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File: 1621981276607.jpg (76.9 KB, 500x617, tumblr_oodqff94ZF1uw0wabo1_500…)

No. 189347

Manifest your inner Stacy here.

>How to become a Stacy

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
>Talk about your Stacy progress
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
>Support others in their Stacy jorney
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

>don't take this thread so seriously

No. 189348

File: 1621981429002.jpeg (459.48 KB, 1202x2048, 762FDA42-7BA3-4FB2-8605-876E03…)

I demand a caricature for each type of Stacy.

No. 189349

Definitely pinkpilled fujo Stacy. I'm working towards getting my stacylicious pre-covid and pre-college depression body back.
Also I am currently listening to this song, which is also Stacy shit.

No. 189350

Speaking of which, she also has a song about manifesting.

It's official, manifestation is hot Stacy shit

No. 189351

File: 1621981556758.gif (2.18 MB, 640x476, 1615679263870.gif)

No. 189352

Kali Uchis is my personal latina Stacy rolemodel

No. 189353

Is it stacy to have a scrote quiver and stutter when talking to you? For reference he looked like a chronic masturbator. Not sure if the bar is very high here.

No. 189354

File: 1621981796877.png (16.07 KB, 343x337, huh.png)

This seems more /g/ related, but I do want a convos on stacies that isn't over run by FDS weirdos, I don't disagree with them but the subs gone down hill.

>What is a Stacy for you, personally

Someone social, someone who has good obscure hobbies and good normie ones (ex: wax making and exercise Vs obsessing over cartoons and watching tv 24/7), someone who dresses decent, good at work/school, and someone who doesn't get obsessed with pointless online topics.
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
Big life change so I have a chance to click reset
>Talk about your Stacy progress
Updating my wardrobe, practicing makeup, trying to talk more, actually practicing my hobbies in a serous manner, getting over my chronic procrastination issues and learning how to study
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc
I follow my own self made schedule when it comes to studying art, pic related, because it's the only way I can focus on improving. I do it on weekends or school breaks. I have another for code and school
I also do chole ting work outs
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
None of these, I'd say academic Stacy because my current big goal is going to medical school, currently a pre-med.

No. 189355

>working towards getting my stacylicious pre-covid and pre-college depression body back
I'm literally so confused when people say stuff like this. Do some women just have genes that dictate fat will go to their ass? I have never had an ass in my life, it's pretty flat and shapeless (nowhere near a "heart" shape) since always no matter what weight I am.

No. 189356

File: 1621982618222.jpeg (63.02 KB, 541x525, 7046DA01-DAA8-479D-9FE4-DDB69D…)

I want to be a "best version of myself" Stacy, not a stereotypical Stacy (the popular sorority girl kind of person that I think is what people mean?). Working on self-confidence and my appearance enough to like how I am, not to match everyone else.

That is the Stacy of my heart, but I know it's not how it is defined normally. I don't like all ideas of Chads either, it should be about being a well-rounded person.

I don't see an issue with looking good. I want to improve my looks to be put-together without changing myself (I wouldn't feel like myself at all in super revealing clothes for example, or with instagram makeup). I am planning to learn makeup that is normal subtle and cute, plus I've been working on my wardrobe.

For me it is currently focused on looks because I used to be constantly sick and depressed, and grew up in a school with uniforms so I never bothered learning until now.

It goes without saying that you also need confidence, friendships, and balance in your life. That is a bit harder but with covid hopefully backing off I will get more opportunities. Oh, and a Stacy to me should uplift other women and have strong female friendships. She should be good at self-care and helping others, being responsible. Not bending her personal beliefs either.

Girl in thread pic is so pretty btw I can't stop looking at her

No. 189357

But where did you get that I have a big ass from my post? lmao
Too be fair, I actually do, but I always have since I was a teen, so it all depends on your fat distribution, anon. I am pear and naturally have a big ass, big thighs and large hips. I don't have much booba though, so you win some and lose some. Work with what you have and become your best Stacy self!

No. 189358

Nta but I have big booba (although, saggy, RIP my genes) and a moderate to no ass. I guess doing booty exercises will improve it!

No. 189359

I am plank shaped from the chest down and my boobs don't even make up for it, I'm only a C/D cup. I have no waist, no hips, and no ass.

No. 189360

I want to be a tomboy Stacy lol

No. 189361

remember ladies: stacies don't consume added sugar, too much salt and highly processed foods

No. 189362

File: 1621988247236.jpg (155.55 KB, 800x1201, Christina_Hendricks.jpg)

>What is a Stacy for you, personally

Personally? A woman with confidence, gorgeous in an unorthodox way (like otherworldly) none of that instagram BBL shit. She's probably funny and intelligent (which i aspire to be kinda…) and doesn't spend too much time in public.
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
Uhm, I guess my whole life.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
Still trying to work out and get into skin care
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
>Support others in their Stacy jorney
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
I really long to me muscular stacy but I feel like my bf would not be attracted to me if I became muscular. So I want to be a vintage-style stacy. Classy and poised.

No. 189363

>don't take this thread so seriously
Not happening, I'm the no fun police. I'm tired of all the name-as-a-meme shit like becky and karen, and going off into regional/ethnic variants which is fucking absurd.

>What is a Stacy for you, personally

The best version of myself is firm, funny, and competent. She works out to get strong and be flexible for health and has an excercise routine she enjoy. Good financial sense, strong female friendships, and if she has a partner they're classy and have same goals. If she's dating a man he's very respectful and adoring, but still has a backbone (could still apply to a woman but het dynamics obviously are different). She has a style and haircut that suit her looks and personality.

>Talk about your Stacy progress

0 progress made I'm living at my parents' house and can't/won't do shit kek.

>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

After watching her Architectural Digest tour, Ashley Tisdale seems to have a good life. Fun youth and now mature. I know those are staged to some degree, but she did seem peaceful! Simplynailogical (pls no booly) also is cool, her being a workaholic is not something I relate nor want to be but having outlets for all her interests, weightlifting, a supportive partner (though he can be annoying), and being a good business owner are admirable (though she is definitely a libfem).

imo a pathetic scrote like that wouldn't even have the guts to talk to you if you could channel true stacy vibes.

No. 189364

Stacies don't care about men's opinions

No. 189365

File: 1621989688622.jpeg (43.66 KB, 495x619, main-qimg-80786a4a8a795b863131…)

Idk, I kind of value if my bf would still be okay if I were stronger than him. He's got a big ego, and was actually a little envious that I could do more sit ups than him just yesterday. I'm sure he wasn't actually angry or anything but he did grovel because he failed, so that's his ego.

I guess I don't TRULY care. But it would be a blow to my self esteem if he ever said anything…. But I also don't like the look of muscle stacies in dresses. Idk something is off about picrel.

This is why I'll never be a true stacy… I care too much about moid opinions

No. 189366

seems like this would fit better on /g/

No. 189367

Muscles are rad
Caring about your bf's opinion, and even worse, taking a blow to your self esteem because of something a moid said, is not Stacy at all. Break up with him if he gets jealous like that of your progress.

No. 189368

>How to become a Stacy
Remember that no one's opinion actually matters. Do what makes you comfortable and feeling good, and look good doing it. Become self sufficient. Get a good job, spend money on experiences not things, and eat healthy. Seek knowledge. Build an active friend group.

>What is a Stacy for you, personally

Someone who is truly happy with themselves. She is never sitting around on the couch for too long. She has nice hair, good style, wakes up early, is flexible/does yoga, and exercises on a regular basis, and makes plans with people.

>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy

After realizing I don't need a man to be happy and acknowledging I need to stop binge eating for my health.

>Talk about your Stacy progress

I've started a plant-based diet and lost 30 pounds. The last time I weighed this much was when I was in grammar school. I'm starting to enjoy cooking, and I'm doing a much better job at cleaning and staying tidy. I have a nice friend group where I live now, but I still feel like an outsider. I need to take the initiative and make plans rather than waiting to be invited.

>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

I don't think I have one. Maybe J.K. Rowling after semi-recent events?

>Support others in their Stacy jorney

You are beautiful. Don't let any scrote dictate how you feel or live your life. Be mindful about what you are putting into your body, you'll look better on the outside.

>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc

Looking at yoga Instagram pages make me want to start yoga.
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
Dis bitch Stacy

No. 189369

To me, personally, being a Stacey is putting across a good front by looking well and not letting others talk about looksmaxing around you (Stacey) or trying to bring you down because you objectively find yourself better to the comparison at all costs. True reckless Stacey is a covert narcissist but you wouldn't know.

No. 189370

That sounds less like narcissism and just being super confident, which I love.

No. 189371

File: 1621991900164.jpg (97.6 KB, 768x960, 4738927540543543.jpg)

>How to become a Stacy
Read a lot of self help books, read a lot in general and learn from pre-existing wisdom so you can think for yourself. Develop your standards and don't let anyone compromise them. Be a warm and generous person to those who deserve it, particularly other women, but maintain boundaries. Work out regularly, take care of yourself and pursue a fulfilling career. Enjoy life, be happy.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
I'm in the process of finishing a degree while working full time so I can eventually move overseas when COVID calms down, like I've always wanted. My exercise is a bit sporadic but I'm doing something and my body looks good. Eating all right, keeping my apartment tidy. Small things for most, but considering I wasted years in abusive relationships, it's a big upgrade for me.
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
I know she's not real, but since we're talking about ideals, probably Ripley. She's an Amazonion badass, intelligent, doesn't take shit from men, fiercely independent but saves kitties and little girls. Yeah. I'd like to be 1/2 the woman she is.
>Support others in their Stacy jorney
I've been wanting to volunteer at a women's sexual abuse shelter/center. It's been hard to find time between working and going to school, but once I've graduated I'll likely have some time before travel, so I'm hoping to do it then.
>What kind of Stacy are you
Hermit Stacy lol. I rarely leave the house except to go on walks around the neighborhood/park, which is nice, but I don't really speak to anyone outside my current obligations. I do want to proactively help other women (see above) but life has just been too hectic lately. Still, I feel good that I'm following my goals and providing for myself rather than trying to actualize friends'/family's/partner's dreams.

No. 189372

File: 1621994752482.gif (211.99 KB, 240x180, BD5A84E8-D3DD-4C5F-9624-8FAEED…)

>How to become a Stacy
You can’t and will never be one. You’re not the main character, whatever cosmic force is fucking up and managing my life is your personal assfucker. This thread is a terrible cope, probably just as cringeworthy as the things that would label an anon a scrote thread.
>What is a Stacy for you, personally
Anons who need to take their meds.
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
Stacies can’t be non-white apparently.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
I hope girlbosses meet a fiery pit of hell.
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
The jannies who keep banning people with ridiculous redtexts. Truly many iconic stacy moments
>Support others in their Stacy jorney
Give me money first
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc
Fuck no, I don’t want to listen to a PULL tard’s music taste.
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
A good sign of internet addiction and brain rot which lead whoever tf made this to fall for neoliberal categories.(ridiculous redtext)

No. 189373

File: 1621995300395.jpg (87.05 KB, 735x728, a47bc42023c572fdbcac652f9af4e6…)

Shut up, Becky

No. 189374

File: 1621995354637.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, anon.png)

>boring channer lingo
>bringing up scrote-calling out of nowhere
>bringing up politics out of nowhere

No. 189375

YWNBS (You Will Never Be Stacy)

No. 189376

What is wrong with you

No. 189377

I'll fill the questionnaire out later but I need some advice or consolation anons. I've been told that I am/could be a Stacy because I dress really nice and know how to style myself after a decade of blunder years (srsly it was terrible) BUT I have such bad social skills. I hate interacting with people and could live without it if society didn't make me feel weird for not hanging with friends. I don't have any female friends bc I don't make any effort to make friends in general. I've met moids through classes who try to get to know me through group work. I'm told that I look intimidating but apparently I give off a cute nerd vibe. NO. I WANT TO SEEM LIKE AN UNTOUCHABLE HBIC JFC. I shut them down when I'm not interested but once they get a vibe of my personality, they've figured me out. Girls ik have told me that my personality/lack of social skills is the reason that many uglies still keep trying to put the moves on me despite them being literal gremlins. It makes me seem closer to their level. It's because I use the internet and am an introvert that they have anything in common with me, if I was an actual stereotypical 'Stacy' who partied, had a nice job, vacationed, and whatever else, then we'd have nothing in common and these niceguys would fuck off.
I want to ask how to give off the untouchable vibe. It's been over a year since the pandemic and I think I'm in a better place confidence wise but nah I'm still a fucking spastic mess. I don't want to be refreshing or girl-next-door. Ik some anon is going to accuse me of bragging but literally nowhere did I brag, I'm socially retarded and have been visually tragic with some bad styling choices which is probs how people in hs remember me.
Anyway I think we can agree that it's not all just looks. It's the aura you give off and if you seem even remotely relatable to a geek then you're out of Stacy zone as far as men are concerned which idgaf about their opinions but dammit I wish the nerdy ones would leave me alone. It's always the same approach too: befriend over shared interests, act like a genuine friend, and then pull the bait and switch reveal that "I've liked you this whole time and want to be more" when the mfer looks like a version of Adam Lanza without the trash bags over his windows…or at the very least like he 100% has a reddit account. Help pls (or share your grief so I know that I'm not alone in this).

No. 189378

*by use the internet I mean I have an internet addiction pretty much and by introvert I really mean social anxiety with no friends irl

No. 189379

File: 1621996046866.jpg (192.96 KB, 480x617, italianstacy.jpg)

I was just thinking today about how funny it would be if stacymaxxing was a meme and here we are lol

> I'm tired of all the name-as-a-meme shit like becky and karen, and going off into regional/ethnic variants which is fucking absurd.
Then you're not going to like my type. Stacymaxxing Italian girl edition lets fucking goooo


No. 189380

Ya can’t manifest being Stacy if u continue thinking like that nonny

No. 189381

File: 1621998315457.jpeg (58.07 KB, 739x415, 966F663B-25CC-456D-9202-E56798…)

>How to become a Stacy
Be kind, give something back to the world and always take care of yourself, like working out, having nice eating habits and enjoying life, from the little things to the big stuff that brings happiness.
>What is a Stacy for you, personally
A woman who wants to see other people thriving and who will give them her honest opinions about what’s going on without being offensive. Staceys are nice, welcoming and they will protect others when someone shitty tries to do shitty stuff. They don’t care about anyone’s unnecessary bad vibes nor their bad criticism, a Stacy is confident enough to know when something comes from a salty or bitter person, and she’s willing to help them at least stop spouting unnecessary vitriol at others.
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
When I changed schools a decade ago, I started working out, I also found a way to calm myself down and made lots of friends.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
After a shitty year, I started working out again, I’ve being visiting all the doctors I have to visit to fix all the little issues that are bothering me like my cracking jaw or my fucked up back I’ve been learning how to cook properly, like, healthy recipes and such by following nutritionists’ advices and such. I’ve also been studying hard and trying to find a job so I can be more independent!
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
Well, tbh, my grandma, she was an HyperStacy, she fist fought the priest of her town to free her sisters from a life full of ignorance at their hometown. She also married a decent man and raised three children, she taught them how to be humble but also that it’s okay to be proud of their successes. She protected my mom, aunt and uncle from all the shit that was going on in our third world country back then, and she did her best to always make sure they were happy, even if she and my grandfather didn’t have the resources for such things.
>Support others in their Stacy journey
Don’t worry, anonitas! I know changes are tough and that you might have bad times and such, but as long as you have your short term, mid term and long term goals set, you will always get back up.
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc
Tbh, I feel like dancing is the best workout ever, I dance a lot at home and it’s great, it doesn’t have to be something with a choreography, it just has to be fun and nice.
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
I’ve been told that I’m calm, so I guess I’m a Calm Stacy.

No. 189382

who is the thread pic?

No. 189383

What video is this? It's unavailable in my region.

No. 189384

NTA, it's 34+35, the other one is just like magic

kali uchis in her "rush" video

No. 189385

if there's no name version (like how for chad there was tyrone for black men, etc.) then it doesn't count and i don't care.

No. 189386

File: 1622000015879.jpg (108.52 KB, 1200x1000, origin.jpg)

Stacies are any race, let's not racebait.
Example: Kali Uchis as OP pic

No. 189387

i could have written some parts of this, lol.
my advice is, moids are moids, dont befriend ones you find ugly. be untouchable by not even being friendable by these guys. i am very polite but distant with people and they mostly leave me alone but ive had many people in college nag me and try to be my friend or probably f me but you just have to be cold and they wont try too hard to befriend you. dont be too friendly

No. 189388

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
Someone hot, rich, educated, talented, and married to a Chad.
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
Cheryl Blossom
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
Fujo Stacy

No. 189389

Recently I was going through a rough period mentally where I just felt physically and mentally inferior, in terms of my looks, my social life, work, everything. I asked a friend for advice and she said it helps to "keep it real with yourself". And I thought "the reality is that I'm the best and nobody is better than me", and I have felt way better ever since. That is when I realized I might have finally taken my first step on the road to being a stacy.

No. 189390

She looks like if gwen and gaga had a child

No. 189391

If you don't want moids attention…don't talk to them? I just act like an airhead to piss them off. It usually works and they leave me alone. It's all about your confidence, men are like dogs and they can smell fear. You're obviously not coming across as confident and cool, but a shy, awkward nerd. Because that's what you are kek, no amount of style will fix it. When you put out that energy out into the world you're only going to receive it back. Start working out, get your shit together, go to a therapist if needed, forget about hs seriously who in their right mind cares about that once they're out, stop being terminally online and go outside.

No. 189392

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
A Stacy is a kind person that is successful and humble. Stacy takes care of her body and her looks because she wants to feel good. She doesn't judge other people, sexualize herself, and she couldn't care less about the people that don't like her.
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
When I realized that I'm a bitter asshole. I'm not exactly a Stacy yet. I have a long way to go.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
Developed a basic skincare routine, tending to my mental health, lost a lot of weight, becoming more empathetic and less critical of others
>Who's your Stacy role model
My bestfriend, sister, and mom
>Share you Stacy stories
Skin care doesn't have to be a pain in the ass. Keep it simple. However, you need to wear sunscreen if you want to age gracefully
>What kind of Stacy are you
Introverted Stacy ig

No. 189393

>Moids quivering and stuttering at your presence
That's hot.

No. 189394

NTA but I want to have this mentality to it, well not that it's hot but being neutral or smug that they are so nervous. as it is my kindness takes over and I try to ease their anxiety. sucks, I want to know the solution.

No. 189395

You need to break the socialisation of wanting to be attractive to men and wanting everyone to like you. The moment you become sexually confident enough to not pander to fragile male ego most men will decide you are a conceited bitch so your motivations to become this way can't be rooted in wanting men to like you.

No. 189396

thanks nonny
Jesus christ who hurt you anon wtf

No. 189397

File: 1622055649121.jpg (436.04 KB, 1280x714, descargar (5).jpg)

I want to be a muscle woman stacy!!!

No. 189398

File: 1622059916111.jpg (129.96 KB, 909x909, 79376419_640778176666082_45722…)

My stacy idol. She had no talent for singing but made up her mind and started taking lessons. She screams like a banshee and movies like a cat. I could tell you more but let's leave it at that

No. 189399

Please motivate me to work out and eat healthier so I can become a Stacy

No. 189400

File: 1622155704030.jpg (117.93 KB, 735x922, 2eefca76c41f5b7e5d6a8adb32ae1e…)

Eat healthy and exercise to become your better stacyself, bb

No. 189401

To start exercising and make it easier, I recommend doing a super small amount. Like, do 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats, 10 dips. Maybe that’ll be enough for you, but maybe that will spur you on to do another 3 sets. Don’t push yourself to have the perfect regimen right away, that way you’ll still be doing something but won’t be overwhelmed and super sore/tired. Let your body adapt naturally and don’t feel pressure to do all or nothing.

No. 189402

Pwease any more Stacycore songs nonnies? I'm making a playlist.

I use darebee workouts if you or anyone doesn't know where to begin with starting a routine. If you eat healthier + 3x a day you will feel better physically and mentally anon, don't give up! Also like >>189401 said if you skip a workout don't just say you'll start fresh next week. I did that every week for longer than I'd care to admit. Do the next exercise day and move on from it.

No. 189403

good advice, i used to work out so hard that it hurt so much and then i just dropped it because it wasn't worth it to me. Now i decided to just do a little bit of weights and go on walks, the results are actually way more obvious than i expected. Dont do the shit they do on the biggest loser, just move a bit more and ramp it up as u get stronger. its way better to do gradually it feels so low effort its great

No. 189404

Do the Cindy Crawford shape your body workout video, it’s all on YouTube. All you need is two hand weights, a pillow and a chair. It’ll kick your ass and the video itself is super aesthetically pleasing and Cindy is so cute and bubbly.

No. 189405

File: 1622169522787.png (572.13 KB, 459x742, 392847032984039274.png)

Bunch of workouts by one of the early proponents of interval training, Zuzana. Quick 5-20 min workouts that keep it interesting and get your heart going. They will give results even without going hard for an hour. Also she used to be stuck with a manipulative scrote husband but is now divorced from him and manages her own business. She looks great and is very much a sweet strong Czech stacy.

No. 189406

>Stacycore songs
Jamila Woods writes really good stuff.

>Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me

>I'm not lonely, I'm alone
>And I'm holy by my own

>Ye, the bad days may come

>The lover may leave
>The winter may not
>Hey, the map of your palms
>The temple you be
>You're all that you got

>My cup is full up, what I got is enough

>Nobody completes me, don't mess with my stuff

No. 189407

File: 1622191906026.jpg (50.39 KB, 548x408, IMG_20210528_095118.jpg)

My ultimate Stacey

No. 189408

I need to build a home gym and put Marina on every wall, next to my 2D husbandos.

No. 189409

File: 1622193861452.jpg (91.14 KB, 668x994, IMG_20210528_102441.jpg)

No. 189410

She has the most insane body tbh like super thin, super fit AND super busty all at once. She makes VS model bodies look attainable.

No. 189411

I think it's all the karma for how brilliant her music is. I love Marina's mind. God really blessed us all with an angel.

No. 189412

File: 1622196525183.jpg (256.27 KB, 681x1024, gettyimages-808902400-1024x102…)

Before you get too envious about her body, remember that she has breast implants. I don't think plastic surgery diminishes her natural beauty or god-given talent at all, but I'd love for her (as well as other celebrities [women especially]) to be more open about their cosmetic procedures as to avoid adding on to the insecurities of their audience.

No. 189413

I remember one of her first interviews with elle or glamour or something like that she had to bring her own bras to the shoot because she's like a g cup or something. I didn't think she had surgery.

No. 189414

Even though she's covered up you can see in her first official MV she's got big tits and the frame for them. I always found it refreshing that Marina never felt the need to parade her big chest about lol but good for her either way, if I wanted to emulate her chest I'd have to get a boob job anyway, I don't think there's an exercise for that.

No. 189415

>Marina's music
Lmfao ok. Even on Family Jewels, her supposedly best album she sounds like she's bitching at the listener for failing at being a pop icon. Anyway her good looks helped her with having a music career in the first place, so you have it wrong.

No. 189416

That was her first album and her lyrics have improved a lot. Music is subjective anyway and I love her songs. She's my queen!!!

No. 189417

This is not very Stacy of you

No. 189418

why are you so mad KEK

No. 189419

I don't get the hype around her looks or music either, but it's the Stacy thread. I hope we can let other anons talk about their inspirations and not tear other women down; there's the rest of the board for that.

No. 189420

File: 1622220652930.jpg (38.29 KB, 500x334, unnamed.jpg)

She doesn't have implants though. Pic rel is from 2008.

No. 189421

File: 1622608412717.jpg (9.41 KB, 279x181, 1231.jpg)

How do you act more normie, anons?

I can speak to people on the surface level fine, but if people pry or I speak with them for longer periods of time I think my inner internet-person starts awkwardly slipping out in the verbage I use, the jokes I laugh at, etc. I'm considering picking up some normie hobbies other than video games so I can have conversation topics but I never feel like I'm on the same wavelength speaking to normies if this makes sense.

>inb4 autism

Not autistic, just painfully awkward and maladjusted from years of internet culture. How to cope?

No. 189434

I'm not sure if any of this will help you, but I think maybe a good line to draw is to not say any 'chan lingo' out loud, limit yourself to only typing them, that way they'll seem weird coming out of your mouth.
>I never feel like I'm on the same wavelength speaking to normies if this makes sense.
It does, just means that you don't know what to say about a given topic or that you're too nervous to, which is completely okay and I see that you're improving on that right now. Just ask questions, even if they seem stupid or obvious, like if someone just said they read a certain book, ask any open ended question that will keep them talking. ex.
>'I just read Dune'
>'Oh, yeah? What's it about/Have you read any other books in the meantime/Why did you decide to read this one specifically?'
This helped me when imageboards fried my brain into not knowing how to talk to other people face-to-face.
Also remember that there's no really strict division into 'normie' and you, all that seperates normies from you in this way is that they just maybe haven't heard of certain vidya, whatever - people are people, and when it comes down to it, there's no reason to be nervous talking to others that on the base level experience the same exact things you do.

No. 189485

Thanks for being so kind. As of lately I've figured out it's better to keep quiet than to spew words because that's when my cringe "chan lingo" comes out. I like the idea of letting them talk more, but now I just worry I'm the creepy quiet girl who just listens to conversations and doesn't contribute. Better than being a blatant internet-dweller I suppose.

Thanks again anon, the last bit really helped put things into perspective <3

No. 189659

File: 1622740549858.jpg (46.28 KB, 374x547, 4.butterfry.jpg)

I'm struggling with similar issues. I've had a reasonably normie friend group in the past but even with them I was always 'the weird one'. They didn't give me shit for it or anything but when I would say something they'd be like "haha anon that's so you". They'd never really be on the same wavelength as me even if we did talk about the same stuff.

So nowadays I'm really insecure about how I come across to normies. I still try to be spontaneous and speak my mind normally in conversations, but there's always this nervousness about whether I'm being weird in the back of my head. Somehow it feels like they can sense I'm different just by looking at me. Like, I've been at techno raves where all I was doing was dancing, just like everyone else, and had people come up to me saying I look like I don't belong there. Random strangers apparently think I look awkward or shy and out of place even when I'm seriously just having fun. I don't want to take random peoples comments that seriously but it certainly doesn't help my confidence. It feels like even the way I walk and emote and move my body tells normies I'm an imposter. I'm not even autistic.

>now I just worry I'm the creepy quiet girl who just listens to conversations and doesn't contribute
Unless you're super quiet people probably won't think it's weird and if anything appreciate that you're a good listener. Don't force yourself to not say anything though, I know I just called myself out on having the same problems but to some extent you should always be able to show your personality. Regardless of whether it's a normie or not, anyone worth befriending isn't going to drop you for being a bit different. The other anon has some great advice though, and I think picking up some more normie friendly hobby will help too. You don't have to suddenly enjoy normie shows or sports or anything, but just being interested in something like fashion or food/cooking will already make for good conversation topics. Apart from that, this depends on the person but you can have tons of good conversations about personal events and feelings, thought experiments or hypothetical ideas, future plans, stuff that is in no way related to hobbies or having knowledge of a specific topic. Being able to hold a conversation by asking the other person open ended questions and all that is much more important than having normie hobbies.

No. 189666

People who feel the need to come up to you and tell you that you look like you don't belong or that you're being weird or whatever are weird themselves, and pretty rude tbh. What kind of person takes it upon themself to police how others are expressing themsleves, anyway? Do you really want to be beholden to the opinions of people like that?

If anything, they might be sensing your nervousness about being accepted. Even if you never get accepted by the "normies", you can at least get your insecurities about them to fuck off by telling yourself that you simply do not have the time or energy to worry about how you look to other people when you're just going about your day. If you look carefully, you'll see that even normies walk funny, laugh obnoxiously, make stupid jokes and quips, don't dress like supermodels (or even vaguely resemble them, kek), and generally have "unattractive" or "weird" habits too. Absolutely no one is perfect, and trying to make yourself as acceptable as possible to people who don't really give a shit about you is pointless and frustrating. I'm not telling you to pick fights with people or stonewall them the second you sense that they don't accept you, but the only person you really have to impress on this philosophical level is yourself. Everyone else can fucking deal as long as you're reasonably polite, firm about your boundaries, and have decent hygeine.

No. 189668

File: 1622743975603.jpg (34.56 KB, 267x350, original-3485344-2.jpg)

> somehow it feels like they can sense I'm different just by looking at me
I've struggled with the same thoughts but it really helped me to realize that it's just a cognitive distortion. it's a projection of your own insecurities and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. if you go around thinking "ugh I'm so weird, everyone can tell that I'm not normal" then that's the energy you'll send out and people can pick up on that energy when it seeps out of your mind and into the way you carry yourself.
> I've been at techno raves where . . . people come up to me saying I look like I don't belong there
my first thought is that this sounds like negging: an act of emotional manipulation whereby a person makes a comment to undermine another person's confidence and increase their need of the manipulator's approval. lots of pickup artists use this method of flirting. my second thought is that it's a strange way to strike up a conversation generally, even if they're not trying to flirt with you, they're trying to make you feel insecure. anyone who deliberately tries to make a stranger feel insecure for no apparent reason is not worth befriending (to use your own words lol)

No. 189718

Random people coming up to you and saying that stuff is weird as fuck. Echoing what the other anons said, that's on them, not on you. ACTUAL normie, functioning, non-shitty people will just pretend to not see you if you're doing something genuinely weird. To get themselves involved like that also makes me think negging. Cringe and not very Stacy of them.

I'm probably overthinking it, but do people really appreciate when you ask them dumb, open ended questions about their hobbies/books/etc? Obviously not too dumb of questions, but I just worry it annoys people having to educate somebody completely novice about their hobby.

No. 190271

I love being a stacy!

No. 190273

Too bad you don't love saging your shit!

No. 190306

File: 1622957063082.jpg (115.95 KB, 1000x541, Women_of_Rojava_are_true_Staci…)

>how to become a Stacy
I do whatever I want, I'm ungovernable.
>what is a Stacy for you, personally
A woman who takes what she wants and gives nothing back
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
I never started listening to scrotes in the first place
>Talk about your Stacy progress
100kg squat, 85kg bench, 70kg OHP, 150kg deadlift, sharp shooter, intimidates men, managers, bosses automatically
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
me, myself and I, but I'm inspired by any woman who takes her liberty back and is ungovernable
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts etc.
The cube method or any other good strength program. See pic related for who I think is a good example of a Stacy.
>Support others in their Stacy journey
Once more people are vaccinated, I'll be giving free self defense classes (women only). I want to start some sort of community defense group, police do jackshit to help women.
>What kind of Stacy are you?
Muscular lesbian

No. 190309

>I'm ungovernable
>Once more people are vaccinated

No. 190311

Who is she?? She’s gorgeous
I want to be a Stacy as well but idk how

No. 190327

'traitor', to who? QAnon burger "libertarians"?

No. 190342

File: 1622966735913.jpg (205.02 KB, 600x900, LuciaCifarelli_FelixSalazar05.…)

It is Lucia Cifarelli and yes she is. She is 50 years old by the way

No. 190363

everyone who is skeptical of forced injections is a nazi conspiracy theorist. now take your jab uwu

No. 190364

>assuming everyone is a burger or in a country where vaccinations are widely available or even forced

No. 190369

no anon don't become a normie it's too painful you will become a hollow shell of yourself. like i tried to 'fit in' for so long and i forgot everything i loved about myself and just hated myself even more for never successfully being on other people's wavelengths/ while also never fully developing the parts of me that i wanted to. i repressed so much of my passion and things i was excited about to 'be like others'. the ideal dream is to find people whom you can be yourself around without feeling weird (and accept that there are differences) while also being encouraged to be your best self, while you do the same for them.

or at least don't focus on making changes to try to fit in, i'm sure there are things to do that you wanna do for yourself rn that are non internet related…could be writing, something nature related, sports, music, writing comedy scripts or comics idk.

there is a way to do it that benefits you…look at the people you wanna interact with, talk to, kinda have a similar life to. not necessarily normies around you, just anyone in your sphere or like an internet personality or a celeb or writer or artist you're into idk.. maybe they're part of a certain subculture, maybe they make clay pots. idk. these are people you'd wanna hang out with cuz you do share some of the same interests in life. what are some of the things they do that you can bring into your life? comparison can be a useful tool when you're trying to decide what kind of things would help you develop yourself further.

No. 190374

File: 1622982793506.jpg (40.87 KB, 425x700, 11af7ed145b61701857cc976dca588…)

>What is a Stacy for you, personally

stacy is one of the my shapeshifting forms - i will not /always/ be a stacy, but she is me when i am most aligned with my energies in a moment. where i am authentic and loud and not worried about what others are thinking of me, instead i am living in the moment and choosing to do what most energizes me. and that could be making an effort to /see/ someone else and make others feel comfortable and authentic, to support someone in a time of need, to shine at a party, to be in my room making art, to be in nature with my camera making the film i know i want to see, i know i am capable of making. to be assertive and go after what i want, but not because of insecurity and 'what others are doing', but trusting my intuition.

i think i got it! stacy is me when i am in touch with my intuition, making choices that align with my ether, while also very much grounded in an earthly presence.

>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy

because of all the fucking suffering i went through to try and fit in and be normal. i have felt like a 'weirdo' throughout my entire life. and, sure, while everyone feels this way - weirdo girls know what i am talking about. if i am out in public, i can tell who was weird in high school and who wasn't, and how that's made them who they are at this very moment - and girls who weren't 'weirdos' in high school will never understand my experience. i was (and still am a bit) very resentful of that fact.

but we aren't in school anymore and if i wasn't a weirdo, i don't know who i'd be – and all my stacy role models have been weirdos who embraced it. i killed so much of myself to fit in and mould myself to be 'normal' in the eyes of others. i regret it so much. i have adhd and anxiety and depression and a whole cocktail of shit, which i feel like very much ties into my experience of being an 'other'. and i'm so sick of how it has defined my life at the hands of others and i want to decide for myself now!

>Talk about your Stacy progress

it's a very inner-world progress so to speak. i am not even 10% there yet, and i keep having setbacks but i am making an effort to journal (shadow work self love etc etc), be mindful, work on my patterns of jealousy and resentment and anger at others, and all the hatred i have for myself. in the physical sense i am working out more (have always been the 'fat' girl.. coupled w being a weirdo, it's the worst lmao, we are ruthlessly ripped into and we deal with it in such fucked up ways that haunt us for the rest of our lives.. went the eatind disorder route and lost a lot of it in college just so i could have sex and milk that sex appeal which was…not my thing, i realised), trying to do strength workouts as i am interested in being strong enough to do treks and nature stacy stuff. i am also eating well for #dat glow and working on sewing my own clothes for my #uniquelook which is a mix of boho-nature-mysterious artist-hippie-18thcentury-90s riot grrrl-emocore-internetcore… etc you get the point.

>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

courtney love changed my fucking life man. i was 13 years old when i heard live through this and pretty on the inside for the first time. i can't explain how much it validated my entire existence - that there were other weirdo women out there who took that experience and channeled all their pain and anger into their dark pink art while doing everything - movie star lyfe, fashion icon, rock queen, manga artist??/ etc. just unapologetically loud and angry and messy.

other stacies that inspire me: florence welch, grimes, marina, shirley manson, kathleen hanna, miranda july, phoebe waller-bridge (women in comedy!), gabi abrao (sighswoon)… i guess it's relevant, i am indian and being born a woman in india is… uh not exactly a lottery draw. i am upper middle class here so can't complain but also inspired by all the v ambitious hard cool funny women i have known who've been working to #makeit in this country. and the 13 year old bedroom dreamer in me <3

>Support others in their Stacy jorney

idk man we can do it? it's hard being a woman and coping with all the emotions from hate and jealousy to love and tenderness that go into our relationships with other women and ultimately how we see ourselves.. so i guess i just want you to know that i see you!!! and i hope you see me too. and we can all see each other for who we are, are trying to be, will be (creatures who are just moving between forms after all) and find ways to make our existence on this planet a little more bearable.

>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc

stacy manifestation music!




>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

ethereal formless stacy who shifts between being an outdoorsy nature hoe, a drugged out mysterious artist, quick witted chick at a dinner party, ~the tech girl~ of the friend group, solid travel buddy, abundant dreamer energy, a giving caring nurse, not so good with money but has made friends who can give solid advice, NO JEALOUSY stacyl…etc.

No. 190377

>Stacy's are natural
>Posts woman with dolly parton laughable implants

No. 190378

based schizo rocker stacy

No. 190379

Uh, can we not perpetuate incel culture and use incel terminology? Be a better version of yourself, sure, but don’t shape your goals around fucking incel lingo. This thread is so stupid. Y’all should feel ashamed.

No. 190380

File: 1622987432807.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

I see the point that you're making but

No. 190387

You know damn well that half of this thread is r9k scrotes and ngl I love it

No. 190393

for me it's just fun to articulate what a 'better self' might look like, i don't have 'i am going to be stacy!!!!' on my wall..and i don't think any femanons here genuinely feel that way either lmao

if anything could this be a 'reclamation' of stacy. #stacy is all of us

i see your point but i also feel like words have as much power as you give them etc, not sure where i stand on this cuz like we're all gonna die and like i've typed stacy so many times now it literally means nothing stacy stacy stacy stacy stacy.

i guess i could be wrong, and yeah something like this just perpetuates incel culture but like… not 4 me?

No. 190423

>Posts photo of her tits in 2008 barely showing/mostly hidden by a microphone
Why are you like this
Also jfk didn't she admit and make jokes about her implants on myspace way back when?

No. 190427

File: 1622999349602.jpg (43.5 KB, 423x634, R_aKxVd8GSn6-ee31DMYiMiaGFGcXv…)

No. 190428

Why are people still mad at my Stacey queen but this photo does leave me confused. Not that it matters. Stacey is a state of mind.

No. 190443

Fuck yeah. You have motivated me to live.

No. 190444

File: 1623000840090.jpg (44.75 KB, 342x512, unnamed.jpg)


That's what big tits look in a sad unsupportive bralette or a pointier bra. Picrel is a year earlier than your photo.

No. 190453

File: 1623002143794.jpg (135.84 KB, 733x1100, 1461940482130.jpg)

anon… just give it up. a bra doesn't take you from this
to picrel

No. 190454

File: 1623002303426.jpeg (70.8 KB, 600x600, FA75438C-AEC6-4E72-90EA-0F83BF…)

>if i am out in public, i can tell who was weird in high school and who wasn't, and how that's made them who they are at this very moment - and girls who weren't 'weirdos' in high school will never understand my experience.
>and all my stacy role models have been weirdos who embraced it.
>boho-nature-mysterious artist-hippie-18thcentury-90s riot grrrl-emocore-internetcore.. I’m doing the opposite of all those trendy things but I get you kek I love dressing as a whirlwind of diff flavors lol.
> that last paragraph <333

I love and thank you, I wish I could meet all you weirdos so we could vibe our newly found ‘Stacy’ energy together<3

No. 190456

It absolutely can, I have boobs like hers and can look a lot smaller in an ill fitting bra. I've never been this close to posting my tits online just to prove a point.

No. 190477

So do I and there's no way in hell can simple styling make me look like an A cup

No. 190479

I didn't want to die an uggo never having achieved my peak. It's like that old quote, what a shame to die without having achieved your physical peak.

So I got very lean and fit, learned how to do makeup, got rich through my business, learned how to stop giving a fuck, learned how to draw people towards myself through body language and conversation skills.

No. 190481

>scrotes think a bad bra can magically add or take 10 lbs of tit

No. 190486

File: 1623008327962.jpg (93.37 KB, 480x656, FNP_BFO_0032804-480x656.jpg)

Marina apparently wore nothing but minimizer bad bras and styling until 2008 when her boobs magically got bigger

No. 190490

Just admit you have small tits and have no idea how big tits work. I can look relatively medium or extremely busty with lots of cleavage depending on the bra I’m wearing and I have big tits and a small waist like her. She’s like a g cup. I can tell from that pic that her tits are real.

No. 190493

Boobs grow and shrink based on a persons fat distribution. I have a fuller bust and am constantly changing bra sizes. You can tell they’re not fake because they don’t look round, firm and implanty, they look soft and fatty. I know being a chestlet is depressing but please don’t let it impact your world view. Marina doesn’t have implants. She doesn’t even try to show of her tits, she never has.

No. 190494

Another day another tit argument

No. 190496

>I can tell from that pic her tits are real
Lol, you clearly know nothing about boob jobs then, Trisha payatas admits to having a boob job and bragging about it but in clothes they look completely natural and even sag like normal boobs. Why do you care if people think celebrity boobs are fake and why do you think it's impossible for celebrities to have fake boobs? Do you just think LA plastic surgery clinics are only ever hit up by the Kardashians?

No. 190498

>Wears boob showing bras on stage
>She doesn't try to!!
>She gets more muscles but her tits some how get bigger even though she clearly lost fat

Only a white knighting scrote would care this much about someone calling their waifus tits fake

No. 190499

File: 1623009265534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.7 KB, 240x362, 240px-TrishaPaytas.jpg)

For reference this is Trisha paytas, she's had a boob job since forever, not all boob jobs are big giant basketballs. That being said marina already had big boobs before but they tripled in size, boobs look better the more breast tissue you have when you get implants

Oh and the "she doesn't show off her boobs" is laughable in a thread that just posted tons of pics of her in bralettes, crop tops, body con dresses, etc

No. 190500

Spoiler your porn

No. 190501

Oops sorry I didn't see her nipples

No. 190502

She has old blogposts complaining about her big boobs. I don't think someone who got implants would complain or not mention the surgery at all.

No. 190504

>Why would she complain about it if she had implants
Mia and Trisha both made "big boob problems" statements… Lol

No. 190505

Don't know or have an opinion on if she got a boob job. But I'm just here to say that my tits grew like 2-3 cup sizes in a month, a few months ago. I'm very thin, didn't gain weight, didn't change anything, I don't know why they decided to grow in my mid 20s but they did.

I don't know how common this is

No. 190506

Marinas changed drastically though, she looks like a full C or small D to a straight up large G cup despite losing weight, also they look pretty hard imo

No. 190508

Just googled them, wow you're right. Those are huge, I don't know why anyone would get a boob job to make them that big. I already can't deal with my new Cs (but maybe I'm just used to not having boobs)

No. 190510

The only proof you have is that one photo from 2010, when there's plenty of photos from 08/09 where her breasts look much bigger. You can see here http://www.rockabilly.net/marina/photos/ that sometimes she looks busty in both 09 and 08 and sometimes doesn't.

No. 190511

I'm not a scrote, and I wasn't aware all Stacys were natural. Did I say that or did OP allude to that or is that some sort of rule? If you're referring to when I said "none of the instagram BBL shit" this is what I meant: obvious lipo reallocation, face injections, botox, lip plumper, BBL etc.

Also, there's also really nothing with getting a boob job. It's up to you and what you're comfortable with.

No. 190516

Push up bras are a thing even for someone with big boobs and she was doing the electra heart era, big tits = smaller waist.

I remember when these photos first came out. Her tits are just more compressed here since being thin was still the main trend back then. Scene queen's like audrey kitching was wearing stuff like this. People really underestimated what different types of bras can do.

No. 190529

Only a salty insecure breastlet would care this much about another woman’s tits and whether they’re real or not in the first place. Also
>everyone who disagrees with me is a scrote
Gets so goddamn tiring. Forget Stacy, you are channeling your inner brainlet.
All pop stars and “stacies” where the fashionable and modern garments that you just listed. It’s just because you’re insecure that you see it as her trying to hypnotise everyone with her tits into throwing money at her. I can’t believe us marinafags are being called “scrotish” when you come out with shit like that? Just because she has assets doesn’t mean she’s constantly trying to show them off.

No. 190534

Okay anons you got me - no one in Hollywood ever gets work done

No. 190536

>She doesn't show off her tits! This is 100% she's never had a boob job
>There's a ton of pictures of her showing them off
>No everyone wears that you psychopath

No. 190537

Shes not “in Hollywood” you autist, She’s a Welsh independent pop singer with big ass tits gtfo. You just sound like you know nothing about her. You see big tits and you go into an insecure Becky tardrage tirade.

No. 190538

Just because they exist in your realm of sight doesn’t mean she’s “showing off”. You are the one who sounds like a scrote.

No. 190540

Her main house is literally in LA dude. Why are you so pissed off over someone thinking a star has a boobjob? Celebrities get surgeries all the time, you wouldn't give two shits if I said someone else you don't care about had surgery done so why have a shit flinging breasts when people raise an eyebrow that marinas tits went from Bs to Gs as soon as she got famous ? You even tried to use the bullshit "I know for fact those aren't implants because they don't look like it" excuse and we're debunked. You don't know if she had implants nor do I, but tits don't just magically go from handful to canalopes with the work of a bra, why even defend something you don't even know about and she's never confirmed or denied?

No. 190541

My thoughts exactly. Other anon sounds salty af. I was orinigal anon that posted marina as Stacy and the whole thing started because someone was assmad I called marina an angel. Because I jokingly said because she's so fucking pure she looks gorgeous. Get over it, marina is hot and talented af. Seethe

No. 190543

File: 1623017881001.jpg (37.41 KB, 394x594, 6ffc9358c58b2c099030a397cff135…)

I pointed out she wore outfits that purposely showed off cleveage and her boobs you psychopath, now you're obviously playing mental gymnastics because someone said your all holy queen was less than a god built angel. Imagine living on this earth for several years to flip your shit at celebrity critics

No. 190544

You're nuts. When she first came out with the family jewels she stated in an elle interview her tits were g cups. This dress >>190486 you can see her tits are compressed bit still look full. It's deceptive styling her cup size still looks massive the end of the boob is like the start of the mouse's ear. These dresses were trendy. Katy Perry a fellow big boob haver wore similar dresses and her tits were slimmed down for the look.

Marina started as an indie singer. It took for her to be established before she broke America and even moved there. She didn't get tits for breaking America. I've saw her live a few times and she's always had noticeably big tits even back in 2009.

No. 190545

File: 1623017946939.jpg (47.42 KB, 480x640, dbffb1eb64f8cabbb7445dd583a1dd…)

I'm not the anon you're talking about, I agree marina is hot but she's clearly not natural, she also appeared to have a nose job as well

No. 190546

The end of the mouses ears even, like the base.

She doesn't flaunt her tits in the typical way you tend to see some women do. You're being obtuse.

No. 190547

File: 1623018132225.png (115.91 KB, 220x333, Marina_@_The_Greek_10_04_2019.…)

Because boob jobs didn't exist pre 2008 apparently
Also in EVERY single picture of her pre 2008/2009 she had smaller boobs, then everything in 2010 and after she just has watermelon boobs, you think someone would catch her in anything outside of the minimizing bra and outfit if the whole "she wore nothing but boob hiding stuff" thing is true

No. 190548

Either way what does it matter. Again I was op and this is started because someone couldn't handle my high opinion of Marina and somehow her having suspected cosmetic surgery makes her less worthy of my respect. Piss off lol

No. 190549

File: 1623018224158.jpg (48.03 KB, 750x500, 543905ea68317544e734bd67aa6480…)

>She didn't show them OFF off she just showed them off but not as much as nude models but she just wore a typical boob showing shirt but it doesn't count because everyone else wears them
Girl just stfu

No. 190550

She’s not showing anything off here you jealous, insecure psycho kek.
YWN be Stacy you titless wonder.

No. 190552

File: 1623018424226.jpg (72.35 KB, 722x722, Eyz-jJhWUAIUNm3.jpg)

Didn't say that, you're thinking of another anon, I just agreed with her having plastic surgery

No. 190553

You want her to wear a fucking smock just so that you don’t have to think about your own undesirable figure? Are you a fucking Troon? Girl just stfu.

No. 190554

Okay anon you got me I'm nothing but a big bad mean jealous flat girl because marina has not once shown off her tits ever she practically dresses like a nun

No. 190555

Her first few MVs for the family jewels era she was modestly dressed, Shampaign you'll probably be flustered because she wears a going out dress and she has cleavage. Where you the anon trying to insinuate she only has a career cause of her tits? She covered them up in her first few releases, I'm sure the general public wasn't privy to this pre album launch performance. Like give it a rest. No one stated she dresses like a fucking puritan. I stated over a week ago its refreshing that she's built like a fucking goddess more or less yet doesn't flaunt it in an off putting way. Like I don't know if you're autistic and can't grasp this. There's some pop stars that just completely pander to the male gaze. Get a life.

No. 190556

File: 1623018618300.jpg (299.94 KB, 862x1280, tumblr_o3zyts3Ld11r8v0v1o1_128…)

Okay anon because apparently saying this is showing your boobs off is somehow saying she needs to wear a smock

I don't care what she wears, but the whole "she doesn't dress immodestly" argument has to be one of the most retarded things I've read all day

No. 190557

Not actively doing everything in her power to completely obscure it, is considered flaunting it in chestletanons opinion. She’s so jealous kek.

No. 190559

That's the same performance I posted the first post that started this discussion are you retarded. Is this suppose to show us up? How is that immodest? Are we forgetting some female singers are essentially naked on stage these days. Jesus fucking christ. Forgive us for liking a healthy woman that writes her own music.

No. 190560

That is a stage outfit. She is in the pop industry. If she was a short necked chestlet like Ariana, you wouldn’t accuse her of showing off or imply that it’s the only reason she has a career. You’re jealous. So sorry your bf salivates over big titted women in your presence but it doesn’t mean you should undermine them and their abilities.

No. 190561

File: 1623018765044.png (494.06 KB, 500x561, Pe5JO60.png)

So sorry anon! Could you ever forgive me for ever saying this modest queen wears revealing things?

No. 190562

If a woman with a b cup wore that you wouldn’t call it immodest. You clearly have double standards based on your own seething jealousy.

No. 190564

But no one said she doesn't show skin? First fucking photo posted she is wearing a bralet. The autism levels are off the charts with you.

No. 190565

Saying other singers are naked on stage isn't an argument
This still isn't an argument, and no starting another hypothetical argument with me about what I "would" so or do isn't an argument
No, wearing bras on stage is, by definition, showing boobs. Why does this bother you so much? It's 2021, no one cares if women dress slutty and im not saying she needs to wear a smock or anything, she simply just wears a lot of skin tight stuff that reveals a lot of skin. No "it's a stage outfit" will not change that, no "but other girls are naked" won't change that. She wears it, deal with it and get over it

No. 190568

What's the arguement then? No one other than you has suggested that she needs to cover up.

No. 190569

Yes they were kek. And you're still trying to claim she's the queen of modesty.
>If THIS happened
If a b cupped girl wore this and you said she never shows off her body and I pull up this picture, I would say this exact thing. Do you know how ridiculous people would sound if they said Ariana grande didn't show off her body and then when people pull of pictures of her doing exactly that they say "it's a stage outfit! You wouldn't say anything if she was x ! Other girls are naked on stage now!"
Insane, right?

No. 190570

Why are you so insistent that she’s immodest and deliberately pertaining to her sex appeal in every performance? Not everyone sees her that way. You are INSISTING that it’s reality. You are jealous and have some internalised misogyny. Get over it, it’s 2021 not everything has to be about skelly pedobait.

No. 190571

Point to me where I said she needed to cover up
I said she doesn't dress modestly and you're fighting to death to prove she does for some reason and then playing mental gymnastics when I show you pictures of clearly immodest outfits

No. 190572

Again, I was op from 9 days ago, and it was myself that said I found marina refreshing for being built like porn star but not making her image be about being sexy. Like this isn't hard to understand. You're deliberately being an annoying cunt.

No. 190573

File: 1623019350991.jpg (160.3 KB, 1024x1024, 1458292048313.jpg)

Latex fetish gear is peak modesty and anything otherwise is "unfair, wanting women to wear smocks, and pedophiley"

No. 190574

She literally wrote a song about fucking men who are in relationships and most her songs about sex

No. 190575

File: 1623019604339.jpg (1.14 MB, 4128x2322, 20151201_205131.jpg)

You're very confused I've already called you retarded for posting a photo from the same set I did >>189407

I've never called marina immodest. You're just instigating shit. You can't keep track of how many anons are arguing against you so you're flip flipping.

I loved her latex looks.

No. 190576

Lol awk anon doesn't understand concept art

No. 190577

File: 1623019665891.jpeg (10.86 KB, 236x309, 2EB68217-3876-4F51-AD62-223BDD…)

Cope and seethe titlettè. YWN be Stacy. YWL like mom from futurama if you wore this and not sexy at all.

No. 190578

File: 1623019674097.jpeg (63.09 KB, 427x640, IMG_3810.jpeg)

Clearly marina must have had a stunt double to wear all those revealing clothes because she's a perfect angel who would never sexualize herself like most celebrities

No. 190579

Lol be bitter anon. She's obviously aware she's hot af as is her wont, but she has talent too which I am thankful for. God bless!!

No. 190580

>Her sexual songs about being a whore are just art
You fans are something else. Why cant you admit she sexualizes herself and go
>Well you're ugly
Been watered down so much on lolcow you know if someone used it here that's when you know you're winning

No. 190581

What the hell are you talking about? Still waiting on the supposed post I made where I told her to cover up

No. 190582

Stop being a seething femcel in the Stacy thread. Go cry into your training bra.

No. 190584

Jesus anon, you're really mad I hold her in high esteem. This thread is about fucking Stacy's like what is your damage. Marina is a class act. She's obviously gorgeous. She writes abour her experiences and from points of views from others. She's even wrote a song from the perspective of the planet. She's multifaceted. She's amazing. She has confidence. She does things her own way. I a fan for a reason. I don't find her to be hypocritical because marina has never went on a soapbox and proclaimed she's a virtuous virgin. I have put her on a pedestal and you really feel a type of way about it. It's very strange.

No. 190586

I don't care if you worship her but if you keep denying reality that's your problem. She writes sexual songs and wears fetish gear, bras, etc in photoshoots and on stage. She clearly wants her presence to be sexual, why does that bother you so much when someone says it? And then you play mental gymnastics to justify it
>Well you're ugly
Okay that showed me marina is the modest natural queen

No. 190589

I haven't denied reality you spastic. I never said she doesn't sexualise herself. I'm very aware of her discography and her visual concepts. I like her as a person. I don't find her vulgar. I like the themes she explores in her art. I like the hobbies she showcases on her social media like when she got into flower arranging lol. I like the causes she stands for. I like her style. These are a few of the reasons I find her to be my ultimate Stacy.

No. 190591

And that's fine, but trying to fight anyone that says she shows off her body is crazy

No. 190592

Sorry to samefag. I'm not mad that you're pointing out the obvious of her publicly released photos. It's the context of why youre brigading. Her big tits are apparently a reason to discredit her talents. >>189415 10 days ago…

No. 190594

That wasn't me, I just said she wears things that aren't modest and her body doesn't look natural

No. 190597

No one else said she was modest though. >>189414 I said it was refreshing that she doesn't parade her big chest about. In a world of Kardashian tits, Kylie Jenners, Cardi Bs, even tame pop acts like Little Mix, Marina is different in how she's styled and comes across. She's aged her style well since she first debuted around 2007. She's kept up a fit body and has famously went against convention and went grey too. When she stayed up the Froot touring era she did interviews about her military styled workouts and how she got into shape. She seems normal and chill compared to other stars. She took a break from touring and music and took classes at a uni. Her music has evolved with her, but she's always seemed like Marina.

Even if she has had cosmetic surgery she looks natural and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

No. 190599

okay wait wasn't this argument originally about whether she has implants or not? because her implants are really obvious in this picture. I think it's fine that she has them, she looks good.

No. 190601

Not the round top thing again. Big enough breasts with sufficient lift (bra, shapewear, corset) WILL get that round, defined look on top. I don't want to sound mean but jesus, flat nonas have ZERO clue how big breasts work and it shows.

No. 190615

nitpicking another woman's body to the point where you're attacking each other and derailing isn't very stacy-like, ladies

No. 190616

I would love to dress like Mom from Futurama when I'm old people age, you just got bad taste if you think she isn't rocking that shit

No. 190639

File: 1623031471516.jpg (91.07 KB, 819x1024, how-to-look-polished-_alena_al…)

I have a bit of a dark past so I feel like I just need to leverage that by being mysterious but compassionate.

My friends always tell my a have a high fashion model look to me, but I am always hiding/minimizing myself by being overly modest + humble. I'm trying to embrace that aesthetic, except I'm kind of clueless. I am going to…

>Start watching runway shows

>Study high fashion

If anyone has other ideas for me, please let me know. I present myself in a very frumpy way because I was sexually abused, so I was always scared to look beautiful even though I didn't like being frumpy either.

Other things I do to stay interesting…

>Have one athletic hobby. Researching kickboxing classes in the area once things reopen.

>Read one book a month- at least.
>Focus on developing one artistic skill every year
>Have one hobby project that I'm working on that I can talk to others about- right now it's a series of recycled street art that I scavenge for around the city.

I think I'd like to try learning another language. I also need to travel more. And I need a "social" talent that is somewhat performative in nature. I should pick up piano again or something.(namefagging)

No. 190644

File: 1623036993184.jpg (1.07 MB, 1132x977, literally me tbh.jpg)

i am a Yume Stacy, i have a whole harem of 2D men vying for my attention even if they canonically don't because i'm just that desirable.

No. 190649

>Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc

What are these exactly, especially the first two?

Is there a chart, infographic, list, anything that tells us wtf these all are?

No. 190650

File: 1623041615399.jpg (691.96 KB, 2048x1536, mushye3.jpg)

can we talk about hair maxxing?

do you think dying your hair an unconventional/unnatural color (pink blue green etc.) is detrimental towards reaching stacy status? is it one of those things where people can be hot in spite of their blue hair but never hotter because of it? should most of us stick close to our natural color, or natural shades in general? any hair colors you think are the ultimate halos?

if someone has naturally dark hair, is it in their best looksmaxxing interests to stick close to that darkness to keep their hair soft/shiny/healthy/silky as opposed to bleaching/dying?

No. 190654

>do you think dying your hair an unconventional/unnatural color (pink blue green etc.) is detrimental towards reaching stacy status?

I guess that depends on what you mean by "stacey" but if you're going by the traditional meaning then yes

>if someone has naturally dark hair, is it in their best looksmaxxing interests to stick close to that darkness to keep their hair soft/shiny/healthy/silky as opposed to bleaching/dying?

in my opinion yes, or you could get it somewhat lightened, just don't bleach the fuck out of it so it's platinum and fried. you could also get balayage.

No. 190665

Right? Fucking pathetic that a Stacy would claim to be ungovernable but will only hang out with people who've gotten a jab for a virus that's got a 99% survival rate.

No. 190666

I made them up for fun.

No. 190667

stacies don't care, just do whatever you want with your hair as long as it looks healthy. You can have short hair and be a stacy. Or have a buzz cut and be a stacy.

No. 190674

newfag alert

No. 190682

Cope and seethe, reactionary burgerflake. I never even said that, but you just see the word 'vaccination' and automatically get triggered.

No. 190719

I know someone who's a healthy 25 yo that developed asthma after she caught the fucking virus. I know a few other people who weren't even 45 years old with no comorbidities who died or had other complications. Don't be stupid

No. 190736

shut the fuck up and stop derailing.

No. 190752

To me a Stacy is a hot girl who is popular and gets along with everyone. I'm so ugly I got made fun of and bullied for years so for me becoming a Stacy isn't an option even if I wanted to lmao

No. 190755

I think the anon was referring more to the hard looking shape, I also feel like people are referring to the dramatic boob size change but it could very well just be the work of a lot of bras/inserts being worn on already big boobs. It's hard to tell if she had surgery but the sudden change in boobs is suspicious so it's no surprise people suspect implants

either way, who the fuck cares, most famous women have plastic surgery rumors fly around them, it's inevitable at this point and not worth fighting over

No. 190778

It's about the confidence.

No. 191019

any tips, tricks, advice, recommended reading/youtube channels/blogs/etc. for learning how to be confident, increase your self esteem, and not care what people think?

there's a lot of vague advice on the internet about this without much practical, actionable stuff you can do. thanks in advance, ladies.

No. 191023

Agree. Natural confidence is sexy too. Also, I think women who are direct and firm, but not rude are Stacys.

No. 191040

I've posted this before but I love this video. She's not saying to walk around in a trash bag with unkempt hair just that women obsess about their appearance or stress over natural aging. Shitty men will always treat you like shit no matter how good you look so better to maintain high standards for those you allow around you and focus on living a happy life rather than feeling like you need a massive wardrobe and 50 different procedures to simply feel okay about yourself.

No. 191044

File: 1623202848700.png (676.7 KB, 542x587, 1238972189467324.png)

I also like Danae Mercer, I actually found her through another anon a long while back. She's beautiful but also doesn't hide the fact that she has a human body that gets bloated, has cellulite, isn't always perfectly posed in normal life. Much better perspective to maintain rather than fixating on being flawless.

No. 191045

File: 1623204904183.png (113.88 KB, 316x206, 4873029740327435.png)

Sorry to shill this so hard (I've brought it up in other threads) but it helped me a lot personally so I can only hope it might work for other anons too. Going through the Self-Esteem: A Proven Program… CBT workbook by McKay really improved my self image and I'd been dealing with depression since childhood. It's on Libgen. I thought I had to prove my value to be worthy of anything good but it helped me understand I deserve happiness just for existing and being a generally decent human. I'm much more confident and unbothered by things that would've stressed me out in the past.

No. 191049

if stacys are supposed to be nice are characters like regina george (or the queen bee archetype in general) still considered stacy?

No. 191050

nta just I think it was me who shared her I'm happy someone benefited from finding her!! she is so cute and helpful

No. 191051

Oh nice! Thank you for doing that anon, it was great seeing some healthy/positive content around here over more women stressing over thigh gaps or hip dips.

No. 191068

yes, pretty sure the meme started as "scumbag stacy" as a female counterpart to scumbag steve

No. 192243

how does one become a stacy

No. 192258

I'll risk covid than a vaccine that has just fucking come out. I also had it and I'd have covid any day over any cold that I've ever had. Most people have been exposed to covid now and anyone with this """long covid""" just sounds like they need to get some exercise and stop being a basement dweller because being a shut in will make you feel like shit.

But go ahead, beta test the vaccines for me.(no1curr about ur conspiracy)

No. 192300

From what I gather confidence is the most important part. So work on that first

No. 192350

>How to become a Stacy
>What is a Stacy for you, personally

Be self sufficient, self love by eating well and exercising because your body is a temple and you deserve no less, work on being more firm and not thinking twice about saying no, call out passive aggressiveness and don’t let it fester, refuse to participate in free labor and trauma bonding with other women, don’t waste time over petty things (arguing with trolls, men, handmaidens), become a wall to scrotes and remind yourself that their opinions and rantings are just a symptom of the degrading y chromosome, don’t focus on beauty just focus on health, fashion, and body neutrality, work on your critical thinking skills, never compromise on your values and standards.

>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy

After a depressive episode after finding out about the y chromosome and pink pill. My supposed inferiority was a scam, I can become so much more.

>Talk about your Stacy progress

Used to be a drop out neet, now I have a part time job, working on figuring out my values, practicing saying no and standing up for myself whenever people try to mess with me/make me do their work, stopped participating in trauma bonding convos with other women (I need to lose weight/I’m getting old/my bf is terrible/etc), going to dentist and physio to fix health issues, not wasting my time responding to trolls/reactionary content, undoing the voice in my brain that says I’m worthless if I’m not pretty (used to have neg thoughts every day, now it’s only once a week). Next big steps are getting drivers license and a better job.

>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

Deborrah Cooper a relationship expert on youtube, although I’m celibate I like listening to her because she’s unapologetic about herself, has a carefree but firm attitude I admire, and is self made.

>Support others in their Stacy journey

Everything and everyone in life is trying to brainwash you to think you’re nothing. They wouldn’t be putting in so much effort to break you down if you truly were so stupid, ugly, and potential-less. Please stop consuming man-made and misogynistic media, stop talking with any man who isn’t supportive and loving, and read some herstory.

>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

Pinkpilled but I don't bother with wasting my time hating on men, so maybe seperatist?

No. 192352

Confidence comes from experiences and skills, not from pure will.

No. 192377

Well of course, I didn't mean to imply you can just decide to be confident and it will be genuine (I never understand when people say "fake it til you make it" wrt confidence). But yeah, putting more effort and discipline into your daily life and accomplishing things you are genuinely proud of is the best way to gain it.

No. 192421

I agree actually, haven’t taken the vaccine yet because it’s such a low priority for me. Apparently it doesn’t even stop you from spreading COVID to others, and I have no medical conditions and am in my early 20s. I don’t see why I need to worry about what will essentially amount to a flu to my immune system. I’m vaccinated for many dangerous illnesses like HPV, tetanus, etc. I have no issues with vaccines or anyone who wants to take the COVID one. Minding your own business is peak Stacy imo(derailing)

No. 192627

I think this is a great video for women looking to decenter men/relationships and physical beauty as the most important things in life. There’s a lot of deconditioning you have to do but it’s so rewarding and freeing. This woman used to do full glam/witchy “alt” looks but transitioned into only doing that occasionally for fun and mostly going natural and being more relaxed now, and she’s a sweet person.

No. 192638

File: 1623920816973.jpg (15.63 KB, 540x306, 47323952_353347158764055_10825…)

have a nice day

No. 192641

She is sweet. Do you know if she's mixed? She has a unique face.

No. 192647

I used to watch her videos all the time and I'm pretty sure she's not mixed. some british people just look like that, like olivia wilde

No. 192658

She probs is, there's all sorts after all. Are you english? I am and she stands out imo. As in, I'd double-take if she walked by me. It's the combo of features that give her face a slight exotic look. Also, her voice is really, really deep for an english girl. Wilde is a weird example too, big jaws are uncommon for women everywhere.

No. 192673

Lol at being called out for conspiracy posting for saying I don't want to get medicine that has just come out. Stacy wouldn't wet the bed over a cold.

No. 192674

you belong on Facebook with the rest of the dumpy antivaxxers

No. 192679

Is it possible to even be a Stacey after 25 years old?

No. 192680

you can be a stacy at 80 years old, by my definition

No. 192682

Go back to /pol9k/

No. 192698

Lena Headey and Keira Knightley have that look too though. And lots of women have big jaws, especially white women (i say this as a white woman).

>her voice is really deep for an english girl

Not sure what you mean by she looks "exotic" but i guess you mean asian? I thought asian women typically had higher voices.

No. 192702

Um, duh. You can be a Stacy at any age if you take care of yourself. Here's an elderly Stacy right here.

No. 192750

I disagree that lots of white women have big jaws, especially square-shaped ones. At least not where I'm from kek. I'm assuming you're not British then. Anyone can list random famous people who share a trait, doesn't mean it's common in the broader population. Keira Knightley has a huge head and man-jaw. Sophie Ellis Bextor is another. At the peak of their fame, it was frequently commented on by the media, precisely because it is odd here. Cruelly, Sophie was even likened to a rhombus. Regardless, their facial features are typical. As I said, for the Youtube girl it's a combination of things, including her voice. I was simply curious tis all. And no, I didn't have any particular race in mind. Exotic = foreign. No other connotation. And yes, asian women typically have high-pitched feminine voices.

No. 193721

File: 1624344245605.jpg (110.9 KB, 590x1024, 4927babdcb7c5a29972ff57d000b2a…)

My brunette stacy inspo

No. 194235

File: 1624618751439.gif (185.45 KB, 275x206, 8992728299.GIF)

lmao I love this thread
>What is a Stacy for you, personally
To feel comfortable in your body and to be able to do the shit you really want, even if it means you have to work towards that goal tediously. Not to be overly insecure out of habit. Maintaining to live up to your own standards, for me that’s keeping my body and mind fit and able to better survive critical situations if need be, because I really value my life.

>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy

When I realized that I only hinder myself with the constant underachieving and hesitating.

>Support others in their Stacy jorney

If you dream about doing something work towards it, it can be frustrating but eventually it’ll be very rewarding and that’s absolutely worth it. Doesn’t matter how late you start if you really want it. Just start and keep going.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
doing good.
Drawing skills and discipline constantly improve, fitness is stable and I stopped smoking for a while now which feels great and easier every day.
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)
I guess I’m a weird mixture of all of the above to certain degrees minus being lesbian.
One thing I’m a bit proud of is that I’ve become good enough at drawing to meet my own high quality standards now. Feels great to be able to draw your own high quality stuff if nothing really meets your taste, fujo stacy goals achieved. Brb, I’ll go continue drawing cute consensual bl doujin of my favorite otp now since I’m not into buttseks and most good drawn doujins involve it.

No. 194248

How to be a fat/chubby stacy?

No. 194260

lose weight

No. 194272

gaslight gatekeep girlboss as every other woman must

No. 194275

File: 1624640048293.jpg (586.27 KB, 1600x2400, 05-lizzo-best-looks.jpg)

Dress nice! Imo, being chubby/fat doesn't mean you're automatically unattractive (unless you're obese). Fat girls can still look good as long as they have a good fashion sense, and make sure to buy clothes that actually fit.

No. 194287

>unless you're obese
>picrel is obese

No. 194292

I mean more like "My 600 lb Life" obese lol. My point still stands though.

No. 194309

File: 1624657038275.jpg (40.12 KB, 400x432, 178097461_471365910778503_3089…)

>How to become a Stacy
I genuinly think that unless your goal is to be what incels consider a stacy (blonde tiny big tits sorority skinny girl), it is all about bettering yourself in a way that truly makes you happy but constantly challenges you

>What is a Stacy for you, personally

A confident strong and healthy (within limits, im an epileptic smooker so like..) woman with healthy relationships not affraid to be herself

>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy

I mean…it flucutuated in my life. Many such cases!

>Talk about your Stacy progress

Curent one? I'm loosing weight, trying to smoke less, reading everyday, trying to be productive and practicing gratefulness and understanding of other's troubles

>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

I don't really have one because I don't believe in basing your looks or personality on other people but many have compared me to Natasha Lyonne (vibes wise) and since I'm very attracted to her, I do kinda hope to be like her when I get older

>Support others in their Stacy jorney

I think women shouldn't base their stacy journey around the male gaze (too much make up, obsessive hair removal etc)but I always support my friends in bettering themselves. I tried joining women's shelters but it's not possible in the country I live in as a simple volunteer so I just try to donate the little tiny money I have and try to empower the random women around me.

>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc

Even though my usual music taste is more in the fields of harsh noise and musique concrete and dodecaphonal classical music, I LOVE stuff like City Girls, Nicki, Cardi B, etc for working out. Azealia Banks ultimate stacy music imo (the song Competition and Fierce particularly)

>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

Academic Artsy Stacy. Will be finnishing my masters degree in Fine Arts this following year and I hope to get a phd next. Make fun of it if you want but I am genuinly good at it so…

No. 194310

Anon-chan, all you really need to do is know how to dress up for your body type or weight w/e and act cheerful, (with at least a small fakeness of confidence to seem approachable) and friendly. People who convince you that no one will ever find a partner are stupid. there are so many people in this world that would accept people as long as they don't throw baggage at others. get your shit together and you'll be fine. i believe in you

No. 194312

>How to become a Stacy
if you aren't naturally beautiful, you can certainly emulate stacys appearance and personality, but you're never gonna be a real stacy if you aren't already gorgeous or don't wanna get lots of ps
>What is a Stacy for you, personally
a naturally beautiful girl who fits the general beauty standards and performs for the male gaze
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
i became stacy-like when i realized i'm never gonna get a boyfriend/get laid if i don't start putting effort into satisfying the male gaze
>Talk about your Stacy progress
i grew out my hair, learned to do make up and got into skincare. i got lip fillers and plan to get masseter botox. i also changed my clothing style
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
madison beer

No. 194317


No. 194318

getting plastic surgery for scrotes is extremely cringe. at least you're self aware though. Instead of getting botox start working out and eating healthy, you'll become more attractive but most importantly actually improve yourself.

No. 194331

No such thing. Fat girls are attractive to a small section of the population only (though Americans and UK ppl seem desensitized and have moved the standard for fatness). If you want the Stacy treatment, and more importantly be healthy and feel good about yourself you should work on reaching a healthy weight for your height and frame. I think it’s really important to feel good about yourself and treat yourself well when building healthy relationships, since you don’t want to attract people who like insecure people to feel better about themselves.

No. 194334

Stacys to me are women at their best. She can be a fucking uggo but if she's taking care of her hair, skin, and body? Stacy to me. Ambition and not giving a fuck (while also not stepping on other people) are also Stacy traits. Dresses for herself only and she means it.

No. 194336

Sad cringe, nonnie, what the fuck. A True Stacy is pretty because she’s confident and nice, not because she won the “genetic lucky lotto” according to the scrotes of your neighborhood.
The moment nobody gives a fuck about group of scrotes’ trash opinions, is when everyone is truly their best self.

No. 194357

bait or seriously retarded

No. 194380

shit bait

No. 194384

I don't understand why others are saying this is bait. The Stacy meme was always a normie bimbo blonde cheerleader with a cheerful disposition and blessed with natural assets that attract positive (mostly male) attention, which only adds to her confidence and ability to be a socialite, which only attracts people to her more.

You can level up, but unless you're conventionally attractive, you'll only ever be Becky, following the meme's logic anyway. Please don't take it seriously.

No. 194392

This is true. I’ve met only a few true stacies in real life and they have this essence that most people don’t, which is the feeling that they’ve lived a really nice life without major trauma or difficulty. It’s like they’ve been blessed through birthright in a way that most people are not. I get what anons are striving for but unironically using the word Stacy feels cringe and incel-esque. Actual stacies have never even heard of the term Stacy used this way, just like how chads have no idea about what a chad is outside of normie memes

No. 194398

How chubby are we talking?

No. 194449

>please don‘t take it seriously
that‘s why >>194312 is or looks like shit bait.
In context the stacy meme is the chad meme, which is mostly interpreted in the ‚stacy‘ or chad or whatever being someone who just does what the fuck they want and being comfortable with that. Imo translating this into further ‚beckys‘ or whatever is already a sign of taking this shitty meme too seriously. It‘s basically a caricature.

No. 194994

Is someone prepared to elaborate on these types of Stacy? Fujo, pinkpilled, etc.?

I've just discovered Stacies through this thread and it feels like the ultimate enlightenment(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 194996

Do some basic googling mimi_ray.xo@outlook.com

No. 195016

I think fujo/pinkpilled Stacey is an oxymoron - both fujo and pinkpilled imply being extremely online, and Stacey is inherently a normie who gets enough validation in real life that she doesn't find herself in those corners of the internet.
I think Staceys are more born than made. If you used to be a chubby NEET internet addict but now you're attractive, you can't truly be a Stacey because you know what life is like outside of the bubble.

No. 195073

A true stacy doesn't give a shit about being a "stacy" in the first place. They just are.

No. 195332


"go cry in your training bra" sent me, honestly one of my bugbears when other women especially get so judgemental when it comes to how little or how much we wear, bonus points if small tittied ladies they don't bat an eyelash at in skimpier clothes but anyone with cleavage and bam they're a whore, it IS internalised misogyny and this is a thread to channel your inner Stacy and embrace goals not project insecurities

on that note it's a godsend because I have a decent grasp with fashion and get complimented a lot for my appearance and career, but my autism and social awkwardness has meant that I've had to work out a lot of this internally and I get insecure and seek threads like this because they're very helpful. Love to the other fellow nonnies here who have ever felt like the awkward weird one

No. 201244

Like 50 lbs overweight.

No. 201266

File: 1628473873894.png (607.74 KB, 754x719, hmmm.png)

When people itt say 'Stacy', do they really mean sigma female?

No. 201273

what is this sigma bullshit i keep seeing

No. 201284

people obsessed with putting labels and inventing new terms that would make them feel better than the others since currently used labels don't apply to them - so for example we have a chad / alpha male who is popular, social, extraverted; but there are many men that are sociopaths and loners and will never be "alpha", so they came up with the "sigma" name which is exactly them - a lone wolf who is better than anyone else despite being an introvert who stays away from people

No. 201361

i think the most important part is to find clothes that flatter you AND your personal style. after gaining quarantine weight i felt like shit and needed clothes that actually fit instead of squeezing into what i already had. check out shein curve for cheaper decent fast fashion, and pay attention to the reviews with pictures and measurements so you don't waste your money or send shit back. saged 4 blog post.

No. 201424

File: 1628607154909.jpeg (166.97 KB, 1594x1028, hanako1.jpeg)

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
I think a Stacy is a female who is confidently herself. She is so unapologetically herself that it almost radiates off of her like a magnetic energy. Idk how else to describe it but I'm sure you all have met a woman like this and know what I am talking about.

>Support others in their Stacy jorney

I love how we have taken an incel term and we are turning it into something more positive and aimed toward self-improvement. I hope everyone in this thread becomes the Stacy of their dreams.

>Talk about your Stacy progress

I have officially gotten over my ex, and I'm developing a better-fitting wardrobe and a suitable haircut. It's so exciting seeing the change. People's stares linger on me more, people want to talk to me more, and I'm becoming more popular with people simply because of my looks. Exciting but scary. I need to really focus on not losing myself.

>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

I don't think I'm a Stacy yet. I attract people and I have made physical improvements but I still dress for men and I still am super insecure about myself. I guess if I were to be a Stacy I wouldn't be any of these. More of a creative Stacy. I love art, and I love talking about different ideas with other people. I love philosophy and hearing about other people's stories in lives.

No. 201432

sigma balls lmao

No. 201607

this thread is more wholesome than I expected. Let’s all make moids irrelevant <3

No. 206331

File: 1632139052531.jpeg (120.76 KB, 845x555, 06E24957-3EED-43D9-913A-32A5C2…)

>TFW you’re Stacey but no one cares cause your mom’s the one that’s got it going on

No. 206337

>she's all i want and I've waited for so long

Lol I was gonna post the lyrics to that song in the song lyrics thread a while back but forgot.

No. 207934

>what is a stacy for you
a woman who is confident, has great taste in style, a warm personality, and attracts people both socially and romantically
>when did you decide it was enough and became a stacy
honestly, joining tiktok and seeing how many woman put effort into looking good, smelling good, and keeping a clean environment around them. it made me realize i deserved to treat myself that way too
>talk about your stacy progress
i've been wearing lots of perfume recently, been investing money into curating a wardrobe that represents me, washing my face twice daily and getting on a skincare regimen, going to the salon regularly, and cleaning my room multiple times a week. i have to say, my mental health is so much better now that i keep my environment clean! also, complimenting others at least once a day and being positive has made life so much better.

No. 207943

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
She reads profusely, understands that an ugly personality is an insult to others, and is confident in her femininity.

>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy

When I realized that my genderless phase was killing me inside and preventing me from living, or engaging with men

>Talk about your Stacy progress

At age 25 I've finally realized all I want in life is to be a wife, a mother, and an artist. During my genderless phase I killed my old personality and now I'm digging her up again 2 years later. I've fully reconnected with my femininity and now also use my birth name again. I feel amazing. No disrespect to others—that sort of lifestyle just isn't for me. I also want to start engaging in local climate activism

>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

Marie Kroyer
Carla Bruni
Hari Nef
Sibylle Baier
Nana Komatsu
Sarah Nixey

>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

Libra Stacy. Balanced in all regards.

No. 207945

>Stacy rolemodel
Marina, a bunch of fit/athletic/muscular japanese women I follow on insta/twitter

Almost same boat, nonny! im sorta going out of my "non binary/genderless" phase too atm and at max im starting to realize im just a GNC woman. I guess just being anonymous online was a thing for me to ""start"" identifying as one as nb/genderless.

No. 207947

Sorry for the blogpost but I want to vent about it to someone since 0 friends. It's been such a healing process for me. Remembering the goals of the person I grew up as has given me life purpose again. I started delving into genderlessness as a means of suppressing my femininity, which I felt made me unlikable and uncool. Additionally, I grew up with lots of strange interests (like researching Edwardian fashion profusely) that I felt made me nerdy, and hard to understand. I wanted to be cool to people.
I forgot old (cringe) interests like fashion illustration and poetry in favour of (cool and not cringe) guy hobbies that I’m now too shy to mention. I replaced my wardrobe, and cut all my hair off (which in retrospective was the worst thing I had ever done to myself, and this is coming from a self-harmer. I cried so much.) I didn’t literally want to be a man, but I certainly intended to force myself into a state of “boyishness” that could be synonymous with non-existence. I wasn't interested in identifying as non-binary as even ~that~ felt feminized to me. I even denounced being a sexual being at all, believing myself to be asexual. I deepened my voice, masculinized my vocal affect, and became fully convinced that femininity was something I had grown beyond like it were a box of toys.

I want to stop being insecure. I want charisma, and confidence.

No. 207977

>Hari Nef
uuhhhhhhhh… isn't that a tran?

No. 207981

yeah but I dont really care about it, i like her vibe

No. 208050

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
A woman that is confident, friendly but not fake, is true to herself (and that self isn't a cringy neet), she's not afraid to not be perfect. She sincerely loves and respects herself and the people close to her.
>How to become a Stacy
Make sure to smell good all the time, always have well fitting and freshly clean clothes and nice nails. Practice healthy habits like biking places, going to the gym (but not obsessively), eating good quality food. Get a job I can be proud of. Get a nice haircut. I want to be able to rely on myself and I want the people that I love to feel like they can rely on me as well.
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
Today after a pretty intense post-birthday therapy session. I'm not going to become that woman by sitting on my ass.
>Talk about your Stacy progress
Just getting started but today I'm gonna update my CV and peruse job ads.
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel

No. 208060

I love her but she's quite open about her insecurities and has said before she thinks she's ugly, not to mention obvious anachan tendencies.

No. 209181

My mum and me started to binge Love Island together as she's been wanting something trashy whilst recovering from cancer surgery. I had never seen it before until now and I feel like a lot of the girls on it are Stacy-like and remind me of growing up with them. It's like they are effortlessly social but the ones on this program have so many arguments about men and appearance that I'm almost wondering if it was better to grow up sort of autistic and cute but not a Stacy. Does anyone else feel like they're in a completely different world to these girls? I could not emulate them, at all (but also the men who seem attracted to them are not my type at all)

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