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No. 155552

Thread for aspiring or current homemakers, or "tradwives". We believe in traditional gender roles and the conservation of the nuclear family. We are housewives by choice, and embrace the opportunity to be "submissive" to our husbands. The tradwife movement is not a reaction to feminism, but rather a parallel to it. While we reject some elements of feminism, we are still grateful for the rights it has given us.

No. 155557

Every single trad wife discussion I've ever come across eventually devolves into a circlejerk of "we're so precious and great unlike THOSE women over THERE"

No. 155558

File: 1602974569737.jpg (40.59 KB, 750x351, 1593465703837.jpg)

They're basically feminine NLOGs. And I'm pretty sure this thread is bait.

No. 155559

I'm glad someone started this thread. I've always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom/wife but I get shunned for wanting to be either "lazy". I already feel like I have two jobs, working + doing all of the housework anyways. I wouldn't say that I resent feminism, just many of the new norms it created

No. 155560

File: 1602975263143.jpg (37.91 KB, 537x537, 1592589340769.jpg)

Fuck off scrote, stop ruining our board and go back to filling up your cum socks

No. 155562

So funny to see westerners with their trad obsession. You wouldn’t last a fucking day.

No. 155563

Personally I love not being oppressed.

No. 155565

Oh, look! A thread for groomed teenagers!
I swear this is the way most kids think when they see the whole:
>married good
>having kids good
>powerful hubby with great job good
>single saaaaad
>having job for wymyn is baaaad
Shit show on romantic comedies and such.
Hey kids! Remember that the moment you understand that you don’t need some retarded piece of shit stained scrote to be happy, you actually get to be happy and more focused on what you actually want to do!

No. 155566

I don't understand why people shit on it. If you're doing things right, it's not like keeping a house together, meals prepared, and kids taken care of is some kind of simple task. Others shit on it constantly, expecting everyone else to cuck out to the system. If a woman has the option to stay home, it should be respected.
Homemaking without kids is another story. Unless you're running something at home, what are you doing? Shitposting?

No. 155568

No one is removing an opportunity from you by making their own personal decisions. Having a career is great if you actually enjoy it. If you don't and want to pursue a family that you can actually spend time with, fuck that shitshow.

No. 155569

There's many reasons. One of them is the fact that without her own source of income it's harder for a woman to escape an abusive situation, and I've seen it happen. I also noticed those women socialize with other women even less than working women.
Staying at home is cucking out to the patriarchy pal.

No. 155570

It’s a no from me dawg.

No. 155572

This. It sounds nice in a perfect world, but what happens when the relationship goes south and you have no money of your own? If you're dependent on your husband for everything, what decisions can you possibly make in the relationship? Your spouse can badger you into doing whatever he wants because he holds all the power. Any argument or disagree you have will have an inherent unequal power dynamic.

No. 155573

Cucking out to the partiarchy is being forced to have two working incomes to survive if you want to have children.
I didn't say shit about not having your own source of income. Make a small side business and keep a nest egg. If you're that paranoid about being fucked over by some useless abusive scrote, don't do it. Easy.

No. 155574

So marry someone that respects your opinion and treats you like you actually matter. You're still running the household and have responsibilities, and often that's going to come with taking care of finances and budgeting your damn self. You're an autonomous individual, don't let yourself be treated like shit or bullied by some fucking dude. You made the decision together. If he tries to screw you over, take him for all he's worth with alimony.

No. 155575

>See, I'm not like other girls paranoid about their men doing something fucked up, I know my Nigel will be different
God, if all women thought like you we still wouldn't be able to divorce men as easily as we can now.
I really don't get how can you know our history and still defend trad shit. It's the same thing with every other typically femininine "choice". All those women claim they do it for themselves and because they want it, but coincidentally it perfectly aligns with what men expect from them anyway, and with the role society created for women, and with the "choices" of most women in history. There's a perfect pattern here, but it's all by coincidence. Really interesting.

No. 155576

>literally posts an imagine with "Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman" quote
Why are people responding to bait threads?

No. 155583

The only acceptable situation is he gives you all his money to budget and spend as you like and you give him an allowance. Scrotes are too dumb to make monetary decisions. Also if he cheats you get to legally castrate him. He does all the housechores after baby is born until the kid is 10.

No. 155585

>So marry someone that respects your opinion and treats you like you actually matter.
Right, because it's that simple. Men NEVER hide their true selves prior to marriage or change over time, particularly after children or their wife aging or having a midlife crisis.

It's easy to sit there and think your judgement will be perfect and you'll be able to select the right man just by planning to do so, but life doesn't work like that. Children in particular change everything, and if you read what mothers have to say online (anonymously, not on social media), you'll find it's extraordinarily common for men to go back on their promise to help with the kids and split chores, or assume that working a 9-5 means they are fully entitled to all the downtime they want while their wife never gets a break. Studies show that men actually help LESS around the house once a kid comes, not more despite the massively increased workload. You'll find that they genuinely believe homemaking and child raising is super easy and chill so their wife has no right to expect any help, while simultaneously never wanting to look after the kids because it actually is too much work for them. In fact, a lot of tradthots also believe that homemaking is easy and chill and that's why it's so much better than work. In reality, it's hard work 24/7 with no pay, holidays, or sick leave and the mental load alone leaves many women more stressed than the office does.

No. 155588

File: 1602993093445.jpg (276.15 KB, 1041x1315, 4eccf3e0-5056-4ca5-980c-cc4e24…)

Have been a housewife/stay at home mother for about 4 years. It's hard work, especially while pregnant again, but so much more worth it for my husband and children rather than some boss.

It's definitely the most fulfilled I've ever felt. When I became a mother, I thought back on everything I've been doing before and it feels like I've only started to live with a purpose then. And I had a pretty good career/lifestyle built.

I live remotely so it's kind of lonely, I wish I could have other trad mommy friends to talk to once in a while. Femoids are a huge disappointment nowadays.

No. 155589

Homemaking and raising children is definitely not easy but it's not difficult either.
You have to know how to use some basic critical thinking, how to adapt, plan, problem solve and multitask. Those are basic skills you should know regardless when becoming an adult.

Think of it this way, you're responsible for your own hell. You're responsive for how difficult your days are and that starts with the perspective you choose to have.

If you can't manage to fix problems in your marriage and both grow, then yeah you're going to be put in a bad situation. You also need to have good judgement to choose your partner wisely, it shouldn't be surprise if he cheats or leaves you, you just ignored red flags and got involved with someone shady. Figuring people out isn't difficult, especially when you're a woman and have heightened intuition. Listen to your gut before having kids with them lol. And if problems arises, communicate, use problem solving skills and fix your issues together. Life will always throw everything it's got at you, it will always challenge you but what matters is how you adapt and deal with it.
With that said, divorce LARGELY favors and benefits women, not to mention the plethora of resources available ONLY for women/single mothers in need. There's plenty of plan B, C, D and Es.

As for homemaking. Just plan. Have structure. Have guts. It's not that difficult. Be smart and do what you can to make the best of your day with what you have. Even with kids, it gets even easier with time, you just gotta prioritize properly.

No. 155591

> femoids
Ah the insecure woman who has to put down other women with literal incel language. You realize femoids is a term from incels insinuating that women are less than human, right? Your projections of your internalized misogyny aren't going to pay off, anon. Misogynists' discrimination and lower opinions of women don't magically exclude you–in fact you're probably even lesser in their eyes since you're literally fulfilling their own stereotype of what a woman is "meant to do" whereas misogynists resent childless women because they cannot lock them down.
> pretty good career
Kek, sure. Not that misogynists care about that since they just see you as an incubator anyways. If you actually have a career I'm going to guess that you're an influencer or a freelancer.

No. 155592

Imagine being a woman old enough to be a mother and calling other women disappointing femoids.
If you're not just a scrote trolling, I truly pity you and your children.

No. 155594

>With that said, divorce LARGELY favors and benefits women
Oh my god, I should have known this thread would be full of dumbass scrots, surely even tradthots aren't this delusional? Again, do some research. Divorce is likely to impoverish women and not affect men's lives or earning potential. Women are the ones who suffer financially and socially from divorce, child support is not a 'benefit'. It's the bare minimum.

No. 155595

This is clearly a scrote, anon. And so is the OP, the whole "we" speech is sus
>"we" believe in traditional gender roles amiright ladies hehehe

No. 155596

Muh femoid.
It's just a meme relax once in a while lol. No need to be sensitive about it.

But in all honesty, buzzwords aside. I would say that the mgtow mentality is pretty comparable to misandry. I disapprove of it as much as I do feminism but understand where it comes from. I have deep empathy for the way men are treated nowadays. Although, it doesn't excuse irrational anger and generalization towards women, just like a certain fringe group of women tend to be like towards men. I think the issue is much more complicated and deeply rooted, for both genders, than muh misogyny/patriarchy or muh wahmen are all holes/baby making machines.

I haven't been raised to have the greatest self confidence in my early years (I'm in my mid-twenties lol, not that old) but I've made the necessary changes that contributed to building the insane amount of character strength and confidence I have now. Which in turned influenced me to make much better choices that filled me with even more happiness and confidence. Things like getting a proper man that I can rely on anytime and helps me when things are difficult (for example after a 39h long labor, I could rest for two whole months while he took care of everything until I was able to be functional again.). He provides and appreciates my hard work but very importantly, he's a very masculine man that I can trust to protect his family. Being with someone that inspires you to always improve yourself is vital to family building. But because he espouses more traditional values (to put it lightly lol), he would be called toxic, abusive and misogynistic. I mean, maybe for some deserving others but I'm in a pretty blessed position lol.

I did leave a career, like owning a restaurant, behind. I was very successful at it but it wasn't what I really wanted to achieve in life. I wanted a husband and children. And so I'm managing a whole different type of lifestyle, definitely not easier than the struggles I have been through before but absolutely more fulfilling to me.

No. 155597

>"especially when you're a woman and have heightened intuition"

Just troon out, scrote. Maybe some other troon will love you and marry you.

No. 155598

You done larping as a woman? You really think this is the place to try and change women's minds about
Tradism? Kek

No. 155601

I want friends with the same mindset, values and who I can relate, grow and confide in. Doing cute feminine shit together.

I think it's a waste of time and efforts that could be spend for better things to try and change people. If someone wants to change, they'll do it themselves like grown adults.

No. 155602

larp larp larp

No. 155607

Let me repeat: stop larping and just troon out. The other troons will love you and support you and braid your hair and do cute feminine shit with you. Maybe you can twirl in your tradwife skirts together

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