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No. 202594

By min-max I mean putting in high amounts of effort, but with low level equipment. So I need just the bare essentials so I can look as good as possible.
However with one caveat, I don't want any:

-water line eyeliner
-fake lashes

Since they all seem like a huge nuisance to remove. I don't mind doing eye shadow tho and some eyeliner as long as it's not too close to the eye because it just seems like a nuisance to remove then.(there is already a makeup thread)

No. 202595

Some ideas I have :

-heavy white foundation (I have pale skin )
-light lipstick
-heavy thick eyebrow make up
-some blush around the nose area

Remember I want things to like POP and be wow but without having to rely on amazing lashes

No. 202599

Invest in skincare. Don't have shit diet. Don't have shit habits.

No. 202600

What kind of look are you going for specifically? What are you being inspired by?

No. 202601

Blush around the nose, what?

No. 202602

Since you don't want to use mascara, dye them. I dye mine at home and it easily lasts 3-4 weeks for 15 mina of work.

No. 202603

File: 1629463902072.png (773.74 KB, 931x767, PennywiseTheClown1990.png)

>heavy white foundation
>blush nose
>heavy brows

No. 202605

>Since they all seem like a huge nuisance to remove
Have you even ever tried mascara? Unless you get a waterproof one, most mascaras come off with some warm water. Those aren't more difficult to remove than foundation is. My mascara is gone after showering without trying.

No. 202610

You know that Instagram look where they kinda blush in the nose area

No inspiration

That sounds dangerous, be careful


I have. Personally I prefer removing foundation

No. 202612

File: 1629466426978.jpeg (116.68 KB, 650x975, 8B871D8A-9179-49F2-98E8-DC88BD…)

if you over emphasise your eyebrows with thick heavy makeup your eyes are going to look extremely plain in comparison since there will be nothing there. the best you can hope for with what you want is something like this

No. 202613

Oh yea that does seem kinda weird.
Couldn't she use eye shadow?

No. 202617

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