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File: 1603758487057.png (502.38 KB, 1000x375, y2K banner.png)

No. 156715

What are some trends, fashion choices, and outfits you hate, and why?

No. 156717

I hate clothes as a concept. How can anyone enjoy the touch of material against their skin?
Currently I just hate casual street wear that kids post on tumblr and you know only rich and middle class cunts dress like this.

No. 156719

>How can anyone enjoy the touch of material against their skin?
Is this a scrote trick to try and get us rallying behind being nudists or something?

That aside, the clothes shown here are all trashy as fuck and look especially ridiculous on grown women.

No. 156720

Nta but I get what she's saying, some fabrics are very uncomfortable against your skin, like wool or itchy lace

No. 156722

nah I'm just autistic and I always hated clothes, it's super hard to find something that won't annoy me to the point of constant distraction. I'm afriad I will never get out of my oversized band t shirts phase

No. 156723

File: 1603761249294.png (295.94 KB, 316x534, 20201026_221211.png)

>How can anyone enjoy the touch of material against their skin?
Great, I never thought about it but now I'm going to be hyper-aware of it and hate it lmao
Anyways, there isn't an specific type of style that I hate but I'll never anything like hypebeast, e-girl/alt, kawaii-esque/harajuku fashion and stuff like pic related, I call it "old woman style"

No. 156729

File: 1603762991395.png (440.98 KB, 377x542, 4237658768769.png)

All right, fair enough. I'm not distracted by fabrics to that extent but I've definitely had moments where I've been annoyed by itchy materials.

My most hated piece of apparel is leggings, specifically when women wear them as pants outside the gym. When you're working out, fine. But wearing something that's suctioned to your body and shows every contour of your ass in everyday life is just repulsive, cheap and porny to me. In fact I don't even feel weird saying it's porny knowing how many men fetishize leggings precisely because of this.

I also just hate how they feel and despite a lot of women saying they're comfy I don't get it at all. I feel like a fucking hotdog squeezing myself into them and I'm not even fat.

No. 156731

i think these look so trashy and gross
if you wear these in public i just assume you are unwashed and lazy

No. 156733

File: 1603765242042.jpg (227.98 KB, 1200x1200, 1_162259_ZM_ALT1.jpg)

Hell yeah. I love styling my clothes but would ultimately prefer to be in my underwear, if not fully nude, at all times. I'm not even super hot nor do I have sensory issues (anymore), I'm just feral.

Anyway, I also hate chunky sneakers styled with anything that is not a workout outfit.

No. 156734

I like the chunky sneakers trend, but only on people who have very skinny frames and legs. In fact, looking cute in chunky sneakers is one of my motivations for losing a little weight.

No. 156735

i agree, i'm not overweight at all but i would like to be a little skinnier before i get some chunky sneakers. i think they're pretty cool!

No. 156737

Chunky sneakers are just for the look though, no good for workout at all afaik?

No. 156738

Just wear it if you like it. No one will care. They won't point and laugh and say "that woman doesn't weigh 101lbs and she's wearing disruptors! Scandalous! HAHAHA!".

Part of dressing well means stepping outside of your comfort zone and experimenting with different looks regardless of your hang ups.

I like chunky sneakers personally and I think anyone can wear them. I think that designated fat girl clothes make fat girls look even worse.

No. 156739

File: 1603767036755.jpg (133.22 KB, 640x959, ro95wu-l.jpg)

'French girl' style. Honestly I just find it so fucking boring, pretentious and repetitive but it's held up as some gold standard for dressing as an adult woman.

If you are an adult woman and you don't follow 'French girl' fashion then you 'need to start dressing your age' and you are not 'classy enough'.

If you like this look more power to you, but don't act all smug and superior about it.

I'm going to stick to my sweats, teddy fur jacket, flannels and chunky sneakers.

No. 156741

Things I hate:

>polyester and synthetics in general

Some stores have the audacity to charge premium prices for literal plastic. Not only is it bad for the environment, polyester objectively looks and feels much worse than natural fabrics. I will not purchase an item of clothing that isn't 100% cotton, wool, cashmere, etc.

>Fashion Nova styles

This only looks good on a certain body type, and the body type itself looks horrible. Cheap-looking and unsophisticated.

>skater skirts

I see way too many adult women wearing these.

>loungewear worn anywhere but inside the home

It isn't difficult to find a pair of looser trousers, or even ponte pants (which feel like leggings). When I see leggings/sweatpants/hoodies in public, especially ones that aren't crafted with any aesthetic in mind, I get irritated. It's a basic sign of respect to everyone who has to look at you to dress and groom yourself to some basic minimum level, if you have the capacity to do so.

> sweats, teddy fur jacket, flannels and chunky sneakers.

anon, this is objectively a bad look.

No. 156742

I'm almost 6 months pregnant and leggings are the only thing I can wear at the moment. I'm not wearing maternity clothes, I find them all super ugly and they are overpriced.

I do like leggings with an oversized flannel. That's my go to outfit when I'm sick or haven't had enough sleep.

No. 156743

>that's an objectively bad look

That's what advocates from the French girl crowd don't understand. There is no such thing as an objectively bad look in terms of fashion genres.

They think the only way to dress well is to look like a middle class office worker or a cast of sex and the city and that's not a bad thing in itself, but that's not the only acceptable way to dress. They sneer at casual urban streetwear and think it's objectively terrible.

No. 156744

We get it, you are not a fan of streetwear.

You don't need to get irritated over people who enjoy urban streetwear. That's extremely uppity.

I don't like more sophisticated clothes, but I can appreciate them on other people.

No. 156745

Any type of fashion that has random shit thrown together and/or 50 different clashing colors, so mainly scene (and some types of Japanese alt fashion).

No. 156748

File: 1603771201388.jpeg (122.89 KB, 740x1180, EFD64305-9031-438B-937A-3B0966…)

Fashion nova crap like this

No. 156749

I think any particular style can potentially look good, but I can't get over childish or girl like clothing or a 'kawaii' sort of style.

Shirts with Disney characters, hearts, cute animals, hello kitty ect. I don't think they look good on anyone who has started showing signs of puberty.

Maybe people will hate me for saying this but I don't think there is any good way to style kawaii type fashion items.

I also notice a lot of old women will go back to dressing like giant toddlers in a reverse sort of way. Hearts, overdoing the color pink, brightly colored flowers and swirls, shapeless silhouettes, capris.

I don't think it's a good look and it's a trap that women should avoid falling into if they want to look stylish.

No. 156750

My first thought is that that all looks wildly uncomfortable. Those pants are a surefire way to a sweaty crotch.

Maybe if they were black instead of snake print that could be a good look at a bar, but I would be constantly pulling at it all night.

No. 156751

File: 1603771765249.jpg (12.83 KB, 336x550, 619BiRJbuDL._AC_UY550_.jpg)

Capris are something that I can't get over, seriously.

I get that they are probably more comfortable than regular length pants in the heat of summer, I get that they 'hide your cellulite' but there are other things you can wear that don't make you look like a dumpy matron.

They are a sure sign that you are fading into middle age and just don't care about yourself anymore.

No. 156753

File: 1603771998050.png (310.2 KB, 347x540, foreskin coat.PNG)

I loathe anything beige if it's not on a person significantly darker than the beige item in question. Especially those beige trench coat looking things, they're at their worst when they're in wool imo. They're so basic-travel-blogger-with-a-stick-up-her-ass, and just ugly as hell. I do not see the appeal.

No. 156754

File: 1603772025823.jpg (26.9 KB, 679x1043, 51IC6v4fnSL._AC_UX679_.jpg)

Bodysuits. I feel so infantilized by the thought of this.

A man would never be expected to wear something like this.

How would you use the toilet in one of these things? Toddlers wear them because they wear a diaper.

No. 156755

I'm not into trench coats. They seem difficult to style and they always make me think of Sherlock Holmes.

I do like beige on brunettes and darker skinned women. It clashes with blonde hair.

No. 156756

This 100%

No. 156757

Lol I felt so attacked by that comment. I’m also pregnant rn and it’s getting cold out so I’m loving my leggings. I barely fit into any of my pants/skirts, and none of my jeans so I have limited options. Got some maternity leggings (and have another non maternity pair already) and a pair of maternity jeans and they’re lifesavers.

Even before I was pregnant I never hated leggings though. I usually have a more dressed up(I’m usually overdressed more than underdressed), fashion forward, interesting style, but every now and then I’d throw them on. I think with leggings there’s a realllllly fine line between looking just dumpy and sloppy and getting that chic, casual, model on her day off look. Totally depends on what kind of top/shoes/accessories you pair them with and how your hair and makeup looks.

No. 156758

File: 1603773739950.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x600, af9688fdf0bae1a1ccb505d845b820…)

They're ugly but not the worst imo, no pants length screams frumpy and middle aged like shorts that end just above the knee.

Eh, they're practical for when you want your top tucked seamlessly and smoothly under pants or a skirt. They aren't really a style in themselves because you should be wearing something on the bottom, the top will just look like a shirt. And a lot of them have buttons at the crotch so you don't have trouble peeing.

No. 156759

I've seen plenty women wear capris that didn't look like "dumpy matron's" lol. It all depends on how you wear it.

No. 156761

How do they wear it then? Nta but I've never seen capris worn stylishly

No. 156762

File: 1603774404245.jpg (62.69 KB, 460x750, 03772290f8ed7470df2ad419348d20…)

sweater dresses look like you're a mom at a holiday party

No. 156763

100%, especially when the dress has a ridiculously floppy cowl neckline which i don't think is attractive on anyone

No. 156765

That whole outfit is a horror, it reminds me how much I also hate belted dresses and OTK boots.

No. 156766

>I'm going to stick to my sweats, teddy fur jacket, flannels and chunky sneakers
flannels are based, I have like 17 flannels

No. 156773


Shorts ride up on me, but I want to show off my ankles. I have no choice!

No. 156778

but they're comfy

No. 156779

This woman is dressed like every middle schooler was dressed in 2007 + blazer and bag so I really don't see anything mature about it kek

No. 156785

Can we laugh at /fa/ cringe here? There's so many bad styles on there it's insane, look at their what are you wearing today threads for a good laugh sometime

No. 156786

Yes absolutely, please share

No. 156787

File: 1603788543200.jpg (5.49 MB, 5184x3456, img_4366.jpg)

Compression clothing with nothing else over the top. I do not want to see the contours of someone's ballsack or labia majora at the gym or while they're jogging through a public park.

No. 156794

File: 1603791167899.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1947x3000, ACD25B0A-750A-4C15-9A14-91503A…)

I HATE low rise jeans. They are unflattering on all body types and look so uncomfortable. Hated them in the 2000s when I was in middle school and it was all the rage and I’m hating their current comeback.

>“unwashed and lazy”
kek and you wouldn’t be wrong. I only wear leggings out when I’m feeling real crusty.

No. 156795

Do Parisian women even dress like this?

No. 156797

Clicked reply to post this, but you beat me to it. Nobody looks good in capris, no matter their body type. 2000's fashion was the worst in general, and capris were the worst of the worst.

> I do not want to see the contours of someone's ballsack
I do, I wish 70's skinny jeans for men would come back and we'd get to gaze upon the bulges.

No. 156799

File: 1603791653596.jpeg (175.94 KB, 683x1024, 84ECB4DF-BA51-439B-9A6A-201D82…)

We can only hope.

No. 156802

>I wish 70's skinny jeans for men would come back and we'd get to gaze upon the bulges.
Kek, at least it's for a good cause

No. 156806

Same here. I used to wear them when I was young and stupid and they made my long torso + short chunky legs combo body look even more bizarre. May high waisted jeans stay in forever, amen

No. 156816

i'm autistic and i never grew out of it kek

No. 156819

File: 1603802305929.jpg (138.61 KB, 526x788, HB4642.jpg)

I think rockabilly clothes always look cheap and costumey, especially on overweight women.

No. 156820

File: 1603802358289.jpg (60 KB, 281x512, unnamed.jpg)

I'm glad the trend is mostly dead but Chevron was everywhere in the early 2010s and it's so ugly.

No. 156824

File: 1603804463516.jpg (124.27 KB, 667x423, bbbb.jpg)

Basic bitch who listents to Drake and Kanye streetwear.

I just think its boring and I usually don't get along with this kind of chick lmao.

No. 156825

> I don't think there is any good way to style kawaii type fashion items.
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks so, kawaii fashion is so restrictive, you can only wear other kawaii items or you will look extremely out of place.
I think some of the kawaii fashion can be cute on its own, but yeah, if you look over 12 it will be weird.

No. 156828


Only if you're a cumbrain

No. 156837

It doesn't help that it's stylized like a costume in that picture. Clearly not everyone goes about their day with a giant ass flower sticking out of their salon updo and then walks around in stripper heels.
Pair that instead with a cardigan and some ballet flats, and maybe a hairstyle that's more everyday, and that wouldn't look anywhere near costumey at all. It's sad cause that dress cut is universally flattering on everyone.

No. 156838

I think they look good with girls with flat stomachs generally, but I think they look weird with hailey’s waist in this picture. So like, girls with straight frames and flat stomachs

No. 156840

File: 1603808559173.jpg (48.38 KB, 640x640, s-l640 (1).jpg)

Right before covid my younger cousin came to visit and she insisted we go to the mall so she could get the latest pastel purple picrel from the crocs shop.

Never understood how people liked these. Not only are they ugly but they're not as comfortable as the claims. It blows my mind how people pay money to stick charms into the holes to make these things more 'personalized.'

No. 156853

Fuck this is going to get spergy but I absolutely hate that dumpy tumblr fashion. The bitches who wear shit like this were the same ones blogging about Superwholock in 2012

No. 156857

File: 1603813956138.jpeg (33.21 KB, 243x400, AC9A22C9-4769-4946-8498-6542C2…)

No anon, it’s actually grotesque. I don’t care about people wearing figure-hugging dresses or pants because the material is generally much thicker. With most tights though you can literally see the exact, individual shape of someone’s ass, any cellulite they have and sometimes camel toe as well. The especially thin ones also show skin through the material and it’s tacky. The fact that scrotes like them for these issues is just one more reason I avoid them, just like I don’t like wearing bras as tops or super high heels. If someone is thin it’s emphasized and they look skeletal, if they’re curvy they look like burger meat shoved in a sack. I don’t want to see that shit when I step outside and I consider them undergarments if they must be worn at all. Tights are not pants and were never meant to be, put some effort in.

For the anons saying they’re pregnant and it’s the only comfy thing they have, I do not understand why you feel material that is literally body-tight is better than something flowy that’s not squeezing you, but you do you.

No. 156858

Leggings are as associated with porn as skater socks are, anon.

No. 156859

I hate this style because it’s also so closely associated with pin-ups and tradthots. Like, “Ooh she’s edgy and tattooed and a freak in bed, but she also loves baking and keeping a clean house!” Not only ugly but some scrote’s wet dream.

No. 156860

KEK skater socks do not have their own entire category on actual porn sites, but keep living in your delusion

No. 156861

File: 1603814404546.jpeg (101.88 KB, 560x551, 399E7526-E217-44BB-B2AA-6643C7…)

Anyone who dresses like this in public needs to grow up

No. 156862

I agree. It looks dumpy and trashy as hell, and says "I've given up on myself". It reminds me of middle school in the mid 2000s when people would wear these with those tunic tops

No. 156863

I've seen way more skater/knee socks in porn than leggings wtf, i associate leggings with athleisure and lazy Walmart people, not porn or scrotes in the slightest

No. 156864

I feel attacked. I went through a phase when I was around 10/11 of only wearing hot pink crocs everywhere. Had the cute charms and everything. I also wore pink sweatpants and the same baseball cap sideways to hide my hair. To be fair I was 10 and had no sense of fashion. If a kid wants to wear that stuff it's fine, it's usually a phase, as long as they wear clothes appropriate for the occasion I wouldn't shame them too bad. Let them think back and cringe later don't ruin their fun now.

No. 156865

I used to like black leggings because I'm a slim person that bloats weirdly after lunch. I used to wear them everyday with long-ish tops or with mens hoodies. Half of my clothes are mens clothes and all of my clothes are black for work. I'm definitely not someone whose trying to be sexy or look great for men.

But I noticed too many incidents where men were no-joke going out of their way to walk close behind me. I had one guy where I had to stop and pretend to check stuff on my phone just to let him overpass me and then he stopped too. Half my way home we played this game of me crossing the street or stopping for no fucking reason and this creep lingered behind me crossing the street after me and then crossing back after I did. Holy shit. I don't wear them so much anymore. My whole look screams boyish lesbian and I'm not curvy but I guess the leggings fetish is strong in some guys.

No. 156866

No, that's not how it works. Skater socks are such a common costume trope in porn they are associated with porn. Same thing with leggings.

No. 156868

Like with most bad fashions, if you're a pre-teen or middle aged you basically get off scott free because no one's expecting you to be fashion forward anyway. They're incredibly dorky, croc-friendly ages

No. 156869

Another pregnant anon here living in leggings. They have no real waistband which is why they are comfortable. Dresses and skirts were fine for summer but now it’s cold and I don’t go anywhere other than the grocery store or pharmacy anyways. Everything else hurts so I may as well wear comfy clothes.

No. 156870

You wouldn’t see scrotes slobbering after a woman simply for wearing skater socks. You frequently do when it comes to women wearing tights though, an another anon described.

No. 156871

File: 1603816094048.jpg (164.72 KB, 768x960, 5482801_1insta.jpg)

This whole outfit is ugly but I'm posting it for the louboutins. They're so tacky and ugly.

No. 156872

I'm going to sound disgusting here but if you search teen/schoolgirl/etc kind of shit on pornhub you'll get someone wearing those kind of socks, often more known as striped ankle socks or something like that

Whenever I think of leggins I think of athleisure or yoga and that's it, but looking at those socks irks me and I feel like it's a fetish thing immediately

No. 156873

This is why I buy thicker, solid, not see-through, cotton blend or wool blend leggings and not shiny cheapo ones (the ones I'm talking about are not even super expensive)

As long as you cover your problem areas with a cute shirt, who cares?

No. 156875

I wear them around the house and outside because they're easy to slip on and nobody bats an eye if you wear them even if they're just high quality house slippers

No. 156876

Why do you hate louboutins? Explain pls I'm interested
I mostly relate them to Jeffree Star

No. 156877

When I lived in NY this was the fashion everywhere, especially on my college campus in the early 2010s.
Moved south and now I never see this anymore haha.

No. 156879

File: 1603816937861.png (656.74 KB, 936x596, veevevee.png)

I have a love/hate relationship with rave clothing because, on one hand:
I don't want to look like a cheap slut, and I really want to look normal and presentable
But also, going PLUR and looking like a cool character sounds super appealing to me? help

No. 156880

That shit looks uncomfortable af and I bet they feel like sausages in their own casings after flailing around for a solid hour and working up a sweat in those.

No. 156882

I adore rave clothing or any kind of underground dance clothing. It's not designed to have a place in the real world anon, you should try it if you're going to a dance club event. It's tacky and over the top and sexual and it's all so much fun, I absolutely used to wear outfits like this when I was able to go to raves.

No. 156884

also no? why would anyone feel like a sausage, that clothing isn't even tight unless you're fat kek

No. 156885

These were so popular in my Eastern Euro country like 10-12 years ago for kids. They would make knock offs with crocodile designs. Good memories.

No. 156886

Everyone's on too many drugs to judge your Fashion Nova shlock but once you're emerging the morning after they might judge your unoriginality if they're not too busy nursing the hangover. Raves seem a very safe area to explore fashion

No. 156887

Even if my normie altfashion hating boyfriend hates it?

No. 156888

I think they only look good if you're very thin or fit. Otherwise they do indeed look porny

No. 156890

I hope you're joking, because you're pretty much obligated to wear it if your boyfriend hates it. But in all seriousness, >>156886 is right, raves are the ideal environment to experiment with outrageous fashion and I encourage every girl to try something outside of her usual look if she's going to one. Why not? When else would you ever get to try it? It's just a fun thing to do.

No. 156891

Because it traps moisture like a sauna, it's stiff, and have you ever even worn plastic-y material on your bare skin before?

No. 156896

how is the dress dumpy? it definitely needs better styling, but it's nice in itself
why are you guys convinced that tights and leggings are the same thing? you can buy leggins from a thick material that are like normal pants except seemless and comfy. You will not be showing your ass or cameltoe in those.

No. 156899


No. 156900

Is that not reason enough?

Kek, I kid. Ntayrt, but I also think they're ugly. They're just stilettos with a narrow frame and gaudy red bottom. I've watched videos from women who own classic LBs, and they all say they're the most uncomfortable shoe they own.

No. 156901

Theres a difference from compression leggings which are marketed for working out and those feel like you're a sausage because its supposed to be holding you in and casual clothing leggings which have a very elastic waist and aren't choking your legs, took me a while to realize there was a difference and the latter are really comfy day to day but the former are for the gym only

No. 156903

File: 1603820733976.jpg (30.03 KB, 309x463, tnsw7pd.jpg)

I hate the paperboy caps that were popular in the early 2000s. They're unflattering on literally everybody. I know early 2000s fashion is coming back but I hope they're left in the past where they belong.

No. 156911

There also used to be a thread here making fun of r/femalefashionadvice and it was so good

No. 156914

File: 1603821897501.jpeg (229.71 KB, 564x1106, F9E36F9F-6E16-4428-A3C5-E186C0…)

This whole outfit but especially the boots

No. 156915

yes yes yes please go ahead

No. 156916

I tried so hard to like big hats because they made me feel like a witch but they look so bad on anybody

No. 156917

File: 1603822190474.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 2800x2669, 1603212352993.jpg)

There's thousands of creepshots of women in leggings on the internet. And then there's stuff like pic related.

No. 156918

Kek it’s also the kind of lady who does amateur burlesque

No. 156920

>For the anons saying they’re pregnant and it’s the only comfy thing they have
It's because they stretch and don't have any buttons or a fly.

No. 156927

Yeah when men are looking for this shit they usually call them yoga pants instead of leggings. A whole world of creepy vids out there where men secretly film women in public in yoga pants/leggings

No. 156928

Does anyone else really dislike black on denim blue or navy blue?

No. 156929

File: 1603824896070.jpg (124.91 KB, 1080x1080, 601d5799fbf7cba3f5eac0f3c23ee0…)

I have some Adidas leggings like pic related and they're perfect for everyday casual wear. The material is thick enough to not be revealing and they're super comfy.

No. 156932

I'm one of the legging-hating anons and these seem okay, especially with the long top covering her crotch/butt. They're fitted but seem to have at least some give to them and I appreciate the thick material.

Still think these only look appropriate for working out though, and in that instance I'd rather just wear some joggers.

No. 156935

I think red bottoms can be classy but with the stockings and mini skirt, or skin tight fits that people love to wear with them, it all just screams I SUCK DICKS FOR SECONDHAND BRANDS

No. 156939

AYRT, I feel like joggers/pants/jeans look awful on me because I'm short and pear shaped. Leggings feel way more flattering and lengthening on my stubby legs.

I also like leggings because I tend to wear a baggy shirt or sweater, and baggy shirts look so sloppy when your pants are baggy too.

No. 156940

When I buy leggings I always go for a thick material. Still I've had men be creepy. To the point where I'll only really wear leggings with ass covering tops now.

No. 156946

fuck I am so with you on polyester. I refuse to buy it anymore, it is completely unbreathable and feels horrible against the skin and as you said terrible for the environment. I also refuse to buy acrylic. 100% cotton is my jam, also love linen. I saw pretty top recently and it was £60 (way out of my budget currently) and I couldn't believe it was 100% polyester. the fucking nerve

I used to wear leggings as pants back when I was around 19 and I look back and cringe. it looks as though you're just wearing tights in a lot of cases. what was I thinking? I don't but would wear leggings as pants now lol but ONLY if my ass was covered by a longer top

I find french girl style very timeless and an easy way to look put together and grown up, but it does get very boring. love my teddy coats though like you. fuck a blazer


I hate low rise too but I don't think they look bad on everyone. I guess you posted Bella as an example of them looking bad on everyone but I think they look great on her. not everyone has her body type though and yes, low rise is unflattering on most.

wait, that's not Bella Hadid?

No. 156950

File: 1603829791687.png (267.36 KB, 500x619, tumblr_27ee071741f002afc756185…)

I agree. I feel like such a massive bitch when someone has a 50s or rockabilly style wedding and everyone praises them for how cool and original they are. it's not cool or original, it looks tacky.

I wear a knock off brand pair to quickly put on before going into my garden. that's all they're good for. I never knew they made charms for them until I saw pic related

ot kinda but kek it's comments like these that make me love lolcow. these are the kind of thoughts I have to myself but don't say aloud cause I don't want people to think I'm a huge bitch. glad I'm in good company here

>I feel attacked. I went through a phase when I was around 10/11 of only wearing hot pink crocs everywhere
you were 10, anon lol. that's perfectly fine


No. 156951

File: 1603830194479.jpg (86.29 KB, 958x517, a502a48d5ef821f80ecc7a80456e13…)

fucking bras as tops. I'm gonna sound like a boomer saying this but it honestly does just look like they forgot to put on their top. it's not a prudish thing either, it just looks honestly so stupid to me. I think when a bralette worn as a top has extra fabric attached so it's reaching fitted crop top territory then that's okay and can look good but simply just a fucking bra… why

No. 156952

>suctioned to your body and shows every contour of your ass in everyday life is just repulsive, cheap and porny to me.
Most women that I see wearing them are pretty slim so there's not a whole lot of ass or whatever to cling to. That and teens wear them in my area. I don't see older or curvier women wear them too often.

No. 156956

> Why
They think they have a good body so they are determined for others to see it and appreciate it. That's my take on the thought process anyway. Lotta trashy trends are basically that.

No. 156961

File: 1603831878173.jpg (384.77 KB, 1936x2582, 1603829391576.jpg)

from /fa/ like you guys look like you're going to the gas station at 4 am this isn't worth showing off…..

No. 156964

this was posted on /fa/…? they look so sloppy.

No. 156969

I wear tights at work because they're comfortable for a physically active job and my uniform covers my ass. Other than that I agree with you

No. 156971

They both look dumpy as hell what the fuck kek

No. 156975

File: 1603836035128.jpg (57.08 KB, 640x510, 132dcfeaa2102b809d2e644458339e…)


Gamine women can pull off capris. Think Audrey Hepburn.

Otherwise I agreen.

No. 156976

It can work, but when it's obviously done in a deliberate way. I have a navy coat that I wear with all black outfits that I didn't think would work, but I get compliments every time.

Most the time people are just being lazy, though.

No. 156977

Chronic depression core

No. 156980

I wish we would be done with crop tops. I have big boobs that just eat the fabric on crop tops, but a lot of cute shirts have a cropped hem and I'm sick of taking a risk on one only for it to turn into a bra top on me.

No. 156984

Are they wearing hilariously baggy clothes because of the fear that if they wear something fitted the /fa/gs will call them fat? Reminds me of 13 year olds with weight insecurities, all they're missing is the sweaters wrapped around their waists to hide the fupa.

No. 156991

Audrey's features are pretty so she can class anything up, but her outfit looks like some generic theater kid's from high school. Just wear normal pants, that tiny little section removed from the ankle is not going to allow more freedom of movement during dance or whatever.

No. 157004

Leave the anime kids alone their life is already enough of a joke

No. 157009

Wow this looks like shit, reminds me of how I used to dress at 16 when I had bad body dysmorphia and was trying to hide as much as possible

No. 157016

Loafers with jeans is certainly… a statement.
Did /fa/ like this??

No. 157065

controversial opinion: A lot of Audrey's outfits are extremely basic or 'meh'-looking, the only reason she's considered a fashion icon for wearing black trousers and a black shirt is that she's pretty

No. 157072

I agree and it reminds me of how some skinny people can just wear whatever and get the style icon treatment

No. 157079


To be fair those outfits were considered very avant-grade in the 50's so back then she would probably be the time's version of an uber hipster when most women her age were wearing pencil skirts and tiny hats.

No. 157131

I know a lot of people on lolcow have talked about this already, but I hate the upcoming y2k fashion trend that's probably coming soon. I dread to think that I'll have to sift through a bunch of branded shit, garishly bejeweled tops, low-rise jeans shit on depop to find anything decent. I wonder how the current trend of minimalism would effect the modern day version of y2k fashion

No. 157132

I kinda like the girl on the left's outfit

No. 157134

Sorry in advance everyone, controversial opinion incoming, but I think indie tumblr girl fashion from the late 2000s/early 2010s is worse or as bad as Y2K fashion.

No. 157135

Ngl anons I love low rise jeans and I praise the lord they may be coming back. It is so hard to find them these days, everywhere I go it's high-waisted skinny jean bullshit and I hate it. I am a thin person (105 lbs/5'5) but I bloat up like anyone after eating and I HATE having this super tight material right over my gut. Even when I'm not stuffed full of food I just hate that jeans have essentially become rougher, less comfortable leggings, which I'm also not a fan of. I would love to have easier access to jeans with waistbands below my stomach and a more relaxed fit once again.

No. 157140

File: 1603923845704.jpg (116.38 KB, 1000x1000, 7f7e412fba94b4688bdc3dfc221e19…)

y2k make people look like cheap prostitutes/strippers, its genuinely awful and hyper-sexualized.
Also if you're not a gorgeous model-faced anachan you basically look like a jugalette or methhead.

No. 157141

I have a short torso and can't stand high-rise jeans. Is there any in-between that isn't a "mom jean" look? Because those are fugly.

Most of the rest of this thread, I completely agree with the hate. Does anyone remember gauchos? My teacher used to wear them. I searched and apparently they're in style again? Say it ain't so.

No. 157155

Was it necessary to tell us your height and weight?

No. 157158

High waisted shit makes my stomach make so many embarrassing sounds when I lean over at all or sit. I like it, personally, but it kills me

No. 157162

If they weighed 200 pounds would you be this triggered?

No. 157189

This is a style?? They look like they're about to rob a bank

No. 157191

File: 1603961971459.jpg (21.27 KB, 452x679, images.jpeg-43.jpg)

These cropped jackets.

No. 157194

I am so damn short that these look almost normal sized on me, so more for me anon

No. 157195

>When I see leggings/sweatpants/hoodies in public, especially ones that aren't crafted with any aesthetic in mind, I get irritated.
leggings I get but hoodies though???

No. 157196

File: 1603964570112.jpg (102.59 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-200605115552-1024-…)

Tie dye

No. 157201

>hoodies in public
I mean hoodies are kind of designed to be functional as outdoor clothes. Warm and hooded for going outside

No. 157208

Girls that wear huge shirts and short shorts together. It makes them look like they don't wear anything underneath their shirt. It was popular with zoomers for a while. Is it still in with zoomies?

No. 157213

Yeah, it’s pretty big atm because they use it to try to hide that they edit the organs out of their waists

No. 157216

>tfw I actually had an outfit like that to go to uni
It just gives them the illusion of being a smol uwu beanie bean, the moment the brain actually finishes developing one gets to understand how it doesn’t work making anyone look dumpy and a bit like a starving kid or hobo depending on the body type of the girl in question.

No. 157218

When I see tie dye shirts I always associate it with hair dyeing videos, like that's the go-to old shirt to wear in em

No. 157228

File: 1603979381070.jpg (84.24 KB, 600x1034, 16CHAWFLCFLLZPHDXAPT_Granite_H…)

I hate these hoodies with the zipper in the middle, they make you look tacky, unhinged, underdressed, unbathed, and lumpy. The zipper is so goddamn distracting, I hate them, they're not even good for working out because they feel like shit
It also pisses me off that for a while growing up this is all they sold on the mall at my tiny ass town. Just stupid zipper hoodies or tracksuits. Honestly they look so bad that I want whoever thought this was a good idea to burn in hell. Zipperless hoodies FTW. I love a good NORMAL LOOKING hoodie, fuck these abominations.

reposting from /ot/ because I feel like this also goes here

No. 157238

File: 1603984341673.jpg (31.6 KB, 450x675, 8d43d21945e71a6efe763b400b057a…)

Yeah, they look really frumpy and ugly when they're fully zipped up. The only way zip-up sweatshirts can look acceptable is when they're oversized and left unzipped like pic related. I have a few big men's ones that I just wear around the house. I get hot quickly so it's more convenient to just shrug it on and off instead of pulling a sweatshirt over my head over and over again. I wouldn't really wear it as part of an ~outfit~ when I go out though.

No. 157250

>Also if you're not a gorgeous model-faced anachan you basically look like a jugalette or methhead.
I may sound like an old lady but I worry that this shitty fashion is gonna ruin so many young girls' minds and give them unnecessary complexes like it did to people my age

No. 157255

File: 1603989562717.jpg (8.57 KB, 174x290, images (1).jpg)

Please can we never, ever normalize low rise pants again. They look terrible on everyone in my opinion,even on people with fit bodies. They mess your proportions up and just seeing them on someone else gives me physical discomfort because we all know they are not made for comfort. They constantly need hiking up (at least they did on me) and I still have flashbacks of being soaked up to the knee whenever it rained.

They have caught on on tick tok but I don't see anyone fashion conscious wearing them where I live. I see the occasional in shape middle aged woman obviously wearing them who can't let go of the hit me baby one more time era.

No. 157256

I think it's one thing to wear low-rise jeans with a tiny crop top like that, and another to wear a less extreme version and a more normal shirt with them.

The reality is that low-rise works for people with certain body types. Those body types often find high waists uncomfortable. So there won't be a kind that makes everyone happy.

Just stock up on what you like and wear that? At least there is more choice for everyone now.

No. 157257

These will come back into fashion every few years, high waist, low rise, high waist, it'll repeat forever

No. 157258

sick of fatties being triggered over y2k fashion. no one else gets this triggered over a fashion trend except these hambeasts that have PTSD over not being able to pull of low rise jeans 15 years ago. let it go.

No. 157260

File: 1603990912662.png (596.48 KB, 748x755, 53816db951bfc26a5cd66d9fe3a7a5…)

It's already happening
Christ anon, who hurt you?

Anyways I dislike this kind of "soft sister" aliexpress style, so many cows wear it

No. 157266

Im skinny af and still hate y2k, its called having a fashion sense.
Any other decade is better looking that this atrocious stripper-wear.

No. 157267

> these hoodies with the zipper in the middle, they make you look tacky, unhinged, underdressed, unbathed, and lumpy
I was wearing exactly this (same color shown) the last time I got randomly chatted up in the street and I definitely had a moment where I was like… really? You fucking want this? lol

No. 157268

Don't blame fatties for your unpopular fashion everyone makes fun of.

No. 157270

Maybe I've known of j-fashion for too long at this point but I find this looks so outdated. Has kawaii fashion not evolved at all?

No. 157272

speak for yourself, it's only losers on here that make fun of it lmao. goes to show the kind of failed women that go on lolcow.

No. 157286

Pure delulu.

No. 157287

I have a pair of flare low rise jeans that my mom wore in the early 90s that I wear sometimes but I'd never wear them with a crop top, I already have a long torso as is. I think they can look fine with a long flowy top or some kind of oversized sweater for some grungy/hippy vibes where you can barely see the butt. Generally I prefer to tuck my shirts in and in that case, I definitely wouldn't go for low rise jeans.

No. 157291

File: 1603998935544.png (825.11 KB, 704x798, kuua.png)

Some of it has to things more like pic related, but when it comes to AliExpress, only the most popular, easily duplicated shit that's been market-tested for the past 5-ish years gets mass-produced. They're not going to copy things that they don't already know there's a huge demand for.
Replicas of dresses made in 2014 are still selling now, because the new stuff is more expensive and flat-out doesn't get much publicity outside of Japan until after it blows up severely.

No. 157297

I really like the 70s vibe of dark wash low-rise flares. Just keep all that bedazzled 00s shit and weird distressing off of them.

No. 157305

So many moments I was worried about showing my buttcrack or underwear from the slightest movement. Also the long ass jeans that would get wet from rain or snow

No. 157354

I read a reddit thread (shocking) with men saying they hate high waist jeans and prefer low rise because they're more sexy. If that alone isn't reason enough to hate them idk what is.

No. 157400

Hell no it's not. Tacky pattern, cheap fabric that rips five minutes within you putting it on. The cut is usually awkward and doesn't flatter the body unless you're some morbidly obese bitch who sized out of pants. Not to mention the women who wear these pair the dress with dusty black low top converse and you have half the lolcow userbase. 87 year old grandma dying of dementia looks

No. 157422

high waisted jeans are so fucking uncomfortable though

No. 157464

I find the opposite. Low rise ones dig into my c section scar and even before that they made me need to pee constantly. They also don't stay up and they get wet up to the knee whenever it rains.

No. 157466

There are a lot of men who just hate the fact that fashion is more age and body type inclusive and is more woman centered as of late.

No. 157467

Everything about the early 00s was horrible, including those old man hats.

No. 157468

File: 1604088292365.jpg (6.66 KB, 183x275, images (2).jpg)

Handkerchief hems on anything.

They make me feel lumpy and untidy and they just look unflattering on everyone. They make slender to medium sized women look swamped and larger women look shapeless and even fatter.

No. 157476

I love high waisted jeans because they're so comfortable (besides flattering). I really don't get what's so uncomfortable about high waister jeans?

No. 157480

File: 1604091562629.jpg (319.49 KB, 1200x1596, 20191226160151_5e0468ef951a5.j…)

Men don't actually know what they like tbh. I'm sure they're thinking of super mumsy, frumpy versions of high waisted clothes that go really close to your ribs rather than the more subtle/normal high waists like pic related. I see them shit on high waisted skirts too, which is what really gets me. People haven't worn low rise skirts since Paris Hilton was big, and a cinched waist is the norm because it's most flattering. I don't believe for a second they really think classic high waisted skirts are ugly, they just don't define things as high waisted unless it's really exaggerated.

It's like how men are always going on about how much they love sun dresses, but they can never consistently describe/define one. Like, what is a sundress exactly, other than light enough to wear in the sun? A maxi dress, a tea dress, what neckline does it have, how long is it, what's the skirt cut like? They have no idea, they just have a generic idea of what an item of clothing is and run with it.

No. 157481

They're men on Reddit, their opinions doesn't count.

If low waist vs high waist is better all depends on your body type though.

No. 157495

File: 1604097362607.jpg (158.25 KB, 1280x1280, P8.jpg)

Those basic tees in that thin, see through fabric. It often pills really quickly and shrinks easily, as well.

It feels kind of scratchy after a few wears.

I noticed a big prevalence of them in contemporary fashion outlets in the 2010s. Now whenever I go thrifting I see racks of these things that no one wants.

No. 157496

Yeah I have to agree with your views on rockabilly fashion. It looks kinda infantilizing, a bit like kawaii but in an odd, tacky sexualized way. I don't think there are as many plus sized women that do it anymore. I have seen it becoming more popular with troons as of late.

I think as fashion has become more size inclusive and waists have become higher fatter women just wear what everyone else wears.

No. 157497

i hate dresses/skirts that aren't mini. other people can rock them but they look like shit on me no matter what
i also really don't like combat boots

No. 157503

jeans with holes in the knees are so fugly why would you want to wear those???

No. 157504

Agree. I'm so fucking happy that it went out of style. They always looked like literal Halloween costumes and the people wearing them thought they were the most original fashionistas ever despite looking like carbon copies of each other.

No. 157505

File: 1604099923704.jpg (91.15 KB, 696x1044, agg95329_blue_xl_3.jpg)

I don't mind them when the holes are subtle but I don't like overly distressed jeans

No. 157508

File: 1604100621276.jpg (62.08 KB, 580x580, m_5d2cd52626219f104b54971a.jpg)

Im amazed jeans with rips on the back exist. Saw a girl in public wearing them and I was so confused thinking her pants were on backwards.

No. 157509

File: 1604100695409.jpg (35.7 KB, 600x800, PQQL7_SQ1_0000000168_IVORY_MDf…)

Those tops that are too long to be a regular top and too short to be a dress, tunics, smocks, ect.

I mean I liked them in 2012 with leggings but now they just make anyone who wears them look really outdated. Same with those sweater dresses.

No. 157510

Opposite for me. I make sure all my pants have at least a 10 inch rise. I just gave away the pants that were less than 10 inches

No. 157511

I like the ones with the zipper but I usually only wear them open. I'm a warm person and it helps to have a bit of air flow but to keep covered on my back and arms. I generally prefer more casual clothing. I don't think they look good however unless they are loose fitting.

No. 157515

File: 1604102557646.jpg (579.73 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-31_01-56-54.JPG)

I do think y2k fashion is coming back but in a more diluted sense. The examples I see of it are certainly more inclusive of different body types than before.

65% of America is overweight or obese and other western and most European and many Latin American countries have similar figures. I don't think it would be marketable for fashion retailers to ignore this fact when cycling old trends that come from a time where fewer people, particularly younger adults, were fatter.

Here are some examples I found when I searched y2k

Modern fashion is also made of better fabrics due to improved fabric technology and is more comfort focused than it was decades ago.

Fashion cycles but it changes to meet the demands of the current consumer market.

No. 157520

File: 1604104138113.jpg (124.04 KB, 933x1400, eafa09524d4e8273482a3b2ff1ce2b…)

I really hate the crop top trends, especially cropped hoodies/sweatshirts/sweaters. They make no sense and they're unflattering on pretty much anyone who isn't super skinny.

No. 157521

I actually love this top anon

No. 157525

File: 1604105273084.jpg (100.58 KB, 510x610, 8r495x-l-610x610-sweater-tumbl…)

I hate the oversized trend but I only hate it because, confusingly enough, I love it so much. I feel like oversized clothing only looks good on girls who are skinny all over. I'm a thin hourglass which I'm ok with, but I have big thighs and big, muscular calves so when I wear any oversized, loose-fitting top that doesn't accentuate my waist I look 50lbs heavier than I actually am, and it sucks because I fucking love oversized, chunky sweaters. I am forever jealous of girls with thin, dainty legs, consider yourselves lucky.

Also chunky athletic sneakers are ugly as sin and should be burned.

No. 157532

Oh to be a beanpole girl so I can wear my favorite fashions… Nope we gotta wear WAIST EMPHASIS. Hate this shit.

No. 157545

Backless shit can go to hell. I'm tired of picking cute tops off the rack only to find out they only made the front half.

No. 157549

It looks like something that someone would wear because they are insecure about their body.

No. 157550

I really like the cropped sweater trend.

No you don't have to be slim to wear it. In fact if you are not slim it will cut you off at the smallest part of your body, making you look slimmer and making your bottom half look longer. Just wear it with some high rise mom jeans or loose sweats/slacks if you don't want people to be able to make out your fupa/belly line.

Personally I get really hot and sweaty, even in winter but at the same time it's still cold. They give the right balance between hot and cool since air will still circulate around your body.

That mustard color though is gross. It reminds me too much of baby poop. Every time I see it I think of a dirty diaper.

No. 157551

File: 1604113011555.jpg (15.74 KB, 700x525, 81NB0E4RBBL._AC_SR700,525_.jpg)

Bermuda shorts. Everything about them is just ugly. I would rather see some cellulite than those hideous things.

No. 157552

File: 1604113133445.jpg (42.5 KB, 301x451, 503449_FW18_HF_ZJY.jpg)

Waterfall cardigans. They make anyone who wears them look completely shapeless and they look like melting candles.

No. 157555

>They make anyone who wears them look like they want to sell you a marketing solutions package for your home crafting business

No. 157556

yeah, agreed. How many adult women want to go out braless? Yeah, I know there are solutions for backless dresses but come on, most women don't own one of those painful backless bras.

God I wish I had tiny boobs and could go braless (for real) but I don't know anyone personally who would do it

No. 157558

File: 1604113764335.jpg (468.07 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-31_05-07-07.JPG)

I hate, hate, hate florals.

Specifically larger, bolder florals or florals that are the most obvious thing about a piece and make you look like you are wearing your grandmother's curtain.

I don't mind them as much if they are tiny and they are not the main accent of the piece.

Like I wouldn't wear the blue dress, but I would wear the turquoise one.

No. 157560

File: 1604114278954.jpg (309.52 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20201031_051734.jpg)

I hate espadrille type shoes. Not only do they completely lack any utility but they are ugly, flimsy, cheap looking and uncomfortable.

No. 157562

i havent seen one of those in aaaages, i didnt think they were a thing anymore! also hard agree

No. 157565

File: 1604115553743.jpg (527.8 KB, 898x1348, Screenshot_20201031_053708.jpg)

I really don't like shirts with corny slogans written on them.

I'm so fed up with seeing an OK shirt only to see 'good vibes' or 'I love myself' written on the front at closer inspection.

The shirt would be better if it was plain and it would cost slightly less to make.

No. 157567

File: 1604116974936.jpg (40.92 KB, 555x833, DSC01490-1.jpg)

Holy shit I hate this crap. Last time I went shopping for formal dresses it felt impossible. All the pretty dresses had some ridiculous strap/back design that would be impossible with a bra.

Why are so many tops and dresses designed like this? I've only seen a few dresses offer built in support, but that still isn't as supportive as I'd like with my floppy udders. I just want a cute dress that I can wear with my normal bra.

No. 157569

Boob tape


I watched a video once of a girl on YouTube talking about how she often uses it and she was overweight and had very large bust and it worked on her.

No. 157570


This stuff is supposed to be good. I haven't been in a situation where I have had to try it but it's probably what I would try if I wanted to wear a dress that required me to go braless.


It doesn't hurt, apparently and it's sweat resistant.

No. 157577

I definitely considered this last time, I eventually decided against it because it looks difficult to apply correctly and probably feels uncomfortable after a while (I really don’t want to cover my chest in tape). The after pictures usually look oddly shopped and I also don’t know anyone who uses it.

Maybe in the future I’ll try it. Stick on bras are a complete joke if you’re a D or larger. Some strapless bras can be kind of okay, but with the way most dresses are designed, the back of the bra will be exposed anyway.

No. 157582

File: 1604126572474.jpg (873.11 KB, 3013x2009, download (19).jpg)

The front on these always reminds me of this.

No. 157591

I love it too. I find this style of loose top to be flattering for hourglass shapes compared to oversized hoodies and sweaters like >>157525 wrote

No. 157621

File: 1604155555565.jpg (284.1 KB, 954x1200, EMKVYeVXsAYMWE8.jpg)

The fact that it's 2020 and I still see girls dressing like pic related …

No. 157622

Only girls from conservative families who're only allowed to wear skirts dress like this where I live.

No. 157641

What do they have against tights? Just wear tights instead of these hideous leggings?

No. 157646

I don't understand the hate everyone has for leggings here. They're comfy and easy to run errands in. As long as the person covers the butt and crotch area what's the big deal?

No. 157649

Nylons are so fucking itchy. I don't wear skirts in cooler weather full stop. I own a few pairs for possible formal events that I have maybe worn once in my life.

Leggings are a type of pant, they are not meant purely as a cover up and they are not meant to be see through. It's not fashionable to wear them with a dress. They are more athleisure these days.

No. 157651

I think leggings are OK to be worn with a shorter top as long as they are not see through.

I'm not talking about an underwear line, I see those frequently too in skinny jeans and I'm not such a baby that I throw a fit because I know a woman is wearing underwear, but when you can literally see what underwear or lack of a woman is wearing. If your leggings are completely see through you might want to go up a size.

No. 157658

How do you wear them during winter?? How strong are winters in your area? Do you wear an undershirt?
I wear an undershirt the moment day temps hit around 15 C. Basically that's my cut off point for crop tops although I really only wear them during summer. Crop hoodies/sweaters are the most impractical pieces of clothing for me.

No. 157679

A lot of people in America don’t need to wear super warm outfits because they exclusively travel by car and don’t walk in the cold weather

No. 157708

Same, I get cold easily and I just don't see the point of a hoodie/sweater that isn't long enough to cover my stomach. I only wear hoodies when it's (somewhat) cold, so a cropped one just has zero use to me.

No. 157725

Fuck anon why did you remind me about how this is still a thing. It looks fucking hideous and exactly like >>157622 said. I think denim skirts are unflattering on anyone but the leggins add an extra layer of special ed core to it.

No. 157730

Hm I guess that makes some sense. I spend a lot of time walking to my train station/work/to uni so I need to be dressed well, especially when the coldest winters can get to -20C here.

No. 157750

File: 1604244832339.jpg (30.59 KB, 480x720, 108629e6d604223f3285cc2c702f98…)

the only thing worse than leggings are pleather leggings. they look even more porny and tacky and whenever i see a young girl wearing those as pants, i just get mad.

No. 157755

This is so objectively ugly and unflattering, and I blocked it's existence out of my mind. They all look like they're wearing a dirty old apron over some shitty clothes for "around the house".

No. 157763

i second this. i place leggings of all sorts (except the kind that are made exclusively for working out) into the same class as jeggings. unless you're pregnant or in the middle of working out, i just think they look lazy and trashy

No. 157772

I think people are tempted to buy this garbage especially from that pretty little thing site because the models are hot, this woman is so hot it makes the outfit seem inoffensive but if you cut her head out of the pic I think it gives a better reality check.

No. 157780

anon are you joking the models are all basic instathot baddies with too much filler

No. 157783

Please don’t be autistic, you know I’m just casually referring to normie standard and why women gravitate towards that bullshit. They look beautiful when shooped, off with you.

No. 157786

File: 1604265042156.jpg (127.83 KB, 736x1105, f68605.jpg)

2010s fashion was the worst, absolutely ugly and uninspiring. At least y2k was trashy and creative, I'm happy it has made a come back. My biggest PTSD flashbacks include:
>Baseball jackets and "swag" fashion in general
>Super tight and printed blazers
>Kimono jackets
>Aztec prints
>Crosses prints and earings
>Statement necklaces
>Fake braided hair headbands
>Flat snapbacks
>Superman logo
>Fringed tops
>High low skirts and tops
>Ballet shoes

No. 157788

File: 1604266193846.jpg (82.03 KB, 564x846, tf7.jpg)

same. I really like oversized clothing, but I look awful in it which is weird since I see asian girls pull it off and, although I'm not asian, I am pretty short and I'm almost underweight, so I 'should' look good in it

No. 157790

you hit the nail on the head with this one anon, agreed 100% and I'm going to add skinny jeans to the list

No. 157791

File: 1604267215387.jpeg (27.16 KB, 215x274, E570F243-F8BA-4163-9942-604394…)

Oh god, everything you mentioned especially the
>swag fashion in general

No. 157792

It likely has to do with your proportions anon.

I'm a rock climber of average height with chunky, muscular thighs and a big ass, so oversized clothing should look terrible on me theoretically.
However, I'm also 90% leg and 10% torso so oversized clothing just drapes over my chunky parts and doesn't look like it's cutting my legs off at an awkward spot.

Likewise, my bff is a K1 boxer and pulls off girly dresses despite looking super shredded in a bikini because she's short with thinner arms.

No. 157793

is that the same as hypebeast fashion?

No. 157798

maybe. I have stick arms and I'm like 60% torso, but I have some pretty chunky thighs (at least in proportion to the rest of my body). I guess I'll stick to my never-ending waist emphasis

No. 157829

It's about balancing the proportions and the fit of the clothing.

If you are shorter than average then wearing oversized clothes might look strange because the proportions are simply meant for women taller than you.

Try shopping petites or ordering from an Asian company (not one targeted at westerners, I have found that they exaggerate the features they think we have, making things really long) if you haven't already.

No. 157830

File: 1604294673349.jpg (60.47 KB, 506x698, 9830915d4930ba1813de28fea2362d…)

Don't forget this hairstyle.

No. 157835

I hate ankle pants. I dont mind seeing them on other people, but the thought of wearing them gives me indescribeable visceral disgust. It pisses me off so much that most jeans these days are ankle jeans. It doesnt look good, it cant possibly feel good. Whats wrong with normal pant legs that go all the way down?

No. 157836


No. 157839

You are me.

Sage for blog, but the ONE time I wore capris for an interview I was so enrsged that I literally pulled them off in my car and drove home in my underwear. My ankles were freezing and it was like I couldn't stop hitting my ankles on fucking everything.

No. 157840

Try being 159cm tall

All pants are full length on me. I happen to like ankle pants. Thank goodness I know how to sew.

No. 157841

I love ankle pants, they strike a good balance between casual and professional and somehow make your legs look skinnier (not longer, admittedly). Maybe because the contrast between the slightly wider pants legs and ankles makes your ankles seem extra thin?

I've never been a pants person and they're the only ones I'll wear, I can't really articulate why but I just feel frumpy as hell in anything else.

No. 157842

I'm an anon with short legs and I'm grateful for ankle pants because they make me look like I have normal length legs

No. 157847

Hard disagree, showing the ankle looks so much nicer than a jeans that disappears in the shoe.

> it cant possibly feel good

Do you mean that you think it gets cold? Not in the climate where I live.

No. 157852

Most of the examples posted here are simply dated, I guess that's why we can no longer stand to see them.

I hate this so much mainly because I always wore it in the past. My mom dressed me up in blazers and trenchcoats starting from when I was just a preteen and I thought that I'm more mature/elegant than those other girls who wore short skirts or leggings but now I just regret "othering" myself instead of just enjoying being and looking like a teen.
But seeing that style and even yt tutorials on how to get that "effortless french girl" look in fucking 2020…

That trend annoys me the most. I have very muscular claves/cankles so I just look fat in them. I'm also very tall meaning normal pants already tend to be short on me, so ankle pants often look more like capris which is even worse. It's so difficult to find normal length pants nowadays, what are we supposed to do in winter?

No. 157856

File: 1604318946535.jpg (32.83 KB, 600x800, PQRA9_SQ1_0000000872_OAT_MDf.j…)

Flared trousers in ribbed material are in again. I think it only looks good in pictures and only with platforms or chunky shoes. I honestly don't know how I feel about Y2K bratz style revival, I feel like you have to be skinny with small boobs and narrow hips to pull it off, even for shit like baby tees

No. 157861

flared trousers always are and always will be an atrocity

No. 157875

i love these pants, but i get that they only look good on a very specific body type which i happen to meet. i have a relatively flat ass and flared trousers just sit so good on my ass and make it round idk how else to describe it lol. also they make my legs look longer in comparison to my torso which is good

No. 157876

My mum made me wear this type of pants when I was a overweight pre-teen and as you can imagine, it looked like shit on me.

No. 157878

Something about this look screams "stay at home mom involved with an MLM" to me. Denim skirts are unwearable in my opinion.

Baby tees almost always look people look fat/dumpy in my opinion. I think it's because the sleeves are short and tight around the arms. I hate low-rise jeans, too. I hated being paranoid that my asscrack was out and I hated seeing strangers' ugly neon thongs.

No. 157879

flared and bootcut are the best cuts. Well, if you're tall at least.

No. 157885

File: 1604331807511.png (90.21 KB, 240x200, 19D67AB1-7830-45B5-849F-0197B8…)

Also nerd glasses
This is an example of a trend that’s become old enough that I like it again. But if you asked me 5 years ago I probably would have said it’s ugly

No. 157912

ok boomer

No. 157916

holy shit this fucking ex dee ass combover, i hate it so much. personally i can't stand any of the 2010s hipster tropes that were popularized on lookbook by people like nadia esra. i just think it looks like a cheap and ugly take on vintage styles. another bad hairstyle from this time was the half-shaved head.

No. 157919

File: 1604342790829.jpg (73.22 KB, 600x641, 4fafae1c0ebebb9694b63528778dee…)

I remember teen me thristing over the "Indie/hipster scene" look kek
They all had this overly layered and fluffy scene hair but in a ginger/auburn colour

No. 157920

File: 1604343075505.jpeg (112.48 KB, 750x684, 71AB788F-1D1C-434E-97B8-E0A1ED…)

That outfit is disgusting but I like girly “childish” fashion I feel attacked
Pic: something I would wear

No. 157923

File: 1604343917286.jpeg (139.29 KB, 640x960, 250DFF88-EB38-4339-B8A9-758C90…)

Samefag but I love cartoon/hello kitty clothes

No. 157925

jfc this looks like a ddlg prostitute.

No. 157926

I like(d) this hairstyle because it works perfectly with my natural hair texture.

No. 157927

samefag, like i get that it's kinda cringe but i love this look

No. 157928

Anon that outfit is equally disgusting if not more. >>157925 said it accurately.

No. 157939

This outfit is way worse. It's not even "childish" or girly, it's stripper-like.

No. 157940

Ngl, ddlg zoomer egirl: edgy edition only works if you look like bella poarch

No. 157943

Why do so many gen Z girls dress like prostitutes?

No. 157944

File: 1604352313752.jpg (18.19 KB, 460x374, what-is-bella-poarchs-net-wort…)

a bit OT but that girl's nosejob is so fucking botched, her nostrils are going different directions.

No. 157945

probably the influence of ig thottery, the dopamine rush when girls receive attention for the provocative photos they post on sm, and glamourisation of sex work. it's really sad

No. 157951

the fuck why

imo skinny jeans make me want to kms

No. 157952

My cousin is gen-z and wore a see-through midriff top with no bra underneath to her dad's birthday in front of her brothers, cousins and uncles. You could see her boobs very clearly.

I was really shocked her mom didn't say anything.

No. 157953

Exactly this. The new feminist empowerment thing is being a ho but don’t you dare criticize someone for it because it’s her choice! So girls are just being taught to dress for male approval because they think it makes them cool and part of that trend of bad bitch girls. I feel like an old person because social media is so blatant about this and I can see it warping how girls view themselves. Same reason why getting fillers or surgery is empowering and so common because you’re “just doing it for yourself” based on inflated beauty standards though

No. 157954

File: 1604355646586.jpg (40.48 KB, 600x600, d885b7b8c4004dae10d362c378d781…)

this reminded me how much I hated the colored skinny jeans trend

No. 157955

Do you go out looking like a slut anon? god thats disturbing

No. 157956

File: 1604355931077.jpg (14.44 KB, 300x300, ca034743ad0f33ae1a4d0a3d599b1f…)

does anyone remember these balloon-like skirts that looked like you had shit dangling between your legs?

No. 157957

File: 1604356263622.jpg (11.48 KB, 300x300, 2vnebET.jpg)

I used to completely hate mesh shirts and thought it was another instance of girls with small boobs being allowed to get away with it, but now I kind of like them and want to wear them like pic related but I'm not sure they're still in style.

No. 157958

wear it regardless, it'd probably look quite cool.

No. 157959

> dad's birthday in front of her brothers, cousins and uncles
even though doing that is pretty cringe, the way it's phrased sorta makes it seem like you're suggesting 'oh no, her much older male family members may get aroused at looking another family member who's less than half their age'

No. 157961

Yeah, that's exactly it. It's weird. Why wear provocative/sexual clothing around your family members?

No. 157962

Even if they were good moids didn't get aroused its still weird and disrespectful imo, its like showing to a family dinner in a gimp suit.

No. 157964

they're still in style, but yeah small boob girls can get away with it no prob

No. 157965

Nta but it's uncomfortable to just show your nipples to your family members

No. 157967

File: 1604360427549.jpg (53.1 KB, 728x1092, Most-Comfortable-Flats.jpg)

I hate ballet flats because they age me like 10 years. They also just look so ugly to me. But despite this I still own/wear a pair (in professional environments only) because I don't want to wear heels to work and don't know of any other 'girly' yet comfortable options. If anyone has any other recommendations please feel free to mention some.

As someone who has shorter than 'regular sized' legs, ankle jeans NEED to stay in stores oml.

No. 157969

Monsterous Black "Businesscough prostitution mother kei. Can say from the perspective of a person with a parent like this, it looks so bad in an everyday circumstance. No grace, no class, all gaudiness and excess.

No. 157971


Agreed, shit makes you like grandma's couch.

No. 157973


It reminds me of summertime Karen core.

No. 157974

sorry for sperging but I hate the amount of "femme" lesbians that dress like this. it's so goddamn ugly just dress like a normal feminine woman ffs

No. 157977

Anybody that's an adult who still wears ballet flats is a psychopath

No. 157982

I agree but then again WHAT ELSE DO YOU WEAR AS FOOTWEAR TO WORK ANON. Please give recs so I don't have to look like a Karen any longer :(

No. 157985

nta but personally I go for shoes with a 2 inch heel. Still very comfortable, especially if it's more of a block heel. I'm thinking for example of some variations of oxfords, chelsea boots, mules…all of these styles have been popular recently so they are easy to find. Just go for a shoe with a narrow toe and a small block heel and it will be office appropriate. I like shopping at l'intervalle myself.

No. 157986

File: 1604365723004.png (1.86 MB, 1069x1461, madewell shoe.PNG)

Agree with >>157985, I was going to suggest loafers since I could have sworn those are fashionable again. Pic related is a pair from Madewell.

No. 157993

File: 1604368115443.jpg (15.66 KB, 460x690, 519500_FW20_FF_3XC.jpg)

Not any of these anons, but I still wear flats when I wear skirts/dresses for work, especially in the summer. I have to walk a lot so heels just aren't comfortable and loafers look kinda weird with dresses. Autumn/winter is when I usually switch to boots.

You can pry my flats from my cold dead feet.

No. 157998

Because right now they're 15-23? Everyone calms down a little bit once they have to start dressing like adults

No. 158000

Its 2020, no one has to “dress like an adult” unless they are a lawyer, look at any cool hip tech firm.

No. 158037

Because it's hip and cool
I get it if you're like, 20-24 in college and wanting to hook up with the frat boys, but a 15 year old dressing like a slut like >>157920 with a fucking thong outside? Fucking disgusting brainrot mate

No. 158041

File: 1604386507545.png (98.2 KB, 364x224, Sin título.png)

These type of flats remind me of two things: troonery, and the time in higschool when they were popular and I couldn't dress myself for shit. I also find them incredible ugly because so many itas wore them back in 2013. I hate looking at them, I hate the flimsy cheap plastic most are made with, I hate how you can't wear normal socks, and I hate that by your post I'm guessing in your country this is the widely accepted thing to wear instead of high heels, which I absolutely despise as well.

In my country, you can just wear boots, no prob. Chelsea boots are a very good choice imo. Anyways I went my way to see what else could I find, these are some examples. Imma leave these shoe catalogues here as well, to give you some inspo if you would like. Prizes are in MXN, not in dollars. Hope you find it useful.


No. 158043

I wear ballet flats with skirts and dresses but that’s because I can’t wear high heels. However, I’m slowly moving to Dansko Mary Janes because quality and their better for my feet

No. 158044

File: 1604387013305.jpeg (98.91 KB, 749x689, A8AFB7B9-97C6-447B-9A48-3856F8…)

Here is a photo I forgot to attach of the dansko lol I’m an idiot

No. 158045

what's your style like

No. 158048

these are so ugly anon RIP

No. 158050

File: 1604390669344.jpeg (744.1 KB, 958x1195, C1E0D75A-20C2-4B74-B072-C96A95…)

Modern retro? Edgy classic? Like in warmer weather it’s more modern retro with skirts and dresses. In colder weather it’s more edgy classic and I wear my doc martens and heavy sweaters and skinny jeans.
They’re not ugly with skirts or dresses. Plus Dansko has cuter Mary Janes. My point was with high heels, Danskos are the only brand I can wear because they’re orthopedic and I have had a foot surgery. The latest shoes I bought were these to wear with longer skirts.

No. 158058

Those have to be some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. No kidding.

No. 158060

Like I said, I had foot surgery so I have to wear orthopedic shoes. The supply of cute orthopedic shoes are kinda limited.

No. 158061

kinda wanna buy these ugly mfs and wear them in solidarity with ortho anon

No. 158062


I have health issues with my feet too and I just wear sneakers of some sort all the time with every outfit. In the summer I will wear birkenstock type shoes sometimes and they're OK unless I'm walking a lot. Anything else that doesn't cause intense pain in my feet I feel embarrassed to be seen in. Someone needs to start making trendy orthopedic shoes. I wouldn't wear any of the choices available even if I was over 60. I have pretty intense plantar facitis.

No. 158063

Danskos are nice but they’re so expensive.
I know my podiatrist recommended them or Alegria but as much as everyone is saying that the photo I posted of the black Dansko Mary Janes are super ugly, Alegria shoes are the fugliest shoes on the planet.

No. 158064

Those pants are hideous. The shoes just make them look worse.

No. 158065

Now I know what brand my grandmother wears, thanks anon.

No. 158066

I had one of these in 2010 and it was black with tiny ice cream cones all over it and it came with a tiny PU leather belt.

I would never wear something like that now. Lol

No. 158067

File: 1604396846744.jpeg (326.45 KB, 898x675, 08B91133-7ED4-4027-977F-8E4926…)

Behold the hideousness of Alegria shoes.

No. 158068

Flares always end up damaged on the bottom from where they drag along the floor. At least they do that with me.

No. 158069

I know those boots, I just bought 3 pairs from memery. Good taste anon

No. 158071

3? Wow, lucky!

No. 158081

i buy most of my clothing secondhand/vintage online and i hate raw hemmed shit, it ruins the appeal of otherwise cute t-shirts or sweaters. just leave it as is and let the person who buys it crop it if they want to, ffs
jesus christ how horrifying

No. 158100

These remind me so hard of when I was in elementary and middleschool and we were made to wear these kind of shoes on purpose, I dislike them a lot.

These boots are super cute, I actually really love them

No. 158101

File: 1604409250994.jpg (87.06 KB, 700x700, 4590-01a.jpg)

Why can't ortopedic shoes look appealing at all? I don't get it
these shoes reminded me of the kind of shoes pixielocks like btw, which I find hideous

No. 158103

File: 1604410486798.jpg (43.26 KB, 600x600, tee.jpg)

Graphic t-shirts are super ugly. As a nerdy girl growing up, it was all I wore, but god, this shit is so ugly. The cut looks unflattering on literally everyone, and if it does, why would you want to wear a graphic tee over something that actually looks nice? I hope this trend stays dead.

No. 158111

File: 1604414260744.jpg (96.29 KB, 643x960, daa30c14f23f6c09d2517097014a97…)

why does everyone here hate on flared trousers so much

No. 158113

I remember ordering all those low quality superwholock shirts on Qwertee back in the day.

No. 158114

File: 1604414854934.jpeg (201.16 KB, 750x1125, D4CDA8A8-E7A2-4198-80C3-853218…)

I really hate everything about this

No. 158118

This looks like an exclusively Murican thing, I've never seen anyone here in Europe dressed like that.

No. 158121

File: 1604415807238.jpg (57.36 KB, 564x828, 60e823ec8365af926b86067ab6f845…)


Cuz they're jealous of how cool the girls who wear them look

No. 158123

I don't think everyone hates them, they're just on trend so the people who don't like them are seeing them around and being more vocal.
I love them and have been waiting for them to come back into fashion. I've bought 5 or 6 pairs of flared and wide-legged pants recently.

My cousin has worn this look every winter for the last 15 years and thinks it's peak fashion. Every year she gets sooo excited for winter so she can pull out the puffer vests and turtle necks. I hate it so much.

No. 158124

UKfag here, we definitely have them here. Normally middle class girls who want to seem like they live on a farm, living on mummy and daddy's money while trying to set up a scented candle business in their free time. May also have a child called Harvey, Max or Daisy.

No. 158125

Is this an actual fashion 'thing'? My mom dresses like this when she goes to work outside on the farm during fall and she's just wearing it because it's practical, warm and those clothes can get dirty.

No. 158127


They look like mom pants to me

No. 158128

I’m ukanon too, I have definitely saw outfits like this on females who own horses and live in posh, renovated farm houses. Also in related magazines

No. 158130

Agree, but you do have to be fairly thin to pull high-waisted flared jeans off though

No. 158132

Being tall helps too. I'm short and slim/curvy, and they make me look stubby if I'm not wearing a heeled shoe/boot or platform. They're sooo so cute, though, I love them anyways.

No. 158133

Probably ot but godfuckingdamnit i hate being short curvy-ish and also having an interest in fashion, it's like nice-looking clothes were made for exculsively tall, limber people, if that makes sense. I constantly have to accentuate my waist by wearing belts/bodycon shit and im either cold or self-conscious all the time. Doesn't help that I hate feminine clothing.

No. 158136

File: 1604419571014.jpeg (720 KB, 2048x2048, 67F95646-2182-44D8-95AD-CA833F…)

I absolutely hate scandinavian fashion. It’s overpriced and looks so boring, and it seems like something a 45 year old business woman with three kids, who tries to be the cool mum, would wear. Girls as young as 15 wear clothes like this, but I suppose it’s a lot better than kids dressing like sluts.

No. 158138

>scented candle business
way too accurate lmao

omfg talk about it. it was the bane of my life, being slim but still too short to pull any high-girl fashion pieces off
fwiw i hate feminine clothing too, i dress almost exclusively in natural-fiber button downs with well fitting (not skinny) cropped trousers now. see if you like the style anon!

No. 158141

Originally mentioned being short and curvy, ya, exactly!! I look so stupid and stubby in a lot of clothes and notice it in other short curvy girls as well and think, "shit, is that what I look like to other people?" Not that they look bad, it's just not the look I'd be going for, if that makes sense. Nothing looks effortless because it just looks like you're simultaneously drowning in but also too curvy for the clothes. I like andro/menswear pieces, but I don't even bother trying to pull them off because of my stature. It sucks, ladies.

No. 158142

File: 1604420189378.jpeg (830.14 KB, 2048x2048, 030891C1-F039-4F02-91D5-A04A22…)

Also samefag, but as well as hating the current Scandinavian fashion, I also hate the party looks of the late 00/early 10s in Europe.

No. 158143

I hate sorority fashion/aesthetic. If you're not an American you definitely will have no idea what this is, but in summary: every rich 'top' sorority house has girls like picrel, and all of the other houses have girls who are trying to look like them except they're not as attractive and generally don't have as many followers. As a poorfag, I cannot fathom how girls like this waste money on outfits that are in like one instagram pic before being sold to another sorority girl on Facebook marketplace. Idk if it's just worse because of the filters these girls used but these photos look like if Revice Denim and an overpriced Southern boutique had a baby that threw up all over a college frat party. I actually have a former friend who was in a sorority and dresses like this and her hopeful career is in fashion merchandising/marketing.

No. 158145

File: 1604420547639.jpg (3.53 MB, 2995x3264, sororityfashionhorrors.jpg)

Same OP, forgot to attach pic.

No. 158147

Bottom right would look good in a less shiny fabric and maybe other color.
All the other ones scream crack whore/sugar baby to me.

No. 158148

Looks hella pretentious

No. 158160

Kek, that's how every basic bitch in the UK dresses.

No. 158184

They look awful but I love those rainbowy paints in the bottom left. I'm gonna try to make them

No. 158189

Another ukanon. I live in a rural area and the people here literally live in wellies and Barbour wax jackets.

No. 158201

No. 158209

File: 1604434650167.jpeg (241.29 KB, 684x1300, 0983D3CC-891C-4B4A-A020-0BBB8F…)

Why do men (probably just American men) think dressing like their closet is 100% from REI is somehow “fashion.” This is just fucking ugly, please actually go hiking for once and save these “looks” for the trails, where they actually belong. Oh and this is from /fa/ btw.

No. 158214

Hell yea I'm gonna pick the colors from my tops so the pants will go with everything

No. 158215

Someone sincerely posted this to a fashion forum? Holy shit, my fucking sides

No. 158216

>Oh and this is from /fa/ btw
Ah, yes, the board full of 20-year-old faux-deep scrotes who claim they "invented" fashion styles that existed decades before they were born

No. 158217

i fucking hate /fa/ so goddamn much

No. 158220

Nailed it. They love a renovated cottage!

You know I'm right! It would be called 'Harmony' after their daughter or something twee like 'Olive'. Yummy mummy shite.

I don't mind a Barbour jacket, but I just can't stand the girls that think they are mother earth because they have a bit of mud on their wellies.

No. 158222

File: 1604437406856.jpeg (218.24 KB, 1095x660, 74D70C08-BB5E-4D18-ABCA-54E42B…)

Fashion Nova clothes are so fugly they evoke a physical reaction from me whenever I see them.
>porny as fuck
>peak Kardashian brainrot meme clothes
>epitome of fast fashion made with cheap materials
>destroying our planet so you can look like a mid-rate prostitute for the four whole days the outfit actually stays together in one piece
>garish prints, usually camo in ugly colors or vomit-worthy animal prints
>corsets and straps and corsets and straps and corsets and straps
>everything is cheap lycra or jersey
>body con everything, may as well be shapewear
>somehow makes women with great bodies look fat and dumpy
>bizarre keyholes and cutouts
>A S Y M M E T R I C S I L H O U E T T E S
>"Babygirl" or "goddess" text slapped on everything
>usually paired with tacky, clear stripper heels
truly, the worst

No. 158224

OT but this is exactly the way I used to dress in early college because I was extremely depressed but didn't want anyone to know kek.

No. 158227

To me they're just the default Kitchen Work Shoe because they're sturdy, don't slip and are relatively cheap compared to clogs. Lots of line cooks and chefs wear Crocs, can't imagine them being worn for fashion at all.

No. 158229

File: 1604440627483.png (334.54 KB, 500x378, s-l500.png)

Me too, and I hate how it's all black, white and navy blue.

It's like a uniform here. Boxy, unflattering clothes from COS or any "cool" Scandinavian design brand, oversized coats and pic related, paired with a bleached platinum bob or lob. If I see this bag one more time I'll hurl myself off a building

No. 158230

File: 1604440875458.png (1019.44 KB, 925x963, Untitled.png)

No. 158232

Uh, how do you walk in that top row second from left dress? Hop around like a sparrow?

No. 158241

That’s interesting, I didn’t realize there was a british variant of that type of girl kek and that they wear the same outfits

No. 158242

Do you mean second from right? Either way I think all fashion nova clothes are made for IG and not real life

No. 158250

I like fashion nova. I don't usually shop for clothes online and the same style of clothing can be found in my local H&M and New Yorker so I don't really wear fashion nova but I really like that style. I don't know why it gets hated on so much. Yeah sure the brand produces cheap 'fast fashion' and uses sweatshop workers, but so do 99% of other brands and they don't get the same amount of hate.

No. 158251

If you read the posts above then I think you know why it gets hated on, fashion nova looks like cheap prostitute clothing for Kim k clones

No. 158252

File: 1604457913860.jpg (10.72 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

Why are those of us with fucked up feet expected to wear these abominations if we want anything other than a pair of sneakers?

I had a formal event to go to about 3 years ago and I couldn't wear sneakers. I took painkillers all day because I wanted to wear cute heels like everyone else.

My only choices if I wanted to not be in crippling pain are something like this:

I want orthopedic shoes relevant to current trends. Why does no one make them?

No. 158253

Not nearly all of the clothes are outrageous club wear, which I agree I wouldn't necessarily wear.

A lot of it is basic casual streetwear which seems to get a lot of hate in general no matter where it comes from. I honestly think a lot of this hate is rooted in racism and classism since many poc and working class whites dress in more casual urban type clothing.

No. 158255

File: 1604459899411.jpg (78.29 KB, 927x960, gobacktotwitter.jpg)

>I honestly think a lot of this hate is rooted in racism and classism since many poc and working class whites dress in more casual urban type clothing.
LMAO girl it's just fuck ugly, cheap spandex clothes. no one cares if your plain, white t-shirt is from fashion nova, but if you look like a failed instabaddie who got into a fight with a sewing machine and some sausage casing, you deserve to get clowned.

No. 158256

This post confirmed nobody here goes outside majority of these outfits are being worn to a party or club. Nobody is wearing this outside of instagram calm down

No. 158259

Don't be obtuse. "Streetwear" is like the most popular and widely accepted style among college aged kids. It's the norm. And you know who sets the trend for streetwear these days? It's not racialized kids from working class backgrounds anymore. It's obscenely wealthy influencers and celebs up in hollywood that don't give a fuck about common people.

No. 158260

It looks like farmhouse fashion to me. I live in the south and every basic bitch wears this every single winter. I think it’s cute in a mom way ngl

No. 158261

That doesn’t make it less ugly

No. 158262

File: 1604464582359.jpg (8.18 KB, 277x400, 91abb2831ff9a24082de2f05ba475b…)

Clarks has some pretty nice dress shoes with orthopedic options. I have a pair like this in black and they're not terribly uncomfortable.

Women's shoes are just awful in general, most of them are purely made for fashion and offer almost no support. Even shoes with low heels are often uncomfortable if you have foot/arch problems.

No. 158263

>assuming celebs and influencers aren't notorious for stealing trends from urban wear
What is going on here I thought everyone knew celebs stole all their shit from gay balls

No. 158264

sure, most people are just taking cues from what famous people are doing and selling to them though.

No. 158276

I refuse to wear heels, they're painful at worst and uncomfortable at best. They're basically a voluntary handicap. No thanks. I'll wear them again when men are expected to wear equally uncomfortable or painful shoes that are bad for your feet to be "formal" and "well-dressed".

No. 158296

This, they're just Chinese foot binding lite. I won't wear them no matter what men or women or anyone wears.

No. 158327

File: 1604507367156.jpg (47.98 KB, 542x701, 82b9c3b53d641584657cdb81a8100f…)

I really despise kfashion it's either weirdly fetishist and infantile or the most drab boring designs my middle aged mother would wear to the DMV. Weeaboos on this site swear it's cute but it just reads as mousey to me. To each their own.

No. 158328

yeah i agree, very bland and banal

No. 158330

Marimekko isnt scandinavian, but Finnish fashion is also so fucking ugly.

not really a fashion thing I guess, but I fucking hate the trend here of having having this dark dyed limp hair with a middle part.. and then those people don't dye their roots often so they all look like they are balding.

No. 158332

I'm aware, I live in Finland.
Finland is still massively influenced by other Scandinavian countries and local designers really try to push the "Scandinavian fashion" label and pass themselves off as Scandinavian brands, except they just call it Nordic. Whatever is trendy in Sweden always trickles down here.

And I agree with you on the dark dye, I see so many people on the bus looking like this, dark hairdye just never suits blondes at all.

No. 158333

Eastern Europe's fashion sucks so much. It always looks bland or tacky, and usually made for shapeless people.

No. 158343

Shapeless coz theyre all ana-chans

No. 158349

??? That's not the case at all, do you think everyone in EE is gimpgirl or something?

No. 158354

Not ana-chans, really. Some are, sure, but it's mainly because their bodytypes are meh.

No. 158417

Care to give an example of what you're talking about? There's plenty of well dressed women here, at least in my part of EE. Also what is a "meh bodytype"?

No. 158421


No. 158432

Eastern European fashion is a tragedy. Middle aged and married women especially have no idea how to dress, they dye their hair red or purple and wear fake crocs and shapeless clothes and it makes them age so badly. There is also rhinestones or studs on everything. At least that's what it's like in Bulgaria.

No. 158433

The point I'm making is that people look down on street wear in such a derogatory way and it's not because of rich people wearing it.

Rich people influence just about every style but yet streetwear gets the most hate.

Likely because of its origins and the fact that it came from POC and working class white people.

Where I grew up everyone wore streetwear. I'll wear streetwear until the day I die.

No. 158436

so accurate that I cringed

No. 158445

File: 1604566981220.jpg (136.85 KB, 600x750, goods_1373_thum.jpg)

I don't know how I feel about the Liz Lisa/Ank Rouge japanese fashion of 2010-2013 anymore. It's feminine but also childish and can be super costumey if it's a dress. Nowadays average jp fashion with boxy fits and long skirts seem to fit the average japanese girl body so much more. I used to like this style until I saw Kimdao in it and realized how dumb it looks

No. 158447

i can't believe i used to go out dressed like this

No. 158476

File: 1604585271516.jpg (63.09 KB, 760x1140, 09-15-20Studio2_BR_RS_12-28-57…)

Lmao fam you can like your trashy fashion nova clothes without trying to virtue signal anything to others or to base your opinion on something you saw on twitter. Race is a sensible topic; fashion nova shit are just trashy clothes that make you look like a hoe no matter what background you come from.

On that note, I live in a third world country and no POC like you say wears fashion nova shit like pic related. It's mostly people with money who want to copy kim kardashian or some other instahoe looking girl who would shop for this look. Like, imagine if every single working class person attempted to dress like this lol, it wouldn't be functional or comfortable for shit; this is why normal clothes like jeans and t-shirts exist, for everyone including the working class. Idk why people have this idea that all poc dress in a certain slutty way when we're all more normal looking than you think (I'm hispanic). It's almost like gasp… actually this stereotype of being exotic and sexy is the "problematic" one? It's very annoying that I'm sold the idea that I must be a super sexy bimbo latina because it's apparently intrinsic to my culture or some consumerist bullshit. Anyways fuck kim k and all the instahoes that made this popular in the first place. This look is fucking disgusting.

No. 158486

File: 1604588765822.png (417.59 KB, 500x600, received_1398641163611422.png)

I think the first time I saw lolita fashion was on an anime magazine when I was 12 and got obsessed with it for 8-10 years, so I was pretty into it for all of my teenage years. I'm neurodivergent and I tried to consume every single piece of information I could about lolita fashion, rules, things that cause drama, what to wear, what not to wear, how to coord, videos, poems, pictures, information about brands, etc. I then tried to forced myself, a very tomboyish girl, be more girly and cute. Wore heels, makeup, tried to do my hair, etc. But I was never pretty enough. I even developed an ED because of this (started with not eating or throwing up my food, but I think I have a binge disorder now). I think /cgl/ and lolita fashion really warped up my mind about a lot of things. For a fashion that is considered "feminist" due to usually not attracting the male gaze, it is incredibly individualistic and it was harmful to me (not saying it can't be a positive influence though). I think I'm better off as a tomboy, it feels more natural to who I am; been out of the fashion for like 3 years now.
As soon as I realised I felt off and uncomfortable wearing lolita I sold everything, stopped buying brand, stopped buying frilly blouses because "they could be worn with lolita", stopped going to /cgl/, stopped consuming anything related to jfashion, and just said goodbye to all of that. It was a weird 2 year process of realizing this just wasn't for me and that I was doing harm to myself. Nowadays I see lolita fashion and I feel nothing, I feel none of the excitement that I used to have, and I don't think it's pretty or amazing anymore. I just see it and feel "meh" about it. It also oddly looks pretty costumey to me now, even if it's toned down or even casual. I was one of those girls who swore "lolita is not a costume!!!!" but in my personal opinion, it is. I was pretending to be someone that wasn't me. But I would never bring this up on /cgl/ or I would be spammed to death lol. Just to clarify, I don't have anything against the fashion or anyone who wears it, I just don't like it anymore.

No. 158491

Same here anon, it looks so cute but I know retrospectively I looked like I was in a weird costume and just cringe inside

No. 158495

I think it's cute and can be more adult if styled differently, but it's something I could see tweens wearing best maybe. The more toned down "mote kei" looks a lot better on teens, college-aged and older girls.

No. 158512

File: 1604596599518.jpg (80.6 KB, 750x750, bac905417821509545cfab907b6d0a…)

I hate this and all variation of this, make it stop

No. 158527

It's a costume. None of my lolita friends wear it as everyday fashion because of the high maintenance to look good and delicacy of the outfits, not to mention most styles look impractical and would be labeled as unprofessional in most work environments. The attention when you wear it outside is also annoying and can invite lots of harassment and judgment.

I do believe it's still cute…as a costume and something worn on special outings. I don't hate it.
I have kept some of my dresses because I love them so much, but I can see clearly now how it just doesn't make sense to wear unless one's entire life circles around fashion.

No. 158564

I'm talking specifically about casual streetwear, not outrageous club wear. I already specified that previously.

80% of fashion nova is just basic streetwear in current styles.

No. 158565

and every single post critiquing fashion nova has been specifically talking about their club wear so what are you still butthurt about?

No. 158570

Maybe I'm just old, but I hate hype kids and their ugly chunky sneaker collections. And I hate e-girls/e-boys (especially e-boy hair), cyber goth, those 90s demonia club kid boots, fashion punks, how every d-beat jacket looks the fucking same, Killstar/Dolls Kill, 80s hair metal, the 2000s were tragic, scene kids, corpse paint, and I could go on. I'm filled with hate.

No. 158585

No. 158591

File: 1604657953794.jpg (142.63 KB, 760x1140, ShanghaiRuchedDress-Black_MER_…)

>I'm talking specifically about casual streetwear, not outrageous club wear. I already specified that previously.
Sister please stop clowning on yourself, we didn't talk about "WOW HOODIES AND JEANS ARE GROSS WTF?? WHO THE FUCK WEARS TENNIS SHOES LMAO. CASUAL STREETWEAR IS DISGUSTING AMIRITE" We were talking about shit like pic related. Your virtue signaling just didn't work. Give it up.

No. 158609

based anon. I used to hate corpsepaint too until I went to a concert with a black metal band wearing corpsepaint. I thought it would be dumb but they actually looked really cool from far away

No. 158610

File: 1604673120250.png (1.42 MB, 878x1232, Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 14.13…)


Same, I think it's the boxy cut. I found "classic" tapered, feminine-cut clothing, but sized up, works best. I have a coat like that with a normal fit, and a larger one, and both look really good IMO.

No. 158616

File: 1604677381929.png (1.61 MB, 926x1248, Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 15.38…)

>>156739 I hate the snobby, chauvinistic "French girl" industry, but I do like some of the looks, like pic related. (Minus the pretentious buckets and baskets grr)

It's so common though, I'd feel ashamed wearing it lol.

No. 158618

I agree it's not practical everyday clothing but girl, you could've stopped at any time. You trying to force yourself to like it is an autistic personal decision that has nothing to do with the fashion.

No. 158630

This is admittedly kind of my style (capsule wardrobe since I'm poor) but I feel like French girl style is just basic capsule wardrobe fashion that's being glamorized and attached to Parisian women because they have been romanticized for centuries and have the biggest stereotype of dressing more sophisticated (to Americans at least).

No. 158675

File: 1604708326513.gif (2.17 MB, 400x224, derivative.gif)

My gripe with modern fashion, especially modern alternative fashion and fashions popular with online subcultures, is that they're all extremely derivative.

Fashion, as with all art, is influenced by its predecessors, but the way in which kids these days (Get off my lawn!) are wearing outfits that are complete, anachronistic copies of previous styles is just off-putting. E-girls/boys especially come to mind. These looks aren't inspired; they're plagiarized. Where's the originality and creativity?

As cringy and badly styled as hair metal rockers, 80's goths, 90's mall goths, and 00's scene kids all respectively were, at least the fashion was innovative for the time. It was reflective of youth creating their own (terrible) thing, or at minimum, putting their own spin on it. The clothes were worn genuinely and rooted to something in reality, like a shitty music scene.

Overall, it seems like the highly derivative fashion of the 2020's is indicative of a weird cultural obsession with fauxstalgia. See: zoomers adding digital film grain and light leaks to photos despite never having held a film camera; lofi music edited to include pops and static mimicking long-defunct cassettes despite being recorded cleanly on a computer; and the general obsession with 80's and 90's media and temporal settings that predate most teens' births.

Why is there an entire generation refusing to create a new cultural signature of their own and is, instead, longing for times they've never even experienced?


No. 158679

These really just look like nurses shoes to me.

Hilarious, anon.

I’m also an ex-lolita. I don’t miss it other than the prints and some older dress fabrics. I just don’t feel like it fits my lifestyle anymore.

No. 158718

This thread is actually full of examples of people insulting streetwear. Hoodies, sweats, leggings, sneakers ect and saying they look slovenly and that people 'shouldn't wear that stuff in public or when not working out because it makes people look lazy' if you actually read through it. And yeah the prejudice against this style does objectively come from the prejudice against certain groups of people who originally wore these clothes before they became more trendy. I'm not virtue signaling. I'm pointing out a true observation.

No. 158720

Honestly? "French girl" fashion is just glamourising basicness.

No. 158728

Yeah lmao that’s what so strange about Americans’s obsession with it. « French girl » fashion is basically what most French, or more specifically Parisian, women wear when they don’t give a fuck about fashion but don’t want to look like they’ve given up on themselves. I’m sure there is a similar style in every big city or country with similar temperatures. It’s the basic uniform here, nobody’s gonna bat an eyelid to you wearing a mariniere with jeans lol

I think it’s due to romanticizing France and Paris by Americans, and also knowing that Paris is (or rather used to be) very fashion forward. Then they mix up the two and idealize the most boring of clothes instead of actually stylish clothes.

No. 158752

Honestly I think its mostly because we’ve come to hate modernity.

No. 158755

Wrong. It is old news/basic Euro fashion, with the core pieces originating in France (or England); but French fashion writers were the ones who made an industry out of it, their target being American women's insecurities.

It's without a doubt one of the most snobbiest, chauvinistic fashion subcultures out there. Whole fucking books with advice for the "unfeminine" Americans on how to become more like the superior, fabled French woman lol.

This lady was subtle compared to most:

"French girls are brought up to know who they are, to develop a sense of self-appreciation coupled with a routine of self-care and good grooming."

Usually they're more blunt about what they perceive to be the lack of "self-care" and "values" American women have. Lots of fear-mongering about boring your maaaaan too lol.

That's why I'm reluctant to wear the "uniform" even in the UK as an English person, I don't want to be associated with the snobby culture lmao.

The subtext probably isn't there in France, and seems bewildering and ridiculous to an actual French woman, but it is outside of it, unfortunately, and it was not misinterpretation.

No. 158758

File: 1604759761565.jpg (111.08 KB, 979x653, download.jpg)

I get that, but then why are people still pushing for modernity if it feels cold and inorganic?
Nothing is stopping us from wearing elegant cloaks and living in beautiful tree houses, we have the technology… instead we get smart watches, blocky pomo glass buildings and furniture, egirls and Alexa.

No. 158759

i googled "french girl style" and i don't even understand what it's meant to be
it is just wearing heels and giant blazers with your jeans? this needs a name?

No. 158760

Because inorganic is cheaper, Im the first who ever lived in my house and its shaped like a shoebox, all the furniture is just boring grey retangles etc
Why? Because it was way cheaper and faster to build a square with window holes than an actually beautiful house, in the end capitalism kills beauty.

No. 158762

File: 1604764210619.png (587.78 KB, 522x519, staybland.PNG)

This thread reminded me specifically of how much I hated Jasmine Blu's "brand" Stay Cute and apparently it's still active. But also I hate all "girl boss" slogan covered shit in general.

No. 158768

File: 1604768171834.gif (1.76 MB, 498x258, tenor (1).gif)

> And yeah the prejudice against this style does objectively come from the prejudice against certain groups of people who originally wore these clothes before they became more trendy.
>I'm not virtue signaling.
>I'm pointing out a true observation.

please go back to twitter, this bait is incredible.

No. 158769

Maybe soon when sustainability becomes a more widespread thing and everyone realizes that technology sucks and they're just selling our data and making us all angry things will change

No. 158772

You must be trolling or extremely obtuse and obnoxious.

People hate leggings because most of them are see through, are made from cheap materials, and they make your underwear and your ass show. They are seen as lazy because they are literally house pants for outside. Why would jeans be preffered? Because they fit you and the material is thick. Was race ever mentioned? no.

Why do people hate chunky shoes? Because they look like dad shoes, have no form, are heavy, and have too much details going on. Some people preffer shoes like converse or vans because they're simple everyday lace ups. Chunky shoes are also trendy and they're tiring to look at. Did anyone mention race? No?

Are you gonna pretend there's poc who don't hate these things? Really?
Clothes don't have a race.

No. 158778

File: 1604770327372.jpg (141.6 KB, 470x648, download.jpg)

I just wanna live in a forest, wear a cape and have my own little vegetable garden, damn.

This could be us but they playin

No. 158784

File: 1604776661944.jpg (164.54 KB, 1066x1600, coverup.jpg)

There's so much hate for leggings on this thread, I'm surprised. I'm really curious where everyone lives because leggings in the fall and winter are so common where I am. They're comfortable and great for running errands or hanging out at a friends house.

Idk if this counts as fashion but I hate thong bathing suits. They are trashy and are probably super uncomfortable. I really don't want to see your ass.

No. 158793

I'm french but my point of view doesn't represent my entire country; leggings outside of the gym is weird imo, but it's far from being "shocking"
I wear thong bathing suits, they're not uncomfy since they're more of a brazilian cut than a proper string-thong. I wear them because I have no hips, and the classic bathing suit panties cut make me look like I shat myself
> I really don't want to see your ass
Then don't stare when I pass by, you perv

No. 158795

double-post anon but wait until you learn that it's common practice to tan topless here, from 20 yo women to literal grandmas
>inb4 I really don't want to see your boobs

No. 158805

I'm not a fan of thongs in general, even as a bi woman I fail to see the appeal of them in a bedroom setting. Obvs not a fan of seeing them in public either.

I remember the early 2000s when having a visible string above your jeans line was in fashion, I heard stories about women with lacking hygiene wearing g strings… shitstain stories bascially! Wonder if those stories are what put me off them for life lol

No. 158808

File: 1604788110669.png (1.02 MB, 800x800, Hc24557bac6a447bfb0819b3ef25ac…)

If you're as gross as a scrote, then you don't have to wear g strings to get shitstains in your undies, kek
Saw this set for sale with a fake whale tail and it killed me

No. 158849

Well I've seen the books on the aisles of English bookshops about how to dress like a Parisian women , or how French women don't get fat etc and I just naturally assumed these were written by American expatriates who wear a bit too in love with us. I now looked it up and you're right, these are written mostly by French people! It's made something I thought was stupid even stupider lol even the well known brands that sell it are for office women who don't care about fashion but want quality clothes, nobody thinks you're stylish or have better morals for wearing Claudie Pierlot or Comptoir des Cotonniers… I guess good on those writers and brands for spreading the good word that we are superior lol

It must be unpleasant because it does seem particularly snobbish, but you know a lot of country have (had?) to deal with the export of American values and the American way of life through marketing, and other countries's hack writers are also trying to exploit some cultural phenomena internationally (most recently Scandinavian hygge and Japanese ikigai come to my mind), so I don't think its that deep or that remarkable. You shouldn't let that influence your fashion choices sis!

No. 158858


Right, she was wearing, basically, beatnik clothes that looked very freeing and youthful

No. 158859


Flared trousers are fun but they only look good on really tall, skinny people. But, if you’re tall and skinny, go for it! Then they look amazing!

No. 158862

Butt cracks are what they are, a piece of string being up one all day is nasty to think about. Even on the most attractive women

No. 158864

>Comptoir des Cottoniers
It's such a shit and overpriced brand, it also screams middle school fashion to me but I guess it's because their duffle coats were popular when I was in middle school.
Maje is a cool french brand, too bad it's too expensive for my ass

No. 158867

File: 1604830046562.jpg (86.68 KB, 1280x720, 1536124128_maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm not American and still bought into this so much as a young teen…now I absolutely hate anything even remotely resembling this style.
Not only in books, there are also so many popular youtubers out there and sorry, most of them look a mess. It's always the same: not attractive face, messy brown hair, throw on red lipstick and the most basic trousers+shirt/blouse, show a few shots of them walking through the streets, that's it. For example that Jeanne Damas who's always shilled by fashion magazines or pic related. If they were american, or british or anything else, literally nobody would listen to them.
The "skinny french women" thing is also complete bullshit if you look at any statistic.

No. 158868

I cant stand this bitch. Esp her ugly gummy mouth. She looks like n2f ugly sister

No. 158869

The red lipstick is such a huge trigger for me, I don't know why. I think I just hate the look of a heavy mouth with nothing else makeup wise
>The "skinny french women" thing is also complete bullshit if you look at any statistic
I always thought it was true. Funny how those stereotypes also brainwash french ppl I guess
Also I swear I read somewhere that Brigitte Macron's style was "iconic French", my fucking sides

No. 158879

>>158868 yes! She's so full of shit and people lap it up because she has that grown up academic lecture vibe.

I watched a few of her videos and thought her advice was dubious, then saw her actual fashion designs and ugh. It's all just beige normie in her 30s basics like she has no sense of style at all https://www.justineleconte.com/pages/project-reset

No. 158882

I agree with you all but you do realize this is mostly aimed at women in their 30s, right? It's basic and boring because it's a look by 30-somethings for 30-somethings, an acceptable way to look "stylish" which gives them something to aspire towards without being too outlandish and OTT so that even a dumpy mom can wear it.
If anyone younger than 25 wore it, they'd look like a baby receptionist because that's who it's marketed to.

No. 158884

File: 1604838612879.jpg (325.27 KB, 1932x2054, QJnyq2Y.jpg)

cropped hoodies like pic related that have a hem can look ok imo (though not with those sweatshop snoopy leggings lol)

No. 158886

What's with the level of hate towards someone whose worst crime is being boring?
Same, never found them attractive, glad the thong trend is over.

No. 158889

Well, like I said me (and some of my classmates too) already fell for it when we were just kids (13-15) and the way those videos are made or the main userbase of yt generally is also catering to fairly young people. Most adult women won't sit there and let anybody lecture them on why they need to change their life around to become like women living in Paris.

No. 158891

>Most adult women won't sit there and let anybody lecture them on why they need to change their life around to become like women living in Paris.
No, most adult women grew up with the internet and also watch YouTube, one of the most popular websites globally. You're just too young to realize that you don't stop doing something you did all your life just because some teenagers also decide to do it.
If you don't believe me go on any website with a userbase of women in their 30s, reddit and pinterest are big ones and they salivate over Leconte and Jeanne Damas and dedicate massive amounts of time to daydreaming about their Eat Pray Love adventure in Paris/southern France.

No. 158892

Anon that makes it even worse. Below average looking youtubers brainwashing fullfledged adults into thinking that their fashion and lifestyle is somehow superior and should be copied.

No. 158893

File: 1604846519500.jpg (264.98 KB, 2000x1000, download.jpg)

Yeah I know, but it is what it is, I'm just saying.

I suppose it also has to do with them not really having many other alternatives for their lifestyle/peer group if they have children, jobs etc. All they ever talk about is "French girl", "librarian", "toned down boho" and "toned down witchy".

No. 158908

What sort of lifestyle are they promoting other than the wearing of monochrome outfits?

No. 158912

>>158882 to me it's the disconnect between her "academic fashion guru" YouTube shtick and the dull as dirt clothes she sells.

I get its supposed to be practical basics and nobody's doing the school run in a leopard print catsuit, but being 30 and having a job doesn't mean you have to dress like a beige Lego block either.

I'm just aghast that it exists, what a pointless cash grab. I could go to H&M right now and dupe her entire collection.

No. 158915

File: 1604856981741.jpg (310.75 KB, 1242x1525, ec990e66c178c57729a95adb7e5e92…)

I hate when people own 10 million Birkins or LV bags and wear clothing with brand names and logos all over them. What is it with the nouveau riche and their shit style?
I feel like this wouldn't be as bad if the sleeves were shortened so the hands are visible.

No. 158916

Life doesn't end up at 30 imo. Anyone can dress better than just basic beige shit at that age

No. 158917

because she sells her boring as shit style as something to be proud of and copy lmao

No. 158919

what's an example of toned down boho?

No. 158920

Alexa Chung pretends to be above it all, but she's the personification of this Frenchie Jane Birkin petit anglais shite.

No. 158922

I don’t understand why people worship her so much, she’s so boring

No. 158923

Well it doesn't, but the women I described specifically seek it out because it's easy and they're busy or it's a good way to look bizcas.

No. 158955

rbh as a former scene kid i agree with this. it's weird to see teenagers dress the exact same way i used to dress in their age, why won't they come up with something original or have their own version of the style? it's weird also get off my lawn my original generational experience do not steal

No. 158957

File: 1604881981620.jpg (86.25 KB, 937x1171, 9353043.jpg)

She looked amazing on next in fashion tho, idk if she was the one styling her looks.

No. 158958

I loved that outfit when I watched the series, definitely one of her better looks.

No. 158960

idk who this is but she looks like a pez dispenser

No. 159008

I'm in my 30s and married with kids and I don't dress that way.

I probably dress more like Carey Dayton (another fashion YouTuber in her 30s).

Justine leconte is frumpy and boring in my opinion and her hair needs cutting.

No. 159018

She has the personality of one as well

No. 159097

Your nipples and ass-cheeks are not a fashion statement.

Everyone can see when your clothing is too tight. It looks painful. Stop deluding yourself and go up a size.


You're tacky, I dont care where you are or what war you've been through.

No. 159098

Speak for yourself, my nipples are absolutely a fashion statement and I will point them at everything that breathes until I die.

No. 159105

Ah shit my anachan is jumping out kek

No. 159106

Nips are only acceptable if skinny, small boobs, in certain tops

No. 159128

>I dont care where you are
Do you sleep in the nude or in your clothes?

No. 159213

Literally only if you're famous and on the red carpet.

No. 159246

File: 1605046645689.jpeg (62 KB, 768x1152, hmgoepprod.jpeg)

The puff sleeve trend and babydoll dresses can look cute on their own but when you combine them you just look like an oversized toddler

No. 159248

I disagree but the dress like in pic related really doesn't work when you are an uggo like the model

No. 159264

File: 1605058924420.jpg (54.35 KB, 683x1025, 56294275_010_f.jpg)

No way anon, that dress would be ugly on anyone. It's basically a moomoo. Babydoll dresses look fine when they're not just shapeless potato sack blobs.

No. 159387

tiny backpacks

No. 159407

File: 1605131536644.jpg (407.1 KB, 931x838, tumblr_8545573610aae9323f850b2…)

did you mean to type this into google?

No. 159438

I’m with you anon, fuck tiny backpacks. I just got a backpack that’s slightly smaller than a regular one for fashion purposes and carrying around books/a water bottle etc, and it’s so inconvenient to take off and rifle through like at the counter at a store for my wallet and it’s actually a functional backpack, I don’t understand how a really small one is even worth the inconvenience

No. 159440

No lol, but to go more into detail it seems like it’s always teenagers or BPD-chans trying to shoplift at my workplace that have them. They come in and get caught while struggling to take off and fit anything into their tiny-ass bag.

No. 159448

kek thank you for that mental image

No. 159465

I hate backpacks in general tbh. Not because of fashion/aesthetic reasons (I actually find loads of them super cute), I just find it incredibly annoying to have to pull my bag around to my front or take it off just to get something out of it or to sit against something. They just aren't convenient or practical compared to handbags unless you're carrying so much stuff around you need the weight balanced on your back.

No. 159570

File: 1605231908875.jpg (202.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

this bullshit

No. 159582

lol, I thought the woman on the right was kelly eden at first glance. she'd fit right in with this crowd though

No. 159585

>>159582 I thought it was her too, considering that picture is in her house.

No. 159595

Do you think second & third to the left got annoyed when they found out they had the same shirt? Or did they get hyped over proof of the bimbo hivemind or something

No. 159728

the third woman owns the brand that sells those shirts and the second girl is a model so I'd assume they're fine with it

No. 159730

It's crazy because at first glance they all seem hot bc they have the hot girl uniform then you look at their faces and realize they're busted.

No. 159756

I remember watching that, and the ginger girl was dumb as fuck. Good time

No. 159905

File: 1605462257538.jpg (308.56 KB, 1080x1932, Snapchat-138182064.jpg)

people wearing running shoes similar to pick related (dont have to be those exact ones or even nikes but a similar silhouette) and a buttoned up coat and jeans. It looks so slobby. Bonus points if the woman wearing it is mousey, the shoes are dirty, or have bright coloured socks sticking out. On a similar note: high heels and lightweight hiking jacket. Disgusting.

No. 159979

Is that getup a genuine effort from people or is it just a case of throwing shit on to go to the store or something? I live in a place that's the land of perpetual jorts and flip-flops so my metric for gauging people's outfits is fucked.

No. 160006

Reminds me of bayless jae

No. 160016

File: 1605517833470.jpg (15.99 KB, 232x445, 81D7Nz6ZwxL._AC_UY445_.jpg)

Khaki parkas (with fur on the hood) and perfectos

No. 160032

I really dont know, but if I had to guess it is worn by people who dont give a shit about how they look and prefer comfort over looks. But even if it was the case of "throwing things on just to go to the shop", why do you even own this disgusting jacket, ew.

No. 160047

This may not count as on topic but I am glad we as a society decided shaved sides can go to hell. It's like men think that's the only alternative hairstyle to exist it's ridiculous. Don't get me started on troons and this bullshit it's like no other hairstyle exists. Half the time they don't keep up with the fade so their hair grows in uneven and weird as fuck. If any of you trans faggots are reading this invest in a trip to the barber it makes me MOTI to see you all with inpatient psych ward hair. No adding hair dye to the dried out tumbleweed you call hair does not help it. I eagerly await for men to discover waterfall braids so they can ruin that for everyone too. I apologize for sperging about this Kevin Gibes thread was making me feel a type of way seeing him flex on other women.

No. 160048

Mens style and fashion is so ugly every year and is so hard to pull off I genuinely feel bad for men and their choices to look ugly or ugly.

No. 160050

It's where fashion goes to take its last breath before killing itself. Wish men weren't so insecure about their manliness otherwise we could have really interesting style choices. Alas they only get 9000 yeezys and kappa track suits. A shame, I love when men wear lace or crop tops but ofc fast fashion wouldn't allow that. I live in the south where it's very common to see camo paired with dusty cowboy boots. Ironically they live in the city so it only looks even more bizarre in suburbia.

No. 160057

Lmao this is why all my comfy shit is neutral darker drapy things, so should i want to leave the house not giving a shit, at least i could pass for some artsy type, and not. that!

No. 160096

What is perfecto

No. 161069

I can tell you're wearing SHEIN. Stop.

No. 161072

i bought a shirt from there once and it fell apart after two wears. idk how people continuously buy from them

No. 161076

b-but the clothes are cute.

No. 161079

b-but it's shit quality, and has no worker's rights

No. 161083

I mean if we're going based on that, I might as well just learn to sew my own clothes. Every major corporation is exploiting their workers at some step along the way. Plus I rotate my wardrobe every few years anyway.

No. 161092

I've ordered from there twice, and shame on me. The pieces were all shitty, uncomfortable material, ill-fitting, etc in some way both times. Just stick to thrifting for trendy pieces or pieces that you can transform. >>161083 You wouldn't have to sew, or at least not much, but it's cheaper, more reliable, and the clothes are better quality as they've already survived one owner. At least that's what I've found. I get all the compliments on my thrifted pieces and outfit.

No. 161114

"Hot girl uniform" is accurate. It's like if you're plain faced with little to no sharp features and you get this "uniform" (including the cosmetic filler) then you're instantly hot by 70% of younger people's standards. I feel like a lot of men in my league pine after girls who look like this and that I'm stuck being a becky because I know that I'll look like shit if I try the "hot girl uniform" since it doesn't work on some women like myself.

No. 162253

File: 1607221004270.jpg (335.65 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20201206_041608.jpg)

I keep seeing this advertised to me.

It's what looks like an adult baby romper. Who would actually wear this?

I think bodysuits made for women are bad enough.

No. 162256

it's fetishwear.

No. 162258

Me too anon, me too.

No. 162263

File: 1607225884694.jpg (321.85 KB, 780x439, d3237bc2-8a93-4d53-8459-20fcd1…)

pixie cuts look bad on 99.9% of women and you should stick with literally anything longer.

also, damn, this thread has some serious autists in it.

No. 162265

File: 1607226928471.jpeg (19.76 KB, 407x562, C737D3EB-ECBF-4B6E-8D06-0D9F56…)

Mermaid skirts look so frumpy and shitty. It looks like you couldn’t pull your skirt all the way on so you just let it chill down by your knees and called it a day. Horrible silhouette that makes you look stumpy, too. Why were these so trendy in prom dresses and wedding dresses?! Bleh.

No. 162267

pixie cuts this short with thin hair? yeah, it looks bad. Longer pixie cuts with layers or some volume on top? Hot as hell with the right features.

No. 162268

thank you, god I hate them so much and I don't understand brides who wear them

No. 162269

Oh my god, agreed. The silhouette is so unflattering. I was at a wedding a few years ago and the bride wore almost this exact dress, I just don’t get it.

No. 162272

she looks cute

No. 162280

File: 1607238170832.jpg (154.31 KB, 923x1385, strapless-sweetheart-ivory-lac…)

How about just sleeveless dresses in general? I think they're easy to make and don't flatter everyone. My shoulders are broad and the last thing I want is attention drawn to them. Not only that but my tits are on a silver platter for my party guests. No way man.

No. 162281

I'm not a fan of pixie cuts, personally. I think they envoke a deliberate androgynous look though that some women wish to portray. It's certainly not my style but if the intention is to look more androgynous or to evade societal norms of women having longer hair then it achieves the desired goal.

No. 162284

maybe it's the pose or outfits but she looks better with the pixie cut imo

No. 162286

I don't like pixie cuts either but I feel like pic rel is a bad example. I think her face (not her hair) looks much better thanks to the pixiecut.

No. 162293

as someone who once got a oixue fut in a moment of utter mental health crisis I completely agree with you here. It took away a massive chunk of my femininity and made me feel incredibly masculine and ugly. I got hit on solely by other women when all I really wanted at the time was to be seen as cute and feminine to a guy (yes I know it shouldn't depend on how other people perceive you but I already felt ugly and being invisible to men was the icing on the cake). sage for shitty blog I just have strong feelings about this lol

No. 162294

*pixie cut - fuck my massive thumbs

No. 162296

yeah the sad truth of it is that it's not flattering on most people on top of the fact that the vast majority of men don't like it. inb4 someone yells YOU DON'T NEED MALE APPROVAL but i mean, if you're straight and want to date… yeah it does? you want to be considered attractive to the people you're trying to date.
the flipside is true too. most women don't like men with long hair as it makes them look feminine unless they're like, some ripped dude. it is what it is.

No. 162298

>most women don't like men with long hair
they can send them my way then, yum yum

No. 162299

>most women don't like men with long hair as it makes them look feminine
I know it's not popular but I love a(n attractive) man with long hair (that's well taken care of) so much. Doesn't matter if it's on a hyper masculine man or a more feminine man, both hot af.

I want long hair on men to be popularized smh. Please universe grand me my hot long hair bf dreams.

No. 162301

I need to walk my dog in something!

No. 162302

>most women don't like men with long hair

No. 162306

but they don't. show me a guy considered conventionally hot who has long hair and isn't jason momoa.
also i meant hair longer than his, typically.

No. 162334

File: 1607274916001.jpg (70.69 KB, 640x827, download.jpg)

ok here you go

No. 162385

File: 1607309642460.jpeg (21.08 KB, 554x554, A28A07B0-BB62-43BD-8AD7-E8CFDA…)

I wear shoes like this to work.

No. 162386

File: 1607309671746.jpeg (12.7 KB, 320x426, C208AF2B-A45D-4C5B-ACAB-5393AD…)

And this

No. 162390

he's not bad, but like, this is an imageboard sis. we have unconventional tastes. most normie men don't like pixie cuts and most normie women don't like long hair. that was my point. that's why the other anon said they felt like shit after becoming invisible with one.

No. 162410

Most women like long hair on men though.
Sorry baldy.

No. 162412

File: 1607333453713.jpg (25.61 KB, 500x877, unnamed.jpg)

NTA but that's what I thought too, until I met my boyfriend who has really nice long, thick hair (better than mine tbh, looks kinda like pic related). He told me that most women seem to dislike long hair and his ex always wanted him to cut it. I googled it because I was surprised and according to the results, only a minority of women actually seems to think that long hair looks good on men.

No. 162415

It's super attractive as long as they take good care of it. That guy is really pretty - what is his name again?

No. 162423

I’m a woman with long hair. I don’t want my bf to have longer hair than me. Why are you trying to imply I’m a scrote for disagreeing with you?

No. 162425

>I don’t want my bf to have longer hair than me.
NTA, but I don't get this. Are you concerned about accidentally competing with your boyfriend or something?

No. 162426

Agreed, this is so weird to me

No. 162429

No. 162444

File: 1607360883022.jpg (212.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>as long as they take good care of it
This is the key part. Almost every guy I've met irl with long hair looks greasy and only had long hair because they were too lazy to visit a barbershop.

Obviously >>162334 looks good, but he also looks like a professional model. Most regular guys with long hair look like this dude.

No. 162446

In what world is that considered "long"?

No. 162447

I looked for the type of typical neckbeard I was thinking of. No need to split hairs anon.

No. 162451

Yeah the average guy with long hair looks bad but that's not because they're not models/don't have model looks.

No. 162453

File: 1607364096563.jpg (254.58 KB, 442x648, longjohns.jpg)

It reminds me of cowboys and old timey prospectors.

No. 162466

File: 1607370330804.jpeg (76.21 KB, 564x795, D866C7B3-703F-4324-B321-B0D234…)

No. 162468

it just seems like she feels fat today and only felt comfortable in that lol

No. 162476

anon, if you seriously looked like that, everyone knew

No. 162478

i agree w/ you, it doesnt work on most people, but i love my demonias.

No. 162488

File: 1607381229501.jpg (25.62 KB, 340x453, Peter_Steele.jpg)

The most obvious answer is Peter Steele

No. 162490

I'm not hating on this thread but I worry for spineless anons who would take the opinions from online strangers wayyyy too seriously.

No. 162498

i just don't find it attractive? most women don't? hence the point
i seriously feel like you're either a dude with long hair or a woman with a pixie cut for seeming to take this stuff to heart and really wanting to argue it. there's stuff online about hair preferences from the general population. it is what it is.

No. 162502

Yeah. I've noticed the minority of women who like long-haired men like them to have it dark, wavy, thick, messy-ish and to shoulders at most. Rocker hair, basically. These pics of hunky dudes with their waist-length girly hair is cracking me up. 0.01% of women like that… and 0.00000001% like the asian twink kek.

No. 162503

This is just my two cents and I know I have weird preferences but I think long hair on guys is hot no matter the hair color or texture. It usually doesnt matter if they have an ugly face or body either(within reason kek), long hair instantly makes a guy cute to me

No. 162504

oh my god long hair on guys is attractive to most people if the guy is attractive and unattractive if the guy is unattractive. you guys just want to feel more special in your tastes than the "normies".

No. 162512

>0.00000001% like the asian twink

hhh what, do you mean >>162466 ? because that is a beautiful man, like I'm not thirsting for him because I have a bf and am not some degenerate who feels any sort of attraction to people other than their one true beloved or ever even looks in the direction of anyone else for any reason whatsoever but. I have to say this guy is beautiful

No. 162516

File: 1607404126986.jpg (166.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Pretty much anything you receive from stitchfix.

No matter how long I have been married, how many kids I give birth to and how old I get there is no way I'm ever dressing in that style.

I always think of a particular kind of person who wears those clothes. She's 30+, insecure about aging, is probably a Christian and her brain malfunctions whenever she sees something that isn't socially conventional or isn't done her way.

She listens to Ed Sheeran and Elton John, watches TV shows about antiques and her husband buys a physical copy of the Guardian and secretly jerks off to teen porn and his daughters friends.

No. 162528

File: 1607406871800.jpg (119.41 KB, 1024x668, Stitch-Fix-52-1024x668.jpg)

>her brain malfunctions whenever she sees something that isn't socially conventional or isn't done her way
very on the nose. i know two women subscribed to Stitch Fix and this description fits them to a T.

i loathe Stitch Fix as well. i think there's something incredibly dystopian and lazy about not even choosing the clothes you buy. i know not everyone is going dress in some striking and particularly fashionable way, but at least people who don't do shit like Stitch Fix choose to have agency over whatever clothes they wear, even if they're ugly or tacky. the brand's insistence that it's personalized styling couldn't be further from the truth. i've never seen more generic clothing. who would pay a service to dress them like the clearance rack at Old Navy?

No. 162533

File: 1607410126257.jpg (380.87 KB, 600x450, Millers-Fashion-4.jpg)

That third one with the cheetah print cardigan over a striped shirt is one of the most offensively awful things in this thread. It's so mundane and boring but also so terribly executed and badly put together, the worst of both worlds.

I genuinely can't wait to develop my style as I age and be a fashionable old lady, but old lady stores really sell the ugliest shit. In my country it's mostly like, flowy loose patterned stuff like pic related. I get that bodies change with age so maybe more shapeless styles are better, but idky they think aging means embracing hideous patterns and cheap material.

No. 162551

I know exactly what you mean anon.
I'm entering my mid 30s with kids and I'm reverting into Nike Dri fit leggings or some other type of yoga pant with button down or more feminine blouses with sneakers more and more these days, at least in cooler weather. I can imagine this will end up being my old lady uniform along with sun dresses (no florals unless they are dainty and not the main asset of the piece and no geometric patterns) and flat sandals or sneakers in the summer.

I just can't stand anything less casual aimed at women my age or older. I can still get away with some stand out youthful styles but that's fading more and more each year.

I find I'm embracing sports brands more as I age. My father did the same thing. He doesn't want to dress like an 'old man' and still wears tracksuits at 60.

I don't think it's about being uncomfortable with aging, but what stereotypical old people clothing says about people who have aged. That they have kind of given up on fun or individuality and don't want to be seen, they want their gaudy clothes to be seen instead and they want to hide behind them.

No. 162552

File: 1607417054610.jpg (51.18 KB, 500x750, 00407472-01.jpg)

Graphic tees with an artistic portrait of a conventionally attractive woman on the front.

It's always larger or older women who wear these shirts. It's like they are saying "I'm not pretty/young/thin, so I'll present an image of a woman who is literally on my shirt so everyone can look at that instead".

It plays into the whole theory that older women or less conventionally attractive women use clothes to hide and distract instead of expressing themselves.

No. 162565

I remember boys in high school would wear shit like this that was bordering on pornographic, the very least just scantily clad, especially since our dress code didn’t allow girls to wear shorts above the fingertips but some guy wearing a print of an edgy hot girl with her titties out is fine.
At least that shirt has some nice flowers and colors to focus on.

No. 162567

A few years ago I’d always see shirts like this in places like the H&M youth department. They deeply confused me because even if the woman featured was not beautiful, why would I want a photo of a stranger on my shirt? It’s not like wearing band merch.

Agree that ‘mature’ women’s clothes are universally awful. If I was going to wear that shit, I probably would use Stitch Fix rather than browse ugly unflattering clothes. Not a fan of Baddiewinkle’s style but it has personality.

No. 162601

File: 1607449444299.jpg (185.65 KB, 1080x1920, Ez7lvmR.jpg)

i hate these shirts, male or female. why don't we put giant male faces in the middle of orgasm on shirts? it's just so objectifying, every male who wears this shit is a limp-dick cumbrain and every woman who wears it is a desperate pickme.

No. 162607

File: 1607450930981.jpg (93.73 KB, 650x953, e07fd62f4abb3024c829a170d756e9…)

Reminds me of picrel
It's so true though. I'm really into guys with long hair but they have to actually take care of it as well as themselves. I'm not into manbuns per se but something about a guy casually tying his hair up before he cooks or works out is so fucking hot to me

No. 162646

"balding" is not bald lol. having that strip on the back of the scalp is never attractive on anyone

No. 162656

You can tell from the small amount of his head you can see that he's an ugly beta motherfucker. It's always so much worse when an ugly guy is gross and perverted kek

No. 162659

This is absolutely the most cringe shit and they 100% wear them to make girls uncomfortable.

No. 162664

File: 1607479998493.jpg (41.8 KB, 800x329, 211176-800x329-twiggy.jpg)

Shit taste anon the girl in your picrel looks so much cuter with a pixie cut. Sorry, you have to hide your face behind all your hair.

No. 162666

That's kind of the joke it's making though, right? Anything is hot if it's presented right
Possibly but they were popular in my school too and imo most guys just wore them because every other guy did, buying a softcore t-shirt with their pocket money probably felt rebellious to them

No. 162706

>Sorry, you have to hide your face behind all your hair
Is that you, gimpgirl

No. 162714

Kek gimp girl is a dumpster fire. short cute hairstyles > long hair IMO most long hair bores me I think it's because it's the default for women and I like seeing something different<3

No. 162715

Most women choose flattering over 'not boring'

No. 162723

File: 1607541583372.jpg (14.52 KB, 252x445, 71cCGcig6VL._AC_UY445_.jpg)

I never understood where this "trend" came from but this huge-gaudy-star-on-everything bullshit needs to stop. Mostly middle-aged women or people who couldn't be more basic wear this shit. You will find it on shirts, bags, big chunky sneakers and so on. Basic piece of clothing and then BAM huge star on it for whatever reason. I hate it with a passion. Extra points when it is glittery to make it even more obnoxious.

No. 162724

Steven Universe-core

No. 162727

nope! only on buff guys like you posted. a normie guy pretty much never looks good with it. y'all keep missing the point so hard.
some women look amazing with pixies, most don't. same with guys with long hair. get over it.

No. 162728

File: 1607544679993.png (77.14 KB, 1118x722, ok.png)


No. 162736

we are witnessing new levels of autism never before observed. Amazing

No. 162741

File: 1607554553836.jpg (72.15 KB, 500x749, 87f2416bde04d97d7be51727aefc71…)

You post this like we're supposed to care what men think. I'm NTA who likes pixies but I have short hair myself (not a pixie) and 100% recommend it to other women that are curious to try out shorter cuts. It's super low maintenance and with the right cut can look way better than plain long hair. I know for me at least a lot of people say it /makes/ my face since long hair looked drab on me before.
I think by default most women (not including black hair) will look good with hair this length (picrel), but it's boring on most women and doesn't really do much for the face. Long hair past a certain length always looks bizarre to me, I'll attach a picrel for example since the Kardashians have popularized cult-length long straight center-parted black hair.

No. 162742

File: 1607554741691.jpg (49.21 KB, 540x540, 215b7dee2a6d9e51d278aa9748f817…)

Same anon–every time I see women with hair like this I want to give them some layers and give them the face framing cut that they deserve. This cut has never been flattering at all, even gorgeous women who pull it off look way better with cuts that are layered to frame their face.

No. 162743

File: 1607555033909.jpg (86.74 KB, 560x933, 3df45496e660f315dcbbda381653a1…)

Same anon again–I just noticed the picrel I originally used has curtain bangs and some layers, what I really meant was this (yes there are some layers but even length hair looks drab no matter the length). Collarbone length hair with long layers is pretty foolproof.

No. 162752

Not to add more autism to this thread, but I wouldn't really say that shoulder length hair is short. Original anon specifically mentioned pixies, not mid-length flowy layer cuts (which are very flattering on anyone).

A lot of the men who say pixie cuts are ugly are 40 year old men with beer guts and neckbeards anyway. Do what you like, anons.

No. 162762

Yeah I agree, it’s technically medium length. What I said is that I think medium length is a safe option for women if you’re scared to go short, not that short lengths are ideal.

No. 162791

Lol I once ordered a coat like this, hoping I would look like an elegant, sophisticated woman but instead I ended up looking like I snatched a middle aged detective's coat and looked really shabby overall

No. 162792

Any and all t shirts with shitty puns and lame sayings on them. Just wear a plain fucking shirt, theres literally no reason you should have “taco time” across your chest like what the fuck. Its so tacky

No. 162793

File: 1607591383552.jpg (185 KB, 1200x1200, womens-t-shirt-ladies-fitted-s…)

lol, I kinda agree, I also hate shirts like this one

No. 162798

File: 1607593205748.jpeg (168.08 KB, 1010x1010, 30ABF866-4F98-4EFD-B50F-3AAB3C…)

Wtf am I supposed to wear when it’s taco time then?

No. 162822

you're so mad that you're wrong. stay pressed

No. 162824

File: 1607609279107.jpg (289.17 KB, 1500x1500, K3765_1.jpg)

These straight up remind me of the basic sewing patterns Kwik Sew sells.

No. 162838

I find some of them ironically hilarious but there's nothing I hate more than when I find a nice looking shirt/sweater only to turn it around and find some stupid print on the front of it

No. 162840

true, if he's hot, he's hot

> not thirsting for him because I have a bf
> not some degenerate who feels any sort of attraction to people other than their one true beloved
> even looks in the direction of anyone else for any reason whatsoever

anon srsly get a grip on yourself, you sound like a 12 year old

No. 162849

I almost bought a t-shirt last summer that read 'it's too hot' on it but decided against it as I'm also not a fan of slogan tees or even graphic tees, on myself, unless it's band merch

>It's always larger or older women who wear these shirts

it is? I've never seen that, only young men

No. 162852

File: 1607622835963.jpeg (597.83 KB, 2000x2000, CCF1E24E-9AD6-4749-924B-663E4F…)


The hair-curtain is so pervasive where I live. Grow your hair out as long as possible, no bangs or layers, keep it between rod-straight and loose curls, color between dirty blonde and medium brown. Pair it with a felt hat and wear white, grey, light brown, or dull shades of pink/orange/blue. Congrats, now you look just like everyone else you see on Instagram!

My sister considers herself to be very fashionable but dresses like a clone and I don’t really get it. If you don’t care about fashion then whatever, but if you do care about fashion why would you want to look as far from an individual personality as possible? I don’t ask her this or tell her she’s incredibly basic because I know how mad it’d make her. Maybe she thinks it’s a unique look, idk.

No. 162856


I think a big part of long hair looking bad on men is that they decide to grow it out after a lifetime of short hair but don’t realize how much more attention long hair needs to look good - at the barber, in the shower, and in the bathroom mirror. Then from a lifetime-of-long-hair women’s perspective they look like someone who just got out of bed since they ran a comb through their hair and figured that was enough.

No. 162866

File: 1607632022598.jpg (212.89 KB, 1279x1920, 20b57c5565c63df4db92a17638fbd3…)

I hope it's okay to sperg about men's fashion as women since I find a lot of men are guilty of shit like >>162798 >>162601 >>162552>>158103 and would love to talk about current male fashion and what we even should find attractive on men (since the bar is so so low) as long as scrotes don't invade the thread. Something about the "well dressed straight male uniform" triggers a fire of anger within me about how little men actually have to try to be considered decently dressed (and yet hardly of them fucking ever do kek).
The ones who do dress like picrel are always with a girl who is also casually dressed (probably like or with similar effort as >>156914 >>156739) but the girl is always dressed with obviously way more effort because of the double standards of how women are expected to look in comparison to men. If you look at any decent looking guy in America it's always the same non-crusty, non-graphic t-shirt + not poorly fitted jeans jeans + clean casual shoes. So basically every outfit for the 'fashionable' non-crusty straight man is t-shirt + jeans + shoes, while women are pressured to constantly fill their closets to keep up with passing trends like >>157509 >>157515 >>157750. And the sad thing is that guys like this look good to me at first glance but it's just because the majority of other men dress so awfully in comparison.

No. 162867

Same anon but for some reason my tagging fucked up so here's the other ones I tagged:
*guilty of shit like
*a girl who is also casually dressed probably like or with similar effort as
*passing trends like >>157515

No. 162872

> triggers a fire of anger within me about how little men actually have to try
Okay I get this and agree, but what would you like to see men dressed in?

These uniforms are boring and low effort, but in men’s defence they have far fewer options than women. We can wear dresses, skirts, leggings, tights, and so on - in so many different cuts and styles, too. We even have a greater variety of shared items, like jeans and shirts. It sucks for obvious reasons but it’s so much easier for us to experiment with style. As a man, the options seem to be boring shit or tranny territory.

No. 162915

Why is today's fashion so bad compared to most of history. I'm not trying to glamorize the past or its restrictions, I'm just saying they dressed better. I'll admit there may be psychology at work where it only seems that way. I know in movies/art they will depict the best dressed, but still.
I'll sound insane but even the ancient Romans or Egyptians looked better. I guess they had less options and a more unified style? Most clothing from the past looks more dignified, but I guess I'm lacking cultural context. I'm sure everyone had their equivalent of crocs in their time…

No. 162916

What of it do you think was better? Can you give specific examples?

No. 162919

Fuck you I laughed so hard

No. 162920

I think it gives that impression because it's genuinely bad quality. Consumerist fast fashion is a new phenomenon, clothes today are made to rip and fade and tear and become obsolete while clothes in the past used to be made to last.
I still have some clothes that were given to me by my mother, they look new. Even though the designs are old and shit, they always look good because their quality is good.
If you had 2 exact same designs, one made in quality, one made in fast fashion, the second one will always look like shit compared to the first one.

No. 162924

I mean specifically men's fashion, my mistake. I'm reluctant to post a pic because it's not about the exact outfits (a man doesn't need a suit to look better) but the type of fits they had across the 20th century and even further back. Most any of it. To me almost anything men wore back then is better than now. Suits and goofy little sweaters might no longer be practical, but those men look better than a man wearing the modern equivalent. It's about the fit I think, the proportions. And idk slightly more effort?
I also think women's fashion looked more coherent in a nice way, but modern looks can be just as good or better. That's more personal taste that I understand many not sharing.
Obviously it all had its time that is now behind us. I only want to know why men took such a nosedive in appearance. Now it's too much effort or even "gay" to dress with the effort their sacred manly forebearers did. I don't get it.
You make a good point tbh… but feels like people have stopped trying at all. Including myself tbh sometimes. I'm glad we don't wear such formal restrictive things though. I'm sure material plays a role like you said.

No. 162925

Today's fashion is bad because, aside from what >>162920 said, social norms were stricter.
People had less money and clothing was more expensive, so you had to buy something that was not only good quality, but also versatile and comfortable since you'd be stuck with it for a long time.
A lot of things were more exclusive for that very reason - you didn't have chavs who could afford a Ryanair flight to Magaluf and a cheap hotel where they bring women to shag on a drunken night out. There were no college spring breakers flying or attending lectures in their pyjamas and a messy bun.
Flying was expensive, eating out was expensive, holidays were expensive. So when you did get to go, you had to look the part because it was a fancy social event.

On top of this, like I said, social norms were stricter - you simply had to dress up when you went outside because that's just what you do, you had to look presentable and cover your head in many cases. If you didn't, people would think you're insane. When my dad was young (60s-70s), in my town the police'd pick up young men from the streets and shave them bald if their hair was too long, because they didn't want them looking up to hippies (or the Beatles, who were considered extremely radical for that time).

No. 163008

Fast fashion in general ruined clothes. The amount of see through shirts I have. I am at the point where I don't buy new clothing unless I can see for certain it isn't see through. I think the main issue is we made it such a captialistic market on clothing that it is more about quantity than quality.
Don't even get me started on how everything is fucking crop tops. LIKE, they can be cute but for every fucking shirt to be a see through crop top. You might as well not even bother.

This is exactly why I thrift my shirts and clothing now days because things back then were meant to last.

No. 163017

oh god i'm pretty sure i used to own that exact shirt as a teenager because i thought it was cool and edgy. i always got genuinely confused/offended when i'd get weird looks whenever i wore it out

No. 163020

File: 1607745116156.jpg (26.53 KB, 328x345, 15556754193214055702_thumbnail…)

I hate super short sleeves like this, they're ugly and unflattering

No. 163021

Those are just normal sleeves, and way more flattering than the sort of long/baggy sleeves on men's tshirts

No. 163022

god i see so many beautiful dresses or shirts but then zoom in and see it's some shitty mesh see-through thing i'd have to wear something under

No. 163023

It really depends on your body type, imo those short sleeves are flattering on most women but I have very broad shoulders and longer, looser sleeves look much better on me.

No. 163024

my sister has had hair like this her entire life kek. Can't imagine seeing her with shorter hair.

No. 163031

File: 1607754408197.jpg (313.52 KB, 600x901, Unboring-Work-Attires-For-Asia…)

No men allowed here but anyway I posed that question because I have no idea myself since a lot of straight women are conditioned to have incredibly low standards, including myself. At one point this >>162866 actually looked good to me.
If I had to pick an ideal for male fashion I'd probably say Korean men's fashion is my favorite on men (I'm not a koreaboo/kpop fan just for reference btw). I know other anons aren't a fan of the styles for female fashion there (I'm not either tbh). Korean women's fashion is very trendy but Korean men's fashion is generally pretty basic yet timeless and stylish unless you're in hip areas. Picrel for an idea of what I liked for a casual style. I'm not a fan of hypebeast streetwear or trendy Y2K female fashion that's happening rn so if you're into that then my opinion is useless.
To avoid looking bland always make sure you have an accessory to look 'put together'. Easy ones for men are watches, belts, styled hair, fitted clothes (always tailor them if necessary). If an outfit looks boring, wear a belt and tuck your shirt in. I rarely ever wear plain t-shirts because outfits with them are so boring without outerwear or interesting/statement bottoms. I love outerwear on both genders bc it's an easy completion to a boring outfit. Bomber jackets are hot on men, so are coats. The 'fashionable' straight male uniform is just fucking boring and I hate the shoes in that picrel from my OP. Why does every straight male own them?
There you go scrote anon, hope that helps now that a random female has told you what she thinks. Straight women have incredibly low standards so you'll definitely be showered with sex just for dressing in the 'fashionable' straight male uniform even if you don't take my advice.

No. 163038

This is basically my hairstyle right now, though not as long, and I fucking hate it. It’s so gross! I haven’t gotten a proper haircut since October of last year and this is the only one I can manage to do myself without fucking it up, so it’ll have to do. I’m getting so many layers once COVID is under control.

No. 163040

Anon I’m a woman, hence why I used “we” and “us” when talking about women’s fashion. Maybe I confused you by saying “as a man”, that’s shitty English on my part. I meant “for men, the options are…”

> I have no idea myself since a lot of straight women are conditioned to have incredibly low standards

Same, I have no idea what I’d consider stylish for men. Your pic rel is a decent outfit, clean cut and flattering, but at the end of the day it’s a plain shirt, jeans and jacket combo (boots are a bit different though). Is this as good as it gets? Basic flattering clothes?

I don’t know, I guess it’s some people’s thing but I’m never wowed by men’s fashion. I often admire women’s, even if it’s something I would never wear I can still appreciate the thought behind it… men’s is just so formulaic and bland.

No. 163054

disagree with the sentiment, agree with pic related long hair looks way more flattering in her short hair makes her look older.

No. 163058

isn't this the best time to try diy layers at home though, while you have a good reason to stay home if you fuck it up

No. 163059

File: 1607787093411.jpg (112.24 KB, 862x1170, 880082a69377dc2ce8741af155e5d1…)

Lots of European men still dress very smartly, especially in winter. Most men in my country dress in a mix of smart/casual, sorta like picrel. The metrosexual, tight look has always been popular.

If coat and shoes are smart/quality, top and bottoms might be casual (t-shirt w. dark jeans) with a leather messenger bag or it might be: smart coat, sweater and pant, slim casual sneakers, backpack and hat for a sportier look. Always in very dark colours.

Not to everyone's liking of course, but better than an oversized logo T-shirt, baggy cargo shorts and ugly ortho-looking sneakers IMO kek.

No. 163071

File: 1607797486269.png (392.64 KB, 452x542, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 18.21…)

Need I explain lol.

No. 163092

I’m late but is there a street fashion time capsule site you found this from? Because I hope there is.

No. 163170

Oh lmfao, my bad, anonette. Yeah I noticed the phrase "As a man" so that's why I was confused–sorry!
I know the outfit is basic but it looks really nice imo. I would definitely swoon if a bf wore this.
That's the look I really like. Unfortunately I think American men are going for a different ~aesthetic~ like my original pic >>162866 unless they live in colder city climates maybe. What would you call this style? It's pretty similar to my own aside from the beanie.

No. 163425

File: 1608140832598.jpg (44.92 KB, 546x546, 1608140441903.jpg)

The way moids obsess over watches is cringy in general, but anyone trying to shill the ones with bulky ugly straps have to be trying to sabotage each other. IDC what your wrist dimensions are, no one looks good with this type of strap. It's like you're wearing a skatepark on your wrist, it's so dumb

No. 163426

File: 1608141074053.png (473.54 KB, 549x471, Untitled.png)

while i fully agree that moid watchshit is hilariously stupid, i'll take a big bulky one over a small one

No. 163430

I used to change watch batteries at my old workplace and these were the filthiest. Once you screw the back off, all the collected skin flakes/sweat/ dirt mush falls out and you have to wipe it from the crevices or else the back won't go back on evenly. And they always smelled strongly of fish. The smaller watches or the women's ones weren't too bad but the big men's ones were always rancid. It was especially bad when they would come in wearing their watches and the watches were still warm when I went to change the battery.

No. 163431

this is the most disgusting thing i've heard all week

No. 163439

File: 1608147759350.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, WHY WOULD YOU SHARE THIS KNOWL…)

No. 163478

File: 1608177654687.jpg (67.03 KB, 991x660, UniversalGeneve(1954).jpg)

I don't know, why so many guys like bulky watches with metal straps. More simpler styles from over 60 years ago looked much nicer.

No. 163503

I think watches really aren't that nice in general, regardless of strap or size.

No. 163508

What's even the point of watches anymore? You can just check the time on your phone. They're entirely for aesthetics now and they don't even look that good.

No. 163509

not clothing but… bleached eyebrows

No. 163511

Watches are, and always were, jewelery.

No. 163513

File: 1608206525978.jpg (77.47 KB, 876x584, balenciaga-time-bracelet-gold-…)

Reminds me of these Balenciaga time bracelet 'watches'. Wearing a watch has become another way of saying: I have money to wear something that has no real purpose.

No. 163515

Most people that I know wear smart watches so

No. 163517

File: 1608210945343.jpg (734.05 KB, 2156x2500, W96G0td.jpg)


I find watches fascinating and attractive. It's absolutely a status symbol when it's not some shitty battery watch.

No. 163522

I find them more practical than phones since they're always attached to me. I can't bring my phone with me to every single thing and I can't hold it all the time. Also the thinner straps aren't sturdy enough ime.

No. 163529

File: 1608225484768.jpg (146.14 KB, 700x933, mini.jpg)

Minimalism is almost garish in just how boring it truly is

No. 163568

Look up Hans Eijkelboom

No. 163609

Thotty Y2k styles but also pretentious boring "Classy" looks. Equally shit in my opinion.

No. 163675

File: 1608369585055.jpeg (111.85 KB, 446x669, 446x669-giacca-tuta-con-zip-uo…)

Monochromatic matching tracksuits like picrel look trashy and stupid. they're pretty popular rn in my country, especially among zoomers, I hope it's just a fad

No. 164226

File: 1608738643473.jpg (89.68 KB, 333x512, unnamed (2).jpg)

Paperbag pants/shorts are just awful. TBH any garment that requires you to gather a ton of fabric at your waist just doesn't make any sense to me.

No. 164236

these look so, so bad

No. 164239

You need to be a skinny smol bean to wear clothes like this.

No. 164256

File: 1608753264058.jpg (111.98 KB, 1440x961, CGWKTKSWIMI6TH2SOHAWEP7MR4.jpg)


No. 164258

God men are so bland and boring. Zero character and zero personality.

No. 164271

But look, one of them has a pocket on his t-shirt! kek

No. 164325

it only looks how it's supposed to (cute and infantilizing) if you're underweight like the entire style gave me an eating disorder

No. 164326

especially white guys. i'm white and honestly not trying to racebait but white guys look soooooooo bland compared to other men 90% of the time

No. 164327

File: 1608774642792.jpg (53.99 KB, 800x800, TB2upPOXr9GJuJjSZFNXXaIkXXa__7…)

yeah this. skinny attractive people can wear whatever disasters they want and look fashionable in some way

No. 164329

Just cause they're wearing boring clothes doesn't mean they're boring

No. 164332

true but idk i feel like men barely ever try

No. 164408

File: 1608836972773.jpeg (339.28 KB, 1600x1600, 94354152-C4BB-4DF0-9983-EE866F…)


No. 164410

But they’re so comfortable, anon. You can go in the metro and look like a hobo with those, no one will ever bother you on the street if you wear them.

No. 164413

How does a simple a-line skirt an even simpler grey top and a denim jacket look infantilizing to you? It looks like a normal outfit to me a teengirl would wear. Boring, but I don't see how completely regular, bland pieces of clothing are infantilizing.

No. 164440

to be fair that picture isn't the best representation… >>164327 is more accurate but a grown woman whose outfits are normally worn by teens is still uncommon and usually intentionally about looking smaller/younger as a "style". the types drawn to kfashion are so often white tumblr proanas trying to make themselves appear simple, meek and tiny because to them that's the peak of femininity. soft light girly kfashion just stands out as infantilizing on anyone who isn't literally asian or passable for under like 20

No. 164462

File: 1608857748443.jpeg (668.27 KB, 960x640, BBD39C2B-34AE-48F7-A58C-9804C8…)

I don’t mind paperbag pants but a) they have to be constructed out of a stiff, thick material and b) they only really look good proportionally with a skintight top. So I
agree with you that this fit is sloppy and ugly bc it fails on both counts. Pic related are girls that I think are pulling off paperbag pants. as a disclaimer most of the people here are really skinny, and this style is easier to pull off for women with little to no curves and I definitely don’t endorse everything about their outfits

No. 164770

Omfg yes anon. They look like you're trying to hide your demonic hooves

No. 164904

I would love to see more men dressed as vid related. I know it's not comfortable, but much of women's clothing isn't comfortable either.

No. 164968

You're probably hypersensitive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensory_processing_sensitivity

This reminds me how much I hate cloth pants made out of thin fabric. It getting more and more difficult to find decent culottes that won't give you yoga pants ass.

No. 164970

God please no. Thanks for posting this in the fashion we hate thread.

No. 165999

File: 1610106538193.jpg (19.43 KB, 465x660, images (4).jpg)

These sorts of sleeves. I think they are called Dolman or bat arm sleeves.

They always give off a vibe of frump and body insecurity.

Women often wear them with the intention of hiding arm fat when in reality they just make the arms look even bigger.

No. 166011

The best heatwave shirts you mean. Air those armpits out.

No. 166015

fitting since they get recommended a lot for people with hyperhidrosis

No. 166021

I hate goth fashion with skulls, spiders, coffins, killstar patterns, red, green and purple, natural mousey hair, and ugly ass blobby "fancy" eyeliner with a unblended eyeshadow and metallic shitty lipstick in a unique colour.


No. 166064

Everything in this outfit is so… square. I don't hate a certain outfit but I hate squares in general.

No. 166099

Do you have pix of the grime?

No. 166164

Wearing an oversized men's/unisex t-shirt is just as cool in summer and doesn't look outright ugly and ridiculous.

No. 166166

File: 1610211662094.jpg (468.08 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2021-01-09_18-58-07.JPG)

Babydoll/empire/peplum shirts.

They make everyone who wears them look pregnant. (Not that there is anything wrong with actually being pregnant but I wouldn't want to deliberately make myself look that way)

They cut in at the worst possible place and flare out in such an ugly way.

No. 166171

File: 1610212101532.jpg (92.84 KB, 587x885, Screenshot_2.jpg)

Wearing a dress over a turtleneck. It just looks weird to me, idk

No. 166172

File: 1610212335671.jpg (541.22 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2021-01-09_19-07-01.JPG)

Can we talk about how hideous maternity clothes are in general though?

I have spent my whole pregnancy in large men's t-shirts, an oversized Adidas zip up hoodie, flannels with yoga pants or bike shorts. I usually wear a crop top or something tucked in with high waisted jeans or sweats and I have become so fucking disconcerted with my wardrobe. I might not be the epitome of glamor, class and femininity right now but at least I don't look like a miserable old wine addicted live laugh love mom.

No. 166174

File: 1610213379738.jpg (128.07 KB, 634x859, article-0-1853D180000005DC-510…)

Sagging pants

No. 166185

I haven't seen that trend since 2006.

No. 166188

Ooo, I'm guilty of this one.

No. 166189

i like the idea and how it looks like on others but everytime i attempt it; i look like a mormon at middle/high school.

No. 166202

There are some cute maternity things, but I feel they are outweighed by the sheer amount of awful. I can't really think of any non-dress outfits that look better than just wearing whatever fits. Nursing tops are also largely ugly shit, but at least you can more easily make do with normal clothes for that.

No. 166301

File: 1610250610748.jpeg (54.35 KB, 438x613, 2B9C7095-C9F3-42AE-B15D-587151…)

anyone who still wears vineyard vines needs a mental evaluation ffs

No. 167118

No. 167240

oh god yes. this makes everyone look fridgey and/or pregnant. it can look semi-okay if the dress is really wide and loose and flared

i agree, they make the arms and torso look so big and weird unless you're a true skelly. also nice trips.

all of these look horrible.

i can't believe i still see people in these sometimes.

No. 167413

I went to watch this expecting to be mad because I remember it being SO UGLY but I kind of like some y2k stuff. The modernised y2k anyway. The dark nude lip gloss, eyeliner, even those weird sequinned tops. Can't tell whether it's nostalgia or it actually being cute.

It's ridiculous how outdated some 2015 stuff looks now in 2021.

No. 167420

Orrrr mommy gf shoes

No. 167435

File: 1610847761753.jpg (340.97 KB, 1400x1400, florence_pugh_en_el_estreno_de…)

Top knots that look like this.

No. 167458

>not wearing a pantyhose with appropriate skirt/dress
if it's not summer and you aren't wearing sneakers then you probably need to put on some pantyhose. looks cheap without
>long ass boots that go over the knee
ugly and they make everyone's legs look short and chunky. bonus points if you're not wearing pantyhose with them
>wearing athletic shorts or black leggings everywhere (excluding well coordinated athleisure)
>oversized clothing, usually
often unflattering. why would you want to wear something that makes your waist and shoulders look wide

No. 167472


No. 167474

File: 1610863615257.jpg (75.28 KB, 474x709, OIP.jpg)

>>long ass boots that go over the knee
for me it's the opppsite, shorter boots look ugly and chunky

No. 167956


No. 167964

File: 1611086504265.png (1.89 MB, 920x1342, shoulder.png)

the boots thing is dependent on your own proportions
if you're a tranny or a ddlg fag

anyway, the "drop shoulder" style of sleeve that is everywhere now is so unflattering on everyone. it just makes you look broad and round, even if you're thin.

No. 167965

File: 1611086644827.jpg (47.58 KB, 400x600, Fall 2018 Attendees 6N0t9kDRFk…)

top knots in general, even the early 2010s "messy bun" that used to be popular. Butt ugly.

No. 168029

> why would you want to wear something that makes your waist and shoulders look wide
Because it looks cool and interesting. Fashion isn't exclusively about looking the most flattering you possible can, for plenty of people it's also about fun, experimenting with interesting sillhouetes or just plain comfort.

No. 168059

Nearly everything that she suggests in this video except for wedges. Everything else makes me feel like I'm looking at Japanese clothing ads where the entire collection is a fuckton of beige and nothing else. Also, those boots she suggests are fucking hideous. I'm tired of seeing them everywhere.

No. 168060

Anon, I don't know if you have sensory issues, but most people can tell if an article of clothing is making you look a certain way vs you actually being built that way. Do you look at shoulder pads and assume its somebody's natural frame?

This. I like experimenting and I also like not having to wear things which are skintight during my period.

No. 168074

Is this Madison Beer?

No. 168075

File: 1611175744430.jpg (98.59 KB, 634x1024, eeb0cfb304e7988e56bb0fdf82634a…)

It's Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford.

No. 168088

shes so disproportionate, wasnt expecting that

No. 168091

File: 1611183373270.jpg (220.52 KB, 1080x1048, 949f7a85b98ca346d0478e0da50ff9…)

IDK, is she? The styling on this photo is a weird choice for her since she has narrow hips and wide shoulders, otherwise though her proportions are not unusual to me.

No. 168094

Her head is tiny and her limbs are extremely long. She still manages to be somewhat pretty though

No. 168104

If they're made out of a material that hangs nicely they can look ok but too often they're made of thin, clingy material that doesn't work at all. I think it's because the handkerchief hem is an easy shape to construct so it's used for low-quality garments.

No. 168108

File: 1611194599208.jpg (486.12 KB, 1920x2880, R2106015_02_1920x.jpg)

honestly my original post wasn't clear, i think things like pic rel are super cute (and if something's "interesting" or experimental obviously you can break the rules…), i was thinking about normie oversized stuff that you see people wear everyday. think "christian girl autumn" type of sweater
>most people can tell if an article of clothing is making you look a certain way vs you actually being built that way
that's what i said. certain clothing items have an unflattering silhouette that make you look a certain way

No. 168132

I thought people liked her for her long legs. Tall, skinny, pretty face, I think she's attractive.

No. 168150

>somewhat pretty
Kek anon pls, she’s a gorgeous woman and you know it.

No. 168222

she reminds me of 90s yaoi art

No. 168248

eh, i feel you anon. i spent most of my teenage years into jfashion and tried to make it work for myself but now i just cringe at it. i think very few people can make it look good, and most of them are japanese.

also, can relate to your "tomboy" feeling! it's really freeing to realize what you're comfortable with.

No. 168722

File: 1611542891174.jpg (169.44 KB, 1109x1479, e1818fd2ce4f5e7520111a324bd60a…)

This is ugly as sin

No. 168729

rip to me, i have this body type. i didn't think it was that bad

No. 168759

I don't think it's that bad tbh, but it needs to be coorded with a more elaborate styling

No. 168760

you literally have a model's body. If you're tall, you can wear longer drapes of fabric, but I can't because even moderate amounts of loose draping overwhelm my frame and it looks big on me when it really isn't technically

No. 168763

It's a great and interesting body, kaias face is just unfortunate though imo, reminds me of a teen boy

No. 168911

Anons are jealous, you can model with that body type.

No. 169313

File: 1611840432556.jpg (47.58 KB, 564x705, fdc5ff6ce3fb987a9014aef57df41a…)

this trashy nike corset

No. 169316

This image ruined my day

No. 169359

File: 1611868588766.jpeg (176.13 KB, 550x825, 6D07F63E-D6C3-4B78-B23D-55963B…)

Literally what is the fucking point in wearing your jacket like this

No. 169376

Gonna be an autist here, but "y2k" should refer to 2000 and fashion around that time didn't looked like this. That's some mid 00s crap which is already bastardized by instathots and e-girls. Early 00s (and late 90s) fashion was really minimal and stuff like utility chic were popular, also that techwear futurist crap. That what >>157856 posted is actually closer to teen/young adult fashion of that era, especially Delia's stuff
Modern lolita and styles inspired by it are so bad. This outfit is so bland
I hate these corsets based on Vivienne Westwood ones, caking this in logos makes them even more uglier

No. 169382

Kek I do this sometimes but it's definitely not a fashion statement. I go out, it's cold but I start warming up and sweating. If I take my jacket off completely then I'm just going to get cold again but if I drop it down then it still keeps my arms warm while letting me air out the pits. Win-win. Maybe I just need some long ass opera gloves but somehow I think that would look dumber.

No. 169400

I noticed a bunch of high school girls in my neighborhood doing this and I found it sorta inappropriate somehow

No. 169401

seconding this, I just get weary armpits so I do this to cool them down? this makes me sound grosser than I am, damnit

No. 169402

sweaty*, not weary

No. 169403

i fucking love these, I'm a slip on sandals and socks type of person due to the fact I just cannot stand the feeling of normal closed shoes. It makes my feet feel suffocated. When I tried these it felt like my feet could actually breath and for reference all my other shoes are my correct size so it wasn't a sizing issue.

No. 169434

File: 1611910875441.jpg (115.93 KB, 800x1169, jacket-7-1472673106.jpg)

I thought Ariana started this trend bc she wanted to appear small and uwu

No. 169518

utter tinfoil but I think it's meant to be sexy, like she's partway through undressing

No. 169590

YES thank you, I'm thin and narrow bodied myself but I thought there was something wrong with me and that I needed to lose weight since everything has this cut and it makes me look top heavy. Does anyone actually look good in this?

No. 169770

File: 1612160067711.jpg (94.12 KB, 564x791, 291f3bcbbd005112e15ae836297750…)

This is so ugly, tacky and camp. I can't take anyone who wears this unironically seriously.

No. 170199

File: 1612418107964.jpg (190.65 KB, 736x1024, c2aaa9d330b28c486f3b23a462e5d4…)

this woman is too big to wear capris lol

they look fine a la 50s when women were stick thin. i don't really think most americans can pull them off now. they're out anyways.

No. 170250

File: 1612419057283.jpg (128.16 KB, 1280x720, myvibrams.jpg)

this is very very specific to a certain place but jesus i want to hurl when i see those sick toe shoes.

No. 170254

agreed anon, I'm willing to believe >>169382 and I'm sure some women do it for practical reasons, but I see so many young women who wear skintight clothing while wearing their jackets like this I feel like they're just trying to look "sexy".

No. 170265

I'm forever arrested in 2010 ott sweet, though
lolita doesn't even look like lolita to me anymore

No. 170290

I'm kind of curious about what place you're referring to, I've never seen anyone wear toeshoes.

No. 170293

I'd love to wear those instead of regular shoes all the time. I never tried them, I'm just presuming they're more comfy

No. 170298

Fashion nova outfits, congrats on destroying the planet with fast fashion while looking like a low class sex worker

Dolls kill, congrats on buying a problematic brand while looking like a ddlg with daddy issues

Long Acrylic nails, giant mink lashes combo

E girl shit


No. 170299

File: 1612454211600.jpg (188.51 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20210204_165527.jpg)

the egirl blonde money piece looks awful on long hair. Other colors are okay but blonde or white on dark hair just make it look like grey streaks

No. 170350

What brand did dolls kill buy?

No. 170357

They didn't, I think she's addressing people who buy from DK. Took me a while to click too

No. 170382

File: 1612489035861.jpeg (22.07 KB, 275x275, BFEECEB2-B77F-4A92-8355-F94001…)

French capsule wardrobes. We all have to dress ourselves, might actually wear something we like as opposed to buying into some “timeless” trend that seems specifically curated to be as unremarkable and inoffensive as possible. I’m not going to pretend my fashion taste is impeccable, but at least I actually like it. I would take people embarrassing themselves wearing the clothes that make them happy over people acting pretentious about looking bland and “put together” any day. sorry at the anons in fashion general but I simply cannot fathom thinking more people should dress like this

No. 170404

I feel you. It's not that I hate the clothes themselves, they're pretty inoffensive, I just hate the concept and the way it seems to exist solely because of fashion advice on the internet. Surely if you care enough to want to dress well, you care enough to develop literally any preferences or personal taste? It can be bad taste as long as you know what you actually like or dislike.

I hate the idea of ~basics~ in general, there's no such thing as universally necessary clothes. What a waste of money they are when you could just figure out what you legitimately want to wear. I know I could go the rest of my life without wearing a plain white tshirt, a LBD or even a pair of skinny jeans.

No. 170420

I feel like this kind of thing is only useful if you genuinely don't enjoy/care about fashion or dressing yourself but know you need to look presentable for school or work or what have you. If you had this wardrobe you could grab whatever's clean out of your closet and look unremarkable, but fine. It kind of reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg and how he fills his closet with nothing but gray shirts so he always has something clean to wear and doesn't have to think about dressing himself at all.

No. 170421

These are helpful for autists like me that can't figure out how to look "normal".

No. 170431

I agree, why does there even need to be a guide for this? Just go to whatever place sells the cheapest clothes and they will all have these most normal clothes and just buy whatever

No. 170435

If someone can't figure out on their own that a plain tshirt and jeans is generally an appropriate outfit, they probably dgaf about looking presentable. That's next level ineptitude.

No. 170493

crunchy granola places - portland, santa cruz, berkeley. any hippie hippie town.

No. 170504

File: 1612560587341.jpg (380.41 KB, 1426x1902, LM01_3000x.jpg)

i want to set fire to every single lirika matoshi dress in existence, especially whatever this monstrosity is. that is all.

No. 170505

holy fuck, is this an official image? you can see how tiny the cups are over her breasts

also i agree, i fucking hate the strawberry dress

No. 170525

File: 1612568265518.jpg (124.37 KB, 900x1351, IMG_3244_900x.jpg)

fuck this ugly ass dress from the Lirika Matoshi x Disney collection

No. 170537

i saw somewhere that these are all made in china so the "knockoffs" are actually real.

No. 170547

dude this looks like something fucking pixielocks would make

No. 170555

imagine them collabing on a dress line. i would actually have to go get my retinas removed

No. 170560

File: 1612587143466.jpeg (472.3 KB, 750x890, 121E694E-B353-4770-8BA1-BA95A7…)

slouch socks/leg warmers. i see egirls wearing them more and more but man they just look like horse hooves

No. 170574

I love legwarmers and the hoof look, skinny legs and huge shoes is weirdly aesthetic to me. Must be a a result of being a weeb and a figure skating fan.

No. 170599

This looks like something you'd dress your toddler in for a photoshoot

No. 170622

That makes sense since their website won't allow custom sizes. I wanted the black strawberry dress and they just have the usual s-xl.

You could probably find knockoff selkie puff dresses too as they're upfront with it.

No. 170654

File: 1612644863752.jpg (145.75 KB, 816x1535, 20210206_225448.jpg)

I really dislike jeans with raw hems. I can't really even explain why, they just look sloppy

No. 170655

man I remember wanting loose socks like 20 years ago

No. 170685

fuckin toddlers raiding my high school wardrobe

No. 170815

File: 1612740011068.jpg (80 KB, 563x951, 0fdc0e2961f0fecf7766af5a6fd3f4…)

Bridal pantsuits for women are gross, all of the parts I like about them are when I take the pants out of the situation

No. 170845

Same, they look unfinished and raggedy

No. 170893

These send the message that you’re an insecure trend slave

No. 170903

i hate raw hems on everything. why tf would i pay extra money for pants or shirts that look like a 3 year old hacked at them?

No. 171170

I hate the whole zoomer baggy clothes with cropped tops. I love crop tops but they need to be paired with decent bottoms and not oversized pants

No. 171294

File: 1613031470934.jpeg (377.69 KB, 623x739, A0DD016C-49ED-434A-9D51-3007E1…)

This whole outfit. This kinda style is pretty popular with zoomers rn. Just looks so… awkward and tacky

No. 171295

Bratz doll

No. 171422

The only zoomer trend I like tbh. I think the contrast looks cool and baggy pants are comfortable.

No. 171426

me too

No. 171511

File: 1613191728178.jpg (1.33 MB, 2000x2644, Luke Skywalker Big Poncho.jpg)

Is cursed thrift store finds an aesthetic?

No. 171513

Idk but let’s make it one

No. 171514

I would wear the hell out of that checkered dress with the elephants on it

No. 171516

I almost missed that incredible Pink Panther uploading his face to computer shirt. There is no price I would not pay.

No. 171522

this is just chaotic lesbian fashion and i love it

No. 171532

For real.

I kind of like it in a 'it's interesting to look at' way despite it being clearly ugly. Wouldn't catch me dead in it though.

I like the look of raw hems and ripped denim etc. but my problem with it is that it becomes really ugly really fast. Raw hems and rips don't hold up well after washing it a few times.

I think that the raw hems trend is a direct reaction to zoomers/young milennials buying thriftstore clothing and chopping a part off to crop it and leaving the hem unfinished because they can't sew.

No. 171544

File: 1613218993033.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.21 KB, 1000x1000, ok1.jpg)

I know this post is old but I find male versions of these type of shirts to be better, partly because scrote sexuality sucks

No. 171564

I kinda like the fish shirt

No. 171580

If you think that these cute cat, shocked cartoony face and God sweaters are bad, I will find where you live and judge you personally

No. 171587

File: 1613249828119.jpg (172.52 KB, 580x580, m_5b53f40dd365be98e8d1bc13.jpg)

I wear thrifted cardigans like the top left corner but the ones I find are usually with farm designs. I just think they're neat and sometimes people compliment me on them too. The clown and bikini ones are definitely cursed though.

No. 171588

At least half of these are solid, seconding the chaotic lesbian aesthetic reference.

No. 171589

>while women are pressured to constantly fill their closets to keep up with passing trends

By the hetero patriarchy cabal? So men are also supposed to be "oppressed" into filling closets? lmao Wouldn't it be the opposite, why aren't you trying to get women to be just as disinterested in fashion if its so horrible?

No. 171592

I like some of their clothing, but their logo is super autistic looking to me and I hate how they boldly slap that shit on everything they make.

No. 171602

This is so cute. 10/10 would wear until it's completely faded and frayed.

No. 171634

The pic on that shirt is unironically really hot. Still wouldn't wear it through lmao.

No. 171635

Anyone else kind of sick of athleisure? I never liked it aesthetically-wise. For me the only good thing to come out of the rise of athletic clothing is it being acceptable to wear sneakers wherever because of comfort. Otherwise I'm ready to move past it, although I don't see that happen any time soon.

No. 171667

File: 1613318286638.jpg (1.39 MB, 3024x4032, FullSizeRender-50.jpg)

I tried so hard to do it because I thought it'd be more comfortable but I felt so sloppy doing it. Maybe if I bought the expensive stuff I'd be more into it but I'd rather wear jeans and a t-shirt than sweatpants.
I tried to do something like picrel but I ended up just wearing jeans and boots instead. Oh how I wish to be a casual cool girl.

No. 171673

File: 1613322232289.jpg (591.39 KB, 1079x1314, 1613160242717.jpg)

This type of zoomer larp

No. 171676

Everything about this outfit is blegh. Those dingy ass slides, the star earrings that look like they're from Claire's, the khaki cargo pants, the weird pink sunglasses. It's like she's trying to put as many ugly early 2000s tends into one outfit as possible. All it needs is a denim skirt worn over the pants.

No. 171678

Why does gen z dress like hookers.

It looks so trashy.

I’m down with most of what they wear even though it’s one of those things where people will look back and find super tacky, like, it’s fun. I get it. But the tops that look like straight up lingerie make it seem like they all have mommy issues.

No. 171679

They are genuinely ignorant of that era honestly. Just take worst trends, things worn in movies and music videos that are still in collective memory and it results in shit like this.
Pants are alright, they could be nice with decently fitting t-shirt and sneakers and this is already closer to 00s teen fashion.
I agree, they are trashy. Even bigger sexualization of teen girls and pressure of social media leads to this and it's fucked up

No. 171687

File: 1613328430913.jpg (80.99 KB, 768x768, 2608603_l.jpg)

I hate these weird 90s-00s mesh tops that are popular with zoomers now. they are a dime a dozen at thrift shops and are just so tacky

No. 171689

Me too. Plain ones were nice when styled properly, but now I want to vomit when I see one, especially from Gaultier and derivatives from his designs

No. 171691

i like these because they remind me of my mommy

No. 171693

File: 1613333072372.jpg (69.99 KB, 812x812, 8032dd2d9a7be1566eb24c58a98374…)

I love these over a black camisole (not that one though lol). I'm big enough to admit that I started doing it after seeing Faith wear picrel in BtVS lol.

No. 172033

File: 1613590732648.jpg (467.7 KB, 1072x1080, Screenshot_20210217-143722_Fir…)

>I think that the raw hems trend is a direct reaction to zoomers/young milennials buying thriftstore clothing and chopping a part off to crop it and leaving the hem unfinished because they can't sew.
Can confirm, I know a Zoomer who does this all the time to make cropped tees/hoodies but it always looks lazy and unfinished to me.

Relatedly, I don't know how fashionable it is because I've only seen quirky tumblr Zoomers doing it, but I hate the look of tucked in graphic tees. At worst the waistband cuts off the design awkwardly, and at best it makes you look like a 90s camp counselor.

No. 172038

I can’t stand raw hems either. Maybe because I was a poorfag growing up so raggedy looking clothes trigger me.

No. 172041

I wish more men wore these laidback but stylish kind of outfits. Black and white are really sexy on men, particularly if they are tall and skinny or in good shape, and Korean men are great at masculine casual style especially when it’s streetwear stuff, but sadly guys here can barely dress themselves.

I will admit I like kind of douchey sporty looking young guys in sport shorts and a plain t shirt and sneakers/slides, like they just came back from chilling at the park or football practice. Fit men with good legs wearing shorts just drives me crazy in general lol.

No. 173608

File: 1614609236779.png (1.34 MB, 926x960, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 9.32…)

So the latest trend in denim is starting to make me think all jeans are just hideous and suck.

I think only black denim is acceptable and probably as skinny jeans as much as everyone might hate hearing that.

No. 173610

File: 1614609294714.png (392.06 KB, 760x730, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 9.34…)

Another trend I keep seeing that has the power to ruin absolutely any outfit

No. 173611

This is a very personal opinion but I hate open toe shoes. Toes are ugly and should be covered whenever possible.

No. 173631

God I hate low raise jeans so much, I hope shops don't stop carrying high raise anytime soon

No. 173632

Farm cardigan for a farmer. I hope you wear it while browsing lolcow.farm. It would make me very happy to know you do.

No. 173633

help I like some of these

No. 173649

both of you are absolutely correct. if you like getting your toes out in public you should honestly be arrested imo

No. 173726

The vast majority of shit from the 2000s to now. Just ugliness, blandness, boringness. Miss the more OTT and luxurious styles of the past

No. 173998

God this looks like something my aunt would wear, it's disgusting, it looks like it smells like feet

No. 174002

>looks like it smells like feet
it's a foot, anon.

No. 174307

File: 1615066098769.jpg (35.6 KB, 513x655, 13496685-1-washedblack.jpg)

I hate the look of washed black denim. Why would you intentionally make your jeans look old and worn out?

No. 174310

How does this look worn out? Do you think it looks worn out because it's dark grey rather than pitch black?

No. 174598

I just really hate jumpsuits, they make your butt look flat.

No. 174691

File: 1615313860146.jpeg (65.01 KB, 550x789, DDACD502-86C9-4C8F-9935-288FE7…)

There’s something really weird about seeing trends back in style that I actually remember from my own lifetime, and I’m only 21… anyway I’m officially over teen culture and I think it’s sad that teens are considered the most “fashion forward” in society

No. 174692

File: 1615314003863.jpeg (296.96 KB, 735x887, EAC57249-B006-4ED9-A1FF-B49B5B…)

and here’s another example I really hated

No. 174695

File: 1615317144443.jpg (16.31 KB, 300x259, skater life.jpg)

RIP my sides. Is she wearing skater shoes like pic rel? Teenagers drive the trends we see in media and visual culture, but I think there's a distinction between being trendy and being fashion forward. Teen culture is associated with kitsch because of it's mass appeal, whereas being fashionable is associated with "high culture" because it's supposed to be more refined and less accessible. Not necessarily stating my opinion here, it's just a generalized observation.

No. 174767


Congrats anon, you managed to portray almost everything i hate about shoes with this picture.
I feel they make anyone's feet look disproportionately chunky and long.

No. 175369

No. 175370

Wut, are you me lol? I did this too and it really made me feel ugly and depressed

No. 175414

I have several friends with pixie or even buzz cuts who constantly get hit on by men. I guess it depends on where you live. Plus, they all have very big, feminine features (big eyes, full lips, oval face). Women with more androgynous features should opt for bobs and similar middle length hairstyles if they don't want to look edgy.

No. 175506

File: 1615923066528.jpeg (81.46 KB, 564x704, F3775D90-96B7-4260-AAC2-8A449D…)

Absolutely fucking hate this style! I give a shit if it’s ethical to thrift - it’s ugly and it looks like you smell.

No. 175510

the jacket is neat, but the way it's styled is ass. this outfit reeks of upper middle class yuppie who listens to vampire weekend and only RTs blue checks on twitter

No. 175514

How can people willingly wear jeans like that. High waisted jeans are already ugly but this is the most unflattering one I've seen.

No. 175516

this is so cute to me
but I do agree these jeans look a bit unflattering and I'd wear different sneakers with this, something dirtier and less white
it's just such a comfortable everyday style for uni, although I don't wear as much colour

No. 175529

File: 1615930467926.jpeg (45.76 KB, 1000x1000, ugly.jpeg)

This style says "I thrift ugly normcore clothes that don't fit and listen to Mac Demarco, pronouns in bio". On another note, I've had this position on skintight pants like picrel for several years now, I think they are among the ugliest option for pants and they never look good. Imo they're just as dated and unflattering as low-rise bootcut jeans. Skinnies stand out as a hallmark of fashion from 2005-present day and I hate the trends associated with this period in general.

No. 175534

The jacket is the worst part tbh

No. 175554

File: 1615948177680.jpeg (83.4 KB, 500x666, 0463FB30-C061-4224-8D65-66AC07…)

This style was kind of cool and new in idk 2016 but now it’s so ubiquitous and annoying to see

No. 175617

Kek my sister dresses exactly like this, I feel vindicated seeing this here.

She buys most of her clothes on overpriced "vintage" Instagram thrift accounts so it's not even cheap! It's so weird seeing someone in a "new" shirt that's got someone else's thirty year old pit stains clearly visible.

I don't mind thrifting but the fun is finding something as-new or something you can restore like a good leather belt for a good price, not paying $50 for a moth-eaten shirt you could've dug out of your dad's closet.

No. 175726

File: 1616061694629.jpg (125.12 KB, 900x1200, image_caed948f-6dad-488d-b9d7-…)

That "boujee" aesthetic that people want because it looks "expensive" and "luxury" when in reality it looks cheap and tacky.

No. 175734

What kind of pants do you like then anon?

No. 175737

OT but I thought you were talking about your own pic with the Mac Demarco pronouns things and was like where the fuck do you live that basic normie jeans and white t-shirts have that connotation

No. 175749

omg this.

No. 175757

Jeans, swearshirts, and neon multicolor windbreakers like this to me always just look like an adultified version of how my mother dressed me when I was in primary school

No. 175760

Imagine spending thousands of dollars to look like an Amber Scholl DIY

(vid related, she has 3 million subscribers for gluing rhinestones to shoes, bags and herself)

No. 175798

File: 1616102243764.jpeg (268.32 KB, 750x934, CB464B34-D555-4701-9A3A-04F991…)

Maybe this outfit is good in theory but it looks so awkward. The dress is kind of juvenile and unflattering to me and combined with the sneakers it’s just bad kek but I see this style a lot

No. 175814

ive decided i hate all jewlery with gemstones, they themselves are inherently tacky. colored gems just look gaudy and even diamond is aesthetically equivalent to a cubic zirconia

No. 175815

….Do you hate pinafores too then?

No. 175816

File: 1616109028857.jpg (58.75 KB, 730x1207, ripp.jpg)

this and ripped jeans or shorts I can't understand why anyone except edgy/gothy styled people would wear them it just doesn't make sense
>Wear normal top
>Wear girly top
>ripped jeans
>ripped shorts

No. 175818

What's wrong with them? They look very normal to me?

No. 175819

File: 1616109363633.png (278.24 KB, 1000x900, softt.png)

because not everyone looks good in bold colors like white a black
in example
soft autumns and soft summers

No. 175837

Ew the sneakers totally ruin this outfit but this picture is also kinda wtf why is she hiking in a mini-dress!! The dress would be cute with Birkenstocks imo

No. 175853

Your pic is hideous but people wear things like that for the contrast, which can definitely create good looks.

No. 175854

Very true, a hard black, especially near my face, ages me by like 10 years.

No. 175859

Hard agree here, I avoid jewellery with gemstones like the plague for this reason. Cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals being the hardest offenders.

No. 175860

File: 1616150141797.jpg (51.97 KB, 800x599, 86f86b5aaded343a8be761dbf76368…)

I hope this boobie shirt trend dies in a fire. It's the 2020s equivalent of tattooing a curly mustache on your finger

No. 175861

File: 1616151431688.png (889.29 KB, 627x755, ew.PNG)

What the fuck is this and why would you want to wear it?

No. 175924

Literally the first time I’ve seen this

No. 175944

Nta, but are you non-American? That might be why. I feel like they've become a small trend over here, not sure about other western countries.

No. 175945

nta, but I'm european and I'm guilty of having a boobie shirt

No. 175947

i don't get the point of boob shirt. what is the message?

No. 175949

Nta, but it doesn't really have to have a message anon. It's just a shirt with a fun, minimalist (if you're into minimalism) design

No. 175976

File: 1616244070860.jpg (81.62 KB, 727x534, john-gosselin-tara-reid-ed-har…)

ot but she has a bad posture for being a model

the yellow ones actually look really nice imo

skunky, shit trend

anyone remember picrel?

No. 175981

File: 1616246891876.png (694.08 KB, 794x841, puffer.PNG)

puffer vests. i cannot find a functional or fashionable reason to wear one of these. if it's that cold, wear something longer.

yes, i hate sleeves like this. and it especially sucks when you got chubby upper arms, they ride into your armpits. i only shopped for unisex clothing when i was a fat teenager because every women's shirt was styled like this.

No. 176081

Is it really tacky? I am the anon who’s been sperging positively about kidcore but googling boojie I’m realizing that looks sooo much better. Is there a nontacky way to do this aesthetic?

No. 176291

File: 1616506401672.jpeg (42.59 KB, 300x300, 37C278C4-CCD8-466F-B520-13500A…)

Nope I am from the US and the only boobies trend I remember was those boobies bracelets.

No. 176294

File: 1616509076027.png (8.91 KB, 715x107, boojie.png)

No. 176582

File: 1616710479670.jpg (44.62 KB, 800x800, stupidshoe.jpg)

Platform canvas shoes are terrible

No. 176607

File: 1616727893007.png (731.06 KB, 421x787, febbs.PNG)

Tbh this looks like something our honorable cow, feebs/fatvegfemme, would wear. >>175617 yes, i have a sister who dresses like this too. it's kind of funny, i had a similar style to this in 2011, it was kind of popular on tumblr, more tame than what it looks like now.
i want to know who the person in the photo is so i can see more outfits, because they're dressed like a dork, a normal person wouldn't tuck in the legs and the shirt at the same time.

No. 176610

File: 1616731949669.jpg (36.93 KB, 480x720, makeup-trend-2017-trending-rel…)

i dislike lipstick in general but bright red lipstick with no other makeup looks completely unappealing and obnoxious to me, i can't really place why

No. 176611

I actually kind of like this. The fact it's unusual is something of a "fuck you" to the thought women need to wear makeup to look more appealing to men. I'd rather see weird looks than drag/bimbo-ish ones or even natural styles. If you're going to put on paint, do something obvious and unorthodox.

No. 176645

idk, i once saw some sexist asshole going on about how lipstick is exciting for men because it simulates a flush of arousal and accentuates lips which are highly sexualized anyway and i honestly can't get it out of my head. i hate wearing lipstick and i often don't think it looks good on anyone compared to a natural lip

No. 176653

the only person who can pull this off is paz

No. 176675

File: 1616771844522.jpeg (175.41 KB, 750x815, 00FC2D3D-755F-4A74-8C63-EAE3B2…)

>>176607 I could be wrong but I strongly suspect the picture in >>175506 is one of these sisters liberty and mathilda mai. They have fashion IGs and a depop shop and they often pose like that for the depop pics

No. 176694

AYRT, I ended up finding out who it is, their username is celestialyouth. Before dressing like this, he used to be a taobao/Aliexpress reseller and he would wear that shit too, now all his stuff is thrifted

No. 176722

File: 1616789826581.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1097, 30C750C8-3E4B-4CCC-805F-37B08C…)

I really hate the egirl/eboy shit and wish it would die down by now. The cheap fabric Amazon stripe shirts, the chains, tacky hair, tacky makeup, all look horrid and nothing ever compliments anything in their looks. So tacky.

No. 176723

File: 1616789897120.jpeg (372.75 KB, 1125x1108, C2405C14-9E85-46EF-BFB4-20E1B5…)

Like seriously?!

No. 176725

I think it probably will die down over time, like most 'trends' and fads. Like scenes and stuff. But I always think of Bianca Devins when I think of egirls

No. 176726

I absolutely hate the way e-girls do blush as if they're actually "blushing" (in quotes because no one actually blushes only on their cheeks to their nose, it's an anime thing)

No. 176728

I hate the nose blush and highlighter ala Lori or Belle. It’s just so ugly and unnecessary. I understand contouring to an extent but more than that is a huge no go in my eyes

No. 176732

I guess it's meant to be tacky, in a way? I mean youth trends are never tasteful and stylish, they're meant to be rebellious and fun. But I agree, ugly as sin it is.

No. 176734

I think it is infinitely more palatable than scene/emo which was what was popular in my day.

No. 176754

Even scene/emo was more cohesive than this. e-girl style is just random shit thrown together.

No. 176762

Yeah a lot of it now relies on extreme makeup and dyed hair. The extravagant outfits are optional. I've seen egirls just wearing a
worn out maroon long sleeved tee and that was it. Back then you pretty much had to invest in fishnets and striped clothing and your hair almost always had to be gelled and straight.

No. 176766

It’s creepy that a lot of this style tries so hard to look like children, it’s fucking cringy as hell to me and embarrassing because it’s trying so hard. Why are girls obsessed with infantilizing themselves by doing stupid poses and dead eye staring as if they have no brain. How is that cool or appealing to anyone except pedos and tumblr teen girls?
Sorry for going off but the sleeve thing looks stupid and the stickers I see everywhere annoy the shit out of me. It’s like some e-thot rite of passage to obsess over those Sanrio cutesy characters. The outfit below is okay though, I just hate the culture around the style I guess.

No. 176777

And it was ugly as shit. Are you into lolita by chance?

No. 176843

I agree and I have no doubt that a lot of their poses/expressions are based on ahegao… ew

No. 176962

OT and late but don't believe any of that "red lips = labia" bullshit. The source of this claim is a single book from the 1960s called "The Naked Ape" and it's backed up by exactly zero scientific evidence. The author has also claimed that wearing blusher is an evolutionary trait that is meant to signal that women are ready for sex and men find it attractive because red cheeks look like red fruit, which are tasty.
So yeah, feel free to dismiss any scrote who tries to explain makeup to you and brings up this book in the process.

No. 177779

File: 1617498411692.jpg (120.62 KB, 658x1500, just bin it.jpg)

This style of hippie pants in all of its variations. The sandals in this pic are really ugly too, reminds me of the birkenstock flip flops that are really popular for some reason.

No. 177796

Kek I love these pants as comfy 'fuck it I'm not leaving the house pants' but they do remind me of bohemian white women in their forties. Sandals included

No. 177801

Yeah they look like pajamas! That's why it looks strange when people leave the house in these. I've seen a lot of young women wearing hippie pants as part of an outfit, so the mental image I get is of a sloppy girl with emo hair and a monroe piercing that's carries a beach tote bag everywhere

No. 177806

The silhouette is ok to me especially as something loose and comfortable to wear in the summer but the pattern is what I hate

No. 177835

Excellent scrote weaponry. Cheers

No. 177859

Babydoll dresses make me feel stupid, like I'm wearing a sack. I look so much better with even just a little definition in my waist. Skater dresses and slips flatter me a lot more. I also only wear minidresses, it has to be at least a few inches above the knee otherwise I look short and awkward.

No. 177867

File: 1617567161060.png (451.52 KB, 826x940, fug.png)

this but with drop waist dresses. seriously WHO looks good in this crap? i understand the 60s version a little, without the flouncy skirts they at least look quirky while still being tidy. picrel is just straightup frumpcore

No. 177880

I don't own any of these dresses but when I try them on they look good. I have a long torso and short legs and oddly enough the drop waist makes it unnoticeable. I mostly wear straight up and down dresses, are those what >>177859 is referring to? Babydoll dresses? I don't know their name. They help cover and smooth out my saggy tits and long torso.

No. 177906

I've always associated these sort of outfits with yoga and health-obsessed folks

No. 177907

File: 1617605934895.jpg (34.06 KB, 1200x630, hideous.jpg)

I hate culottes. I have never worn them but the idea of just the ankles being exposed gives me a feeling of horror. Plus no matter how well made they always look poorly tailored because of the unfortunate length. They aren't formal enough to wear with heels and make you look stumpy with flat shoes so there is really no good way to wear them

No. 177922

agreed on everything except…
> The outfit below is okay though

No. 177931

I hate them too but I saw a girl I know pull it off well
She wears them during winter with weird stripy socks and docs, looks kind of like a clown in a very cute way kek
Not my style but I dig it when she does that
In a more serious/professional setting I'd rather choose any other pair of pants though.

No. 177947

they're comfy!!!! i'd put a sad face here if i could.

No. 177948

why are all shirts cropped now??? i'm pretty sure most people don't want their tummy showing all of the time so why? it's really annoying to see some cute shirts and then find all they're all cropped.
i see people in public all of the time just wearing a sports bra. i dunno if i'm getting old but i'm starting to feel like a prude with these new fashion trends. so many bikini bottoms are essentially thongs now too.

No. 177952

as someone with a short torso and long limbs I love cropped tops. long shirts tend to look wack and roll and ride up on me.
they're probably ubiquitous now because of the popularity of crop tops in 2000s fashion

No. 177972

File: 1617640016878.jpg (4.5 MB, 4096x4096, 202435774621514252.jpg)

Feast your eyes anons. Some Eastern European fashion makes me want to gag. I usually see nicely dressed girls in simple outfits (nice fitting jeans + top + sneakers) or something smart casual (usually zara stuff) but I sometimes see women wearing shit like picrelated. It's like fashion nova's rabies infested cousin, it's beyond tacky and kitschy and most of the clothes are super low quality and overpriced.

No. 177973

File: 1617640407321.jpg (1.54 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210405_165638.jpg)

samefag, the lower class usually buys those atrocities from flea markets, trying to look what they think rich people would look like. Girls who usually wear this shit have the shittiest attitudes and mental age of 13. It makes me physically sick

No. 177974

Those are all ugly as fuck but the denim thong labeled "tasty" sticking out the front of her pants is just nauseating.

No. 177994

Ah, sounds like every late teens/young adult woman in my home town. They'll also have a horrible fucking attitude to everyone who doesn't look like a fellow fashion nova thot because they peaked in high school and still haven't shed their playground mean girl attitude.

No. 178009

File: 1617659457355.png (196.88 KB, 616x844, culotte.PNG)

I bought these culottes couple months ago and they're literally my favourite pants now, I will never wear jeans again. They look great with shirts and heels, comfy and professional enough for office.

No. 178365

im guilty of having a weird love/hate relationship with zoomer styles and their -cores i both hate it and want it to disappear yet i keep looking for it willingly. maybe i am just tsun

No. 181878

i like this one! it's hideous but there's so much to look at that it's kind of impressive

No. 182310

File: 1619621793036.jpg (41.07 KB, 564x732, dc7d0d55ba661c429d623f40761aa5…)

Corsets. I really don't get it. I think they can kinda work if they're not too detailed with ribbons and lace but paired with a normal outfit, especially when it's worn over a long-sleeved shirt….ugh just no. I think it looks really tacky and very out of place

No. 182315

I love bodysuits. My shape means that t-shirts constantly bunch up over my hips and make me look frumpy - these stay fitted and smooth to my frame. I would like to buy some cut with short bottoms though, rather than bikini/brief/thong style. So unflattering on your butt through tight skirts.

No. 182320

File: 1619623335857.jpg (372.1 KB, 1080x1404, IMG_20210428_112051.jpg)

So much talk about women outfits, let's talk about how scrotes put the minimum effort into their looks that they think this is dressing up.

No. 182325

Are… are those jeans inside out??

No. 182329

File: 1619625158819.jpeg (132.06 KB, 1280x720, D4E2C6E4-5934-45E5-9B6B-680B61…)

Grown ass adults in full Harry Potter themed outfits. Bonus if it’s ~vintage inspired~

No. 182334

not necessarily a dressing thing, more like an accessorizing thing, but it's so awkward when men don't carry any sort of bag with them and their arms just hang awkwardly by their side when they are waiting for their girlfriend to finish shopping or something. It cracks me up tbh

No. 182335

I love this aesthetic sorry lmao

No. 182345

I think some of the outfits themselves are quite nice but yeah, it's really embarrassing to be styling yourself after a children's wizard book if you're older than like 12-14 years old. people who wear cheap aliexpress seifuku to go to the mall don't get a free pass so why should this?

No. 182358


No. 182373

>it's really embarrassing to be styling yourself after a children's wizard book if you're older than like 12-14 years old

Literally why though, Harry Potter is timeless

No. 182655

File: 1619764015594.png (276.04 KB, 600x600, 6cc.png)

only braindead millennials think that

No. 182774

I'm kind of amused that the bodyposi generation is accepting crop tops as a trend. I mean, it barely looked ok in the bodyshaming 00s.

I hate bralettes and this trend of cutting the padding out of your old bras to make bralettes. It looks tacky. I'm all for freeing the nipple but these floppy fabrics just looks cheap.

No. 184299

File: 1620491079625.png (423.51 KB, 824x578, 1_Pvy9vVqcKrLFDZmGBB-vSQ.png)

These are ugly as shit, timeless classics my ass

No. 184302

File: 1620493986567.jpg (54.46 KB, 1200x675, jeffrey-campbell-lita-site.jpg)

All platform heels are ugly as shit imo. Once I've heard somebody say they look like you're standing on your toes in clown shoes and I can't unsee it, especially with the hideous Jeffrey Campbell ones.

No. 184312

If that were really the case there wouldn't be so many Harry Potter romance POV tiktoks and angry enbies on Twitter malding about the upcoming game, would there?

No. 184314

the red bottoms are trashy af & no one can change my mind

jfc nothing could be more cringe than "Harry Potter romance POV tiktoks"

No. 184316

I agree, and it sure ain't braindead millenials making those.

No. 184319

That's why you always make him carry your handbag!

No. 184320

Finally something I agree with. Never understood what it was supposed to achieve?!

No. 184324

The corset craze is fucking retarded. The more minimalist 'modern' ((ugly)) corsets look like they don't give you any sort of narrowed shape like shapewear would, yet it also looks like it would still restrict your torso a lot, which is uncomfortable (duh). Besides, you're not even supposed to wear them on bare skin traditionally, and you can't really wear layers because that would look retarded. God, I didn't even realise how much i hate this trend until now.

No. 184325

I just bought a pair of these lmao

No. 184333

Are you reaching out to us from 2010?

No. 184336

Literally my favourite kind of heel, but tbf I'm alt and lean towards chunkier shoes to match my look. Those ones in the picture are ugly as hell though

I have the opposite problem. I hate thin pointed toe heels. The shoes in the Billy Eilish Vogue picture that everyone is freaking out over make me cringe

No. 184344

I remember and I wish I didn't

No. 184345

I found a tank top that says I heart vagina and it’s my go to summer top. Thrift finds can be incredible

No. 184346

File: 1620520237991.jpg (56.45 KB, 640x959, a5ba1e8537f67ca264ca1c03561e9d…)

remember when these were a thing?

No. 184353

A few current trends remind me of middle school picture day where your top half needs to look nice, damned how stupid you look as a whole. The shapeless corset and jeans tell me these outfits are only for portrait pictures to be uploaded online.

No. 184354

I don't understand why people still wear flip flops. They don't support your feet and they look so frumpy

No. 184366

Oh I remember these. Only ever saw them being worn on tumblr and lookbook though, never irl. What was that brand that made them popular again, milk something?

No. 184403

Flipflops are great, you can easily slip in and out of them which is really handy during the summer and they don't look frumpy on bare legs at all imo. The lack of support doesn't matter because you don't wear them when you're walking long distances.

No. 184410


No. 184448

Yeah exactly. There are so many better options for slip on sandals than flip flops if you're looking for convenience and style.

No. 184465

>flip flops
ah yes, shower shoes, made for being worn in college dorm bathrooms & on the beach. anything else is haram

No. 184596

File: 1620650551572.jpg (83.78 KB, 600x450, cu9F1oe.jpg)

That's what i thought too until one day my flip flops soles melted on the warm ground, then one of the G-string snapped out of the sole like a fucking COWARD. It's ok, now I found solace in crocs. You just have to put them in 4WD mode and you can zoom around

No. 184892


No. 185138

File: 1620779605694.jpg (164.49 KB, 1200x1800, blackmilk.jpg)

NTA but omg I forgot about blackmilk. I had a pair of their LoTR leggings that I wore to death when I was in high school. I just looked at their website and they're still making clothes with that authentic 2013 tumblr aura, pic related kek

No. 185370

why was 2013 so obsessed wiyh galaxies?

No. 185371

File: 1620884420627.jpg (137.56 KB, 580x580, m_5f80795b180136b454cfb145.jpg)

Or you could just buy sandals that aren't made of shitty material that melts on hot pavement. I've had the same pair of flip flops for like four years (picrel but in blue) and they're still in good shape.

No. 185372

Nta, but I can't, I seem to have paper skin on my feet. Flip flops will scrape me bloody both between the toes and on the top of the foot where the straps are, and not even after walking long, just by taking a few steps. And I really tried finding softer models because I love having bare feet in the summer but they all hurt.
Am I that unusual? Nobody else has this problem wearing them?

No. 185379

Lmao anon was pissing on flipflops for being ugly and frumpy and then you show us this 5 euro at the drugstore-pair of uggo dad sandals as a subsitute for flipflops.

No. 185381

Wtf is the point of these literal slippers? If it's hot enough to expose your toes, it's too hot for fluffy insoles. The point of flip flops is water based activities, as >>184465 said. Fluffy material is the worst possible choice for those places.

No. 185385

File: 1620893343551.jpg (69.83 KB, 640x640, juju.jpg)

kek na, considering the suede lining there's no way you can wear those at the beach or even sweat in them wo it stinking.
I also had a pair of transparent JuJu Jellies when it was popular and everytime I'd wear them in hot weather wo socks, I'd slide in them. So annoying. They'd also turn "steamy" kek

No. 185397

I think you're misunderstanding when I wear my flipflops. I wear them when I'm outside roaming around the house/in the garden and at the beach. I don't want to wear a stylish pair of sandals because then I need to put effort and attention into keeping them clean and undamaged. A pair of flipflops I can just kick around and be careless with. I'm not exactly wearing flipflops to garden parties or going shopping lol.

No. 185399

I never said they were pretty, lmao. I was just using them as an example of flip flops where the strap didn't fall out.

I like that they're fabric, because I can throw them in the washing machine. Also, the strap being fabric means that they don't hurt my toes. I guess they work well for me because I live in a very dry climate and I'm not trudging through mud all the time.

Yeah lol the flip flops I posted are by no means fashionable, and I'm not sure how well they'd work for the beach. Honestly, maybe some swim shoes would work out well for you.

Going back to the Crocs discussion, they always look grimy to me. I mean, it's basically a rubber cage you stick your bare feet in. You're going to get sweaty, and debris is going to get in through the holes. Idk, it's not necessarily just that they unfashionable; they just seem unhygienic to me.

No. 185407

>I mean, it's basically a rubber cage you stick your bare feet in. You're going to get sweaty, and debris is going to get in through the holes.
I bought croc brand ballet flats thinking they'd be comfy but they made my feet sweaty and gross, the material felt really slippery. Though I don't think they're any more prone to collecting dirt than normal sandals.

I have some cheap fake crocs I got in harajuku (with a rilakkuma design kek) and they're made of a different material, feels kinda like foam. But they are super comfy and not sweaty so I just use them to hang out washing etc.

No. 185429

I wear jelly shoes too and I never have a sweat problem…though I don’t wear that ddlg style

No. 185439

File: 1620916941612.jpg (206.69 KB, 1242x1229, baea087daf2e2689890b4140bd7019…)

I'd never wear them today, they give me highschool ptsd and were a big thing back in the grunge/pale wave tumblr days. They even went full mainstream in my town back in 2015, I remember some girls wearing mismatched ones

No. 185441

That tote bag and t-shirt just blasted me back in time 9 years

No. 185442

I feel like all the girls who dressed like this are health goths now

No. 185451

hi anon
we think the same way, let's be friends.

Hate pointed toe + thin heel
Hate kitten heels
Love chunky platforms and round toe platforms
Stacked heels can be cool, esp with a vintage or interesting shoe.

I hate flipflops. They don't stay on my feet. I have a large space between my big toe and second toe. Is that why?

No. 185498

File: 1620927955100.jpg (515.01 KB, 1920x1080, PhotoCollage_1620928417031.jpg)

Chunky platform heel anon here. I adore vintage platforms too! Something about low heels with pointed toes are just so unappealing to me. I love shoes, I like to show some personality through my look, and I honestly can't bring myself to wear boring shoes

And also hate flip flops/slippers that are similar to flip flops. Fuzzy boot slippers are elite, as are chunky platform heels

No. 185503

Flipflops hurt my feet. I don't know why and feel stupid not being able to walk with them.

No. 185518

Just use crocs please

No. 185528

File: 1620936202527.jpg (19.38 KB, 430x430, adidas-Adilette-Aqua-Slides-Fl…)

I don't see why anyone would actually wear these outside of home (especially men)they're horrible,just wear strappy sandals or Crocs if you're going out

No. 185541

they're more comfortable than strappy sandals and crocs tho

No. 185562

It looks particularly stupid when people wear them with socks.

No. 185563

File: 1620952748015.jpg (62.12 KB, 1000x1000, hexellent-creepers-shoes-left.…)

I still see people dressing like this– usually wannabe e-girls or "artsy" girls on Instagram. Although I generally see them wearing creepers (pic rel) or Doc Martens, not jellies.

No. 185583

I agree so much about the pointed toes. To me it always looks witchy or cheap. The pic you posted is a pretty mild point but I still don't like it.

I wish i had a pic of these square-ish stacked heels I had from Franco Sarto years ago. That brand is hit or miss but for a student, very affordable. And I wore the fuck out of those heels, they had such an interesting shape, kind of an updated 70s feel.

I need to be more bold with the colors of my shoes. I guess pre-covid I was into more detailed or colorful tights/legwear/socks, so that's one reason. It's hard to know if I'm still interested in dressing that way or not since covid + medical procedures = months at home…

No. 185589

Crocs are ultimate comfie to me honestly, love em, it was one of the first things I invested in when I got a job (used to have stupid offbrand eva foam ones, now I have the original babyyyy)

No. 185590

I never got creepers. Like, I like the base, but the rest of the show is ugly af, good thing we have more options now when it comes to platforms. Plus it reminds me of fatties that try to look nu goth.

No. 185599

I wanted a pair so bad, the melted ice cream diarrhea tights

No. 185627

I love the Polish dad look tbh

No. 185645

the adidas slides with the weird peg soles and air force ones were THE shoe to have at my high school. this was back when people said "swag" all the time tho. i still have my slides for around the house but its such a sporty look i never wear them out

No. 185777

What creeper alternatives do you mean? Personally I love them, but always interested in more nice shoes!

No. 186554

File: 1621431077223.jpg (911.87 KB, 3024x4032, RjAWiVP.jpg)

this is what posters on r/femalefashionadvice dress like. this is who gives out fashion advice. kek

No. 186555

File: 1621433142672.jpeg (110.4 KB, 500x500, 4EC8D195-9D4D-4C79-AEE3-8F1A4B…)

I’ve always wanted some pink or white ones.
>tfw I will never look like I just shat like an unicorn.

No. 186556

What exactly do they consider fashion?? “It is clothing ergo fashion”

No. 186558

Did she feel no embarrassment posting this? Like not everyone's interested in fashion and not everyone has natural talent for styling and that's fine, but at least you should know not to post pictures of your outfits online then as if they're worth looking at.

No. 186577

I mean this is fine fashion if you're a school librarian

No. 186605

Remember the thread for r/femalefashionadvice? I miss it.

No. 186608

it's still around, just hasn't been bumped

No. 186617

I know, but for some reason people are posting much less photos in that subreddit now and seem to have gotten slightly better taste, so it's not that easy to find cringe outfits for the thread anymore. Which is probably why it died.

No. 187093

I don't see anything wrong with this, other than its kind of plain

No. 187449

Its almost as if thats the point of applying blush

No. 187453

The silhouette is frumpy, the print on her shirt and shoes are ugly, the colours and lines clash, the fabrics look cheap. Every element of this outfit says "I give up". She looks like an 80 year old Portuguese woman on her way to the shops. Like another anon said, if you don't care about looking stylish that's fine, but this woman posted her pic onto a fashion subreddit thinking she was doing something with this outfit.

No. 187477

But nobody blushes like an anime girl

No. 187485

laugh in rosacea

No. 187510

The redness I've been trying to hide for years..is now a look.

No. 192124

I seriously hated that unsustainable boxed water trend

No. 192126

aren't trends inherently unsustainable

No. 192139

I guess, but hated that water box specifically because it marketed itself as sustainable when it clearly wasn't and tried to market themselves as 're-usable'

No. 192233

there's always plenty of cringe in r/womensstreetwear. might bump it soon

No. 192246

File: 1623740853526.png (50.08 KB, 936x708, Screen-Shot-2019-04-08-at-6.58…)

Started watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and the fashion is atrocious. Everything should be burned in a fire.

Pic rel.

No. 192247

have you gotten to the point where cynthia starts weirdly dressing like a preppy golf boy? god i love rhoa

No. 192274

File: 1623751977005.jpeg (32.32 KB, 422x307, real-atl-housewives.jpeg)


>have you gotten to the point where cynthia starts weirdly dressing like a preppy golf boy?

The 2010s were a real shitshow, weren't they?

No. 192298

I hate those maxi dresses everywhere who are they for where are the 6ft5 giantesses

No. 192339

literally anything from the early 2010s is ugly as shit lmfao

No. 192372

true. I was cleaning up my apartment today and threw on a shirt from around 2009. Haven't worn it in years. A tunic thing with empire waist. Even though the pattern is still ok & I didn't wear it with leggings, I felt embarrassed going to the store in it. I realized quickly that no one cares and to get over myself, but I think I'll donate it or make something else out of it all the same

No. 192375

yeah, my SO cheated on me with one of these girls. Her personality was decent despite all of this shit (she also didn't know my SO was cheating so I never blamed her); she changed into a fitness earthy type around 2018.

No. 192376

File: 1623794985287.jpeg (39.08 KB, 580x580, 65DFE5A4-ABDF-410E-B131-895E28…)

I bought a dress like this how we feeling!

No. 192396

I have something similar. Just make sure your shoes and accessories are nice. If they're cheap then the outfit looks childish/weird.

No. 192397

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like. Flowly and batshit feral, only true stacies dare to pull it off.

No. 192405

this and also the 2000s. everything after the 90s basically

No. 192422

nta but yeah, that's the point of kinderwhore and it rocks

No. 192527

I'm 33. What the fuck am I supposed to wear? Like holy shit.

No. 193138

File: 1624076582830.jpg (160.05 KB, 1080x1080, 78f0f3ee65f72ff812fea8f3b47ed1…)

>hot pink
>platform shoes

No. 193152

True honestly. The y2k revival is extremely idealized (obviously) and is only based on a relatively rare kind of slutty/badass teen fashion a la bratz. I looked at some fashion magazines aimed at young adult/adult women my mom collected from early 90s to mid 2000s and just the overall decline in silhouettes, materials and good colors in the early 2000s is very noticeable. A lot of weird busy patterns, unflattering shapes etc.

No. 193154

File: 1624090869593.jpg (97.02 KB, 1200x1200, XVFXZQJXDRD6BF24MWWYPS7LHY.jpg)

I think even zoomers know that in the 2000s not everyone was running around in pastel pink baby top with their g-string peeking out of their low rises.
It's really rare that a whole trend revival is worn exactly like it was worn back in the days, there's always a modern twist whether it's the cut or the material. I like the y2k bs but I'm surprised it came back because the foundation of it all was being extremely skinny and showing it off

No. 193214

whatever the fuck you want

No. 193478

File: 1624226433439.png (1.37 MB, 1062x1502, Screenshot_20210620-172932~2.p…)

Although it's really basic this outfit just doesn't work imo. The shape wear looking top is ugly in itself, but it's also compressing her breasts into an awkward shape and you can see it all because it's a bit sheer. The fit of the jeans is awkward too, I feel like they're too narrow for the relaxed low-rise look. Even the purse is gaudy. I hate the chain strap. Seems like whoever dressed her wanted to go for an edgy late 90s look without having an eye for style or details at all.