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File: 1637547939885.png (417.21 KB, 851x489, 16E09E4D-08F5-4D55-98A3-E36CF6…)

No. 214213

Preferably not the poisonous green dresses

No. 214222

File: 1637557049834.jpeg (122.42 KB, 500x612, DAF75BF4-D775-4AE8-8172-4126E0…)

Those 2012 tumblr peter pan collar shirts and dresses, they were adorable

No. 214230

File: 1637563714732.jpg (57.7 KB, 564x903, e461b88bf3990091d6bd1bcfbbf627…)

Yes! I love the cute relaxed look of the early 2010s. It was girly, but not in an over the top way

No. 214231

It's a style that looks atrocious on adults imo.

No. 214238

They did make a comeback, can be bought in multiple stores this season (or past one) like Zara. I found exact copies of the Courtney Love dress
It depends on the proportions of the dress, they don't have to be short

No. 214272

god i hate this twee zooey deschanel shit

No. 214273

That 1940s outfit looks cool, I'd wear that.

No. 214283

I love how the 90s fashion is just that red head chick from the russian band Tatu

No. 214284

File: 1637604754090.jpg (32.41 KB, 250x211, b.jpg)

I know most of you aren't gonna agree but early tens indie type of style, I'd love to see that make a comeback. Just more fun and cuter than what we've got going on rn.

No. 214285

File: 1637604799413.jpg (128.54 KB, 650x650, 21.jpg)

these sweaters
and long sweaters or short on thighs

No. 214290

File: 1637606499260.jpg (84.82 KB, 536x800, 5adb829cbb7feec05f683e60b28a94…)

tights with shorts (when done well- no light blue denim etc). or just tights in general.

No. 214293

File: 1637608983015.jpg (123.42 KB, 564x1389, 1970s.jpg)

They did the 1970s girl dirty

No. 214294

File: 1637609269295.jpeg (80.62 KB, 700x425, F8ACDB19-D992-4B8D-A801-F90A93…)

Colorful fashion. Blairs style was preppy but other times she wore colorful feminine tops and skirts

No. 214295

seconding this

No. 214300

Seconding. I'm tired of seeing burlap sack colored shit or baby food colored clothing everywhere. Fuck this eggplant, rust, taupe, geese shit green, etc.

No. 214302

God she is so cute and her character was fabulous. I wish I could be so mean but right kek

No. 214311

All people ever do is praise and reference Blair's style but, besides exceptions, I see mostly outfits that look like an old lady's. Am I truly the only one who thinks this?

No. 214312

File: 1637619388948.jpeg (87.13 KB, 700x425, 97B19DF2-25FA-43A6-9D54-BC6BE3…)

Blairs style tend to be old fashioned because her character is old fashioned and she cares about traditions a lot.I love how colorful her wardrobe is but i think serenas style is more modern. I love both though

No. 214313

File: 1637619539602.jpeg (831.97 KB, 3000x2269, 34A8A752-6DC0-403B-8B68-9EF927…)

god i love this

No. 214339

Holy fuck, anon. My sides.

No. 214370

File: 1637658608274.jpg (91.8 KB, 580x580, m_5b3ad5e1194dadb5aefa7f8e.jpg)

I really miss the old Betsey Johnson bras and lingerie. I don't think Betsey Johnson makes intimates like this anymore, but I remember the black bra in picrel was my first Grown Up bra, and even though I was a bit embarrassed by how decorative it was, I remember how pretty it made me feel. Lingerie today is just missing the really fun touches while still maintaining a nice shape. I'm team underwire for life and I'm kind of over the unlined, flimsy (saggy) look that's popular right now.

No. 214382

I am too. Absolutely hate what these glorified bralettes now male breasts look like. So many women with normal breasts suddenly look deflated and sad. I hoarded lingerie as a teenager for some unknown reasons (like I truly don’t know that’s just what I spent my money on) and things today just do not compare, even the “luxury” lines. I have a few Betsey bras left but had to sell a few off because the sizing was odd but they were super cute and feminine and made the girls look good.

No. 214386

File: 1637668072607.jpeg (223.23 KB, 810x1500, 8662e6a4-54e4-4f12-928e-1738c0…)

Japanese/asian brands commonly have that girly look
>Just more fun and cuter than what we've got going on rn
I disagree and that owl bag is giving me picrel ptsd

No. 214397

>male breasts
>deflated sad
but that's the normal shape of boobs lol. I don't know how you can call the natural shape of boobs "male boobs"

No. 214403

i think she meant to say make* breasts judging by the sentence.

No. 214416

What does gen z even have going on rn? Lol. The baggy jeans and flannel grunge look isn't theirs and looks super unflattering just like it did back then. We don't need anymore boring, stare-at-your-shoe and look dirty outfits.

No. 214421

File: 1637688274044.jpg (245.33 KB, 1200x800, gONIEUR.jpg)

Most of gen-z fashion is really colorful though? The current trends are full of bright and neon shades.

No. 214422

clearly meant male breasts

No. 214424

agreed. tights with shorts are very in in my country rn which i'm happy about
wide/straight leg pants look much better than skinny jeans on most people imo

No. 214425

File: 1637690052993.jpg (241.56 KB, 2325x3200, Adele_Romany_-_Portrait_of_a_L…)

1810's Empire dresses. Very relaxed, and they always looked so comfy.

No. 214427

They're probably large chested. I'm a B cup and honestly, I don't miss those kinds of bras because they always had gaps in the top for me and the plastic dug into the area between my breasts. Bralettes are the right amount of support for me and that's if I even feel like wearing one.

No. 214428

I would agree, but I lift and I feel like the arm area would feel tight as hell on me.

No. 214437

>looks super unflattering just like it did back then.
gonna have to disagree with this part

No. 214463

If your bra had a gap you were wearing the wrong size.

No. 214466

Just shut up please everyone has differently shaped breasts. Some of those cups are cut in a way where you can't get a non-gap result for certain breast shapes.

No. 214470


No. 214478

Ayrt it wasn't the wrong size. My breasts were too small for the insane bras sold, before anybody links me that godawful subreddit for the umpteenth time. Not everyone can fill massive cups and push up bras made it even worse. They were painful. Its amazing how these problems don't exist for me with bralettes.

No. 214480

I had the same problem with those stiff round 2010's bras. It was bad enough that the gaps at the top were visible through a t-shirt, and no amount of sizing up and down in the band and cup size did anything to fix it. Bralettes are generally way better for teardrop shaped breasts.

No. 214481

Bootcut is nice but some straight leg jeans straight up make most people look stumpy.

No. 214486

Agreed. I don't understand people who legitimately think that all breast shapes and sizes just magically morph to the garment and if it doesn't fit then we're the ones who sized incorrectly. Bralette straps also don't fall down for me and I never feel like anything is falling out. 2010s bras basically told you, "push your shit up to your throat and deal with it."

No. 214510

File: 1637724745733.jpg (48.85 KB, 364x500, tumblr_ddc4b6c63c3e3eb0676a2bf…)

Actually androgynous skater clothing. I feel like zoomer tomboy/skater style (bike shorts, tiny cropped tees, etc) is really contrived and largely just another costume to appeal to a specific type of moid. Bring back the oversized fits, you're not doing tomboy right imo unless you routinely get mistaken for a 12 year old latino boy kek

No. 214511

File: 1637725837814.jpg (123.72 KB, 736x1068, 97e90fc0776e1b8a05d2c95b15c967…)

That's what seamstresses are for, anon. We've got your rippling back.

No. 214515

I actually dress like your pic + military surplus on most days.
My aunt actually once said that I dress like an IRA member lmao, it's comfy so I don't really see the problem.

No. 214517

wouldn't getting mistaken for a boy be closer to butch style

No. 214522

I agree with you mostly, although underwires aren't for me because my tits are tiny and perky (blessed be). But I do not like many styles of lingerie I'm seeing around at the moment, brands like hopeless and the end being great examples of an overall move from classic looking, structured lingerie to things that are more for ease of use. I'm a huge fan of historical fashion and think undergarments from the 40's and 50's were the peak of stylish underwear.

No. 214525

If you mean stuff like bullet bras, they still exist, you'll just have to pay a bit more for them.

No. 214531

Just say you don't know how to measure yourself.

No. 214538

What do you have from milsurp anon? I've been ogling milsurp boots forever, but haven't gotten to actually buying any, and my knockoff docs are wearing out. Besides that I can only think of getting parkas/coats, which tbh i think look autistic most of the time.

No. 214568

Imagine being this hostile in a thread about fashion. You sound like a troon because bra size has nothing to do with the shape of a cup.

I'm sorry you're threatened that some people wear bralettes comfortably. Some of you really need to touch grass like this is so weird to be nasty about.

No. 214588

File: 1637794510262.jpg (9.51 KB, 217x320, mfw.jpg)

I've gotten a few nice lingerie pieces from the vintage reproduction brand What Katie Did, but prepare to pay out the ass for it.

tfw i will never have female friends to go to Jane Austen festival in Bath in historically accurate me-made dresses

why is this hobby so goddamn niche

No. 214589

>What Katie Did
Came to suggest them and they're also where I got my corset, so I recommend their stuff if anons are interested.

No. 214601

AYRT, anon, if I could leap across the pond that is the Atlantic Ocean I'd join you in a heartbeat. I love watching old BBC historical dramas from that time period. The clothing always look so comfortable (and men actually looked great back then).

No. 214635

Gen Z's clothes are a fucking paradox in terms of the fact that gen z girls are encouraged to have extreme proportions but also wear clothes that minimize curves, would probably explain the dramatic increase in plastic surgery in 18 and under kids

No. 214653

>extreme proportions
>clothes that minimize curves
imagine an airbrushed sakimichan fleshbag waifu dressed up like a body dysmorphic sk8er boi and you got it

No. 214669

Wtf are weebs even trying to say? Lmao. Can someone translate this?

No. 214676

sakimichan is an artist who draws girls with extreme proportions and skater clothing is clothing that minimizes curves because it's oversized and loose fitting.

No. 214683

Gen Z also wears multiple bras and shape wear with sometimes butt and hip pads. Idk why it's so normal for gen z to wear multiple bras "for support" when it's obvious you're just trying to get a decent shape, just don't wear flimsy ass bralettes and you won't need multiple bras

No. 214687

Their fashion blows.

No. 214688

Gen z need to sort themselves out they sound a mess.

No. 214689

Don't they larp as early 2000s kids and that's why its a mess? People (although I think its mostly them) keep insisting that y2k fashion was iconic when it really wasn't and eating disorders were expected back then in order to fit into the god awful shit that was out. Talk badly about it now and you'll get at least 3 people reeing that you must be fat for not liking/fitting into low-rise.

No. 214699

They rely on y2k fashion because fashion nowadays is shit. You literally can't define 2010s fashion or 2020s fashion

No. 214701

nta but 2010s could probably be defined by hipster fashion

No. 214707

>eating disorders were expected back then in order to fit into the god awful shit that was out
Not really though? In my experience everyone wore the same low rise shit they barely fit into, fat girls included. There was more of a visible class divide if anything.

No. 214718

File: 1637885001568.png (96.45 KB, 923x456, S.png)

Then we've experienced different things, big surprise that not everyone has the same teen years? A lot of people recall eating disorders being what celebrities did to achieve the thinner physique and there were girls that followed. Angela Benedict did a whole video on this and it was like a blast from the not so great past.

No. 214719

ayrt and I just caved and copped myself some digital download patterns for regency stays and dresses, wish me luck nonnie

No. 214721

what are you talking about?? diet culture was prevalent and we first began seeing anorexia and bulimia spaces online crop up around this time. fat girls wearing low cuts at your school doesn't reflect the nation as a whole, go back and actually look at the numbers and media of the time.

No. 214726

Nta but at least with celebrities the expectations were definitely there, it was common for female celebs with normal body weights, even if they were already thin to get called pudgy and have people make a huge deal out it (i.e. the way Britney spears was nitpicked)

No. 214730

Yeah I got the skater part, didn't catch the weeb shit. Thanks

No. 214731

Early 2010s fashion had a few styles. Indie and tumblr soft grunge shit or the zoey deschanel twee sort of look already mentioned up thread. Looking indie/hipster was the thing.

2020 has nothing going for it and we're already 2 years in. Gen z's internet cyberghetto (a 2010 thing lmao) crop tops like >>214421 are not fashion. Anyone can put on a shirt and pair it with mom jeans

No. 214737

Nta but yeah, Jessica Simpson used to get shit for it and so did Kelly Clarkson. I'm trying to remember a few others from the J-14 magazine years, but it was def there and younger girls were emulating it. Associates in wet seal and deb would side eye if you couldn't fit into their denim if you had larger thighs (even if you weren't a fatty).

No. 214789

I'm just saying that the american/uk experience was not universal.

No. 214793

I will never ever why gen z constantly wears multiple bras. Mrs Midwest posted about this and it hit me how normal it truly was. Like when did not having ridiculously large boobs become a sin

No. 214800

>Mrs Midwest
She's an insecure nutjob so disregard anything she does. Multiple bras were a thing with millennials too though, remember that old Jenna Marbles vid?

No. 214810

File: 1637928907979.jpg (98.3 KB, 631x799, feather_hair_extensions_bunch_…)

No bully

No. 214811

>Gen Z also wears multiple bras and shape wear with sometimes butt and hip pads. Idk why it's so normal for gen z to wear multiple
????? no we don't lol. idk where you saw this but tiktok is not real life

No. 214827

That doesn't mean people don't listen to her though that's what I'm trying to say. I feel like people who do this truly for the sake of support don't understand how one good bra can go along ways, anytime I see bras being sold in commercial stores at the mall they're thin and very cheaply made, on top of that women keep being sized terribly off so girls are who 30DDs are running around wearing B cup bras with massive bands which is why they get such a terrible shape, awful support, and their bras never last. I also blame the fact that 32-34-36-38-40 band sizes are only found in stores

No. 214844

You're on a mostly American/western site. I don't know what you expect.

No. 214846

i miss the feather trend. im going to bring it back

No. 214853

You're more talented than I! I can't sew for shit, except buttons. Get some muslin cloth for extra comfy. Godspeed, anon.

No. 214856

File: 1637953199688.jpg (79.97 KB, 586x744, chemise a la reine.jpg)

>talks about relaxed and comfy historical dresses
>doesn't mention the chemise a la reine

No. 214860

Why cant we wear shit like this again? Fuck everything else.

No. 214869

it's hideous

No. 214870

File: 1637958041357.jpg (50.39 KB, 445x599, chem1.jpg)

literally how

No. 214871

No it isn't.

No. 214876

kill yourself please

No. 214888


No. 214895

nta and it looks fine but not all of us want to wear frilly dresses with massive skirts.

No. 214909

File: 1637968679709.jpg (155.82 KB, 1280x1750, tumblr_oyifw9eYdS1s1okg5o1_128…)

patrician taste nonnies

personal fan of tea gowns of any and all varieties, late 19th-early 20th c. this one belonged to Maria Feodorovna of Russia ~1890

No. 214910

stunning. wedding dress inspo tbh.

No. 214911

how would any of these be practical tho

No. 214913


No. 214914

File: 1637970902111.jpg (29.48 KB, 345x502, dd3911076238d2ccff7e9e8ffd0796…)

regional folk costumes from the balkan peninsula are intriguing (and so so pretty)

No. 214915

You don't like depop throw up, anon?

No. 214916

File: 1637972241480.png (954.23 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20211126-161554-085…)

>10k+ brought this
No one is saying you specifically but it's just way more common than you think. This is also only on wish too not even including women who buy from other sites

No. 214919

that's 10000 women in the entire world and theres no guarantee that they're all zoomers? it's actually not common at all. hell 10k women in one single large city wouldn't be common

No. 214924

10k is a lot for a small site not to mention wish has multiples of the same thing being posted that are still very high sellers, it's a highly sold item. There's probably 100k+ items for butt and hip pads being sold not even to mention all of them have at least 10 people who brought it

No. 214929

File: 1637979585726.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1631738813987.jpg)


this feels albiest… not everyone is privileged to be born with a thick juicy ass! how would you feel if everyone was making it clap and yet all you can do, after years of intensive contortionist training started to apologize to the world for your pancake butt to begin with mind you, is bend backwards and whistle a 2 tone tune over your butthole as if an ole whiskey jug?! At least with the ass pads, you can backbend then make biscuits like a content cat.

Have you ever sat on the toilet seat and clanged like dropped cutlery? Nona you bitch be more considerate

No. 214930

Theyre not larping anon they are 2000 kids its nostalgia based trend it happens in every generation

No. 214931

majority of zoomers were babies in the 2000s, and some weren't even born yet. people who are old enough to remember and experience that decade are around their 20s/mid 20s by now.

No. 214932

I've seen more millennial women larp as gen z just because people tend to erase women the second we hit 20

No. 214933

I'm 30. I've seen more 18 year olds and early 20s larping though.

No. 214943

I hate hate hate tops like the second one from the right. It's so trashy and brings attention to breasts in the worst way possible.

No. 214956

I’m gonna buy 4 of these and layer them on top of each other

No. 214958

How many times a day do you shit your pants?

No. 214959


3, clearly. That's why they are gonna buy 4

No. 214961

Wow grow up nonnie I only do it twice a day

No. 214962

File: 1637995240164.jpg (368.41 KB, 1355x837, warandpeacedress.jpg)

AYRT, I ain't a fan of the chemise, to be honest. I like empire dresses because the cut was much more flattering, and there were so many styles available. Picrel is my dream dress; ever since I saw it, I've wanted to own something like it.

No. 214971

Do people forget about parents when typing up posts like this? I was born in 97' yet I fully fell for the 80s and 90's nostalgia train when it hit because I was surrounded by remnants and music from those eras because of my parents who grew up back then. Obviously I romanticized it because I didn't experience it yet it was so close to me. It fully makes sense even younger zoomers are falling for the y2k trend in a similar way.

No. 214977

Imo you can define the 2010's by hipster and/or indie and ig baddie/athleisure. Also the raise and fall of fashion blogs (including tumblr and lookbook) and later on Instagram as a massive influence for fashion. 2010's where a messy fashion-wise for sure but you can definitely look back and see the major trends and influences.

No. 215080

I barely find 32 bands either, I feel like most women just order online which sucks since different cup shapes are better for different boob shapes and you always get bamboozled with online ordering. Not to mention shipping costs, I need to buy all mine used on eBay

No. 215093

it would be significantly more practical compared to the dresses from the decade prior

No. 215133

I feel like people who experienced the 2000s as teens or young adults are still too young to be having children that are old enough to care about trends. I mean someone that was 16 in 2005 is 32 now, so unless most people are teen parents it doesn't add up. And I sincerely hope 5 year olds are not wishing for whale tails and thongs to come back.

No. 216980

File: 1639274389319.jpg (19.39 KB, 500x380, ae31dc28d1d28880fd9d1228eabbc1…)

this really feminine cutesy style that was popular in 2015ish jfashion

No. 216981

omg i thought she was wearing fucking biker shorts under the skirt at first lol. anyway, this is hideous. i like the shoes tho. im a sucker for platform heels

No. 216982

And I was born in 1991, what's your point? This anon gets it >>215133

No. 217000

Idk, this style was very anachan, weeb, and almost everyone did it wrong back then. It eventually morphed into egirl and ddgl styles.

No. 217001

kek this pic reminds me of that other pic of the bald man twiddling his fingers but I can't find it

No. 217012

No, that shit is so ugly and childish.

No. 304880

Short dark hair on women needs to make a comeback, I'm tired of the same spilit end ridden dry unkempt ugly balayage blonde long ass horse girl hair that everyone seems to have now, granted that could be the area I'm in

No. 304881

Big hair should come back, tired of the drab flat ironed straight boring nonsense

No. 304893

File: 1671502367579.jpeg (29.24 KB, 680x341, 7FD05271-E6B5-44A9-AC9D-231B6D…)

I just asked my mom for a Revlon one-step for Christmas. I have super thick heavy hair and straightening it makes me look like snape.

No. 304932

File: 1671834801971.jpg (155.63 KB, 580x580, 5K5TDQB.jpg)

I miss cute, fun bras too. Hot Topic used to sell bras like picrel with skulls and such on them. I haven't been able to find anything like this currently sold in stores. I've seen some like this at Torrid, but I'm nowhere near a 38+ band. Killstar maybe, but they're all flimsy bralettes. I want patterned bras with structure, as of now most choices of bras are boring curtain floral or basic bland.

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