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No. 197930

A thread to outline and share how you plan to glow up and improve yourself.
Common areas of improvement include:


>Appearances (hair, skincare)
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
>Personal achievements (ie. leaving a destructive relationship, picking up a new hobby, getting your drivers licence, etc)

How are you going to be at the end of 2022, anon?

No. 197932

trying to study more, at least 1 hour more a day than what I usually do. Spend an hour a day learning Spanish. Try to get into sewing. Cement my cooking knowledge further. Limit unproductive screen time to 3 hours per day and not using screens until 12 O'clock.

>Appearances (hair, skincare)

get my hair layered and shoulder-length. Start the cgm. Get braces to fix my teeth. I might let my upper-lip hairs/moustache grow out


start convict condition. Hopefully, I can improve my strength and get more muscular arms. I should also limit my meat consumption only to dinner and to start making myself a trail mix wherever I go so that I don't convince myself to buy one of those pre-made sandwiches. Limit my sugar content to once a week

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

limit clothes spending

>Personal achievements

getting my drivers license

No. 197951

File: 1626362863325.jpg (115.63 KB, 1200x1200, 6otyht44twh01.jpg)

Spend work time more productively and nip procrastination in the bud, I've already identified it stems from laziness and sometimes perfectionism. Trying to work hard, relax hard instead of spending the whole day multitasking and half-focused.
Continuing weightlifting progress while incorporating more cardio to cut. I have some specific fitness goals for by the end of the year. Diet has shifted a lot for the positive already, so just building a healthier relationship to food and wean off using it as a stress coping mechanism.
>Appearances (hair, skincare)
I need to schedule some appointments related to this that I've been putting off.
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
Keep it simple and improve the basics, as in get some new better-fitting bras and wear what I like that I already have. For home decor I have a similar philosophy and am doing stuff like framing pre-existing posters, putting away clutter, and doing basic cleaning more frequently.
Start paying off student loans…
>Personal achievements (ie. leaving a destructive relationship, picking up a new hobby, getting your drivers licence, etc)
Starting meditation. I have a short attention span so it will be difficult but mindfulness is really important in my opinion.

I'm going to end 2022 in the best shape of my life and unshackled from the confines of my fears

I believe in you anon. The screen time one especially I am guilty of too. Having a tech-free morning sounds amazing and relaxing, I hope it goes well for you!

No. 197954

File: 1626363821958.jpg (92.99 KB, 854x960, 1583472942954.jpg)

I recently applied to go back to college after being neet for a year. I hope the course isn't too difficult, I'm a little nervous since I haven't does Math in a while and I'll probably be older than most students.
Slowly fixing my eating habits, I'm trying to eat/snack less often. My breakfast has been healthier and I reduced my tea intake. Next goal is to reduce the amount of sugar I add in my few teas, and to have healthier dinners. I also want to learn how to count my calories so I can start that calorie deficient thing and actually start losing some weight. My daily walks are really long (7-9k steps) but I naturally walk slowly so maybe they aren't as effective? I'm super nervous to sign up to a gym though…
>Appearances (hair, skincare)
Saving up for LASIK. Had enough of glasses, especially when I have such pretty eyes + brows.
>Personal achievements (ie. leaving a destructive relationship, picking up a new hobby, getting your drivers licence, etc)
I wrote down a list of hobbies that I want to try out to improve myself, I'm sick of only having consoom hobbies. I haven't started any of them yet and I feel this will be the most difficult to make a habit, but we'll see. Also plan on getting my license once I settle into college properly and can save up some money.

No. 197956

File: 1626365001556.jpg (55.85 KB, 750x561, 1611881705725.jpg)

This one I feel the most lost on. I'm trying to get better at staying focused at work and improving my concentration. I think being away from electronics/phone/computer is extremely beneficial for this


Losing weight, already lost 13kg already. trying to lose another 9 or so by the end of the year. Eating more fruits/veg. I rarely drink alcohol and only occasionally drink a beer socially.

>Appearances (hair, skincare)

I have a flaky scalp, trying to control it with tar gel but it stinks. I'd like to research more about how I can make my hair shinier and less prone to itching

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

Kinda stuck in a weird place where I don't fit my fat clothes but I don't want to buy new clothes as I keep losing weight. I've never really had a cohesive style but once I'm at my gw I'd like to figure out how to present myself.


Keep tracking my monthly budget, spend less on food and non-essentials. I'm pretty frugal already

>Personal achievements (ie. leaving a destructive relationship, picking up a new hobby, getting your drivers licence, etc)

I bought a bass but still have a hard time motivating myself to learn, but I really want to become good at playing it. I also want to join a sport. That's part of my motivation to keep my weight down, so I can play more easily and not drag down team mates.

what types of hobbies are you looking to try? I did something similar where a wrote a list but I have a hard time actually sticking to it after one attempt

No. 197965

>what types of hobbies are you looking to try?
Picrel is what I've written down, courtesy of some farmers helping me out. I'm leaning towards sewing and cooking for now since they feel like valuable skills that will help me in the long-run but for the former I have no idea where to start and the latter– I'm waiting for lockdown to easen up so I can attend some classes locally.

I know what you mean about it being hard to stick to for a long time, I feel like these sort of things might be easier to do if it was together with someone else for the experience. I'm a friendless loser anon but if you have someone, maybe you can try again with them?

No. 197970

File: 1626368140211.png (286.83 KB, 902x542, file.png)

Samefag I'm such a dumbass

No. 197974

I work full time but I want to make learning more of a fixture in my life since I've graduated uni. I've been fucking around with learning Russian but I want to try reading some children's books and learning in a more engaged way by thinking about choices in translation instead of just Duolingo or something. If I could also take a couple free college classes online just for fun I think it'd be good, maybe some documentaries.
I've been trying to run regularly, around 12 miles daily which was how I used to exercise in high school and dropped off in uni. I got injured recently though, so I have to keep off my feet for awhile, I really want to keep it up after I recover though. In the mean time I'm focusing more on my diet, I gained some weight due to the pandemic that I want to lose before the year ends, and I'm trying to wean myself off junk food by cooking more of my own meals. I also want to go vegan next year so it's been nice to experiment with things I don't usually eat.
>Appearances (hair, skincare)
Grow out my hair and figure out what I want to do with it, maybe dye it a natural color. Get contacts? Treat myself to some new bath stuff and lotion.
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
Start building a new wardrobe, maybe purchase some prints for decor.
Keep saving up, be a little more frugal if I can. I think I need to start doing commissions again for some extra money.
>Personal achievements (ie. leaving a destructive relationship, picking up a new hobby, getting your drivers licence, etc)
I'm hoping to also read 90 books by the end of the year and making some good progress and try writing reviews, maybe try writing fiction again. I'm also going to try learning an instrument, even rudimentary knowledge is good. This is stupid but I'd also love to lose weight and get more into flexibility training so I can get my splits back, for no real reason just something fun to do kek

No. 198146

I began 2021 with the intention to spend the first six months just working my ass off on my creative writing, prioritizing it above all else. I ended up getting derailed in March by a family emergency, but I rallied and I'm really, really impressed with my results. If you're feeling scattershot and pulled in a million directions by multiple goals, I really recommend this approach – especially if there's one specific thing you really, really want to pursue. I did journaling check-ins most weeks, and a big one after six months. More than anything, I'm really pleased with the confidence I've gained.

No. 198178

>journaling check-ins
Do you have any tips for this? What format you used or was it just normal writing, for example. I feel like I definitely get derailed irt my goals and I also want to work more on creative writing since I feel like it always drops down my list of things to do when something else comes up.

No. 198201

In the previous years I would normally read 20-25 books a year. This year I'm already at 22 books so hopefully I finish the year with at least 40. I'm proud of myself for finally reading more. Maybe in 2022 I can reach 52 books.

No. 354125

I'm focused more on increasing my confidence and facing things that stress me out instead of avoiding it like I usually do. I'm happy with how far I've come so far
I'm happy with my body and health, but I want to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as stretching daily at the very least when I can't or don't feel like exercising
I want to grow my hair out. I'm tired of having short pixie hair and I'm ready to just grow it back long. I have a bad coping mechanism of just cutting my hair whenever I'm stressed and I always feel worse afterwards.
I'm a minimalistic person and I personally find excessive accessories or very flashy fashion and home decor to be tacky
Graduate and get a job with my degree, I plan on continuing my education as well
>Personal achievements
I've been doing well in school and I'm confident that I will graduate on time. I've been doing better with managing my social anxiety and overall confidence

No. 354371

strongest otc weight loss drug?

No. 354380

None. Your going to suffer the side effects and live miserably.

No. 354382

Is not eating too much shit and doing some exercise that difficult? If you’re disabled maybe get some help from a doctor or something, if you’re not disabled and you struggle with weight loss even though you have a healthy diet, then go to a doctor.

No. 354387

Take out one carb item from your diet a month

No. 354388

TW may sound like bone rattling
I just noticed that on my body
>ribs stick out
>my hipbones stick out
>space in between my thighs
>visible chestbones
>not so developed breasts
>cold hands
>apparently underweight for my height
I think I need to put on a little weight? I eat what I feel like eating, but I’m not sure if I look healthy? I don’t feel ‘womanly’ next to other women, because of my twiggy features, I want to look more developed and healthy. Does anyone have tips for healthy weight gain?

No. 354392

Definitely working out and consuming more protein. You could try some sport or weight lifting.

No. 354505

Honestly I don’t want to be eating random steaks, are milkshakes ok? Like whole milk and peanut butter? And sport will help me with low appetite, right?

No. 354629

>if you’re not disabled and you struggle with weight loss even though you have a healthy diet, then go to a doctor.
this is exactly my case and getting any prescription is a pain. I'm on insulin which does jack really, metformin doesn't help and I have to jump through hoops to get ozempic because thanks Hollywood

I'm not even a hamplanet, Just like 20-30 lbs and I'd be considered skinny

No. 354630

Nta that’s hard to answer. Depends on a lot of things. I wouldn’t recommend milkshakes and peanut butter as your main sources of protein lol but it’s your life. You should research protein rich foods and google how much protein you should be eating per day on a weight-gain diet.

No. 354684

Yeah, exercising will make you feel hungry, at first it particularly doesn’t give me an appetite, but after a while, like a few days or a week, I feel very hungry after working out. It’s because you will spend energy and your muscles will work.
Also, you don’t really need to eat only raw steaks or raw eggs, you can eat any food that has protein, sure, milkshakes with protein powder and peanut butter can be a good starting point, specially if you struggle with feeling any appetite, but at some point you will need to eat chicken, turkey, beans, fish, seafood, and the sorts in order to actually get some protein in your body, because while protein shakes /can/ be useful, they’re still just supplements, and you need to let your body get some protein from natural sources, either animal or plant based, in order to actually gain weight in a healthy way.

No. 354689

Have you tried going to a proper nutritionist? Sure, ozempic helps a lot, but you will still need to follow a diet that will change over time depending on your reaction to the medicines you’re taking.
Because in the end, the ozempic helps a lot with keeping your stomach feeling like it’s full, it also does other hormonal stuff, so it can keep you feeling normal, not like you’re constantly thinking of food and the sorts.
Like, I started a diet with a nutritionist while taking ozempic because I also have hormonal issues, and not eating didn’t help me at all, even just reducing the portions didn’t work, because in the end you kind of have to understand how your body works, which is why not all exercises and diets work in the end, because everyone just has particular needs.
So like, maybe you just need to eat more vegetables, maybe you have to reduce the amount of carbs per meal throughout the day. I particularly was told to basically only eat fruits once a day IF I was hungry after breakfast, because fruits are actually quite a bad thing for our bodies when you have insulin issues.
You need to get some blood tests done and go to a nutritionist to help you out.

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