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No. 186123

Similar to the divination/tarot and astrology thread, this thread is for people who like to interpret other's dreams or would like their dreams interpreted. Discuss methods, oracles, books, precognitive dreams, or what your dreams mean to you.

No. 186134

Yesterday I dreamt about an airplane crashing into the house I was in. I thought me and my boyfriend would die cause we saw it approaching us, but we didn't. A lot of people died though, and I felt pretty guilty about surviving.

No. 186148

thread on /ot/ is still active

No. 186217

but it's not a dream interpretation thread, just a dream sharing thread

No. 186218

File: 1621277538323.jpg (79.02 KB, 477x764, 6975358d1fe6ecd70fd3852279197f…)

If anyone wants me to interpret their dreams hit me up

No. 186219

Last night I had a dream that I was very bonded to a robin red breast. I had rescued it sometime in tbe past, and it kept by my side the whole dream, which played out like a normal day except I had lunch with bionicpig. The Robin would let me pick it up in my hands with total trust

No. 186221

File: 1621278337164.gif (1.77 MB, 275x190, 1609081712760.gif)

I keep having dreams that takes place in my childhood backyard for a number of very different scenarios. Some good some bad. Also, classmates from my primary school years keep showing up in my dreams. And we weren't close friends but just friendly with each other. Or what happens is that, I'm often thrown into fantasy–sci-fi type realms in my dreams. I don't really consume much of those genres but I was drawn to them as a child. Also recently… some dream characters literally turn to give me straight eye contact almost like they are sentient and that spooks me ah. >>My current situation is that I'm friendless and NEET. My dreams are pretty vivid and they exhaust me emotionally by the time I wake up.

No. 186248

This recurrent scenario in my dreams where I'm doing the most mundane things when suddenly my vision becomes blurry out of the blue and I can't make it go back to normal no matter how much I try, it causes me great distress.
The other recurrent dream I have is about me going out somewhere and somehow getting lost, not knowing how to get back to my place and becoming extremely stressed because of it.
With both I wake up feeling emotionally drained

No. 186255

Over the years I've had a few dreams where I either kill a random person who is attacking me, or a relative or even..an alien. The alien dreams involved me trying to hide the body and feeling great pressure from that. Guilt is obviously a huge factor in the dreams too. Any dreams involving killing or finding dead bodies tend to stay in my memory forever. All other dreams are forgetten quickly enough but they really stay with me.

Anyone have any insight on the emotions behind that?

No. 186256

I often dream about one place of the school/flat/house etc being possesed by devil. Rest of place, school for example, feels good and normal. It's one place that have really dark vibe. That place is dark (there is barely any light here)and you can feel the presence of the devil. Nothing really happen but I can feel that presence and avoid going here. I don't need to go here most of the time. That possessed place can be for example, room in a flat or whole floor in a school or house.
I have this dream for like 10 years now. I dream about it from time to time.

No. 186290

File: 1621293231838.jpeg (1.59 MB, 2900x4060, 82E02013-E722-441A-A7D6-694326…)

I had a dream where I was in a rented winter cabin for vacation, many people I knew were there with me. I was awake in the middle of the night wandering in the kitchen. I think I had been drinking water. The lights were off and my cousin was there with me, and we stood near the glass door that led to the backyard area. It was a snowy night but outside was actually closer to pitch black. We had heard news of a man in a nearby cabin who was bald and wearing a red knitted long sleeve top that was dangerous. I think he may have been a serial killer or some other violent (non sexual) crime. His cabin was visible from the kitchen window, or more specifically, the room he was sleeping in. It was almost as if the window was actually attached to his room. The lights were on and there was only a twin sized bed with a union jack duvet, one dark maroon suitcase, and I think an acoustic guitar leaning against the wall. His room walls were a minty colour, and the door was dark oak. The kitchen I was standing in was mostly wood of a regular brown colour. Suddenly I felt my mother fear for me down the hall, as if she had woken up. The man had crawled in a grotesque, bug-like fashion through the snow and crashed through the glass in the bottom left corner of the back door. Creating a small, jagged opening. There was no blood. His pants were either a dark colour or long khakis. Now that I think about it, he looked like One Punch Man. He doesn’t say a word and to everyone’s horror he bites my leg. There was no open wound but I knew the bite was there and it was determined he had some sort of zombie adjacent disease. I think my mother killed him. Then we drove away and it was now day time, I had to drive to explain to the IRS why Jerry Springer paid for my insurance, and keep secret that he cleaned up the scene of the murder for me. I woke up feeling strange on my ankle where I was bit. >>186218
Please explain wtf this could possibly mean

No. 186429

File: 1621353548380.jpeg (94.9 KB, 1200x800, D1061_6_284_1200.jpeg)

i had very strange dreams in February, had a vague interpretation and it actually kinda made sense later! in summary, for 3 consecutive days i dreamt i killed people with my (dead) father. i didnt knew who they were or why we did it. i was very confused because the dreams happened one after the other. after talking it with a friend we came up with an interpretation. my dad was in my dreams trying to warn me that i needed to get rid of someone (or more) in my life. thats why it happened multiple times, he was trying very hard to make me "get it".

weeks later i had an argument with my older brother. he was abusive my entire childhood, mentally, physically and sexually abusive. i did not cut contact because it was when i was a child and i never told anyone. but as an adult, i realized he was still the same scrote with anger issues and who never apologizes for his shit. i cut him off and havent spoken to him ever since. i think the dreams about killing a man were about him. and in one day i actually killed a man and his son. who were supposed to represent me getting rid of my dad and my brothers abusive upbringing. interesting i think.

thank you ghost dad. your dreams are always helpful

No. 186513

I had an awful dream last night. It was about me being friends with a guy I used to be interested in a long time ago. He kept texting me to leave him alone and that I'm crazy. My eyes felt like they were burning and I tried to tell him to "listen to my side" or "help my eyes are burning!" but he wouldn't listen to me and kept saying "leave me alone".

No. 186514

is there something you're ashamed of, a secret perhaps or treatment of somebody you regret? I'm no expert but maybe it reflects guilt from real life, or a secret desire.

No. 186515

doubleposting to add maybe there is hidden anger you try not to express

No. 186530

Why do I keep having dreams that end in babies getting hurt? usually by being dropped from somewhere/someone

No. 186546

You made us open up just for you to fuck off without saying a word about our dreams?

No. 187105

A few days ago I had a dream where there was a snake whose underside was white and topside was beige-orange-ish. It was being friendly at first, but it was starting to put its mouth in an 'O' shape (the dream was saying that it was being 'too friendly', but in hindsight, it was showing signs of aggression), so I sealed it in a white box

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