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No. 184989

Share your most excruciating betrayals, nonnies.

No. 184993

Why won't you start, op?

No. 184997


It's too painful. It's devastating.

No. 185007

My dog greeted my friend before coming up to me, I don't know if I can trust anyone ever again after this.

No. 185019

anon are you serious? how are you coping with this? i am so sorry this is happening to you. You must be devastated

No. 185020

i hate u bitches so much

No. 185035

That's just being a good host, nona, I wouldn't pay much attention to it.

No. 185085

This is devastating I'm so sorry anon. You have to dump it and get another dog, show some respect for yourself.

No. 185106

I once loved a man, but he was cheating on me. I spent months crying about it. Was shit.

No. 185664

my ex cheated on me and ended up contracting chlamydia and giving it to me. he refused to take any responsibility for it or acknowledge that he cheated (even though he showed me the texts when he was drunk) and berated me about it for months calling me a diseased whore and a variety of other shit. It was years ago but I can't believe my 18 year old self put up with that shit

No. 197186

How do you earn your self esteem and happiness back from such events? I still love him, it makes me nauseous to know I'm not attractive enough for him. Life is just bleak

No. 197187

Im sure youve heard this many times before but I promise he would have cheated on anyone. Cheating has everything to do with the cheater and their dishonesty and NOTHING to do with the person they betray.

No. 197189

File: 1625881591950.jpg (31.55 KB, 658x370, file_185805_0_sad_sonic.jpg)

Thank you so much nonnie, your kind words warm my heart

No. 197237

Bring the paranoia

No. 197244

One month me and my ex were having discussions about getting a mortgage together and arranging out wills around each other.. and the next he moved in with a new woman who he had obviously been lining up (and fucking) for a while previous. His kid was even hanging out with the two of them (and her kids) while I was totally unaware and I thought they just having father/son weekends.

While we were dating I tested postive for HPV and precancerous cervical cells. I lost my mom to cancer so it was an emotional ride for about a year there as I had a bunch of appointments. I had nightmares of dying of cervical cancer at like 30. Before dating him I had gone a few years without sex so obviously part of me wondered where I got it from or how long I'd had it. I'll never get answers but I suspect he gave me the HPV that nearly turned to cancer before I found out about it.

Honestly, just never give a man with a history of cheating a chance. I have to admit that he told me pretty early on that his ex wife clung to him so badly when they were essentially already finished…so he cheated on her to 'drive the message home to her that they were done' Don't do what I did and give anyone with a history od cheating that benefit of the doubt. I'm sure he has some BS excuse for why he cheated on me too. I haven't had sex in the few years since we split and I feel like I almost need a therapist because the possibility that his cheating nearly gave me cancer fucks me up. It has ruined sex for me.

No. 197250

Cheating should become a crime you go to prison for again. It's just unacceptable behavior and these people can't live in our society. It would also be a good deterrent.

No. 197253

I think the worst thing about being cheated on is the hindsight you gain and can only hope to spot red flags a next time. Although in my last relationship where I was serially cheated on I did suspect. I questioned. I bargained. I blamed myself. I thought if I would just be more agreeable he would love me fully. If I showed how much I loved him. If I stood by him when he was fighting demons he would see I was loyal and worth respecting. It's been nearly a year since the end and the weird thing is we had so many blow ups and fights the final separation was so calm and final I can't even recall it properly. What was said what was the final nail that set me off.

I've dated twice since and bailed on both because I just feel so hurt still. I feel ashamed to admit I still care for him. He cheated on me with hookers and on nights out. He was with friends. Out of his friends he tends to be the butt of the joke so you can imagine as his gf I was often a point of ridicule. Amongst the other gfs it was known I was being cheated on and the knowledge was constantly dangled in front of me by them in a childishly cruel way. None of them ever did tell me directly but would insinuate then deny. Like it was almost if they were in in the mind games. One of them of course also made out with him one night. A funny joke at my expense.

Another hurtful aspect I've found is that I worry that its none I was with a cheater and just too delusional to break up, have I been written off by my peers a bit. Still to this day people find it appropriate and joke and ask what did I ever see in him. Sometimes it's good humoured but there is a sting. Like I was very much in love no matter how unappealing everyone else saw him as. I saw his good parts but I just appear to be the biggest fool about.

Needless to say my confidence and self esteem has been completely destroyed. It's been months since I have seriously even considered dating again. I had trust issues before this and then all my worst fears came true. I don't know how to come back from it.

No. 197255

Sorry that happened to you. Never date guys who still go out to party when they have a girlfriend. There is zero reason for a man to go out to a club with his friends and drink other than to flirt/dance with other women and try to have sex with them. Honestly wouldn't even be attracted to a guy who does this to begin with even while he's single.

No. 197256

My biggest fear is being cheated on. Yet my dumbass started having an emotional & sextual affair with my boyfriend’s friend last month.

Tell me I’m a piece of shit please because I’m having a hard time stopping, but don’t want to lose my bf

No. 197258

There's no point in anyone here angrily calling you names (imo at least) but try to think less about your desire to keep him..and think more about his wellbeing now.

Being with a cheater isn't good for anyone. I feel like being honest and letting him move on with his life is waaay better than say selfishly trying to hang on to him at all costs. The damage is already done. Let him go rather than wasting a partners time/youth with this. I'm over my cheating ex but I hate that he stole so much time from me. I can't get those years back. He's certainly no loss but those 3 years.. That sucks more than anything.

No. 197283

This. Just let him go, he deserves better. And you can have some peace of mind, too.

No. 197497

completely agree. cheating is the one legal form of torture, it's shocking that it's even allowed.

No. 197499

oh anon, this breaks my heart. i hope you can heal from his cruelty. nigga dont deserve to draw a breath

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