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File: 1626322168561.gif (3.16 MB, 480x262, candles.gif)

No. 197892

pandemic lockdown got me addicted to scented candles, i wanna talk about 'em.

> Favorite candle/home fragrance scents?

> Scents that you cannot stand?
> Favorite brand(s)?
> Favorite times, situations to burn candles?

No. 197894

File: 1626322808955.jpg (136.92 KB, 564x827, PeacockSnakeLady.jpg)

> Favorite candle/home fragrance scents?

anything smokey, herbaceous, spicy, amber,and SANDALWOOD.

> Scents that you cannot stand?

Saccharine bakery/gourmand

> Favorite brand(s)?

I'm fucking basic and have stuck mostly to Bath and Body Works three-wicks. If I'm feeling fancier I love Voluspa (Baltic Amber is so good). Also have tried Goose Creek and Brooklyn Candle Co. with some relatively disappointing results.

> Favorite times, situations to burn candles?

Working from home, while watching TV, cleaning the house. Anytime I want a little extra stimulation or comfy feeling

No. 197900

File: 1626325917816.jpeg (150.97 KB, 744x720, 6365640A-0248-43F1-9C76-F36368…)

I saw a candle at Ross the other day that claimed to help cut down on pet odors. I have to keep two litter boxes in my bedroom so that’s why it caught my attention. But is it a real thing or just a marketing gimmick to sell a candle? I didn’t buy because I assumed the latter.

No. 197903

I bought a soy candle coffee machiato scented candle once and it made naseous. I miss the blueberry muffin scented candle I once bought from a hardware store. Too bad they don't sell it anymore.

I'd like to try more sandwalwood/herby scents though. Do you guys have any recommendations?

No. 197914

File: 1626332147145.png (526.18 KB, 1200x1200, 11SD100CS19.png)

I use this one in my room and I like it

No. 197916

I thought it's a candle that smells like dog feet and sand. I'm disappointed now

No. 197918

I want to get into candle making as a hobby, does anybody do it here?

No. 197922

File: 1626338613953.jpg (57.4 KB, 640x480, feng-shui.jpg)

I like burning incense sticks.
>Scents that you cannot stand?
Sometimes they will have a sour note, and those suck. It doesn't make the smell refreshing like in perfumes, it makes the house smell of vinegar.
Worst smell: kiwi fruit incense sticks
Best smell: Water and Metal from the Feng Shui incense set
>favourite brands
I mostly buy Hem because it's in every India shop and it's 3 times cheaper (and crappier, but meh) than any competitor
>Favorite times, situations to burn incense sticks?
To cover up the smell when I'm smoking weed.

No. 200945

Samefag, bought a set of feng shui sticks again, opened it, and there was 0 packets of water incense and 2 packets of fire instead. Outrageous! I like fire least and water most. Fuck. Low quality is one thing, but this is misleading and tricking your customers.
On the plus side, I also bought coconut scented incense and I'm loving it, instantly one of my favs.

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