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File: 1611540805734.png (362.41 KB, 1318x1036, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.12…)

No. 168719

A thread for farmers whose partners have decided to transition later on to share their experiences/stories. I've seen a lot of posts from farmers over the years about previous partners that transitioned (mostly MtF partners) and figured that we could have a thread for women who have gone through this.
Some questions for those who have:
- How long into your relationship did it happen and did you stay?
- Were there any red flags?
- If they came out later on after you broke up, how long after? Were there any red flags back when you were together?
- Do you think there's any way to vet someone who may be questioning their gender identity before marrying and having children?

No. 168758

jesus christ what the fuck.
Honestly from what i've noticed about troons, is that they love watching porn non stop. This dude must have got his ass online, kept seeing the latest f3mboy shit, became mentally retarded about it and started being 'jealous' about his wife and chose to be a selfish prick. He is just telling himself 'I am raising my children with no father, my children dont matter, I matter'. The children will be fucked and have no clue what a normal man/dad is like. Troons are selfish people have a dorian gray complex and cant stand the sight of themselves. Total this with lingering in fucked online communities, always being sex and porn addicted and you've brewed a class A waste of space human.

No. 168776

>'I am raising my children with no father, my children dont matter, I matter'.
what's wrong with this? you are allowed to do whatever you want.

No. 168778

ok jew

No. 168779

you do realize that saying this is very harmful to single mothers and women in abusive relationships?

No. 168780

Why bring up two completely different topics? The topic is completely different and its a fucked situation. This woman IS about to become a single mother in an abusive relationship. He's fucked, and he's ruining her life and her childrens lives with his selfishness.

No. 168781

Nta but as a parent you need to take responsibility. Maybe you're technically allowed to do whatever you want, within the laws, but you should not.

No. 168786

what's wrong with being a single mother?
>he's ruining her life and her childrens lives with his selfishness.
this is exactly why i said "this is very harmful to single mothers and women in abusive relationships". there are millions of women who are accused of exactly this when they leave abusers. this type of thinking harms way more women than men.

No. 168787

Are you fucking retarded? The OP in the image is clearly NOT in that situation. No one is discussing single mothers or abusive woman being selfish, thats besides the point because its not in their control. The man in this case DOES have control and he is chosing not to be in control.
Get back on reddit bro

No. 168792

they're in similar situations in that the men involved are mentally ill, perverted, violent, etc. if it's just about the timing of the birth, why would you say " he's ruining her life and her childrens lives"?

No. 168793

Yes, the husband is a pervert and mentally ill. He wasn't until she made that post and they already have kids together and are about to get a new one. Literally can't tell what you're trying to prove here?? He is leaving his already existing children and wife to be a fucktoy with no dick. If you can't see that as ruining someones life, and if you can't sense the desperation in OPs tone then you are messed up. Her situation is nothing to calmly be all 'girl power single mothers are cool about'. Its really sad and degrading to go through and thats what we're saying. No one is here to parade about single mother rights, we get it, you can be a single mother. This just isn't the topic at hand.

No. 168795

life just pulled the carpet from under her obviously, but this is because she was socialized to rely on men. are you really suggesting that mentally ill men should be told to stay in relationships? do you realize how dangerous this is to women?

No. 168797

please spare me your social work inspiration. life is hard, life is harder when you're about to give birth and you have no husband to help you share responsibilities.

No. 168799

this just screams internalized misogyny. why would you assume men would help you instead of being a burden or harmful?

No. 168800

because I love men? I actually love men being men and helping me do the things I can't do myself. Sorry you aren't so satisfied in life hun.

No. 168802

unlike you, a lot of women want to be independent and do things themselves. telling men to be men or wanting mentally ill perverted men to stay in relationships is harmful.

No. 168803

no one cares about your opinion or 'a lot of women want'. The topic was about OP and how shit OP feels about her situation, you just derailed and made it about your feelings and how you view the social world.

No. 168804

>The topic was about OP and how shit OP feels about her situation,
i am not derailing, i am discussing the origins and the solution to her problem and similar problems women face.

No. 168805

Are you 12 years old? Do you have any idea how hard it is to raise a child on your own?

No. 168809

life is hard, and women can go through life just fine by themselves. stop perpetrating the idea that women need men.

No. 168811

you're really in the wrong thread buddy.

No. 168813

Ew go away tranny, don't think we can't see right your bullshit. Any man can just proclaim that they are unfit to be a father and dip out on a woman to go sate his porn addiction. You don't actually give a fuck about women's independence. You just want to make excuse for scrotes evading their responsibility.

No. 168814

Life is hard, men can go through life suppressing degeneracy and sucking it the fuck up.

No. 168819

if women did not rely on men, this wouldn't be a concern at all. women could look at guys in dresses and laugh instead of being afraid.
apparently not. socialize girls to be strong and independent instead of trying to fix men.

No. 168821

You are so in denial and you also sound very young and inexperienced.

No. 168822

in denial? of what?

No. 168824

Of reality. Please go fly away to your perfect lesbian planet where all women are strong snoo snoos and have 1 dimensional personalities.

No. 168825

Nta but this specific situation isn't even about her husband being a man. She's relying on him as a partner, which is something you do in relationships and marriages regardless of gender involved, to be there when the baby's born and instead he'll be trooning out and only paying attention to himself.

No. 168828

>apparently not, so just give up and let them continue to be fucked up with no repercussion
What do you suggest this woman do RIGHT NOW retard? Just go get a 6 figure job while nursing a newborn and wrangling three other kids to pay rent and diapers? Laughing at troons doesn't put food on the table. Love how you're dodging that question and just trying to bait with red-herring twitter quotes.

No. 168833

so if my husband decides to start wearing dresses tomorrow, I should just pump my fist in the air and become a female ceo? trans widows is a sad topic that exists more and more in our day and age. its also unpredictable. You are also allowed to be strong and be in relationships with men.

No. 168839

>your perfect lesbian planet where all women are strong snoo snoos and have 1 dimensional personalities.
what a horrible reduction of everything that women have achieved.
not much she can do by herself. this is an institutional and cultural problem.
>so just give up and let them continue to be fucked up with no repercussion
society tried raising boys without toxic masculinity so they would stop being violent and insecure and now they're cutting their balls off and becoming horrific parodies of women. you cannot fix men. focus on strengthening women instead. you can be in relationships with men, just do not rely on them or you might end up like that woman or worse.

No. 168841

uhh, the thread isn't about how we can fix women in our society. its just stories about women dealing with their men transitioning. What are you achieving by repeating the same shit over again.

No. 168843

we already talked about this. i was on topic and someone else made a more general statement here:

No. 168844

you're essentially cancelling anyones responses here then. if someone wants to vent about their situation, all you can say back is "well dont rely on men, just do it yourself". Thats kinda whack.

No. 168846

it's not just venting though. they are saying mentally ill men should be forced to stay with women and everyone just casually ignored how crazy this is.

No. 168853

File: 1611589565952.jpg (361.56 KB, 892x988, I_know_Im_not_helping.jpg)

Is sage broken or what?

I have a friend who has a TiM ex and he told her that he transitioned because she's a feminist? Like he just went "if you hate men so much I'll become a woman". She was a pickme back then, like how did he get that idea? He was already cross dressing and a covert narcissist apparently, but due to her upbringing she ignored all the red flags. There seems to be a genuine connection with narcissism. At least she didn't marry him, thank fuck. This shit sounds terrifying (pic vaguely related).

No. 168862

saging bc my story isn’t entirely relevant, but… I turned myself into a trans widow.

back in 2012, I was dating a long-time male friend of mine. he’d always had really bad depression and self-loathing, although not the incel mindset or crossdressing fetishism or tendency to demand attention that most AGPs have. I’m GNC and have had dysphoria about my breasts since I developed them, so at the time, I was starting to lean pretty hard into “non-binary/transmasc” shit, although I never denied the material reality of physical sex & gendered socialization. (this was especially obvious after watching my ex transition, & the trans community’s increasing efforts to deny it is what eventually led me to peak, lol.) but anyway, I lent my ex some book of essays about gender (among other subjects) in the hopes of getting him to understand how little he understood about the world outside of straight white men, and that was what flipped the switch, I guess. he told me he was a trans girl.

all of a sudden, the gender/body stuff I’d been struggling with stopped mattering. the only thing that mattered was this new fixation, which was clearly why he’d always been so depressed and unhappy with his body. (nothing to do with being 5’1” and ugly of course… kek)

and like an idiot, I bought into it 100%. I supported him every step of the way - which often meant holding his hand through the most basic elements of transitioning, since he was always talking about suicide, and this was the one thing that seemed to give him any hope. nothing was ever enough. he’d cry about how he was too insecure to go to the salon for a haircut - I introduced him to a friend who was a hairstylist, knew he was trans, & didn’t care - guess who STILL wouldn’t get a haircut for months and let his bangs grow out and then cried about his hairline showing? everything was like that. the more I tried to help, the farther he sunk into self-pity. the craziest part is that if he’d given half a fuck, he could’ve been in the top percent of passing mtfs, like I said he was short af and he had a really feminine face and wide hips to begin with. he worked for a tech company that was super trans-friendly even back then and had no college debt. he STILL cried to me all the time about how he’d never be accepted, never be able to afford any surgeries, blah blah blah.

we stopped having any sex that I enjoyed once that “trans” switch flipped. both of us had enjoyed mild BDSM, and could switch, but I had always been clear that I enjoyed subbing far more than being a domme. once he said he was a girl, suddenly all he wanted to do was be pegged and act subby; he’d say “oh, yeah, we can keep doing other stuff”, but then it always made him “dysphoric”. in retrospect I think he never displayed a crossdressing fetish because I think he channeled it all into the BDSM - he only liked me being a sub because I was the exact kind of girl he wanted to be. it kinda creeps me out in retrospect to realize how much of the sex we had pre-transition was just him fetishizing me, and not actually enjoying being with me.

and after all that, we only split because he admitted to falling out of love with me. smh. thank god it’s 2021 and I love myself now… and in a weird way, I guess his transition saved me from heading down that road myself. it’s cool and based to be a GNC woman, and to not be dating a sadsack mtf anymore. lots of love to any other trans widows or other GNC women who previously bought into the bullshit.

No. 168882

Thank you for the actually relevant contributions. Do you think men who are more submissive sexually are more likely to troon out? It seems that if MtF weren't submissive before, after 'coming out' to their female partners, they'll want to assume a more submissive role and be pegged.

No. 168887

interesting question! I think there’s a correlation, but it’s definitely not as strong as say, autism and trooning out, lol. I know my ex was genuinely far more interested in being dominant/hurting women before the “egg crack” (ugh). I think once that switch flipped, he felt free to get aroused by fully self-inserting as the subby girl, rather than being obligated by his gender to take the masculine role, which he never felt he’d fit properly. interestingly, after a couple years on HRT, he did go from totally straight to openly bi… wonder how that ties into it all

No. 168929

Did he 'successfully transition' today?

No. 169019

by 2014 he was living full-time as female, out to all family/friends/work, and had made the legal name and gender marker change. a couple years later he had FFS. not sure what he’s been up to since that

No. 169031

Whst is FFS?

No. 169122

Thanks for answering anon. I hope you're doing okay now and aren't too traumatized from what happened to you; I have trust issues myself and I can't even imagine how bad they'd be if I went through this.
In regards to the straight to bi thing, I also notice that there's some connection between transitioning and then having a realization of sexual orientation as if transitioning is some sort of primer for coming out as gay/bi.

No. 169142

ah, sorry! it’s facial feminization surgery (plastic surgery anons or skeleton spergs in the mtf thread could tell you more)

thank you, that’s kind! honestly I’ve had a lot of traumatic shit happen and this fell pretty low on the scale, but we were young and I was totally fine with the transition going in. when I read about guys stealing their gf’s clothes and ruining them, or nice middle-aged hetero women with kids having this shit sprung on them, or whatever… that shit gets me MOTI, you know?

No. 169972

Someone I dated for a brief while started transing himself. We met during a mutual hobby meet up (in the before coof times) and exchanged contact info. He and I texted, FaceTimed, and generally enjoyed each other's company. Since we live in different areas, we mainly saw each other at mutual hobby location. The last time we saw each other we got a little handsy and we've sexted here and there.

I was happy he was into gentle femdomme, it's something I enjoy as well, and it was all very light stuff at first. I regret showing him collars, honestly, the cute little lace ones? He just kept going down the rabbit hole of more and more hard-core femdomme. We'd send each other porn or erotic lit we liked and of course, he started sending those fucking sissy hypnosis bullshit vids and I slowly started to cut down talking about sexual fantasies with him but stayed friends. Now he's taking gray market, informed consent HRT behind his entire family's back, and for some reason, he infrequently sends me porn of big-tit cat girls.

Since this happened over the course of a few months, I'm not as much a transwidow as others but it's a shit feeling. I want the guy I had a crush on back, not this sad excuse for a woman who can't keep his brain off degenerate cooming for more than an hour. Sage because I haven't talked about this with anyone and I didn't realize it made me this sad.

No. 170041

tbh i think the people you are replyin to are litterally retarded, they can't see the difference in the situation and can only handle to apply the same shit everywhere cause the can't, in their retardation, see the nuances. I appreciate you tryin' to help those mushy-brained lost souls, but you can't anon.

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