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File: 1627024733242.jpg (149.12 KB, 1600x900, 5CPZg3FFmGybFhoofayzmV.jpg)

No. 199035

Checked the catalog but didn't see anything for this topic. Talk about your sleeping habits, troubles, how many hours a night you get, tips and advice, what you'd like to improve etc

No. 199043

File: 1627030596380.png (254.59 KB, 628x695, sleepapp.png)

I'm using this app now. I'm often tired but it seems my sleep is better than I thought.
I haven't tried the Skarsgård option yet kek

No. 199048

File: 1627034117909.gif (445.65 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

I sleep pretty well. I hear people all the time talking about how they can't sleep at night because there is too much going on their heads and how they can't switch off. well my advice is to fantasise about something, something really nice and pleasing. get caught up in all the small details and enjoy it. when I used to wake up from a nightmare as a kid my mum would say 'just think of something nice instead' and I guess it stuck? it works for me mostly and I find I drift off quickly.

I also used to keep my light on at night since I used to associate the dark with having panic attacks but a few years back I bought a philips hue light and I program it to slowly dim the lights over a 30 minute period at around 2 am. that way I can go off to sleep with some light in my bedroom but the light will turn itself off and save electricity.

people talk a lot about sleep hygeiene and using the bed just for sleep but I do everything in bed. right before bed I'm usually on my computer and it doesn't seem to negatively affect me. I would just say to all anons who do similar, make sure you use a program on your computer or phone that turns the lightning on the screen a more amber colour as opposed to a blue. I used to use flux on windows, and mac has one built into the settings. belive me, it'll really help!

No. 199049

alexander has quite a soothing voice! I might have to check this out lol

No. 199053

Do you have to manually input the hours or can you link it to your watch?

No. 199116

My sleep schedule is so fractured. I often end up sleeping from 10 pm-2 am, and then again at 5-9. I think I mentally want to preserve and incorporate the night as relaxation time. Or something.

No. 199132

File: 1627084056495.jpeg (83.92 KB, 1200x720, 1*uMcOeCZ_rCNh7jHNSqc4SA.jpeg)

No. 199141

When I can't get to sleep I listen to this one vid it makes me feel so safe and comfy.

No. 199147

I'm pretty sure I have restless leg syndrome, which means sometimes I an unbearable urge in the middle of the night to move my leg. It feels almost like my leg/foot is hot. I don't have health insurance so I don't wanna bother getting diagnosed (it's pretty much self explanatory anyways, plus after asking my dad there's apparently a family history of it so it comes as no surprise to me) and google says doctors can't do much for you besides prescribe sleep meds or pain killers, which I don't really care for - I've figured out how to alleviate the sensation, atleast most of the time anyway, since I've been dealing with this for a long time.
Seems to be especially bothering me lately - almost every night this past week, so I feel this thread has conveniently popped up. It isn't necessarily ruining my life, just very very annoying, although I have had maybe three particular nights or so I remember just being so frustrated that I couldn't sleep that I cried. I'm wondering if there are any other gals dealing with the same thing?

No. 199150

Do you take any allergy medications or any sleep aids? Both give me hot feet and restless legs like hell. It was also the worst when I drank a lot. I hope you figure it out nonnie

No. 199151

I guess you mentioned sleep aids and that you're not interested, sorry! But yeah less beer (which can affect hormons levels) and allergy medication helped me.

No. 199158

Oh I've seen that chart before. It's not a biphasic sleep cycle like the one in the chart, where the secondary sleep period is much shorter, because both my sleep segments are roughly the same length.

I've always wondered if that Uberman sleep schedule is even sustainable. Or healthy in the long term. Any info on anyone that's ever tried it?

No. 199180

Good thread! I have gotten into the habit of sleeping near my laptop while playing random Youtube videos on it and now I literally cannot fall asleep without it. I also wake up multiple times at night. I can fall asleep afterwards but it'd be great if I didn't wake up randomly in the first place. I also wake up super tired in the morning

No. 199210

>I've always wondered if that Uberman sleep schedule is even sustainable. Or healthy in the long term. Any info on anyone that's ever tried it?
Yeah, every mother of every newborn ever. They're all miserable in that period. It's total bullshit.

No. 199227

I'd like to own a weighted blanket so I can sleep much better at night and wake up with less anxiety but the problem is how hard it would be to wash.

No. 199238

Get a cover for the blanket and wash the cover regularly

No. 199250

Spend a bit more and get one with a removable, washable cover. Trust me, both of you.

No. 199578

RLS can be caused by a ferritin deficiency. You may want to look into it and start taking iron supplements if needed.

No. 202285

I had terrible time sleeping in my teenage years. I couldn't sleep because i was nervous, restless leg syndrome, i heard voices sometimes(like a crowd of people speaking directly at me, but i didn't understand them because they were all speaking at the same time for several hours),i was never comfortable probably because i was very boney…. million problems. I started the journey to better sleep. I tried some pills (no prescription, i wasn't allowed), i bought window blinds and i started to learn lucid dreaming. Because i was dedicated to lucid dreaming, a lot of other brain abilies opened up for me which i'm very grateful. I did get my brain better over the years, but it is also because i got less nervous as an adult. The voices dissapeard luckily and i slept moderately good for some years and i still do.
Two years ago i had a sugery and they put me under full anesthesia. Since then i have hypnagogic hallucinations - visual hallucinations before sleep. I see people or insects in my room mostly, sometimes some strange shaped stuff. I get scared for a second and then i realize it's not really there. It doesn't prevent me from sleeping and being ok,so i don't really mind. But it's interresting that anesthesia can cause this.
These days if i feel like i will have a little sleep because my brain is too fired up from doing something before, i take cbd oil. It works much better than the pills i had. I wish it existed when i was a teenager, it would help me so much. But back then nothing like this was sold.

No. 202328

Whenever i try to sleep my mouth gets insanely dry no matter how much water i drink, a bunch of mucus pools in my throat and I can barely breathe comfortably let alone sleep. Do i need a humidifier? For some reason this only happens when i go to bed.

No. 202339

File: 1629248804509.jpeg (118.77 KB, 343x1000, 7D23182B-C1DF-40E2-8D1F-FF37F1…)

I honestly sleep well, i daydream before going to sleep and I end up not reaching the good part of my daydreams, so I guess it takes me like 10 minutes at worst when I’m uneasy or something like that.
I honestly think that getting a body pillow would help me sleep better, lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, probably because of stress, so maybe having something nice to hug at night would help me feel more comfortable.
My other issue is that I either sleep on my side or on my belly, so I end up waking up feeling sore, but I’ve read that hugging a long pillow helps, so I might do that.
I’m glad I’m getting a new bed soon as well, my old mattress was uncomfortable as hell.

No. 202346

I've found that biphasic sleep works best for me. I usually go to bed around 3-4 am and wake up at 8 am, and then have a midday nap. My favorite sleep schedule was probably when I was going to school in the morning, sleeping from 4 to 8pm, then working an overnight warehouse job and getting a couple more hours of sleep in the morning before classes started.

No. 209787

I have absolutely terrible sleeping habits, and it's starting to occur to me that I better get my shit together before it comes to bite me on the ass when I'm older lol. I'm surprised I haven't had a seizure at this point because along with not getting enough sleep I certainly don't get enough to eat either. Anons how can I stop being self-destructive and actually discipline myself

No. 209789

do any of you take clonidine to sleep? if so, does it ever give you weird fucked up dreams? I'm not sure if there's any way to combat this..

No. 209790

Sometimes I take a melatonin gummy to go to sleep. Most of the time it has me waking up at 2-3AM. I feel like I’m hallucination. Sometimes my head feels like it’s shifting back and forth when I get up at 2AM. I notice I remember my dreams more frequent. Not sure if I should keep taking them because I almost bit my tongue when dosing off from the sleep affect.

No. 209799

bodypillows are so worth it, my friend has a pregnancy pillow and it’s so comfortable, and even just a big fluffy normal pillow works well. I started sleeping with one and it’s actually so peng. I get so cosy, wake up without aches, don’t move around in my sleep. It’s a good investment.

No. 209832

I cannot lose the habit of looking at screens before going to bed and I noticed that my sleep time increasingly becomes later and later

No. 209866

Anyone else feel more energetic when you get very little sleep even when it feels like your heart's gonna explode and more tired when you get a healthy amount of sleep?

No. 210623

Any other narcoleptics here? Heavy period today made my narc symptoms so much worse….the exhaustion is unreal.

No. 210629

File: 1634968513664.jpeg (35.81 KB, 480x480, 1BB3454C-F930-498B-A493-F0E60A…)

Three things changed my sleep forever:

1.) Sleeping on my side cured sleep paralysis. What a nightmare that shit was.

2.) Body pillows. Other anons mentioned them already. As a side-sleeper they were a godsend for me.

3.) Hydrate. If you’re not incontinent you won’t piss the bed so load up..

4.) Temperature: mixing and matching a thin quilt and an insulated comforter to never sleep hot or cold.

It’s four things

No. 210634

>1.) Sleeping on my side cured sleep paralysis. What a nightmare that shit was
Been sleeping that way since childhood, hasn't changed anything
>3.) Hydrate. If you’re not incontinent you won’t piss the bed so load up..
I do this all the time and it actually makes it harder to sleep since I have to get up to piss every several minutes.

No. 210686

Diff anon but I had sleep paralysis once in my life, was laying on my right side one moment, stuck, and the next I was out of my body and in some parallel space with a demon in front of me lol

I've vaguely heard that it shouldn't even happen on your side… I was nervous to look it up and verify that. If it does happen on your side too then I'm kinda relived to learn that.

Anyone else have difficulty with their sleep schedule only in the days before their period? I have a decent schedule after years of struggling but the 2/3 nights before I'm due it goes back to me being wide awake half the night. No cramping or anything. Just awake.

No. 210699

Yesss, but i don’t know if it’s the body saying ‘pay back your debts’ when you begin to sleep more

No. 210703

I usually get 6-8 hours of sleep unless I fuck up and irresponsibly read or game into the night. I usually fall asleep either listening to youtube videos or twitch streams at a lower volume, but relaxing nature noises and such do nothing for me, because I mainly need my brain to be completely distracted from everyday problems or stressors, so I need a storytime or something else I can visualize.

No. 210706

File: 1635020371362.jpg (212.18 KB, 735x952, 952293dbe1e311ea98a7b27e4f56a5…)

I'm not getting good sleep lately, I'm feeling very anxious and stressed because of exams. I usually daydream in bed to distract myself but not even that is working. However, something that did work one of these nights was colouring a children's book I had laying around. I really recommend it to everyone but I personally can't make it a habit because it'll lose it's effects. Some nights meditation works, other times it's reading, not using the phone hours prior to going to bed, listening to rain/water noises, doing yoga, listening to a sleepcast, etc. I feel like I have to figure it out every night.
I'm hoping I can stop overthinking sleeping so much as soon as I start being out of my house everyday (everything is still virtual) and I start doing a sport

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