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No. 165529

Did anyone here have one?
I know I might be judged for this, but I have an Onlyfans and I really hate my big labia. I don't show it off but don't exactly hide it either and men always say nice things about it and even pay me for photos/videos where I show it, but I still dislike it. I earn a lot of money so I know it's not like people find it repulsive or anything. (Just mentioning this to show that I don't hate it because of negative comments.)

It's not just how it looks, but it can be uncomfortable when I'm wearing leggings or lace panties, I even have to move them out of the way when I masturbate otherwise they are just in the way and I can't feel anything. Sorry if this is TMI. I found a really good surgeon who said she has never taken too much off, she is a labiaplasty specialist and was really reassuring. But I'm really scared of losing sensation or sex being painful afterwards. Trading the current occasional discomfort (and my dislike for it) for that wouldn't be worth it. Does anyone have experience with it? I have my surgery booked for the end of February but still kind of undecided.(>>>plastic surgery thread)

No. 165531

There is a plastic surgery thread already.

No. 165532

>I have an Onlyfans

No. 165533

File: 1609694884848.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, bruh.jpeg)

Remember when this was a radfem site?

No. 165534

Get rid of the onlyfans and keep your labia.

No. 165535

Get a labotomy while you're at it, anon.

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