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File: 1607265992321.jpg (27.93 KB, 552x670, 16427286_790671944419075_31346…)

No. 162310

>Thread for subs
>sharing images. guides and memes
>Ideal fantasies
>/past/future/present relationships with male and female doms

No. 162317

File: 1607267937281.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, 57ec29fa077dccf2018b8c62.jpeg)

No. 162330

File: 1607272362139.png (194.06 KB, 499x499, jfgp1rgex3441.png)

No. 162333

can't you fit in the femdom thread? do we need a femvers thread too? and for every other retarded bdsm term

No. 162339

This is clearly just a scrote who’s mad we have a femdom thread but no thread about wanting to be subservient to males. seethe harder kek

No. 162341

I want to participate but also don't want to provide fap fodder if this thread really was made by a scrote

No. 162344

yep total scrote alert.

No. 162345

Glad I'm not the only one side-eyeing this kek

No. 162356

>op image literally depicting being used by random faceless men

yep that checks out

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