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No. 176869

Use this thread to discuss, vent, dump your diet goals, workout regimens, etc…
If you're offended hide this thread and go post on the piccrew thread or something, imbecile.


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>what's your ED
>when did you develop your ed?
>what's your hw, lw, cw, & gw?
>how did you get to your lw?
>your thoughts on recovery

No. 176871

>covert proana thread

No. 176874

that's kind of generous anon

No. 176875

File: 1616896987800.jpeg (31.66 KB, 600x928, 21c84073-e2a5-454c-9f41-2f67fa…)

Oh cool.

>what's your ED

>when did you develop your ed?
it comes and goes since i was like 14
>what's your hw, lw, cw, & gw?
hw - 170
lw - 110
cw - 127
gw - 120

i'm 5'7 for reference

>how did you get to your lw?

how do you think
>your thoughts on recovery

im going through one right now… its gotten to the point where i cant really restrict without just starving myself.

I suffered from BDD due to having breast hypertrophy (not anymore) and anything I enjoy wearing would make me look fat and before my surgery it a constant cycle of losing/gaining.

Anyways…….. I'm seeing a nutritionist and trying out lots of different exercises and eating fine. I have ASD and getting wet fucks with me sensory issues, I don't try to get extremely sweaty but I've always wanted to try hiit.

>discuss, vent, dump your diet goals, workout regimens, etc…

i don't think this is it tho anon

No. 176879

>what's your ED
idk anymore
>when did you develop your ed?
when i was 15
>what's your hw, lw, cw, & gw?
hw: 120
cw: 114
lw: 102
gw: never had
>how did you get to your lw?
1st time: normal caloric restriction
2nd: alternating between fasting and binging
>your thoughts on recovery
impossible for me

No. 176883

kek i didn't read it closely enough, you're right, i thought they were at least hiding it as a recovery thread

No. 176884

>what's your ED
I’ve never been properly diagnosed so I don’t know
>when did you develop your ed?
Near the end of 2019
hw - 155
lw - 116
cw - 128
gw - 110
I’m 5’8.
>how did you get to your lw?
CICO. I only eat 800/1000 calories a day but it’s mostly low calorie junk food. Skinny pop, Halo Top, etc
>your thoughts on recovery
I’ll probably never pursue it even though it’s probably what’s best.

No. 176886

You're actively supporting getting an eating disorder, yes. That shit is illegal.
>If you're offended hide this thread and go post on the piccrew thread or something, imbecile.
Someone needs to eat. This level of triggered can only be from an anorexic chic. Get help, cow.

No. 176887

Ikr, it’s basically telling people how to kill themselves but slowly.
Great thread OP, loving your encouragement to make mentally unstable people harm themselves even more.

No. 176895

I have severe OCD and self harming behaviours that have resulted in being underweight and this is a bad thread. Don't act like people are being whiny triggered tumblr types over it, OP. This is like making a how to self harm or how to suicide thread.

No. 176903

This fucking thread is making me relapse you fucking cunt. I hope you choke on diet tea because this shit isn't funny. You're actively harming others.

No. 176904

File: 1616918680983.png (124.21 KB, 977x483, ana.PNG)

You should be ashamed of yourself, op.

No. 176908

Read the title and thought this would be a thread for recovering from an ed…. let's highjack it and make it one, nonnies. Let's all hide the thread image and discuss recovery.

>what's your ED

Binge eating disorder
>when did you develop your ed?
I'd say during my 20's but I've had shit eating habits since childhood. Mom used food to reward and to comfort me and my sister.

>what's your hw, lw, cw, & gw?

Fuck you. Also I don't weigh myself or even own a scale because it's incredibly triggering. I advice everyone to do the same.

>how did you get to your lw?

Fuck you

>your thoughts on recovery

I'm trying really hard to recover. I'm wrecking my health and bank account by binging. I recently started treating it like an addiction, because it is. It's not emotional eating anymore, it's just an addiction. I'm already using an app called daylio to track my moods so I made it my daily goal to eat healthier and not binge. The app reminds me to eat healthy by having a little carrot icon on my notif bar during the evenings when I'm most likely to binge. It also tracks how many days I've gone without binging. I'm currently on day 5 which seems like nothing but I had gotten to the point of binging every day/every other day so 5 days is already an achievement for me.

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