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File: 1621097294638.png (20.76 KB, 166x252, shopping.png)

No. 185795

post your handbags, nonnies

No. 185796

ooh can we combine this with a "what's in your bag?"

No. 185797

File: 1621097729114.jpg (189.37 KB, 580x580, m_5bb552a9baebf61d29a4405a.jpg)

of course, dear

>valium (prescribed)

>reuseable water bottle
>cardholder with cards & railcard
>Kuromi mask (bpd chan here)
>codiene (otc in my country)

i am OP and that bag actually retails for £1600, and i have one in red, picrel. have a contact in Anya Hindmarch. although i just found it listed for £2,000 lol.

No. 185799

Fun thread idea! Will contribute when I find a spare minute

No. 185800

Aw man why are bags so expensive. These are cute and I’m tempted to return to my bag lady days, but I feel guilty spending so much money. Hhhnnn

No. 185803

My daily bag is just a generic black shopper with zipper from Asos with removable shoulderstrap. It's big enough to put my books and 15inch laptop in it so that's great. It's multifunctional and neutral enough to go with most outfits, I'm happy with it.

No. 185804

I'm sorry but I find that bag to be profoundly ugly. It's like if someone turned "Rawr means I love you in dinosaur XD" into a purse. Like damn you made a thread to brag about a hideous Hottopic-ass purse you wasted 1.5k on.

No. 185807

>"Rawr means I love you in dinosaur XD"
2008 flashback

No. 185809

Is there any way to keep silver-coloured hardware from discolouring? I hate that brass colour it always turns into. Or can it be restored?

No. 185810

File: 1621099942186.jpg (122.25 KB, 696x709, MCM.jpg)

I'm so happy that I'm not the type of person who get impressed by a price tag. You wasted your money and have shit taste.
I also have shit taste tho picrel

No. 185813

Like I said, I got it for free because my aunty works high up in the brand industry.

I have had a few compliments on it from men and women, strangers and friends.

I'm sorry you feel that way, anon.

No. 185814

As I explained, I got it for free from a contact: my aunty who works for the brand.

I absolutely love it and am proud to wear it each day.

No. 185815

Tbh I would've sold it and got something I like better but if you enjoy it then good for you for getting an expensive and I assume quality bag for free.

No. 185817

bipch you did not say you got it for free. Implied discount at best

No. 185818

OP here did not make it clear that I got these bags for free from my aunt who works for the brand

did not come to brag, just wanted to share something i love with you nonnies!


No. 185819

tbh i wrote that post kind of in a rush. had to get to the shop before closing and didn't explain properly

No. 185820

Damn anon we get it

No. 185826

File: 1621103718028.jpeg (73.5 KB, 680x680, 97B401B4-BA15-4896-AD7C-153D76…)

>suncream & handcream
>toiletry bag that includes tampons, painkillers, throat lozenges etc
>work id
>sometimes a filofax that doubles as a purse
>headphones & charger

I usually have a plain canvas tote bag that carries a large reusable water bottle and books.

No. 185829

No. 185837

File: 1621105630390.jpeg (379 KB, 868x1500, 2CE34C97-EA47-4A24-90D2-B92CDB…)

This bag
> work laptop and charger
> work papers
> reusable water bottle
> snacks
> toiletries (hand sanitizer, deodorant, travel tissues, tampons, etc)
> extras of my assorted meds
> weed pen lol
> phone, wallet, keys, work id

No. 185838

No. 185863

File: 1621113905210.jpeg (89.05 KB, 580x580, 2E9BFC3C-C643-4897-B47C-2CD7C5…)

>bundle of pens
>lip products
>one of my more personal manifest diaries tends to get carried around with me, though not all the time

my last couple bags have been red. I like carrying around a backpack more than a handbag

No. 185873

File: 1621116542393.jpg (693.81 KB, 2000x3000, e0ccddb13e981b3af9cdda885b2042…)

I don't have this but I want it

No. 185886

File: 1621120945980.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3464, 26545799-DB9F-4987-ADFD-1E8EBA…)

>main backpack
For traveling mostly I usually carry in there my laptop, traveling wallet inside an important shit bag, sweater, pads, makeup bag, pencil case, notebooks, sketchbook, tissues, medicines and first aid bag, jewelry purse and my phone, sometimes I have extra socks and underwear as well in case I need them, someday I will get a nice water bottle that won’t leak everywhere.
>main purse
In which I usually carry my sketchbook, notebook, phone, pencil case, wallet either secondary daily wallet or traveling wallet inside the important shit bag tissues, pads, medicines and first aid kit bag and makeup bag.
>traveling wallet
Which has all the important stuff I need and that has to be always in the important shit bag that has other important stuff.
>pencil case
It’s so fucking cute and it has everything I need to draw and write stuff.

No. 185890

aaah this is so cute

No. 185892

File: 1621123089985.jpg (284.28 KB, 1200x1800, jackgomme.jpg)

picrel is my main purse and I'm so over it. does anyone have some recommendations for a cute, functional black purse?

No. 185911

File: 1621130742416.png (3.17 MB, 2724x1456, edc.png)

This is my prepared-for-anything work bag, but I take way less and a smaller bag for going places on weekends, errands etc (usually camera bag style, I find they fit the most stuff for their size).

No. 185915

>full-condense umbrella
were I not already spoken for, I would propose right now

No. 185930

File: 1621144427834.jpg (82.45 KB, 580x580, m_5a203a3ff09282e37c038e46.jpg)

This is the purse I have.


>Glasses case
>Wallet with a bunch of weebshit keychains
>Pleasures by Estée Lauder Body Lotion
>Earbuds (I still use the ones with a wire)
>Covid vaccination card (won't fit in a fucking wallet)
>Loose tampons
>Milani Tank Eyeliner (it's dollar store, but I swear by it)
>Everyone by Calvin Klein travel bottle
>Makeup Forever concealer
>A single random Starburst
>Pillbox with Benadryl
>Tiny hand sanitizer bottle
>Pen I stole from work
>Literal garbage (receipts and energy bar wrappers mostly)

No. 185931

File: 1621144645933.jpg (130.38 KB, 808x1500, 71xUQaHozVL._AC_UL1500_.jpg)

Doublepost but I also really want this purse

No. 185934

Fuck, I love that bag. Bright street style stuff is my jam. Too bad I'm just learning about the brand now ;_;

No. 185953

File: 1621155751475.jpg (66.53 KB, 680x885, 4720_b4m2_a91.jpg)

Really not my thing, it looks like it's part of Sato Ayumi's Aymmy in the batty girls brand kek

I hate disney themed bags (especially mickey), it drives me insane and it always looks so cheap and retarded, would rather buy something genuinely childish like >>185811 and own it rather than some half-assed disney bs like picrel. I'm sure people pair this bag with a glass a rose and a "No adulting today" shirt

No. 185961

it’s a British brand

No. 185964

File: 1621160654768.jpg (13.96 KB, 425x566, 81Koa813tYL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

I have this backpack from ikea, it's the best, it's sturdy, cheap, it can zip open almost all the way, my laptop fits in it and I think it looks cool (I know it looks really unremarkable though); I put a Meshuggah patch and a fish keychain on it
Wow, your bags are really pretty

No. 185978

File: 1621173338975.jpg (25.16 KB, 500x500, ek000620_76w_auth_uc90670.jpg)

cute, I only like backpacks when they're boxy for some reason. Are the Kanken worth it btw? I love the way they look (and idc if they're just a fad for the mainstream public, I just like the general look of them) I'm just worried that the quality is as lame as the Eastpak's one; they were a big fad in my middle school/high school days and they sucked ass. The shoulder straps kept snapping off and the plastic overlay in the inside wore off and crumbled after a few years

No. 185980

>after a few years

who keeps the same backpack for a few years?

No. 185982

Middle school/high school kids. Eastpaks are also supposed to last for "30 years"

No. 185984

no offence but who has the same backpack for more than one semester? wouldn't you get bullied for that?

unless you guys live in the third world that is unacceptable

No. 185985

Never got bullied because I had the same bag for 3 years straight anon. The fact that I'm not an ugly fatso might have helped

No. 185988

How wasteful, I've also had one bag for 3 years and then another for 4

No. 185989

i have one bag for each day of the week, but they're all expensive and high quality so will use them for years to come.

No. 185990

Are you from the UK or US? because I could see school bullying because of bags happening in a country where it is required to wear a uniform/really strict dress code. I'm French and no one really gave a fuck about your bag tbh, it was all about the outfit or the look

No. 185991

I had a no brand mustard yellow backpack and I never got bullied for it in middle school. As long as it's not torn or dirty or whatever there's no point in changing it, consumerism is a fucking cancer.

No. 185995

Are you a teen in secondary school or what?

I'm middle class from a rich western country and have never heard of anyone replacing their bag every semester, is this just bad bait?

No. 185996

Kek did you also have a different high-end bag for each day of the week in school?

No. 186008

I just use a small, plain canvas tote but it’s like a black hole and all my stuff just jangles round inside. In the summer I switch to a straw bag. I pack a water bottle, iPad, lip gloss, wallet and keys. For some reason I hate the look of a structured bag/purse and they’re hard to match to different outfits when they’re brightly coloured. Not sure what to kind of bag I should get to upgrade.

No. 186009

My parents always bought me and my siblings a new bag every year. I realized it was wasteful so I got them to stop buying me new bags, but they always acted like I was some sort of martyr for using the same bag for 2-3 years. A lot of kids would always have a new bag at the beginning of the fall semester. I went to an upper middle class catholic school though and we had uniforms.

No. 186022

>upper middle class catholic schoolgirl
So you're the anomaly here but somehow still manage to draw the conclusion that if someone else makes her bag last for years that must mean she's from the 3rd world lmao

No. 186023

>Same bag every year is unacceptable unless you live in the third world
>I'm upper middle class
What did you think people who're less well-off than your parents in your own country do..? Are you just that sheltered?

No. 186050

im 3rd world anon im not catholic anon we are two different anons

i was being hyperbolic. i just assumed people changed bags every year

No. 186075

Lol it wasn’t the anon you were talking to before, just adding my 2 cents

No. 186084

File: 1621204858316.jpeg (86.09 KB, 800x800, CC78F389-7768-4A71-B9A7-509A21…)

That’s kind of what not everyone does unless they’re carrying a cartoon character bag at school, like, i get changing their bag during their preschool years because kids are fickle, but once they’re in middle school it’s more about having what’s practical and relatively cute, and then changing it once the bag looks like absolute shit or isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.
3rd worlder btw, went to a catholic school and actually, I saw kids carrying the same backpack until they graduated from school.
I mean, that was back then, around the 2000’s, I don’t know how is it like nowadays, maybe they care more about the kind of backpack their peers are carrying than about other stuff like phones since they’re not a novelty anymore.

No. 186089

File: 1621206093884.jpg (56.37 KB, 554x554, eastpak.jpg)

Thats interesting. I also have an eastpak and mine is still good. I think it's one of the best backpacks I've ever had, very durable, and I use it to go everywhere.
Not my pic btw but thats the one I have

That's very pretty. Now I wish I could afford a new backpack.

No. 186103

File: 1621212634473.jpg (119.97 KB, 580x580, m_5bfae1dcbaebf6d2f697c7c4.jpg)

I've been lugging around this backpack for 15 years. Idk I hold a weird attachment to it and it's still in such good shape.

No. 186117

Catholic anon here, not a third worlder but I think the tendency to get new bags was because of the uniform. It was one of the only ways to customize your look without getting in trouble, and you end up needing to buy fewer casual/civvie clothing.

No. 186133

File: 1621228587428.jpg (107.74 KB, 680x753, 25566fec84d7fe5a47e6d584387ed3…)

I actually helped kickstart the bebebark bag by la'flore. Just wanted something practical that wasn't made with real leather. It's cute but the opening it is kinda annoying.

No. 186136

dude thats a sweet unusual jansport… i'm very jealous…

No. 186160

File: 1621247730700.jpg (36.98 KB, 794x529, il_794xN.2530321675_akgz.jpg)

I found a pattern on etsy that for this perfect leather backpack, I'm looking forward to making it in the summer.

No. 186169


medieval rpg shorty

No. 186180

File: 1621264069304.jpg (128.19 KB, 1200x1800, 3971d7c2-a100-40ca-a78c-17e683…)

Lots of backpacks being posted, so here's the one I've been using for school for the past few years. It's fucking adorable and always makes me happy.

No. 186215

I carry a small crossbody itabag of my husbando and I don't care if people think I look retarded I love it

No. 186494

File: 1621377293935.jpg (25.04 KB, 500x500, 2637382829291383.jpg)

When I was in school this was the bag I carried, I liked it because it fit my laptop horizontally. I just realized I could've adjusted the straps on it too, I never bothered

Kek, I want to see it anon. Who is your husbando?

No. 186926

It's a secret I'm sorry anon it's just that he's from a kind of niche game and the bag is pretty unique/customized. I don't want to be outed kek

No. 204030

File: 1630675438807.png (1.75 MB, 1232x896, img_5432.png)

I was scrolling through ig and saw a post with pics of "what's in your bag" images from some time ago so I thought I haven't done one of these in a while (luckily there was this thread already so pls don't ban me for necroing)

Here's my bag! (the white package thingie is a tissue bag and the cream thing on top is a pack of those oil-absorbing papers. )

No. 204033

File: 1630677040843.jpeg (377.34 KB, 2000x2666, kate-spade-Black-Taylor-Small-…)

I have this bag in hunter green! I love it. It breaks in really beautifully and has held up for a few years. It holds a ton and has a smooth zipper that opens the bag nice and wide. 10/10 I just wish mine had silver instead of gold hardware. boo
Current handbag is pic related- Kate Spade Taylor Small Crossbody in nylon. Super lightweight and also holds more than it seems.

Oooo yes! Let's post these! I posted one on here a long time ago

No. 204034

File: 1630677043559.png (2.18 MB, 1050x1176, back.png)

ive been using this bag since 6th grade, did not fail me except for once when there was this rainstorm and my handritten notebook literally melted, laptop was fine though.
>laptop, headphones, chargers for the laptop, headphones, vape pen
>crumpled lecture notes and receipts
>pens and highlighters
>herschel wallet
>pads sometimes
its a mess inside, looks as worn out and faded as picrel, love her.

No. 204035

Super cute anon! I love backpacks with the suede at the bottom.

No. 204036

samefaggin but i would kick this thing like a soccer ball down the hall instead of carrying it to the next classroom when i was mad or upset up until 3 years ago, she feels like a friend i cant blame her for giving up on me that rainy day we've been through a lot.

thanks nonnie!

No. 204037

Cool bag!

No. 204039

thank you!

Crossbody bags are the best bags imo. I used to have bags that only had small handles and they would hurt my arms baaadly.

No. 204042

File: 1630682097367.jpg (30.81 KB, 800x741, Guess-Borsa-Nero-Vg685303-2174…)

I wanted to substitute the black nylon tote I've been carrying since hs with something nicer and less casual, but I don't like the look of very structured shoulder bags so this was a good compromise. I like those longchamp nylon ones too but they're too similar to my old one lol. Picrel came with a crossbody strap too but I don't think it looks good with it, too bulky. I wear this or small crossbody bags

No. 204170

File: 1630768197337.jpg (120.19 KB, 1000x1000, 151341759_max.jpg)

I ordered this harajuku inspired backpack, it's pretty cute

No. 204172

File: 1630768707223.png (563.42 KB, 794x607, ezgif.com-gif-maker.png)

I was thinking about ordering one of these convertible bags that can be converted from tote to backpack. I love my totebag but sometimes it just gets too heavy to carry comfortably on my shoulder when I need to take a lot of things with me. And I prefer just having one bag I can do almost everything with.

No. 204256

File: 1630825694034.jpg (52.37 KB, 1000x1000, image_1024x1024@2x.jpg)

Any anons purchased a bag from Hogoe Kpessou before? She gets shilled on twitter a decent amount but the bee theme is soooo cute. I try to avoid real leather but holy shit they're cute.

On that note, any anons buy from non-pleather vegan brands before? I'm interested in buying a high-quality non-plastic vegan leather bag and I'm at odds on which to choose.

No. 204258

Have you looked at cork bags? They look nice without being plastic imitation leather.

No. 204262

I say buy a real leather bag once, take care of it and have it last a very long time. That's better for animals in the long run than keeping on buying new shitty vegan leather bags the fashion industry churns out and negatively affects the environment animals live in. Non-plastic faux leather like mushroom leathers are still way too experimental and in too early of development to say if theyi going to be long lasting.

No. 204265

Fake leather, much like fake fur, is such a status symbol. People show off buying vegan leather docs, meanwhile my real leather ones have lasted since the 80s. And if you buy second hand, it's even more sustainable. What's truly sustainable is quality, not quantity. The fashion industry is fucked up.

No. 204462

Even the words vegan leather just trigger me, it's not at all like leather, just a cute name to sell plastic

No. 206869

File: 1632535651106.png (786 B, 15x15, 1612745986473.png)

>Handbag thread
>First seven image posts are of backpacks
Jesus, women are retarded.(be gone, scrote )

No. 206872

File: 1632536863902.jpg (35.25 KB, 463x463, 1a9dc884215a901a79b1fcb548d3e2…)

No. 206906

I don't get how fake leather bags had such a bad reputation for being cheap but not lasting very long, and now they're rebranded as "vegan leather", overpriced and still shit quality yet people eat it up. Like, I bought my real leather bag four years ago and the only parts I need to "repair" are some metal parts and that can be done for cheap and very fast and the leather on the sides of the handle is being slightly peeling off because of how often I use the bag.

No. 206907

It's the biggest greenwashing dumbfuckery ever. How can we still sell our crappy plastic stuff…oh I know, market it to the vegans!

No. 206911

File: 1632561895755.jpeg (126.68 KB, 466x662, 592E4C00-A678-42A0-9C09-11A84F…)

my mom got me a bag that looks like pic rel because it “reminded her of the fishman from the shape of water” and she knew i was “into that kind of stuff”

No. 206926

holy shit that's the sweetest thing ever, I love your mom lol (and also probably you, just from the way you told the story and cause you are into "that kind of things")

No. 206927

File: 1632572377487.jpg (29.49 KB, 500x640, 21_29000103_1.jpg)

For years now I've just been buying black cross body bags. When one starts to look worn out I buy something almost identical. For me it's the most functional bag. Nothing fancy here.

I almost bought a nice mini backpack lately but growing up in a city I was always hearing about pickpocketers aiming for people with backpacks. You'd stop at pedestrian lights and they'd oh so carefully manage to unzip them and take shit without you feeling a thing.

No. 206933

I wish I was related to you that's sweet

No. 206947

File: 1632586499975.jpg (91.18 KB, 532x666, tjx.jpg)

what do you guys think of this one? dont know whether to buy

I like the color but idk if red purses are hard to make an outfit around. Im kind of a fashion coward

No. 206969

Super cute. Imo you can wear it with almost everything

No. 206978

Very cute except hardware would prevent me from buying it; think it would look better with brassy details instead of silver

No. 206997

It's cute. Does it fit with your warderobe? If you wear a lot of neutrals, you could probably easily match it with most outfits. If it doesn't go with a lot of your warderobe, you'll have to decide if you mind it being less versatile. Personally I don't think it's bad to have a few less versatile, special pieces if you like fashion.

No. 207018

File: 1632613079741.png (10.57 KB, 400x500, 1019397.png)

No. 207032

File: 1632626503365.jpeg (32.45 KB, 650x650, F967C6AD-2EA3-47D6-8324-AD61D2…)

I got this bag in like new condition from a second hand shop, it wound up being a great find because it’s become my best casual everyday bag. I got the small size and it fits just the right amount of stuff for day to day IMO. Kipling isn’t a very popular brand at least where I live anymore but now I’d 10/10 recommend them if you’re looking for a no-frills, practical bag.

No. 207045

File: 1632642954358.jpg (403.04 KB, 1300x1700, day3215475020_cblooming_v03003…)


Ahhh that bag looks so practical and nice. I have a Kipling City backpack that's the sturdy and not too big. It's in a different fabric then their usual one (more canvas-y?). What I like the most about it is that it's not too big either yet it fits so much stuff. And I don't look like a midget carrying it.

On another note I just ordered this small shoulder bag from Day Et. I have a backpack and weekend bag in the same color and couldn't resist getting this one as well…

No. 207047

File: 1632647287892.jpeg (94.51 KB, 425x567, df9dd3c0-2942-56a7-b0b3-f2f768…)

I usually use this (for more fancy occassions) or an itabag

As for what's usually in it?
>wallet I got on pixiv booth
>bus pass
>nasal spray
>loose change

No. 207092

Does anyone have a site to buy good fakes? Not necessarily LV but maybe MiuMiu and Chanel etc

Unashamed poorfag, have pity

No. 207094


check out the repladies subreddit

No. 207136

File: 1632733729843.png (439.34 KB, 750x450, Givenchy-Pandora-Handbag-Given…)

What's your dream bag nonnies? Mine is the small Givenchy Pandora in black.

No. 207165

File: 1632761491997.png (158.2 KB, 1140x1357, bag.png)

This is mine: https://www.etsy.com/listing/204299707/leather-handbag-gwen-in-black-retro?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=taschenkinder&ref=sr_gallery-1-12&organic_search_click=1&pro=1&frs=1

I love it, goes with everything and get lots of compliments. Comes with a crossbody strap if you want to wear it that way, but I prefer 1-handing it. I prefer to travel light so it holds just enough: Phone, cardholder, keys, medication, sunglasses, makeup.

No. 207169

File: 1632764619736.png (308.99 KB, 847x487, thom-browne-elephant-shoulder-…)

It taunts me.

No. 207170

This is incredibly cute. I like fun bags

No. 207172

File: 1632765358843.jpg (16.71 KB, 600x600, kate-spade-pufferfish.jpg)

Same, they can look good with all kinds of outfits. I'm currently fuming because I missed the sale on picrel and it sold out.

No. 207178

oooooo I saw this in John Lewis!!! so cute

No. 207181

File: 1632766211634.png (1.69 MB, 1080x962, bunnybag.png)

I made this myself from scratch about a year ago and put it into a fucking giveaway because I genuinely thought no one would buy it, as it's so different from the rest of my work. I super regret it, I put in so much work. I should have just kept it for myself.

No. 207182

you made that?!

No. 207184

Yes! I got that cute vinyl from the fabric store and felt the need to make a classy little bag. The bunny was felted.

No. 207185

I want this, not even as a bag but as a decorative plush.

No. 207187

anon, you can find a black plush elephant you know

No. 207190

File: 1632767774917.jpg (177.07 KB, 1200x600, img.jpg)

Yeah I mean I don't have the 5 grand anyway.

No. 207191

its £5k?! hopefully someone will make a knock off soon

No. 207192

You could just buy faux leather, a couple of piece of purse hardware, use a vintage elephant sewing pattern from Etsy for like 2 bucks, and pick a nice lining and make this bag yourself for less than 50 dollary doos.

No. 207194

That is so stunning nonnie

No. 207196

Looks like animals in gimp suits.

No. 207200

Aw thank you so much! I think it'd be worth making another one, maybe this time in pink if I can find some nice vinyl.

No. 207212

The gimp collection.

No. 207216

Wait, real leather bags wear down that soon? I was thinking about buying a real leather bag for daily use, thinking I could get, with proper care and small repairs, 10 years out of it. But 4 years in and yours is peeling makes me think maybe not?

Anyone else here with a genuine leather bag, how does it hold up?

No. 207224

It depends on the bag, not all are well-made. Make sure to get one that seems sturdy.

No. 207229

File: 1632776980627.jpg (394.54 KB, 1024x768, 20210927_133738.jpg)

That is incredibly adorable…you are so skilled anon!! I envy you.

No. 207297

Nonnie please make more I will absolutely buy one if you make an Etsy.

No. 207321

File: 1632865484509.jpg (246.77 KB, 722x905, 45302957AT_13_y_v4.jpg)

I'd really love to get a sac du jour someday. I don't really know much about purses though, so there are probably a lot of cute ones out there I've never heard of.

this is so cute wtf

No. 207649

File: 1633127554582.png (63.47 KB, 335x447, Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 3.30…)

For a Prada bag, it's not super expensive. It's really cute but I wouldn't pay $900 for a nylon bag.

No. 207650

File: 1633128164333.jpg (109.65 KB, 1200x1389, 4303001811017_H201_1.jpg)

>matching vivienne westwood wallet with attached coin purse
>vape pen
>mini mirror
>lipstick (optional)

tiny bag and very simple, i don't like carrying a lot of things

No. 207651

File: 1633129101914.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20211002_005617646.j…)

i love your bag nonnie, what is the model called? both my handbags are from VW, they're kinda boring considering the designs VW is known for. just wanted something that was easy to match with my clothes but i'd love to get a patterned and/or heart bag like yours some day.

No. 207652

File: 1633130283232.png (254.2 KB, 376x626, 2021-10-01 18_16_34-Window.png)

No. 207673

it's the khloe heart crossbody bag in red tartan.

No. 209183


brbing to my nearest John Lewis! I hope you can get it in a sale soon, >>207172 !

No. 209189

File: 1634045471703.jpeg (345.91 KB, 1066x1599, 4E967222-1463-4624-938F-CE1C0A…)

killstar has so many cute bags

No. 209341

Does anyone have recs for cutesy bags that work for larme kei, which aren't overpriced Katie tote bags or MILK?

No. 210692

File: 1635017575001.jpg (380.27 KB, 770x985, 42575501_0_1_20210910150651.jp…)

I saw this bag and I want to buy it but I'm 18 and I don't want to dress like an old lady. Women my age are so casual, but I prefer a more classy or "mature" look.
Is this cute? Should I get it?

No. 210693

It’s not my personal style, but I think it’s cute and not too mature-looking. I like the shape and the warm straps and reddish gems contrast nicely against the cool grey, plus the different textures of leather is so nice. I like looking at it.

No. 210707

I don't think it looks like something an old lady would carry. Maybe a very fashionable old lady. I think it looks great I like the shape

No. 212383

File: 1636171116471.jpg (98.39 KB, 720x928, 818156710_2_720x928.jpg)

>>185911 here, just back to say I've found my handbag soulmate. Got it almost 50% off, and it fits my stuff PERFECTLY. I literally stack my things like I'm playing Tetris, everything lays flat and fits with no gaps or anything, with plenty of room to spare. I feel blessed after all these years of searching for the right bag.

No. 212768

File: 1636445367225.jpeg (362.09 KB, 1242x1214, CC0DF61F-94FC-4BDD-86C2-A44DFD…)

Got this Jean Paul Gaultier bag off Depop, pic rel is what it used to look like but I deep cleaned it cause it was in such a bad shape. It’s my most treasured item but thinking of getting a Vivienne Westwood bag soon.

>Vivienne Westwood wallet

>hand sanitizer
>pepper spray and taser
>pocket knife
>sometimes vape pen

No. 294811

File: 1666194010185.jpeg (4.11 MB, 4032x3024, 5F34973D-779B-4157-8C91-5A9A97…)

I found a coach purse at a thift store. There is an embossed logo on the leather interior along woth care and some…. Serial(?) number? I got it for 2 dollars but id like to identify it. Can anyone help?

No. 294816

File: 1666197400165.png (1.89 MB, 828x1792, 3F85E41D-B1A3-4FA0-823A-98D799…)

Samefag forgive me, but i am a little closer… how could I find the year of the bag? The coach customer service rep said Id have to go to store and have them authenticate it, but Im not gonna sweat a $2 thrift find.

No. 294829

If you don't get an answer here, try asking on purseblog forum. The people who go there know all about luxury bags.

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