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File: 1621550463878.jpg (104.85 KB, 1200x1200, file-20170918-8245-fvelv2.jpg)

No. 186820

Talk about your favorite colors and color theory, including:
Your favorite colors to wear
Your favorite colors to use
The colors you feel the most attracted/attached to
Your favorite nail polish color
Favorite accesory color
Color theory


No. 186822

File: 1621551195695.jpg (71.36 KB, 640x640, tumblr_39c82d6e3c02c871c9cc1a0…)

I looove yellow but I don't think it fits me to wear

No. 186823

File: 1621551246869.png (9.84 KB, 1504x960, yellow-green.png)

I always had a soft spot for this one

No. 186826

File: 1621553871032.jpg (53.61 KB, 500x625, 647372483240832842.jpg)

I dig a crimson and cobalt pairing. It's uncommon and pleasantly striking, like a sun setting over the ocean, a colorized nebula or blood in dark waters (which sounds less peaceful but idk, still dreamlike). Plain red and blue look tacky and jarring to me, but interesting how it becomes more pleasing by toying with the tones.

No. 186828

File: 1621555969753.jpg (14.56 KB, 320x480, 9a22a470e131f1711dc1abf10ce907…)

I love emerald green so much. The depth and tone of the colour is so mesmerizing and I feel like I'm falling under a beautiful spell. It's luxurious, but not pretentiously so.

No. 186843

File: 1621561018060.png (2.36 KB, 600x600, yeller.png)

Love me some motherfuckin yellows
Warm yellows look amazing on me
I like darker greens too, my home palette is yellow, green and blue. Uplifts my depressive ass.

No. 186846

File: 1621562691652.jpg (23.45 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.1201304503_ssqe.jpg)

I love dark red/burgundy. It goes well with my skintone and looks so vampiric

No. 186858

File: 1621565382249.jpg (151.12 KB, 1024x683, 506855117_6d1fc965da_b.jpg)

I know it's more of a shade than a color but I love that deep blue gray, like gunmetal gray, or the ocean with just that tiny hint of blue behind the flatness

No. 186867

File: 1621568115703.jpg (109.35 KB, 736x1104, 07ca9e4513bc98bfd7c8c6f61ecafd…)

It was Elizabeth Taylor's favorite color. I agree, it's very mysterious yet… lush.

No. 186894

This has got to be the most autistic thread on the entire website

No. 186897

Fav color: gray (is it even a color?)
Like: blue, purple, pink, green, tan
Dislike: red, orange, brown

I have a complex relationship with yellow. It's far more similar to white than to colours because it's so bright. It's like it's in a completely different category from all other colors. It is so different it stands out in the rainbow, how is yellow the middle between red and green it makes no sense both are so much darker, it doesn't look like it belongs there.
But I love the energizing effect it has on me, other warm colors just make me irritated, yellow is the only one that makes me feel good.

No. 186900

File: 1621585287472.jpg (155.99 KB, 886x824, Screenshot_11.jpg)

I love dark turquoise

No. 186908

File: 1621592562814.gif (44.98 KB, 398x398, 3reYdBr1qz4rgp.gif)

>Your favorite colors to wear
Navy blue, I own such a ridiculous amount of it and I just keep buying more because I know anything navy blue will match much of my wardrobe. It works as a neutral for both winter with dark colours, plaid etc and summer with white, I love the red/white/blue combo, and I also like nautical/preppy looks so it's really easy to style. There are colours that probably look nicer on me, but it goes fine with my colouring.
>Your favorite colors to use
Pink, everywhere and anywhere. I'm a fucking cliche of a woman but I pay the pink tax any opportunity I get, it sparks joy when my random possessions are cute
>The colors you feel the most attracted/attached to
Pastels in general, like pic related
>Your favorite nail polish color
Red and neutral pinks mostly, nothing fancy
>Favorite accesory color
I like to have shoes and bags in black, white, brown and beige so they go with everything.
>Color theory
idk, I like what I like

No. 186915

File: 1621597366153.jpg (4.16 KB, 1024x1023, CT-060-096_1.jpg)


Fuck I hate grey so much especially on furniture or walls. It is the most garbage colour and yet EVERY OTHER fucking "modern" "trendy" interior has grey all over it
NO grey is not an "accent color" to give the room an "industrial vibe" becky, it is the colour of defeat and boredom and an absolute lack of any personality or emotion. Why go through the hassle of telling people your favourite food is cardboard and your hobby is filling in spreadsheets when you can just show them how your light grey couch goes so well with your dark grey statement wall am I right??


No. 186921

File: 1621598874748.jpg (13.05 KB, 736x981, c34bede0ec1d535720973740413b7c…)

I like dis

No. 186922

Your picrel was my tumblr background for years, thanks for the repressed memory, holy fuck.

No. 186934

File: 1621604025202.jpg (95.22 KB, 500x500, d01b0f1806d1ba5e678a41220b138f…)

My absolute favorite color is a yellow orange (saffron?), but any shade of orange already makes me really happy.
That's why I love the Autumn/Halloween, even though I live in a tropical country without Halloween traditions. I live vicariously through american media during that period lmao hopefully I will visit a cold country during the fall soon.

As for clothing, I mostly wear neutral colors, especially black and gray. I do have some shirts with color, especially red though. I guess my favorite color combination in clothing is black, white and red.

No. 186956

based opinion

No. 186983

It's the only good thread in /g/ tbh

No. 186994

post your favorite color or gtfo

No. 187019

File: 1621630523090.png (360.97 KB, 504x365, 473204730267403265.png)

Anon please explain why you like this boring ass color. Does it have a more pleasant connotation for you? I can't even think of pretty things that are grey… maybe some kitties but they're more blue-grey.

No. 187040

I love this color too, I got a nail polish that's really close ( a touch less yellow more green) and Im so excited >>186921 I love this color too and want a bikini in it
My favorite color is forever that bold unnatural electric blue, but lately Ive had such a soft spot for turquoise. A boy i have a complicated crush on said his favorite color is teal and I have this renewed appreciation for it

No. 187052

It just makes me feel good. It's just like asking why someone loves blue cheese or funk music.
Looking at red, orange or brown dampens my mood, looking at other colors elates it, and looking at gray always feels best.
It also goes along great with literally everything just like black and white, but isn't too dark nor too bright. My favourite combination is gray + neon/light green.

No. 187054

File: 1621665363583.gif (12.6 KB, 650x450, 427F600D-FC51-4A11-99D7-3C96C8…)

fuck color i want to live in black and white. i want to be in a noir

No. 187071

>My favourite combination is gray + neon/light green.
Ohh same! Grey in general is a fantastic base for other colors to shine. In my opinions, colors in interior design look dated very fast; going for grayscale and then accesorizing with color will give the best and most timeless results.

No. 187073

File: 1621684336388.jpg (409.04 KB, 2048x2048, DSC05831-3.jpg)

My favourite colour has always been brown and people always think I'm lying because I guess it's a retarded colour? I think it's nice and earthy. Other colours are too loud. Brown is unpretentious and cozy, like soil and trees.

No. 187081

File: 1621699923868.jpg (63.86 KB, 736x882, 48df82f719aa64bafd5aeb594997ea…)

Agreed, there's something relaxing about it.

No. 187082

File: 1621699958144.jpg (92.19 KB, 736x1104, 41ec0765150a990d69b6228022d3c3…)


No. 187094

this picture looks retarded so maybe they're onto something

No. 187108

That's exactly what I plan to do when I renovate my apartment, grey as a base colour then whatever colour I actually want will go into the decor and less permanent furnishings. My ass loves pink but I can't trust myself to want a pink apartment when I'm older, this way I can change it up.

No. 187109

File: 1621722143390.png (598.42 KB, 431x668, 45637857430958403534.png)

I love brown. So many beautiful variations of it in wood and soil. It's also one of the most flattering colors in my wardrobe. I have sand-colored hair and pairing it with brown looks very warm, natural and mellow.

No. 187111

File: 1621725339430.jpg (22.84 KB, 1024x768, 612rkJTR08L._AC_SL1024_.jpg)

I'm a huge fan of dark blue. It's simple but I think it looks great on every type of skin. It's very confortable, and I like to look like a sailor kek

great taste !

No. 187154

File: 1621745359788.jpg (23.42 KB, 640x640, e9d02df1830c299bb11a772b4e6775…)

I really like those shades of purple that are like right in between purple and gray, so gorgeous to me. I also just like purple in general, it's probably my favorite color

No. 187160

They all look as if they smell nice.
They looked that way to whomever named them too, see "fragrant lilac"

No. 187228

File: 1621800697131.png (477.82 KB, 1000x1000, glitter-wall-store-black-holog…)

Can we post color schemes too? I'm obsessed with anything holographic black /oil slick colours.

No. 187229

File: 1621800748826.jpg (249.62 KB, 1200x912, long-brunette-oil-slick-hairst…)

I particularly like it in hair colors

No. 187233

File: 1621801341805.png (626 B, 230x196, kolor.png)

I like those too, I was in primary school walking home one day and thinking about what my favorite color is because that's a question you often get in primary school and I didn't know, so I decided my favorite color would be that one between purple, brown and grey. Then I came home and changed my signature color in this online game I played all day to that color. I think it was this one

No. 187260

File: 1621813884475.png (7.16 KB, 1504x960, pink.png)

I really used to dislike pinks but over the years I've come to appreciate them more. I think because girl's stuff is so over saturated with bright pinks and pastels I always hated seeing it on everything but now I like it (in moderation) My favorite shades are soft & peachy toned pinks. One of my favorite color schemes is a light pink paired with black and reds, I like the contrast of a soft 'cute' color paired with more abrasive ones. I've definitely allowed myself more pink things than I would have in the past my little betta fish is pink and red as well<3

No. 187261

yes post them!

No. 187269

File: 1621819375562.jpg (368.66 KB, 1200x1200, a2164495634_10.jpg)

Does this count?

No. 187448

File: 1621911504884.jpg (76.75 KB, 1080x1080, e5d7538915fc346a51e8496d1cae07…)

orange is so yummy and happy

No. 187474

File: 1621928677717.jpg (112.36 KB, 1080x1350, f4d1628c70872ad5ff263a352d46c6…)

I love orange too
I'm drawn to all of the sunset colours, different shades of purple and pink appear in my wardrobe a lot

No. 187798

File: 1621974496360.jpg (6.07 MB, 4928x3264, IMGP0616.JPG)

Took this from my rooftop a few years ago. Enjoy!

No. 187800

File: 1621974792060.jpg (978.7 KB, 1500x1500, 4.jpg)

I wouldn't count it as holographic black but its pretty! The colour scheme I'm talking about is black with small amounts of muted rainbow colours

No. 187801

File: 1621975003903.jpg (22.88 KB, 700x400, Jewel-Tones.jpg)

Jewel tones, the color scheme for goths bored of black

No. 187802

File: 1621975035343.jpg (82.7 KB, 736x678, 4d7ebae022f504f8db2d1c4378c339…)

No. 187833

I love this pic, I can almost feel the warm summer air

No. 267390

File: 1654041780753.jpg (20.22 KB, 554x554, images-1.jpg)

God-like color combination

No. 267402

File: 1654048460030.jpg (125.81 KB, 479x671, 1813lg06-1206.jpg)

Dunno why this thread was bumped from a year ago but okay. Anyway I love maroon and orange together

No. 267415

File: 1654052168418.jpeg (27.67 KB, 500x429, AF8EB049-0AD1-4694-A514-9D107D…)

blue is my absolute favorite color, I dress all blue, have a blue car and blue nail polish and accessories wherever and whenever I can, just the most relaxing beautiful color for me

No. 267581

No. 267593

File: 1654125099286.jpeg (368.35 KB, 1520x1872, CFE407AD-1BB8-4F8D-A915-9FB423…)

you get me, anon

No. 267618

File: 1654133580094.jpg (225.77 KB, 2000x1333, 502806_shutterstock_1020069085…)

I usually prefer softer blues and aquas but dark royal blues are beautiful too. I get eye tingles whenever I look at cobalt glass like this, or even the blue LED Christmas lights everyone hates kek

No. 267619

File: 1654133883993.png (9.1 KB, 474x339, th-1211191401.png)

I think a blue like this + a dark brown is really nice

No. 267678

omg are you literally me

No. 331523

File: 1685305689158.png (598.59 KB, 494x741, Journey in a Dream (night).png)

i love how pip & pop uses so many colors in such a harmonious way.

No. 331715

File: 1685363893789.jpg (839.9 KB, 1920x2400, fav colors.jpg)

My favorite colors are lavender and forest green

No. 331924

File: 1685413937558.jpg (185.19 KB, 720x1290, 8e5e4f9cd3ed15b2d70f75caf8d458…)

I love beige with white. It's simple, comfy and cozy.

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