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No. 163483

With all this time at home, I've taken an interest in at home spa treatments.
>Have you been to a spa? Likes? Dislikes? Favorite part?
>Ever hosted or been to a spa party?
>What about at home? Products and tools you've used?

No. 163485

To kick things off, I'll share some of my experiences.

Sugar scrubs are my absolute favorite as I always come out with soft skin after. Never use it on your face of course but the rest is fine. Bought a face steamer from Amazon that work pretty well. I use it before and during giving myself a facial since I don't want to over exfoliate with towels.

As for going to spas, I've been to both cheap ones and expensive ones and I gotta be honest, the massages at cheap ones feel better than the expensive ones but I like rough and hard massages so that may be why. Some places are too gentle. The best one I've had was from a small Asian lady that walked and knee'd my back. Facial though seem to be better at the higher end places in my experience.

No. 163501

File: 1608196160189.jpg (35.69 KB, 675x675, 49668_xlarge.jpg)

>Have you been to a spa? Likes? Dislikes? Favorite part?
Yes, both in Australia and Japan so the different approaches to relaxation and 'spa environment' were interesting. I loved the opened air onsen & different heat stone rooms with the focus on meditation. I don't like spa music, working in aged care/ pallative care I hear a lot of it and it reminds me of work.
>Ever hosted or been to a spa party?
I've been to a few spa parties with bridal groups and the biggest issue is what people expect to receive as treatments. You're being pushed through as a group so there's no time to personalize a facial without it impacting on other treatments. During a friends party, a bridesmaid couldn't understand that we only had two choices: 90min massage & facial or 90min reflexology pedi & mani combo. She cracked the shits about not being able to get both of them and when the spa staff tried to accommodate she refused to pay extra. Total drama queen wanting her instagram photos to be perfect but refusing to spend the money for the 'extras'

I've also been to one that someone held at their house as a surprise for the bride, it was more low key but organized much better in regards to food, booze and quality of the treatments. It was organized with the idea everyone would get foot reflexology massage or a indian head massage so no massage table needed just a massage chair.

>What about at home? Products and tools you've used?

I love sugar scrubs and scrub mitts but I'm still on the hunt for a really good body oil.
Atm I'm using ThankYou Botanical Cedarwood Clay Body Scrub and it smells amazing

No. 163514

I book spa weekend vacations when I just want to relax and pamper myself.
I don't ever use treatments, I rarely get a massage, I go there exclusively for the baths. I choose spas according to the kinds of natural springs they have.
Can't use the sauna or hot sulfur baths because they make me faint. The salt room is stupid, not gonna sit there. I try not to think of other people's hygiene habits when we're marinating in the same pool.
My favourite spa vacation was one winter weekend in Hungary in an open air spa. Would recommend hot open air spas in winter to everyone, even if you don't like spas otherwise, it's such an interesting experience, totally worth the trip. Something about splashing around in a bikini on -5C makes me childishly giddy, and the warm water in the cold feels like a mother's embrace.

No. 163528

I went to a spa once with my mom and sister, it was very nice. You could stay all day for a fee and pay extra to schedule a massage. We all got massages and the woman that did mine had similar career interests so it was nice to talk to her during it. There was a sauna, swimming pool, exercise room and I really loved the lounge areas where everyone was sitting around in robes drinking tea. I didn’t go to everything but the laissez-faire atmosphere made me want to do it again sometime.

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