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No. 157192

Didn't see this one, so I decided to try it out.

Anons, what are your personal strategies in life for outsmarting and avoiding the pitfalls of retarded men? How do you deal with sexual harassment, stupid power plays, and other daily male behavior that is detrimental to your personal well-being and mission?

What are some situations were you had to outsmart a moid at his own game?

No. 157193

Be so ugly that they ignore you. If you're in a dangerous situation, be paranoid and be prepared to run/change seats/give them the stink eye.

No. 157198

I have male sockpuppet "assistant" for outfoxing sexist scumbags in a work setting. If they won't deal with me fairly, my "assistant" who is very explicitly Mr So and So takes over, and bam, suddenly there's rapport and respect and the asshole client finds the werewithal to actually be respectful! Plus my sockpuppet guy can actually be blunt and straightforward and not risk getting an epic mantrum in response kek

It's done wonders for my stress levels and has made managing energy vampire clients so much easier. Highly recommended if you deal with clients through email, especially from "trad macho" cultures with a lot of sexist baggage. Be sure to pick an old-school Boomer name - think the oldest maths teacher in your school when you were age 7-10.

No. 157211

If I'm approached by rando men I just play deaf, I act like I don't see or hear them.

I once pretended to be autistic when an older man started talking to me and it had taken me a minute to realise that he was actually creeping. He still wanted my phone number after I'd put on this whole loud talking monotone tard act… that's when I knew I had to just start blanking guys like that altogether.

No. 157245

That is fucking brilliant.

This shit happened to me all the time in a job I had involving some technical stuff. Once they heard my voice, they'd start asking for 'someone in charge'. Bitch, I'm in charge.
One day I got annoyed and asked point blank 'Are you asking for someone else because I'm a woman? I'll have you know I'm the most knowledgeable person here.' and they got all flustered kek.

It's tough. When you stand up for yourself, you could be in danger. Even when in public, calling someone out for being a creep doesn't always elicit any type of response from the crowd.

Do you guys carry pepper spray or similar self defense tools? I know they're not technically legal to carry but fuck it.

No. 157247

What do you do when they inevitably get angry because you're "ignoring" them? Moids are so forceful and disrespectful that they will confuse actual deafness for ignoring them, so I don't really think you even could pretend enough to where it'd make 100% of them just fuck off.

I'm autistic and shy, so I usually just ignore them much like you do, but sometimes they say something like "hey, I'm talking to you," and I either try to walk faster (if I'm not sitting down when they do it) or awkwardly say "please stop" or something. It's a lot easier to deal with if it's just "smile, you look beautiful," but when they start actually trying to hit on me, I don't know what to do and I kind of lock up sometimes.

No. 157248

>Do you guys carry pepper spray or similar self defense tools? I know they're not technically legal to carry but fuck it.
Deodorant does the job.

No. 157252

I just keep ignoring, once I make up my mind to block them out they can make a scene if they want but I'm sticking to my own plan.

Maybe it's because I give off a different vibe (like I'm not the most feminine presenting woman so I do wonder if that plays a role) but I haven't had any man get angry when I blank them. They usually take the L and leave.

No. 157261

File: 1603991192035.jpg (75.72 KB, 640x853, e0hstdfd1uv51.jpg)

It's pretty easy for me because I have a resting bitch face and I'm big for my frame, men tend not to approach me as a default cause I don't appear to be an easy or desirable target. Many of them are intimidated by me and I like that. I always look like I've got someplace to be, which most times is true. I've had the odd idiot follow me to my car or try to get my attention in passing, but that's when I whip out the old "Sorry, I'm married." (I'm not). It helps to have a placeholder ring on your finger. If need be I raise my voice and ask "Do we have a problem?" enough so it turns heads and alerts people that there's a man giving me trouble.
Falling short of general demeanor, I act ignorant and pretend I don't know what these fucking moids are on about. I pretend I didn't hear them or act like I'm in a hurry and can't chit chat.

I don't really deal with moids at my current job so I probably don't have relevant advice. One time I got a perverted moid pretty good but it's a specific scenario. I worked with this sexist moid at a clinic in a past job. The first thing he and this stupid pickme admin bitch did on my first day was show me a video of a topless, roided out bodybuilder with bolt-ons, and I foolishly didn't go to HR–it was a shit test in hindsight. This moid always cracked sexist comments and jokes (that I felt pressured to let go of given the all-men blue collar culture we serviced at our station) so much that even the male PA verbally disciplined him a few times for unprofessionalism. Sexist moid didn't have a supervisory role yet in the morning when it was just me and him in the clinic he'd try to micromanage me. Like get me to do a bunch of cleaning jobs that he could have tasked himself if he thought they were so dire, but the clinic was pretty clean. I was just a woman with idle time however, and that drove him up a fucking wall because he wanted me to WORK by dammit. One morning the fucker had the audacity to confront me and berate me about the quality of my work over a petty disagreement we had several months prior, the bastard damn near gave me a panic attack cause he had no right to make me feel like I was doing a shit job when the PA we both reported to didn't have an issue with me. I was alone, he wouldn't have dared pulled that stunt in front of the PA. He made me HUG him after!
Fortunately, for all that he levied himself as some lighthearted, toxic positivity dude in front of people…at his core he was a fucking incel: as short as me (5'3), ex-fatty with a chip on his shoulder, ugly asian, pervert personality, likely small dick, etc cetera. Never got himself a woman that would smash him in the year I worked there. He desperately orbited the chicks in admin who humored his antics but they didn't really want him either.
As my retaliation, I'd show him my Tinder dates and talk about the fancy dinners I went on and how much sex I got to have. Which was true at the time before I found my current bf. The stupid moid knew he couldn't feasibly call me out or go to the PA cause he was the one on thin ice for being an inappropriate little pervert. But oh man, he SEETHED underneath! He'd get this irritated look whenever I brought up the night prior's escapades. For one thing, I could tell he thought I was too fat to deserve dinner and dates–cause he trimmed up and yet that didn't help his dating game at all cause he's a disgusting shit. Secondly, how DARE I get free dinner and sex from men I wasn't even planning to be serious with, don't I know women play him precisely like that?!
It made him so angry inside, and it was so delicious. I never got reprimanded, I beat him at his own stupid fucking game. I'm surprised he didn't cry.
But be careful if you fight fire with fire. This beta manlet was incapable of real violence, other men could turn violent if you strike too many of their nerves.

No. 157264

File: 1603991306882.jpg (30.02 KB, 500x155, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Where I live pepper spray isn't legally allowed either so I've been thinking about buying one of those sprays that spray blue ink in the face of your attacker, they're the only legal alternative in emergency situations. It blinds your attacker for a little bit and the ink stains the skin for a few days, so the attacker can easily be identified te following day.

I know some girls who carry pepper spray anyway though. I mean, fair enough honestly, I'd rather get a fine too because I defended myself than get raped and possibly killed.

No. 157274

Having a resting bitch face is a godsend when it comes repelling men

No. 157275

If they do make a scene and keep trying to talk to me, I immediately get agitated (since you never know what moids are going to do next—he could hit me or even try to grope me) and tell them to leave me alone and please stop. If they keep asking why and pressing, I usually just run away if nobody steps in to tell the guy to stop. But it sometimes happens that I just lock up and don't know what to do, like I'm stuck in my own body but I can't actually think of anything to do, let alone actually do that thing.

No. 157293

>you should smile more!
>oooh why the long face? let me see you smile!
tbh my resting bitch face hasn't helped me very much

No. 157295

Same here, it's always invoked comments from men (and only men) telling me to smile more. Friends, teachers, bosses, co-workers, complete strangers, they all feel the need to tell me to smile more. fucking annoying

No. 157304

This. I'm the autistic anon from earlier. I generally walk around with what I think is a neutral face, but maybe it looks different to men, because they constantly tell me to cheer up or that I would be "so much more beautiful if I smiled." Then, if they're close enough to where I look at them and just stare, they do this infuriating thing where they belittle me and say shit like, "Why are you upset? I'm just saying you're very pretty!" There's nothing more frustrating than being infantilized like that, and it feels like I can't even express it.

No. 157364

It makes me homicidally angry that there’s no good way to deal with moids who start following you on the street. Ignore or react negatively, they get more aggressive and hostile. Quick polite smile to play along, they think they’re onto something and keep going. I’m physically very tiny and this shit scares me so much especially when there’s no one else around. Carry a knife, not only is it possibly illegal but men have stronger grip than you and could easily take it and turn it against you so you’re better off not carrying one at all. I have idiot fantasies about reverse stalking the creepiest and scariest of these guys afterwards and killing or maiming them using the element of surprise. Fuckers. No mercy.

No. 157366

The thing that never fails to fill me with annoyance and disgust is that men will fake cough really loud when they want you to turn around and look so they can see your face. Once you notice this, you won’t be able to stop. I’ve stopped entertaining it, it happens at work or in places like department stores, walking, grocery etc. one time I was at a store display that was round, and when I wouldn’t turn around for his cough the man literally followed me in fast circles around the display TWICE a until I finally whirled around and glared up him with as much vitriol as I could. He was so taken aback, like he was in shock I noticed he was literally tailing on my ass like a freak, I mean at the exact same quick pace I was going to get away from him. He apologized with a stutter and powerwalked away. I am mean as fuck to moids who think they’re being sneaky. I deal with it all the time, too. I’m not afraid.

No. 157373

Thanks anon! I didn’t know this existed. Hopefully it’s available in my country.

I usually carry around a small utility knife. I would never use it in a confrontation though, it would probably just agitate the scrote. But if push comes to show, I’m prepared to stab my attacker in the eye with it. Or their ballsack.

No. 157378

File: 1604042183708.jpeg (151.2 KB, 827x778, 7608B400-1E38-4729-BB95-0945C4…)

There seems to be a trend in customer service of middle aged men asking me questions, and when I give them a competent answer they get angry. I work in a tea shop and get a lot of boomers asking me things because they’ve never really thought about just how many types of tea there are because tea is a ‘feminine’ thing and they’ve never bothered to step outside their trad echo chambers. Even though they’re the ones asking me questions whenever I give an actual answer they get so defensive and usually scoff or try and grill me more. It’s such a persistent pattern within all my other jobs too and I have no idea what they gain from trying to tear me down because I know which region in India our tea is sourced from. I’ve asked a lot of my female friends who also work in customer service if they get this a lot and they’ve all said yes. It’s fucking mind boggling to me how insecure men get over some woman’s knowledge on something they don’t even fucking care about.

No. 157404

This is a controversial opinion, but: dressing conservatively.

I get this wayyy more when showing skin. Wearing masks has helped so much too- although I’ve noticed more men staring directly at my boobs when we talk because they feel pseudo anonymous or something.

As for men who want to treat me incompetently, it’s mostly older men who do this. I went to a coding bootcamp to make a career change specifically for this reason. I was tired of doing customer/client facing work. There are obviously lots of weird dudes in tech, but at least I can talk back to them/get them to shut up. Before I had to be like, “Of course, sir, let me get a man to talk to you.” Ffffuuuuuck that was seriously one of the most challenging things to bite my tongue in those situations. It hurts just thinking about it.

No. 157457

I know it's derailing, but I have to ask - how well this coding bootcamp work out for you?

No. 157488

>I can talk back to them/get them to shut up
How do you do that?

No. 157547


sadly I have to say when I made the switch from baby goth/alt to more high-end black "high fashion" look I realized stopped getting nearly so much street harassment even though my skin amount stayed about the same. Since I started wearing no makeup and my hair super flat, natural color and grew it long, like fashion model style, that attention has decreased even more to almost zero. 90% of men look for weak targets they perceive as having low social status and trying to get "attention".

No. 157583

>high-end black "high fashion"
Off-topic, but what aesthetic is that? Could you post an example?

No. 157667

Good! If it's something you're actually interested in doing and understand you will have to search for junior/entry level roles, you'll do fine.

You learn a lot more outside of classes, so I recommend it if you are willing to put in that extra work and make it your life for a bit. It's frustrating work, when you first learn something knew it's like, "WTF AM I DOING???", but not nearly as hard as I expected.

Really, you are learning a new language. So if you've ever had to learn a new grammar concept in a second language before- it's really similar. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

No. 157668

Well I'm talking to them as a peer instead of as a client who I have to make happy.

Literally, "Excuse me?" or, "Please don't talk to me that." You just can't say it like it's a joke or playfully and let them know you don't find it funny.

No. 158662

File: 1604698638861.jpg (46.84 KB, 564x564, da48159ba076ff21b2985e1edab7b3…)

seconded. i have a semi formal-1940's/50s inspired style and men leave me alone. natural matreials, classic leather shoes, tilted hats etc. and it works miracles. they just stare sometimes.

on the other hand not many men are interested in me at all. maybe i am too eccentric for their tastes or just too ugly, slightly pudgy face here

No. 158665

Casually bring up something political . Most men will oust themselves as right wing chuds immediately. You can ignore from there without ever having to deal with their bullshit

No. 158670

Am I the only one who never has to deal with sexual harassment or creepy men? And I'm not even THAT ugly

No. 158672

>Resting bitchface
>Grey rock and ignore
>No apologizing
>Be as cold as possible
They might seethe over it but at least you're left alone and men consider you more of a rival which still sucks but it's a hell of a lot better than most of the other options available. I work in a male dominated field so I'm just desensitized to most of their bullshit at this point and don't feel bad about being a bitch.

Kek I remember your story from some old thread, I still think about it every now and then. It was a brilliant strategy.

It has literally zilch to do with your looks, anon. You could be the ugliest pig in the world but if a moid thinks he has a chance with you because you look vulnerable he'll go for it.

No. 158678

>don't blantantly out yourself as a feminist, even express conservative beliefs, this will calm men and make them see you as rational
>Keep in shape and style yourself flattering
>Bring up small things here and there that scrotes often out themselves about

Men are so comfortable with outting themselves and falling for the trap. On top of that they're extremely easily manipulated, especially by other men. I've blantantly had men admit to me they did nothing when their 20 something friend got into a BDSM relationship with an underage girl and made her become morbidly obese for his fetish. Or men who manipulated their friends into breaking up with their girlfriends just so they can get with them. Oh and don't forget every. Single. Man. Cheat, plans to cheat, and will never stop cheating.

I've of course destroyed both of their lives

No. 158680

>don't blantantly out yourself as a feminist this will make them see you as rational
I understand your point, but what the fuck.

No. 158687

Men are monkey see monkey do. They see all their favorite men bash feminism and do it as well without even thinking. They will literally fuck grapefruits just because their online daddy's tell them to

No. 158715

Give as little as possible emotion back. Moids get off on any reaction you give bc it just confirms the 'hysterical' shit, and any attention is good attention to them. Have a few phrases memorized for when theyre trying to get to you. One of my favs is "Im not interested in this conversation anymore". Practice speaking from your belly but at room volume, with little emotion.

If you have any little moid family members and theyre harrassing you physically, get physical back, moidlets that do that shit never learn any other way.

Moid family dont pick up after themselves? Throw their shit in the trash and act innocent if they ask you about it, "maybe you left it at a friends house?". Theyll start being more careful about leaving shit laying around.

Dont feminize (bleached hair, nails, lip fillers, etc). If you like how it looks then ok, but no matter your intention, if you arent already naturally pretty then moids will pick up on you as an easy target.

No. 158723

For one, feminism is a pretty broad term nowadays, and you never know what someone exactly thinks feminism is when you talk to them. Also, men are usually interested in upholding male power hierarchies, even if it's subconscious and not something they'd admit to, so anyone speaking out against the status quo makes them feel uncomfortable. They often either have to admit to themselves that they do see women as less deserving of some rights and positions, and have to work on the cognitive dissonance with their self-image as a "good guy" or they do see women as rivals for those positions, and that also bring out negative feelings because of ingroup-outgroup conflict.

Feminism is way too sensitive of an issue for workplace chitchat. Usually people just stick to slogans.

No. 158724

Tell them to kill themselves.

No. 158727

It's hard to deal with men irl that you have to interact with, like at school or work, but I simply ignore anyone who approaches me on the street. They're usually just looking for some kind of emotional response from you, don't give it. If they follow you, get in a crowded area and call for help. Don't reply to scrote bait online either. It's all a stupid cry for attention.

I made the ginormous mistake of bringing up feminism at work one time when we were talking politics (coworkers are mostly young/liberal) and I could immediately tell everyone was uncomfortable. Even other female coworkers said the standard "I just don't think feminism is needed anymore, we have equal rights now teehee" comments. Most people seem to think feminism = evil man hating feminazis who want special privileges.

No. 158741

My fave is to just go "Yeah! Anyway…" it works everytime for me. When a man tries to be smart or say some dumb joke I just nod and say really cheerfully "Yeah, yeah! Anyway…" and continue with whatever I was doing. It gets them to leave me alone and they don't feel insulted, it just keeps them guessing whether what they did was a faux pas or not lol. We should remember that men are more socially inept than us on average, so every social interaction that they consider a success, they cherish. Likewise they'll beat themselves up over a perceived failed social interaction. Most men are so hyperconscious about social interaction and underexposed to positive reactions that just saying something enthusiastically and with a smile, even if you were mocking them, will make them think they've successfully made a friend. You can get away with saying a lot of things if you keep this in mind.

No. 158743

>If you have any little moid family members and theyre harrassing you physically, get physical back, moidlets that do that shit never learn any other way.

Holy shit, this isn't my family, but I remember when I was over at my friend's house and two of her little cousins were visiting (one boy, one girl). The little guy started testing me and bossing me around from the first minute, and they found it hilarious. They were handling him like a demigod, and the little girl, who was softspoken and polite got no attention or praise. The same friend once told me that she hopes she only has sons. Asked "why?" and she told me "oh, so he can be good at sports". I found their family so bizzare, they basically all had absent fathers/husbands, but thought that men were so great.

No. 158744

I can attest to this, wearing conservative but still looking like a boss bitch, especially when wearing black, intimidates men.

I love looking like a CEO, I wore a suit to an interview and powerwalked and people literally were saying "yes/no ma'm" when I asked for directions. I didn't even wear makeup. Just having a defiant /determined look to your eyes helped. Even more with the mask on, because now when people look at you they look straight at your eyes and go "oh shit"

No. 158751

Men are cowards who look for weak victims.
I have had the most harassment when I was underage and when I've been ill and depressed.
It sucks because we can't always feel all strong and confident but it definitely helps to look and behave like it.

No. 159251

File: 1605048903293.jpg (119.8 KB, 660x990, 8e743193a27be136e88c28f57092e3…)


I have a tinfoil that flowing fabrics/long lines in clothing subconsciously remind people of high fashion models, not matter whay you actually look like, which is associated with high status, which is associated with money, i.e. subtext, she will not response in my half ass street PUA negging. Again this is my tinfoil only

No. 159252

File: 1605048944539.png (676.96 KB, 620x945, 3a05dc66089201efb68c1a76fd50b9…)

No. 159320

This is how I usually dress, replace the jeans with nylons. Can confirm. And people definitely assume I’m from money despite thrifting most outfit pieces lol

No. 159348

Nta but I love this lewk.

Anon, if you have a style inspo board or anything, can you share?

No. 159414

Me too. I dress like shit and look like shit and have no curves so that's probably why. I know people say looks have nothing to do with it but you'd think it would've happened to me by now. I'm glad it hasn't but its still weird since it seems every female deals with this.

No. 159444


Major OT No I don't but my rules are: no makeup except for maybe a little concealer/mascara or a little lipstick on special occasions- keep your skin looking good with diet/lifestyle and moisturizer- clean/undamaged hair in your natural natural color. Only use conditioner on the ends of your hair, you don't actually need it on your whole head, just the lower third where it's the most damaged, other it contributes to it looking greasy.

Natural fabrics only-wool, cotton ect. No synthetics (most of them are made from toxic chemicals that can leech into your air esp fast fashion). This is a little annoying to check the materials tags on everything but you'll get used to it. Neutral colors/natural patterns like woven fabrics vs digital printing. Fit is everything- never buy anything that doesn't fit perfectly. Flowing fabrics, long coats/long skirts. No jewelry except a few really special pieces that mean something to you or if you want, a few piercings if thats your thing. One really good everyday handbag and one small evening bag. Shoes and your bag should cost the most money cause those are two things that people subconsciously use to gauge you when they see you, and also good quality shoes and bags last muuuuuuch longer then fast fashion so you can actually wear them for 3,4,5 years. Strong preference for Made in America/Europe, korea, Japan, pretty much anywhere but China/Southeast asia. Never use fur, diamonds, or other boomer signifiers to show wealth cause it looks tacky af and primitive (at least where I live).

To circumvent the costs of this, you can thrift a lot of high fashion brands for cheapish online, but my favorite is pop-up 80-90% off sample sales for high fashion brands like Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang where they take extra inventory they haven't sold at the end of the season. Since Covid-19 a lot of these sales have gone virtual so you don't have to live in a major city to benefit. I follow a account called chicmi_official on instragram that lists a lot of sample sales in person and online. Also look around for small, independent designers that use high quality materials that you like that you can "invest" in longterm, like the way you would invest in a band or tv show. When you have multiple items of someone it really helps solidify your look and makes it less likely for you to spurge on junk purchases. Always sign up for mailing lists for independent designers and online boutiques that sell what you want and put aside 5 min a day to read them, because flash sales happen all the time and they can be pretty good.

No. 159458

fucking based.

No. 159464

thank you jesus

anon this is perfect, thank you

No. 159567

File: 1605230962689.jpeg (36.67 KB, 390x786, Yayafashion.jpeg)

I have this problem where on the phone my voice starts getting higher pitched, probably just nerves, but it's the worst because I think I sound like a kid and it makes misogynists even worse. Last week a supplier even lost a massive contract because he couldn't just be polite to me like everyone else on the phone with my stupid kid voice so I just cut him out of the tender.

I'm going to work on pitching my voice down but I fucking resent that I have to and that it probably won't be enough.

I have to confirm, I get so much less shit when I dress like a Greek grandma than when I wear colours or frills or even fucking band shirts (because it gives them something to open a conversation with) .

I used to have a ghostbusters tshirt my sister bought in NY for me but I knew if I had some chode yell "who ya gonna call" one more time I would end up in prison so I had to relegate it to sleepwear.

No. 159687


Glad my autism was of help to a fellow anon

I forgot to add my baseline for price point of shoes/bags should be $350-500 (or up). Obviously you're not gonna pay that much because the point is to buy it on sale, but that should be the original price point,it means the quality will be decent, will look good and last a long time. Your skincare should be decent price point too, Dr, Jart or Sunday Riley prices I can't give reqs because I only know my skin issues but the most quality your products are the less you should need to use it, and less money to spend on buying new shit all the time. IMO a lot of drugstore/sephora brands are kind of trash (except for drunk elephant and the ordinary which my friends or I had verified experience with )but a lot of it is really just a waste of your money, like Mario Badescu, shudder, but also don't kill yourself trying to buy $500 Mimi Luzon gold masks, a lot of the super expensive brands are not worth it too.

No. 161872

Grey rock, play deaf, I also carry a tactical knife in my bag just in case, but I also still want to buy a pepper spray

No. 161874

Continue ignoring, you don't have to participate into their bullshit, ask for help for anyone near you, carry a pepper spray or a travel shock teaser guns is advised.

No. 161875

Deodorant+lighter makes a great fire gun

No. 161876

taser guns, pepper spray, deodorant+lighter

No. 163209

Does anyone else ever encounter these weird shy guys that avoid eye contact and try really hard to ignore you? They're honestly creepier than the flirty guys in their own kind of way

No. 163214

yes, creepier, but much more tolerable because they're pussies who won't do anything

No. 163220

Men don't like me and I think it's because I'm just bizarre.
Being an awkward woman who comes off as cold and almost unhinged has saved me from any issues ever. I also dress up like other anons mentioned, but even before then I've never faced harassment.
Perhaps the deep voice also turns them off.

Idk I wish I could share the secret to being extremely undesirable to men with women who are frequently bothered. I just don't know what it is exactly. No matter my weight or style I was just blessed with this gift.

No. 163232

Dif anon, that was my story about being autistic to scare men off! Glad other people do that. One time when I was cornered by a guy, when he asked for my phone number I foghorned 'NO THANK YOU IT'S MINE I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT' lmao

No. 163258

Oh yes. Your presence is almost literally melting his brain. His greatest fear is that under your beautiful exterior you're judgmental and cruel, appraising him and finding him repulsive but withholding your scorn out of courtesy. He can't function in your presence and you could end his world with a sentence. He's likely also sweating profusely. There are a thousand of these cretins in STEM.

No. 163260

start acting insane tbh. literally scream at them. scream that you don't know them or for them to stop following you and call attention to it. scare them.

No. 163261

as someone who is in shape and good-looking, i noticed i started repulsing men more when i stopped smiling as much, stopped forcing myself to laugh at things that weren't funny to 'placate' situations, and carried myself with an attitude. people can feel your energy. project that you're 100% not in the mood to be bothered and you'll freak out most guys on some unconscious level.

No. 163262

File: 1607954700764.jpg (24.74 KB, 504x504, 28ad2fc655180467ba90b3ad62994a…)

No. 163263

How do I get guys to give me more attention?

No. 163271

This. I used to act "approachable" to not be seen like a bitch but now I don't care, when there are men around that I feel that can bother me in some way, I just keep a resting bitch face and it's true that they get the energy

No. 163294

I've honestly been thinking of taking one shot of T just to get a permeant lower voice. I hate being short and having a kid voice, have to act absolutely feral in order to keep ppl from crossing my boundaries.

No. 163299

I honestly don't know, going into ftm part of the internet to research will get back if I find anything.

No. 163300

I've read that voice lowering doesn't become noticeable until around 4-6 months on t. Depending on your genetics, body hair will thicken and increase, your period will stop, your sex drive will increase or you'll become drier down there, your clitoris will grow etc.
One of the reasons that persuaded me against supplementing testosterone injections was that it can cause male-pattern baldness in early age, all the men in my family are bald ! Not risking that lol

No. 163303

You can lower your voice manually with enough practice, try taking a voice acting class or just look up tips for ftm voice training on youtube.

No. 163304

When you phrase it that way it sounds like FLEAs. I wouldn't be suprised if they suffered some kind of abuse or bullying that made them clam up and become weirdos.

On the other hand there's spergs who can't shut the fuck up. There's this autistic fry cook at my job who gives this other other girl there problems. Somehow he brought up wanting to move to Antarctica becuase its "grim and frostbitten" (he's obsessed with black metal). He continued to say that to survive he would eat penguins and make fried penguin sandwiches. He was a bit perplexed as to why everyone was grossed out when he said that.

He's not even the worst autist I've had as a coworker. There's also this guy who I worked with several years ago who was OBSESSED with a girl there. He was 20 she was maybe 22 or so and engaged. She was a stage actresss as well. He would go to the musicals she was in and would go on about how she looked like a Disney princess, and would make drawings/skyrim characters based off her and several other girls there. The same guy also apparently bought 400$ worth of sex toys with his first paycheck (not even a bad investment on his part- he certainly knows where his bread is buttered lol). Consequently his mom also started to confiscate his checks.

This is his deviantard

No. 163327

YES and I know exactly what you mean. I encountered a guy like this at one of my former employer's contractors who I would do work at occasionally. He refused to make eye contact with me and seemed deeply irritated if I had to ask him for something even though it was literally his job, but based on his interactions with his male coworkers I could tell he wasn't autistic or anything. He was an inconspicuous, pudgy white guy in his early 20s with bad posture, a crew cut & always dressed in a tee and cargo shorts. I assumed based on his behavior and appearance that he was either a redpill incel, someone with antisocial personality disorder, or some combination of the two. Wouldn't even say hi to me. He gave me the fucking willies.

No. 163719

I agree wholeheartedly. I have a very standoffish presence around strangers because of my own trauma and it repels creeps for the most part. The ones that still try usually stop when I'm very clearly disinterested and the cat callers look away when I shoot them a look.

I've been called really scary before even though I'm a wimp with no physical presence and honestly I'm fine with it. The friends I have now are very nice and genuine and I at least know that they actually like me as a person.

No. 169738

Does anyone here know if being thin/slim and kind of short will increase your chances of being harassed? I have a resting bitch face and dress very similarly to the high fashion model style, but I'm pretty sure that physical build is a consideration to predators and since I look thin it's probably a guarantee to a creepy man that I couldn't fight him off unless I got to my pepper spray or taser in time.

No. 172210

I think it will. Some men do think skinny = automatically attractive

No. 172223

Not in my experience.

No. 172233

I’m pretty hefty and guys definitely don’t harass me anywhere near as much as when I was skinny. Too hard to drag or kidnap now I guess. I also feel like wearing baggy clothes and being fully covered helps, but I’ve still had creepy guys wink or approach me regardless so idk.

No. 172674

Anyone have any insight on how to stop getting bugged by male family? It's like they have a compulsion to interrupt my relaxing time or harry/criticize what I'm doing when I'm working. Thinking of just buying ear plugs to constantly wear around the house. I fucking hate this pandemic.

No. 177628

File: 1617403929441.jpeg (389.6 KB, 503x1265, 7652870F-B250-448E-8E35-C1314F…)

Literal moid management advice from the radicallyaligned blog on tumblr. https://radicallyaligned.tumblr.com/post/647279046086066176/do-you-have-any-advice-on-how-to-manage-men-at

No. 177629

Wouldn't this advice apply equally to both genders?

No. 177641

I don't know why, but I have this pair of blue-light glasses that I notice for whatever reason makes me totally invisible to men, I'm not sure if it makes me look more ugly or less vulnerable or what but for whatever reason men don't look at me or give me a hard time whenever I wear them. It's nice because if there's a day where I just don't want any scrote to see me I can just put them on. Does anyone else have something like this?

No. 177642

I walk confidently, they tend to avoid usually, I remember when I was all giggly and bubbly they gave me a hard time. I also stare at their shoes and start to laugh when they look at me in a way I don't like and it always works they lose their shit lmao

No. 177643

Can I borrow them?

No. 177651

my face

No. 177910

Yup, I have rbf naturally and it scares off all the scrotes

No. 178037

I talk about stuff that I know for a fact they know nothing about. If you rub your smarts in their face they get intimidated and stop.

However this could backfire horrifically if they end up being the type who is totally into it, at which point you now have a new boyfriend/leg humper

No. 178044

This happened to me with my autistic strategy games, it was the worst cause I guess I was the first girl he and his friends met who played them probably just the first one dumb enough to admit to it and I'm still trying to shake off that scrote fan club. Have to know your audience!

No. 178084

My mistake was making a snap judgement on his appearance. I looked and thought "well this guy isnt a fucking dweeb" and that was my mistake. He was a dweeb just like me and the leg humping was my punishment

No. 178095

Dressing masculine. Managing to hide tits and make your upper body look bigger seems to make moids confused and avoid you. Another thing is wearing high heels if you are already tall. Im close to 190 cm with heels and this indimidates the moids.

I have had a couple creeps harrass me at my university. I tried ignoring them which only made them try harder but I noticed one trick that worked. When they were close/staring at me I tensed my body looked at them angrily and pulled up my upper lip to show teeth. I know this sounds like something someone who writes sonic fanfiction would do, but I got rid of them!

No. 178136

Honestly they're probably too retarded to notice small changes in expression, but I second wearing high heels.

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