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File: 1617297191100.jpg (181.65 KB, 670x1002, 7ed2372b439ca4ae2486e9d5e69897…)

No. 177478

Does anyone else ever look at vintage diets? Some of them are nuts.

I seen one posted somewhere that was endorsed by Vogue magazine that was was just steak and a white wine for every meal.

Literally a glass and some steak for breakfast, just a glass for lunch, and then a steak and the rest of the bottle for dinner.

No. 177482

>results not typical
>we're just lying tbh
>anyway buy out peanut butter lol
so flagrant

No. 177524

File: 1617325591344.jpg (140.57 KB, 804x1200, 2b79715a0c6b5bf2faf79e53ddfe81…)

ding ding.
Marilyn Monroe comes to mind.

No. 177531

Liver for dinner and sundaes for desserts sounds like the dream life.

No. 177550

I've been trying to go deodorant free for years and I failed every time, I live in a warm climate area and it's hard not to get sweaty and stinky but I finally figured it out, I stopped wearing deodorant for good, I'm not even wearing one of those
'natural' ones that your body takes forever to adapt to and never works.

I stopped wearing deodorant at all, first two weeks I scrubbed my underarms daily to get the build-up over the years to go away, my current routine is just wash every other day and use a slice of lemon for cleaning then moisturize with something raw like coconut oil and that's it. my sweat smells very subtle and actually kinda pleasant I'm gonna keep on doing this.

No. 177573

gonna give this a try, anon. i have hairy pits (don't wax/shave) and sweat like hell, but i want to stop wearing deodorant.

No. 177584

>First two weeks I scrubbed my underarms daily to get the build-up over the years to go away,
What were you doing while washing before? not judging btw, I'm genuinely asking because I was taught to use an exfoliating rag on some parts on my body, including my armpits. I also get sweaty and stinky easily so it's important for me

No. 177587


i don't live in a warm climate but is the exfoliation thing true? Terrible but i didnt have adults to Show Me How but i always figured wash cloths are too rough for daily use. Should i be using them? What are specific areas for wash cloth use?

No. 177591

Yeah, exfoliation rags/gloves are real. Idk where you live, but in America you can buy them basically anywhere that has a beauty aisle. Regular rags are still more way common though. I use it on my back, arms, legs and armpits. It's not good to use it everyday, but I do anyway. I do recommend them if you have body odor issues, or would just like to have softer skin, since occasional exfoliation is always nice. It's funny you say that regular rags are too rough, cause I always think they're too soft since I started using exfoliating rags lol.

No. 177592

I actually stumbled across this one earlier today. Eggs in warm milk. I knew some people drink raw eggs (despite only actually being able to digest about 50% of the protein from raw eggs) but I have never heard of THIS concoction.

Do you think many people adopted it after reading this?

No. 177593

Antibacterial hand sanitizer kills armpit smell. I dunno if this fits with deodorant free code, but I hope it comes in handy!

No. 177595

File: 1617390409130.jpg (67.27 KB, 490x736, caba0b35a815dcbb6be403cb691785…)

This one always made me laugh. I'm not sure what era it's from but I think it's so funny that there were just women at home pretending to fuck the air as a workout

No. 177596

File: 1617390707582.jpeg (572.88 KB, 1160x1417, 29477934-6E57-41D1-BF2D-F87C3D…)


No. 177597

File: 1617390968854.jpg (62.47 KB, 375x500, d61b50cdc2fe8aaea4bf1226dafb51…)

Heres the product. The containers look prettier than most perfume bottles tbh

No. 177609

I love all these vintage adverts/posters!
Wait this isn't a photoshop? Why is it free? How are they making money?

No. 177614


endeavor sponsored by happy customers already mind controlled by the tapeworms

No. 177685

During WW2 a lof of girls faces mysteriously started to fall away. The reason for this was also beauty/cosmetics. Women who were painting glow in the dark watches n shit for soldiers of they needed to work at night were using the paint as their lipstick and eyeliner without realising the damage they were doing lol

No. 177686

File: 1617446378153.jpg (104.95 KB, 570x780, dbf1452594cec1dffda1bc8e203b2a…)


Has anyone ever adopted a workout routine they seen from old times? This one is for titties. They all seemed to have wonderful hourglass figures back then, I wonder if I should switch my routine to these

No. 177687

File: 1617446401831.jpg (78.61 KB, 570x780, 9f00781597a1cd4bfd16ae17885d7f…)


No. 177689

File: 1617446922028.gif (206.34 KB, 455x620, fa7eb94b519a597d849aad5d23f461…)

>hey all seemed to have wonderful hourglass figures back then
I think it's because of the shapewear and cone bras they used. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think women used to used corsets before photoshoots to create some of that hourglass shape.

No. 177692

>just steak and a white wine for every meal
Sounds like a great diet to me lmaoo

No. 177721

this, thinking that they had such figures due to exercises is like believing nowadays women have Kim K asses due to doing situps

No. 177734

File: 1617468959585.jpg (434.01 KB, 1100x1517, this_bitch.jpg)

You have consider that most of what you're seeing are actresses and models who have been hand picked for their looks. They're not going to hire a women with a more athletic stocky build to promote their workout since that wasn't what was consider ideal. They did however have less obese people, but that's more to do with the terribly diets people have nowadays.

No. 177736

File: 1617470153906.jpeg (135.13 KB, 600x826, C845E56F-BFDA-46B8-B519-6810A1…)

Heyoooo I got tons of websites that specialize in retro shapewear and girdles:
https://www.whatkatiedid.com/ (For US ladies: https://us.whatkatiedid.com/) yeah it’s stupid expensive but I have some of her stuff and it is amazing.

I love functional retro lingerie. It makes everything look so smooth. And it’s sexy too.

No. 177740

Yoooo I adore retro lingerie! Especially the way garterbelts used to look. Something about how they're made to look elegant and beautiful is just so wonderful

No. 177741

File: 1617475891187.jpg (35.57 KB, 349x400, a5f9b135cc992ff629d09451e645e9…)

I consider this sometimes. I've never actually tried it out as a way if having my makeup but I love the way makeup looked back then

No. 177743

>sanitized tapeworms

No. 177749

I think back then a sanitized tape worm was just a worm that hadn't been inside anything yet. Or, realistically, it's just a lie to shill them more easily.

I doubt that the same people who took cocaine for a mild cold really cared but hey it sounds medicallylylylyly to be sanitized

No. 177761

thank you anon!

No. 177771

File: 1617493662783.jpg (83.8 KB, 434x625, abc7b196d25e116c9c6b7862761645…)

I'm a turbo autist for even caring, but this is an edit. Mid century advertisements didn't have disclaimers on them, and even if they did, they wouldn't just randomly drop one in a box over the product illustration. That's not even a period accurate logo. Plus the ad copy underneath would be way more verbose than just STOCK UP ON [BRAND]. I sound like the irish stew copypasta but faked up 'old' ads really chap my ass.
Anyways, here's one where they straight up claim that white sugar is healthier for you than a piece of fruit. Because calories!

No. 177784

Well spotted! I would never have copped on to that being an edit.

Also, I've seen this ad in the past and it lead me down a bit of a rabbit hole. Apparently replacing food with sugar was initially aimed at children

No. 177790

I was at my grandfather's house and found a bag of Domino sugar that was, I swear to god, older than me.

No. 177791

This is the most 70s thing I’ve ever seen in my life

No. 177793

i don't understand…someone explain pls

No. 177795

Being a woman in this era was so bleak.

My grandmother only lost weight back then because she was on speed. Doctors would prescribe speed to overworked/tired housewives so they could keep their figure and have the energy to go into the workforce and then come home to do domestic duties. Not surprised that sugar was advertised as healthy, I bet a few spoonful of sugar was considered dainty back then. Nutritional information was abysmal and it's still being bought by major food conglomerate lobbies. Hell, I remember back in the 90s and early 2000s that fat was the boogeyman in food. My mom used to buy "low-fat" food that made up for lack of flavor from the fat removal with, you guessed it, sugar!

No. 177798

I think it's saying to make the shape of all features the same, which, in this case, is round. In the second pic, the lips, eyeshadow and eyebrows are rounded, but then they thin out and go up at the end. I hope this makes sense lol

No. 177807

File: 1617520677419.jpeg (43.46 KB, 313x487, 991C7629-2DBD-4C01-A8DF-13DD58…)

No. 177812

File: 1617531676746.jpg (38.59 KB, 236x488, e0c49c5dc33e0771d565503ed805d9…)

Wanna be skinny, eat this fucking ring of jelly flesh. Fucking circle of dog food. Its shaped like a life ring to save you here have dog meat ring toss

No. 177813

>Doctors would prescribe speed
>cocaine for a mild cold
>arsenic complexion wafer
>tape worms for losing weight
Holy shit, beauty and healthcare used to be something else

No. 177816

File: 1617534727844.png (355.49 KB, 960x875, https___blogs-images.forbes.co…)

You forgot women intentionally reforming themself with corsets in the name of beauty

No. 177817

I'm sure people in the future will be saying the same about us. Drugs are still given away like candy, now for the mental illness equivalents of a cold. They're not just drugging up the serious cases in psych wards, they're giving them to any kid that has a "problem".
And god knows what they put in cosmetics. Like that anon upthread I don't use deodorant either because of cancer causing ingredients. I don't trust them not to put carcinogens in other stuff too so I don't use any make up or cosmetics products.
The industries have not changed, nor did the consumer's attitude towards them. It's still all the same shit in a different packaging.

No. 177818

File: 1617535070696.jpg (391.36 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210404-122423_Sam…)

And anorexia for religious purposes. This is actually why a lot of Victorian beauties in literature are described as weak dainty pale women. Sometimes bedridden, I've noticed.

No. 177819

Our cosmetics are fucking insane really. Everyone is getting plastic surgery to slowly work towards having the exact same face. Nobody has an hour glass either. They have like… a skinny torso but the hips just out like fucking Garnet from Steven Universe

No. 177823

Holy shit, are those her lungs being forced down out of her ribcage?

No. 177830

Deformities this extreme were uncommon but did happen. If you look at people who are scary into it, like Ethel Granger, and really look at their bodies, you just know that their internal pieces are all kinds of messed up

No. 177831

File: 1617548564681.jpg (26 KB, 232x323, 2.jpg)

It's a miracle she managed to live as long as she did

No. 177834

karolina screaming in the distance

No. 177836


Doubt it. The liver and stomach sit below the heart and above the intestine, that might be it.

No. 177837

i don't know what to believe about corsets. apparently they were generally healthy the way women wore them (only taking off an inch from the waist, or not making it tight at all), and the dangers were only when women tightlaced. i don't see how working class or active women would be tight laced. but then again modern day corset users seem autistic and weirdly obsessed and could be bending the truth.
>t. looked into corsets because i have sensory issues with clothing and was told it could help

No. 177839

I guess it's similar to wearing high heels today. Definitely unhealthy if you overdo it and it restricts your movement, but people still push through the discomfort.
One day in the future people will be having all the same questions about high-heel shoes as we now have about corsets. I really can't see that type of misogynistic fashion last and sooner or later they will go the way of the corset.

I'm this anon >>177817 and this thread is just showing me how nothing underlying women's beauty and health has substantially changed even though the thread was supposed to showcase the opposite.

No. 177840

And it doesn't even look good, sad.

No. 177842

I think at that point it isn't even about looking good or anything, but instead about how far you can go

No. 177847

Her husband liked it, and she did it to suit him. I've read a handful of articles about her and a majority of them include this detail

No. 177849

It really feels weird to look back on. If I think about, it really wasnt too long ago that women were housebound dolls that pretty much existed to be pretty. My great grandmother lived like that in the early days of marriage and she only died very recently. It's so weird to know that there are women walking around TODAY that lived the life I can't imagine living

No. 177854

This is why I refuse to wear high heels. I can't wait for the day women realise on a large scale that wearing high heels is a voluntary handicap.

I think about this too. I don't want kids, it's crazy to think about that if I was born just a handfull of decades earlier I could/would've been in a position where I had to marry and have a man's kids and have that be my life against my choice or be a social outcast. And that's in a modern Western country. It's one of the reasons why I'm firmly anti-tranny/transrights because I see how fragile and recent women's rights are and how easily they could just be broken down again. Sorry if this is derailing.

No. 177861

I don't want kids either so I'm sure that if I was born in a previous era I'd become a nun. It was a respectable way to avoid all that husband and kids bullshit.
I presume there were a lot of lesbians in covenants for a similar reason, and I'm bi so I'd probably find a nun gf to sin with. Also, nuns make some really rich flavourful wines in the covenant vineyards…

No. 177862

Isn't that fake? Looks like the right side of her waist is colored in white
Karolina made a video about this, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise

No. 177866

I believe some of her pictures might be fidgeted with so that articles can play up the shock factor a little bit. It's hard to pick the real ones

No. 177874

Lol I have a corset and it’s awesome for back pain. Before bras what do you think women used? Also, it’s tightlacing and I’ll fitting corsets that can be a problem.

No. 177877

some men have a fetish for that kind of thing (women's discomfort)
most women were not housebound dolls. the vast majority of women were working class, and they had to support their families on their meager earnings because many men made little money or just pissed their salary away. ofc many of these women were illiterate and had no time to document their lives so our impression of women in the past is based on the experiences of middle class or upper class women. the idea that women never worked is retarded and many men were way too useless to support a family on their own. also household work was pure drudgery back then

No. 177887

>I don't want kids either so I'm sure that if I was born in a previous era I'd become a nun.
Way OT but when I've thought about being born in earlier times, I've come to a similar conclusion. I'm lesbian and if given a choice between het-marriage-with-kids or celibacy, I'd def choose the latter. I have a vivid imagination so I could see myself living in a nunnery and daydreaming during prayers/chores to keep from going crazy. Also lesbian nuns were totally a thing so I might not even have to be celibate, lol.

No. 177896

I can't believe I'm not the only one who came to conclusion that they would be a lesbian nun if they were born in the past

No. 177903

Proof that past lesbian nuns would find each other is that I, too, have considered this.

No. 177924

See, now I'm starting to wonder how many nuns are undercover lesbians. I live in Ireland where it's pretty common to see a gaggle of ancient looking nuns waddling around. I will forever wonder if any of them are secret lovers

No. 177925

File: 1617618189878.jpg (1.16 MB, 3124x2109, 1432664914-strawberry-facts1.j…)

Marilyn Monroe used to tone her skin with half a strawberry.

Some of these tips only seem weird until I remember mayo works in hair and honey works on your face. Tempted to try out strawberry toner now

Actually has anyone fucked around with old beauty tips?

No. 177930

File: 1617619141334.jpg (172.9 KB, 1339x884, Screenshot_4.jpg)

>mayo works in hair
reading this made me have a flashback of that disgusting guy from 90 day fiance

No. 177934

the way the woman behind is looking at her kek

No. 177954

yes but anon mayo works on hair because egg AND oil are both good for hair. honey works on the face because honey has antibacterial properties and helps the skin heal.
if you put strawberry on your face and leave it all day i don't see it doing anything other than give you fungal acne and MAYBE some brightening

No. 177968

my main concern would be strawberries are lightly acidic 3.0-3.5 ph heres some shit i copy pasta from paulas choice (skin brand) site so take from it what you will

Research has shown that mild disruptions in skin’s pH (such as from using an AHA or BHA leave-on exfoliant whose pH is 3.6 or a mineral sunscreen with a pH of 7.5) are temporary. The skin naturally equalises to its normal pH, typically within an hour. And there’s actually a benefit: Research has shown that acidic products stimulate skin to produce key substances it needs to look smooth, supple, and hydrated.

On the other hand, using highly acidic (pH 2.5 or lower) or alkaline (pH 8 or greater) products causes a more significant disruption in skin’s pH, so it takes skin longer to get back to normal.

more here https://www.paulaschoice.com.au/expert-advice/skincare-advice/skin-care-myths/the-ultimate-guide-to-ph-and-your-skin.html

No. 177976

Haha awesome. I think back before any kind of real sex education it was easier to interpret a lack of interest in men as some sort of virtuous chaste asexuality, so I'll bet a lot of lesbians wound up as nuns. There's a few historical accounts of lesbian goings-on in nunneries; the upcoming film 'Benedetta' is based on accounts from a 17th-century Italian convent.

No. 177999

A lot of nuns were shagging priests and all. I'm willing to put money on at least half of all nuns not being as chaste and perfect as is required.

It's better to give in to these things than abide by those silly rules anyway.

No. 178000

Mayo in hair used to be taken at least semi seriously until Big Ed crashed into the surface of the earth

My only real concern with using mayo is the possibility of protein overload. Wouldn't want Lille Jean lookin hair where it's just about ready to fall out

No. 178067

File: 1617696567119.jpeg (55.66 KB, 800x299, 6583FC6A-9802-408F-981D-0F3A5E…)

Ah yes. Let’s all douche with Lysol.

No. 178068

File: 1617696614798.jpeg (188.82 KB, 740x970, F8CD69A1-37D7-4C56-A674-CB76CC…)


No. 178069

I'm laughing but at the same time our modern beauty products are equally ridiculous. Creams that claim to erase wrinkles? Of course they don't. Toothpaste that promises to turn your smoker teeth into pearly whites? Not happening. Oils that promise to remove striae? Nahh.

No. 178070

Jesus, seeing this made my vagina contract

No. 178071

File: 1617698611465.jpg (1.54 MB, 1090x1550, Salad-Flavored-Jello-Ad001.jpg)

There was basically a gelatin craze in the 50s because people realized how well it preserved things, and because the companies that made the molds did a really good job of shilling it in magazines and cookbooks.

No. 178072

File: 1617699119693.gif (13.75 KB, 247x37, reduce, reuse, recycle.gif)

>reduce flesh
For some reason that phrase makes me uncomfortable

No. 178073

File: 1617699591865.jpg (39.11 KB, 400x483, salad must have CHEESE.jpg)

>you will never taste JELL-O brand celery flavored JELL-O
Why even live

No. 178074

…did they seriously think this looked appetizing?? It looks like it could be an alien from a sci fi horror movie that would rip your head off or something

No. 178075

Yeah, to me it sounds like the soap will skin you and scrape off layers of flesh beneath. If it said "reduce fat" and not "reduce flesh" it wouldn't sound so creepy.

No. 178077

File: 1617704559938.jpg (143.38 KB, 1024x576, meat-aspic1-1024x576.jpg)

If you look at the table you will notice a fish jello made by serial killing cannibal Hannibal Lecter, confirming you have to be a lunatic to eat anything that isn't a fruit suspended in jello

He then describes the fish as "a nietzchien fish", which either means he thinks this food is pure nihilism or he's just crazy from all the fish jello and saying gibberish

No. 178088

lolcow come dine with me: farmer edition. the only food served is in jello form

No. 178111

File: 1617725114344.jpg (80 KB, 456x640, 74e258003976917dcdd2ce48d33961…)

Just put a whole ass chicken drumstick in Jell-O, fuck it.


No. 178112

This one isn't entirely wrong, haha.

No. 178115

File: 1617727031201.jpg (71.77 KB, 736x492, 53b580069403928edd6809c4cecf6c…)

Sliced boiled egg and shrimps in jello. The pure nutrition in this scran is enough for to never need to take a supplement ever again

No. 178122

deeply confused by your use of both "jello" and "scran" … are you from america or scotland anon?

No. 178123

File: 1617729675939.jpg (366.81 KB, 1600x1171, 473d3d8c173706fb06ba3ea61a3bd2…)

I wonder how much the unbridled gelatin consumption contributed to 20th century Americans being stereotyped as big, broad, toothy bastards. At the very least, these abominations probably prevented a lot of kids from being totally malnourished in the 30's, which is when the gelatin craze really started ramping up. The thought is absolutely disgusting, but egg studded JELL-O is definitely going to make for stronger kids than french friess and chicken nuggies. Anyways here's a page of mostly normal gelatin concoctions. 1930's commercial artists were masters at painting these things.

No. 178125

oh god me too, love the gif kek

No. 178126

It’s like some easy way to make aspic. And these jello monstrosities that are supposed to be aspics are just a holdover from before refrigeration. And even then it was only for the rich because of how it was made.
Before powdered gelatin, aspic was made from cuts of basically inedible animal cartilage (however you can use celery, too) that would take forever to cook.
So, these 1950s housewives knew that aspics were a symbol of wealth and status when their parents, grandparents or when they were children. While some can be eaten, mostly they were for decoration.
So it makes sense that they were popular.
We look back and wonder who tf ate that shit, and apparently not a lot of them did.
Aspics are still popular in some parts of the world, they’re just called different things,

No. 178128

Ngl kinda want try that Coupe Santa Marie jello.

No. 178129

I'm from Dublin, Ireland

No. 178130

File: 1617731207748.jpg (4.95 MB, 2560x3200, Fresh-Berry-Prosecco-Terrine.j…)

All the fruit jello examples look amazing. Like I think this would be FANTASIC with icecream or whipped cream

No. 178133

fruit in jello with whipped cream is truly a god-tier dessert

No. 178157

File: 1617744627452.jpg (198.02 KB, 444x648, Obetrol-resized.jpg)

Fun fact, the company that patented Adderall originally marketed as a weight loss supplement. Before it was called adderall, it was called Obetrol. Adderall is in the amphetamine family.

No. 178158

I love seeing how these things evolves. Have any of you experienced weightloss on adderall?

No. 178169

File: 1617747489580.jpeg (116.83 KB, 768x452, image-asset.jpeg)

I take Adderall and yeah, I lost about 5 pounds on it. That's not a lot but I'm only 5'3" and went from 112 to like 107. It's weird because you pretty much don't feel hungry, like at all. I have to force myself to eat protein bars and shakes because I lose all interest in food while I'm on my meds, so if I'm putting something in my mouth it had better be really nutritious.

I'm loling at the fine print on that OBETROL ad. IDK if other people get "constipation" as a side effect, but I have to run to the bathroom exactly 1 hr after I take my medication, and it's supposed to be the extended-release kind. It also has "psychopathic personality" listed as a "precaution" bc Adderall can make people manic if they're bipolar.

No. 178170

Yes. I'm so sad I'll never be that weight again probably. A BMI of 17.5 just isn't sustainable without Adderall.

No. 178178

File: 1617749311933.jpg (397.1 KB, 600x749, enhanced-buzz-9329-1389214671-…)

Bananas, ham slices, and hollandaise sauce.

"God is dead" - F. Nietzche

No. 178184

Looks like something Elvis would eat lmao

No. 178195

File: 1617752762063.jpg (273.76 KB, 900x597, holodec_iz_rulki_i_kurici-1592…)

god i love chicken aspic with a nice big dash of vinegar. all hail mother russia.

No. 178199

How can you stand the texture?

No. 178203

NTA but you either love it or hate it and it's hard / impossible to change your mind about it

No. 178206

File: 1617756105370.png (321.03 KB, 540x404, large_cesar-classics-dog-tray-…)

All hail mother Russia

No. 178287

File: 1617807746785.jpg (43.93 KB, 350x258, 344780_v1.jpg)

This is a chicken. This is a fucking chicken

No. 178291

File: 1617808828365.jpeg (92.36 KB, 640x856, 95C49179-2377-488B-B044-7819A5…)

Tbf it’s chicken salad.
Now what would be horrifying is if it was a whole fucking chicken basted in some jello Mayo mix.

No. 178293

File: 1617808908274.jpeg (27.23 KB, 256x197, 72A23196-4E79-47F5-9418-F9F841…)

Now this is a festive face that wants to fucking party.

No. 178316

these will haunt me in my nightmares

No. 178319

Its shredded chicken mixed with jello, mayo, and vegetables, chilled into the shape of a football

No. 178322

>tfw an aspic loving american
It is so hard to find places that sell this even though it's GOAT.

It's really good, anon. Aspic tends to be a bit softer than jello. There's kind of a mental block when you first try it because it's a texture that's more common in sweets, but it's a lot like a less fatty pate imo. It's full of collagen too, which is so good for you. /sperg

No. 178325

Tbf this stuff is all far more nutritious than a lot of the stuff we eat today. There's so much protein and collagen in these bad boys, it would give us all strong nails and glossy hair

No. 209522

Tretinoin does exactly this, as does hydrogen peroxide.

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