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File: 1610799109192.jpg (255.4 KB, 1360x962, 2020_09_03_103594_1599102089._…)

No. 167304

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

In my bisexual opinion Cate Blanchett is not that hot.

No. 167310

File: 1610803655576.jpg (723.01 KB, 1689x2048, MV5BMTM3OTUwMDYwNl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Scarlett Johansson, she's cute and all ofc but I've seen her called hottest woman ever so many times, and put on pedestal in so many "hottness rankings" I feel like I'm missing something here.

No. 167312

File: 1610805693023.jpg (57.96 KB, 700x700, 24420842e1bdcd813c8cea33da4c5d…)

idk what people see in her

No. 167314

Margo Robbie - I cannot truly say shes ugly facially bc she's eurocentric af, but there is something about her than I find.. like.. insane? She creeps me out, and my monkey brain screeches that she will bite my clit off.
I watched her Go To Bed With Me thing and she gives me 110% narc vibes. Offending my sensibilities !

No. 167316

File: 1610808094933.png (5.48 KB, 367x381, nocorrelation.png)

>I cannot truly say shes ugly facially bc she's eurocentric af
explain this part, please

No. 167319

Since when has Cate Blanchette been shilled as attractive?

No. 167320

She's been shilled as attractive among wlw since Carol and that part in some Marvel movie.

No. 167324

File: 1610813395061.jpeg (51.96 KB, 640x819, 85941FF0-6FDE-4861-BFBA-FAC425…)

That bitch

No. 167326

Should just name this thread “women im jealous of”

No. 167327

File: 1610814048568.jpg (805.31 KB, 2417x3000, MV5BMTRhNzQ3NGMtZmQ1Mi00ZTViLT…)

Something about Anne Hathaway's face genuinely unnerves me. She looks like when people asking for ransom send notes where all the letters are cut out of magazines. All her features look too big and improvised

No. 167328

Not all of us are straight here, anon

No. 167330

>implying you cannot want to fuck someone and be them at the same time

No. 167334

This is toxic thinking. Women are allowed to not find other women attractive without it being jealousy. Don't let the patriarchy live rent free in your mind

No. 167336

File: 1610816052634.jpg (129.89 KB, 1200x1200, 0_Charlize-Theron.jpg)

Not really ugly, but still not that pretty. Also annyoing and gives off woke racist white savior vibes.

No. 167338

I don't even agree with the jealousy!!! anon, I was just pointing out a flaw in the logic
her eyebrows are too long, they trigger my trich

No. 167341

File: 1610817455446.jpg (63.62 KB, 488x745, alexandradaddario.jpg)

The color of her eyes are is striking but other than that her face is scary to me. She reminds me of the girl from the Exorcist

No. 167342

File: 1610817871775.jpg (73.66 KB, 887x888, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Her features are so sharp

No. 167344

File: 1610818189421.jpeg (207.49 KB, 1486x1068, 3B5D1FA9-B372-48A3-81FD-B2F762…)

I really don’t see it, in fact, she’s downright ugly to me.

No. 167346

Toxic thinking” sorry but you cannot convince me that calling obviously beautiful women “ugly” like Margot Robbie or Megan Fox isn’t jealousy

Kinda agree with Chrissy tiegen and Ivanka but they’re obviously lauded as attractive because they have huge boobs and not for their faces, so calling them ugly is kind of a moot point lmfao

No. 167347

do you go into the "Males shilled as attractive that (You find) are ugly" thread to say the same shit too?
come on anon

No. 167348

No because this isn’t a site for men. If it was then yes I would call them jealous

No. 167349

So you’re like a femcel who is mad you can’t get with them then? Joke is still on you

No. 167350

did you forget about lesbians, because this site has a fair amount of them kek

No. 167351

>Post women you find overrated
Not all of the women posted have to be ugly by your personal standards.

No. 167352

*femcel lesbians

No. 167353

File: 1610819808479.jpg (4.3 MB, 2848x4288, Julia_Roberts_2011_Shankbone_3…)

So straight/bi anons who don't find Ryan Gosling attractive are just femcels who are mad they can't get with him?


No. 167354

Ryan gosling is attractive because he’s tall and talented, much like Adam driver. This isn’t hard to understand. Any woman who thinks men need to have perfect faces to be “hot” is likely an autistic femcel. It’s like the female version of Incels breaking down men’s facial structure and seeing if they’re the true chad or not. Autistic as all fuck

No. 167355

File: 1610820698113.png (74.68 KB, 645x729, d27.png)

"not having the exact same tastes as I do makes you a jealous autistic femcel!"

stop shitting up the thread now, will you? before we all get banned for infighting

No. 167357

So Adam driver is ugly, Ryan gosling is ugly, Megan Fox is ugly, Margot Robbie is ugly. Who the fuck is attractive then? Anime characters? Yes you are an autistic femcel retard if you don’t find plenty celebrities at least mildly attractive. Sorry retard. Don’t care about infighting this thread is shit and should be banned

No. 167358

File: 1610821015946.jpg (76.09 KB, 840x506, hzgk9kpTURBXy9mN2Y3M2VkYWY3NWI…)

Not ugly, just overrated

No. 167360

the black thing is male I think, wrong thread

No. 167361

File: 1610821642118.jpg (44.82 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMTQyNjgzODI5OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

>Ryan gosling is attractive because he’s tall and talented, much like Adam driver. This isn’t hard to understand.
What shouldn't be hard to understand is that everything is subjective. You find Adam Driver attractive? Great. Not everyone does though.

I've always found her horsey

No. 167364

File: 1610822637561.jpeg (154.3 KB, 1080x1092, D60A6CBE-87BE-4919-A665-F06E78…)

Her surgery has completely ruined any uniqueness she had to her features. She looks botched. Pitiful because she was cute during her victorious days, now she looks like every instathot with even worse procedures

No. 167370

Csn we get an Ariana thread already?? We need it.

No. 167389

An ariana thread would be worse than the kpop threads. We'd get an insurgence of teenage retards screaming for blood

No. 167390

File: 1610833914563.jpg (35.47 KB, 900x675, 900_675_20__20200304150432.jpg)

Actually the ugliest in BP and her queen bee act makes her even less appealing

No. 167391

You must’ve never looked Jisoo in the face with her dead eyes and non existing jaw

No. 167396

File: 1610834959039.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1149x1317, 4A20EC7A-AF9A-4F65-9DCD-5CF58F…)

I can’t help but think of that squashed doll face meme when I see her, her personality is ugly too from what I’ve read

No. 167397

File: 1610835072429.jpg (40.31 KB, 720x720, ariana-grande-positions-era-th…)

She really freaked me out in this picture. Can't put my finger on it but she's pushing into the uncanny valley for me.

No. 167398

She's just another obnoxious rich woman whom normies love for some reason for being "relatable" and "witty" (aka being retarded on social media)

No. 167399

>dead eyes and non existing jaw
Literally Jenny

No. 167400

The lower half of her face and huge head shoop is approaching tranny tier a la PnP

No. 167402

anon i seriously doubt stan twitter even knows about imageboard culture let alone this website.

No. 167405

Ariana never even needed work done, she was naturally a very pretty girl who surgerized all the italian out of her face.

No. 167407

File: 1610835774783.jpg (201.46 KB, 1024x683, ariana-grande-reebok-4.jpg)

Her best face was 2017 before she went overboard with the fillers post-Manchester and post-Mac's death

No. 167409

File: 1610836488270.jpg (63.25 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNjk1MjIxNjUxNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Many people stumbled upon this site while looking up other things, what makes you think stan twitter kids couldn't stumble upon lolcow while googling Ariana Grande for example? How do you think the K-pop threads were constantly shit up to the point that they had to be banned altogether?

Back to the thread topic, I find Jennifer Aniston really plain honestly.

No. 167410

Which is why we should shoot them on sight, use slurs and shit on their gender identity as much as possible

No. 167412

She's an example of meme popularity, just men going dumb blonde chick hot ooga ooga

No. 167415

The lip overlining needs to stop

I find all the bp girls homely

No. 167417

Trying to tell us jennifer aniston was SOOO hot in the 90s-00s was the biggest shill that ever existed

No. 167418

File: 1610838432650.jpg (67.18 KB, 500x700, 2e7486866d73a1cb383102046bb383…)

I hate her eyebrows they're so hideous

No. 167419

File: 1610838549459.jpg (38.98 KB, 537x470, cb9544816ceaa52247f0be203cd1ee…)

I always found her hideous like her mouth is huge she just screams butterface to me

No. 167422

File: 1610838988709.jpg (313.45 KB, 1279x1600, 4xjb3d8eh7o21.jpg)

She just looks like your friends annoying kid sister tbh

No. 167426

Ha so true I totally forgot her. She looks like Brad pitt witch s wig honestly She was cute in friends though

No. 167432

She has lesbian vibes

No. 167441

File: 1610851631348.jpg (186.55 KB, 1080x1338, EvhG5hv.jpg)

So tired of this 'diverse' plain-faced uggo with all the charisma of a wooden plank being shoved in our faces like the next big thing. There are so many far more attractive black/biracial women out there why go with this flea ridden mutt?

No. 167447

Same, she's so overrated I have no idea why she's so loved, she has only one tone of voice, one face, no range whatsoever, she's gonna be 60 still playing the aloof teen character I swear

No. 167449

I did not realize she also has a plank bod until this pic but LOL.

She got to be the "chosen one" of biracialism since naturally biracial only means black/white

No. 167450

megan fox isn't beautiful though, she has sex appeal and that's about it.

No. 167451

I thought the BP girls were cute until I heard them speak, goddamn are they retarded, especially Jennie and Lisa. Every single interview they've been in they sound like airheads. The dumb ditziness made them ugly to me

No. 167452


That's a really good way to put it tbh

No. 167454

OP I hate you so much for making Cate the thread pic, why couldn't you have chosen Scar Jo or Chrissy Teigen

No. 167459

File: 1610857352219.jpeg (511.99 KB, 1365x2048, 62422F9F-297A-452E-893F-6C517B…)

Lily James. Her anteater nose + bucked gap teeth isn’t a good look

No. 167460

File: 1610858162099.jpg (60.87 KB, 506x652, amy-adams.jpg)

As an older anon, I can appreciate that all the women posted are attractive in some way. Not necessarily drop dead gorgeous or whatever, but I wouldn't say any of them are ugly. I find in age I'm more appreciative of others appearances even if it doesn't conform to my own preferences.

Anyway, I'm posting Amy Adams. I can see why people may like her or why she is attractive to some, but she's not my type - I find her to be plain and very regular looking IMO.

No. 167462

I was just watching ther youtube video and couldn’t get over how average she looked without the stage makeup https://youtu.be/erYPvNbc_mc

No. 167464

File: 1610858584552.jpeg (65.5 KB, 900x600, E793268F-6308-488D-B466-A9AA02…)

No. 167465

is this the kpop containment thread now

No. 167467

No. 167469

Is this Irene? She's been treated as the Visual Supreme of Korea for the longest time. Never felt her appeal. Her face looks so plain and basic. Looks like a flat, oval canvas with eyes, nose, lips drawn on by a first grader in art class.

Amy Adams? I sleep. From a technical standpoint, she's actually a good actor. It's too bad she has no charisma or screen presence whatsoever.

No. 167475

File: 1610864412798.jpg (73.75 KB, 700x700, corporatedrones.jpg)

Anything K Pop doesn't register as human to me, I just see corporate drones who were specifically formed to appeal to as many people as possible and nothing is real.

No. 167476

File: 1610864799441.jpg (48.67 KB, 640x639, cross-eyed.jpg)

samefag and not Kpop related, but Jodie Comer's eyes freak me out, they are buggy and sometimes look cross eyed at the same time

No. 167483

don't you dare to talk to my future wife like that, it's what makes her cute!

No. 167485

tbf if they were allowed to show any semblance of intelligence it'd probably scare off the perverse male side of their fanbase and the ten year olds

No. 167488

File: 1610872419425.jpg (53.52 KB, 350x489, shailenewoodley.jpg)

I don't know why, I just have this urge to punch her
I think it's the nose/mouth area

No. 167489

File: 1610873746629.jpg (195.68 KB, 632x759, Audrey_Hepburn_1956.jpg)

No. 167495

if they had any semblance of intelligence they wouldn't be popstars

No. 167521

File: 1610889627239.jpg (285.04 KB, 959x1280, 484szo7_1280.jpg)

I think that she's so beautiful. Really didn't expect her to be posted on this thread

No. 167525

>Ryan gosling is attractive , much like Adam driver
looooool bait too obvious

No. 167531

Hi Angelina!
(Before I get banned, it's a joke)

No. 167540

File: 1610899812383.jpg (382.48 KB, 1333x2000, totallyelle-tierneygearon-004.…)

Elle Fanning.

I'm consistently surprised she is chosen for "mysterious beauty" roles.

No. 167541

She looks like a slightly normal version of Dasha nekrasova

No. 167542

File: 1610900024189.jpg (150.41 KB, 400x400, 5f875db15f09c5cb63399b28_karli…)

Karlie Kloss.

Obviously she is attractive but I'm not sure I would have thought much more than, "Wow what a huge person," if she hadn't specifically been shilled as a hot girl.

No. 167543

Dashsa is less of a dough-face

No. 167544

She’s sooo facially boring to me, Victoria’s Secret models all have this facially homogenous girl next door image which I guess works for the brand but seeing her as a high fashion model just never works for me

No. 167545

Nta, but yeah that's what I think too. She's not ugly but also not what I imagine when I think of someone with a career based on her looks.

No. 167546

I think she's in the same theme as the Fanning sisters which is just pale blondes who got famous when they were children.

For the most part, blonde women tend to be very plain-featured.

No. 167547

Exactly. She's not ugly. Just not interesting to look at.

No. 167551

IMHO she is not attractive at all. She has great body of course but that face…
I always kek at gaylor spergs shilling Kaylie as some human goddess kek
Isn't being beautiful basically a job requirement of playing Galadriel? Besides, I BET Armani is hiring Cate to advertiste their expensive perfumes so that normie women look at her and think 'yes, I sure wanna feel like that uggo! Shut up and take my money, Armani!'

No. 167555

i was so surprised she was cast as cinderella, she looks WAY too masculine imo

No. 167572

I find 99% of celebrities to be completely boring in terms of looks, they all have that bland, manufactured and safe kind of beauty as if not to scare the normies. I don't find them ugly, I'm sure a lot of women would love to look like many of them, but I don't find them hot either, plus the fact that they are celebrities makes them instantly unattractive to me. It goes for both men and women btw.

I've always thought she looked like a Stepford wife or something, she really gives me an uneasy feeling.

No. 167582

Not into Zendaya and I don't think her features are great but they can be "dressed up" really well and this look is a good example of that, can't imagine anyone else in it.

No. 167583

File: 1610917332627.jpg (126.69 KB, 1280x536, MV5BOWNhMWIxMzQtZDU5ZC00MzAyLW…)

Seeing her in The Neon Demon was surreal because she was playing "the perfect model" and all these other tall striking women with far better posture were supposed to pretend to be intimidated by her??

No. 167588

Sorry about ur fucked up eyes and shit taste fuck you!!!!

No. 167591

File: 1610922781039.gif (4.77 MB, 500x500, C2BDC3F6-5752-4FF7-9514-621707…)

No. 167595

she looks like a lizard

No. 167633

Kek agreed. I love her as an actress and I don't think she's hideous (she's average/cute), but her getting parts where she's supposed to be a unique, ethereal beauty is ridiculous to me.

No. 167637

She actually looks extremely unattractive next to the model. Yikes.

Maybe she’s one of those types who is famous for seeming “attainable”

No. 167638

Wasn’t the idea behind that movie her youth? The other models were jealous of her youth, which always wins over beauty. Youth is always preferred in the modeling world

No. 167640

I watched Elle in the Mary Shelley movie recently and I was struck at how little she seems to act at all. Like… her performances are extremely boring to me. Totally flat.

I feel the same about Dakota too.

When it comes to their generation of actors I feel Saoirse Ronan far surpasses them.

No. 167688

Yea it was about her youth and not so much her beauty

No. 167689


She’s an absolute goddess. People who rate her as being “average” are insane incels. She’s absolutely godlike

No. 167692

She looks so ugly without all the drag makeup she always wears. Can't act and is only getting cast in everything cause she was constantly whining abt racism on social media, her as chani is the most retarded casting choice of all time

No. 167693

File: 1610974788626.jpeg (85.05 KB, 660x483, 0426A5DB-E377-4B25-8B9A-D971E4…)

watch out or you’ll wake up the jennie sperg from the old kpop threads

No. 167694

File: 1610974995565.jpg (204.9 KB, 720x1080, ZhKoE-8oDbE.jpg)

can't stand her pig face and smug expression, also nitpick but her cankles are tragic

No. 167701

> tfw im from a country filled w her clones
I don't find her ugly but to me she is super average. Nothing special

No. 167710

Her body type is pretty unfortunate

No. 167711

A lot of incels like her and I think it’s because she seems attainable.

No. 167713

File: 1610981154811.jpeg (94.56 KB, 748x960, 71A7C509-34CD-45F2-AE7A-73A645…)

Even next to somewhat normal looking women she looks really unattractive.

Maybe there is something about her looking young though. There are articles about her being brave enough to take roles portraying teen sexuality. Which makes me think she’s the “it girl” for pedos.

No. 167714

Why does it look like she's always straining her neck? It's really weird.

No. 167717

The neck is one thing, but what is she doing with her lips?

No. 167718

Jesus she looks haggard here. Looking way older than her 22 years already, does not bode well for the future. And I never noticed her giraffe neck before but it’s definitely creepy.

No. 167724

File: 1610985716209.jpeg (127.53 KB, 634x951, 6FBA0594-6EE6-471A-B132-B05FCE…)

She should be styled more masculine.

Hey body is very board-like. I could see her pulling off pant suits really well and that being an interesting look for her.

Plus her face is a little bit boyish looking. Her nose exaggerates the length of her jaw. But when she dresses masculine it makes her face appear more femme.

No. 167725

It's unhealthy to idealize anyone that much.

No. 167729

maybe an unpopular opinion but describing anyone this way about will never not be cringe

No. 167739

File: 1610995827576.jpg (113.16 KB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-200826091954-1200…)

Her face is bugging me

No. 167752

not an elle stan by any means, but she looks better than the lady on the right IMO. her skin looks super radiant and rosy compared to the leathery woman on the right, and being tall makes her look elfin. the giraffe neck is a plus i think, i'd rather be long than stumpy

No. 167754

Not ugly but I always thought Gisele Bundchen looked average. Her face is kinda horse like

No. 167770

File: 1611010189751.jpeg (56.4 KB, 630x1200, CAD9CEEC-1325-4FAC-9321-483E49…)

Never understood. Her face is too big for her features like she has tiny eyes

No. 167773

She doesn't look as bad as her sex robot looking sister

No. 167777

She looks like a Karen

No. 167783

File: 1611012057737.jpg (76.66 KB, 640x722, 8410818.jpg)

I find her look so artificial, on top of that the only "good" pictures of her require hours of posing, makeup and photoshoop to top it all off.

I also found it gross that she maintains obesity for modeling

No. 167793

Completely agree. Was shocked to find out she used to be a model.

No. 167794

There are a lot of models like her whose fame is baffling. It's like people consider them attractive primarily because they're marketed as attractive. I've heard runway/fashion models are chosen more for their lanky body type than facial beauty, which makes sense.

No. 167795

I think she's really cute, but the way people tout her as this legendary timeless beauty is silly.

No. 167796

File: 1611015309623.png (903.36 KB, 642x800, Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 6.14…)

I do not and never have understood why she was considered so beautiful. Style icon, sure. But it looks like her eyes are trying to escape her face.

No. 167797

File: 1611015747589.jpeg (121.71 KB, 950x633, 1.jpeg)

your takes are very interesting to me
OT but I personally find her so beautiful. I get a little bit of Björk and Kirsten Dunst. I think her headshape and all her features are so interesting and unique and still harmonic.
I get what you mean about high fashion though. She is an out-going, flashy performer and can't pull off subtle.

No. 167798

as an anon obsessed with models it's the whole "unconventional attractiveness" that's really popular in the industry because fashion designers don't want people to focus on the model's face on the runway- just the clothes.
unrelated, but I find her very attractive imo she just lacks sex appeal.

No. 167799

pepe irl

No. 167808

Kek I was just thinking this the other day. Her eyes were so wide set and her eyebrows didn’t do her any favors. Her face was so unfortunately square as well.

I think she was popular mostly because the other First Ladies of the time were much older and frumpier. Jackie wore nice clothes and wasn’t 50, but without the styling she wasn’t much to look at.

No. 167821

Tfw I look a lot like her. Ouch

No. 167828

well i think she's really cute, anons itt are unhinged

No. 167843

File: 1611041180315.jpg (540.52 KB, 990x1259, 15827106301335.jpg)

She looks like the damn corpse bride

No. 167851

I’ve seen her irl a few times and she has very severe acne

No. 167853

File: 1611045605579.jpg (56.13 KB, 700x418, fans-confusing-margot-robbie-w…)

Is it strange that I find Margot Robbie really meh but Jaime Pressley really pretty?

OT but you railed nailed it with that description, I always thought we had pretty similar bodies (tall and lanky but also kind of wide at the same time) and I always loved wearing blazers and more masculine silhouettes so I guess now I know why.

No. 167855

I don't realy know who she is but I think she's beautiful. Even more so next to that short woman.

No. 167856

Isn't Kate like 5'6, aka below norm for a runway model?

No. 167858

File: 1611048121882.jpg (137.92 KB, 2048x1153, bella-hadid.jpg)

I feel the same way, Jaime's feature seem to be more harmonious.

Can't stand her and I just don't see it.

No. 167860

I used to think she was in her thirties (only known her post-surgery) but turns out she's only a year older than me kek

Just in general, women who've gotten a lot of work done just don't look that attractive to me, plus it ages them terribly

No. 167862

She looks like some high elf boss you'd fight at the end of a video game. Also, her skin looks painfully tight how does she even open her eyes

No. 167864

Is that you Carla Bruni?

No. 167869

i've always thought gigi was cuter and i was surprised when i found out most people disagree with that, bella looks like she's had a little too much work done

No. 167878

File: 1611059203994.jpg (90.49 KB, 634x855, article-2415464-1BAF4EE6000005…)

I don't think her body is very board-like, she has a waist and hips and even though she's tall she looks kinda short in pics where there's no one else for comparison. But I agree she looks best with loose fitting pants or long skirts because her legs make her look stumpy

No. 167899

I guess rather than being tall and narrow she has wider bone structure which makes her appear shorter.

More straight than curvy though. This body type looks better in straight clothing rather than trying to create curves where there are none. Like that suit looks really good on her

My body is like this too, although I’m not as tall.

No. 167939

File: 1611079322849.gif (1.26 MB, 245x125, 9E265E99-44E0-433D-BAEA-AD46E6…)

I love Melanie Laurent, don’t do her dirty like that

No. 167955

I honestly think she's really striking and can look beautiful when styled right. Her eyes are really vacant because she's probably on drugs being a porn star and all but her features kind of remind me of Cillian Murphy sometimes. Tragic that she's going to age so horribly.

No. 167992

File: 1611096316640.jpg (11.67 KB, 239x288, unnamed.jpg)

It's more that people would compare her to previous wives of presidents, and she does look attractive in comparison

No. 168218

File: 1611261434566.jpg (60.13 KB, 402x550, Megan-Fox-m.jpg)

She looked more beautiful before she ruined her face with fillers imho

No. 168219

File: 1611261455876.jpg (107.33 KB, 400x639, megan_fox_young_pictures-{006}…)

No. 168375

File: 1611350695518.png (709.66 KB, 1047x670, Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 21.20…)

i see her absolutely everywhere. she is so shoved in my face, i literally cant escape her. people in my country consider her especially beautiful but honestly she looks trashy and her eyes are so far apart, like some kind of aquatic livestock. she has such an unhinged stare and looks like shit. i am so sick of seeing this fucking woman it's like im being indoctrinated into thinking shes beautfiul.

probly not a stretch to assume that she comes from extreme wealth and is throwing all her resources at a phony baloney modelling career.

i never want to see her average face ever again. i cant take anymore. please, 'nyane' (such a cringe name),release me.

No. 168376

there is no info on her parents, personal wealth or background, but its very suspicious to me that shes so ugly but somehow models for major brands like PLT and misguided.

No. 168384

i get not liking her look but how is that average-looking

No. 168414

That doesn't make sense to me. There are so many high res shots of her with extremely smooth and clear skin and little to no makeup. I know many people with severe pizza face, you can't cover that shit up to that extent. I don't buy that she is secretly super acne-ridden.

No. 168425

Apparently she has been open about having eczema. That’s easier to hide.

No. 168493

File: 1611430684509.png (3.25 MB, 1848x893, Untitled.png)

No. 168503


More evidence that you just have to be from a rich family who will pay to put you in front of a camera for everyone to find you hot.

A lot of people posted ITT just look like someone you would meet at work and chill with sometimes on the weekend. They're just attractive in a normal way which is fine. But annoying because it's like, "Well if she's famous, why isn't Becky from the office? Oh yeah, because Becky's family isn't loaded."

No. 168505

She's so hot btw.

No. 168507

I must be doing something right because I’ve literally never seen this person in my life

No. 168508

Idk agree to disagree. A lot of people find her look ethereal and beautiful in an otherworldly, non-conventional way. I’m one of those people. She’s gorgeous to me

No. 168515

How can anyone be ethereal with heavy ass eyebrows like those, they've got her weighed down.

No. 168517

Deers are cute idgi
>A lot of people posted ITT just look like someone you would meet at work and chill with sometimes on the weekend.
Where tf do you anons live and can I come?

No. 168523

I live in a major city. I've noticed there are generally more attractive people in cities than suburbs. Maybe because people have more money here? Idk. Literally I just went out and half the people I walked past were attractive.

No. 168564

Better thick eyebrows than thin. She looks like a fairy or elf, she has an otherworldly beauty. That’s my opinion though and my preferred look - conventionally perfect/attractive people really turn me off. There’s something so bland and boring about looking beautiful like a swimsuit model or generic Barbie. Women like Anya stand out in their beauty because they’re unique, which I know is triggering to some because “muhhh flaws my colleague is pretty in an unconventional way too so why am I conventionally ugly”

No. 168708

File: 1611534868566.png (177.78 KB, 400x400, whatever.png)

Aubrey Plaza. I hate her face and I hate her disinterested cool girl persona.

No. 168711

File: 1611535575192.jpg (349.78 KB, 1280x1759, madelaine-petsch.jpg)

No. 168725

Her face reminds me of Gottmik and I hate it

No. 168772

lmfao wth, I don't see it at all.

No. 169534

File: 1611990772000.jpg (276.01 KB, 1077x1353, ef19b848f68137fed8bcd19ef5b796…)

i would like to add billie, i liked her looks before those dumbass lip fillers. they're not the worst possible but i don't get it why would anyone think they look perfect, her lips looked even fine without them. and i find her forced xanor expression irritating.

i don't get it either, she looks even more tired nowadays like she was binge drinking the whole weekday.
i watched lucy about two months ago the first time and god she has aged after that movie.
i just want to punch her small clown lipped mouth lmao.

No. 169535

File: 1611991022202.jpg (211.15 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20210130-090224.jpg)

Yup looks like an alien to me, even claire boucher got more elf like looks than her imho

No. 169559

File: 1612017809236.jpg (239.02 KB, 1440x1440, ella-emhoff-modeling-contract.…)

Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of Kamala Harris that was recently signed by IMG models. She looks like any low effort art school student with pcos

No. 169576

I bet in her private life she’s the most basic boring bitch in the entire world, her personality is so fake

No. 169579

File: 1612024824294.jpeg (25.1 KB, 194x260, 0A50B5A2-BBC6-4569-B088-4E378B…)

She used to look like every Kentucky sorority girl.

No. 169580

File: 1612025086264.png (8.54 KB, 880x81, sss.png)

nooo wtf I didn't know she got lip fillers. ugh, she was so pretty before. this anon said it best

No. 169582

I’m going to hell for saying this but she looks special needs

No. 169583

>Ivan Bart, president of IMG Models, said: “Ella communicates this moment in time. There’s a cheekiness and a joy she exudes.” He said when he saw her at the inauguration, he thought, “Wow, she’s communicating fashion.”

she wasn't scouted for modelesque beauty so she's not really shilled as attractive. she's just relatable and can bring profit to an agency representing her as certain kind of an influencer.

No. 169620

She reminds me of a female Benedict Cumberbatch. They both have long weird faces.

No. 169648

she really looks like a troon here

No. 169673


This looks like shes going to speak to her internet audience about Autism awareness…

She seems the type shilled because of her connections and that thin = pretty

No. 169714

File: 1612117977218.jpeg (33.29 KB, 540x778, 5bad6cdf3c000066000b3044.jpeg)

i always found her so plain and boring looking, "golden ratio" be damned. basing modern beauty on literally ancient standards is retarded

No. 169715

File: 1612118733394.jpg (418.72 KB, 1800x1798, 5sq4u2q.jpg)

No. 169716

Imo she would look way better without all the makeup and shitty clothes, the drag queen tier styling doesn't do her any favours

No. 169718

File: 1612121068989.jpg (199.68 KB, 1080x811, theestallion-130723030-7428089…)

I like her look but she is really pretty without it

No. 169722

Lol, I have a book about math that says the Golden Ratio is basically a load of horse crap and that people are usually approximating it.

No. 169727

Can we just chill with the makeup..she's just stunning without those fake eyelashes. At least get rid of those lashes..

No. 169729

NTA but fucking hell that is so much better. Why is that style of makeup popular to begin with? It looks unholy to me, almost uncanny valley level. It's probably because I live in a place where the norm is simpler makeup, but I just don't get it

No. 169733

It's based off drag queen makeup, which has become super popular in the last few years for some reason. Shame, girls look better with minimalistic makeup. Maybe it'll make a comeback.

Meg's eye shape is so pretty, she doesn't need the excess lashes or crazy shadow at all

No. 169756

for me it's her mouth… she always does this ugly pout and her cupid's bow is too angular. i like her eyes though.

No. 169763

Omg wat she looks absolutely gorgeous like this i wouldn't have known with the terrible look she has going on that makes her look straight off r/mtf, wtf

No. 169780

not to tinfoil but sometimes i have a feeling that a lot of the female rappers' make-up artists secretly hate them, otherwise i can't see why they keep making their clients look like trannies

No. 169783

File: 1612172087735.jpg (46 KB, 800x450, NFENJ.jpg)

No. 169787

meh i wouldn't say they're ugly, just plain
i didn't even know she had lip filler tbh

No. 169807

Wtf, she looks great here. I hate drag makeup so much, it actually ruins faces

No. 169821

This is kinda blowing my mind because I’ve only seen her in a full face before and I lowkey thought she was a bit ugly, but she’s actually stunning.

No. 174089

File: 1614896706542.png (955.01 KB, 1124x1026, screen-shot-2021-01-25-at-10-2…)

I'm afraid she's going to ruin her no make up face with fillers soon if she hasn't already.

No. 174091

Anon what do you expect me to say to this? Lmao this isn’t milk at all

But they look so fucking weird, and they don’t know how to dress at all, I can’t wait until they die off into irrelevancy in the upcoming years

No. 174115

this is /g/ dumbass

No. 174214

her hair is goals tho

No. 174238

File: 1615039509260.jpg (111.01 KB, 1024x683, Belle-Delphine.jpg)

I tried getting a decent pic to be fair to her (also tbh I haven't checked her for months so no idea what she's like rn) but really most of her pics she didn't even look like a human to me, especially when she does those "quirky" expressions.

Furthermore, cursed be her name for her influence in the e-girl movement (and fucking irl ahegao faces, I hate that shit so much)

No. 174239

So plain looking. Their parents just paid for them to be famous.

No. 174283

>>169559 her eyes are way too close together

No. 174295

File: 1615063295416.jpg (63.73 KB, 640x686, p.jpg)

This bitch constantly looks like she's overdosing on benzos

No. 174300

She looks like she's letting out a huge fart

No. 174306

is she a legit becky?

No. 174483

File: 1615188075273.jpg (80.37 KB, 500x500, artworks-000591829253-jui5zu-t…)

hate her, hate how much her label shills her everywhere. hate her shitty music. hate her creepy relationship w/ her brother.

i really despise rich white kids making music, simply bc their family has connections. pic also related.

No. 174490

>creepy relationship w/ her brother
elaborate pls

No. 174495

God I want to lay in that field

No. 174501

nta but I've heard that her brother has a gf that looks identical to billie

No. 174515

It's not her fault if her brother really is an incestuous freak. Hate her music, whatever, but the questionable actions of an older family member should not reflect on a teenage girl.

No. 174864

File: 1615447872030.jpeg (373.95 KB, 1274x1000, 110190F6-F44A-4A39-AA92-2BE24C…)

the nose job is borderline disfiguring to me

No. 174866

File: 1615448187941.jpeg (177.13 KB, 2400x1350, 8627DA8A-87A2-431D-830F-04C4C1…)

I feel like she always looks dehydrated

No. 174867

File: 1615448473629.jpeg (29.81 KB, 330x413, AB64967D-BB43-4D85-8444-2E50C0…)

There was a period of time where Tinashe was being shilled as like the most beautiful woman in the world. I don’t think she looks bad but I feel like she was really overhyped.

No. 174869

I feel bad for Pri. The doctor botched the surgery (which was supposedly during a non-cosmetic polyp removal) and her entire bridge collapsed, requiring several more procedures to even get it where it is now.

No. 174872

File: 1615451328224.jpeg (312.38 KB, 1242x687, E914FF69-2402-4109-AC89-70F4F1…)

I’m sorry but this is so obviously a lie and she just got a botched rhinoplasty. You can’t “accidentally” shave off the bridge of someone’s nose but I still feel bad for her.

No. 174874

I did say "supposedly." Whether or not she lied about it my point remains the same, in that it was botched and the damage made it more difficult to get back to any state of normality.

No. 174905

I don't fucking understand people. I had an ugly nose and got it fixed and am open about it. Just say you got a nosejob, it's okay to get rhinoplasty lol.

No. 174958

File: 1615511404307.png (1.44 MB, 2048x1440, Screenshot_20210311-200955.png)

This bitch

No. 174983

her bangs are so stupid. why does she do her bangs like that. her hair really does look like a bad wig 80% of the time.

I don't even have a problem with a lot of her stances, she's just obnoxious as fuck about them and looks like an uncanny valley knockoff barbie doll.

No. 174991

Oh my god, I didn't know she's this pretty! Her makeup and styling makes her look completely ugly to me for real.

No. 175056

File: 1615589683203.jpg (130.4 KB, 1440x959, ariana-grande-pferdeschwanz-ey…)

Ariana Grande looks like every second 16 year old girl in my country

No. 175058

I can’t get over how there are no pictures of her without those hideous bangs styled in that exact same way. I get it if bangs are your thing, but she has never changed that ugly style since being famous.

If it’s not a wig, she’s never felt any inclination to change her hair over 10+ years? She seriously styles her hair the exact same way every single day? It’s the weirdest thing to me.

No. 175059

K Stew. Not an ugly face but an ugly enough personality to make me dislike everything about her.

No. 175061

Honestly all celebrities today are overrated and basically everything is facetuned, I feel like you could take any woman off the street and with some fillers and facetuned she'd be shilled as the hottest thing since sliced bread, aesthetics are lost.

No. 175064


I don’t say this often but they seriously look like men.

No. 175144

File: 1615655898861.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1548, 0469EB9F-69ED-48D2-BC59-7BF31D…)

Summer Mckeen

No. 175490

File: 1615916483286.jpeg (651.76 KB, 1500x1000, image.jpeg)

I find her pretty average but the way she looked in the interview pissed me off so much for some reason, the outfit, the makeup, the hairstyle… everything's obnoxious.

No. 175492

It looks like several birds took a shit on her shoulder.

No. 175493

I personally find her quite pretty, but I agree about her hair. When I saw her for the first time watching The Good Place I genuinely thought she was wearing a wig for her character and tried to google what her real hair looked like.

No. 175498

File: 1615918625275.jpeg (101.29 KB, 731x894, 1615896431376.jpeg)

Margaret Qualley. She gets shilled as a classic, natural beauty but I just don't see it. I think there's something really off putting about her face that's not necessarily isolated to a single feature. I remember when she was dating Pete Davison and people said they looked alike, they weren't wrong.

No. 175499

Same. I really don't understand what's supposed to be so special or attractive about her. She has one of those weird 16-going-on-60 faces imo

No. 175500

I can see why you would say that but I still think she's pretty. Not in the drop dead gorgeous way but a unique pretty face.

No. 175525

Yeah idk what it is, I love unusual beauty but in my eyes her features just don't work together. I think my perception of her is also influenced by her public persona, I only hear about her in connection to her celebrity mom and PR-staged relationships with shitty guys

No. 175661

File: 1616010367657.jpg (137.97 KB, 1242x1556, moon1.jpg)

i absolutely love her face but the amount of people in the tiktok comments swooning over her hair baffles me, like…if you have long hair at least take care of it it looks dry af in all pictures of her and the bangs are a whole other situation

No. 175698

>that ratty hair
>that expression
>stupid outfit
the bar is in hell

No. 175710

File: 1616043756184.jpg (66.66 KB, 341x750, c7dea619fdb194a57199e4daf49502…)

Looks like a frog

No. 175711

File: 1616043813697.png (305.61 KB, 640x629, screen-shot-2021-02-28-at-6-28…)

I feel like who ever took this picture hates her

No. 175715

She's not aging well at all and she's only 23 yikes

No. 175728

Who is this? I thought this was new skinny Adele until I read >>175715

No. 175735

I don't understand the styling for this pic. Powder blue suits her but the style doesnt suit her dimensions at all, and no necklace with a neckline like that is very hmm. The pose is unfortunate but could've worked with the right styling.
Elle Fanning

No. 175745

File: 1616073158320.jpg (265.53 KB, 1200x1920, 1200px-MJK_68550_Margaret_Qual…)

Personally I think she's very pretty and I love her choice in dresses, but something about her screams "giant asshole" to me. I can't put my finger on why I find her so off-putting.

Ew, that's an awful photo. She can do much better than that.

No. 175751

File: 1616077156038.jpg (279.77 KB, 1028x1370, Margaret_Qualley_Venice_2019_(…)

She has such an interesting face, sometimes I find her beautiful, sometimes strange

No. 175752

All the pictures from this set kinda reveal how ugly she is. She’s got a weird body and a inbred looking face.

I’m just so tired of seeing her cast as the hot girl I’m everything. I can’t suspend my disbelief.

No. 175824

Look wise she's a literal goddess, have you seen the youtube videos of her without makeup? She just wakes up gorgeous. I just think she has a scary smile.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RTnvMup1IQ(embed youtube)

No. 175829

i just wanna know what her forehead looks like

No. 175835

She looks like her mother which is unfortunate. I agree with how they cast her… The Neon Demon was already a shit movie but it turned into a comedy with everyone telling her she’s more gorgeous than the actual models in the movie. Highly unbelievable and she’s a subpar actress which just makes it worse.

No. 175838

butch as hell

ooga booga


tacky as shit

No. 175849

Kek nonny with the drive by roasting

No. 176443

File: 1616623397083.jpeg (195.63 KB, 1080x1440, AC91BE97-5D88-4A0F-9353-116479…)

Bella Hadid. The work she’s had done makes her look much older than 24 and her career is due to nepotism.

No. 176446

Her sister is actually pretty imo, but she has always looked like a grandma to me for some reason. Even that pic is being generous.

No. 176477

her odd body shape too lmao, big ass shoulders

No. 176486

I actually think she was pretty before whatever the hell she had done to her face, now she looks uncanny

No. 176894

File: 1616907958089.jpg (89.61 KB, 346x594, Teen People Young Hollywood pa…)

I always felt like the music industry was trying to meme people into thinking Fergie was beautiful and talented, don't think I ever met a single person that held that opinion though

No. 176920

I'm so glad I'm not the only one, I always hated her face and never understood why people found her attractive!

No. 176934

She went too overboard with plastic surgery and did many procedures she didn't need like the buccal fat removal (which aged her terribly) and the brow lift. It's a shame because she wasn't ugly to begin with.

No. 178108

File: 1617722880504.jpg (124.24 KB, 1243x650, original-4924-1595782252-12.jp…)

idk if anyone really finds lana del rey beautiful on lc but i need to add this picture here still. her wannabe gangsta nancy sinatra-style combined with tacky basics can be off-putting sometimes, but it's her face that has been ruined forever, her face is the worst trait right now. and some of her blind stans keep having the delusion of her still looking like back in 2012.

No. 178109

Her entire face just looks swollen, especially her eyes looks like she went to bed crying

No. 178450

File: 1617901967085.jpeg (144.34 KB, 1024x683, CF13919F-A200-4B6A-8CAF-E2F7FB…)

No. 178471

Literally everyone here hates her appearance to the point of derailing threads for 50 posts lol

No. 178487

I love her music but there is something wrong with her face nowadays…

No. 178523

File: 1617919938939.jpg (268.05 KB, 800x1000, Cara-Delevingne-Variety-Cover-…)

if ben shapiro had a child with a dog

No. 178524

I don't think she looks ugly here just.. au naturel and unkempt? Obviously she's not doing herself any favours with that frizzy beige hair and wonky fillers/whatevers going on in her face.

No. 178526

samefag, I meant naturel as in no make-up or styled hair.

No. 178662

File: 1617995186800.jpg (287.41 KB, 1080x1334, doja cat.jpg)

Her face is very pretty, but her body is nasty to me. She's pear shaped which is "in" right now, but women with her build walk a very thin line between having a nice ass and strong legs and looking like they have lymphedema. Also her diet is disgusting based on her interview with HotNewHipHop.

No. 178670

Doja is gorgeous and I like her body but I wish she would get bangs that full naked forehead makes her look like a bobblehead.

No. 178673

Gotta have that thicc forehead to match, anon.

No. 178676

I feel like that body type only looks good in certain poses. My body is similar so maybe I’m projecting.

No. 178685

I know a few on here crush on her but her weight distribution isn't attractive in my eyes. Her legs look pretty bad in alot of pics. Like you said it's a popular shape right now (the hips and ass tho not so much the whole leg) but she has to pose and work angles to make her bottom half look curvy instead of just chub. Sometimes even the angles don't do it.

No. 178688

Yeah, both of you know where I'm coming from. I have a similar build to her and it's a struggle to look graceful in pictures when the bottom half of your body looks so much heavier than the top. Also much more difficult to lose excess fat when you teeter over a comfortable weight by like 5-10 pounds. Don't get why people keep saying she has the best body in the rap game right now when Rubi Rose and Bree Runway are out there.

No. 178690

ugh yes. I really don't get the hype around her, I think she's hideous tbh

No. 178706

A bit ot but the best body thing comes from dudes who indulge in too much fetish art astroturfing from nerdy spaces into the mainstream. Been seeing a lot of it lately with celebs and e-celebs who are popular with larger male fanbases

No. 178707

She has zero appeal and her acting is atrocious. They’re trying really hard to push her as an it girl but she just looks like an it kek

No. 178708

File: 1618009047099.jpeg (715.68 KB, 1935x2160, 7EA2CBB4-C5B6-472A-B3E5-945348…)

^ same fag… image didn’t post

No. 178709

Doja definitely has a predominantly female fanbase, I wouldn't say she has a larger male fanbase at all. I think people just find it refreshing because her body is natural, most of the time when you see that shape in the media it's from surgery.

No. 178714

I like her, she has a very unique look!

No. 178728

>Bree Runway
glad to see someone mention her but yes she has a great body

No. 178730

she looks better without makeup. this is scary.

No. 178733

Who is pushing her? I feel she is an actress with an organic growth and influence. Her real breakthroughs were The Witch and Split like 5 years ago, won awards, and she has been taking more prominent roles project after project. The Queen's Gambit is the most watched series ever on Netflix, it's normal that the general public will be obsessed with her for some time. Her skills and looks are subjective ofc, but I really don't think she's being pushed. It's not like we see her in every magazine, fashion campaign, news, etc

No. 178737

Hell yeah, she's so fucking overrated it's a crime. I need her to blow up because no one else I know appreciates her music.

No. 178738

*underrated shit lmao

No. 178739

Chill. Out.

No. 178741

File: 1618022495929.jpeg (20.37 KB, 281x351, 9C58DE2B-D0D5-4B5B-9B8C-B83BA2…)

God she is so fucking ugly and I can’t stand her brows looks like she’s going to take me into a sleazy baltic church. Plus her music as I’ve said before reminds me of something that would play in a old navy commercial or something I would listen to in the grocery store. Don’t always believe in the power of lolcow memes anons, worse mistake of my life

No. 178742

shes like a blonde suzy berhow. i have no idea who she is but shes tryin too hard

No. 178743

File: 1618022914281.jpeg (77.15 KB, 400x400, A7859E1E-B08A-43AE-9DA4-4F9351…)

have to disagree with you anon but she is clearly being heavily marketed and typecasted as the cool it girl. The energy she gave in the queens gambit and her role in that unironically reminded me of the live action ramona flowers. picrel but kek look at her bangs holy shit it just fires off everything that a scrote wants to see in a female actor edgy retarded looking bangs and alternative cool girl style

No. 178745

File: 1618025175039.jpg (127.96 KB, 681x871, 339f2882065bb6c2500bfaf8f6b16c…)

What? In that movie she's portraying Magik, a marvel character that has those bangs
If you think I'm being aggresive or something I'd recommend you to talk to people in real life more often

No. 178747

Not the one simping hard telling someone to go outside and talk to people kek

No. 178749

Jeez, it's not like I shat on anon for finding her ugly and untalented. I just shared facts and my opinion on something else, did I touch a nerve? Did she kill your dog or something?

No. 178750

Chill out

No. 178751

nta but how is that "alternative cool girl style"? she looks completely normal

No. 178826

Aside from her horrible music, I almost feel like I should logically find her beautiful but something just doesn't match up and I don't know what it is.

No. 178831

This is exactly how I feel about her too. I still wouldn't say I find her 'ugly' but I feel like I should find her beautiful but I just don't for some reason.

No. 178834

File: 1618081779609.jpeg (166.56 KB, 976x549, 416B36C1-FE78-4C50-9630-F5B248…)

No. 178837

File: 1618082011801.jpeg (53.89 KB, 1000x562, 86AD9929-1234-4E6F-9740-DD5D54…)

I have never understood pokimane’s appeal

No. 178844

truth. i'm ugler than her and elle fanning who was posted earlier and was a model in my early 20s. i think it's different from being an actress, you don't need to be "pretty." you can be weird looking for striking shoots, or very plain because that's a good blank canvas. there are also really tiny details that are a big deal in fashion, there's a rare athletic body type where a lot of the women are basically ugly (i was one of these kek) but it's the only thing that works for some dramatic or futuristic or styled-for-strength looks.
i pray that my lord janniesus will not ban me for this sperg

No. 178846

File: 1618085079471.jpg (632.63 KB, 3500x2280, thanksi'mstraightnow.jpg)

sigourney weaver. ghastly jaw, saggy-and-manly-yet-completely-unathletic body, horrifying boobs. and her mouth lines when she's talking make my vagina dry enough to sacrifice peruvian children in it.

No. 178847

she says the most incredibly dumb shit in real life too. there's an interview with her and the director of the witch where she rambles about how she can feel the spirits of the women burned in Salem (they weren't burned and they also weren't witches) and dark energies and all the other LA crystal healer airhead shit

No. 178854

I dont think she was ever shilled as attractive though

No. 178858

You sound like a scrote, calm down.

No. 178859

nah dude, scrotes actually love her. apparently she's considered super hot in galaxy quest and ghostbusters? i don't get it.

No. 178861

Do you not know what website you’re on?

No. 178863

File: 1618088772795.jpeg (336.82 KB, 1079x1600, 7FB4F6EC-C323-4779-B696-A47C63…)

Princess Diana looks plain as hell to me. I think the only reason she was hailed as gorgeous was because the rest of the british royal family are ugly inbreds.

Her individual features are good but put together it doesn’t look right

Idk why she has so many scrote fans. Her hair has always looked like a wig to me and she’s built like a mini fridge.

No. 178866

she also has a peanut head.

No. 178869

>picrel but kek look at her bangs holy shit it just fires off everything that a scrote wants to see in a female actor
I absolutely love Anya but I have to agree with this. In that movie she plays a character with a super childish personality and there's this "pure blonde" kind of vibe that she gives off that gave me an ick when I read what men had to say about it. I still love her but this character left a bad impression. I don't blame her for it though, she's just an actress, but this characters panders to gross men a lot actually.

No. 178870

It's the dead eyes for me

No. 178871

your mangina is dry from other reasons

No. 178873

The haircut was unflattering as hell, it made her look much older than she was, but from what I've been told it's her class and attitude that people loved, she was genuinely a compassionate woman.

No. 178927

File: 1618127703927.jpg (33.21 KB, 780x439, the-crown-s4.jpg)

Not really related but they did her so dirty in The Crown. Diana was famously glamorous and this looks like the definition of frump. I'd say the actress who plays her fits in this thread but she's not exactly shilled afaik.

No. 178932

I've never watched the show but judging from the screenshot the colorimetry looks drab, I don't think it helps either.

No. 179003

What do you mean, I loved her slight smirk. She's really cute. But yeah I didn't get Diana vibes.

No. 179389

File: 1618352818942.jpg (213.33 KB, 900x1600, a-simple-favor-blake-lively-di…)

I agreed based on Gossip Girl but was converted by her character in a Simple Favor, she was so hot and charismatic

No. 180243

File: 1618811516569.jpg (57.3 KB, 600x800, 6663018554a7cc75810fe4d4472baa…)

No. 180512

File: 1618946678039.jpg (68.21 KB, 630x1200, MV5BOTU3NDE5MDQ4MV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 180584

File: 1618991430683.jpeg (48.21 KB, 420x280, 9CBF7E81-883F-4A56-A81A-65203F…)

Don’t get the fuss around Emrata

No. 180586

File: 1618991748782.jpeg (124.19 KB, 1242x1087, 49CB4243-091F-4709-9463-77C7B5…)

Her lips look absolutely AWFUL. She needs to get that shit dissolved like yesterday.

No. 180589

File: 1618994679132.jpg (12.33 KB, 236x354, Bobble from TinkerBell2008.jpg)

She's so cute in these omg
This has probably been said a thousand times, but she looks like pic related.

No. 180639

File: 1619025007405.jpeg (429.85 KB, 627x886, 2FA99E20-CAE4-4827-8480-AE23FE…)

im amazed that so many people regard this woman as extremely attractive

No. 180643

It’s just cause of her tits

No. 180649

oh fuck off

No. 180653

Diana is fascinating in motion, kind of like the borzoi scrote. Her style was also quite distinct. Not conventionally pretty but she has star quality.

No. 180655

lolcow ai is that you?

No. 180657

>kind of like the borzoi scrote

No. 180658

File: 1619029705064.jpg (323.74 KB, 1272x1600, rodland05-1272x1600.jpg)

I can't find her face attractive, it's too sloth like.

No. 180659

File: 1619030198380.png (118.51 KB, 651x325, anya-taylor-joy-split-2.png)

Her face is really interesting with no really ugly features imo and in her first big movie she was sexualised. pretty natural that she's popular but marmitey

No. 180660

>that perfectly clear skin and features
god really has favorites huh

No. 180661

She looked the best in The Queen's Gambit. Maybe it was the short hair that made her look better imo

No. 180666

File: 1619032706193.jpg (65.02 KB, 750x585, three-toed-sloth.jpg)

yeah no, I don't really see unique as attractive. She is just not good looking to me.

Still looks like a sloth
>>180661 eh could be a number of things like how they did her makeup, haircut,etc. I have seen the show and not a fan of her face still. She isn't like terra ugly just not attractive persay.

No. 180672

i think she was born very pretty but messed up her face with fillers and implants immediately after she got famous. sad really

No. 180673

File: 1619035306882.jpg (316.97 KB, 1280x1922, anya-taylor-joy-split-photocal…)

imo her eyes are her best feature but the rest of her face is ugly

No. 180680

File: 1619039521191.png (919.32 KB, 790x1420, 1617750673425.png)

>imo her eyes are her best feature but the rest of her face is ugly

No. 180683

No. 180685


That's a really bad picture tbf. I think Taylor-Joy has an Emma Stone thing going on where they are both visually interesting but I wouldn't say conventionally attractive?

She was super hot in the "drunken mess" episode of Queen's Gambit though.

No. 180702

lmao how many times is she gonna get posted here

No. 180715

Pics like this bring out how many filters/digital retouching are applied to her face in movies and photography.

No. 180798

File: 1619101149662.jpg (53.71 KB, 700x1050, anya-taylor-joy-armani-prive-s…)

lel why are you simping so hard do you have the same busted face as her?

No. 181656

File: 1619441265265.png (720.9 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20210426-144108~2.p…)

Saw this dumb tweet and I really don't get why zoomers cream themselves over her, she really is nothing special.

No. 181671

File: 1619445967928.jpg (134.93 KB, 736x1472, c1efecb91ca9b0bf173a3c0bdb547a…)

She's isn't ugly by any means and I like her features but yeah, her styling and makeup it's at what her appeal is. On another note I can't enjoy her acting, it's not bad either but there's something about it that never convinces me

No. 181673

File: 1619446390893.jpg (96.85 KB, 728x1092, 9319e853e844c729917b7e1d044ac1…)

Samefag but she does have a chicness and her looks is versatile. Idk

No. 181674

i think she's very pretty and looks amazing when she's not professionally styled. they put so much instagram makeup on her she looks like she's wearing a plastic mask at official events

No. 183045

Twitter hypes up anyone that skinny showing skin. Look at Anya Taylor Joy. She only started getting attention after losing lots of weight, nobody cared before.

No. 183057

Can confirm weight loss always results in positive attention. I have an ED (since I was 10). I only ever receive positive attention about my appearance from strangers when I’m at an underweight BMI.

No. 183117

I've had the complete opposite experience, but maybe I just live around more thiccfags.

No. 183138

i've had the opposite too, because at my normal weight i really look like a dude. i think naturally skinny people are more likely to be the "sickly" looking type of skinny, or have no curves etc. women who lose too much weight or have an ED sort of end up just having a smaller waist/ still being curvy.

No. 183433

File: 1620105937406.jpg (1.27 MB, 2648x3820, camila-cabello-1598204840.jpg)

Idk if I find her ugly but I think Camila Cabello is overrated, maybe it's her persona that makes her seem unattractive. I'm kind of surprised she survived the tumblr scandal from a couple years back.

No. 183439

I dont even know what scandal that was, but i agree with everything else. Her singing is fucking annoying, she sounds like a cat being strangled.

No. 183449

File: 1620115503549.jpg (52.91 KB, 475x640, a791bbaaa493911b392a80695af2b9…)

You know what, I would agree with you actually but a few days ago I saw this picture and thought she looked incredibly cute and pretty

No. 183453

File: 1620118580494.jpg (55.74 KB, 650x900, princess_di.jpg)

i also find her very average and plain, especially if you live in a country with a lot of WASP people. so it never made sense that she was shilled as beautiful in the UK.

that being said i liked her style, as she always looked so put together. the haircut is a miss tho. however her personality makes her really special. she was so compassionate and down to earth, and she was also frank with her struggles with depression, self-harm and bulimia in the 20th century. thank you diana.

No. 183463

File: 1620124373833.jpg (54.3 KB, 959x741, 960x0.jpg)

Might ruffle some feathers with this one but Megan Rapinoe. I think as women we're so devoid of gnc representation that we latch onto whatever crumbs we find. Megan looks like your average midlife crisis white woman who decided to get dangerhair and become a raging libfem. She's got a shitty attitude too.

No. 183503

goddamn i love that dress I NEED that dress. i think its that dress that makes her look GORG

No. 183517

No. 183838

i think she's hot but agree on the attitude. she's a professional athlete and most of them aren't the sharpest spoon in the bucket. her wife irrationally pisses me off though, idk why. i just don't find her cute at all

No. 186722

File: 1621498726118.jpeg (78.94 KB, 652x533, 513AE6A8-D9FF-42EF-9F66-813357…)

I know people will get mad at me for posting this. (People here are strangely protective of her) but I honestly find her vomit inducing.

No. 186724

I thought everyone here hated her? Besides she looks like she has down syndrome. I fucking hate her makeup

No. 186725

I find her vomit inducing as well, not for her looks though. but she was prettier before she started making herself look underage and wearing the stupid pink wig.

No. 186726

Every time she is brought up people attack the poster, calling them jealous, failed sex workers etc, screaming about how she’s “oBiOuSLy nOt UgLy” yet we are able to call far more beautiful women like ATJ and emrata ugly with no pushback. You even get nonnies like>>186725 who jump in like “n no it’s her bad personality!” Like she has puffy down syndrone face and bee sting tits. She’s ugly af.

No. 186727

I dont understand how she became famous. I find her ugly. Theres so many ethots who are prettier i dont get it

No. 186728

Something between the fact she is obviously pedopandering and that stupid fucking smile, no, she is devastatingly unattractive. In fact the impact she has had on the way women present themselves in alt/geek culture is fucking horrifying

No. 186734

….i was in no way defending her looks, i just said i didnt find her looks vomit inducing and the other stuff about her (like the fact she pedopanders as the other anon pointed out) is way more concerning than her looks. you need to chill the fuck out, bpd-chan.

No. 186757

See what I mean nonnies? The belle fags will relentlessly defend her. Even in the “women shilled as attractive that you find ugly” thread.

No. 186769

>relentlessly defend her
that's what you got from AYRT? step away from the screen and take a deep breath. all that anon said is that her face doesn't actively make them want to vomit. they also said that her behavior, and impact on female children and women is much more concerning than the way she looks. how is that a relentless defense. everyone ITT is in agreement that she is ugly for multiple reasons that don't stop at her looks

No. 186776

File: 1621528621955.jpeg (90.3 KB, 1024x675, 71EB326E-5EC9-4911-B15B-5C6E7B…)

she’s cute, but definitely not amazingly hot and attractive. this is ironically a situation where a celebrity’s talent and connections have truly gotten them somewhere

No. 186777

See what I mean? They’re at it again. And now they’re samefagging.

She’s vomit inducing. Not just in face but body too. People have been calling her ugly since the hit or miss tiktok days. She is shilled so hard, even by nonnies on lolcow. Sorry but myself and a lot of other people find her fucking repulsive.

No. 186778

That's a bad pic but she looks like an anorexic weeb drag queen that both wants to look like a girly 12yo at the same time as imitating a sassy grown black woman. I don't get the appeal

No. 186779

Fillers ruined her. She looks so ugly.
Fillers make everyone look like 50 year old Joan rivers.

No. 186781

Maybe she is talented but let's not pretend she hasn't got looks going for her. Hes anachan skinny, she has got a conventionally attractive face, and a model figure. She would not have gotten as far as she did on talent alone. If you took all her musical talent and put it in someone less media perfect like Gemma Collins or something then she would have went nowhere

No. 186785

I honestly thought she was latina and that pasty white girl with dyed red hair on whatever disney channel show were two separate people for years

No. 186787


her original plastic surgery was good aside from the crooked eyebrow. now she is starting to look botched.

i feel like she is the embodiment of hollywood grooming children to sexualize themselves for older men. why is she singing to a bunch of little girls about sex positions???

she's an amoral cash cow. that's the main reason i find her ugly.

No. 186789

She was definitely groomed by Dan Schneider. I don't know why she can't use her platform to speak out. Maybe she's too deep in whatever hole media digs specifically for girls who do get groomed from a young age to become… well, THAT

No. 186855

File: 1621565080076.jpg (208.96 KB, 1200x1690, millie-bobby-brown-at-godzilla…)

I honestly fail to understand how picrel is considered hot anywhere except for maybe Mordor

kek, all that plastic surgery just to look like a stressed Ukrainian housewife

No. 186857

She's not 18 yet, at least wait til she's fully grown into her features.

No. 186870

Most of the scrotes I’ve seen thirsting after her have seemed specifically attracted to her underageness. It’s disgusting.

No. 186885

They think because she looks "older" to them they can sexualize her. Doesn't help that whoever styles her also has really liked to sexualize her in the last couple years. There's so many blinds about men being predatory towards her, hope none of them are true

No. 186886

Idk, men had no problem sexualizing emma watson or natalie portman when they were younger even though they looked young.

No. 186939

MBB definitely doesn’t look older than she is. She’s clearly a child with child proportions, men are just dumb

No. 186999

File: 1621625096094.jpeg (128.02 KB, 816x1200, 8043636B-4063-444D-A89D-AED184…)

>model figure
Lmao wut

No. 187036

I agree. It seems like her stylists tend to dress her in clothing that looks a bit too mature and outdated for a teenager though. Maybe that's just my impression.

No. 187058

She has a really short neck. I personally find that extremely unattractive. I know overall it’s not a big deal but I will never regard her as beautiful for that neck alone.

No. 187086

These are my thoughts about Florence Pugh

No. 187115

File: 1621726387202.jpg (63.92 KB, 615x787, Florence-Pugh-hot-bikini-pics.…)

She looks like an overgrown 5 year old with her huge head and short chubby limbs.

I think her face is pretty but her head is too wide/huge and makes her look like a pitbull.

No. 187126

She's also a total cunt for no reason. Waiting on her breakdown when her boyfriend leaves her for an even younger girl kek

No. 187142

I get really annoyed with her racebaiting. She had opportunities to address or correct people in some situations, but never fucking did because she preferred reaping additional rewards and money for looking ambiguously brown. If she likes Hispanic and black culture so much, she should have directed that admiration toward artists and women who actually are Latina or black or mixed.

I hope she is embarrassed because that shitty show Victorious is getting traction on tiktok for some unknown reason. And Cat is very painfully white.

No. 187143

she looks like she smells, honestly. I can't put my finger on why though.

She's not completely dumb but I feel she pretends to be when it is useful

No. 187144

I have my phone on night mode and this pic looks like pinocchio or some kind of bizarre clown doll.

No. 187151

I'm tired of her getting a hard pass for that shit, she also adopted really embarrassing AAVE slang and a new way of speaking during her transition into a solo star. Weirds me out. She has a nice voice but isn't a good singer and her music is like anyone elses.

No. 187191

I always thought she looked super smug for some reason, maybe it's the surgeries. Also hate her entire uwu shtick.

No. 187254

File: 1621809734950.jpg (132.6 KB, 1080x1080, 90e15037ffa1deded51289f8f44bbc…)

Maybe a woman shilled as attractive for a very specific group of people but everything about her is so plain (music included).

No. 187257

Her plainness(features) tbh are really attractive to me. Maybe it's because I'm worn out by all the artificial exaggerations + filters.
Could give 2 fucks about her music tho kek.

No. 187262

Don’t know who this is, but she’s super cute to me. Nice lips, fluffy hair, androgynous style, my dream gf.

No. 187266

Can I be your gf? I'm exactly what you describe

No. 187268

samefag but if you send me an email I can send you a selfie (email in email field, click on "anonymous")

No. 187271

I’m already taken, but you sound adorable anon. Good luck in your gf search.

No. 187275

who? finn wolfhard?

No. 187292

Lmao I thought the same…

No. 188102

File: 1622108159680.jpg (66.41 KB, 512x343, unnamed.jpg)

Rihanna. Candid pictures with make-up and it's hit/miss, but without, and she looks like a crack addict every time.

No. 188197

File: 1622143359199.png (450.14 KB, 369x670, 54983750438543543.png)

Weird because this is just about the only unflattering picture I've seen of her. She usually never has acne/discoloration and looks very fresh-faced without makeup.

No. 188229

File: 1622150208965.png (3.08 MB, 1746x1300, Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 22.12…)

Ok, maybe "crack addict" was a bit harsh lol. But, she's mediocre, if not a bit weird looking IMO. Her attractiveness is exaggerated due to light skin & eyes, plus general sluttiness.

No. 188266

File: 1622161183054.jpg (105.51 KB, 634x650, 42397968-9528339-image-m-148_1…)

Can't believe that Anya and Elle get such strong reactions but nobody seems to agree with her.
About her you don't even need to search and nitpick small stuff like cankles, she's just ugly overall, one of the very very rare couples in which the guy mogs.

No. 188267

File: 1622161226071.jpg (286.87 KB, 1364x2048, 0c2fe4a2b5046d5812475d6ef0d5d9…)

No. 188268

File: 1622161317156.jpg (29.2 KB, 480x721, 89f7688ce7e85c4da57f148e3761c3…)

a rare pic in which her face is ok, but half the length of her legs seem to be missing

No. 188269

I agree I think her proportions are odd, she has a big ass head. Doesn't help that she tends to look like a slob when she dresses herself

No. 188270

How so?

No. 188274

Her face reminds me of Anisa

No. 188288

I find her to be so beautiful tbh. I understand that she looks unconventional. But to my eyes, she looks like a fairy princess. Never understood the hate.

No. 188292

File: 1622189631215.jpeg (953.46 KB, 3000x2019, 28E9BD32-FA7B-4B33-A43F-DE7262…)

Ana de armas. Pretty but massively overrated

No. 188296


You might be right but i think the real reason is that gay males have colonised every female only profession such as being makeup artists and stylists, they are constantly propped up and promoted because of the stereotypes that they are somehow aesthetically superior to real women, because they work on their male faces they lack the ability to accurately style women. Especially naturally feminine faces women. Thats why pop-stars are constantly prancing around done up like drag queens

No. 188297

File: 1622193357234.png (928.49 KB, 518x699, ana.PNG)

She's the "cute girl next door" type, I guess her being nothing special is the appeal. Also kek at this pic I found

No. 188311

She is gorgeous y’all be on some shit. Betting most of you aren’t attractive at all

No. 188315

File: 1622207975735.jpeg (72.26 KB, 1200x900, photo.jpeg)

Very pretty before ruining her face with filler.

No. 188336

Of course we aren't, what's your point though

No. 188378

File: 1622227060552.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1215x1155, AC67A7C9-2DCE-4147-ACBE-2D200C…)

We never said she wasn’t attractive??? She is just overshilled a lot at the moment. Also please re-read the name of the thread ffs.

No. 188443

NTA but almost every woman in this thread is above average looking compared to the general population. None of them are actually ugly, maybe average at worst. It’d be more fun if there were more examples of women shilled as attractive that could actually be called ugly

No. 188451

Thank you! Like where are the ugly uglies? Lord

No. 188463

Not in Hollywoodland that’s for sure so posts here are skewed

No. 188469

File: 1622270335972.jpeg (52.79 KB, 728x485, 82A6418A-02D4-4E55-9D14-CA67EA…)

I mainly don’t like how she looked on Doctor Who, in some pics from other contexts she looked better.

No. 188474

No one in Hollywood is actually going be unattractive though.

No. 188494

Thread name implies it's all about taste though so it's always going to be divisive.

No. 189102

File: 1622569583606.png (1.14 MB, 870x866, Screen-Shot-2021-05-29-at-8-44…)

Kelly and Michelle. Michelle has had surgery too kek. Beyonce is far from ugly, but overrated when seen in candid pics. She's a control freak with photos.

No. 189103

File: 1622569673557.jpg (158.99 KB, 628x884, beyonce1.jpg)

Example 1.

No. 189104

Idk I think she looks great here

No. 189106

She looks more attractive here than in highly polished, staged pics.

No. 189118

I think she's prettier here than she is in her makeup actually.

She has really good facial symmetry.

No. 189125

she looks so pretty here

No. 189296

File: 1622599160974.jpeg (548.38 KB, 2000x3000, 04-lily-rose-depp.jpeg)

everyone thinks lily rose depp is beautiful. she's got her dad's cheekbones and look but something about her giant forehead and receding hairline ruin it for me.

No. 189300

the forehead and cheekbones remind me of Chrissy Teigen kek

No. 189308

She would look much better with bangs (though I think she got a Bardot hairstyle recently that looks amazing on her) and better makeup. Her lips remind me of a chola. Her cankles are probably her worst feature but they’re not even that bad

No. 189309

Did she get lip fillers? I swear her lips don't look like they're naturally as huge as they are and that's what's off balance about her face for me

No. 189328

File: 1622608935864.jpg (28.14 KB, 480x480, 4703274083267423.jpg)

I hate this whole "IG baddie" style on her. The heavy eye makeup, drag contouring and overlined chola lips in a darker color age her like 30 years as they do all young girls. I think she's quite pretty and looks similar to her mom with softer makeup. (She hardly does it anymore, this is from a couple years back.

No. 189340

File: 1622618955423.jpg (92.17 KB, 670x757, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Nope, they just overlined her lips with a brown shade that's much darker than her natural lip color. It's a horrible trend from the 90s

No. 189342

Samefag, agree with your statement btw, her features are very pretty separately but put together they just don't work

No. 189481

Her nose looks kinda weird. It is super short and just sits in her face like a loose button. And those caveman brows are a no-go. Girl, you are not Cara Delevigne and the year 2015 is long gone.

No. 189490

I think her brows are great, I really hate the sharp/overly manicured brow trend along with the over lined lips. It makes women look 10+ years older imo, no idea how it’s so popular.

No. 189498

her brows look normal

No. 189556

Yeah she looks kinda botched. I feel like I'm one of the few people who hates tiny noses on women. A lot of them look like they have really long masculine jaws or something.

No. 189801

File: 1622810913239.jpg (25.97 KB, 500x333, kim-k.jpg)

I like natural ones most of the time, but I know what you mean. Kim's nose job was reasonably subtle, but still a huge mistake.

No. 189803

File: 1622811255404.jpg (14.6 KB, 300x200, thumbs_rhinoplasty-nose-beverl…)

Samefag. Another surgical example of this stronger jaw effect. (Picrel not kim, some anonymous woman). I don't get it. Why remove such a pretty, interesting feature? She doesn't look manly, far from it, but it did result in a subtly more dominant look to the face. Although the real tragedy is that her overall appearance is just plainer now.

No. 189805

File: 1622811941943.jpg (46.05 KB, 1024x626, venti.jpg)

she kinda looks like venti on the bottom right. This isn't an insult against venti or rihanna though, I think both look nice

No. 189821

File: 1622816889986.jpeg (58.59 KB, 438x850, madelyn-cline.jpeg)

Madelyn Cline. Her face just looks bizarre to me

No. 189822

File: 1622816978390.jpeg (65.62 KB, 640x997, p0w4w1g2w0561.jpeg)

Also, lol @ numerous articles being written about her using plumping lip gloss when she just has lip filler https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/05/10476505/madelyn-cline-mtv-awards-2021-makeup

No. 189825

both of them looked better before the surgery, ugh

No. 189827

Exactly. All it is is unique, and to people like us she looks fine, and has a lovely jaw. And so many of these pictures are normal looking women getting surgery, who probably had some internal problems with self image, seeing as they never looked bad in the first place. It's mental illness.
And I know there's a plastic surgery thread here, but I can't pretend to support influencers with little flaws or unique features that call their self mutilating empowering or self loving. How many beauty companies and surgery practices would lose money if women loved themselves and focused on inner values rather than something as fickle as outward appearance?

No. 189832

She had a nose job when her nose looked like that in the first place? And her lips were plump already what the fuck

No. 189835


On the left her face looks more narrow and delicate because the lines on her face. On the right her jawline look blunt and slightly more masculine.

It changes the entire shape of her face.

She could have made it straighter if that's what she wanted but a tiny shiny knob in the middle of her face looks so weird. That kind of nose just doesn't work on every face.

No. 189837

Her jaw looks the same idgi. Actually it almost looks smaller on the after pic.

No. 189865

I see no difference besides the before being a little more uneven.

No. 189888

They're fine, but the baby looks like a downy

No. 189927

Partially ot but notable/celebrity women with that flat, parted hair have never found a way to make it flattering. Everyone shouldn't be trying to emulate an IG baddie

No. 190099

File: 1622897104402.png (1.03 MB, 950x666, Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 13.40…)

Their faces really fucking annoy me kek.

No. 190100

No. 190137

Who is the woman on the left? I see her face all the fucking time in ads for some clothing brand on my pinterest feed.

No. 190168

File: 1622911756512.jpg (222.69 KB, 900x1125, Jeanne-Damas-Style-white-wool-…)

Jeanne Damas, model, actress, and founder of the clothing brand Rouje. She's one of those "How to dress like a Parisian/French woman" dickheads.

No. 190235

Oh. Well, she has a punchable face. And I mean punchable in a sense that she looks like she could take a solid hit on that jaw and not even flinch.

No. 190351

She's typical. French women tend to have manly jaws.

No. 190450

File: 1623001168465.jpg (1.39 MB, 1350x1800, 414141414141414.jpg)

No. 190459

It's so cringe when she tries to act sexy. She looks like a child, it's funny. Literally zero sex appeal

No. 190462

>let's not pretend she hasn't got looks going for her
read the thread's name
>she has got a conventionally attractive face
she's just white. there's nothing interesting about her looks
>model figure
with that goblin height?

No. 190471

Nta, but you do not have to have an "interesting" face to be conventionally attractive

No. 190532

Whoever let her wear that dress hates her. It’s so unflattering.

No. 190623

Not just unflattering but straight up ugly, imo

No. 190784

Strange to say but Jeanne Dumas has always reminds me of Pixyteri, does anyone else see it?

No. 190786

Honestly yeah, which is why it cracks me up to see her shilled so hard in articles targeted at american millenials with too much money.

No. 190897

It looks like it doesn't fit her. The neckline and overly long skirt makes it look like she's a little girl dressed in her mom's evening dress.

No. 190910

File: 1623162028406.jpeg (90.52 KB, 935x340, FB459DD6-4A95-41EC-94F7-BE4388…)

Apparently her “fashion” line is absolute garbage sweatshop quality despite the massive price tag. I honestly don’t understand what this woman does? Was she born into money or something?

No. 190912

Yes lol

>Jeanne was born in Paris, France into a restaurant family. She grew up in the 12th arrondissement where her life basically turned around her parents' famous brasserie "Le Square Trousseau located downstairs from their apartment . She spent her early life within the three or four streets of the neighborhood where she called home. Everybody in the neighborhood knew Jeanne, and Jeanne knew everybody. This sincerity makes her define Paris as a small village rather than a big cosmopolitan city. [1]The brasserie of her parents is also the place where she took a step into the world of fashion thanks to the restaurant regulars such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and shop owners such as Nathalie Dumeix. Jean- Paul Gaultier was one of the first people who opened Jeanne's eyes into the fashion world by offering her a high school internship in his Paris atelier. The store of Nathalie Dumeix was on the same street of Jeanne's parents' brasserie and Jeanne started to visit the store after school at a very young age not only to talk about fashion but also about life. This was the start of a lifelong friendship and Jeanne's career in fashion. Shortly after, she launched her blog on Tumblr and started to document her life and style.

No. 190940

File: 1623173494347.jpg (89.05 KB, 700x875, violette-fr-beauty-makeup-revi…)

This reminds me of another French rich bitch that gets shilled a lot, Violette_fr. She just launched a makeup line (and honestly, it's actually quite good I really enjoy the products) but talk about being born on third base.

"The daughter of a famous French hairstylist and hair and makeup agent, Violette spent her formative years on set with photographers like Paolo Roversi and Mario Testino, observing the creative alchemy that transpires on a fashion shoot. After high school, she set out to be a painter, enrolling in the prestigious École de Louvre in Paris. However, she quickly realized that not only was her glamorous early education in the fashion world hard to top, but she also preferred her canvas to have a pulse. It was then that Violette decided to make a name (albeit, a single name only) for herself in the makeup world instead."

No. 190948

she looks like a skull

No. 190970

Jeanne looks like MTF Louis Garrel

No. 190971

Sorry to samefag but I don’t get why Violette is considered a makeup artist. All her looks look the same and she doesn’t do anything that requires a lot of skill, she uses her fingers a lot to do “effortless” (read:low effort) looks

No. 190973

not into the FR gal trope, but Violette is more tolerable and fun to watch/interesting than Jean Damas

No. 190984

File: 1623186809030.jpeg (591.26 KB, 849x824, B5D3C09F-D7D1-4ADA-91A6-314FF9…)

Jeanne is absolutely obsessed with herself and pulls the same vacant fish expression in every photo

No. 191005

"Vacant fish" I am dead. I used to find her kinda cute but now I cannot unsee vacant fish, it's so fucking accurate

No. 191009

File: 1623190669324.jpg (772.26 KB, 2098x2507, NINTCHDBPICT0004263441531.jpg)

Chloe looks so bad now she's lost weight. I liked her slightly chunky look

No. 191010

File: 1623190705822.jpg (194.61 KB, 1083x1222, 001d52e1e7be1f185c5b836f2f1f46…)

Samefag but look at the difference

No. 191016

It's safe to say anyone who gets "sexy" pics of themselves taken whilst pregnant and posts them publicly qualifies as a terminal narcissist.
I think it looks weird because she's sucking her cheeks in really hard tbh.

No. 191029

File: 1623196523405.jpg (187.23 KB, 2485x3200, debbie harry andy warhol.jpg)

This look is probably inspired by Debbie Harry in the Warhol portraits.

No. 191033

When was she ever shilled as attractive? Most people made fun of her appearance.

No. 191055

She was as a child by 4chan

No. 191079

File: 1623228418155.jpeg (276.14 KB, 1080x1350, 6F1AB872-C2CD-45D8-8961-510A96…)

I don’t think she’s ugly but it’s more that the extent of the hype she got is hard for me to understand. I don’t get what is that attractive about the boxxy phenotype. I felt similarly confused about how much attention boxxy herself got back in the day. Shoe would also fit in this category as well.

No. 191083

Something about those faces remind me of the DreamWorks face mashed together with shadman's drawings. So I'm guessing that's how it becomes popular, it looks "quirky" or something.

No. 191085

I think Pokimane is one of those people too and I find her very average looking

No. 191086

She was so cute as a child, I expected she'd be prettier as a grown up but she's just average looking.

No. 191087

I always thought she looks like a frog using dentures.

No. 191089

Almost all the political cows that get shilled as attractive, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern, Lauren Chen, Candace Owens, and (these two are only really shilled as attractive by a specific group of people) but Anna and Dasha. I think the standards are just a lot lower for political figures I guess. The entire cast of friends. I don’t get how Jennifer Aniston was shilled as extremely attractive. Also Jennifer Lawrence. The entire cast of the Big Bang theory. Princess Diana, Kate and Meghan. Everyone who’s ever been on love island. I think the main Disney girls (Selena, Demi, Miley, Bella Thorne, Zendaya) weren’t ugly, but were extremely average looking. A lot of the nepotism kids like Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie, the Hadids. All the Olsens. Gal Gadot. Emma Watson. The entire cast of riverdale. Scarlett Johansson. Cara Delevigne and Ruby Rose (not Rubi Rose who I think is actually very pretty). Blake Lively. Lucy Hale and Sasha Pieterse. Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Saweetie, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry even pre haircut, Lana even pre weight gain.

No. 191120

Taking testosterone when you're a barely pubescent girl must take its toll.

No. 191126

should we even count shilling from specific internet pedos? idk feels different from how other women ITT are shilled

No. 191193

Men tend to love average but borderline pretty women cause they think they have a chance. She is definitely above average though and would probably be even prettier if she didn’t pull retarded faces, wear shitty blush and didn’t have a 2009 hairstyle

No. 191204

They all have girl nextdoor appeal. They look attainable. N

No. 191205


Yes, most men are attracted to averageness.

No. 191216

File: 1623280941458.jpg (329.91 KB, 687x838, Claudia_Cardinale_1963.jpg)

Industry was smaller, too many actors today. And the industry traded in glamour, mystery, exoticism. Today it's relatability, oversharing. Values change. Also, maybe move average looking stars serve as an ego boost? It's attainable.

Either way PR for any celeb has always been that their client is "hottest" (either literally or for some quality) and desired by the masses. They fabricate popularity to create value, give the illusion of it. (I'm ESL, excuse my poor explanation). Kpop, European industries, everywhere does this for celebs. The public has always been much more measured in its assessment, but we had no voice before, and today are still drowned out even with social media by PR teams. PR monitor and delete negative comments to keep things "balanced" btw, did you know that?

As for some of the women you mentioned… Jennifer Aniston was considered a butterface where I was growing up, but we didn't have twitter then. Another one: Julia Roberts at her so-called peak. All I heard in real life was how unattractive and weird looking she was, but the official narrative in magazines at the time was that we considered her some supreme beauty kek.

Men can be promoted as "not hot, but funny" to both men and women. They don't care. The rare and truly unattractive women in HW are commedienne types like Anna Kendrick, and they are still shilled as desirable but in an attainable nerdy gf sort of way for a VERY specific male fan base. She won't be the next Bond girl. She's niche.

Another thing to consider re online is appreciation threads on sites like reddit are made up of a few hundred/thousand (at most) white US men between the ages of 18-30 with limited exposure to any media other than current HW and a bit of UK (hence the likes of Emma Watson, specific fandoms). That's why the same women get posted over and over again… even the oldies posted are really big well known names like Monroe and Hepburn. I have never seen someone like Claudia Cardinale (picrel) posted for example. Obviously they'd find her more attractive than Billie Eilish. Her absence isn't evidence of delusion regarding Eilish's attractiveness. They are very young US men with limited exposure to anything else.

No. 191273

>The entire cast of the Big Bang theory.
Wait what, since when was the cast of the fucking Big Bang Theory of all things shilled as attractive? Did I miss something?

No. 191323

File: 1623349196430.jpg (53.94 KB, 371x940, ju.jpg)

I CAN'T with people claiming Julia Roberts wasn't attractive. I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but come on, man. I think her personality is a turn off, but i'd give anything to look like peak julia roberts. You don't see faces like this very often.

No. 191324

yeah honestly lol thats kinda crazy to me as well. i will say the ginger hair made her look a lot worse. it clearly didnt work for her and thats why she was roasted a lot.

No. 191325

oh come off it. beyonce is objectively perfect. i bet you're white

No. 191326

>criticises her figure
>does so using a pic where her figure isnt visible at all

okayyyy lol

No. 191435

you can still tell that she's not tall enough to be a model though. even if she wore a giant blanket it's obvious.

No. 191580

File: 1623439573943.jpg (65.14 KB, 750x922, 88fdfd7d4cdd933700ba3c5b1a99dd…)

kek you read me so wrong you miserable fuck. I emphasized she is attractive but is overhyped (to me) re "goddess" rhetoric. Everyone knows most white celebs are overhyped and I'm the anon who posted on that. I have posted in here a dozen times actually and every overhyped woman I posted is white. Beyonce was my first African American. And that's because most black celebs are criminally under-appreciated. Picrel is my idea of a ridiculously beautiful woman. And we know why women like Anok struggle to break mainstream, unlike Beyonce types. So, the OPPOSITE to what you're suggesting. But thanks for showing your true colors, nonnie! What an ugly mind you have.

No. 191585

tbf singers are generally more relevant to the masses than high fashion models

No. 191587

You've missed my point. It's features and colouring. Dark skin women have always struggled and black women in the media are being increasingly replaced and represented by mixed-race women in music, film, modelling. Anok's are rare tokens, and yes usually in the modelling world. I could clog up the thread with black singers and actresses who are under-appreciated, but it's the wrong thread. That miserable anon didn't know 99% of my posting in the thread had been white women, and she was basically implying I'm some butthurt racist, fuck her.

No. 191729

If you’ve done any work with cameras you know it takes pretty dramatically different settings to show light skin features versus dark skin features. I’m a photographer and noticed this when shooting portraits. What works for darker skin completely washes out the features of someone with lighter skin.

There are people working to make camera technology so there isn’t a built in racial bias.

Unfortunate by-product of this is that it further exaggerates the rate at which we are in undated with white to caramel colored bodies in entertainment + media.

No. 191744

her face shape is so ugly

No. 191745

>tfw you also have moonface
guess I'll die

No. 191747

I don't think it's because of the cameras that we have less dark - skinned black people in the media anon

No. 191749


It wouldn’t be too bad it just looks like everything on her face needs to be shifted up a half inch

No. 191760

The only physically ugly thing about her is her dumb ass skin rash makeup

No. 191770

File: 1623532576497.png (1.03 MB, 1125x687, untitled.png)


on some forum i'm on all the guys are saying she is fat and masculine now and looks like mitt romney in drag

No. 191827

She's not fat but she definitely looks like absolute shit in this screenshot lol, I didn't even recognize that it was her. Not that I exactly had her face memorized, her 5 minutes of internet fame barely registered to me bc I'm not a horny scrote

No. 191841

I literally thought they had superimposed romney's face over her in this pic at first

No. 191843

Did she spend all of her money on her 2mil house that she sold all of her clothing?

Never understood the hype of her since the beginning either, she looks average at best and her makeup makes things worse.

No. 191883

Anon I also agree with you that Beyoncé is overshilled, also I think her shitty personality ruins her look for me. Idk who the person is you posted but she is infinitely more attractive than B.
Idk why so many people in this thread start sperging and accuse anons of being ugly themselves or racist.
No one is saying these women are unattractive, the whole point of the thread is to talk about celebs who are shilled and overhyped.

No. 191889

File: 1623597722019.jpg (53.74 KB, 440x486, 0202123-4.jpg)

Thank you. And I agree re her persona. She is extremely pretty, better than most celebs, but a goddess?

No. 191890

File: 1623597812833.jpg (109.57 KB, 961x1200, EUJCAyOWAAAfSdO.jpg)

Compared to this woman? kek. She's out of this world.

No. 191895

File: 1623600513468.png (1.04 MB, 1070x918, mitt romney.png)

anon it isn't just the screenshot. it's the whole video because no angles, lighting, beauty filters, etc.

No. 191896

File: 1623600828199.png (672.33 KB, 840x620, yikes.png)

No. 191897

>mitt romney.png


No. 191899

Certifiable fatty kek

No. 191917

my god imagine looking like this

No. 191932

>shitty fashion
>shitty taste in hair
>scream chin
>short neck
>barrel waist
Is it THAT easy to get simpbuxx these days?
None of the young celebs of today even come close to this level of beauty.
All of the beautiful people are gone. Now it’s just plain janes trying to look like eternal children with their filler and implants.

No. 191940

Agree she was gorgeous and still is

>her personality is a turnoff

Genuinely curious as to why yiu think this? I know nothing about her personality

No. 192130

Calm down anachan.

No. 192267

File: 1623749891033.png (495.33 KB, 615x735, JRXKs2b.png)

No. 192270

I agree, I’ve never been able to find Rihanna pretty. I feel like she has actually quite conventionally unattractive features and facial structure and people just call her pretty because she has light eyes and good fashion sense.

No. 192271

I've never understood the hype around rihanna, she has the weirdest face. like the other anon said it's mostly her eyes that make people think she's attractive.

No. 192279

File: 1623755106531.jpg (130.76 KB, 468x697, article-1055776-02A791E0000005…)

J-lo is built like a fridge in real life and super fucking plain.

No. 192280

File: 1623755159165.png (845.85 KB, 614x810, Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 12.04…)

plain, normal looking face.

No. 192283

>being this old
>still looking better then young celebs like Billie Eilish
Idk anon

No. 192284

Those picture aren't recent. She's in her 30s. I didn't say she's unattractive and Eilish is ugly so that's not hard kek.

No. 192287

>She's in her 30s
kek I was fooled, carry on nonna, carry on.

No. 192294

Jlo is 51

No. 192297

she was 39 when those pics were taken

No. 192305

Idk I feel like in this kind of harsh natural lighting, no makeup, not posing, hair scraped back most people would look a lot worse. I think Jlo is genuinely very pretty.

No. 192314

File: 1623773697287.jpg (104.78 KB, 800x1007, 88c3dfc8ef9a466e80c2dd123881aa…)

>>192305 but she was shilled as a stunning, Curvy Latina™. When she is averagely-pretty and fairly boxy. Exaggeration tis all.

>>192287 She hasn't aged badly imo, probably had some work done tho, but then they all do at her age and usually still look rough after kek. Facial pics of her from 30-50 don't look too different to my eye.

picrel my next choice. I cannot stand Claudia Schiffer then or now! kek. Llama-faced.

No. 192347

File: 1623785893170.jpg (185.29 KB, 1200x1674, Candace_Owens.jpg)

Candace Owens and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are only shilled because they look more attractive than the 60+ year old women you usually see in politics. Candace Owens' FAS face annoys me every time I see it.

No. 192378

I think aoc is quite pretty tbh, not a bombshell by any means but she's cute. Candace Owens on the other hand is a mess. Although I would imagine part of that is just her horrible personality shining through.

No. 192431

Reverse for me. AOC's own family don't even know what she does. She complained about her abuela living in horrid conditions in Puerto Rico, so some guy started a GoFundMe and raised 100k for her. Then, in a twist that will shock nobody, AOC's "family" rejected the money. And at least Candace doesn't have sanpaku eyes 24-7.

No. 192441

Reverse for me too. I think Candace has a cute, soft aesthetic. AOC is like maybe a 5 to me, I have no idea why anyone thinks she's pretty at all

No. 192444

can we please refrain from using the cringey rating scale for women, we're not reddit coomers

No. 192447


Can we stop talking about how cute literal politicians are, it's not their job to be cute and aesthetically pleasing, you're as bad as males.

No. 192448

File: 1623831591556.jpg (902.25 KB, 1280x640, 88557.jpg)

No. 192452

File: 1623833748214.jpg (28.58 KB, 384x550, 5bc811153838efe51815d63bd1c2ff…)

yeah, she's average. She was clowned when seen without make-up on and looking a little doughy, but I thought she looked better. Her make-up choices aren't great. Did anons know she was a Weinstein girl? Those leaked photos were sent to him, allegedly…

No. 192454

File: 1623833804073.jpg (181.25 KB, 1030x1280, reckles-Favim.com-6464266.jpg)

She looks better with dark hair.

No. 192455

He claims to have slept with her, she denied it; but go ahead and believe a disgusting predatory scrote

No. 192456

lol calm down. Of course she would, they all do. Actresses and actors fuck to land roles. There are thousands of Weinsteins. Most actresses in hw have needed to fuck Weinstein at some point in their career. The occasional one gets favoured, pushed to the front, might "win" an oscar (Paltrow) etc. The plucked from obscurity/local model gig to Hollywood starlet story has always been bullshit. It's just not how the industry works.

No. 192465

I feel bad for her. It is hard to wear makeup with hooded eyes. You have to overdo it for it to show up on camera.

No. 192467

Dark hair and no diva makeup really does wonders for her, I wish she stuck to that more

No. 192493

File: 1623856215934.jpg (80.03 KB, 615x875, 1_Chrissy-Teigen.jpg)

Chrissy Teigen.
I've always fucking hated her. She's an annoying tryhard has-been. She's so ugly to me that when I was trying to think of why she's famous, modeling didn't occur to me at ALL.
I'm literally so happy people are dunking on her for being a cunt now. Troll doll face. Fridge body. Looks like she ran into a brick wall going 40kph.

No. 192833

File: 1623977785545.jpg (17.74 KB, 229x275, 1597252540337.jpg)


No. 192841

File: 1623978394875.gif (1.17 MB, 222x275, 1594646999385.gif)

Dichen Lachman was posted in the 'cute girls' thread. The radfems on this site, honestly… she makes Adam Driver look like a pretty woman for god's sake lmfao.

No. 192852

what do radfems have to do with this?

No. 192854

Kek. I'm like 95% her career blew up and won an Oscar so young because she fucked him. Gross.

I do agree she looks a lot more striking with dark hair. I liked her look in the Hunger Games movies.

No. 192856

Eugh. Her giant ass mouth always bothered me. Plus growing up in the 90s and having her image everywhere really was annoying. She's definitely not ugly though.

No. 192866

she looks like that white haired bitch from the incredibles

No. 192871

No idea who she is but she’s gorgeous. A bit unconventional looking and more masculine than the average woman but she’s much more attractive than the women I see on the street every day. That bone structure, perfect skin and fairly balanced features is rare to see

No. 192879

I think she's very attractive. A lot of people like interesting and unique faces better than standard conventionally beautiful ones, anon-nothing to do with feminism.

It's rare to see women of her ethnicity (Nepalese) onscreen so maybe that's why her features throw you off a bit.

No. 192916

File: 1624007115546.png (1.41 MB, 876x836, Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 10.03…)

She still manages to look like a transsexual next to a square jawed masculine guy. Hilarious.

No. 192931

Stfu about radfems you sperg

No. 192934

File: 1624014483210.png (886.99 KB, 1384x704, Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 12.05…)

manface pussycat dolls. picrel only 3/5 members, but they're all hardfaced.

No. 192949

A tranny could only dream of looking like her lmao. I hate how the social media generations are so used to looking at edited, cookie cutter faces that anyone without brats lips, massive almond eyes, perfect button nose on a tiny face and ultra curvy petite bod are considered as masculine as actual men…

No. 192954

This is old as hell, but I also don’t understand the hype with Jennifer Aniston kek. Her nose and jaw ruin it. She’s not pretty

No. 192978

Haven't you people ever seen human faces before?

No. 192987

They are being shilled as attractive just because they are women in politics. Being a politician doesn't make you excempt from people making fun of you. This whole thread is about making fun of womens looks and calling them ugly. I guess everyone in here is male then?

No. 192993

'hardfaced' women are hot

No. 193005

You're right but women who put themselves out there whether it be politics, science, medicine, inventions, business, etc always get torn apart and they often get their message ignored because everyone is too busy focusing on their looks, by saying stuff like "she's ugly but everyone think she's hot" you're just fueling it. This also prevents other women from putting their faces out there too

No. 193015

Lol you're the one who called them cute, not me. I judged them by their character. And their character manifests itself in how they present themselves. And Candace isn't even a politician, proves how much you know kek

No. 193048

File: 1624046496238.jpeg (27.04 KB, 620x348, 0CD65816-5297-451A-93CC-5EA7F1…)

I always see people act as if Jorja Smith is one of the most beautiful women ever but I really don’t get it. I would if anything say she’s facially unattractive. Maybe people are more talking about her body?

No. 193050

She looks rather pretty to me, unconventionally but she’s got a cute smile and a unique look to her, she looks way more feminine than that so called “super passing” beak faced troon from euphoria
People got to stop watching anime and get off Instagram, not have a perfectly proportioned generic doll face doesn’t mean you’re ugly

No. 193051

Not having a “perfect doll face” is one thing but that woman would not be considered attractive conventionally speaking by a lot of people, not just those who have an especially Instagram-brained perception of beauty. That said I wouldn’t really say she’s “shilled as attractive”.

No. 193054

File: 1624049063756.jpg (39.26 KB, 384x498, Screenshot_1.jpg)

She reminds me a bit of Tania Raymonde, but with sharper features

No. 193058

Blame sports illustrated. I only know about her from her tweet drama but apparently it was that mag that names her worlds most beautiful model and gave her a career.

No. 193060

even in that pic you're using to make her seem ugly, she still looks pretty good imho. Is it because you caught her mid-blink?

No. 193061

Pretty cute

No. 193063

File: 1624051372691.jpeg (726.32 KB, 1366x2048, BD9A7807-CECD-410A-9820-331BB4…)

No her eyes are like that in every picture

No. 193065

File: 1624053138916.jpg (30.89 KB, 400x600, Dichen-Lachman-up.jpg)

No. 193067

File: 1624053207679.png (1.26 MB, 946x770, Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 22.38…)

No. 193069

I'm sure thousands of men and women would give their left nut to be with her and many of the other women in this thread. I thought this was supposed to be about women being shilled as attractive who are actually ugly, which is funny, but instead it's women who are successful and good looking

No. 193070

File: 1624053251026.png (1.35 MB, 1020x1238, Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 22.39…)

No. 193072

File: 1624053291001.jpg (236.76 KB, 1280x1656, dichen-lachman-bello-magazine-…)

ok. I'll stop kek.

No. 193073

She looks hot as fuck here and in other pics. Did you catch your man wanking to her or something? Obsessed

No. 193075

It's the point of the thread nonnie, please don't get so butthurt and start sageing. (Although I'll admit repetitive posting is fucking annoying, which is why I stopped kek)

No. 193087

No. 193088

It’s women shilled as attractive that you find ugly. How successful they are is irrelevant.

No. 193089

You can tell she’s ugly because of how people feel the need to excessively defend her. People always do that with ugly people. Look at the comments on any video with an unfortunate looking person and it’s all people lying through their teeth being patronising as hell like “you are SO HOT omg how dare I even breathe your air!!!! I for one think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You. Are. So. Brave.”

No. 193090

No. 193091

Cope with what?

No. 193141

i love eyes like this

No. 193346

Success and looks go hand in hand for women in the entertainment industry. If these women were truly ugly they wouldn’t be relevant or known enough to be here. There are exceptions of course.

No. 193352

>The occasional one gets favoured, pushed to the front, might "win" an oscar (Paltrow) etc.

Paltrow is hollywood royalty. She didn't need to be abused by a predator, her mom was an established actress. Hollywood is a nepotism factory.

No. 193364

File: 1624181320414.jpg (597.76 KB, 1801x1801, Fergie.jpg)

I honestly usually hate this thread and it feels nitpicky most of the time but i can't resist the urge to post her.

I used to be on BEP's official website (i never liked them i just had friends there) and everyone LOVED her and thought she was the hottest woman in the world. I never understood it, even when she was younger she looked botched and weird as hell. Her face is confusing like it can't decide what it wants to be. Bitch looks like Carrot Top got a sex change.

No. 193374

This is so naive, a lot of “success” is just nepotism, rich parents buying careers, influential connections etc. They obviously try and create this narrative that they genuinely are so uniquely beautiful but a lot of them are clearly very average. Either way the point of the thread is people that YOU find ugly.

No. 193420

File: 1624208007409.jpeg (156.23 KB, 1464x975, B7F6E6A7-4B94-4A3D-A011-8DA1F6…)

Might get hate for this one, but Cara Delevingue’s face bothers me so much. I don’t know if it’s the combination of the bushy brows and pig nose with thin old lady lips, but I feel she’s overhyped. I think it’s mostly the lower half of her face that grossed me out. Her eyes are beautiful though. Feel free to disagree with me anons

No. 193424

Nah she still looks good to me. It’s a striking and unconventional beauty for sure, but she’s also very ethnic looking (apparently she’s Nepalese?)

No. 193484

She looks like she could be one of the members of Cinema Bizarre. She's got a specific cuteness to her.

No. 193732

I agree with you on all points, I'm assuming she owes her modelling career to nepotism because I just don't see what the draw is with her. She has like one angle where her face looks a bit striking, but from my most angles she looks pretty average imo. She resembles Annie Murphy.

No. 193749

File: 1624360330257.jpg (67.68 KB, 620x388, ed_2402011b.jpg)

Definitely nepotism. It's a huge fucking problem in Britain, especially in media, modelling and TV/film industries. Edie Campbell is a great example of overshilled and nepotism. She has that weird, posh mouth breather horse face our elite/upper class possess and seem to admire, they plaster their ugly mugs everywhere lmao. Go literally anywhere in the UK and you'll find more diverse and better looking people with actual talent, yet 99% will never make it. It's infuriating. British actors from working class backgrounds tend to be our most talented, because they have to be.

No. 193877

File: 1624427285080.jpg (163.1 KB, 1920x1080, madison-beer-laechelt-3.jpg)

Madison Beer. Not ugly but kinda masculine imo, if you told me she was a MtF troon, I wouldn't be shocked. Confused why everyone on Instagram is obsessed with her lol.

No. 193882

File: 1624429350156.jpeg (117.27 KB, 750x742, CA6E3D90-CE48-4DC7-BB9B-0D91CD…)

got too much ps done at a young age too

No. 193883

File: 1624429403213.jpeg (66.78 KB, 730x500, C20D97A7-9AAC-497D-9FB7-0435C4…)

would've been interesting to have seen her actually grow into her face rather than getting ps but all these girls are getting heavy fillers nowadays when they're under 25 and their faces arent done developing.

No. 193885

everyone says shes had a tonne of work done but i dont see it. def had injections but her nose and everything else looks the same, people keep posting different angles or expressions that makes her nose look a lil different

No. 193888

Can we stop accusing/suspecting women to be troons just because they have slightly masculine features? God I hate I have to use this word but it's damaging for women who have masculine features, which exist in many biological women. It just pushes the agenda that women can only exist as these hyperfeminine things which isn't beneficial for us whatsoever.

No. 193889

File: 1624433156042.jpg (732.54 KB, 2000x1566, image.jpg)

Definitely all of the Kardashian girls. I don't know why, but Hollywood and all kinda of people seem to simp for these women. Half of them are plastic surgery addicts, one only getting famous because she had sex with Kanye. Plus, why, of all people, does our society choose to simp over ultra-rich spoiled brats? Ridiculous if you ask me.

No. 193890

is it bad if i think she looks pretty in all of these

No. 193891

>one only getting famous because she had sex with Kanye
Lol anon

No. 193893

Doesn't everyone hate them? I mean they get a lot of attention but it's usually negative.

No. 193897

File: 1624436284471.jpg (112.27 KB, 1080x1080, 80c27af3b5378a4b498bbcd7ce4e83…)

Kim used to be gorgeous. Kanye really ruined that woman with his porn addiction

No. 193898

she also had a brow lift

No. 193915

Damn, it's Cynthia from Malcolm in the Middle! I liked that character

No. 193929

File: 1624459975634.png (516.9 KB, 723x757, 09383748337.png)

>MtF troon
this look is in. its mostly her huge jaw

lol bless you. girl is easily the fakest most plastic tranny looking celeb under 25 and has aged herself prematurely already. it will all show up and mannify her more in time like megan fox

No. 193955

Exactly. It also makes troops delusional about how feminine they can look with their shitty surgeries and meds when they look very obviously male.

No. 194165

She had her body like that since way before she was dating him?

No. 194166

God do you spergs ever think about anything else? Go back to your containment thread. I’m sick of people moralfagging derailing this thread and trying to make lolcow some kind of hugbox. Just hide the thread if it bothers you.

No. 194330

File: 1624677614479.jpeg (621.61 KB, 828x1142, 2894246F-E420-4EB5-9D18-74CED0…)

Why did I have so many mutuals like this. Her hips are disgusting.

No. 194452

I'm more concerned about her armpits

No. 194813

File: 1624981118063.png (1.69 MB, 1116x1006, Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 16.13…)

Men were disappointed, but women were tripping over themselves to say how much more beautiful and younger Julie Chen looks without makeup. Not really. Apart from bottom row center pic (aged 50), she's 42 here. I think she's always looked ten years older than she is and plain.

No. 194814

….is it bad if i wish i had those type of hips and shoulder width?

No. 194815

Be glad you don't. Teletubby bodies age so badly.

No. 194826

Kim pre-surgery and current Kendall are both really hot imo.

This thread is mostly malding hets nitpicking hot women but this is some real shit. Who the fuck says this woman is youthful or beautiful lmfao

No. 194842

Kendall is the hottest

No. 194859

File: 1624995115793.jpg (529.38 KB, 1200x630, tswift.jpg)


No. 194860

I think Kim seeing herself in paparazzi pics got to her. They were usually unflattering, but in pictures of her with natural lighting she was stunning.

No. 194861

File: 1624995256563.jpg (44.36 KB, 745x499, swift_12.jpg)

I find her really ugly.

No. 194867

Did she shoop her photo or get hip fat grafts? Looking at her older photos, her hips were much smaller

No. 194869

i thought that was freelee the banana girl

No. 194926

File: 1625016416492.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1549, 6C03D941-62AB-4210-B8D9-6B3BE9…)

Both Damelio sisters have this manly face I can’t stand. I literally thought this was James Charles in one of his cross dressing forms.

No. 194936

they look better in unedited photos but I hate that they both apparently got nosejobs? they still look more natural than a lot of influencer girls, though, I hope they don't completely ruin their faces before their 20s

No. 194978

I can see what you mean about the James Charles-ness, but wouldn't say they're hideous, just basic af

No. 194986

She looks fine to me, a bit heavy on the makeup for my personal taste but she has a pretty and charisteristic face. I'll have a slightly """"masculine"""" face over same-face-PS-faces any day

No. 194991

if her lower jaw's developed enough to bite clean through boiled spaghetti, she's probably a troon. real women sip food through a straw.

No. 195034

File: 1625065558245.gif (1.61 MB, 245x225, 311a9b0f1cbfd08c7a442ce26739db…)

You stop disrespecting Anya now!

No. 195055

stop calling women troons just for having a masculine feature, diversity in women exists.

No. 195056

Has the body of a fridge with shoulders attached. Nta, I am not a fan of her either. But it's okay. Being hot isn't everything. She surely has other redeemable features. Maybe she comes off as hot through how she acts, but it ain't coming across in photos for me.

No. 195059

That anon was obviously being sarcastic.
When will farmers realize that most women don't have 5 inch waists

No. 195094

God forbid a woman doesn't have an hourglass figure, might as well just kill yourself if you don't smh. For a site thats anti-scrote you guys sure do like to nitpick other women's appearances like them.

No. 195098

Good god I don’t know why my mother believes they’re this powerful self-made empire where every member is an incredibly smart businesswoman. Their mother, maybe, but their ‘empire’ is vapid consumerist trash. Anyone with money can pay for people to run a hustle for them to slap their name on it.

No. 195109

She has a perfectly normal body. However I’m sick of anons calling her “exotic” because she’s Nepalese kek. She has a horse face and an overbite and a nose so long it’s almost making out with her top lip. I’ve literally never heard of her until this thread and she’s probably one of the worst looking ones here

No. 195165

The makeup, especially eyes, is just way too heavy. Their faces alone aren’t manly at all, they look like your typical obnoxious teen girls.

No. 195350

No clue who this is but this has to be a nose job… right? It reminds me of some of the botched kpop noses

No. 197195

File: 1625885238121.png (1.24 MB, 806x1346, Screenshot_20210709-184324(1).…)

Alissa White-Gluz. Very overrated both lookswise and talent wise.

Wouldn't have posted her here though if she didn't have a shit personality to top it all off.

No. 197199

and here we see a failed cosplay attempt of Clem from Eternal Sunshine

No. 197212

literally who?

No. 197215

uh, selfpost?

No. 197224

She's the frontwoman for Arch Enemy, a metal band. She is often listed as being the hottest woman in metal (or one if the hottest). She's also usually regarded as being a badass but she's just an obnoxious vegan sjw with an oversized ego. I do think she's pretty, just not this drop dead gorgeous queen that people act like she is.

Yes I am Alissa jk don't ban me

No. 197239

File: 1625915710422.jpg (237.09 KB, 1200x1800, chantel-jeffries-attends-2018-…)

Chantal Jeffries. I don't undertstand why so many think that she's "gorgeous". She looks like a trans Kim K clone to me.

No. 197276

I dont know who this is but i dont think she looks trans. She does have that bloated-from-injections look though like Ariana and every instagram model.

No. 197310

Kek I know most people do not know who she is but I still laughed

No. 197359

File: 1625987759924.jpg (198.61 KB, 1200x1368, ch.jpg)

Depends on the pic sometimes but something about her face just looks too masculine to me.

No. 197378

I don't like her singing. Queen Angela 4ever!

No. 197492

File: 1626087669415.jpg (178.79 KB, 962x1404, 13586220-7037841-image-a-28_15…)

anons in the celebricows thread calling her gorgeous are tripping

she looks like jigsaw with that chin kek

No. 197493

when I first saw this picture, I thought this was a weirdly edited image of Dua Lipa

No. 197500

This is edited, right? The chin

No. 197507

File: 1626096490190.jpg (533.16 KB, 1597x2400, 2074938677-had160519.jpg)

I got called a scrote for saying she isn't particularly attractive lol.

No. 197508

jfc the skin on her forehead looks so uncomfortably tight. Can she even move her eyebrows?

No. 197511

The only thing masculine about her face is the drag queen makeup. This trend needs to go away.

Her first round of plastic surgeries were good. Now she looks terrifying.

No. 197776

never understood the hype about lilly rose depp? her eyes look so empty along with that werid mouth experssion she always has on

No. 197777

already mentioned in the thread earlier, but belle delphine never got her hype either

No. 197778

she's only popular with weeb-y incel, reddit men and "Im nOt lIkE oTherR gIrLZ" edgy type chicks, her wigs are awful and her makeup looks god awful unless it's filered and photoshopped to the heavens.

No. 197787

File: 1626248646627.jpg (3.84 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-14-12.42.53.jpg)

I've been seeing her a lot on my explore and people calling her hot but i don't see it. Sometimes she looks good in headshots but every scene she just looks weird.

No. 197790

File: 1626251199699.jpg (66.99 KB, 699x900, 6a0786934770f651d41c401b5b8220…)

I personally like her trademark 'don't mess with me bitch' face she constantly makes kek

No. 197799

I dont think belle delphine is supposed to be gorgeous, she has a ton of simps because she pedobaits

No. 197810

File: 1626265068322.jpg (203.02 KB, 718x1080, b9F3UZDiYCg.jpg)

she's straight up ugly

No. 197822

Her smile definitely is forced but I think she’s pretty in an unconventional/cartoonish way without any sex appeal. She looks like a cute bobblehead lol

No. 197827

File: 1626279955876.jpg (2.04 MB, 2418x1813, lily-rose-depp-norm.jpg)

I've always felt kinda bad for her because her looks were under public scrutiny ever since she was born since both of her parents are considered superhot and she is just a normal cute girl.
She does look a bit different now in her 20s as compared to mid teenage years but she maybe just gained some healthy weight so it's all good for her really.

No. 197828

File: 1626281047800.png (2.81 MB, 1688x1352, 65.png)

Something about her face really scares me. It looks too skeletal and mask-like or something.

No. 197829

I wonder if she's given herself cheek fillers already? Her cheekbones were always very pronounced but this looks like a classic pillow face.

No. 197830

OT for sure but that is easily the most jaw droppingingly gorgeous woman I've ever seen.

No. 197832

I dislike that she tends to use such heavy eye makeup. She already has strong features with a square-shaped face so I think keeping the makeup toned down looks best like in the upper right (sort of looks like an offbrand Charlize). Her hair is really flat and blah though, wish she'd give it volume more often

No. 197842

Zoomers love her tho, I always see girls saving her pictures and having boards dedicated to her in pinterest. She's cute but she's unconventional

No. 197896

A friend of a friend works closely with her and so I see a lot of random pics of her on FB and stuff.

She looks like someone’s milf boss. it didn’t even occur to me that it was Margot Robbie until someone said something on his pics once.

The crazy part to me is she’s somehow in her 20’s

No. 198013

File: 1626384235671.jpg (188.35 KB, 1200x1538, bella-hadid-at-grammy-awards-2…)


Bella Hadid looked the best circa 2016 imo, she had a je ne sais quoi thing that made her a level above "average forgetable pretty girl" and she was in the sweet spot of breaking through while keeping her mouth shut which added to the mystique of "Gigi's mysterious dark sister". The reveal that she's your typical empty-headed LA Instragram model along with the plastic surgery just culminated in a big meh, I don't even remember her anymore outside of the occasional YouTube video pop up about her surgeries.

There also this vibe I get from her and Kylie Jenner where they seem like plain mediocre girls who happened to have all these riches and fame but still can't shake off the "Becky spirit" and you see that very clearly in how they get strung along by scrotes like Travis Scott and The Weeknd instead of being bombshells who lead the way.

No. 198020

She’s botched with filler now à la Chrissy teigen

No. 198021

File: 1626387310200.png (853.52 KB, 918x506, Bogdanoff.png)

She isn't attractive at all. You are all using some really glammed up photos of her.

I just think of them as an example of how all the money, connections, training, and plastic surgery can't make someone a true star nor really beautiful if you don't have a good foundation to work off of.

No. 198024

File: 1626388321969.jpg (123.61 KB, 512x385, rihanna-fenty-beauty.jpg)

she is ugly asf

No. 198026

File: 1626388537879.jpeg (378.39 KB, 668x1000, 42a53bfd-6ccb-487e-beae-1fb6ba…)

I don't know why, I think she has really pretty features but together it's off-putting to me for some reason.

No. 198041

Maybe because of her chin?

I like how she looks. She has enough unique features where she stands out and doesn’t look like your typical Hollywood blonde. But that’s just me.

No. 198044

>plain mediocre girls who happened to have all these riches and fame but still can't shake off the "Becky spirit"

yah i got this vibe from her 73 q's vid

No. 198055

>like plain mediocre girls who happened to have all these riches and fame but still can't shake off the "Becky spirit"
I think literally every celebrity is like this tbh.

No. 198064

Pick up a damn comics Illyana was never an edgy teen rebel self insert for not like other girls

No. 198072

File: 1626419547487.jpeg (23.32 KB, 315x360, 16832743895325.jpeg)

I shilled her as the most beautiful girl in the industry for so long, because she has this symmetrical face and slim but muscular body. My eyes were opened recently to realize how wrong I were.

No. 198073

File: 1626419682493.jpeg (13.27 KB, 201x349, Daisy.jpeg)

Samefagging, that fivehead shaped as a bowling ball

No. 198082

I don't get why would anyone stan her unless they are a psycho, self-inserting daiver. I have nothing against Daisy but she seems super average in every way possible (acting skills - idk maybe I didn't see the right movie, looks, personality…). She has this girl next door quality that I don't find appealing or interesting.

No. 198088

File: 1626436539055.jpeg (27.26 KB, 327x360, 16807676565643234.jpeg)

I think Driver is ugly so that wasn't it, I believed the meme that face symmetry means true beauty and she does have it in the jaw area but I never gave any attention to her forehead and how she look like any basic bong girl.

No. 198091

Normani is ugly, if she wasn't black no one would care about her. Her body is really ugly she looks like a weirdo IMVU character.

No. 198097

File: 1626442069209.jpg (1011.32 KB, 2048x1488, 1676957659768.jpg)

She makes it too hard

No. 198108

I saw her irl in 2018, she was either barefaced or had very light makeup on, but she was really beautiful. She got overboard with surgeries later, but at that time she was glowing.

No. 198110

Camilla Cabello is ugly as fuck too. You know what so is Lauren g or whatever. None of them are very pretty tbh

No. 198111

she's very pretty but in a not interesting way.

i can't see anything wrong with her face. nothing stands out either.

No. 198113

I agree. Never understood the hype about fifth harmony they are all ugly.

No. 198114

File: 1626450193359.png (851.11 KB, 804x900, Beyoncé_at_The_Lion_King_Europ…)

She is ugly. She only looks average when she has a lot of makeup/hair done. But naturally? No way.

No. 198120

File: 1626451383749.jpg (1.53 MB, 2000x3000, camila-cabello-shawn-mendes-1-…)


No. 198126

Nah it's the opposite, she looks better with less makeup >>189103

No. 198135

The lip overlining looks so dumb

No. 198137

Is this picture recent?

No. 198138

File: 1626456501867.png (390.35 KB, 626x865, 191125_Selena_Gomez_at_the_201…)

I dont understand Selena Gomez appeal. She always looks so bloated to me, like she's gonna explode. I think she is ugly.

No. 198151

File: 1626461591583.jpg (38.76 KB, 664x664, -nocrop.jpg)

Imo she used to be very cute before the perpetual alcohol bloating

No. 198155

It's true. Alcohol and fillers doesn't make a very good combination. Her early days are great but now she's a freak. Her body is not that bad tho.

No. 198163

Idk if she has been mentioned but Zendaya is so plain, i don't get her hype. She's so common, like any other girl.

No. 198167

I had a crush on her when I was a teenager when she got that short haircut. She looks like she stopped taking care of herself after she and Justin broke up. The difference between 2015 and 2017 is telling.

No. 198169

Lol not even aubrey hepburn thought she was all that special enough to be regarded as a timeless beauty.

No. 198179

File: 1626467374399.jpg (124.2 KB, 637x615, 1626453063899.jpg)

I hate how everyone hypes her up so much, she looks average at best and that's when she's all made up, make-up free she's borderline ugly

No. 198181

File: 1626468046470.jpg (323.3 KB, 1048x720, 1707241-1.jpg)

Right? In Euphoria she looks ugly asf because she's not with much makeup.

No. 198183

File: 1626468428159.png (445.51 KB, 766x527, 1_olivia_rodrigo_good_4_u_clip…)

I have no words to explain how much i find Olivia Rodrigo ugly. She is the more boring and plain teen celeb ever.

No. 198190

I’m so sick of hearing about this chick.

No. 198191

i think she looks even more cute like this sorry

No. 198192

I don’t necessarily find her ugly but she has zero appeal/charisma and dead eyes

No. 198193

Personally, I think she's a pretty girl but her music is typical teenage bullshit. Hate seeing her album cover everywhere.

No. 198194

She's objectively pretty but I can't find her attractive at all for some reason. She reminds me of Aubrey Plaza but more generic.

No. 198196

kek that's what I thought too. I saw a lot of pics of her made up and dressed to the nines but I thought she lacked a charisma but was just a good model. When she's got less makeup and is wearing more grungy clothes she looks amazing to me though

No. 198516

File: 1626704194555.jpg (44.37 KB, 680x453, anya-taylor-joy-1.jpg)

ugly bitch

No. 198518

She looks nice in this photo, but she looks like a fish. People hype her up like she’s a young Margot Robbie or something you know what I mean?

No. 198519

No. 198522

robbie's uglier imo

No. 198538

+++++ never got her appeal

No. 198666

It makes no sense to me, but I find Robbie unattractive, yet that woman from My Name is Earl attractive. It's definitely not based on real life personality or character because I haven't watched either of them in anything, not even an interview.

No. 198738

File: 1626860582838.jpg (101.52 KB, 960x1200, stronger_gabrielle917_20210615…)

Not exactly someone overly famous but i watch a few cdramas and my god… she has got to be the ugliest chinese actress i've ever seen

No. 198742

File: 1626860897960.jpg (37.43 KB, 592x458, 9bea22c3gy1fn4rmx3i7vj20gg0cqg…)

Ltierally can't stand her face at all…

No. 198762

File: 1626866863133.jpg (149.75 KB, 640x816, cover-alex-turner-640x816.jpg)

Personally I don't find her face unattractive, just annoying. Alex Turner does the same kek.

No. 199662

File: 1627400013473.jpg (902.46 KB, 1280x2048, gettyimages-105793045-2048x204…)

Cameron Diaz is so weird looking to me. She was cute for a period of time tho, like in the Mask

No. 200328

File: 1627809926294.jpeg (64.92 KB, 378x594, 2ACEA74E-CAEB-4D6B-802C-DD8C05…)

Yes I completely agree, I feel like makeup has always emphasised her nasolabial folds (sorry to use the word lmao) even when she was way younger but with light makeup I find her so beautiful. I also have always got the impression she is one of those people who looks better in person, I think I would find her striking if I saw her irl.

No. 200448

>thread to call women ugly
>bitching about people doing exactly what they're supposed to

No. 200526


She needs to fire her makeup artists imo. Not sure how more make-up can make a woman uglier, outside of the MUA not knowing how to flatter her face. I've always thought she was pretty but I don't think she's the most photogenic. Make-up looks usually age her. Guess it's because she has soft features.

No. 200541

>Not sure how more make-up can make a woman uglier
look at instagram girls and/or the drag makeup trend. meg thee stallion is another woman who looks better with less makeup

No. 200578

File: 1627948263592.png (1.5 MB, 1013x791, 5r678.png)

Meg looks stunning without the drag make up. Makes me sad. She probably ruined her natural features with injections and pc by now…

No. 200581

Agreed, my god she looks stunning in the right pic. Wouldn't Have know that it was her if you didn't say.

No. 200587

File: 1627952607219.jpg (253.82 KB, 1080x1080, DLYtskCVAAAI4S_.jpg)

I need her to stop pandering to scrotes and embrace her butchy femme side.

No. 200589

It's also that stupid expression that makes her look sloth-like. Pull another face!

No. 200630

Oh my god, she looks sooooo fucking much better without makeup/with natural makeup. Why does she do this?!

No. 200700

File: 1628036477781.jpg (51.31 KB, 300x410, megan-fox-red-carpet-2010-phot…)

Thank you! I never liked Megan Fox after Transformers. The fake orange tan and plastic surgery bothered me so much.

No. 200701

I hated her before her scandals. Her face always looks like it was stung by bees.

No. 200702

File: 1628036718207.jpg (111.21 KB, 400x600, HOPEFAITH50119-02.jpg)

I think she looked lovely on Hope and Faith and in that Lindsay Lohan film, but she became too thin, then came the fillers and surgery… and it's a wrap lol.

No. 200735

she doesn't even look like the same person anymore. in time she'll probably end up looking like pete burns.

body dysmorphia is one hell of a drug.

No. 200794

File: 1628117385591.jpg (261.09 KB, 1200x2135, dita-von-teese-stills-at-lax-a…)

Physically she is plain and for a sex entertainer, especially one who achieved high status, she has a surprising lack of charisma or natural charm. How on earth did she become so famous?

No. 200795

File: 1628119681676.png (9.67 MB, 1242x2208, 4CFEB583-BA88-478A-9277-F48374…)

By fucking men like Marilyn Manson, Russell Crowe, and Harvey Weinstein kek Most people don’t even know who she is at this point and burlesque is dead. She’s hocking Wen haircare and Lashify on her insta so she’s already fading in obscurity.

No. 200804

I didnt even know she fucked Russel Crowe or Weinstein

No. 200806

how do you fuck weinstein and not get anything out of it

No. 200811

Lots got nothing out of it like Sandra Lee (the "two shots of vodka" lady)

No. 200813


1000% agree. Great shape for being in her 50's and takes care of her skin, but she's always been an extremely plain slice of white bread. Her "beauty" begins and ends with her style but even then I think her face doesn't quite pull it off.

I honestly love the vintage look, but being glamorous and polished is not the same as being beautiful. Lots of people buy into her persona.

I think she only got as famous as she did because she helped popularize the burlesque/fetish modeling scene when it was still pretty new. Then she managed to hook up with a few celebrities and here we are.

No. 200816

fuck the slightly open mouth is aggravating me so much, close your mouth oh my god

No. 200827

I think her signature vintage style doesn't do her favors. It's impossible to dress the way she does and not look grandma-ish. But yeah, her success is due to her fucking famous men, working as an escort and she also did porn when she was younger

No. 200828

File: 1628154320392.jpg (37.26 KB, 391x600, 61ea68ac3d5c53659d93847bb17b56…)

She looks much better in a more laid back style and no makeup

No. 200832

She was already very famous when she got together with Manson or Crowe, she got her fame by being a model with a very unique style. IDK about charisma in direct conversation or whatever but her burlesque shows are beautiful, even if a thing of a past now. It's always annoying when people credit "fucking men" for every woman's career, maybe she did fuck someone who pulled the strings but we don't know whom, and definitely none of these men you've listed.

No. 200833

Lol she was not "already very famous" before getting with MM. She wasn't known outside of fetish circles. He definitely put her on the map in 2003 by them becoming the ultimate goth couple that was seen everywhere together. I've been to two of her shows: the first was decent despite all acts being lifted directly from other material, the second was her 2019/20 NYE show which was so horrendous people were asking for their money back at the box office.

Of course not every woman's career is due to them sleeping around but Dita's was. She was in porn, strips, and was at one point the top escort in the entertainment industry. She's not exactly ashamed of any of that either and is open with all of it. You don't need to wk her.

No. 200834

File: 1628156060631.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.09 MB, 2997x2000, 8d67db533766866.jpeg)

Never had sex appeal either

No. 200840

kek it looks like she's squinting because she forgot to put in her contact lenses or something

No. 200841

I don't have anything against DVT and in some ways I think she's cool but I don't get how anyone could complain about people attributing her success to men when pretty much her whole career is about pandering to men. at least she hasn't gotten a ton of work done I guess.

No. 200842

That is shayna level unsexy kek I see why she hides behind ~vintage~ styling

No. 200843

File: 1628164480661.jpg (52 KB, 610x410, cf12152532562f4183daa5cbceafa5…)

>at least she hasn't gotten a ton of work done I guess
I'm pretty sure she got a hairline lowering surgery and either a liplift or fillers. Also Botox and a boobjob

No. 200844

File: 1628164745676.jpg (330.74 KB, 1619x2000, image.jpg)

Is it just me or she used to look a little bit like Ivanka Trump?

No. 200846

She kind of did lol

No. 200872

She looks better blonde and with minimal make-up.

No. 200881

She'd also look great with just a bit less contrast in general, like warm brown hair. It's interesting how she obviously has a warm, yellowish tint to her skin but uses cool toned body makeup and foundation so it suits her jet black hair

No. 200926

I remeber an interview where she said she never got botox, but that was several years ago and maybe she changed her mind. I guess she could have gotten other fillers instead.

I've always thought she looked better with her natural hair color or would look better with lighter hair. The jet black hair almost makes her look washed out or something.

No. 204050

File: 1630691665867.jpeg (399.73 KB, 2000x2400, 98D1B9A7-0001-430D-A658-A981E4…)

I don’t understand when people act like Addison Rae is extremely beautiful, I feel like I see so many girls who look exactly like her

No. 204075

>I see so many girls who look exactly like her
That's why they hype her up so much lol it's to make average feel better about themselves (nothing with wrong average though)

No. 204083

her body is pretty bad too. shes a fridge.
she just made it big on tiktok cause she was early to it, she was one of the most attractive females on it at that time. like pokimane on twitch or whatever.

No. 204112

Saged bc nitpick but man her nose makes her whole face look weird

No. 204183

File: 1630771525703.png (83 KB, 1226x270, quite.png)

No. 204224

File: 1630798094409.jpg (47.29 KB, 650x340, fab6c5c01ad58d38fa95114fe3cea6…)

she looks like big ed

No. 204261

is this……..bait?

No. 204263

Was this written by Azealia Banks?

No. 204267

FUCKING YES this was my first thought too crazy resemblance

No. 208451

File: 1633604795978.png (1.56 MB, 992x1312, putin.png)

Praise re Putin's mistress' beauty was confusing. She looks like Kate Upton's uglier little sister. Maybe I'm biased tho because I cannot stand overly round and squished faces.

No. 208453

File: 1633604853666.jpg (37.47 KB, 355x500, alina-kabaeva-495757-normal.jp…)

No. 208461

I wonder what's going on with her these days. Getting involved with Putin, (allegedly) having his kids and being hidden away somewhere with his cronies watching over her doesn't seem like a very good life.

No. 208465

She looks very disabled and that’s probably because she is

No. 208759

She looks cute and fine.

No. 208791

facial blindness is a common symptom of autism

No. 208811

File: 1633798458335.jpg (79.61 KB, 968x645, lily-rose-depp-2020.jpg)

Lily Rose Depp. She gives me feelings of disgust/being repulsed for whatever reason. Makes my skin crawl.
It sounds dramatic, but when I look at her I have a similar reaction to seeing mold or those trypophobia picture. I don't get any hype surrounding her at all.
Katherine Harlow/theparkavenuepinup gives me the same vibes, but not as strong.

No. 208881

File: 1633837452214.jpeg (79.41 KB, 933x933, B1D68D06-5818-4CF0-9CFE-383693…)

The weird part is I find her attractive but also viscerally repulsive in the same way I instinctively try to avoid shallow women who talk platitudes and call you their bestie but won’t remember your birthday.
Idk something seems so calculated about her and it comes across in how she presents herself.

No. 208882

File: 1633838065270.jpg (84.02 KB, 940x494, jaws3D.jpg)

that's how i feel when i see sigourney weaver. she's just…eughhh.

No. 208883

i've always assumed that no matter your other features, as soon as you have a round face it's over, you're ugly. i have a super round face like next level and consider anyone with visible cheekbones to be attractive or at least more attractive than me. circle face is just universally ugly.

No. 208887

File: 1633839728758.jpg (321.82 KB, 1386x1850, lily-rose.jpg)

The plastic surgery absulutely ruined her. She was more attractive like 5+ years ago

No. 208891

Something about her eyes (not the color) annoys me, same with Billie Eilish. They both always look like they’re not opening their eyes all the way. Every photo has a sultry bedroom eyes smize.

No. 208901

I can't tell if mine is overly round or just a chubby heart. Being compared to Chloe Moretz once or twice didnt help. I don't think we look alike at all though beyond having a mooney face

for me it's her lips. they look oversized and fake for some reason, like they're wrongfully plastered on her face and don't align with the rest of her features. there's nothing wrong with having full lips but something about hers just look weird. are they even natural to begin with? seems like every rich girl gets fillers now

No. 208903

Yeah, hard disagree on this one. She has a strong rectangular face shape but her features are quite cute and elegant. I also don't know where you've heard her shilled as attractive, most women seem to acknowledge that she's not ugly at best while they go on to idolize ps nightmares like Kim Kardashian. More often I hear people describe her as strong and intimidating due to her height which honestly just makes me like her more

No. 208912

She still looks far uglier than the average English woman.

No. 208913

Aren't round faces considered cute/youthful though

No. 208924

File: 1633862012349.jpg (163.59 KB, 815x1222, lily-rose-depp-brings-a-faithf…)

For me it's the condescending smirky face that she does/has

No. 208925

I just hate her (nonexistent) hair

No. 208934

File: 1633870267621.jpg (131.36 KB, 634x778, 30193912-8471997-image-a-1_159…)

she has the worst sense of style too she looks ridiculous every time she calls the paps

No. 208940

>bag is too small to fit phone (or anything at all) so you have to carry them both
celebs are so retarded

No. 208974

men are wild about her, she's considered super hot in ghostbusters, galaxy quest, and alien

No. 209075

Even if you don't like her features she aged well and looks better than a lot of women her age. never would've guessed she's over 70

No. 209410

File: 1634193844965.png (6.65 MB, 1640x2360, 8B92BC06-6C80-436E-A0AE-EDCE42…)

Most tiktok people come across to me as generic and Bella Pearce is a good example of that

No. 209421

As a Hispanic growing up around lots of Hispanics she literally looks like one you'd see on the street, maybe even a family member looks like her, lol. I know she's Asian.

No. 209422

Samefag, I never understood why Twitter went crazy over this video. She looks like she could be one of my cousins. Very plain but she's still ok.

No. 209516

the dancing, eye contact, smile combo is pretty sexy.

No. 209636

File: 1634360187972.png (473.84 KB, 932x524, iu-6.png)

This bitch

No. 209643

ew no i was turned off by the open-mouth gum chewing jaw flapping

No. 209763

File: 1634418841905.jpg (179.79 KB, 1200x1200, casey-anthony-17192822-1-402.j…)

Casey Anthony. Wtf am I missing here?

No. 209769

no idea. men universally find her hot. even guys who don't think crime is "sexy"

No. 209788

I get the same vibe from Julia Roberts. The too big magazine feature thing you described.

No. 209801

i think light blue eyes are overrated. people just like them because theyre rare or eurocentric, but they look kind of scary to me
i feel like she tries so hard to be an anime girl to appeal to her weeb audience
her face is too short i think
could be her daughter
tbf bella is pretty but she acts like a little girl its annoying

No. 210454


No. 210455

drop a photo of your fucking face and ltes see if youre prettier than lily rose depp. im sincerely begging you if you think youre in a place where you can criticize a bitch who fucked timothee chalamet and is the FACE OF CHANEL i would LOVE to see how beautiful you must be……….

No. 210535

File: 1634925569330.jpg (204.31 KB, 735x1103, main-qimg-0619ebba7b128dc94cdf…)

(nonnies plz don't kill me for posting K-pop)

She's very pretty, don't get me wrong, but she looks so plain and boring compared to other members of Twice. I feel like she always looks so bored/dead.

Chief, the point of this thread is to talk about famous women. No one said they're better than any of these women, just that they don't agree with their exact brand of beauty.

No. 210537

File: 1634925803661.jpg (84.5 KB, 1024x678, Irene-Red-Velvet-50-facts-you-…)

Other anons have posted Irene and I agree with that as well. I guess the doll-like, "I guess this checks all the boxes of an attractive person", straightforward beauty doesn't work for me. I think Joy from Red Velvet is way hotter.

No. 210550

>bitch who fucked timothee chalamet
Lmao since when is that a good thing? Half of NYU fucked timmy chlamydia

No. 210554

File: 1634928623752.jpg (341.71 KB, 1000x563, emma-roberts-scream-queens.jpg)

she always looks so hard-faced and ratty to me

No. 210566

File: 1634930997528.jpeg (99.2 KB, 691x1024, 2F0B43EF-EAB4-4FFE-A3DD-01084A…)

Her acting is so mediocre. The only decent career she had was being a bitch on AHS. You should watch this mediocrity she’s in.

No. 210571

I just looked up the summary and jesus christ way to make a terrible romcom of what could have been a heartwarming romcom. airport scene = instant neverwatch

No. 210573

Freakshow really showcased how shit of an actress she is because almost everyone else on the show had actual talent and really sold their characters story. Her and Chrissy Metz were just downright awful. Same goes for Taissa Farmiga during her seasons.

No. 210576

Kaia Gerber is a more believable actress than her. I still can’t believe she was on AHS. The first part of season 10 was good but the alien part was 100% stupid. I know the creator is a fag but sometimes it ruins the plot. Making the two friends wank each other off because college and now they are dating. Plus impregnated the guys with an alien baby. God, that show is just a shut show in general. Love Jessica Lange though.

No. 210828

She looks like every girl who ever bullied me LOL

No. 210830

Venti is so ugly and so emberrasing I dont know why the hell you all love her so much.
if you wanna please alt right incels boners okay i get it but like she is such a cow????

No. 212325

File: 1636134151809.jpg (431.68 KB, 1380x2067, floor.jpg)

The hype for Floor Jansen is so overblown, it's almost hilarious. Nightwish has apparently got a huge audience who thinks this horse-faced, tranny-looking creature is the epitome of beauty and grace because she's tall (and a huge pick-me girl). I'm really sick of any video or thread involving Floor or NW picking up shoals of scrotes waxing poetic about how she's a "valkyrie" and their "queen" and "leading their army to battle", kek. She's a good vocalist, but the hype over her as a "valkyrie queen" and "goddess of music" and "so beautiful" is so fucking cringe to me.

She's got quite the… strong bone structure, but her makeup skills and fashion sense have never done her any favours. She has a mannish bone structure, and she paints her face like an early 2000s troon.

No. 212578

the troon face wouldn't be that much of a probem if she dressed her big body properly. i'm not quite as tall as her but am a big manly german woman and it sucks but you have to accept that you can't dress like dr. orpheus' ex wife at this size. grown up clothes are for us. you can be goth, but you have to wear a blazer and some nice chunky heels, and keep your arms toned so you don't look like a big fat sausage cart guy.

No. 214232

File: 1637565619537.png (872 KB, 518x1002, ky.png)

Harsh, horsey face with a tragic bod.

No. 214235

Only time I see her being referred to as attractive is when they’re talking about her legs and bum kek sad

No. 214253

I think she looks cool. I'd rather metal neckbeards call her beautiful than having a perfect plastic surgery Barbie nitpicked to death for daring to be 35 like Megan Fox.
Don't worry, you'll get picked one day too maybe, but not with that attitude.

No. 214299

This basically. It's pretty depressing to me that when a woman is very talented and not the most classically attractive she will get ripped to shreds for "looking like a troon" or whatever (although I don't think Floor looks like a troon).

No. 214435

File: 1637694218400.jpg (116.42 KB, 770x1036, e1a8687a6f5c437ca46ffc9385fcfb…)

I will take this Valkyrie lady over pickme bimbo Maria Brink. She's cool and a good follow up to Tarja in that regard.
What happened to Annette?

No. 214439

File: 1637695095511.png (81.31 KB, 720x475, Screenshot_20211123-101259.png)

I actually don't really know as I have never been much of a Nightwish fan. It seems like one of those he-said-she-said situations that happens a lot with bands.

Side note. I kind of like some of In This Moment's songs but it does annoy me how dick-pandery Maria seems and how she has that porny bimbo look.

No. 214634

File: 1637822757414.jpg (102.08 KB, 600x751, Tumblr_l_158032488297629.jpg)

I won't call her ugly because that's harsh but stans act like she's some kind of ethereal beauty when to me she looks like a young Caitlin Jenner.

I guess making music really gives you that halo effect.. many musicians, rappers, singers are unattractive yet millions simp for them.

No. 214636

People find different things beautiful, I don't think halo effect is that relevant here. She hasn't looked like that for a long time, too

No. 214637


Point is I never found her beautiful now or ever. Before or after surgery. She actually worse after the nosejob and lip fillers, looks weird now..

No. 214652

No, she doesn't look like a fucking man, either. Delusional.

No. 214677

File: 1637868075619.jpg (53.77 KB, 640x548, 8b4e8bf4bebbd174d21d1f82bfc2ea…)


I'm deadass not even the first person to say she looks like Bruce Jenner, others been saying it on social media lol.

No. 214692

NTA but Bruce genuinely wishes that is true. It's Jenner skinwalking Lana, don't hold it against her. Not her fault troons will troon. She has looked like that years before Jenner trooned out in 2015.
You are free to dislike her or her looks, just please stop with the troon comparison.

No. 214695

File: 1637875922861.jpg (7.64 KB, 168x300, images.jpeg.jpg)

Similar to Bella Poarch, Lilymaymac gets hyped for being a racially ambiguous Filipina. I can see why people think they're "cute" but before the surgeries + skin lightening, they both look very plain. Not ugly but defo not head turning like their TikTok/IG photos..

No. 214696

File: 1637876106714.jpg (20.39 KB, 311x266, 20211125_133228.jpg)

Same person. Just an example of how IRL she looks quiet awkward and boring.

No. 214697

File: 1637876477340.jpg (160.62 KB, 1200x800, lana-del-rey.jpg)


Ok my bad, Bruce Jenner looks like her not the other way around. You feel better? Lana has never looked like the super feminine petite Lolita she tries to be. She's always had a wider build even when she was thin and that atrocious nosejob makes her look more masculine.

No. 214713

ok well if several people have said it it must be true! kek. They look nothing alike.
oh ok you just want to sperg out about lana. Just because you dont like a woman it doesnt mean she looks like a man. Lana was nice enough to fuck off to the flyover states with her bullshit, follow her.

No. 214714

File: 1637884232667.jpg (1.14 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_11-25-03.49.51.jpg)


Bella Poarch 2.0

No. 214715

File: 1637884313113.jpg (47.51 KB, 640x660, 3b9bb8e595cc5a865103cc363a1261…)

No. 214720

Used to like her and I think she just looks average but I do think there's something off with her lips and suspect she's gotten fillers.

No. 214733

Everyone knows she gets her lips done anon lmfao. They change shape every year too.
She's very girl next door. Wouldn't say manly like the sperg anon though. Most of her hardcore fans are gay men

No. 214734

File: 1637888680555.jpeg (226.07 KB, 640x643, 4D132D39-960A-44EA-A5A6-19AFE8…)

I looked and I don't think Halsey has been mentioned yet. I'm surprised.

No. 214736

I find her attractive even in this picture

No. 214743

Ayrt, honestly it's more her personality than her looks. But I do find her looks kind of average. I think she falls under the overrated category for those reasons.

No. 214744

I don't really talk a lot about Lana or have looked into her much, so I wasn't sure kek. But since you say that, yeah, I really don't like how her botched lips look in many photos. Ruins what would be at least a very girl next door sort of look. Seen so many botched/horribly migrating lip fillers on people (especially celebs) that idk why they still bother getting them.

No. 214748

File: 1637893159753.jpg (13.35 KB, 220x219, 220px-Catriona_Gray_in_New_Yor…)

Catriona Gray.. I do not like her eyes.

No. 214749

File: 1637893268457.jpg (2.12 MB, 1628x2302, Dua_Lipa_(2016,_cropped).jpg)

Dua Lipa.. her music and performances are boring too. She is the biggest industry plant.

This era has the most boring pop stars.

No. 214755

Lanaboards had the pictures from one of her surgeons when she got her lip re-filled. Her hair and style was a wreck when she was going by her real name / Lana Del Ray but the she didn’t need her lips or nose done. You can see how botched everything was now that she’s gained weight.

No. 214756

that strong botched look she has is way worse than "average"

No. 214757

You are doing trannies a big one by making it sound they can look like a woman, even one with tons of plastic surgery. I remember libfems going "uwu she's so brave and stunning and hot, looks just like a mix of Jessica Lange and Lana". No, just no. For both of them lol

No. 214759

No one wants to look like a girl next-door, especially not in Hollywood.

No. 214761

I love how this board has turned into a Lana/tranny discourse.

No. 214763

It's sad though, there are enough, maybe not A listers, that do but get barely any attention and they seem a lot more tolerable than people like the Jenners or Emrata.

No. 214767

I say average because to me there's not really anything descript about her face. I will say she's had worse looks than that pic though kek just cbf finding another photo. But she gets fawned over by her fans like crazy. This thread might be about looks but something feels off about her personality wise and just makes her seem even more unattractive.

No. 214769

She doesn't look that bad honestly. Just seems like she had similar kind of plastic surgery as everyone else in Hollywood gets which is unfortunate in itself

No. 214770

Even in some pics pre weight gain her lips looked strange. There was a photo in one of the Celebricow threads but I'll have to find it

No. 214772

I think her music is bland and boring, but I kinda feel that way about most pop music. I think she is really hot though and I hope she doesn't ruin her face with fillers and shit.

No. 214774

File: 1637897088683.jpeg (90.87 KB, 1000x747, FC1F6E47-A02B-4764-A004-D6D471…)

Samefag, found it. I think this was from the time of the Video Games music vid? Feel free to correct me if wrong though

No. 214775

File: 1637897669875.jpg (375.74 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20211125-192940_Ins…)

This bitch. Overhyped, has the face of teenage boy.

No. 214778

She had really nice eyes before she fucked them up

No. 214780


They've always been small, wym ?

No. 214792

Did she get a lift or something? From all the surgery analysis videos I’ve seen they say she hasn’t done much except that obvious lip filler

No. 214795

>She's always had a wider build even when she was thin
I always liked that about her. Not enough tall and wide women being cute and feminine.

No. 214806

but anon any woman who's not a dainty beanpole has to wear burlap sacks for the rest of her life

No. 214875

I've never heard anyone call her hot. She looks neanderthal.

No. 214884

She totally had the cute country girl thing going on for a while, she should have stuck with that tbh

No. 214901


You don't have to be dainty but in her case I bring it up because she glamorizes this whole "Lolita" daddy kink thing when isnt very youthful looking or petite.

No. 214928

She’s just an ugly Filipino chick with plastic surgery and a dead fish expression

No. 214936

Argh, she was so attractive to me. Why do women keep fucking with their faces, esp lips?

No. 214937

File: 1637987341880.jpg (63.54 KB, 558x893, a164639ee2a38b927bc3062eab393e…)

Not a burger so I don't see many pics of Lana, had to google and… this is a wide build? Unless I'm only stumbling on flattering pics, she looks normal to me.

No. 214939

Lana is so beautiful. I don’t even care what anyone thinks.

No. 214944

File: 1637989136388.jpg (25.37 KB, 400x300, 103236991_gbh24153-yoko-matsug…)

I'd have to go on a porn site to find screenshots to best illustrate how different her pre and post surgery face really is, and I don't want to do that kek, but there's a JAV model called Yoko Matsugane that gets posted in some forums I frequent (male dominated hobby) and I thought they were two different women for ages.

No. 214945

File: 1637989221254.png (194.96 KB, 632x540, yoko.png)

before pics.

No. 214946

File: 1637989267704.png (521.54 KB, 586x742, yoko3.png)

After pics.

No. 214947

File: 1637989308679.png (784.04 KB, 848x920, yoko2.png)

No. 214950

No offense anon but this is the wrong thread. 2 neckbeards who will fuck literally anything and are porn addicted on your male dominated forum posting some random asian pornstar isn't "women shilled as attractive" lmao

No. 214953

Who the fuck is this woman lmao

It's funny how this sperg thought it was appropriate to post some rando Japanese pornstar that no one outside their cumbrain circle knows of, on a thread about celebrities.. God ik this is all anon, but you should be embaressed of yourself.

No. 214954


That's why I posted her here, dipshit. She blew up on Tik Tok for being a kawaii uwu Twitch streamer gamergirl. She's like Belle Delphine tier imo.

No. 214957

File: 1637992839409.jpg (87.59 KB, 640x798, loadimage.jpeg.jpg)

prolly gonna get called an sjw for this ,ik this is a heavily white dominated forum and I think most people who say rihanna isn't attractive just aren't used to afro-centric features ie. a wide nose.

Most people are aware by now of colorism but people still don't know much bout 'featurism' which is a bias/preference over more euro-centric features. I notice many people will fawn over dark skinned models but only if they got small/narrow noses.

No. 214964

You could've just posted her and no one would've said anything. This weird race rant is what's going to make people bitchy.

No. 214967

File: 1637995914381.jpg (1.17 MB, 1336x2048, oliviabrownlarge.jpg)

>ik this is a heavily white dominated forum and I think most people who say rihanna isn't attractive just aren't used to afro-centric features ie. a wide nose
I'm an artist. I'm also white. And I just wanna say, "go fuck yourself." How dare you think women here, especially white women, are as ignorant and racist as you are? How dare you think everyone operates on a hivemind mentality solely by the color of their skin? I mentioned I'm an artist because I draw all kinds of faces, from all ethnic backgrounds. So don't you dare lump me in with "most people", as you put it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their own opinions about who is beautiful and who isn't. EVERYONE. Doesn't matter their skin color. It's not a race thing, so don't make it one.

No. 214974

Anon, not only is Rihanna's nose small and she obviously looks mixed race to begin with and is usually praised for that but my own nose is way bigger than hers and I'm not black and not white either. Calm down maybe?

No. 214982

File: 1638007780275.jpg (12.97 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

You didn't even have to tell me you're not black, you saying Rihanna's nose is "small" was the dead giveaway. I obviously meant that her nose is wide from the front, not that she has a big Jew nose from the side.


Sperg, I didn't say Europeans are the most beautiful people. I'm saying everyone praises the Madison Beer and Wolfiecindy type Euro noses.

No. 214983

The way that people on these forums talk about Asians and Arabs

The troon obsession

The lack of black people posted on here

Shows this is a very white majority website. That wasn't meant to be an insult, just an observation and assumption to why people might find Rihanna ""ugly"" when she is nowhere near ugly..(racesperging )

No. 214993

lol calm down

No. 215004

Those are Anglo plastic surgery noses, not "Euro" noses. Most people in real life don't have noses like that, especially not in Europe. That's why it's a beauty ideal, because it's unattainable.

No. 215005

Every single K-pop singer and every single black celebrity(racebait)

No. 215025

>Madison Beer and Wolfiecindy type Euro noses
Is that what they are called? I always think of them as the Whoville nose

No. 215045

They are Dr seuss noses. That shit look wack

No. 215088

Ok then let me repeat myself, my nose is way wider than Rihanna's. I thought what I meant was obvious but I guess not.

No. 215184


Seen some retard on the thread about her call her a "white passing asian" when she would probably take that as a compliment cuz thats exactly what she's aiming for. All of her childhood and candid pics look nothing near white passing. She's brown (which she hides with brightness turned up in her camera) and has got huge nostrils.

No. 215187

File: 1638140515533.jpg (115.51 KB, 724x563, tumblr_nv5ddxzXxV1utuwsto1_128…)

Seen mostly Nordic people with that kind of nose. To say 'euro' would be a generalization bc Italians and Greeks defo aren't known to have this same type of nose.

No. 215193


Most bitches here are 4chan rejects, what do u expec? Ofc theyre white.

No. 215194

it's because they look like apes(racebait )

No. 215199


Chimps have no lips… guess who else is famous for having paper thin lips?

No. 215201

File: 1638144601553.png (1.64 MB, 1037x811, esgtsg.png)


No. 215210

File: 1638147839091.jpg (84.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Europeans..(racebaiting )

No. 215377


fragile crybaby

No. 215378


When I was younger I used to find her hideous, but the older I get the more I love looking at her. And I don't think she looks mannish at all, I just think that lolcow thinks that any woman who's got bones sturdier than a bird's and has enough jawbone to be able to bite through a cookie is a man. Anyway she doesn't belong in this thread. She's never been shilled as attractive until she got with Nightwish, I remember too well in the 00s how men would all call her ugly, while Simone from Epica was the undisputed beauty queen of the metal scene.

No. 215398

im hiding this thread forever get the fuck out of here

No. 216907

File: 1639236153166.jpeg (85.37 KB, 1334x750, 341D66D7-0917-478B-90E6-60F229…)

Kanna Hashimoto. She went viral for a picture when she was a preteen idol and has been since then treated like a goddess despite all the ‘heydey’ pictures of her are from when 1) she was a literal child and 2) very edited. Now that she is grown (she is still hailed as thee beauty in Japan) her features are settled and the proportions are so off. The japanese still drool over her, maybe because of her light eyes but really I just don’t get it. Maybe I don’t get anything about pedophile island aka Japan. She’s just not pretty. She’s homely at best.

No. 216948

her nose is so crooked, especially the nostrils. the eyelidsurgery/brow lift makes her look 40. she needs to sue her surgeon.

No. 216963

File: 1639262486141.jpg (153.36 KB, 750x422, Kanna-H.jpg)

Anon thats such an unflattering photo, i feel like she fits the japanese beauty standard to a T.

No. 216984

File: 1639278143731.jpg (120.88 KB, 1502x1080, ATT-Lily-final-hed-2020.jpg)

something about her always made her look annoying af, she looks like lena dunham got breast implants and learned to put on makeup. Constant simp baiting is annoying and getting breast implants + wearing a waist trainer after getting fat become annoying as well. No milana nobody believes that your 50 lb weight gain went straight to your tits ass and thighs

No. 216987

>No milana nobody believes that your 50 lb weight gain went straight to your tits ass and thighs
Why do celebrities always pull this card anytime they get breast implants after weight gain in order to proportion themselves out better? Or a better card, why has no one questioned why all celebrities like Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks, Lohan, etc have the exact same fat distribution? It's like people think we live in an anime

No. 216990

This pic was Kanna many years ago, she doesn’t look like that anymore. I hate how Kanna got her eyes and nose done, she looked way better without it. She looks so mediocre now.
>pedophile island
Japs only like her cause she looks like she’s a teen, the more mature and graceful a actress is in Japan, the less popular they are compared to the ones who look like they are barely legal

No. 217010

File: 1639304231455.jpeg (149.45 KB, 750x501, D412B4B3-B9BF-4E11-AB2B-CDBF00…)

that’s a perfect example of what i was talking about: old photos from when she was underage being used. she actually looks like this nowadays without editing and such.

No. 217036

File: 1639322680803.jpg (66.28 KB, 573x568, horror.jpg)

How is this horror even a top-earning model?
She is so retarded looking. Her lips and teeth are horrible, her nose is huge, her face is so neandertal. I really don't get it.

No. 217053

File: 1639330567491.jpg (835.44 KB, 2700x2000, 09-top-models-fashion-month-fw…)

Most high earning models make bank on looking weird yet symmetrical, skinny, and tall, rather than looking attractive. So while I agree that she's creepy looking I can see how she makes money. I think a lot of models are worthy of this thread.

No. 217069

Big agree.
She also runs a scam charity that promises to help underprivileged kids in Russia.
An anecdote from this venture – they promised to build playgrounds for kids and shit but she pocketed most of the donations from her charity auctions. So naturally all the materials used were subpar and the playgrounds subsequently fell apart immediately after PR photos were taken, lol.
She's ugly inside and out.

No. 217115

File: 1639346417581.jpg (24.65 KB, 400x400, main-qimg-cfce76a71328c8c91790…)

Adriana Lima

No. 217122

File: 1639350196776.gif (1.76 MB, 393x280, A81C18F2-2FF8-4A14-B551-DC3974…)

I think she looks beautiful with a neutral expression but has a weird ass smile. Also idk what it could be offhand but it looks like she got some work done. Her face looks off now and it doesn’t appear to be normal aging

No. 217130

Celebrities usually get bashed if they gain weight and don't get massive boobs so they get boob jobs, I also believe this is why so many women of healthy weights try to gain a ton of weight on purpose when in reality most women's boobs won't have a dramatic cup size change unless you gain a good 100+ lbs, but you won't go from a 34C to a 40G just from gaining about 40 lbs which is what do many celebrities keep trying to pass off

No. 217149

File: 1639366327282.jpg (61.94 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1023146598-170667a…)

Yikes, poor thing looks like a goat with eyes that far apart. Does she have Waardenberg syndrome?

No. 217150

I thought this was Daisy Ridley

No. 217373

>The japanese still drool over her
Not surpised since they always have the worst taste in everything. Depraved country

No. 217534

File: 1639552649369.png (726.62 KB, 488x761, 543978534900.png)

Nah she was still pretty here, basically the only unflattering picture of her at the time. Her real downfall was when she decided to destroy her natural beauty with botox around 2 yrs ago. Now she's got the whole puffy aging celeb thing going on.

No. 218425

natalie dormer

No. 218434

File: 1640022139054.jpg (480.72 KB, 1640x2000, natalie-dormer.jpg)

She has a weird smile but tbh that might be something she can't help

No. 218437

her weird smile is my favorite thing about her honestly. she is a little funny looking but that makes her more attractive to me.

No. 218439

most women in this thread can't really help looking the way they do
I just find her face to be unattractive and I suspect it's a Jennifer Anniston type of situation where having blue eyes and blonde hair elevates her to goddess status

No. 218573

I agree and she's the type of woman men don't care for much, but women insist are the hottest thing going and an example of what men find irresistible. Angelina Jolie is probably the face of this phenomenon. Most men will say she's gross. They even said it at her peak. Anons laugh at some of the cute, awkward looking types itt, but go on any male dominated site and that's the girl they'll post and gush over.

No. 219654

File: 1640632444585.jpeg (239.4 KB, 1080x1440, E5EA33ED-49CF-40F8-85C1-BF78C1…)

I can see why people like her but I just can't with this jaw shape. I only ever find a tapered jaw attractive, what the japanese call V shape as opposed to U shape. This puts me off on both genders

No. 219655

File: 1640632554615.png (115.15 KB, 349x402, B896E690-D7A7-4031-ADB8-762D7D…)

same thing with this girlie I can't get past these horizontal jaws

No. 219659

same. Margot is every man's ten but personally I find her features too strong, large and square her fish eyes creep me out when she smiles

No. 220011

File: 1640744529607.jpg (41.44 KB, 640x428, 471073.jpg)

She is so plain,I hate her and her odd shaped forehead

No. 221650

File: 1641430357631.jpg (48.12 KB, 749x746, Emily_Artful.jpg)

She looks like Michael Jackson.

No. 221656

This is a no anon

No. 221684

File: 1641440170105.jpg (82.5 KB, 700x919, Kaya-Scodelario-Queen-Slim-202…)

No. 221688

File: 1641441570829.jpg (35.92 KB, 570x319, Gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman-Workout…)

I know it is kind of stupid to care about representation in Hollywood movies and all, but back when I heard they are making Wonder Woman I got genuinely excited that they are going to cast some tall jacked actress. And then they went and picked 50kg model.

No. 221689

Zendaya. Why the fuck are people crushing on the little girl from Shake It Up? Why is she everywhere all of a sudden when nobody talked about her before 2 years ago? She just looks like a girl…like she's just there.

Why'd you post her twice lol?

Most boring character on Skins that's for sure.

No. 221691

She’s so plain to me, I think people praised her starting a while ago because of her being more diverse and having a carefree attitude/mainstream audience. Like I’d always see people compare her success with other white Disney stars like Bella Thorne talking about how superior Zendaya is currently

No. 221705

Token black girl

No. 221725

Same nonny. It was especially frustrating to see that skinny bitch surrounded by actually muscular women/pro body builders in Themyscira.

No. 221972

that fucking mermaid from "the lighthouse"

No. 221998

Fka twigs, she looks like a bloated fish and is pretentious as fuck

No. 222010

File: 1641574096947.jpg (46.6 KB, 705x588, 1118full-valeriia-karaman.jpg)

Pic for reference

No. 222011

File: 1641574243651.jpg (1.11 MB, 620x775, 5a70892154c289f9d155091.jpg)

Is she shilled as attractive tho

No. 222040

Idk last time i critized her looks some people got real pissed and said she was just "unique" or some bullshit

No. 222656

File: 1641811327933.png (391.24 KB, 620x420, succession-hbo-shiv-sarah-snoo…)

Her face annoys me so much. I hate the way she acts too, I cringe every time she does those over exaggerated facial expressions on the show.

No. 222665

she barely emotes wtf r you on? the only thing you could nitpick about her is her slight accent and pronunciation of words.

No. 222671

File: 1641820434095.jpg (24.93 KB, 750x407, Stephanie-Matto.jpg)

Ok so I wouldn't say she's shilled outright, but I know picrel from 90 day fiance and recently she's gained notoriety with some gross onlyfans shit. Every time I read discussion on her she's hated for her personality but people still apparently agree that she's hot and pretty. I just don't see it, she looks kinda doughy and average to me.

No. 222678

I think it's more like, she's pretty but only for 90 days fiance standards

No. 222777

She looks kind of like an uncanny wax figure. Nice hair though

No. 224525

Yesss she’s always making that retarded half lidded mouth open expression, I have never seen her making any other face

No. 224544

What is she wearing. This outfit looks so tawdry, it's weird for someone rich and considered an icon of neo-retro style. She looks like one of the girls who want to dress vintage and do it with whatever they found in a thrift store. The dress looks too big (makes her look shapeless), the bag is short and seems out of place, the sunglasses look cheap and their print clashes with the dress

No. 224624

tbh i feel like most rich celebs in general don't know how to dress

No. 224691

File: 1642548140172.jpeg (45 KB, 720x492, 61dc4df62000004e688d6b41.jpeg)

Before, and especially after, the fillers. Just throw the whole Love Island cast in the bin.
Don't tell r/vindicta, or they'll go crazy. Jeez, it's like unless you're a fashion model, you may as well not exist.

No. 225275

Agreed, her character was insufferable.

No. 225282

that outfit is horrible, easily makes her look 15 years older than she is. she doesn't have the face or complexion for such severe makeup, hair, and dark colors

No. 225296

agreed. also her personality just makes her look even more repulsive to me

No. 225307

Reality TV stars and horrible plastic surgery. Name a more iconic duo.

No. 225352

Kek is this Shannon posting here?

No. 225578

File: 1642886798254.jpeg (150.13 KB, 834x1280, 104CD861-53AE-40B3-B1BE-4306E7…)

wow damn I always found her borderline ugly but her face is actually kinda pretty without makeup. her signature makeup style doesn't complement her at all

No. 225602

Even with makeup she can look quite pretty. Especially in video rather than pictures.

Tbh I kind of like her seduction tips in this vid.

No. 228704

File: 1644004413347.jpeg (263.35 KB, 1600x2000, E0B28BEE-EBAF-4BB1-881A-3CF99D…)

She looks like a chimpmunk. Also the 90s baddie aesthetic is not a good look for her.

No. 230353

File: 1644719866607.jpg (47.67 KB, 426x600, actor-kat-dennings-105142_larg…)

Just could never see it. Her face is so long and manly and her lip injections with the dramatic lip stick she always wears just look so out of place. I also find it annoying about how the running joke is her boob size but it just seems like she's trying to take attention away from her lack of ass and chubby American fridge body in a push up bra

No. 230356

Another nepto baby. She’s basic as hell with bad styling and a terrible actress.

No. 230386

Women look so pretty and interesting to me without makeup (but I can still appreciate with makeup too). In this case she definitely looks better without it.

No. 230387

lol i thought this was kim petras

No. 230399

File: 1644735156362.jpeg (57.24 KB, 560x842, 1614733424143.jpeg)

she's not in her prime anymore, but I distinctively remember when I was younger and she started dating brady and everyone goggled at how beautiful she was, but she looks so masculine and bland to me.

No. 230424

I would say she's gotten far because she's actually got a bit of charisma and personality, but I'd be lying if I said I recognized her from this pic that doesn't include her boobs lol
To me she's a bit hard in the face but cute in a girl at the mall way. Agree she needs to step away from the Moulin Rouge extra makeup

No. 230426

File: 1644753093903.jpg (68.12 KB, 500x737, tumblr_lfi91viq0X1qcj7k0o1_500…)

I always assumed that her lips/upper lip is natural for some reason but found this pic of her as a baby and you're right

No. 230434

She looks like a naked mole rat

No. 239824

File: 1645315531900.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x2038, C92DE72B-EF30-4045-86C0-7349C3…)

Cara delevingne. She’s so ugly. I never understood her hype. I just wanted to get that out of my system.

No. 242104

File: 1645412056255.jpg (278.78 KB, 560x840, 647ed3c1-273a-4e02-837c-0e48d9…)

i'm sorry for posting kpop idols here, but i keep on seeing ppl calling sejeong pretty and… i honestly don't get it.

No. 242106

she looks like one of those crusty white dogs

No. 242190

File: 1645416443122.jpeg (62.95 KB, 785x515, D7A27DBC-770A-4142-B0FB-3B8E85…)

I think she’s hot, sort of reminds me of Jen Connelly
Chimp lookin ass
She looks like some girl I went to school with who was also Hispanic and wore expensive makeup and Shein Clothes, she always had her boobs pushed up to her chin and fake lashes on, but she was ultimately just a 4’11 block shaped plain faced girl, there wasn’t much substance to her personality either besides being a “bad bitch” she had a boyfriend, like alll the time too.
I never understood it either, I saw my MIL watching some movie with her and I was like wait a minute.. this isn’t an AT&T ad..?
I tagged these posts because they remind me of those Instagram filters that change your face shape entirely and make you look fake af with giant lips and cheekbones and Instagram eyebrows and Fox eyes and weird lashes and with a skinny pig nose

No. 248007

I am still waiting for this to be explained! I have followed her on IG for years & she's my fave actress/I think she's so gorgeous… so I would love to know the tea on this! She seems very nice in her IG stories & in interviews & comments.

No. 248453

her and sydney sweeney belongs to a spectrum of pretty rat faces

No. 248683

She's average looking in my country, so i dont get the hype either.

No. 249085

File: 1647074204173.jpg (369.61 KB, 2048x1456, loona1_2048x2048.jpg)

I do really like their songs in spite of their fucktarded "LGBT" twitterfag zoomer western fanbase but I still can't decide if I find them pretty or not. Depending on the photoshoot and styling, each one has had her moments of both looking really cute and looking quite homely. Thoughts?

No. 249087

File: 1647077408251.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1221, 5D3BC1AE-F494-46B7-9048-F6119E…)

No. 249105

Their bleached faces look so stupid, especially with the darker necks underneath. I don't think natural very fair skin is ugly btw, it just the bleached faces looks clownish, like they've got a facefull of powdered sugar.

No. 249107

I don't know most of their names except Chuu and Yves but the ones I find attractive out of the group are bottom row 2nd from the left and top row 2nd from the right. None of them are really ugly in my opinion though

No. 249110

Wow she looks really cute here

No. 249117

She looks really pretty but by the grades does that mean she's 12, 13 and 14 in these pictures?? If I had no other frame of reference I would guess she's between 17-20 in these pictures, no joke. Maybe 15 youngest in the 7th grade pic, her face just looks so much more mature than my peers when we were that age, and generally what I see today (from the UK).

But then I see that a lot with american teens, at 13 or so they can look like young adults, what's up with that?

No. 249162

I remember that video they did with Buzzfeed I think? Where you could see them without the heavy filters Korean shows use, and they looked homely as fuck.

No. 249221

She looks like she has an extra chromosome

No. 249453

File: 1647221512439.jpeg (63.3 KB, 980x551, 63402BE3-F5E8-4FD2-BFAF-81C0D3…)

She’s not ugly but her bare face looks average and a little plain. Most of her beauty comes from good styling and makeup.

No. 249455

She's so gummy

No. 249458

I used to thing she was ugly AF on the Purr album cover, was surprised how different she looked when she got big

No. 249461

She probably had a few procedures done and got mad at Lory Hill when she exposed her.

No. 249465

File: 1647228813358.jpg (33.92 KB, 500x500, ok.jpg)

I always thought she was cute for the Tia Tamera genius interview.

No. 249471

she's cute always tbh

No. 249475

File: 1647232815820.jpg (121.73 KB, 1024x1011, doja-cat-beach-1024x1011.jpg)

Every woman looks 'plain' (ie an actual normal face) without makeup lol
Tru dat. She's sexy af, her Streets video was too much for my lesbo heart

No. 249499

She definitely has had something done when you look at her older pics in comparison. She also called Lorry Hill a skeleton or something and got super defensive in general even though Lorry said it's just speculation and not an accusation. Doja is trash tbh

No. 249562

File: 1647288218068.jpg (161.56 KB, 820x547, sandra_oh.jpg)

This one hurts. Sandra Oh is really cool and I don't want to disrespect her but she is a butterface, I'm sorry I just can't hold my peace!! I'm watching Killing Eve and everyone in the fandom fawing over her like some irresitable lesbian mommy sex symbol is just too much. I never watched Grey's Anatomy so I don't know if she's been touted as a sex symbol ever since but this is how I see it. Yes, Sandra Oh is charming, yes she has charisma, yes her body is great but her face is not attractive, it's average at best.

No. 249563

i agree but it's kind of refreshing to see imo, even if i don't really get it

No. 249565

I feel the same. Love her vibe and personality, she should absolutely be admired for those things and they're far more important than beauty. I just can't trick myself into believing she's physically attractive.

No. 249566

Did she have a nose job? Her nose bridge is almost invisible here like it had lost its definition.

No. 249572

She is very tall but she’s always fit and in great shape. Visible muscle tone most of the time. I do think she has room for improvement on the makeup department tho, usually older millennials and Gen x are not very skilled with their makeup nowadays.
She’s extremely talented and a FANTASTIC vocalist tho. Why do you judge her because of the autistic fans making laughable comments about her? It’s not her fault. Also why would you call her a pick me?! I follow her and she always sounds very down to earth and appreciating of her fans.
She’s the one girl on this thread who has an actual career and talent.

No. 249580

She has insane charisma on stage though, even if she doesn't look amazing in the photoshoots I can totally understand all of these "goddess" and "valkyrie queen" comments after seeing her perform.

No. 249608

God I hate Koreans makeup trends.
I do think most of the girls in Loona are pretty cute. I like that some of them have more unique faces than a lot of idols like Gowon and Choerry (top and middle on the left). The only girl I find ugly is the botched one from Hong Kong.

Must be something they put in the water here. Every girl I knew in school hit puberty by 12 and I know I had my adult face by 13 or 14. Kim is also wearing a decent amount of makeup and has styled eyebrows in the 8th and 9th grade pics.

She's insanely sexy to me, but I agree. She's not that beautiful facially.

No. 249771

people just like her for her eyes and b**bs
always found her eyes, nose, lips to be too big, eyebrows don't match
does she have fillers? her face looks botoxed to high heaven
agreed. completely average. guess thats part of the appeal ' all american girl next door'
appeals to pure aryan waifu scrotes
o m g yes this.
this pic makes her neck look thick and her head too small

No. 251517

File: 1648085482157.jpg (262.64 KB, 400x400, Tumblr_l_813824478789966.jpg)

u right, some female idols do look homely without heavy/minimal filters

No. 251531

she looks a lot better like this actually

No. 251537

File: 1648093238723.png (1.71 MB, 924x1160, Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.4…)

Her face is so round and short she looks like a baby to me. When she tries to be sexy it's creepy. I have never found her beautiful and people look at me like I'm insane for it.

No. 251542

File: 1648096363608.jpeg (121.31 KB, 866x1390, 524B7361-3CD5-436E-906D-CD3734…)

i found her pretty when she was still on disney and up until a few years ago but she's been looking strange in the face for awhile, probably a combo of alcohol bloating and surgery

No. 251597

no one can dress like a child forever tbf. might be even weirder if she did.

No. 251632

File: 1648138607869.jpeg (558.54 KB, 828x902, 5F2D5B2B-73E6-47D2-ACB7-55AC35…)

Am I the only one who thinks she looks particularly botched and weird recently?

No. 251635

I agree. I saw her in motion in Kimi and I thought she looked like herself there or normal at least. Then a pic of her popped up and I thought it was super edited, deleted my comment calling it immediately after googling her and seeing she just looks like that now. So not sure if she just looked weird in pics but fine in motion or she did something after shooting that movie, since it's kinda new. Haven't seen Batman yet.

No. 251640

File: 1648143260661.jpeg (182.34 KB, 1124x1066,