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No. 180800

For anyone who feels like they struggle with their cannabis use, whether you want to quit or cut down, or if you’re just feeling frustrated with your dependence on weed. We can offer each other support, comfort and resources.

I have been smoking more or less daily for 11 years, starting at 15. I feel like I have no control over my usage. I also feel like it has affected my motivation, memory, learning abilities and overall cognitive development. I get strong cravings for it and experience insomnia, appetite loss and extreme irritability when I don’t have any.
I always have hope that one day I will be able to leave it behind me, and really want to hear from others who have, or who are trying.

No. 180824

The insomnia is what drove me to weed in the first place so when I can't sleep without it I worry. I've started going days off as I've been smoking a lot daily for a few years now. I'm starting to desire to be me off weed now but I get so dependent on it and there's fuck all to do. It's just so comfy to have a smoke and feel relaxed.

No. 180828

God the insomnia is the worst. I had a sleepless night last night because I can’t get any and now I’m bracing myself for another. My soul laughs when people recommend meditation because it’s fucking hopeless when you can’t stop craving weed.

No. 180844

excellent choice for a thread pic. smiley face was one of my favourite movies for awhile. thank you for making this thread.

mindful meditation has helped me significantly with my mental health. even 10 minutes a day has improved my outlook on life, decreased my impulsivity, and increased my ability to tolerate distress. it can take a long time to see the effects, but it has definitely been worth it for me. there is a lot of scientific research to back it up as well. it literally changes the structure of your brain. I know it sounds like new age bullshit. I was skeptical at first too, but it's worth a shot. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. it's a tool that you can always carry with you, unlike a pipe or a bong. it's very satisfying to be able to comfort yourself without relying on anything external.

as for the insomnia, exercising is key. it will help tire you out. also avoid staring at screens for an hour before bed, or if you must, then use the "night shift" mode to filter out the blue light. if you need to nap during the day, keep it between 20 and 30 minutes maximum.

for me, the problem without weed isn't insomnia, although sometimes it takes a while to fall asleep now. it's the nightmares for me. that's part of why I was prescribed it in the first place (along with a host of other issues). they can be so visceral and disturbing sometimes that they linger with me throughout the entire day. but they haven't been so bad this time around. it's not my first time trying to quit but I hope this will be my last.

No. 180865

I've had insomnia due to abuse when I was little, I was very active in sports and as an adult I've been diagnosed with anxiety due to the amount of adrenaline in my blood. I tried mindful mediation with a reiki specialist that has certified a high number of mentalists in my county. Literally nothing has worked for my insomnia other than weed and after being on antidepressants and getting a masters in biology I wouldn't want to depend on man made medication and counting to 10 while being aware of my 5 senses doesn't ground me enough to work.

No. 180868

If I could smoke a joint with ease the way people enjoy coffee most of my problems with being a weed user would go away. I feel like I'm fighting a stigma more than side effects when using.

No. 180892

File: 1619127038859.jpg (258.66 KB, 1005x561, MV5BYjk2OWYyMTItZTAwMC00MmE5LW…)

nobody here suggested you go on meds. it sounds like you tried meditation a few times and gave up when it didn't instantly solve all your problems. meditation is more than just "counting to 10". doing anything for only 10 seconds isn't enough to see results. it's like if someone did 10 seconds worth of exercise and expected to get an instant six-pack. congrats on your useless degree though. I'm sure it made you a competitive candidate for a position as a lab technician.

No. 180937

Was in therapy for over a year (private) and then tried different anti depressants after being referred by a doctor when I had a breakdown after losing a parent. That was about 3 years of trial and error. Meditations wouldn't fix anyone's problems you fucking spastic it's a way to cope with stressful situations or mindsets. Thank you for the congratulations, I didn't pay for any of it and was baked most of the time but it has come in handy.

No. 181002

I don’t feel like this at all. I crave caffeine in the morning and that’s it. I crave weed throughout the day. I also live in a country where it’s illegal and occasionally there is a full on drought (like now) I check the news regularly and my heart sinks when I see a house has been raided and plants seized. One time they found up to a thousand plants in a disused building and I was just devastated because I know it’s going to interfere with my supply and it does. I also can’t just smoke a little bit, I have to get really, really high first thing in the morning or I’ll be depressed.

No. 181003

Hi. It sounds as though you're burnt out and that's why nothing works. Sucks that you have developed this weed habit, but it's better than hard drugs. Don't give up on meditation, but expect some years until you'll get better. Good luck!

No. 181008

Anyone else looking to cut back but not quit entirely? I know it sounds like stoner cope but I already spent years trying therapy/meds and nothing helped, weed made me a functioning human again but I definitely overdo it. I've been tapering down slowly for the past couple months and it's been going alright, but I'm still struggling to go more than 48 hours. I'd eventually like to have a routine with it that's something like
>CBD oil daily at bedtime
>vape high CBD/low THC strain for bad anxiety attacks
>1-2 recreational fun joints per week MAXIMUM

No. 181009

Idk anything about cbd oils so I'm not going to comment on that. But vaping when you have anxiety attacks is 100% just going to turn into an excuse to use. You can't leave open-ended situations like that, it's got to be strictly structured and planned with no room for spontaneous smoking.
As with alcohol, the best thing would be to limit situations in which you usually smoke.
Bottom line: you can't choose when to treat it as medicine, when as a fun activity, and when as an undesirable habit. The moment it turns into an undesirable habit, all positive effects turn into cope and work against you.

No. 181017

Thanks anon. I still would meditate/pray to reflect and ground myself and I have managed to reduce the quantities I smoked so there were some positive residual effects of therapy lol.

I agree with you. I think I became dependent on weed for my anxiety and it just turned into a habit because I enjoyed it recreationally. I'd prefer to only smoke it when appropriate socially but idk to kick the habit of having a smoke before bed every night. Although when staying at people's homes I can't smoke at I do eventually get some sleep so it's not impossible but then you must start to feel sorry for yourself lol and like why is it bad to have help to function. It's annoying.

No. 181034

Anyone else get nausea from withdrawal symptoms? I’ve not had any for 2 days now and I feel incredibly sick. I can’t stand the taste of food either.

No. 181084

For me it's the insomnia other anons already mentioned, as well as 2 weeks of terrible nightmares whenever I do manage to sleep.
What also puts me off stopping is that I definitely drink more alcohol when I smoke less weed and my alcohol problem is arguably worse than my weed problem.

No. 181088

Lol and alcohol withdrawals are absolutely savage. It’s much more of a physical addiction than cannabis.
My sibling is a recovered alcoholic and they really seemed to be visibly suffering: pale, sickly, shaking… he even had to go on meds to stop seizures.

No. 181103

I need to quit to get a job and I'm more of an alcoholic than a pothead these days but I still don't want to give it up. I should just work in a dispensary, my state is legal. I never thought I'd be a burnout at 26 but here I am

No. 181110

It’s so retarded that jobs in legal states still piss test for weed. I understand the need to make sure someone won’t be actively high on a job. But someone who just smokes like a quarter gram some nights before bed, it’s stupid to be barred from virtually all employment because of it. Having a tiny amount at bedtime in the privacy of my own home is basically the definition of responsible use, and it really isn’t the same as being a raging stoner who drives high, goes to work high, smokes on my lunch breaks. I resent the fact that I have to take a 4-6 week break in order to pee clean on a test. If it were just a week or so, that would be fine. Also I never have 4-6 weeks notice before the test! It’s not like they tell you ahead of time, it’s usually same day. It’s bullshit.

No. 181150

What I meant is that the consumption of coffee isn't frowned on the way weed is. Like if you had a smoke in the morning and then other times throughout the day and equate it to a cup of coffee it's like what's the big deal. If it was normalised and you didn't have to plan your consumption around the legality it wouldn't occupy my thoughts regarding time management blah blah. Like the logistics would just be easier. Every habitual user I know isn't incapacitated after a smoke and giggling like a cartoon character out of Beavis and Butthead, at times you're literally still fighting the stigma of your brain on weed and all those mental campaigns against weed.

No. 181160

Maybe it's just the jobs I've had or the state I'm in, but I've never been drug tested at any point at work. Even beforehand getting hired. It's still illegal where I am but I feel my employers don't care as long as it doesn't interfere with work. Then again it is just a retail job not anything serious like engineering.

No. 181206

Day three of not being able to get weed and I’m considering self harm or binge/purging

No. 181238

Samefag, I would sell my entire soul for a measly gram. I feel absolutely miserable.

No. 181242

Imagine having states selling alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol causes liver damage and is at this point a known carcinogen substance.
Tobacco is harmful to the lungs, causes a temporary decline in oxygen-carrying performance of the blood, and is also a known carcinogen.

No. 181244

> imagine reality

No. 181263

I've accidentally reduced my consumption quite significantly by buying the cheapest possible dryherb vape - it's small so I cant put in that much at a time (only holds like a 1-hitter amount), and its weak so it takes awhile to smoke it. Its convenient and discreet so I like it for that, but also it limits how much I can actually smoke. And since I still can smoke enough to get a feeling I'm not inclined to go out and buy something stronger. Also because the amount is limited, it prevents me from smoking more and more to fight tolerance. I use the vape pretty much whenever I feel like, and it takes two months to go through 7 grams which I feel like is a pretty low rate of consumption for technically smoking every day.

No. 181403

Hello this thread is perfect for me. I have been struggling with my smoking habit for about 5 years now. I've only been able to stop smoking for 3 months one time and thats it. I have ptsd and I know that it does genuinely help me sleep and eat better. However, it's illegal in my state and costs me wayyyy too much to obtain. The risk is really not worth the reward to me and my lungs hurt. When I try to stop smoking or run out I get super irritable or cry randomly. It's rough out here. I absolutely have memory and learning issues. Smoking weed did help me stop cutting and starving myself as a teen though so I wouldnt say that I regret smoking it ever. But yeah I aim to stop someday in the next 5 years. good luck my bffs im passing the joint

No. 182081

I was trying to quit/cut back/be less dependant before the pandemic hit… Now my ADHD is all time high, and anxiety, depression, making it impossible to see the light without lighting up.

It's a been a year of yolo weed use on top of 6 controlled years. Thanks pandemic - I used to wait till 4pm, now I wake and need to bake.
Hopefully my resin lungs keep the Rona out. Glad this thread exists

No. 182113

KEK same. I also strongly suspect I have ADHD, weed helps tranquillise me enough to commit to one activity rather than pacing around like a zoo animal, not able to focus or be still.
Also o coughed up a fat lump of brown jelly phlegm the other day. Ever done that?

No. 183300

I did the first three months of the year weed-free then picked up an ounce at the start of April. I smoked most of that then turned the ends into cannabutter and I think I’m going to do May weed-free now, maybe longer. I know I’m better off without it but it’s just so fun…

No. 186114

File: 1621218235390.jpg (90.96 KB, 500x333, sobriety.jpg)

It's been a month since my last toke! I used to be a daily smoker for 10+ years. I feel so proud of myself that I've been able to make this decision to quit and stick with it. I don't really have any cravings at all. I have a vape pen that I bought many months ago that I never even opened. It's comforting to know that it's there if I need it, but I haven't felt the urge to lapse back into my old ways. My sleep schedule has been kinda fucked lately though. I've been going to sleep between 1-5am and waking up around 11-noon. When I was smoking, I used to fall asleep on the couch almost every night without brushing my teeth or washing my face. At least now I make it to bed after taking care of my hygiene first. My appetite has plummeted dramatically which is the hardest to deal with because I used to have an ED. But I'm trying to consume enough protein and I've been cooking more often lately. I exercise every other day and I meditate daily which helps release endorphins and manage anxiety. Some days I feel depressed about my life currently and I worry about the future, but I think that's more of an effect of the pandemic that I would be feeling even if I were smoking. I'm looking forward to seeing how much longer I can go without relying on a psychoactive substance to get me through the day. Slowly I'm becoming the best version of myself that I can be, and it feels good!

No. 187360

Second day with no weed woooooooo. Nonnas, am I going to make it?

No. 187372

probably. but you’re gonna have to work for it.

No. 187388

I still smoke once a week or so, so I'm not like any of the absolute icons ITT who manage months without, but lately I've noticed I smoke less purely for practical reasons. Basically my energy levels as well as my finances have dropped dramatically throughout lockdown and now I manage to go without weed longer than ever. It's just because 1) it's pretty expensive and 2) I can't be arsed to take the hour long walk to the weed store and every time I muster up the energy for it it's too late and they're already closed. Feels like a stupid reason but hey, results are results.

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