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No. 183914

TL;DR : I’ve had guys, who I’ve had crutches on, tell me I look and act like a lesbian. I am desperately horny and straight.

(Sorry for the autistic title)

I’ve be unaware of my ‘presentation’ (i.e. the way I act and my style) up until the age of 14. I was a fat and frankly ugly, and acted strange. I appreciate and resent how my personality has formed due to my naivety.

Once I gained self-awareness, I loss a lot of weight and have become uncomfortably self-conscious. For a while, I tried acting and looking like the girls who men like, but it was EXTREMELY exhausting. I now am too lazy to put effort into the way I look and act, yet hate myself for it.

Do you think putting more time and effort into your style improves self-confidence or diminishes it on a deeper level? (Secondly)
How do move forward to find love? I give off major (lesbian) friendship vibes to the guys I like. I’ve never had a boyfriend even though I’ve found many guys I’d want to date.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 183926

This should probably go in the advice thread

No. 183927

Do you really want to fake a persona in order to get a scrote?

No. 183929

You're probably gonna get banned, but before you do, I just wanna say your OP pic is nice. Also, you should probably remain authentic to your true self and express yourself (through your appearance) the way you want to, without having to perform femininity, even if it compromises your dating chances

No. 183938

>im 17
Why is this still up after 3 hours?

No. 183942

File: 1620315992929.png (217.41 KB, 1246x1002, bait.png)

fishing for fetish material

No. 183968

Fuck off and die

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