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No. 180120

For anyone looking to change their name or who needs names for stories or whatever else.

No. 180121

Why no male names?

No. 180122

Closely monitoring this thread for names for my Sims

No. 180126

males are cringe

No. 180127

You can steal my randomly generated sim name Whitley Rosado

No. 180131

I like this thread bc it sounds like you’re having a kid and we’re doing your work. I’ve always liked Jane. Jordan, Ellie, Lane, Madeline, and Alice are good too

No. 180135

>Clara, Claire
>Elise, Elisabeth
>Mallory, Maura
I like "old timey" names in general. The more eccentric it can be without sounding stupid or new age, the better.

Worst Names:
>Juvenile names like Poppy or Fawn or Katelyn. They're fine as nicknames but I feel sorry for women who outgrow them and aren't taken seriously by others
>Names with dumb spellings like Evelyn vs. Evylinne, etc. I understand uniqueness is important but spelling your name out all the time is exhausting
>Male names with a feminine suffix tacked on like Henrietta or Frederica. Like you couldn't think of anything more creative?
It also irks me that male names have all the cool meanings about bravery and leadership and whatnot. Women are stuck with names based on aesthetics, be it according to phonology or the namesake (e.g. flower names), or otherwise shackled to a diminutive form of a cooler name. Unfair.

No. 180138

My favorite girl names are Melanie and Bridget!
Hehe my name is in here

No. 180139

I love masculine names like Rome for women

No. 180140

Camilla is my favorite girl name, it works in both English and my native language + it has historical ties to my city of origin

No. 180141

I like Francesca, Valentina, Bruna, Halle, Grace, Michelle, Kai, Anna/Anne, Naree (or Nari), Victoria, Aeri, Alexandra and Maia
You made me curious hehe. Don't know how reliable it is, but the ones I know are right https://www.familyeducation.com/100-warrior-girl-names

No. 180143

lol, the name on this list that is allegedly from my language doesn't even exist so IDK how reliable is the rest. Seems like majority of female names that mean warrior/defender are just female versions of male names, especially derivatives of "Alexander", proving >>180135 point.

No. 180144

These are some of my favourite girl names:



No. 180147

I’m arab and I think a lot of arabic girl names are really pretty!!

No. 180148

I really like Zeinab

No. 180149

>anything ending in "-leigh" that isn't "Ashleigh"
i seriously can't befriend any woman named shit like braelyn/brayleigh/kynsleigh etc.

No. 180150

eleanor is the best name. pretty colours, gold/goldenrod/sunrise yellows, hint of pink/red from the a and n, and you can shorten it to Ellie and that's a really cute name.

No. 180151

ayrt, so is mine tbh

No. 180154

My favourite girl name is Polly! My college friend is called Polly Anna, if I had a daughter I would call her Polly. Also I love Evangeline, but it would just be shorted to Eva or Evie, which I don’t like lol

No. 180155


I know there are more but i cant think of them

No. 180156

Eden is my sisters name, my mum named her after her favourite perfume!

No. 180157


No. 180162

Favorites are



No. 180167


No. 180170

I'm side-eying the shit out of you

No. 180174

yeah some people have stupid looking names that don't match their face and they get all pissy if i can't remember their name and i'm like HEY it's not my fault your stupid name looks nothing like you

No. 180175

I really like female names from my country, they're just the right amount of elegant and powerful without being too cutesy and childish.

No. 180176

phoenix, hendrix, and raven aren't names. go back to pinterest fundie-chan

No. 180177

I'm not saying that's my name, but I'm also not not saying that's my name. If it had hypothetically been my name, it would have been a pretty great experience. It's easy to understand and spell in English but also uncommon enough to be interesting, old fashioned but in a quirky way. It's also supposedly a weird Victorian nickname for Mary, but otherwise it doesn't have any clear etymological roots, so it's a blank slate of meaning.
My favorite name Orleanna has a lot of these qualities too.
My least favorite names are any variation on Emma and everything in this post >>180162

No. 180186

I don't have any names to contribute but I just want to say I'm flattered my name came up in this thread

No. 180191

>Women are stuck with names based on aesthetics

though this is the case most of the time, it depends from language and culture. i was lucky to have kooky mother who gave me a name with a cool meaning.

No. 180224

it is great to see another greek anon on lc #♥##

personal favorite names of mine would be: Beatrice, Mercedes, Despoina, Catherine, Maya and Alice.

No. 180231

These are my favorites.

No. 180236

princess, omelette

No. 180238

Mine are:

No. 180253

I love the name Zeinab too. It's very foreign to me, I heard it first time on tv, the BBC has a journalist with that name (Zeinab Badawi). But I immediately fell in love with the sound of it

No. 180264

did a troon make this thread bc farmers keep saying they only have the same five names in the troon threads?

No. 180272

I am an arab too and I really like the names
They are very romantic and especially if you know the meaning .

No. 180277

Nice names:

No. 180281

I know it wasn't really your question, but I've been wondering about troon names lately. It's true that they often tend to choose similar names, and what kind of pisses me off is that a lot of names troons pick are ones that I (used to) like too. I think it's because they gravitate towards dreamy/ethereal sounding names or names that they associate with certain characters. Alice, for example, is a name I like a lot and also common with troons, and I can't deny that part of its appeal to me is the Alice in Wonderland connection. Basically there's this certain category of names that have this chuuni vibe to me, like it's what you'd call your Mary Sue OC when you're a teenager and writing a fanfic. I think troons have the same sort of mindset when picking a name, whereas people who are mentally past puberty grow out of it.
Most names posted in this thread aren't really like that, but some that have been posted and that I associate with teen OCs or trannies are Alice, Lainey, Aiden, Raven, Rowan, Ophelia.

No. 180283

a few more additions:

No. 180301


No. 180322

Where does "tuya" come from? In spanish it literally means "yours" (and from the female perspective)

No. 180325

chances are I might have gotten the spelling wrong.

I was introduced to a Mongolian woman going by this name through a family friend some couple years ago.

No. 180333

Ailbhe, Aoibhean, and Caoimhe. Any girl named Caoimhe is automatically born a bitch with a long face and up-her-own-arse attitude. Less of a name and more of a curse

No. 180341

Belladonna is awful. It sounds like a name for a brand of executive dildos.

Caoimhes are always absolute cunts. I've known a few and they've all been batshit and so catty. No need.

No. 180342

File: 1618861295490.jpeg (124.96 KB, 1237x783, A23B1B00-7BED-42FE-8B2C-34F114…)

It means deadly nightshade. You’re not cool enough to understand kek.

No. 180343

I mean a pretty famous porn actress used it

No. 180346

I love my name. Who wants to know it? Kek

No. 180347

Imo they should just go by something gender neutral. So many hulking caveman browed troons are named Lily and Alice–babes, you're not fooling anyone. Used to be jealous of my sister for having a pretty name but I'm not jealous anymore considering her name is the "name" of so many troons nowadays and also one of the most popular names for kids.
Speaking of, what exactly makes a name popular? Take Mila for instance, it only became popular in the late 2000s and is pretty obviously a Russian name. How do names skyrocket? The internet?

No. 180349

File: 1618862065722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,40.32 KB, 590x451, BBFBDCCF-0BA7-4422-8E79-703A66…)

I also love my name which has recently become popular bc of this show

No. 180351


No. 180354

I love the names Genevieve and Anneliese. But I might like them just because I too have a long ass name with a confusing number of i’s and e’s

No. 180355

File: 1618862583457.jpeg (300.44 KB, 640x780, 229D001C-F499-499C-87A2-DAFDE9…)

No. 180356

I love Guinevere

No. 180357

I love your name. I name all my female rpg characters Innogen

No. 180358

My favourite cow names:

No. 180359

File: 1618862971356.jpeg (31.55 KB, 320x320, 1C3300D4-DF54-4700-A7ED-F2B095…)

I also love the name Starling, for a girl. Like the bird. Idk if it’s a bit too weird. We have Robin and Wren, but Starling sounds a bit like Stalin.

No. 180360

Kek hello
Thanks anon! When I was a child it was (and sometimes still is) shortened to ‘Immy’ which I don’t like very much anymore.

No. 180361

Anons I need opinions, is Carly too kid-ish? I'm wondering if I should go by my full name for work or if keeping the name Carly for my own convenience is better.

No. 180362

daily reminder:
do not pick an archaic greek name for your kid unless you wish for them to be associated with neopagans and troons

No. 180365

It's mostly due to celebrities, at least back then. For example, Mila probably became popular because of Mila Kunis.
I love greek names so so much. My favs are Althaia, Amaltheia, Amara, Athena, Hera, Olympia, Rhea and Alexandra. These don't seem very ancient but I don't know tbh

No. 180368

Also, starlings are invasive and quite mean. There's also Raven, and Columba which is antique but means dove.

No. 180370

belladonna gives off mary sue/try hard vibes. isis sounds fine on it's own but I think people would associate it with the group nowadays

No. 180372


No. 180373


No. 180375

Anna is the perfect, most timeless female name and no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 180380


No. 180383

belladonna is a retarded choice it literally translates to beautiful woman in italian, its not even old italian its a very common catcalling phrase imagine naming your daughter heygorgeous

No. 180388

Leonie, probably shortened to Leo

No. 180389


No. 180391

Hate any arabic names. they remind me of the bitchy arab muslim girls in high school who'd always be named some ugly ass name to match their ugly ass face and ugly ass personality.

No. 180400

Hilda is really an ugly name (plus no nickname for it)
Love the name Alfia though (alfy would be a good nickname or Fia)

No. 180406

I’m obsessed with the name Alma.

No. 180409

Nice names:
Maeve < I love this name so much ngl
Liliane > lili or ane for short
worse names:
Or classic names with horrible spelling
like Rhaene < Rain???

Or me who has a Russian boy name despite being a girl, thanks mom

No. 180415

>Hilda is really an ugly name
I have a relative called this and I have to agree. On one side of my family nearly all the women have old fashioned Germanic names and it sounds so stilted.

No. 180420

I like most names well enough but god do I hate Megan/Meg. The full name sounds so plain and the nickname is even worse. Every Meg I’ve known has always been stuck up and annoying.

No. 180429

Let me guess your name! Is is Ilya

No. 180431

Maggie is based tho

No. 180432

I've always wanted to be named Alice because I thought Alice in Wonderland was cool as hell when I was younger. My mother's says it's too "old-ladyish" though. Also, kinda humbled to see my actual name here. Hopefully it was for the favorite category and the least favorite one.

No. 180433

same anon but not for the least favorite* I really need to go to bed

No. 180435

I have shit taste in names, I like:

Names I hate: Kzenia.

I feel this post. The Zeinab sperg further upthread gave me ptsd. There was a girl in one of my courses named that and she was one of the worst people I have ever met to this day.

No. 180436

File: 1618902366595.jpg (105.49 KB, 858x960, 0MAUT9461.jpg)

What? Kren is a female name? Never heard of it

No. 180437

the first two are fine nonny. i love V sounding names in general

No. 180438

Elizabeth - only the full name, shortening it to lizzie is not nice
Rosemary - can be shortened to Rose
Anna or Anne

How easy is it to change names anyway? I hate my name so much and I always wanted to change it to a nicer one. When I hear someone say my full name I internally cringe. Everyone i've told says my name suits me which hurts more.

No. 180444

Don't cut yourself on all that edge you're exuding. Still sounds like a dildo company.

No. 180450

I know here in the uk, you can change it by deed poll and it costs like £50. My mums cousin changed his name, he is a bit crazy though lol.

What would you change it to?

No. 180453

File: 1618914820999.png (97.95 KB, 807x588, anona.png)

fiona, bianca, francesca, victoria, beatrice, brooklyn, cheyenne, beata
josephine, bernadette, felicity, corinne, roxanne, valerie, amandine, margot, cleo, autumn, olivia, sawyer, christine, joan, winona, dawn, helena
lilith (rip)
most bnog like charlie, billie, alex, riley, dylan, jordan, hunter
kayla, melissa, marissa, vanessa, jessica, jennifer, maya, khloe, zoe, zooey, kaitlyn, kristen

No. 180457

Depends where you're from. In my country (Croatia) it's pretty easy. You just pay a small sum and I think you need like 1-2 documents from court and withing 15 days you're done. The real issue is that you have to change your name on ALL documents and that can take time or get expensive.

I wanted to change my name for a while now because my name somehow sounds "wrong" to me. Alwalys wanted it to be just a single letter but eeeh. My name is pretty rare so I don't have to hear it often.

No. 180458

Ffs why is it so easy everywhere else? Where I am you need to go to court with a lawyer and you only have a chance if you have a "heavy weighing" reason. Just disliking your first name is not it, which is kind of weird considering that means you have no input on what you (officially) want to be called your whole life. Changing your last name is even more difficult.

No. 180460

Original anon, I'd change it to a softer name, maybe one of the ones I listed in my post. My current name sounds so sharp and gross. My middle name is Alice so I've thought about changing it to that as well. Similar to >>180457 said, my name just sounds wrong for me.

Im from the UK too, im shocked it's quite easy. The only difficulty I imagine facing is the social repercussions. My family would get mad haha.

That's crazy!? I wonder why they are so strict about it.

No. 180461

What sort of 'heavy weighing' reason would work in this situation?

No. 180467

been also thinking of changing my whole name these days.

I was baptized as a toddler, took after my grandmother's first name, but I do not practice my religion.

my ties with my father's side of the family are severed, thus why I want to adopt my mother's surname instead.

the chances of my application being processed and approved however are slim to none.

fuck this shithole of a country.

No. 180485

Only see trashy girls with this name tbh

No. 180492

It's always people who have no ties to New York at all either, example: born and raised in Oklahoma to hick parents. Bonus points if it's spelled Brooklynne or Brooklinn or something stupid. OT but I wish that person who made the list of worst Mormon baby names would come back, those blog posts were amazing entertainment for me and my family. I still wanna name a kid Tannin.

No. 180493

they're names i like, not people i like
>It's always people who have no ties to New York at all either
i think it's weirder if you do actually live there kek

No. 180495

natalia, katerina, anastasia, kristina, maria, adriana, mariana, adriana. lol
and I also love kinda dated names like tiffany, stephanie, and jennifer

No. 180499

I'm biased towards my countries names, but I really like

No. 180509

My favorite name is Eloise, and that's what i named my cat.

Other names i like are Evangeline and Romina.

No. 180519

this one is kinda retarded but I like the name Bambi, it sounds so cheesy and stupid

No. 180524

I used to love the name Aoife (pronounced ‘ee-fah’) but I am English and not Irish, it wouldn’t be fair to call a child a name that you know nobody wouldn’t know to pronounce especially when they go to school

No. 180525

I know an ayfa. A likely alternative maybe?

No. 180527

Bambi is my sister's stripper name kek

No. 180528

is s-tier "shit tier"? jw bc my name is on there lol

anyway a lot of you have similar taste in names compared to me!
maeve (but i'm not irish)
evelyn (unfortunately trendy now)

finally two that are a little out there but i'm fond of bc i'm outdoorsy:

No. 180532

NTA but S-tier on tier lists is the top tier!

No. 180535

You could anglicise it. I know someone instead of Saoirse named Searcha and she's from Ireland lol

No. 180540


i've always been super interested in this too, like what makes everyone all of a sudden love the same baby names? i love following name trends and i've noticed that currently a lot of people seem to be into flow-y, longer, romantic sounding names

No. 180542

Names become popular thanks to celebrities/characters, it's always been like this. My guess with Mila was Mila Jovovich but might be Mila Kunis too.

No. 180544

all the girls I met were slutty with that name

No. 180546

My first name didn't fit my ethnicity and my middle did so I started going by my middle name in HS and I love it. Also, troons will never choose it bc it's gender neutral.

No. 180550

Nel, Thomasine, Marciana, Devon, Astrid, Clementine, Calen, Valeria, Meredith, Muriel, Kira, Mira (I know they sound similar but they have different meaning in slavic and I like them both), Helena, Laura, Eleanor, Diana, Rene, Aurelia, Danica, Vlada, Isabel, Aniela, Sophie, Shireen, Niloufar, Rotem, Iman, Ursa, Maeve, Taida, Delilah, Sinead, Kayleigh, Imogen, Amelia, Mathilda, Olivia, Abigail, Ariel, Neda, Ruth, Juniper, Simone, Emmanuelle, Rowan, Jemima, Maya, Mercedes, Mildred, Clara, Agnes
I'm surprised someone likes it that much, I don't like my name. Maybe just because it's mine kek

No. 180606

Favorite names in my language:
I mostly like old timey/historical names (I have one myself but it's not in the list), I probably sound like a pretentious asshole.
I fucking hate overtly cutesy ones like Lilou/Lily or trending ones like Léa/Emma/Éva, every zoomer is named like that. There was also a weird trend of American names in the 90s like Jennifer or Vanessa, it didn't stick for long but it didn't fit any of the children imo.

No. 180642

Have middle names changed? Everyone in my generation has the middle name Marie and I'm wondering now since everyone is giving their kids these pretentious old people names if they're doing the same for middle names as well.

I kind of think guy names on girls in business settings are neat. My middle name is guyish and I'm tempted to go by it since it might influence how people treat me or perceive me at first as a woman with a kid-ish nickname that I've gone by all my life.

No. 180651

File: 1619026957260.gif (4.61 MB, 586x640, angy.gif)

>check in to see if my name was mentioned
>it wasn't

i guess i'll DIE

No. 180674

My favorite names are Sanja and Sonja

No. 180697

unconventional names that nobody thinks about are fire

No. 180698

Side eyeing her for those names and not the abomination that is "McKaylynn"

No. 180699

Not to rag on that anon but it could also be because her name is so boring/common/overutilized

No. 180716

I like Miriam

No. 180734

Grandmacore but cute

No. 180742

It's Céline.

No. 180783

kek anon you remind me of that meme with the pregnant white woman standing next to a chalkboard of potential baby names

No. 180786

File: 1619095409766.jpg (57.47 KB, 640x450, 0f4.jpg)

kekekek you're right, also, believe it or not the woman's name is McKinli

No. 180788


No. 180789

Tremalla sounds like a heart disease

No. 180808

Every woman named Heather I've met has been crazy as all hell. Don't ever name a kid Heather go for Holly instead.

Florence is my favourite name at the moment.

No. 180821

Have you not seen the Hollys on this site anon

No. 180827

Beatrice (nickname Bea)
Eleanor (Ellie)
Odette (Odie)

I'd want my daughter to have an elegant and mature name so she can be taken seriously and have pride in herself. My mother gave me a servile, subjugated, religious name that everyone misspells and mishears. I hate it.
I loved the name Sophie but some stupid bitch from back home took it for her gremlin daughter and now I feel I can't name my kid that because it reminds me of them lmao.

No. 180852

Anon please, Emma is a timeless name that is never out of fashion, like Anna and Marie. Our (assuming you're a frenchie)generation is just obsessed with obnoxiously short names.

I really like Adélaïde, Mathilde, Catherine, Mahaut and Natasha.

No. 180899

Wtf anon? Why even care when you already share a name with this queen!

No. 180947

So true. I was named after this dog, in fact.

No. 181205

This is such a fun thread. I think my taste is kind of stunted because I grew up with a weird name. I like to think constantly having to correct mispronunciations and deal with weird looks gave me character, forced me to stand up for myself from a young age.

>Top tier

Leokadia, Honorata, Hedwig (I like Jadwiga better, the Anglicized version sounds weird), Cordelia, Inez, Ursula, Balbina, Petronela, Tekla, Praxedes (Prakseda is better though), Mstislava, Radoslava, Vladyslava, Oona, Aoife, Hafsa, Nivedita. Also any name that starts with V (Victoria, Veronica, Valentina, Vanna) or W (Wilhelmina, Whitney, Winona).
Any name that starts with D or G. Also I actually think naming your kid something like Joy, Faith, Prudence, Liberty, etc. can be cute so long as it's not too stripper-esque. Location-based names like Brooklyn, Salem, Harlem, Albany, and Florence are cool too so long as they're not named after a country (like China or India).
>Shit tier
Any iteration of Alex or Anna. Hideous and overused. If your parents named you either of these, they decided they hated you as soon as you came out of the womb and decided you were deserving of the most boring name possible.

No. 181210

File: 1619250399116.jpg (55.53 KB, 404x600, tumblr_o6tt9cQI6K1t658edo1_500…)

Sophie was my grandmother's name! I never got to know her very well, but she was quite the character. She was sort of a… bohemian hippie in the body of a humble scientist. She also had a pet tarantula.

As for names, I really like medieval and Renaissance names. Strong Germanic names, weird Flemish names (ex. "Sapience"), lyrical Italian names ("Humiliana", "Sofonisba", "Peronella").

No. 181217

And her sister Salmonella

No. 181220

I hate those names they remind me of decameron

No. 181230

>>Shit tier
>Any iteration of Alex or Anna. Hideous and overused. If your parents named you either of these, they decided they hated you as soon as you came out of the womb and decided you were deserving of the most boring name possible.
Omg finally someone who feels the same as I do, especially on Anna

No. 181822

I really like middle eastern names, especially Persian and Turkish. I think if I had a baby tomorrow I would probably give it a Hebrew name.
Some of my faves are

Some other names I really like

As other people have said, celebrities/pop culture have a big influence.

There's also the fact that names are attached to people and people age, which affects the perception of their names. So in the 1970s for example, lots of baby girls with names like Linda, Karen, Donna, etc. were born. Now that those names are associated with older women, people subconsciously associate those names and names like them with the traits they associate with older women and are less drawn to them. Then when those old ladies are gone, the names are freed up in the popular imagination and become quirky and vintage. So a lot of names are cyclical. People also just get sick of certain types of names when they become overused, especially by lower class people (think Aiden and McKayla)

When a certain set of names become popular, they set a trend for the types of sounds that people expect to hear in baby names. For example, in the 2000s, names like Emma, Olivia, Ella came into fashion, which set a trend for lots of vowels (especially A) and soft consonants like Ms and Ls as a reaction to the Jessicas, Taylors, and Samanthas that were popular before, so now we have baby Sophia, Lily, and Mila. I predict that the next trend is going to be slightly longer and more flowery names, then names that are currently grandma names, like Barbara.

Sorry for the sperg, but I find this kind of thing really interesting.

No. 181853

I swear, half of my classmates are named Maria/Marie, Christine, Elisabeth, or Katharina. Or Sophia/Sophie. Boring.

Every Claudia I know is a bitch.
Esthers who are not Jewish or from some Jewish family automatically make me think of weird Protestant sects. Same with Ruth. It's like they look to find any kind of bible name for their kid and of course they don't have too many options.

I put some colors I see next to a few of these names I like:
Adeline (rose)
Constantia (feels strong, blue/black)
Edith (idk why, it feels stylish)
Elena (sky blue)
Raffaella/Rafaela (yellowy/green)
Vera (black)

No. 181854

Maybe it's unpopular, but I dislike the variations on Angela (Angel, Angeline, Angelina, Angelique) and like the actual name Angela. But it's not common among people in my age group.

No. 181856

I really like the name Ophelia. Florence also is a lovely name.

What names do you predict will become popular 10 years from now nonnies?

Oooh I like that one!

Sorry if I'm being intrusive anon but is your sister's name Sophie? It ticks all the boxes lol. I like that name, it's too bad it became so mainstream

I feel like Edith would be a forest green maybe?

No. 181857

Edith is on the same level as Esther imo, not stylish at all.

No. 181881

>flowery names
so cute, any examples? your reply was so interesting!

No. 181883

No, her name is Lily haha

No. 181895

yeah idk why I like it. I think it reminds me of some character I like. I hesitated.

But Esther to me is religious, Edith isn't.

No. 181896

oh lol my cousin's name is that but spelled some stupid way. I literally never remember how to spell it and double-check all the time even though it isn't that odd. Why Lily wasn't good enough, idk. It's much more elegant than the spelling they used. But maybe it's an american thing.

No. 181898

>What names do you predict will become popular 10 years from now nonnies?

I'm not sure if this applies to countries outside of Europe and America, but it seems like Millennials and Gen X parents have been obsessed with naming their kids cutesy, nature-inspired, hippie-esque names like Fern, Rosemary, and Kale (I actually fucking know a Kale irl, poor dude) over the last few years. A lot of people are renaming themselves after inanimate objects, foods, and trees in an effort to be unique and edgy (I know a girl who recently came out as nonbinary and legally changed her name to a bird of some sort). The problem with names like those is that they're only cute for a short time (they may be fitting for babies, but can you imagine a full-grown adult woman named Strawberry or Lark or something?) and they look fucking absurd on paperwork. I imagine it'll be difficult for adults to function in professional settings with such weird and objectifying names.

I like to think that Gen Zers will notice how much of a detrimental effect objectifying names have already had on some of their younger peers and return to naming their kids more old-fashioned names. Maybe more traditional and cultural names will become popular again. I'm starting to associate "old lady names" like Dorothy and Shirley with K-pop stars rather than elderly women even though I don't listen to the genre, so maybe they'll come back in style.

No. 181929

love sabine. was supposed to be mine name but it had to be something able to be said in spanish/english/french easily so parents compromised on caroline :/ don’t really care for the name honestly id have been such a cool sabine

No. 181935

In my culture it's common for men to be named after types of trees and women after types of flowers. There's nothing weird about adults or professional people bring named like that, you're just not used to it.

No. 181952

gurl racism is ugly
mean girls exist but it has nothing to do with race

No. 182160

I'm American too. Lilli or Lili is used here but is typically nickname of Liliana or Lillian.
Imo people from Asia just have a different palate as to what sounds are pretty but also have a huge importance on meaning compared to Western name choices. Out of curiosity to Western anons, how important was the meaning of your name to your parents? I don't mean meaning as in you were named after someone (we often are) but rather the literal meaning. In my case, my parents chose something that sounded pretty and didn't think too deeply about the deeper meaning of the name. But in Asian cultures such as Thailand for instance, people will give their kids obscure english words as names such as Bank, Art, Benz or even Airbus because the association of the word means more when naming than the literal word itself. A Thai person would see Bank as meaning wealthy and rich rather than just a bank.
Plus pronounceability is another thing. The chosen foreign names are typically something that isn't hard for Koreans to say/write like Nancy (Naen-shi) or Sally (Sal-li). There's also rare cases where names phonetically have a direct Western equivalent like Yoojin being referred to as Eugene (which I'm so sorry but Eugene is such an ugly name and I feel like Yoojin isn't even hard to pronounce).

No. 182182

i like "old fashioned" names. vivian, ruby, ophelia, lillian, arlene, june, phoebe, stella etc

No. 182203

That's so cute anon!

No. 182214

I like the name Antigone and I like a lot of the attributes that the myth of Antigone represents, like femininity, courage, desire, resolve except for the "my dad is my brother and my mother is my grandmother" stuff, that's pure fucked up

No. 182256

What do you guys think of the name Gertrude? My parents thought of naming me that after my grandma and I'm so fuxking glad they didnt.

No. 182257

My parents definitely cared about the meanings of my names.

First name means wisdom (lmao). Second name goes too perfectly with the fact I go by that name instead of my first name. The sound fits me better anyway. But yeah, my white parents cared a lot. They're very religious, though, that may have something to do with it?
But that's such a badass name….

No. 182258

Shane for a girl is so pretty. Dawson is a great unisex modern name too, I think.

No. 182274

I really like the name Tristan for a girl but there's a rabid bpd sjw on twitter with that name and it sullied it for me..

No. 182307

Hate the name Ava. First time hearing it I thought it was nice enough but then it felt like everyone I knew who had a baby girl then called it Ava for the few years that followed. I purely dislike from overuse.

A friend has 2 nieces born within a couple years of each other called Ava. I was visiting her one day and watching the 2 Avas play. Desperately wanted to ask what they were thinking. Obviously didn't.

No. 182312

>names I love

>names I like

lain (I know, sue me)
Lotte (though I don't like the name charlotte)

>names I hate


No. 182313

Ophelia is the most fucking ugly name, I'm so sorry op but if it's any consolation, a lot of people like those names. When I hear Ophelia my immediate thought is the smell of mothballs.

No. 182319

some other nice names I love:


No. 182327

File: 1619624906861.jpg (214.25 KB, 700x1050, gem_daisy_04.jpg)

>Names that are closer to the original stem and can be abbreviated for nicknames by loved ones (russia has a lot of this going on and I love it). I really love the name Ekaterina.
>Any name that starts with V or W, with the exception of Wendy. I don't hate I just dislike it. Vera, Veronica, Walburga, Vendela, etc. are so nice.
>Almost anything that begins with E, especially if it has an R. Emma, Elina/Elin, Erin, Elisa and Erica are so fire
>Names that start with C, liek Cassandra/Cassie, Charlotte, Cecilia, Chloe, Christina, Catherine
>Other likes are Diana, Serena, Mary, Miranda, Linda, Layla, Lucia, Susanna

Least Favourites:
>Anything starting with Mc, especially McKayla or McKenzie, the ones with Ma instead of Mc are even more fucked up
>Kendall, Kayleigh, Kyleigh, Kendra and any of the ones that start with K and sound like this oml
>Any 'artsy'/'hippy' names that are just straight up names for objects, birds and plants, like idk Chestnut or Daisy?? ugh (these are more common in languages other than english, especially my native tongue)
>Any freaking gimmick where consonants are change to make it sound more posh, such as replacing k with c or vice versa
>Other dislikes are Ashley, Patricia, Bianca, Taylor, Tina, Olivia, Sadie, Gina, Jenny, Kate

Guilty Pleasures:
>Seraphina/Seraphine, also the variations with f or elognated i's etc.
>Sapphire, and any of its variations in languages I so far speak/know
>Some select flower names like Lily, Rose/Rosa or Violet/Violetta.
>Fiona, Aurora, Mireille, Tabitha

No. 182350

I've been obsessed with traditional names from my culture lately, like Soraya or Kasturi. I wish my parents gave me a name like that instead of Arab worshipping and giving me a ridiculously long Arabic name.

No. 182363


I really like Puritan names; Vanity, Faith, Concordia, Constance and Diffidence. And also Germanic ones; Adelheid, Bridget and Gertrude.

>Least favourite:

Charlie - I know a girl who's name is spelt Charlea. I wanna know what her parents were thinking.

No. 182382

Imogen sounds like medicine for diarrhea

No. 182391

For some reasons it sounds avian to me, I picture a motherly goose or hen from a children book with that name. Maybe I did watch a cartoon with such a character when I was younger.

No. 182393

Extremely ugly and old sounding

No. 182394

I like the spelling Imojean for Imogen for some reason. It just looks better and shortens to a better nickname

No. 182402

Brianna is the trashy version of the name Brittney
Ever girl I have met with this name was not only superficial but exceedingly rude too.

No. 182404

I like names with the letter Z
Zeena (sounds too much like zebra to be honest)

No. 182411


maybe the old computer game gertrude's secrets? getrude was a goose

No. 182412


I love old lady names in spanish and apparently I like names that start with a 'C'

No. 182451

Lol one of your guilty pleasures is my name

No. 182475

It’s not racism

No. 182476

Alex/Alix/Alyx is such a boring overused name in both irl and in media

No. 182489

Never heard of it so it's not that. I checked if it may have been a name in the french version of something like The Aristocats or Peter Rabbit but I haven't found anything yet.

No. 182494

I love the Swedish name Linnea so much. I think it has become my favorite name since the first time I heard of it, it feels very delicate. Unfortunately it'd sound too mary sue-ish in my country so if I ever have a daughter I won't be able to name her like that, but I like Emily/Emilia, Bianca and Elena too.
Also my first personal cow was named Aurora and I was jealous because I loved that name so much when I was like 13 lol

No. 182498

Not enough ppl named Wolfgang today… smh

No. 182502

The most beautiful girl I've ever seen was named Linnea
A family friend recently had a baby girl named Manon which is an awesome name

No. 182519

a couple of years ago one of my friends was asking for name suggestions since a relative of hers was expecting a baby girl.

turns out they actually went through with one of my ideas (Ariadne) and ever since then I have started to detest the sound of it for some reason.

No. 182717

I love the name January so much. Also June and August, and I think Sunday is so pretty. I dislike names that start with K (Kayla, Kaley, Kimberly, Kylie) for some reason.

No. 182925

Linnea is such a pretty name. Too bad it reminds me of Linzor.

No. 183501

File: 1620140211524.jpg (30.53 KB, 640x474, h9cs7jkid7q01.jpg)

anyone else here can relate?

No. 183504

What do you guys think about unisex names like Jamie, Billie, Alex, Harper etc? I think the majority of them are beautiful and interesting sounding

No. 183506


Yeah I'm big on unisex diminutives of masculine/feminine names. So like some of what you listed, plus Bobby, Nic/Nicky, Jo, Sam, etc. If I have kids I'll probably go with something that I can shorten to a unisex nickname if its a boy or a girl.

No. 183510

I think Spencer as a unisex name is so cool.

No. 183512

Not really, my name is very basic. But I read about how people associate different features with names, and if a person doesnt have the same features their name is hard to remember for others. Nobody ever remembers my name, and I do feel like I dont look like my name at all.

No. 183516

Spencer for a boy, yes, but for a girl not so much. It's the reverse for the name Bobbie, I love it for a girl but it just sounds like a hillbilly asshole name for a male lol

No. 183532

What do you think about the name Ondria?

No. 183534

juliet, isabel, nadia
These are male names but if you name your child caden, aiden, or something that looks like a misspelling SHAME ON YOU…
it seems like you thought you were too cool to name your kid andrea

No. 183536

samefag, i neglected the purpose of this thread, ondria is a cool story/character name though!

No. 183553

All bland and overused

No. 183574

yes. got the most common name ever known to man. so fucking glad to see anons itt bashing it.

wish my parents had gone with marina instead.

No. 183640

my cat's name is jamie lol.

as for unisex names, I like the name dorian, but I can't use it now, for obvious reasons. I like the name robin but it makes me think of robyn riley. I also really like the name sam because it can be used for either sex and it's my fav character from lord of the rings.

I also really like the name leo for a girl.

I feel like I need to give one of my kids (if I ever have any) the name nicole.. whether it's a first name or a middle name. because a friend I loved who passed away was named that. and weirdly enough her last name was my first name. I also really like magdalene but I think it would get shortened to maggie and I don't like that.

No. 183665

Haha my name is on here a few times. I used to hate it for sounding religious or girly but now I see it's kinda cool and same as a popstar. Anyway, I like the name Elsie from a family member I never met. It's been said here but I like Mila too. Also Marina is a very sweet name. and Heidi, Mimi… Baby was a very cute nickname in Dirty Dancing but would be too weird as someone's legal name no?

No. 183668

>sounds religious
>name of a popstar


No. 183670

love-hate relationship with the name Chloe

No. 183765

starling sounds pretty. like a crossbreed between a star and a darling

No. 183787

My mind would jump to Sterling (as in Sterling silver) not Stalin

No. 183799

yeah, if you want badass female names you should look into germanic or greek names.

No. 184249

I don't like biblical names
Especially names like Isreal Isaiah or Moises,ironically the ones I've met with those names were terrible, immature assholes.I don't have anything to say about biblical names for girls other than Naomi is one of the worst girl names ever,it's literally I moan spelled backwards plus it sounds like a pet name.

No. 184270

Cassandra and Anonyta. (Not anonita…)

No. 184364

This is probably really helpful for women in the long-run because having a male sounding name even if it's just unisex can potentially benefit you if the circumstances don't out you as female. Ik there's plenty of other characteristics of women but if you have no interaction with someone except for email and all they see is your name with no gender then they're gonna assume you're a guy and they'll treat you as such. And yes this line of thinking is normal for people; see for instance how if you don't explicitly state that you're a woman on a profile on most corners of the internet (Reddit, 4chan, etc) then users will just assume that you're a man as men are widely regarded as the default.
I'm jealous. I thought I could use my middle name to get the same effect but it's too troublesome unless your first name is unisex.

No. 197337

stopped checking the thread, no it starts with M

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