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No. 161397

We have an ex boyfriend thread, but can we have an ex girlfriend thread?
This thread is for the bad, the good, the amazing, the regret, the nasty and the horror stories. Maybe you had a loser ex gf or maybe you were the loser ex gf.
Post stories, advice, questions, discussion etc

No. 161545

I wanted to keep being friends with my ex gf but it isnt working,has anyone succesfully remained friends with their ex?

No. 161960

I'm friends with some exes now, and even friends with the people they dated after me. I think the key component is giving each other some time and distance. Once she/you move on, it's easier to reconcile differences and rekindle the shared interests and experiences that drew you together in the first place. If it's still a decently fresh breakup, though, try giving it a few months or even a year or so.

No. 187509

File: 1621943778444.jpg (60.35 KB, 919x720, 123y134y3.jpg)

>gf and i both I 16
>break up after a few months because it is long distance and also Im an immature asshole and not ready for relationships anyway
>she wants to "stay friends"
>brags about sex she has with others, makes fun of me not getting any
>calls me in the middle of the night threatening to kill herself or self harm
>says the suicide would be my fault
>meet once, she sits on the floor of a train station and cries for like an hour
>then forces a kiss on me
>eventually I cut contact
>tries to message me for like six years

No. 187542

Weird, I went through nearly the exact same thing when I was 13/14. Hope you've had better luck since.

No. 187552

File: 1621960953679.jpg (119.2 KB, 1200x966, EbQt5V7WsAAhP5t.jpg)

>get introduced to girl who was a lot of the same autistic interests as me
>start hanging out, go on a few dates shes really into me
>make it clear im into radical feminism, she's cool with it
>she asks me out, i roll with it even tho im clearly not as into her as shes itno me
>we end up dating for like 4 years
>she borrows my radical feminist books, buys me new ones, writes her high school and eventually college papers based on those books
>we decide to do long distance
>it gets boring
>we decide to have an open relationship of all things
>she sleeps with a bunch of women and one male nb which traumatizes her because dick
>sleep with a classmate she was always jealous of
>neglect to tell her bc i know shell lose her shit
>eventually realize the relationship is dead
>break up with her when shes back in our city over her break (it would have been rude to do it over facebook)
>start dating classmate instead
>she loses her shit and blocks me everywhere
>this was 4 years ago
>now shes dating a totally gender conforming female he/they and shes a she/they
>shes still making vagueposts and tiktoks about me
>gets thousands on likes whining about how i tricked her into a relationship without disclosing i was a terf and how terves are a cult

No. 187554

That is complete scum behavior. Sorry anon

No. 187558

Holy fuck, what a bitch. I'm sorry, nonny. You don't deserve that. I had a very similar experience with my ex and I'm still bitter about how she portrays me to her friends like she wasn't laughing at troons with me when we were together. Thank god she's not getting thousands of likes on public posts though, ngl I would out her a terve if she did that. I wouldn't even hesitate to do it either lmao.

No. 187743

I am the loser ex gf. I know some of you will think this story is fake but believe it or not it's true.
>14, kissless virgin
>Meet a nice girl on an oekaki board dedicated to a popular cartoon
>We ship the same retarded background characters and her art is amazing
>We draw art requests for each other and compliment the shit out of each other
>Message each other multiple times a day until she gives me her phone number
>Find out we live in the same state and decide to meet at an anime convention so we can be friends irl

>16, we meet

>She's adorable and bubbly and we have a very fun day at the con
>She starts feeling under the weather and ready to leave
>I kiss her on the cheek goodbye
>She kisses me on the lips
>Get butterflies for her but it'll never work out because we are long distance, shrug it off
>She texts me a few days later telling me she loves me and can't go on being friends with me. If I won't reciprocate her feelings she doesn't want to be friends anymore
>She's my bestest friend, I think she's attractive, and I'm a no longer kissless virgin, willing to give it a shot
>We are happy long distance lesbians
>A few weeks later she has a meltdown saying she is not a lesbian and that lesbians are gross
>Okay let's just be friends again
>She's not okay with that, she still loves me and wants to be together
>So where do we go from here?
>She somehow turns it around and gets me to start talking about my many insecurities and what a loser I am
>She tells me I must be a male on the inside and that's why she loves me
>She sends me tons of references about trooning out and proof that my insecurities make me a male
>this was in the mid 2000s before trooning was big and I had no real public troons to be red flags for me, thought I could really become a real male that she could love
>I don't want to lose my bestie so I agree to pretend to be a male
>She makes me leave my oekaki community because they know me as a female
>She gives me a male name and I make a new male identity on every online space
>Make loads of online friends larping as a sensitive male artist
>Tell my gf I feel like shit because I'm lying, she tells me I'm not lying I'm just expressing my true inner self and one day the outside will match the inside
>She sends me a fucking Onision Speaks video about trannies
>She says I look like him and she thinks he's hot
>I want to die, he looks like soyboy Frankenstein's monster, is that really what I look like?
>Stay with her because who else could love a fuggo like onion and apparently me?


>She emails me nudes out of the blue, I delete them and tell her never to send them to me again because we are still minors
>She accuses me of not being attracted to her, I assure her that I love her but don't ever send me pictures like this
>She threatens to rope, I spend hours consoling her
>Same thing happens 5 or 6 times over the next 6 months
>relationship turns super volatile
>I start failing my classes, distancing myself from everyone irl and getting in trouble at home
>I tell her I want some space and assure her I have no interest in dating others but I just need to focus on school
>She tells all of our online friends that I'm a female larping as a male
>All of my online friends hate me and send me long messages about how they are hurt and they trusted me
>I apologize to them and tell them I never meant to hurt them, that I feel like a male on the inside whatever the fuck that means, and that their friendship means so much to me
>They all tell me "she needs us now more than you do, anon"
>They never speak to me again but evidently keep in contact with her
>Gf apologizes to me and wants to get back together
>I am now completely friendless so I accept,
>She then insists that I give her all of my online passwords, I accept because I have nothing to hide


>I have made some more friends online still with a male identity
>One is very close with both me and gf, we have a lot of fun drawing art for each other, she gives us both her phone number
>Friend calls my gf on the phone and I can only text her because I have a female voice
>At some point after talking on the phone with my gf for a while, friend thinks something is off with our relationship, asks me if I'm okay
>I tell her I'm not okay, open up about how gf turned my friends against me and how badly it fucked with my head
>But I can't bring myself to tell her I'm a female because of what happened last time so I exclude that little detail
>Friend and I are really close platonically and I am absolutely terrified that gf will out me as a female
>I tell gf this and she assures me that she would never do that again and she's really sorry about having done that
>I am made a moderator of a forum website I frequent
>Gf logs into my account to ban someone that annoys her but has done nothing wrong
>I tell her that she can't have access to that account anymore and change the password
>She accuses me of not giving her the password because I'm trying to cheat on her with someone on the forum
>I ask Friend what I should do, tell her I'm worried she will try to turn everyone against me again if I don't give in
>Friend tells me that it's reasonable for me to not give her access to that account and that she has my back and will always be my friend no matter what
>I tell gf I will not give her the password
>Gf tells Friend I'm not a male
>Friend tells me I'm a liar and she hates me and that I should kill myself
>Ex gf tells me to kill myself
>Fucking fine I'll kill myself!
>Quickly talk myself out of it because roping over this would be retarded
>They put me on blast online saying I'm an abuser who threatens suicide and has received nudes from a minor
>I leave the internet
>They continue to harass me over the phone for the next six months leaving angry voicemails and texts
>I block them but they just buy burner phones to keep calling and messaging me so I give up and accept the abuse as punishment for my idiocy

>20, I graduate beauty school and work at a hair salon, fairly successful for my level of experience

>Ex gf hits me up, apologizes for what happens
>She is going to college in my area, wants to meet up
>I stupidly agree to meet and we actually have a good time
>Maybe this could work out now that we can be together in person?
>She's been telling people we were together this whole time and still pretending I'm a male, doesn't want to be seen with me on campus because I'm obviously female
>She also dropped Friend and says she never liked her in the first place
>I am shattered
>But then I end up sleeping with her because I'm an idiot virgin who is desperate for her approval because she was my first love
>The next morning she tells me I need to commit to trooning or we can't be together
>She convinces a therapist to give me a discounted rate for troon therapy to get approval for hormones
>Therapist diagnoses me with BDD, confirms that our relationship is insane
>I break up with her again
>I get six more months of abuse material directed at my fucking workplace
>I quit my job out of shame and give up on my budding career

>30, new career, successful, happy, love my female body, super cute and don't look like onion after all

>See this thread and write this massive post about ex gf being a jerk
>Realize I was a jerk too and am a jerk for writing this
>I really miss her
>Realize for the first time that my ex gf was probably groomed by Onision videos and that's why she didn't want to be in lesbians with me and why she thought my rejection of her nudes was a desire to cheat on her
How did I never put 2 and 2 together until now? Fuck. I hope she's okay.

No. 187765

you might have been a jerk but shes been absolutely insane and being second hand groomed from some scrote's dumbass videos is not an excuse for putting you through that shit. hope you live a happy healthy life away from her

No. 187794

Nonny you're not a therapist, you were young yourself, it's not your fault for not noticing that she was groomed while she groomed you into thinking you're meant to be male. Don't sweat it.

No. 187804

Thanks for talking me down nonnas. I really wanted to get the story off my chest and let things go but then these feelings started bubbling up knowing what I know now about that scrote she was enamored with and how his vids might have encouraged her to act that way. You're right we were both dumb teens and it's retarded to blame myself for her watching that drivel. I wish my codependent tranny grooming saga didn't take up so much of both of our youths, but I was able to get my life back on track so she probably made it out okay too.

No. 187813

Glad you're feeling better, nonita. I had an ex who treated me like a pseudoman, she didn't groom me but she sure as hell made me feel like I should've been born a male so I kinda know how you feel. I'm sure your ex has came to her senses now, especially with what has come out about onion man. Stay strong. ♥

No. 187835

>me, 17 yr old closeted lesbian, just broke up with abusive bf
>start dating 18 yr old 'asexual bi-romantic' friend from highschool (we had both just graduated).
>we mutually agree that the relationship won't be sexual because we both weren't ready for it and we were both living at home with crazy conservative parents
>never so much as hold hands or exchange a peck on the cheek during the entirety of the relationship
>won't make any plans for the future and living away from home
>never express romantic emotions or do 'girlfriend' type things
>hug once in a parking lot before saying goodbye and cling like a loser for about a minute because so fucking touch starved
>feel incredibly isolated and rejected, suicidal thoughts come back
>ask to break up because it feels like she only sees me as a friend
"oh thank god"
>rage out, block on fucking everything
>find out that she's dating my ex bf about a year later

We ended up on speaking terms again about two years ago, but we aren't friends by any means. I still feel a lot of guilt for my reaction to her, I said some nasty things during the breakup.

No. 187904

Well, I was reminded of this ones existence today so why not vent about her.

>be me, mid 20s, "functional" drug addict

>queueing to get drugs in traphouse, cute-ish girl in front of me starts making conversation
>we talk for a couple minutes about mostly normal people things
>"anon… wanna come back to mine?"
>not really my type but I like how forward she is and I'm in my ho phase so I said yes
>we fuck, it was alright but she gave me a LOT of hassle about wanting to use protection and it kinda kills the mood
>do drugs after to ease the awkward feelings
>end up fucking her and getting high on the reg, it morphs into a relationship of sorts
>she tells me she loves me, I did not love her but I thought it would be mean to not say anything so my dumbass says it back
>she ends up dealing drugs herself
>her sexual demands get progressively kinkier, I am not at all happy doing these risky things but I feel like she has a hold on me so I say yes
>I'm consumed by self-loathing and using so much drugs that I am no longer "functional"
>sex life is appalling, she's a demanding pillow princess and I'm doing whatever fucked up thing she wants because I'm an easily guilt tripped and manipulated autist (and the drugs don't help)
>she becomes an uber paranoid cokehead dealer
>she has guns. plural. she threatened me with them more than once but I brush it off as her being "zany"
>the few friends she didn't isolate me from convince me I need help and it actually works
>I break up with her and go to rehab
>end up with health problems, she gets back in touch and we reconcile as friends as she seemed more stable
>I get a new gf. I'm clean and living a pretty good life
>end up having a bit of a crisis with work, my personal life, mental health, etc
>go and talk to my ex, things are ok, I fall asleep on her sofa watching a film with her
>wake up to her sexually assaulting me, I freak the fuck out, grab her and throw her against the wall then grab my things and leave
>relapse, spend about a week isolating myself, constantly scrubbing myself raw in the shower and getting high
>I confide in my gf and my friends, tell them I won't report her though as I "was practically asking for it" by seeing her and letting my guard down
>my friend who knew she was dealing takes matters into her own hands and reports her to the police
>ex gets arrested for possession of drugs with intent to sell, she didn't have the guns anymore but they did find several knives
>she gets sentenced to about 12 years in prison
>I pick myself up and move on with my life, move to the other end of a country for a fresh start
>ofc her criminal ass gets a hold of a contraband phone in prison, I have to change my email and phone number to stop her spamming me apologies and begging me to visit her
>3 years pass
>this morning I hear from old friends that she's allegedly up for parole for good behaviour
>I'm clean and sober, now working for NA and AA and am happily engaged to a new woman
>now feel incredibly tempted to drink or worse because this demon is still haunting me

No. 187996

Wild read. Glad you didn't troon out, anon. Did she ever get help for her (obvious) internalized homophobia? Lesbians have it so rough these days I can't help but feel sorry for her and you.

No. 188001

I'm glad you're sober and all but men aren't allowed to post here.

No. 188087

I'm not a fucking man. Are you so thick you think lesbians can't use protection during sex? Log off.

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