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No. 170200

Itt: talk about kinks,bdsm, hand holding, etc. Or make fun of "the scene", (its full of creeps, redditors and fat people.)
i want to do pic related to my bf but it would be helpful if i had more tutorials.

No. 170201

File: 1499290663215.jpg (82.29 KB, 500x719, tumblr_ok7o40EtpX1u86sxoo1_500…)

I really wish I was tied up with kinbaku.

I wasn't into it until my bf brought it up, but unfortunately, he doesn't know how to rope play, and neither do I.

Oh, well.

No. 170202

i recommend the book "two knotty boys" for an intro to some basic shibari. really, it looks complex but its all basic parts put together!

No. 170203

I noped out of the kink scene when some guy I was having 'play' dates with got super serious about being a dom. He went crazy at me for offering to help a friend practice rope bondage. She needed someone to try out some new things she learned and I said she could try them on me. Obviously in a non-sexual environment because we were simply just friends.
But he didn't like it. He said he felt betrayed and it went against everything he expected of me as 'his' sub. I felt bad for about 5 minutes then realised how fucked up it was that he was trying to guilt trip me out of being a nice person. So I laughed at him and ghosted the fuck out of there. Stupidly I left some of my expensive props at his house but there was no way I was going to go back there and get them.

The scene is so full of people who use their insecurities to ensnare and keep hold of young men/women looking to get into kink. It's fucking unreal. It's a melting pot of nice, normal people who enjoy weird sex, then absolute freaks who use it to prey on vulnerable people looking to fit in.

No. 170204

That's pretty crazy anon. Why are dom men so entitled? And this is coming from somebody who is a female sub.Male dom female sub is already most common anyway like… the worst type is pseudo woke guys. Oh sure, gender is a spectrum i use correct pronouns and am so sorry im a white ciiiisssss man he says but if you even remotely try to criticize bdsm or wonder why he even likes hurting women he loses his shit. I honestly agree with the radfems perpective on bdsm. Its not "empowering" lmao

No. 170205

Sometimes….. I kiss my boyfriend. IN PUBLIC.

No. 170206

That's fucking disgusting. Fuck off back to the weird/unacceptable kink threads.

No. 170207

No. 170208

I'm into relatively normal sex except saying "daddy" makes me cum like nothing else and I don't know why. But I'd rather die than say it out loud or let my boyfriend know I like saying that. So I just say it in my head while we're fucking. I hate myself for this.

No. 170209

I bet you filthy rapscallions probably hold hands, too.

No. 170210

why you gotta kinkshame bro? i bet you HUG PEOPLE.

No. 170211

ugh ikr. ddlg is grosssssss af but i think its the taboo wrongness pf it thats appealing

No. 170212

Yeah, I think that's why it's so hot to me - it's taboo and shameful. How do I get rid of it? ;_;

No. 170213

Repent your sins and become a nun.

No. 170214

File: 1499838537212.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.26 KB, 654x682, blud4.jpg)

I like cutting and blood

No. 170215

Spoiler that shit edgelord

No. 170216

tell your bf

1) he accepts and it's no longer taboo and the fetish disappears
2) he doesn't and you get sent to therapy to fix your noggin

No. 170217

File: 1499854633625.jpg (8.98 KB, 230x230, Clipboard01s.jpg)

You probably should have your fun with coldnessinmyheart then.
She vanished years ago though, so probably she's already dead.

but seriously, does it give you a sexual kick?
Or are you just a cutter? Because I surely did love it, when I selfharmed but it didnt sexually arouse me.

since I cant "spoiler" a link:

(maybe, if you work in forensics, otherwise not)



No. 170218

I was warned and I still clicked

I want to die now.

No. 170219

she even had a thread here

No. 170220

Thats a little extreme for me tbh

and yes it does give me a sexual kick, I selfharmed because of it purely because I was in the mood and wanted to taste my own blood.

I even had a partner let me cut their leg so I could drink their blood

No. 170221

File: 1500025718634.jpg (22.83 KB, 430x397, awwYeah.jpg)

> tfw have a wide dominant streak and my bf likes to be tied up and wants me to peg him

I'm a switch, and he actually tends towards the submissive but has discovered a love for spanking since we started dating so both sides of me are being fulfilled. It's great dominating him though because he has a really twinky butt.

Any other femmedoms have any ideas for new things I could do to him? we've done things like blindfolding, restraints, orgasm denial- he's not into humilation though, I'm more interested in making him my cute little obedient sex slave type things.

No. 170222

In theory toes can be exercised until they do many things hands can. It will take forever tho

Your bf should put down chinese cartoons where toes are like octopus tentacles

No. 170223

make him wear a collar and make you breakfast. hypnosis? sensory deprivation? use him as a foot stool? i guess you could look up more service oriented acts. or just tell him to actually put the toilet seat down for once?

No. 170224

i'm sorry but this would make me stress vomit. how do you handle anything touching there? feels like getting your insides pricked.

No. 170225

i would say use both the feet to create pressure and use the soles mainly to rub. the soles and arch is where it's at! but… toes? really? they aren't that bendy. don't use toes the whole time. use the toes like… sprinkles on a sundae? so around areas it's not uncomfortable to grasp. so toes on the tip and soles arches and heels on the shaft.

this is the worst thing i've ever written. god i'm so glad we're all anonymous.

No. 170226


I don't know why, but I read that in a classic british accent.

Sorry for no contribution.

No. 170227


>I honestly agree with the radfems perpective on bdsm. Its not "empowering" lmao

So much this, but to normal sex as well. I can enjoy being submissive sometimes, but also enjoy making him submissive.

But the best sex is definitely "equal" partner missionary position. Everything else feels wrong.

No. 170228

Why are there so many dominant girls on lolcow? Just curious.

No. 170229

why don't you put a mirror on the ground and fuck him from over top? Make him watch. Tease him about how much he'd love to do the same thing to you.

No. 170230

I do something sort of like this with my bf. We have a massive mirror on the wall across from our bed so I'll fuck him doggy style and pull his hair and make him watch himself get fucked. It's gr8.

No. 170231

why do they have so many qt short haired girls with autism

No. 170232


that's a little girl……

No. 170233

Is it? It looked like an 18 yr old, oops
Guess thats what happens when young women nowadays with PS the shit out their face to look 10

No. 170234

Probably because we're all bitches hahaha

No. 170235


>>170221 poster, I pegged him for the first time the other night and it was A++. That mirror suggestion is great, anon. We'll be moving out together in a few months, perhaps I'll look around for a nice wall mirror.

The strapon I have isn't that great though, somewhat uncomfortable to thrust with. What are the "strapless strapons" like, if anyone has used them? they're fairly expensive but I'd save up for it if it was worth it.

No. 170236

I'm a switch leaning sub, boyfriend is pretty dom-ish but I can dominate him too…he just gets too horny having me tease and dominate him and wants to flip it on me. I was sitting on his face once, came, and then he held my legs down and continued eating me out.

It was fucking H O T

I'm into power struggling and being lusted over, and it's interesting because outside of flirting/sexual stuff with my bf I'm the sort of woman who commands and demands respect from other people. I get the feeling people probably think I'm a full on femdom. I think some of the doms I've met have correctly guessed me as a very teasing and bratty sub switch, though.

No. 170237


samefag but mirrors are great. I only got to fuck around in front of a big mirror for a lil bit, but it's really hot to see each other.

Strapless strapons, however, aren't that great, from what I've heard. They aren't easy to use and slip out.

No. 170238

All i want is to have a gf who would dress the opposite of me, like boho goth esque since i wear alot of powder blue jeans, white furball earrings and liz lisa etc clothing N she would just tear me the fuck up in bed, i dont know why but thats just insanely hot to me. Im a very stubborn and independent person and letting someone take controll is so infuriating and worrying which makes it weirdly really hot to just have her take the wheel in all her black beautiful glory while i cum in my pastel panties,,,
Fuck this is starting to sound like a bad yuri manga for men, sorry im just v stoned and v lesbian
(also im not against switching it up and bein a domineering barbie who takes advantage of the darkly dressed outsider r.i.p)

No. 170239

No. 170240

pretty much me, though I tend to " break" and become very obedient once the dom has asserted enough power over me. I like the idea of just reaching a point where my personality doesn't matter anymore and I just exist purely as the little fucktoy wanting to please him.

No. 170241


that's a shame :/ I really like the idea of him playing with "my" cock and such, and also that I might get some sort of stimulation when fucking him. Perhaps I might get a better harness/ dildo and just put a vibe on it for me.

No. 170242

You're basically me but in reverse- I want a cute weeb girl to simulate lesbian rape with. Especially forced cunnilingus with her legs tied open, that is ridiculously hot for me. Hard to find but it turns out my super cute ex is interested in playing with me again so we'll see~

No. 170243

So, I think I'm giving on the submissive part of my switchiness. I don't even think it's genuine submissiveness but I was just using it as an outlet for self-harm, like I would purposefully find sketchy people that I knew were violent (not into BDSM, no safewords or anything like that) and fuck them or rather…bait them into fucking me (like rapebaiting). I always felt really guilty and gross for this and while I love being degraded and humiliated and the like, I already have terrible self esteem and I was just internalizing all that stuff all the time. I think I have trouble with separating reality from fantasy.

It's strange though because I've never felt any of that with my domme side. The exact opposite, actually. I feel more confident and happier and safer, etc but it's harder and takes a lot more time for me to get into a domme state while I could get into 'sub space' for no reason and basically all the time (which wasn't healthy for me personally and made me do dumb, risky things).

I'm rambling but I don't have anyone else to tell this too and I'm just trying to get all my feelings out. I think I'm just going to stay away from sex and relationships all together for a while. I need to figure all this out and make my well-being my main priority.

No. 170244

I finally managed to talk to my bf about wanting to do anal on him. He's really interested in it and I'm over the fucking moon.

No. 170245

How the fuck did you ever think this was a good idea?

No. 170246

I think people need to stop using being submissive as a coping mechanism when they have low self esteem or mental health issues. You won't find anyone whose low self worth has been 'cured' by being degraded, beaten, etc. As you said it's basically just another form of self harm, which predatory doms look for and exploit.

But at least you're smart enough to realize this which is a good sign. The 'fantasy' part is a grey area because even though this may just be 'a fantasy' you're still acting out this fantasy with your body, not to mention all the hormones and emotional processes which ARE real and happening, and even more pronounced in women. So it's not really 'just a fantasy' when all these very real physical and biological events are happening.

Safe, consensual, but people always forget about the SANE part. There are already enough submissive, vulnerable women with low self esteem that men exploit. Please don't enable any more creeps. It might feel good in the moment but if you're feeling terrible afterwards, it's a sign something is wrong. Listen to what your body/mind is telling you.

No. 170247

I have the opposite problem… calling my fiance "daddy" makes me drier than the Sahara, but it's probably his #1 favourite thing.
His first/last girlfriend was the one that got him into it ;w;

I love my real dad, I can't do this anymore…

No. 170248

learn it

No. 170249

good thread

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