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File: 1624831627069.jpg (309.03 KB, 849x1280, IMG_1206.JPG)

No. 194587

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations

Previous thread: >>142100

No. 194588

File: 1624831653015.jpg (58.76 KB, 367x590, IMG_1209.JPG)

No. 194589

File: 1624831702875.jpg (77.41 KB, 640x496, IMG_1211.JPG)

No. 194590

File: 1624832044904.png (1.24 MB, 3168x2448, IMG_0305.PNG)

I honestly feel a lit overwhelmed when reading about hair care. My hair is thick, frizzy and dry andI switched to a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner called ogx. Idk if my hair could even be considered 'curly' , but I might try the curl girl method regardless. I'm still a bit confused about the image. For 2, do I just use the conditioner and nothing else? and ,for 3, do I just put it into my hair whenever I try to style it to make it less frizzy, and more straight? Are the hair styles I can do limited?

No. 194594

Why did you make a new thread?

No. 194599

Frizz is just curly hairs looking for their friends.

No. 194600

Because the previous thread was more than a year old and it could be nice to start anew. That, and the fact that the thread was 71 replies away from the bump limit, so it would probably take 2 weeks or so for it to reach the limit, though I do admit that it might have been better to have waited for it to almost reach the bump limit

No. 194810

File: 1624979519306.jpeg (402.46 KB, 1445x1800, hedy_lamarr_women_monochrome-1…)

my hair is naturally curly, but I blow-dry it 2x a week. I noticed that whenever it rains and my hair gets wet, the ringlets are really pretty, but I can never replicate that when I try to do the curly curl method by myself. does anyone know what I can do?

No. 194818

File: 1624983173338.jpg (146.24 KB, 700x370, DGzQJJjVCWN71552601786.jpg)

Watching youtubers with similar hair to yours is the easiest way to learn imo
>do I just put it into my hair whenever I try to style it to make it less frizzy, and more straight
No, the opposite, those products are meant to make your curls or waves more defined. It's called "the curly girl method" because it's meant to define curly hair, not make it straight. From your post it sounds like you have wavy hair, i suggest you look up styling tutorials for type 2 wavy hair

No. 194823

File: 1624984506531.png (70.46 KB, 260x226, mlewl.png)

>be 3 year old me
>have cute, short wavy hair
>Dad hates this and attempts to brush out my hair and try to make it straight and long (idk how but he did it
>always think that my hair was just naturally frizzy and weirdly poofy
> realize years later that my hair was supposed to wavy

Did anyone else's parents try to make your hair different from what it naturally was something or similar when they were kids?

No. 194825

File: 1624985861399.jpg (65.41 KB, 1200x630, fotolia_3913149_XS.jpg)

I just know that my dad did my hair like this when I was little, and being white, with wavy short hair alls I can say is that it left for some interesting photos

No. 194829

I was forced to keep my very curly hair in a ponytail because my mom didn't want to deal with it/thought it looked unkept if that counts. She also used a soft bristle brush on it which made it even frizzier.

No. 194840

Do you finger twist your curls into ringlets when they're drying? I find that's the most important stage of whether or not my hair dries looking decent or not.

I use mousse and a small bit of gel too so that they'll hold.

No. 194872

File: 1624997344328.jpg (6.29 KB, 225x225, hair cover.jpg)

I have to wear this at work, is there ANY, I mean ANY kind of fringe I can have with this? I have straight (maybe only because it's long), thick hair but a bit of a widows peak, so I've always had thick fringes.

I'm feeling like I don't have any options since having to gather up all my hair means that it'll ruin any way a fringe can "set" and I'd have to wet and blowdry it every single day.

No. 194875

i always see stuff about brushing while blow drying but i thought you're not supposed to brush wet or damp hair because of hair fall? is it essential for styling or are fingers ok?

i have thick hair with a slight wave.

No. 194876

When you blow dry your hair with a brush, you want it to be 85-90 percent dry already, so just a little damp. You can use just your hands beforehand. If your hair is prone to knotting, you can detangle with a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush while it's still wet. You aren't using a round brush to detangle but instead shape the hair as you finish drying it. If you try to do this while your hair is totally wet you will get breakage.

No. 194877

File: 1624998669235.jpg (4.92 KB, 201x250, images.jpeg.jpg)

I'll always be bitter about my fucking dad never letting me have long hair as a kid. He would take me to MEN'S hairdresser and tell them to give me this awful bob/bowlcut hybrid that made people mistake me for a boy (he made my mom dress me in plain unisex clothes as well). I had such pretty wavy hair back then, but never got to enjoy it before finally being able to assert some independence at 12, because by then puberty has already turned my hair into frizzy 3A mess.

No. 194878

File: 1624998797841.jpeg (36.92 KB, 450x450, aa6e421a-563b-44b8-a826-1e7ed0…)

can't you keep your fringe in a roller, or one of these (picrel) so it can fit under the net, and at the end of the day it will be a nice retro looking fringe? I used to do it with mine all the time & I have thick hair so those twisty things were good for that

No. 194997

What's the best way to get the wet hair look? I like how my hair looks darker and shinier when it's damp. I have wavy-curly hair. Buying hair gel or something?

No. 195043

there are tons of tutorials on yt,I can't give more help sorry bc my hair takes forever to dry on it's own so when I'v edone a wet look, its just legit styled wet/damp hair

No. 195103

File: 1625093148619.gif (1.37 MB, 207x207, BB533807-5E79-4513-BB38-50F4EC…)

God I love having short hair. Life's too short to worry about people (men) finding me ugly for having a pixie while looking a bit more masculine face wise

No. 195150

I don't get the fucking logic. Your dad hates your hair and you're only THREE YEARS OLD? No offense but is your dad a little slow upstairs? It's not like you were dying it green and shaving it into a fauxhawk, fuck.

No. 195162

No. 198282

File: 1626530545937.jpg (31.63 KB, 500x551, Winona Ryder.jpg)

Have any anons with thick straight hair gotten a haircut like picrel and if so did you regret it? I want to do it so bad but I'm scared it will look too big/fluffy with my hair and not sit nicely like hers

No. 198283

File: 1626530569132.jpg (44.88 KB, 500x684, It's That Girl Again.jpg)

or like this

No. 198284

File: 1626531396995.jpg (92.89 KB, 966x1242, 89e71f8ad00ab8e8240d606c1bb14d…)

I want to grow my hair really long, but at least waistlength. I've just cut the damage and it's back to about armpit length. Anyone here who has really long hair? What are your habits to maintain length?

No. 198289

I have really thick hair and recently cut it sort of like Angie in the pic (mine's maybe a bit longer).
It does get pretty fluffy, it's inevitable unless you thin it out somehow, or are willing to put in the work it takes like ironing it all the time. There's no helping it really, thick hair is a blessing and a curse.
And I don't regret it, it's a nice change from 10 years of just straight hair.

No. 198291

I currently have waist length hair but the only thing that I do to maintain it is braiding it to avoid friction and breakage. And I don't let my hair fully air dry because it can be bad so I gently blow dry my hair with low heat so that it's not completely soaking wet.

No. 198297

Literally nothing. Wash it with any old shampoo twice a week. Doesn't seem to knot so have never bothered with conditioning or brushing. From my understanding hair length is mostly down to an individual's genetics plus having adequate health, apparently trims and the like are old wives tales. If I were you I'd improve my diet if at all needed and massage my scalp regularly to stimulate blood flow.

No. 198319

>Doesn't seem to knot
how is that possible

No. 198363

nta but probably straight and thin

No. 198370

My hair is past waist but just above my crack, i cut it from being mid butt.
I think a lot of it is genetics. I have thick hair which is wavy.
I dont do much. Wash 1-3 times a week, condition everytime. I use sulphate and paraben free products. I always towel/air dry. I dont have the patience or arm strength to spend 1-2 hours blow drying.

My previous job required my hair to be tied back and braided because of the length, which was really great for my hair. It was always a low pony tail braid because my hair is too heavy for a high pony or bun.

Currently im working at a job who doesnt care, and i can see the difference of always having it down. Im constantly having tiny baby hair fly aways at the top of my head now. I think this might be also to do with a newer shampoo i tried as well though.

I dont agree with the other anon saying not to trim it. I wouldnt trim it every few weeks or months but at least twice a year or before an important event. After about 5 months or so i feel like a ratty elementary school horse girl if i dont trim my ends. I notice it with other long hair girls too, it looks bad if you never trim it.

No. 198373

>From my understanding hair length is mostly down to an individual's genetics
Yup. My hair grows up to my bra line and never beyond. This just means my body cycles hair faster than average. It's amazing to me to see people who can grow it all the way to the waist, I'm physically incapable of that.

No. 198374

This is a very specific question but is anyome else's head very flat in the back? And if yes what hairstyles do you usually wear? And how can I not look like an alien when I wear my hair in a ponytail?

No. 198377

ayrt but in his culture when he was younger, straight hair was prefered. That's why he wanted it to be straight

No. 198378

File: 1626607589670.jpg (136.2 KB, 750x1054, potosity.jpg)

Is it possible that the porosity of your hair varies depending on your hair length? It generally takes 2 hours and 30 min or so for my hair to fully dry, but I notice that it takes longer for the lower parts of my hair to try. I also did pic rel, and one end of the hair was at the top of the water, and the other end of the hair was at the bottom of the water, so idk

No. 198379

I think the ends of your hair may have a higher porosity due to damage and as a result take longer to dry, but that's just a guess.

No. 198383

File: 1626608220176.jpg (61.26 KB, 564x564, Bixie.jpg)

Is it true that ,in order to encourage wavy hair to curl, it's a good idea to get a layered haircut so that your hair isn't weighed down?

No. 198384

Yes! It made a big difference for me

No. 198389

Britfag anons with 2A/2B/2C hair, what clarifying shampoo, conditioner and gel do you use?

No. 198393

I basically have the same hair texture as Hagrid from Harry Potter. It is wavy/curly + poofy & frizzy - even when I don't brush it. How do I fucking manage that shit? Frizz sprays won't help. I tried to get layers but it still looks like shit because the curls are now different sizes when I don't brush them.

No. 198401

Yes, and just short hair in general.

No. 198430

Only brush your hair when it’s wet, like right after the shower or in it and use a wide tooth comb. Also, look into implementing a gel and a leave in conditioner into your shower routine

No. 198435

I had the same problem but I really wanted waist length hair so I just decided not to cut it at all. It's been 2 years since I've cut it and its to my waist now.

The ends are dead as hell but you can only tell if I straightened it, otherwise leaving my hair in its curly natural state it looks fine.

I hate the knots and tangles though. Didn't realize it would be this much of a hassel.

No. 198439

My hair is asian straight and feels a bit flat. Whenever I'd get a pixie cut the bottom part sticks out and it annoys me.

Also what's this haircut called? I wonder if this would work on me since my hair doesn't look that wavy. I'm afraid I'd end up looking like a beatles member or it would just end as a shitty bowl cut

No. 198444

glad it worked for you anon, I'm sick of my basic ass long straight hair so I think I'm gonna go for it too. It must feel so amazing to lose all that weight off your head too

No. 198447

I have knee length hair. Wash once a week, no heat styling (microfiber hair towels work nicely for cutting dry time), use a boar bristle brush. Avoid brushing your hair while wet.

Also avoid ponytails since elastics can cause breakage at the crown. I usually put my hair up in a low bun with a stick during the day to keep it away from damage.

I do daily search and destroy trimming to manage split ends personally, but that can be a bit of a time investment.

No. 198456

What do you use to cut your hair with? Like did you invest in proper hair dresser scissors? Just wondering since I heard those are expensive. Your hair sounds like a dream!

No. 198461

I use a normal pair of scissors and sharpen them, but shears are definitely better if you don't mind the investment. Sharp as you can get is best for a clean cut that doesn't start the split end process all over again.

No. 198501

Ayrt, I haven't cut my hair since 2015 and it's been bra strip length all that time. Like I said, my hairs go through their cycle faster than average, they reach that length than fall out so new starts growing.

No. 198505

Samefag, just to add
>The ends are dead as hell
Mine aren't, they look fresh and healthy despite not cutting my hair for 6 years. It's because it cycles so fast, the hairs on my head are not actually 6yrs old, those fell out and were replaced.

No. 198506

>knee length hair
Oh my god anon! How long has it taken for it to get that long? How do you deal with it in the heat (my hair is past my shoulders, and not thick, and I get so irritable) Your hair sounds like fairytale princess lol

No. 198507

I am always losing hair strands at night, I wake up and my sheets have loose hair over them. I feel awful and gross, I have tried silk pillowcases, which helped, but in this heat, I haven't used it. So I have bought this silk wrap bonnet thingie, I hope it helps! Do any of you anons sleep in any kind of wrap to protect your hair from breaking etc?

No. 198529

It's about 11 years from bob, but I maintained a few lengths along the way. Breaking it down more, it was about 5 years going from waist to knee. The aim is to see what my terminal length is.

The heat isn't too bad if you tie it up! I usually just throw it into a nautilus bun in the morning and it only takes a few seconds. It's actually easier to deal with in the summer than the bob was.

No. 198565

>long face
>need bangs to even it out
>keep getting recommended thick, blunt bangs
>have ostrenga-tier thin limp hair

eeeeeeee anons help me out, anyone here have a similar problem and find bangs that work for them?

No. 198577

Try curtain bangs or long (on or past your brows) wispy bangs. You don't have to totally hide every bit of forehead under hair to visually shorten your face. A little soft fringe to break it up can do a lot for you.

No. 198582

I plait my hair at night to stop it breaking.

No. 198596

Do you have any wrap recommendations? I don’t trust reviews to be real any more.

No. 198669

Would an egg mask be good for dry hair?

No. 198670

File: 1626804850726.jpg (43.71 KB, 683x1024, PROTEIN-OR-MOISTURE-683x1024.j…)

Egg is protein, might want to find out if your hair needs protein or moisture before doing a mask, particularly with eggs, you could end up with very brittle hair.

No. 198731

Oh wow this actually makes sense…a while ago I read somewhere that protein is good for dry hair so I bought a keratin hairmask which I've been using ever since and I was surprised that it actually made my hair feel drier. Which makes sense, since keratin is a protein. Thanks for the info!!

No. 198739

How do I stop my hair from being dry in a very hot country? located near the equator I tried to condition more and shampoo less often but the heat makes my scalp sweaty and stinky, especially when I move around a lot.

No. 198831

File: 1626899870821.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.54 KB, 1097x535, 429A750D-11BD-4ADC-A51E-84C2B3…)

My ponytail thickness hasn’t changed in years, I don’t find a lot of hairs on the pillow or pull out clumps, but my part looks SO wide and sparse. It looks awful in photos taking in the sunshine, but even generally my part is wider / more noticeable than everyone else’s.
In fact, my hair density is such that when I hold my hair straight up I can definitely see right through my scalp all over, but the hairs themselves don’t seem extremely thin and I have medium thickness overall.
Is it possible to have low hair density but not be losing hair? Googling doesn’t give me much help and just makes me constantly panic about going bald. I don’t have PCOS or take birth control.
pic related, that’s my stupid head

No. 198832

Nah Eddette, just get a normal product from the salon or store or online store.

No. 198856

have you tried parting your hair on the other side for awhile? it might help with regrowth

No. 198868

Maybe like other anon has said change your parting every so often. Also maybe head massages would be good, stimulate blood flow in your scalp. Have you ever asked a hairdresser about?

No. 198871

I should, it’s hard to train it to stay over, you think it’ll naturally fall into place?
No, but nobody has said anything either, not that it means much. Actually I’m wondering if it looks really bad as people do notice but don’t say anything. I haven’t noticed any shedding but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any I guess


No. 198874

My hair use to be annoying to part, after you get out of the shower change the part and use a hairdryer to set it, or even at night switch the part and plait it in place. I always sleep in plaits after Audrey Kitching said it stops hair breakage and reduces damage. Failing that you could also use hair grips.

I mean your hair doesn't look thin from the photo but I can see what you mean about the part, but I can that some stands are going to the wrong side which could make it look gappy for lack of a better word. Also you mention ponytails, even using hair elastics can damage hair. My friend use to always wear her hair in a low pony with a scunchie and it visibly thinned where the scruchie made contact. Sometimes wearing different hairstyles can be good for your hair even though it can be annoying to learn new styles and rotate them.

Maybe your scalp around the parting just needs a bit of tlc.

No. 198876

Damn, I didn’t know that about the elastics. I’ll stick to loose claw clips from now on. I’ll try the hairdryer method too, thanks anon

No. 198877

Just remember what high tight pony's did to Jojo Siwa's hair lol. Like I use hair elastics almost daily, it's just not good to like pull at the hair strands all the time.

And you're welcome hehe

No. 198880

This is why you get satin or silk scrunchies. I have fine hair and was always getting it caught up by the scrunchie, or tangled in it. Also it hurt like hell trying to pull the scrunchie out. But not no more.

No. 198906

File: 1626927762698.jpg (67.2 KB, 500x564, 843a6094407ee4cf4c22e5f4968a6a…)

> This is why you get satin or silk scrunchies
I agree, and I have also found that spin pins (like picrel) and spiral hair ties (like the invisibobble) are less damaging than the average hair elastic.

No. 198954

File: 1626965303282.jpeg (78.21 KB, 538x799, 008E6952-3F4E-437C-B2EE-75E914…)

Why did women in the 70s have such nice long hair? From what I understand they didn’t have good hair products, only used shampoo and no conditioner. Were people just generally healthier and better nourished back then?

No. 198964

Actually, yes. They went outside before pollution and climate change were big issues, most of their food wasn't yet filled with chemicals and preservatives, and they had access to actual healthcare and medicine instead of just pills, treatments and talk therapists.

No. 198965

I wonder if it's to do with genetics, like is hair length getting shorter over time or does it depend on geography and the opposite could be true. Is there a long hair or short hair gene, I have never been able to grow my hair far past my shoulders, but my mum has photos from the 70s and her hair is long and thick af, unlike mine.

No. 198972

No. It's just what was popular back then so it got photographed more and shared more. There's plenty of shit hair 70s peple pics too, way way more than any of us can stand to see in 2021.

No. 198976

idk, pollution was a big problem in urban areas especially then and later in the 80s. and food was most definitely not healthy.

No. 198978

This would be my explanation also. Photos of the past were just as staged as ours. Most people in the 60s were conservative dressers and weren't fucking like jackrabbits either lol.

No. 198979

samefag. *60s and 70s.

No. 199103

So basically the pics only show a small fraction of people whose gene were good despite the bad food and hair products?

No. 199136

I have this too, when I wear my hair down I usually backcomb the back a little bit and it looks alright. You might want to try out a ponytail extension, the wavy ones give a lot of volume in the back and basically cover up the back of your head

No. 199341

Anyone have any advice on how to deal with premature grey hair in terms of color? Would babylights or sth like that help blend them in? Or should I just give up and dye my whole head? All I can find is advice for people who are 60+ and everything is so outdated and gross ugh
On another note why is hair for older women so ugly? It's like most hairdressers (or people really) want to make older women look like shit

No. 199342

File: 1627229656355.jpg (57.54 KB, 563x830, b.jpg)

*greying light brown hair specifically, like picrel

No. 199350

that's light brown? It looks blonde to me

No. 199352

Looks blonde to me too.

No. 199361

Right, but if I'd said blonde there'd be someone saying that's actually light brown. People get weird about gatekeeping what blonde is.

No. 199363

I'd call it light brown too but then people have different cut off points on when they think one color flips into being the next.

No. 199376

Lol, I didn't know that. Fair enough. People can be weird about red hair too IME.

No. 199380

>People get weird about gatekeeping what blonde is
This is absolutely true. I grew up with an unusual shade of light brown/blonde hair and I was relentlessly teased by other girls for having 'grey' hair. It made me want to lighten my hair to a 'proper' shade of blonde, and I was only 7 or 8 years old.
Nowadays, blonde people tend to say I have brown hair whilst everybody else considers me blonde. It's very strange.

No. 199881

So I have Bettie Page bangs, is it possible to get a perm on them? My bangs stick out if I don't style them and it's so annoying lol

No. 199915

File: 1627546904761.jpg (147.22 KB, 923x1280, 6501880d69771af8591538ed32405e…)

I have auburn hair and everyone calls it red except for redheads who call it brown lol.
I don't know why it matters so much.

No. 199983

Same! Except I was really blonde as a child and it got darker after puberty. People started telling me to stop calling myself blonde. My whole life until that point I was so used to people complimenting me on how light my hair was, I legit had an identity crisis when it darkened lol

No. 200073

Has anyone ever seen the dermatologist Dr Therianou or another professional for hair loss? I've got no idea how to seek private healthcare and I'm really afraid of wasting my time and money on quacks.

No. 200116

people just didn't cut it. despite everything you read you can get hair this long by just… not touching it at all and not putting scissors anywhere near it.

No. 200557

What haircut would suit my slightly weak chin and long upturned nose? I currently have a bobcut and it looks very cute from the front, but my profil looks retarded

I've had short hair all my life and tbh everytime I try to let it grow I hate it, it's so.. Limp and stringy..
Please help

No. 200585


They made wigs for a reason hunty.

No. 200597

I'm not a troon, my parents just didn't want to care for long hair when I was a kid so I never learned.

No. 200600

File: 1627961837533.jpg (19.37 KB, 297x402, 67byn01liud51.jpg)

Are there any short hairstyles that work with giant foreheads? I'm getting the urge to cut my hair short but I think it might look terrible with a fivehead.

Current hairstyle is picrel, shaggy shoulder-length with bangs. Except it looks bad and not sexy because I'm not Kate Moennig.

No. 200670

I'm sick of having to wash my hair every single day. It's pretty thin so by the second day it always looks totally flat and greasy. Is there any sort of shampoo I can use to avoid this problem, anons?

No. 200675


Ignorant. Wigs were made for women,not men who want to cut their dicks off.

And I meant they made wigs so that you can try different hairstyles out without fucking your own hair up.

No. 200679

Short hair looking good tends to depend more on jawline and chin imo. There are short cuts you can do where you still have some fringe to soften the fivehead. If you have a fivehead but thicker hair or a solid hairline you can pull off even a short buzz cut, but cuts that short won't be flattering if you can see a fair amount of scalp deep into your hairline. Most importantly, if you have a goofy looking jawline from dental issues or something, any hair shorter than your chin will draw a lot of attention to it.
Shampooing every day strips the scalp of it's natural oils and it will produce more oil to compensate. Hot showers also dry the skin leading to more oil production. Reduce the frequency of your shampoos, take warm or cold showers, and avoid overuse of "clarifying" shampoos - these shampoos are meant to strip build up product out of your hair and should not be used daily or they will mess up the pH balance of your scalp which can also lead to excess oil production. When you get into the habit of shampooing less your scalp will adjust and stop producing as much oil, but there will be little adjustment period where you'll feel pretty greasy between shampoos. You can use a product called dry shampoo (which is not really a shampoo despite the name) to absorb some of the excess oil while your scalp adjusts to its new cleaning schedule.

No. 200745

File: 1628076923028.jpg (138.4 KB, 1226x421, download.jpg)

I finally got to live out my fantasy of walking around topless with my hair covering my nips. Was not nearly as sexy as I thought it'd be. I have no idea what to do with my hair now.

I have 2c (mayyybe 3a? Just a tiny bit?) thick and frizzy curly hair and it's a fucking beast right now. It's pretty long, like way past my breast currently. It gets matted and tangled in such a short time span. I can't handle it anymore.

I want to cut it short but I cannot find a decent cut I'd like to have and one that fits my natural hair. I considered a bob cut with bangs but I'm afraid it'll turn out so bad.

The pic on the left is one I've been wanting for a while. It looks so cute and hip to me. The middle pic is the bob cut that I started to consider, that one looks pretty cute to me too. The right pic is what I'm afraid my hair will actually look like if I go for middle pic.

My hair is very thick and curly however the curl pattern varies a bit day to day so it's hard to pinpoint which hairstyle to choose from cause it might not end up being a good haircut for myself. Also since i'm getting it cut short the curl pattern will change a tiny bit I believe.

Help me anons

No. 200762

File: 1628092472126.gif (729.25 KB, 185x251, hot diggity dog.gif)

ot, but I crush so fast on girls with this hair type lol

No. 200767

I have long wavy brown hair and currently searching for a good shampoo/conditioner that smells nice and helps with volume. What are your thoughts on products like function of beauty?

No. 200782

Is there anyone here who went from CG/no-poo/SLS-free/similiar washing back to sillicones? I've been washing with CG-approved shampoos and conditioners for over half and a year now and used a cheap sillicone conditioner yesterday and my hair is much more soft than it is with my regular CG-approved products. Now I wonder if it's a fluke or not, maybe I can make sillicones work for me after all? CG wasn't giving me the results I was hoping for.

No. 200786

My hair just ends up looking like a grease slick within a few hours tops if I go back to silicone, but if it works for you, you should just go with it! Cg doesn’t work for everyone, even if internet spaces make it seem like it’s the only way.

No. 200787

I switched back to water soluble silicones or silicones that can be washed off without sulfates. To be honest my hair is much better, it doesn’t tangle as readily and seems less dry. I avoid getting it on my scalp and I’ve had no issues. I don’t really get the hate for silicones anymore, hair is dead anyway, if you can make it look healthy with silicones that’s much better than looking frizzy or greasy,

No. 200798

Silicone isn't inherently bad, it's fine to use products containing it if it works for you, just make sure your hair is moisturized and try to avoid getting silicone buildup. For me, I like the slip it gives but unfortunately silicone also makes my hair look like weird dry springy shit so I avoid it at all costs lol

No. 200800

File: 1628121173981.png (305.68 KB, 324x518, mahhurr.PNG)

dunno if this really fits, but its the closest i could find in /g/. getting married saturday. a good friend did my hair yesterday. i love the color and its what i wanted for my wedding, do yall think it would look good next to a white dress? (im assuming worrying is normal cause my sister hated her wedding dress two days before her wedding.)

No. 200812

Why would it not look good with your dress? It's a natural haircolor on white, both are very safe "look good with almost anything" choices. Just make sure your hair isn't brassy.

No. 200814

For the love of God deep condition this mess

No. 200815

What's with the pinkish glow at the crown? Did you dye it that way or is it just the glow from some lights or smth?

No. 200818

Can anyone recommend me a good deep conditioner for desert dry hair? I bought the 3 minute miracle moisture treatment by Aussie because everyone was raving about it, but so far (I used it 2x already) not seeing improvement. Think of thin, straw like hair that always sticks out in every direction

No. 200824

>It's a natural haircolor
Huh? What color do you see?

No. 200829

Every color looks good next to white, dont worry about that. I'm sure when you will have them nicely styled it will look great

No. 200836

dark ashy blonde? Is that not what it is?

No. 200849

Ask yourself if it's time for a haircut, sometimes hair can be so damaged that no product will help. If you think its salvageable, look into Olaplex. They're a bit pricey but well worth it, make sure you don't order it from Amazon because people have been getting fakes.

No. 200862

It's straight up purple, anon. Regardless, no color is gonna clash with white.

No. 200864

I started to grow white hair pretty soon, around my 30s, apparently it's genetic (thanks mom), now I have to dye them at least monthly to cover the regrowth.
Is there an alternative way to cover regrowth on the roots without the usual cream dye? The spray thing is a mess.
I heard there are sort of "mascara" for hair, are they messy? Are they washed away with a shampoo or are more long lasting?

No. 200869

Kek it is? I'll have to check my colour settings then because I don't see purple whatsoever

No. 200871

Try a semi permanent dye. They are deposit only and don't require an activator so they are less damaging and should last a few weeks.
Definitely looks like your purple toner was left on far too long. Purple toners are used to eliminate yellowness from blondes but if you leave them on too long you get this grey-purple effect that should hopefully mellow out in a week or two and land you closer to ash blonde like you wanted. Can't tell if the pink roots are intentional or something went wrong there. Regardless people are going to be paying more attention to the ceremony than how your gown and hair match and as other anons said nothing clashes with white including pink and purple.

No. 200943

I think that you can easily avoid getting the rightmost cut if you specify that you want the shortest length to be chin-length or an inch or two longer. That's the main difference between the center and right pics. If your hair is super thick and voluminous and still puffs out when it's longer, I think any "triangle" shape can be removed through layering.

No. 201348

Mine is down to my lower back/buttcrack. I use conditioner every day, wash my scalp with sulfate-free shampoo and put on a hair mask after every other day. Brush daily to detangle, distribute the oils from the scalp down to the ends and get the loose hairs out (otherwise I'll find them scattered around everywhere), avoid yanking and forcing as much as possible. I sometimes massage my scalp with the brush too. I change my parting pretty often and try to avoid hairstyles that are too tight or heavy and put strain on my scalp because I'm paranoid about traction alopecia. Trim the ends when they start to look wispy, I often look for and cut out split ends individually whenever I have spare time. I also cut out tapered ends, even though it's not really damage but rather just a strand of hair that has never been cut before, I don't think it does much for the overall appearance but when you look close enough to see the individual hairs they just appear a bit thicker with the blunt ends.

I also started taking biotin a while ago, though it hasn't been long enough to notice any significant changes yet.

No. 201355

its all getting cut off this week ~! im so excited to go back to having a pixie cut

No. 201415

Reporting back, I bought the Maui Moisture Shea Butter conditioner as well as a hair lotion and holy sit, my hair completely changed, it's super soft. I recommend these to anyone who has similarly dry hair

No. 201634

Dae find that the ponytail-layering cut method does not work for them?

No. 201635

Yeah it made my hair look like shit, it gave me thin ends and bulky layers. It definitely doesn't work for everyone.
Ugh it's gonna take years to fix this shit, I'm half tempted to chop a bunch off to even it out.

No. 201732

Tips for sleeping with hair in a “pineapple”? I thrash around too much and my hair comes out of the scrunchie. Are there any other ways I can sleep with super long hair without creasing/crimping it?

No. 201739

I have quite long hair and I just throw it over my pillow above my head, but I don’t move much in my sleep, so that probably doesn’t help you. Have you tried braiding? It comes out cute the next day, IMO. Wavy instead of creased.

No. 201741

File: 1628824450855.png (698.16 KB, 1010x640, eu-argan-product.png)

I've been using ogx products for a couple of months now and I've seen an amazing improvement in my hair texture and silkiness. I have wavy and extremely frizzy hair, their argan oil keeps it in place and has helped me grow it faster than usual. I'm in love.

No. 201744

I have the same hair type and I've really been battling the frizz lately. I only use the product on the left though, do you use all four?

No. 201748

File: 1628826978366.jpg (112.48 KB, 600x600, 2021-04-09T15-26-23.060Z-OGX-R…)

I use all 4 but instead of the argan oil shampoo and conditioner I use the tea tree mint version. I use the argan oil after showering and washing my hair solely on the scalp and tips. And the oil mist when my hair is dry to control the frizziness.

No. 201753


heard OGX can cause hair loss, but I think it was some of their specific products. Just saying YMMV with it. But personally, I haven't had issues with it.

No. 201761

File: 1628835132605.png (124.9 KB, 500x484, types-of-ingrown-hairs-e155740…)

Any tips on getting rid of ingrown leg hair? Maybe like two years ago I noticed I missed a patch of hair on my legs but upon further inspection they were literally under my skin so that's why it didn't get shaved. Their not red or irritated/bumpy. In picrel it looks like the bottom left. I tried exfoliating (with an exfoliate glove and an exfoliate scrub), gorwing out my leg hair completely (seems to get the hair to grow out from the skin) and then shaving it, I've waxed instead, I've picked them out one by one with tweezers, and recently tried nair. They keep coming back.

What can I do anons?? It makes me self-conscious to wear shorts/skirts/dresses. I never had this problem before and didn't even know this kind of ingrown hair existed.

No. 201763

Have you tried an epilator anon?
I had the same kind of problem years ago and that was the only thing that worked for me.
I used it for about a year and even 10 years on, I still barely have any leg hair and no more ingrown hairs

Epilators are pretty annoying and they aren't pain free but imo, the long term results are worth it.

No. 201764

nayrt, but I have hella thick dark body hair and super pale skin. do you have a recommendation for an epilator? Im tired of not being able to shave because I get instant ingrowns and having to go out and get waxed constantly because at home wax never works.

No. 201766

I do have an epilator, I forgot to mention that. I only used it once and on one leg only cause it look so long. I had a philips one but I felt like it took a while to catch my leg hairs to pull out. Anyhow, it didn't seem to fix my ingrown hairs on that leg.

No. 201767

forgot to add. I guess I can try it out a few more times. I'm just someone who really needs quick and low maintence hygiene/self care. I've used this epilator before even having my ingrown hair problem but it was always hard to stick to cause of the time it took as well as the pain

No. 201771

Have you tried IPL? It’s essentially laser hair removal. I went with the Braun silk expert line, but be prepared for a hefty price tag. I waited for a sale because of that, but it helped a lot with my ingrowns so it was worth it for me.

No. 201773

Frequent exfoliating with a glove and epilating seems to be the only cure for me. I still have them, but not as much. I used to just epilate and I was full of ingrowns, but exfoliating my legs twice a week really helped that.

No. 201855

I would love to try laser some time but currently it's just too much money right now. Maybe sometime in the future but for now it's sadly not an option.

No. 201856

What kind of glove do you use? I haven't noticed a difference with the one i was using

No. 202154

I'm this anon, just wanted to update that I did it. Faded my blue/purple out to green all summer long, grew the color out of my bangs. They still had to do a bleach bath just to get some of the leftover color out, but everything mostly lifted out. Turns out, my natural color was light enough to support going copper, so they didn't have to bleach my roots! I'm super happy with it, it makes my blue eyes pop. Time for Olaplex to keep my hair healthy.

No. 202258

ntayrt but have you tried “Italy towels”? They’re Korean exfoliating cloths, you don’t use any product just need to soak ages before. You shed skin like it’s sunburnt, kinda disgusting but satisfying, and definitely exfoliating

No. 202260

How do you even bleach your roots only and do it precisely and don't end up with like a weird part right below the roots that was bleached more than the rest of your hair?

No. 202266

seconding these, they felt like sandpaper first kek but they exfoliate really well and my skin feels so good afterwards

No. 202296

File: 1629221329025.png (180.32 KB, 600x600, Joico-Melissa-Duguay-Foil-Tone…)

Maybe try doing foils, like at a salon? By working in thin sections, you can control how much hair you're working with at a time and make sure everything gets bleached precisely. Use a brush and hope for the best. You'll probably need help from a friend for the back, though.

No. 202348

File: 1629255683674.jpg (69.77 KB, 563x790, 1628277634867.jpg)

How do you pull off cool messy hairstyles irl without looking like a smelly crackhead/grimes?

No. 202349

Have curly hair

No. 202468

File: 1629366958955.png (552.1 KB, 1000x553, 9341f64c587c07d9915e9731398334…)

Gonna cut my own hair based on this, wish me luck

No. 202496

Honestly, this looks great! I would also like to give it a shot. Tell us how it went, pretty please!

No. 202502

I saw a compilation vid a while back where this technique went veery wrong for a few small youtubers who tried it on cam. Hope you had better luck.

No. 202511

Has anyone shopped from or even heard of dermaproducts4u? I've just seen a derm who seems well regarded (they're a consultant. listed on trustworthy directories, has a LinkedIn, quoted in newspapers) and they gave me a discount code for this shop specifically. It looks sketchy as hell, their FAQ page is blank ffs. The derm wants me to try forti5 pills for 3 months but they also prescribed me spironolactone so I don't know what to think, I wanted to trust them but can't help but feel suspicious about buying expensive herbal pills online. I told their secretary that the code didn't work and the corrected url they gave me was /bg where parts of it are in Cyrillic and not /en. Are they taking advantage of me about these pills?

No. 202528

Is it possible for bangs to make the face appear longer? I've been contemplating getting bangs but whenever I sorta pull my hair in front of my forehead or put something in front of it to try and tell how my face would look like with that portion of my face obscured, I just feel like it makes it look longer. Which doesn't make sense, does it? Lmao I can't tell, help

No. 202543

File: 1629407806057.jpg (59.83 KB, 400x300, livbeforeandafter.jpg)

I think if your midface is long, covering up the forehead can draw attention to this and could make the face appear longer, yes

No. 202559

I've had bangs forever specifically because of my long face and I've been starting to think that it may work against me too. I'm growing it out as an experiment, in lockdown so there is no better time to have awkward hair.

No. 202576

I think it turned out great!! Still have to straighten it

No. 202608

You have androgenetic alopecia. See a dermatologist ASAP.

No. 202623

Ah that must be it then. She looks good though with bangs hm. My faceshape and forehead are just like hers. What is that faceshape technically? Oblong?

No. 202624

Samefag, thanks for your reply btw

No. 202686

File: 1629533205788.jpg (177.07 KB, 1000x1000, nashi-argan-shampoo-500.jpg)

Does anyone know if the Nashi argan oil shampoo and conditioner are worth the hype? They're pretty expensive so I want to hear other opinions before I take the plunge

No. 202687

Haven't heard of them, what makes it so special? Is it one of those expensive curly girl brands?

No. 202688

Yes, oblong

No. 202689

I tried hese a few years ago from samples, they were pretty small so I only used them a couple times. I don't remember how they worked for me sorry, but that usually means they were fine but unremarkable. I do remember that the mask from the same line was way too heavy for my fine hair, and that the argan oil spray was really good

No. 202718

how normal is it to make an appointment at a salon with no idea what you want to do with your hair? would it be okay to just say 'basiacally I hate my hair but have no idea what would look good' would the hairdresser be annoyed that I didn't just bring a picture and say 'this cut please!'

No. 202725

Any good hairdresser will consult with you to suggest a flattering cut that works for your lifestyle (i.e. how much effort you want to put into styling etc). They won't be annoyed.

No. 202732

I imagine they'd rather cut you than another boring job of trimming split ends.

No. 202738

NTA, but what should I expect from a consultation? I’ve gone to both cheaper places and high-end salons, but I feel like I’ve never had a stylist really take much time with me. Whatever consultation we have is like 30 seconds at best, and usually just a “bangs would be good” type of advice. The last time I showed a few different photos and asked for advice on what would look best, the stylist just picked one and said it looked good, but her advice felt so generic and not geared towards my hair type. Am I expecting too much?

No. 202742

Unfortunately the price of the salon isn't a great measure of the expertise of the hairdresser. Look for someone who has been in the biz for a long time with a diverse portfolio of women's styles. Usually a stylist/owner with a few other hairdressers in her salon is a good bet that you're getting someone experienced who will take their time with you to find a flattering look. They might be priced a little higher than the other stylists but doesn't need to be crazy expensive, there are some owner/stylists who don't charge a lot and do great work.

No. 202847

I heard that they provide hydration, promote growth and leave your hair smooth and silky. They sound like the perfect hair products but I'm too stingy atm and want to be totally sure.

Thanks a lot. My hair is fine too so that's good to know. I'll be looking for that spray!

No. 202859

File: 1629693163635.jpeg (135.08 KB, 1040x1390, 23B66FF4-7A21-472E-83D8-E32CAF…)

I need a really good deep conditioner/masque/treatment for bleached hair. Currently a level 8(naturally a 3) and wanting to get to a 10.

I bleached my hair in 2 stages, most recent being about 2 months ago. My hair is in decent condition. It’s not snapping off just a bit dry. Much more moist than it was a month ago but I need to boost the moisture as I need to bleach it again in about 3 weeks.

Any recs would be appreciated. I have 2C type hair down to my belly button and a LOT of it. So no tiny bottles that cost $50.

No. 203132

File: 1629898959170.jpeg (28.9 KB, 340x328, better nun.jpeg)

I know I might be reacting in a way that's a bit too hasty, but I've been the cgm for like a week so far and my 2A/2B hair kinda looks like a bunch of noodles with some frizz. My hair hangs to my sides and lacks volume. I think I might need a volumising product, but I'm unsure what to get. I also think that, at least according to this >>198670, I need to reduce moisture, but I honestly don't know what products I could use to reduce moisture. Is it a bad idea to clarify once a week? So far, I'll just continue using the products
I already have so far since I already bought them

No. 203195

salt water/spray reduces moisture and gives your hair more grip to make it easier to give it some volume when styling.

No. 203197

I'm pretty sure I have atopic dermatitis, as my scalp is generally itchy to the point that I always have at least on scab on my scalp (if not more). Gross, I know. When it was really bad I was using a medicated shampoo, but now I just use Neutrogena T Gel which seems to manage it pretty well. My scalp still gets itchy but it's not as bad as before. However, I just realized on the bottle it says T Gel isn't supposed to be for longtime use. Once my current bottle runs out, I'm thinking I'll have to switch to another shampoo but do any anons have recommendations? I'm afraid if I switch back to any drug store shampoo that my symptoms might get back to what they used to be.

No. 203204

Does anyone have a favorite heat protectant product? What’s worked well for you? I’ve tried so many different ones from drug store cheapos to pricy Sephora products and just get meh results.

No. 203220

I have several Sally's beauty supply stores in my town and I went to each of them and asked them what's their best heat protector product is and every single person pointed to beyond the zone heat protectant spray. I've been using it for several years now. I put a lot in my hair but it seems to work relatively fine for me. I don't use heat often so I don't bother trying other products.

No. 203229

I'd recommend trying some Selsun Blue shampoos. Their all pretty strong especially the medicated one. My dad and I used the itchy dry scalp one for eczema. I was a teen when I used it and it worked. My dad has success with it too. The downside is that it's all geared towards men and has a methanol scent.

No. 203250

Try Nizoral shampoo, it stopped my scalp from itching completely

No. 203343

File: 1630069978337.jpg (136.76 KB, 1200x800, DN9V4fPUEAAwrKd.jpg)

Not a kpopfag but I saw this pic and it touched my soul. Is this realistically achievable or will it damage my hair beyond repair if it's very dark brown?

No. 203344

File: 1630070015906.jpg (1.84 MB, 2321x3591, 1630055061155.jpg)

picrel too

No. 203356

Bleach fucks up your hair either way, maybe less if it's virgin hair, but >>203344 shouldn't fry it

No. 203373

kpop hair is a mirage, don't trust how nice it looks in photos. They bleach it over and over again even though it's naturally dark and then somehow make it look temporarily good for appearances with magic (and straightners I guess). But when you see rare unedited candids it looks fried.

With dark hair you can try to slowly go light over time with highlights etc to avoid damage, but yes you absolutely will fuck it up if you think you can get to that colour quickly.

No. 203447

Please just get a wig anon, bleaching your hair that light will fuck it beyond repair. It'll never look as nice as in the picture

No. 203516

That picture is edited too lol

No. 203552

I have wavy hair that is also coarse and I can usually keep it at least looking moisturized. But my baby hairs are so dry and curly. They frizz out and they get worse when it is humid ;-; what do and DO NOT SAY EDGES I have a weird short forehead I don’t wanna look caveman

No. 203553

Samefag I am pretty sure I have 2b hair just looked it up and went off a chart. My hair is also really heat damaged and I don’t wanna use a straightener anymore

No. 203554

I don’t do this anymore, I like my cute tight curly q’s around my hairline now. But I used to relax them as a kid through my teens. An anti frizz serum works too if you want to keep them natural. I personally like Biosilk - silk therapy. I have 2C hair but strands are thin. Hairline is much tighter tho.

No. 203575

at the start of lockdown I switched to no poo method (bicarb wash every 2-3 weeks, vegan co wash or homemade mask every week or so) + boar brush + velcro rollers, no other products. my very thick straight hair looks good for the first time in my life & has grown about 10" since march 2020. the colour has even changed from mousey to dark copper. no static, no knots, will hold a curl for a few hours, doesn't even smell bad.

but nonnitas, am I a freak for not using shampoo? even the crunchiest women I know use a shampoo bar. will my hair end up damaged if I keep living like a cavewoman?

No. 203590

I mean you're still washing it, more or less kek. As long as it's not dirty and doesn't smell you're fine

No. 203699

Every time I wash my hair, I allow it to dry naturally. Granted I am at home all the time because of lockdown so I can't air dry my hair outside. But by the time its evening, my hair just feels oily rather than soft and dry. I have tried 3 different shampoos but I still get the same result. Should I change my diet or should I just go back to blow drying my hair? Maybe my house is humid?

No. 203724

File: 1630426308384.jpeg (54.24 KB, 500x500, CB8A68FD-C2D8-44F7-8668-F9534D…)

I just started using this shampoo and conditioner and my hair is super dry and falling out. That being said, I also have the flu right now. Does anyone know if it’s possible that my hair is being affected by my illness or is it most likely just this product? Does anyone else have any experience with this product or brand? Thanks!

No. 204125

Can someone recommend me a shampoo that's for dandruff but also moisturizing? I find that if I use a moisturizing shampoo, I get dandruff, but if I use one specifically for dandruff, my scalp and hair gets super dry

No. 204145

I have a big forehead with a long philtrum, how I'm supposed to wear bangs now? I'm supposed to hide my forehead but that just makes my philtrum look even longer.

No. 204182

Wash your scalp with a dandruff product, then the rest of your hair with a conditioner afterwards. A leave-in conditioner may also help.

No. 204209

File: 1630786686146.jpeg (63.04 KB, 1200x1200, iu-13.jpeg)

Picrel worked for me. If you're used to heavily scented shampoo it'll smell like a wet dog at first lol, but the smell doesn't stay in your hair

No. 204210

File: 1630787158693.jpeg (173.59 KB, 871x1500, 67DFEC12-787C-4184-9ED6-9CB556…)

is revlon heat protectant good for straightening hair? how do you use it do you spray it on your hair before you use the hair straightener?

No. 204270

Kind of gross and a stupid question but I am starting to take exercise seriously again and it makes my head sweaty so I have to wash my hair. However, washing my hair daily has now given me dandruff again. How do you prevent this???

No. 204272

Maybe only wash with water some days? You don't need harsh, drying shampoos to wash out sweat, it removes with some luke warm water and friction you can create by scrubbing with your fingertips.

No. 204293

I would find a dry shampoo that’s designed to absorb sweat and use it liberally before a workout, and then wash hair every other day

No. 204382

All my hair curls towards my face, I hate wash day because for the next 2 days it's like my hair is trying to suffocate me. I've tried clipping it away from my face while it's drying but it all goes forward as soon as I remove the clips.

No. 204438

So I didn’t have this problem until the pandemic started last year in March but my hair gets super greasy fast. I washed it this morning and it was fine at first but then by mid to late afternoon, I could feel it getting greasy and by evening, it already was. I started washing my hair everyday because I heard that was a good tool to combat greasiness. It worked at first, but after awhile, nothing. I already use Christop Robin hair mask every week but the results are still temporary. I’m thinking about doing it twice a week or so but I wonder if that’s a bad idea. Any suggestions? It’s driving me crazy.

No. 204439

Any advice for someone who has had dandruff their whole life? I don't put any product in my hair, only wash it every other day, sometimes I go two or three days without washing it, and I only use a comb.
I guess I could get dandruff shampoo or something but I figure it must be an underlying issue since I've had it my whole life even when mom gave me the special shampoos as a kid. For context, I have thick curly hair which knots easily which I get from my dad who is Mexican and Irish.

No. 204442

Ymmv but de-fungal tinctures may help, I took some while I had another issue and it also cleared up my dandruff.

No. 204443

I have Seborrhoeic dermatitis and what helped me was a Selenium disulfide based shampoo and keto (cutting all types of sugar including carbs)

No. 204444

File: 1630912480002.jpg (188.27 KB, 1080x1080, 233333113_310687737515234_1421…)

I don't understand the difference between a wolf cut and a shag, when I search them they look the same. Picrel came up under wolf cut.

No. 204445

My longest layers sit right above my tailbone. My hair is thick and long. I also work 12-16 hours a day, masked up so I usually throw it up on a bun. I want to wear it down but I struggle because right at the bottom of my hairline on the back of the neck, I end up with a baseball sized knot. My hair is soft not frizzy and pretty great overall except for that I brush with a wet brush and don't use heat. I've used many detangling sprays but I can't get it to stop. I want to wear my hair down because I love it so much, what I can I do without getting an undercut

No. 204446

By looking it up, it seems that the hair being much thinner/near to the neck at the bottom is more important to the wolfcut.

No. 204449

I looked it up too and from what I understand a wolfcut is basically when you combine a mullet and a shag, so it has to also be short in the front to be a wolfcut. I think but I dont really know.

No. 204450

No difference, zoomers are just koreaboos so they slapped a different name on it.

No. 204454

What’s the best way to remove demi permanent dye?
Also, do you ladies think if I gradually started retouching my hair with lighter shades, I could get all of my hair to be a different color? Like from black to a mid brown?

No. 204457

I used to have this exact same problem & also considered doing an undercut it was such an issue - what worked for me weirdly enough was using Mane & Tail Deep Moisture conditioner. I focus a bunch where it knots by my neck and then brush it through with the tangle teaser. My hair almost never knots now. Might be worth a try!

No. 204477

colorfix argan oil at Sallys works great

No. 204662

File: 1631088305050.jpg (39.41 KB, 852x480, 1 (1).jpg)

any tips for protecting your hair while you sleep and minimizing breakage/damage while sleeping?

i already use silk/satin pillow cases, my hair is super long and semi-thick @ around 2A texture-wise.

No. 204663

File: 1631088443127.jpg (1.14 MB, 2240x2240, 2018_update_unicorn_hair.jpg)

What do you think about unnatural/weird hair colors both on yourself and on other people? Like/dislike?

No. 204665

File: 1631089280202.jpg (1.92 MB, 3024x4032, white blonde with bandIMG_7736…)

I love vivid hair colors, both on myself and others, but only when they are taken care of well. I have fair, cool-toned skin and level 6 hair that I colored various shades of purple and blue for about a year. I think it looks super trashy when fashion-colored hair looks super damaged and has a ton of growout, but that's true of any color really. The main thing I hate is when people don't keep up on coloring the hair and just let the dye fade out to some desaturated pastel shade of green or orangey pink. Like when someone dyes their hair a beautiful rich blue and just lets it turn light green, it looks so lazy! I like fashion colors in theory, but so many people just see a photo of pretty hair on instagram and think if they get that color it'll look that amazing all the time without much upkeep.

No. 204666

Agreed on all counts. I really think for the vast majority of people it's just way too high maintenance and too damaging, it's not worth it. I couldn't even be bothered maintaining a natural red tbh, just dying the roots was a time consuming, expensive chore.

No. 204669

my only suggestion would be a hair wrap, I've never used one though.

No. 204677

File: 1631096075255.jpg (59.43 KB, 679x790, 611izBVDhfL._AC_UX679_.jpg)

This was a game changer for me! Long hair bonnet.

No. 204715

Whenever I straighten my hair, I always have stray hairs on the top of my head that stick in every direction and also my hair is NEVER 100% straight, it's more wavy. Is there a cream or other hair product that helps with straightening and making the hair smooth?

No. 204731

It's complicated. Generally I really like them, but I hate the 'creative' dye jobs that most hairdressers do, like with 10 different colours that are all going to look like shit after the first wash.
And also I think too many people just grab a colour they like and slap it on their heads without thinking about their undertone, whether that specific shade is going to look good on them etc, which is fine, but tends to look terrible.

No. 204734

File: 1631126480128.jpg (177.2 KB, 746x720, 075.jpg)

Is there a name for this style? Reverse image search didn't help.

No. 204743

bedhead mohawk idk

No. 204752

File: 1631134803926.jpg (42.15 KB, 500x645, 34637537457466.jpg)

It's a faux hawk.

No. 204782

Fyi, I just read that there are ongoing lawsuits against Tresemme because their keratin smooth shampoo has DMDM hydantoin in it, (which releases formaldehyde when it comes into contact with water and CAUSES HAIR LOSS). If any of you uses it, please stop

No. 204783

What's the best anti-frizz product you've ever used?

No. 204785

I just heard about this, I’ve been using the keratin smooth mask (deep conditioner) for a bit and it doesn’t show that particular ingredient on the ingredient list. It’s honestly been a pretty great mask for the price (I didn’t have any issues) but I’m still a little cautious to use it again.

No. 204868

don't know where else to put this. is hair health and nail health linked in any way whatsoever? i had brittle nails for years but coincidentally my hair had also been constantly damaged for years. when i chopped off literally almost all of it, my nails suddenly became more hard and strong?

No. 204869

File: 1631217808014.jpg (107.18 KB, 1350x760, fpe-tuto-sleek.jpg)

I know this is a retarded question but what color is her hair? Ashy dark brown? Warm black? Does this shade have a specific name?

No. 204870

Warm black/natural black

No. 204878

File: 1631222621187.jpg (38.61 KB, 402x661, Lymari_Nadal.jpg)

to me it looks deepest brown

pic from wikipedia

No. 204943

Tbh I’d call that dark brown, but just remember that most hair colors are on a spectrum and different people will see it differently. Trying to pinpoint a color between a very dark brown and black is pretty subjective, like dark blonde and light brown.

No. 205184

I can’t figure out how you’re supposed to deal with a dry flaky scalp. If I try to wash less (to make it less dry) the little flakes just build up. I’m already using a salicylic acid shampoo and I’m just not sure what else would work

No. 205189

Doesn't salicylic acid dry you out?? Things you should try in this order:
>make sure to condition only the length of your hair, not the scalp
>anti-fungal shampoo
>oil-based shampoo

No. 205235


No. 205278

overmoisturizing, when it comes to CGM, usually means that your hair is deficient in protein. you may want to do a strand test on a protein mask or conditioner sample and see if you are sensitive before using it. moisture/protein is a balancing act, if your hair tolerates or enjoys protein it's sort of like balancing alkaline and acidic, when you are overmoisturized, turning to protein is usually what's needed. if your hair is limp and lifeless, it might be hungry for some. but definitely do a strand test, some hair can't tolerate protein and will become frizzy and straw-like, like a bad bleach job. i like the sheamoisture protein conditioner and deep conditioning masks, sometimes i use homemade rice water too. my hair is very thirsty for it, YMMV, definitely use a cheap small sample and strand test to make sure you don't end up with hay-hair.

No. 205281

the CGM sucks for some people, even if their hair has nice, dense, natural coils. it's best to use the techniques and types of products as a loose guide and figure out what your hair likes through trial and experimentation.
i have super dense wavy hair which turns into thick curls when looked after properly, but it's temperamental and changes all of the time.
women with very tight, dense natural curl patterns (as in, full blown afro curls) also sometimes find that it can be hit or miss, and following the regimen or routine down to the letter can be an expensive exercise in disappointment and buyer's remorse.
a lot of people with wavy hair enjoy using medium hold gels or mousses while damp and "scrunching" them out once dry for nice, springy hair. very small amount of light, absorbent oil or a light, non-greasy leave-in can help to reduce frizz, but i find they weigh my hair down pretty easily and leave me greasy if they don't soak in right away. serums, oils and leave-ins for highly porous, thirsty afro hair are way too much for bog standard wavy hair.
women with wavy hair seem pretty evenly divided between medium hold gels and mousse, but lots of people love mousse once they find the one that suits their particular hair. gel is definitely far more hit or miss.
certain drug store brands can be nice, but many of them cause significant frizz issues. you can do your own unbiased third party review digging and see what people with your hair type/curl pattern like to use, generally people can find a cheap option that plays well with their hair but it's trial and error.
if you've got a lot of wet webbing (looks like crazy spiderweb frizz while wet, and medusa type frizz when dried) it may benefit from protein if it likes it. it may be hungry for something, or damaged. if you are wet combing or wet brushing, you may be a little rough with it? just troubleshooting suggestions, idk what you do.
a lot of people love tilting their head to the side in the shower, plopping on lots of conditioner and "scrunching" the conditioner-saturated hair into piles of curls, bunching them up from tips to your scalp and gently pressing and releasing. i do this and usually use a wide toothed comb to gently detangle beforehand, while wet and slippery. like, apply a very small amount of conditioner while hair is wet in the shower, use wide toothed comb to gently detangle where my hair naturally parts, saturate with conditioner and squish into piles of curls. doing this with wavy hair requires conditioner that isn't too greasy or thick, so you can saturate it without looking nasty after it rinses.
sometimes trimming flyaways and breakage can help if it's just the way damaged ends fall, with no clumps of waves to cling to and form a cohesive mass with.
wet webbing IME usually indicates my hair is hungry for something, i'm overmoisturizing or have too many flyaways, breakage and damaged ends. i think we have the same curl pattern btw.
you can try medusa clipping your hair while slightly damp under a satin bonnet or large silk scarf before bed too, cheap smaller claw clips pinning your waves into serpentine bundles and pinned near the roots (not too tight or pinching right at the root). if you wake up early and are at home all day, you can also do this out of the shower and let it air dry on your head. some people like robe or sock curls but i haven't tried it, hair is too short.
there are offshoots of the CGM method for wavy hair that can be helpful, but following it as a rule book rather than a loose guide can be frustrating and expensive.
i like a few salon brand leave-ins which help my hair air dry quickly while giving very loose hold and shape, hairdresser recommended them and they're very easy "style and go" products.

No. 205348

How do you use a shampoo bar? Do you run it through your hair or lather it onto your hands and wash

No. 205353

anyone else cursed thin hair gang? using expensive shampoo and conditioner as well as a dry shampoo for volume is how i get it to work, but i basically can never have long ass hair again. it just looks limp and thin.

No. 205355

Does anyone else just hate the feel of mouse/gel? I can’t stand my tight curl pattern so I usually blow dry it with a round brush to make it slightly wavy, but it just winds up dry and frizzy most of the time.

No. 205359

I have alopecia areata and it has thinned out my once thick hair. It depresses me so much especially since it is triggered by stress, which is something I never get away from. I have bad anxiety and it’s awful how much I stress about shit. Any products that can stimulate hair growth and combat alopecia or any kind of balding?

No. 205364

Both ways are good. Personally I run the bar directly over my hair but it uses up more quicly that way than lathering it up between your hands.

No. 205401

Try a combo of rosemary oil (proven to work the same as minoxidil), castor oil and microneedling. I have FPHL from a serious illness and it's thickened out my part visibly, though I'm still working on it and haven't used it for very long.

No. 205623

Anyone here maybe have a Revlon hair dryer and styler (rvdr5222)? I consider buying it. It is good? It is noisy?

No. 205629


No. 205631

I don’t have that particular model but I have the revlon older dryer that has interchangeable brush heads. I like it and it’s much easier to get the blow out look than with a traditional blow dryer (I already have straight hair though, can’t speak to how it works on curly). But yeah it’s definitely loud and not the best to use on soaking hair, like your hair should be half damp

No. 205641

I bought this last year, it actually just broke (my fault) and I probably won’t replace it. At first I really liked the results and how easy it was. Imo the problem with these types of tools is they’re not made with replaceable heads. The bristles eventually fall out or get gross from normal usage. Although it isn’t exactly expensive at around $40, it’s just not a good long term purchase. You have to use it when your hair is mostly already dry because it doesn’t really dry your roots, so it’s also not a replacement for your blow dryer or flat iron. If you have curly hair, you’ll probably get better results with a regular blow dryer/round brush combo and you can clean or replace your brush as needed.

No. 205643

has anyone here had a Japanese straighten perm? like from 3b hair did it damage your hair a lot? is it worth it? and can i bleach/dye my hair after i get it?

No. 205669

Depends. Anon are you black? I heard it can do a lot of damage

No. 205673

I have the Revlon One Step. It’s definitely kind of noisy. I wash my hair then let it air dry for about 30-40 minutes then use it on the low setting. It takes about 15 minutes to do my whole head and I have a LOT of hair - my point tail is about as thick as a wrist.
For $50 it was a really good deal and saves me a lot of time. I have the cute mint colour

No. 205681

I have done a very baka move recently.
I tried to style the front parts of my hair with a straightener, nice, straight, neat, OK! But then, when my hair is left naturally, all of the other parts of my hair like middle, back etc curl. But the front parts are dry and don't really curl nicely like the rest of my hair does. So it looks really weird.

I don't know if it's too damaged to save from over straightening but can I get the natural curl back in that specific part of my hair?

No. 205685

Yikes, didn't know straighteners were that bad. I will try to salvage with oil but I guess I'll never straighten again.

No. 205693

This is so true, I lost the majority of my hair to my hair straightener and it took forever to grow back out. I've dealt with bleach damage in the past, but never breakage on the level I experienced from straightening it. I'm never using it again.

No. 205709

I really want to bleach my hair but I've done a Brazilian hair straightening back in January. Has anyone attempted to do that and know how much time you should wait between the two ?
The effect of the straightening is completely gone by now, so I'm wondering if the chemicals (or not, mine was organic but what do I know) just stick to your hair anyway ? I'm basically illiterate on this topic

No. 205747

I did this a while ago. My stylist told me I could color my hair 3 months after the treatment, so you should be totally fine. Apparently it’s a good idea to color and then get a Brazilian blowout because it “seals” the color in and makes it last longer (that’s what she told me anyway). It probably helps with the dryness from the bleach as well.

No. 205799

File: 1631808122927.jpg (28.08 KB, 750x750, ION12.jpg)

I've been experimenting with co-washing (washing hair with conditioner instead of shampoo while shampooing once a week) and I hate it. What's a good shampoo I can use daily that won't fuck my hair up? My scalp produces a lot of oil. I have fine, straight hair.
I've tried cutting out shampoos with sulfates but I don't really notice any difference. The ION hard water purifying shampoo [pic related] is very excellent, but too harsh for every-other-day washing.

No. 205827

Have you tried washing your hair less? Your scalp should adjust after a while.

No. 205899

YesI have. I think I produce a ton of sebum and it's really gross. I've been trying to wash it once per week with conditioner and once per week with shampoo for a few months and it's just not working out. I also sweat a lot in my sleep. It's just not worth being greasy and smelly for most of the time. Over it lol

No. 205901


kinds tricky bc shampoo will ALWAYS strip your hair and the cycle will start again.

maybe you can try some diy shampoos. i had good experiences with rye flour "shampoos" and ghassoul powder "shampoos". they're natural and don't strip your hair of oils too much.

No. 205902

File: 1631860599889.jpg (49.23 KB, 1000x1000, B07HMP4JL4-RoseWater-Shampoo-1…)

Oh man I'm in the exact same boat as you.
So I work from home so I usually go 2 days inbetween showers. I used to wash my hair everyday but, since working from home started, I realized I don't need to anymore. I discovered picrel a few months ago and it's a fucking godsend. It's soft on fine hair but it's strong enough to get rid of all the oil. It's my holy grail shampoo.

No. 205910

Get a watef filter

No. 205917

Great, I'll look into this!
Thank you nonnas ♥

No. 205943

Any tips on getting over the hatred of your thin yt people curly hair? I need to take a long break from heat styling the shit out of mine because it's starting to look bad even when straightened. I honestly don't know how to live with my curly hair lol. I'm well into my twenties and have never learned how to accept it in my life, it just doesn't lend itself well to my fashion choices and general aesthetic.

No. 205951

How curly is your hair nonna? I have really fine 2b/2c hair that I often try to keep as straight as possible (or at least relaxed) without using heat. If it's anything like mine, I could give you some tips?

No. 205955

I know there's less you can do with it without damage, but

You can at least cut the front parts short and then you get this really cute face framing to accentuate the cheekbones

It can look adorable whilst short

It will probably get healthier as it grows back, but in the meantime, water/conditioner mixed sprayed onto the hair will accentuate curl and reduce frizz.

Also, straightening it causes damage, which I recently learned the hard way. So it's easier to make the curls look deliberate instead of frizzy. If you have (euro texture) curly hair, then you can sleep in two braids, and have more even curls, if you have ruined your curl pattern. And if you french braid it you can hide the curl pattern if you hate it so much. But idk why you hate it and what type of aesthetic you have to make you want to avoid curls so much.

No. 205961

File: 1631896807074.jpg (1.51 MB, 3000x2427, GettyImages-78541686.jpg)

My hair is 2c near the scalp and 3a on ends and upper layers. It generally looks like Nicole Kidman's hair in picrel, texture, lenght and color-wise. Sounds like it's curlier than yours but I'll be grateful for any tips!
I appreciate the advice anon. I figure hiding my curls via braids and updos may be the best soution for now.
As for my aesthetic, as a teenager I was 100% goth so you can imagine I hated my curly blonde hair with a passion and these days I go for the stereotypical scandi minimalist style with dark colors and geometric silhouettes that looks really good with a slicked back low bun or a blunt lob haircut (I know, I'm fucking boring lol)

No. 205991

File: 1631911908225.jpg (37.29 KB, 800x800, shark tooth comb.jpg)

Here are my tips/methods nonna! I hope they work for you even if your hair is a bit curlier than mine (my hair is quite long too, so the extra weight might help me somewhat? It's always worth a try). The results vary, sometimes I'm left with almost straight hair and sometimes it just gives me waves, but they still look far more relaxed than my natural curls! I'm going to try my best to explain but it might end up sounding very autistic.

The first method is to do a simple braid down the back with wet hair. Sometimes I braid the hair after putting it in a tight ponytail, to keep the hair around my head especially straight. Tie the end of the braid like normal (where there's a little 'tail' of hair left at the bottom); as soon as the tail part is dry, untie the braid and retie it on the next section up. Wait for that part to dry and then repeat by retying above the next section, and keep going until the whole length of your hair is dry.
It can be quite time consuming, so I sometimes speed it up by tucking it in my shirt if I'm at my desk (I guess my body heat makes it dry faster?) or if the heating is on during winter I sit with my back to the radiator (I don't think its hot enough to cause heat damage, but I might be wrong lol).
This might not work for you if the little tail at the end of your braid dries just as curly as it usually does, but for me it manages to dry far straighter. Maybe it's because all of the hair is bunched together so it can't curl like it naturally does?
It's a really simple solution and I've never seen it written anywhere before (maybe im just retarded) but its my holy grail. It takes a while to dry completely, but the only thing you really have to do is braid it and move the hair tie up when that part dries.

The other way I get my hair straight(er) is by using jumbo hair rollers (mine are 60mm) and letting them air dry. I don't recommend it as much, because it takes far longer and sometimes they refuse to dry at all. If you're not against using hair dryer heat on your hair (or if you have a hair dryer with a heatless setting), that would definitely speed up the process! I've tried gradually unrolling each roller and letting the exposed bit of hair dry bit by bit, but it was somewhat painful to have 12 hair rollers hanging from my head and definitely not practical in any way. I've also managed to sleep in them before, which again, I don't recommend.
I kind of only use it as my nuclear option; like if I'm going to an important event like an interview or party the next day and I want my hair looking as straight as possible. The results are always absolutely amazing!!! They give me better results than straighteners. But personally, I'm too lazy to do it all the time.

Some bonus tips:
- I always sleep with my hair in a silk cap, loosely braided or twisted up. I feel like it helps to maintain the un-curliness(???) and it can help to distribute the oils in my hair from scalp to ends, which makes them look less frizzy
- I always avoid brushing or combing like the plague. If my hair is curly it'll turn into a frizzy lions mane, and if I've managed to get my hair looking straight/wavy, it'll go all curly again. If I have to detangle, I use a shark tooth comb (picrel, the ONLY comb type i've ever found to work) or just my fingers.
- I don't have much success with oils and cremes, but I know lots of other people who do. If my hair is wavy and I want to keep it from getting all frizzy, I sometimes use one of the john frieda frizz ease cremes/serums/whatever they call them now (any from that line are good imo) and it works at least temporarily!
- If you're feeling lazy, you don't have to do anything to your hair. A lot of the time I just let mine dry in a tight ponytail to keep the hair around my face relatively straight, and I don't worry about the lengths getting curly. Then I just wrap it up and clip it with one of those big hair claws. I get some nice curls poking out, usually looking much neater than they have the right to be, and I think its a pretty good look! It sounds like it'll fit your style better than free curls, and its very low-effort.

Even if my methods don't work to the same extent for you, I hope they can at least take your curly levels down a notch, or that other nonnas find them useful!

No. 205995

Does anyone have experience going dark to blonde very gradually with highlights? I know going blonde is notoriously damaging but I'm not sure how much I could realistically prevent by doing it super slowly with olaplex treatments in between.

No. 206001

I don't have any experience myself but I think doing multiple sessions of highlights instead of one intense one is a bad idea as you'd likely end up over processing the strands of hair that were already blonde after the first highlights, as you can't really pick exactly which strands to leave out during highlights. If you want to do it gradually imo it would be less damaging to get two all over bleaches, each lightening 2-4 levels, as then each hair strand would be getting the right amount of processing

No. 206003

Wow, that's a lot of tips anon! There's so much advice online how to define your curls, but not enough on how to relax them sans heat, so it's all valuable info to me. Thank you for writing it all out.

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