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File: 1610571172624.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.43 KB, 800x1200, AF37C8E0-57AC-4896-BD9E-3C120D…)

No. 166843

Pls radfems don’t hate me for this but I really like porn. If it’s good (in example: kinkybabies) and female-gazey enough

I’m still mentally recovering from tumblr apocalypse because I lost my porn blog with 2945 black and white images of girls kissing

Tldr i’m drunk and horny and I’d like to know if there’s any place to share stupid artsy erotic pictures(read the rules)

No. 166846

isn't posting porn against the rules across all boards lol

No. 166849

That doesn’t really look aesthetic.

No. 166850

Whats the difference between "female-gaze" porn and lesbian fetishization then?

No. 166851

fuck off coomer

No. 166854

If this is the type of shit that was on your blog, nothing of value was lost, anon
they look out of it

No. 166857

Then why is the femdom thread still up

No. 166874

Fuck perish, your taste is shit

No. 166889

File: 1610587330992.jpeg (Spoiler Image,22.73 KB, 180x135, BB8A7EBA-01CD-4214-B7DF-DD07E9…)

No. 166890

File: 1610587376124.jpeg (86.96 KB, 1280x630, B3C8D482-E026-4055-A3B0-C2D12C…)

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