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File: 1614490045482.jpg (73.1 KB, 896x895, 1.jpg)

No. 173389

This is a thread to discuss everything about makeup trends and products that we simply don't like how they look or simply didn't work for us. Debating about makeup-related controversies is allowed, however, try to respect each other's opinions and don't cause an infight.

What's a makeup look you dislike?

No. 173390

Example of makeup controversies: men wearing makeup, prosthetics, being pro or anti makeup etc.

No. 173392

File: 1614491305838.jpg (54.17 KB, 828x783, saus before.jpg)

the whole sausage lips look
creeps me out

No. 173395

File: 1614491815959.jpg (49.36 KB, 640x640, b.jpg)

hate everything about bimbo makeup

No. 173396

File: 1614491930927.jpg (85.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

when the eyebrows is faded near the inner part but really crisp everywhere else especially the outer end. it just looks so uncanny

No. 173397

Man, I do not get this look at all and it’s so popular on IG. I hate seeing some great makeup/eye shadow looks with these awful brows, just totally ruins it.

No. 173398

File: 1614492643401.jpg (208.59 KB, 1200x1200, EJ7wF3-UYAACIdn.jpg)

caked on morgue make up but especially when its an rgb themed nightmare

No. 173403

File: 1614493442587.jpg (105.82 KB, 1080x1346, 2c3d60442d80d908aac7e9fbdef940…)

i hate the face rash makeup look, especially on the nose like a clown

No. 173404

File: 1614493907676.jpeg (25.07 KB, 554x554, images (9).jpeg)

I cannot stand thick eyelash extensions that everyone seems to have nowadays.

They always make the eyes look droopy and cast a weird shadow when in the sunlight.

It looks even worse when people wear no makeup and have overfilled lips. (Or with the hideous eyebrows like picrel and >>173396 mentioned)

No. 173406

Same, hated that trend and I'm glad it's died down in my country.

No. 173417

File: 1614502758747.jpg (145.57 KB, 1200x1200, 71ECj3SwTBL._SL1200_.jpg)

fake eyelashes are hit or miss imo, sometimes they can be really pretty but other times it looks so tacky like it weighs down your whole eyelid

No. 173462

File: 1614518986215.png (232.54 KB, 436x490, 432716AE-4710-48DF-8E03-73F514…)

Yes I’m the same anon who posted this but I hate, hate, hate this beauty/makeup trend where women look like pixie crackhead mafia wife and put random arts and crafts garbage on their face to justify makeup as being “art”

No. 173463

File: 1614519077022.jpeg (105.57 KB, 564x564, 6A63824A-7CE5-4FB2-A2C7-AF9191…)

samefag but it’s like next level terror, how is this cute or trendy? you look like a christmas tree

No. 173466

Ok so I like this, but for picture purposes or if you're going to a show or something

Idk if I've ever seen someone where it outside of that- do they?

No. 173479

File: 1614530128246.gif (1.19 MB, 600x256, 053117-patrick-bateman-face-pe…)

I fucking hate the way trannies do their makeup

No. 173480

File: 1614530244883.jpg (67.36 KB, 845x550, descargar.jpg)

Lip tints, they never look good.

No. 173485

sorry if derailing but can someone explain why their foundation always looks so caked yet greasy? I don't get it, it never looks like that on real women.

No. 173494

Everytime I see lip tint being hated on, I assume you talk about the koreaboo 2011 way and not the way everyone else wears it.

No. 173495

Since someone pointed out to me how everyone with lip fillers have those weird little mouth corners it's all I see.

In a way I hate the trend, but also, I am fully going to get fillers when I'm 40 or 50. Not in my 30s, will see what aging in my late 30s is like, but I'm happy that people are abusing shit now, so that when I finally reach an appropriate age to actually do anti aging procedures I'll get by undetected.

No. 173497

Yeah I hate it too, they always end up looking like hungover clowns kek

No. 173499

100% this, I'm assuming anon means the gradient style.

Lip tint is great because it has no texture, if you wear it right it looks like you just have extra pigment to your lips. I hate the feeling of lipstick and gloss so I always wear it.

No. 173503

File: 1614544223799.jpg (393.81 KB, 1242x1034, 8.jpg)

This thing when people put gel on top of their eyebrows and brush it up. Especially if their eyebrows are sparse and the product looks like glue

No. 173514

i find most of the colour gets concentrated in the middle of my lips and fades on the edges faster, so I end up with a shitty gradient. maybe it's the product i'm using, it does look better if i scrub my lips but it's still hard to get it to stick to the outer parts of my lips

No. 173518

Lip tints can be hit and miss, that said you're right that it can concentrate in the middle but if it's a natural colour the gradient shouldn't be too pronounced. Usually they get that look by putting foundation on their lips to make it more distinct.

No. 173520

File: 1614551129909.jpg (11.78 KB, 289x187, 86d2af5c16bd6ca25891143ff8dd7c…)

Overdone lips.
I've seen girls follow this type of tutorials in their everyday makeup and it always looks like shit. The final effect lasts for maybe an hour and inevitably turns your lips into a dried out, wrinkly mess. Not to mention it feels insanely heavy and uncomfortable to wear 5 layers of lip product. I wish people understood that lip contouring (or contouring in general tbh) usually has no place outside of photo shoots.
It's the staple of insta baddie makeup - thick matte fundation plus contour & highlight abuse to achieve the "radiant glow". You typically don't see this type of makeup irl because without proper lighting and smoothing filters it looks clownish.

No. 173521

File: 1614551168670.jpg (43.35 KB, 488x488, aquaphor lip sun.jpg)

off topic, but if I may recommend

No. 173526

>men wearing makeup

I have no issue with men wearing makeup but I'm sick of the public blowing smoke up men's asses when they're not even half as talented as their female peers.

Manny MUA, James Charles and Jeffree Star know approximately ONE look in different colours (smokey eye, winged liner, lashes, contour) and can only do it on their own face. They don't personalise or customise the look to suit other features, so everyone looks like a copy and pasted version of them.

I'll give JC some credit for trying to do an arty look every now and again but should an untrained and unqualified "guru" that can't even match his own foundation be praised and giving advice to others? Everyone he's ever done makeup on looks like shit. He has such a complex over his nose that he over contours EVERYBODY. I remember when he did jojo siwa's makeup and make her nose the size of a pencil eraser.

Jeffree Star is made for studio lighting at all times. Without it it looks like somebody has done mortician makeup on a rotting corpse. He pulls out his La Mer and Dior and Tom Ford like it looks good when in reality there are girls out there using cetaphil and ELF and absolutely smoking him.

Manny Mua is too dull to roast but his looks are all the same and we all know it.

Rant over.

No. 173530

File: 1614554403186.png (365.96 KB, 468x475, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 23.1…)

Dirty looking nose contour/rash face - it must look so bad in natural light.

No. 173532

No, I hate the product too, it always dries the hell out of my lips and never looks good.

No. 173534

I agree so much.

It bothers me that it's more important to idolize male makeup artists than to highlight minorities or physically challenged makeup artists. Men wearing makeup is nothing new. It fell out of vogue and is back (but let's be honest, just for gays), big deal. I'm tired of people falling all over men doing things considered "female." The concept should be supported, but we should admire people with talent, innovative techniques, stuff like that.

All these men get botox and filler anyway, it's not just makeup. As you said, they can only do their own makeup. They could never create looks appropriate for a group of women who would be seen irl (as opposed to through 7 filters on IG). There's a big drag influence in IG makeup in general, and these guys can pander to the demographic that likes that, but who actually wears all that shine and clownish makeup irl? It looks ridiculous.

No. 173545

Agree but i love this hair color

No. 173619

That's just on you for not finding a good product for you but I feel the same way about foundation these days, always looks like shit on me

No. 173620

File: 1614614029557.jpg (106.25 KB, 800x800, meh.jpg)

I don't like peel off lip tints. IMO they've always been overhyped.

No. 173622

oh my god people really do this
just leave it at step 4 and be like a chola or seomthing cuz wtf

No. 173627

I mean, that's partially true, but tbh I've stopped wearing lip tints because I simply don't like their sensation or how they look on me, I don't like how some of them have too much pigment and I don't like the dry sensation afterwards. My personal solution was to just wear creamy mosturizing mate bar lipsticks, plus they're easy to find. I was looking for a "my lips but better" kind of deal, something that would look like I'm barely wearing a touch of color, and sadly lip tints didn't give me what I was looking for.

No. 173628

Yea they don't really work for that natural sheer stuff, i like those ph reacting lip balms, they usually look very natural but, you know, like something.

No. 173634

File: 1614618841173.jpeg (638.95 KB, 2048x2048, FAFDA369-92F7-49DE-99BD-76717C…)

Men in full beats like this, IMO it just does not suit male features and just makes them look like bloated rainbow monkey assholes.

No. 173635

I have never before been disturbed by fake eyelashes but the ones in your picture are activating my fight or flight response kek

No. 173645

men shouldn't wear makeup p e r i o d

No. 173648

i thought bottom right was millie bobby brown lol

No. 173650

File: 1614625476032.jpg (41.68 KB, 640x642, shutterstock-editorial-1036020…)

Honestly I don't think this looks good on women either, it's just too much. Even on camera as makeup for the screen it usually looks too uncanny valley to my eye without even being aesthetically interesting or pleasing.

No. 173653

Yep, it's gross. These are freaking drag looks that have been adopted for normal wear for some reason and it looks ridiculous. This style can either be caricature or fetishistic and neither is appropriate for daily wear or date nights.

No. 173658

Wearing stage makeup daily is just a really shitty idea that never should have caught on.

No. 173670

I think someone on here said I had those but I’ve never even had fillers. I just assumed it was the way I smiled + having a naturally downturned mouth, but I have noticed some people with particularly bloated fillers getting them.

No. 173681

I use the soap method to brush my brows but ever leave them sticking up lol.

your pick it what they look like before I brush them down

No. 173686

File: 1614648274395.jpeg (71.29 KB, 970x485, you-can-now-you-buy-fake-freck…)

Fake freckles. They just never look right, even the henna freckles. Most annoying is when its put on top of heavy cakey foundation.
Dont wanna suck my own dick but the trend really made me appreciate my freckles kek

No. 173694

I've seen fake freckles look good a couple times, but almost nobody doing them seems to know how to apply them so they look natural. On top of heavy foundation it looks silly, and when they're too dark it looks like diarrhea splatter more than freckles.

No. 173697

No pics but that anime/tiktok makeup trend of using eyeshadow and grey/brown liner to make your mouth look uncannily wide. I see lots of fakebois using it and its creepy af

No. 173698

what the fuck? i wanna see

No. 173700

File: 1614656964775.jpeg (215.73 KB, 828x1264, A54FB544-468D-4F76-966C-7D4D5A…)


This shit. It needs to stop tbh

No. 173702

This is laughably terrible, why the fuck would you want to make your nose look so dark and metallic? What is the concept behind this supposed to be

No. 173734

Is it 2009 again?

No. 173781

File: 1614701566234.jpg (77.89 KB, 640x640, cM6Boar.jpg)

I tinfoil that Taylor R used to do this too. The video of her recommending hair products (she us wearing a flower crown and talking like an insecure tween) shows these weird mouth lines. It's been deleted, but this pic is similar.

It was the same in the (now deleted) Miku hair chalk tutorial and in that video she did promoting Shibuya (like an ad for Japan tourism). Because this effect was visible in videos, I always thought she concealed her lips entirely and redrew the corners wider with eyeshadow.

I'm just on my phone but I'll look for a better example later

No. 173782

her whole face looks water damaged, like dye is coming off. is that an aesthetic? it is really bad.

No. 173878

I think we're just very used to this type of makeup because we see it everywhere and we have grown accustomed to it but I'm just hoping for the future when we don't have to see this shitty makeup ever again, and we'll all laugh and move on

No. 173891

File: 1614775158745.jpeg (336.57 KB, 750x493, D0022716-A7AF-419B-A5CE-A2F607…)

low hanging fruit i know but i can’t stand the wave of uk and ireland girls that have the ‘chav’ makeup. even though it’s memed on they still do it and it makes them look so old like they’re 30 yr old mums. i’ve never understood wanting to look so orange either, tanned maybe but this is just so bad looking

No. 173893

UK reality shows like Towie and Geordie Shore have a lot to answer for.

No. 173910

It's been going on a lot longer than these tv shows anon. When I was in high school from 2001-2006, it's how the girls all looked, except they would have one block colour of eyeshadow from the bottom of their lid to the top, or lined fully with chunky eyeliner. Usually finished with a concealer and lip gloss covered lip AKA jizz lip. I miss it a bit, but it does make everyone look about 20 years older than they really are.

No. 173920

the liner can't hide the fact that he has an unnatractive rat face (narrow jaw, narrow palette)

No. 173931

I’m a burger but I used to work at a place that saw lots of international tourists, this look would creep me out so bad. I can’t believe how widespread it is. You could always tell they were from the UK because they had the same orange skin/falsies/awful eyebrows.

No. 173939

File: 1614800239490.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1658, ji5albi10i321.png)

I fucking hate dark lined lips with nude or lighter lipstick. I'm seeing more people on Instagram with it now and I just can't understand. Reminds me of those stereotypical weird annoying aunt's, not to mention it just looks like pure shit imo

No. 173940

True, I wonder when the chav look first started and where to put the blame. I hate fake tan so much.

No. 173942

god I hate her eye makeup so much

No. 173946

that foundation is 5 cm thick

No. 173953

UK rap. Also chav girls used to (and still do) wear a ponytail REALLY tight and called it a Croydon facelift. Also they'd wear huge hoops and were targeted weak points during catfights. Just yank 'em hard.

No. 173955

File: 1614805368500.jpeg (59.6 KB, 648x708, C8DECFE9-F8F1-400A-8340-4B87B8…)

All the current trends are just bratz dolls, it's definitely intentional and I hate it.

No. 173957

It's the eyes and complexion makeup that are the most offensive for me. She did kind of give herself Pepe lips tho

No. 173964

I swear with the texture there's more photoshop than makeup piled onto her

No. 173965

File: 1614812036180.jpg (88.8 KB, 347x385, 58427326bce208068041e9d9f740f6…)

whatever this droopy look is called

No. 173969

File: 1614814448530.png (468.74 KB, 974x369, 7478E58E-3FED-4385-AB65-54B2F1…)

in south korea they call the under eye area "aegyo sal", so maybe that's one of the terms for it?

No. 173995

i fucking HATE aegyo sal, it looks like there's a style under both eyes

No. 173997

god I hate bratz dolls
The reason why all this raunchy shit became out of style in the mid 2000s was because of celebs doing drugs being scandalous
Won't elaborate, I saw it on a documentary
So yeah wearing low rise jeans went out of style because of this

No. 174055

doesn't everyone have it when they smile? the girl with blue eyes looks weird as shit, they're basically deepset wrinkles. it looks nice when it's done well imo

No. 174057

Oh god I hate the aegyo sal too especially when it’s way too emphasized. The white liner on the waterline makes it creepier.

No. 174059

Likewise Anon, they look horrible

No. 174070

I think it looks different than eyebags or natural wrinkles because when it's done as makeup (or as surgery) it looks purposeful. Some people actually do get surgerized versions of it too

No. 174076

In a paralel universe girls are contouring their nasolabial folds to look more prominent and it looks just as awful.

No. 174082

oops I meant to say stye. I think some people get filler, they shouldn't be there when you're not smiling

No. 174099

some use tape

No. 174401

File: 1615135476658.jpg (30.9 KB, 700x394, img_1_34_6578.jpg)

I hate too much highlighter, makes people look greasy or sweaty
Actually I hate highlighter in general

No. 174418

i grew up with bratz dolls and absolutely love them and still do but for the life of me i can't stand the makeup trends that are based on them, it just does not translate well into real life.

No. 174492

File: 1615192705480.jpg (49.64 KB, 720x1280, 4ab7545a305f3cb855102dfc53a7dd…)

Whatever the fuck Bella Poarch does, it irks me so much. I actually love the "hangover makeup" thing when it's done subtly and with the right shade of blush. Bella Poarch has a heavy hand though and just creates a weirdly thin band across her face. It looks like she got slapped across the face with a belt. Plus her lips, I hate this whole fad with filling in the cupids bow. It makes you look like you had cleft lip surgery.

No. 174493

File: 1615192842587.jpg (75.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

and here's how it could be done to look really cute, imo

No. 174524

It looks more flattering on girls with long midfaces and less unnaturally highlighted

No. 174591


No. 174782

aegyo sal can be cute but hers literally looks like sausages, gross

No. 174784

Do you remember the name of the documentary, anon?

No. 178695

File: 1618006258929.jpeg (28.52 KB, 468x466, 0C093EA3-D013-41FD-990E-AE6728…)

When people try to contour their nose to look more upturned - I cant imagine this looks good irl. Also the lipstick shape in this pic

No. 178840

god 2016 was a dark year

No. 178845

File: 1618084995628.jpeg (88.69 KB, 828x791, 5B33BEE4-71F5-4005-AE64-35ADC2…)

I saw a chick with eyebrows like this on my explore page and wanted to punch my screen

No. 178975

I laughed at this so fuckin hard damn you anon

No. 179004

Contouring only looks good in photos, irl you can always tell you just painted shadows on your face and it looks ridicilous.

No. 179006

Those look kinda natural?

No. 179019

What? They look fine anon you weirdo

No. 179025

Thin eyebrows are beautiful imo

No. 179026

Nayrt but I think it’s because they’re shaped by waxing. I had it done one time and also thought it looked really weird because it was too clean

No. 179062

She looks like Divine, what are you on, anon

No. 179077

I swear the term natural has lost all it's meaning

No. 179497

File: 1618411659738.jpg (438.45 KB, 720x1221, 202104144838393933782247102.jp…)

Here's an example why it really doesn't work on westerners

No. 179504

this is horrifying

No. 179572


Tbf it doesnt work on anyone when its THAT defined, makes people look old.
If its subtle and looks natural its kinda cute but not on deep set eyes because they dont have fat there naturally

No. 180862

File: 1619119711535.jpg (83.65 KB, 700x805, 5fc75bb44c625_e6a3krkyl2z51__7…)

I hate all kinds of make-up, really. I don't think it makes ANYONE look better, there's no way a face full of makeup looks good. A bit of lipstick may be ok, but that's where I draw the line. Most of all, I hate men wearing make-up. It looks like shit and it makes me want to punch them in the face.

No. 180871

fucking brits

No. 180874

the kylie jenner white girl desperately trying to look racially ambiguous look that has every face on instagram looking the exact same

No. 180876

that foundation colour compared to her neck. why?

No. 180879

File: 1619125217113.jpg (261.19 KB, 1600x1600, blackfishing.jpg)

I hate blackfishing. as well as kylie jenner I also blame ariana grande, the queen of blackfishing. how is this okay?

No. 180884

jesus christ

No. 180939

File: 1619138452004.png (1.01 MB, 862x768, Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 8.38…)


is there a thread yet comparing befores and afters of women who do this? like this one from bad girls club? i remember there was some mentally ill white woman being racist and also lying claiming to be "20% nigerian", and i saw this bitch commenting on it saying "i know you lying with that caption" as if she's one to talk about pretending to be black. my jaw dropped when i saw what she used to look like. and i swear to god all the faces are interchangeable

No. 180942

99.9% of men are too ugly and boorish for makeup. Like putting lipstick on a pig

No. 180946

Fuck yeah nonny. Men wearing visible makeup (not invisible movie makeup) look like clowns, like a dog walking backwards on its hind legs, like a fucking demon who only lives on gas station glory hole cum.

No. 180948

As a pale white person with a complexion similar to hers in the 'before', I feel like we look best without the fake tan. I used to tan and dye my hair blonde but it looked like total shit. Once I started embracing being pale with dark hair and light eyes I feel like I went from looking like a clown to having a nice base to work with. It's sad bc you see so many white women trying to emulate
the Kardashians when imo the best 'inspiration' for us is probably film stars like Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. Ik being pale isn't trendy but it's sure cheaper than doing everything under the sun to look like a different ethnicity.

No. 180949

Actually if you do "aegyo sal" very lightly under the eye with contour eyeshadow it will make your eyes look bigger bc you're creating a shadow underneath that makes the eyes rounder and take up physically a bigger space on your face. As long as you don't go overboard it should look good. Here's an example of a woman doing it in a non-Koreaboo/weaboo context. It's around the 1:35 mark.

No. 181875

File: 1619488851699.png (386.94 KB, 355x617, Untitled.png)

agree. i really don't want to come off as NLOG, but i think as a society we women should stop worshiping at the altar of makeup. like, i agree it can be fun to play with, but as someone who used to cake my face and noticed how much better and healthier my skin looks after being forced to wear a mask every day in 2020, i am pretty anti-makeup now. aside from just the eyes. liner, shadow and mascara is fun. but fuck caking everywhere else.

No. 182291

lmfaooo i hate senna gammour

No. 192409

File: 1623808087450.jpg (156.16 KB, 1080x889, external-content.duckduckgo-11…)

I hate the weird overdone high blush that Jillian and Lovely Lor do. Just makes them look like old ladies

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