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File: 1625504076741.png (206.12 KB, 526x520, gveee.png)

No. 196240

Have you ever wondered how different beauty standars are in other parts of the world? This is the thread for that!
Share how beauty is perceived in your country, local place, or other parts of the world. This place is not only to discuss the looks of what being attractive is according to where you live but also to talk about what beauty products/hacks/home remedies/makeup etc that are more popular in the place that you're from. You can also get historical and talk about how tradional beauty has been seen over there. Or share the type of styles, fashion and makeup that are more on trend.

No. 196241

the US one is so fug lmao

No. 196250

Yes it is lol. Also the beauty standard in Aus is a blonde surfer girl with big tits. Threads have been made on this topic before and it always ends up with anons fighting. Did you make the pic OP? If not, where's it from?

No. 196256

File: 1625508265666.png (157.16 KB, 360x360, imagen_2021-07-05_130441.png)

In mexico it's always something like this
Long black hair, big plastic tits, very very thin, green or amber eyes are a plus, could be slightly tanned but not too much

No. 196260

this just seems like racebait central tho

No. 196261

my country: grease
beauty standards: dark tan skin, long flat ironed dark hair (lots of girls in my town dye it black) but recently american style blowouts have become popular too. acrylic nails, hoop earrings if alpha stacy, big puffy lips.

as for beauty tips i don't have any region-specific ones but lots of people here wash their hair with nettle shampoo. i don't know if it works, my hair is short, but it's a popular folk remedy. i live in a hick town with no running water during midday though so i don't know if this is popular in big cities.

No. 196262

I don't think so if everyone is respectful to one another

No. 196265

File: 1625509558944.jpg (37.26 KB, 600x400, promo-67199b9cb4a34392951e0f85…)

It seems the picture is from a Byrdie article on the topic of beauty standards around the world and the US picture is Hallie Gould who is an editorial director at Byrdie kek. She just looks like she smells

No. 196270

File: 1625511248178.jpeg (234.48 KB, 750x994, CF61567C-2E1B-43C8-BC4F-B1E1DE…)

I grew up in the US South.

-Very plain facial features (nothing that stands out too much)
-Bleach blonde hair
-Either loose curls or straight hair- not natural
-Heavy eye makeup
-Pink or nude lips
-Tans (but not ‘ethnic’ looking)
-Feminine somewhat conservative clothing- usually Americana in style with lots of flowy fabrics and maybe floral prints but nothing too “loud” or vibrant

Picrel is a good example. Men love these types of women here.

No. 196271

File: 1625511329281.jpeg (87.14 KB, 500x750, 078C15E1-3328-4C76-BD94-2CC0E5…)

Another example of what is considered beautiful here

I’m so overwhelmed by this look that I find it to be ugly/tacky

No. 196272


No. 196276


I went to college in the Southern United States and all the white women looked like this. It's a safe look but it's so boring and not that cute, but all the men loved it

No. 196279

Don't some parts of brazil prefer stereotypical european features like blonde hair and light eyes? not brazilian but that's what I've seen them say

No. 196280

Holy shit anon, thank you for codifying this

My sister and I would be considered pretty where our parents are from, but growing up in the South as anything other than a plain, white girl-next-door type automatically disqualifies you from the conventional beauty standard and can really fuck with your head when you're already being inundated with toxic shit about beauty from the media and society at large. We've both had guys from here tell us to our faces that we were "pretty, but not hot", "intimidating", and other scrotey negs like that, while these same guys went nuts for the blandest-faced blonde white girls you can imagine. Being tall, overly muscular, or "ethnic" as was already pointed out also seems to be unacceptable for women, as is any form of androgyny/gender-nonconformity in general. I eventually learned to stop giving a shit, but growing up in a place where the ideal woman was a conservative Christian man's wet dream turned me into a raging feminist at a pretty young age.

No. 196281

I also grew up in the south and I hate it. If I stayed in private school like I went to for elementary and a little bit a middle, I probably would've turned into one of these bitches. My sister post hs went to a sorority and has now started dyeing her hair blonde and shit. My mother also used to do this after she moved down here in high school, luckily she no longer follows these trends. the men are also way too ugly and gross here to warrant women changing themselves this much for their ridiculous beauty standards as well

No. 196282

File: 1625515175490.jpg (103.65 KB, 600x800, Serenay_Sarıkaya_Photo.jpg)

country: turgay
-blonde, if you're naturally blonde you're automatically attractive doesnt matter if you have an ugly face cancels out everything
-pale asf, paler the better
-small upturned nose
-blue/green eyes are preferred but blonde+brown eyes>brunette+blue eyes
-no hair at all like nothing not even peach fuzz on your arms or belly
-hourglass figure especially small waist wide hips
-big ass and big tits are plus but not a necessity
-no dramatic makeup, you can go haywire on ""natural makeup"" but the second you put on red lipstick and eyeshadow you're a tryhard
-nice smile
-no fillers/implants cosmetic surgery should be very subtle
basically blonde pale girls, picrel is a very popular actress but a more appropriate example would be barbara palvin who is a megastar here

No. 196287

File: 1625516759780.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.71 KB, 768x1024, GENTE-PAMPITA-001-26DICIEMBRE2…)

Here in Argentina the focus is more on the body than the face. You HAVE to be slim, with a flat stomach and a toned butt. Other than that, being white but having suntanned skin and a perfect smile, maybe a small nose too. And you have to be a natural beauty, or at least look like you are.
The standards haven't changed that much over the decades, but in 2000s being blonde with blue eyes and even skinnier (not toned and fit) was way more glorified.
For men it's the same, they have to be tall and fit. Guys with blonde hair and clear eyes are popular, but most girls prefer them with darker hair, eyes and skin, also known as "morochos".
Presentation is very important as well, you have to dress well (but show some skin with short skirts and heels) and wear minimal, natural makeup. We don't really wear foundation or lipstick (unless you're an older woman) for example.
Picrel is Pampita, a model/influencer/tv show presenter. This photo is from 2001 (spoilered because she's in a bikini)

No. 196288

File: 1625516858526.jpg (137.08 KB, 1080x1080, 67d33e65df33683d13b4c18db1ce78…)

Country: England
We're multicultural, and like any country there are subcultures, so there are a few dominant looks/standards. This is only one, but one that has been consistently popular and has research supporting it, so I feel pretty confident about it. White British men were asked about white British women:
-Brown hair, preferably straight/wavy (over-styling is not liked, like the French we like messy and natural looking hair)
-Blue eyes > eye colours
-Natural skin tone
-Minimal make-up, exception being black mascara and heavy eyeliner. Exaggerated eyes > any other look
-Slim, moderate-curvy body type but with big breasts. Long legs are good too.
-Average height to slightly above avg (5'3 - 5'7)
-Style: Feminine but with edge, never "little girly"/overly cute. A bit punky/indie. High-waisted short floral dresses, tights, ankle boots, leather jackets, etc. It's feminine, but with an edge.

There are other looks depending on the region and person's race, so hopefully some more Brits will chime in.

No. 196289

That lady looks so plain to me lol

No. 196290

File: 1625518207674.png (550.61 KB, 500x650, 0fd699b887d2629712e68a4e0b8cda…)

I think picrel is UK ideal, I see so many people who look like some version of this, fake tan especially is huge here

No. 196291

That's a lot of chin

No. 196292

uk ideal is literally just the girls on love island

No. 196293

I knew this was going to happen lol. I already said my info above came from actual research and acknowledged there are different looks depending on the region and subculture. Fake tan, heavy make-up, blonde dye etc is huge in the North, Essex, bits of London, but it's non-existent or minimal in many other places. I have never seen those huge drawn-on eyebrows, revealing sports wear, fade cuts in RL for example. A lot of what is in our media these days is Liverpool and Essex working class style. Anyway, the research was clear: brunettes are strongly preferred (I'm blonde myself, this is not me being hypersensitive and weird lol). It's late now but I'll find & post the papers another time if you're interested.

No. 196295

It kind of sucks that everyone's beauty ideal is light eyes. I'm aware of why, after all, it's much rarer than dark eyes. I've got a lot of guys say the same thing and you can be of any race or skin color, the moment you have light eyes it seems to trump anything else if you look normal and of average weight. I don't mean to turn this into a race bait, this has only been my observation. I know that lots of people don't care, there's much more to a person's appearance but when people make an ideal look in their mind it often involves light eyes.

No. 196296

I love that you used a pic of Effy kek. I’m mid-20s but I wonder if she’s just as well known among younger people who are in the 18-21 age range now.

No. 196301

It makes sense porque las argentinas estan narizonas, todas

No. 196303

what about those weird chav girls?

No. 196308

File: 1625522019639.jpg (75.34 KB, 720x595, miracle01.jpg)

It used to make me depressed to have brown eyes, as a kid I wanted to get blue contacts when I grew up. Weirdly, seeing anime and manga characters with detailed and "pretty" brown eyes was one thing that made me feel better about it. It seemed to me like no characters ever existed in western cartoons with eyes that were not either a black dot or blue.

No. 196310


Same anon. I thought I was so ugly until I graduated HS bc of the beauty standard in the South. Then I found out I'm not ugly I'm just too 'exotic' for being a diff type of white (southern & eastern european)

That's when I realized the whole race thing is some socially-constructed bullshit.

No. 196311

I know brown eyes tend not to be idealized on a broad scale, but for what it's worth I've always thought they're very beautiful (as a blue-eyed person). Especially when the sun hits them, you see all the unique variations different people have, from a honey gold-brown to reddish chestnut to deep, rich chocolate. To me, brown eyes are very warm, soothing and mysterious.

No. 196312

I prefer dark eyes, anon. Lots of people do. Brown eyes are nice.

The benefit to brown eyes is you can get away with way more makeup looks.

No. 196316

I'm from a 1000-1500 person town in the US South, and I'm surprised the standards for the bodies haven't been brought up. I am naturally muscular and slim (5'0 and 115lbs, so nothing insane at all), and many female relatives have nagged at me asking if I have an eating disorder, all throughout high school i would be told to "eat a burger" etc. Meanwhile larger set women seem to be more desired here, but not ""gross"" large. You can't win.

No. 196317

File: 1625525620276.jpg (23.69 KB, 400x567, aa113364-5d99-40d2-baeb-f9ac53…)

i was being extremely generous with that pic because she looks even more basic and boring in candid pics, i don't get the hype either especially when there are so many sexy women with dark features(picrel my queen) but im guessing blonde seems exotic

No. 196319

Country: ra ra raasputin mother of the russian queen
Usually things that will catch a guy's attention here are
-being quite thin, not anachan but 90s supermodel thin is probably the most "important" thing here in terms of beauty standards.
-blonde hair, it's considered very feminine and just "better" if it's long, too
-big, preferably light eyes, or "hunter eyes"
-long legs
-big lips
-prominent cheekbones are a big plus if you have them
-skin that's on the lighter side
I think a good example of the pinacle of these standards is either, ofc, Natalia Vodyanova or Irina Shayk (for the more 'southern beauty'/sorta insta baddie type of look that's also popular)

Same thing here, it's just a misogyny moment. Here thinness is prized a lot (you'll be considered prettier if you have a very thin body and an average face than if you're curvier/have big T&A and a prettier face, imo), BUT if you're TOO THIN? You get called a plank. Very stupid, hypocritical balancing act.

No. 196320

File: 1625526491089.png (55.29 KB, 300x300, suffering.png)

>tfw auburn/reddish brown hair and big brown eyes
>long pointy man nose like a greek statue
>average/ok body on a short frame, pale olive skin
>not blonde enough for westerners
>not thin enough for asians
>not curvy and pale enough for scandinavians
>too goofy looking for men from my own country
guess I'm ugly everywhere, huh

No. 196321

I hate the “thick” standards these days. I’m naturally thin and toned, and I’ll never want the thicc look for myself. I wish being thin was still considered hot. I personally prefer a thin toned body over all other body types

No. 196322

>red hair and big brown eyes
that sounds so pretty nona

No. 196323

People can't see your eyes from far away, I think hair colour is the more annoying beauty standard. It's always fucking blonde. At least with eyes you can kind of just accept they're not the right colour and move on, but with hair colour you're inevitably going to consider spending hundreds of dollars on a colour that might not suit you and will probably do severe damage to your hair.

No. 196324

anon, there's definitely a big subset of guys really into redheads, it's not like it makes you ugly. Who cares if you fit into the narrow beauty standard, people are attracted to all kinds of types of women.

No. 196325

File: 1625527405188.jpg (27.45 KB, 476x500, kms.jpg)

do people even prefer dark hair/dark eyes? it almost seems like what all guys want is a light eyed blonde.. this so unfair anons.

No. 196327

literally if you aren’t the blonde blue eyed aryan bimbo the rest of the men who are attracted to other types of women have obvious fetishes. I find it so crazy that men would literally fuck anything but somehow have the craziest beauty standards.

No. 196328

Can't talk for males obv, but if it's any consolation, I've always loved black hair/brown eyes. I've actually been dying my hair black since I'm about fifteen and wear some kind of brown contact lenses most of the time. You're what I wanted to be ever since I was a child kek.

No. 196329

File: 1625530021076.jpeg (84.76 KB, 860x520, download (2).jpeg)

Thanks anon I'm from the south and this description is perfect.
As someone who tried to emulate this look for years and failed, I feel like you have to have a certain type of face to pull the blonde SEC girl look off. I'm a pale brunette but even with tanning and hair dye my face is very angular and my features are too strong for it. Plus you have to have a certain type of personality and a matching friend group to be a true blonde SEC Stacy.
Kinda sucks because I feel like men will always whore out for these women or at least jack off to their IGs while claiming that they wanna settle down with a "pretty" or "cute" girl who's "girlfriend" material. Is this really just the south's beauty standards and am I in luck if I move up north? Kek.
LMAO I grew up in the south too, aren't they? Picrel for an idea of what the counterpart for girls like these are. A lot of these dudes peak physically in high school when high school lax forces them to stay fit and they aren't partying every weekend.

No. 196330

File: 1625530356915.jpg (21.46 KB, 500x457, 1618865582398.jpg)

i feel you nonnie guys have the most basic taste in women(and men tbh they just have shit taste overall), they'll prefer the most generic looking blonde over smoking hot brunette. My male friends would show me their crushes and they would always look identical, very forgettable and indistinguishable faces just like >>196327 said. I dont think scrotes have the mental capacity to truly appreciate beauty. If its any consolation I think dark hair/eyes are very beautiful and elevate your features, I know I wouldnt want to be anything else eventhough I'm sure my life would be easier if I was blonde. Also I've noticed regardless of ethnicity most women prefer dark hair/eyes while men prefer blonde/blue why is that?

No. 196331

ayrt for the latter and yes, that about sums them up. Those shallow southern guys who aim to be "chads" have almost no zero interests outside of sports are so boring and not even good looking to boot. Which is why I ended up always being into or dating weird dorky type guys, and then the whole lot of them ended up being mean asshole degenerates. Half the old couples I see down here actually have pretty women with ugly manlets or men who clearly used to be those "chad" types and peaked in hs. This is why I have to escape this shithole and move down to the west or east coast. Or Canada. Even Canadian men have to be less trashy than this.

No. 196337

One of my exes had an aversion to blonde women. To the point it was an instant turn-off.

There are men who prefer dark hair (and aren't fetishizing other races/ethnicities.) But it's probably something like 60% of men prefer blondes. 10% prefer redheads. 30% prefer dark hair.

I've noticed that men who prefer women with dark hair value intelligence in a partner more. It's sad people have internalized the dumb blonde meme.

No. 196338

same anon. everyday i think about how different my life would have been if i was a carefree blonde white girl.. it sucks.
i honestly think its because dark hair/eyes are more associated with "masculine" features whereas blonde/blue eyes are "feminine".

No. 196341

Throughout all of Brazil being blonde and blue/green eyed will make you stand out and be considered pretty (even if you're not really pretty kek)
Some people in the southern states love bragging about their German/Polish/Ukrainian roots etc

No. 196342

>I've noticed that men who prefer women with dark hair value intelligence in a partner more
This is true, studies show that they really do see brunettes as more intelligent.

Guys who prefer brunettes tend to be nerdy/conservative and want modest NLOGs. It's not exactly flattering but I don't know if I'd prefer the alternative of men wanting me because they think I'm a dumb blonde bimbo.

No. 196351

Here in Liberty City, subsect da hood:

-We cultivated the instathot look seen today with tooth shaped bodies, bone straight hair, and big lips. Big asses paired with big legs have been a longtime favorite.
-Exotic (non american) is good as long as you can fit in and prove you're "down". Non standard features can easily get you pigeonholed into being nothing but those features, like being the cambodian, the lightskinned chick with green eyes, or the spanish redhead down the street. You'll get a lot of attention but become a novelty fast.
-Both very light and very dark skin have connotations (good and bad) while a middling brown is more free of stereotypes but also more plain. Ultimately lighter is best as they're assumed to have a better home life and will give prettier children.
-Hair color almost never matters in the face of having big or long hair. If it's your own hair it's huge bonus. Other women like women with diverse hair styles. Changing it often is good.
-The only alternative looks in terms of style to be attractive/acceptable is something bohemian adjacent. A young Erykah Badu type. Looking too white when you're not isn't. Think relaxed hair or conventional clothing for a suburban american. Odd stylings turn you into a novelty once again and older people will either find you jarring or worthy of being better than others in the neighborhood. Younger people would find it interesting. These days it's less of a factor as everyone has internet and subsequent exposure to different styles.
-No matter what, being a woman turns you into an ideological battleground for the men who do and don't want to fuck you. You'll be paraded as better or worse than another type if a single feature stands out, rather than how the parts of you work together as a whole. Like having lips makes you attractive even if you're not - same with light skin or giant tits and asses. Being overweight or weird looking only negates this when someone's angry at you and needs something to insult.
-No one who lives here really cares about appropriating styles. Assimilating while living here is affirming to people.
-Things really have become parsed between the newer, internet using generation and everyone else. You've all probably seen both sides yourself through media (the older) and the internet (the younger).

We've been thirty years strong on liking lip gloss.

No. 196353

I’m naturally blonde, thin, blue eyes and “stereotypically pretty” but I’ve always wished I was curvy and dark haired. We want what we can’t have

No. 196354

Do you live in a country that thinks all non-overweight women are ugly or something? I feel like it’s pretty universally accepted that ‘thin and toned’ is an ideal figure, but I live in the states. Thickness by modern standards just means t&a

No. 196355

jesus christ this place sounds like a misogynistic hellhole

No. 196356

Thin is the ideal pretty much everywhere, don't listen to skinny retards playing the victim. It's just a shock to their system when they aren't the number 1 most worshipped body at all times by literally everyone.

No. 196357

There’s thin like an in-shape mesomorph or underweight endomorph.

Then there are ectomorphs.

Ectomorphs aren’t usually considered the ideal.

No. 196359

>Big ass and tits
>Fit body
>Long, straight black hair
>Tan skin
>Light eyes
>Nice smile with full lips
>Cinched waist
Or you could just be white, that's automatically beautiful to most people here

No. 196360

It pretty much is. Makes me sad all of this is more normalized amongst more people now and somehow a greater culture that needs preservation. I'm glad I left.

No. 196370

I grew up in a multicultural city in Canada as an Asian person and the beauty standards are fairly Eurocentric, though other ethnic groups have different standards for their own people. Here's what I've noticed for women in general, white women, and Asian women.

Generally for all:
>tanned skin
>5'1 to 5'7, out of these ranges are considered unattractive
>big eyes
>nice, sizeable butt
>medium boob size
>long hair
>tight, "feminine" clothing strongly preferred

For white people:
>blue or green eyes
>loose waves or bone straight hair
>blonde hair is strongly preferred
>"natural" makeup
>curvy is good, but if no curves then big boobs = good

For Asians:
>either the uwu cute uwu pale skin kpop look or big ass eyelash extension tanned abg badass look; you're ignored if outside of these
>thin but curvy (in the bones) but not super curvy
>pale skin with no freckles
>double eyelids
>small feet and hands
>big boobs bad, smaller/medium better
>long, straight black hair or some kind of balayage
>no tattoos or piercings that aren't lobed

No. 196371

I second this. I feel blue eyes are overrated and not as beautiful as they’ve been made out to be.

They’re pretty don’t get me wrong, but if someone gushed over someone with blue eyes I wouldn’t care. I don’t get the appeal. Not trying to bash blue eyes, I just don’t think any eye color is necessarily superior. It’s just the level of melanin in your iris or the absence. Your eye color doesn’t dictate whether you’re ugly or better looking.

No. 196375

Thin bodies should be the #1 everywhere because to be thin and toned takes work. Anyone can sit on their ass, overeat and look “thicc” lol

No. 196378

Well I'm not a guy so I don't know how much of a consolation it'll be but I really like dark eyes + dark hair. But I also think there's a lot more to one's physical appearance than just eye and hair color, I don't think they matter that much altogether. It's about the bigger picture.

No. 196382

As much as i hate men i dont think this is true. Most studies indicate that men don't have as much of a racial preference as women do.

No. 196388

I come from Italy and standards vary a lot from north to south.
North: blondes, light eyes, very thin and almost with no curves, the model look is desired. You’d also have to dress elegant and mature. Long hair and light make up.
South: curvy women, with darker eyes and hair, slightly tanned. Exception is for pale with light eyes and black hair. Dressed very feminine with a “romantic” look.
Both north and south are a mixed bag in terms of height, but I’d say average is better.

No. 196392

Do all countries hate fatties?

No. 196393

File: 1625564088659.png (803.9 KB, 596x1043, imagen_2021-07-06_043501.png)

What kind of clothes are considered normie and popular in your country?
Where I live people love wearing vests when cold months come. But I fucking hate vests.

No. 196395

File: 1625565155449.gif (913.79 KB, 500x300, bullshit.gif)

If that's the case, it's just more evidence that scrotes have shit tier taste. Women with dark hair/eyes make my heart flutter.

No. 196399

File: 1625565791199.jpg (55.52 KB, 613x450, grease.jpg)

>my country: grease

No. 196400

Was a joke anon, she means Greece

No. 196407

Why are their teeth so yellow

No. 196409

Because they're not killing their teeth with teeth whitener

No. 196410

Imagine not knowing what's teeth natural color

No. 196416

File: 1625568439570.jpg (151.81 KB, 1337x901, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Because they didn't run to the dentist to have their teeth filed down and have those unnatural, glow-in-the-dark, blindingly white veneers that everyone seems to have in America, anon

No. 196417

File: 1625568556084.jpg (195.41 KB, 1200x675, farm-rio-voguebus-farm-rio-dec…)

Brazil: this brand called Farm has an insane cult following that keeps buying floral-macaw-pineapple print dresses season after season. I like some of their stuff but you're basically guaranteed to run into someone wearing the same thing and the quality is mostly shit.

Also just checked out their international site and the prices are such a ripoff kek

No. 196425

Yes, because fatties are a just a physical representation of poor health and a serious lack of self discipline kek. Even men who like fat women are just pretending. Men will fuck anything and fat girls are easy because they’re insecure. As they should be. Eat less. Save the planet kill a fatass.

No. 196426

Those are actually quite yellow anons…

No. 196429

These are so beautiful!

No. 196435

File: 1625574467153.jpg (112.38 KB, 629x549, grease_0.jpg)

Nah that doesn't look natural at all, it looks like someone drew over their teeth with a neon yellow sharpie or oversaturated this picture to hell. Their teeth look much more normal on other photos while not being blinding hollywood white either.

No. 196439

Guess it depends on what kind of thin you mean. Thin with big tits and ass at the same time, yes, but the gangly flat type of thin isn't popular. Even fashion models are considered "manly" or "boyish" by a lot of people.

No. 196443

An overweight person wrote this

No. 196445

lmao no. I'm not saying I believe this, but that I've seen other people say this and reacted that way.

No. 196447

*and that they reacted that way

No. 196448

Samefag but what I'm trying to say is there's an expectation to have both extremes at the same time. Thin but also curvy, curvy but also thin.

No. 196452

Not North Korea. They prefer you plump, which means you’re not starving.

No. 196454

The editor probably just upped the photos saturation without whitening the teeth after.

No. 196455

File: 1625582601373.png (45.57 KB, 212x119, 7FF300B9-64C1-435E-98AE-9D637B…)

fAsHiOn MoDeLs ArE mAnLy aNd BoYiSh muhh curves

No. 196456

File: 1625582687466.jpeg (58.22 KB, 650x1000, C2573C32-B0B3-4E0A-B1A5-C887E1…)

No. 196457

Can nobody ITT read? It's in quotes for a reason. I don't agree with it.

No. 196458

wtf is going on with the top part

No. 196459

It’s high fashion nonny, an art form. You would NOT understand.

No. 196470

there's reason why she's doing a swimsuit runway, she's thin but she's waaaay too curvy for high fashion modeling, proving >>196439 point

No. 196471

the anorexics have taken over, dont forget to eat something today ladies!!

No. 196473

So basically all the men in world want to rape and impregnate blonde women?

No. 196475

>Anons in this thread: Nobody likes skinny women anymore, it's so sad. I will never want to be "thick", it's gross to me, but everyone's obsessed with it now. I miss when being thin was considered hot
>Also anons in this thread: You're saying people often call fashion models (a subset of women often handpicked for their androgyny, not their sexual appeal) "boyish" or "manly"?? FATTY SPOTTED
So which is it? Why does the narrative keep changing? Not even going to touch the hair/eye color weirdness.

No. 196476

File: 1625590341018.jpg (99.54 KB, 1024x768, marzia-angustaro-miss-italia-2…)

>thin, hourglass figure
>tan skin
>long hair in natural colors, brunette with blonde highlights is very common, usually straight
>light eyes
>maybe slightly taller than average?
>stylish, put together look, even in casual settings
>eye makeup
as another anon said it varies from North to South but these are pretty universal imo

No. 196479

Think a little harder! You're about to realize anons aren't a singleminded hivemind! You're almost there!

No. 196480

My country: Germany
Beauty standards:
- be either skinny, skinny-toned (but not too toned & muscular or men will label you as a lesbian) or skinny-thick
- "natural makeup" that is not natural
- always have long straight hair or slightly wavy, no matter the color but if you are blonde or have dyed blonde hair it will be a big plus
- 1. be german with blonde hair/brown hair & light eyes (for conservative or right wingers) , or 2. Eastern european (there are a lot of german pornsick men and they often have an eastern european fetish) or 3. be racially ambiguous but always with small nose and get labeled as "exotic"
- have tanned skin, this is a must because if you have pale skin people will constantly point it out
- small nose & long legs
- either forgettable, symmetrical features maybe with a square chin, do not have a round face - square face shape or longer face shape is preferred
- tight skinny jeans
- whatever sneaker is "in" right now
- have a michael kors bag and an iphone
- be "independent" but not too "independent"

No. 196481

No one called you a hivemind, it's just funny you lost your shit at the second anon but didn't disagree with the first one.
Go take a nap.

No. 196484


Larger noses seem to be universally deemed unattractive.

No. 196495

not everyone in america has veneers, it’s celebs and instathots who get those done. it’s normal to straighten ur teeth with braces but a lot of people ik don’t wear their retainers so their teeth slide back.
the teeth whiteness is also attributed to how we don’t smoke cigs, tobacco makes your teeth fucking disgusting.

No. 196503

I got hated on to hell for saying this on LSA (figures) but it seems like in America that the ideal is to pull from the desirable features of every race to make yourself close to a racially ambiguous prototype. This goes for all races.

For caucasian and light skinned latinas:
- Tanning to be darker, paleness is seen as unhealthy and a tan makes you look healthy
- Lip injections
- Nose job for the anglo ski slope nose, no exception for hooked or aquiline nose
- High waist to hip ratio , hourglass figure
- Tits and ass, boob job and bbl
- High cheekbones with filler
- Seductive eyes, “cateye” surgery or threadlift
- Full brows, microblade if necessary
- Long hair with extensions

For black women:
- Be as light skinned as possible
- The objective is to look mixed and play up any mixed ancestry you have
- Ethic nose job and other surgery for any “overly” ethnic features
- Huge list of hair standards that I personally know nothing of but are fundamentally anti-natural-black-hair
- emphasizing natural curves or creating them with boob job, bbl

Standards for asian women:
(ABG look is unique to the west so I’ll focus on that rather than the Korean makeup look)
- Ultimately ABG end product looks more similar to latinas and filipina women than east asian but more mixed than full asian
- Tanning and emphasizing a natural tan
- either play up your monolids for exotic look or get eyelid surgery done for bigger looking eyes
- Lash extensions, fake lashes
- Lip filler
- other filler similar to white girl standards
- ethnic nose job
- Can play up nice bone structure like a square jawline and high cheekbones unlike in Asia but you can also get that done as long as the result isn’t too extreme
- Long hair with highlights. Blonde is most common.
- Makeup includes a lot of eyeliner
- Hoop earrings and other baddie accessories
- Fashion is a huge part of it, ig baddie fashion and streetwear
- boob job and emphasizing waist/hip ratio to seem curvier
- microbladed brows

Ik there’s successful and beautiful women who defy these beauty standards but this is the general direction that American beauty standards are pushing us towards with models, advertising, trends if that makes sense.

No. 196504

so long as you have pale skin/dark hair eye combo, i think men like that. the "goth gf" meme happened for a reason.

No. 196508

>- be "independent" but not too "independent"
What do you mean by that?

No. 196511

usually means men want you to work a 9-5 but still come home to cook, clean, and give sex whenever he wants.

No. 196515

>in America that the ideal is to pull from the desirable features of every race to make yourself close to a racially ambiguous prototype

Khadija Mbowe has a really good video about this called 'Instagram Face'

It really depends on where in the US you're from imo. We're definitely moving more away from stereotypical caucasian features as a whole.

But in some conservative places, whiteness is only getting exaggerated. I also live in a predominantly black area now. You might get extra male attention if you're mixed, but cuffing a man, you'll have better luck if you look black- not mixed.

No. 196516

As an American, the U.S example in that pic literally looks like a heroin addict.

Blonde hair is definitely favored here but I think she overall looks too casual.

No. 196526

YES "instagram face" is the perfect name for it. I see this face more popularized in music and social media than in acting.

Thanks for this video anon.

No. 196527

It's mainly the eyes, if you have dark brown/black hair with blue or green eyes they like that too. If you have brown eyes you're always least preferred.

No. 196529

yes, exactly this. it is very frowned upon if you do not work as a woman, since your identity is closely tied to your role in the work force (esp. in the east) and are childless esp. by boomers but also if you are a stay-at-home mom. Women are expected to do both while nothing really changes for men + most men are spoiled momma’s boys so you will also do the majority of housework and babysitting unless he is esp. pressed about a certain type of housework (cooking for example). i lived both in east and west germany and in the west there are def. more stay-at-home mothers. this also might be due to the history of the countries separation and people in the east still making less money than the ones in the west.

No. 196530

File: 1625601572525.png (75.41 KB, 913x449, racial ambiguity.PNG)

Here's a notable quote that she cited in the video, I think it's really true in regards to what is visually ideal in the west

No. 196535

File: 1625602125100.jpeg (63.22 KB, 810x500, 3CanadaGoose1.jpeg)

Canada Goose jacket every winter in Toronto, usually in black or red

No. 196569

This, men don't know or see real beauty just porn categories. I'm pretty plain but the moment I dyed my hair blonde it was a complete change in the amount of attention I got. It's stupid because black hair actually suites my color palette waaay better.

No. 196583

File: 1625621477094.jpeg (147.92 KB, 800x599, CE649EA2-2FDC-4072-827D-F8094A…)

I disagree. Diana was absolutely beautiful and had a large nose, but it fit her face and was a nice shape.

I think nose shape and how it sits with the rest of your facial features can really change a lot.

No. 196589

is it just me or in India are they better tolerated? I see a lot of Indian women who get acknowledged as beautiful with large noses and it inspires me even though I'm not one, but I don't know much about the culture.

No. 196591

I am blonde hair blue eyed and have never been shown any interest by dudes, some guys have even told me they find it plain or tried to get me to dye it, or bleach it lighter. I don't get it. I'm not trying to detract from your experiences though.

No. 196596

I personally feel like it’s not a huge preference by men.
I always felt like the ones who were so talkative about how they preferred blondes were shallow. But blondes are pretty imo not saying they aren’t.

No. 196635

I think they also mean the generic "model" face you see in advertisements, porn or Insta-baddies since they also mostly have square faces and high cheekbones

The beauty standart in almost all western countries is p much the same

No. 196642

I’m from the Midwest and the standard is pretty much the same here, especially at sorority-heavy schools

No. 196644

They look pretty but all the same. I hate the all over bleach and tone look though, maximum damage to make your hair look flat and boring and fried. Highlights look so much better

No. 196661

A lot of eastern european women whose families had to immigrate have UDS ime.

No. 196665

Ugly duck syndrome yes.

My experience is only w EE women whose families immigrated before they were born or when they were children. My mom is EE. I noticed me and other EE women had very awkward puberties. I think that's because the differences between us and the more anglo looking girls started become very obvious.

In some cases it's because the girls were hairier, but otherwise idk how to pinpoint exactly what it could be. Maybe just not fitting in?

No. 196666

File: 1625675743862.jpeg (44.88 KB, 399x600, download.jpeg)

I've always found this look appalling, or cheap at best. It really drags down these girls's natural features. Sure, they're not models to begin with, but their natural brunette with volume and a classy well-made dress (rather than forever 21 shit) will accentuate their soft or "cute" features like their round noses and curves. Blonde generally only looks good on those who have in naturally and are already semi-attractive to begin with, with a tiny handful of exceptions. Don't be a narc, most of you will not be the exception. Fake orange tan looks good on no-one. YWNB pic related, which is a natural version of what they want to attain. Dress for your body y'all.

No. 196667

>Why are so many eastern euro women online such huge bitches to german women?
partially because of the stereotype of "ee women pretty, german women ugly". Partially as a response to xenophobia towards ee. heavy blogpost incoming but i traveled to many countries and never have i been so disrespected as when i was in germany. imagine one of your family members suddenly dying and the germ bureaucrats having the nerve to say to your german relatives that they should have never married a eastern european while they are still grieving. not to mention the other shit they tried to pull. fuck germany

No. 196669

EEfag who moved to the West here.

Russians are extremely petty and competitive even compared to other Eastern Europeans, but it could also be an inferiority complex combined with a kneejerk reaction to Western xenophobia towards Eastern European people.

I've been shit on by Germans a lot for being from a certain Slavic country and you can really tell how their opinion of you changes when you say where you're from, especially if you don't dress like an obvious EE woman.
Many men also don't see us as people, they see us as cryptowhores of some kind or mail order brides they can talk down to. People assume we're stupid, lazy, crooked, can't speak English, even though none of those things are true for young people nowadays. People will be nice to my face and then say some wildly offensive shit about my country and act surprised when I don't like it.

Lots of less educated people from my country come to Germany to work and when faced with this kind of treatment they will often say things like this as a cope depending on who insulted them. Lots of normie girls are also pickmes because that's what they've been taught to be so you hear things like
>German women are manly lesbos, they're just jealous that we're stealing all their men because we're prettier and more feminine
>Germans can't cook or clean so they hire us to do it for them because they're so lazy and stupid
>People hate us because we're so much smarter/prettier/better than them

For the record, I don't think any country is superior and there's smart, pretty and ugly people everywhere. These are just my observations.

No. 196839

Russians all turn into saggy babushkas by the time they’re 21 kek

No. 196841

File: 1625725495316.jpeg (171.82 KB, 972x1000, FE7E04F2-9A9C-453B-8B90-F6B64C…)

No. 196842

Stay salty, anon-chan
That's all because Germans are extremely disrespectful towards EE. People usually kek around only about UK.

No. 196845

If that's what helps you sleep at night, Crimson Chin.

No. 196846

Just voicing what I’ve seen, and enough people have noticed this that there are endless memes about how poorly Russians age kek. That’s why they gotta be mail order brides at 17, the clock is already ticking for them. They look good for a few years at most. So glad I don’t have Russian genes.

No. 196847

File: 1625727778039.jpeg (85.07 KB, 437x735, 2658E6C2-13A3-4205-B8DF-A1C6A3…)

No. 196848

anon youre retarded. stop it.

No. 196849

Imagine getting cucked by a bunch of babushkas and seething this hard over it lol. Germans must be even uglier than I thought.

No. 196850

I’m not even German, though I did visit once and they weren’t ugly. I’m French and proud of it. YOU seethe harder, Russian nonnies.

No. 196851

Now it makes even more sense kek

No. 196852

Oh god that says it all lmao

No. 196853

File: 1625728676990.jpeg (27.36 KB, 510x406, 29ABA5C6-878B-49CC-BA04-7BE3E6…)

French master race checking in to remind nonnies the French are the most classically beautiful and elegant, and we age well too.

No. 196865

French nonnie you're dumb as rocks but my patriotic duty is to agree with what you said. Big focus on elegance and natural beauty and most guys here (except in some subcultures I guess) have very varied taste.

Also older French actresses have way better plastic surgeries than actresses in other countries, usually looks super natural and graceful.

No. 196867

I'm Italian so my patriotic duty is to hate you but tbh I kind of agree, I think French women look effortlessly beautiful and I love their style. They're not prettier than Russians though sorry nónníe

No. 196869

I don't understand how this thread turned into random "I hayt this nationality!!" dumpster fire, when each country got different view of beauty, which is why I don't throw pitchforks at them.

The only thing I want to complain about is how popular >>196270
>>196290 this look is everywhere I go. In my opinion blonde hair are boring as hell, and flat blonde hair scream "tacky" to me. I still wonder why a lot of people are obsessed with blonde hair?

No. 196878

File: 1625744122397.jpeg (39.55 KB, 799x384, images - 2021-07-08T192841.764…)

Filipino beauty standards is super boring in my opinion. Its either youre a mestiza/mestizo or a chinita/chinito (east asian looking). It gets to the point that darker skinned people use harmful whitening products and or get illegal gluta drips to lighten their skins. We have a saying here that "they're only pretty because they have a fair skin tone". And I can say that it's true lol. I've seen a lot of fair skinned people that are average/ugly as shit and morena/os that are very very pretty.

Don't know much about the body but many prefer a thin/average build.

No. 196883

File: 1625749468344.jpeg (353.31 KB, 2048x2048, timothee-chalamet-mustache-opi…)

Then explain this thing

No. 196884

No. 196885

File: 1625750105366.jpg (67.1 KB, 680x1024, 6e11f77c673d59288459d492d656c5…)

Every time I see a model or well known person from my country being hailed as the hottest most beautiful person ever I'm like, ehh.
Every now and then I see people online posting a girl from my country saying she's 10/10 gorgeous and I just don't see it. Sure, I can tell she's pretty, but I see people who look exactly like that every day. I guess it doesn't look as special to me because it's a super common type of face and look here, whereas it's more out of the ordinary and thus beautiful to people living elsewhere.

It's the same with blonde hair and blue eyes, in a lot of countries where it isn't the norm it's viewed as beautiful but here it's just seen as boring and meh.
For me it goes the other way around as well, I think women with more typically mixed race/black features look stunning and I love dark curly hair. In countries where that's more common people might look at the sort of person I'd call gorgeous and think she just looks a little above average.

No. 196888

Sweden anon here
- do NOT be pale
- Feel free to go overboard with tanning (fake or natural, doesn't matter) there is literally no limit, no one battered an eyelid over famous "blackfisher" Emma Hallberg here
- Blonde + blue eyes is kind of considered "classic" but it's so common that it's not a big deal
- Be skinny and/or fit
- it's nice if you have tits + ass, but being skinny trumps it
- height does not matter as long as you're shorter than the guy you are dating
- for makeup there's a divide where big city girls love the "insta look" with heavy makeup, but the general population prefers a more natural look
- Generally muted tones of clothes and "classic" or "business casual" designs (swedes do NOT like to stand out) more colours are ok in summer only
- swedes are generally good at english and simp hard for 'muhrica so basically whatever trends in the US trends here too

No. 196891

>more colours are ok in summer only
I was just thinking about this and thinking it's really weird. Summer dress with colourful flowers = ok. Winter dress with lots of colour? You barely see it. I'm totally going to rebel this winter.

No. 196894

This is true. A lot of men see EE women as objects since they have this fetish from porn & prostitution and there is also the mail order bride stereotype. A lot of EE women in porn and prostiution are victims of human trafficking in germany and there are a lot of pornsick, lazy german men. A lot of the xenophobia towards EE people as a whole also comes from german boomers.

No. 196895

File: 1625753742833.jpg (206.87 KB, 1080x1080, deano_virus.jpg)


Tanorexics should be shoot on sight.

No. 196898

wtf is wrong with her face

No. 196901

She wanted to impress Deano and shitty fillers are like a status symbol for them.

No. 196907

File: 1625755537772.jpg (79.9 KB, 1024x1000, sad.jpg)

I don't think I know exactly what the standards are where I live (Ukraine), guess they're pretty generic:
>lighter shades of hair and eyes > darker shades
>thinness with medium/big size boobs and toned butt
>medium height
>mostly feminine and natural look
>long hair
>preferably long legs
In regards to fashion etc. it depends on the generation, region and so on, for example Eastern Ukrainian women are kinda stuck in 00s (as I heard) and tend to bleach and straighten their long hair, wear pale pink lipstick, and choose more tight-fitting clothes. In Kyiv, young women wear casual/smart casual oversized clothes and sneakers or something more feminine when it's getting warmer and light natural makeup most of the time, many highlight their hair, dye it blond (especially if their natural color is mousy, mushroom blond), or some natural color, or leave it as it is and either wear it without styling or make it wavy. Basic bitches with money will definitely get obvious lip fillers.

Men here love to say that Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful, and often mention it in an obnoxious and objectifying way, like it's some kind of landmark or amenity. Many of them want to date those who are much prettier while looking… very plain at best. Picrel is a pretty common sight. The contrast is the most striking in middle class families imo

No. 196909

> my country x2, I see these women everyday here
> doesn't say which country
kek anon i'm curious now

No. 196910

>Someone posting a literal film star to represent the French kek
It's insecurity, just like randomly sperging out about Russian women completely unprompted

No. 196912

forgot to add that the majority of women wear makeup all the time, it's like a running joke or something that our women will do a full face makeup just to buy some bread in the nearest shop or take out the trash. Surely it's an exaggeration but many will definitely at least do their eyebrows and apply mascara before leaving the house

No. 196914

That reminds me of a woman I knew who was half Filipino half white and she did some Miss Filipino thing. She was super popular because she was so pale and tall. I don't think she was particularly pretty for a "model".

No. 196924

Does the average French woman actually look like that? Just curious because they’re all hyped up to be effortlessly sexy, thin, with flawless skin and perfect style. But it seems impossible to me. Also French women seem to sit in the sun a lot without sunscreen (based on pics and videos I see of this mythical French girl lol) so that seems bad for aging if you’re white.

No. 196925

Any MENA nonas? I’ve always been curious about the beauty standards from that part of the world.

No. 196926

File: 1625760157862.jpg (51.19 KB, 460x640, val.jpg)

why does it seem like some people here are trying to 'compete' with eachother? Valerie would be disappointed in you

No. 196938

Based, I thought we were gonna post outfits and shit from our countries, not this

No. 196946

No they do not look like that. They just look average like in every country. The perfect french women is a myth created by france and the fashion industry (a lot of big fashion houses are from france). The people also tend to have bad teeth. The "perfect style" thing is the most boring basic shit ever just look into capsule wardrobes they are boring but they essentially function and make you look put together but in a boring way. "Parisian skinny" is just a diet off very small portions of food combined with a coffee and a nicotine addiction.

No. 196952

Once again /m/ is superior kek

Can we revitalize that thread? It was really interesting

No. 196954

>Also French women seem to sit in the sun a lot without sunscreen (based on pics and videos I see of this mythical French girl lol) so that seems bad for aging if you’re white
this plus the constant smoking. shouldn't they all look like raisins by now?

No. 196974

File: 1625773213679.jpg (66.99 KB, 565x800, Camille_Cottin_janvier_2016.jp…)

I notice lots of french women have absolute honkers for noses.

No. 196975

You probably won't see the aftermath immediately (except for maybe yellow stains and bad breath) but after you reach your 40s you will look way older than other people your age if you smoke every day. Also there is lung cancer. It all adds up slowly.

No. 196990

Saged cause a-log but as a French person, I can say with 100% confidence French guys are way overhyped overseas (except if you're into the average white normie with basic fashion style) and French women are better looking in 90% cases. Just check Tinder and you'll see way more pretty girls/women than handsome guys/men. Known French actresses are not beautiful though and I don't understand the hype either.

No. 196991

File: 1625779407491.jpg (299.45 KB, 644x627, IMG_1689.jpg)

There's something deeply annoying about all these french insta it girls but also I can't look away. Picrel is Lolita Jacobs


No. 196996

>The people also tend to have bad teeth.
Not really… We literally have free health care

No. 196999

same, no shade to french girls but this subsect of french influencers..idk something about effortlessly beautiful comes off very calculated to me it seems like they're trying too hard to seem cool, even something as mundane as posting a pic of a fruit basket, its like the other end of those annoying girls who are like idk how to put on makeup lel who has time im nlog and quirky…ig they're going for anna karina but its giving zooey deschanel, very much tired ass female lead of a french new wave film vibes but they can never quite pull it off at least chavs dont have a chronic main character syndrome and i appreciate them for that also who would name their child lolita thats gross

No. 197001

>at least chavs dont have a chronic main character syndrome and i appreciate them for that
this invalidates every other passive aggressive thing you just said in stan twitter slang

No. 197002

File: 1625782887319.png (386.67 KB, 802x960, 3c6ff9.png)

Is this the french hate thread?

No. 197003

it's the insecure girls bitching about other girls to feel better thread

No. 197007

File: 1625784056249.jpg (39.85 KB, 600x651, d5e.jpg)

No. 197008

whats wrong with that statement chavs have individuality complex?

No. 197012

Women are better looking than men all over the world and I'm saying this as a straight woman

No. 197013

pickmes everywhere

No. 197015

This is definitely true. At the very least, I can't think of a single country or ethnicity where the men are commonly thought of as better looking than the women, while the opposite happens a lot. Eastern europe, mediterranean countries, the middle east, india, pretty much all of asia.. the women seem to be better looking everywhere. The one exception might be the UK but I don't have enough experience with them to really say that.

No. 197017

Do mexicans prefer less cute features compared to say japan or even the usa? I feel like there's much more of an emphasis on hot sexy looking mature women, at least in the telenovelas I've watched, so I could definitely be biased

No. 197020

Those are some big ass feet

No. 197021

I feel like the Philippines tries to be a copy and paste of Korean and just western beauty standards. Pale skin with the Asian look, but with American-type makeup and clothes.

It’s sad because most of them are brown or tannish and there’s nothing wrong about it. They’re trying to look East Asian (Japan, Korea, China) but I think they should accept their beautiful complexions as is.

No. 197022

Noo pls I hope not, I love France and have to live in a country of retards who hate on it 24/7 for no reason, do not subject me to this on lolcow too :(

No. 197024

British men are absolutely uglier than British women, the inceloid memes about being orange, fat, or "trashy" are pure scrote cope.

No. 197026

Agreed, the internalized racism in the Philippines depresses me. All of the celebs and Miss Universe girls are mixed and I don't think the citizens should be so happy to keep pushing women who don't look Filipino unless you're squinting really hard
>naming a child Lolita
why do parents do this to their children

No. 197034

there are sexy people everywhere

No. 197039


No. 197084

to be fair, they won't be children for long, until 20 years max.

No. 197116

Agreed. Also, a lot of French men are really badly built and in a particular clockable way. I have a friend with a French grandfather, and we first met on the beach and I asked him if he was part French because of his body (obviously I did not say this to him! I lied and said he had a handsome French face) For anons who don't know what I'm on about, a lot of French men are sort of emaciated looking on top regardless of their actual weight, the chest is kinda depressed combined with narrow shoulders and an overall sinewy, awkward, gangly look lol. I just know it when I see it.

No. 197118

I'm American and I find the French men who I've met visiting here hot as fuck.

Not necessarily because of their looks, but their personalities tend to be much better than the men in the US. Which maybe French men sick relative to the rest of the work, idk, that should tell you how bad the men are here.

No. 197352

File: 1625984625433.png (124.79 KB, 270x500, imagen_2021-07-11_012407.png)

How do people usually dress in your country? I'm not talking about traditional stuff but what normies usually wear in day-to-day situations
I can put many examples of what mexican women love to wear but I would like to see some other country first

No. 197353

File: 1625985533193.jpg (373.96 KB, 590x887, 10260604 Stephanie.jpg)

Some variation of this outfit in Canada. Some people wear leggings or mom jeans instead, and I've seen people wear bikini tops as shirts in downtown far away from the beaches.

No. 197354

That pic deadass looks like a man, legit tranny lmao. How can you not see that?

No. 197355

West-Europe: Jeans, a top or t-shirt and a pair of nikes is easily most common. The jeans are usually skinny but more relaxed fits are becoming more common too.

No. 197356

I get your point but you chose the worst picture to illustrate it lol

No. 197362

In the starter kit thread you can find a few posts from anons posting just that

No. 197366

Ladies in what country can I still be hot over the age of 25?!

No. 197367

All of them.

No. 197371

I love how scrotes talk about 'the wall' being at 30 but posters here are forever worrying about even turning 25?? I swear some posters are worse than scrotes when it comes to spreading this shit message

No. 197373

They are just seething since almost 90% of men will start getting bald and fugly with beer bellies as soon as they turn 30 if not earlier.
Women only worry about turning 25 bc of internalized misogyny.

No. 197377

I'm hotter in my late 30s than I was ever before in my life anon, and you'll be too.
This 100%. It's men who hit the wall before their 30s.

No. 197380

I come from a particularly shitty Eastern Euro country where men are misogynistic AF and I still prefer them over Americans. Mostly because American moids are crusty, dirty, can't dress themselves (not that ours can but at least they trim their beards and use deodorant regularly) and love to use women as emotional support tampons/objects to talk at and impress whereas here you can avoid a misogynistic scrote much easier without having to waste entire conversations on them. They're just easier to spot.

Ironically, as much as our men suck, at least they will bother to let you talk first. Every American man I've spoken to so far has loved to talk over me and mansplain shit to me until I wanted to deck him in the throat.

The stereotype for French men here is that they're pedos and cheaters which honestly rings true whenever I look at their news.

No. 197383

For real, I dated a guy in highschool that went completely bald by the age of 20.
"The wall" is a myth created by incels to cope with no gf. Don't believe it. Women generally get more attractive at 30+ because your self confidence and self acceptance finally start to materialize.

No. 197413

I'm almost 30 and I look awesome and I'd be hot in every country.

No. 197415

Genuine question, why are you here in your late thirties? What is your life like?

No. 197421

Yes I think it is just a power trip from men to "keep women in check" plus a situation a la "if i am going to be fugly, i am going to make sure that you believe you have it even worse!". Also you need to keep in mind that it has only been maybe 50 years since men did not have any other expectations on them except for making money. Women couldn't do anything without a man and were the ones at their mercy and scrotes got a free pass. But those situations thankfully changed and we can now break free and see the situation as it is and should make a collaborative effort to break free from pressure. It doesn't fucking matter if you are 25 or 30 or 35, you can do whatever you want at any time you want. The average scrote will always be 10 times fuglier than you so act like it.

No. 197423

I think men just hate that by 30 you can have this wake up call inside yourself. You realise how much time you've wasted fretting about looking perfect and you see more value in yourself than being some perfectly preened and shaved and soft and always ready and sexy partner. Men love women to be naive and insecure and willing to bend and be whatever men want. The way to win against that isn't to be super hot into your midlife and onwards… It's to tell men to fuck off wanting us to live like we're dress up dolls. We're desirable with or without all the the bs standards that tend to come along with 'staying hot'

No. 197424

Around the time you reach your late 20s, something in your brain clicks and most relatively normal women stop being thirsty pickmes. Pick up artists noticed this and started going for younger girls too young to know better or too scared to say no. From there onwards, "the wall" meme spread across incel internet watering holes. It's fiction.

No. 197432

The same as it was in my 20s, except I completely lost interest in playing videogames for some reason. Not interested in marriage and kids either.
>why are you on lolcow
What can I say, I honestly enjoy it here. Women's only spaces are rare, even more so when they're critical towards men and the trans movement. Anonymous format of the chan boards is a huge plus. I couldn't care less about the cows though.

No. 197434

Yupp it clicked for me around 25 but still took some time to actually figure out what I want.

The thing is that when you’re like, “Damn what was I thinking. I was insane, so glad I’ll never be 19 again,” most dudes spin your pride as masking for jealousy. Now I’m at the point where even that makes me LOL.

No. 197439

I picked the first thing on google bc I'm too lazy to look around. Sorry.

No. 197463

File: 1626065438854.jpg (84.04 KB, 720x900, lkfbyzoss2m4whvf0wkr.jpg)

I'm late, but holy shit. Idk if it's because I've only ever been in alt scenes (even as a kid, my parents were into punk and goth), but in Colorado these girls wouldn't fit in at all. Here the beauty standard is more like
> natural, long hair
> not chubby or fat or too thin
> hoodies and t-shirts, very casual clothing
> maybe small tattoos or a nose ring
> outdoorsy
> stoner
Blonde hair was a scene kid thing when I was in high school and it still seems that unless you're naturally blonde, only alt girls go blonde.

No. 197899


This is probably true for a lot of Colorado but when I was in Denver it’s all blondes just like that pic of the blonde hydra. Only difference being instead of the folk fashion it’s lulu lemon and vests and they were all super super fit

I remember getting stoned in the park and watching a bunch of blonde women doing African dance on some random lawn and I was like, “what the actual fuck.”

No. 198331

File: 1626562755963.jpg (157.31 KB, 1000x606, maya-ali-new.jpg)

I'm Pakistani-American and I noticed that Pakistani beauty standards do not make room for "sexy" all that much. A lot of the actresses there like Maya Ali (picrel) either range from "masoom looking" (the best translation I can think of is innocent. It is not quite like cute, but more like a wide-eyed girl next door if that makes sense ex: Sajal Ali) or elegant looking like Mehwish Hayat. Ofc it goes without saying they gotta be light skinned, dark haired. Brown eyes aren't unfavored, but it sure is a plus to have light eyes. Ngl, I think the instabaddie look in the US does more favors for a lot women of Pakistani descent than the standards back in the motherland.

No. 198397

I'm French and I guarantee you that you are delusional. Maybe once French people will finally stop smoking and drinking as soon as they enter middle school they'll look better but what makes French women look good is usually their fashion sense and not their face or body.

No. 198865

File: 1626913419142.jpeg (90.52 KB, 640x795, 244195-1572008000.jpeg)

the french farmers in this thread probably come from ugly places like roubaix or whatever

thanks in based french riviera we only have chads and stacies

No. 198875

I'm from southern California. Everybody tries to imitate what they think we look like, lol. It's cute.

No. 198882

Nobody cares what southern Californians look like.

No. 198888

i've noticed that people that live on the seaside (and have a warm weather) tend to have different beauty standards than in the cities, they are more into tanned skin, light makeup and fit bodies. seen this happen in the us, italy, brazil, south korea, etc

No. 198903

there's an article from the new yorker about this called "Instagram face" that i think you might like anon

No. 198913

Nor do we. Just an observation, don't get snippy.

No. 199159

Basic bitch cope.

No. 212532

sage for necropost
funny how this poster says that her conclusions are based on ""actual"" research, whereas actual research shows that the majority of models in uk have brown color, even though the majority of uk people have light eye color (the same correlation is found in majority brown eye color brazil where most commercial models have light eye color) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5179042/
literally everything those two've said about slav beauty standarts is false (apart from the shrek meme of course)
this euro seething is so hillarious tbh. literally sounds like an incel talking about women aging like milk. seems like we've found a common thought process of the human psyche - enjoying a revenge fantasy of people more attractive than you losing all their attractiveness and social capital one day. just so you know most russian women look better than westerners when they're old (mainly due to the more widespread use of skincare and cultural obsession with beauty and youth). babushkas are the majority only in rural areas, everywhere else most old women are elegant grey foxes.

No. 260199

Hard say, think black, Pacific Islander and aborigine men have it easier then their women

No. 260200

She’s still lovely and looks elegant
Any girl is sexy to moids since they can fetishize literally any clothing

No. 260206

I'm not Pakistani but I really love that look, I wish I could pull it off.

No. 260524

>rossian bloated sex dolls are better than anyone
LOL no, they also age like milk no matter how much filler they have in the face.

No. 260540

NTA and I think all women are beautiful but attacking russian women is so weird and almost out of jealousy. They're only being sexualized because they're being seen as mail order brides or whores by the same white men who traffic them. I do like their attitudes because unlike western women they usually don't put up with shitty men and are more likely to leave than other women. Like that Russian sex worker who left Depp faster than the western women he dated.

No. 260544

>if you call shit shit you must be jealous!
Even Russian women themselves know they have one of the shitties if not the shittiest age pattern because of their bone structure. Turn on subtitles or something, this biracial Russian is shitting on them herself.
>I do like their attitudes because unlike western women they usually don't put up with shitty men and are more likely to leave than other women.
LOL what? What sort of fictional Russia is in your head? Check their statistics of domestic abuse, how they don't leave trashy men. They literally deal and fight each other over alcoholic men, because men are statistically in minority there.

No. 260555

So much false info. Men abuse women before they leave, you can't blame them if a man abuses them because most men never show signs beforehand. They also aren't fighting over men, that's a lie foreign men tell so they can justify harassing Russian women and tricking themselves into thinking a 18 yo russian girl totally wants to be with them whenever in reality the women just want a wealthy man and a pass to live in a better country.
Stop repeating scrote nonsense. Trashing a group of women is quite stupid especially when you use misogynistic remarks about
>how they age
>how they get beaten up
>how they have to compete over men
Like I said, I've heard a lot of men who wanted excuses for harassing Russian women exclusively and the gender disparity was one of them, they thought all Russian women would kill to date any man which is far from the truth and again just another misogynistic racist prejudice.

It's also telling you even watch videos hating about a race of women in your freetime. I don't know why you're obsessed with them but trust me, being an object to men isn't an advantage and you being hateful is prime pickme behavior cause we all know this started when an anon dared to call Slavic women attractive.

No. 260557

Everything I said is true, you are the one being misinformed, those are topics Russian women themselves complain about. Go check available statistics or learn Russian to actually understand what they are saying. Shut up when you clearly have no actual knowledge on the topic and spread your fanfiction level of utter nonsense.

No. 260558

What are you talking about? Slavic women, especially Russian are the biggest pick me possible.

No. 260564

>russian women totally complain about how ugly they are and how badly they're age
>source is just one insecure woman's video
Ok. Topic is beauty standards and what triggered your sperging was just one anon acknowledging slavs can be attractive. Why are you so personally offended? Did you have a bad experience with Slavic women?
>Russians are the biggest pickmes
Aside from American/Foreign sources which paint Russian women as sex workers or women desperate for men, this is false. I'd say western women are the biggest pickmes, they are willing to marry men who are manchildren and in some cases even make less than they do while not doing any labor at home even though they can easily live independently which is actually much harder for a woman in most countries that are worse off economically, such as Russia. You could say Russian influencers you've seen are pickmes and plastic but all western ones are too so you can't really talk about this just from what you've seen or heard online.
If you've had irl experience perhaps you can share it? Otherwise you shouldn't frame a whole rave of women as some weird stereotype placed by men who objectify the same women.

No. 260653

You are a coping retard. Why do you waste time talking shit about other women? Go get some fresh air.

No. 260659

This. Having this much of hatred towards a race of women who live in third world countries is very unhealthy. I've known Russian men and women who were great people, being racist towards them just to feel better about yourself is retarded.

No. 260703

I watched the whole video and I don't see where she's shitting on all Russian women? Maybe the subtitles aren't very accurate but all she's saying is you won't get a snatched neck and jawline with fillers, you need mini-lypo on the jawline like the woman in her thumbnail.
I like her a lot by the way, thanks for introducing me to her videos.
t. bimbo deflated porn doll babushka

No. 262084

that's because dating sites collect stats on short term relationships, but not on marriage

No. 262085

funny that India comes up right after Princess Diana, because she was actually part Indian

She looks exactly like a lot of Rajasthan/Punjab area women I've seen

No. 262086

That guy always reminded me of a cross between Onision and Vanilla Ice

Uniquely unattractive for whatever reason

No. 262100

File: 1651948620048.png (3.04 MB, 1125x2436, CC864F8B-A04C-49A1-940A-3466C9…)

Half French Half Indian

No. 262109

blonde hair, blue or green eyes, short face, long legs, big breasts, big ass, thin waist is the beauty standard where I live

No. 262116

I think but still. Why aren’t we importing these guys

No. 262117

Does anyone else feel like conventional beauty standards are becoming more similar in almost every country? Maybe it's just me but hot girls from every country on social media now are just the same type of girl with different skin tones and hair. Sure not everybody in all countries like the exact same features but I just feel like there's a more globally accepted version of beauty now than there used to be before the rise of social media. I hope I'm making sense.

No. 262138

>blonde hair or brunette, blue or green eyes, photogenic and symmetrical face
Is what everyone wants, they are absolute standards

No. 262143

You are right, same with guys

No. 263203

File: 1652319988284.jpeg (32.27 KB, 602x605, main-qimg-455a496f6fcebc0c3d6e…)

cherry picking, most russian women never have any form of cosmetic surgery, and our skulls are predisposed to anything. men all over the world love us.

No. 263211

Im a russian living in the west, even though you're proud of our culture, don't act like a cunt about it otherwise its completely detracts from a point you're trying to make.

No. 263245

NTA. I'm from Central Europe, also slav and meet a lot of Russian women. You have such shitty attitudes to service and regular people, like you own it here and everyone should kiss your ass just for existing. Russian women act like handmaiden boymoms before even having the boys. Not sure where you get people around the world love you, literally everyone here makes fun of ugly Russian ladies with their tiger prints, snotty expression, bleached hair, plastic surgery and ridiculous makeup.

No. 263247

Also Canadian but in a more urban area. A lot of normies these days have abandoned tight yoga pants (although they are still everywhere) in favour of loose high-waisted jeans that expose the ankles. This is usually paired with a high ankle boot like Doc Martens or Blundstones. Usually an oversized sweater or t-shirt paired with a jansports or Fjallraven backpack. Hair is either short, cropped bobs with bangs or no bangs, parted in the middle.
Pretty boring, I know.

No. 263249

As a russian I can tell you that you've met a really bad batch and sounds a lot like you met the thots of moscow/petersberg. Don't let a few bad apples ruin your perception, granted I come from the countryside but even I think the same thing when I enter into the city. I'm in NZ now and I see the same thing in the major cities, snotty up themselves women. Its a major city problem, not a cultural generalisation.

No. 263250

you're responding to a dude. He's been larping in many threads already and being racist. Don't fall for the bait for gods sake.

No. 263254

- Long hair in natural colors (dark or light)
- light brown or blue eyes
- light or healthily tanned skin
- small nose, feminine face
- sporty, girl next door
- "effortless" femininity
- skinny but boobs
- big asses aren't seen as attractive at all, toned asses are
- "natural" makeup
- have to be funny
Men here seem to hate 'high maintenance' women, you better be sporty as fuck and pretty even though you don't put any effort into it, but still feminine. Haven't noticed any hardcore preference for light haired blue eyed women in normies. Most women here have mousy blonde hair so rich dark hair can be seen as exotic and beautiful. Blondes do tend to get sexualised a lot but not necessarily preferred.

No. 263257

Im from Aus and the looks all depend on the state you're in. If you're from the northern states where its hot, its expected that you're tan, blonde or brunette, minimal makeup, very slim/sporty figure but the exception is also the kim k figure.
If you're from the lower states where the major cities are and where its colder, people want to see paler skin, more alternative fashion, darker hair and a skinny figure a lot like a 90s model.

No. 263258

samefag but if you're from the countryside, then no rules apply other than looking fit lmao

No. 263259

I am sick of people like you who are so petty they generalize entire nationality. I bet you can't even tell any difference between ukrianian belarussians and russian once you hear them all speak Russian. Grow up.

No. 263261

i wish i had blue eyes and blonde hair

No. 263264

We have Russians and Ukrainians here. They both suck tbh but Ukrainians are better. It might be a culture shock because Russians here legit do act entitled and shitty. Maybe it's just what is normal to you. Not every single one of them but most, and we have a whole city filled with Russian immigrants where part of my family lives so I do know a lot of them. And I work in healthcare and both Russians and Ukrainians treat us like trash (and I do get their nationalities). When it's like 4 in 5 people there acting like that it can't be a coincidence. I actually got told by a Russian friend that it's because Russians see healthcare workers as a service that's beneath them. Or we just get the shitty share of you and I had really bad luck.

No. 263272

>I actually got told by a Russian friend that it's because Russians see healthcare workers as a service that's beneath them
As a russian that's fucking bullshit I can tell you now. We really value doctors, like I said in my previous post, you must be meeting stuck up city people. Don't generalize a whole culture because of a few bad apples.

No. 263273

so just because you met some shitty people that means they're all shitty right? like me saying I work in america and when I meet really loud/rude african americans that means they're all like that?

No. 263274

racism against any woman is not cool anon.

No. 263275

Okay, I'll try to open my mind again nona.

No. 263278

>men all over the world love us.
This sounds like something a scrote would write, I've known Russian women and they weren't as obnoxious or weird as you, most also dont like being sexualized or objectified by old perverted men.
Either way, Russian women could get plastic surgery or not, it doesn't give anyone the right to look down on them or be racist. They are beautiful and so are a lot of women from other ethnicities, this Russian debate just sounds like a male samefagging for attention.

No. 290316

File: 1664149290481.png (1.74 MB, 1276x724, south amer.png)

in my experience men don't have a racial preference.

I think a lot of men have a "reactive" racial preference because most POC women prefer white men, or at least are equally open to all races–while the converse (white women exclusively preferring POC men) basically never happens, and in fact there's a large cohort of white women who will also exclusively date white men.

Because of this, a lot of guys will take the hint and just say they're into white girls. To some extent it's sour grapes but it also makes logical sense. If women prefer white, you'd obviously want your sons to be white(or close to it aka mixed). Whereas the race/color of the girl doesn't matter.

As for why women have that preference in the first place, I think it's just a whole lot of >>196308
whitey owns all the wealth, so they only make and publish their own stuff, which the rest of the world then uncritically watches, and learns their preferences from.

No. 291143

File: 1664407977360.jpeg (16.25 KB, 168x300, DE00CD3F-259C-4420-AC8B-1597F0…)

white men most definitely have an extreme preference for east asian women. Every time I go outside and see a tall handsome white guy he's with an average looking east asian. All the attractive white men are with asian girls. Legit see those couples every single day

If a white woman were to try to get a guy like this she'd need to look like a Victoria Secret Model

No. 291144

The autism radiating from this post top kek

No. 291146

Are men in the Middle East obsessed with pale white women or something? I’m extremely pale and white and seem to attract these types of men the most. What annoys me is how openly they stare. I don’t dress provocatively but I assume since I’m not a hijabi some of them probably think I should be raped for being a white whore or w/e.

No. 291147

Anyone who is pretending the girl in that picture you posted is pretty is lying to themselves kek. I understand this, men really don’t recognize beautiful Asian women and ditch the innate facial attractiveness standards to date any Asian woman. Compare a moid’s non-Asian exes to an Asian woman they dated and you’ll see a clear difference. It’s pathetic honestly.

No. 291149

thank you for acknowledging this
it's quite depressing that to date within your race you have to jump through all these hoops to maintain a desirable appearance, but if it's interracial the only thing you have to do is just be a certain race
as a white woman that wants to date within my race, I don't think I stand a chance against the millions of asian women who are incredibly desirable simply because they're asian

No. 291154

American men's racial preference is a combination of the environment they were born in and their exposure to internet porn.
A white man who grew up with a shitty mother is less likely to be attracted to white women.
Men exposed to internet porn are going to have a high chance of a "fetish" to less common features. Red hair fetish is not unusual between men who spends more time online. Same with Asian, Hispanic, and Black fetishes. The more online a man is, the higher chance he'll shamefully convince himself he's into troons and/or femboys. Porn addiction is fueled on sexualizing "taboos" even if the individual will have zero genuine attraction to it, getting offline takes away those "fetishes" he once believed he had. It's like Pavlov's dog. Once again, scrotes act on things because they are socialized to compete with each other, and this without a doubt extends to their sexual preferences.

No. 291155

File: 1664410577955.jpg (54.89 KB, 539x825, 44f47c3747524a07c98cb0a5a54260…)

you just can't accept that people have different views on what's beautiful can you
there's many attractive men who date "average" women within their race but you decide to hyperfixate on Asian women and white man pairings because ur autistic lol

No. 291156

This is very true especially in the NW US, but the caveat is he's about 5'6" and cries when there's lightning outside.

No. 291157

File: 1664410808029.jpeg (128.7 KB, 1080x565, BF960FC5-06F9-41D5-AFD4-B174F8…)

it's hard not to take note of this when it's so widespread

No. 291159

I live in the uk where there’s lots of Chinese students. Honestly never seen a WMAF couple in my life.

No. 291160

Agreed, at the end of the day, men are more likely to have stronger and longer lasting relationships with someone who has a similar background, social economic class, and values as them.
Can you guess how long these relationships are going to last? Looks like 3 of the 4 moids are propping themselves with these women and eventually they will realize they are not fit for each other.

No. 291161

I think most white guys who date them are autistic/faceblind and genuinely can’t decipher between a hot Asian girl and an ugly Asian girl.

No. 291162

Hmm no. I’m not Russian but I meet many Russian women due to my business (we do medical translation services). I have to say the older ladies really take care of and value themselves, which is so nice to see (it makes me sad when older women just leave themselves to rack and ruin because they feel invisible and think theyre not worth the effort or something) Russian women place a big emphasis on not getting fat it seems, so that automatically gives them an advantage. They don’t tan anywhere near as much as western women. They tend to have more fat on their faces which pads out their skin and stops them getting so wrinkly. Or they have these very angular, high cheekbones and strong jawlines (could be from the Mongolian influence I guess)

They wear lots of makeup, get their hair done and always wear flashy outfits. Even into older age they still retain that glamour. I think it’s really nice. They’re so stylish. Lots of fur coats and flashy jewellery. I think they look great.

No. 291163

All I see is a bunch of 4/10 guys dating 4/10 girls. Good for them.

No. 291164

Your post smells of balls.

No. 291165

Well good, they're ugly men

No. 291166

Could you larp any harder kek. Go back to r9k m8.

No. 291168

Smells like aznidentity in here

No. 291181

File: 1664413816011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.06 KB, 640x500, 08285F1E-F187-4B41-92D5-96674F…)

Not to nitpick, but I will anyway. Eliza Kewark, who was half Indian, was Diana’s great-great-great-great-grandmother.

Even if we assume Eliza Kewark was 100% Indian, by that point, the amount of DNA Diana inherited from her would have been about 1-1.5%, so small it barely even counts towards physical appearances.

Plenty of Europeans look like depigmented Indians, Indo Europeans all descend from the same family tree so ofc there’s overlaps. But saying Diana looked Indian because she had 1% Indian DNA or implying she would have resembled a woman she was only 1/64th genetically linked to is really a reach lol.

Pic rel is an albino Indian man for reference. He could pass in Europe for a Dane, Dutchman or a Norwegian.

No. 291183

>a guy like this
>it’s just Nick from next door

No. 291184

Yeah I noticed a weird overlap between Pakistani and Korean beauty standards lol. Big doe eyes, pale skin, dark hair, narrow jaw, modest clothing and dress sense. They prefer innocent looking girls to sexy ones it seems.

No. 291187

Where can I see more of this look? style inspo unironically

No. 291189

Go to church lol

No. 291190

>country: turgay
-blonde, if you're naturally blonde you're automatically attractive doesnt matter if you have an ugly face cancels out everything
-pale asf, paler the better
Lmao your post made me cackle nonny. For real though, every Turkish girl I’ve met has been super beautiful and funny too.

No. 291191

File: 1664414715775.jpeg (113.77 KB, 683x1024, 72B72BE7-31F9-477A-9EE8-8C69BC…)

Just follow Pakistani female celebs on ig I guess. I actually love the fashion from there. My best friend is Pakistani and for her wedding I had to wear a salwar kameez. She helped me order it and I felt like a princess wearing it, even if in her opinion it was on the plainer side, the stuff people wear everyday pretty much. She kept telling me to get a more ornate one with lots of rhinestones but it was summer and I didn’t want to be too hot. Very loose, comfy, feminine but modest too.

No. 291192

I’m Turkish too but I always figured the deranged idea of an “ideal woman” was a tan blonde here because my grandma always told me to go into the sun kek. But I guess you’re right. Just look as aryan as possible, tall too.

No. 291193

File: 1664414740970.jpeg (148.85 KB, 683x1024, E8511A64-2A0D-48E3-BC04-04FB25…)

No. 291194

File: 1664414841108.jpeg (879.62 KB, 2400x3600, 25217ADD-EECE-4CC9-B826-07543C…)

No. 291195

File: 1664415008239.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1831, BEC917D8-8F40-418F-BC0E-EE3DAB…)

No. 291197

There’s a lot of Turkish bimbos here in Germany lol. They’re intimidatingly pretty.

No. 291200

File: 1664415330155.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1022x1524, 5451B67B-D285-4250-AC11-DE5FBA…)

One more because I’m tired.

No. 291202

I think we are prone to becoming bimbos when westernised because we are somewhat of a middle-ground. We don’t risk as much as women from Pakistan but still don’t have enough freedom as women from say, Eastern Europe. We’re close to freedom but we can’t exactly touch it. So I suppose we get really into fashion/makeup when we can!!

No. 291206

It’s the same in Iran tbh, plastic surgery is so popular because the only part of your body you can really show off if your face, the rest is covered. So you have to really stand out. The bimbofication by some Persian women is insane.

No. 291207


Personally I really like it but I can also see how it’s problematique~

No. 291215

Are these supposed to be examples of """handsome/attractive""" white guys you mentioned? kek they all look like massive dorks and soy archetypes

No. 291226

Congrats you fell for the baiting poltard trying to meme his Asian cope waifu.

No. 291230

Why do they all look so dead inside

No. 291232

File: 1664419267001.jpeg (27.74 KB, 217x232, D7D3BDCD-802C-430B-9416-7E7E1D…)

>when you drop an infowars truth bomb and all they give you is that fluoride stare

No. 291254

>My best friend is Pakistani and for her wedding I had to wear a salwar kameez.
Luckyyyy, I watch a lot of Bollywood and swoon whenever I see a woman wearing them. They look so comfy and beautiful, and so many different styles.

No. 291305

They have that generic brunette euromutt look that’s easy on the eyes for most, also it’s a group photo so consider the cheerleader effect.

No. 291337

asian women take both the average white men and the hot white men. Obviously there's not enough hot white men (they're rare) to go around for the millions of asian women in the west, so a group pic is more likely to feature average couples

here's a good video of the phenomenon recorded in north america

the only above average man in the video is with an average asian woman


No. 291342

I'm inclined to think so. It's not specific to white women though, it's just pale skin in general because i've seen them do that shit to middle eastern women too.
Boo hoo moid, white women who are unattractive will never have issues finding a man who wants to fuck them, same can be said for all women of all races. I personally condone the trend of average women getting hot men, women deserve it. Men don't deserve hot women.

No. 291348

And this affects your ability to find a successful relationship how?

No. 291356

everyone has limited options
if I want to date someone within my race my options are fewer
if a growing number of men of my race date asian women exclusively; my options dwindle even further

No. 291357

>asian women are stealing men away from me !!

Yeah I'm sure the problem is totally the women and not shitty men with yellow fever who think an asian gf is like a cool status symbol.

No. 291358

both asian women and white men desire each other very strongly, to the detriment of their same race counterparts

No. 291359

File: 1664472896847.png (65.25 KB, 300x300, 04qtzg2gz2851.png)

nigga stfu kek

No. 291360

File: 1664472929265.gif (4.76 MB, 640x360, 62s14k5085e1245o67898.gif)

how is this obvious racebaiter not banned yet

No. 291363

The scrote itt is obviously samefagging and necro'd this thread to racebait. Report and move on

No. 291384

Anon, there's billions of people in the world, there's no shortage. You can be picky as well. It'll help you find a better man.

No. 291407

File: 1664488377380.jpeg (72.09 KB, 621x505, E340D96E-72EC-4AC5-AF4D-6892BF…)

No. 291429

Woah, the clothes here are the epitome of feminine elegance, very comfy looking too. >>196256
Who is she omg ♥
Honestly i just think Russian women won’t pretend to be happy, or put on a fake smile for politeness. You shouldn’t be a pushover around them, and just treat them normally? A lot of them can be affectionate and kind hearted, even if it’s not their culture to be all smiley smiley. Half my family is east euro, not Russian, and it’s also known that people there just don’t smile much, so they come off as rude.
Yeah i genuinely think it’s a scrote too, no one actually cares about people’s preferences in 2022 lmao

No. 291478

Lol wtf are you talking about? I think outside of white women, white men most typically go for Asian women. But white men in general most certainly prefer white women to Asian women. This isn’t race baiting, it’s just true. If you live on the west coast or the NW, whatever, then of course you see these couples often. But pretty much everywhere else in the country? No lol. I know so many white guys that would rather a basic pretty white girl to a model-tier Asian girl. That VS model thing you said is bullshit.

No. 291582

YIKES, nobody called out this obvious self-hater? lol

No. 291624

It sucks knowing deeply men believe stereotypes

No. 291625


Not to sound weird but can you post examples?

No. 291652

File: 1664593354686.jpg (8.22 KB, 200x193, pepe-loser-forehead-.jpg)

absolutely seething white scrote

they don't have yellow fever, it's the women who have honky fever

nobody's stealing any men away from anyone, people are just settling into whomever is actually meant for them.

However, incel white scrotes cannot accept this, so they use actual interracial couples in order to "convince" white women that we're losing out, in a desperate attempt to get us to date incel men that we're not attracted to.

No. 291772

so… the asian women have honky fever, yet no one is chasing anyone and "people are just settling into whomever is actually meant for them"?

No. 291778

imagine later procreating and result is mutts who hate you and believe in communism

No. 291782

Thanks anon for letting me know. Do you know if these moids are sexualizing pale skin in a nasty way? The only beauty associations that I know in relation to pale skin are non-sexual and more “elegant” but I always feel so uncomfortable with how long/intensely they stare. Idk if they’re trying to make us feel afraid on purpose?

No. 291783

dark men are simply infatuated with fair skin/blonde hair/blue eyes. They simply think it's more beautiful

No. 291784

File: 1664644648712.jpeg (40.66 KB, 488x488, 139C68EC-1FFB-450A-AF69-ED669C…)

All this thread has taught me is that I’d have better success of making an attractive child with a random woman using bone marrow because men are fucking ugly. More straight women should do that kek.
Anons you’re all beautiful and men are haggard projectors of their own insecurity. I reeeeee at products that are being sold in Target like these. Where’s a device for men to clean their asses?

No. 291785

That’s a shame, ME women are gorgeous to me but beauty standards for women have always been the “exotic” traits in populations so I understand why those traits in particular are intriguing. Those moids always fuck a non-ME woman for a bit before settling down with a Middle Eastern woman who has the familial/cultural/religious pressures to preserve their family as the wife while he (the husband) doesn’t do jack shit. Lots of men have this player/man whore then settle down mentality but it’s seriously sick and sad that men later use that to try and beat women’s self confidence down to leave us infighting between ourselves across races for men who aren’t shit.

No. 291786

and become incels/trannies

No. 291787

and possibly commit a mass shooting

No. 291789

white men and asian women don't care about that. They only care about how horny they make each other

No. 291796

File: 1664648276680.jpg (56.82 KB, 567x561, g spot in your ass.jpg)

>so… the asian women have honky fever, yet no one is chasing anyone

Standard scrote-tactic of changing what you said in order to make themselves sound right, lol
I never said "nobody's chasing", I said "nobody's stealing men". Illiterate prostate-haver.

Of course many Asian women (and a large subset of POC women in general) chase white moids for status. Everyone knows that.
What isn't happening is that these women are "stealing men" from white women.

If they were "stealing men", then what you'd see is something similar to the Black community, where (no offense and I don't mean this in a racebaity way) a disproportionate number of successful attractive Black men choose to marry non-Black women.
Except with White men this dynamic doesn't exist, or is even inverted. White men in relationships with Asian women tend to be run-of-the-mill, and there's honestly a HUGE subset of them who go foreign to Philippines/Thailand/etc that are straight up unwanted by White women (or other races of Western women)

No. 291801

In other words multi-culturalism is a crime against humanity

No. 291810

Men who prefer Asians tend to do so because of porn and stereotypes but in reality will cheat on them any chance they get (90 day fiance for example, basically all Asian women get cheated on). They want a good submissive housewife to brag about but then go fuck women they're actually attracted to on the side and it's extremely demeaning. One of my biggest mistakes growing up is actually believing what men said about what kind of women they liked. I don't feel bad for men who date Asian girls just because they're Asian and get cheated on. I also don't feel bad for Asian women who date white men because they're white and get cheated on. That's what happens when your entire relationship revolves around how you want to appear to others and not actual attraction

No. 291813

nta but
>One of my biggest mistakes growing up is actually believing what men said about what kind of women they liked.
what'd they say?
>90 day fiance for example, basically all Asian women get cheated on
is that show real?

No. 291819

Men who preferred Asians were the guiltest ones since that's who I was mostly around (I'm half Asian) in my pickme days. "We like Asians" then their entire phone or ig feed is white models, "I want a submissive woman" aka they just want a woman who will do whatever they want and shut the fuck up when the man wants to fuck around with other women. "I like the culture" no they don't they like what chanbros tell them about the culture. It's especially funny when the "Americans are easily offended" crowd actually goes to the US and is shocked at the amount of things that are considered offensive here too. I don't even know what to believe for what they find physically attractive anymore

No. 291821

Here’s African American beauty standards:
- long straight hair or loose curly hair

- slim thick body

- mature and sexy (the typical Instagram model or baddie look)

- preferably skin with a light caramel tone, but if you’re pretty you’ll be fine

No. 291826

asian women getting intro relationship with white men because of "honky fever" contradicts the statement "people are just settling into whomever is actually meant for them"

No. 291839

Asian women dating white men has some weird shit to do with colonialism.

You never see Asian women fawning over handsome Russian or Eastern European guys, even if they’re super white and gl.

They only ever seem to want American WASP and other Angloid men. Probably because Angloids were the biggest colonialists and also have the most money.

No. 291843

What? Maybe green card seeking Asian women, definitely not normal Asian women lmfaoo. I can tell you've never had Asian women as friends, all women like a handsome guy regardless of Russian, Asian, euro or whatever

No. 291844

Nobody dated Asian women in europe except extreme autists. White men date anything in America because it’s a racemixing cesspool.

No. 291854

If you are actually a white woman posting this, you are pathetic. Hot men of every race want to date white women even if we're uggo. The sick thing about men who chase Asians is that it truly is a fetish for them. They don't see them as more than that. It's checking off a porn category for them. Why do you care so much? It's not an enviable position to be in for Asians. I imagine it creates stress wondering if you're just there to be fetishized. it's not that whites aren't necessary fetishized either, but we are seen as status symbols to other races, whereas I wouldn't say white guys see it that way for Asians.

No. 291856

ntayrt and not asking you necessarily, but is this the same experience when it comes to other POC women from colonized countries? I agree with your assesment but by your logic, most black women should also love pasty anglo white men, but that hasn't been my observation.
I'm hispanic (mestiza) and I also don't think swarthy southern european white men are the most attractive (slavs are imo). Kind of interesting to pick these differences apart imo. Maybe anglo men exude the most autism and asian women tolerate and/or even dig it the most?

No. 291884

Are you saying racemixing is bad? Asking genuinely

No. 291887

Yes because it erases all the differences between the races and makes the world into a beige rainbow. The fact humans have such diverse skin tones, features and colouring is really cool and should be preserved. If you mix up all the cool colors of paint all you get is a muddy greyish brown.

No. 291896

Racially diverse and miscigenated people don't just all look alike tho, literally not how it works.

No. 291898

I mean she's right but also wrong. The diversity of monoracial people is cool, but even complete miscegenation wouldn't turn the entire world beige. That's just not how genotypes and phenotypes work. There would still be sizeable populations with different expressed attributes (again). What the offspring of mixing partners ends up looking like is unpredictable, and it would especially be more so in a world with actual high-scale miscegenation taking place.

t. 1 of 3 siblings with completely different coloring and features from each other with same parents.

No. 291899

Oh and by the way my parents didn't even know they were racemixing because they both literally look white.

No. 291903

All mulattos look the same to me tbh. Same with most hapas. They lose the uniqueness of both sides and it’s a shame. White alleles are generally recessive too, while darker ones are dominant. Whole areas of the Middle East used to be blonde and blue eyed but the darker alleles from mixing with darker populations made them mostly die out. Yeah there will always be one or two people with light eyes or hair or whatever but in general those features look best on whites. Just like how wide noses and big lips suit black people and asiatic eyes and sallow skin suits Asians most. You really want a world full of Brittany Ventis and Tyler1s?

No. 291904

File: 1664674186197.jpeg (86.38 KB, 960x798, 35A1D072-8585-4657-979F-7F25E3…)

This isn’t to offend anyone. I’m just saying that it’s a shame to lose bright and colorful alleles. Brown eyes and dark hair dominate 8/10 times usually when mixing with a blonde blue eyed person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 291905

Oh god the racesperg is also an eye color sperg. Of fucking course.

No. 291907

I bet it's the schizo tranny.

No. 291909

Pedo schizo tranny*

No. 291911

Weakload? Yeah probably, [redacted] doesn't even post to /g/, can't you learn writing styles retard?

No. 291912

Read the top of kiwi thread ten, we have two schizo trannies and the one we kept blaming isn't the one posting cp. Which yeah a lot of us said as they're a state mandated reporter.

No. 291915

Nta but they don't "loose" uniqueness. They're unique too. I'm not even going to try to unpack eveything else you said but
>a world full of Brittany Ventis and Tyler1s?
stop making it sound like miscegenation is such a widespread thing already.
Besides just like mixing takes place, un-mixing can too. Think about that last bit hard but carefully, don't break your head.

No. 291918

Back to /pol/ retard.

No. 291921

i’ve never seen an asian girl with a hot white guy, at most maybe 4/10 but sometimes paired up with an attractive asian girl which i find quite strange. why is that?

No. 291922

self hate

No. 291923

Alpha Chads like sexy/alpha girls. Betas like cute/beta girls. Occasionally you’ll get an aspie Brad or Chad who is really weird and autistic but looks like a Chad. Sometimes those guys date Asian girls, because they’re betas on the inside.

No. 291926

>beige rainbow
Fuck, I can't wait.
t. mixed4mixed, repugnant, despicable, and inhuman mutt out to destroy your world

No. 291930

>scrote language
You probably can't read more than a paragraph can you?

No. 291935

those are the best

No. 291988

russian women are pretty but they always look like they're smelling something bad

No. 291998

i hate my father for fucking ugly brown-haired woman and my hair got fucking dark by time i got 7

No. 292002

Just dye it or wear a wig?

No. 292030

No. 292102

File: 1664777104247.png (1.08 MB, 1457x786, Megan Bowen.png)

>It's especially funny when the "Americans are easily offended" crowd actually goes to the US and is shocked at the amount of things that are considered offensive here too.
you meant "actually goes to Asia" right?

If you're in a relationship with someone, they're meant for you. Unless you break up.
You can make the argument that white males are stealing women from Asian men, but the argument doesn't work in reverse.

eh, I feel like they do fawn over Russians too. Not that it disproves what you said, because basically everything in the media is white, (because white men control the money), and any "proxy attractiveness" from white men in the US is definitely going to carry over to anybody who looks white regardless.

>If you are actually a white woman posting this
It really annoys me that women can even be this naive, of course it's a white moid from 4chan, use your brain

You're actually extremely stupid, that's not how genes work. Also you are literally mixed race, everyone alive is, and Europeans moreso than most people.

If you mix races, you get people who otherwise wouldn't have the same combination of facial features and colors. There's literally nothing bad about it and it increases physical diversity, it doesn't decrease it.

The girl in this pic for example is 65% West African and 35% European. She actually has green-ish eyes in most of her vids even tho they look brown here, because eye color (or skin or hair) has nothing to do with your actual ancestry.

>Whole areas of the Middle East used to be blonde and blue eyed
LMAO, this is straight up poltard cope. Middle Easterners were never blonde and blue-eyed en masse.

No. 292104

File: 1664777470893.jpg (78.45 KB, 1024x682, 16504535450628.jpg)

she probably thinks all white people look the same, since it sounds like she can only see color and nothing else about a person's appearance

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