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File: 1622706838943.jpeg (2.9 MB, 1800x1200, 1620736645135-cheugy2.jpeg)

No. 189588

>what is cheugy?
Cheugy means something that's off-trend. This term is popularized by tik-tok, some people might use cheugy to define something that is outdated, tryhard, uncool, and tacky. According to urban dictionary, "The opposite of trendy. Stylish years ago but no longer in style. Used when someone still follows these out of date trends. This may include but not be limited to fashion, habits on social media, usage of slang, etc." and dictionary.com defines it as "a slang adjective mocking someone or something as “uncool”—they are out of touch with current trends or trying too hard to be trendy."

Even though cheugy is mostly used to descrive cringy attitudes in adults (and to tease millenials), it can also be found between the current gen z. Even the word cheugy is debatably cheugy.
Some examples of cheugy:
>Using brand logo clothes
>Being a "disney adult"
>Using items that pander too hard into a fandom like Harry Potter
>Phrases like "live laugh love" or #girlboss
>Anything that might had been cool in high school or middle school but isn't anymore

Discuss cheugy in this thread!
What are some examples you can think of? Are you a bit cheugy?
Find some random cheugy examples here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvLQHjkFudE/

No. 189591

I still say yolo sometimes

No. 189595

So this is just the newest way to bully/shame people into consumeristic behaviours to match the latest, ever-changing trends.

No. 189596

People laugh at old trends in every generation regardless of whether they're linked to something you can monetize and sell or not. Don't be dense.
Does using "xD" count? I seriously can't tell anymore

No. 189603

As an adult I'm too old to care.
XD was always annoying though.

>Using items that pander too hard into a fandom like Harry Potter

So all merchandise is cheugy?

No. 189616

File: 1622718334287.jpg (104.09 KB, 560x933, 1622572128446.jpg)

How do you pronounce cheugy?
Anyway I saw this on the attractive women thread and this particular elastic belt on the right is giving me war flashbacks.

No. 189621

File: 1622720068275.jpg (54.5 KB, 410x450, 165675.jpg)

I hate xD but I guess I'm the one who has a fucking issue considering I'd rather see "kek" used in a group chat than xD

Instead of the usual millenial refs here are some recent to mid 2010s trends that I find cheugy in 2021
>Thrasher shirts and sweaters
>Tommy Hilfiger
>Every egirl/grunge outfits worn by korean girls that we've been seeing on Pinterest since 2015
>Fishnet tights under jeans
>Tattoo chokers
>Knee high socks
>Heavy instathot makeup
>White Fila sneakers
>Hair ombre in unnatural colors
>Farquaad/black bob with straight bangs
>Gold casio + Daniel Wellington watches

The cheugy shit I'm still wearing include
>AA pleated skirt + awful high rise skinny jeans
>Old skool Vans
>Mustard Kanken

No. 189633


No. 189635

No. 189637

File: 1622729665832.jpeg (102.27 KB, 600x900, 9FB3341F-7BD5-4163-8AE7-B55866…)

I feel like the AA skirt was only out for like a year or two around 2016-2018 then came back full force practically everyone is wearing it again that I know. But otherwise I agree with your list
Anyways I can’t wait for picrel to become cheugy in approximately 2 years. All the art students around me walking around looking clapped with their $250 shag mullets and bleach jobs. at what point does it stop being alternative since everyone fucking has it… A non artsy friend got it and it looks so bad it doesn’t suit her face or hair type at all. I feel bad for her but I guess it’s just hair lol

No. 189639

File: 1622730442080.jpg (45.05 KB, 587x587, 99ae8043431907d80d3dab7241c157…)

Yes I saw tennis skirts being repopularized
>All the art students around me walking around looking clapped with their $250 shag mullets and bleach jobs
My fucking sides, yes. The mullet and picrel "wolf haircut" too. It's like a weird attempt to have a final fantasy haircut and tbh it only looks cool on asian hair textures. Even then, it still looks like a Host Club haircut to me

No. 189640

This haircut was trendy around hipsters… ~3 years ago? I saw it at all the bars I went to.

I had this haircut 2 years ago and I hate seeing pictures of myself from this time. It is so ugly.

No. 189641

It gained mainstream popularity around last year or so.
A good rule of thumb to find out what will become cheugy is to spot the trends that got "stolen" from more indie fashion movements and gained big mainstream popularity.

No. 189650

How the fuck do those fishnets work, they start like regular fishnet tights above the shorts but then disappear?? Is it like a fishnet granny panty?
I like the fishnets under jeans look but this is just weird to me.

No. 189651

Isn't that just a regular layered/feathered bangs haircut? I wasn't aware this was a specific thing.

No. 189652

From what I understand it's basically just a soft version of a shag in most cases, or just a shag kek. I don't know, I'm a zoomer and yet I'm tired of these dumbass new asstétik names. Don't even get me started on the different "cores", we reached peak /cgl/ "kei" retardation with those

No. 189653

i think it looks hot tbh. second pic is better tho

No. 189665

looks cute, not cheugy
everyone please post more personal cheugy examples

No. 189677

Any haircut looks hot when the person has a hot face. Most normal people look like a disaster with this haircut.

No. 189679

File: 1622746590947.jpg (161.78 KB, 819x1024, coachella-outfits-1-819x1024.j…)

I think coachella style is cheuggy.

No. 189680

File: 1622747043840.jpg (247.83 KB, 1140x1520, Photo-Apr-14-5-31-21-PM-1140x1…)

I think it depends, those outfits look too normie, picrel are absolutely cheugy tho

No. 189686

File: 1622748704370.png (770.34 KB, 745x1122, Screen-Shot-2016-10-20-at-5.31…)

agreeing with second anon, looks like it would be such a hassle to maintain all the layers and different lengths
might be cuter with curlier hair but it could just as easily be a late 80's-tier clusterfuck

flannels and ripped, lightwash jeans, both together and separately, are unisex cheugisms

>beach waves
>messy buns
>huge circular sunglasses
>infinity scarves
>fringe detailing everywhere
>enormous branded totes
>heavy branding in general
>full beat makeup looks
>"soft glam"
are all cheugismo maximo, fucking fight me

No. 189689

File: 1622750460318.jpg (29.87 KB, 714x1000, 74329048309248032.jpg)

Looking at the thread image I use Pinterest and the cry-laugh emoji. Other than that, I love low rise jeans and chokers (my holdovers from the 90s).

Oh, and I still have a studded belt. With skulls. I don't think I'd ever wear it again, but I also can't bring myself to get rid of it.

No. 189696

File: 1622752857254.jpg (387.85 KB, 855x946, Screenshot_20210603-224133_Chr…)

This thread is just making me nostalgic.

No. 189699

I bought a pair of cat stockings from calzedonia, they were expensive and I can wear them with maybe 2 outfits. it sucks man don't buy cat stockings

No. 189704

File: 1622761546835.png (3.59 MB, 1067x1600, berghain .png)

100% agree. Adding to that, I think Berghain, the people that go there, and the minimalist style of dark techno it's associated with are cheug.

No. 189713

this thread makes me realize how lame and out of touch I am, thanks anon

No. 189716

File: 1622771804772.jpg (39.08 KB, 349x600, e7137adec5aa248cbe06641831875f…)

this "goth" shit
>watches true crime
>"cat mom"
>"normal people scare me"
>everything she owns has to be black (almost as cringe as someone who owns everything pink)
>obsessed with tea for some reason
>watches safya nygaard

No. 189717

File: 1622773464903.jpg (119.36 KB, 1080x1440, 5808c3ac52e52-big.jpg)

Happy that this thread exists, bc I recently bought a Uniqlo skirt, similar to picrel, in that dated looking Tiffany/Robin's egg blue (2010s style). I really like it regardless. Is there any way to style this that doesn't look dated?

No. 189725

I can’t comprehend the pants on the left

No. 189726

Monochrome. Or pair with a contrasting pastel color.

No. 189731

The elements of this skirt are so twee. If you wanna take it in another direction then you have to style it with something contrasting like >>189726 mentioned. Maybe something like one of those baby tees from the 90s (as in those small, snug knit tees made for women, not a literal baby's shirt), or a vintage band t shirt with cool art?

No. 189734

What's wrong with it exactly…? It's just a plain a-line skirt in a basic colour wtf. Pretty much everything else in this thread looks lame and dated because it's gimmicky and/or branded, not something so normal nobody would give it a second look.

No. 189736

File: 1622787636385.jpeg (30 KB, 470x400, robin egg blue.jpeg)

I think that colour is easily associated with this particular era in early 2010s fashion, when it was last popular. That combined with the fast fashion looking quality of the skirt in the reference pic make it look kinda dated. Adding to that, fast fashion is cheugy.

No. 189738

>fast fashion
I can't agree with this, that's basically the way cheugy's even become a thing. Unless you mean fast fashion i.e. forever 21 versus ultra fast fashion. If anything, trends are so fast, the only at to keep up is through fast fashion.

No. 189740

File: 1622788429522.jpg (60.39 KB, 474x474, be1194274dfe8adf3c68b8e015cb2f…)

this reminds me so much of the pastel goth trend that was pretty popular on tumblr a few years ago. idk, the thing that bothers me most about these styles how the quality of the aesthetic screams clearance bin at a spencers.

No. 189741

I think she meant shit like something you would buy at forever21, hottopic, dollskills etc those "trendy" fast fashion places that you buy something one day and the next month it has already becomed dated

What is trendy nowadays, anyways? all I see is egirl shit and I think egirl kawaii emo goth crap is already becoming cheugy

No. 189742

Yeah I don't see it either. I would've gotten it if it was a skater skirt/tennis skirt/high-low skirt but I don't associate this style of skirt nor it's colour with any trend from the 2010's. Maybe it just wasn't a thing where I am.

>the fast fashion looking quality of the skirt in the reference pic make it look kinda dated
But everything fast fashion looks fast fashion, including everything you get from trendy fast fashion stores right now. And that seems inherintely contradictory. How can it be both trendy but still cheugy because it looks fast fashion?

No. 189745

File: 1622790176755.jpg (70.78 KB, 700x700, lewd-sad-japanese-anime-aesthe…)

I hate the mid 2010s style, I agree with what anon said about the thrasher shirts and chokers. I'll add:

>anime shirts

>shirts with aliens
>anything with crystals, tarot cards, ouija boards, upside down crosses etc
>anything stoner "hippy" or "trippy"
>anything referring to "vibes" in an unironic non-meme way i.e "hippy vibes" or "summer vibes"
>art hoe plant mom shit
>Korean grid patterns
>nu goth and pastel goth
>Belle delphine uwu gamer girl kawaii waifu style
>sailor moon images on clothes

All this shit is so overdone its stale as fuck at this point

No. 189746

File: 1622790381440.png (489.74 KB, 500x889, b009cae0bba33dc9ef3474317e8d2c…)

Also any patterns with cactuses and pineapples are cheugy as hell

No. 189749

File: 1622791223725.jpg (215.67 KB, 1300x1300, 86195318-cute-retro-seamless-f…)

don't get me started on unicorns, flamingos and mermaids
On the theme of patterns, these stupid floral/leaves shit, and squiggly lines (chevron?)
I thought zoomers were very into that kind of anime shirt kek but everything you listed is ultra fucking cheugy I hate it so much

No. 189750

I think the skirt is kinda ugly but I don't know if it constitues as cheugy. It's just "meh"

No. 189753

There's growing trend right now toward sustainable fashion ("ethically made" brands, thrifting and DIY). From what I've seen, people these days are re-thinking second hand clothes shopping and associating it with having an eye for fashion that's more indicative of personal style than shopping for clothes from f21 or dollskill. It wasn't so long ago that shopping second hand was fairly stigmatized, now it's broadly considered the cooler option.

No. 189760

Apologies in advance I’m a millennial

Most of this stuff is definitely not on trend and I don’t see it around, making fun of outdated trends is not a new thing?

I just feel this just gen z bashing on millennials yet again, I haven’t worn a studded belt since I was a teenager in the 2000s, who tf still wears those??

Things I’d define as cheugy that I actually see:

>anything with a quote on it as home decor

>kath kidston
>reality tv
>Disney adults (I agree on that one haha)
>ugg boots
>people obsessed with Halloween
>people like Loryn Powell who calls herself a ‘seltzpert’ for liking hard seltzers (idk how to explain that one but I hope you get it, all her content is cheugy)

Am I doing it right?

No. 189767

>now it's broadly considered the cooler option.
But that's exactly what hipsters in 2008-2011 thought, and they inflated the prices of triftstores and picked up the best items always.

No. 189775

I agree there's a tentative trend towards sustainable fashion but most people acting upon it do it because they directly benefit from it themselves (cheaper clothes, "trendy" thrift/DIY look, because it's "cool"), the vast majority doesn't actually buy significantly less fast fashion. Fast fashion stores are still thriving.

No. 189777

imo, people tend to thrift then complete their wardrobe with fast fashion.
buy a funny "fish fear me women want me" shirt for 3 bucks then get an h&m skirt to make it wearable.

No. 189781

File: 1622804307194.jpg (45.01 KB, 640x548, 881f76a88f9e7f2c15b7c0f144be62…)

>Belle delphine uwu gamer girl kawaii waifu style
I remember when it was all over Tumblr in 2014-2015 and was basically a pastel version of the "pale grunge" wave. Can't believe it's still a thing

No. 189786

File: 1622806938729.jpg (46.97 KB, 681x1200, 3c60686157f6c7f70cf8d11a60ebd2…)

iirc the kawaii waifu schlick and anime shirts is still trendy as fuck, just because you don't like it doesn't mean its not popular.

No. 189796

File: 1622809418285.jpg (166.77 KB, 1080x1080, softgirl.jpg)

Thus why I pointed out that "I can't believe it's still a thing", even tho it's mainly just teens on tiktok. I blame Euphoria/June for the rebirth of uwu kawaii casual jfash soft girl look.
Picrel makes me cringe so bad, the Liz Lisa Aliexpress shoes rip off sent me to the moon

No. 189802

honestly the left and right outfits aren’t that bad. they’re simple and could look good on just about anyone. also i like those docs (?) with paint splatter on them lol what brand are they?

No. 189806

File: 1622812424720.jpg (40.75 KB, 564x564, 7cb0f29f385b18eab410b7d7348d94…)

It looks too ddlg fag to me and the shoes retailed for 400+ bucks, apparently from a brand called ANOUKI

No. 189816

File: 1622814929473.jpeg (28.72 KB, 474x535, side shave.jpeg)

Is this hairstyle considered cheugy?

No. 189817

Anon, i don't think that was the hipsters who raised prices….

No. 189823

What's with the ukulele?

No. 189828

Thank goodness I like dressing like an elderly woman so I'll never have to worry about being cool.
The trick to beating trends is to be so dramatically out of date that it doesn't matter.

No. 189838

High five anon. I like to dress in a classic style and also buy vintage items. These constantly changing trends just leads to stress and worry about being out of date.
Just ordered some Victorian jewelry from Etsy instead, because I love that shit.

No. 189844

File: 1622821716983.jpg (76.28 KB, 580x580, m_5c016935035cf10f77f7c65e.jpg)

Back in middle school every guy had the JB haircut and this purple sweater. If they had a supreme shirt under it and a flat brim cap they were the shit

No. 189897

File: 1622832804174.png (226.49 KB, 385x252, 324.PNG)

Which hairstyles, hair trends, hair colors, etc. do you find the most cheugy?

No. 189899

it's popular but cheugy. It's tacky as hell. A lot of people are tired of it.

No. 189900

File: 1622832922504.jpg (1.08 MB, 2400x1200, cheugy-te-main3-210506.jpg)

what do you consider to be the best examples of cheugy shit (ie the absolute worst and most cringe-worthy offenders)?

No. 189901


No. 189902

Ukeleles are all over tiktok, they're "uwu"

No. 189909

File: 1622833823374.jpg (155.83 KB, 1000x1499, 2ab8df9116c9a0c43f0d9206df3b73…)

Unnatural pastels, "beach waves", tie and dye hair and warm blonde with dark roots in general
For me it's picrel. If I see one more khaki parka I'm gonna sudoku. And you know damn well that the people dressing like picrel are the first ones to complain about the Y2K revival, bitch stfu you're dressed like a proper meme spreadsheet of the worst and most uninventive fashion decade, how dare you shit on Paris Hilton

No. 189928

File: 1622835508591.jpg (183.38 KB, 700x875, best-ombre-hair-color.jpg)


This hair just screams dog mom who love brunch and chardonnay

No. 189929

It's definitely boring but I don't think it's cringy, it's an inoffensive and generally pretty flattering outfit. Also not khaki but that's a nitpick.

No. 189930

File: 1622835743958.jpg (46.44 KB, 486x750, 6b2a15412c3812cb09d51387e9b3a8…)

Ear gauges are very 2012 and cheugy

No. 189931

That's the thing, I'd rather see an offensive trashy outfit rather than this boring shit kek. It was all over the place in my HS days, probably why I'm so opinionated about it

No. 189934

be glad you don't understand tiktok bullshit

No. 189935

There is a makeup youtuber I watch sometimes who I think really fits this label in terms of style, like she’s literally a Disney adult, wears studded sandals, a cropped denim jacket with every outfit, messy bun, coffee mugs with slogans. I still like her but her clothing hauls make me cringe. It’s also true though that whatever is trendy now will inevitably be cringey anyway so more power to her?

No. 189937

who is it

No. 189940

File: 1622837468718.jpeg (465.21 KB, 828x448, 67F001E7-8564-453E-9E51-2D8B05…)

Her name is Jessica Braun, honestly she doesn’t look bad at all esp in comparison with people who put zero effort into their style, but it’s the outfit on the far left that really bothers me lol

No. 189944

Tbh I have far more respect for someone dressing like this than someone who's personal style equals this season's trend. I think these are cute, approachable and accesible outfits.

No. 189949

File: 1622838424223.jpg (40.42 KB, 610x596, egg.jpg)

Grid patterns, egg/bread/shiba inu prints, words in Japanese in "simplistic" designs, etc.
This kind of thing.

No. 189951

File: 1622838540164.jpg (72.82 KB, 570x571, full_size.jpg)

Kek, that is really ugly. As long as she's into it it's all good

No. 189961

I understand considering her style outdated but I don’t think it’s bad. She’s obviously not at the cutting edge of fashion but the outfits are all fine, not unflattering or outright styled badly. If your style choices are relatively conservative like hers are, they won’t become too cringey imo.

No. 189974

god these things peaked in 2015 and I'm glad they're not on trend anymore (although I the eggs are my guilty pleasure, everything else can rot)

No. 189985

File: 1622844821813.jpg (461.13 KB, 710x1180, 20210604_231409.jpg)

Ombres, never trust a bitch with an ombre in 2021

No. 189990

File: 1622845448442.jpg (184.92 KB, 385x520, 1.jpg)


Tiffany blue used to be on everything circa 2012, nowadays where I am you almost never see it unless it's on Mormon mom clothes, kind of similar to how chevron is seen (picrel). Maybe it's a regional thing then

No. 189991

File: 1622845736774.jpeg (108.39 KB, 800x800, 85580773-2C5A-4DB9-A14C-2EEA01…)

I never heard of this term before but reading this thread immediately made me think of this exact sweater

No. 189998

Kek I still love these styles. Looks so much better than an all over blonde on naturally dark hair and grows out way nicer.

No. 190005

Okay, moreso than any other post in this thread this made me feel old. I never even had one, but still

No. 190010

File: 1622851109867.jpg (48.97 KB, 474x842, aea9fcf62440c1aed5387f9e730da5…)

I was actually thinking the other day that ombre was cool especially on dark hair. Nowadays it's all about babylights and beach waves and ashy tones for the most ~natural~ effect, bitch I'm bored give me something interesting

No. 190016

anyway samefag but fuck this shit lmao i hope none of you are changing your style based on what is fucking CHEUGY kek being this paranoid and self aware is what kills your creativity and makes you look boring. Wear whatever the fuck mix of old (cHeUgY) and new shit you want, that's how trends evolve naturally. Declaring stuff from <5 years ago CHEUGY (can't bring myself to take that word seriously lmfao) is extremely forced and cringe and tells me you need to rely on constant novelty for your looks bc you don't have good enough fashion sense

No. 190042

are you ok?

No. 190043

Cheugy is such a weird word

No. 190044

I thought I was over using the fucking ":v" icon that was stupid enough on its time, until I saw one of my friends at uni still uses it and now I use it again too, it's embarrassing.
Funnily enough, she's a self-proclaimed disney girl that writes HarryxDraco fanfiction.

No. 190058

I've been trying to find a new salon and on most of their instas EVERY FUCKING PHOTO is some basic blonde ombre with loose curls. I'm sure they can do different styles but I get turned off going there if that's what they want to show off.

I never really liked it and I'm glad people are starting to see it as dated. I actually kinda miss the opposite style, with dark colour on the underneath of blonde hair… though ofc that's even more dated.

No. 190064

I posted itt but it's all in good fun. I've never followed trends and not to humblebrag but despite that I've always gotten compliments on my style even when wearing stuff that's supposedly old fashioned. It's all about execution and confidence. Regarding things outside of clothes, being genuine goes a long way toward being seen as endearing. Ultimately as you said it's about being comfortable and content with yourself rather than trying to cater your persona towards other people's expectations.

No. 190083

File: 1622888613956.png (170.3 KB, 394x347, rgrrweffrcf.png)


No. 190085

The shit-stirring lmao

No. 190086

I love you nonny kek

No. 190088

shut up milfcore is based

No. 190090

File: 1622894482290.jpg (29.02 KB, 375x500, 1561708725227-jpg-500x500.jpg)

ok this might be an artsy college thing specific to my country (india) but this shirt (probably gotten from their first trip to a ~hippie~ destination.. gokarna goa himachal somewhere) signifies that the wearer has just started smoking weed and/or has been smoking weed for too long

it's acceptable for an year and after that it's just a little cringe

No. 190094

File: 1622895147421.jpg (136.63 KB, 800x1200, 82y9.jpg)

poofy looks goofy

No. 190095

There is just nothing flattering about this dress. Absolutely nothing. From the puffed sleeves, to the neckline, to the shape of the skirt and the length.

No. 190097

my fucking sides

No. 190103

I know it's just stirring the shit with the other thread but most of this thread is just 'trends I don't like' instead of actual off trend shit. Puffy sleeves are horrible but they are recent.
There's already a 'fashion and outfits we hate' thread for that.

No. 190104

So what I get from this post is that elements of personality can get out of fashion. Okay then, guess I prefer to be cHeUgY as fuck rather than a fake trendhopper.

No. 190111

samefag but the cheugy term and this whole thread reminds me of a quote from a book that I sadly cannot for the life of me remember the title of. Basically ever-changing aesthetics is a capitalist tool to make you consoom new fashion and other objects in fear of falling out of the style. So congrats for playing right into their hand! I guess this wikipedia tidbit explains this concept pretty well:
>Obsolescence of desirability or stylistic obsolescence occurs when designers change the styling of products so customers will purchase products more frequently due to the decrease in the perceived desirability of unfashionable items.
>Many products are primarily desirable for aesthetic rather than functional reasons. An example of such a product is clothing. Such products experience a cycle of desirability referred to as a "fashion cycle". By continually introducing new aesthetics, and retargeting or discontinuing older designs, a manufacturer can "ride the fashion cycle", allowing for constant sales despite the original products remaining fully functional. Sneakers are a popular fashion industry where this is prevalent - Nike's Air Max line of running shoes is a prime example where a single model of shoe is often produced for years, but the color and material combination ("colorway") is changed every few months, or different colorways are offered in different markets. This has the upshot of ensuring constant demand for the product, even though it remains fundamentally the same.
IDK who came up with 'cheugy' but marketers must be so grateful (if it wasn't their stunt in the first place).

No. 190123

Zoomers are champions of consooming so it's not so farfetched to assume that they came up with it themselves, though if it's a tiktok trend it surely got a boost from companies pushing it.
Just look at zoomer attitudes towards piracy and torrenting lol. My little sister got mad at me for breaking the law and leaving creators to starve when she saw me torrent a shitty EA game.

No. 190124

this is not cheugy you dumbass, it's recent and on trend.

No. 190125

>elements of personality are cheugy
Yes, when someone is a tryhard, that's the whole point. I think half of this thread doesn't get what Cheugy is, it's not about hoping from trend to trend. Cheugy is acting like you're hot shit when you dress like shit and act uncool. You could wear trifted shit and not be cheugy. But things that were designed to be cool some years ago aka past trends (like UGGs) come as tryhard if you still wear them.

No. 190131

sorry for the retardation but wdym by "unnatural" pastels?

No. 190132

>But things that were designed to be cool some years ago aka past trends (like UGGs) come as tryhard if you still wear them.

I personally never owned uggs but maybe not everyone likes throwing out still wearable shit? How is it try hard to just wear stuff from few years ago and not care if it's "in"…
On the contrary, isn't a tryhard someone who tries hard to keep up with trends?

No. 190134

Things that I think are cheugy:
>this thread
>the word “cheugy” itself

No. 190135

We need to stop letting zoomers create threads. First the “channel your inner Stacy” and now this.
Zoomers are fucking cheugy.

No. 190143

Nono anon, I'm the retard. I just meant pastel hair kek

No. 190144

if you don't like the thread you can hide it

No. 190149

File: 1622907529608.png (226.98 KB, 616x353, sperg.png)

I don't get why people are this butthurt over this thread. It's like reliving the millenial sperg outrage over some zoomers saying that high waist skinny jeans are out and uggo. Are people unironically sad that what they wore as a teen or young adult is now considered ugly by younger people? It's not a big deal, it will come back kek

No. 190153

IDK about tryhard, sounds like shitting on people because they dare still be into a thing they were into long before fashion victims picked it up and disposed of it in favor of the next cool thing. Being into true crime is unfashionable? Good, it means that people can enjoy it without retards who think it's cheugy.

No. 190156

The channel your inner Stacy topic has to be trolling. That shit is embarrassing.

No. 190157

File: 1622908986746.jpg (11.94 KB, 392x504, 157a0d88fcf01859a3e38b63dd17d1…)

Embrace the stacy larping meme

No. 190160

I’m a millennial. Idk why other millennials freak out about what’s cool to high school and college aged people. The only thing more embarrassing is trying to look and act like high school and college aged people.

To me it’s interesting to see what younger people are into- but unless it’s political or value-based I don’t really see what youth culture has to do with me. I might try out some of the new trends if I like them, but generally I already have my own sense of style and invested in pieces that will last.

It’s like the millennials who care didn’t really develop a sense of identity of their own that really care about this stuff.

No. 190166

stop generalizing zoomers I'm gen z and I think ~cheugy~ is retarded

No. 190167

File: 1622911530693.jpeg (552.6 KB, 1080x1269, CE861049-7C06-40C5-84EE-73EBB3…)

This interior style (photo from Mrs hinch lol) and the all gray color palette

No. 190169

File: 1622912460851.jpeg (7.79 KB, 490x490, 400593_AP00T_1000_001_100_0000…)

my favorite cheug accessory has got to be the gucci belt, hard to believe that two years ago influencers were shilling it as ~timeless~

No. 190171

Why is this cheugy? It's just some simple belt.

No. 190175

Ugh I remember when every influencer had to have one of these and I hated it, it was so boring and screamed insecure parvenu

No. 190179

File: 1622914093405.gif (1.92 MB, 500x375, chrome.gif)

No. 190185

What the hell is with those pillows? Are they made like that or did they bend them on purpose? I've never seen such a thing

No. 190186

A semi popular 40 yo youtuber from my country has almost the exact same interior kek

No. 190188

The woke tiktokers who came up with this concept probably also talk about how capitalism is so bad

No. 190189

it's the big brand logo in the middle, although I think it's not that cheugy.

No. 190190

Stop bitching, post more cheugy examples

No. 190191

Stuff that's actually cheugy not stuff you personally don't like and want to shit on it

No. 190195

File: 1622916671486.jpg (46 KB, 298x576, 06f68be458b64362b2c1e401f0c702…)

Everything cochella-boho circa 2014 and especially kimonos. Old sis still wear those, esp ones with ethnic elephant prints kek

No. 190196

File: 1622916827061.jpg (302.09 KB, 1500x1500, 81XeyiWZxfL._SL1500_.jpg)

Samefag for tassel earrings

No. 190198

It's really interesting to see what's considered tacky in other countries.

After typing that I just realised, is "cheugy" not just a gibberish word for tacky? I don't see a difference in concepts.

No. 190229

They’re not trolling. They genuinely want to be “Stacy” in their tacky Y2K getups listening to Ariana grande, asking questions like “what hobbies can I take up that will make me more of a Stacy? At the moment I like anime and videogames”
It’s all so.., cheugy.

No. 190239

>>190123 What? I mean, zoomers are consoomers, but I didn't know they hated torrenting. (Zoomer, so I'm confused.)

No. 190240

Zoomers just stream everything don't they.

No. 190241

It's true.

No. 190244

I'm zoomer and I torrent all of my shit kek. Same for my friends.
When I torrent a vg from an indie studio I do actually buy it afterwards though

No. 190249

File: 1622928425844.jpg (39.13 KB, 570x570, 8ab91b588e7bea4a99c9b1e235bd37…)

samefagging to post infinity tattoos. +100 points if they involve a flock of birds

No. 190252

File: 1622928888521.jpg (137.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

you just reminded me of another cheugy tattoo, that heartbeat cross thing. tbh most faith based/pinterest tattoos are very cheugy

and another cheugy youtuber.
she has a thread on guru gossiper, it used to be super active ect. but since they did the discord thing it hasnt been updated that much. shes kinda a cow TBH.

also i am a fellow torrent zoomer. you are not alone anon

No. 190257

She chops them. Literally karate chops them. I don’t follow her but it’s so bizarre that it’s just ingrained into my mind.

> To create a more bow-like shape, arrange your pillows where you like them.

> Then using the side of your hand, karate chop each of the cushions at the top.

No. 190258

is this not everything?

No. 190260

File: 1622932077147.jpeg (254.26 KB, 750x410, E69F7BCA-01B3-4A1B-91CA-4BBB8F…)

those outfits are okay but i don't think most are particularly flattering for her. the dress in first pic looks nice on her but the light jean jacket clashes with it. this shirt from the vid looks good on her, surprised it wasn't in the thumbnail.

No. 190261

kek what a weird thing to do
oh it's a cute shirt wtf

No. 190268

these are super popular in my country Mexico, so here it is not cheugy! interesting right??

No. 190269

if you dont like it hide the thread fam, easy

No. 190275

File: 1622939336496.jpg (92.42 KB, 1463x976, 1436311827159.jpg)

so meaningful and personal uwu

No. 190278

Kek I am losing my shit over this

No. 190279

That’s hilarious what a bunch of loserds.

Stacy roleplay lmfao. The part that’s sad about this is Stacy isn’t even real. It is just a meme born out of the need to create a counterpart to Chad.

Being a woman you’re just in a binary system: fuckable or not fuckable. Stacy and Becky are fake concepts because 80% are cumbrain freaks.

No. 190285

File: 1622945587151.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

That thread is a joke thread, it literally says "don't take this thread seriously". Can we go back on topic please? you sound autistic, can't take a joke jesus christ.

No. 190288

The stacy meme has been a thing on lolcow for a while, but I guess you haven't lurked enough to realize this. It's a joke. Dumb fun. Must be a new concept to you.

No. 190294

That industrial bar looks like it's fucking rejecting

No. 190304

these immediately reminded me of amberlynn. anything she likes you can count on being cheugy

No. 190307

File: 1622958348023.png (1.81 MB, 853x1280, 1f8f7e505700f499bb6c54f3d44559…)

I still want sweaters like this kek. I might be considered cheugy because I really like the late 00s-early 10s fashion. I'm attached to it because that's when I was growing up and that's what teens/adults were wearing, so I want it now too.

No. 190308


Idk there's something I still really like about this style. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I think it's an interesting mix of two different styles. It's boho but it has a few elements of the "nu-goth" style that was emerging too.

Cheugy is such a ugly word btw lol. Literally any other made up word could've been better

No. 190312

The Fifth Element called, they want their furniture back.

No. 190314

It's funny because I was in middle and high school at this time and it's the opposite for me, it's my least favourite period in fashion. From a purely aesthetic standpoint it just doesn't appeal to me, but I also associate it with my cringey teenage experience and I think that factors into my perspective. I have more nostalgic feelings about y2k fashion even though it can be extremely ugly too.

This is a bit ot, but does anyone else remember seeing y2k revivalism as early as 2013? Obviously it was really fringe then. It's been interesting to see it evolve into a mainstream trend.

No. 190317

Same tbh. It’s just the classic American apparel hoodies, there’s a million copies to this day. Nobody bats an eye, I lost my purple one or else I definitely still wear it.

No. 190318

Fucking right anon. I went to post this exact picture in another thread at some point but never bothered. It seems to be what every other common tart finds to be classy and luxe

No. 190319

I've never seen that style before even though I look at interior decorating/room porn subs etc pretty often, who tf is it popular with? Is it an American thing?

It's absolutely hideous, the minimalistic grey/white mixed with OTT velvety fluffy gilded textures clashes so bad and I hate it.

No. 190324

Cheugy comes from korean, originally

No. 190329

my dad's super bougie ex-wife was really into this style of interior design, she even did the pillow chop thing. and fucking plastic chandeliers everywhere! I guess it's a thing with upper middle class mcmansion-wannabe types.

No. 190330

It says from multiple sources that it was a word that some American teenager made up. Nothing about Korea or the Korean language.

No. 190333

File: 1622965758130.jpg (83.63 KB, 735x1102, 845a4567e4f3c721cf7af6a8c2901f…)

Kek that's hilarious I wanna fight some pillows now
Anyway I don't know if ~rose gold ~ decorations are still trendy but they're cringe

No. 190334

>high waist skinny jeans are out and uggo
based zoomers
Skinny jeans are the worst fashion trend to ever exist.

No. 190336

I kind of like this it looks interesting
Am a burger and never seen this before either.

No. 190339

Hating a color is autistic. It's just a color.

No. 190340

It's not just a color, it's a trend

No. 190341

NTA but it's a pretty specific colour in a specific context with specific designs/accents, it's not like hating anything that's blue or green or whatever.

The stuff that anon posted looks like a whole ass collection from kmart that I could have bought once upon a time, it's not like the colours are inherently ugly but overexposure and cheapness has made it seem tacky to me too.

No. 190346

File: 1622967779708.jpg (49.8 KB, 570x570, 2241783c1426f66921186d7cb98dac…)

>rose gold
>marble prints
Yeah, spot on, kek

No. 190348

File: 1622968243075.png (117.28 KB, 444x540, 5482fe9c54239_-_mcx-divergent-…)

uwu the flock of birds represents me desire for freedom anon, w-what do you mean it's Divergent tattoo?

No. 190360

If you have short, fat legs… sure.
Hilarious since I remember bell bottoms being considered the worst fashion ever and now people act like they are the second coming of Christ lmfao
the point of those hideous tattoos was to everyone know that you have either attempted or considered suicide at some point in your life. Peak cringe. If you want to celebrate being alive despite that, pick an original design with symbolism that pertains to you only

No. 190362

I'm skinny + no hips and skinny jeans make me look sick, especially in black
>The point of those hideous tattoos was to everyone know that you have either attempted or considered suicide at some point
Peak attention whore, jesus christ

No. 190365

What about for guys? What style would you see on a guy and make you think it's "cheugy"?

No. 190366

File: 1622977861429.png (2.2 MB, 2002x2237, 1487695281089.png)

Palewave. I remember it peaking whenever the Adidas Superstar were a big thing, so I don't really remember when exactly but 2015?

No. 190368

File: 1622978570179.jpg (72.58 KB, 800x600, 4113552ea761439e21cdacfd9a7b22…)

Also spring break frat boy. Imo it's the male equivalent of the starbucks, uggs and messy bun girl

No. 190370

File: 1622979423337.jpg (174.91 KB, 1500x1000, 2130774c7156540e2f02867633d034…)

Apparently dress and jean are off-trend but I still like this combinaison

No. 190371

jesus fucking christ I am so old now, when will I finally die and move out of the way

No. 190384

Same energy as ugly pink and green dress anon

No. 190386

Didn't even know this was a thing

No. 190388

Every 3 years bell bottoms are “a thing” again. Just with different groups.

When I was in elementary school/middle school everyone was wearing bell bottoms.

Sorority girls loved them when I was in college in the early 10’s.

Then the goths + rave crowd were wearing them again in the mid 10’s.

They never make a full on comeback though because they are ugly and they don’t go with a lot.

No. 190400

That's not off trend, just ugly af.

No. 190401

>The trick to beating trends is to be so dramatically out of date that it doesn't matter.
Just you wait, this won't work forever. I was happy wearing outdated clothes too but against all sane logic some elements of my style came into fashion with teenagers these past years and that means that now even though I dress the same as I always have done I look like I'm just trying (and failing) to emulate then.
And when then it goes out of fashion I will look extra outdated.

No. 190403

gipsy kindergartner core

No. 190405

File: 1622994079809.jpg (138.37 KB, 640x640, 1405390451298.jpg)

I remember palewave, adding normcore to the list but it was a unisex style, kind of 90s inspired.
I was big into normcore in 2014 or so when it was big on /fa/.
I still kind of dress like a mix of that and hippy arthoe and I couldn't be happier.

No. 190409

Was going to answer the last anon but you've got it entirely! Every now and then I watch the diy and hgtv channels and the horse-girl-all-grown-up designers always reccomend the karate chop to "bring a little flair to the final presentation of your couch". Dated home trends are really fun and I wish we had a thread on it tbh. I guess here works, right?

No. 190413

I think it does come from korean, because there is a word for tacky in korean that sounds like that, I read it in a source that I cant find right now

No. 190442

literally shayna chic

No. 190446

File: 1623001046735.png (152.64 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210606-123508.png)

No. 190447

File: 1623001127540.png (138.13 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210606-123740.png)

cheugy means tacky and overdone

No. 190483

I hate rose gold so much, it reminds me of oxidized costume jewelry. That dusty pink colour drives me crazy, it looks like it's covered in a layer of grime and soot as the name literally suggests. My SIL had a baby and the entire wardrobe is dusty pink, I hate it lol.
Those damn pillows, wow. It all just looks so soulless. This is interior design for people who don't actually have a sense of style and just wanna create the look of opulence

No. 190609

File: 1623023048307.jpg (63.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_njtqi3Pj1q1qf9rf3o1_500…)

Statement necklaces paired with graphic tshirts or sweatshirts.

No. 190648

File: 1623040800011.jpg (139.89 KB, 980x1470, Denim-Shorts-With-Tights-4.jpg)

jean shorts with tights, the more opaque the tights the more cheugy it is

No. 190657

So this is just a thread listing every single trend that has passed? What's the point lol.

No. 190681

dont hurt me like this

No. 190684

those flats are sending me

No. 190691

to share in our hatred (of past trends). Isn't that the point of lolcow?

No. 190694

There's already 'fashion and outfits we hate' thread. Most of this thread is just that, only like 2 things posted here aren't fashion.

Only this time anons frame shit they don't like as 'out' which is absolutely retarded vain consoomer mindset. Yeah, just throw all your old wearable clothes and buy whole new closet every 6 months, that's totally not wasteful. Don't forget to shame people who don't have money/means to do that for being 'cheugy'.

No. 190696

File: 1623060764250.jpg (304.19 KB, 1200x1200, 20351d3cf694d95a2d2b60bfbd94d8…)

Low-rise jeans are pretty cheugy imho, and they seem to be making a "comeback", at least if fashion websites are to be trusted.

This thread is pretty funny to scroll through, a lot of things I agree with and a lot of things I like a lot and would never give up. Goes to show it's pointless to care and tastes are super diverse (shocking i know)

No. 190697

I'm just surprised low rise jeans manage to weasel their way back into mainstream fashion. Like who buys them? Low rise jeans are the epitome of unflattering cuts when you're not perfectly skinny and toned and the majority people aren't.

No. 190698

>when you're not perfectly skinny and toned
lbr that's the whole reason it came back into fashion/ever was in fashion, because it's exclusionary. Trends are set by skinny and toned women, and being thin enough to pull off low rise jeans is a massive flex that isn't possible for most.

No. 190699

But where's the market to sell them to then? Like how's Zara gonna sell lowrise jeans when 95% of the people who walk through the door don't have the body to pull it off. Or do they sell enough to the few who can pull it off + wishful thinkers? I mean I guess there must be a large enough market for it if the fashion industry "allows" it to make a comeback but it's still bizarre to me

No. 190700

Couldn't you say the same of bodycon dresses and crop tops and mini skirts and nearly any tight/skimpy item of clothing that's ever been in fashion?

No. 190703

File: 1623063583523.jpg (160.13 KB, 1080x1072, IG-annvmariv.jpg)

This overdone trend

No. 190704

In my opinion none of those are unflattering to the extent that low rise jeans are. Low rise jeans literally has your muffin top pinched and spilling over.

No. 190705

I can't remember ever actually wearing low rise jeans so I guess I have a weaker response to them, on the other hand the thought of wearing a bodycon dress strikes fear deep in my heart. With the jeans I could at least blame my muffin top on them, in a tight dress there's no hiding it kek.

No. 190706

This thread is just hating on every trend popularized… like some of these I don't see why they consider such….

No. 190707

File: 1623065185041.jpg (41.83 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-53.jpg)

Exactly, half of these things aren't cheugy, alot of things mentioned are super trendy right now like the egirl hair and kawaii waifu fashion.

Cheugy is the OPPOSITE of trendy, not something you find tacky or overdone.

No. 190715

File: 1623067809194.jpg (166.9 KB, 1000x930, 1440960050382.jpg)

Blast from the past. It wasn't the worst tacky /fa/ shit imo, unlike the absolute obsession with Rick Owens kek

No. 190727

My sister got this cut at age 27 after being a prototypical Pinterest girl, and I was baffled.

Seems like something I would have done as a teenager not someone closing in on 30.

No. 190728

I'm 27 and I have it, it looks flattering on me and I get lots of compliments.

No. 190729

I see we're bringing back 2012 Zooey Deschanel/MPDG-core

No. 190730

cheugy is tacky, overdone and tryhard tho

No. 190731

if you dont get it and dont like the thread just hide it.

No. 190732

With the front of your hair bleached?

No. 190733

thats the point. Google cheugy for gods sake

No. 190735

Low rise jeans are so ugly and uncomfortable.

No. 190737

I feel like this whole thread is full of tryhards with tacky 'omg it's sooo last season' shit.
So I'd say using unironically word like 'cheugy' is actually really 'cheugy' and tacky.

No. 190745

tbh i can understand why an adult would do it (even though it looks like shit) because adults have more freedom than teens, same with dressing in alt fashion. i wasn't even allowed to cut my hair above the waist for most of my life.

No. 190747

File: 1623081370360.jpg (54.41 KB, 374x664, abf6da0a2cb1906300cb87fb00b53c…)

To me 80% of this thread is people sperging and complaining, also it's like 4 people who can be spotted by their cringy wording and typing who keep bumping the thread
Despite seeing it everywhere online, I saw this hairstyle only once irl. I don't like it, reminds me of picrel but think it's a good style for teens or people who aren't really able with bleach. It gives you alt looking hair without really having to commit or fry all of it

No. 190750

bleached and dyed pink yeah

No. 190751

this is exactly why I got it, my family is pentecostal and i was forced to wear ugly clothes and horse girl hair as long as I lived with them. As soon as I went NC I started dressing in alt clothing and I won't stop until I get bored.

No. 190757

File: 1623088254251.jpg (51.11 KB, 420x599, Marie_Antoinette_Adult.jpg)

cheugy af ugh

No. 190760

nta but we get what it means, we just think it's retarded lmao

No. 190762

you misspelled based

No. 190766

>Non powdered wig
>Pre eating disorder phase
Actually disgusting

Anon, wait, I think you cracked the fucking code. It's as if a cheugy thread would attract actual arrogant /fa/ggots? People who are actually into trends? Holy shit.

No. 190773

It has to be contemporary shit dumbass

No. 190775

Everyone ITT is taking it too seriously when Cheugy, in itself, is a joke, a way to mock shit, no fun allowed holy shit.

No. 190776

Dude it's not "so last season"
it's about shit that people wore 5-10 years ago and are tryhard pretending it's still popular
Like the "laugh love live" shit, or shit you see on pinterest and is shilled as "omg so cool and trendy" when it looks like shit
My god from all the places on the internet I couldn't believe LOLCLOWN is the place where nobody gets it

No. 190779

File: 1623096032769.jpg (46.73 KB, 736x414, bf04d8075e605d731659e3e847693d…)

Oh wow anonny thanks for enlightening me I truly was so lost

No. 190783

File: 1623096359812.jpg (445.98 KB, 950x1500, millenial slut in high rise sk…)

Oh fuck me anon and here I was omw to post my cheugy king

No. 190785

Male patterned baldness is super cheugy

No. 190788

Yeah I'm surprised that farmers are missing the point. You don't need to be a consoomer of current trends or belong to a particular age group to have an opinion on what you think is passé. Part of the fun is that taste is subjective and changes in lifestyle trends coincide with shifts in our cultural landscape ie what some groups in society value and what they aspire toward. It's inevitable that we're all going to see at least one example of a trend itt that we think looks good. The way I see it it's more of a commentary on the evolution of cultural values than a personal attack on any one person's style.

No. 190789


No. 190791


No. 190792

I think the reasonyou think is "fun" is the same one a lot of farmers just think it's stupid: it's too subjective and most people don't even care about it.
Although the contents of the thread itself are not necessarily awful or anything (there are a lot of shit I personally agree is ugly and outdated), the mentality just screams "teenager" for me. Even the word itself is fetch-tier

No. 190794

cheugys are fads because they were the fake trendhopper.

No. 190796

File: 1623099226341.jpg (122.32 KB, 813x1024, colum323802_452009_hd1.jpg)

Are pic rel cheugy?

No. 190800

>the word itself is fetch-tier
Yeah I see what you mean and I agree to a larger extent. On the one hand it's just an extension of the "outfits that you hate thread" and cheugy itself is a lame made-up word, on the other hand I think it's supposed to be shorthand for that period in the early 2010s when SM and they way people use it was fundamentally changing. I distinctly remember those trends because I'm in my late 20s, so it's a bit of nostalgic fun to look back and agree or disagree on the trends that are specific to that period. A lot of the threads in /g/ revolve around subjective opinions on what looks good, it's the possibility of finding some mutual agreement with anons and discussing disagreements that's fun.

No. 190821

No, but they are illegally hot

No. 190842

File: 1623122080510.jpeg (422.92 KB, 2715x2030, uqu2umaj0vd21.jpeg)

/r/malefashionadvice style

No. 190856

Ummm where am from cheugy is slang for chewing gum. Highlighting the fact its an utterly stupid word.

No. 190865

well yes but they're also really cute and i'd wear them if they had a different color than that ugly brown

No. 190930

holy shit, i had this exact sweater. it was itchy as fuck and i never wore it outside bc even back then i was too embarrassed to be seen in it.

No. 191617

the fucking filename lmfao

No. 191857

File: 1623575735534.jpg (72.08 KB, 500x750, 3578268562869.jpg)

The red velvet shade of hair color that was popular 5-10 years ago strikes me as particularly cheugy.

No. 191858

I can't believe mullets are in style now. On women I suppose it looks alright, still bad but not horrific, but on men it looks disgusting. This 80s pornstar look of mullet moustache that seems to be a trend makes me barf and turns hot men into disgusting jokes. Can't wait for it to go out of style.

No. 191865

Ouch my heart. I was about to do this to my hair. I thought it looks cute and it’s on trend isn’t it? I’m not even a millennial I’m a zoomer and I like it…

No. 191866

Y’all kill me with the anyone older than 25 “closing in on 30” jfc lol. You sound 16 when you say shit like that.

No. 191867

i've always found it so tacky. there are exceptions but it was always the trashiest white women who got this hair around me kek. it's even worse now.

No. 191869

They always use 30 as some sort of an incel insult, meanwhile they cry about turning 18 because they won't be jailbait anymore. Can't wait for zoomers to start turning 30, the milk will be glorious and I'll come back just to check up on them.

No. 191870

Yeah it's like to them people age up to around 24 and after that women are just 30, no matter their actual age kek

No. 191892

it’s very cheugy to call yourself a smol bean or any of those dumb tumblr phrases

No. 191901

File: 1623601394111.jpeg (83.5 KB, 600x400, 1C44373D-9EC3-463A-A581-925815…)


No. 191902


No. 191907

"_______ is brighter than my future"

No. 191923

File: 1623608177643.jpeg (54.76 KB, 225x225, 6B6FC45C-5004-42FA-832B-2AC959…)

lol wear whatever tf you want fashion is mostly an absurd nightmare anyways

No. 191931

Or, like many women in their 30s, they may gain some wisdom and give less of a fuck by that age. We can only hope they get a fucking grip, it's gonna be a shock when they realize we don't become expired old bores overnight.

No. 191934

I’m the op and I’m 30… it’s not an insult just a different season of life than high school.

No. 191937

this pic is cheugy

No. 191970

File: 1623625023221.jpeg (38.16 KB, 600x782, let me see that thong.jpeg)

I've always wondered what it is about these pants that people like apart from the comfort aspect. They remind me of these shoes which I've always thought were ugly looking

No. 191975

File: 1623626225087.jpg (78.1 KB, 600x846, e969344d2ff671300fa144b532c9bb…)

Did your country have the owl phase?

No. 191976

I had that necklace. A pretty weird trend now that I think about it.

No. 191979

yes, i still have the owl necklace lol, random trend but cute imo

No. 191981

File: 1623626986446.jpg (105.24 KB, 580x580, m_59b54734f092822bfc03ff6b.jpg)


Burger here… was obsessed with owls as a preteen in 2011 and knew a couple others who were as well. I owned picrel and wore it far too often. Seemed to be a hit with autistic girls for some reason?

No. 191982

This picture smells like 2008

Pretty sure I had that same owl necklace.

No. 191984

I had a few variations of the owl necklace. Loved it so much!

No. 191989

I had that owl necklace but a different version. And a pocket watch necklace that didn't run, lol.

No. 191991

File: 1623630751638.jpg (220.29 KB, 1116x1600, charles.jpg)

Fake fucking king, miss me with that gay pantaloons shit

No. 191993

he already got beheaded, and you're adding insult to injury like this? have a heart, anon!

No. 191996

File: 1623632442783.jpeg (228.05 KB, 1242x1857, 1FCE450C-C9DB-45B4-AF66-F07075…)

I have a friend who still adores owls and has at least something with an owl around. I’ve only had one blouse because it was a gift but I never really wanted anything to do with owls.
I was more of a stars’ girl. I always wanted to have stars around because of my husbando of the time, god I’m so fucking autistic. Now to me anything with big stars looks cheugy and I wouldn’t touch them even if my only way of survival was burning up some star patterned piece of clothing.

No. 191999

Nah man I'm simply calling out Napoleon as fake and cheugy, Charles was much much better in comparison

No. 192000

File: 1623634318111.jpeg (145.97 KB, 1080x1277, 34E5611C-BB63-4C23-B632-55CDEE…)

Is The North Face considered cheugy?

No. 192014

File: 1623642365614.jpg (383.54 KB, 1999x1694, 4384_12691_1.jpg)

oh my god this gave me flashbacks to 2006

I also never understood birkenstocks like picrel until I tried a pair on, they're like a warm hug for your foot they're so comfy. still cheugy tho

No. 192024

It's on trend! just do it, it's very cute.

No. 192027

I kinda wish these things became trendy again. Life was way less insufferable back then, does anyone know what I'm saying?

No. 192029

I don't personally wear them, but I think the boho and comfiness of them looks a bit endearing, like, if I saw someone wearing them I would expect them to be a nice hugger and smell like patchuoli

No. 192032

That was a tumblr phrase? Literally only heard it in a song by a 90's emo band I Hate Myself.

No. 192046

Whoever came up with the word "cheugy", congatulations, it's up there with "moist" and "phlegm".

No. 192055

But cheugy sounds cute. Like a pet name for Chewbacca.

No. 192057

You are taking fashion tips from lolcow. Don't. Zoomer to zoomer, just do it. It looks good.

No. 192068

oh my god i love you i didn’t know who this was and typed her name into youtube, “mrs hinch pillow chop” came up first and now i’m watching a video titled “HINCHING MY SOFA!” how does she exist

No. 192177

It's not just rose gold, yellow gold too. It's tacky.

No. 192629

File: 1623917655658.jpeg (78.98 KB, 412x512, 0D284AFE-9B36-41AB-B8F3-4A47B4…)

Cheugster numero uno

No. 192648

File: 1623924648857.jpeg (111.72 KB, 1071x1140, 6CAD80D7-31A1-42DB-AB7B-3F9A4D…)

snakebites and central labrets are cheugy

No. 192653

File: 1623925904098.jpeg (10.62 KB, 342x347, A1ntnF3PJOL._CLa_2140,2000_915…)

I just remembered when every gymrat wore those

No. 192655

File: 1623925970422.jpg (234.23 KB, 2000x2000, 3300-mint-z1-t-i-hate-running-…)

and that is including male ones

No. 192664

I so so wish the trend of eyebrow piercings would come back, I found them incredibly sexy. Everyone who was hot had them back then.
Nowadays even people who have pierced their entire face with dozens of holes avoid getting them.

No. 192666

They are totally coming back anon, my piercer told me she'd been doing at least one a day for several weeks, when before she'd get one maybe every two months

No. 192670

File: 1623933879513.jpg (36.47 KB, 405x607, Kristen-Stewart-Glamour-14Dec1…)

That thick eyeliner is chewgy.

No. 192672

Huh, I've had one for like two years now. I don't pay attention to trends though kek. I don't like them on moids though, makes them look trashy.

No. 192675

File: 1623936778361.jpg (25.85 KB, 372x400, American-Apparel-AA025-Unisex-…)

American Apparel in general, but especially these briefs that every hipster seemed to own back in ye olden days. I hate to admit that I owned a couple pairs myself.

No. 192681

love this eyeliner tbh

No. 192684

Jesus christ that is some ugly ass underwear. The material looks really gross somehow. And what is that design

No. 192691

yeah it looks sweaty.

No. 192703

I don't like that I can see the depressed dick… and yeah, this underwear is uggo

No. 192706

File: 1623945182803.jpg (147.36 KB, 720x1099, 20210617_094812.jpg)

i used to work somewhere where 75% of the women wore these horrible leggings on a daily basis. i dont see them as much since covid, but i also dont work with yogis anymore

No. 192712

File: 1623949462404.jpeg (100.43 KB, 403x403, 66A15CFC-1E94-4FC1-8866-78F3B6…)

all-over photo print clothes are cheugy, so is galaxy pattern and funneh cats

No. 192722

you guys are just pointing out the blatantly obvious at this point kek

No. 192729

I’d unironically wear this.

No. 192733

thats the point of the cheugy thread, to talk about cheugy shit

No. 192744

In my defence, they were very comfortable.

No. 192753

they're shallow i've heard they reject a lot more than most lip, cheek, and nose piercings, which might explain it

this is why didn't get them when i went thru my piercing phase in 2009-2012

No. 192786

File: 1623970808864.jpg (200.19 KB, 962x1309, 32407526-8665821-Hard_times_De…)

all of it kek

No. 192794

I know but the galaxy print cat sweater is one step away from being >>190757 unironically lol. Trends from ten years ago aren't trendy anymore, shocking

No. 192797

You honestly would be suprised to see how many people still dress like that lmao

No. 192837

this makes my vagina itch just looking at it. looks ridiculously uncomfortable. i bought a pair of underwear that was like boyshorts similar to this once just to try and i fucking hated them. my vagina needs to BREATHE. i prefer really thin underwear, i dont have a fucking dick and balls.

No. 192838

File: 1623978224015.jpg (172.79 KB, 1080x1181, b9239e0c6e2a4c2801cafec05ffe9b…)

i think its cute, reminds me of pic related. not MY style at all though. i like the y2k trends though (mostly)

No. 192850

File: 1623982190734.png (1.43 MB, 1378x1206, cheugmeister-mark.png)

facebook is cheugy. I'm not talking about using it for messenger or groups. I'm talking about the memes, the misinformation, the oversharing. it's your 50 something year old professor posting quasi-inspirational, pseudo-FDS type of images that are thinly-veiled jabs at her ex who obviously cheated on her, judging by the way she regularly broadcasts the state of her love life. it's the people who tag each other in things like "the first three words you see in this crossword puzzle will reveal your future" or "your first @ owes you dinner". it's the cheesy filtered photos, the temporary frames, the hashtags, the never-ending feed of trite garbage. facebook is undeniably the cheugiest platform of our era, and really, could you expect anything else from a nerd who looks like this guy?

No. 192857

this but messenger adn groups are also cheugy

No. 192861

Being born is pretty cheugy.

No. 192864

Cheugy is pretty chuegy

No. 192874

some people need to use fb to communicate with people for work and school

No. 192907

Things that I think are cheugy:
>getting married (to men) giving birth
>paying taxes
>the housing crisis
>the pay gap
>failing rape prosecutions
>some people have to use it for work
But it’s CHEUGY anon….

No. 192909

Eww, work and school? now that's cheugy

No. 192914

File: 1624006773418.jpeg (643.54 KB, 3014x2442, D529BF48-E50E-4BF7-BB92-8F7FED…)

Hummels are cheugy. In fact, all the decor in my grandmas house are cheugy af.

No. 192915

File: 1624007037940.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3000x2224, 7A3B0F84-C323-4F8F-89E1-4A85A9…)

Burkas are cheugy

No. 192918

File: 1624008394623.jpg (149.79 KB, 900x1200, Dg1VEYuUwAAQk0-.jpg)

Fashion Novaesque fits with 2016 instagram makeup is the new chav. +100 points if you're overweight
Alright, no need to attack my mom this way

No. 192920

File: 1624009170698.jpg (35.84 KB, 500x500, ladies-printed-scarves-500x500…)

Anyone else had a phase when they wore badly coordinated printed scarf evryday kek ?

No. 192921

my high school english teacher wore a different one of these scarves every day of the year, it was incredible

No. 192922

My mum wore these scarves to work and I absolutely idolised her so I'd take them out of her wardrobe and wear them to school. Imagine a primary school kid in full smart uniform with one of these flowery scarves kek

No. 192953

File: 1624021881843.jpg (18.16 KB, 236x295, 892e110efbc445e295b8fbb1e7d1b3…)

>getting married (to men) giving birth
geez anon not all of us can be based lesbian/bisexual wlw

Anyway here's one for my Brazilian babes, you either either to school with this kind of chick or have a cousin/niece that is one.

No. 192958

This is the only type of haircut that looks so good on me although mine is shoulder length. And as far as I know, the soft shag is in fashion now but I've been sporting it ever since a hairdresser had it done on me 10 years ago.
For the record, I'm slav and my face shape is the same as in that pic.
It can be cheugy, it can be called whatever, I won't allow myself getting so harshly dictated by trends.

No. 192963

File: 1624025458937.png (839.03 KB, 1888x1158, dubwMFLGdRGXzwKEuoa08OBZCT5HD4…)

I don't know why people seem to have such a hard time grasping the definition of "cheugy." It's simple: trends that are both (1) relatively recently out-of-date (within the last ten years or so) and (2) tacky (either because the trend was overdone or genuinely ugly).

Just because something is off-trend doesn't mean that it's cheugy. It has to be ugly and/or overdone too. Anything more than 15+ years out of date just starts to fall under the umbrella of vintage, and it doesn't make sense to call it cheugy. Styles that are still on-trend and tacky are just that– tacky trends.

The concept of "chuegy" is not new, and anyone getting their panties in a twist over it is a probably underage or a simpleton. It's just a zoomer term for tacky and off-trend. Fashion magazines have been declaring trends as "over!" for forever and noone collectively lost their shit like they have with "cheugy."

My biggest gripe with "chuegy" is how it overemphasizes critiquing women's trends and benign lifestyles. I want to see more men roasted for their cheugy Funko Pop collections, Marvel home decor, Rick and Morty merch and stale le reddit gold!! attitudes.

No. 192966

Eh there’s a difference between cheugy and kitsch. Hummels have entered the kitsch category.

No. 193012

File: 1624040032576.png (1.26 MB, 1154x853, egirl.png)

This e-girl gamer aesthetic is about to become cheugy for me personally. I think it peaked around 2018.

No. 193013

People know what cheugy means, they just think it's retarded.

>My biggest gripe with "chuegy" is how it overemphasizes critiquing women's trends and benign lifestyles.

And this is exactly why it's retarded and harmful.

No. 193014

>it's pink therefore it's for girls
Ah yes, of course.

No. 193030

I'd love it if a guy had a cute pink room and wasn't a tranny.

No. 193047

…do you think male gamers have setups like that? what a weird comment lol

No. 193052

Nta but I'm pretty sure anon meant something else.. a gamer can have a regular setup but a GIRL gamer HAS to have a pink setup, because you know, she's a girl, no other colour is girly or allowed.

No. 193064

The fact that Cheugy doesn’t rhyme with “bougie” makes me angry for no reason at all.

No. 193071

Tbf it's impossible to find high quality gamer shit in any fun colors other than pink. Either you do black/white plus lame rgb, you go pink, you go shit quality Chinese crap that will break on you in two months, or you piece together customized shit that is lower quality. No one makes high quality gear in blues, purples, greens, yellows, etc. They just give us ladies pink plus a pink tax and call it a day.

No. 193077

>Either you do black/white plus lame rgb
I hate dark rooms filled with RBG (especially with those hexagons on the wall) and I hate the men that use them. Makes them seem like literal basement dwellers but with too much money.

I don't know if it's cheugy but it should be as it's getting very, very overdone.

No. 193080

I actually like the embroidery on the green one tbh

No. 193096

File: 1624058820968.jpg (26.63 KB, 720x1008, nala--mt20_2x_446219.jpg)

lace wedding gowns

No. 193106

Lace is really hit or miss. When it's good quality and delicate, it can be beautiful, but it's soooo easy for it to look ugly and tacky. I've been with my sis to buy her a dress recently and I was shocked by how dated and ugly some of the lacy ones were. It looks especially bad on the pinky/beige skin colour material some dresses had.

No. 193111

Vintage lace is waaaay better in terms of quality. Or, if you've got money to drop, you could always buy a roll of Venetian lace and stitch it on.

No. 193147

I read it like “bogey” but with a CH, so at least it rymes with “bogey”

No. 193165

File: 1624095795222.jpg (152.46 KB, 640x853, 1624093535694.jpg)

This entire look. So outdated.

No. 193168

Are you the same anon who literally selfposted in ot?

No. 193171

Is this because i called her cheugy in her selfpost thread kek

No. 193172

Even the same writing style… What a strange person

No. 193173

No, but I saw the /ot/ thread and thought "This shit looks like it's from 2014".

No. 193178

The ariana grande headband, the melanie martinez two tone wig, the meme tumblr heart choker and the unwashed programming socks alongside the inevitable receiding chin
I refuse to believe this isn't some ddlg tumblrfag from 2014

No. 193238

File: 1624128315668.jpg (386.02 KB, 1200x630, t-shirt-pocket-cat-showing-mid…)

This shit. I've known numerous dumbasses over the past 6 or more years who've had this shirt and thing it's soooo funny and unique.
That goes for shit with aliens on it too

No. 193240

File: 1624128484905.jpg (47.3 KB, 466x645, 61TXcjyGTML._AC_UX466_.jpg)

Samefag, also millennials who are perpetually stuck in 2010 that still wear these type of designs on shirts or hats

No. 193250

File: 1624129285106.jpg (63.96 KB, 652x748, NINTCHDBPICT000436738866-e1537…)

No. 193253

> this outfit says "I buy retro clothing to save money"
kek wearing jeans under a dress makes your outfit technically more expensive but visually cheaper at the same time. the bag and the belt are cheug as fuck too. what kind of publication would recommend wearing this pitiful ensemble to an interview???

No. 193256

This is giving me war flashbacks when I had to sneak out to a concert my mum wouldn't let me go to but I wanted to dress up so I wore a dress with jeans. I looked autistic.

No. 193257

In that same vein, those stupid hoodies where you wear it backwards and the hood has some T-rex face on it or something equally retarded.

No. 193258

Original comment anon here, that's what I meant. Thanks anon. My favorite color is purple and it's tragic that that color isn't catered to when it comes to tech. I'd love a sleek, deep purple tablet.

No. 193262

Originally a TV show. Trinny and Susannah, What Not to Wear. Terrible advice but they were entertaining. It was a surprise makeover show for nominated women. She'd be secretly filmed over a period of weeks with family or friends's consent. The unsuspecting woman was then ambushed by a camera crew and made to watch the footage back with their scathing commentary kek. The presenters were savage to each other too. It's pretty much the only reason anyone watched it, for the cringe and cruelty lmao.

No. 193264

This screams tranny clothes

No. 193266

God those two.
They did a tour in Sweden where they complained about women wearing big coats and not looking sexy enough in the middle of winter, then complained about freezing their own asses off. They would sexually harass women and grab their boobs, and then in every episode they would makeover a guy while completely kissing his ass and dressing him all in boring beige. Cheugy handmaiden losers.

No. 193268

dirty stockings with hair is a bonus…

No. 193269

I abandoned my facebook and it's the best feeling in the world. I felt every time I looked at my feed, I was getting dumber. I also felt like the potpourri of "friends" I had were not cohesive enough to get equal access to whatever I decided to post. And then I decided that it just felt weird posting any details of my life or views on that platform. I didn't want to engage or be engaged with. I wanted out.

The privacy and data harvesting were just additional reasons to get off that platform. Anyone on the fence about it - just do it. I feel in my bones that FB will die in the next 5-10 years, and I look forward to that happening.

I haven't missed a damn thing from FB.

No. 193276

Or you can just have self control and not waste time by pointlessly going through your feed.
Facebook is excellent when it comes to connecting with people from work, school, organising events, going through your city's events and seeing if any of your friends are also up for them. Groups are also great for file sharing and general superficial communication. There isn't any social media that's better at this afaik. I hope it doesn't die soon because it's so easy to find good interesting broadcasts of online classes, podcasts, meet ups, concerts and other events through it.

No. 193285

>connecting with people from work, school
there's also still the privacy issue

No. 193361

File: 1624179826525.jpg (72.06 KB, 341x512, unnamed.jpg)

I absolutely cannot stand the late 2000s/early 2010s style that consisted of people who missed out when scene was huge. Like, this specific photo is a great example; taken in 2013, clothes are from H&M and Primark. It's trying so hard, but missing it completely.
I was a stars girl too. I have a very similar pair of tights I got from Walmart I still wear when I lounge around. Mix this with a thick plain tank and a sheer-ish oversized graphic tee crop top. Peak 2012.
I had a pair of Birkenstocks back in the late 90s when I was a wee child. Those shoes absolutely sucked, I always fell in them.

No. 193399

I’m 33 years old and i think this is fugly. Just wear stockings or tights or pantyhose if you don’t want to show your legs like it’s not that hard.
Wearing jeans under a dress or a skirt just makes you look like you’re retarded or 12. Or a 12 year old retard.
That’s funny cause lots of retro clothing is expensive af

No. 193400

This looks way too old/outdated to be considered cheugy.

No. 193404

this is basically a 'tends I hate thread' using a zoomer word that is auditory vomit

No. 193432

File: 1624213484328.jpeg (121.63 KB, 1080x1350, 67800CA0-A542-4964-975F-77611F…)

It’s literally just for posting shit that’s out of trend, not specifically trends farmers hate. For example, Nicole Kidman wearing thin fabric in pastel green with matching suede shoes and sheer pink top with symmetrical mandala print. Off-trend elements from 2001, but I like it.

No. 193434

what is the source??? its so horrible i want to read the whole book of bad fashion advice

No. 193477

No. 193776

No. 193779

File: 1624380185501.jpg (42.89 KB, 422x481, feathers.jpg)

i like these

No. 193780

File: 1624380233810.jpg (34.94 KB, 614x1050, feather-earrings-RU78_l.jpg)

and these

No. 193808

Yes, it's that one. I remember reading it.

No. 194046

I remember I wanted these so bad when I was in 5th grade. All my friends had them but I wasn’t allowed to get one.

No. 194048

idk if this is the place to ask this. but i am more sexually attracted to girls but more romantically attracted to boys. i mean, i am somewhat romantically attracted to girls but i'm more romantically attracted to guys. i m@sturbate to girls more than guys. idk if this is me viewing them as sex objects.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 194089

File: 1624527604530.jpg (34.03 KB, 480x353, gallery-1489095194-gettyimages…)

Shocked that these hadn't been posted yet.

Also "cheugy" is fucking retarded, the word "tacky" already exists.

No. 194122

There's a class difference between tacky and cheugy though. Tacky things have always been tacky since they were released. They are aimed at the aspiring classes. A t-shirt with a brand name is tacky and always has been.

Cheugy is things that were upper class but have filtered down to the aspiring classes too much and now are too abundant. White iphone headphones used to be aspirational because having a phone that expensive was rare. Now they are cheugy because everyone has an iphone and these are only the free headphones. You need to pay for the airpods now. Chanel was upper class but there are so many used bags and fakes and knockoffs, plus it is always paired with a non-Chanel outfit, meaning that the classic flap is cheugy now. Cheugy things don't always have to be expensive but have to have been inaccessible at one point.

Some things are neither and are just dated.

No. 194125

Literally nothing in this thread fits that description

No. 194129

From this thread, I would say ombre hair, boho fashion, and gold home decor are cheugy. They all had a time when they could be accessed via high end shops. Ombre hair isn't more expensive than regular hair colouring yet required up to date training only available in higher end salons. Boho became a huge trend copying Sienna Miller, who clearly had a stylist to source unique vintage pieces. Then the generic boho look (see >>192786 ) became popular in chain shops. Gold home decor was only in high end independent designer shops and then filtered down. Rose gold was always tacky though.

No. 196411

File: 1625567753474.jpg (64.1 KB, 768x1024, 6961cfe5859620145f83af5108fe8d…)

septum piercings

No. 196463

I don’t really think a piercing can be considered outdated.

No. 196550

They most definitely can lol

No. 196579

File: 1625619378581.jpeg (481.67 KB, 828x475, 4BBC77ED-2C7C-4654-99F3-812AAA…)

This jewelry is definitely cheugy. I think a captive bead ring might actually be dated enough to be trendy now, like a yellow smiley face ball. Channel your inner Joe Boxer.

Witchy fashion is cheugy. Not the Killstar pentagram harness stuff which is outright tacky, but the way people dressed when they were like “I’m an ACTUAL witch” with their crystals, trying to pretend they weren’t influenced by AHS Coven like literally everyone else at the time.

No. 196587

Sounds like someone has a septum piercing…

No. 197190

a few years back it seemed like everyone was wearing these jackets with a striped t shirt, light blue skinny jeans, low-top converse, and straightened blonde hair

No. 200149


Monroes, snakebites, angel bites and what have you definitely look incredibly dated, they died with the scene kids and never came back in the current quasi revival.

Also, you do not seem to see any bellybutton barbell piercings around, right?


Light wash skinny jeans with 100% elastane, Adidas Superstars, faux fur jackets, dusty pink as a colour. There is probably more but I am drawing a blank.

No. 200156


Piercertattoofag here, so it might not a bit biased, but bellybutton barbells are still almost sold daily in my parlour. Not so many lip piercings these days but plenty of nose and ears, though.

No. 200159


my bad, I am also a bodymodfag and I have not seen one in the wild in ages. Also, the people I know who had it took it out kek

No. 200160

Which fandoms are considered cheugy and which ones are okay? I enjoy the Ed Edd n Eddy fandom to satisfy my fujo tendencies and it feels kind of bad to think that fandoms like Marvel are acceptable while this isn't kek.

No. 200163

Isn't this term just for fashion, how can a fandom be cheewgy? All fandoms are definitely autistic tho.

No. 200170

Makes me smile when people argue over jean style and rise. So a style and rise looks bad on you, pick a different one. I can understand if there are reasons why one can't do that (e.g. financial or importing). I don't get the "well I look bad in x and y therefore no one should wear it" mentality. I have nostalgia for low rise jeans since I wore them as a preteen and early teen but that jean rise absolutely looks like hell on me now.

I had that hoodie. I bought it from the Cobra Starship website because it was cheaper than American Apparel despite being the same hoodie essentially. It had Gabe Saporta's "signiture" on the inside. Kek.

No. 200171

i dont think they are outdated, well atleast they are still trending, outdated maybe. been a big thing on tik tok and just in 'alternative' women in general to get septum piercings or doing them yourself, just cause its kinda more out there than the standard stud. lots of teen girls have them.

No. 200175

Just out of interest, what kind of people are getting them? The only people I know with belly button rings are white trash moms.

No. 200186

Lots of young girls have them nowadays, they’re definitely trendy right now due to the y2k trend

No. 200188

Slash fandoms that are way too big and turn anime male characters into cringe American zoomer stereotypes (like BNHA) and Western male characters into uwu yaoi manga women in men’s bodies (like Marvel)

Jelsa (elsa and Jack Frost from that mediocre dreamworks movie) Not even against the two characters, it was just cringe stuff thought up by women who simply couldn’t tolerate a female Disney lead without a male love interest.

No. 200189

Oh, and KPoP fandom, especially Kpop RPF

No. 200193

I was about to say this too, y2k has definitely revived bellybutton piercings, the whole bimbo shtick also.

No. 200196

yup belly button rings and low waisted jeans, even seen hip piercings thrown in the midst lately

No. 200218


No. 200278

File: 1627775426095.jpg (24.44 KB, 650x650, Semicolon-Tattoo-41-650x650.jp…)

I never liked the semicolon tattoo trend

No. 200283

half assed design heh

No. 200291

Harry Potter tattoos. Most tattoos in general. Especially just random assorted ones.

No. 200294


color tattoos, super realistic tattoos… hell, maybe I am an elitist, but I also see all the "ignorant art" and minimalist pinterest outline tattoos as cheugy, but they are a very 2018/2019 thing

No. 200305

Those stupid fucking geometric ones of like deer and triangles and aaaAARRGHGHGHG

No. 200309

the "i supposedly attempted suicide" attention whore tattoo

No. 200357

File: 1627824750636.jpeg (40.72 KB, 359x547, EE8B2907-FF44-4CB7-8333-839A51…)

i know a disturbing amount of adults who got deathly hallows tattoos after the HP movies ended cause they were so eager to cling on to their youth

>geometric deer and triangles
holy fuck you gave me some gnarly 2010 hipster tumblr flashbacks

oh and we can’t mention those tattoos without including the most infamous one of all

No. 200358

If a tattoo looks like a bored doodle a highschool student done on themself it's cheugy.

No. 200359

i still don't get how mustaches were a thing like who decided that was a trend?

No. 200372

File: 1627834067561.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.2 KB, 864x924, he.jpg)

No. 200419

this tattoo came full circle for me now i think it looks kinda cool

No. 200693

File: 1628031732899.jpg (26.25 KB, 640x603, green_ombre.jpg)

This fucking ombre + hair color a la Kylie Jenner 2015. It looks like shit when the green gets washed out and the hair looks like puke.

No. 200698

File: 1628034198780.png (1.71 MB, 817x1280, tumblr_nhrj12tdI71rgvhvzo1_128…)

I hate this color. People who don't have vivid hair always think it's so pretty and "mermaid"-y, but anyone who has ever had blue hair knows that this is just the color you get when you don't maintain an actually good shade of blue hair. I can't imagine why anyone would want to get this color willingly.

No. 200712

Mmn, yes, the Chris Chan hairdo.

No. 200722

Plus when you see it in the wild the coloured hair is usually fried to hell and back.
Saw a girl with that hair recently, she looked like she had a jellyfish on top of her head.

No. 201854

did chris chan have this hairdo? i dunt remember

don't get me wrong, its cringe. going from dark to pastel with a single color is gross

No. 201930

File: 1628964711041.png (871 KB, 1280x720, 1611392934081.png)

he had a badly done diy version

No. 202432

high heels are cheugy

No. 202906

This video and literally every single other one like it

No. 203412

being infatuted with paris is very outdated and millennial

No. 246216

absolutely agree

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