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No. 160656

Ever since I can remember I have felt old, even as a child in elementary school. Back then I told myself it's silly and I'm still a child but now, after turning 20, I am slowly starting to stress over my age again despite still being very young.
I am convinced that many women and girls feel the same as social media is especially obsessed with youth which must be rotting our brains to a degree.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

No. 160658

God how manieth topic is this complaining about aging.

No. 160663

Advice for you OP (because I was the same way): distance yourself from social media and the internet in general. There are extremely shallow people who will judge your appearance no matter what. The fact is, no matter how beautiful or youthful you may be now, you will grow old. Put your value in other qualities besides your appearance; models are so unhappy, not just because of an industry that treats them horribly (don't mean to trivialize), but also because their sole value in their line of work is being beautiful- they too will age and grow old.

Don't say things like, "well, I better enjoy my youth while I have it!" It seems fine at first, but it'll just make your more terrified of losing it. You don't have to embrace aging, but it will happen and it's better to not fear it. Again, put value in your other qualities, besides something as uncontrollable (to a point) as appearance. Think of creating beautiful things that'll last, like a painting or sculpting, or even just enjoying said things yourself. Would you rather have a cute guy ask you out, or an average guy, who carved a hummingbird out of wood for you, ask you out?

Also, I'm not saying that you can't be beautiful as an older person, but it's just shallow to want to remain beautiful forever anyway. I don't blame you, our society puts extreme pressure on us to be beautiful, but it's just not feasible with these standards. OP, you're worth so much more than a pretty young face and body. Aging sucks, but worrying about things you can't control will just make it suck more. Plus, people who take care of themselves health-wise will age much better than those who don't.

To answer your thread questions:

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

I'm fine with it, really. It kind of makes me happy, from what I read online women are much happier in their 30s than their 20s. Plus, you don't get creepers as much or judged for being "immature" and "inexperienced". I don't struggle with accepting it, but I used to.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Yes, many times. I used to browse 4chan and go on chatrooms a lot when I was a pre-teen/early teen, and basically put all my worth into the fact I was underaged and young. I got preyed upon a lot and had a lot of guys take advantage of me. Even met up with a guy and had a 30-year-old boyfriend for a bit when I was just 13. He was so fat and gross, ugh, luckily we never did anything too sexual. When I turned 14, he seemed very disappointed in me getting older and was very cold to me (I broke up with him after that). I almost took my life because I was so scared of being viewed as unattractive and old.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I don't really pay attention to it these days. I love doing makeup and skincare, but it's mostly for my acne + grooming rather than trying to be younger. If I see something about it and it upsets me, I just put my attention elsewhere and I feel better.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

As said above, just avoid social media and the internet in general. Again, you're more than someone that exists to look pretty. You can be so much more.

No. 160668

I'm 30 so I've apparently hit the wall according to some scrotes…

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

The worst part about aging is that your parents age imo. I'm more concerned about reaching milestones and my parents not being there to witness (they're both in their 60s and have ill health). I think the pressure of being fully developed in personal goals and societal milestones is more than 'looking older'. I don't feel like I'm getting uglier or anything like that, I just know I'm older than young adults so I feel more pressure around careers and family stuff.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Not really, just a few men who have approached me in a dating aspect talking down on me for being single at my big age and having to compete with younger girls. I wouldn't compare myself to women in their early 20s or teens but men tend top because they feel like they can date a decade younger and make exceptions for an 'old hag' like me because I don't look 30, whatever that means? All my friends that are 30 look similar to me and to women half a decade younger so it's always bemused me that men notice when most of the time they can't pick up on women who wear make up vs those don't or someone changing their hair etc.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I cry and feel stressed and get on with it. Try to just stay true to my own personal goals and hope everything will work out.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Know your worth. If someone else is hung up on your age but you feel like the same person you've always been disregard them. They're insecure about something.

No. 160669

>social media is especially obsessed with youth which must be rotting our brains to a degree
Stop using it then. I don't think about these things at all and it seems like a weird foreign culture to me because it basically is since I'm not exposing myself to insecurity skinner boxes like instagram all day every day.

No. 160672

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
Almost 30. I love that I'm more confident, capable, stronger and self assured than I've ever been before. Happy to know I am indeed still young, despite the perception some types try to push. (You're not legally a senior citizen here until 55. That's nearly double the time I've been alive.) I've learned and grown so much in the past few years and I'm excited to see what else I can accomplish over time. No, I don't struggle to accept it. I'm proud of it.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Nope. I mean I'm sure people have judged me for any number of things, but these days it just has no effect on my self perception or the perception of those who matter to me.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I don't engage with them. I know I'm winning at life so why would I give any credence to a group of primarily men shrieking and crying over the fact that when women mature they aren't going to cater to their entitled desires anymore, so they try to tear us down by creating a fake set of limitations? They're literally the demographic I care about least. Women and men who aren't caught up in a broad range of neuroses, self hatred and projections simply don't have "unrealistic age-related expectations."

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Engage with healthier material, it's out there. Find female role models of all ages who are living the life you want to create for yourself. Do things that make you happy, learn new skills, think for yourself and surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are, not who they think you should be.

No. 160673

Don't we have this thread already

No. 160674

One million times
OP is such a young baby that she has yet to learn how to use a catalog

My favorite variation of this thread is the one where anons post badass old ladies, it's much more positive

No. 160679

The Wall does not exist. It's a cope created by unsuccessful men who can't date successful women within their own age range so they have to resort to cradle robbing. Take care of your body and mental health and you will age gracefully. That includes ditching social media if it's making you crazy. Focus on cultivating your own independent success and power throughout your life instead of relying on men for validation and support. Simple as.

No. 160686

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
The only thing that scares me about getting old, is not being able to move, my mind leaving me and eventual death. Every now and then to help me accept this fate, I read/watch therapy videos of those with cancer or dying and how to cope with it. I end up crying, but I also end up feeling better afterward and gives me energy to keep doing what I love and set my priorities for today.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Yes but not in the way that you think. I'm 32 and my co-workers, uber drivers, random people I've met all think I'm in my early 20s so I often hear comments regarding lack of experience and "you're too young, you wouldn't know anything about that." I'm not complaining about it, just answering the question.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I'm too old to care lol. That's one thing I've learned is that as you age, you stop caring what other people think as much. The things I do now are for me and what I enjoy because no one else is and you only have so much time on earth. No need to waste it on worrying about what other people think.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Stay fit, stay healthy, learn to defend yourself and learn to be self sufficient. If you're worried about looks, take care of them so that the future you will have less to worry about.

No. 160697

The wall exists, but is an even a bigger reason to NOT waste time and energy on incels and scrotes. Women have a very narrow timeframe to get a career and savings, finding a partner and bearing children. Sure you can get pregnant in your 40s, but that is dangerous for both mother and child.
If finding a good partner and father for you children is urgent, why the fuck would any sane woman waste time dealing with guys that treat her like shit? The wall is not a reason to pick the first guy swiping right, but a reason to drop them at the first red flag and move on to better pastures.

No. 160712

You make some valid points but pushing the misogynistic narrative that The Wall exists for women is deeply problematic. The Wall, as shilled by redpill moids, was created with little actual regard for women's fertility and is used instead to mock women for aging like humans. These tards use pseudoscience to insist that they're actually ~so woke and based~ for wanting to fuck teenagers who don't know any better. Fertility for both men and women peaks between the ages of 30 and 35– not 16 like these thinly veiled pedophiles usually insist. Male semen quality rapidly declines with age as well, but you'll rarely hear about it from people who spout bullshit about women and The Wall.
Finally, if a woman is dead-set on being a mother, time is not the ultimate constraint. Adoption exists, and if you're uncomfortable with the idea of adoption, then maybe you're less interested in motherhood than you thought you were.

No. 160751

>so they have to resort to cradle robbing

No, THIS is a cope. Men prefer young women. Old women are who they resort to when they can't get a young one.

No. 160752

this is like some sort of safe for work online flashing

No. 160753

And here's some helpful advice for all of you: A man's opinion on your age or looks is completely and utterly irrelevant and you would be wise to not put any value on it and completely disregard it. Doing so renders his opinion completely powerless and as a result it does not matter whether "the wall" exists or not.

Unfortunately most women are too preoccupied with what men think of them, this thread being one instance of it.

No. 160754

>>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
I'm 32 and my only age-related concerns are taking better care of my health. Looks-wise it's just not something I've ever worried about.

No. 160762

Ok, scrote. This is a massive generalization. Men who aren’t incels or immature tend to date within their age range. A well rounded, self assured man will feel more comfortable dating someone with whom he has things in common with and matches his maturity level - someone in his age group.

The internet, and especially the chans, are incredible at attempting to perpetuate “the wall”, and incels want to believe the women that rejected them at 20 will come crawling back at 40. They’re also desperate to believe that, by their 40s, they’ll have been as successful as people like Leonardo DiCaprio or other famous millionaires that are pursued relentlessly by younger women.

If you distance yourself from the internet, and observe real life relationships, you’ll notice dating and romance happens at all ages, and the men who hold specifically for young women tend to be a. Immature b. Perpetually alone & miserable, bitter & angry c. Wildly undesirable, in both personality & looks - deep down they know only someone who is inexperienced and naive might give them a sliver of a chance, so they harass young girls

Fuck, for my job I’m regularly at nursing homes. Even if that environment, men in their 80s are pursuing other equally aged women, and they date, fall in love, and find romance. I’ve met women in their 80s who are hot shit at their nursing home, with multiple other 80-somethings pursuing and swooning over them.

The wall is a massive cope made up by incels, that insinuates all a woman has to offer is youthful beauty, and it’s meant to degrade and depress women of all ages in order to pressure them into ~hopefully~ lowering their standards and throwing their bodies at incels before its “too late” and they’re out of options

No. 160765

And before someone pulls out the “but way many men think younger women are prettier”, - everybody finds youth beautiful on a biological level. Men who are worth anything, understand differences in maturity level/life experience, and still pursue women their own age.

If you ever meet a man who is only interested in dating younger women, run far away - this is a sign of poor psychological development, and men who think this way aren’t fit for long term relationships with anyone at all imo. These types of men are the ones who die alone next to piles of porn and empty beer bottles, estranged from friends and family, destined to live a shallow life without ever experiencing true love

I work funeral services and remove dead bodies. I pick up these types of men pretty regularly. Sometimes, when I’m pulling them out of their incel caves, things like teen porn & 4chan will still be open on their Cheeto dust covered computers

No. 160766

And fuck yeah, it’s satisfying picking up aged incels who have died of heart attacks alone in their dingy, nasty, porn scattered bedrooms - no family or friends around to care lol

No. 160768

well I do believe I didn't feel old and running out of time at 12 because I wanted men to fuck me,
the wall is just an example of how women are conditioned to believe that they have an expiration date

No. 160776

>Men who are worth anything

How common would you say men who are worth anything are? Is the average man worth anything?

No. 160778

>things like teen porn & 4chan will still be open on their Cheeto dust covered computers
Fun image but I'm selecting doubt, anon
I can believe lots of old men have teen porn mags, but I don't believe many men above the age of sixty use 4chan and eat cheetos
Can you expand on this?

No. 160780

The men that I’m referring to (I’m thinking of 3 particular cases) were between 40-50, not over 60. Hence dying at home from sudden complications. We pick up people of all ages

Another fantastic case was the 30-something man with a sex dungeon basement, who killed himself accidentally doing autoerotic asphyxiation lol

No. 160781

That's still quite old but I guess it's possible.

I find this stuff fascinating, if you ever want to share more on the employment thread in ot then please do.

No. 160783

Is it common for people in your field to make light of the deaths you find? I'd guess you already have to be pretty desensitized to go into that field. Speaking of, how did you go about getting into that field?

No. 160785

>I work funeral services and remove dead bodies. I pick up these types of men pretty regularly. Sometimes, when I’m pulling them out of their incel caves, things like teen porn & 4chan will still be open on their Cheeto dust covered computers
ngl sounds as fake as reddit stories posted for updoots but I appreciate the sentiment

No. 160787

The first and still only times I've ever heard of 'The Wall' was here on LC by anons who're afraid of it. I think some of you spend too much time on internetspaces with ill adjusted men and/or social media and not enough out in the real world.

No. 160790

Tbh yeah, especially removal technicians (that’s my job title). Our entire job is just transporting and removing bodies, so we have minimal interaction with families and don’t have to work the actual services or see the families again after the fact. It’s incredibly common to be desensitized especially after a few years pass. I was very sensitive my first year, I’m on year 3 and nothing is shocking or tear-jerking at this point

No. 160791

It’s entirely true but I can understand why it’d sound fake to someone not in the industry

No. 160792

And in response to your other question, I was just curious about the industry and applied for an entry level position at a cremation and mortuary services facility. It’s oddly easy to get a foot in the door without school

No. 160797

This. Way too many anons on here admitting that they spent years of their life on 4chan or other incel forums and then complaining that they developed fucked up views of women. Like, what the fuck were you expecting? Get off those cesspools already and stop giving those losers any space in your head.

No. 160798

Go outside, talk to your mom, and shut up please.

This is getting ridiculous, I'm seeing more and more people on here screeching about aging at 18, commenting on how someone looks "so young for 25", using "almost 30" as an insult, just please shut the fuck up and go outside. Just try it out for once.

You'll see people can exist and feel/look good at any age, the world is not 4chanland where all men over thirty are sexy hunks with money and women over 30 are decrepit old hags.
I've mentioned this before on here, but we are the first generation who will very likely live over 100 and as long as 130 if not more. What are you going to do with all this time if you give up at 30 and announce that your life is over?

You're not better or worse than anyone else for being a certain age because we will all be 4 and we will all be 14 and 40 at some point. You're not going to like and enjoy the same things at 4 and 14, or 14 and 40 and you shouldn't.

I don't see anyone crying about not going to kindergarten anymore, so why cry about not being in high school or no longer being annoying and stupid as fuck? Stop listening to pedos and YA writers, you had no rights and got cyberbullied and groomed by pedos, it's not that great. Everyone gets mistreated due to their age for different reasons, we need to fight against it and not cry about aging.

The older you get the more you'll see it's just retards trying to bring you down, the same retards who call themselves rational and logical and then say they can't control themselves and not rape someone unless a woman covers up. What they're saying never makes any sense and is just cope. This is why older women give less and less of a fuck, they realize they don't have to because it's pointless.

Please find a hobby, a purpose in life, plant some trees, look for things that make you happy and healthy and that you will enjoy doing for years to come. Age is just a number.

No. 160802

why are anons getting so mad over this

the scrotes sperging about women expiring at 25 are obviously retarded but we can't just pretend that they're the only instance of women being treated differently when it comes to age lol

i've had extremely normie friends irl stressing over fine lines while they were in high school and i'm expected to pop out a baby at 30 by most of people where I live (eastern europe)

another encounter like that was when a friend of mine said she'd be too old to pursue education when she's in her mid/late twenties because that's when women should be engaged and living with their partner lmao

i didn't use imageboards till I was 18 and still was scared of growing older as a preteen because i would be expected to be sexually available and performating femininity

this thread isn't complaining about not being fuckable to pedo creeps but i guess that's what i get for using the wall in the title huh

No. 160803

samefag performing* lol

No. 160804

>why are anons getting so mad over this
because we had this discussion billions of times already

No. 160805

These threads just keep being remade and the OP gets younger every single time, waiting til we eventually have an underage op lol

No. 160806

All of these. Once you pass 30 you'll realize that the wall was a meme made by men who wanted to pressure young and naive women into settling with some loser manipulative scrote. You won't wake up at 30 and turn into dust, and at that point you also realize how young women in their early 20s look and act like - they're literal teenagers, and that's apparently what's being held as the golden standard for women. Do you really want to support that bullshit ideal?

And it's not only those who got groomed by 4chan incels in their teens, plenty of normie women are horrified of aging past 25 because they've been told the lie that if they don't have children and a husband to pamper at 30+ they might as well just become desolated cat ladies and disappear.

No. 160807

>this thread isn't complaining about not being fuckable to pedo creeps but i guess that's what i get for using the wall in the title huh
Yeah, considering that term is heavily used and propagated by incels.
Anons are getting mad because this is not the first thread that's been made on this topic and it reeks of underage insecurity. The same advice has been given over and over. It's your choice whether you want to take it or keep on crying about how women's lives are over past the age of 30. I get it's frustrating that society perpetuates this and you can't just turn their bullshit takes off, but at some point you need to just say fuck it and live your damn life.

No. 160810

idk why it's taken as crying, my bad on the thread's name though

I looked through the bio-clock thread but it's mostly talking about physical aging and reaching your 30s while I don't rly mean that with this thread,

I am aware of how young I am, but it's like I said, this has been an issue I've had since I was child, feeling irrationally old for no reason or rather older than everyone else

No. 160813

>plenty of normie women are horrified of aging past 25 because they've been told the lie that if they don't have children and a husband to pamper at 30+ they might as well just become desolated cat ladies and disappear.

Am I the only one who's, at 24, genuinely not experienced any sort of pressure to marry and have kids, ever? Unless you count people asking me if I have a boyfriend upon first meeting me as if that's the most important about me, having a man by my side, or my aunt smirking and telling me "that I'll change my mind" when I told her I didn't want kids. But that's about the worst of it. I've just never ever experienced any sort of pressure specifically to a) marry and b) have kids. I'm open about not wanting to have kids when asked about it and most of the time I'm met with this sort of 'I don't share how you feel about (not) having kids but I accept it.'

How do other girls/women experience this? Do you very literally have people tell you that you need to marry and have kids or 'else'? Who are these people then?

No. 160817

>Am I the only one who's, at 24, genuinely not experienced any sort of pressure to marry and have kid
By the age of 24 I had already married and seperated, no kids. Nobody has ever bothered me about relationship/baby shit because I got my failed marriage out of the way early lol.

Now that I'm in my thirties my friends are all starting to get divorced and lose their minds over shared custody of kids. I think people are starting to come around to the reality that something like half of all families are kids and stepkids, half siblings, second marriages. Finding a soulmate at any age is lucky, never mind finding them in your early twenties and staying together for eternity.

No. 160819

my boss is 37 and by my age (27) she'd already been married to her first real boyfriend, divorced, and had to sell her house so was renting with a stranger for the first time in her life. i broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years recently and she said it's the best thing i'll ever do for myself cos it only gets harder to leave as you get older/with kids.

No. 160873

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

I’m afraid of getting sick, but I also accept it in that I know I’m ultimately just afraid of my own mortality. And obviously I’ve evolved to resist death.

Otherwise I find getting older interesting- not depressing. I’ve always loved older people for their wealth of experience and stories.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

I’m 28 and men are starting to “too old” me but I don’t really care. The disappointing part is getting hate from Zoomers. It’s like… man I don’t need you to find me cool, but why are you discriminating and making weird assumptions about me. Laaame.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I cope by not having unrealistic expectations for other women. When I was in high school I remember saying some obviously attractive enough person to be an actress was ugly. Then I stopped and I was like, “Wait no she isn’t, she was hot enough to get on TV meaning she’s above average but also who cares this is dumb to be this superficial anyway.”

I have more admiration for bold and stylish women when it comes to aesthetics- where conventional beauty isn’t necessary.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Idk death puts a lot into perspective so just remember you’re going to die anyway and live your life like a work of art

No. 160879

File: 1606119544640.jpg (56.62 KB, 633x635, EWtUFWrXgAEt3Gb.jpg)

>I’m 28 and men are starting to “too old” me but I don’t really care. The disappointing part is getting hate from Zoomers
Wtf on both accounts, how does this happen, what do they say/when do they say it? Are those men 20 or something? How do they know you're 28 unless you tell them?
People are idiots, I swear.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

I'm sad that my parents will die and I won't have the same energy to run around like I did when I was young. Other than that I don't care, things haven't changed for me much so far (I'm 27).

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

When I was a teenager, but that's also because I was ugly.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I don't really experience any issues.
At most, some people in their late teens/early 20s will say I still look "so young I could be (X age)" and it sounds like a backhanded way to say I'm old even though I know they probably just can't phrase it better. It sounds like people think that after a certain age it's impossible to enjoy life and you become old and used up, and effectively only have a short window of time when life is worth living. Which is depressing bullshit. Also, you don't get fat and wrinkly in your 30s unless you spent your teens and 20s partying, doing drugs and not wearing sunscreen.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Make friends with people your age, speak with authority and take no shit. Also hug your parents and cherish every moment you have with them.

No. 160882

I think that kind of stuff happens in more rural/traditional areas. Most of my former classmates that were from places like that are already married and or have kids and we're all around the age of 25.

I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with any of that bullshit, my cousins and brother are all close to/in their early 30's with no children or married so it's kind of "normal" in our family.

I also find it hilarious that people think their lives are over by the time they reach 30. I mean I get it but lmao

No. 160885

Seriously, it’s sad but I was introduced to this thought pattern at 17yo. When I turned 18 I felt I’d lost a certain appeal because I wasn’t “jailbait” anymore, and felt ancient. I literally cried on my 18th birthday, and have had troubles with birthdays ever since.

This thinking can be so toxic and robs even teens of appreciating their youth

No. 160892

You're still pretty young so I doubt people would be bugging you about it at this stage to begin with, but I think the pressure is more subtle than people coming to yell in your face to birth some fucking kids right now. Most of my friends are childfree (I'm 30+) but I've noticed that my female normie coworkers feel pressure to start a family because every piece of media they consume just removes women aged 32+ from existence and locks them inside their houses to be mommies cleaning up after their kids and taking care of the marriage.

I recently visited a women's magazine website and all the articles were about combining work and raising kids, tending to your husband, weddings, home interior etc. No inspirational posts about hobbies, achievements, traveling (even pre-covid), restaurants and general foodie topics, career management etc. the general stuff you would see in a men's magazine. Even the celebrities interviewed were always offered to discuss their family life. It's something that goes deep into the structures of society and tends to be pretty stealth to the point you won't notice it until you start paying attention to it.

No. 160896

This, nobody in my family legitimately cares and I'm in my late 20s so it's still not that bad, but even I started feeling the pressure once I turned 26.
Suddenly everyone my age is having kids and it's all they ever talk about, people are fussing about weddings and buying things for the home because they had an oopsie baby and want to get married before it's out, people I used to be friends with who had jobs are abandoning all hopes of a career in order to become wifey and mommy and saying they're "too old now" to do x, y or z (which is fine if that's what they choose to do, but the sad looks and sighing tell me it's not entirely their own choice).

It's hard not to feel pressured when everyone you know and are friends with starts popping out kids while at the same time complaining about their current life. Legitimately want to become a nun at this point just to take the pressure away.

No. 160909

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
I'm okay with my age increasing. I'm not so much a fan of what happens to my skin though…

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Can't say I have. I'm 25 though, so I expect that day will come eventually

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I don't. I'm constantly questioning how old other women are in a bid to "compare" how they're aging compared to me.
When I think they're the same age as me, but they're actually 10 years older, I feel jealous

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Honestly, I don't think I can be helpful to anybody in this situation

No. 160927

>When I turned 18 I felt I’d lost a certain appeal because I wasn’t “jailbait” anymore, and felt ancient. I literally cried on my 18th birthday, and have had troubles with birthdays ever since.
anon are you me? i felt like that too and not to assume anything about you but i feel like that way of thinking is sadly pretty common if you experienced sexual abuse at a young age. i did and i'm 99.99999% it's the reason i have such a warped view of my own age
fast forward to now, i'm almost 20 and i'm dreading my birthday because i won't be a teenager anymore and i'm starting to feel even more undesirable, i've been trying to force myself to be attracted to men over twice my age so i can still feel young but i always feel disgusting after getting involved with them

No. 160935

not sure if this even belongs in this thread and I might get banned for man hate, but anyway

when I was under 18 I got SO MUCH attention from older men, and pretty much all of that went away when I turned 18-19. I firmly believe that most men have pedophilic tendencies or are full blown pedophiles. I used to argue about this with my porn addict ex all of the time. I used to bring up the popularity of "teen" porn to him in my arguments. I used to watch porn and I quit going to porn sites because literally all the front page was full of teen and incest porn or some mix of the two.

he bluntly told me he saw nothing wrong with teen porn. oh and I later found out he liked lolicon. yet he was the one arguing that most men don't have pedophilic tendencies??? the irony. oh and he told me that all of this was just me being insecure about my age.

I'm 26 and I don't give a shit about getting older for the most part. it's not my fault that most men are pedophiles or trash in general, and I shouldn't have to worry or feel bad about something that's completely out of my control. I still have fears of getting older, and I feel really behind in life. but my feelings about getting older don't have to do with me being a woman.

oh and I forgot to mention that nowadays when I get attention from men they are pretty much always younger than me or right at my age, and I never get hit on by older men. do men become more pedophilic with age or something?

No. 160958

Your ex is trash, you know that though. And you are 100% correct and supported by data. The most commonly preferred age for women on dating apps is 18. For men it's (surprisingly) 50. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/15/style/dating-apps-online-men-women-age.html
>The median 30-year-old man spends as much time messaging teenage girls as he does women his own age
>OkCupid also reported that as a man gets older, he searches for relatively younger and younger women, while his upper acceptable age limit hovers just above his own age.

I think a big issue is that researchers constantly attribute this to men being fixated on looks, and youthful = hotter than women their own age. But I actually don't think that's the case at all, many 30-something women are very attractive and even look like they're in their 20s still, but since men can see age so readily on apps they fuck off. More than once I've had guys attempt to hit on me irl then suddenly lose interest once they knew my age. Imo they want women that have just barely moved past childhood so they are easier to groom, manipulate and turn into their perfect little bangmaids where they know older women call them on that shit. They also tend to be way more self conscious about their own age (the mid-life crisis is almost completely a male-coded issue, after all) and leeching off a teenager makes them feel alive again.

No. 160987

>when I was under 18 I got SO MUCH attention from older men, and pretty much all of that went away when I turned 18-19. I firmly believe that most men have pedophilic tendencies
I got way more attention from adult men on the street when I was 13-15 than when I was 19, so yeah

No. 160988

How could you feel old as a child? I dont understand. Explain it.

No. 160989

I think younger girls are just easier targets.

No. 160993

Anon I like your advice, do you think women's lives are better off without children today?

No. 161002

Feeling old probably comes from trauma or having to grow up too fast. If a child has to act like an adult, they’re going to perceive themselves as ‘old’ because time isn’t very comprehensible to them. Even their parents, who may only be in their 20s, are ‘old’ from their perspective so if they’re having to act on the same level of them, it follows that they are old too.

You have to keep in mind that kids are really stupid and can’t make sense of things. Even adults can struggle with this.

If you meant feeling like they look old that’s probably due to having features which are associated with being old. Deep tear troughs, genetic dark circles, nasolabial folds, thin hair, even big noses (because of the shadows) can cause a kid to look ‘old’ in a weird way because culturally those are things we associate with ageing. Fact is that some people have them from a very young age.

No. 161088

I was chubbier as a teen, didn’t care for my skin, was covered in freckles and the extra facial fat made my face appear aged/saggier and people always assumed I was in my 20s due to my forehead lines, skin condition, and body at 15-18yo. When I turned 18, I focused on skincare, lost heaps of weight, faded the lines and freckles, and then people started assuming I was 16 by the time I hit 22.

It’s all in how you take care of your body, mind your weight and care for your skin

No. 161099

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
i feel pretty ok with it because i don't really look or feel much different than my young 20s, except less prone to rage i guess
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
i tell myself the only people who care are those with internalized misogyny or fat ugly dudes who have to buy younger women
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
moisturize every day, don't tan, don't smoke

No. 161104

I think aging is stigmatized in part because as we get older, we tend to be less tolerant of bullshit. This doesn’t fit the narrative of how women are supposed to behave.
Coupled with a waning youthful appearance, nothing is more scorned than a woman past her prime.
I’m probably one of the older women in this forum at 35.
>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
Yes and do what I can to mitigate it. Societal pressure is partially to blame but honestly I’m just really fucking vain.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
Every day, though this may be more due to the choice to not have children. My opinions are minimized as well as my concerns. Professionally, I am less accommodated than those with families.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I look better now than I did when I was 25. Hard partying and sleepless nights were taking their toll. Cut the drugs out, started working out.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Take no shit and own your experiences. Do not let the influence of others outweigh your gut feelings.
Drink water.
Get Botox.

No. 161105

Botox looks like shit tho.

No. 161107

I mean, does it? The literal point of Botox is to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s practically undetectable unless you have an amateur as fuck practitioner putting it way close to your eyelids and lips.
I’ve been getting Botox forever, literally nobody notices unless it’s a compliment on my skin or complexion.
Not to medfag but the vast majority of people who have negative opinions of Botox are seeing botched facelifts, fillers, and various procedures.

No. 161116

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

I don't mind it too much. I would like to mitigate the physical signs as much as I can, so I can enjoy looking good for a long time. But I'm not concerned about the actual number. I am in my early 30s but I look way prettier than I did in my 20s. This is because I learned how to take care of myself, and slowly discover makeup and styling that works best for me. Also wore sunscreen religiously, and have a good skincare routine. So I barely aged.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

If anything I am victimized wayyy less compared to when I looked more like a naive little girl. Men were way more sexually deranged back then, but I think they are more careful with me now because they see me as a woman instead of a kid.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

Knowing that literally no one is exempt from getting old and wrinkly… It happens to everyone. Getting older is ultimately a gift. Some people don't make it far in life. Life is a journey and fretting about your age constantly is wasting it.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

You can still be sexy beyond your teens and 20s. Don't worry about what sour-grapes scrotes online think. They say that shit to keep women insecure, and make us believe we need to lower our standards because we're old at 30?! Lmao. In the real world, men will always pursue women. I still get tons of attention even though I'm in my 30s. Take care of your skin. Wear sunscreen, keep experimenting with makeup and styles that work best for your features. There's little ways to improve your looks. Botox can also help reverse things if done nicely :) there's laser treatments that can give your skin a youthful boost as well.

No. 161120

I've been thin my whole life, drink water, wear sunscreen, never did drugs or alcohol and I still have a saggy aged face.

No. 161123


Sounds like you didn't get lucky with genetics then. :( Was your face always saggy even when you were younger?
It's a bit invasive, but you could try a thread lift (you can be awake during the procedure) or fraxel lasers.

No. 161126

>Was your face always saggy even when you were younger?
Not when I was super young but it was more noticeable around 12 years old.

No. 161131

What do you mean saggy? Like, jowls or your have dark under eyes?

No. 161133

File: 1606278148546.jpg (43.9 KB, 800x683, gxd1.jpg)

The latter combined with "smile" lines (even when not smiling) and those diagonal lines underneath eyebags. Kind of like this woman basically.

No. 161137

I had dark under eye bags since I was a little kid. Super insecure, people always asked if I was tired and I would dump concealer underneath them.
Got restalyne filler under my eyes and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.

But uhh the general consensus for any kind of cosmetic procedures in these threads seem to be >>161105

No. 161141

anything looks like shit if done poorly

No. 161182

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
27 years old, not really. Most of the time I don't remember my age correctly, and say I'm 26 or 28, even though I swear I'm not retarded. I don't feel older, but I'm also very immature for my age, and have a childish face, so people often think I'm 20-22.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Not really. I mean I'm afraid that if I wanted to change jobs, the interviewers would throw my CV away even just by paper, because I'm a woman in my late 20s, and they probably assume I'm going to pop out babies soon, because that's the general age women have babies in my country nowadays.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I'm honestly not ever sure I'm aware of them, other than the one I mentioned just above (that every woman HAS to have a baby and is just looking to settle down before 35). Beauty so obviously goes away for both sexes, and I can't help that manchildren or men with overinflated egos think they need 18 year olds so they feel like they're more attractive than they are. If anything, women's expectations will probably reach the same level too, thanks to media. It's just that young women aren't that reclusive from society yet as a lot of young men.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

I don't really know what to do about hiring discrimination. For men's crazy expectations: does it really matter that a random 35+ year old with a beer belly wouldn't pick you as their first choice? You wouldn't pick them either.

No. 161184

> Most of the time I don't remember my age correctly, and say I'm 26 or 28, even though I swear I'm not retarded.
This made me laugh. I don't know why but for the last few years I have been rounding my age up by a year. So I turned 31 last december and I've been telling everyone I'm 32 when I'm not yet… in a couple weeks I actually do turn 32 and I'm guessing I'll start telling people I'm 33. Again no idea why I do that. I might just be retarded.

No. 161200

Isn't putting your age on your CV generally discouraged in your country? Where I live you're not supposed to tell people how old you are during an interview and if they ask you can tell them they're not allowed to.

No. 161205

You can decide to not disclose it, but they'll often ask you when they call you up anyway. You can refuse to answer, but they'll assume you're older and uncooperative, so there isn't a good way to go about it.

I think rounding up is normal, since you technically did begin your "xth" year, just haven't completed it yet. For me, years are just starting to blend together, because it's not like in your teens, when every year was celebrated like a milestone.

No. 161214

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
No. It’s a natural process, my only concerns are health related.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
Isn’t that just the reality of existing as a women?
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I don’t have to participate in a lot of things that would require me to meet any unspoken expectations but mostly I scoff and stay away from content that pushes “aging gracefully” or “looking young even at x years!”.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Compliments. Look, society is trash and men can’t be trusted to do it. So compliment the other women in your life, their stylish outfits, hairstyle, nails, the way they decorate their home, their skills and achievements. It might sound silly but I try to start a lot of my interactions with a compliment and I feel it really does go a long way.
I’ve also just started framing aging as beautiful in my mind, it’s a natural process and I will embrace my new glittery hair one white strand at a time!

No. 161278

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
Nah I learned to own it and boast about having more life experience. Also weeds a lot of scrotes who want a young gf they can manipulate so the dating scene is way better now for me. Can't wait to turn 30 next year.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
I did have issues with people not taking me seriously because I was too young, that improved as well.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
Idgaf I don't want kids so the "expired eggs" shit won't work on me. I have a basic office job that doesn't require me to meet customers or show my face in any way, as long as I'm competent in what I do I might as well be 60 and no one would care.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Don't let yourself be manipulated into the whole "guys won't date anyone over 25 or you'll have to settle with a fat balding scrote". Have confidence and own it. Hell, I still get hit on by 22 years olds and I plan on living the sweet cougar life. Don't lower your standards because of your age.

No. 161283

>"guys won't date anyone over 25 or you'll have to settle with a fat balding scrote"
The fear mongering is even more absurd than that, these days scrots are like
>"guys won't date anyone over 25 so you must settle with a fat balding scrote when you're a teenager"

I would rather die alone than settle and have no fear of being single but still, I look forward to getting my cougar on.

No. 161387

File: 1606482856776.jpeg (272.58 KB, 1080x1404, DDFAA587-6AB1-4FD6-BF72-3EB171…)

No. 161388

Don't know how common this is but from the time puberty hit I had major mental health problems. I spent years praying that I'd 'mellow with age' as they put it. As the years went on it seemed like it wouldn't happen and I kept up this pattern of being set off by stressful events and just never getting my shit together because small setbacks became big ones.

Around the time I turned 30…there it was, the mellowing out hapened! I'm now 3ish years into not being an anxious self sabotaging mess. I'm a much better person to date or rely on now than I was at any point in my twenties. I don't care how good I looked at 21 or 25.. I could test the patience of any man back then. I was not happy, my relationships were so far from happy.

There really is more to life, dating and general happiness than just looking good or looking young. 30 was honestly my first good year.

No. 161393

I had friends in college that were crying about turning 21 because they were "too old now" and I genuinely can't fathom giving such a huge shit about your age to the point where an age that predates the completion of your brain development is seen as "too old". I've loved every older age I've gotten to live as long as. I doubt that will change. I love the amount of work I've put into being the person that I am and being on men's radar less in my later upcoming years sounds amazing to me. I'm 26 now, finding that being sedentary and not doing stretches/exercise is starting to not feel so great which is a bummer but easily remediable. Other than health concern in the horizon, age re:beauty doesn't faze me.

No. 161406

SAAAAME. I was self destructive, toxic, and essentially crazy until around 30, then I no longer had the wherewithal to put up with my own bullshit

No. 161474

>I've met women in their 80s who are hot shit at their nursing home, with multiple other 80-somethings pursuing and swooning over them.

Lol yes, this is so cute. My grandma has had two separate boyfriends since my grandpa (her husband of over 50 years) passed away. She is 95 and is so sweet. Very popular at her home.

No. 161538

>just become desolated cat ladies and disappear.

50+ cat lady reporting in. You called?
But seriouly, winding up alone when you're older isn't the horrible thng that some people make it out to be. I keep active and have many friends. Just because I'd rather come home at night to an appreciatve fuzzface then some whiney manbaby doesn't mean I've failed in any way.
But then I never felt a driving need to have babies, and have a low sex drive so maybe the cat thing won't work for everyone.

No. 161543

They aged her like an American when she's mixed European (mixed white including German)

Like she might look like the image on the left at 90 maybe.

No. 161546

Lol scrotes are so funny to describe women their own age as "old" - so you're saying you're old, scrote?

No. 161547

> I’ve met women in their 80s who are hot shit at their nursing home, with multiple other 80-somethings pursuing and swooning over them.

So cute!

No. 161550

>>The median 30-year-old man spends as much time messaging teenage girls as he does women his own age

Fucking gross

No. 161551

>Imo they want women that have just barely moved past childhood so they are easier to groom,

This is exactly it. It's not about looks or fertility, since most scrotes do not want to raise or pay for children. Most teens look like a hot mess with the personality of a kid.

Scrotes are just interested in taking advantage of the remnants of subservience and obeying authority that school and parents teach you. It takes a few years to realize you need to stand your ground as an adult and not smile and nod to whatever anyone tells you. Scrotes aim for that window.

No. 161571

kek what the fuck does this even mean, white americans on average are only 2 or 3 generations removed from having lived in europe, there is no way there's any difference in the way their faces age lmfao

No. 161586

Always trying to distance yourselves from the burgers as if you’re really any better

No. 161589

It's probably more about where you live than ancestry (She's English, Irish, German) since she spends most of the time living in London according to Wikipedia. So I think that's what I meant and expressed it badly, the quality of life is better for many Europeans.

No. 161601

I got hit on and harassed the most by older teens, young adults and old men when I was 10-15. It almost completely stopped as I got older (I’m 25 now). I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it as much anymore, obviously, but it creeps me out that so many men seem to be fucking pedos.

Anyone else have this experience?

No. 161603

The quality of life difference between regular people and rich celebrities is a lot greater than between white americans and white europeans. Don't think that London air is what's doing the heavy lifting here.

No. 161607

I was an unattractive child/teen, but blossomed around my early 20s, so I’ve had the opposite experience

No. 161610

File: 1606646479765.jpg (800.41 KB, 2544x4000, mfw.jpg)

>A well rounded, self assured man will feel more comfortable dating someone with whom he has things in common with

No. 161613

Why is this funny to you? It’s true.

No. 161615

Scrote detected (and an unfuckable one at that)

No. 161616

>Imo they want women that have just barely moved past childhood so they are easier to groom, manipulate and turn into their perfect little bangmaids where they know older women call them on that shit.
This is 100% true. Being hyperbolic you could be the perfect legal loli looking 35-year old but men who are into younger women still wouldn't be interested after hearing your age because they know their chances of grooming you would be much lower than with a 20-year old. Women usually wake up to male bullshit in their late 20's and learn to set limits, it's absolutely not a coincidence that "the wall" is set at around such an arbitrary age.


No. 161621

The only people who even talk about 'the wall' are men so idgaf

No. 161623

Exactly. I’ve done experiments in this regard - when I purposefully act confused, innocent and dumb around men they’re more interested in me.

No. 161649

Can you ladies who've managed to extinguish your desire for men offer some brotips for those of us who actually like sex and are sad that we can't have it anymore?

No. 161653

Nobody here has said they don’t desire men or sex, we’re just better at discerning “the wall” screaming incel trash from quality men who we’d actually allow to touch us

No. 161657

What do you mean you can't have it anymore? Women can get sex at any age, though you'd do well to avoid the human trash we're describing in this thread.

No. 161659

Sadly, yeah, I had something similiar, although I'd say it was between 11-17. Way too many older strange men (and I'm talking 50+) were way too interested in me, especially when I was a 14. Even the private english teacher I was seeing for my language exam kept staring at my breasts, and acted really fucking weird when we were 1-on-1 (normally it was a group setting), but I just didn't have the life experience to explain it to any adult around me, and luckily he never actually got physical. Now I'm older and dress like a literature prof, so I'm ignored most of the time.

No. 161699

Why can't mods delete this obvious scrote post? It dirties the thread.

No. 161718


sry for responding to old shit but i'm the op and for me it was a combination of physical and mental traits

I started puberty really fast and throughout 11-14 people assumed i was 16-19, was very much sexualised and treated like an adult by strangers,

as for the latter, i didn't fit with other kids in many aspects,
i wasn't entirely rejecting childish things, I loved playing and such but I did always feel more mature than other kids, I had trouble relating to them and couldn't talk to them about many things because they didn't understand them,
meanwhile adults always praised me for how mature and intelligent I was in their eyes (which btw only alienates the kid and usually puts pressure on them to keep it up) and I usually talked to adults instead of kids mty age.
They weren't groomers either, just people I knew irl like my female neighbors and teachers.
I did also go through depression really early which I believe furthered this

also yk the usual stuff like different interests, I read a lot of old literature and had interest in psychiatry (which probably was a result of trauma tbh)

No. 161742

>only scrotes can understand scrotes

Men want to fuck the youngest woman they can get their hands on. They will destroy an existing relationship to accomplish this. It's foolish not to mentally prepare yourself for this.

No. 161770

"the trauma of aging" lmao anon love yourself

No. 161775

I know, right? Especially "as a woman." Gives me a good kek every time I scroll by it, it's so dramatic.

No. 161852

Maybe I’m just lucky but from my own personal experience with decent men, I haven’t experienced or witnessed this. In fact I’ve watched men turn down younger women based on age difference

You sound like an incel, or a slighted salty woman. Choose better men kek

No. 161864

File: 1606865202293.jpg (138.57 KB, 980x1470, 4e35bda3ef77ec733f7af43fef6af7…)

I think Audrey aged gracefully. She managed to stay elegant as she got old

No. 161915

File: 1606905442650.jpg (69.95 KB, 560x842, winona-ryder-today-160808-01_4…)

Winona Ryder also looks good, but not like she's trying to look younger than she is. She's 49 and I think she's aging gracefully.

No. 163311

File: 1608066403105.jpg (27.21 KB, 576x560, EggmEpRU0AYY6oG.jpg)

Jesus… imagine the odor and sweaty atmosphere of that hoarded room.

No. 163316

Does anyone else notice “signs of aging” that turn out not to be that?

For example, I’m 26 but probably not going to age well judging by genetics. During the pandemic I started doing proper skincare and noticed I have a more prominent nasolabial fold on one side, with the tiniest fine line. Assumed it was new, but looking back it’s there even in photos where I’m 12.

I know it’ll become more noticeable with age but I found it strange that I’d obviously overlooked it for years, yet noticed it when focusing on aging.

No. 163393

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
I’m good! I look better now at 25 that I did at 20. Also, I have good genes and skincare is my #1 hobby so I’m sure I’ll age gracefully lol. Stress causes aging and I plan to live a comfortable and child-free life which I’m looking forward to.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

No, never. When I hear women talk about this I wonder what kind of people they surround themselves with and if they ever go outside. I remember this 20 year old guy I know was crushing on his 29 yo coworker and sad that she didn’t want to date someone 9 years younger than her kek. The few male friends I have don’t care about age like that.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I distance myself from content/ppl w these views and surround myself with people who have a different mindset. I try to be content with what I have accomplished thus far in my life and focus on working on myself for my own sake and benefit.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

GO OUTSIDE!!!! Talk with different kinds of ppl and u will see that none of this shit really matters to most ppl out there. Don’t listen to incels (they r literally delusional and mentally ill). Focus on things other than your appearance! Set goals and reach them! Remember than you are young and have DECADES left of your life. When u are 85 and think back to your 20s, 30s and 40s, will u really think back to how old you were? Even if u are 40 you have only lived like half of your life. Take a deep breath. Relax.

No. 163394

Yeah, over the last few years I’ve been obsessing over my under eye hollows. Then I saw a photo of myself as a kid with the same hollows, and realized they’ve always been there due to my high cheekbones

I also used to worry about forehead lines, then I realized mine have gotten better since I was a teen. They used to be deep and visible due to lack of skincare and extra baby fat, now there are little to no lines there at all.

Tbh I aged backwards. When I was a teen I looked late 20s. Now I look like a teen. Sometimes losing baby fat is a good thing

No. 163397

> What are your thoughts on getting older, do you struggle with it?
Every day of my life since I hit 18. I’m not sure if sexual abuse and porn at a young age influenced me, but I’ve felt guilty every day of my life for simply getting older. I feel that I lose value every minute I stay alive. Most days I think about killing myself before 30 just to avoid the suffering of being discarded, ignored and unappealing. I’ve only ever wanted to feel beautiful, and we live in a society that favors youth over all else

> Have you ever had an experience where you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

No, but I do notice people in general are less forgiving and expect you to act certain ways as time passes. I’m 26 but I feel like I’m still 18 on the inside, and being perceived as a fully grown adult causes me internal conflict and sadness. Being less valuable on the sexual market does make me feel like my existence loses value. Again, sexual abuse, porn from a young age and I spent my teens and early 20s pandering to pedophiles to feel small.

> How do you cope with the unrealistic expectations put on women as they age?

I don’t cope well at all. I’m OCD about skincare, I go out of my way to look young, dress young, I consider suicide regularly. The only way I cope with aging anything is the promise of the sweet release of death whenever I choose. I don’t feel anywhere near ready to settle down, have babies, or act my age. Most people assume I’m 19/20, rather than 26, but I’m constantly paranoid someone thinks I look 30.

> Do you have any tips to help other women cope?

Hell no. I can’t even cope. I wish someone could help me. All I have to offer is - appreciate your youth while it’s there. It’s fleeting and the most precious thing to possess

No. 163407

Nonnie I understand you but your advice isn't a good one. Women should appreciate every moment of their lives, not just their youth; and more than youth, it's about being healthy (physically, emotionally and mentally)

No. 163409

>appreciate your youth while it’s there. It’s fleeting and the most precious thing to possess
lmao no
you were right about one thing though, you still act just like an 18 year old.

No. 163410

Yeah, I genuinely never matured past my teenage years and it’s really difficult for me to handle adulthood and aging in general. I have some PTSD/rape shit in my past, as well as bipolar disorder… those things might contribute. I’m not proud of my immaturity, that’s for sure

No. 163411

So much mental illness in this thread. Why would you base your worth on something that 1) isnt a skill you’ve developed and 2) is temporary? Your 20s will end, so will your 30s and 40s and 50s.
> >Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
The people who try to convince you that aging is something to be scared of are either trying to sell you something or control you, or both. Also stop visiting parts of the internet that perpetuate this idea.

No. 163412

File: 1608132143042.jpg (379.78 KB, 1600x1500, 4f54f8d72f74e8d952e8fbca043fbe…)

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
I absolutely love the idea of getting older! Godamn I love the older woman look, been looking forward to dress like that since a child. I want my grey hair, I want to be invisible to men, I want to be wrinkly and saggy. Why the hell would I want to be young forever?
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
I think people who perceive me as lesser is due to the fact I am female, not for my age. I do not give a shit if somebody likes me or not.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I do not cope, I embrace age coming for me. Cannot wait to be older, wiser, happier, more selfless, and carefree! Shit I have my whole life ahead of me, being in your 20s is overrated, there is hardly that much freedom, especially the temptation that you should try love or men out.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
You guys need to love yourselves. Learn to live life outside of vanity and men. Now that I am working for my own future, I plan to live my life to what I say is the fullest. Having my own house, my own style, my own time. It's 2020, most people cannot afford a house until their 30s. You should look forward to aging? I want to do so much and I focus on staying healthy. Work out your muscles, stop stressing over the most trivial shit. Focus on staying not miserable for the rest of your life?

No. 163929

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
Eternal youth is preferable. But we all age, grow old, wither and die. I have not come to terms with this yet. Probably because society has a double standard as far as aging for women is concerned.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

No. It's probably because I never tell others my age. I am in my late 20s but I can get away with appearing about 10 years younger.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I resent the impression that women aren't allowed to grow old. And I think it's a matter of statistic that men age far worse than women.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Delete sugar from your diet. Diet in moderation. Stay out of the sun. Wear sunscreen. Ignore scrotes. Adopt a cat. Try to live as stress free as possible.

No. 163934

hollow cheekbone. i've always had them but they've become a little more prominent over time and i've thought about getting filler in them

No. 164237

I just turned 21 and have suddenly got weirdly into skincare (after washing my face with water and occasionally using shite moisturiser for the last decade).
It's definitely bc I'm scared of aging. I swear this obsession with looking like a literal teenager must be a recent thing, with like porn / social media etc. Like to be stressed about turning 21 is fucking retarded :(

No. 164250

I feel you. I literally feel immense hatred and jealousy toward teenagers I see in passing, because I resent them and I’m jealous they still have that youth, even though I’m only in my 20s. I get so mad I could punch them.

No. 164260

File: 1608754667972.jpg (313.37 KB, 650x802, dec 2019 mel kobayashi bag and…)

I remembered this fashion blogger, I think you will like her. http://bagandaberet.blogspot.com/ She is so crazy, but cool crazy. I hope I will become like her one day.

No. 164261

File: 1608754865910.jpg (46.55 KB, 450x675, 037692b1aa2baf8792fb2f25a77941…)

Me too! I love older ladies who dress in a style of "fashionable kookiness."

No. 164265

File: 1608755506903.jpg (411.43 KB, 1896x2886, vivienne-westwood.jpg)

Yeah. Oh I just remembered this picture I saved of Vivienne Westwood, she looks so beautiful here and I want to make a bolero like hers

No. 164267

It'll work out alright anon. I'm 24 and I'm getting a little worried about aging, but at least my acne and sensitivity have calmed down. I think as long as you put a reasonable amount of effort into skincare and staying off drying/aging drugs or alcohol, wearing sunscreen etc you'll be a lot better off than most women who party then pass out covered in makeup.
I know it's cliche, but love yourself anon!

No. 164284

What the fuck? Please tell me you're getting therapy for this.

No. 164288

Nope I’m not and I literally fantasize about torturing/killing pretty girls. I do need therapy.

No. 164307

Yeah, get on that because you're only hurting yourself and others with that shitty attitude.

No. 164321

I’ve found consensual BDSM is a great release. I’m bisexual so I genuinely enjoy sexually brutalizing women (again, consent)

No. 164322

File: 1608772264745.png (75.38 KB, 300x374, 32D550B2-C815-44FB-B5FB-BB5725…)

No. 164323

Nobody asked.

No. 164324

but fantasizing about teenagers is creepy pedoshit

No. 164328

you sound like a scrote lol

No. 164341

I do, but I’m not which makes it worse imo

No. 164342

I just want to kill or seriously hurt teens, not the bdsm

No. 164345

You're never going to get younger, and being bitter and psychopathic about it isn't going to help.

No. 164348

The more you reply the more they will just keep on parrotting the same shite as they have done all fucking day.
> "hurt teens, brutalize women, torture the young!"
Blah blah we get it

No. 164349

>implying this whole thread isn't just parroting shit takes

No. 164350

Definitely didn't say or imply that lol

No. 164686

It hasn't been easy at all.
I'm 29 and only getting uglier. My boyfriend of 6 years dodges the subject every time I talk about moving forward with our relationship. He says he wants a family but that we're not ready just yet.
I was dealing with my situation more or less fine but recently we got a new co-worker in our company and it's like being around her is constant punch in the gut. She's 33 with 2 kids and has the body I wish I always had. I've always thought I'd be better off dating older men (my bf is 39) because men in their 20s are too immature but her husband is in his mid 20s and adores her. He's always taking her on nice dates while my boyfriend's idea of a romantic evening is ordering pizza. I'm constantly reminded that she has everything I wish I had.

No. 164690

His sperm is going to shit anyway, so if he's already wanting to wait forever, fuck him. It takes a while to build a good relationship, but waiting around forever on someone that ends up potentially wasting your time is bullshit. If you want him, he needs an ultimatum. I can't see that turning out very well long term, but your decision.
You're not getting uglier. Just take care of yourself and your skin. Things are going to be fine.

No. 164693

when he says 'we aren't ready' what does he mean? like, financially? or is he just talking about himself?

also, i'm sorry you're jealous, anon. seeing another woman with everything you've ever wanted can be difficult to contend with, especially for someone with low self esteem. i mean, why else would you go for a man 10 years your senior, if the men your own age didn't intimidate you? were boys your own age mean to you growing up? i'm genuinely asking this. how we're treated in our formative years inform our decisions later in life and blah blah blah. that maturity bit is a load of shit by the way. men will always be immature, so long as you're measuring them by the female metric. consider it the folly of male socialization, for they are so often coddled.

i know i'm being mean here, but listen: the other anon has it right. your life is yours. you are its master orchestrator. if you want something to change, if you're dissatisfied with how your life is set up, you gotta get off your ass and start giving it some direction, because it sure as shit ain't gonna come about with you just thinking all of these big thoughts.

it looks to me like your boyfriend likes the way that things are. and even if he avoids talking about all of this, his actions speak very loudly for him in their place on the matter.

No. 164697

>when he says 'we aren't ready' what does he mean? like, financially? or is he just talking about himself?
He says we aren't prepared but it's more like he doesn't want the responsibility of a family right now. Maybe he's waiting for the right woman so he can dump me. I know he settled for me and that I'm nobody's first choice.
I've never had a proper relationship with a man my age, they only ever wanted to be friends with benefits. I told myself younger men were just immature but then women like my co-worker remind me that I'm just too ugly to get good treatment from men.

No. 164698

If these cows that aren’t attractive and are horrible people can get men to fund their lifestyles then you should have no problem finding a man. Just decent men are super rare, most are awful.

No. 164699

>I've always thought I'd be better off dating older men (my bf is 39)
You fell for a meme men spread so they can get younger women who are out of their league, sorry.

If you've been together fucking 6 YEARS and he's fucking 39 YEARS OLD and still 'not ready', he is never going to be ready. You are correct that you're a placeholder gf and he's waiting for someone better. If you want marriage and kids you need to dump him, raise your standards and find a decent guy. You are still young af with plenty of time, and no doubt you are not as ugly as you think.

No. 164702

Older men being better for younger women is a myth. They made that up because they can't find women their age that put up with their shit, so they look for more inexperienced, younger women that will be more easy to manipulate. He's not going to change, he's not going to grow. 29 is still so young, count your losses and move on.

No. 164703

Don't sell yourself short. Just because you feel like someone settled on you doesn't mean that they did. Just because men you've met in the past have wanted to be fwb instead of dating you doesn't mean that the qualities that compose you were worth only that to men your age or younger. It's finding quality men in the first place, holding off on sleeping with them until you know that it's not some stupid fling and they're not serious, and understanding that your own needs are important.

No. 164706

>older men are more mature!!!
>my older bf refuses to mature into a family man

Cut that motherfucker off. If he wanted a family, he'd have settled down with you five years ago.

No. 164709

Dump the worthless scrote, learn to code or smthn get money and adopt kids or do IVF. If you feel so ugly you can get plastic surgery with your own money. Depending on a man is the dumbest thing you could do if you have other options

No. 164718

i always get super taken aback by people saying that my age or a few years over is young (i just turned 20) and i think it's sad that i've been made to feel that way. i don't even see other 20 year olds as old, actually i don't really see -anyone- as old until they're 60+ but when it comes to myself the last time i felt young was when i was… 17 or 18

No. 164722

Rape-ape larping as a woman

No. 164757

I’m that anon and I’m not larping, sorry. I really feel that way sometimes.

No. 164762

Being jealous of women in their early to mid 20s I can somewhat understand, but being jealous of teenagers is weird af.

Barely anyone looks their best in their teens. "Girls peak at 16" is just men trying to rationalize the fact that they can't handle a partner with a fully developed brain.

My mom looked her best in her early 30s. My paternal grandmother stayed single until the age of 32, married a younger man and had three children. We skipped an entire generation because the women in my family didn't feel the need to rush. Not in the 1940s, not in the 1980s, so I'm sure as hell not going to start stressing now.

No. 164764

File: 1609090307684.jpg (72.8 KB, 605x605, download.jpg)

I can't think of a single teen at my school that didn't look like either pic related or its late-2000s horsegirl cousin and wasn't financially and emotionally helpless. My own life only started when I turned 24.

No. 164779

>being jealous of teenagers is weird af

It's not weird. Teens are what men say they want, so of course women who want to be wanted are jealous. It's great that so many women on LC are self-actualized and don't need anyone else to feel fulfilled in life, but have a little patience for the women who haven't gotten there yet, yeah?

No. 164791

Kek. Men don't want umkempt 16yo. They want 20/25yo actresses that play teens in tv shows. They are shit at telling age and are baffled when you present them with pimply, still figuring how to dress teens. (Or they're predators who don't want teens because they're beautiful but because they're naive and easier to groom)

No. 164803

Your family sounds so cool anon

No. 164820

File: 1609130879890.jpeg (621.76 KB, 1242x883, 28F72674-CA47-45D8-B398-EB6B2C…)

I turned thirty pretty recently and could definitely use some advice. I’m not extremely concerned about not having a husband or kids yet (though I do worry about being unable to find a loving partner at this point) but I’m pretty upset I wasted so much time and didn’t get serious with money till age 27. I still need a roommate to survive (I live in SoCal) and my career is meh at best due to waiting too long to get serious.

If anyone has anything that’s helped them adjust to their 30s that would be great.

No. 164821


Life isn't a race and the only "failure" is to never start. Stable living in SoCal sucks ass. Housing and rent is ridiculous.

Just keep going forward. 30 is not too late or old. That kind of thinking is kind of toxic. Just do you the best you can. Don't mind other peoples' business because they're not you and you're not them and they'll never be you nor you them.

No. 164834

The idea that you have to achieve certain goals at a certain point in life or it's "too late" is so toxic. I don't know a single person who decided to try something at an "unusually" late point in life (think new career, new education) and failed, but I do know many people who never try because they stress too much about the timing.

Hell, throughout history people had to completely rebuild their lives in their 30s and 40s thanks to wars and shit and still do. What are you going to do with the 50-80 remaining years of your life if you have everything figured out at 30?

Obviously this doesn't mean you should fuck around and do nothing until you have an existential crisis at 35. As long as you're doing something with your life, it's cool.

Is there nothing you could do to give you career a little boost, anon? Some new skills you could learn? Are you networking, do you have good connections in your industry?

No. 164851

Nta but one of my biggest goals has always been to feel and look beautiful, and I feel the closer I get to “the wall” (I’m 26) the more impossible and unattainable that goal is. Like I’m rotten meat past my prime, and lost all of that opportunity to be youthfully beautiful and hot

No. 164862

Stop buying into retarded incel copes like “the wall” and figure out realistic ways to make yourself more physically appealing. Learn how to style yourself in a flattering way, if you don’t like your body you can always work out and try to change some things, if you don’t like some of your features- save up to change them. Women genuinely do look better 22+ when they learn to take care of themselves and how to dress better. Look at older women you find beautiful. This type of thinking is self inflicted on some level, but you can break it. Do you think ugly, fat, balding men worry about “the wall”? Don’t let them get to you.

No. 164863

>Obviously this doesn't mean you should fuck around and do nothing until you have an existential crisis at 35

I already fucked this part up. Any advice for me?

No. 164885

File: 1609202041283.jpg (22.48 KB, 640x412, 1607779251355.jpg)

I'm attempting a degree. You're welcome to do the same.

No. 164892

Same!! I feel like having good female role models helps with avoiding this BS mentality. My grandmother got married at 20 (she's like in her mid 80s now and came from an Islamic country, sorry for potential racebait farmhands) and my mom got married at 30 and had 2 kids in mid and late 30s. She definitely did not look decaying while I was growing up as a young kid and is approaching 60 and still looks beautiful now.

As for teenagers thing, I don't get those anons either. Looking back at high school pictures is a constant reminder of how goofy my friends and I looked

No. 164959

I think what reassures me about ageing is that every older woman I've ever had in my life always talks about how much more confident and at peace with themselves they feel now than when they were younger and I don't think any of them would go back to their 20's/30's if they could.

No. 165245

as I age, the number one thing that has helped my feelings about it has been exercise. I got into exercising at home (core strength, then branching out to other things). It lifted my mood and gave me a sense of physical accomplishment I was missing before.

I was very unathletic before and still can't call myself an athlete. But seeing my slow progress is encouraging and I think I'm looking "better" too.

No. 169625

Random but related. Someone on /pol/ posted that "the wall" is incel cope and that men age shitty as well and the guys there are seething so fucking hard it's hilarious. "The Wall" is truly male projection

No. 169656

It really is moids age like milk

No. 169657

When I hit 25 creepy old men stopped hitting on me and I was as disgusted by them as I was relieved for my own sake yet upset about young girls.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

Im fine i just dont want my body to decline more because im disabled already. Its also difficult for me because of my circumstances I am unsure if it is proper to have the female partner I desire as I cannot do that much. ( I also refuse to let my face go. )

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Only when I was younger because I got treated like I never knew what I was talking about when id researched thuroughly. Modernly? Not really but i know ageism is real. It is coming soon with me because im disabled and live at home and cant leave and am going to hit 28 soon.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I don't listen to what scrotes say because they cannot be trusted. Im also critical of any self care culture that relates to beauty (skincare culture being new makeup culture although i do regular skincare)

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

1) Never listen to men's opinions on women and what they find attractive. actually never listen to mens opinions on women or anything in general

2) scrote cope is real. They pretend like men age well?!?! Beer gut potato body double neck middle aged ass men?!? Please.

3) mentality is everything. People who are active have more productive years in life. People are living older than ever before. Being healthy emotionally and physically is more important than a wrinkle. Someone who shines with personality is beautiful even if their skin is like crepe paper. I could go on and on about positive psychology. But i think getting old is exciting (minus the decline mentally and physically)

No. 169665

why are you on /pol/?

No. 169672

Nta but /pol is a kekfest when they're losing their shit over something or a major event happens and its a fun lurk. Good for meme farming. I imagine they're just as brutal to eachother as they are to women. I've seen threads of scrote anons losing their shit over balding with age etc.

No. 169677

Is there a way to read this thread? I found it but no archives.

No. 169681

Not baiting or anything but The Wall is true for you white people, both male and female, celebrity or not, and it hits around 25. The few white people who "don't hit the wall" are just the ones that have looked 35 all their life, like Dakota Johnson and Paul Rudd(racebait)

No. 169685

File: 1612091291531.png (304.92 KB, 530x530, qfmktx9s7wu41.png)

>"Not baiting or anything"

No. 169691

I need permission or what?
Probably bait but also true, I think tanning is a white people thing mostly and that's why so many age like shit

No. 169693

>almost 26
just a few days ago a doctor who saw me for the first time asked if I'm underage and said she can't see underage patients without their parents. both men and women assume I'm much younger or even underage. so where's that wall huh

No. 169695

This thread sounds like it was made by a scrote to bait women into admitting/acknowleding """the wall""" but what really got me is calling aging as a woman a trauma. A trauma, really? If OP is truly a woman and aging is truly a trauma for you please get off the fucking internet and limit your media exposure, it's clearly spoiling your sanity.

No. 169701

literally just use sunscreen. That's it. That's the secret to everyone, yes even 'white men and women', avoiding premature aging.

No. 169705

File: 1612113775989.jpg (40.77 KB, 595x615, 1589220072373.jpg)

I'm 31.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

The hardest part is watching your parents, uncles and aunts get older and start dying. Suddenly, you become one of the important pillars in your family and the younger ones come to you for help/safety. It's a lot of responsibility, and with each day you become more and more important in the eyes of someone you don't want to fail before time forcibly separates you. I think that's the struggle about it.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

40+ year olds are still mean to me, but they understand things that I don't yet so I accept that. If you mean by men/women in terms of dating? Not at all, in fact I think it only got worse. The teens these days are very bold and when I say my age in hopes of turning them off, they only look more excited. It makes it a bit difficult, I wish they'd leave me alone. The young men because they're annoying, the young women because most times they're just confused.

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

'I don't know what that has to do with me', is my initial thought. "Expectations from strangers" is a waste of time kind of concept. I wonder why some of you even think these things? Why do they stay in your mind like that? Why do you take these "Expectations" and lay them on yourselves like they're set in stone and true? Because someone said something, you have to change your life and how you view yourself now, it's that easy to sway you? I think if something like that bothers you, you have to find and connect with your soul because I don't think you're paying attention to it at all. I think you're looking in the mirror staring at your face, not your eyes.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

Everyone around you is temporary. Your life isnt about your age or some sex fantasy about being a teenager forever. You can always have great sex, you can always look beautiful, you can always command a room, let loose, have a great time. As you get older, it just gets easier to do what you want. Both by means and by confidence. Your confidence and self love is everything. If you think it's age that will ever prevent you from anything, you're living by the guidance of fools who've never had a good time. Embrace every moment of your life and strive to make it better. One day it'll all disappear, so don't leave here wishing you spent the time you had differently.

Also, moisturize every single day. Shower every day, then moisturize your entire body with a light lotion. Avoid too much sunlight and protect your eyes and skin. Brush and floss two times a day if not after every meal-mouthwash and tongue scrape too, don't be lazy. Use shaving cream for your legs. Less heat on your hair. Wash your bedding every weekend. Make your bed as soon as you wake up, and make sure your room is also tidy. A clean room is a clean mind. It may sound tedious, but the more your take care of yourself and your surroundings, the less you entertain silly thoughts and alleged pressures. Oh one more thing. You don't need a lover. They're fun, but not necessary. Enter relationships slowly, but leave briskly. Never shed a tear for a man either. The moment he makes you frown, he's not worth it. A woman will treat you 10 times better. Remember that with every man you meet. A woman will treat you 10 times better.

No. 169719

A male friend told me that when he was younger (15-25), he was pretty much exclusively into older women. So 25 year olds when he was 15, 30+ when he was in his 20s. He's now dating a girl his own age though, but I know that he dated a woman who was 31 when he was 21. I know 30+ isn't old but many still worry about it. I think the wall is some massive bullshit.

No. 169734

Anon you sound so cute and like the big sister I've always wanted.

Do any other younger anons relate–I'm 22 but am scared of aging, esp because I lost a year of my early 20s in this pandemic. It's not so much dating/men but just how poorly women are treated in general, esp how the internet beats up on older white women. I'm scared to fall into that category.
I don't need to get married and have children but I can't lie that I kind of want one child just to be a mother and furthermore, that part of me dreams to have a husband as a life partner. Kind of feels like that will never happen though since I really, really enjoy being single and completely alone for the most part and only miss the cute (and sexy) things about being in a relationship.

No. 169749

I'm the same age and am the exact same way! Although my aging worries hyperfixate on my under eyes. I don't have eyebags but I get deep creases during the semester. I've been trying to nail down the causes over the past year and sleep seems to be the most help.
Until the pandemic hit, I had always assumed that one day I'll get married and have a family (which still does seem nice) but my life under lockdowns weren't that different from my regular life and made me realize I'm probably not social enough to meet someone I could create that life with…and that I'd feel weird actively looking around a dating scene for husband material LOL. At this point I'm just like, "if it happens, it happens." I think I'm still trying to figure out how I really feel about kids, and that feels more important to me (to figure out) than a partner. It'll definitely take time, but getting to know ourselves and figure out our lives is a benefit of time passing/getting older!

No. 169858

You sound very smart and kind anon, I'm going to take all of your advice (especially about women). I hope I have your self assuredness when I'm your age.

No. 169876

Op you need to love yourself more and stop stressing about your age, its just shit scrotes and even the media shit on women about, I am 31, about to be 32 this year and tbh its no different, if you take care of yourself and your body, you have nothing to worry about.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

I really don't care to be honest, actually its fun being older you get to boss people around and more people listen to you (so far my experience)

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

when I was younger, people wouldn't take me seriously and yeah as I become older people start to actually acknowledge my input and thoughts

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

another one… There's no such thing as "coping" its all about your self esteem and how you let others get to you in regards of age, age is meaningless unless you put the meaning in it. Those that shit on women for their age are usually young scrotes or scrotes who probably can't get young women to fuck them.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

As cliche as it sounds… just be yourself, stop caring for what others think, learn to love yourself. who cares if some rando scrote has a certain opinion on you, unless he pays your bills pay them no mind… Age means nothing my dear nonny it only has meaning if you keep giving it importance, I mean look at madonna she is old and she is such a stacy fucking men 20 years younger than her and do you think she gives a fuck about her age? I dont think so…

All and all stop listening to scrotes and their shit for brains advice.

No. 173166

>Fertility for both men and women peaks between the ages of 30 and 35
That goes contrary to everything I've heard so far, you have a source on that?

No. 173167

>Men who aren’t incels or immature tend to date within their age range.
Sure, if you consider men and women 3-4 years younger than them the same age range. Let's be honest, a few age years of age difference is the most common in relationships.

No. 173176

I’m 24 will be 25 in a few months can I still wear primark and forever21?

Cgl and kinksters need not to apply

No. 173179

Not too familar with f21 but I'm early 30s and primark is still good for some stuff. I know their nightwear section is weirdly overrun with disney shit like bambi themed onesies and I'm not about to buy a tee with Pusheen riding a unicorn on it either but any decent sized primark branch carries regular clothing that a 30 something could wear too. The smaller branches do seem to favor that teen/disney/harry potter shite.

No. 173187

3-4 years isn't even an age gap. I and most women I know prefer their bf to be older than them, even if it's just by a few months

No. 173190

you're asking a poster to provide a source for something she said over 3 months ago.. Welcome to reddit

No. 173193

I thought primark nightwear is cute though!
Can you browse on the f21 website and judge it for me based on my age?

I’m OP so not a kinkster/weeb (same shit).

No. 173195

NTA, but it's just sleep clothes, so wear whatever makes you happy! honestly I don't think it's cringe for women to dress "young" as they get older as long as they wearing what they genuinely like and not desperately trying to look young/follow trends

No. 173200

I wore their disney pjs all throughout my twenties tho, it's only in my 30s that I stopped wanting stuff like disney characters. Nightwear doesn't matter that much though. I think the last pair of PJs I bought still had cartoon coffee cups on them so lol

I feel like you'll know when you 'age out' of stuff purely because it'll stop appealing to you anyway. I'd pay more attention to that than any rules another person dictates to you.

No. 173646

It's not about where you buy your clothes, it's about the final presentation. Shopping in "younger" stores may be limiting the older you get because of trends in clothing cuts (think crop tops) but if you find pieces that work on your body, who cares where you found them? My issue with stores geared towards older women is everything is longer/boxer so I almost always use those stores for winter cloths but sub dresses, skirts and shirts for summer from younger-targeted brands. Honestly, the only women I know who shit on other women for shopping in perceived "youth" stores look like grandmas and have a shit self-esteem that no amount of deep red lipsticks and exquisite/expensive notes in their grandma perfumes can help them deal with.

It's not worth it to limit your options because Sally 50 Filters is judging you while hiding she's aging.

No. 175196

OP wtf you're only 20? That's still very young. I'm 27 so I will answer your questions:

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

Yeah, kinda, I would have liked to have stopped ageing around 23. I worry a lot that I haven't achieved enough for my age which I guess is a common thing to stress about. Growing as a person isn't so bad but as other anons have said social media seems to be really obsessed with youth and of course most zoomers think anyone over 21 belongs in a zimmerframe. I worry the most about getting white hairs and lines on my face.

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?

Honestly no, nothing personal I can recall yet. Except maybe I worry that men I chat to will choose to hook up with 18 year olds over me if the option comes along, even when they're my exact age?

>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?

I don't. Embrace androgyny maybe.

>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?

If you're over 25 just say fuck it and start posting your coolest selfies. Always remember there are people older than you.

No. 175217

i'm only 23 but people that think they can't enjoy certain things past a certain age have severe mental illness
imagine actually caring what other people think is age appropriate? normies are fucking weirdly insecure.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

don't fucking care, just hope i don't suffer from health complications. i'm only worried i will have severe arthritis since it runs in my family. other than that, most women in my family tend to look younger than their age so i don't think i need to worry.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
most people assume i am in my late teens or simply under 21 still, i don't think i've physically aged much since then. so maybe the opposite, thinking i am immature looking and acting for my age.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
i literally do not care, i do not care what anyone thinks of me at all, especially not scrotes
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
just stay healthy, don't ruin your body with bad habits while you are young and just expect to fix it when you are older. simply do not care about other people's opinions, they do not matter. do not engage with people with bad mindsets.

No. 175238


I'm old and I love it. I wish women would just start owning up to aging, it's not awful at all. Old can be beautiful, or ugly just as youth can be. Up to you really how you choose to carry yourself.

No. 175239


sorry bad english, brain no work. Meant own their age, nothing to be responsible for lol.

No. 175258

i am not old but i look forward to it because i already have old lady interests like classical music + literature and i knit kek. i have nothing in common with young people because i never drink or smoke or do drugs. i can't wait to be an classy elegant grey-haired rich bitch going to the ballet with my wife.

also, like twenty years from now the cosmetics industry will be far more advanced so you probably won't have to "look old" if you don't want to (and have cash). personally i think it's better to accept ageing and embrace it. old women are cute and i love and admire them for surviving.

No. 176165

File: 1616407807217.png (350.7 KB, 860x1024, lol.png)

Early 20s here. I am not looking forward to turning 25, even if it's a few years away, and I feel self-conscious about it - I will have to nitpick everything I do and wear and make sure it's appropriate for my age. When you are young, you are not concerned with this, you can dress cute or eccentric and it's okay because you have fun. Later on, anything other than neutrals is unacceptable. It's not a big deal, because I like wearing black and white, but colorful nails/makeup are out, as well as some accessories.

I despise this way of thinking because it takes me back to middle school. I have been teased and nitpicked to death. It was less about clothes and more about who I was, but my point still stands, I don't like to be put under the radar. It annoys me that I will have to embrace this mentality and judge myself like that, or else other people will. I am going to miss the freedom I have right now.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that the cutoff for youth is 25, but 25-30 is the transition phase between young woman and old hag proper lady.

No. 176167

you need therapy

No. 176168

When you hit 25 you're going to realize that there's no such thing as being too old for certain clothes or hobbies or whatnot. There is no cutoff point to having fun or enjoying things you like. You're also going to realize that 30 year olds are still young.
T. 28 year old who still cosplays and dresses in lolita and literally no one has ever said anything about my age or judged me for it.

No. 176169

I hate to be harsh, but seriously, get to fuck with this attitude. If you don't like that way of thinking, then don't think it. Stop buying into the retarded narrative that women sour and can't do shit once they hit mid 20's. You're still very young. 25 is nothing. I finally felt like I was beautiful and confident when I hit 25 and it has only gotten better since then (now 30's). You can either act and dress how you want, or you can carry on with feeding the cycle you apparently detest. I have 'young' hobbies and have a fun hair cut/colour and no one has ever ball-bagged me for looking this way due to my age. Do what you want, fuck everyone else. Age in this context means jack shit. Now go on and enjoy your best years.

No. 176170

>25-30 is the transition phase between young woman and proper lady.
That's a mindset you choose to have anon.

I swear I never knew women had such a complex about turning 25 until I started browsing here regularly. And I'm sitting where thinking, what are you anons blabbing about? I'm turning 25 in a few months and knowing that hasn't impacted how I dress or what I do in the slightest. All I can think is that I'm young and have got the money and confidence to do whatever I want and dress however I want. I don't even mean this "Defy society's expectations!!" kind of way, your concerns are, sorry, so foreign and surrealistic to me, I'm pretty sure you're bringing them onto you yourself. So you're going to be 25, you're going to be 30, yes, so? You're not suddenly turning to dust at age 30, no one's denying you fun.

No. 176171

Can't wait til you hit 25 (and 30, and 35, etc etc) and realize you look and feel no different to early 20s except you're slightly less retarded and will care much less about all the nonsense you just typed out.

Seriously though, shut up and get some perspective. Every time a woman whinges about her fear of aging, a younger girl sees it and develops a fear of her own, and the cycle of insecure, whiny dumbassery continues. Can't wear colourful nail polish past 25, pleaseeee lmao

No. 176172

We should make some kind of positive/motivational aging thread instead of this endless whiny nonsense.

No. 176174

I’d really enjoy a thread like that. Someone should make one to help de-stigmatize aging on this board. It’s funny to me that people here rag on anyone over 25 relentlessly for their age. Like, do you not realize that’ll be YOU soon? When I was 21 I thought 25 was forever away. I’m just passing 25 now, and it felt like a matter of months rather than years. It goes fast, ladies. The attitude here surrounding something everyone will have to go through is astounding to me.

No. 176178

I'm sure we've had threads like that before, but people who are comfortable with aging aren't gonna spend a tonne of time posting in a thread about it since getting older is just a normal constant in life.

No. 176192

It can sound really weird, but when I was a child, I thought that women peaked at 30. Why because it's about the age women have their first child there, and for child me, motherhood meant maturity and respectability, in the way that you have to obey to your parents, and other adults of the family.

I remember sawing an ad about some anti aging skincare, targeted at women at 30, and i didn't really understand : are women old at 30 ? are young mothers old ? For me, old women were grandmas, not energetic young mums that are active all day long.

I feel like this pressure is really induced by the beauty industry, and every part of the economy that make money off women insecurities (like """"feminine""" newspapers for instance). And there is the obvious incel scrotes with their wall myth, as discussed earlier.

No. 176194

> """"feminine""" newspapers
What? whaaaaaat

No. 176196

You’re a fucking retard. Grow some fucking tits and accept that you’re an adult. Nobody gives a fuck what colour your nails are, they care that you pay your fucking taxes on time.

No. 176197

Nta but you know those gossip/fashion magazines that are aimed at "older" women. They usually target women through advertising and nitpicking at celebrites for being past the age of 25. I think thats what anon meant.

No. 176198

File: 1616433459008.jpg (16.58 KB, 193x261, heattt.jpg)

Sorry forgot pic, heres a good example

No. 176237

i agree that older women are usually forced to dress more conservatively but 25 five being the cutoff for colorful nails and accessories is insane. even the most incely misogynists wouldnt think that. you really, really need help anon.

No. 176255

No. 176580

File: 1616708950711.jpg (199.96 KB, 974x816, cope.jpg)

> Men who aren’t incels or immature tend to date within their age range. A well rounded, self assured man will feel more comfortable dating someone with whom he has things in common with and matches his maturity level - someone in his age group.
it's natural no need to be so bitter about it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 176581

i'm 24 and i still wear animal beanies and shit in public lmao (i'm not a weeb or anything). you seriously need therapy as someone else suggested. where do you live?

No. 176590

It's also "natural" for women to move on from her previous partner once there's a bigger chad avaliable, but moids wouldn't want to accept it. We're a little more evolved than other animals and we take different factors into consideration while forming couples

No. 176598

Claiming men are destined to be shallow forever is not an argument on their behalf. Just makes them less appealing than they already are.

No. 176603

please surround yourself with better people, you're overly self-conscious and i have a feeling it's because of your friend group or shit your parents have drilled into your head.

No. 176617

Is this how Americans think?
Never heard of "The Wall" before coming here, maybe from redpill incels on Reddit at best.
This whole thread is either bait or you all need mental assessment, maybe a padded cell. "Trauma of aging", lol.

I don't know what else to say, I'd feel bad for you but I'm over 25 and hearing how poorly people like you think of women my age makes me think you kinda deserve it and bring it on yourself.
Better kill yourself as soon as you turn 25, you don't want to end up an old hag now!

No. 183040

Anons I need help. How do you separate your self worth from your sexual market value? I’ve never been able to and aging is going to be the death of me. Literally I’m going to off myself soon. 26 way too old for me already

No. 183044

all you need to know about muh aging is stds travel like wild fire in old folks homes, so literal 90 year old women still get laid

No. 183048

how the fuck are you putting so much stock into a concept as cringe as sexual market value. go outside. touch grass. cut your hair and face off. you’re wasting your fucking life

No. 183049

I don't want to fuck most people. I don't care whether most people want to fuck me.

No. 183051

I’m the anon you replied to, and this fear of aging and being seen as lacking value because of it… genuinely, it’s destroying my life, and I’ve been so ashamed to be over 25, I don’t go out anymore or take selfies. I’m not even sure I’ve physically aged much, but I can’t shake the shame.

If I had any girl friends my age, even just online, I think it’d help. But I struggle heavy with bipolar disorder, so I’m mostly isolated in my life apart from the men who want to fuck me.

Sometimes I really do consider pouring battery acid all over myself or something, just so that I can finally live happily without minding my appearance so much

No. 183052

Don't care so much. Do you want to fuck everyone? I can barely get a crush and then when that happens and I think of the logistics of fucking around with a dude most of the time I don't take it anywhere. Now that's equity.

No. 183053

So you don't even have people judging you in your everyday life, so it's pretty much only a problem creater by being online too much. Like another anon said, get your social media addiction under control, no one but 18 year old scrotes on 4chan and reddit and young girls who grew up on social media consider 26 old for a woman.

No. 183054

This is good advice, but the thing is… I’m my own worse critic. Nobody is judging me. And I’ve cut myself off from almost all social media and image boards because seeing young girls with their entire youth ahead of them seriously triggers me. I want to shake them and make them understand how temporary it truly is. How quickly it passes. I dissect their faces in my head and imagine how they’ll age, how quickly, and who will still be desirable past 30. It’s sick. I project this fucked up fear everywhere

My long term boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful. I’m not even looking for male attention, but the prospect of being alone in the future and undesirable due to age is nightmare fuel. Maybe because I don’t have any friendships outside of romantic involvements, and haven’t since I was a teen

No. 183063

It sounds like you have feelings about wasting your youth for whatever reasons. Do you want to date around or something? Or maybe you lament that you didn't have many friends in your prime. Rather than decide your life is over you could start meeting people. Bring your boyfriend to events if you're shy. Does he have a friend group you can hang out with sometimes?

No. 183064

I do lament not experimenting with guys more or going out with friends in my early 20s. I’ve only been with 3 men in my life. I’ve never casually hooked up or experimented. Perhaps that is part of it

But it’s comments like this, however well intentioned, that really perpetuate this cycle of shame due to aging. I’m 26, but my prime is over? When I was a kid, I thought an adults prime was 20-40. More and more, society insinuates a woman’s prime is 18-25, once you’re a Christmas Cake (25) your prime is up. It sucks.

No. 183065

I need to start saging. I’m sorry.

No. 183067

I'm mostly worried about my health. I have had bad habits throughout my youth including being lazy and eating like shit and I know as I get older my body won't be as forgiving. I've also heard people say it's hard to change your habits and personality past mid-20s so I really need to get it together soon.

No. 183068

Nah, no need to sage here, why would you? I mean, you’re contributing to the subject of this thread.

Btw, I turn 26 this year and I feel the same way as you do, even though I partied a lot in my early 20s, had friends (pre-covid) and have had sex with around 15 people. I feel like my youth has been wasted to mental illness and bad choices. I started working at 16, never went to college, don't have a driver's license and the only thing I used to have going for me was my looks. Now I have to do take my driver's license and finish my country's equivalent to a full high school diploma and will not go to university until I'm 29 or 30. All this stuff my peers already did almost 10 years ago. All the while, my looks will fade as well.

I know that I should be in the moment and not take life too seriously but I feel like I failed at everything and soon I'll not even be young and cute enough anymore for other people to at least be nice about it.

I know that this is all my fault and that I should get over it and try my best to do better but I'm scared.

No. 183070

Thanks nonas, your terminal mental illness made me feel better about having been an ugly weeb in my teens and early twenties. Must feel like shit to have your "prime" be your high school years lmao.
Oh and I suggest therapy before you have children and manifest your self-hatred onto them.

>I dissect their faces in my head and imagine how they’ll age, how quickly, and who will still be desirable past 30. It’s sick. I project this fucked up fear everywhere

Have you considered suicide? Not everyone is a disgusting pickme whose only reason to live is to get men's dicks hard. This is getting annoying, and since you're so scared of getting old you might as well stay young forever by ending it ASAP, right?

No. 183074

Anons talking about their looks fading, and I don't even think I ever had "looks" kek. Anyway, what do those looks get you? A trip to Dubai? Attention from a lot of borderline ugly scrotes? Do people take 14 yo kids posting about "dried up eggs" and "used goods" actually get to people?

No. 183076

Have YOU considered suicide sis? Did your ugly, bitter ass really come to this thread to harass woman who are being open and vulnerable about their fears and thought processes?

Nobody here even said they peaked on highschool. You sound so triggered by the discourse here. Did the pretty girls pick on you in school?

No. 183077

I really appreciate this, and we sound really similar apart from my not having much of a social life. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling this way, at least.

I’m also about to re-enroll in school, and when compared to my peers I feel so fucking behind. It really adds to the stress of growing older. I wish I had thought of my future more rather than putting so much focus on just being “a hot chick” as if that’d carry me through life.

Once you hit 25 and the brain gets all fully formed and shit, all of these horrible truths start to really set in

No. 183078

My ass isn't ugly anymore thankfully, but my comment sure seems to have struck a chord with you to get you that mad.

If you're this offended by me suggesting suicide, that means you clearly know that life doesn't end when you stop being fuckable. So why do you keep whining about your "looks fading" all the time? Get a hobby and talk to a professional. Like >>183074 mentioned, how do you think girls who have never been beautiful cope in life? You sound pretty pathetic.

No. 183079

Tbh, I don't buy it. You sound like the one with the bigger issues here. Totally unbothered queen.

No. 183082

Ok, please tell me more about my mental issues while dissecting teenage girls' faces "to guess how well they're going to age and if they'll still be desirable past 30."

No. 183084

Subtle brag but I’m 24 and I have no wrinkles, excellent fitness, diet and skincare. Not even fine lines. My family has aged incredibly well. How long do you think I can maintain my youthful look? Maybe until 35?

No. 183086

File: 1619965064371.png (107.58 KB, 350x316, nervous.png)

>no wrinkles
Seriously, nonnies, where the fuck are you people coming from? Who the hell thinks they're going to be wrinkly by 24? I'm 28 and I feel like some anons here imagine me looking as a 40 year old woman based on posts like these.

No. 183088

Maybe I’m too obsessive about it. But I noticed girls around me getting wrinkles and fine lines around 16 (just small ones obviously), so around then I double down on my skincare and doing everything to slow aging.

By wrinkles I don’t mean thick wrinkles, even small ones.

No. 183089

File: 1619965532485.jpg (122.57 KB, 639x539, tiiger.jpg)

I try to take it as it comes.

I've always felt old-looking, partly because of my resting bitch existence and subpar skincare in my early teens (these days I know what to do, and I look relatively healthy for how much stress I'm under). I have always been scrutinized for 'not dressing/acting my age' despite being the exact age where it's appropriate to try or do xyz. Always had my laugh lines ever since 12, I'm 25 now and will still probably have regular acne for another 10 years.
Big thing for me has been the ability to admit to myself that it hurts and that I care, while getting better at letting it go and not giving a fuck.

I think a part of the overall societal attitude towards women's aging is simply due to ageism, amalgamated with sexism. Age is generally associated with sickness, ungracefulness and degradation, which in turn means that people assume aging is the same as becoming ugly - this leads to people calling any unconventional looking woman, old looking, even though they are just what they are: unconventional, perhaps blunt, strong or severe-looking. So really, the word 'old' being assigned to anything visual that doesn't give hte good chemicalz to the viewers brains is just bs. The only reason women care about pp hard is that it's been memed into an inflated importance, depsite dick being abundant and worthless.

People who throw around insults regarding women's aging or looks don't really do it out of understanding what they're talking about or even their own thought processes really, so learning to not take them seriously is liberating. Being discriminated against, however, is a very real issue and that's where we need better public conversation.

To repair yourself, be in tune with your negative feelings and build on your self-soothing skills. Toughen up outside, stay true and alive inside (easier said than done, and sounds like a platitude). If you have skin conditions (like acne or rosacea, or a very difficult combo skin etc.), don't punish yourself mentally for having them, just focus on one thing at a time to lessen the symptoms that cause the most discomfort. For my dry skin, acne really physically hurts, so I have prioritized skin health over trying to chase elusive 'beauty' goals set by people who fail to understand. Beauty can be a side effect of good momentum, not just a tangible form of perfection. Keeping women in a bad headspace about completely mundane things is profitable to the men at the top of this society, but what's truly beneficial to the rest of us losers, is not to baited into wasting time playing a dumb game where even the supposed winner is clowned on.

Your responsibility shouldn't be to fix the society by fixing your attitude. That's utterly unrealistic and sets you up for even deeper exploitation.
Fix your attitude for yourself and your own betterment. Become stronger for yourself and the likes of yourself. It still hurts when people discriminate against you, but at the very least you'll be able to resist their pathetic attempts to pour their own insecurities and toxic waste into your being. People will try to force you into caring about pp hard, but don't be fooled, they only do so because they don't know any better.

Yall can do this. It's ok to be ok and it's gonna be ok.

No. 183090

Yeah I had the same cocky attitude a year ago when I was your age. Wait till after 25 and come back, let us know how you’re doing

No. 183091

I'm 26 and I also have no visible wrinkles except I have non existent skin care ans I don't wear make up. I think it's all genetics tbh, my mom always looked younger than she actually was. If it runs in your family you don't have to worry

No. 183092

I’m 26 and I’m the same - no visible wrinkles or anything like that. But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re losing baby fat and various elements of our skin that are “youthful”. For me it’s not all about wrinkles. I’ll get Botox if needed when the time comes. No matter how “wrinkle free” you feel, if you’re in your mid 20s your face is changing

No. 183094

I notice wrinkles on teens too anon. It seems they age faster these days

No. 183095

> a year ago when I was your age
Nta but this cracked me up

No. 183096

Put down the booze
Right? Fucking kek

No. 183097

I don’t drink at all. And I don’t see why that’s so funny. A year ago I would’ve said the same shit as anon

No. 183099

I think gaining will make me look better too. I had too much baby fat (not due to being a fatty either). My face has slimmed out very well and my mum has a great facial structure so it’ll look even better as I age more.

There was no way of phrasing my post without sounding cocky tbh, so I get it.

Also take a look at this girl called Xenia Tchoumi. She’s 34 or something and still looks 18. Still had that baby face look. Some people just age well.

No. 183100

Your face changes because your bone structure changes and the facial fat pads shrink. Women in their 30s look overall larger and more adult than women in their 20s, it has nothing to do with baby fat and Botox won't fix fat loss. You can't reverse or delay the aging process. These procedures are meant to make you look better, not younger.

No. 183101

I meant aging not gaining ffs

No. 183102

My point exactly. Nonnies here claiming to be ageless in their mid-20s just haven’t noticed the subtle changes on their own.

No. 183103

I’m sure you’re the one exception anon. You surely won’t age a pinch until 35. Kek

No. 183104

My face definitely changed, it seems less round but people still tell me I look 17-18 so

No. 183105

I think in the modern era it's not hard to pull up a photo from circa 5 years ago and compare it. The change for most people is just isn't as drastic as women who think about killing themselves at 25 because of "muh fading looks" think.

No. 183106

This thread is really sad in so many levels
Are you all the same people constantly preaching against the patriarchy on /ot/?

No. 183107

Why do you feel the need to beat this point into the ground on an anonymous message board? I’m not buying it. Nice cope though. Btw people tell me I look 18 too. You’re not special, and you will age kek

No. 183108

For me there’s not very much change in terms of my appearance. It’s the literal number that plagues me. People treat you differently when they know you’re over 25. Even if you look exactly the same, eventually you just look “good for your age”

No. 183109

I’m trying to live healthily so I age better. I’m over 25 now and my current “routine” is


>no smoking
>no drinking
>no drugs
>try to eat foods with antioxidants, eat vegetarian, drink fruit juice for vitamins
>take vitamins (currently only multivitamin)
>drink a lot of water to hydrate
>don’t spend a long time in the sun

Is there anything else I could be doing? I have this weird single nasolabial fold on the right side of my face and it’s much lighter on the left side kek.

No. 183110

when is mine gonna change? I'm 26 and my face is still round and fat despite having a thin body. it doesn't even look good.

No. 183111

Why would eating vegetarian make you age better?

No. 183113

She’s misinformed by the veggie cult

No. 183116

It's individual for everyone, my mom looked like a chubby teen at 38 and only started looking older when she had me

No. 183119

you don't have to eliminate meat (if you like it), just avoid processed food and sugar. eliminating sugar is especially hard bc we are so pumped with it since a young age that our brains get basically addicted

No. 183121

This is my issue. I don't care about being fuckable or looking good for men, but after a while people start to throw you really demeaning backhanded compliments based only on your age, as if you're not a person after 25.

This whole thread has people crying how they'll be decrepit old women at 26, I was 26 several years ago, does that mean I'm a worthless old granny who doesn't deserve respect now? I was told several times by some kids that they wish they looked this good 'at my age', as if it's such a shock to look good in your late twenties.
If you get fat at my age, suddenly you're not just a fatty who should lose weight, your 'age caught up to you' and that's why you're fat.

Just look at the absolute mental illness that is >>183054, do you think that person doesn't think less of older women? And she's not the only one with that mindset that I've seen. I don't care what men think about me but it hurts when other grown women constantly talk about how they'd hate it if they were like you. I look and feel good about myself but hate people obsessing over the number of years I've been alive, as if I needed one more thing to be ashamed about.

No. 183124

Maybe look into face yoga. Idk if it actually makes you look younger but it definitely helped me with the tension and muscle stiffness in my face so it's worth doing either way.

No. 183125

You sound like such a strong beautiful woman, anon. Thank you. When I come here to vent about my aging fears, this is exactly why. Because I’m seeking this help and support. I don’t have any girl friends - this is the only place I talk to other women besides my mom. I wish I had a strong and intelligent friend like yourself to help me through this shit irl

No. 183126

Wouldn't face yoga cause wrinkles?

No. 183127

I’m “absolute mental illness”. I don’t think less of them. I especially don’t think less of older women. Noticing age is something I can’t stop because yes, I’m struggling with it on a personal level. I’m terrified of it.

But I don’t think less of women who have aged, or hope that other women age poorly. It just makes me sad is all. It’s sad to see society toss women away at the same ages as their male counterparts just because women are supposed to cling desperately to looking as young as possible

Side note - anyone else notice this seems to be a recent thing? The whole “wall” being 25. Some of the sexiest actresses in the older movies I enjoy are 30-40, not in their 20s.

No. 183128

I actually don't think this is new. In some Jane Austen novels for example some of the characters mention that past age 25 is when women have lost their looks and are considered unmarriagable. Seems like this attitude has been around for a while, at least in the upper classes. But in reality a lot of women got married well past that age throughout history. It's just an old sexist trope that needs to die already.

No. 183132

It's certainly not new, women have been shamed for not "being picked" in their early 20's, because no one's gonna marry a woman aging out of "girlhood". Of course in reality people did marry and remarry >>183128 at different ages, just as today, but it doesn't change the big social narrative. Hollywood is it's own can of worms where women play roles of young women up until their late 30's and then suddenly only get casted for "mother" roles once they don't look 20 anymore. Men will beat their dick for "barely legal" and "teen" porn actresses that are near 30 in reality, but they're none the wiser often.
Now I think it's growing in reaction to women becoming more and more independent and trying to scare them back into marrying young and become background character's in men's lives, or feel bad about themselves. The whole "christmas cake" (being unwanted over 25) narrative is rampant in Japan where there's the most misogyny towards women entering the work force even though it's barely comprehensible in the West and marrying in your late twenties is not rare or weird at all with millenials.
Of course agism isn't only tied to heterosexual relationships, but like most female beauty and behavioral standards, it's deeply rooted in it.

No. 183133

File: 1619973896799.png (89.53 KB, 700x688, 0e8bIfzGPsOLSMnyW.png)

Men own Hollywood so they push the meme of older men being attractive and younger women being the only ones enjoying life, but irl hot older men are a minority, women chasing older men are also a minority, most women prefer partners within like 4 years age gap and that's the wast majority of relationships, marriages with 1-3 years age gap are also at a much smaller risk of divorce than those with 10+ years age gap. But as I said, the movie and tv industry belong to men and they want to fuck young women. Look how many actors in their 40s, 50s or even 60s still have successful careers with many roles and compare it with actresses under the same age bracket? And how many sitcoms have this combo of an ugly, sometimes older, husband with an attractive wife. People watch this shit and internalize it. So that's one side of it.

Back in the day people married early and had kids early. Most of them didn't have any choice really. For the majority of human history men also had way more things to do than women, whose main "purpose" was to give birth to kids and take care of the house. I think that this is still something that many men unironically want but they know they can't have it since women can go to college and have careers and shit, and even if a woman wants to be a barefoot trad waifu, the economy doesn't allow most families to survive on just one income. But men know that women have a smaller than men time frame when it comes to conceiving children, so they exploit the shit out of it (eggcel memes etc.). You can't change the fact that this world, which is mostly controlled by men, sees the value of women in their looks and youth, which indicates fertility. Most men don't really care about your status, because historically males were the ones to "provide", women care more about things like financial stability and status of their partner (even if there's a natural compotent to it, women should not be taught not to provide for themselves, since your man can always die, leave or be abusive and you have to be able to take care of yourself). It's really retarded with humans. In nature, most females provide for themselves, and many also naturally provide for their offspring without any help from the male.
You can't change men. The only thing you can change is your own outlook. Learning to find value in something else than male perception.

No. 183134

Aging is terrifying but not because of hitting any wall but because it's a sign that your body is deteriorating. Risks of diseases, illnesses, needs for surgeries increase the older you get. Yes, you can have a healthy lifestyle and look good for your age but it doesn't change the fact that your physical and mental well being is getting weaker with each passing day.

Like some other anons have pointed out, remarks about aging are often fueled with sexism so it's targeted towards women when in reality men look a lot worse than women of same age. I don't think this will ever change seeing as so many women uphold these sexist ideas that men are somehow silver foxes and dad bods are hot and go against their own interests when putting an imaginary expiration date past 25 or 30 years of age.

It's a sad state of affairs and the sooner you stop giving a fuck, the better.

No. 183135

That’s hilarious. Idk. I know a lot of who are in their 30s men who work around younger women in their early 20s and they all say the 20-somethings are all childish.
But then again, I don’t hang out with creeps.

No. 183136

> but after a while people start to throw you really demeaning backhanded compliments based only on your age, as if you're not a person after 25.
That's my main issue with aging. It's like there's a consensus on when you should retire as a mom and maybe do some boring office work in between.
I wouldn't really care if this was only apparent in the dating scene as scrotes don't interest me at all, but I hate that ageism is rampant in the workplace too.
> Idk. I know a lot of who are in their 30s men who work around younger women in their early 20s and they all say the 20-somethings are all childish.
Of course they say that. Imagine they said what they actually thought. They're not dumb, not that much anyway.

No. 183139

Sorry for blogpost but this is really reminding me of my own experience irl. Men’s standards for women are so ridiculous when you see what they look like themselves. My dad is obese and over 50 but his ideal is a childless 30-45 year old woman who’s thin and short. And tbh based on comments he makes about young women my age (“She’s hot” blegh) I think he’d go for a woman who’s my age (22) if he could. My dad also gives me shit for saying how gross that is and laments that he somehow raised a feminist kek.

No. 183141

If someone posts this shit again I’m gonna kill em myself. This has been talked about endlessly. It was also not an accurate study based on the subjects and setting. Research this more before you start posting it here like the absolute truth. Jesus this shit is toxic and just false

No. 183143

Why can’t this thread be about women empowering eachother and supporting eachother instead of some mentally ill spiral into “muhhh humblebrag I won’t age” and infighting about what age incels prefer and whether or not an anon has aged. Jfc.

No. 183144

Are you seriously denying that most men are attracted to women in their 20s and they would fuck them if they could?

No. 183145

Anon I feel this. Most men (my age) I know hate being around younger immature women. Shit, this guy I was recently talking with went on a rant about how boring and generic younger girls are, and how he’s always liked women closer to 30 because they’re sexy rather than girl-like

No. 183148

There's plenty of posts here that are OK with aging and advise to not care about malegaze shit though. There are also doomer anons that want to slit their necks over not being forver 21. It's just that the two groups talk past each other.

No. 183152

—-→ >>183089 >>176192 >>175217 >>175196 >>169876 >>169705 >>163412 >>161116 etc.

No. 183154

Nayrt but lmao I can't believe people actually believe this myth spread by incels and coomers. Most men prefer women in their own age range.
>B-but muh porn statistics
Do you really want to be with a pornsick degenerate? Come on sis, have some standards.

No. 183155

Thank you anon.

No. 183214

Ayrt and I don't consider 26 a woman's prime by any means I was contextualising based off your perception that your life is over at 26. I'm 30. I've had periods where I've had a solid friend group and periods where I've been left to my own devices more which honestly is when you grow.

You never mentioned if your boyfriend has a friend group you could be welcomed into. You also say he's long term, so I'd assume a couple of years. Maybe you know you don't want to spend your future with him and want to see who else is out there? You could look into activities where you could meet others too, or if you work see if coworkers want to have a day out

No. 184443

I'm drunk af so can't remember which anons I'm replying to here but SAME ur not alone

This thread makes me want to kms honestly. I need to find a purpose in life that isn't affected by scrotes being attracted to me ASAP. I'm 21 & currently define myself by my worth to my bf especially (he's a lot older & we met when I was 18) but my social anxiety makes it hard to find a job that I care aboutor any meaningful friendships. Fuck.

No. 184452

I think I can debunk some misconceptions about all men preferring younger women. I’m a landscape designer and most of my clients are wealthy since it’s an expensive undertaking. Most of the time my clients are married women, and I have never met a couple where the man is significantly older than the women. These are wealthy, middle aged men who are married to women the same age. Generally they are kind and courteous to me and their wives and willing to drop thousands to give her her dream garden or whatever. They’re not weird or lecherous or trashy, they just act normal. The only couple I’ve met that had a wide-ish age gap where the wife was younger and hotter involved a man who was filthy rich, short and bald and with a bad temper and attitude. I’m starting to realize normal, well adjusted men just go for women the same age, and don’t mind that the woman grows old as they do because they value their personality, companionship, etc.

No. 184460

I think those "men of all ages want 21 year olds" surveys are just asking about physical attractiveness. A 40 year old man thinking a 20 year old is hotter than a 40 year old doesn't mean he wants to be with one, there are other factors in who someone is going to want a relationship with

No. 184464

Exactly. I personally prefer the way guys look when they’re in their late teens to early 20 since I like that think aesthetic, but now that I’m 24 I couldn’t imagine dating someone much younger. Way too annoying and not at the same point in life. I’m sure normal men think along those lines too,

No. 184468

I'm not denying that most men marry women in their age range, because that's a fact and that's something you can see in marriage statistics etc. But I also think that many men want to have the cake and eat it. They divide women into two groups: "wife material" and "whores". They won't divorce their wives, because having a wife gives many advantages to men, but from time to time they will fuck younger women on the side. Even my grandma told me once that it was normal for some men to have a wife and a mistress, and the mistress was for sex and a wife was for everything else, and that it was a "secret that everyone knew about". That's why it's so funny when scrotes cry for "traditional" society. They don't mean society in general, they just want enforced monogamy on women. Men were never monogamous, even in traditional marriages 60 years ago. I'm not saying all men are like this, but many are. And especially if the guy has money and resources, I find it hard to believe that he can be completely content with his wife when they're both in their 50s.

No. 184470

Please leave him and go be with someone who’s 21. This is coming from someone who’s 26 now, but has spent the last 7 years dating men my fathers age. You’re going to start regretting it like me

No. 184471

I wish this thread didn’t perpetuate a toxic mindset around aging and men. The discourse here is so fucking torturous I could off myself based on the shit y’all are spewing in here. Glad you all agree your husbands will leave you in old age and that youth is the pinnacle of love. Fucking sad.

No. 184476

Go ahead and be incredulous, but do you honestly think that these normie, wholesome men are secretly fucking young girls on the side? I think I would be able to sense something was off about the relationship from interacting with these couples for hours in person. Tbh this obsession with aging and being a teenager strikes me as a very “terminally online” mentality. People who are successful in real life are generally too busy or too worried about their image to be chasing young girls/boys. If you’ve got a wife, a house, kids, a career and friends you’re probably not going to act on your attraction to young girls because you’re fulfilled enough. Not to say they aren’t attracted to young girls because they’re human males lol, but I think we seriously need to maintain a perspective and not be warped by psychotic online discourse.

No. 184480

There are even some men who prefer women over girls. I’ve spoken to a number of men in my life (one of whom I was literally fucking flirting with at 17 years old, who wouldn’t fuck me lmao) who outright say they don't want to be involved with a younger girl because they prefer a womanly body and mature personality. Not all men want pedobait planks and underage girls kek. The men that make it a point to pursue those girls do so because they’re easier to manipulate and nobody in their own age bracket will look at them. Jeeesus the toxicity and delusion in here

No. 184481

Jesus fuck does all of your lives revolve around being fuckable to scrotes? Do you not have any personal aspirations? Advance science, help people, do something grand?
If you really only care about men, even old ugly hags find new boyfriends, dick is so abundant.
Do you actually think men don't date and love women their age, are you that removed from reality and only spend time on reddit or something? Maybe it's time to stop being online so much and actually get out if it's making your brain rot and develop complexes.

No. 184492

Seriously, this thread reeks of NEETS who don’t have a life outside of being in codependent relationships

No. 184493

they hated her because she told them the truth

No. 184500

you guys sound retarded, humans will never be wrinkle free. cartoons fried your brains.

No. 184505

people perceive smile lines as being wrinkles but literally everyone has them, smile lines and dimples aren't wrinkles. also, eye wrinkles are common in some people from childhood, not crows feet, but very teeny eye lines. people don't look like filters irl, I know it's shocking to some namely zoomers who grew up in this heavily shooped culture and can't tell that there's a real human underneath that smoothing filter

take a look at pictures from the 80s-00s before everyone was getting crazy plastic surgery, before filters were popularized, and hell take a look at press pictures of surgerized celebrities now and see how much different they look compared to their heavily altered online posts

seeing anons comment on Billie Eilish like she looks 30 in the celebricows thread because she has eye lines and deep set eyes makes me want to throttle someone tbh, she doesn't even look old or ugly

No. 210816

i'm not afraid of death but i'm afraid of aging and i genuinely have no way to cope with it. my plan is to off myself before i reach 40, maybe earlier. there's also the issue of time, i don't have the time to do everything i want to do, and that's mainly because of age limits imposed by society (fashion, for example - i can't imagine not being able to wear what i want). without society in the way, i would have more time.
i also worry a bit that when i'm old i won't follow the plan and will go crazy instead, like those old people who try to relive their youth.
so it's one of the two for me.

No. 210834

What's with the "afraid of ageing" spamming recently? Stfu if you're going to kys at 40 then you might as well do it now bc you're obviously too weak to even handle some weird stares at wearing certain fashions.

No. 210838

Aging is a privilege not everyone gets to experience.

No. 210843

File: 1635148600234.jpeg (139.13 KB, 673x1000, BB1DA0EB-D574-45A4-B221-427433…)

I often feel like I live in a completely different universe from other farmers when people are talking about aging. I’m 27 and I’ve essentially never worried about being old, and it has nothing to do with an increased sense of financial/emotional fulfillment (although those things are nice too). In a purely appearance-based sense, I don’t feel like most women hit their peak until they’re in their late 20’s.

That’s why I’m super confused by people agonizing over the prospect of turning 25. The most popular hollywood actresses tend to be 25 at the young end (zendaya and anya taylor-joy, currently), with most falling somewhere in the 26-36 range. When I was in school every guy was obsessed with scarlett johansson, who was 30 at the time. Where do these lolcow users get their super warped perceptions of aging from? Since their views on age are more extreme than those held by literal Hollywood producers and normal moids, I have to assume this is some weird terminally online incel shit.

Growing up, I wanted to be just like the characters in seinfeld and in the movies that my parents were watching. As such, I’m excited to finally enter the part of my life where I get to be relatively wealthy, stylish, and sophisticated, a la 13 going on 30. I thought that’s what everyone wanted?

No. 210849

I agree with you, anon.

No. 210855

You’re pathetic and you deserve to be miserable

No. 210885

I completely agree with you anon I’m scared of aging, they keep coping about aging but the truth is that aging is an actual curse. Humans aren’t meant to live very long

No. 210889

I feel the same way! I'm a teenager and new adult (I'm 18) and I can't wait to get to know myself and my body, start feeling comfortable in my own skin (I'm already working towards that), growing, maturing, developing my sense of style, etc. I'm in a very awkward stage right now, between child and adult, and I can't wait to move past this.

No. 210896

mte anon. i'm 30 and feel better than I did at 25. i also think i look better than i did back then kek. i have a concrete sense of self and feel very confident in who i am. i def agree with you that it's a symptom of being terminally online, also a lot of younger people probably consume a lot of popular media, i don't really tend to.

No. 210932

I wonder where this ageism among zoomers came from. Millennials had social media too but they didn't develop these complexes about age. Are the current social media platforms so different from the old ones or is it because of the media zoomers consume? I'd really like someone to analyze why so many zoomers feel this way.

No. 210934

I'm glad this thread is active. A lot of teenagers and 20 somethings legit think that your life disintegrates went you hit 25 and is all blackness going forward. I go to a therapist once a months and he was telling me how he gets teenage clients who are having severe panic attacks over not being rich tiktokers at 18, this generation of terminally online young people are gonna have it rough.

No. 210936

Same, also 30. I can't pretend I never feel insecure, and yeah, when I first see real signs of aging, I bet I'm going to have a bad day or two. I resent how common nipping and tucking everything away is now. But at the same time, I feel so much better now than at 25, 27, 22, 20. Once you grow up and you have real, adult control over your life and build a sense of strength and resilience, you have access to a new kind of self esteem. I think that's a little difficult for kids/teens/young adults to conceive of, because it just can't really happen until you're the right age – all you've got is your looks until then, when you're female. But one day, hopefully, you'll have a lot more.

I'm old enough now that my peers are the 30+ men I remember from being a teen/college girl, who want to fuck zoomers instead of me. I am living that nightmare scenario, I guess: I am too old for lots of men to want to fuck me. But 1. they're shit, who cares, and 2. I am a lot more invested in learning about gardening, taking my first steps into investing, and exploring all the freedom real adulthood brings.

No. 210940

I'm about to turn 25 and I already started noticing that I'm too old for some guys my age. Not that I'd want to fuck cradle robbers anyway, but it's scary how many of those guys there are. I don't look much different from how I did at 18-20 but it's as if the number itself is what keeps guys away.

No. 210948

It's the beauty industry, porn, and social media. Photoshopping areas that are signs of natural aging and using makeup to hide them in real life. The amount of young men who believe in the Wall for women is bigger than you think. Women's value according to some men is her looks and she becomes ugly after 25. This notion hasn't stopped being pushed, it is down in more subtle ways on the internet and within social life. This is my perspective as a zoomer. I forgot to mention that some parents push this idea onto their daughters. "Get married before 25 or no man will want you."

No. 210953

Meanwhile in reality 30+ women get plenty of male attention, what men say and what they do does not align. They constantly tell us what we need to do and look like and be in order to get their super special and important dicks, but they are desperate for anything they can get from women and their standards are not that high when faced with an actual female human being. It works in their favour to convince young women time is running out, it makes girls desperate and hasty and willing to lower their standards in order to get married and have kids before an imaginary time limit.

No. 210961

Maybe you're just ugly or aged poorly. My mother is hitting 45 and she gets more attention than I do being 25 years younger than she is.
She gets dates with attractive and fit guys who aren't even balding yet. She even managed to get a boyfriend two years ago and they're doing well.

No. 210980

Assuming you're not a scrote or just a shit-stirrer: What made you make this comment? What need did this satisfy? Do you think you're puncturing some pitiful cope, and if so, why are you so certain it couldn't possibly be genuinely held feeling? Does the temptation of making a strange woman you'll never meet feel lesser truly outweigh any interest in what life might hold beyond successfully executing fuckability? Are you really okay living your life that entirely for others? Why don't you want more?

No. 210981

NTA but did you consider anon mostly wanted to play devils advocate with a post that reinforces every dumb zoomer's fear of becoming an unfuckable post wall hag at 30?

It was a mean suggestion, sure, but shit like
>my peers are the 30+ men I remember from being a teen/college girl, who want to fuck zoomers instead of me.
>I am too old for lots of men to want to fuck me.
sure af could use some contradiction from anyone with a different experience in life

No. 210990

I'm 26 and I haven't had this experience at all. Where do you meet these dudes and do they actually tell you you're too old or what?

No. 210992

Yeah, like the original comment wasn't much more harmful than this one.

No. 210996

College, I'm a Master's student and guys in my class were very nice to me before they asked how old I was and I told them. After that, they gradually turned more cold, but still treat undergrad girls like they treated me before. It's very hard to explain but very noticeable irl.

No. 211004

I was at an evening school and we had one overweight 32-year-old who was really extroverted and many of the (much younger) guys in that class were hitting on her. Idk, man, I feel like age isn't as much of a factor as people make it out to be.

No. 211007

Huh, that's so stupid. Aren't most people around your age once they start studying for their master's degree? I'm a master's student too and I'd say the average age here is maybe 23 or 24. It's definitely more common to come across someone in their late 20s than someone who's 21.
I feel for you though, being surrounded by scrotes dumb enough to fall for some ego meme and treat others like shit because of it.

No. 211011

Tbh I cannot wait to be old and full of wrinkles that will make my face look warmer. The most beautiful women in my life were all around 50-60. I will also finally be free of scrotes seeing me as "available" and thus free of them acting deranged and limiting my possibilities.

No. 211015

Can we just turn this thread into some sisterly love cirklejerk? There's no need to be afraid

No. 211021

That's a decent point. Well, to clarify what I meant: I don't literally mean 0 men want to fuck me. As a woman with a public facing job, I am constantly aware that there are men who want to fuck me. I also have a pretty active sex life, with a man who wants to fuck me. What I mean is that I can now identify the subset of men who are now my peers that will not fuck women over 25. This is a group with a lot of social presence – plenty of famous guys like Di Caprio, etc, not fucking over 25. I'm finally old enough that I'm too old for guys who aren't pedos (not that we don't have a lot of cultural acceptance for guys who are pedos, but you know). And knowing this doesn't destroy me like I worried it would when I was 20, and these guys were hitting on me. They always disgusted me, but male validation is still something we all grow up wanting, and I was faintly afraid, as I'd bet a lot of girls on this thread are, that I'd feel gross after crossing their line of unfuckability. But I don't, because I've learned there's a lot more to life.

No. 211022

same anon

…but also, if what you walk away from my post feeling is a desire to be assured that men will still want to fuck you when you're 30, do some work on yourself. Confront that worst-case scenario you're terrified to look at: Men, en masse, not wanting to fuck you. One day, if you are lucky, you will be old enough that it will happen. You will still be a worthwhile person. Don't live your life in fear of that moment.

No. 211025

I recognise this is because of being terminally online and having innately bottom of the barrel self worth but i don’t know how to cope. In theory i recognise that you don’t become a old hag after a certain age but also i have really deeply internalised the messaging that women have a expiration date and now its a legitimate fear.

No. 211034

Expiration date for what?

No. 211047

This is such a key question. What do you want out of life, anon? It's okay not to have much of an idea yet, but there has to be something that has nothing to do with what men want you to look like. As you become more and more invested in what you want (and learn that there aren't expiration dates to these things), you'll feel less freaked out aging. You aren't running out of time – you're at the very beginning. The vast majority of the best things to ever happen to you haven't happened yet!

No. 211063

Have fun getting falling out teeth and broken hips bc you were obsessively trying to avoid the sun. Take a break from internet and actually do shit with your life. Only losers with nothing other in life worry about this shit.

No. 211068

Anon in all honesty this is pathetic. Get off the internet and do something productive with your time instead of scrolling through tiktok/instagram all day. If you can't do that, unfollow every teenage influencer you are following on social media and only follow people in their 20's and older.

No. 211083

Nonnie, getting older rocks. I’m 30 and so much happier than I was in my 20s. I look arguably better than I did at 20 because I figured out how to manage my health and wellness in general….(losing some of the chubby cheek facial fat pulled it’s weight too.) Drink your water, get some exercise, don’t drink too much alcohol, and take care of your skin within reason.

Life doesn’t stop at 23. Being established and stable rocks and you realllly stop giving a fuck. I am enjoying aging and look forward to being a zen childfree grandma.

I still understand your anxiety though. As others have pointed out this is a function of cultural and internal misogyny. But don’t forget men need us far more than we need them.

No. 211091

>As others have pointed out this is a function of cultural and internal misogyny.
I'm honestly worried for zoomers, and especially younger zoomers, because the generation seems to have somehow adopted the notion that every window of opportunity to become successful (however tf they define 'success'; according to this thread it seems to be 'attractive to pedo coomers'). Is it because they took the incel 'wall' concept to its logical extreme or are afraid of having to grow up or think that successful people just have everything fall into their laps at 18 or what? I've heard the 'i'm about to turn [18-23] i'm basically decrepit and don't have my life mapped out and too old to learn new skills better kys myself' sentiment from both male and female zoomers and it's bizarre.

No. 211092

*every window of opportunity to become successful has closed

No. 211097

File: 1635299184835.jpeg (32.1 KB, 500x483, 6AF6027D-802D-4897-9BBA-1EF53B…)

No. 211101

I feel so bad for you genuinely. I don’t even know what to say.

No. 211103

I can’t speak for everyone but I’m a zoomer and the reason I’m scared of not being a young high achiever is because I’ve spent almost every moment of my childhood/adolescence being told that the world is going to be over by the time I’m 35, so if there’s anything I want to achieve I better do it right now. My friends and I are less anxious about getting old and more about there not being a world for us to be old in. Probably to do with all the recycling/rising sea levels/mega hurricane PSAs we had to sit through as kids. I want to find whichever climate activist it was who thought that little children were the best recipients for their doomsday messaging and slap them across the face.

No. 211106

I started feeling this way around 2010 when age was attached to online identity. I compared myself to every hotshot artist my age who was going to go to art school and get hired by Pixar or whatever. I wonder where they all are now.
I feel grateful that I have my whole life to improve my craft and learn new skills. I worry that my friends will leave me when we get old, though. They'll get married and fuck off. Already happening with my 22 y/o engaged college roommate - she doesn't even want to call.

No. 211110

I feel you nonny, every time I see an artist on insta or twitter they have their age in their bio and I see their amazing art and I feel like shit because they are younger than me and more talented.

No. 211120

Not to revive a comment from 5 months ago nonita but not eating meat (and eating a balanced diet rich with antioxidants) does help with overall health and wellness and can help with the affects of ageing. Being vegetarian alone will not do shit, but combining it with a healthy lifestyle is more affective than if you were eating meat.

No. 211168

That's awful. Climate/environment education should have been focused on being a good steward to the environment rather than the kind of nuclear doomsday messaging gen X received. Maybe then there'd even be fewer kids insisting that they need to buy crap off of aliexpress/amazon/taobao every week to make themselves happy.
>I compared myself to every hotshot artist my age who was going to go to art school and get hired by Pixar or whatever. I wonder where they all are now.
That kind of social comparison is normal, but I guess nobody ever taught those artists that talent alone is not remotely sufficient for success; for most even extremely talented people the path to landing a dream job at a place like Pixar is going to be rife with ups and downs and multiple points where it'd be easier to throw up their hands and quit. I can pretty much guarantee that, at ~22, most if not all of those hotshot artists are still struggling to even achieve some sort of career stability, if they haven't already given up entirely.
>I worry that my friends will leave me when we get old, though. They'll get married and fuck off. Already happening with my 22 y/o engaged college roommate - she doesn't even want to call.
That does happen naturally over time, but there's no guarantee that you'll grow distant from all of your friends, and chances are you'll make amazing new ones as you grow older and have new experiences. Plus, even when you grow distant there's always a chance you'll reconnect. For example, my parents reconnected with friends they made when I was very young after >15 years of distance and now thick as thieves and have the disposable income to do tons of fun things together.
Your roommate is an absolute fucking moron for getting married at 22, while IN COLLEGE though. You should consider it a blessing that she cut off the relationship for you because that's a trainwreck in the making.

No. 211173

File: 1635351988258.jpeg (106.02 KB, 700x1615, A3EA25B0-ADCB-4C5C-9282-5DF8CB…)

One thing I love is cute characters. My fear about getting older is not being able to get away with wearing cute clothes with said characters anymore. I’ll probably start toning it down in the next few years and opt for subtle cuteness like a bag clip.

No. 211176

I genuinely cannot wait to get older and don’t really gaf about what I’ll look like. I take care of myself as best I can, and even if I ever let myself go, I’ve learned to love life and it’s only gotten better as I’ve gotten older, and I hope that trend continues. I’m looking forward to my 30s and I’m so close to them, and I’ve seen lovely women in their 40s, 50s, 60s+. My Nanay was surrounded by love and still funny in her 90s, obviously. I just look forward to the experiences I’ll have that I haven’t yet and focus less on my looks, more on living healthily so I can age without major health complications that make me miss out/might make my older life miserable.

No. 211177

Just dress however you want, so what if some random people judge you for it? Even then, the only people who'd judge you for it are 19-year-olds who think they'll die at 30, and maybe jealous old people who wish they weren't insecure so they could enjoy life

No. 211178

File: 1635353893713.webm (2.26 MB, 496x960, 1634234718157.webm)

hold on…assuming a man has their first kid at 29, and eventually turns 49, that means that their ideal partner's age is the same age as their kid? ewwww

No. 211179

File: 1635354914319.jpg (143.59 KB, 1200x660, collage.jpg)

>skinny jeans
most of those outfits are ugly anon. I turned 30 this year and take inspiration from mori girl / French girl fashion. i think it's more about your body type and dressing in a way that flatters it than anything else when you get older

No. 211181

I know they’re ugly I thought it would be a nice shallow representation of how people think 30 year olds should dress.

No. 211185

oh kek sorry, it definitely is a good representation of ugly basic fashion

No. 211193

Keep in mind that these data are from a dating website, i.e. those 49-year-old respondents are unmarried or cheating men.

No. 211205

What's interesting is that zoomers feel like their lives are over so young meanwhile they're the ones who "delay adulthood" the most. By that I mean more and more of them don't get their licenses, don't get part-time jobs, don't have relationships, etc. Meanwhile many in the previous generations were already working at 14 and driving at 16 but didn't feel this way.

No. 211264

I think there’s definitely a correlation here. I’ve started my professional career in the past year and I feel like a little kid compared to my coworkers and am super excited for the future. Meanwhile my friends who never went to college or are still working service gigs after graduation are the ones the most stressed about feeling old and not achieving anything. Personally I can’t wait to be 42, making fat stacks with my in-demand job and settled down in my own house with kids a husband and a golden retriever kek.

No. 211462

I think I felt the same way at 21, but you need to get over it.

1) Men don't care about youth as much as they pretend to. The truth is, they like attractive women. Age is irrelevant, as long as you're cute. Young women though are more naive and easy to trick, they won't pick up on red flags as easily. Slimy men get with younger women because that's the ONLY kind of attractive woman they can get with, as soon as a woman gets experience she picks up on his slimyness and won't give him a chance. Then they blame it on us "well I wanted a younger woman anyway".

2) Male validation is totally useless anyway. They'll treat you nicer if they thing you're cute, but they won't respect you more. Being cute gets you useless Male validation and nice treatment from Men who care zero about you as a person. There's no awards, not achievements, just attention from Men that don't care about a word that comes out of your mouth.

3) STOP. USING. TRETINOIN. It gets rid of the fat in your face. You'll have nice skin but the loss of facial fat will make you look older. Just use sunscreen and moisturizer, half of skincare products are useless at best or damaging at worst, they're just trying to capitalize on your insecurity.

No. 211464

You’re totally right on all accounts, anon. For people who haven’t accomplished much in life, it’s so much easier to impress someone younger than someone your own age. When I was underage, I remember a 36 year old man hitting on me and thinking he was cool just because he had a job and a car kek. It’s also a lot easier to miss red flags and poor behavior issues when you don’t know what to look for, i.e., you have no real relationship experience. Shitty people love to take advantage of that.

No. 211474

girl I'm 25 and I still get mistaken for 17-21, aging out of your teens is not a death sentence and most people cannot tell the difference between an 18 and 27 year old female to save their lives, especially moids

I'm more mad about how I'm still immature and haven't done enough with my life rather than my appearance kek

No. 211478

I swear this is pretty much a burgerwoman phenomenon. US media is very damaging to female self-esteem it seems. I notice it with US tourists, very self-conscious. Worrying about being or looking old, being past it etc in your 20s would be thought of as weird even in sexist shithole backward European countries kek.

No. 211553

What about Japan with the whole "christmas cake" thing?

No. 211570

please elaborate nonny

No. 211573

Japan is full of unabashed pedophiles.

No. 211588

File: 1635642125746.png (26.31 KB, 1138x156, Screenshot_2021_10_30_205631.p…)

No. 211597

that is super shitty, thanks for explaining nonny.

No. 211609

That’s an extremely silly take Nona, and you know it.

No. 211850

I feel the exact same way. I had a male friend freak out about turning 24 and I couldn't understand it at all. It must be a gen Z thing

No. 211926

File: 1635869769762.jpeg (94.65 KB, 700x500, F1F5F3FA-9307-4126-BD3E-64C116…)

I’m Eastern Europe/Russian and being over 30-32 is considered a dinosaur, even if ironically most Russian woman in their 30s look better then western woman in everything except personal style and dental. It’s not just America. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve aged or if you look babyish/young by nature (both get out jail cards in us) you are just “past your prime” and not interesting as a woman, luckily I see some blowback from millennials/genz but the people still dictating culture are basically men from the 80s-90x and their female counterparts that looked like goblins by 35 from alcoholism, smoking and general shitty late Soviet lifestyle (Picrel) but still feel the right the lecture women about being “ too old” to do things like being on social media or “not married” despite those women being more attractive then they were. It’s bleak

No. 212369

This man is only 24, dear lord.

No. 212396

I do believe "the wall" is partially real in terms of dating. I do not think women become hideous and useless the second they turn 30. There are tons of older women who I admire, both celebrities and those I personally know. But scrotes mostly prefer women under 30. That doesn't offend me, it's just a fact of life that I've come to accept after witnessing it so many times. I don't date nor do I plan to so maybe that's why I don't really care.

No. 213149

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
Definitely. I was a fugly duckling as a child and teenager. I had a severe overbite that my parents were told would require jaw surgery. Instead, I had years and years of braces and orthodontics and no surgery. It was camoflagued but the trauma of years with a fucked up jaw messed with me. I also had very bad acne and frizzy hair which my mother completely neglected to help teach me anything grooming related. My parents were also neglectful and resented mine and my brother's existence, so we weren't allowed any new clothes. As you can imagine, I was bullied relentlessly at home and also at school. At 21, after learning how to dress and groom and also getting heavily into fitness, I finally beame acceptable looking and had my first kiss. I lost my virginity at 21 after thinking nobody would ever be interested in me. I became conventially attractive and had romantic success. I thought I had many more years to make up for lost time being an ugly duckling social outcast. However, at age 32 I have now aged like overnight. I have crows feet and my face as kinda become gaunt. In photos I now cringe at how much older I look. I no longer pass for being in my 20s. My hair is hurtling towards being noticeably grey all over. It's hard to reconcile only really having 10 years of looking good. I thought I would be "good looking" until 40. I know this sounds very vain etc etc but my early years were full of torment and isoltaion over how I looked. I guess being grateful for the ten good years I had helps ease the pain.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
I still play sport while most people my age have given up. In my sports teams, the other players are teenagers and early twenties. I don't get included as much. I'm also the best player on my team but never get chosen to play in the grade above.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I guess by opting out. I live a fairly solitary life. I will remain child free and have shirked the typical expectations of marrying a scrote and having children etc by a certain age.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
I guess it happens to everyone, maybe it helps to remember that. I guess and stay out of situations and internet spheres that focus on age in an unhealthy way. Cultivate friendships and role models with well-adjusted, happy, older women.

No. 213154

Nonnie you don’t have to pass for 25 to look good, you can look your age at the ripe old age of 32 (lmao) and still look great. I’m not even 30 yet but I see lots of pretty women of various ages, I used to work with a woman in her early 40s who was gorgeous and always had (younger) guys flirting with her. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

No. 213155

Aw thank you nona, that does make me feel better. You are right, it's a trap and counterproductive thing to focus on looking younger than we really are.

No. 213163

On one hand I'm looking forward to getting rid of butch baby face. On the other, it's already difficult enough to date and aging is probably not going to help me. Attention already dropped to 0 when I entered my 20's. I just hope working out will save me. I feel like bi and lesbian women have higher standards, contrary to popular belief. Men still hit on me, no matter how butch I am. But women? Nope. This feels so fucking cursed.

No. 213178

I think part of your problem is caring about "sexual success" and physical attractiveness so much. By early 30s I hope most women will focus more on what makes them happy and healthy rather than external validation. Sometimes I think people can sense the desperate need to be attractive and it turns them off. The attractive 30s and 40s women that get hit on a lot are likely thinking mostly of their careers, interests, loved ones and hobbies

No. 213181

I turned 30 about three months ago and I love it. I've had trouble throughout my 20s feeling as if I looked too young to be taken seriously and it didn't help that I was also largely underweight due to depression and ptsd. I sought proper therapy and was medicated for about a year and a half period and I've become more balanced. I no longer need the medication and have been off it since last year (ssri's aren't meant to be long term). Everyone's still surprised when I tell them that I'm 30, likely due to how I look and my height. I'm not saying that short people can't look old, but my height coupled with my face have been the things which had people assuming my age or carding me yet not my friends. I hope I don't get some pissed off anon who thinks this is a humblebrag, its really not, I'm very happy to be taken seriously now by people.

My first grey hairs began coming in years ago when a family member died under the rest of my hair, above my ears and isn't visible unless my hair is tied up or cut into pixie. Another family member of mine died earlier this year and I think that spurred a few more.

No. 213195

Idk how old you are, but I'm a 25 year old that started regularly wearing alt fashion last year. I actually get the most compliments in gothic lolita and e-girl fits. I don't think I'm too old for any kind of clothing that doesn't have a teletubby on it, but I've seen girls here worrying that they were too old for wearing certain things as early as 20.

Is that woman really 35? She looks like my 50 something year old mom.

No. 213231

I don't think it's necessarily true that women have higher standards than men, I think it's just that men are expected to be the one who approaches so they shoot their shot a lot more often and it takes way more to get a girl to risk hitting on you

No. 215013

First step is stop using terms like “sexual market value” and stop taking closeted old scrotes who use these terms to shit on women seriously. Just live your life, remember that everything is meaningless in the end and youre here to survive and live as long as you can

No. 215461

I think part of why a lot of Gen Z feel like this is because the social media sites which they were raised on centre teenagers instead of adults (which also leaks into the general culture). I remember even back in 2011 people were already making jokes about how it's weird to be over 25 and using Tumblr. It was basically teenagers raising other teenagers online. They didn't get many models of adulthood and now they're becoming an adult and don't know what to do.

No. 215464

Interesting point.

No. 215478

File: 1638323237600.png (200.79 KB, 774x526, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 8.18…)

No wrinkles by 24 isn't an achievement… That's like, baseline.

I'm so excited to go grey. I like grey hair a lot, I'm just worried if it ever goes well with curly.

Personally, I don't have a fear of aging. I fantasize about what I might look like older sometimes. There's something about older woman that's undeniably elegant and they always have some of the most comforting presences too. I hope I grow into that…

No. 215498

File: 1638334594725.jpeg (89.55 KB, 511x383, ECCA4786-25F9-44D7-9678-239AA7…)

I love seeing old people when they were young. It makes them look exotic and striking, even if they weren’t that good looking when they were younger. It’s also kind of an accomplishment to have lived a life as long as over 50. seeing someone in a different time and then seeing them now is just cool in a way I don’t think I can fully describe that well. I want to document myself so that my grandchildren can see. I try to take pictures of me every now and then while I’m out, wearing a nice outfit. I also don’t use filters in these picture (I’m trying to stop using them overall) I’m making a photo album of our family now, I hope it stays preserved for generations. I think getting old is a huge privilege, maybe because I’m just. 20, idunno worrying about getting old before you turn 25 is dumb and usually a symptom of having been groomed. Or spent too much time on incel spaces. Ironically caring about what men think will stress you and probably age you even more.

No. 215500

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
I worry about aging because the chances of diseases increases so much and it scares me a bit.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
Yes, in job interviews. When I was young they perceived me as immature, when I was older they questioned why I didn't have kids since I getting close to 30.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
When I think about it, I realize people project so many weird expectations on others, not only age related. I'll never be exactly what they expect of me, people change what they want all the time too, it's annoying and not worth wasting your time on it.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
I focus on my own expectations for myself and try managing them. I can be insanely self critical, but I've been more reasonable recently and things got much better. I used to project my criticism into other's words, so it hurt a lot to hear bad stuff from people. Now that I simply accept myself more it doesn't bother me nearly as much. I figured most of my worries came from the fact I wasn't pursuing what I wanted in life so I felt like time was running out. I just started focusing on my career and picking up hobbies that interested me.

No. 215503

this is so cute and inspirational anon, ily

No. 215504

I get what you mean about seeing old people when they were young. I watched the Beatles doc with my parents this weekend and it completely fried my brain to realise not only how long ago it was recorded, but the fact that two of those guys are still alive and with it and all of the things they lived through. It’s a really nice way to put thins in perspective

No. 215594

>>215498 Do people in your country die young or something?

No. 215608

This whole i dont have wrinkles and i’m 2X is bizarre to me. I remember being 9-15 thinking your 20s are the pinnacle of youth AND control of your own life. Then suddenly the past couple of years “being older than 25” or “21” is being brought up negatively and people make fun of someone as young as 25 or 21 and its wild to me. I really think its a sign of grooming like >>215498 said. Its sinister in nature if you ponder on it

No. 215609

Right i caught that too. Dying before 50 is not an achievement. in many places it’d be a tragedy and you’d be considered too young to die yet.

No. 215615

i had wrinkles since childhood and have seen other kids with them too

No. 215616

I live in America and my family is Hispanic (shit greasy diet), a lot of my old relatives especially on my moms side have heart problems or strokes and die pretty young kek also cancer is a thing it might just be me having a weird view on aging tho I’m trying to unlearn that

No. 215635

"Trauma of aging as a woman" lmfao first world problems much? Westerners hate the idea of getting older because many have shit relationships with their family members, have no sense of community, are put in nursing homes and generally don't even respect their elders. Your lives are centered around chasing desires (sex , material items) and being desired..

If ur whole life is based on males perception of u, then no duh u hate getting old.

No. 215636

I'm 23 , been working full time since I was 19 and generally been around older people than others my age. I gotta say I LOVE being out of the loop, I love not giving a shit about trends or peer pressure or pretending I like something to seem "cool"..

As I get older I feel less of a need to compete with women when it comes to beauty too.

No. 215637

You're not wrong but it's not exclusively a Western thing.

No. 215639

File: 1638427906679.jpeg (80.66 KB, 739x730, 5641D565-7118-40C1-927C-5C9D4B…)

I just read my post from about a year ago (after turning 30) and realized I’m not much better off. Even though I got myself this awesome group of friends, and I should feel
fulfilled by that I’m still sad about being single and I’m actually getting WORSE at my job not better.
I’m really disappointed in myself.

No. 215647

Its worse in non western countries, idk what that anon is on about

No. 215721

I've never felt sexier than I do now in my mid-30's even though I'm working on weight loss, starting to get wrinkles, etc. I don't really "dress my age" or wear appropriate hair styles and colors but I enjoy myself, stay classy, and get plenty of compliments.
I'd say I probably get more attention from men and women of all ages than I used to. I also don't tend to fall for the attention of people I'm not actually interested in since I left my 20's.
So far my 30's have been the best years of my life for my self-image. I couldn't give a fuck if some redpill douche thinks I've hit the wall. Have you seen the dudes that espouse that stuff? Pure cope.

No. 215724

Can't wait!

No. 215784

> muhh EVILLL western society
Meanwhile MENA men are marrying 12 year olds, god I'm sick of twitterfags the west isn't great but i'd take all the shit I deal with here as a woman over most other areas of the world.

No. 215785

Ugh not true, veganism ages you ten years in 2, I just started eating meat again and it's the best decision I've ever made, my skin is no longer dry and cracking everywhere and fine lines are disappearing. QUALITY Meat and animal products are the fountain of youth.

No. 215791

Aging isn’t bad but I think people should still make the most of their youth. Don’t “look forward” to turning 30. But at the same time don’t think it all ends and goes to shit if you do.

No. 215795

Low quality scrotes prefer women under 30*

No. 215797

Had sex for the first time at 34 lmaooooooo

No. 215813

lol your ""vegan"" diet must have been something awful

No. 215816

It's hard to get protein on a vegan diet. Not enough protein will make your hair and skin shit.

No. 215821

30 IS your youth, that's the whole point. You have the same looks and health if you take care of yourself, but more money and wisdom and less insecurity. That's why people look forward to it.

No. 215823

I have nothing against ex-vegan but just say you didn't track any of the macros smh

No. 215831

>hurr you did it wrong

wait a few years

No. 215861

It's really not.

Dw, I have good genes. Thanks for your scaremongering, though.

No. 215870

absence of collagen and bioavailable omega-3s on a vegan diet will age you, generally. that said i think veganism is ethically admirable & plenty of omnis age like shit because of poor diets and eating low-quality meat pumped full of hormones

No. 215873

Why do people always say this? My whole family was giving me this same BS and 6 years later I’m completely fucking fine? It’s really not that hard to eat healthy without needing to add meat or cheese or whatever shit. But muh protein! Muh B12! As if vegan products aren’t fortified with specific vitamins and there are alternatives to everything.

No. 215878

This is true, the mass produced meat at chain grocery stores is not good for us. Really, finding high quality food where you can regardless of meat or no meat is more important in terms of how you age

No. 219584

The ability to continue a vegan lifestyle despite lack of options and hate from most people is admirable - but it's not as ethical as you think it is. Read Sacred Cow.

Neither is it healthy

No. 219585

I always thought women around 25-35 looked much more beautiful than 18-25. I think I'll look better older because I'll lose the baby fat. I laugh when moids say women are prettiest when they're barely legal because I looked horrible at 18 lol.

It's less about how I look at 30 that I'm worried about, and more about the passage of time and the idea that I'll be 60 after the same amount of time.

No. 219586

I think it's because they go after the lack of experience. It's a control thing. I have a baby face and look no older than 18 and men also go a bit cold when I tell them I'm 25.

No. 219596

Killing animals for meat when it's not vital and there are other options is never ethical, fuck off

No. 219599

>when it's not vital
it's vital

No. 219601

nayrt and I'm retarded for getting involved in this but vegetarianism has been a thing for centuries and they've managed to live long and healthy lives. I realise that vegetarians get some nutrients from animal products that vegans have to supplement, but surely meat itself isn't needed

No. 219602

I'd say for peak health meat is necessary, though a healthy vegetarian diet can be pretty good and is better than an unhealthy omnivore diet.

Veganism is so stupid I'm not even going into it

No. 219604

Meat is vital in some capacity for all living organisms even plants need crushed bones, blood and shit to grow kek, even deer will crunch on bird bones for calcium. You're retarded if you think humans can go all their lives healthily with zero animal products. Life is cruel unfortunately but I care more about my health and life than I do about a chicken. Look at how retarded pandas have become these animals were built to eat meat but for whatever reason started to only eat bamboo now they need humans to look after them because they're literally retarded and spend all day shitting barely digested plant mush.

No. 219609

> zero animal products
All that meat is making you lose braincells anonita, I was talking about meat. Learn to read.
Also, my comment was about this fantasy of sacrificing animals for taste being totes ethically possible uwu~ which is nonsense.
Like you have been told already, vegetarianism isn't a 21st century thing and there are plenty of people that were raised as vegetarians and are doing more than fine. So yeah, I'm going to be so "retarded" to think that I can live a healthy life as a vegetarian when I have been one for years and all my blood controls do well, I have energy and my skin looks healthy. And most importantly, with peace on my mind because at least I try to not pay for the suffering of animals

No. 219693

That elitist attitude stinks anon. But yes meat isn't needed, just look at dutch ppl they ate mostly bread and cheese and they're some of the healthiest and strongest ppl. I think veganism can be healthy but you need super high quality foods so it's not achievable for most. Ex. lots of central regions in Japan used to be vegan, relying mostly on soy and beans for protein.

No. 219695

>I think veganism can be healthy but you need super high quality foods so it's not achievable for most
What the fuck does that even mean? What is this high quality food vegans are so privileged to eat? Cuz the example you have given are beans, and I dont think there is anyone on this planet that is too destitute for beans, but somehow gets beef burgers.

No. 219696

Anon dutch people ate meat whenever it was available lol weird comparison

No. 219710

You’re just straight up retarded anon lmao, there are plenty of human groups and families that eat vegan/vegetarian food and there are tons of animals that digest and eat plants, berries and nuts (primates are one of our closest ancestors btw and they eat three of those things)

No. 219746

Food grown in nearby region so it had the same environmental stressors that your body goes through (helps build your immune system). Non GMO, low pesticide/herbicide (obvious, gmos prevent nutrient absorption and lots of pesticides/herbicides aren't good for you). In season produce (freshest and has most nutrients). Grown in rich soil with lots of trace minerals (people are severely lacking in trace minerals like selenium bc factory farming strips it).

No. 219810

The fact that humans can maintain a vegetarian diet doesn't mean that it is the most optimal for them. Also primates consume animal protein either by hunting on small prey or by eating insects.
Appeal to muh culture is ridiculous, there are plenty of dumb and harmful cultural practices, the fact that they exist doesn't prove that they are good for human organism. You can choose to live a vegetard lifestyle but you should stop deluding everyone that it is just as healthy as an omnivorous one. And
>pay for the suffering of animals
is pretty rich. Can you prove that animals "suffer"? They do feel pain, of course, but do they feel "suffering" as a prolonged feeling of devastation and despair that everything could have been different? Animal ability to feel suffering is a big philosophical debate for a reason, you should avoid using such strong words to describe animals' feelings.

No. 219825

nta but you're sounding like a psycho especially the last paragraph

No. 219833

Did you skip that part in school where you learn humans are animals too? Your second reply only makes sense if we pretend that isn't so.

No. 219834

Adding to the animals suffering thing, if you get your meat from farms instead then they do not suffer, and regenerative agriculture is much much better than the vegan ideal of just growing fields of soy.

No. 219840

Right, now explain to me how any of those things are made better by eating animals.

Like 99% of all meat is produced in factory farms, these fantasy nice farms where animals are happy to get their throats slit exist basically only in commercials. The point of the matter is that torturing and killing things because your are too much of a fucking slob to not gargle on friend chicken is pure evil.

No. 219841

to add onto this, even if you base your whole argument around the 1% of animals that aren't killed in factory farms, it still doesn't make it ok. first of all, slitting open a living being's throat doesn't make it more or less ok depending on the location (aka if you do it on your super organic local farm or if it's done in a factory farm) and second of all there's no humane way of killing, that's stupid logic. "i'm so humane because i cut open animals' throats instead of kicking them to death before eating them" no it doesn't work like that. "humane slaughter" is a term people who can't take responsibility for their actions made up so they don't have to question their morals and continue doing something that's wrong

No. 219842

Why do people think the farmer is killing his animals for meat. They get shipped off to a place where they can process and kill 100s at a time. There are farming practices and regulations regarding the living conditions but I think the killing process is less regulated in those other facilities. I think once the animal because just its meat and not alive anymore the focus is on food safety rather than welfare, which is sad. Yet humans don't really respect the end of life well for each other or morality. So it's hard to legislate idk.

No. 219844

>Figures show that 70.4 percent of cows, 98.3 percent of pigs, 99.8 percent of turkeys, 98.2 percent of egg-laying hens, and over 99.9 percent of chickens raised for meat come from factory farms.
data is from usa only and comes from vegan shills. Its as believable as people who claim meat only diet cured their cancer.

>slitting open a living being's throat doesn't make it more or less ok depending on the location
farm animals arent killed by cutting their throats, they are killed by one hit to the head.
>farmers dont kill their animals
Depends on size of inventory, most small farmers still kill their own animals.

No. 219856

>slitting open a neck
Have you ever seen the slaughter or animals irl at all? It doesn't sound like it

Anyway killing animals is part of the reality of nature, nature isn't humane and eating them is part of the foodchain. They're not our friends as much as you like to pretend they are.

No. 219883

Of course they suffer, idiot. Majority of farm animals are caged and chained since very young, they can't walk or even move, they are beaten, they smell the blood and hear the noises of the rest of the animals and live everyday scared only to be brutally murdered. It's an entire life of suffering for them.
>killing animals is part of the reality of nature, eating them is part of the foodchain
You do know that intensive animal farming is the most unnatural shit ever right? Natural is to catch a fish if you live in the middle of nowhere or you need to farm a few animals (in the most humane conditions possible and you kill them when they're old) because due to the land you're living on it's impossible to plant.
Burgers and hotdogs aren't natural

No. 219893

Your psychotic rants are not going to stop millions from eating meat, delusional. Also, if we follow your "commands" we aren't going to be able to feed not even 2/4 of the population, get real

No. 219899

>Also, if we follow your "commands" we aren't going to be able to feed not even 2/4 of the population, get real
If everyone went vegan, all agricultural soil could be reduced by 75%. Like I understand that you are clearly retarded, but animals also eat stuff. Stuff that needs to be grown. And they dont magically transform it into meat 1:1. So you need to grow more plants, and use more soil, to grow more food, to feed it to animals, to produce meat, as opposed to just eating stuff you grow. Do you get what I am saying, or should I find some picture book explaining this for you?

No. 219902

I don't give a fuck, stfu already this is not even the right thread to discuss this

No. 219905

>ree i can't refute your point so just stfu now

No. 219910

It has a direct affect on the meat anon it not just woowoo shit. "Suffering" causes stress, releases cortisol, makes animal unhealthy, and toughens the meat up/makes it taste less flavorful.

No. 219915

truly pathetic

No. 219916

Could you retards stop derailing? is getting annoying

No. 219920

The problem is not eating meat, it's overpopulation. Veganism is for the priviliged, out-of-touch city people who've never had to produce their own food.

No. 219939

Oh it's our fault? Considering you started it and there's always some anon shitting on veganism/vegetarianism on every thread. I've seen this repeated claim on how much veganism ages you and whatever even on the celebricows thread, more than once
Yeah sure, because most meat eating people totally farm their own animals and don't live in the city. I just eat beans (not even soy) and legumes, from local farmers from my not so big city in a third world country, so fuck off. Every criticism you can point towards veganism/vegetarianism is always 100 worse when it comes to meat eating. Hypocrites

No. 219941

Nice deflect from the culprit of overpopulation

No. 219953

I literally replied to you 4 hours ago >>219893, you have been fighting with other anons over veganism 24 hours already (which is extremely autistic) Stop derailing

No. 220004

Ladies, is it privileged to eat beans and rice and veggies? Oh sorry only the supremely wealthy pretentious people who live in cities can ever dream of affording food like that. I’ve personally spent months saving up for a potato to treat myself, such a precious luxury good.

No. 220018

I don't mean to join the derailing shit fest but now I'm genuinely concerned about anon's nutritional intake. Beans just give you protein and a few nutrients. There are many nutrients that are easily found in animal products, especially in fish and eggs, but it's a challenge to get enough daily intake of them in a plant based diet, like DHA and vitamin B12, and many other nutrients.
So yeah, a vegan diet is essentially a firstworlder diet cause you need to either:
>have access to vegan supplements
>have access to artificially fortified vegan foods
>have access to a huge variety of foods that naturally contain all the nutrients that humans need
And with "access" I don't just mean the availability, as a fellow thridworlder I know these things can be found in my bottom tier country (maybe except vegan supplements cause most supplements sold here are definitely not vegan), but I mean financial access.
76.6% of my country's population lives off less than usd $1.2 per day. Eggs are pretty cheap, but to match the nutritional value of an egg with plant based products costs at least 10x more here. Now imagine having to feed an entire family, three times a day.
You might want to double check your nutritional intake anon cause it might be affecting your brain ngl.

No. 220039

File: 1640751176951.jpg (6.65 KB, 300x168, moira.jpg)

I'm halfway into my 30th year. Physically I am told I still look very young, mentally I feel more secure than younger me could have hoped. It's not always "I am a smoking hot bitch, bow to me" confidence either, it's just shrugging and accepting what I have to work with, looking at my mom and realizing that I'm looking more like her as I age in the face, but not my body (thanks for the height, dad)- and it's fine. I was never going to be a fucking knockout, but I can manage cute and keep myself cleaned up, which counts for a lot.
Losing fat is hard for me, but I already have a dedicated fiance who's into it and encourages me working out anyway, he got me into lifting.
I think being off the market also helped a lot with accepting that the cold, uncaring hand of time is never wavering in its hold.
I wish I could have an extended youth, sure, knees that do not creek are magical, but I'm still young enough to enjoy my 'hot' years, so I've kind of thrown myself into selfies and dressing up and sending fiance nsfw pics because that lady from Schitt's Creek was 100% right about how this is the body and face I'm going to look back at someday and feel fond about.
and hey if I ever DO manage to figure out what is blocking my equation when it comes to losing weight and end up getting hotter, then whoohoo!

No. 220057

>creeky knees at 30
Get that checked out
>sending nudes to a moid for any reason
Bad idea

These are your only flaws, carry on

No. 220086

Seeing this creaky knees/painful back/etc shit all over the internet and especially reddit (but we all know they don't take care of themselves) makes me worry. Is it really normal to feel pain at 30 as the result of aging?? Can't be. 30 isn't 20 but reading about all these 30 year olds being in grandma-style pain makes me laugh.

No. 220088

It's Both normal and not, basically if you never exercise and don't take care about your posture when you're younger it's not great but there will be no repercussions most of the time, but if you continue the same lifestyle by the time you're 30 you'll start feeling the consequences, and a lot of people do. But just a little extra care can help get rid of that.

No. 220089

I keep fit and eat well and I'm 25. No pain yet so I'm hoping I can keep this up at least until 35-40.

No. 220093

>I don't mean to join the derailing shit fest
Well then you shouldnt have.
Anyway, the reason why farm animals have B12 or DHA is because they are being fed supplements. DHA naturally exists basically only in algae and various seeds, and B12 comes from bacteria in ground, which you dont get, because you dont eat dirt anymore, and farm animals dont get, because they are also locked in a fucking cage. And nutriens, calories, arent created by animals out of nothing. Any nutritional value an egg has had to be fed to a chicken first, so the only way it could be possibly cheaper than just eating vegan is if animal agriculture is subsidized.

No. 220133

>b12 comes from bacteria in ground
God you are such a fucking retard, it is synthesized by bacteria in animal guts, that's why fish has it too. Also it's animal bodies that synthesize DHA, they don't need supplements for it, you utter autist. Seriously your delusional arguments only prove the deficiency of vegan/vegetarian diet - it really makes people dumb.

No. 220137

I'm 28 and I feel the same as I did at 19. Can still do the same tricks like put my legs behind my neck and everything (I'm an ex-gymnast). My stamina hasn't suffered either. According to the internet, I should be in a wheelchair by now.

People who complain about these things fall into one of the following categories, always:
>malingering munchie attention whores
>fat Reddit neckbeards who eat garbage, haven't seen the sun in days and are surprised when they are diagnosed with colon cancer at 30
>people who had children in their early 20s because they got spooked by busybodies that they won't be able to "keep up" with their kids if they have them later, and now can't laugh without pissing themselves

I know exactly zero people in their 30s who have health issues that aren't fat and extremely unhealthy. Even chain smokers who look like walking leather couches by 25 are able to run around and go on benders just fine.

No. 220151

>it is synthesized by bacteria in animal guts
And also in ground. Which is how it gets in the their guts. Cows and sheep can produce it for themselves, by being fed selenium supplement, but most of other animals dont. So they are supplemented in their diet.

>Also it's animal bodies that synthesize DHA

Right. Except their meat and other products have only a minuscule amount of it. With exception of fish, because of their DHA rich diet. Eggs are sometimes fortified with it too.

My point being that its stupid to use the fact that vegans have to take B12 as proof that diet is somehow "unnatural", when the only reason you can get it from meat is because its being given to farm animals in the first place.

No. 220153

I’m sorry but left and right is exactly the same. Left is what you get when she wakes up lmfao.
I’m 25, old as hell, I’ll get older every year, and I’m not loving it nor hating it. Then again maybe it’s because I still look like that same 12 year old uggo kid I used to be.

No. 220156

I've had pain like this since my teen years, am thin and never had kids, what does this mean?

No. 220159

It means you have health problems you need to get checked out if you haven't already.

No. 220164

Bad posture, bad diet, etc.

I healed every issue by fixing my diet.

No. 220178

Are creaky bones really a sign of anything serious? Literally all of my friends had creaky knees even as teenagers, and we were all athletes or dancers.

No. 220180

If your knees make popping sounds I think that's normal, but if they hurt then that might be an issue

>we were all athletes or dancers

well that makes sense then lol

No. 221150

>TRETINOIN. It gets rid of the fat in your face. You'll have nice skin but the loss of facial fat will make you look older.
2 months late to ask if this is true?!!
Is bakuchiol a better option?

No. 221156

You can use Volufilin to build the fat back

No. 221157

not a dancer and I had been creaking since I was 12

No. 221171

Do you know a good brand? I got one from yesstyle but then I realized it didn't even have the right ingredient

No. 221197

>20 years old
>Already had double knee replacement
>Already had spine shittily fused because lol random severe disc hernias and now permenantly monopolegic
>Already randomly busted jaw so I can't eat or talk without pain >shitty teeth as a result
>Growing white patches on skin and hair from stress with huge permenant eye bags all the time that makes me look older

It's humiliating when people ask how I'm so fucked up so early because there's not an answer. I don't know whether to cope & accept that it's over or give up bc my life will most likely never improve and with my luck I'll probably get clit mega-cancer or something. I want to be old and healthy, so I can watch the clownshow with everyone.

No. 221356

I'm mid twenties and I was getting upset over getting older quite often lately. But I think this is mostly due to being exposed to the general mindset that women are past their prime after their twenties. But when I think about it, the women I've actually been almost jealous of and who I consider the most beautiful are way past their twenties. People like Jennifer Connelly, Lisa Bonet, Jolene Blalock and Angelina Jolie.

Generally people guess that I'm a lot younger though, which is kind of flattering due to being constantly told that older women are worthless, but also annoying at the same time. They always act shocked and say I look 18-16, even though I think people in their twenties look pretty ambiguous. And it's not like it's a great achievement that I look a couple of years younger. I really hate it when men get fixated on this though. I tried a dating app one time and a guy who was 50 told me I had good genes because I 'literally look 9'. I don't look 9 and it was just such a creepy thing to say. I don't want to be with someone who is obsessed with young women because I don't want to be devalued once I don't look young enough for them anymore.

The only thing that scares me is that I feel like I don't have it together enough. I have a good income but I don't have a career. I'm getting a masters in data science this year but no work experience in that field. I have a boyfriend who is important to me, but he isn't really the type to have a family with. My mom keeps telling me that I'll run out of time if I don't have kids in my twenties and don't find a supportive man who wants a family.

No. 221417

Holy shit you're literally me. I have had a herniated disc in my lower back for 2 years and I'm almost 20. My joints all went downhill too and I have hormonal issues now that make me have no energy and lose my memory. I was already depressed before all these health issues and I feel even more suicidal now. People don't take my pain seriously even though I've been on so many meds and been to so many doctors because of my age. I'm terrified of how bad it'll get over the years because of how much worse I've gotten health-wise in such a short time. I miss when I could just sit and stand still pain-free. You're not alone.

No. 221450

Same for everything

I'm in my mid 20s, get asked if I'm over 16 at the airport. I do look very young but it's a dumb thing to be proud of, because no matter how young I look now, I'll look old at some point.

Also even if the most beautiful actresses are in their 30s-40s, one day I'll be over that age too. I need to stop caring about looks so much but I doubt I ever will.

I fear turning 30 and worrying about what I look like and hyperfocusing on how much my skin is thinning etc etc and comparing myself to my younger self.

Don't have a bf and my parents are already talking to me about needing to find someone to marry and have a family with. I don't even want kids. I feel like a child and look like a child, and I don't like being forced to do "adult" things that I don't even want for myself.

Not my fault my parents only had one kid and are now disappointed that I don't do everything they want because they didn't have a fallback kid.

No. 221466

>Not my fault my parents only had one kid and are now disappointed that I don't do everything they want because they didn't have a fallback kid.
I guess I'll join OPs and your posts, it's the exact same for me. Also they got excited when I finally brought home a guy, I obviously don't mention he had vasectomy done. My father mentions grandchildred like once a month now; I'm not having childred just so you feel better about life.

No. 221499

My parents literally talk about visiting me, hanging out with my kids and then leaving when they start crying.

So what's the point then? I don't want some crying bag of snot I have to ruin my body for that I don't even want, just so my parents can coo at it once a week.

>he had vasectomy done

I'm jelly

No. 221503

File: 1641398884521.png (32.44 KB, 679x496, tololcowanon.png)

If it's reassuring the spine fusing actually fully remedied the agony and I prefer being crippled over that shit. I actually also tried to kill myself bc of pain so they moved up the surgery date bc of that. I also didn't eat for 2 weeks after the surgery bc I felt like shit from intubation and I think that helped my fat ass pcos issues. But don't kill yourself push to get knifed as quick as possible.

No. 221510

My ex had a vasectomy, dude was pornsick and in the end a cheat too but damn was that the one good thing about him lol, that took a weight off me for a few years

I'm avoiding dating as I don't want to face BC worries again. I've made it this far and yet I've another 2 fucking decades of this shit getting in the way of truly carefree sex. They won't snip women in my country, not unless you already have like 4 kids. Men never stop banging on about fertility and women peaking early but fuck me I'd love to believe I'm not fertile. I can't chill out and enjoy sex because I have to assume I very much am fertile.

No. 221552

What about condoms? I absolutely refuse to take hormonal birth control or show an IUD up myself, that's just a fucking violation.

No. 222268

Same, i'm 27 and I teach upper secondary school and people (parents and students I don't have) mistake me for a student. I get weird looks when I buy alcohol and they always ask for ID.

I thikn hitting your peak is individual as is aging, but I think women in their 30's are hot as fuck, especially when they take care of themselves and don't let themselves go with food, lack of exercise and alcohol for whatever reason (men usually).

No. 223031

I also feel like a kid or a teenager. I think part of it is that people always treat me like such, like if there is a group of adults talking I don't really feel part of it. Which sucks because it's not that I don't have an opinion or things to contribute.

Sometimes I want kids and a family, but I feel like I'm super not ready for it. Some of my old classmates already had kids in their early twenties and I can't imagine doing that. I have younger siblings and I love them, and I generally like to hang out with kids who are at least 6 but I don't want to do it full time. And I don't like babies, I'm just not good with them lol. Older kids are fun to spend time with and you can actually talk to them, but having to be around a baby 24/7 just doesn't sound good. But sometimes I see older women with a nice family and see them really care about their kids and then I feel like I want that too, I just don't know when. I guess I also feel like I'm just not good enough yet. Like your kids will depend on you and you will be really important to them, and I just don't feel worthy of that because I don't have my shit together and I don't feel like I have enough to give at this point. Though when I think about building a career for decades, I also just wonder what the point is.

No. 225311

File: 1642785952025.png (228.96 KB, 480x480, 982F65E6-4D01-4145-8BE3-8E4983…)

One thing I’m happy about aging is I’ve finally lost the baby fat in my face. I’m 27 and had a moon face until this past year. Now my cheekbones stand out more etc. I’m very happy about it.

No. 225422

File: 1642821148121.jpg (108.1 KB, 500x667, 84775576.jpg)

I'm 28, I was working a part time seasonal job to save up some cash this past winter and was mistaken by other people to be no more then 18. Personally I think I look well into my 20s, but it's been common for me to be read as someone in my late teens/early 20s. Honestly I wrecked my body in my 20s from drugs/alcohol, so I'm surprised I didn't age worse then I feel like I have. I just think most people are below average and we have a conflated sense of "attractiveness" from celebrity and social media culture. I consider myself mildly attractive for someone who doesn't wear makeup or try to look nice, but that's just because I have decent bone structure. I can definitely feel my age though, my body is sore and probably something is going wrong internally. I'm sure I'll hit a wall somewhere in my 30s, but as long as I keep myself fit and work on my health, I don't mind if my face starts to wrinkle and my hair grays. I'm looking forward to it. I've always wanted to just balls to the walls with not giving a fuck and become some bog looking witch lady.

No. 225426

I'm 24 and I'm convinced I need fibroblast treatments and Botox even though people mistake me for a child. My mom is 60 and people think she's in her early 40s. How do I get away from this toxic mindset?

No. 225459

File: 1642835117408.jpg (408.81 KB, 927x1974, tumblr_aa171dc1fd0215b310a4796…)

I keep thinking about this

No. 225463

No. 225476

I remember turning 18 and being so fucking excited to buy cigarettes, be able to vote, enter places where they served alcohol, and get my first tattoo.
What the fuck younger girls are thirsting after much older guys?
This image text reads like tradho propaganda

No. 225494

After turning 17-18?? That's bizarre, that's when you should feel like everything is just beginning, not that you are "rotting." What is the point in emulating yourself at this age for the rest of your life?

No. 225499

Nah I'm not feeling this, i barely felt like an adult after turning 18, more like "teen 2.0"

No. 225500

I was ecstatic to turn 20 last year.
Being a tween and teenager comprises some of the worst times of peoples’ lives, at least for people like me who are much better off independent and not living in their hometown. I’ve only been 2 years out of high school and my life has completely changed for the better, just due to the liberties that come with being an adult.

I could possibly understand this take for someone turning 50. No less.


No. 225506

File: 1642860088360.jpeg (73.84 KB, 610x407, carrie-sarah-jessica-parker.jp…)

This is such a toxic mindset, but not surprising because shaming women for their age and the creepy obsession with teenagers/"barely legal women" is so deeply grounded in society. I actually think that many women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s look better than men because they take better care of themselves. I share some of the fears and insecurities mentioned in this thread, but tbh being in my 30s now and planning who I want to be and how I want to look like in my 40s and 50s is kind of fun, especially because I am not as insecure as I was in my 20s and don’t care about scrote opinions anymore. I only struggle with this on apps like TikTok because Zoomers love calling others old and constantly use age/aging as an insult. I often read that being 30 is basically being ancient – and I don’t like that.

I also find it interesting to see how our perception of being/looking old has changed. I am watching the SATC sequel and the characters are around the same age or even older (54, 55) than the characters were when The Golden Girls started (47-55). I love Golden Girls, but they basically were grandmas while the girls in AJLT are really living it up. It’s wonderful that they can do that on TV and the way the show handles the topic of aging in general is great. I also saw that Jennifer Connelly will play Tom Cruise’s love interest in the new Top Gun movie which is awesome!

No. 225540

Women on social media project their insecurities onto all other women too much. It's okay to have insecurities and want to talk about them but stop painting all of us like this.

No. 225664

Men thinking they age better is such a cope. Yes DiCaprio looks so much better than Jennifer Connelly, he really lucked out there. And non-celebrity men tend to look even worse lol. Some balding fat guy is not going to be appealing to anyone, and I feel like men who are obsessed with this idea of men aging better look exactly like that. Men who are less retarded tend to want to be someone around their own age

No. 225665

As an older zoomer, many of my friends experienced this. I remember my friends joking that we are old after we turned 17. And these were normies, not terminally online types at all. It's not tradthot propaganda or meant to attack women, it's how society made us feel. Maybe it's the culture here, I don't know.

No. 225670

Men have the ability to not look as aged because they have thicker skin on their faces which is less susceptible to wear and tear so when you see a moid with a fucked face yall know he's gross.

No. 225678

is this sarcasm? dicaprio is way younger than connelly and no he does not look better at all, what kind of drugs are you people on?

No. 225680

Of course it's sarcasm lol, I meant that Jennifer looks way better than DiCaprio. It just really annoys me when aging below average men try to devalue women while acting like men keep getting more attractive with age when I don't think that is true at all, I see more of the opposite

No. 225686

Too bad that's cancelled out by their shit diets and lack of skincare kek. Men are ageing like milk these days especially.

No. 225692

As millenial, I don't know any normie girl who did think she's old at 18 or mourn her subsequent birthdays. And I'm seriously not just saying it to argue with you. Zoomers have it tough. Or it really might just be your culture.

No. 225734

"men aging better" is an insane baldie cope. Almost all men eventually start losing their hair, some earlier than others but that shiny chromedome future comes for them all. BIG cope that some women are attracted to the rare old slinky-dog testicle'd dude who managed to keep his hair, and is also a wealthy celebrity. The average scrote will be bald and paunchy by the time he is 40 and the average woman will look like she always did except with crow's feet.

No. 225826

File: 1642984302145.jpg (129.16 KB, 636x818, 37852.jpg)

I feel like "the wall" crap is honestly something only people invested in traditional power dynamics care about. Young guys 18-25 have the hardest time dating because women that age want someone older and a lot of those guys would happily date an older woman. It's WAY easier for an older woman to get a younger attractive dude than for an older scrote to get a young attractive gf. 60 year old woman who isn't fat and dresses nicely can easily date exclusively young guys. And before you say that young men are too immature, men never mature and certainly not the type who obsess over female youth.

But women refuse to date younger so they in part create their own problem. If you need every relationship to be with an older "dominant daddy" then don't be surprised if the men you seek want younger women. It's just natural part of that dynamic.


No. 225831

>It's WAY easier for an older woman to get a younger attractive dude..
Hmm, idk anon. Would they be the sort to remain faithful? I think guys who go for older women expect a "mommying" attitude, yes?

No. 225836

No. 225852

not that i think what she did was advisable or necessarily even acceptable, but the hate that sam taylor gets on here is dumb. let's not pretend like she probably isn't and hasn't been totally taken with this kid for forever. women who develop these relationships with these young men are usually wrapped around their finger, totally obsessed with them (not looking to exploit them, generally) and not even remotely comparable to a male doing the same.

No. 225859

I dont think there would be difference. Men just like hot women, age matters only as far as it correlates with looks.

No. 226182

Damn, some of you are so dramatic lol.
I feel like I've hit a really sweet spot at 25 where I have finally shaken off the low self esteem of youth & I love myself a lot now. I feel super confident just driving around, doing my own thing, working hard, making decisions that actually matter now & having people respect me instead of patronizing me etc. The only thing that I was really worried about when I was younger was not being able to wear the same 'fun' clothes (someone mentioned this further upthread too). But I just naturally hit a point where I no longer want to wear flashy bar clothes & attention-grabbing styles anymore. I'd rather go out in a nice pair of jeans & a white t-shirt lol. I used to plan my outfits so meticulously when I was a teen, but now I mostly just plan around what I'm doing for the day. All clothes will look decent on you if you keep fit lol.
Idk nonnies, I don't think ageing is anything to worry about.

Honestly, I'm kind of excited to get to 60+ as well. Up to that 'don't give a fuck' age. No one respects a young woman talking about male-dominated subjects. They always just assume you have no experience & that you don't know what you're talking about, diversity hire etc. But when I'm 60 & grey, then no one will shittest me. I plan to live in the woods like a hermetic forest witch.

No. 226184

File: 1643189182791.jpeg (372.63 KB, 1333x2000, image.jpeg)

Just gonna casually drop this pic of Heidi Klum (48) and her husband (32).

No. 226185

File: 1643189369797.jpg (664.29 KB, 2229x2229, blake-shelton-gwen-stefani.jpg)

Oh look, it's Gwen Stefani (52) with her counrty heartthrob husband (45), who is also a loving stepfather to her 3 kids.

No. 226186

god tom kaulitz aged like MILK

No. 226200

Eeewww.. creepy as fuck age difference.

No. 226205

once both parties involved are 25+ idrc

No. 226208

he looks older than her if anything

No. 226237

She could be his mom and looks like it too. Nasty.

No. 226259

I don't give a fuck, he's attractive, young and not balding, she's winning

No. 226640

File: 1643262903819.jpeg (96.17 KB, 1000x750, 5c75795a1631a302990183df.jpeg)

It's only as nasty as Lionardo von Caprio & his young gf are. At least Heidi Klum has still kept up her looks, unlike Lio.

Here's Miranda Kerr (38) & her husband (31), the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015. They married when she was a 33 yo single mother & he was 26. The wall is scrote cope.

No. 226641

File: 1643263503943.jpg (255.06 KB, 2384x1341, alicia-keys.jpg)

Alicia Keys is 41 and doesn't even wear makeup.

No. 226673

Kek, doesn't wear makeup. You can literally see it.

No. 226677

What makeup are you seeing? I think she may have used a clear brow gel and a lip balm but I can't see anything else.

No. 226688

File: 1643283986131.png (5.58 MB, 2442x1201, ak.PNG)

I can't see anything either anon, maaaybe she has light shadow on her eyes but even about that I can't be sure. There are articles about her going makeup free and looking at this photo zoomed in I feel like there's no reason to doubt it

No. 226692

She looks awesome and I love her smile

No. 226871

I’m 25 and I have one gray hair, Why is this happening to me?

No. 226878

Imagine how much worse it is for current teens. They've had IG, Snapchat, TikTok, whatever since they were 10. Now imagine all the pedophiles in their DMs worshipping their youth. Might just be some gross old man but attention is attention when you're young and insecure. You can brush them off as old creeps all you want but it does something to a young girls head noticing that she's getting way less admiration, likes and comments after she put ''18'' or ''20'' in her bio.

No. 226905

Is this a joke? You're fine and grey hair isn't a death sentence. I know a guy who had a some greys around his hairline at age 26 but it didn't affect my attraction for him. You'll be fine, anon.

No. 227103

But why is it happening? I’m decaying????

No. 227110

Nah, it's a genetic, ethnicic, and/or stress related thing. Did any of your parents or close relatives get grey hairs around your age? One of my ex's dad had gone fully grey by his 30s, iirc. White people are also more likely to go grey than other ethnicities. Maybe you're also going through some major stress, which is correlated with early greying.

No. 227116

Yes nonna you are dying, go buy a shovel quickly and dig out your grave while there's still time.

No. 227123

Oxidative stress. And while genetics is a big part of it—my siblings got their first white hairs at 19 and were salt-and-pepper by 25–the condition is mostly epigenetic. It can be worsened by bad diet and other external factors (sun exposure, toxicity, drug use, etc). I’m trying to fix these things to “slow down” my greying. If it doesn’t work then I’ll be really looking forward to dying my white hairs crazy colors though.

No. 227149

Same here. I just lost my babyface in the last year and my cheekbones look so much better, I actually love that change.

I have been getting them occasionally since I was 23, they're just brought on by external stressors like the other anon said. I just turned 26 and actually find less coming in now than I did at 24 for whatever reason.

No. 227500

Turning 30 this year nonnies and boy am I dreading it. I still have several months to enjoy the last year of “my twenties” but Im feeling so much anxiety and I’m afraid of people at work asking me how old I’m turning and getting super embarrassed about saying “umm 30.” I don’t FEEL 30 whatever it’s supposed to feel like. My emotional age is more like early/mis 20s, whenever all my traumatic relationships happened and I just stayed stuck there. Idk why I’m even writing this, I just thought I was a better more stable person than this.

No. 227509

This is far fetched most girls 13-16 don’t think about that stuff and don’t have the capacity to. And girls 17-18 are the same, i was excited to be 18 kek I’d probably say 20 and 21 are the ages where anxiety begins and you start to notice it where this rings true.

No. 227514

the worst thing is looking back and realizing how old you thought you were when you turned these ages. Calling yourself old when you couldn't legally drink for another three years. Cue 21, and you don't feel much older or wiser. perhaps tired. I'm now in my mid twenties and I still don't know anything, honestly. It's such an aimless time of self discovery. I've experienced things, but I still feel in the grand scheme like nobody views me as a full fledged adult. hell, 35 year olds I work with see my demeanor as more childish than theirs. It's shifted my perspective as to how the world views me realizing that a lot of people, when I break outside the moid fetish bubble, perceive me as younger. Even though it feels like much of my youth was lost and spent on my wretched decisions and allowance of people using and abusing me, I'm not that old, I'm not even 30. I realize now.

For me as a late millennial to early zoomer it was always the prospect that I was going to commit suicide and never live past a certain age that made me feel "old" at 18, 21, and then 25. now I've crossed multiple thresholds of age and not ended up dead. No matter how hard I try it's like my body wants to live, and I'm finally at the age where I'm starting to see a light that's insisting that 30 won't be a death sentence either. I don't give a shit anymore.

No. 227530

It's different for different people but I wouldn't call it farfetched. I had a literal breakdown the night of my 18th birthday because of a combo of feeling like my life was going to be over and nobody would ever want me, and also feeling like now that I was a legal adult I was basically free game for even more abuse by men. By 13-16 I was definitely already terrified of no longer being a teenager. Granted, I think I was an extreme example due to grooming and all that, but I've discovered since that quite a few friends had similar feelings regarding it.
I think maybe just a couple decades ago it would have been more expected for women to start worrying about getting old in their early twenties, but around the time I hit 18 (about half a decade ago) and definitely now with the younger zoomers, even the late teenage years might as well be elderly to a lot of young girls. Working with girls in that age range and hearing about it from them was beyond depressing. I had a 16 year old beg me for my skincare routine because she wanted to look as young as I do when she hit my age. She didn't seem to understand that she didn't need to rub fancy rocks on her face to not melt into a pile of wrinkles by 23.

No. 227533

i think the pandemic is the cause of this for me. i was fine with turning 17, 18, 19, 20, but experiencing birthdays while in lockdown has just been fucking awful. i feel like a complete failure and like my youth is slipping from my hands since i’m wasting it not doing the things i always said i would at this age. i’m turning 23 in two months and the thought of it makes me want to die because that means i’ve been stagnating completely since 21. what a life

No. 227538

>getting super embarrassed about saying “umm 30.”
Have you ever in your life heard someone tell you their age and though 'wow, how embarrassing for them!'?? I'm 30 and cannot fathom why I should be embarrassed to tell people that, please enlighten me.

No. 227542

Why don’t you try watching a Nadine Labaki film? Caramel is a fun, small cozy movie about four women running a hair salon. And it addresses fear of aging as well among other problems. Nadine (picrel) was 33 when the movie was released and it was her directorial debut (I think).

There’s nothing inherently embarrassing about it, anon. OP is just anxious and insecure regarding her age (which isn’t weird btw), so she’s self-conscious about saying it despite the fact that no one thinks that much of it.

No. 227548

File: 1643625758668.jpeg (25.25 KB, 751x408, 26D42C11-2C36-4D8A-B0D1-8FE5DF…)


No. 227549

I'm 30, feels no different than idk, 25, it's just a number so don't let any society expectation or whatnot make you anxious about it

No. 227563

same here

No. 227564

Nta but I've felt that way before (even before I was 18) because I felt like I was too immature for my age (and still do tbh) so I thought other people would think "wow she's X years old and acting like that/still doesn't have a bf/job/car/social skills/hasn't done __ yet?" And because I got made fun of by a stranger a couple of times for being "too old" to buy a kid's toy even though I was 12-13 at that time.

No. 227568

Samefag I was also told I was "too old" to be crying by family members at 6 years old kek and for most of my childhood/teen years so idk..

No. 227573

>please enlighten me
I don’t know why you would ask her when everywhere you look 30 year old women are treated like old hags. Hell nowadays any girl above 20 is treated like their clock has started ticking. I know society has always been patriarchal and shitty to women and ageist since the dawn of time but i don’t remember it being this way a couple of years back. Ironically the generation that claims to be so woke and educated thinks this way. I’m a gen z but the millennials i know don’t talk this way. Maybe severe internet use? Disconnect? Lack of empathy? The fear mongering about lower birth rates in the last couple of years? I don’t know but its pathetic

No. 227574

i’m sorry you felt that at such a young age. I called it far fetched because no one should feel that way as a teenager and it was unbelievable but i guess it happens. That sucks

No. 227575

me too, this really contributes to the general feelings of insecurity

No. 227576

People will always say something it's not for us for this reason or another; in this case this would age. It's important to get to the point where we're mature enough to not let that affect us, and I think even if someone is immature in any other way, with time we just see so much gatekeeping it should be enough to realize it both doesnt matter and sucks the joy out of life

No. 227587

>please enlighten me

Ive told people my age before and they've reacted with a "WOW REALLY? I thought you were (2-3 years younger) than that!" Its embarrassing when it happens nearly every time (especially at work) because it makes me wonder, is there something wrong with the way that I am? Am I supposed to be acting more mature at this point in my life? Why havent I got my shit together already?

Its funny you say this as I have a coworker who is 26 who has made it a point to call me/my age out in front of other people before. "WOW you're almost 30?? I thought you were MY age, but you're SO much older. You were born WHEN? I always forget how much older you are than me." and then I feel like a loser and in denial when I try to reply "well actually no I'm not that much older than you, honestly 26 and 29 feel so similar" Like the difference between 26 and 29 is much less than the difference between 21 and 24 right? Or 18 and 21? Or am I just coping nonnies

I will definitely watch this movie, thank you for the rec anon

No. 227590

File: 1643640016748.jpeg (49.23 KB, 554x554, 66929909-5EC2-43A6-969A-46212F…)

> WOW you're almost 30?? I thought you were MY age, but you're SO much older. You were born WHEN? I always forget how much older you are than me." and then I feel like a loser and in denial when I try to reply "well actually no I'm not that much older than you, honestly 26 and 29 feel so similar"
She’s either being a bitch on purpose or is deluded. I understand 18 year olds being hahah 25 is so OLD! because, you know, you think that way until you turn 2 or something, but a 26 year old? Blegh. She’s insecure and taking it out on you, poor girl is setting herself up for a lot of future self-hatred.

But I do agree that it’s more weird those days, our attitudes regarding age. I think the internet and the aggressive influx of images play into that somehow. I love ABBA, but when I started listening to them my eyes had to re-adjust and shed the 21st TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter-laden aesthetics to see the girls as attractive. I remember being a bit surprised they weren’t baby-faced, that they didn’t have shiny white teeth, that they were tall and broad and sturdy. They are very fixed in time in that sense because two girls like that would never get as popular nowadays as they did back then. People just keep getting younger and younger wherever we look. It’s disorienting because youth generally isn’t that interesting.

No. 227591

File: 1643640149860.jpeg (53.96 KB, 511x600, C7033A97-7924-4DB3-A655-558DE4…)

Once I saw it, though, I never stopped seeing it. They were (and are) absolutely gorgeous.

And who cares anon about those adult milestones? What do YOU want to do?

No. 227604

lol I'm 27 and my boyfriend is 22. I tried dating within the age bracket 26-33 that was reccomended to me by other people when I was 26 and nope, never again. I mostly dated 28-33 and even a 38 year old and never again. These emn are ugly as hell and balding, plus they have issues holding an erection and they have massive baggage and been hurt by women so they are more stingy and misogynistic. More women should date younger men. Idk why moids dating younger is normalized by the revers isn't.

No. 227606

Forgot to add this 22 year old has high stamina and blows my back out every night. Women, please don't feel compelled to date these old, balding, hairy fat moids with non-functioning dicks. We get hornier the older we get. My man might like older women but he's submissive to me lmao he does everything I want. You can't get a moid like that who is older and has been brainwashed by MGTOW ideology after a breakup.

No. 227675

One thing that saddens me about getting older is how I might enjoy music. Right now a lot of my favorite bands and genres are mostly made up of people who were in their 20s when they became successful. I'm worried about how it's going to feel at 45 still listening to people in their 20s sing about love or whatever. At least with film, books, art, and other creative pursuits a lot of the famous creators became successful when they were older so that will feel more relatable.

No. 227687

>At least with film, books, art, and other creative pursuits a lot of the famous creators became successful when they were older so that will feel more relatable.
So you’re worried about comparing yourself to people who made it when they were younger?

No. 227701

>WOW REALLY? I thought you were (2-3 years younger
This is exactly why it's not embarrassing. Because people (especially younger people) have this idea in their head of 30 yr olds being middle aged in looks and lifestyle with a bunch of kids and wrinkles. They have no clue what we're really like, it's just an arbitrary line drawn in the sand for young/old. When they meet a 30 year old who seems young (because 30 IS young), they're surprised and think you're some trivial amount younger. Like, people think you're 28 instead of 30 and you're embarrassed of that instead of realising how retarded the very idea is…? Wtf kind of aging is gonna happen in 2 years? Why would you expect someone to be notably different at those two points in time? It's absurd.

I'm perfectly confident with my age because I know there's no meaningful difference between now and me 5 years ago, and anyone who thinks otherwise is working off dumb misconceptions. imo the real truth is that having kids is what makes someone seem older, and since 30 is the average age for having your first kid it's become the standard for 'old'.

No. 227704

Are the people replying to this and being oblivious about it just retarded or something? This is obviously her pointing out the very real thing that happens to women, not preaching some tradthot propaganda. Women are told that they reach their peak at around 17-18 and by 25 they're old meat, which causes adult women to experience severe anxiety over getting older while men are just excited to gain more authority the older they become. A woman's worth is always tied to her looks and youth, and a young woman is revered as the most fetishized, objectified prize there is. This shit is why you see anons on lolcow constantly having panic attacks about turning 21 and becoming "too old" for whatever arbitrary thing they're talking about.

No. 227720

Half the reason women panic is because they see other women panic and it's a never ending cycle of negatively influencing younger women to fear something any rational person should know is not the end of the world if you're not a celebrity. If someone is fear mongering about how their life is over at 25, I guarantee some 20 year old will see that and become increasingly worried about being 25. It's like an insecurity based ponzi scheme, there's nothing real behind it but people are constantly persuading other people to buy into it.

No. 227743

Makes me feel good that even though I didn't have any friends as a teen at least I didn't have the peer pressure either. I've never been told personally anything about 'the wall' or '30 is too old'. This is when I feel that girls really have to have more self confidence and not let people they don't even know personally influence their lives so much.

No. 227769

You're missing the point entirely, that wasn't "fear mongering", it was making women aware of this and why it happens so that they realize the bullshit they've been fed about aging and after catching themselves in the act they know how to snap out of it. God I swear some people here have no comprehension skills.

No. 227779

This. And also moids insisting that age is something absolutely all women care and lie about, regardless of do you personally do it or not.

No. 227780

You are blue-pilled, cringe and not as insightful as you imagine yourself to be. Piss off, what that anon described is far closer to reality.

No. 227781

necropost. there was an anon who posted in some previous unpopular opinions threads that "muh thicker skin" is a retarded argument, because estrogen protects skin from aging and women compensate with it for thinner skin. Why the fuck do you faggots keep propagating this incel myth anyway? One would think that a woman would immediately suspect scrotes trying to shill something by claiming that they age better and research it herself (and also it's obvious that men and women dont differ only in the thickness of their skin, we are different already on genetical level ffs, female skin!=male skin), but no, you immediately believe any bullshit you are told. You fucking embarrass our gender, you know?

No. 227784

it's kind of ironic how, despite this thread existing there's still anons throughout multiple parts of the site saying other anons and cows are "too old" to be liking all sorts of things, even as mundane as fashion styles

No. 227787

farmers are not a hivemind in the end

No. 227788

This. I had the exact same experience.

No. 227792

> after catching themselves in the act
What act?

No. 227865

>unironically using "bluepilled" as an insult
>actually women bullying each other is a much more realistic scenario than systematic erasure and devaluing of older women!!!!
There's that chromosome again

No. 227881

Nobody said women are bullying each other you retard, women vocally bully themselves and inadvertently influence younger women to do the same.

The point is that your life doesn't end at 25 or 30 or whatever arbitrary age someone is afraid of, you don't suddenly look or feel old, you don't have to change your style or only have mature hobbies or settle down by a certain age. Yes, society is harsh on women aging, but the age women start to freak out about it is MUCH younger than it needs to be. The fear that women feel is baseless because they have no perspective of what actually is, looks or feels old, hence worrying about being post wall hags at 21. So much of it is in our heads and not an actual material reality.

No. 228955

>people dating in nursing homes
>nursing homes
There's your problem. People who raised children who won't take care of them in their old age. The paragons of maturity.

No. 228956

>People who raised children who won't take care of them in their old age
It's not always a matter of not wanting to take care of your parents.

No. 229001

How common are these 35 year old dead incels?

No. 229980

it's so weird because when I was 18-24 I was always pursued by older guys and never experimented with a guy my own age, and now I'm 27 and am more attracted to guys a little bit younger than me.

No. 229986

lmao I'm sorry but literally no man is excited about getting older, it's all copium

No. 229987

The reverse isn't normalized because older women can actually date young men without paying money, and those young men won't be fugly. This isn't "fair" to fossilized dicks and therefore needs to be discouraged as evil cougardom by the same people who fap to MILF porn. Same idea as female promiscuously = slut and bad, male promiscuity = alpha and based. Disability accommodation.

This reminds me of how a hot 25 year old was simping for my mom (buying her shit, etc) while I was being swarmed with stingy fat shitpigs her age at 25. Thank fuck I had a good role model and therefore never had an "older men" phase kek

No. 230102

The older men phase is so normalized that i had it at 16-17 and it wasn’t something i personally liked, like i remember thinking i was supposed to like old men and never really noticed boys my age because there was this belief placed upon me that i’m more mature and was “reserved” for older men. I didn’t think they were attractive, i just thought of myself as an object It was very bizarre and sad

No. 230117

Sorry you had to go through this, nonnie.

Old man attention would make me incredibly butthurt and insulted because in my mind it meant I was mousy or some shit, too "uncool" and immature for cute prince type boys in their teens. Ironically, most of my teenage low self esteem stemmed from getting the attention of men I perceived as too fug and unworthy, which by my drama teen logic meant I was as fug as them. I would seethe extra hard whenever I noticed that being sad or in a vulnerable mental state would instantly multiply the amount of bald, drooling autism sperm sacks by about 4, which thankfully redpilled me later - none of their attention said anything about me, they just went for whatever they thought wouldn't put up much of a fight or have any standards. I did enjoy it somewhat towards my late teens because I would just straight up roast them and their nauseatingly repulsive old flesh, then watch the last sparks of life evaporate from their dead Shayna butthole shaped eyes.

>TFW now I'm pulling the kinds of moids I actually wanted when I was a teen

No. 249092

File: 1647078807130.jpg (27.57 KB, 564x565, d4a02ecf269ab24de3534791ed4617…)

I'm 32 and starting to notice very slight signs of aging such as my skin not being as springy anymore. Nevertheless it makes me feel like shit because I've internalized the thought of women being only good for their youthful looks and then sacrificing their whole beings to having babies and raising a family. I naturally disagree with it and want to learn out of it, but it's been hammered so deep in my head that feeling guilty for being a single woman not planning to have children is an everyday ritual.

What really grinds my gears though is the very, very short time window of stability. When you're 19-25 you're too busy studying for a degree and trying to get a career going. I spent almost my entire 20's just burying myself in work and school because I wanted to secure my future. And the age where I was financially stable and ready to enjoy life I'm supposed to accept that I only have around 3 or 4 years until I'm busted goods and should just marry and start a family before my eggs have all but rotten away.

I want to continue enjoying life, dressing in fun and cute outfits, laughing at funny pictures on the internet, making art to express myself, go out in the nature to enjoy the scenery, travel all I want, I just want to enjoy life to the fullest without this gnawing sense of guilt in the back of my head telling myself that I will die alone and forgotten if I'm not marrying and having children right now, that everyone thinks I'm an embarrassing has-been for wearing something other than mommycore, that everyone pities me for being career-oriented instead of realizing my "true calling" as a mother. Deprogramming myself from the misogynist society is a full-time job and I hope women in the future have it easier.

No. 249103

>I want to continue enjoying life, dressing in fun and cute outfits, laughing at funny pictures on the internet, making art to express myself, go out in the nature to enjoy the scenery, travel all I want, I just want to enjoy life to the fullest without this gnawing sense of guilt in the back of my head telling myself that I will die alone and forgotten if I'm not marrying and having children right now, that everyone thinks I'm an embarrassing has-been for wearing something other than mommycore, that everyone pities me for being career-oriented instead of realizing my "true calling" as a mother.

Nona, don't be so hard on yourself. You can still do all of these things no matter your age. Enjoy your financial stability and free time because life has so much to offer and be grateful that you're able to live life how you want to. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone, especially not to those who see you as "busted goods" (why would you even care about people who see others in such a way?) or expect you to marry and have children becaue it's "time" for you to do so. Most people don't even live up to the standards they hold others to. Live your life and marry and have kids in 5, 10 years or not at all. Dress however you want and do whatever you want. People who judge you for it are just bitter that they can't do the same.

No. 249108

File: 1647084236675.jpeg (68.03 KB, 489x627, F82DBE1E-0193-4713-8E96-7ED867…)

So many nonnies on here that are insightful, hilarious, and criminally interesting, so much so that it’s a shame anyone would put so much weight on their youth or looks, especially when it’s ephemeral and when it’s the ONE thing you didn’t put effort in to build up. Everything else? You built yourself. You’re worried about what everybody thinks and that’s fine, but if it’s affecting you in any meaningful way like it is now you need to learn to shut off any external input. Because everybody has something to think and say, and at the end of the day the only standards by which you need to evaluate your life should be your own. It’ll take some effort, especially when undoing all that mess and learning to “fortify” yourself, to learn not to be swayed by what anyone thinks of you - positive or negative. Because it goes both ways.

It’s incredibly unfortunate that anons hit 30 here and start resigning themselves to shades of nude because “muh society.” When Ossie Clark was doing his best and most popular shows, he was doing clothes for women, not girls. That’s important, because the 60s silhouette was boyish, gamine, and youthful; obsessed with transient and cheap youth culture, and by the early seventies many of these models were in their early thirties. No woman before 2000 resigned herself to mommycore upon hitting her 30s. Shouldn’t the age make you feel more comfortable in your skin, more ready to wear what you like? If you’re self-assured, you won’t worry about what anyone thinks of anything. Nonna, you sound like fun, and I don’t think you should give a shit about aging, or about people’s opinions.

No. 249203

File: 1647115708677.jpg (236.38 KB, 1024x1024, 42740780430_34544d5796_b.jpg)

It seems ridiculous to call myself old being in my mid/early 20's, but I was just feeling so unaccomplished the other day being a 20 something and still having the same minimum wage retail job, living at home, & having no real relationships. I feel like something should have clicked and I would have my life figured out when I turned 23. My dad made a weird comment once that by my age my mom was already married and pregnant. I don't know what he was implying but it felt like he was saying he wanted me to get my shit together.

With physically aging I'm more concerned about my body becoming decrepit. I've already seen some family members have to age in very poor shape. I know there are some health conditions that run in the family and I'm already feeling some of those in my joints. I have to remind myself to be thankful I still have a body that is in (relatively) little pain on the daily.

Lily Tomlin is a major inspiration for me as an actress that's in her late 70's onward. She just embodies an aura of freedom and not giving a shit. I'm also inspired to be like my neighbor who is in her upper 80's and still goes outside to garden every day. I hope I can live that long and live my life feeling free like that but realistically nothing but myself is holding me back from doing that now.

No. 249242

Are there any other anons here that realize that their life hasn't changed much since their late teens/early 20s? I never pursued a higher education, a solid career, still live at home with my parents in the same room I've had since I was a kid, and never had a meaningful relationship with anyone (friends/bf - and not for lack of trying). I've always had ideas of things I'd like to pursue - like being independent, living on my own, creating a small business, fitness goals, etc - but beyond small achievements throughout the years I've never actively tried to achieve more out of fear of change, fear of failure, and lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem… I'm currently at a place where I have nearly 20k saved and still want those things but I have a serious lack of drive and inspiration and it's worrying me. Time shouldn't be taken for granted yet I can't envision my own future anymore. Vid rel is also hitting me in a particular way. It's sad to admit, but I've also come to realize that I'm still very much hurt and limerently obsessed with a guy that feigned a desire for a relationship but treated me as something less. It's such a sore spot that I let him pressure me into doing things I clearly didn't want for myself, all because he made ultimatums and I didn't believe I'd find anyone else who'd be interested in me and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

No. 249264

File: 1647137369133.png (1.35 MB, 1084x798, 57403850344.png)

I'm close to your age and got three compliments on my outfit from strangers today, one from a girl in her teens, and unironically "young lady"ied by a man who was probably only a few years older than me. Idk what you'd call the style I was wearing but it was definitely a far cry from mommycore. Point being you're only as old as you let yourself feel, and especially in your 30s your looks and health are far from deteriorating. I do understand the societal pressure you bring up. Being child-free by choice the biological clock doesn't bother me, but remember you can still have children throughout your 30s, freeze your eggs, find a sperm donor or adopt if you really want a kid in your life. Relationships are always a toss-up, I've seen so many couples who were together for years then divorced and are either in bitter custody battles or struggling as single parents. Think about how lost they feel having to start over despite doing everything "right."

That's the thing though, our lives don't end whether we do or don't have kids by a certain age, whether we're married or not, not even once we've achieved personal goals we've created for ourselves. There's so much to explore and it'd be a shame to miss out just because you're worried about the opinions of people who have zero relevance in your life. Personally I think surrounding yourself with positive female role models (in reality or digitally) is helpful for rewiring the mind. Look at Avril, 37, twice divorced, no kids, fought Lyme disease, but still beautiful, wearing flashy clothes, making music, pursuing her dreams and finding a new partner. And she's far from the oldest woman to follow that path. I find the fewer fucks I give the more I repel idiots and attract people who truly appreciate me for me, regardless of age.

No. 249561

NTA but you sound awesome, anon.

No. 252503

File: 1648583432809.jpeg (807.43 KB, 1223x1441, 5837EEAB-E918-4E49-AAEB-973D6B…)

Surprised she isn’t wearing a turtleneck and glasses and has wrinkles.


No. 252543

34 isn't as old as people think, especially not if you have a round face. aging will be kind if your face isn't already defined

No. 252561

I know I can’t believe people are like “what is your secret ?” In the comments

No. 252576

File: 1648612420102.jpeg (39.54 KB, 680x642, 24290C44-5C7E-4E4F-9AAA-4F31E6…)

I turned 22 recently and while I know I’m not old, I had a realisation that this is it, I’m done growing and what I have now is what I’ll have forever, I’m never gonna be a Hot Young Thing and all the awkward things about me physically that my family promised puberty would iron out are just how I’m going to look for the rest of my life. I don’t consider myself a vain person but it really affected me in a way I didn’t expect. I think all this time in the back of my mind I thought “I’ll be hot eventually I’m just not done growing yet” and realising that thats never gonna happen kind of fucked with me.

No. 252580

I mean, you're not really done growing yet. Most women don't lose their "baby fat" until their mid to late twenties. At 22 you most likely haven't settled into your features just yet.

No. 252583

Anon, don't sell yourself short! Of course there are some people who are naturally gorgeous no matter what they do, but for everyone else it's just a matter of how you style and present yourself. If you dress in a way that makes you feel confident, take care of your body, and don't radiate insecurity then I think you're basically already there. It's not as if there's only one way to be attractive. You might have some ideas in your head of what you think is attractive and feel discouraged that maybe you don't look like that, but truly people are attractive for so many reasons that it would be a shame if you gave up and resigned yourself to thinking you're destined to be unattractive only because you don't think you glowed up as much as you expected.

No. 252585

Avril looks so good man. I know she's not old or anything but she was big 20 years ago, it's crazy how little she's changed.

I genuinely think people (mostly women, esp rich women) are just aging better these days, there's been so much progress in science based skincare and treatments and we no longer feel obligated to get a bob and dress matronly the moment we hit 30.

No. 252600

Idk I like how I look more at 32 than 22.

No. 253635

File: 1648971215743.png (73.99 KB, 589x359, tweet23.png)

New "wall" level just dropped (pun intended). Soon it will be so low that by the time you're old enough to even understand the concept, you'll already be past it, according to these scrotes.

No. 253636

So strange that at 20% attractiveness according to the math, I'm at my most confident.

No. 253640

Translation: women are becoming more and more aware of their worth and need men less and less therefore they need to keep setting the bar lower to manipulate younger women


No. 253645

Then why are mens most searched catagory of porn is milfs and mature and most fantasize with being with older women while women don't innately find older men attractive physically? Males projecting is hilarious, they're the ones who have a harder time getting it up and going for more rounds after they're 24.

No. 253647

Oh to live in the alternate reality where I'm already beyond having to worry about pregnancy because sure I can just assume I'm practically infertile at my age.. guys I wish your shit was true but docs say otherwise.

Reality is we've to work on the assumption that we are fertile for roughly 40 years. I've met more women stressed out by that fact than I've met women with fertility struggles.

No. 253649

Im confused at your statement. Women are fertile in their 40s

No. 253650

Imagine being this moid and thinking you've made a point with this shit. They just can't seem to grasp that our worst fear is not not being fuckable by a moid who only thinks about breeding. It'd be an insult to compare them to apes because even they are more socially and emotionally aware.

No. 253658

File: 1648987041216.jpg (84.92 KB, 828x828, FPMwtapVsAEGJl7.jpg)

lmao check this shit, they're so predictable, pathetic

No. 253660

File: 1648987462708.png (19.11 KB, 424x182, kek.png)

and he's trying to lie about it, sis really made some numbers on this incel for him to write such a thread just cause she broke up with him, she dodged a bullet

No. 253675

KEK great ending

No. 253676

'Fertile for 40 years' means starting at puberty onwards.. early teens to menopause

No. 253685

Lol a woman isn't even at peak fertility at 23, her best years are 25 to 35 with the most ideal age being around 30. The delusion.

No. 253689

Alot of women report their mid thirties as being the age their sex drive peaks aswell as being the most satifying years sexually. I'm not quite there yet but I'm feeling it. I remember googling it lately and being bombarded with all this info female sexuality in your thirties. Had no clue before that. Welcome to the horny years.

The age men apparently 'desired me most' were the same years I could barely enjoy sex out of lack of experience and lack of ability to speak up and ask for what I want. I look back on those sexual experiences and it was nowhere near even the one percent risk of pregnancy attached. It's sad that some men want to forever sexualize an age where women are often having sex for validation or pleasing the other person more so than ever considering their own pleasure.. and they want to tell women at their actual peak of sexual drive that they're soo undesirable because what all men really want is… sex for procreation? Yeah sure kek. They want 'young and dumb and giving' They want one sided sexual experiences with easily molded young women and they want to knock you up to trap you because they know they NEED to trap you.

No. 253692

>It's sad that some men want to forever sexualize an age where women are often having sex for validation or pleasing the other person
But anon… That's the sole reason why they sexualize it…

No. 253702

My mother got pregnant with me first try at almost 40, but she decided to pick someone a decade younger. Wouldn't surprise me if the effect of men's age on fertility is heavily downplayed.

No. 253727

File: 1649006809035.jpeg (33.01 KB, 500x383, 4E86BC30-B17F-4C47-85EB-CD9A1A…)

Gore ladies heads up

No. 253748

My parents had me at 40. They spent years trying to conceive my brother and then when he was 5 they had a surprise baby they weren't trying for. Fertility is never as black and white as online scrotes like to paint it to be. Sometimes actively trying is what stresses people out and prevents the pregnancy cruelly enough.

One honest downside though is I lost a parent when I was only in my early twenties. I've seen men say that god blesses them with the ability to procreate til they die of old age so it must be a good idea… I just wish men would accept the reality that similar rules apply on both sides. Autism rates are high in underage pregnancies and also in 40 somethings. Your twenties and thirties are on paper the safest decades and your mid forties is a grey area with complications increasing, for both sexes. Men want to live in lala land where sperm is eternally good and eggs have like 5 good years. It's such a cope to have to go to extremes like that to hopefully scare some women into settling for their asses while still young.

And more women are deciding they just don't want kids so they better get to work on making up a new scare tactic.

No. 257003

I actually think my face losing fat and doing typical aging things is making me look better. I'm the original anon from >>183084 and I'm almost 26. I'm still babyfaced and people think I'm 17, but my face is obviously changing and is leaner. I love it. It looks more elegant. I genuinely think I'll look better at 30-35 than I ever did at 18-23 or whenever our stereotypical "peak" is.

Idk, I'm less worried about aging a year on from my original post. I don't want kids so I don't care about "hitting the wall" or finding a man young. I've also had some health scares and it made me care more about experiences and family over looking youthful forever.

No. 257093

The older I get the more unaffected I feel by aging. I already missed the "normal" milestone ages, I've turned 29 and sat around with my mom and dad on a weekend doing nothing and can't really feel anything. People don't ask me about my relationship status, I guess they are either assuming I'm a lesbian or like undateable in my private life.
I think I'll mostly be a weird lady all my life, even if I do end up in a long-term relationship, I don't have a desire to even cohabitate with a man as I am forunate enough to have my own apartment, even if it is tiny.

No. 258771

I looked horrible as teenager and I didn't start looking better until 21. You take care of yourself, you'll for sure be better looking than you were in your teens and early childhood.

A lot of factors play into like learning to dress better, investing in skincare, learning how to style your hair, etc. Don't buy into it, most people look same if not better in their mid 20s to late 30s.

No. 258782

I looked like hot trash until around 23. Then one day around 24-25 my face slimmed and I looked good lol. Along with learning proper makeup, but my proportions finally balanced on my face.

No. 258783

I'm 26 and got pregnant literally the very first time we did it while I was ovulating. The internet broke my brain so much that I didn't expect this, because I genuiely thought I'm not at muh peak fertility so we would have to spend a while trying.

Regarding aging, I only feel "old" when I realize how immature I am. I feel a bit behind my friends of my age because my "career" is not existent (I just pick odd jobs where I can since I dropped out of college) and still waste most of my free time making retarded posts online, and have been since I was a teen. The other day I was on discord and realized that I was talking with people who were almost a decade younger than me. Makes me just feel a bit retarded desu.

No. 258784

Congrats on the baby, I can't imagine being pregnant at 26, I need at last another decade, though I will feel jealous that by then some people have 10 year olds and I'm dealing with a screaming toddler in my 30s.

I feel the discord thing. It's a bit wtf when someone 14 or something joins.

No. 258844

i kinda felt this way at 22, mostly because i had been obese until 19, and even when i lost the weight and thought i was as 'hot' as i was ever gonna get i still had some loose skin and looked heavier than i would have if id never been overweight. i really felt like id missed/ruined my chances at ever looking like an actual womanly woman.

5 years later i have none of the same worries. im about 15lbs up from my lowest weight (because maybe a grown adult shouldnt weigh under 100lbs, who'd have thought?) and i feel more comfortable with myself than i ever had before. i used to be so worried i was going to skip my 'morticia addams' phase and go straight from wednesday to grandma but the reality is you are NOT done growing and changing at any point in your life really. and plenty of celebs and whatnot look much better at 30 than 18.

No. 262835

File: 1652201337523.jpeg (191.96 KB, 828x378, 3D998133-7D8B-47E0-8EB8-55EC44…)

Shamelessly taken from Reddit but, is this not the ideal scenario in the older years? And it’s more realistic than hitting the wall.

No. 262836

File: 1652201439662.jpeg (371.36 KB, 828x995, 3FF52375-62A1-4F56-956D-41B9D5…)

And this is the original post the comment was responding to. Still on theme with the thread. Attraction and flirtation can exist in the older years if you’re confident and have the right attitude.

No. 262839

True Margot Robbie also looked much better after getting to her late 20s and upwards

No. 262843

Having your first child at 36 would automatically put you at high risk for pregnancy complications. After 35 is considered a "geriatric pregnancy" and the chances of having a child with autism, down symdrome or any other type of birth defect skyrocket.

No. 262861

>birth defect skyrocket
This is more than a bit dramatic. There's an increase but in terms of autism it's not a skyrocketing of rates like people often claim. There's a steady increase in all those rates and both parents ages play a role. Again.. it's steady. Teens are at inceased risk too weirdly enough. Older men with much younger women have an increase and they don't know if the age gap itself plays a role or why that happens. There's some golden years with the least amount of risk on paper but.. you also have to have kids when you feel ready to have them. People have to weigh up those factors too. Scaring women with claims of 'rocketing birth defect rates' is some weird shit to be doing on this thread of all threads lol
>Why do older men have higher odds of fathering children with autism? The most prominent hypothesis is that the sperm of older men has accumulated many spontaneous mutations that the men pass along to their children.
>Sperm divide more often than egg cells do. With each division, a cell’s DNA is copied, presenting an opportunity for mutations to occur. One study in Iceland showed that spontaneous, or de novo, mutations accumulate more rapidly in men than in women. Another study in the same country suggested that with each passing year, a man transmits an average of two more of these mutations to his child.
>Some studies have suggested that a woman’s chance of having a child with autism also increases steadily with age. The number of de novo mutations in egg cells increases with age, although to a lesser degree than it does in sperm.
It's worth looking into the stats but rates don't shoot up by your mid thirties. As long as the father isn't a much older man.. it's not that dramatic.

No. 262864

But I thought men age like wine. Shouldn't these silver foxes be out slaying younger women?

No. 262869

This isnt true unless you you marry an expired man.

No. 263086

It's like you only read half of my post. It's not just birth defects, after 35 you're also at higher risk for all pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, stillbirth/miscarriages/premature birth etc. There is a reason doctors consider women after 35 "high risk" by default, it's not just doctors being misogynist or ageist or whatever you think. Also if you want more than one child you might not be able to have that if you start so late, the recommended time between having kids is 18 months. it is much harder to get pregnant and then keep the pregnancy the older you are.

No. 271259

“Skyrocket” is a bit of an exaggeration

No. 271260

If one statement in a post stands out as being so ott retarded then that's the main statement anons will address. It's not that people didn't read the whole post.

No. 271262

my mom had my youngest sibling in her 40s without any problems

No. 271270

That was one person, there's plenty of people who drink and smoke in their pregnancy with no defects but that doesn't mean risks shouldn't be known. Plus it's good to be responsible with the age you have kids. You don't want to be in your 60s with teenagers and then die from old age before you even get to meet your grandkids, watch your kids graduate college, etc. My parents had me when they were older too and I resent them for it. No one wants to try to start their own life and have to worry about what nursing home their parents need to go to

No. 271278

More and more after having children in their mid to late 30s. There's such a small risk and I'm sick of the lies women are told to scare them into getting married to the first loser they see and getting pregnant before 21. It's usually the men that cause the birth defects

No. 271296

18-19 is not the proper age neither. 25-26 are our most fertile years. The truth always lies somewhat inbetween, and what looks to me is young adults are getting pushed into fear of adulthood, especially making a family. Women are told kids will ruin their career and body, men are told marriage will ruin their wealth.

No. 271332

>young adults are getting pushed into fear of adulthood
It's more expensive to live and more difficult to be an "adult" now. At 25-26 you're just starting to make alright money and experiencing fun and freedom to spend it. Why would you then go and ruin all that with a child?

>Women are told kids will ruin their career and body

they will

No. 271339

If you see having a child as "ruining your fun and freedom" then you should probably just not have any.

No. 271340

Yeah haha, I don't want kids. But generally, kids do blunt your fun and freedom.

No. 271349

No. 271354

Pregnancy literally reduces the grey matter in your brain and makes your cells age faster kek. Be a breeder if you want, just don't lie that pregnancy doesn't ruin women.

No. 271395

Cringe + misogynistic

No. 271403

File: 1655849686660.jpg (86.8 KB, 962x328, h73veozni0c2124.jpg)

Right because it's sooo evolutionarily advantageous to limit our 'most fertile years' to… literally a 2 year period lmao. Women can and historically always had kids late, it's just that their first child wasn't in their late 30s and it was more like their 10th.

Anyway everyone has different risk tolerances, if you prioritize lowering the risk of fertility problems by getting pregnant on a very specific timeline then fine. I just hope you have the same energy to lecture and judge moids who think they can marry a 20 year old in their 40s and expect no issues.

No. 271404

>and what looks to me is young adults are getting pushed into fear of adulthood, especially making a family.
or maybe people don't have the money and time for one because the economy is fucked. people can barely afford a 1 bedroom apartment now and both parents would have to work instead of spending time with the child.

No. 271453

> No one wants to try to start their own life and have to worry about what nursing home their parents need to go to

The average age of a nursing home resident is in their 80s. Even if someone had a kid exactly at the ancient age of 40, that means they’d be headed into a nursing home when their kid themselves is also exactly 40. That’s perfectly normal. Your late 30s and onward is when your parents start to get elderly and need care.

That’s also just an average anyway. Your parents could die when you’re a child. Your parents could have medical issues young and need care in their 50s or 60s. It’s a gamble. That’s life.

No. 271463

my ex moid had parents with a 25 year age gap, dad was 55 and mom was 30. He's autistic, ADHD and dyslexic. And made retarded milf comments.

No. 271467

… what do you mean about retarded milf comments? ugh…

No. 271469

about how hot milfs are, would make mommy milker comments, just dumb shit like that. nice guy in general but just so so autistic my god.

No. 271472

exhausting and a pain to be around. i expected worse given your phrasing and the age of his mother but still, not a fun time.

No. 271474

he would suck my tits and go "mmm milk". fucking idiot. the shit I used to do for a hot man, disgusting.

his mom was a normal age (55 yo when he was 25), it was his dad (80 years old kek). it's like it primed him to accept these weird relationships.

No. 292203

Aging as a woman is having hip pain and playing 20 question to find out the reason for your diarrhea :(

I miss my younger body

No. 292205

File: 1664832116370.png (327.39 KB, 840x880, 22-226205_клипарт-бабушка.png)

I plan to cope with becoming a babushka by having children and living vicariously through them.

I can't decide if I should have a single one to avoid splitting the inheritance or if I should have ten because big brained kids are likely to do okay on their own. Maybe I will have two or three.

I think living a middle class life on a low budget is still possible in parts of the country. The Midwest is cheap, the public schools are okay, thrift shop clothes are often in good condition and books can be pirated.

No. 292210

Honestly the whole age thing is proof society holds women, not men, to insane standards and I find it kind of funny there's so many men that say the most evil, dehumanizing stuff in terms of it then turn around and claim it doesn't "count" as an unrealistic standard in spite of basically saying aging oppresses women.

I'm disappointed in general that people don't seem to be embracing body neutrality and seem to be further embracing ageism.

No. 292211

File: 1664837677591.jpg (36.44 KB, 1024x647, 1647196475222.jpg)

Reminder that anyone that is trying to argue otherwise is probably some variety of trad wife that is subtly trying to encourage women to be trapped when they're still extremely young and without any support networks.

There are 100s of different factors that influence the viability of a child–some that easily has a greater, more linear effect on a child's outcomes and health than, say, being 20 as opposed to 29 when having a child. The physiological reality being focused on (again in spite of it also applying to men) is because of misogyny and the fact that most men are incapable of loving women for their soul, nor caring about most things that would contribute to a healthy, intelligent child.

No. 292250

This is what’s most evil about encouraging the tardwife lifestyle. It’s rooted in pedophilia and fetishization of youth and virginity.

So they’re encouraging girls to get married off at 16-18 and pop out babies by 20. To become ‘property’ of their husband and gift themselves to him, to rely on him financially and emotionally.

We already know scrotes are completely incapable of genuine monogamy, are shit at emotional support and inevitably abuse any power they’re given, so the risk of a woman being cheated on by her scrote is very high. A tardhusband’s penchant for younger girls never goes away as his wife ages and her body becomes increasingly racked with the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth, and the fact she has no financial independence also traps her.

It’s no wonder many of these women either end up deeply neurotic and depressed and trapped in a loveless marriage which they take out on the kids because they’re afraid of confronting their breadwinner. The price of being a pickme. Or, if they have any self respect, they divorce the dude and still end up single moms. I remember browsing Christian mingle and it was full of Mormon women in their early to mid twenties who were divorced single moms looking for a new father for their kids. It was very depressing. And of course moids of a species are so egotistical and paranoid about preserving their own genes, they have a primitive competitive contempt for the offspring of another man, which heightens the risk of abuse, and makes it way harder for single mothers to find a quality new partner.

It’s just a horrible deeply flawed system rooted in patriarchal insecurity where the only winner is the moid.

No. 292256

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
I love it. I was scared at first but I'm aging like fine wine and enjoy being the hot mom
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
Had a guy message me on a dating to specify he was looking for "YOUNG" girls and I was like ?? You're 33 I'm 26 how much younger do you want? And then he said like 15 and I was like oh it's not that I'm not young enough you're just a pedophile and I blocked and reported him. Other than that most of the belittling I've had from men was actually from me not being old enough
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I don't cope because I don't care, the biggest one to me is just age related weight gain which I work out and eat healthy so I'm a healthy weight, most moids are retarded and will claim to prefer younger women because looks or something but are often too retarded to tell the difference between a 35 yr old and 25 yr old unless the woman decided to do crack those years
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Watch moids actions over their words. They will swear on their nans grave that no men will prefer a woman past 30, meanwhile men have treated me tons better as I got older. I assume it's because younger women tend to attract distant and manipulative men so it gives off the impression men aren't actually interested where as men who go for older women understand they need to put in more effort and be consistent

No. 292262

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
Grateful. Growing older is a luxury and many people are not afforded it.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
I’m sure I have been perceived as lesser at times, but do I care? That’s the difference. Why should I be a prisoner of other peoples thoughts or live my life trying to appease them?
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
I refuse to be held hostage by terroristic male ideals. These things can only hurt you if you let them. Once you stop giving a shit, these insults or notions become powerless.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Stop giving a shit and stop allowing yourself to be held captive and silenced into submission by moids opinions and thoughts. Most men have pedo tendencies, this is a given part of the blackpill. If relationships are really that important to you. Then there is nothing you can do except find a moid who likes milfs. Or if youre smart, just become volcel. I swear young women take men and relationships far too seriously. I guarantee you, men don’t take women or relationships even a fraction as seriously as you.

No. 297761

File: 1667652302554.png (859.4 KB, 1361x468, isabellelux.PNG)

Just came across this woman, she has multiple articles on herself about how she shocks the internet "looking like she's in her 20 even though she's 30" and… holy shit, seriously, what people think 30 year olds look like? I'm 30 myself, a lot of my friends are around this age too, she doesn't really look younger than most of us; it all really depends on a bone structure and facial features.
She does all this shit with ice cold showers every day, face masks every night, literally teaching herself how to not use facial muscles and not to do exaggerated expressions and for what, a lot of people her age look the same doing neither of these things. It reminds me how awful it is to fall into anti-aging internet rabbit holes, listening to people like her makes you feel like you MUST subject yourself to multistep, insane regimens like that, it's tough to unlearn.

No. 297828

kek, all getting older has taught me is that people have bizzare ideas of how to determine age visually. like I guess in tge public awareness 30 is either exhausted tired mom, drug addiction that makes you look much older, or "OMG BUT YOU DONT LOOK 30?" as if having a 23 part skin scare routine you must abide by nightly makes a huge difference to the average person.

No. 298948

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?
In regards to physical appearance, I'm not that bothered but I don't want to deal with hair dye when it's time for me to go grey (it's more about liking my hair colour than disliking being grey, pale hair sucks on me). More seriously, I looked up how many weeks there were in an average human life and it hurt me to see how little my mother has left. All I ever hear about the elderly is dementia and health problems so I'm naturally primed to be scared to become very old. I'm also unsure if I will ever have kids, I'll probably never be ready and wealthy enough to, I would love them very much but I just cynically don't see it happening before the menopause. I sort of wanted to be a mother at around 26 but it's really coming and going.
>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
Only because they (both men and women) think I'm a child. It's because I wear jeans and hoodies with no makeup and a rucksack if I'm not going somewhere with a dress code, usually the library, so they probably think I'm a high school kid. When I ask for help they're much kinder and forgiving, especially professionals, which is nice but at the same time I'm not sure I'm taken as seriously as I should be. Then again when people knock on my door and see me they usually ask for my parents and I get away with telling them mom and dad aren't in lol.
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
There are other things in life that are more fun, interesting, and thought provoking to experience than beauty, which does not last forever. I pretty much don't look at modern pop culture, news, or celebrity gossip so much of the pressure of those expectations doesn't exist in my life. I just look at the real, unaugmented women around where I live and feel okay about being average among them. Men exploit womens' natural beauty all the time so what they think about how a woman looks is total trash to use as a guideline.
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
Not really. Keep amassing wisdom, experience, and wealth so you can tell others to piss off when you need to.

No. 298949

Most people who make looking youthful their whole personality miss the point because I've never seen one who actually looks hot. This woman looks clean, but not especially attractive (to me anyway) and I don't get why people who are so obsessed with youth do it if it's not like they especially attractive in the first place. I mean, for fuck's sake, she's only 30.

I think equally weird is the crowd of women like that one who are obsessed with aging youthful WITHOUT muh botox/fillers/plastic surgery, but then they do every single trick in the book that is "noninvasive" to make themselves look young and I feel like that kills as much time, effort, and money as if you did plastic surgery or filler. Like, you're still putting in so much effort as person who does botox/filler/plastic surgery and for what? It's so odd to me.

No. 299055

I encourage you (the nona reading this) to NOT tether yourself to a moid, if you do, have a backup plan and a secret savings because I’ve seen so many older married women be just so lonely and unloved. They watch their husbands hit on young waitresses, they watch them look at teen porn and their husbands act sort of grossed out by them. Is that really what you want?… I saw one of my friends dad who was born in 1969 btw follows a girl who graduated in 2019.

No. 299056

Samefag, he is indeed married.

No. 299941

It's people buying into incel logic that women magically become wrinkled up saggy hags overnight when they turn 30. "A woman in her 30s without wrinkles or sagging skin? INCONCEIVABLE!"

No. 299957

i'm almost 30 now but anytime a stranger learns my age they are shocked and say i don't look my age.
i thought people were just being nice at first because i definitely have signs of aging but it's happened too much now to seemingly just have everyone just being nice?
my skin isn't particularly great, so i thought about it what is making people think this and i realized dressing a little trendy really helps with making someone appear more "youthful".
i'm considered a millennial i guess and there's plenty of things in common with what millennials and zoomers wear still, but little things like going for a small y2k style shoulder bag over something like a big tote does give you a younger vibe.

No. 300039

being almost 30 makes you realize the fact that no one knows what an actual 30 year old looks like. it's not like on your 30th birthday you're forced to get rid of all your clothes and shop exclusively at ann taylor kek

No. 300040

Sort of related to this, I’m 27 and I have no idea how I’m supposed to dress anymore. I get told all the time I look younger than my age, and I don’t really mind that but I think it’s mostly from my clothes and the fact that I don’t wear make up rather than physically looking young. I don’t want to come off as looking juvenile and I’d like to look my age as I get closer to 30 and after that, but I also don’t want to totally sacrifice my personal style or shop at places like Ann Taylor kek.

No. 300050

I'm almost 34 and still clip stuffed animals to my bag, dye my hair alternative colors, and wear mostly black clothing. Imo the idea that you must adhere to "age appropriate" dress is outdated and a form of oppression. Why should I compromise the way I have always liked to express myself through fashion just because I reached some imaginary sell by date lol.

No. 300055

you sound embarrassing like the woman in a board game het poly couple

No. 300056

Jfc that’s brutal nonnie kek

No. 300058

people look at celebrities like Alexa Demie and say that they look so young when they are still young kek

No. 300060

Ntayrt but you sound so weird and conceited, yuck

No. 300068

This isn't 1880 where you marry a farmer at 13 and die during childbirth of your 8th child at 17 or become a spinster at 15. she can pull it off. I wish I saw less people dressed boring all the time.

No. 300088

I hope you get the courage someday to be yourself nonna, I believe in you!

No. 300440

and you sound boring.

No. 304489

the same standard now applies to men, essentially standards have gotten so ludicrous, partially because of all of you . nowadays anyone who doesn't look like a stylized fictional character or fit extreme niches is ''disgusting'' or something. for men and women both i think
it's gotten to the point where aging and basically living your life as you normally would are now ''death sentences'', and everyone wants to look 14 forever, whereas previously this was just an exegerration. noone wants to be an adult anymore because the world sucks so much and it's bled over into beauty standards. ''cute'' has been the downfall of the world

No. 304493

Scrote tier post. Have you even seen the /g/ threads? There’s love for everyone from scrawny twig boys to schlubby middleaged men, men are absolutely afforded more leeway than women are

No. 304501

Bitter sexless tradthot alert

No. 304503

Go outside and look at normies walking around. Most people dress utterly unremarkable and ordinary. If you get all your input from tiktok and insta i could see how you'd think that. Also stop caping for men ew

No. 304514

why are
you typing
like this

No. 304519

silence faggot you are a pustulent worm beneath my boot

No. 304530

It's been a month anon, time to let go

No. 304539

>now applies to men
I wish kek. Scrotes chimp at women wanting anything above a slob who hates them and wants to be coddled and seethe about women that are anything different from the women in their porn videos because of their self-made erectile dysfunction/coom addiction kek.

No. 305652

I hate dylan mulvaney but people laughing at his crows feet really cuts deep for me since I'm slightly younger than him and also have pretty deep smile lines. I guess I just have bad genes though, I've had wrinkly eyelids since I was a teenager.

No. 305675

If you are a woman, you will never look like him because you have more fat on your face. Don't take it too personally.

No. 305777

The anons who obsess over wrinkles on cows have them too. It's like a rule of gossip boards, anons only pick on the things they're the most insecure about.

No. 306247

I’m in my mid 30s and I love it. Ten years ago I got harassed on the street every day by horny moids & now I’m invisible to those men. I still get hit on more than I’d like but it’s much classier now and never on the street.
I have a few grey hairs & wrinkles but I don’t usually mind those. I am bothered by my nasolabial folds but I think that’s just because they’re such a meme. I can’t really be too bothered by my wrinkles because I have EDS, so my skin is always going to be weird because it’s so stretchy and congenitally collagen-deficient.
I am bothered by my arthritis and the cumulative damage making exercise more difficult. I miss being strong and athletic. And I miss having a fat ass kek.
The things that really sadden me about aging are the ones that remind me of my diminishing fertility. I’m not in a financial position to start trying and that makes me feel like a failure. I haven’t hit any major milestones.
Also fuck filters. I was messed up in the head about all this til I downloaded faceapp so I could do the gender swap thing as a joke. I had no idea how far they’d come in the last few years. Now I don’t worry anymore because I realise nothing online is real. I feel sad for young women and girls growing up now with those artificial pressures.

No. 310830

I go in waves of "did I waste my youth?" and "Wow I'm seriously living my best life." I really do have a good life rn so I try to remind myself to be grateful for all these things that I dreamed I would have in my 20s.

No. 311058

Here are my thoughts on this whole thing. It is mostly european or western society centric so I cant say I am speaking for entire world.

This whole ageism (The wall) thing is absolute INCEL MOID propaganda and semi-new at that.

Pre 20th century, women were expected to marry young because they were expected to pop out babies until their fourties. Those children were meant to work in the fields or (if sons) become future soldiers to go fight in moid wars. See the problem here? You were basically a brood mare for a moid-led society that treated life of your children as a resource so a king moid could have soldiers in his army or to work in fields so king moid could collect taxes, leaving little for your family to survive on. Also infant mortality rate was high too, and many mothers had at least one child die. This is where the "woman should be young" bullshit originates from.

Around 20th century, after world wars, living standards got higher. There are no needs to birth tons of children anymore and infant mortality rate is WAY smaller. You could focus on your life, career and hobbies more. So could your children, as more care was given to them. Therefore you did not have to start popping kids at 18. Also feminism was on the rise, and as years went on, women gained many rights were able to actually become independent members of society and not husband's property. There are still some comments around being "too old" at 30, but those were influenced by centuries of women subjugation of being a property and a broodmare.

Now moids noticed that because they lost that tiny bit of power and they do not have the same grip on society as they once had. However they are obsessed with power. They want to be kings who powertrip and lead pointless wars where thousands die, bringing ruin to society just for their own ego. They need women to be below them and subjugated to them in every aspect. Also, now that women are free to choose, these genetic trash men do not get their free wife appliance anymore - and they are angry. So now in 21st century they are working hardest to bring back the "old ways". Abortion rights got taken away. Feminism is getting ruined from inside by "liberal feminism" (that is led by moids). Women who are ONLY 25 are getting told they are too old? Too old for what exactly??

When I was a child/teen, me and other girls actually wanted to become older. Nobody feared 30. Nowadays I see women crying about how they are turning 23. Or girls who fear aging past 16. It is awful that the moid propaganda is working.

If you tie your value to your age, you are shitting on everything women in the past have fought for. You are letting moids gain more power and the more power they gain - the more misery they make. They will make the world go back to the dark ages if they can, all for the sake of their peen. So, even if you are being bombarded with propaganda, please remember:

The fact that you are able to turn 30 without being forcibly tied to some moid and forced to birth children since 18 is the proof of your FREEDOM AS A HUMAN BEING.

No. 311072

Oh god lemme get on my soapbox for a bit, the whole "25+ is too old" shit is pissing me off. Fucking redpillers, incels, manosphere, dateless scrotes are pushing their new ideal age of a woman down to 25. No joke.
I'm fascinated by the whole manosphere red pill world so I listen to some of their shows, and I swear they're getting more extreme. Their whole ideology is a counter reaction to feminism and women getting freedom in modern times.

Men lost, they know it. That's why single lonely dateless wonders are desperately looking towards redpill/manosph. influencers or pick up artists for help. Manosphere influencers are pushing the ideology of "reproductive strategy", that women only want resources. So they teach men to fuck as much as possible and get rich asap, and by 35 they'll peak. When they peak at 35+, there will be a young beautiful fertile 22 year old at the end waiting for them. And they say 25+ is leftover women. They even use words like 'train your woman', so it's obvious why they want someone under 25. The irony of it all, these influencers are not married themselves kek. Also they push men to do a one end open relationships, the man can cheat but the woman can't because ideally she should be 'loyal'. Basically they want a harem, and women will allow if the guy is rich because of "reproductive strategy".

Do yourself a favor y'all when dating, ask what shows or etc they listen to asap and cut the scrote off if anything sounds manosphere aligned. These moids haven't caught up to modern times and haven't realized they need a grounded good personality, normal hobbies, be interesting, etc to be date worthy. Women don't have to settle for a loser anymore and they're lost over it kekk

No. 311089

When I was a kid I thought one was pretty much a kid until one turned 30, like 20 was just pre adult for figuring things out and being young and dumb. Was surprised when I turned 20 and learned people thought 20 was adult and 25 old.

No. 311113

I've been benjamin buttoning it since 10. I looked older than my age, my body was still childish but my face looked like kate moss or something, people really told me I am going to be a model, because I hit peak fast, skinny, high cheekbones, beautiful hair, and my dads side was tall so they assumed the height would catch up. As a middle school student I was asked what uni I went too. It sucked. I stayed thin but never grew any taller so modeling was not even on my mind and ended up with body dysmorphia because I would hear endlessly how nice my appearance is when I couldn't see it. Got to my 20s and I went to fly and the dude asked for me ID again because he thought I was 16. Then second puberty gave me some boobs, still thin but hey boobs. And I stopped aging. Getting to late 20s people to thought I was still 20. I dated a guy a year younger than me, we met his cousin and he goes "Why are you dating a minor?" At 30 old woman were surprised at my age and gossiped "No way, she is so little."

I am 31, I have an adult body and 166cm height. Idk why everyone thinks I am so young but I will gladly take it to make up for looking like an adult as a child. I would love to show you guys my child photo but I don't want to dox myself, just imagine a supermodel head on a childs body lol.

No. 311120

This brag isn't even humble, lol. You sound like a troon describing his ideal self.

No. 311121

Same, the only people I see struggling with aging in their 20/30’s are either mentally ill or to some degree swallowed “the wall” rhetoric whole sale and don’t notice it. Its normal to get existential as you get older, but I have yet to experience a well adjusted person talking to me about hitting 25 like you’re middle aged now. Its always just weirdos with really severe hangups that are entirely based in online opinions/thoughts that don’t translate to society at all. Most people I meet don’t even know when generations ended/started when it comes to zoomers/millenials and take whatever a random tik tok teen said at face value.

No. 311318

16 to 25? moid detected

No. 311324

a quick google age should tell you it's late 20s and early 30s. fuck off, moid

No. 311331

i hope you die

No. 311334

File: 1675477631732.png (87.14 KB, 275x216, 19975A32-C3B1-4671-B8DF-35E230…)

Get lost scrote. You don’t know anything about biology or autism, which is odd considering how far down the spectrum you are

No. 311351

>wanting highschoolers to have kids

No. 311373

the reason there's an increased amount of autism is therapists overdiagnosing autism combined with social media and retards like you

No. 311375

For someone who hates autistics this hard, you sound like an autist yourself. I'm someone who works in med field and the rise of autism is definitely because of over diagnosis, wrongly diagnosing normal but antisocial or weird people as autists is unfortunately very common.

No. 311377

you sound like a pedophile

No. 311411

File: 1675539817224.jpg (966.75 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_9475.jpg)

I literally dressed like picrel after I hit 25 because I thought it was "age appropriate" and being into altfash was at that age was "cringe" and people were judging me, then at 30 I found an alternative fashion I absolutely fell in love with and now my entire wardrobe is filled with it and I'm just loving it so much and going to wear it to my old folks home. Thinking that it's only for the very tiny age slot of 16 to 24 is retarded, I'm not going to wear mom attire for 50 years just so some insecure petty bitches don't have to feel bad about not having the spine to put on anything past sweaters and skinny jeans themselves.

No. 311506

File: 1675619849849.png (633.12 KB, 755x1011, 20230205_144737.png)

My parents have been referring to me as "nearly 30" since I was 19. While this is strikingly retarded, because I used to have such bad mental health, for a while it did get to me and make me really stressed and guilty for not accomplishing things. But ironically it developed into some kind of reverse psychology thing, so now that I'm actually approaching 30, I feel super indifferent, sometimes I even think I should maybe care, but in the end of the day I can't. I guess I've been 30 for a decade already and the world just goes on unchanged, so whatever.

No. 311507

What the fuck even is this retarded thread title kek. Some of you embarrass me so much.

No. 311512

I used to be worried about aging when I was a child, like 9 years old, because moids on the internet would tell me that I was perfect as a child, and I wouldn't get hit on unless my age was 9 on the internet.
I thought I needed to get married by the time I was 15 years old, have a kid at 18 years old, and enjoy my life once my kids got old enough to feign for themselves, so I could be young, have some energy, and not an old lady with lots of physical issues.
I think about it sometimes, it's kind of funny how I was so pressed about it as a literal child, I don't even know where I got the idea of needing to get married so young, because my parents would actually tell me that I didn't need to worry about anything like that.
I would ask a lot about the right time for getting married and having kids, my mom didn't have me too young, like she wasn't a teen mom, she was like 28 years old, which is honestly young but yeah, at least she wasn't a teen or a child.
When I was 20 years old I worried a lot again, I wanted to graduate quickly, get a job and do something useful at home, because my brother had a good paying job at 21.
And I still feel bad about it, like what if I had been a better student? What if I had picked a better career unlike literature? I kind of wish my parents would've been pushier when I was choosing my career and would've told me to study languages instead or literature, maybe I would've graduated at the "right age" and I would've started being productive.
But I also think that in the end it's not fair, why do we have to push ourselves from a young age to graduate as quickly as possible? Sure, I've been suicidal since I was a teen, but going to university and failing at an "easy" career made me try killing myself a few times.
Nowadays I just cope, I will be 30 years old soon, without a boyfriend, or a kid, without my own house bought with my own money, not knowing how to drive, without a car of my own, without being able to buy things for myself.
And I don't even care anymore, I'm doing my best, I'm sure I will look great once I'm 40 or 50, or 60, I will wear whatever I want, eat whatever my body lets me eat, wear makeup or not, study a new career, finish the career I started when I was 18, maybe get into some nice hobby that could give me money, like knitting or sewing. And I will be happy because I'm glad I never went too far with the whole thing of wanting to live fast and die young.

No. 311555

Kinda proud of you for realizing your parents acted like absolute drooling retards towards you. Not everyone can do that. I love how they unknowingly pushed you towards not giving a fuck and realizing what they wanted to push on you is bullshit. Wild. I think your reaction is fascinating.

No. 338656

I'm not very worried about getting older nonny. I get mistaken for a teenager despite being around my mid 20s. I eat well, exercise, and wear sunscreen. Women generally shouldn't worry about getting older considering it's a lot easier for us to maintain our looks. We never have to worry about balding. I look forward to watching my pathetic, dusty incel relatives slowly bald and gain weight while I'll still look like a beautiful older oneesan

No. 409641

File: 1719478580150.gif (875.1 KB, 480x260, emmat.gif)

I just came across this gif of Emma Thompson and thought of bumping this thread. This woman has aged like fine wine to me. I hated how my face changed when I started puberty and several years later I'm noticing that I'm growing into my features. I can't wait to reach my 30s and finally lose all the hormonal puffiness around my jaw (thankfully it's almost gone). I've never considered having cosmetic surgery but finding that the few female celebrities that don't have any work done are ageing this good is making me feel even more confident about it.

No. 410217


necro bump because every woman needs to read this

No. 410249

>When I was a child/teen, me and other girls actually wanted to become older. Nobody feared 30. Nowadays I see women crying about how they are turning 23. Or girls who fear aging past 16. It is awful that the moid propaganda is working.

I’m a millennial and this is the weirdest fucking thing to me. I’ve mentioned this to people and nobody seems to know what I’m talking about but there's been a definite shift. I clearly remember being 17 and my friends and I all wanted to lie and say we were in our 20s, it was just “cool” to be an older, sexy adult. Now I see younger women at 19 referring to themselves as “literally a child” and a lot of emphasis on looking like schoolgirls, but sexy, and “coquettes” (which to me just seems like DDLG fetish stuff but idk. I love bows and pearls too but there’s something weird here). I’ve seen women crying online that their lives “are over” once they turn 25 and a LOT of emphasis on plastic surgery to look more like a little girl or a doll or anime-inspired features. I know youth has always been praised since the beginning of time, but it seems to be super ramped up and women seem to think they need to look and act like teenage hentai drawings and it’s so odd.

No. 410252

Asian media and standards have crept in. Outside of butthurt incels and pedos moids really do not care. Moids do not give a shit about wrinkles in general, the ones that do are faggots.

Zoomers in general seem to think life ends at 30. Pornsick scrotes absolutely contribute to this but so do 80 IQ kpop stans oogling over jung kwoo duk until he turns 25 and is shoved into an office cabinet for the latest model

No. 410284

Remember that movie “13 going on 30”? The character was a teen who wanted to be “thirty, flirty, and thriving”. Don’t see much of that lately.

No. 410287

Kpop has been a disaster for the human race. It’s just a giant child-trafficking ring honestly, they even go to other countries and “scout” girls who get taken back to Korea not even knowing the langue sometimes. No one can convince me this is okay kek I can not imagine why the parents let them go. And then, like you said, they literally throw them away when they’re mid-twenties like they’re expired. Just stealing their youth and glorifying it during their idol days, then toss them before the botched effects of all that plastic surgery start showing

No. 410333

This. And they’re all getting fillers and Botox thinking it makes them look young, when all they’re doing is making themselves look like they’re in their mid 30s to 40.
I keep seeing videos of women with injections saying “I’m 23 and I look so young!” And they look 42.

No. 410334

Kpop industry is ate stage capitalism on steroids but kids just don't understand that.

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