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No. 203749

A thread to discuss jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets etc

>what gemstones do you find yourself gravitating towards, if any?

>what motifs/themes do you tend to like?
>what metals do you prefer? Do you care about undertones when selecting metals?

No. 203750

>what cuts do you usually prefer?

No. 203881

File: 1630543688569.jpg (40.24 KB, 640x640, sapph.jpg)

>what gemstones do you find yourself gravitating towards, if any?
Dark blue sapphire.
>what motifs/themes do you tend to like?
I like geometric designs usually. I find overly literal representations of things (like flowers) to be corny.
>what metals do you prefer? Do you care about undertones when selecting metals?
Ideally platinum but it's pricy so I often go for sterling silver. Yellow gold is also pretty though I only wear it with certain outfits. My undertone is neutral/muted so all metals look pretty good.
>what cuts do you usually prefer?
Emerald, baguette, asscher, radiant.

No. 248828

File: 1646959892655.jpg (433.19 KB, 1080x980, IMG_20220311_014918.jpg)

What do you guys think of this necklace? It's silver with moonstone, handmade. It's expensive but I can't stop thinking about it

No. 248834

I'm not a jewelry person, but it's beautiful. You should get it nonna.

No. 248867

File: 1646975189621.jpeg (565.88 KB, 1500x1000, 2D52D138-D730-4D9B-8356-931E8E…)

Cameos, aggressively so. I also really like big pendant necklaces over turtlenecks, lockets, and 1980s statement earrings.

Also can’t really tell what tones look better on me , so I pretty much just wear whatever works with the outfit or isn’t a pain in the ass to wear.

No. 248868

Fuck yeah, we have very similar taste.

No. 248874

My most recent purchase is a really long metal necklace with a cyberpunk-themed pendant. It's got tiny gears that turn!

No. 248876

i personally find the rabbit's face ugly. how long have you been thinking about buying this? what outfits would you pair it with and how often would you wear it? might it being so expensive make you too anxious to wear it out?

No. 248880

The longer I look at it the weirder it gets. Does it look like it's peeing in the flowers? Does it have a broken neck? The rabbit's pose is so strange.

No. 248900

Wait, I meant to say steampunk, not cyberpunk. Ugh

No. 248910

File: 1646997246693.jpg (79.28 KB, 1000x998, il_fullxfull.284780429_1_1000x…)

I hate rings, I find them chunky no matter how thin they are. I also never wear bracelets, my wrists are too skinny and I never find some in my size. I love earrings and pendants though, I'm super weak for edgy jewelry like picrel. I don't like precious stones either, I like the more simple ones like moonstone or lapis lazuli.
Btw, how can I tell which metal suits me best? I mostly wear silver because I find gold tacky, but I can't figure out my undertones at all, I think I have autism at this point.

No. 248912

Idk if you should care so much about the theory on which metal suits you best? If you like how silver looks on you, roll with silver.
Btw i have a necklace exactly like picrel and it's my favorite♥

No. 248915

Are you able to tell warm and cool colours apart in clothing? If so, grab a couple of clothes in warm or cool colours and hold them to your face in natural daylight, no make-up. One will make your skin look clearer and healthier, the other will make your skin look duller and accentuate imperfections.

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