing just a few sets of your favorite exercises! Even 15 minutes a day is better than zero.

No. 171979

File: 1613575165056.png (2.4 MB, 2020x1240, 1.png)

Progress pictures

No. 172071

File: 1613603708952.png (1.56 MB, 1108x1066, 16128160840209.png)

Have any 170 cm anons been able to reach a weight of 56-60 kg? I've been 66 kg for 2 years, put on 2 kg of muscle, and I really want to get down to 58 kg. How can I get down to 60 kg by May?
>I eat healthy but indulge in desserts at night.. emotional cope.
>im a lazyfuck and stopped running 6 months ago bc pandemic is depressing me.

No. 172073

Anyone else skinny fat and looking to tone up? Any advice or recommendations on programs to follow? The gym is not an option due to Covid, but I’m willing to spend some money on home stuff (no huge equipment though). I already walk a lot, my diet is pretty good too but there’s room for improvement.

My BMI is already at the lower end so I’m not really looking to lose weight. I’ve just got a bad case of being skinny fat.

No. 172077

Why would you use such cursed image for anything

No. 172080

the girl who is 5'3 is my height but 24 pounds more than me yet we look the same size, i really gotta build muscle…

sometimes it feels like the less weight you have to lose, the harder it is. I only want to lose 15-20 pounds but it feels like an impossible feat that will take extreme restriction.

No. 172085

I think that’s true. At the very beginning of quarantine I wanted to lose 45 lbs, so I went really focused for a few months and lost 25 lbs. I fell off the wagon but thankfully didn’t put the weight back on. Now I’m finding it borderline impossible to lose the last 20lbs. I’m constantly losing and gaining the same 3lbs. It’s a struggle being short.

No. 172100

File: 1613635582109.jpg (112.93 KB, 750x739, IMG_2497.JPG)

>weight and measurement
im 58kg's and 173cm tall. my upper body is pretty skinny because all of my weight is around my thighs, which looks ok in pants but horrid in skirts, bikinis and especially when nude. i have almost no muscle and my cellulite looks like goat cheese.
i want to tighten my body and get my legs slimmer.
>what are you doing
im currently trying to IMF but i can never keep it up. i have a thing for light snacks at night (a few pieces of ham or olives, at most a chocolate bar) and it ruins my fasts. i tried to do some fad diets koreans do but they never work. I eat pretty healthily usually anyways, mostly homecooked. i go on walks a lot, and do some workouts i saw online but they dont help either. its very hard for me to lose weight. I've been trying for about a year but my weight just wont budge (not even a whole kilo). should i see a dietician? i dont want to waste money on that though so if anyone has anything to recommend i'd love to hear

No. 172108

Anon, maybe instead of trying to fast or give up your nightly snacks, maybe replace the foods you're eating now with less fatty/salty ones. Obviously you'll be eating homecooked, healthy foods, but maybe instead of a piece of ham or a chocolate bar, try something with less sodium and sugars. My body was in a similar situation as yours, and following a diet of strictly little to no sodium (I had a problem with water weight), sugars, and unhealthy fats (even ones from meat) caused me to slim in my thighs and face. Even though protein is very important, try sticking to meats that haven't been cured (ham, bacon, etc.) and are lean and low fat. Dairy could also be contributing to your problem. You should definitely contact a dietician if you're really struggling though, and this is just what worked for me.

No. 172112

I'd really recommend getting some decent resistance bands anon, they've been a life saver for me during lockdown/gyms closing. I'm not sure where you are, but the bands from shreddy.com have been the best I've used so far.

No. 172113

File: 1613647603718.png (3.31 MB, 1986x1208, 2.png)

No. 172115

is intermittent fasting a meme?

it seems to really work for some people but i’m still worried

No. 172118

Wouldn't it help to just get some muscle in the legs to give them more tone? I know you said they look different in pants, but slimmer legs would kind of look unproportional to your body based on the photo.

No. 172121

File: 1613650914565.jpg (22.67 KB, 524x158, Screenshot_1.jpg)

This is mostly an anatomical question but…what causes a leg to look this curved when lying down? Is there a way to straighten it? I have a more extreme curve than the woman in the picture, when I lie down there's a big gap between my thigh and the ground and my tailbone is digging into the floor

No. 172122

File: 1613652089661.jpg (445.2 KB, 2043x1528, image289.jpg)

Muscles? Why would you want to straighten what is a normal human shape???
If your curves are really extreme you may want to see an orthopaedist, you may have bad posture (tailbone digging into the floor may indicate lordosis or sth of that sort)

No. 172124

File: 1613652516673.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.95 KB, 306x462, 20210218_134217.jpg)

Is my butt proportional to my body? I am 52kg and 1m66. I've stopped social media because it was warping my self image, but it does feel like it should be bigger. I even asked my PT if my glutes were underdeveloped but she said I was athletic enough everywhere. So is it fine ?

No. 172125

File: 1613652726854.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.51 KB, 440x594, 20210218_135013.jpg)

View from the side. Sorry for gross bathroom mirror.

Also my butt always looks like shit in clothes, but that might be a styling issue.

No. 172126

Are you bragging or something? it's a perfectly proportional butt. You gotta stop looking at posed / edited influencers' bodies

No. 172128

You look fine. Maybe I feel this way because I'm in my thrities so I've watched the trends on ass size change massively in my time…but imo your view of what a normal ass size is has likely been affected by very recent standards. Those standards will only flip over again in a few years time. You look perfectly normal

No. 172129

Seconding other anons, it seems fine. Fat distribution is genetically coded anyway. Influencers just cheat it by editing/plastic surgery.

No. 172130

File: 1613653930404.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.68 KB, 740x500, large-set-but166-1.jpg)

Why would I brag on lolcow with those shitty pics anon? I've legit never seen this type of butt in any fitness video or picture. Even on skinny women they always seen to have fuller and larger cheeks.

Also we live in a society where pic related happens everyday. That woman's before butt seems more normal to me than mine, but it's not enough for her apparently.

No. 172131

You have a nice butt, anon. No homo
I thought the watermark on the image said 'DatAss MD' lmaoo. Was this an implant? Or fat transfer?

No. 172136

Yes I suppose it's all beauty standards, I already know hip dips are an example of social conditioning. I'll try to stop thinking about that.

Thanks. Yeah I don't know why the volume is concentrated around the ass crack instead of being nice full cheeks all over.

It's fat transfer. Random picture I found on Google Image searching for "thin butt"

No. 172138

File: 1613655523339.png (1.02 MB, 1030x512, 1.png)

>i want to tighten my body and get my legs slimmer.
If you have naturally big legs it's due to bones and muscle mass. It's genetics.
You can probably slim them down a little but adding muscle mass does wonders as an optical trick (bigger quad makes calves look smaller).
Reducing your body fat percentage also does the trick for a trim waist but don't overdo it.

No. 172143

Eh, it works for some people. Every single diet is just a calorie deficit in disguise to me, intermittent fasting is no exception. I guess if you tend to binge eat at night then making a rule that you can’t eat past 9pm might work?

No. 172161

File: 1613670131220.png (319.58 KB, 427x400, b4f3bbc60e074815d7fdbe8ad4160c…)

What resistance band workouts have given you results?

No. 172164

File: 1613671457307.jpg (65.83 KB, 844x486, wereallgonnamakeit.jpg)

I don't think saying society is catered towards men's eating habits is correct. I think its more catered towards what's cheap and gives the biggest profit for the company. Both men and women are massively overweight because McDonalds and taco bell decide to use cheap heavily processed carbs with no nutritional value, garbage mystery meat which is half indigestible and half added fat and some form of "cheese" slathered on top. These companies want you to get fat and lazy because then you will buy more of their product
Don't eat out, that shit isn't good for anyone. Learn easy things to cook yourself using fresh ingredients, not shit out of a box.
Drink regular water
Planning out your meals for the day is really helpful for calorie counting. You can get an approximate idea of how many calories you are going to take in throughout the day. Best thing that I have found is to eat mainly veggies and drink lots of water. This will keep you feeling full for a longer time. Pre-planning meals tho will def help with keeping on a lower calorie diet

No. 172165

How often do you guys eat meat?

No. 172180

Drinking water should be a good quick fix and keep you hydrated, but you kind of have to get used to riding a couple of waves of hunger out every day. They do subside and if you are accustomed to them they won't bother you as much.

In my case, I often feel a sense of accomplishment when I successfully ignore hunger and it really is a confidence boost. Obviously it's not good going overboard with thinking like this, but I make sure I eat enough every day regardless if I'm currently feeling hunger or not so I'm probably ok.

Also I keep thinking that overeating/compulsory snacking must be exactly like any other addiction, and a common advice for people trying to quit a bad behaviour (drinking, gaming etc) is replacing it with something else. If you have something you can/like spend a lot of time doing, keep redirecting your focus on this. Ideally, it is something useful like working out - but literally anything you can obsess over would work well.

No. 172196

Bottom right girl looks amazing, her arms are so toned.

No. 172204

File: 1613682896015.png (2.23 MB, 2018x1164, prog3.png)

No. 172206

Apparently a girl lost 100 pounds / 40kg in 4 months by doing fasted exercise and OMAD keto. Anons how can I find the willpower to carry on with this and not to have issues with stomach acidity? My issue with OMAD or if for more than 15 hours is that I start getting extreme stomach pains. In fact I used to fast all the time so much that I developed serious heartburn after. Maybe I can still do this since I'm a good candidate for keto diet due to my prediabetes and pcos

If anyone has done something similar to this tell me your results

No. 172207

>weight loss coach
So the first thing is, she's most likely bullshitting. "100/40 in 4 months" sounds a lot more exciting than "I lost all my extra weight over a year or two", and she's a businesswoman. I'm not really interested enough to try and dig deep, but that's my first thought about shit like this. Losing big weight really fast would make me worried whether my skin's elasticity can hold up anyway, so I wouldn't recommend it.

No. 172221

File: 1613691378101.png (1.8 MB, 1948x1190, prog4.png)

100 lbs in 4 months is absurdly fast and not possible, or if possible it's extremely unhealhy and damaging in the long term.

No. 172225

I have a hard time reducing my sugar intake. I know if I stopped eating so much of it, the last pounds will melt off in a month or three… but fuck me man..it's my cope. How can I get through March not eating (added)sugar anons?

No. 172231

You could cut sugar off cold turkey or buy some sugar free jellos that are under <20 calories and eat them until you're sick of sugar.

No. 172232

Jello suggestion seems do-able, thx.

No. 172235

I mean…keto is excellent for weight loss but 100lbs in 4 months is not possible and she would have sagging skin down to her ankles.

No. 172245

Sugar replacement and bake your own treats. You can even make ice cream and caramelize certain sweeteners. EZ.

Saying goodbye forever to all fast food, restaurant food, ready-made meals, and most snacks and seasonings is the hard part. Also bread…rip bread.

I'm not keto but cane sugar free for a year and it's been a trip. Very doable, though. I believe in you, anon. You can make it through March and the rest of your sugarless life!

No. 172256

I had a major glow up a few years ago and lost a huge amount of weight. After living the Stacy life for a while, I gained all my weight plus more back and have struggled to lose it again ever since. I occasionally started dieting again, but never really went through with it. It is like there is a switch in my head that I never managed to flip again after my first weight loss, but recently I have been feeling more motivated and started seeing fitness, diet and health as a long-term project again and not as a quick fix. I feel determined and I really hope it stays this way. There were some days already where I wanted to give up again, but I somehow always managed to get back on track. I am working out five times a week and also started intermittent fasting two months ago. Both really helps me with my focus and mental health as well. I hope I can go back to my glow up-self, because getting fat again after already being thin really sucks. The compliments people gave me back then haunt me now because I feel like a failure somehow.

No. 172265

You lost weight once, you can do it again

No. 172307

i'll try a no sodium diet for a week at least and see if it works. I've been thinking about it for a while now so i'll start on monday. i dont think i can give up sugar, especially if i'm thinking of giving it up since that makes me crave it more. i also only use milk for my coffee, but if you think thats an issue i'll try to cut that off too :/ maybe decrease the milk to coffee ratio?
I'm not the girl in the photo anon, if i had that body i wouldn't know what to do!
i know my legs are entirely due to my weight, theres absolutely no muscle on my thighs. i honestly think i look fine but because they are just fat and no muscle my cellulite looks super lumpy and that makes me feel bad when they are showing.

No. 172309

Why don't you just lift weights to build muscle?

No. 172311

im scared of getting bulkier while trying to get slimmer

No. 172313

Ntayr but you won't unless you're a male or taking steroids…. lifting making women bulky is a meme that needs to die

No. 172318

Yeah, for a woman to bulk up, you'd have to eat a lot and train a lot. There's no such thing for a woman to "accidentally" get bully, it's super difficult and you have to have a lot of disciplined, lifting some weights alongside cardio and a regular diet will just tone you, not bulk you.

No. 172348

I don't if this show is accurate.

No. 172349

I stopped buying it overall because eating it "in moderation" keeps me addicted and then flat out binging on it anyway. When I want something sweet, I always have either fruit or plain fat-free Greek yogurt with sugar free maple syrup (the one I have is 5 cal a serving so you can be generous). A lot of protein throughout the day keeps my cravings at bay too.

No. 172353

I lost 15 pounds in 2 months by cutting out sugar. I swear to you if you try it and stick to it you absolutely will not regret it.
You have to get yourself excited about it and commit to cutting it out completely. Sugar is addictive, you're tempting yourself by cheating or treating yourself when you're first starting to cut it out. Do a big grocery haul to last you for 2-3 weeks and buy healthy foods. Even if you do get something sweet, hopefully it will only last you the first week..

Read health books, read stories of people who cut out sugar and it cured their health problems, look at healthy Instagram recipe pages. Most importantly, create a meal plan for yourself!!! Cook with more perishable foods the first week. Sweet potato, onions, carrots, celery, and more will last you at least 3 weeks. You can easily make bean soup or lentil soup with them, which is delicious and super healthy - spices are important and also good for you! Get frozen berries to sweeten oatmeal or greek yogurt and refrigerate apples and oranges. Beans, tofu, tempeh, chicken breast, turkey, or quinoa for protein. An added bonus, you'll probably save money because eating healthy is actually inexpensive - as long as you stay away from Whole Foods and look in value supermarkets.
To fight cravings, drink herbal tea and look at vegan or healthy food recipes. They're usually super colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Over time you'll start to crave hearty, healthy meals instead of sugary snacks.

My mental health improved and I have so much more energy. I highly recommend everyone cut out added sugars. Non-processed foods are delicious when you lose your sugar cravings. Give it about 3-4 days to a week to stop feeling miserable, 2 weeks to start seeing changes in your body, and 3-4 weeks to stop thinking about eating sugary food.
5 star lifestyle (not diet)

No. 172357

it probably isn't

No. 172358

Posting here for accountability, I want to lose 3lbs by March 1st. Going to exercise everyday, go for a walk, keep on my calorie deficit, just for the next 10 days. I’ll update on the 1st. Wish me luck.

No. 172359

I'll join you and lose a kilo too. Good luck friend

No. 172363

Was this "initial 15 lbs", or "pesky 15 lbs that never went away no matter what?"

No. 172369

A little of both. I'm only about 3 months in still. My goal weight was usually 15-20 pounds from where I was at, but I reached it so, yay. At least I think I did. I haven't weighed myself in a while but I'm continuing to see changes in my body so I'm assuming I'm lost more since I weighed myself.

But the focus shouldn't really be about weight loss and restricting (aside from cutting the added sugar). It should be on nourishing your body every day and eating healthy foods - the weight loss is a side effect.
That perspective helps me, anyways - instead of trying to cut calories, try to increase nutrients.

No. 172371

Hi anons, what are some low caffeine/caffeine free appetite supressants?

No. 172379

Ive heard drinking apple cider vinegar can reduce appetite, never tried it though

No. 172383

oh damn I didn't even think of that, thanks anon. I have some in my cupboard already so I'll try it out.

No. 172388

Reasoning in "how I look in front of the mirror" is better than thinking about lbs.

No. 172402

Does anyone else struggle with eating moderate portions? For a lot of people eating healthy is the problem, but I have no problems saying no to junkfood whatsoever, but the AMOUNT of what I eat is a huge problem for me. I keep eating and eating even when I'm not hungry just because of the taste and experience of eating. I'll try to eat moderate portions and I manage to for like two weeks at a time before spiraling back into eating healthy foods but limitlessly. Does anyone have advice?

No. 172404

Cutting out bread/rice/pasta has helped me a lot. If you can find something low calorie to replace pasta you should be able to still eat big portions. Like a big portion of salad+tuna is so much low cal compared to a bowl of pasta.

Thankfully I never tire of cottage cheese for filler.

Oh, also, depending on how your body handles skipping lunch and breakfast this is also an option - just have a bigger meal for dinner. Many people need to eat somewhat frequently, and it IS actual shit advice to skip breakfast, but some people can go all day and handle it fine.

No. 172424

This is good advice. I try to load up on foods like spaghetti squash, green beans, bean sprouts, shirataki noodles, etc. You can eat lots of those foods and they’re very low cal.

No. 172426

I used to eat way past fullness. Here's what helped me. Whenever I want to keep eating even when I'm already full, I tell myself I can eat more, but it doesn't have to be now. I can eat more of this food later, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. The food is there, it won't grow legs and run away from the fridge. Also, food tastes better when I'm hungry. When I'm not hungry anymore, it isn't even that good, and if I'm already too full, my stomach will hurt and I'm going to feel uncomfortable for some time. This thought helped me a lot. Try to eat slow, without distractions, paying attention to your hunger cues and how your body feels while you eat and after you eat.

No. 172427

File: 1613845461717.png (2.92 MB, 2016x1226, prog5.png)

Is BMI a reliable thing?

No. 172429

If you're not an outlier (i.e. very short/tall/extremely muscular) then yes. There's a "new" BMI that's supposedly more accurate but for most people the difference is in the decimals.

No. 172458

Same, I try to eat really big salads without too much vinaigrette, or lots of lower cal fruit like melon, etc
Hot soup and drinking lots of tea also helped cus my stomach would fill up.

No. 172495

Running/jogging anons. I've been doing one of the couch to 5k programs (although I do other workouts, so I wasn't completely potato week 0), and can keep up with the escalation. But my sticky saliva is killing me. I take a napkin with me just so I can pull it out and clean my mouth whenever I'm out of sight. It's usually worse when it's a very hot day out. I can't really swallow it or I start choking. How do you deal with this, or is this something you don't struggle with?

No. 172514

Good luck! Getting started can be a bit rough but it becomes much easier after 3 weeks of sticking with it. How often are you salivating? Does it only happen when you exercise or are you having this event at others times too? Sorry for the questions the medfag jumped out lol

No. 172545

I only salivate much when I run. And it has this mucuos/slimy consistency. It makes my mouth feel dry too. I tried to look at the running subreddits, and it doesn't seem to be that rare, but they tell people to spit or "do a snot rocket"(???) which is just… no.

No. 172582

Was going to spend 80 bucks on a used elliptical someone was giving away, but it was an hour drive. On my way there, I decided to stop at Goodwill and found another elliptical for 60 dollars. BUT it was yellow labeled, meaning it was half off. So I got an elliptical for 30 dollars and I'm so excited to get started.

My back issues are so bad (from being fat and having poor posture, obvs) I can't walk for more than 10 minutes at a time without extreme pain, I hope this helps.

No. 172583

Just started back up with 1200kcal a day and 15k steps and I feel fucking amazing. The first few days are always the best. I feel so powerful at the beginning. Trying to focus on that and forget that it gets harder. Trying to decide if I wanna do keto (to hopefully help with hunger), go vegan (easier to explain to judgy people then a diet), or just stick with CICO and IF.

No. 172584


One thing I don't understand is that skipping breakfast is meant to be bad for you, but 8-16 IF is basically "skip breakfast" as the only change for a lot of people. But seems to have a good reputation?

No. 172589

You don't have to skip breakfast for IF lol. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most people skip breakfast because they likely have to eat dinner late due to many reasons. OR they work an office job/job where they can really only start eating at 12, which is the usual lunch break so that's when their fast ends.

When I was in college and doing IF, I actually ate breakfast at 11 but that meant I had to stop eating at 7, which isn't doable for most people. Plus 11 is kind of lunch time for me now, so it would make no sense for me to eat breakfast at a time of day when lunch comes out.

No. 172600

>judgy people
Slight rant, but I’m so sick of these people. I’m short and have gained a lot of weight (for my height) in quarantine. I wasn’t even thin before but now I’m pretty close to being overweight. Certain friends/family members still act like I’m sooo skinny and shouldn’t be dieting and it really sucks to have to justify myself.

No. 172777

File: 1614069361486.jpg (300.87 KB, 1076x1585, Screenshot_20210223-093444_Fir…)

Sort of off topic but does anyone have an alternative to DownDog?

I love their yoga and hiit app but shit it's expensive and not worth getting since I do yoga/hiit like once per week.

I tried to get the apk but they update frequently so it's pointless, tried yoga with Adrianne and she's fine but I hate the youtube app. Basically I'm a picky bitch whwn it comes to apps.

No. 172802

If you like Yoga with Adrianne or any other videos on youtube, you could use a youtube ripper to download them and play them in whatever video player you like?

No. 172812

Oh shit, that's a really good idea, thanks anon!

No. 173196

Another tip for people struggling with fullness. I don't really mind riding bouts of hunger out but I needed to make a new type of meal for variety so I made some simple veggie soup and I am getting so satiated by this I almost feel sick.

Cauliflower, celery, carrots, courgette and garlic mixed with some meat stock and spices. Made a fairly large pot full and calculated the whole thing to be just above 600 cal and I'm pretty sure I'll have leftovers still for a few days.

No. 173222

I kind of know this is a dumb question (because body shape is mostly genetic blah blah) but what kind of diet is best for slimming down my waistline, but keeping other areas as curvy? I bought a waist trainer and already exercise, also i'm vegan so no meat plz. Thanks anons.

No. 173223

It's not possible to lose weight in a specific area of choice, unfortunately.

No. 173225

Look into doing stomach vacuums. Doing those will train theTransversus Abdominus. The Transversus Abdominus is basically the abs that are under your abs and their job is to hold your organs in place. Training them will shrink your waistline by 1 - 2 inches.

No. 173226

Thanks, i'll look on YouTube.

No. 173228

Seconding this, I've been consistently losing weight by making vegetable stews in my slow cooker, but I leveled up recently by making those stews into soups. It's so easy to fill up on just water and vegetables. Yes, my skin is looking amazing recently.

No. 173556

I've gone a good month with a low calorie diet, and great improvements. I can fit a few of my items of clothing that had been too tight around the waist again, and some cute tops that are formfitting look actually flattering on their own now!
I've been logging my waist measurements and it's not as bad as before, but still not what I've previously written down as my usual measurement in my sewing books.
I've been keeping up with the daily bike rides as well, and I am thinking about taking a 20min run twice a week. My partner diligently works out at home 2-3 times a week so it would be a great fit in our routine. My problem is just getting into the habit of working out. So far so good, and I feel very motivated to continue.

No. 173564

Had a really bad binge tonight, over the whole day I probably ate about 2600 calories. I’ve drank a big glass of water to try and help the bloat and flush out everything, but I’m dreading feeling like shit tomorrow because of my bad impulsions today.
I feel a little better after watching some YouTube videos that reminded me that it’s near physically impossible to gain a pound of fat over night from a bad day, and to not feel bad or guilty about it. It’s hard not to feel a bit disappointed in myself though. Days of maintaining a deficit and putting in a lot of effort to refuse food, only for a night of binging to undo that. Ugh. Anyway, back on track tomorrow.

No. 173638

Update on this! I managed to lose 3.2lbs! New goal is to lose 5 to 7 more lbs over March. I’m going to up my calorie intake a bit because I struggled some days with 1200.

No. 173642

This isn't so bad honestly, I wouldn't worry.

A one day binge is reaaaally reaaallly easy to mitigate! Spread the calories you went above limit out over the next week or so and the change from your regular diet should not be that noteworthy at all. Dwelling could lead to spiralling guilt/sadness and so on - that is the real potential problem. Days where you can't control everything are going to happen and they are not inherently bad or hard to take into account. It would be useless if you ended up feeling guilty or hesitant about partaking in occasional social events with food/snacks for example. Don't worry and just take the next week or 10 days with just a small amount fewer calories each day than your regular diet and you would still be on the same path as before, and no harm done.

No. 173654

You can always do a fast tomorrow to even it out.

No. 173664

that will just set her up to binge again. It's better to just eat lightly and take care of yourself for the next few days. Drink water and tea. Cucumber, zucchini, lemon, lime - all have mild diuretic effects. I forgot which other veg/fruit do, but incorporate those as well.

it's all going to be OK.

No. 173708

lost that kilo. I just subtracted my nightly cookie routine.

No. 173836

What do you guys think about the Blood Type Diet? Is it bullshit or not?
I started reading about it and personally I have a problem with it because it says that people with type A blood are the only ones who should have a meat-free diet based on fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains, I'm A blood type and I have severe anaemia and it seems like my body doesn't even absorb iron from plants and supplements, only heme iron from stuff like liver and beef

No. 173846

Just sounds like more fad diets. Eat what your body responds to best (no bloating, satiation, nutrition needs, the diet your ancestors ate).

No. 173854

Started a challenge of not eating chocolate or having fizzy drinks for the rest of March! I know that it won’t be really easy for me, but I’m interested to see how long it takes for the cravings to go away.

No. 173861

It takes just a few days in my experience. But it takes just one drink (I struggle with removing energy drinks from my diet) for the cravings to come back full force.

No. 173886

Wow what a throwback, my dad was obsessed with blood type diet in the early 2000s. It's bonkers, I remember my menu said I had to avoid squirrel meat lol. Is it making a comeback?

But yeah don't bother, it just rode the Asian trend of seeing blood types as pseudo-scientific horoscopes. There's no research proving any link between blood types and digestive differences.

It follows the fad diet formula of a bunch of crazy rules, one of which is "avoid processed foods", so the combination of restriction and a cleaner diet makes people lose weight.

Just eat healthy and have as much squirrel meat as you want anon

No. 173959

Ime it's just a few days and that makes sense because the sugar has left your system by then

No. 174041

So I’ve been counting calories for years now and I’ve lost a lot of weight by doing it, however lockdown in the uk I’ve put on some weight so I’m back on the grind.

Before I was eating 1,500 - 1,800 calories a day and now I’m eating 1,200. I’m really surprised how much it’s affecting me since I am used to restricting my intake? I also regularly walk 10k steps a day and run 3 times a week which is a habit I’ve been in for about 2 years now.

Would my exercise affect my 1,200 calorie restriction? If so, how come I never lost weight when I was eating my ‘maintaining weight’ calories? Or is my new restriction just going to take some time to get used too? I eat the calories well. (Oats and banana in the morning, sweet potato mash and meat for lunch, bean curry for dinner etc)

No. 174045

>If so, how come I never lost weight when I was eating my ‘maintaining weight’ calories?
Maintenance as in including or excluding the excersise?

Anyway it's simply not possible to be in a deficit and not loose weight so you must've made a miscalculation somewhere.

No. 174058

Should of clarified, the extra weight was from when lockdown first happened last year in March, I then went back to maintaining in October last year.

No. 174323

Yes, 1200 sounds like it could be low depending on how intensive your runs are. Why don't you try eating more on those days like 1400-1500? I still safely lose on that amount if I'm exercising.

No. 174340

File: 1615082648128.jpeg (20.35 KB, 490x625, images - 2021-03-07T100408.948…)

Ever since starting antidepressants Ive been gaining weight like crazy. My lowest weight was 46kg now Im at 51kg all in just 3 months its fucking me up so bad.

No. 174341

File: 1615083630448.png (1.99 MB, 1500x2326, 1614880841673.png)

Just started a low sodium, high protein bulking diet since gear exacerbates the effects of sodium so far so good. I was having daily nosebleeds until I cut my sodium intake to a 1/4 of what it was and my blood pressure was at like 142 over 93. Lots of water helps too.

No. 174342

>blood pressure was at like 142 over 93. Lots of water helps too.
save money for a kidney transplant

No. 174345

It was like that for a week. It's about 123 - 117 over 80 right now since I cut out the salt/

No. 174370

Unless you're in the 4ft height range, this weight is extremely good/healthy? Would you rather be depressed or slighly thinner? A lot of antidepressants have weight gain as a side effect but it usually plateaus. Go see a doctor if it is becoming detrimental to your health, exercise regularly/eat well for your blood sugar and cholesterol and you should be fine.

No. 174430

I think my addiction to sugar is getting a little bit overboard. I try to fix it by eating nutrient dense, protein rich foods like egg, salmon, yoghurt, nuts, and so forth, but I have no real appetite, so I don't finish my meals. I only eat sugar waffles really, but in all honesty I don't have an appetite for them either, my body is just very stressed so it soothes the stress. Anyway, I think it's very bad that my appetite is so gone and that I'm eating only waffles and chips! What are some words of advice?

No. 174431

Do more cardio to increase appetite, put oilve oil on the salmon, add honey to your yogurt, get better carbs in your diet like potatoes or oats, and if you are still craving sugar waffles have them at the end of a meal. For me a high protein low carb/low fat diet makes me feel flat idk if that makes sense. What works best for me is high protein, moderate fat, and lowish carbs.

No. 174471

Get herbal tea and meal plan for AT LEAST one week, preferably two. Start simple with just two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Try not to buy waffles. If you cave, only buy one box.
Make oatmeal for breakfast and lentil or 15 bean soup for dinner with lots of vegetables. Add lots of spices too. I promise you it will taste so good. If you have a hard time eating it, too bad, force yourself. Oatmeal and soup can easily be downed with a swig of water. If you can't physically eat it, give yourself a 1-2 hour time period to consume it. Have a spoonful every 5 minutes and swallow it with water or something like that.
If you are still feeling a craving for something sweet, brew yourself a cup of herbal tea.

No. 174513

what she said AND, to ease yourself into eating healthier - try eating more fruit (especially mango and strawberries - they're so sweet they taste almost like candy to me!)

No. 174522

When I'm stressed, i also violently crave sugar and then have no appetite. You can dress up oatmeal in all kinds of ways that are sugary, but oats are a more nutritious base than waffles for a number of reasons.
I find including more fibre in my diet really helps my sugar craving for some reason, so having fruit with oatmeal = relatively high fibre, sweet, nutritious alternative to waffles.
Seconding >>174471, rooibos tea for some reason really helps my sugar cravings.
As with most human habit things, you won't be able to do it all at once, but you have to push yourself a bit to get the ball rolling.

No. 174574

File: 1615232920745.png (95.25 KB, 1814x834, weight loss graph screenshot.p…)

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
I want to get down to around 135lbs for now. I started 3 weeks ago at 168lb and am now at 163.1 - and am 5’2 (I think), so I’m pretty chubby right now.
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
I have pretty much my whole life organized in Notion, so I’ve been logging all of my calories, workouts, and weights in there. My plan is pretty much: 1200kcal a day (something that’s been difficult for me, but I’m getting better at it), c2k and the start bodyweight training program M-W-F. I also created a google spreadsheet with my weigh-ins and the weights I’m supposed to hit if I stick with my plan (from the omni weight calculator), and have created a graph with both data sets, with trendlines showing how I should progress - I know it seems pretty neurotic or whatever, but it’s really helping me keep motivated.
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurements.
I weigh myself every morning at around 6 or 7, after I’ve gone to the bathroom and measure myself (neck, bust, waist, hips, upper arms, thigh, ankles) every two weeks or so.

> Question: does anyone have tips on better sticking too calories? bc every few days I just go a few hundred over with snacks and shit and it's been getting really annoying.

No. 174579

>does anyone have tips on better sticking too calories? bc every few days I just go a few hundred over with snacks and shit and it's been getting really annoying.
It's not really a fun way but it does take away the willpower aspect: Don't keep the offending snacks in your home. If they're not easily accessible then you can't cheat with them. Plan out your 3 main meals in advance and if you really crave a snack make it something impossible to binge (like a small yogurt container that's done when it's done versus chips where you have to force yourself to stop at a certain point). Simply not having snacks around makes it a lot easier to avoid overindulging.

That being said congrats on your starting weight loss, you're doing well!

No. 174585

Thanks so much! I'm gonna plan out tomorrow's meals and then post here at like 8pm or something to stay accountable and like note down if it worked.

No. 174588

Sounds great, good luck nonny! Hope it helps.

No. 174640

Are any of you using pre-workout supplements? I just ordered a tub of C4 to try

No. 174659

i'm finally back on my weight loss program, currently i weigh 57kg at 164cm my goal was to be at 55kg by the beginning of this year i couldnt do it but its no big deal because i already lost 8 kgs without putting it back on in 2020 which i'm super happy about, i just had to see if i could do it because i could never lose weight no matter which diet i tried(keto, fasting, paleo), ive been trying to lose weight since middle school but kitchen scale+cico changed my life, i weigh myself every morning and measure every other day, I try to eat 1000 calories a day(my bmr is very low so its normal), i experimented with going higher but my weight loss halts immediately and i start maintaining instead of losing. I started doing chloe ting again after a long break, i dont know how because i've gymmed quite a lot in the past but nothing shaped my body better than her workout, people would actually notice and comment on how much better my body looked and i could see the difference(i took photos everyday), lost inches off my waist, butt got firmer and tiny bit of abs were visible, only downside is i immediately return back to normal when i stop exercising. The only thing I'm worried about is before I would follow the program religiously every single day no matter how tired i felt but now that I'm back to school its going to be hard getting into that mindset again. My ultimate goal is 50kg but i wont put a deadline to it, i really enjoy weighing stuff and staying within my calorie limit and following my exercise routine without skipping it makes me feel very organized, fulfilled and accomplished.

No. 174667

I got my period yesterday and normally it makes me super achey, lazy, and want to eat a lot of sweets.. but I've got this amazing new vigor to exercise. I do calisthenics right when I wake up then run before lunch. I'm so happy about it, and I love when working out fits right into my schedule with no extra planning

No. 174671

Nike training club is totally free, no ads, just make an account (they won't send you emails)
They have yoga, mobility exercises, hiit, stuff for strength and endurance, and everything is so varied its amazing you don't have to pay anything. I stan

No. 174672

I meant to reply to

No. 174714

File: 1615321866958.jpg (93.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (8).jpg)

This is literally all I've been eating on a daily basis. Never felt any better.

No. 174718

>you don't have to pay anything
When the product is free, etc.

No. 174720

This would be nice with lots of sriracha

No. 174741

I never thought about that, but I don't have the resources to go to a gym, or buy lots of workout equipment.
As long as covid is what it is ntc calisthenics is the best I can do

No. 174745

wait u literally only eat that one bowl, or like multiple bowls of the same thing?

No. 174773

but what is this? just fried eggs with rice?

No. 174781

Is 1200 calorie diet a meme or can it be done? I’ve been trying it and I always end up binging for dinner

No. 174785

It's aubergine parmigiana

Of course it's fried eggs and rice, don't you have those in your country?

No. 174786

it is a meme if you are reliant on carbohydrates. 1200 should be the minimum, anything under that your body risks going into starvation mode and makes it harder to get rid of fat.

No. 174787

>1200 should be the minimum
Depends on your size, you're just going to get fat if you're 50kg and fall for the 2000 kcal meme

No. 174788

I'm 50-51 kg and I don't get fat despite eating 2000 kcal a day, I just don't eat white bread, pasta and sugar.

No. 174789

depends on how tall you are and if you're active. I eat almost 3k calories and I'm 161cm and 55kg, still look skinny.

There is just no magic number that works for everyone

No. 174790

You know how rabbits have to eat their poop because they don't 100% absorb their food? Same thing. There are things that are so hard to digest you get barely anything out of them, then there are things like sugar where you get pretty much 100%

No. 174794

The anon you're referring to, I'm 168 cm and 66 kg and want to get down to 54 kg. I can't exercise because of asthma and lead a sedentary lifestyle. I hope by restricting my calories, it will help me reach my goal weight. I've never been an anachan and don't want to become one either. Restricting calories is new to me and I'm not used to the hunger pangs yet. My instinct is to binge when I get too lightheaded, and then I overeat to probably 2500 calories. I need 2300 calories to maintain my weight. Its like an uphill battle with my yo-yo caloric intake, sometimes I hit my 1200 goal and then other days I go way over. I don't know how you can develop self control with food after years of bad habits. Maybe I should do intermittent fasting instead because I have no self control and eat like a pig.

No. 174796

You can always start with a smaller deficit or walk more to burn off calories. Just make sure you're eating a bit under your tdee. As long as you stick with it the habits will develop over time.

No. 174799

I have both eggs and rice in my country, but never heard of anyone eating them together like this. Do you flavor the rice with something or what? Or add something to the eggs?

No. 174803

>starvation mode

No. 174812

Starvation mode is the meme here, it's CICO and nothing else. Not that I'm an advocate for going below 1200 calories though, it'd probably induce binging.

No. 174827

No. 174875

Is starvation mode really a meme? People still bring it up a lot. My basal metabolic rate, so the calories I have to eat to function according to the internet, is around 1680 (I am very tall). I usually eat 1700 and save the recommended 500 kcal, often even more. However, my weight loss is going slow compared to others. The weight often stagnates despite me eating healthy + low calorie, working out almost every day and doing intermittent fasting. The only thing I do is having a cheat day once a week when I am hanging out with friends which perhaps also influences the speed of weight loss. This week I went very low with the calories and lost weight very quickly. I am wondering if I should eat <1700 kcal permanently (even though people say I will go into starvation mode), stop doing cheat days or change something else about my diet.

No. 174878

I would believe this combination is mostly popular with asian countries or with those of asian origin. You have the option of adding condiments to the eggs (salt, pepper, siracha, soy/fish sauce, etc.) and also can eat it with a side if preferred (like pickled vegetables). Runny yolk is a nice seasoning for the rice but you can just have some sauce too, to each one's own.
It's also filling and cheap; two eggs with about 1-2 cups of rice is a good portion for most– kind of a "poor," humble meal lol. Leans more toward those who enjoy umami/salty foods.

No. 174879

iirc it only happens in extreme cases, like in auschwitz, not fasting for a while then eating again

No. 174889

I'm 170 anon and my lowst was 52kg (depression) and my largest 63kg. Currently I'm at 62 and I want to get back to 60 and this will happen when climbing season starts. Honestly, cutting sugar and moving a lot is the best option to lose weight imho. But I think weight is not the best indicator, always judge how your clothes fit and how good you feel in your skin, 60kg fit and muscular feel so much better than lazy 60kg

No. 174890

One pound of pur fat is 3500 calories. You should lose around one pound a week with this regimen, give or take because you also lose a bit of muscle as well and you have chest meals. Eating well below maintenance a few days a week is going to dramatically speed up your weight loss but makes the possibility of binging much greater.

No. 174893

>Is starvation mode really a meme?
It depends on your on your definition of starvation mode.

True: Your metabolism adapts (read: slows down) when you eat at a deficit long-term. Your body becomes more efficient at burning energy. This has only a small effect on your weightloss. Yes, it's real but the impact is not significant.

Myth: When you enter "starvation mode" you stop losing weight or gain weight. This is false because it's literally not possible for your body to magically run on nothing or create fat or muscle from nothing. Your body has to burn SOMETHING for energy. If you didn't consume enough it'll burn stored fat and/or muscle for energy. If there's nothing left to burn, you'll die: see severe anorexic patients and people dying from famine.

All in all you'll ALWAYS lose weight when you're at a calorific deficit, it's impossible not to. Your metabolism slowing down (again, as a result of restricting long-term, this doesn't happen after one or two days eating a little less) has only a small impact on the slowing down of your weightloss over time overall. The biggest difference actually comes from your body needing less calories to maintain because after some weightloss you have less bodymass it has to sustain. So if you're eating 1200 calories daily and don't adjust this after some weightloss, over time your weightloss is going to slow down MAINLY because due to your weightloss, your deficit (the difference between the 1200 calories you're consuming and the amount your body actually needs to sustain it's current state) is decreasing.

If you're not losing weight you're NOT consistently at a calorific deficit.

(Sorry for the awkward English, I'm ESL.)

No. 174894

Makes sense. I knew that, it just is discouraging to see other people losing weight way quicker than me. But I had my thyroid checked and it is fine and my metabolism works as well (perhaps it is slower, but it does work). I am not a binge eater, but I know that eating way under the recommended 1700 kcal for me would impact my life in a negative way. Maybe I’ll try how it works with 1500 kcal per day. I could also try to only have a cheat meal instead of a cheat day, but my cheat days actually help me a lot with keeping motivated. Maybe indulging less is a good idea though.

Thanks for the input. My recommended calorie intake (so what my body needs to function) has not changed much, but I will keep it in mind and frequently check it.

No. 174902

I'm having trouble with scrotes again:
I gained weight over the last few years, I've been losing pretty successfully and I'm about 10 kilos down out of 20. I've been wearing huge hoodies and not going outside and generally feeling unattractive. There's actually a pretty big upside to this, which is that I've focused on being a person and looking after myself and not having to deal with thirsty scrotes and their bullshit, from sly double entendre texts to being groped and yelled at in public. No catcalling for a year of my life feels like a miracle.
Only now I'm starting to dress better and feel better, those reactions are starting to come back. My friend sent me a gross horny meme and I felt like I wanted to give up and be chubby and covered up forever. I didn't realise how much it freaked me out to have to deal with this again. I'm literally still covered head to toe, I just feel slightly better about myself. I want to get really fit for my health but also wear a burka maybe? Idk what to do

No. 174910

I started drinking matcha tea and it's really helped my appetite and the caffeine doesn't affect me at all, I'm fairly sensitive and can't drink caffeine, so anyone looking for a healthy appetite suppressant that doesn't make you shaky and sick definitely get matcha tea!!!

No. 174911

**I meant can't drink coffee lmao

No. 174928

thank you anon! i just saw this i will definitely give it a try this week

i messed up, i'm getting evicted soon i have to find a new apartment by the end of this month and i'm super stressed, i visited real estate agents for the past 2 days and went back home with a bottle of booze each time out of impulse, instead of eating i'm getting majority of my calories from alcohol and i'm afraid i'm going over my calorie limit a bit, i also stopped exercising (and studying) because i cant focus, i'm at 56.6 right now as soon as i go over 57 i'm pulling the brakes

No. 174935

What brand did you get anon? I want to get the loose powder tins, not the bagged ones, so I'm having a hard time finding anything that won't break the bank

No. 174982

I'm in the UK and buy one called vivid matcha in my local tesco, they do 7 one gram sachets for 4.50, it's a lot more expensive than normal tea but has a lot more benefits so for me it's worth it!

No. 175162

I completed a 30 minute vinyasa yoga session today after not working out and overeating for a long time. I'm proud (and tired lol)

No. 175183

Nice work, nonny!

No. 175220

How do you deal with emotional eating? When I'm depressed I eat my feelings and when I'm anxious I practically starve myself. I lost a lot of weight in 2020 because of this and while it wasn't the most healthy method I'm happy with where I'm at and would like the keep the weight off. But now that I feel less in danger I'm starting to binge again. I already count my calories and I've been consistently going over by 300-400 calories a day. Today I barely ate anything and then gorged on Domino's for dinner. I want to curb my fast food addiction before I gain the 20 lbs back. Any advice?

No. 175228

Have structured meals. No skipping breakfast, no snacking outside mealtime. Set the table nicely for each meal, plate it with care, make a pleasant atmosphere. Candlelit dinners don't go well with fast food.
A regular meal schedule like that will have you form healthy eating habits. Once eating like that becomes a habit, you're good.

No. 175253

I really, desperately want a flat stomach but I am so lost as to how to achieve it. I know my stress probably makes it even more difficult, but I don't know which exercises to do and I am concerned my diet won't let me achieve it somehow.

No. 175254

Thank you for the meal tips!
>high protein, moderate fat, and lowish carbs.
This is precisely my goal! Thank you.

Meal planning is something I am still trying to figure out how to approach, it is difficult for me to really grasp and successfully do.

Thank you as well!

I have been just constantly pushing myself to be more disciplined. Every time I crave sugar, I ask myself what I want more, a pretty body and healthy lifestyle, or temporary satisfaction? I choose the former and keep pushing myself. I have also been eating the type of foods I really want, namely high quality, locally sourced dairy, eggs, vegetables and fruit. The only thing I need to figure out now is where to buy my meat, good recipes and how to do meal planning. Like one of the anons said, fruit is great for cravings! Dried mangoes or a fresh pear, and of course a sip of water often helps.

Thank you all for the responses, again. This thread overall is super useful, also when other people have similar problems.

No. 175256

You need to lose weight in general to get a flat stomach, if you're already slim you need to workout.
Planks and stomach vacuums are great, in YouTube there are tons of abs exercises videos. Try and find one that works for you
Diet: no processed foods, avoid red meat, alcohol, added sugar, sodas, salt, simple carbs
It's true that stress will make it more difficult, try to sleep better/more and look into breathing exercises and stresd managing techniques. Health is an ensemble

No. 175261

About stomach vacuums.. I just can't figure out how to do it? From what I understand you need to draw your bellybutton towards your spine while breathing out but I just can't do it while breathing out?

No. 175266

Take a deep breath in by pushing out your belly, and when you breathe out, focus on sucking your ab muscles in tight. Your stomach itself doesn't have to draw upwards, but you should have some control over your muscles and be able to tense them. Imagine the feeling that you're trying to push out a big shite, but instead of focusing on baring down, pull inwards.

No. 175979

Am I seriously messed up if I find 4x10 3kg dumbbell overhead presses difficult? I have just started weigh training and have been for about 2 weeks and I basically have no muscle, but am is there something really wrong that I find only 3kg hard?

No. 175985

I can squat 50 kg but can't OHP more than 6x3 6kg lol

Just keep going anon, you said you just started so it will take a while to build up strength and some moves are just a bit more difficult than others.

No. 175995

I passed my goal weight of 155! I stepped on the scale was got 154, which I think is my all time low adult weight. Measurements are 37-29.5-40.

Now onto my stretch goal of 140-145, or continue to lose fat but just tone up more.

No. 176038

Everyone is built different so will bear the load of weights differently too. I was OHP 22kg with a barbell before lockdown (lost a lot of my strength because gyms closed here for months and I had no equipment at home). I am currently back up to 15kg. However, I can barely squat the 15kg. I hate squats but I am dying to get better at them. Keep going anons! You will break your boundaries soon!

No. 176068

Well done anon, that's great!

No. 176158

File: 1616400218799.jpeg (252.79 KB, 1080x1132, progress.jpeg)

What are your goals for 2021?

No. 176181

It is possible that my legs just aren't shaped right for doing squats? My legs are definitely the strongest part of my body since I mountainbiked a lot throughout my life, but I just can't seem to get the movement of a regular squat down. I can't drop down low enough or I'll fall over no matter what stance I use. My legs are kind of x-shaped/knock kneed and I think that might be the cause? Not sure what to do about it though.

The other anon gave good advice but keep in mind that some women are just built in a way that means they never have a completely flat stomach unless underweight. I've known multiple women who were skinny and worked out a lot and yet always kept a little stomach pouch despite being toned. Bloating can also contribute.

No. 176183

move from obese bmi to overweight, already on my way there

No. 176186

It is the knees stopping you from going low, but it doesn't mean you won't ever be able to squat properly. You need a professional to really know how to unfuck your situation.

No. 176227

for the next 5 weeks, i am going to try to lose ten pounds!

No. 176241

Girl that's my goal too, good luck! How are you planning it?

No. 176256

I literally could not squat unless I was doing it with a barbell doing high or low back squats for balance.

I would practice with doing body weight box squats until you feel confident enough doing them without the box, if you have gym access they might also have a safety squat bar if you wanted to add some more weight into the box squats.

If depth is an issue, try doing them wearing shoes with a bit of a heel on them like the Reebok Legacy Lifters.

I’ve got my first powerlifting competition this weekend and I know I’m not going to place anywhere but I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been casually going to the gym for a few months before focussing on a plan for 3 months, and have gone from doing B/S/DL at 20kg, 40kg and 80kg to 40kg, 85kg and 115kg.
Met with the head referee for the federation I’m competing in and got some quick coaching in last weekend and he said my form is perfect so I’m feeling confident I at least won’t injure myself!

No. 176266

I'm so happy! I've been stuck at 78-79kg for a month and it just dropped down to 77,4 today! Started at 86 in september last year. I'm 175cm and just want to be at the lower end of a healthy weight again.

No. 176285

damn anon im the same height and my lowest weight was what you started at, really happy for you though, hitting the 70s even if its 79.9 is a dream for me

No. 176311

This was so long ago but does anyone know who she is? She's my end goal body.

No. 176321

Sandra Prikker says reverse search

No. 176324

Thank you anon! Ecosia doesn't have the reverse search so I was at a loss. I hope you have a great day!

No. 176629

File: 1616753554416.png (612.82 KB, 488x818, Näyttökuva 2021-3-26 kello 12.…)


I'm 175cm too and my body always comes back to 76-77kg.
I'm not really trying to lose weight because I feel fine in the weight I'm now. If there were magical genie then I'd be in 69kg but maintaining it with diet means too many sacrifices. I try to maintain healthy-ish lifestyle but I prioritize other things in my life.

My body looks same than the girl in the picture. My boobs might be bigger than her's.
I recommend using Mybodygallery if you have issues seeing your body as it is.

No. 176630

I'm 175cm too but 12ish kg lighter (64-65 kg) and I look like the girl in pic too except for no boobs. I think I'm cursed with unfortunate fat distribution. My goal is 58 kg.

No. 176631

Why not just get rid of the fat instead?

No. 176632

File: 1616755254243.jpg (444.78 KB, 1076x1895, Screenshot_20210326-114118_Fir…)


OT but are there any other sites like this? Because I only get 1-2 results when I put in my stats

No. 176633

That's what I'm doing by losing weight no?

No. 176634

Not necessarily. If you look similar to >>176629 at 65kg you might consider working on getting some muscle instead. unfortunate fat distribution is still unfortunate fat distribution at a lower weight

No. 176635

only fill in the height and weight options

No. 176636

I don't have access to a gym or weights so that's not gonna happen but thanks for the advice I guess

No. 176651

No. Like the other anon said, you should try gaining muscle instead. Even if you lose weight, it's not gonna change how your body naturally stores fat and it'll still be visible in the same ways as before.

No. 176661

can your body "adapt" if you're in calorie deficit for too long? like can your tdee decrease? i'm wondering if you're supposed to keep decreasing your calorie intake in case your body gets "used to" your daily calorie intake?

No. 176663

Depends on how much you move around daily

No. 176667

As you lose weight, you need less calories to sustain your body because there's simply less of it. But excersise also factors into your tdee increasing or decreasing.

No. 177563

File: 1617375470075.jpg (78.13 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

Chika anon here, I fell off the wagon again when the gyms here closed in December time and even though it's half a stone I gaze at the photos of me last July and envy myself- I ate comfort food and some depressing things happened but I want to return back to where I was, where's a good place to start? I'm overloaded and with my aspergers I can find it hard sometimes if I get overloaded to know where to begin and I'll put things off…

I'm drinking more water again and trying to cut down on snacks and having more veggies, I'm thinking of home work outs now my joints aren't as bad too?

No. 180027

I have always had stumpy legs, and I check all the boxes in the lipedema definition. However, it kinda sounds like the general definition for pear shaped women (except when more advanced stages are discussed). Diet, exercise and lymphatic drainage massage will make any person look better, but how about (possible) lipedema-carriers? Do you think it is a real thing or something invented by scalper plastic surgeons?

No. 180068

Going to spoiler text this because I don't want to seem like I'm humble bragging or otherwise upset people. Genuinely asking: is this ana-chan behaviour? I have often been on the low side of the BMI scale or underweight throughout my life without any conscious action. Only being on massive medication combos has changed that. I'm off now and have gone back down but certain family members think I am ana-chan at around 99 pounds and 165cm tall (haven't weighed myself in a while could be lower). I have been lower and feel most comfortable at 93-94 pounds. I am a picky eater and don't eat as much as people around me because I have a sedentary overnight job and sleep a lot during the day. Has living in East Asia influenced me with their psychotic body standards? I honestly don't know.

No. 180071

How do I get /fit/ as an absolute weakling? I'm talking more along the lines of powerlifting and all that. I can barely lift a gallon of water up my apartment stairs, and feel embarassed trying to lift at the gym bc I'm super weak. /fit/ anons how did you do it?

No. 180094

Lift and eat more, that's pretty much it.

No. 180117

If it's that bad, just start out by lifting 250ml water bottles at home. Also eat more protein and raise your calorie intake, but do research so you don't end up fat instead. Or depending on your size you might want to look into recomping.

No. 180153

its probably just how you are if you are still pretty young. if you're in your 20s, you should probably try to gain a little. if you are wondering if its some sort of mental illness then it might be a sign that its linked to that.

No. 180241

Yeah I am. I have an anorexic auntie and I think that's why people freak out but she's 5'6 and easily gets down to the 75-80 pound range and is hospitalized. I don't think we are similar at all. I have a lot of Korean and Japanese friends and they all talk about being enormous when they weigh like 88 pounds at most so I am scared of gaining, especially when I am living overseas.

No. 180288

File: 1618841969657.jpg (908.75 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20210419-161254_Ins…)

Is it possible to achieve a body somewhat like picrel at 18 if you never had consistent exercise in your life before and you're only now starting? I'm working on a really good diet and have some amazing people in my life who have experience and are going to help me train properly, but I'm just worried I'm doomed and it will be pointless. I'm mainly concerned about my waist. My waist is a size S/M whereas my hips and chest are XS. Is it possible to achieve a smaller waist through training, diet and overall lifestyle at my age? These are my current measurements:

>Height: 164cm

>Weight: 51kg
>Bust: 82cm / 32"
>Waist: 70cm / 28"
>Hips: 83cm / 33"

I want to just have my waist at XS too and I am working on losing weight (I want to be 49kg at minimum). Is it possible still??? I feel too old lol

Jfl at the constant delets and reposts, sorry for being a spaz

No. 180289

Yes anon you can lose weight if you eat less and exercise even if you're an ancient 18 year old.

No. 180290

But can it change waist measurements? I don't have that much abdominal fat that it would make a big difference I fear. I'm not sure how much I can change my (fridge) body type.

No. 180291

File: 1618843194092.jpg (39.57 KB, 432x900, e2fa14f125fea6e2de2aa29adeeab2…)

You can't target areas to lose weight. If you lower your body fat % your waist will look more defined, but if your body type is something like pic rel naturally nothing will magically give you a tiny nipped in waist.

No. 180299

Why do you want to be underweight? You're already slim, I'm 164 and 50 kg and people often tell me I look too thin. I was 48 kg once and I looked worse and there was no difference in how I felt in my body between being 50 and 48 kg. Working out to get a more toned body is ok but losing weight to the point of being underweight is retarded.

No. 180305

anyone know of a good way to suppress your appetite? i feel like i just eat too much because i get hungry even when i dont need to eat…but then its all i can think about and i binge

No. 180306

Try keto diet

No. 180307

Ohhh you're lucky. I have bad proportions and unhealthy lifestyle so I look unhealthy, pudgy and fat.
Ohh thank you! Yes I am kind of like that but wider and pudgier. Thanks anon!

No. 180311

File: 1618848077069.jpg (213.9 KB, 1078x604, Screenshot_20210419-180033_You…)

Look into body recomp and dont go full ana chan, just build muscle and exercise. Your weight might even go up but you'll look thinner.

No. 180313

I watched the video. Thank you so much! It really motivates me because it shows there is still a lot I can improve and actually see results <3 thank you anon, this board is so great

No. 180318

>Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements
Currently at 160lb as a 5ft1, 20 years old. I used to be around 140 before the pandemic. This is the fattest I've ever been and im super bummed about it. my fat is all stored in my arms and stomach and it looks super disproportionate. I'd like to reach 130.

>What you're going to do to change it and your methods

My friend studies in nutrition and provided me meal plan ideas and ways to actually like working out. before the pandemic I loved doing group workouts (zumba, pound) so I want to keep doing that once gyms reopen in my area. I used to count calories religiously for 2 years and without going too much into details it was super hard for me to not beat myself up every evening when I went over 1200 calories. I just don't wanna go through diets anymore, just find a way to eat good, have fun working out and being satisfied with my body.

wish me luck!

No. 180353

Good luck anon, remember to just be consistent.

No. 180559

Besides having to deal with hunger, is there any major downside to starting at 1200 calories a day even at a high weight?

I've slowly gained until reaching 200 lbs (5ft4in, fattychan, etc etc) over the past 8 years or so and I'd love to lose it quicker than that. I know at 200, the recommended deficit is more like 1400-1500 calories a day, but I already skip or eat a very small breakfast and I'm mostly just working on adjusting portion sizes and cutting carbs/sugars, so dropping to 1200 doesn't feel too bad in theory. Is this a bad idea? I don't mind snacking on veggies to deal with hunger, I just don't want to cause any health issues by not eating enough.

No. 180682

I have massive calves, like 18 inches circumference at the widest point, and it's almost all muscle. Is there any way to lose some of it? If I cut calories to lose weight and skip leg day, will it eventually burn off some of the excess muscle?

I don't mind looking a little bulky but it's so unbalanced visually and it's impossible to wear any of the boot styles I like. Is there any hope?

No. 180700

why can no one take similar before and after shots? new lighting, smile, slight tilt on the after.

No. 180707

I’m back on my shit! Literally I only have about 20lbs to lose to reach my goal weight and it seems to be the hardest to lose. I lost 5lbs back in February and was sooo pleased with myself, so pleased that I didn’t watch what I ate and barely exercised for 2 months and gained it back…
I also have like 5 summer dresses I bought at the end of last year, under the guise of ‘well I’m losing weight, so I’ll fit them by summer time and they’ll act as motivation’ and summer is fast approaching and they don’t fit yet. I pushed it to the back of my mind and now they’re taunting me. To be fair I’d probably only have to lose like 10lbs to fit them well but still, 5lbs was hard enough.
Anyway, I’m back to daily exercise and keeping in that deficit. Let’s get this summer body bitches.

No. 180730

File: 1619061941676.png (524.54 KB, 499x620, 7854937503475034758034.png)

Agreed, these could've been taken 1 minute apart. Suck in the gut, tense muscles, flattering lighting, turn waist and thighs. A fit person can create even more extreme "results" within seconds by doing the same.

No. 180782

What's a good source for learning more about a healthy diet? I already eat fairly healthy without really trying (no junkfood, vegetables and fruit daily, no red meat, don't drink, plenty of water) but when I read things about "getting your macros" and protein or carbs or whatever I have no clue what they're talking about. I tried googling but then I just end up with blogarticles and such but I don't think those are reliable sources..

No. 180787

is it ok to drink coffee between meals to curb hunger?

No. 180829

Are you blind anonitas? They measure them in the vid, if the pic isn't enough for you.

No. 180836

Keep in mind that the tannins in coffee will fuck with your iron absorption. Plus it's a diuretic so b vitamins are also affected. Don't go too crazy anon and maybe bulk up your mesls with a healthy fat and protein if you haven't already. You'll feel fuller.

No. 181954

File: 1619516854822.jpg (581.56 KB, 1063x932, Screenshot_20210427-114730_Fir…)

How do you guys organize your nutrition?

It's the biggest thing that's holding me back rn, the gym is no problem at all. I know my macros but I still struggle to get protein in (I'm usually over 100g per day but I'dont hit my macro goal), I just don't know what to eat anymore and can't stomach more than one shake per day.

I tried to meal prep but I get home at 7pm and by 8-8:30 I have to go to sleep because I get up at 4am. Not to mention that I have ro stay in budget range which makes everything even more complicated.

Any tips where to start or advice how to organize better?

No. 181957

Even though I'm thin, my stomach bulges out quite a bit, are there any exercises that would fix this? I suspect that my lordosis contributes to it (if you'd look at me from the side, my body has an 'S' shape)

No. 181960

Strenghten your back and core and fix your posture whenever you remember. Other than that - fat loss, if needed

No. 181961

File: 1619521576966.png (516.16 KB, 794x397, uterus.PNG)

just make sure you're not trying to get rid of your uterus here

No. 181963

That's still just fat, not the actual organ, so

No. 181964

maybe try prepping multiple meals on the weekend?

No. 181970

I did for a while but I don't really have the storage for it since everyone keeps eating it lmao

No. 181981

That's your intestines being bloated anon,your uterus is chilling much farther back

No. 181987

File: 1619528425400.jpg (314.31 KB, 1077x803, Screenshot_20210427-145958_Fir…)

I blame that one shitty tumblr post the went viral once for people thinking that the lil fat pouch is your uterus.

I mean, you're a woman, look at it, poke it, especially during your period, does it feel or look like your uterus?!

No. 182348

Recently I have been quite strict regarding my diet. Instead of eating improperly, my focus is set on productivity and a forward mindset. Rejecting foods I would normally happily accept, like cake and fries, not only pleases my body and mind, but also helps me develop confidence. Every rejection proves to myself that I am in control and decide my future. The growing pains are so refreshing. I will continue forward and make my dreams reality! I won't give up.

No. 182367

thats absolutely not the uterus lmaooo. a healthy uterus is the size of a small pear. unless youre pregnant or have a health condition causing an enlarged uterus, it will not be visible like that. thats either intestinal bloating (which is normal, especially after a meal) or just a question of fat distribution.

like the other anon said, core and back strenghtening + cardio for fat loss.

No. 182387

I gave up on weekly meal prep and now just eat the leftovers from dinner for the next day's lunch. It's just never been worth it. I think a better trick is to do the prep work for tomorrow's meal while today's dinner is cooking, which is easy to do if you've already done today's prep work yesterday.

What's helped me stay organized the most is realizing that pretty much every recipe can be broken down into the same few steps. You cut your meat and veggies into the shapes you want, you add seasoning, you cook it. Every evening I do the prep for tomorrow's meal in the following order:
1. Cut meat as needed, put in bowl #1 in fridge
2. Cut all veggies needed, put in bowl #2 in fridge. Potatoes can be peeled but must stay whole and submerged in water in their own bowl or they'll get too brown/soft.
(If I need the aromatics separate, like garlic or diced onion that gets added at a different time, I'll put it in a separate little pyrex or whatever)
3. Mix whatever sauce, dry seasoning, or herb blend needed in bowl #3. Add separate containers as needed for recipes that require different stages of seasoning, but honestly most weekday meals are going to be perfectly fine with everything dumped in at once.
4. If you need a marinade for the meat, mix it in bowl #4. If it has to marinate overnight, go ahead and add it to bowl #1. Otherwise, add it before you leave for work the next day. For seafood, add it as soon as you get home from work.

You can switch the steps around, or do veggies first if you're paranoid about meat contamination, but I just wash the cutting board between steps and have never had an issue. Regardless you'll have all these bowls ready for when you get home, and you can just start up the oven/stovetop and add each ingredient as its needed. Rinse the bowls out by hand and just reuse them immediately (or switch them out if you have a lot). You can take some extra time to toss your veggies with oil and seasonings or whatever other small steps are needed, but overall you should have significantly more idle time while you wait for things to cook in which you can repeat steps 1-4 for tomorrow's dinner. Generally you'll have it all done by the time dinner is ready to eat, but even if not, it's easier to finish up what's left than to have to worry about starting it all after you've eaten. Obviously not every recipe will fit into this pattern but it's easier to make room for extra steps when you already have a system in place imo.

Some other tips: roasting vegetables on a sheet pan while the meat is cooking saves additional time and in my opinion universally tastes better. If you're adding veggies to a soup or curry, just buy the frozen bagged veggies unless texture is important. Add a can of lentils to almost any ground meat dish for extra protein. Quick-cook brown rice has more or less the same nutrition as normal brown rice. Keep track of your recipes and use them to make a list of pantry essentials, then keep track of those, because most recipes in the same type of cuisine will use the same small cluster of ingredients in different combinations. I use the phone app Whisk to store recipes and plan meals for the week (it also has a great shopping list feature) and the app Out of Milk to take pantry stock once a week, but I'm sure there are others. Also not sure what you're already eating for protein, but I love a couple boiled eggs (~6 g each) with a bit of salt as a daily breakfast or snack, or yogurt with 1/4 cup of crushed pecans (~12 g total depending on yogurt brand, watch the fat on the pecans tho).

Sorry for the super long and autistic post, cooking was such a time-consuming and miserable experience for me until I figured out a system to keep it organized. Hope any of it helps and wasn't just obvious information.

No. 182388

I don’t think it’s literally a uterus but it makes sense that women would accumulate a small amount of fat there to protect the uterus

No. 182397

I don't have a lot of body fat but I'm also not very strong. Since the beginning of April I've been doing an average of 30 mins strength-based circuit training, 7 days of the week (plus an hour of flexibility stretching). Mostly bodyweight exercises, occasionally working in a couple of 5 lb dumbbells. I want to achieve a toned and fit look, not necessarily aiming to lose weight or get really shredded. Is this a good plan to achieve my fitness goals?

No. 182399

If you want the “toned” then increase the weight every two weeks.

No. 182400

Aside from dumbbells, do you think resistance bands are a good option for this? Now that you mention it I could probably level up my lower body exercises.

No. 182407

File: 1619652255409.png (2.89 MB, 2200x1232, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 7.24…)

petition to use susan powter as next OP pic

No. 182408


nta and not much contribute because they broke it down amazingly but i wanted to share a mealprep breakfast and lunch godsend that is quick and healthy (if you consume grains that is). Its been my favorite go-to because I also have very little time to get things organized in regards to meals so I sympathize heavily about lack of time anon.

For breakfast it's just brown rice and spinach with a soft boiled egg. I cook my brown rice for the week and when it's time for breakfast I reheat the rice in a mug ( like 45 seconds) and boil an egg for 6 minutes in shallow water. While the egg is boiling I de-stem then chop my spinach and sautee it in coconut oil with a few pinches of cajun seasoning. Mix into rice and crack open the soft boiled egg and add a few dashes of sriracha for flavor.

Lunch is a beet salad. I'll just include the recipe instead of going into detail but , again, the bulk of the time is spent waiting on something to cook. You roast your beets for 45-60 mins, slice, and build your salads. I personally don't use arugula but other than that I pack 5 salad bowls and the morning of i just make sure to take 5 minutes to throw in a handful of feta, walnuts, beets, dressing, etc. The dressing lasts all week in a separate container so it's just really grab, toss in, n go.


Hope this helps fellow busy anon. Glad you're making time for your health through it all.

No. 182575

File: 1619734233473.jpg (244.09 KB, 1020x797, fatty.jpg)

Anons who have successfully lost weight, what was your typical meal plan for the week? I finally joined a gym after blowing up all year and I need recomendations on filling meals that isn't just roasted veggies and chicken on a bed of leafy greens. I'm trying to cut down on the carbs since its way too easy for me to overeat on that when I'm already a bit of a bottomless pit (something I've been struggling with especially recently). My goal is to lose 55lbs/25kg.

No. 182699

Do SSRIs ALWAYS cause IMMEDIATE weight gain? I was on Lexapro for about a year before I suddenly gained 15 pounds. I can’t think of any other culprits; my diet and lifestyle have remained the same for years. Is it easy to shed “med weight?”

No. 182731


I know you might be tempted to blame the medication, but it’s probably more than likely due to a lifestyle change anon (less exercise or more eating). Lots of people swear they are doing the exact same thing as always and their bodies just magically defy the laws of thermodynamics, but it might have been a gradual thing. Just an extra 50 calories a day over your calorie limit will lead to a weight gain of 5 pounds over a year.

If the weight gain truly happened as quickly as you implied, then you need to see a doctor and make sure it’s nothing more serious like cancer or whatnot.

No. 182741

I found eating enough fibre to be really crucial to my weight loss, it fills you up and is essential to your gut health. Try and get it from as many sources as possible, mostly fruit and vegetable. Oats have been a godsend, I find if I eat them in the morning I make better food choices throughout the day.
As with any diet, incorporating changes slowly will mean you're more likely to stick to it, and it can be uncomfortable to suddenly start eating lots of fibre.

No. 183081

no, they don't - i am on zoloft and i actually lost a lot of weight in my first month because it killed my appetite and desire for unhealthy foods (although i was a binge eater so ymmv). generally the only psych meds that will make you pile on weight are antipsychotics, ssris are pretty weight-neutral

No. 183330

I have over 100lbs to lose and I'm so embarrassed. 5'9 and 280 rn. I gained 130 since high school which coincided with living with my fat ass ex. We broke up a couple months ago and I am so disgusted and unhealthy.

I'm going to try keto since everyone else is doing it, but at the very least I'm going to go low carb and start off walking more.

Any anons have to lose/already lost a lot of weight (like over 60 lbs?) I feel really motivated today but it seems overwhelming when I think about the numbers…

No. 183337

okay, this anon back from the dead here. I've been maintaining for a while, but now I'm ready to lose a bit more from 125 to feel fully comfortable in summery outfits when the time comes. I think I'll aim to lose 1lb/week this month?

Also, to request some diet advice: to other anons who are extremely busy (especially with school), how do you prevent yourself from overeating at night when you have to stay up/pull all-nighters? My self control is nearly nonexistent when I'm sleepy, and I get really sad about the amount of work I have left so I eat as a way to make myself "feel better." I chew gum, drink a lot of water and diet drinks, etc but ugh all-nighters are always such a trigger and sometimes they're unavoidable.

No. 183338

I really doubt SSRIs magically cause weight gain like so many people claim. The mass has to come from somewhere so if you aren't eating more you won't gain weight. I gained some weight when I tried out SSRIs years ago because I'm the type that doesn't eat when I'm sad, so when I was numbed out from the meds I would eat like a normal person.

No. 183342

File: 1620057594778.gif (9.3 MB, 520x293, coffee.gif)

Good luck with everything, anon

No. 183343

Thank you! At this point, my remaining shitty eating habits irritate me way more than my weight itself.

No. 183376

protein is really good for suppressing hunger, try a protein shake or protein bar, it will keep you full. I also can't stop eating so when I started drinking protein, I felt less hungry and don't snack a much.

No. 183380

I'll have to contradict you.
The brain sucks up the largest amount of calories, and both studying and sleep deprivation require it to do extra work and thus it needs extra energy. However, the brain's energy source are primarily carbohydrates. Eating protein will do little to alleviate the cause.

No. 183392

Definitely agree with carb anon. You can try with the protein but ultimately it might not help very much. I also snack when I’m full so not very effective when the motivator is boredom instead of hunger lol.

Eat carbs, could be as simple as fruit if you want to avoid chips

No. 183402

Goal: 130lbs
Current: 170lbs
At minimum 5 feet, can build muscle easily everywhere. Not petite at all (thin rib-cage, thin thighs, small waist) nor too extreme of a short stack I think.

Going to focus on cardio for a while then add body weight exercises. If I add both I will be bigger than usual (fat+muscle) and I can't with that right now…Counting my calories for a while, calorie consumption is 1,529. Know a lot about fitness but I always am in a state of fit and unfit. Started two days ago. I will measure my weight only every half a year.

No. 183434

Don’t eat at night, just drink coffee/tea/water
After a while you will not get hungry at night anymore (assuming you ate enough calories and protein during the day)

No. 183437

Do you have any tips on how to cope with going to bed hungry? Usually I feel fine all evening/night but then when I'm lying in bed my stomach starts to rumble and it's really fucking up my sleep. Is there either a way to still fall asleep while hungry or some quick snack that'd be good to keep on my nightstand for times like these? I've been thinking a banana might be a good idea.

No. 183448

anta but if your stomach is literally rumbling you haven't eaten enough during the dayand imo should just eat. You can try again eating enough during the day the next day.

No. 183461

I made a collage of the progress images I've taken over the last 2 years today. It's the first time I compared them, even though I took them for that specific purpose. I actually feel more nervous about ever gaining weight back again now, because I never realized how fat I was 2 years ago. My body image barely changed, and not in the way people usually talk about it, that I still see myself as a fat woman, it's that I never saw myself as that fat in the first place, I mainly started getting fitter because I was worried for my joints and had knee pain (which is gone now).

No. 183562

Is there a form of exercise that doesn't involve jumping, can be done at home and burns a lot of calories?

No. 183563

Does it have to be no equiptment?

No. 183565

It can be small equipment

No. 183573

Get resistance bands! You can lift your legs side to side or lift them in a jogging motion. I can do this all while laying in bed. You can also squat with them, pull your arms apart, pull with your hands while the band's secured under your butt, etc.

Lifting burns calories faster than cardio, keep this in mind anon

No. 183582

That's a great idea, thank you!!

No. 183697

My pair of running shoes are on their last legs, so does anyone have recommendations for a new pair? I hike long distances pretty much every day so that’d be my main concern, I run but not as often, maybe three times a week.
Bonus points if they’re cute.

No. 183750

File: 1620235747261.jpg (77.05 KB, 1280x1600, air-max-2017-shoe-0nTg33jb.png…)

I don't know about hiking because I wear boots for that, but I have a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers (the 2017 version, apparently) that have held up since, well, 2017. Not particularly cute but they are DURABLE.

No. 184034

multivitamins DO work…everyone says you just piss everything out but my normally deficient bloodwork has greatly improved after i've been taking them for a few months with no dietary changes.

No. 186014

Have any anons tried the cabbage soup diet? I’m giving it a go for ten days from tomorrow. I’ve put a pot on to cook so I can have some for breakfast. I’m vegan anyway so won’t miss meat / dairy / eggs etc but I am prepared to be desperately bored within a few days. I just felt like I needed something to jump start me to lose some pandemic pounds and the weather where I live is horrendous at the moment so I don’t want to commit to salads and such right now. Interested to hear if anyone else has given it a go, and how you got on? If anyone cares I’ll report back with how I’ve done on it. Wish me luck…

No. 186032

hello anons, I'm 5'4 and right now I'm 113lbs (down from around 122lbs, I've just been watching my calorie intake and walking more often). I want to be <110lb ideally; I'm wondering if I might be able to shift these last few lbs if I switch out my morning milk tea for oolong tea instead. does anybody have experience of drinking oolong for weight loss?

No. 186041

That's an ana-tier diet. I predict you're going to feel like shit from the lack of nutrients. I recommend you just stick to eating healthy, balanced meals and burn more than you take in, you'll feel better and healthier.

No. 186042

I have not tried it, but just from looking at it I can tell it is not a healthy diet. There seems to be almost no protein in it. And also, rapid weight loss diets do not lead to long term weight loss. Your body has no way of removing fat cells, only reducing amount of fat stored in them. So once you finish with your diet, those cells will start storing fat once again. Permanent weight loss requires lifestyle change.

I am not sure about oolong tea, but I know that green tea extract is used in weight loss supplements. Both are made from same plant, so probably. I recently started drinking two cups of green tea a day, and I did notice some fat loss, although I cant say for sure if the tea is the reason.

No. 186043

If your diet remains the same otherwise you'd probably (slowly) shed the final pounds just from cutting out the milk from your tea. (I assume you wouldn't put milk in the oolong tea). Anyway you really don't need to rely on some tea that may or may not actually aid in weightloss just to get rid of those last few pounds.. just keep doing what you're already doing (remaining at a calorific deficit).

No. 186477


Sameanon back again to report that I’m just closing out day two and it’s absolutely fine. No hunger, just a bit bored.

No. 186640

Uhh why do you want to be borderline underweight/underweight

No. 186670

I'm not happy with being this size, why else do people lose weight?

No. 186674

Nayrt, but for health reasons, when you willingly want to destroy yours kek

No. 186679

alright I'll bite, what sort of ballpark would you say I should aim for to stay healthy?

No. 186686

Theres much much more to being healthy than just BMI, and even that is just a general guidance that is more nuanced and differs from person to person. What anon's aiming for is really more of a minimum normal, not underweight. As long as there's physical activity and nutritional needs are met it's healthy, no reason to overreact. Although if she struggles to keep that weight and body "stopped" at that 113lbs weight maybe this is what would be good to maintain instead struggling to get even lower, it's a good weight already.

No. 186721

"minimum normal" is not good, because it takes just one flu or stomach bug to become underweight. You need to have enough reserve to get through a common illness without it impacting you much.

No. 186730

File: 1621502347626.png (61.94 KB, 821x748, bmi.PNG)

Once again, one can have non-normal BMI and still be healthy, this one number is not defining every single human the same and should be treated as a general suggestion not absolute rule on how things should be. For example I've been slightly underweight according to BMI my entire life and I'm always healthy, my body type is just like this; anon also is not gonna become suddenly frail and illness prone if she's BMI 18 instead 18,5 if she takes good care of her diet.

No. 186732

As a general suggestion, you should acquire enough reserves to not be noticeably impacted by common illnesses. It's a smart suggestion. No reason to oppose it if you don't have body or food issues.

No. 186759

Yeah, I'm a different anon who's almost underweight at this point (>>183337), but I was that way even at 14 and the weight I lost lately had ALL been initially gained from diagnosed binge eating and sugar addiction. I think it's a bit different when someone's naturally at a lower weight due to a smaller frame, vs intentionally forcing themselves to go lower than what's good for their body, but hopefully other anons can keep aware of their health.

Anyway, I'm personally down to 122.5. I've made it a goal for myself to eat way more vegetables now that a huge exam is over, so that's a goal for myself more than weight loss alone since I've noticed that I've been losing weight even when not focused much on calorie counting anyway. I haven't had a full on binge on sweets in quite a while so I'm super proud of myself.

No. 186783

NTA but whatever weight you can maintain with a healthy diet and no restriction. No one at a healthy weight should be restricting for long periods of time

No. 186810

Following all this weight discussion, what your take on a "set point" weight? Some believe it and some don't.

I'm leaning towards the side that set points can be altered within moderation with diet and exercise but it really does have to be a lifestyle change for it to stick

No. 186819

I mean that's how you maintain weight, isn't it? Through your lifestyle choices. You can't lose or gain a noticable amount of weight in just one day because you simply can't burn or consume that many calories in one day, so any significant change to your weight is always a result of long term consistent choices aka your lifestyle. Your body doesn't have a mind of it's own that decides it wants to be this or that weight, a "setpoint" doesn't exist. People just average out to a certain weight through choices regarding food and excersise they make on a day to day basis.

No. 186825

People do claim that hunger signals may vary at different weights (ie, higher than set point = less, lower than set point = more). I only experienced this when still an ana-chan though, I couldn't be underweight without having to fight hunger all the time even when I consistently ate a "normal amount" and maintained for a few months.

I'm not sure what I believe specifically. I just know that the healthy weight that I've both physically felt and looked best at has stayed quite consistent throughout my life

No. 186973

I'm so upset with myself. I'm 5'5" and 200lbs. I gained about 40lbs over the last couple years and none of my cute clothes fit. I've always been chubby and ok with it but now I'm getting older and notice my joints hurt. I also have heart disease in my family and would like to live a longer life than if I stayed a ham-planet. My short-term goal is to get down to 170 then go from there. I notice if I set huge goals from the get-go it's hard for me to stick to them. I'll lose 10 pounds, get discouraged that I'm not getting results fast enough, then gain it back. Maybe prioritizing health over looks this time around will help. Ive set my calorie limit to 1600 a day, I exercise on a stationary bike, play a lot of just dance. I'd like to incorporate weights into my exercise routine. The lose it app has been a help so far. Posting this here to keep myself accountable and will probably check in in a week.

No. 187435

Any recs on pilates workouts youtube channels?

No. 187541

Samefag but if anyone is interested these channels are cool: Lottie Murphy, Moving Mango and Move with Nicole

No. 187954

How can I reduce bloating and gas after eating? Tried digestive enzymes, didn't work. Beano works somewhat but they don't sell it in my country so I have to order it online and it is a hassle

No. 188129

Went from ~190 pounds to 170 like two years ago because of exercise and not eating like complete shit all the time. Been stagnating at 170 since then because I could up my exercise alone because eating below my tdee just made me insanely hungry all the time. I'm still at fucking 170, so I've finally accepted that I just need to focus on my diet. It's definitely less shitty than the one that was making me barrel towards 200 pounds two years ago, but it definitely could be better. I don't know what changed, but I'm seem to be having way fewer issues with satiation this time around and have been losing weight for once. It's only 3-ish pounds so far, but it's so good to see ANY change after this stupid 2 year plateau.

No. 188160

My bf and I just started living together a few months ago, but I'm ready to move out because his horrible diet is interfering with my fitness goals.

I have 0 self control around sugar which is why I don't buy it ever, period- unless it's fruit. Occasionally I'll get croissants.

My bf can't get on the same page as me, though. He has the worst diet. He will bring home fast food all the time, buy cookies, chocolate, etc. This week I made him a grocery list of fresh foods, he came back with: bread, energy drinks, chocolate, gummy worms, boxed mac'n'cheese, nutella, diet coke, cheeze its, cereal, frozen pot pies…

He doesn't think he's being that unhealthy, but my muscle definition is all hidden behind pudge now. Disgusting to me that people live like this. I didn't think it was a dealbreaker, but it really might be.

No. 188163

I agree his diet is disgusting but what's the likelihood of finding someone who has a 0 tolerance for sugar/fast food just like you though?

No. 188165


Nobody I've dated in my adult life has ever eaten like this, so probably pretty decent.

My ex was even stricter than me.

I don't care what my SO does with their body, but I realized that when you live with someone who you share meals with you end up eating the same.

No. 188166

Can you have separate cupboards and shelves from each other? My boyfriend keeps his junk food away from me and our shared meals are mostly healthy, some nights we make separate meals. If you love each other you can work out a compromise.

No. 188200

I just wanna say I feel you - my husband eats like complete shit and I cannot stand it. I have to trick him like a child to get him to eat better. I have to put kiwis and oranges in front of his disgusting lunchables so maybe he'll pick that instead.
I know it feels like a deal breaker, cause I've been in that boat, but like other anon said there's definitely ways to compromise. Depending on what your bf responds to you can bring up stuff like age or health concerns. You can even trick him like I do and put healthy snacks in front of junkfood. Do all the shopping yourself and make good meals - this was something that really made a difference for me and my husband, because it saves money, and sometimes men will listen to financial concerns moreso than "you're being unhealthy." If there's a soda you absolutely cannot stand drinking, see if he'll buy that and drink it instead, that way you're less tempted but he still gets his sugar fix.

No. 188203

>You can even trick him like I do and put healthy snacks in front of junkfood.
You're literally mommying your bf, like a mom trying to get her child to eat enough fruit. Sorry anon but I find it really weird to advice someone else to mommy her bf like that, it's abnormal

No. 188210

I agree. It's pretty sad.

No. 188215


Thanks for the advice. I won't be tricking him into eating healthier, but I'll consider talking more about nutrition.

If he wants to eat better and have a healthy lifestyle, I'll consider moving back in. I'm not breaking up with him since he's a good partner otherwise, and I'm not someone really looking to start a family or anything.

Now I have sugar withdrawals to look forward to which are a very real thing. If anyone has tips, let me know. I've heard sugar free gatorade helps.

No. 188217

>trick him like he's a braindead toddler
>adult man can't be convinced with a simple, rational discussion that feeding your body garbage all day might not be the best choice
>"Do all the shopping yourself and make good meals"

The length women will go through to get their garbage immature bf/husband to do the most basic tasks and do the tiniest bit of taking care of themselves is truly amazing. Have to agree with the other anons, I'm sorry, but that just sounds pathetic.

No. 188245

It's literally like having a child. And when/if they do have kids, it's just adding to the burden. Some study confirmed married women with kids are actually more stressed than single mothers because they're dealing with the frustration of parenting a parasite adult in addition to the actual child.

No. 188258

Personally this is why I'm giving up on having children and a husband. It would make sense if I could expect my husband to be the breadwinner while I'm the stay at home mom. But I already make more money than most the guys in me dating pool, so I see no point.

I'm going to be the aunt who brings a different guy around every few Christmases, and I'm not very sad about it. My dad said I have three different boyfriends in the family pictures on his desk at work, and I'm like… "They were all fun while they lasted- don't let boyfriend #4 see!"

I don't feel like I really want or need to be someone's second mother telling them how to eat right, cooking them nutritious meals, etc.

No. 188275

Stay away from simple carbs (I'd add fruit too, but don't avoid veggies) for some time and stick to protein and healthy fats

No. 188331

tl;dr I'm a former anachan trying unsuccessfully to exit skellydom, please do not read if this subject might trigger a relapse

I'm 5'9 and somehow I've dropped from my already questionable "maintenance" weight of 115 lbs to fucking 109 lbs (that's 175 cm, 49 kg for non-burgers) in like a month. I'm pretty sure it's from a combination of new meds and uni stress, but man do I feel awful. Practically everything I cook tastes "off" when there's no logical reason for it to since I know what I'm doing, and eating out is barely any better. On top of that, the hungrier I get, the more of a hassle making food or even eating it feels like. It takes me three hours just to get through a motherfucking smoothie. How the fuck am I supposed to gain weight when it feels like I have to argue with a petulant toddler every time there's food in front of me? I even went through a period of actively trying to eat calorie dense shit like bagels and croissants to gain weight and that did jack shit because I was also bouldering heavily at the same time (and then wondering why my performance was so bad, kek). Now I can't even climb, partly because of legit life reasons and partly because I've gotten so fucking weak.

Sorry for blogging, but I'm just at my wit's end and the only people I could talk to about this irl either shower me with misguided compliments about my weight, yell at me for not eating enough, or suffer from EDs worse than mine. Does anyone have any suggestions for calorie-dense, reasonably healthy depression meals that aren't just like, "dump a load of peanut butter in your smoothie :DDD" (because I'm already doing that too, rip)?

No. 188333

Yeah, if he wants that stuff he can buy his own minifridge and put them in there.
You need to tell him in a neutral situation that you can't go on like this and that this is important to you. Remind him everytime he goes out to shop. Get him his own cupboard in a place you don't pass very often to put his stuff.

The fact that he doesn't understand not being able to control oneself around sugar is literally irrelevant, since it's important to you he should respect it.

No. 188334

I have zero idea how to approach this, as my ana-chan phase was more than a decade ago. Is there any food you like the texture of? Do you like the taste of cheese? It's pretty calorie-dense, but chewy and doesn't fill you up too fast. I remember really liking almonds and nuts covered in honey too, maybe you could try munching on those while studying.

No. 188335

Oh hello anon, finally someone with the same issue as me. We're even the same height and "maintenance weight", but I was 48kg about 2 years ago.
Something that works for me is being VERY strict with eating schedule. Not down to a specific hour but three meals during the day are something that just must happen. Even if all I can do is to idk, drink few sips of smoothie, I have to do it. Sticking to that eventually makes your body used to "oh, now I'm supposed to eat" feeling at certain periods of time during the day and you'll feel more hungry and capable to eat more as well.
If you have financial ability to do so, order box diet for a few weeks, it will save you a lot of time and introduce good variety of things to your diet.
Other thing - what do you do in terms of activity during the day? When I'm only doing my sedentary job and nothing else I barely ever feel hungry at all. Doing even some most basic warm up exercises or going for a half an hour walk should boost your apetite.
I wanted to make sure if I"m remembering hight calorie foods right and found this website, should be helpful. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/16555-snack-ideas-for-weight-gain

>people I could talk to about this irl either shower me with misguided compliments about my weight, yell at me for not eating enough, or suffer from EDs worse than mine

This is SO annoying; yeah I know I"m not eating enough and I'm talking to you about it because I want to solve it and no, you telling me that "you wish you were this skinny" is not helping and also, you really don't wish that.

No. 188447

I've been doing Chloe Ting's workout programs since about last fall and I'm currently in the middle of her most recent summer shred challenge but I think I'm going to switch to trying Pamela Reif's dance one on Monday. I really enjoyed Chloe's stuff but I'm starting to get bored after doing it for so long and want something new. I also think her workouts are getting a bit too easy for me.

Are there any other people or programs with similarly formatted schedules you'd recommend? One of the things I appreciated the most about Chloe's schedules was how motivating it was in the simplicity of just being able to go on her website and click on the videos for that day.

No. 188535

very late but thank you for the tips and advice anons, I'm glad I'm not alone in this bullshit

being so sedentary because of covid and school really fucked up my appetite and energy levels, so I'm gonna steal some tips from >>188335 and slowly reintroduce some activity before jumping back into heavy training

good luck with your fitness goals, friends

No. 188691

Down one pound. I feel like it should be more idk. I've stuck to my calorie limit every single day and only went one day without exercise. I've incorporated weights into my workouts too. I suppose the most important part is that I'm feeling good, physically. Any progress is good, right?

No. 188702

It's propbably water and foodweight. Your muscles temporarily retain water to heal them.

No. 188707

I’m 5’2 and i’m currently around 137 pounds, I’m aiming to reach 120. I started at like 150 so I’m glad to say I’ve made some progress. However, most of that progress has been made by eating less, and my friends are concerned that I might become an ana-chan. (I’m not.) In order to ease their concerns and speed up my weight loss, I wanna try at home exercises. I’m not trying to target any part of my body, though less stomach fat would be great. My main priority really is to lose weight. Any suggestions?

No. 188715

Youtube is full of easy, no equipment excersizes, and this thread also has a few if you just scroll up. I'm sorry, but there should be a limit to hand-holding, especially if you're this non-specific, and the limit should be able to use the internet for basic research at 18+.

No. 188734

Damn nonnie, there wouldn’t be any threads here if “google it” was the only answer. Some people just want to hear some recommendations/advice from other dieting anons. It’s nice to know if something has worked for someone else when so many products or videos are filled with fake reviews/shill comments.

No. 188762

File: 1622412708346.jpg (148.18 KB, 735x1102, 74032840328432543.jpg)

Already posted her on the Stacy thread but I recommend Zuzana Light. Her official site is zuzkalight.com but a good amount of stuff is paywalled there. Of course support her if you can but if you're short on funds you can get a bunch of her routines for free at https://litealloy.com.

Interval training in general is great for weight loss. It's really quick (5-20 min) but intense and it revs up your resting metabolism so your body is working harder even a day after you've exercised. When I was regularly doing her routines I was probably in the best shape I've ever been. I got leaner and both my cardio and strength drastically improved.

No. 188768

Find an activity you like that will raise your heart rate for 20+ minutes a day at least. Jumping rope if you have the space for it, you can do dance work outs, if you have a console you can get those fitness games (I heard the switch has one that is actually super fun but you need to buy the controller modification thing separately), high intensity yoga, or find workout circuits that you can alternate between different days. You can try power walking or going for hikes if your area allows. Or ride a bike if you have one.

Just find ways to move more. It's easier to keep up with it if you enjoy it, not forcing yourself to do a workout routine that you hate

No. 188774

I made up a game where I have to collect something specific from far away across my city. Currently I'm picking leaves off a bush in a park that takes about half an hour to walk to, so an hour round trip. Its motivating because I like seeing my leaf collection grow, I've been doing it for a few months now and its working really well for me. Also, jumping rope is killer if you don't have the time to walk.

No. 189829

If you are talking about Ring Fit then the controller will come with it. It is fun, it might be a bit easy at the beginning but once you get into t it works really well

No. 189898

Anyone else get their psychiatrist to prescribe a medication specifically bc it kills your appetite? I'm on Adderall for that reason. Tbf I do also have ADHD but Adderall doesn't even help it much, I just use it as an appetite suppressant.

No. 189932

have you tried concerta? that shit nukes my worst adhd symptoms but also my appetite, rip

No. 190253

File: 1622929134137.png (266.39 KB, 563x551, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

I hate being obese holy fuck. I'm 210 pounds and 5'6, and I feel like the fat is CRUSHING my stomach. I'm in actual physical pain from all the weight I've gained. Recently I've lost some weight with my intake being about 1k calories per day, but…I really hate that I let it get this bad. I am suffering so badly. I also just got into Japanese fashion and I'm bemoaned over the fact that Asian sizes don't even come close to fitting me. But at least I have another incentive to lose all this weight now.

No. 190256

Nonna, be careful please. 1k calories is not sustainable long term, unless you're 5'4 and completely sedentary. It will just lead to binges or yoyo dieting. You'd still be at a calorie deficit at 1,500, there's no need to starve yourself.

No. 190263

be careful and don't further fuck with your metabolism, it took a while to gain that weight and so will losing it.

No. 190284

are komaeda anons obese?

No. 190331

This is a really cute idea, anon

No. 190629

My sister was an anachan. She was 85 pounds, and now she's 102. She pre-made her food, like tiny egg sandwiches and light-to-medium snacks, then made a checklist to eat at least two a day. Making your food look pretty might help, but good luck, anon.

No. 190871

File: 1623141893035.jpg (477.48 KB, 3464x3464, 1618905923050-2.jpg)

Okay but like…what am I supposed to do then? I need to lose this weight asap, I've never felt so miserable in my entire life. This is the highest weight I've ever been and I feel like my soul is being crushed along with my stomach. My body seriously can't handle this much weight for much longer. I'm completely clueless on how to lose it all quickly but healthily.
Thank you. I purged yesterday for the first time in years out of emotional stress but I won't do it again.
Okay bitch you wanna reiterate that I'm obese? I know I'm a fucking fatass landwhale hamplanet etc, I already said I was in my post. Just gtfo

No. 190872

calm down anon, nobody is against you, we're just trying to hep you. idk why you nedd to lose weight asap but it's impossible to sustainably lose weight that quickly. Try to count calories without focusing on it too much (i always end up overeating when i think about food too much) and move as much as you can, a 15min work out in your room for exemple.
And 95kg is not as morbidly obese as you think, i'm sure you're already cute and now you only can get cuter from now on ! You can do it !

No. 190891

Do a keto diet with a 1200 calorie restriction.
A keto diet will give you noticeable results in a week from loss of water weight alone.
What a keto diet will do
>puts you into ketosis which is the human body's fat burning mode
>breaks the low/high blood sugar cycle which causes diabetes and weight gain
>stops you from feeling hungry, it's seriously difficult to binge on fat and protein
>makes OMAD and IF really easy if you want to loose weight even faster

No. 190898

> intermittent fasting (16/8 or 14/10)
> stay hydrated
> don't eat processed foods, added sugar, simple carbs, too much salt, no sodas/alcohol
> eat balanced protein, complex carbs, vegetables and fruits, healthy fats - look into keto meal plans like the other anon said but I personally wouldn't do a keto diet per se, it's not sustainable and it's enough to enter ketosis with intermittent fasting + you need carbs but the "good" ones. Don't do keto diet and intermittent fasting at the same time, choose one
> workout for at least an hour five days per week (cardio/hiit training + bodyweight exercises + stretching) you'll start with beginner workouts until you build up your resistence (that usually happens after a month)
don't starve or push yourself to the limit by any means, it's not worthy, good luck nonnie! don't be too hard on yourself, you might panic now but you'll feel better and healthier as long as you work on yourself, not only when you get to your goal weight and lastly, consistence is key

No. 190899

Does anyone else get health complications just by being a teeny tiny bit overweight? My body is so sensitive to weight gain. I gained about 30 lbs during covid which put me at a borderline OW BMI and I instantly got signs of GERD and terrible digestive issues. Now I've lost about 10 of it and it just magically and mysteriously went away. Seriously, what the hell.

No. 190901

1.Calculate your TDEE using
2.Eat under it

No. 190904

Anon obviously you're too heavy but still beating yourself up over not fitting into Asian clothes if you're not Asian yourself is stupid regardless of weight. Asian people have smaller bone geometry than other ethnic groups, they're literally built smaller so so are their clothes. You shouldn't be using clothes made for Asians (if you're not Asian yourself) as a goal or a frame of reference for a good weight. Other than that, seconding this >>190901.

No. 190907

I swear these danganrompa bitches always are the most unhinged people kek

No. 190981

File: 1623185607158.jpg (68.03 KB, 500x667, ad3ce6a014b660c1eb8b6a529270c6…)

It's just a hard pill to swallow knowing that I've gotten this fat. I've realized there are really no benefits to being this big. Being fat makes everyone think I'm a nuisance for just existing, people don't find me attractive, I feel exhausted/sick all the time, and I can't wear the clothes I want to wear. It makes me want to hide in a hole and stop living my life until I'm thinner.
Okay, I'll do intermittent fasting. I was watching some of those 1 hour in 1 week meal prep vids on youtube as well, would doing that be a good idea? I also own a treadmill so
would using it for an hour per day be okay? Also, thank you for the support, I'll do my best to stay consistent. I'm gonna make smaller goals (like GW 200 for now) so the pressure of losing all the weight doesn't get to me.
I tried to google this but I'm still a bit confused about what this is. The calculator says 2107. I read that you're supposed to subtract like 500 to that. Is that my ideal caloric intake for the day then?
But I see plenty of other photos of different ethnic women who aren't Asian that can fit into j-fashion. I get your point though and even if all the extra weight was gone, I do have a large frame regardless and I probably wouldn't be able to fit in their smaller sizes anyway. Idk I just…I'd rather confront that issue after I lose the weight.
Whatever dude, you sound like dangan ronpa lives in your head rent-free.

No. 190985

Your tdee is the number of calories your body NEEDS every day to perform all functions without you losing weight. Any number below your tdee, be it 100, 200 or 500 calories less will lead to weightloss. Look, don't focus on losing it quickly, you obviously have ed tendecies and going ham will make you spiral or binge. Slow and steady changes will lead to healthy long term habits. It took a while to put the weight on, and it'll take a while to lose it. That's just how it is. Also, I wouldn't rec drastic dietary changes like keto immediately. It could be too overwhelming for you, so just focus on eating below your tdee for a month or so and slowly ditch snacks, reduce carb intake etc.

No. 190991

>I need to lose this weight asap
You need to be careful with losing weight too rapidly, you need to give your body time to adapt otherwise you're going to end up with loose skin (which probably isn't going to make you feel less miserable). You may also want to look into excersise/building muscle exactly for this reason.

No. 191000

Yes! The treadmill is great, do add a 20-40 minutes funtional training workout after. This is the movements you do targeting an area of muscles, this will tone you and help you burn more calories - look into beginner workouts in youtube, all the popular fitness youtubers have them and in different lengths. You can do series that are "full body" like this one linked or focus in one body part each day, for example: mondays and wednesdays you do upper body (arms, back, core/abs) and tuesdays and thursdays you do lower body (legs and glutes). Do what works for you and don't forget to stretch after. You can also do pilates, it's so good.
Regarding food, meal preap is also great. Just try your best to eat clean, balanced and enough to fuel you during your workouts (Be careful of exercising while fasting and make sure to end your fast with your workout so you can eat something nourishing after all the effort you made). And the smaller goals are also a great idea!
Being healthy is a journey that hopefully lasts a lifetime. The body is so much more than just "slim" or "fat" and you're not alone in this, I'm literally on the same track after being inactive for sooo long so I getchu

No. 191031

>you need to give your body time to adapt otherwise you're going to end up with loose skin

is this actually true though? whether or not you have loose skin after weight loss is almost entirely dependent on your genetics, your age, and how much weight in total you lost. if you have a lot of weight to lose, you'll most likely have loose skin regardless of how slowly you lose it.

if you lost 100 lbs in 4 months or 14, it doesn't matter. it only seems like you have more loose skin the quicker you lose it because you spend the extra 10 months the 14-monther had much smaller, but if the 4-monther compared themselves 10 months later they'd most likely look the same as the 14-monther did.

No. 191064

Most of it depends on genetics, but it isn't so much of a problem with losing weight too "fast" as it is that our bodies need a certain amount of muscle toning within that timeframe to help keep the skin elastic, and it can be really difficult to do if someone is losing weight quickly just through cardio + calorie deficiency. I lost about 50 lbs mostly doing cardio within a year and my arms have yet to snap back in place. Its super annoying and I would really recommend anyone to just take extra time to avoid permanent damage.

I'd also look into dry brushing. Keeping the blood flowing below the surface is supposed to help reduce cellulite and skin sag that weight loss can't change. It might sound hokey pokey but there are some pretty good before and after pics.

No. 191069

Also keep in mind that the reason why slower weight loss is superior is because you need time to form sustainable, healthy habits for the long term.

Whenever I restricted, upon ending the diet, I wouldn't know how to go back to normal because all I knew how to do was either crash diet or revert to the binge eating issues that made me get fat in the first place. I maintained, sure, but I was in a binge-restrict cycle because I didn't have practice achieving any middleground.
I lost weight consistently when truly focusing on improving my habits, which made it so much easier to maintain afterwards and not have to worry about gaining anything back now, because I started loving exercise and broke my emotional reliance on junk food.

No. 191080

You might want to check out Picture fit (vid rel)

No. 191098

what would the fastest way be for me to lose weight? I'm a little bit overweight, mainly due to quarantine and being out of work, but I just got a new job and it's very physical. as well as that, I cycle back and forth from work every day, it's about a 30 minute ride each way. just looking for tips on how to drop weight quickly. i eat moderately healthy, mostly just a light breakfast (eggs, pork) , sometimes lunch and then dinner(pasta or salad, meat & veg) . would fasting be beneficial?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 191103

How many eggs for breakfast? How many pork products? How big are your salads/pasta? Since you eat relatively healthy, your issue might just be portion sizes. I would try eating fist-size meals.

When I worked as security (standing all day) the weight slawed off me so I think you'd be fine

No. 191104

I was a patient at medical weight loss as a fat teen and lost like 40lbs, they put you on this diet at the beginning to jumpstart your weightloss so you feel encouraged before you start cico with a focus on protein and vegetables, very basic. The beginning diet is Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 apple Lunch and Dinner: Salad with protein like chicken, shrimp, or steak. You do this for like, 5 days then eat normally/but not binge for 2, then repeat. You should lose like 10lbs. It's simple to the boiled egg diet that was popular for a while because it works

No. 191106

The only thing you have to do is create a calorific deficit to lose weight, the larger the deficit is the faster you'll lose weight. How you do that is up to you.

No. 191129

Asian countries consume less food, food staples are low calorie, reduced muscle slims the frame way down, over 50kg is viewed as borderline fatass even by doctors, and diet culture and expectations of low weight are strict. Often only one size is sold in clothing stores. It's not caused by slightly smaller bone density. OP will look the same weight, at the same weight, and that's true too for Asians who reach OP's weight. She's just naive about how much weight she's going to need to lose. Most people interested in J-fashion are. You can't be e.g. 5'4" 110lbs unless you buy fake.

You may run into an eating disorder. It's easier to maintain a very low weight when you've grown up eating less calories and low calorie foods your entire life than it is for a weeb doing keto to achieve the same results for an aesthetic. It's more realistic to let your "I want to fit into clothes made for [underweight BMI]" goal go. Punishing yourself for your weight is counter-productive though. You really shouldn't immediately resort to skipping meals, fasting, or using unsustainable fad diets. Why? Just count your calories, eat pre-prepared nutritious meals, and exercise for one hour a day. It's simple. Teach yourself how to be thin as a lifestyle or else you'll get fat again. It's a slower process but you'll feel better quicker, and it stays off this way.

No. 191144

>You can't be e.g. 5'4" 110lbs unless you buy fake.

What are you talking about? That’s a perfectly fine, thin size for jfashion, everything should fit someone of that weight and height. Not every Japanese girl is extremely thin and since nonny keeps posting photos of lolitas, that style is already considered a chubby girl fashion in Japan. You don’t need to be underweight to fit jfashion.

No. 191151

has anyone here done a diy standing desk conversion or have any ideas for it? by that i mean i can't buy a standing desk (i'm moving 3000 miles away in a few months and can't justify a big purchase like that when i won't be able to take it with me) and i'm trying to find a way to affordably convert my own desk into a standing desk for fitness reasons.

like something to stack on my desk to put my monitor/mouse/kb on? any ideas? thanks in advance!

No. 191156

File: 1623260376044.jpg (163.39 KB, 1400x1050, the linda linda via youth.jpg)

What are some examples of resistance training that are fun? All I can think of is rock climbing

No. 191157

I'm 164cm and 84kg (5'4 and 185 lbs) and I'm so fucking done. I despise my gut and mostly hate my boobs, which have such a disgusting size that I barely fit an 85H bra anymore. In general, I often have to buy bigger sizes not just because I'm a fatass but because my breasts literally aren't meant to fit into any normie clothes anymore, they're just this huge, disgusting amount of excess fat. I'd get a reduction, but I don't have the money and of course, trying to lose the excess weight first is more reasonable… But I can't keep living like this.

Any anons here have experience with boobs shrinking due to weight loss, and what they'll look like? Is there any way to prevent excess sagging?

Also, any tips for some decent exercise? I've been trying to start with the bare minimum (10k steps/day, doing some beginner workout from Youtube for 10-20 min/day), because I barely have the stamina for more and don't want to get demotivated by setting too high goals, but I'm scared I'll do too little.

Food-wise, I don't drink any soda, no coffee or tea, I stick to water (always have) and I'm not into sweets either. My problem is craving fatty/salty foods like pasta, chips - are there any healthier alternatives, and how do you guys deal with snacking/cravings?

No. 191165

If you're craving umami things you might not be getting enough protein. Also, I keep a bunch of frozen veg around and just incorporate it into whatever food I have. If you have an unhealthy meal, half the portion and then replace with veg. Broccoli is amazing for this, it fills you up a lot and is easy to steam in the microwave.
So if you have pasta, half the portion and add broccoli and peas. If you have chips, half the portion and add carrot sticks.
Watch out for ready made dips and sauces with lots of added fat and sugar too. Try and make your own, replace with something healthier or go without.
You will reach a new normal and start craving more healthy food, especially if you really work on listening to your body and learning what you need.

No. 191169

You can get a desk stand, a shoe rack, or simply a bunch of books stacked together. I used a couple of shoe boxes for a little bit lol

No. 191184

Hi. I don't know how much this will help, but I went from 47-48 kgs to 44-45, and I lost about a cup size. I would suggest making this your goal, instead of focusing on how much weight you're losing: think about how much you want to fit into a decent bra, not how many kg/pounds you still have to lose. This will be easier in the long term.

Food-wise, I eat a lot of tomatoes and cheese, or salad and cheese. No dressing, just a bit of oil and vinegar. Sometimes I play around with cucumber, or paprika, radishes, olives…with a slice of bread, or two if I'm really hungry. I try to make this into a meal everyday.

Cravings-wise, here's a tip: make yourself wait, before you give in! Even if just a few seconds. Then progress to a few minutes or more. The trick is to not give in to your impulse immediately, but to make yourself wait a bit. Try googling for "impulse control techniques", it helped me. Good luck!

No. 191195

Any Martial Art, Gymanstics, Calestenics, Pole Dancing… but what's fun is largely dependent on what you like. There are even people who enjoy competetive lifting.

No. 191203

File: 1623275837782.jpg (558.22 KB, 1000x1498, 21e3213.jpg)

I don't think I'm being naïve, I'm well aware I'd have to lose about 90 pounds to fit in certain J-fashion brands. But it's not fair to say that I should just give up wearing J-fashion altogether, in fact it's very discouraging and depressing to hear someone say that to me. I was given a very shitty hand early in life, and it heavily contributed to the pounds I put on. I wasn't lucky enough to live in a home with caring parents who provided a healthy diet for their children. I think it would be very unfortunate if I gave up trying to wear J-fashion because of the consequences of my upbringing. It's only now that I'm trying to pick up the pieces and take responsibility for myself and my body. You do have a point about focusing on being healthy for the long term, but that doesn't mean I can never wear j-fashion in the future. Losing 90 pounds requires a lot of time, work, and discipline but it's not an impossible feat and I think I'm ready to put my all into it.

No. 191211

I recommend you get some therapy instead of sperging about your life on unrelated threads on an anonymous image board, and before developing really unhealthy eating habits. Also, get yourself some shirred burando. I can only speak for Lolita fashion, but most brands have fairly forgiving sizing for many of their dresses/skirts for the average or even slightly chubby western women. Do some research on brands' sizing and follow some non-asian Lolitas to see how the clothes tend to fit them.

Good luck on the weigh loss, I am sure you can do it in a healthy way and also find some cute clothes.

No. 191303

I lost a whole bunch of weight pre-covid, around 30 lbs or so and was keeping it off and maintaining and then just relapsed into shitty eating and alcoholism and gained it all back + more post-covid.

New starting weight was 167.5. Got it down to 157 now, so already lost about 10 lbs just by fasting occasionally, yoga and strength training. The first time I lost weight I did it entirely on diet alone and I still ended up not being entirely satisfied with how I looked(skinny fat). I'm hoping I can recomp this time after I lose the fat. I want to try reverse dieting after I'm done with the cut and try to put on muscle.

No. 191321

Are the scales that claim to measure water weight, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass etc legit?

No. 191333

One of my relatives is in her late 50s, she recently recovered from gallbladder surgery and has been doing some cardio everyday, but she wants to strengthen her core muscles and improve her flexibility. She's a normal BMI and lives a healthy lifestyle, primarily needs to retrain her muscles and address muscle tension in her neck, shoulders and back. I wanna send her a routine that's extremely gentle and uncomplicated because I don't want her to over-extend herself, I was thinking a dynamic stretching routine, maybe a HIIT workout would be good. The problem is that even the beginner routines that I've found online would be a bit too strenuous for her and I know she'll just try to recreate what the instructor does instead of modifying the routine to her current ability level lol. Also thinking about getting her a foam roller. Any good resources for someone in this situation?

No. 191334

Finally got down to 168 after plateauing at 170 for a month or so; down from 220 during Christmas 2020. Back on the calorie counting train - even had to send back a bra order today because I didn't think to measure before ordering and I am down two cup sizes.

I was hoping to be down to 140~ by this month, but it's been a stressful time which derailed me quite a bit.

No. 191335


Misspoke lol, Christmas 2019 is what I meant to type. Realized this looks like some crash diet bullshit if I started losing weight in December 2021. Anyway, to answer the OP, just gotta keep logging calories and stick to tea and water and keep going

No. 191644


When you do resistance training, do you track your progress and try to increase resistance each time? I personally have a spreadsheet that I access on my phone when I am at the gym . Before I go to gym, I fill in the spreadsheet so I know exactly what I my goals are for that particular session. I know this sounds tedious, but the payoff is worth it and it makes my sessions a lot more engaging and enjoyable knowing that I have goals each session.

Also, compound lifts are way more interesting than any "machine" at the gym. Personally, I love lifting a big ole barbell.

No. 191654

My treadmill just broke. The only exercise I enjoyed doing at home was walking while watching shows on my laptop. I don't know what to do now, I hate walking outside because I live in the suburbs which makes it boring for me (no good scenery). I would sign up for a gym but they're all closed.

No. 191673

Maybe you can listen to some audio-books or podcasts while walking to make it less boring?

No. 191784

How realistic is it of me to use spin class as a way to tone up my legs and butt? I don't need to loose any weight, just lean out my calves and round off my butt. I've started going twice a week, would I need to include some weight exercises for before/after or would spin be enough for my goals?

No. 191831

Depends if you have any muscle there to begin with.

No. 191882

nonnies, i've been steadily losing and stuck at a plateau. i've been on wellbutrin for a while, and a doctor suggested contrave to help with the binge eating disorder i've had and to help me over the plateau.

anyone have experience with this?

No. 191919

File: 1623607651884.jpeg (19.71 KB, 425x268, 9816300C-0368-484C-9011-F0F36D…)

you can buy a step/aerobic platform and do steps while watching tv, and they’re not too expensive

No. 191945

Should not have weighed myself on my period but it's been a week and I had to know because I'm weird with my routines. Gained one pound which is probably water weight but seeing the number messes with me. Maybe I should cut my calories down a little more. I'm at 1800 on days I work out and 1600 on my off days but I'm only down 3 pounds from a month of that, none if I count today's weight. Maybe 1400 on workout days and 1200 on off days will for a while will get me where I want to be.

No. 192097

File: 1623682781124.jpeg (323.22 KB, 1076x1148, 1613845717125.jpeg)

>current state
I'm 55 kg at 152 cm with no muscle so overweight. I've been very inactive the past few months and eating a lot of breads, cakes, etc.
I want to go back to intermittent fasting, eat less carbs and more protein, and lose about 5 kg.
About a year ago I started doing IF after someone here recommended it and my arthritis pain almost went away completely.
Also I want to go on walks and do yoga at home.
I need to buy earphones so I can listen to podcasts or books while I'm walking because I have a lot of social anxiety when I'm outside by myself.
Eventually I will sign up to a gym and start weightlifting. I used to lift weights a few years ago but had a retarded diet with no protein so eventually I wore myself out and became depressed. Now I understand diet a lot more.
weigh myself every week or so.

No. 192792

I intentionally didn't bring my full body mirror when moving to another state to not trigger my body dysphoria. Fast forward to last week I clocked in at 30 BMI after eating everything I like during quarantine and not moving at all. I basically went from 21 to 30 since March last year. I was very active and ate clean before that but lived in a constant state of stress and awareness of my own body.

I don't really have a plan yet and I'm still shocked to how I allowed myself to get to that state. I just wanted to vent.

No. 192985

File: 1624034518041.jpeg (134.09 KB, 1080x1623, 3bf7c85ff1d44739b9b62678a77677…)

>Post your goals, your current weight or measurements;
Goal is 115lb, current weight is 141 lb and I'm 5'5, so yeah, it's bad.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods;
I'm using mfp to log cals and macros, I'm a vegan so I try to keep my 20% protein intake and I aim for 1000-1200 cals a day. Honestly I'm not working out atm, but I might start using a low chair I have to do step while I watch a series/movie or something. I'm naturally kinda ripped for some reason and I don't like working out so that's good I guess.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
I'll be weighing myself once a week and honestly I think I'll just feel the weight loss when I put clothes on.

Also I'll probably be updating here to keep myself accountable and also checking for new posts bc I like the ~vibe~ in these threads.

No. 193379

anons is chia pudding any good as a weight loss food? I eat healthily during the day but crave something sweet after dinner and I feel like chia pudding might hit the spot and fill me up more than ice cream

No. 193383

Definitely not. Chia seeds are very calorie dense - 50 or 60 calories per tablespoon. They are very healthy w/ their fiber and protein content, so they would be more effective from a weight loss standpoint in the morning rather than the evening. I put some in my oatmeal every morning along with flax and hemp seeds.

Do you have a blender? You can blend a little bit of frozen fruit to make your own ice cream or sorbet for dessert.

No. 193390

Just eat a sweet fruit like mango or banana

No. 193398

>Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;

SW: 171 CW: 149 GW1: 137 GW2: 125
I’m 5”5, never went past 150 in my life but COVID happened and I went from 137 to 171, I lost a bit of weight since March through changing my eating habits but I’m struggling to lose any more so I plan on incorporating exercise.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
Alternative day fasting, keto and exercising every other day for at least two hours.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
I’ll do biweekly weigh ins

No. 193447

Try cotton candy grapes!

No. 193464

You’re VERY right about the frozen fruit, specially banana nicecream. I genuinely like it better than normal ice cream, especially with açai.

I don’t think chia pudding is a bad idea though. If you use 1,5 tbsp (90 cal) + 1/2 cup plant based milk (depends which one you use, generally around 25 cal) + diet sweetener + vanilla extract, you’ll have a 115 cal dessert. It depends of your nutrition targets though, if you’re a vegan I’d suggest you have the pudding since you get the benefits of chia and eating just raw fruit is easier than gulping a tbsp of bland chia.

No. 193511

Four pounds down in one month isn't terrible, right? Especially considering I've gotten noticeably muscular in my legs and arms.
Im good at sticking to 1600cals a day but I need more protein.
Some days it's hard but I've been sticking with it!!

No. 193527

A pound a week is good and sustainable weight loss, anon. I hope you can keep it up!

No. 193597


thanks for the input anons. I've got a few tubs of chia pudding in the fridge and I've decided to just have the odd spoonful between meals instead of as an evening dessert, seems to be doing the trick in that it's keeping me super full.


I have always wanted to try cotton candy grapes but I'm from the UK and I can't find anywhere that stocks them!

No. 193603

My local Tesco sometimes has the grapes in stock, but it's not super consistent, are they listed on the website? They're pretty good!

No. 193734

File: 1624350109446.jpg (689.39 KB, 1080x1095, 20210622_101538.jpg)

How do I stop being a little bitch and eat the food prepped 4 days in advance? It's the only sthing stopping me from meal prepping.
Cold, god forbid soggy or stale food make me gag. Should I just push through it or are there any tips on how to do it?

No. 193735

Same problem and tbh I just prepped for two days max.
Why ever eat something four days old when you don’t absolutely have to?

No. 193741

they're listed on the website but it just says they're out of stock. I think M&S might have them during the summer though (looks like they did last year anyway) so I'll maybe have to splurge! I like frozen sable grapes too, so at least I have a back up.

No. 193742

I come home really late so I kind of have to prep for the whole week, unless I decide to take a forced rest day in the middle of the week to prepare something fresh. Hm

No. 193769

This is what keeps me from doing meal prepping tbh, the thought of eating soggy, stale food from the fridge from 3-4 days ago makes me gag.

No. 193781

I kind of meal prep but my food is never soggy, since I just make a big batch of curries/stews that I like. I make fresh rice everyday and make a sidedish almost everyday. Then again, I'm also a person who is happy to eat the same thing for 3 to 4 days, though.