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No. 197637

Does nothing ever work on these things?

I recently had 3 fractional laser (Fraxel) procedures and I feel like there’s still no improvement many months later. Seeing my face in angled lighting completely wrecks my mood. I don’t know what to do anymore.

No. 197642

Microneedling can help but you need to be patient, it takes time for the skin to heal itself.

No. 197645

Plasma pen and then microneedling worked for me

No. 197702

>plasma pen
Never heard of this before. How effective is it against indented atrophic scars?

I recently started using a dermastamp but I lost all hope that anything will work at this point.
The dermastamp I got is adjustable up to 3.00mm. How often do you recommend using it and what strength for the best fastest results? How long does it take?

No. 197703

you could have posted this in the skincare thread instead of making a whole new thread

No. 197763

how much did your fraxel sessions cost anon?

No. 197843

I have the same issue, anon. Haven’t met many other women who also struggle with it.

No. 197923

This is probably going to take multiple treatments. Don't microneedle more than once a month, Penny Smith on youtube has excellent videos about the subject, she's an esthetician. I think a depth of 3 mm is too much, see what you can achieve with .05 mm first.

No. 198018

I suspect it’s the same anon from the skincare thread

No. 209016

Thankfully my scares healed themselves after years.

No. 209021

Have heard microdermabrasion also yields good results. Microneedling also.

If you decide to do microneedling though you should probably have a professional do it instead of getting one of those at-home devices because a lot can go wrong and there can be permanent scarring if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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