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File: 1623967987306.jpg (80.82 KB, 1487x837, cosmetic_surgery_for_stretch_m…)

No. 192771

I have these things all over my body. Literally everywhere. I already had some laser treatments done on the area but it was a waste of money really, it didn't change much.

I am hopeless. Really, people can cut their noses off and change completely their faces but there is no solution for stretch marks? Nothing seems to work on them.

Have you ever had something done that actually worked? What can I do?

No. 192772

at least it's not cellulite i think stretch marks are kinda cute tbh anon don't sweat it too much

No. 192774

how about you invest in therapy? strech marks are normal.

No. 192775

I literally think about how it would be better to just trade my stretch marks for cellulites. It would be only in one place and I could remove it surgically or something.

No. 192776

You can't get rid of cellulite either anon. You can do certain treatments to try to reduce its appearance but it never goes away. Go to therapy. Most people will develop stretch marks at some point in their lives.

No. 192777


I am telling you, when I went to the derm she mentioned how she was surprised about how skinny I was and still had so many stretch marks. I have a lot of stretch marks. I can't even wear a top without showing some stripes.

No. 192778

Derm is trying to sell you treatments obviously. They're normal.

No. 192779

agree with above anon. if you've grown from being the size of a child at all, you have stretch marks.

No. 192782

this is a perfect thread for me! i got an inner thigh lift in may to remove stretch marks. now im 6 weeks post op and healing great. i really, really know your pain anon. struggling with an eating disorder where i was about 20 lbs underweight for two years and just decided one summer to eat whatever i fucking wanted, ended up gaining like 30 lbs and it left so many stretch marks on me. covering up my body for years, always wearing tights to cover them up, the comments when someone would see them, the shame and hating my body…. i wish i got the surgery sooner, im not even that healed yet but have been taking great care of the scar. saw multiple surgeons who were all very surprised to see so many stretch marks on someone my size (i am pretty thin) in such an unusual area. i tried microneedling first but no luck. post op ive spent about 6k on it. its worth it. please see a surgeon if you can afford surgery! dont let pics of post op scars scare you away- those are usually only one month healed, not a full year. i want to post before and afters here but only when im fully healed. my BDD and obsession with my appearance is bad enough and having these very big purple stretch marks even after 6 years made it all the worse. i still have some less bad ones on my hips, butt (i haaate them!!) and front of my thighs but the worst ones were removed and i got lipo and got sutured up. i plan on trying to laser the rest. ive been feeling so much better about my appearance. i feel like maybe next summer i will actually wear a swimsuit for the first time in almost ten years and can finally truly enjoy my sex life without feeling like i have ugly parts i have to hide. it is worth every cent to me, im so happy i did it.

No. 192785

yall spending so much money on completely natural things that no one ever notices. skinny people get cellulite and stretch marks. they're normal.

No. 192790


Yes, it sounds silly when we talk about it but it is real. We can't help feeling down because of it. We just want it to be out of our body.

Happy that it worked for you! Mine are from growing up so i will have to look for more information about it

No. 192791

Most stretch marks aren't even ugly tbh (I concede that cellulite is, I hate mine no matter how natural). Silvery stripes aren't some hideous blemish, they have to be really severe to look bad rather than just kind of neutral.

No. 192793

File: 1623971869599.jpg (27.45 KB, 600x305, main-qimg-daa0dc1c32f926dcf80f…)


Mine look similar to this pic
Now, I have these all over my bums, thighs, behind my knees and backside

They are extremely visible and I don't think I am being crazy for just wanting to make them less visible and feel a little bit comfortable about putting on a swimsuit.

No. 192799

File: 1623973213671.png (2.88 MB, 1775x1285, before.png)

you would be shocked how some peoples turn out. not everyones stretch marks are just these little whispy white marks. mine took up a lot of space, were about half an inch thick (and these were not fine lines, big and purple). included in the pic. these are two kinds of stretch marks. not all are little fine lines… its always chicks with no or minimal stretch marks who say its not that bad!!!!1

well some of us never got the chance to be an adult and feel good about our bodies. i go out during the summer and sure i see a lot of gross bodies but why dont i get the chance to be one of the skinny cute girls in shorts (im 22)? i got these when i turned 16 from binge eating a lot after years of restricting. im not sorry i spent my hard earned money on something that improved my quality of life. maybe if you saved your cash you could afford it too…

No. 192800

btw im anon that got the thigh lift

>these are two kinds of stretch marks.


oops. and ive never ever been even close to overweight so i can obviously attest to it that yes, skinny people get them too, sometimes worse than fatties.

No. 192812

Go outside and touch some grass. Stretch marks are part of having human skin. If you went through puberty and don't have god tier genetics then you'll have some.

No. 192813


No. 192814


No. 192821

inb4 thread is turned into a shitshow like the PS thread getting too many anti-PS posts. we get it, you have nothing to say on the matter, now go to a thread that you arent going to start infighting on >>192812

No. 192822

lots of people gain stretch marks gaining a significant amount of weight too. mine were from gaining weight super quickly after being very underweight for much of puberty. it's not as simple as puberty sometimes. women get them often whilst pregnant.

No. 192834

File: 1623977801563.jpg (31.28 KB, 732x549, 678678.jpg)

anons think everyones stretch marks look like pic related

No. 192836

My stretch marks are very visible, they are dark and wide. It would be okay if they were somewhere on my butt or thighs, but no, they are at the most visible place: my arms . They are not cute, they are hideous, and it limits what i can wear.

No. 192839

That's the sort of stretchmarks OP used in the thread pic, and she didn't elaborate further about how severe they are. Of course anons are going to assume she's one of our many BDD anons exaggerating how unsightly her body is.

No. 192842


Well, it was meant to illustrate the thread and not to be the focus of it. I assumed people were going to actually answer the question, actually I am discovering right now that even women don't know how bad stretch marks can get.

I just did not want to be rude with the people saying 'it is nothing and it is natural' but I really came here looking for help.

No. 192845

Idk anon these look normal to me too. Then again I know a lot of bodybuilderfags and they are always hyped to show off their stretch marks for some reason. I literally don't understand why anyone is insecure about them unless you're just obsessed with social media where everyone blurs their skin into oblivion.

No. 192846

im not going to start infighting. just saying literally no one cares about these things. they aren't "imperfections" either. just a natural body thing. don't waste too much money on "treatments" for these things, anons. i just say it because i care

No. 192847

Op here again

I really just wanted to know about personal and reliable experiences on the matter since a lot of people are paid to make yt videos promoting treatments that don't work. As i did lasers with a doctor (that promised me my stretch marks would be less visible) and i just wasted my money
Like anon:


Thanks for everyone trying to be nice but it doesn't work like that
When we care, we simply care. And if there is a surgery or treatment to remove it, i would be willing to do it.

No. 192851

Roses are red
Violets aren't blue
I have stretch marks
You probably do too.

No. 192898

I'm trying so hard to be nice nona, so i'll just say this. Your derm cares about your money and shilling you treatments. Not about you. Before you go under the knife, and possibly die, please go to therapy. It's not normal to feel so intensely about a feature that's common and normal. If you get rid of them, your BDD will just jump to another thing. Just give therapy a shot.

No. 192899

I have ones like this on my thighs, and my titties look basically the same as the other pic. It's normal. I never even thought otherwise. I don't give them a second thought when going to the beach. I see so many women every day with "severe" stretch marks. It's not your body that's wrong, but your damn brain.

No. 192923

no one cares? i care. i didn’t like them.

No. 192924

i dont even have social media. sorry all your friends have unsightly marks all over their body and for some reason they love them lol. some of you are really pretending that you’ve never met or heard of a person having an insecurity.

No. 192925

this is just a cope, i have met so many people who dont have any at all. people who are my age or older.

No. 192927

mine limited what i could wear too. some people in this thread never had a friend or family member or sexual partner make a rude comment or ask “durrr what aer thooz?” plenty of people dont have stretch marks or even know what they look like. mine were also pretty severe but im glad i got rid of them. not all of us are rah-rah feminists who practice radical self acceptance lol glad i got mine excised

No. 192928

im still not sorry i got mine removed. they look gross to me and very odd because im so skinny. its not like im 35 with kids anon ive had them since i was 16 lol. not all of us try to ignore our imperfections because some ugly aunties have them too.

No. 192929

you know it’s rare to die in surgery if you’re healthy and young right? i swear some people are just jealous lol

No. 192940

Complications can always occur, going under anesthesia carries risks. There's a reason many surgeries and procedures use local instead of general. Also jealous? Of what? Your mental illness?

No. 192941

If you think not caring about stretch marks is radical anything, your brain has rotted past the point of no return.

No. 192944


I feel the same anon
everyone saying here everyone has it but when I go to the beach with my friends they have 3 stripes max on their bums or nothing at all

Being 22 with breats stretch marks is not 'normal'

No. 192946

no one's jealous of your obsession with this. we feel bad for you and are trying to help you.

No. 192947

>If you get rid of them, your BDD will just jump to another thing.
this is so true. if you have self-image issues, it doesn't matter what you "fix" because you'll constantly find something else to hate. i've been there. it is inevitable unless you find a way to accept and love yourself.

No. 192962

No, it's poetry.

No. 193000

Im 18 and I have breast stretch marks, its completely normal. Theyre just a result of your skin expanding during puberty.

No. 193049

I'm 20 and I've always had stretch marks on my breasts and legs. It's normal, my breasts are pretty small too. They're thin and not very visible on my skin so I'm not insecure about them, but I understand women who are

No. 193463

Stretchmarks are normal. I have them on my ass and thighs, some are the same color as my skin, some are visible. Who cares? I also found that they fade over time. Don't put any acid or irritants on there, it will probably make it worse.

For faster skin rejuvenation and to get an extra glow I take vitamin C regularly and glutathione as well. Try the liposomal kind. It's great.

No. 193467

File: 1624223051615.png (364.89 KB, 508x475, stretchmarks.png)

Honestly I'm so completely indifferent about my stretchmarks or stretchmarks in general. I didn't even know people or myself had stretchmarks until I read about stretch marks for the first time on some girls' forum when I was in my mid teens. Checked my body and for the first time noticed I had stretch marks on my butt and boobs that I had never seen before lmao. Mine are basically like pic related. I guess I get being insecure about them when they're highly visisble or in places that aren't usually covered up like the hips/butt/boobs areas are but I hope none of you are having sleepless nights over a few silvery lines like pic related.

No. 193482

I used olive oil and coconut oil on my breasts and abdomen while I was pregnant. I did still get some stretch marks and they were bright red so I looked like a tiger. I kept doing it and now they're so faded, they're barely visible. I'm not certain that the oil did anything but a bottle of olive oil or a jar of coconut oil is cheap enough to be worth a try.

No. 194409

Stretchmarks naturally fade from red..

No. 195167

one day i woke up at like 14 years old and my entire body was covered in stretch marks. growth spurt. didnt even know that they were a thing before that. life's a bitch.

No. 195192

Pretty much the same thing anon, I’ve always been very twiggy and underweight but still one day when I was 15 the sides of my ass/my boobs were all just stretch marks, like basically overnight I developed a figure. They bothered me a lot at the time but I almost immediately got over it, the only time someone sees them is literally if I’m naked!

No. 195391

I had a boyfriend that was full of stretch marks from a growth spurt. He was the shortest one during school and just suddenly grew out relatively late. It's not uncommon.

No. 198335

Don’t be ashamed of them, if fat scrotes can have them unbothered, so should we. They are a normal part of being human, embrace your stretch marks. Leave them be, your meat shell requires no medical intervention.

No. 199240

I have similar stretch marks anon, without a bra they aren't just 'cute little tiger stripes' like most women get but deep fucking grooves of thin crinkly white skin that look like wrinkles when I take off my bra and bend over. I have them on my hips and inner thighs too, but I care way less about those since they look way more 'normal' and they aren't deep.

After some investigation, I'd say there is basically nothing to be done besides skin grafts (theoretically since nobody has ever suggested this), thigh lifts, breast reduction/removal and other procedures that essentially just remove the skin altogether since the torn skin underneath can't be 'repaired' with any derma treatment that exists currently.

the anons saying 'get over it it's natural and there is no treatment anyway' are right in a sense though. I have never had a sexual partner insult me over them. It just makes me feel ugly privately and I can't wear certain cuts of tops.

No. 209182

File: 1634040798361.jpg (114.23 KB, 1300x957, stretch-marks-large-natural-br…)

I grew up with heavy puberty hitting on my titties very early on. I'm in my late twenties now with really big breasts (above a G cup) and as a result I've got quite deep stretch marks near the armpit and around that area on the fronts of my breasts, below the collar line. The more I gym and lose weight, the more aware I become that I can accidentally stretch this more with muscle. Has anyone else dealt with this?

No. 209188

I love stretch marks, I think they are so cute. My ex had a ton from being a former fattie and I loved how they looked. Like thick bolts of lightning. My current fwb has some large ones too from building mucle and they are so cute.

I have a few on my ass and on my (tiny) tits, who cares, they're just a sign of growing curves.

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